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Episode 144: Halloween Breakdown

2015-02-17 | 🔗

It's a Halloween grab bag this week as we get to stories involving some of our favorite subjects: possessions, hauntings, aliens, murder, and fetid rotting corpses by the hundreds.

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There's no place to escape to all right, buddy, all right, we're good to go! Yeah we're going to go all right she Arby's demand put on your radio voice. Now, not your real one. What other show everyone? That's ski, hey or anyway
a way to say hello as Marcus Parks. I've been Gisele, as you heard that within reason, Brodsky I was doing like a virgin like a real virgin. Would yeah like an infill yeah. It was a failed abortion version of it or all I got this nice clothes on who's that girl that she wanna walk down the street right. Go priest would love a God. Stick it in my mound, Cortana split split: my do we mount with their spiel, you got you all know that so yeah gonna have to kill you, that's, I think that's how they tracked PETA files on the perverted justice so that it always ends up with a hey, I'm Chris Virgin and reason for asking. Yes, you are a virgin. I I pray to God that your virgin, because the idea of you having sex, is more horrific than anything I can imagine these. Finally, figures have been all over
woman Holy Lord all right. You know good you a trick or treating you get a bunch of different candies and things like that, and then you throw at the star bursar you're the jolly ranchers no willing to Jolly rancher on now, anyway, we'll today, like Jolly ranchers, could they be like sugar? No only like no, we don't like jolly ranchers. I like that. We like adult candies, like a dark chocolate, know or like a pomegranate seeded dipped in common common law are a kind is a type of white chocolate, a Cadbury egg too, if you're out there- and you want all the kids in the neighborhood to love you and you won't- have the coolest house around Cadbury eggs or where it's at more Cadbury eggs the promises that, by the time, you're handing them out for fucking Halloween band that they're like six months old, that's fine, they get better with age they keep I'll, like real eggs legs in the browse, Gastineau Cadbury eggs were just called eggs. Or not they last longer than a day, were discussed.
She said pretty amazing, a Cadbury egg omelet anyway. What I'm saying is it's a grab bag today. Is that a kt we're giving you a grad a grab bag of horror? So, let's just it's it's kind of like you know when the said we'd like you to walk through the neighborhood and between I'm sorry. This is also american, I'm sorry for non american listeners, but you're fucked. Why is that they have Halloween all around the world? Don't they yeah, but it's more serious. They were like cloaks and then they all like. There's like a big. Hole in tie the strings around the pole rate, and then it's all about. Like like Mother Earth, or something like that. I think you're thinking of the canadian New year That's what you're describing there, but we do. Sometimes they don't do is like a mantle set out in a costume
And he'll have like a bowl of candy on his pants, spread, the good sitting on the lap of his pants, and it says like take only one and then you go to take one, and the guy goes more. You go to take one he's got it all whole caught at the bottom of the mole. His skin hard, sticky, pepperoni low right is sticking up through that all of the jolly ranchers and and we and the candy canes In the strangest thing, is it's August 17th? So that's the one fun thing about Halloween is the only time of the year. We forget the fact that all of our neighbors are socio passing killers and secretly want us dead, and we just go. Take candy right from him very dangerous. So it is like that. It's that it's that Dick speared candy and it also Halloween grab bag. You know I just want everybody know we're going to make it extra Halloween either. Today, that's right! I'm excited for or yeah yeah. Just listen in I'm going to be putting some little Halloween noises in there. I love Halloween apples or poisoned full of razor blades and things. Bananas are bad yeah. You can be good people or beautiful,
and strange and beautiful people make themselves look He is in a bizarre everybody. Well, let's start off with a good old fashioned, haunted house. No, this is the real possession story outside of Gary Indiana. What I like about this story said this is one of those were like cops walked into this place and they're like came out there like they're straight of demons. Inner. Cops have seen demons Gary Gary is also the name of the world's fattest vacuum salesman, and this also happened in the neighborhood, where the Jackson family grew up, no horror stories in that house and if he had apparently the alleys, are still haunted by the sun. Just beautiful thing. In this everyone, everyone will son. Joe Jackson he's made a great point for for parental abuse, his children over exceptionally successful obesity report. It shows that you can beat talent into your children, so
I feel, like everyone is being very lenient. That's why the new generation sucks. Well, yes, we're going to this woman in Gary in who, appropriately appropriately, is named Latoya very much so Latoya Jackson, part of the Jackson family. With those of you who don't know she was in Playboy, it was mildly arousing. It was a little bit questionable, though 'cause she is the face of Michael, it's sort of like Jack, Skellington nightmare right with huge, also torpedo. Bizarre, yes and then a bizarre looking Jackson ask of a giant. So the woman it was a in this house in Gary Indiana course. She had a couple of kids and she said that quote. This was obviously demons, not just random spirits. There is a different. She said I know was infested with demons. I know that for a fact, I spoke to a good friend of mine, who is a clear voice and he's in New York.
Can he explain to me what was going on in the house when she says clairvoyant? She means homosexual right. He's really in tune with than with other men, and also when she says New York and people from Indiana actually think people from New York are more intelligent. Yeah they've never been here. No, no, I don't think that's true, but they also think were grifters or slutz or clairvoyance yeah. So particularly scary bout with the demons had the family rushing to the emerging, room as a man's at her name is Latoya. Ammons has her nine year old Son was in the grips of possession, and almonds has revealed that even physicians were terrified when the family got to the hospital. Her son quote, walked up the wall and did a back It's flip and threw her into the wall and started head butting your and they had to grab him and hold her down. The doctor from the Psych Ward came over naturally, and he said that's not real. That's not human. No human can do with that little boy.
