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Episode 149: Charles Manson Part 3: The Devil's Work

2015-02-17 | 🔗

We wrap up our series on Charles Manson with the infamous Tate and LaBianca murders, the trial that followed, and the the life of Charles Manson since.

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about, I suppose they attack our rights and we'll get it here and we re programme ensures the brows gaieties off the rails back people think I'm back. I'm sorry. I've just been, you know been a shill there a long time out here, but it's been cool. I learned a lot on the other side, as you people understand that some You got to be a chill when you learn something from the other side. You know what I've learned is. Well, you know what the thing about chills, what they get paid: great espresso machine right, espresso machines, they pay you in human gasoline yeah, that's great, of course. Charles Manson episode, three, let's get into it There are one hundred and fifty eight episode by the way. At only not only that, but it is to day to day is Charles Manson's eightieth birthday and now so unbelievable? This song is copy it. Yes right, so I can't sing the happy birthday song. No, I can't go like happy.
Bird J. I knew that I can announce so we should sing a different surrender Fordham of birthday song to Charles Manson, and I think it's gonna go a little like this. A happy birthday, Mr Mann's, in how you do what you do and here happy birthday, Mr Mann's, in its hit. I love that song and then even got a little cameo in there. What was that? I'm stuck in here he's in there, I'm just on a oraculous trip. Man, I'm living spiders life. Don't worry about me, buddy, I'm sitting in my web and join my I'm enjoying my cage, I mean I was amazed that gonna parity of mediators old, though, can you believe it? That's a difficult of these past the life expectancy by four years, the average life expectancy. There's rumours that here the hospital right. Now I live in the door.
hey delivered to him. Yeah easier is supposed to be separate now, and so I'm unison, good vibes out to Charles Manson. I hope you'll feel better. I hope he gets this podcast sent to him. You know that we're we're technically fighting for you, Charlie, technically fino. Today's podcast is we ve been cutting this, that the theme that we have had over the last couple Manson Episodes is that the the idea of the Manson crimes is a lot more complicated than Bugliosi. Wants you to think it is. We've been reading man in his own words, that's Manson side of the story, even though that's all, pretty. What's the term for that fucked up unreliable, unreliable, narrator, yes, yes and even after the book was put out, Charles Manson came out, I hadn't never say that I was rape. I didn't say that I was right. I answer them
a terrible childhood and the? What is what why did you have terrible he's like child. Don't know Terrible is you don't
I don't know what terrible is she's like, but were you raped he's like I would? It was terrible, there's a there's, a documentary that came out like in nineteen, I guess nineteen, ninety seven, that was called in the mind of Manson and basically, he sort of admits he's like yeah, I'm a king evil. If I get out of here, I'm gonna kill everybody around me. You know it's not like I've been here and it takes two people to help me go to the bathroom. That's not what it's like. There is a difference between Manson's account of the events that happened in Bugliosi accounts of what happened and today we're going to try and find the middle ground we're going to try to sneak around the truth, which is a little speech that Manta game that we're going to play for you right now. Look at the madness that goes on. You can't prove anything. You can't prove anything, there's nothing to prove every man judges himself. He knows what he is. You know what you are as I know what I am we all know. What we are, nobody can stand in judgment they can play like their standard
in judgment they can play like they stand in judgment and take you off and control the masses with your human body, and they can lock you up and penitentiaries and cages and put you on crosses as they did in the past, but it doesn't amount to anything what they're doing is they're only persecuting a reflection of themselves, they're persecuting what they can't stand to look at it themselves, the truth everything is sneaky upper eye sneaky bird everything we have to do is to get to the truth has to be sneaky. It seems a shame to sneak to get to the truth, to make the truth such an evil, dirty nasty thing we are sneaking in the county Jay, so they're not gonna. Do
That's it man I feel like you could play that music in the background of any speech, and it was down that intense you can hear a hippo for an with that music in the background- and you be like that's the most profound thing I've ever heard. Yes, we're going to be trying to balance the official storyline of the Manson murders with Manson's version of the story, because there is a true story in between the two. Yes, there is yes the something about this. You know the helter skelter thing doesn't add up it's just a little too far, r fetched it's a little too smart for Charlie place, not at a big issue with that. We give them a lot of credit, so much credit and by Google Yossi City like one time mentioned stared at me, and my watch stopped mine emancipated, tell you can barely right of folk song yet
the only way I sat lots of our stamp on it. Good invented himself he admits is like I'm he's like I'm into bed. Thief is like I'm a thief: the couldn't steel thou being caught in so theoretically, Boogie Yossi essay, the Manson has the power of what is it can easily delegated used it to stop his watch. Yes, a thing that could do with this super professor rex, either ability I'm gonna stop my mind. I would go to the public and I'd find the girl behind the counter, and I would lift her up above the counter and her launcher. Pussy. First, my mouth so where we left Charlie Manson last. He had just left Gary him house Gary Henan was the nice guy mescaline dealer that got mixed up with the Manson family ended up murdered? Is that on his tombstone nice guy mescaline dealer, because I would love to meet him do they him and murder. Charles left the ranch he said fuck it I'm out of here
I'm gonna go wandering around its it. Could all he talks about you, gotta, be they ve gotta, be the ethnic group. You gains really put need, look to me, I'm I'm I'm the fulcrum of the circle. I'm sure people get what they want and get the ruins and they want, but am cs, the hint Bushehr behind the tree there was a murderer. I gotta go, I guess that's! He has Jesus went to the amount of olives. answer go outside and does the man and he decides he's gonna, try to recapture some of the spirit of a couple years before, when you just wander around ring around California, California, and really really I mean he's still got it. He picks up seventeen year old, Stephanie Shram from San Diego, and they just spent the next few days. He's doing asset and spoken out you are without looking. You were seen for loose women in particular yeah. I want to know what those signs like that lose not lose, not lose
LOS thirty. Nine dipper girl is leaning against a telephone, both lose every woman that he describes basically every woman that he met. That became a part of the Manson family. All were like. I just saw they like lean on lamps, and I would have and smiled at her and said a you want to see a rainbow trapped inside his uncle s, child. That sounds like a good trip, so he we he cuts differently from it. He walked right up to earn you dislike. So you when the old man yeah, I'm here my old man, it's kind of a rube hat when you drop out of that come with me in my trip. Did me driving
you know smell my armpit hair. If you want yeah, why wouldn't what was every relationship from nineteen like nineteen sixty to nineteen? Seventy one? Could you just you could just take somebody from somebody yeah. It was what you would do totally accepted. I mean it depends. That's why you had to be real cool if you had a girl, otherwise a Manson type guy is gonna come creeping up on you. You always got to be hip to the new beats as they were drove How old do you have to be for you to look over and see the sky like skulking around a bush going to be her father? That's it will the guy who wrote answers onwards? The sky Newell Amity calls me answered in his own words if it wasn't read by Manson, because each day with AIDS is me, in his own words as told Nual Emmet sure so normal in the afterward to the book. He talks about one of the interviews that he did with Manson and he broke
a female reporter along with him, and he said the difference between Manson when he was by himself Manson and win. This woman was in the room. He said it was night and day key his language, Sweden Ballade his body language completely changed, and he said that he would. He watched Charlie Charm, this woman Emma S Day regular reporter in a smart woman. He said that he watched her relax. She started to laugh at his jokes. You know what I realized when I was watching in the Manson's mind the mind of Manson. That documentary I was like he's just trying to joke with you, lady most Charles Manson stuff. Is him just trying to be funny? Yeah new cars made gurus talk like when you and I was going through. I watched this document called the source and he was in all these Gus talk about all this, ludicrous stuff about flying in the air and, like you know about how, like you know, it's hip trip the sex trip, baby and they're all like literally going like they're laughing it's joking around out, yeah
Allen was the same thing I mean his jokes- are atrocious and he's not necessarily a cult later, but he talks in that same like when they talk about this really heady stuff the can jokes the entire time in romance and was no different. So basically it's like Manson. It's like me. I mean a room without pizza, and then he went on in a room with Peter, could not be smile of older people beads because you know you're about to take a bite of which has got excited at very true, but how Indeed, I have encounter ended as he said, the man somewhere. Around her and he put his hands on her shoulder and then he suddenly switched, and he grabbed a cord off table, and he put it to Charlie, no Charlie, Charlie Charlie. He put it to her throat and he said what do you think Noel? Should I kill the bitch and then you started laughing and put, down he's like I'm just messing with you, I mean no just like these are people who jokers?