Just I don't think the people in Indiana have ever seen anyone do parkour before absolutely and what he didn't understand it to it. They didn't include the boy at the very top when he got into the doctor's office, are going show time, sort of it's sort of dancing all over the place to up mister vain playing on his boom box. Calling so they had. They also also reports of furniture being flung up against walls of adults being quote choked to death by supernatural force? The mother said that she was down in the basement where a lot of the activity happens when doing the laundry and she said that she was suddenly. She suddenly had the feeling of being choked from behind by some unknown force it. She almost died. Hardcore
no yeah yeah. Is this what you also can't decorate your house with? Hang in harvest hang in scarves with Apple's tied to the bomb? Yes, I know that's a good Halloween decorations these days. I guess that's what the kids are doing in Gary Indiana, but sometimes you walk through of the shadow we room and just start randomly getting choked by scars of apple's tied at the bottom, and I would like to go through these people's trash just to see how many bottles of Jack Daniel's are actually in there there's a good chance we're dealing with an alcoholic situation. They sell many operation apparitions, they saw the shadow of a man, a black looming monster, a withered old lady with red eyes, and a hood and the house bled a clear odorless oil from the walls and the children inside the house would randomly convulsed and chant, say ten versus, so they just they just get one of those self painting houses, that's all that is which is also very similar to what they
but the enemy and the animal House with John did the same exact thing, but apparently that one thing that did happen is that a social worker came to this house and said that the kids, they believed the kids believe the parents, because he believed that the house was haunted. So they think that kids may have just been playing along right with the idea of what was going on in the house, but the mother, and I mean again to police officer, said that they saw something inside of at home, and these are Gary Indiana's, finest okay, just officer. Yes, one one officer actually said that he prides himself on being a girl. Really does exactly what one of our police force, I'm so happens to be the number one quality and look for an officer. It's aggressive, and the next one is is blood thirsty on unpredictable, the let's see here on another account
Latoya said that her daughter and God's son were in the basement, and she said that she felt like the kids that he felt like something was stabbing him in the He was reading the Bible and he said the more. He read the Bible, the more it was stabbing and punching. Then they saw something fly across the room and land Quote Plan Blam like that had to be a demon, had to be a demon. That's great and, of course, the difference. Demons were never people. The difference right, yeah yeah from hell yeah, absolutely they are. They are independent entities that are attached themselves to human beings to torture them and from what I them for Satan from what I Gary Indiana. The demons probably felt right at home, because the place is a hell hole the same time. You know. Why would why would Seton want more people from Indiana and helps it would Seton once the outlook
the rolling stones coming down now. You'll see got him, yes, he's got the stones and he needs him on earth to to uh. You know spread his message. You know yeah, because people are listening to the stones down, they start wiggling, then hips and his room with nothing makes me chief more than seeing a bunch of people cry than in dancing and laughing all paraplegic. Go to hell yeah in another parallel the Amityville horror case. They found swarms of dead horse flies on the porch and every day, she's sweep it up and the next day, there again more horsefly, more horseflies, more dead horse flies lights. Flickered phones played up a television signals were scrambled reverted to normal on a whim. That's going be aggravated that has to be yeah yeah and that meanest thing the demons do and of course, as most cases with possession. They got
a briest involved in it. They got this guy named Father Magino. He said that he was only involved by chance. Just happened to be filling in for the usual chaplain at the Gary er. When one of the kids showed up the back, words wall, walking situation. Oh yeah. He said we were having our Bible study after mass. When I got the call setting do the voice right, Marcus, for a while having all study after my last one, I got the call saying, you're, all right, catholic priest, your who do exorcisms. We need you to do one. You know I'm more of like a pedophile like kind of priest. I don't yeah. I, like the idea and I'll finish the rest of the sentence they went on to tell me had just walked in glided backwards, up a wall and flipped over the land only speak, and I asked them was it from the Jackson family, because we had a boy like that along
When I tell you, I fixed him right up. Yes, I did, and you made a great musician out of him. Thank you, molesting priest, Father mad to know he was convinced that the reason behind the possession was because someone Abelyan Ex boyfriend had put a hex on the mother which was transferred over to the children I'll, remind you. When I had my past life, regression slash soul, cleansing. We found out that I had three courses put upon me and I think that, because that's what they talk about in in circles and magic circles, that curses are not necessarily just somebody like you know, getting all you've, Newt and boiling it into a big cauldron, as it just sometimes concentrated negative thought like when Latoya Hammond's, like maybe set fire to his favorite revenge. Jersey right right, sort of that reads. It comes out of that moment. Could leave ahead
on the toy yeah that makes sense. That's true and I buy, would he deserved. It been a Baltimore Ravens fan living in Indiana Colts country, not about that. I've heard that it's not about the the team. It's about the colors of the Jersey sometime, if you're sort of in a gang that yeah So of course that you Henry mentioned earlier that cops came in and were scared. Let's one cup said that he took a picture on his Iphone of certain area which there was that there was a dirt floor in this place and he took a picture of the crucifix that they had set up in there, and he said that when he went later to check for the picture to show somebody he said the picture disappeared. In his Iphone, never behave the same again will have an Iphone five minutes. Majorly flawed just lost his battery and it might have powers also not working, but well. So am I right. I think it's just the phone, so he has an Iphone and then you said dirt floor, dartboard
so we are dealing with a mortar upper class Indiana Ho Ho ho. They actually have a floor. Yeah they actually do have a floor any night. Some of the cops dug down into the floor because they could going to the floor, yeah. Well, it's a dirt floor provided to get injured. No point were they thinking, maybe concrete would fix it. Not even the demons coming up because you don't have a floor may be, but they've got maybe there's a body down there, there's something that we can extricate. Also, if I knew that there were two reports in Indiana and I was a homeless person, I would be one of the I would be official actual mold person yeah taking time underneath the homes in Indiana. So I could come up through the basement and have a place to sleep yeah. Are they doing that sort of like Hamas tunneling system, it's very, very possible all the way from New York to Indiana? Maybe it's very complicated, but if anybody can do it, it's homeless, people from Gary in Zip, Littlewood down anything, in fact with Easter rug. Sure I would do I would give it a rugged. A lamp the third dirt living room yeah. What they found
Doug below. They found boys socks with the ankle portion cut out a fake fingernail women's panties a heavy corroded iron weight, a broken plastic shoe horn in a red oval kettle lid, I mean that's just and in the ocean. That's that's what you find where anyone just letters they've just been throwing stuff down on that dirt floor for years, or one. That's were my nail when she puts it back on well, one cop. He said after you know the from there for awhile, and they were here in all kinds of weird shit, and he said I know it is garbage getting out of here hello. What is even by Boston, no! No! Well I mean that's just how I imagine they accidentally good form of the indian accent. Oh, I see enough, it is garbage. Oh okay. So he left the property said he went to a gas station and made a phone call. He said I have my police radio.