but the amazing, the amazing Jonathan, the great magician, that's one of his bits, classic classic comedy so Charlie Stephanie after Dark and around and fuckin through a southern California for a little while they came back to spawn ranch on the morning of August, eight nineteen sixty nine and people were on edge and before August, eight TH was over five. More people were gonna, be dead. Is it the morning if you never fall asleep, Yes, technically the the morning showed up literally doing. The thing is like I was expecting to see. All my normal likes smiling happy faces to see me, but then everyone was all sad and from and around- and I was like- oh that's right. We killed a guy who needs a reminder. He needs, and I call on the right. Just owner was certain to remember what you did you little no being like to remember,
we killed a guy or for you go on a bush on you. Usually you you dig through your pockets. After a hard native drinking, you find a taxi receive near like oh five. Fifty bucks for midtown no other ways he finds yeah, but you gonna start seeing we're gonna start seeing Manson's point of view completely differentiating from the official story, which is now so he shows up basically being like hey guys. This is my new chick Stephanie, she's, really red. We did acid and balled all night last night and they're all like we finally figured out how to get Bobby. Basically, he shows up and they're like Bobby, is out of jail. Bob Bobby is in jail. Yeah Bobby Bobby was the guy that killed Gary Hinman he, but he was found sleeping in Gary him and fit for because they found him dead and then they were like. He has two good where his cars, his driveway,
They found it like literally a couple of miles away because they're morons again we're looking we're dealing with a group of total idiots and the murder weapon was in the tire. Well, let see this a bit off. Subject: Myopa was the head of the Union of FIAT that's true. He was, he was the head of the. Do they also do they make train cars? No, no. No, it wasn't a trink as a matter of fact the purpose and made it. So you couldn't mid theories of people. It was a relatively small, so I was just following orders. I know no, he was giving certain orders to say he says stop it. My grandfather was a good man who said: stop it a lot leave me alone so anyway, so basically demands and sentenced, or is it she showed up there saying Bobby's in jail and we think we figured out how to get Bobby out of jail. Dad says I M really what I think of is a frog Stephanie in this.
when you boil it in want her. It doesn't know it's dying, but they just threw her right and yeah. He was just like Jesus Christ. What the fuck I mean this one must have been terrified yeah. She got that well, a man to kept her out of it. She had she really Adele out. She had no idea what was going on all right because she comes and he immediately shuttles her off in one of the outlaw cabins. He could although no Jarley, which one of these buildings are we going to live in, and you think I hate to tell it like a fucking tonight and password alike nine of the duties. But at that moment in time I really loved her thought. You all these shacks. He literally said fuck you and every one of these shacks and then we'll pick a favorite she's like ah Charlie. That's romantic treachery! If you ever get into the real
Stay game, that's great fuck! It every house that show show you when one you like the best you get that yeah yeah. She was put off in another thing, but the whole time you like she loved our rap she loved you are laying down as soon she saw what was up up because nothing more than a really beautiful seventeen or world loves and to see a bunch of just like Absalom, absolutely oh call their color covered. My girls live in all over each other in a shack so low the morning, the man in the union, the girls had been talking amongst themselves as to how to best how Bobby and so what they came up with. This is the best idea. They could come up way where I so excited so excited about it. Of course they been on the helter skelter trip for a little while now they'd been on what
Race WAR trip, race, war, aka, Charlie's plan to get out to the desert, and you were gonna, dig a hole in the desert and they were going to stay there until the race WAR was over then come out and help black people lead the world, but the problem was: is that, but so that's the official line and the unofficial line to remember was that Manson said that he offhandedly talked about Helter skelter, just to dig himself out of a hole yeah right within the group I mean the biggest flaw in the entire plan is the idea that they're come out of the hole. Is disgusting, weaken white people like the Alec creatures from the descent and black people? Irritability, oh you're, all right white person. No, it wasn't that they expected to come out as far as that, you know, according to Google,
their plan was to come out in black. You will go all thank God. We have no idea what we ve been reading. Allied people, we thought we killed all of them. We were granted it man. That was that. That was the official slogan, so, but what their? What their plan to get Gary out of prison were not daring to get Bobby prison was. Is that they were going to commit a whole other series of murders that were similar than men, murders. Writing things. On the wall and blood like they had written political piggy round the wall and blood by Gary him, and that was the best they could come. I saw literally means and felt like Souci Sandra, came up to him and said, like ITALY, Charlie's exactly what you want to its helter skelter. Like you said music, our bet, that's all I wanted you gotta got. What do I don't play the timber reading
I'm gonna clear, my head yeah and he tried to leave it when they started telling him all this shit. He tried to he's like fuck that I'm out I'm out he's like been to jail too many times you, girls are gonna, get me right back into jail right. I don't like to I don't like jail. I don't want to go back to jail, so I'm getting out of here, but squeaky. She turned once again turned. words around on em, where he was caught in a trap. He said: no, you can't love is one we all one and that's what he he looked around the circle and he was just like at that moment in time I was like man. I need to get the fuck out of here buggy, but then I looked around and I remember each one of them. First time we bowled first time we fought first time I like droplets of acid one of that belly buttons right time. I spent an hour pulling bit thicker at one of their, but I remember each
time with them- and we literally was just like. I can't leave them now. I got it. I gotta see this through Google arrived this fuckin train. Italy's lagoon is man. We knew no normal profiling and people who ve done drugs. Words, like you, can see if you dont drugs together in a group of people for a long period of time, you do begin to develop sort of a group. Thank yeah and you do the group can move ahead of you well little joy and very under reported Del close. The founder of Improv was actually part of the troop, and this is where it, began. There were just yes Andy themselves into oblivion, so it's on August. Eighth were twelve hours where's away from the share and tape murders and they haven't even decided who they're gonna kill whose can carry out the murders. They haven't, decided anything yet there's a rabbit runnin around with a fuckin piping hot cup, a tv
so many decisions so little time I mean I can't believe they were able to handle the threat he's walking around just being like where's, the coffee maker, not now Stephanie and so Charlie. He said I'll stay, What you do is on your heads not and not online. It's all on your head. Yeah, Charlie, you're gonna, get off Scot free don't worry about it and they said you know they all said we understand, Charlie. There were hugs, there were small circuses, saint Charlie you'll soon and that we he defuse. This whole scenario is that e basically said the mare Marian Sandy arena. Take a cobbler, those stolen credit got out and by everybody, a bunch of gifts onion by what are you? Why would he rejects? What do you want? I want a bow and arrow misery. I would every whatever you need just get a budgetary balances of caught. Again, you will have a good nine writer is break that bring the Charlie. He goes out and sir to tax and he finds Tax Watson in the.