Squad Car Dash am FM radio, my police cell and my iphone. He said I lot of commuting asian at one. Imagine if your! If your girlfriend is looking for you one each one of those methods of communication that that you're gonna get annoyed. Well, then yeah, then you're good was at the I was at Latoya's the demon messed up. My phone baby I swear to God, is the David baby see that was looking at the pictures. I've taken on my iphone when I made this call and all of a sudden this Alan Voice came from. I am FM radio, it said rush Limbaugh here it said you get out of here out here of here was in it empire, also you outta here with that. You just listen to a baseball game in the signal was getting all wavy. He said, then there was what's his name from mortal kingdom instead of come over. Here
finish him. He said that was a lot of garbled other stuff static? Just sounds like he's listening to bad, I am to be honest. This hold the most interesting thing about this whole stories that very rarely in a haunted case. Do you get testimony from police officers, and so this was, if you go ahead and read the article that this came out and will put it up on the facebook page, this article is really awesome because it's pretty it's close as you're going to get to a documented haunting scenario, because these cops and doctors and all of them came forward and said, like crazy ship was happening this entire time. And is ridiculous. Yeah lawyers cops and priests in the Midwest. Those are probably the most respected people around. I would have met absolutely. There was a speaking at weed mention the oil earlier, and it said that one of
women in the House touch the oil and it said that it said there was a seemingly spontaneous wound or effect is like a blister after a burn. Father match said her whole finger. Had this gray white color a death color, she wondered after if it may be there there'd been. Bug that it Bittner, but she didn't see anything or feel anything, greasy walls very interesting and he was like and of course he was like a you know who you're going to need to have fixed if so my father imaginos beautifuls alive. Let me just dance. Attorney it's just like a so tiny and pink. I just you just suck on it. You done you're going to come, I mean and unlike the ramp like Grandpa from Texas, Chainsaw massacre for the family, said the final straw, which eventually drove him out of the house. They said they were watching tv and a bottle of
jeez floated up, moved in the air before being hurtled into Latoya's room, smashing a lamp and in the aftermath they saw the shadow of a man. Feeling this house has a jerry curl on top of it. I think that's what's happening here. So a clairvoyant who had visited the house told Latoya. She saw hundreds of demons in the basement whoa and he tried- and she told her to annoy the house with oil and put down salt to seal the gateways to demons Just again floor. Put down some floor put down a floor, could maybe help possum crosses down there getting
similar ugh. That would be great wow. So finally, the exorcism came, of course she had moved out by this time and what we know about exercise or what we know about possessions. You go back to our episode, hostage to the devil, talk about a few different cases of possession the person that the demon is attached to the person who was not attached to the house- and this is also the case with a lot of hand hauntings when people will think like okay, this house is haunted the move somewhere else, but the demon beast yes, the Spirit or whatever the entity always use it. A lot of times reacts to one person in the family yeah this with good. If the target like modern theories about ghosts and hauntings are that they are, it is a connection between lingering energy and the operating system. That is our consciousness, that our consciousness is a remote
around our our our heads and that it's basically like the cloud and that day entities are energy. The left behind in like sort of get involved with that and create these apparitions and curry, like you ob poltergeist activity, they create like audio hallucinations and visual hallucinations, and so that's that's so I I mean scientifically that's why the demon thing could be re so it's like a beer can hat. So, let's just like, so they got the hat and that's like your main enerji there, your main core, and then you got the two beer cans and that's the energy and they turn into a demon. Pretty much isn't that fun. So, of course the demon was exercised, enjoying an new tenants moved into the house. And they have had no problems whatsoever, as far as living in Gary in exactly with the dirt floor, full systems fought the transportation system. Spock doesn't exist. Food is terrible on the weather is bad yeah, it's a bad town, but did you know the Jackson five
I in Gary Indiana, so that's kind of cool and they said that the haunting stopped after the pretty sealed up the portal with salt and the priest he accosted the landlord. He won the landlord he's old landlord Charles read, he said if we don't deal with this now. Properly. This will not go away. This will close the portal and seal it. He was like I'll get outta here, perfect quickening, quit yelling in my living room for my God, yeah yeah, sure that all it takes for you to leave is to just throw down some salt. Fine just fucking do it and get out and do what you gotta do and soaked pepsis children, semen, soaked pants off of my couch, go down to that demon basement, so we're going to stay on the subject of Satan here We first thing: can we get the whole wheat bread?
That was the breakdown that was the breakdown. Oh ok, let's not do that again, so we're going to move on to a satanic ritual now cool. So in this satanic ritual, this is a satanic ritual out of Mexico. This is not possession. This is much like a a lot of the other satanic ritual type stuff that we've covered. This is just plain old torture disguised as Satan, and I want to see as soon as you said, that mark is the largest fly have ever seen just a and it is terrifying me and the Devils about very good or is it Vincent price? ooh. I don't know her help me
Help Maine, never seen applied. I know you're stupid band. Are you stupid? I saw the fly good God, the original. Let's get back to the story of Maria Del Carmen Del Rodriguez, L, Garcia, Fernandez, Delmar TIP on to go. I love her so her, together with her sister and two brothers, as well as her parents were said to stage a satanic ritual in the town of never Horrocks could call local how to yeah. Yes, yes, that means bird right. No dogs that's a mandatory enrolled. The mexican moment might mean might mean Gary Indiana in Spanish as well. So as the six danced in co boarded in called on Satan to bring the world to an end. That's why you did what please say time: will you please call in change out room three hundred and sixteen
me. You know it can be all state thing that is this thing to ask the devil to do. They were going take over your hotel right? Well, maybe let's say they own the place. Huh yeah yeah come on so every said that everyone was told to close their eyes, so they wouldn't look upon Satan when he arrived open, Jorah ease because to state thing not only by free from you, but he's the one who's queen in the bathroom the result you we'll go blind. I've heard that that's true, but the five year old in the room. This is when the trial comes into the story: the child of a Maria Del Carmen Garcia Rios. He was too scared to close his eyes because Gore there's, a lot of commotion, going on eight ever nervous, and I've never heard of the too scared to close your eyes. Yeah scenario I mean, I think, that's a very good. That's smart, you're very,