Middle of an acid trip sit down old, couch, flap and his legs in time, the music than only Tex heard that song and yet we last week about the Donna and Charlie had talked to the person who is actually making the tea in an only taken, a small those, and she said that weeks later she was still feeling it right that she was haven't blackouts. She said when he was still and tag secluded picked up the baked potato and fuck and eaten it lie ere. He had picked up the Belladonna in Eden like a baked potato and now he's a rock star in his own mind yeah. Maybe he did a write about confidence right day, so by the time Charlie found them tax was that he had already heard about the murder idea. Any thought it was great. Charlie, told Missus takes you, member that black talking talking about crows. Like remember that black and what I told you when I came home after killed them that laugh. I took for you with your life, but we do is my brother. He is your book
and save our brother. I'm asking you for the life you owe me and in Texas dislike that's a lot of massive all. I dont know why this lamp is get em all I'm down to do whatever you need, Mr Lamp, lamp just start talking to you, follow whenever it and then taxi just airbags and I'll handle it Charlie. What do you got plan because at that susceptible state just so you know that it's the girl, the Greek, so did you again. Manson hits it several times in his autobiography riding, not planning girls on the planning, and they will do a thing. I dont know what it is, but I do know that they can do it by themselves. Whenever they decide they gonna need you tax, you might go to God. Taxes literally like any from a speed from a shadow like I've got a job. I Charlie look up at the germ up for that night. It's
a mere about eight ten o clock. Still low plans still like there. It right now is frames his meal to anything. We all had a name. My meal, Brenda, cooked meats. Brenda can just do some lips, makin stuff. What some dumpster vegetables can, I believe, the amount of rocks and she could fit in that rock soup. We had a glorious timed ball and live in each other's dreams. There was there. It was one finger prick away from me like no feed grandpa. It was like so disgusting. The way they describe that dumpster meal so call came in the middle of dinner. and turns out that going around and going on a shopping spree with stolen credit cards ain't a good idea she was Charlie literally said he forgot that this credit cards were stolen
yeah he saw resign. You gotta proved you got approved by the bank cages quickly legitimately their several times when he talks about this stuff, and it's like he just legitimately forgets that they just killed somebody. It's a he's, always right and make it ok, because he is he's constantly validating his existence and saying like no. This is good. This is it with as a family we ve built. This is the family able we wanted, that I've been no, I'm I'm a criminal mastermind. All of this is gonna. Go to plan because it's good now, because I'm on the right path and that's exactly what he told the Chase bank officer when you went and requested the Chase bank gardeners approved that first of all, Sir I'm glad you came over here, we want to help. You were really. I happen to have brand new chase customers at any given point. But if you could please put on some issues and if you could stop trying to finger bang the receptionist that we really great free of rule these girls get arrested in,
some reason according to Charlie, for some reason, after all, the rejection after everything that has happened to him. For some reason, this is the last straw for society. Society has taken away his women. He said the fuck is happening here, one by one. This fucked up society stripping my loves from me I'll, show him they made animals out of us. Let's unleash those animals I'll give them so much. Fucking fear that people will be afraid come out of their houses. Yeah, it's pretty cool yeah. It's really cool, I mean it's not as I will have my revenge yeah. I will let my So he goes out lookin for safety in tax. It's ten o clock Two hours away from the murders, still no plan at all and it was new girl Stephanie on the way who has no idea what's going on. He said that he walked her to her trailer and quote gave her a couple of kisses and a pinch on the TIP
and went back out. That's all it takes to satisfy a new woman that was made here to you to. I ask acid: to kiss is in a pitch on the tip. Oh my goodness. Well so on his way he sees big patty lying on the ground. I always liked up now she's trying to shaken acid trip from earlier that day. So Charlie kicks her ear, he kicks her nieces git up you're, going for a ride with tax and safety and so keep buying medium setting idea, hamburger, Patty, jokes Patty, and will you just please do when I say that blubbering me so that that's terrible for that poor girl, though she took ass it in the morning and she had to go. She was, she was doing with the US
over in the back of this car. Just being all big and sad. This is one of the most active groups on acid I've ever I know they do everything on asset right I mean. Usually you can't do that. I mean you, stand a confined space for confined amount of time and when you get out- and you never want to go back- they never stopped yeah. You know what the thing is is that it just proves still you can't do anything on asset is that you will get away with it. They had just moved to the desert, like you, ve, been talking about for six months instead of just building dune bodies. For no reason, maybe none of this would have happened. Doom values were political. It is pretty good so he finds tax just wandering around by himself tells them it's time. You said the girls don't have it picked out. Anybody connect what everyone is always just wandering around or fat on the couch living room, so he he gets it.
He tells him? He says it's up to you. Where you get a girl go the girls have no idea. What to do. He said: go get the bolt cutters for the phone and why it for the phone wires and fences and text I don't know, I'm little I'm a little messed up, Charlie. I don't know where I'm supposed to go all right now, what's the difference between a house in a tent one hundred or right, and what's the difference between like a normal house in like a gas station, what is the gas station I hate to say this, but you're hovering eight inches off the ground right now and what I'm gonna meet. What I'm gonna need you to do is to focus text get out of that treat, text and Nancy. He just pretty much all just like come on text. You've been a lot of these rich guys places he's like yeah just go, someplace like we're Terry used to live right and is harder lotteries you talkin about it Harry Melcher, so with just an off hand with an offhand comment: words like like fucking out, o Terry's place or something an offhand and like that, like that. That is how Sharon Tate and Oliver friends
murdered their issue designed them area. It is also the Manson's version of the story and Booger Yossi version. This story is a key came in. It was bump bump. He ordered everybody he's had tied, helped her skull tonight, we're going to tarry melter house and we're gonna get revenge for him, not producing my record, but I You also letters in Santa it's totally only insane. It's also easily unproven, because Manson went met. To knew that Terry Mouser didn't live there anymore. He had gone to the house to look for money like three weeks when he was going around trying to look for his money. He went to the house where he thought Terry lived. The grounds gooseberries like you didn't fuckin, because liver anymore mess like giving they address like em
Oh, I don't know what you're at a map human, absolutely! No! I will not do that, rather than he robbed the grounds keeper and when we were bags and bags of grass was very said. This is also where a lot of people who break down the above you will break down. The crimes, are ignorant of the entertainment. Business is a really think that Terry Melcher, just kind of heard it and passed an end that they were not a part of each other's lives when actually, when you read about their there, live together specially from Dennis Wilson's point of view, the key Manson traveled around a lot of musical circles and actually got relative like they were listening actively to his music. They thought, maybe was a novelty that they could do. could use, but they don't and people who are not entertainment. Donor stands at your bounce around for months. This is not a simple revenge story. Well, nobody wanted they wanted to be. They wanted to be this. This revenge story, but it's not it's just. I believe that there is something that this is closer to that
that it was just like you go. I am like there is ass hair looking to have something to do that night and there, like molten its modern. I how we better plan that then it was tackled Tuesday, man, what it is it's Thursday I say or is it so it takes of about twenty minutes to get everything ready, get everyone together and so had his record time, yeah, that's very quick and Manson the thought back to just twelve hours. earlier when he had showed up with his new squeeze. All this happened in the span of twelve hours: and we are in total time here a yearning. Sixteen months, I you yeah, I'd say like sixteen eighteen months from the time he got out of prison. Until this point, that's the one thing I it's, it's still difficult to understand how it is just how compacting compressors entire story is that it's amazing yeah the any. This is when you know in Manson. In his own words, he does admit to having response
You mean he considers himself responsible for the murders and the fact that he said I was somewhat part of it, a modest, have been in the car with the others knife and gun in hand. I was the one person who could have prevented that car from leaving spawn ranch, but so goes the feeling of power when a couple with hatred yeah, and it sounds like a young Adolf Hitler quotas well yeah yeah, and so that the first five victims of the man in the official mansion murders happened at at. one zero zero. Five zero cereal drive down dead. You had Patricia Current Winkle, big body. Linda, say and who would only joined the family the month before a rough time. Yes, as that, that's the worst time any like joining the personnel during the Billy Crystal years, very town Susan Guy, also Susan Atkins Alcinous and Tax Watson on their way the victims first of all, share and take sharing tame and giving it when forty in the car,
the Bible, blade, arcs, apparently you're eating, dumpster vegetables, right, yeah death, so the victim Sharon, Tate, first of all, Sharon's she was amazingly famous. She was operated this way she was famous enough where my ass my mom about this last night, Mama's fourteen years old, when all this happened lived in jail in Texas, middle and nowhere in the late sixties. She knew who shared tat was right, like sharing its eight is also smell a week earlier. get the she heard they be were dead now, Biagi United to death,
How does this story and don't tell me you're, entails dead lover work though her first role was in a film called. I, the devil, which was the suspense film about a call. The performed ritual human sacrifice to guarantee a lavish grape harvest graves great yeah August, actually end it wasn't. Even for wine, it was for jelly, hasn't that's Concord grape. Her second film is a vampire spoof called the fearless vampire pillars, a k, a pardon me but t your teeth or, in my neck, a k, a the dance of the vampire she's dead. Now, though, right now, Oh, I hope is a great, is a vision of a great career and its while filming this movie, but about the way that the plot is she's kidnapped by.
Of vampires and eventually rescued by a bumbling professor in his assistant? Oh, I love that so it's ball filling this movie that she meets her future husband, director, Roman Polanski, right back known for raspberries, baby, Chinatown, the pianist and petty feel There are only live better than the other thing to be on its like pedophilia, the maybe this is it come fully asked or in John redder there, and I also like only nineteen seventies. Most actors and directors were like just borderline, not criminals. Everybody good luck, robber, Blake Runnin around. We are all these people that literally give beat the shit and threaten violence on every single person around the violent. I count eventually the and Polanski, of course, was completely shattered by this vote. then he said that his absence on the night of the murder is the greatest regret of his life. railways, are you gonna do die? He won't,
If he wasn't, if he was there, we would not have had the incredible ninth gate film with Johnny Depp there. That's a good omen. Everything Johnny does. Indeed, we definitely want to wouldn't have had Chinatown, which was his only for transposing a fantastic movie but he said in his autobiographies. Had Sharon's death is the only watershed, my life, that really matters and He commented on her murder. He said it changed his personality from a boundless untroubled sea of expectations and optimism to one of ingrained pessimism, eternal dissatisfaction with life, which caused him to have a sexual relationship with the fort Europe. Gymnast name Natasha, Kinsky, Angina town, that's gotta, run over movie no at that city was twenty six years old and eight and a half months pregnant when she was murdered. Next, that was fraught with vote. Right. Have we each Jake Noise, Jack FRY cows ongoing? Do what happened? There was share and tape how they do it
given our intimidated and day we're not going to list the bold move on. Ok good. Yet because you there's stuff day, fry cowskin fall giraffe recast, used when its Polanski childhood friends Folder was his partner. She was heirs to the folder fortune fortune. They it Worth Part away out of all Jochen Airum when they were at the house. They were at the house because they house at further Polanski he's a lot and shares like one is stay and extra. Couple days Next one was J C bring. He was a Hollywood hair stylist very successful. He learned how to cut hair in the korean war. He designed they had a very difficult with bombs, going off back and forth. The Europe that we are really going to cutting had told her eye. What are the odds, J C brain the hare? Stylist is straight at the harder perks
was actually Sharon's AIDS. Ex boyfriend and Lyra madly in love with her and saw the day and, in fact, died defending her. This is a super fuckin creepy side story, so this is when Jane churn take both at than this is when they were still together. He bought a whore in Benedict Canyon and the house, extremely dark history, Jean Harlow and MGM producers Paul burn burn, killed himself in the house. And three other people would die in later years. I won committed another drown in a pool made hunger selves. Their insurance is that in nineteen sixty five she woke up. It was woken up in the middle of the night to see little man by the bed, just kind of hang out and she's dressed man
yes certainly easier and she ran out of the room and down the stairs and tied to the foot of the suit the staircase she saw the body of a man with his throat slashed and then how did she reacts? Ah, she fixed a drink herself. drink and went back to bed. Who else you get it? I dont know authority, gout and the last victim or of the last. When we talk about in the first one is it. I add, luck is even higher and such a poor he's like seventeen. He knew the caretaker at the data houses Guy, William Garrison. He had come to sell Garrison and Am Fm radio a clock, radio cause. He worked at a Fuckin electronic, see workers, stereo, store and guarantee,
the worst part. Is he didn't even sell the clock? Radio Garretson didn't want it as he was. He died a failure. Oh that's the worst, that's Terr very sad, so he had a beer. While they mean I talked about the clock, radio he left around two fifteen. He stops to push the button that opens the electronic gape stand in there. Ex Watson got along barreled western style. Twenty two revolver same weapon that they'd shot lots of papa with. and the other hand the big fuckin buck. Birthnight Watson twosome four times point blank and face making him the first person.
Honestly, in that situation, I'm thinking shoot me. The idea of getting stabbed and murdered with a buck knife is much more terrifying than just getting shot in the head a couple of times. If I had to choose yeah yeah, if we all have to choose, we don't text Watson, I want a full on death trip. Just Watson text was and we're gonna we're gonna see now is definitely the fulcrum of all of these murders. Yeah. I really got into the role yeah. He really was technically very good at it. Yes, you ditely for a total dope, a person who's, got basically an unreliable piece of shit who could barely think yeah who's tripping balls the whole time yeah, just oh man, they were at all tripping ball like and that's the thing to keep in mind as well. Is that at least half of these murder? Half of these half of the four were tripping balls. The it so well. There's the murders yeah Linux Serbian. She drew
them to drove him to the house. She had, she was the girl and only been joy. She only join the family the month before she parks the car tat. You know I'm in a valid driver's license and thank God because didn't want to get over to get ticket exactly chose her because she was the only member of the family who had a valid drivers. Well, you don't want to go breaking the law. I mean those laws are real and so text crawls out from the back seat. He climbs up the telephone pole and he cuts the wires to the house. They didn't drove the car to the bottom of the hill and started to walk up towards that and what's cool? Is it they're, not cool disgusting, but it's like they literally parked it, so they could make a quick getaway. They parked it it like like. So it would just be driven off in to onto the road yeah yeah, so they they. This is where they find Stephen parent. They kill him and he was just like the car. You guys go into like a partier,
not up radio, you wanna clog up up up near each other drivers at one moment. Maybe what a word so fry caskeys see bring taken folder they they were all asleep by this point: haven't stuff themselves at a restaurant called L Coyote earlier the hell, you can go to hell, Coyote, which is on Beverly Boulevard, really in in LOS Angeles, and you have gone several times but everytime. You go it's kind of a shitty mexican restaurant, but it has it, but with what they do is there's like a scam. There were two people go on all the time and they like hey. Can you bring us the meal that Sharon Tate and all them eight the night before they all got more like right before they got me and they just bring you the most expensive thing. On the many that's a very good idea. They probably did eat them. Oh tax finds an open window. He slices opened the scream with his bog night and then goes to the front door and let's big patterns
an instant through the front door and fry calendar of the front door. No, it s only drug about, to wit, with the industry, the idea that city had or Manson hat into one or the other. It talk about doing these crimes as which she as possible, which I like that I like that, turn a lot canadian. Its future. A member with all these crimes is that they are trying to inspire fear. So this is, it gets really creepy really fast. Yeah right, Caskey gets woken up by tax, whispering to the girls, and the first thing he says is: what time is it Text sticks the barrel of the gun in the fry houses face, he says, be quiet, don't move or you're dead fry Kowski. Ask him. Who are you and what are you doing here? To which text replied? I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work.
Good line when you were unbelievable, yeah and Susan and Susan Atkins later on, she told Manson after they had gotten back to the house. He said that he really looked like the devil, but but but the first thing she said, but she him stand America that not only the gun autumn, no rope on I'm here to look like a real mix I Bandler, who literally did say that yeah, that's great, so text tells Akins and Krenwinkel to search the house for other occupants. They come back with folders Sebring and tape. Apparently so, when Atkins walked, the upstairs neighbor upstairs floor, she went and she saw what's her name to older. She saw folder in bed and literally
Folder looked up at her and just went high and like she was like it's like she expected to see me and I just waved at her and walked past, which is like this crazy thing. I guess in the sixties, you're just so used to maybe whack to things happening, but literally this hit Woman, just walking past the room and seeing you in bed and just waving at you and then walking past the door. I mean it's very possible that she just thought like. Oh, hey, that's a girl that Jay's fucking right now. I guess I guess you know she's coming over to hang out with Jay, which you know when you see someone com by in a house where a lot of people are in and odd. It's not the word. It's not the dumb thing. Yeah, you don't know who these people are she's like cut and young too so she's not here to kill me them into the living room text ordered him to lie down in front of the fireplace but Sharon Tate. She was eight and a half months pregnant. So she couldn't so Sebring says: can you see she's pregnant letter? I let her sit down and for is outburst text, shot um in the
I make my can't be here. Oh yeah, and this is in when they asked what the intruders wanted a text that you have to die to save my brother and then everybody of course goes yeah yeah, basically as soon as he says that good up until this point he's literally just telling them they would they want their money. They want their money, they want the money, and so they start going through trying to take some their money and then finally he's sick. What are you gonna do what he could do and it's like you're gonna, have to die tonight, just fucking flip out yeah yeah set text. He ties the roper on the necks of Sebring, folder and Tate on the advice of Charlie. He told him. He said just make sure that the girls do it like Gary's house was done, but even take some rope and hang somebody like look the reverse of the Cocos planting. That way, we'll put the heat on the black
yeah. He loves saying black is yeah yeah, it's hard, it's a hard word to say yeah, he says white and he says Blackie but and the other end of the rope was slung over a rafter and then text order Patty to tie up fry Kowski with a towel, which seems like a bad idea: yeah you're, not smart, yeah they're, not smart yeah, and so he walks over to Sebring who's, trying to defend Tate and her unborn. Child text takes out his buck knife and he stabs seabring seven times the second murder of the night and then text orders Patty to turn off all the lights in the house, and he took the other end of the rope that was over the rafters and he pulled and he caused the women to stand up to keep him being choked to death. And so Susan and she approaches fry Kowski with the intent to kill him. But fry Kowski he's going into full on freak out mode, because now two people are dead.