see you gotta, get your surroundings yeah! You got to know. What's going on now who's about to occur after I heard that Wade, Boggs, never bling I've heard that as well, and that is a hundred good baseball player. Never never blink. Never! Once because you're, you blink once your eyes get used to it. Next, you know the blinking all the time and maybe even sleep in the next. You never know when you're gonna miss a frozen rope coming to down between second and third and, so the mother and the sister in the middle of the ritual display. Real, quick thinking here, grab the spoon and gouged out the boy's eyes It was smart. Then this is the problem too. If this was a if this was some sort of, I guess, if they don't know if they it all went to some sort of like friendly chef meeting or some sort of you know fun culinary store. They would add a melon baller right right them yeah open, baller, really one of the laziest ousd inventions? That's ever been invented. Yet,
use a spoon ball it up. I don't know if you tried a melon baller I'd say: give a melon baller a go. I don't like, melon baller, because the the balls are too small. I like a big piece of melon No is it like. Knowing tell him Ben how big is melon slices are going to be that's right up my whole face in it. Melons like Shrek, pick up a melon to eat it like it's a fucking apple, you fuchie healing every cartoon hippo eat. That's how I eat my melons. So let move on now to a mysterious disappearance. Now this one Hello, Halloween Halloween breakdown and yeah list or they did, they got the kids either yeah, they got the kids out and they were all sentenced to thirty years each month. The kid did not die. No, but no We might be a view, becomes a it's. A very specific crime called making
order. But if your son, I hate when they do that, yeah We may be covering this in a future episode, but in my satanic ritual researches, found that a lot of satanic rituals of this kind take place in Mexico. This is not shocking it's not shocking than a lot of weed to smoke in Colorado. Yes, because it changes so insanely out of them. I mean again, and this is a defamation of Satanism. This is not what Satanism is about. I also I don't want it, I'm going the risk of getting a nerd alert here, but I bought the book of Thoth TAROT deck, Aleister Crowley, TAROT deck that he created and the book to God. He wrote to go along with it and so good. I got my own mexican satanic rituals from my own home here in LOS Angeles Henry. Can I I recommend getting a friend while you're out there. I don't need friends, I think you go aliens in serial killer, please, god
we're going to move on to the Terra calico disappearance- and this is I'm sure, you've seen pictures of terra calico. There's was it. You know you always see on the those lists of like pictures taken right before somebody's death right yeah. This is this is a very up when I read about this because I've seen this picture before and then I just never really went through the details for because honestly, there's a thing to me. A date what's scary, is to me is the idea of these mysterious disappearances, yeah, you you hear about them in America all times, we've called the recover them before I and coast to coast is specifically obsessed with them with the idea that like- and it happens pretty often where you're with somebody and people just disappear, they just go, and this is imagine if, instead they just disappear, then then you get some clues as to where they are in the clues. Are even more disgusting, read the old irish good bye. I like the idea that there's a lot of these killers just the time to take the picture. That's got! That's got
awkward odd. You know was blurry you you just. Can you look scared? Your face more towards me would be great. Give exists yet because got a double chin in this one. You don't want me to put that one up right. So on September 20th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight near Belen, New Mexico, Tara, Calico nineteen was biking to school, and she was known as a long distance. Bikers she bike about eighteen miles per day holds a very attractive, really tight, but we can figure that out is fifteen years old. Nineteen, oh okay, yeah have game home well, not anymore, So it's off everything about this sexual
new rule, nine easy. I mean okay taker, I'm gonna steal, you can have it's like you have, like you, looked all the trees of the party. You get all the money going on with you guys all these all of this, because I've been sucking on so after she left that day. The family never saw Tara again the day after she disappeared. Her mother, Patty Doyle found a cassette tape by the band Austin by the side of the road near Brook Street, which is a few miles southwest of their house. Now she was to listen to our walkman, specifically Boston, quite a bit. Nothing gets it going like Boston, oh, no, no, no, not at all It's a later. They found part of a Sony Walkman, which was the same model that belong to terra along highway. Forty seven near the John F Kennedy can't campground
nineteen miles from Calico's house just a little further than she planned to bike that day, uh huh, but they didn't find the Schwinn huh they've not find this window and find the bike and they found but nothing from her. Well, I think the Schwinn is more important. The situation because you can't sell a woman online, but you can tell by so what they found so the most promising lead, but also the most frustrating they found a picture depicting what some say is terra and another missing area resident thought to be a kid name.
Michael Hindley Junior who disappeared in nineteen eighty eight, while he was hunting turkeys with his father, an hour from Albuquerque sure is incredibly haunting because basically they found it out on the grounds and a picture of her, and if you look at pictures of her before to it, it looks really close to her. If, if it is her, but it's dear dear bound in the back of a van will be the picture on Facebook page and it's it's horrifying. They I mean they're they're they're, about to be dead or sold in prostitution yeah and there
or there is definitely some evidence that it is terrorism. People say it isn't, but the weird this is a a very bizarre detail in this photo is that there is a paperback book sitting next to our, and it said our friends say the paperback book. The author is one of tears. Favorite authors us, so it's probably her yeah, it's probably her, but this photograph. It's also creepy how the photograph was found. A woman found the photograph in a parking lot outside of a junior food store in Port Saint Joe Florida, okay, half the country away. So it's possible that whoever objected to the woman in this boy was just driving around the country in a van with the two of them bound and gagged. In the back and he's really looking at the picture and masturbating, then he came and then he forgot the picture
now. These are really make any sense. Why you masturbating in the picture when you get the real deal Holyfield in the back? Your van, I mean probably unloaded him at some point in their various theories, how terror Driscoll die because are not tear Driscoll terror. Calico, there's a lot of theories as to what happened to or some say that she was killed. Hit and run by a couple of boys that have been harassing her for a few days before that they would drive. Next in their truck yell things at Herbie, just particularly aggressive, and some people think that they may have hit her and killed her and buried her body. So Well, apparently, they've never seen. I know what you did last summer, because that woman's going to come back and murder him there's another problem with it. Is that the boy that think it's Michael Henley? His remains, though, were found in Nineteen- Ninety, not far from where he disappeared, and investigators believe that
just wandered off and died from exposure because he was running Turkey in a national park with his father, every pretty brazen dig to go after somebody with a gun who is looking to kill that's a day. That's not the easiest person to pick for your victim. I wouldn't, then I would say it's a special dangerous. If you wear your I'm gonna wear whip all you know, it'll be fun. Today, Brian this put on our kidnapping, Turkey costume. Oh yeah yeah we chose it was turkeys. We still kids, yeah dude yeah, right right! Would love to Turkey, no fuckin' whitecraig he did. He wanted to make it the National bird yeah Greg. There is some other evidence that people sought witnesses saw a woman resembling terra with a group of men who seem to be restraining or on a south Florida beach just days before the photo. So maybe they should did you stop it? Maybe you know