He struggles free. He pulls Susan's hair as hard as he can, which sends her down. Was it glow gorgeous, ladies of wrestling, pulling them the hair? I mean I feel like it could be something more aggressive, yeah you'd. Think so right do you think or hair? That's what I'll do, but in the moment you know you've got a hippie girl with a whole head of hair. You think first thing pull it sure yeah, you also honestly, I man, I've been trained. My whole life to not hit a woman yeah. I don't want to hit a woman, but this with all this lesson shows me is that she's got a nice. you could soccer fry Kowski, he he runs for the door. He's screaming and text goes after him. He stabs him and he hit him so hard over the head that the with his gun that it broke the grip but fry. How Can he manages to make it through the door screamin and yelling, and just down the hill from the house? A group of children from the West like school, for girls were campaign with five councillors and they heard Frank House he screamin is tax caught up with them. They her
this guide dying so Susan. She runs out of the house and she joins tax as they finish the job the driver, Linda she stood there discreet, them stop, stop stop this and Susan just turned to her and said it's too late and walk back into the. in that area late. It states very late. I will say about the little girl that there, the camping trip, is that now it's kind of amazing. They got to experience what it took my uncle a whole four years in Vietnam to experiences right there. Yes, I couldn't help, but think of that movie troop Beverly girls say hello on with area. While this was happening. Big DE in Abigail Folder, who would also freed herself. They started wrestling and after being stabbed multiple times, Abigail broke, free and ran down the hallway cringe Winkle, followed with an up raise knife finally tackled her on the lawn just outside of sharing dates, bedroom and critical can t.
De stabber over and over again until tax came over to help and she looked up at her killers, and this is what Patty remember San remember her saying. I'm already tat. Does all Margie just kept sailed over and over again, I'm already dead, I'm already dead. Stop. I'm always clearly signals apparently like what she was doing to is that she was begging to be like. I was about part of her negotiating because on for maintenance on words, he got this whole story from when they showed back up yeah and so Sadie came and told him this whole story and, according to her sharone, he was begging to be like you can take me hostage. Yeah take me hostage just so I can have my baby. Let me have my baby and you can have me- and you know by this point that whole the whole fucking the train or left the station, what kind of cool, if sure taken about her Patty Hearst moment, though, like hung out the man's, and can you imagine how happy Manson would have my
I share and tat show up. I need to buy another umbilical cord. The guy was about ten years that people, Jackie so guaranteed at this point is the only one left alive actions and Watson. They returned from the front line and she's saying please let me live, please let me let me live they ignored or, and they stabbed her sixteen times as Charente died. Crying for mother, because also Tex Watson had been given the direct orders, apparently from Charles meant, to make sure the women had something that all of the girls were involved in the crimes. So, basically, once they re, even dead text would pass the knife to the girls from you like now, you stabber you stabber, so they will all be a part of it. So that's why these people had like upwards of Eddie stab wounds by Tom they found them is because they were just happened, a dead bodies down so current winkle. She grabbed a town on the way out. You know the actual Manson's order,
leave a sign- something witchy. She picks up a tile, dabs dabs it and Sharon Tate's blood and wrote pig on the front door. They were gonna band. They were gonna, hang all of the victims. but they said quote, everything was too messy and we were tired getting unexhausted. It seems it seems like a pretty tyre and experience for all yet treaty mean honestly try to get up. Of hippies to finish a game of cranium takes fucking. He don't want to do it not happening so on the way home. Forty five minutes after they arrived, they stopped at a house and they used a hose to spray each other down. The homeowners hearing. Them came out in chased them away with a flashlight while his wife, was yelling at him. Go and dairy hippies, yes loves you, trams, and they said they were just out there. Playfully watch and each other's hands and arms and tax law
All four reserve, which is needed here, is your homes, so Sharon take could have been alive if she had a flashlight, yet that we're gonna shine, I'm afraid of flashlight interesting through the back in the car, they throw their bloody clothes, the gun, the knife out the window. They stopped at a gas station to wash up a little bit further and as as he Watson in you looked in the mirror station the gas station bathroom. He said quote: he was quote who I was. I wasn't anyone. I wasn't Charles Watson, I was an animal. The end of the world was there. I works are letting a dash Texas such a piece of shit. Yeah he's such a bit tax watson. He was, He immediately flipped on everything. He was the only one who tried, insanity, defence the only one. I know what was going on August was havin drugs and having sex and
next thing. I know I'm sick in a big fork and knew a woman's throat. All of these people were a part of the same collective fantasy. This was this was Charles. Manson was the fulcrum of it and he was the inspiration for a lot of it. But all of these they were active participants and they they've made these choices. Yes, they did the crimes you know like as much as Manson was a part of it and don't and maybe drug them and may be quoting what brainwash them. What I don't even fucking believe, because he's kind of a more on I think that day. This is all this trip richest green. Or could we talk about the trains up the station he'd been it had been in the works for months? There has been so much negativity in a crowd of them now that- and this is what together,
This is just what happens when there is a true, unstable criminal mind at the front of all. This group think, of course, all of that Charlie Manson, the paranoia, but also just his general demeanor as a career criminal and it's just a generally fucked up. Dude is gonna seep into these other people. It's going through yeah all right, so we got these murders now Just go back to the house. They go back yeah. They just go back to the ranch Charles, Charles still squeezing tits and stuff he's pins, and he was saying that he couldn't even ball his woman that night he was so concerned about what he had done and that he just sat and waited for the sun. Sun come up until the car pulled into the driveway yeah, but he said when they got back and they told him about what had happened. He said he wasn't shocked. He said he didn't feel pity or compassion for the victims? The only concerns that he had is if the murderers resembled behind in killing enough and if the murderers had left any traces of their identities behind and also
No none of them fuckin d in the also didn't bring back any cash. Yes, where you can select mostly less than less than dollars hundred dollars cash know drugs. Oh my you ask that really rethinking tell us what they didn't? He didn't. They didn't know who they had killed. That night, I didn't know who they killed and tell them today when they were watching news broadcasts and that I had so that night they went out and went back. Sir Charles mean someone and make sure that they had done everything on the fuckin level. yeah. He went back, he wiped down the crime scene. He left an old pair glasses on the floor of this trick. The cops yeah and these will as well by not later it did. is there? No, I mean once we get into the investigation we're going to get into yet
another case of gross incompetence on the part of the LAPD, but we're gonna get know that much lighter the next day. They later not. That night, like that, the next day letter that night after dinner, seven members of the family dropped ass. It hot in a car and drove around looking for more victims, but because they, the police, had made no link whatsoever between the hangman murders and the tape murders. The choices are right: we gotta go back got. We gotta do it again. Second draft: let's get it right this time, but this I'm I'm gonna, go with you I'm gonna make sure that it does right, yeah yeah, he wants to make sure you do it right and so, like they're driving around according to ancient on words he's just sitting there like cause. You know again he's always he's always trying to explain himself as he goes and he was like literally just been like. I just want to make sure we do this right and fast and cool and awesome, but at the same time, but he's full of shit because he's not a murderer. No, like he himself, is not a mere
he's done every other crime under the somebody's never killed before. So I await a kind of like waiting. Thinks he's a murderer. This point. Doesn't he thinks he can do it yeah he's eating? you're not to give zone, as he says, to get his own to get his hands dirty. I thought the of the earth, the guy that he thought was part of a black panthers. He thought that he killed them, but Was it will get into that here and a little bit we'll get like his mindset as far as that when they buy and ended up two hours: they ended up and loss Philis have you learned the edge hipster last feel is yellow, feel Sierra must feel as yet heads or neighbourhood nowadays, so they pulled up to the house and there the girls ass Charlie. If this is the house- and they said no- I'm thinking about the house across the street because they just wandered into this neighborhood, because they knew a guy that had do that lived across the street from the law Bianca's the victims in the second murder and so Charlie. He took Tex up to the house, he found forty
year old grocery store tycoon, Lino Labianca sleep with the newspaper in his lap. They entered through the back door, they woke him up, they told him we're, not gonna hurt you be cool. All we want is your money, and so they tried to give the money he gave them like seventy bucks that he had in his wallet and then he was like. Also, if you take me, my store. I can give you all my money. I can give you a shit ton of money and they, like you, know, yeah, and but they were also they learned the lessons from the night before, like don't tell him, you're gonna kill em, you tell him you're gonna kill him gonna freak out retail mad you're, not you're, going to free sirloin, so they tied those hands behind his back with a strip. A leather asked move any one else in the room. He said rosemary, yes, she's back she's asleep in the bedroom, so Manson goes back to the room. He pulls the cover off or it covers off of her and he says: wake up, lady. You got company, and so he moves her to the living room with Leno and he ties her up as well and Charlie when he loves
the ranch. He was fucking geared up. Man he's like I'm gonna, get my hands dirty or we're getting crazy. I'm gonna fuck, I'm gonna plunge a knife into a woman tonight. Now I'm gonna fucking kill somebody, but when he got there he was faced with two people that were just sitting there passively in front of him. No aggression They weren't trying to struggle free them to like freak out so that I can go, kill them yeah. I need them to do something. So I can respond. Yeah he's like I need the survival instinct to kick him, which was what happened with Crow with the drug dealer. So he even goes as far as like he tells taxis like tax. Take, take the take the woman to the other room? Take her over and Charlie purposely turns its back on little Labianca Labianca. He wouldn't yak can't hoping that he's gonna fuckin come in and and Charlie can switch on and any can kill the guy and he can be a part of it too, but he couldn't do it Charlie's,