I love all these witnesses- origin yeah, it's more important to be a witness in a hero. Yeah yeah. I've heard that absolutely other yeah another details that later on down the line it was like when this case got re opened in two thousand. One picture started showing up of the little boy in the in the original photo from his class picture with a hand drawn up steak, Tate work over his mouth. Just like the picture in the original photograph yeah right, they said it was an imitation of the nineteen eighty nine Polara, but on the other hand, this was in August of two thousand nine, so this picture had already been floating around the internet. Quite a bit right right, so it's probably just some dumb sick mother. I wonder if they I shook it like a Polaroid picture at three you wonder under. If he did, I get a little later outcast I just well. That was the night I mean I'd said that would have been out for a few years, but I just can't believe the guy didn't take the Boston
yeah. I know that there are no deals, but you because he's from look at their tapes and it's like Creedence, also Oh yeah. What's its, who is this one. Well, I didn't. I can't rape to Boston back out into the Dirt Boston's, it's too good to its to good feeling. Yeah, okay, a you can't do something that evil. When you're listening to Boston Impossible, all you wanna do is ride down the highway with the top down yeah. You got a girl with golden curls in your lap in your drive and it's dangerous right. Well, you always romantic yeah and your fat. Surely, if you're fat goes over your belt, but you still feel muscular So there's one woman who's not giving up on the case. I heard Melinda Esquibel. She was a former classmate of terror of terrorists and apparently she's making a. The memory that is executive produced by Rj MIDI, who played Walt Junior on break, hey there we go. That's the pop culture connection
there it is there. It is. Is it almost time for another break? Let's move on to some good old fashion, men in black. Cool. I love this story so much we got Doctor Herbert Hopkins, December of nineteen. Seventy six. To be honest, we should do an entire episode about the men in black it we and we will. I just love this story so much and we probably should have saved it, but it just gets great for all the weed in this is if you want to be properly dressed up like a man in black for Halloween. This is big. Your way to do it no way this man, this describe with the big thing, is that so many black, just a quick break down, is that what it did to
or is that are involved. Involving men in black usually involves men who come to an area that has had a recent UFO sighting or crash org or landing right or some sort of experience, and there are men in black suits that act as if they don't know how to be human being yeah, they're, they're, honest they're, very strange, pointed faces weird laughter, weird type things. They ask questions about you and about what you know about the ufos. Then they leave but they're. Not no one knows what the they are. It's not a right, not even necessarily paranormal. For a fact. The men in black were there after the plane went down over moves along island react the day, I guess weird stuff. So this guy Doctor Herbert Hopkins, he was a doctor in a hypnotist. He was acting as a consultant on an alleged UFO teleportation case in
eight so one evening, Herbert's hanging out the house alone, the telephone rings and a man that says he is the vice president of the New Jersey, UFO Research organization. He asked if he could come by visit, Doctor Hopkins and just about certain details. On the case he normally you mentioned the guy, who is the vice president of the New Jersey, UFO Research Organization would be like huge show up. Milk is going on, they told body you help with my air conditioning yeah sort of your photo there without them giants. So Herbert goes back to the back porch turn on the light out in the country turned on the light, so the vice president of the New Jersey, UFO Research Organization, can easily find the house right, but he said that as soon as he turned on the light, a man was already client. This guy was already climbing up
port steps right. So then it is he's like. Oh, if I play this right politically, I could become president. This is one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight no cell phones, so this guy had have called from a landline somewhere and at the time Doctor Hopkins said he felt no particular surprise. He said the man was dressed in black suit. A black hat black tie black shoes and a white shirt. He said I thought he looked like an undertaker, but he said the clothes were immaculate soutane, wrinkled trousers, sharply creased, but when the man took off his hat said that he was completely hairless, not only bald, but he also had no eyebrows and no eyelashes. His skin was dead white, but his lips were bright red. So we the Mormon yes yeah. It is actually very ship, obscure form of Jehovah's witness. Now, yes,
It's called the Joker's side of the of the of the heat your home is with Doctor Hopkins said at one point: in the conversation, the man, the man in black brushed his lips with his grey suede gloves, and the doctor said that the lips were some and the gloves were stained with lipstick yeah, so he had no lips and sort order to pretend to have lips. He put lipstick on himself. It's like it's! It's it's a bit like aliens who have no concept of what people are, and so they're like no lips are red. Didn't yeah. What is that lip goo? Can I have some loads like how are my lips and they're like lack sorry, if you were a claques or right now, I would be making love to your beautiful, beautiful I mean I'm scared, Doctor Hopkins yeah, so he's from
and I will say that it also reminds me of a lot of white scandinavian girls very thin lips on these women, extremely so so. They're out there were other strange goings on while the man in Black was visiting Doctor Hopkins, the man in Black said the key just stated he's out of the blue said you have to call ins in your pocket. And of course he did have two coins. He did so. He asked the doctor to put the in his hand. He said to watch the coin. Don't watch me real watch me what's the point and he said, as he watched the coin started, to go out of focus and then it gradually vanished and the visitor told them that they are you in now are anyone on this planet will ever see that calling again and if we didn't end, rose on steadily to his feet and said slowly. My energy is running low, must go now goodbye
oh, my God, is an old soldier shoulder and lead to the door and descended the outside steps, uncertainly, one minute and and and one instead stepping like, I say it out loud clicks, so I it up Monday, this is difficult, I'm used to being in my goo cylinder, he's a vaudevillian magician suffering from MS yeah yeah. Of course the man started. Walking into the driveway doctor Hopkins saw bright, blueish white light much brighter than more car lamp and he There's saw nor heard anything and, of course he was very scared. He complied with his visitors instruction, which was to erase the tapes of a hypnotic sessions he was conducting with. To the case in Maine already added notes further because it was like so clocks are walks out here. Is that, like he hits like the key button to a fork in your phone, just like
Toyota Carola, Brain UFO with champagne color, just like park the hand camp spot they just climbs into it and leaves the pretty cool. Though yeah. Sorry, I've got to go I'm I don't it's an interdimensional craft, it doesn't matter where I parked anyways. I you and just so you know the New Jersey research organization, no such institution exist With this whole, this whole UFO Genre is that I can call anywhere in should be like hello. This is Doctor Henry. Browse Ski I'm from the National Institute of Alien, no wardrobe services. Actually someone will be like. Oh yes, of course. Yes, no, I know you. Mister Brown, doctors resting its doctors, a brow, ski right, I didn't go to nine years. A fake medical school to be called mister is a browser all right. I tell you you know, but I
it sounds like I don't know it's. I I think I'm getting a weird alarm on my phone going off. It seems like it's time for a. She is also we break down, oh my god, and yes indeed, she did mop boy. Right we're going to go for a trio of corps stories here, yeah yeah, 'cause know: Halloween is complete. Without a fetid rotting, corpse I want to go to a restaurant that has it on the menu, a trio of Corps stories, history of corps stories, and it's like this one is called Mister Henderson's finger yeah, so is it like ham? It's just
It's just our dog is a hot tub. Yet so we're gonna start with our for our First Corp story is going to be about a Florida. Teen has shades of psycho when it maybe even shades of green on this okay. He is arrested on a homicide charge after cops found his mother's rotting, corpse inside the trailer home that they shared for more than a week after she went missing. The weird thing is it's Miami, so she was still alive, woman. Her name is Tamera Davis, you, forty two, her son, Tyrese Landrum was fifteen years old course. Davis. She went missing on August 21st. She disappeared from the home at from her boy home at the end of a long night of drinking. Yet boyfriend said that she was heavily and toxicated and
Neighbors say that Cassiano, that's the boyfriend and the woman son continued to live in the house for the next ten days, while the rancid smell, spread through The neighborhood Cancion is a pretty cool name though yeah Margos, Casiano Marcos' out date, him he's the king of the trailer park. Marcos is also like the perfect mom's new boyfriend name. It's like Marcos, Erlanger, Seth yeah, whatever Seth. Yet my dad stuff on something like that. This smell was so bad that there were up to twenty buzzards in the tree outside, but getting ready to eat a lot there by the smell when they asked the sun what the smell was. He said that probably a dead, or a raccoon or everywhere. Near on the ship, like my mother, that's great- and he said that the sometimes that's a raccoons, they get trapped under the house, they die and we just
even there and wait for the smell to go away. So those buzzers like when, when we get any, does Actually, when does it happen? It's like when a new shoe comes out. Everyone waits outside of foot locker for the bank, that's insane, they will do it. So let me let me say that it smells like dead mother. Do we want to go get it? Do I don't know- I have to learn to open a door yet it might have you use us like. We said no more cartoon vultures here. I agree, and maybe that that's how evolution began observer, the vulture, the love thumbs. In no time, people keep one died in trailer parks in Miami to the next story. Up involves Naji it's coming in from above a fan is played by maggots falling into their kitchen and they were horrified to discover that the source with a decomposing body in the apartment upstairs I think that's a good at least there's a reason for it. It's better than men.
Just hanging out yeah? But if this was fuckking iron chef, they would learn to cook with them in nine different ways in a bunch of different, for styling yeah. They should've played survivor house and nothing allowed to leave eat the maggots the mother said we walked. We looked through the window and I've never seen anything like it. There were flies coming out of the window above my head, and then there was a breeze of air inside and the smell was horrendous. I almost threw up. I called the police straight away right. The police came over, they broke into the apartment upstairs and they found that decaying body which had been laying in there for a month. Man flies, flys got a good because, let's say she did get sick and she threw up more food more fly, food, more fly, food and the maggots were falling into the kitchen right right hand right on all the stake in free delays. Quite very awful. The last corpse story that we're going to Cover- and this is a fascinating one here, because it involves one of the most and one of the biggest gatherings of corpse
is in the history of the world. Jonestown, oh well right, oh yeah! Yeah man could use this fucking duty. They had like show up first of all, be shipped to South Erica right, do it and just be like can't we just get hi guys. I don't want to be like racist or anything, but is in South America like the hive of maids right right. They're all over here, you know, so we got to go over there and take care of the body. Leave him leave the leave the by. Let let earth take Yes, absolutely the life cycle take care of right symbol. That's what symbol would have one. I agree yeah, we could just put tombstones where their dead, yeah yeah. Well. This is something that a lot of people, don't really think about, and I really never thought of it yeah for in any time. So any time there are a lot of bodies anywhere, like let's say, could try.
Honda bodies around Katrina, somebody's gotta, clean that up. Well, I mean every tragedy is a benefit for somebody. So if you're in the body, business Katrina was a hell of a day for you, oh yeah, I will say this, it's so good. To be honest, my my cousin, who works the secret service part of what this service did right after nine eleven part of their job was to be. They were part of the coverage crew, and so my cousins job was too good go, but basically what they did for nine eleven is that they would air lift the rubble out to a dump in Jersey and they put on these gigantic space suits. Has yeah and dug through the rubble looking for body parts and see what they do know. There's some funeral home dude who was just like yeah. They never thought. My idea for party bus funeral homes was a good idea. Until now I can put three thousand and forty corpses in my party bus funeral home movers in nine hundred and eleven. I hope, there's nine more party bus versus come on down,
the 193Rd Infantry Brigade- they are the branch of the army, that's involved and tasked with cleaning up bodies, they say like? No, I knew him. I know, and that way yeah good minutes, so they just go. That's the perfect position to be in if you're, in the military, you're guaranteed to live you're. Picking up the yeah yeah you're there after the facts, wow yeah, so they thought, of course, the identification process on this was next to him, Remember there are nine hundred and thirteen bodies an and only a few of them had the homemade id bracelets, because They wanted to do some of them a no fault far enough ahead. That there's going to be a lot of corpses here, it's gonna be hard to identify a so I'd better put on on an id bracelet How about we just leave, it just go and they didn't get to the bodies until four days
after the mass suicide, and so the bodies were extremely bloated. They said that the heads resemble those of severely Hydra cephalic children remember this is in South America. This is in a try, local climate over a tropical climate will cause a body to bloat and to decompose much faster than say if this happened in the Mojave desert nadia. That's kind of re, bundled yeah. They said that the skin color of almost every victim was a dark blue black, which made identifying by race impossible. It was a. It was a purple purple, big purple people, yeah yeah and- and this is a weird thing about, as they said that the only person that remained recognizably caught. Asian was Jim Johnson Self, Jim Jones. He was one of those also pain he wore make up yeah I was probably probably, killed himself in an air conditioned type, a a room and then New Jonestown documentaries, fantastic yeah, again yeah and its sequel. Did.