You thinking about slashing prices so Charlie. He leaves the house he walks back to the car. He tells big Patty and Leslie Van Houten who is you do it because we are, he can't just can't do can't duties is like he's, not a murderer, and this one thing about masochism. Words that I do appreciate, isn't it I mean honestly, it makes him on to be a huge pussy and even says that I mean I hate to use. The word use a term pussy, but it's like you hate to use the term pussy. No, I mean like it's, not that he didn't have I mean honestly, he just didn't. Have the guts to kill. Somebody yeah, and so he in Father, like put it on the guts to kill someone, but you either have murder in your heart or you don't and Charles Manson didn't have it. So he goes back to the he goes back to the car. where a key fines. Less event happened in big Patty nieces go and do a good make sure it's done so the pigs Put it together with him in that pad last night, we're gonna go find
how so many finish up his back to the ranch will see their because there were seven people on this trip, so he sends to have a man with tax and takes the other three and he's asking him all right. Who do you hate where we're gonna go one guy's like well, there's this guy in Venice Beach, and I like very much so and then one of the girls and the other one was just like and there's this guy that like wouldn't make it with me one. Let's go get him yeah, so they go out to Venice Beach, I hate to say a big patty but you're an acquired taste. I love you, so he goes out to Venice Beach and he's come down from the acid because he was on as in this entire time. Of course, they all were yeah to pop himself. Up that sheen is worn off. He doesn't feel I'm
anymore. So he sends the other three it out into the apartment complex and then he says you know what I'm going to go home, so he just leaves like a Dell taco and he gets a bunch of chicken tacos. He just basically be weddings. It's like you know. I checked out Rosemary's baby and I was like I can't we feel that a pop up- I am really is a. May. I go on man, you know what I need right now of salt water tat. So back at them. Bianca House and these murders are, I mean the tape murders really get a law, all the press but the Labianca murders are a little bit more labour, the they're pretty brutal, so Susan actions and Leslie Van home. They join tax inside and they focus their attention on Rosemary and they had taken her who had been taken into the bedroom. They heard scream some living room as tax stab Leno eyes ended it with a cut to the throat and rosemary, was given a rush of adrenalin by the screams of her husband. She
Leslie, with a big ass table lamp and during the Struggle Leslie just kept saying please be still please be still and so Patty. She comes back from the kitchen with knives and she helps Leslie in the fight against Labianca Patty draws first blood stabbing rosemary in the back which severed her spine and Leslie later said at first. She didn't want to do it. She didn't want to stab her. She said the more that she did it, the more fun it was. She said quote. I was obsessed with the knife once it went in it just kept going in and in, and she was also Trippin balls yeah. I remember watching Amali four times in a row. You know I was also way to that yeah and by the end of it Rosemary had been stabbed forty one times
yeah. It was bad yeah, that's a lot, and so then you learn basically Charlie gave them a whole lesson like basic. You got to wipe stuff down for fingerprints, so they clean, they clean the whole place and then they they went as far to open all the drawers and wipe down the things they hadn't even touched, because they're morons put prints on them may came and let them back out to the living room. She saw what Texa done to Leno. He had been stand. Fourteen times, a double Pronk, carving fork was stuck into his fucking stomach and a knife had been left plunged into his neck and on his forehead. exit carved the word war, which is intense media and on more animal and on the walls. Patty had written death to pigs and rise and on the fridge she had written. He alter skill iq for a scoundrel. He audiovisual Bell, the fuckin name. Suppose it inspiration he'll turn scale there in a barely helter skelter. The words help
Walter were written all over the ranch. It was everywhere right and yet she still misspelled it come. I just wonder in your hand, just easier focus. She made it more difficult than it had to be met. More much more, so the three took showers in the house. They had tried home. God. Spelling bee like that, would be great helter skelter. Can you use in his sentence You ve just murdered a family right, other refrigerator, h E. now? How dare battle? To answer has been that he is a big like sign in the back. Go paddy. You know how many Khomeini drills. Do we The right note guards to weaken after go through men, so they hitchhike, Charlie's weight in their form and over the next week you know, just to LOS Angeles is gonna fuckin insane
in Charlie, said the more the media sensational sensationalize the crimes, the wire the guy and got on my face, but still after both murders, no connection whatsoever. had been made between the Hinman murder and these two murders, and not only that, but this is absolutely fucking baffling the cops made no connection between the Tate murders and the lab beyonca murders. Well, wasn't there a thing where they thought it was a copycat killer? I mean they just didn't investigate serial crimes yeah. This was before the idea of the serial killer still yeah. They were they had. No, they didn't realize that someone would do something like this. I think that they thought it was a key in the papers. The next day they said it was a copycat killer. With the you know after the Labianca murders. Well, the Tate murders. They originally thought that there was some sort of drug. They were looking for the drug connection that the whole thing this is. It has to be all about drugs, but it's Bianca when they do, they just didn't know they had no idea and, like
I came in, I said you know ways interesting about the murders too, was how it affected the Manson family. But how did they divided? The group up between those that had committed murders and those who hadn and those who work, made motors or just sitting around the radio listening to the report's over and over again and just like, whispering amongst each other. When you got Stephanie, hang around spin like that are rarely have. I barely kill me and I could sing some signs resembling earlier. You said I was gonna, be recording soup yeah, and that was- and there were twenty twenty five others just like her know. The twenty five They had no idea that there have been a great arbitrator. These murders, squeaky, didn't even squeaky. The most notorious well, the mistress also still just sit around just bike weight and determine or bush, When the next ball sessions gonna be food Charlie he had,
He had no idea what to say. Oh, I love this call from Charles Manson. Hey don't feel, like you mean that that anything, all those girls and whispered about has nothing to do with you. It's just that or dead and the rest of you aren't supposed to know about it. So, finally, the long delayed move to the desert was underway. Car, of course. Now with yeah now, they're gone to now they're. Finally, going to the desert, and yeah and Charlie said, except for time out for music and sex. We worked at getting ready for the final move. Did you take any time out? Is eight people now get to the desert he's so stupid yeah. So, but before that could happen, police rated the ranch for an entirely different for an entirely different reason. They rated them for steel, Vito abuse and turn them into dune buggy
that you're, literally just starting to like they're. Like look at this group of people just living on this fucking like plot of land, we should find a way to arrest them yeah. What are these? Let's go let's aurettes these down, but the thing was that the charges are actually dropped two days later, because the cops had written the wrong date on the search warrant arrival is no traffic violations, so her Charles? give them credit for the hookahs sapient had an impact, no points on her licence. Yes, he was great, but some you know it was very clear to Charlie the cops. The cops knew the lay out. They knew all the secret hiding places that they had. They knew all the escape plants. They they had so Charlie that someone had snatched him because he was utterly
that nobody in the family could have been volved. He decided that it had to have been one of the people who worked on spawn ranch, so he eventually settled on a stunt. Man named Donald Shorty. She who took care of the horses Shane Manson. Of course they hated the fuck out of each other because it's Manson versus a cowboy and Manson's a fake cowboy, and she is also a fake cowboy. Exactly and George is actually on the verge of selling spawn ranch because he was old and line I shave, of course, thought. You know it's the best in the best interest of everyone to get these fuckers out of here so Charlie, around August twenty eight TH nineteen sixty nine about twenty days after the murders text, Bruce Davis, Steve Grogan, Bill Vance, Larry, Bailey and Charles all took they all took down? Shall ride and from the backseat Grogan struck Shea with a pipe rynch while Tax Watson started stabbed him, then the group took sh
The out of the car brought him down a hill behind spawns and stabbed him to death and now and again- and this is one of the murders that Charles Manson was actually like- a convicted of the data that he killed him and again trolls Manson vehemently denies that he actually killed them again. He just said I was there, I didn't bring any rule. Is it? Is it against the law to stand on US tracts of land and your moccasins enough up so his body, the chaise body, was found until December of seventy seven and grow and he actually drew a map for police to shorties- remains because there was a rumor going around that they cut him into nine different pieces. Oh wow, appeases, nine, nine
the man's an immense, and he said that he can clear up any details about it without being a snitch himself, but he said that Bugliosi he said caught up caught up in his own helter skelter Assyria overlooked many participants accessories and conspirators someplace out there in that society he protects so well. He is left several killers to prowl the streets right. Reverence Manson said that whoever martyrdom- still out there so after they got arrested, Charlie's it- and you know it was not hard at all- to giving people to get the fuck out of their and go to the desert. get em in the paranoia got even higher. He guys dreg. He pushed the family and just being combat ready at all times. He pushed her quote. Joe and secrecy, mobility and contempt for anyone outside he had honestly Manson test says that he felt a lot of guilt about this whole time period about basically it it's what he said it he's, but always been searching for
home and for a family and for a sense of peace and all things gone, wacky whew on him, and he does it know, like you, just, doesn't know how to stop it. Doesnt know how to stop. At the whole, things been cycling out of his control for a long time, and you know he's a fucking moron, just no good at it now and will go to being a coat later. All these countries, that relates how how much work is yeah. It's a lot of work. It never lass right so that in the sex by the He said that a move from free flowing pleasure into aggressive lust the music stopped altogether and as the weeks in the desert passed. A lot of the family just come drifted away and they, we moved around at night and the locals. They noticed the men noticed these fucking weird ass, hippies, just skulking around all night long. Now this the I've been waiting to get bust.