Jim Jones shoot himself that he do the shoot yes yeah he shot. So I'm suppose I took the poison and then shot himself in the head. I guess is there to more room for the water. Leak out, so we the get the bloat this and a This account where I got all of this information from was. This is an account by one of the soldiers who was tasked with going and cleaning up all of these bodies, and he actually did make a very good point here in which you know Jim Jones. His entire message was bringing black and white together equality? You know that? Well I mean really. I mean that's what he started to say that they ended up a color that brought black and white together, except for Jim Jones. Ended up boiler. That is not a good quarter. Old. Denmark is irony, Sir Almighty, God that we call alarm from Martin Luther King Junior is that when you dead everybody's fault
Youtube ever won a Superbowl with your dad perhaps explains I better than I do. I will read from his paper. He says it the as if the members of the people's a finally achieved a form of equality in death, but the evil pastor who masterfully orchestrate their demise did not share Jim Jones, who preached racial equality from puppets and and San Francisco, all of his life and became the only person in his flock that did not achieve it were all purple when we're dead, mister profits, and this is why we can't have people with BS in poetry, run the infantry exactly, and so this, The task about identifying the bodies was even worse than placing the bodies in the bags, because, when you're, identifying bodies
You know if you're in the military everyone's got the dog tags easy identifier, but these people they had to go through their pockets and add you know, and so all these bodies are pretty much liquefied run. They said at this point: millions of eggs have been laid and all the bodies, and they said that Matt gets covered the entire area, I'm dead, well, shake him off and you as of a pocket watch. You know yeah, that's not bad as a problem yeah. This is a pick pocket, you dream, but even like in the end of your kids, it's a girl, the other thing there were. There was also a team of cockney pickpockets there now we're using it for training purposes, exactly say which was sent, but you know, but you can just scare them off with a broom or they're scared of brooms well yeah. They work done most of their trading on corpses. So, if you're alive, you can kind of scare me, then ok, I messed up yeah just play with
warnings just fall off the mail to you thing goes so the first. They do, of course, when they tried to pick up the bodies and put him in a body bag. They started with the simplest method, which is just picking it up and put it in there right. Unfortunately, though, the bodies were so decomposed by this point that when they pay them up the heads in the limbs. Pretty much just fell off light left in light load. Not bad, and they said when that happened. I mean that's what you're going forward the pulled pork, but that's not what you want to be happening to your aunt, Martha I think you're allowed to eat purple people. They said when this happened. Afoul thick fluid would stream from the body part being held by the hapless soldier and an even larger amount would flow from the torso Is it landed on the ground because the bodies were in such close proximity to one another? It wasn't long before the soil and Jonestown became a muddy mixture of dirt. Body fluids and that's when we got home plum trees from
the term filching. Isn't it term filtering filled you to it involves semen and holes and straws yeah, I'm looking this up. Image search it. No, so yes fell. Ching is a sexual practice involving the actual can really suck in semen in the anus of one's partner yeah there were there submittals that it's sexual, but with body or body fluids will but it was really into dead body fluids. He was really into a corpse around this time. It seems like go back. And gene lounging. That's what it is. Yeah you're right Henry I mean you're wrong about that. But I don't know what's more disgusting, saying again, this is another example of you sent the right person over there love it. This is called munging go to They would have had sex with them. The core switches would still be there but covered in Saint Louis. This is what this is. So this is the term here you go to graveyard with, for your bodies, dig up refresh female corpse female
Gang Bangor. You tell me it's gay. If you have sex with a male corpse, that's no! That makes you gay afterwards. One of them puts their mouth over the vagina and then someone jumps in the stomach shooting all the common man gets in a person's mouth is munching. That is one of the more Roddick things. I've ever heard, I think, is not fun. That is done, though. It took an hour just to identify ten bodies the first hour and then run our number two: they were making about the same amount of projects or progress. There were nine hundred and thirteen bodies to go through so about our three, some of the guys on the ground. They called up the the communication center and they just said, tell H, q we need, shows the snow shovels, get snow, shovels and just why can't you just wouldn't number one through whatever nine hundred and just calm lunatic. Here's your lunatic here's your bearing your lunatic, here's your lunatic. I mean they wanted
anyway, they're gonna, be like here's. Here's your lunatic mother, which one is she I don't know but she's one of the links so having also snow shovels and then one Jack asked which is like snow shovels. It can't be snowed in South America running bodies rock. He will run it though I've always been a little slow he's on corpse duty. So it's six or eight shovels error. Six, three shelled soldiers. This is how they got each individual body. They would have six or h soldiers on each side of the body three or four on each side and they put the snow shovel underneath the body they lifted in unison, about a foot or so off of the ground. Two other soldiers then slid in open body bags. Under this When did corpse the snow shovels were lowered and the remains were gently deposited into the body bag. They did that nine hundred and thirteen remind me it makes me think of an italian pizzeria, the way they got them.
It's so funny. I was just thinking about Berasa, which is a baby mozzarella which is like that, but it's kind of a soft yeah outside, but all doing in the middle, any flip it up and down a little bit yeah so that, but this did have some. You know this was not easy and sounds. I think this is the the most disgusting thing. That's ever made both Henry and I hungry, I'm literally thinking about pizza right now I can't get hungry. I had my carving. I need to eat so I'm so fucking hungry. In fact, while you guys were talking about munching, I was like do I wanna burger or burrito it well, a burrito, it's kind of like gushers real big. Do they have big gushers
until now? I think they just got the regular size size of a footlong sub sandwich all home, and you should rule that jail would look what down your throat every everybody to do it. Well, we are a couple of foodies them with the holder show everybody. This wasn't always an easy process either sometime every time they pulled it up. Body body fluids would flow freely from the orifices rake the skin, sometimes the head, which is swollen to twice its normal size, slip from the shovel and fell to the earth with a thud, and then you get a leave it there or use the five second rule and now, and so at the end of it did. This is one of the funniest. I laughed about this for a good thirty seconds. I this is one of the funniest things that I've ever read my life, because, of course, when you're around such horrible things a been truly the gallows humor comes out right Now I didn't know there was know anything about gallows, humor,
now, I didn't know this about Jim Jones, but apparently he kept a chimpanzee named mister mugs. This is true. This is true. He kept a chimpanzee named Mister mugs and it said that sometimes they locked children inside of Mister mugs, cage when they were bad. Well, that's that's great yeah great. I want to go in the monkey room, yeah actually, I think the jungle, like one big monkey room we've got a very small monkey room yeah, so they of Course Jim Jones. He was you made enough to shoot the monk and to shoot the chimpanzee right before you know before the festivities began. I think that's a reward by the monkey. I think it's a reward to get into the monkey room. Your kid hang out with Mister mugs, that's great! That's uh! It's actually technically! In ape I've been I've been called. I've been told that we can't call a monkeys anymore, their names, their apes, yet another apes. Ok, there absolutely apes, sure,
Mister mugs. The ape so Colonel Gordon who was a joint task force commander. He approached the guy that was that wrote this article and he asked him. He said y'all bring us at tech with you from Panama. The guy says no, Sir, why Ann Gordon said They kept trying to push that big, go Rilla shoulders into the body bag, but they just couldn't get it zipped up. I watched him for a few min tell one of them graves registration guys going to hack off its shoulders with a machete hold it hold it commanded. What are you going to have to go really because he won't fit in the body bag, sir, but why you put him in that body bag anyway? Why, sir? Why, just wait till they open this one in Dover, I got thank you. Jim Jones, shot as Mr Mug shot is miss. What does your mock and that story was actually confirmed by the guy who wrote the article he called up the medical examiner's all
this Andover, where all these bodies were being shipped, and he did confirm that as he was opening the body bags, Mister mugs was inside, and that is funny, but Mister jokers known as Health America's enemy MR most of identified all the bodies of those people who sign language. I know the last witness we got oh man, I love mister bugs I laughed about that for so long standing. Yet though you did, I bet you did yeah I mean I, I guess before we go the one that last year, I think I don't know, like we're a little late for some sort of breakdown, yeah yeah, it's very spooky stuff, yeah Halloween breakdown, so we're going go through this list of things, This was a reddit thread in Askreddit thread. That was done.
Too long ago and someone asked what is the creepiest thing. Your kid is ever said. Yeah, and these are creek fierce, yet they're really cool, but they're, really creepy, let's just go through a few of these must start off. One guy said my four year old daughter, snuck into the bed with us and said: there's a real old lady in my bed and she laughs mean at me. That's great stuff. Go back to bed with honey, cuddle, yeah yeah, I hate with your mother to not get out yeah welcome to my world mom there's a man who looks like a shadow who comes from my window every night and says mean things here: like your feet are big. They are big. I don't have a computer, in. My phone is flawed, so I can't read any around here, if you like, how do I even get over There- walk my son and I were watching a movie. Suddenly he looked over tored the empty doorway to the kitchen and said daddy. Who is that
and why doesn't he ever say anything good that could be in the adoption oh yeah, I gotta get rid of him one night about one and thirty pm. There was a tiny knock on my door. I opened it up, the small little boy outside he said tonight is the night they come for you suddenly his that appeared in apologized profusely as he scooped up his caddy, carried him away yeah. This one here is my favorite Marcus during the the the computers I can read it dead guy in the base yeah, if you're, if you're John Wayne Gacy that's a problem right, right right, anyway, my god, oh yeah, my daughter, started screaming like her skin was pinched in the seat belt or something I pulled over the car and asked her. What was wrong. She said nothing. I just didn't to be the ones who die. I asked her what she meant, and she said one of the cars in the road was going to crash
a minute or so later we came on a roll over the head bear just barely happened, cool which one is that you want to read that one back with my kid. Let's see a little lower. Back to my kid was three or four. He told me that he was really happy to have a new mommy because is old money was mean and cranky and drove their car into the pod, and then the he did very much all right now? Well, that's nice! All the money it in a lot of a lot of moms. Do that yeah! All three of my kids were all three of my kids when they were little talk so seriously about these two little girls who apparently would come to play with them in their room. All of them had the same story too. They said the girls always made sure they knew that quote. Mommy was sad, so she pushed just under the water until we fell asleep go three way so her little girls with the reincarnated ghosts of Andrea Gates.
Interesting, very cool nuts, he come say hi to Mary. She misses you my three year old daughter, yelled across the backyard Mary's. My older sister who died when I was a kid and there is no way my daughter had heard about her, oh cool. We found the dead raccoon our garden one morning and my five year old Son told me he knew what he knew, what to do with it, so that so that nobody in our family would ever be cursed and died. That day, I guess there's a raccoon curse that kid was This is from a smart five year old, yeah, yeah yeah, I mean sure yeah order was like one day, my dad came by to watch my kids. While I ran some errands, my daughter said Grandpa, you look like the guy as always, hiding behind the fence at school. Trying to give us stuff. That is me honey. It is me yeah that one actually orders original junior my flight right you've got my full. I think
These are just a child's imagination, but there's a good chance. There's a pedophile just hanging out of there at school there all right. Well, I I hope everyone we did this. I hope everything believe we fucking did this yeah. I mean it's Halloween. Man, I'm so excited it's October, hello and you are my father also except compared to last episode. I thought this was nice and light so we'll be back at you with the next one. It's going to be much more graphic and disturbing than ever. Well. Next next episode, I believe, doing listener, yes, correct! So we're get storage room. You guys were going to do some recording, so you guys can't wait yeah. Just let us okay company radio at G mail, dot com if you've got a store, you want to tell if you want to get on the air and if you've got something, let particularly creepy story doesn't necessarily have to be just goes. It can be aliens last year, Donahue told a story in which she knew a
killer, who actually took her picture, her head, shot yeah, who actually took a head shot if you've got any kind of weird story like that, in fact, we've got one listener who posted on the page. He said that he actually knew some. Show the Virginia Tech massacre shooter. So if you yeah yeah, if you want to get a hold of us and let us I'd love to hear that story, that sounds fascinating the case. So we had a couple. People will be a long time ago who had said I Someone was saying that they worked along with the psych wards, people, for the Us Army and I'd love to hear something from people who psychological warfare or know anything about that about like MK ultra or anything like that. Anything weird about our government is also great, also love to hear your largest meal. Maybe you eight hundred insane amount of food, and you know it's really something horrific it sound, ok, yeah, so uh, octobers rolling along are Satan is almost here God I miss him. I miss it. It will be ready. Yeah and you're doing well out there, Henry the
I never went to this place called house of intuition in Silver Lake This'Ll psychic shop when I walked in and one of my favorite things that, like I met this woman named not hall, who is a spiritual guide and there it's just all of all of LOS Angeles has has, has personality problem. It sounds like you asked a girl out and you ask for her name, and she said no I don't? I don't think that's going to happen. It was pretty great. That's awesome! Yeah! I miss you guys. Thank you guys for Liz, we're rolling along, follow us on Twitter yep, that's We love you on Twitter, that's Marcus Parks on Twitter, I'm Ben Kissel on Twitter. Do a hail Satan here and then, while I'm I'm gonna, say hill yourselves, everyone else takes it. How he, how dean happy? How do we yeah well my break down there? That play.
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