for so long addio, longing to believe that they have lasted for as long as they have done up to this point because they're just a menace, there is out all night smoking smoking. We do in drugs, probably screamin, laugh and play music and knew just got like surrounded by neighbours. And so the cops raided Baker Ranch, they finally figured out rate a baker and were Otto theft in possession of firearms, but Charley was away and again again He was away, but the second raid that they did would be the last day. Charlie Manson would breathe the air as a free man when the cops busted in on October 12th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine two months after the murders they found. Charles Manson, curled up at a small cabinet beneath the sink in his haste, to hide a view of is a few strands of his hair made their way outside of a drawer, of which an officer notice
later the arresting officer, said that if it wasn't for the hair, he wouldn't have ever looked in the cabinet, because he said it looked too small to hide in. The theory that no bitterly supply Guph had either a cord. It's all share my fucking toilet court, FUCK Orange Shirley, while their data men, who he also had a very special It was a getaway spaghetti pot and he also crawl, all so small and cute tiny adorable, Charles Manson. This is a much heavier episode than the other two episodes yeah but I would remind you of the other: do episodes woloda like free love and Jim, but yeah. This is when much like the man in family. This is when shit turns dark right right. So so we get arrested.
his hair was poking out there. His hair was poking out and how the LAPD finally put everything together was. They had for months, they had no leads knollys whatsoever. They had no idea what was happening, but when the Manson family had been arrest, in that rate earlier that month they were so fuckin overjoyed that they were being arrested for Otto theft instead of murder, that thou started singing. Naturally they started singing what they were listening to most at that time, which was songs. On the way I'd album, just where it still ridiculous, and in the same so whenever they showed up, because I didn't
as it helps her skelter recently written all over the entire Fuckin camp, Daddy Relieved Cinema. It showed so ridiculous. So what happened here? So they were sitting in jail. They think they're. Therefore, traffic, the video being told that they are for their finally for tracking the traffic violation, so they're fine, so that the lobbying Cassim search police records and came across the hangman murder bright because they they figured out. Like someone had mentioned, and at some point and so what they did is they cross it? They saw. Someone finally saw the similarities at the very least, saw that there was a gruesome murder in which someone he had written the message in blood on the walls, so they think ok, we Nothing else, let's look into this and they also we're looking at the health risk
angle of it, because that this is a lob Beyonca team, so they start cross referencing people that have been arrested in that raid. With a list of people who had been questioned in the hangman murder, they one of the people they questioned single disguise guilty for stealing a bunch of liquor us from a candy store at this guy is arrested for being too groovy at a stop late. I think we got our our chain of events, so they, finally, the name they finally came up with- was by actually Bobby Busies girlfriend Kitty, loot singer in so lewd singer. She knew nothing about the actual murders themselves, but through what she set talked about. They followed up leads that led him to biker gangs.
Mason had tried to hire his bodyguards and heat Manson had alluded to the murders several times when they talked to the biker gang, at least they didn't didn't actually say: listen, we killed a bunch of people and we think the black Panthers are gonna come down on us, so we're gonna need to hire you. He didn't say it, but he alluded to it enough: where they got a coin. So Charles Manson's problem, which we're gonna see later on too, is the fact that he wants to be appear to be this hardened criminal. He wants to appear to be this fucking evil kingpin. So, of course, he's gonna throw around all this evil shit around a bunch of his bikers, because he wants them to respect him because again, you've got this fucking gnome dude, trying to like get your confidence and be his bodyguard. You're gonna want to brag a little bit, yeah and so on. But what really did the men more than anything
thing was Susan, Atkins Sadie, always known, have a big mouth. She started bragging Yoursel made that she was a part of the tape, Labianca errors and that's when everything just came tumbling down. So in December, first arrest warrants were issued for Tax Watson, Patricia cringe, Winkle and Linda Custodian, all three quickly picked up? Physical evidence started. Rowan and fingerprints were found the tear residents, but Mainly enough Charlie, had you know Mister CUP of winning back to the he said just throw guy and they also took when they left the scene of the crime. They literally took off all the bloody clothes and the nife and just threw it out in a few yeah and they found found all of it. Yet I got found real quick and the Texas Revolver. I was found by a ten year old kid in so Sandra working through your attorney. She sold a story called two knights of murder on December.
Ten nineteen sixty nine, then we're gonna see a lot of this now where all of these people are quickly separating themselves from the crimes as fast as humanly possible, and so she said, and then I love Charlie Charlie's response to this. He's like this girl, who had perhaps taken more drugs created more scenes inflicted more stab wounds possess the most pro fucking imagination and desired more attention than anyone among our circle told a story that projected me as love itself: magic, music, maker, a devil, a guru, Jesus and a man who ordered her and others to kill shit. There was any truth to what I was said of being capable of. I'd have been sitting in hers castle with stereos and ever room. Listen, my own platinum, album, which is a fucking great point. He was not the true He was a little maniac and a piece of shit so by the time Charlie hit the courtroom on the first day in June 15th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy the whole myth of Charles Manson, the monster, the mastermind, the
who took everyone's young man who could take your young child and your turn. Her into a murderer that was established. Everyone the Charles Manson was a monster, and that was the genius part of these defence attorneys used lawyers and publicists, who like figured out how to spend this whole fucking story. He's an enforcement and again is not innocent, but knows she's, not the devil himself, not so the prosecutions in witness was Linda Serbian, who flipped immediately on everyone, because of course she did. She was only there for less than a month and she was just the driver, so sheaf lived because she got immunity from prosecution, so she was the STAR witness against everyone in this and Manson Atkins and Crine Winkle they'd all been charged with seven counts of murder and one of conspiracy, Manson was a god I wish they would have left
do this. They originally allowed him to act on its own defence, but due to a submission of quote outlined, and nonsensical pre trial motions permission was withdrawn before the trial start Did I mentioned him showing up in one of those like english barrister, costumes of me like all right, so I got my lawyer. Winning I need is all right. I need about five or six tubs of beer. I need literally bathtubs filled with beer and then the next thing, what I'm gonna I'm definitely gonna need, is a rock to sit on because I've kind of not been sitting on chairs for a while now. So, if you could just get me like a sharp rock like to put my little bony, but I'd be great, so denied, is right to represent himself man's and showed up the first day of trial, with an x on his forehead to represent that he was quote, considered, inadequate and incompetent to speak or defend for himself and had axed himself out of the establishments
world he's not inadequate. He could do it. He really good at it. If they want to give him the chance would have it, he would have been better than Bundy. I bet more I mean he probably wouldn't have worn a Seattle supersonic sweater point during his trial. Tell them EL the jury, their beacons of light up. Maybe if he had known what the Seattle supersonic were right, he would have had the jersey on just because he is like what is basketball, though, by the second day of the trial all the other defendants all had an identical acts along with all the family member protesters that we're side, because remember only four of the Manson family had been arrested. So there's still plenty of other girls endued out there still Preachin Manson's were, but there were three and really in particular to Sandro, good and as squeaky from
really stood by M and real took it upon themselves to spread Charlie's words, because squeaky squeaky was a fucking supportive of Charlie ten years after because she had nothing to do with the murders. This is what we talked about before all the ones that didn't go to jail or we're in a part of the original murder scene. They still love the whole fucking free love thing they loved what they were doing. Oh yeah, because Charlie he, you know the that whole trip as far as protesting and all that they started that because of a bad jailhouse vision with Charlie, because he was pissed off at him in squeaky. Was they squeaky insider were the ones that convince him to stay that morning? Other once said: don't go, Charlie, don't go like we need you here. We are one because squeaky was a true blue, fuckin believer in all of Charlie's peace in love bullshit. Yet she was the true blue blue believer, so They responded to blame them. For that he said they said, will tell the whole world about
good, your love will make them see that you're not responsible, so that is when the spectacle of the man and girls began, and this is amazing, yeah yeah. So this is a clip from squeaky from asking about how just pretty much how people are treating them outside. She was asked how all the publicity affected her lot of pushing a lot of pushing for something that people want and we got it, but they can't grab at it. We just have to be patient and and in every by everybody God, she must have been funded. A party
You don't mean like she must have been like a foot like you, kinda get trapped for a little bit and you, like God, you're cute, is great yeah, so the but the people on the outside they were also trying their hardest intimidate former family members from testifying both prosecution, witnesses, Paul Pawkins and one Flynn who was a ranch and they were both threatened and walking, was actually badly burned by a fire in his and an formerly Pham former family member, Barbara Hoyt, who had overheard Susan actions describing the tape murders. who Ruth and Morehouse agreed to accompany Ruth end to Hawaii it's just so stirring of all the ways that is, I would you go on a vacation with each other, but why go now? It's a zoo means that it can. Then why are we gonna make Asian right now, so what they did when they got to Hawaii? Is they took a hamburger? That point was eating and spiked it with LS d
of course, they gave her way too much acid and whole hamburgers. Oh Hamburg, a hamburger or amount of LSD, the hamburgers were it also sort of reminds me of the scene from dumb and dumber yeah. He put the thing, but the other one, how they know. I have gas, but she wasn't. Actually she wasn't intimidated into it and before she was a reluctant witness, but after they gave her the acid burger, she completes she's like yes, absolutely I'm putting these fucking people away, and it's also rumored that the Manson family killed Leslie Van Houten lawyer, but his death was eventually ruled accidental that he drive
in a flash flawed. But there are some people who very much maintain that he was killed for not following Leslie instructions, which of course also, but I mean some people say that the instructions came from in Manson said that the instructions didn't come from him from him, yeah of course, but October. Fifth mansion was denied the court's permission to question a prosecution witness because they kept she's kept saying like. I must ask the hard questions. Who is your favorite rubber human being. Is it Jim carry or is it Gumby yeah? I will ask a good question: what's your favorite burger is in and out or is it fat burger come on the jury who needs to know so Manton? He gets pissed off and it said that he left over. The defense table but I would imagine it was more of a skitter yeah- definitely yeah more like a jump in spider, but the judge
on the other hand, he was scared enough where he had a revolver under his robes at all times, because as and it was also creepy, Charley was being Russell to the ground. All the girl stood up and started chanting in Latin, which is What were they chanting? Domini storm was a lad and mountain Angelus Domini. so on November, sixteen th the prosecution rested and three days later, strangely, not the defense rested as well. They called no witnesses to the stand whatsoever and the defense lawyers say that was because they didn't want the girls to go on the stand to try to remove all the blame from Charles, because by this point Susan Atkins had switched back to Charles Manson side. She had started off, denounced a group. What a mess at a group of fucking total messes constantly, what a gigantic mess
and while the hangman copycat defence, it was tried, it didn't work and on January twenty fifth nineteen, seventy one guilty verdict was were returned against the for defendants on each of the twenty seven separate counts. Watson who was tried separately was found guilty as well, and so Charles Tex Watson, Patricia. Patty, Grin Winkle Susan Sexy Sadie Atkins Leslie Morning, Flower Van Manhattan and Charles Pussy, wizard Manson, or all sentenced to death, but less, then, a year later, all the sentences were reduced to life in prison. After the death penalty was abolished in California and all of them, set, for. I believe Susan actions are still alive to this day. I now we haven't believe the best version of Manson, which is
in jail? Manson I enrolled in jail is like Richard prior lives. It's like fucking George Carlin, like how do I get here? The jersey special he is so awesome in jail, and the reason why is too is when you watch him, and you see all these crazy fucking speeches he gives and he's always nuts and dancing around it he's having fun number. One number two he finally has fulfilled is literally his childhood dream of being the king of jail yeah. What he's always wanted? Yeah he's the scariest dude in jail he's got the biggest rep. He could do whatever he's totally comfortable he's got people taking care of him. He's got health care, he's got a fucking toilet. He didn't have a toiling, I'm the spawn ranch for two years yeah and we're sitting here, we're making fun of Charlie. You know we made a lot of jokes about Charlie, but yeah like what do you think Charlie would say about all this yeah like? What do you say?
yeah, let's hear what Charlie is to set woody. The price is probably what we had to say about it and it's another thing I like to flash on. You guys are you John Cards and all your comedian. You get up there and tell jokes about Charlie Manson. What would you do? I was in the same room. Would you tell jokes about me, then I'd like to go on a John Carson Show stay on. You know. You know what the Spirit covers up Johnny he would just be covered. That's a solid punch line. Charles now he's amazing. I tell you what I do. I'd fucking scoop him up in my arms and I'd give him a little kiss. I would pet his head and I would pet his tiny bear. I agree and here's Charles, that is, when someone asked. Are you Jesus? Are you God? What do you think about? God
does he invented in great measure enlivened by which one with Jesus there's all kinds of Jesus is there's a black Jesus down in Florida he's having a good time. There's a mixed in Jesus in Mexico. I mean there's all kinds of his jewish Jesus. I mean Jesus, you know it's all kind of Jesus coming back everywhere. Another can stop it. It's a consciousness that lives in your mind that you know to really listen to him, the more I make he makes fucking sense. He talks about the given several speeches about how he's like I don't live in this physical world. I live in the spiritual world, he's it's a very complex. I mean, of course it is a very complex story. It's a long story. We got to the end of it yeah we got it is safely behind bars. I guess one's protected he's
are you married yeah it as far as we know star, as far as we know him and star still get married, good, all twenty five year old Q girl, yet in and also I would like to say so. Another thing to us for everybody check out the documentary called the source on Netflix to watch what happens of an actual, successful colt founder by Guy named Jim Baker, who changes named her father, you'd and imagine imagine Manson family if they had literally millions of dollars, some of the most smoking hot men and women living in a mansion together, they produce sixty albums under the name, your hole where thirteen this up this fuckin killer, psychedelic ban that they did now take a look at it, Jim Baker. Six foot for beautiful do huge. Do jujitsu master
named the world's strongest boy when he was twelve years old. Well, that's amazing man, one of three partner. It was yeah. Actually, this concludes our probably our longest episode ever you ever. No, hopefully I'm hope you've taken your shoes off at this point, and hopefully you got your shirt off I'm I mean I am now almost totally newt. Yes, you are have not been wearing a shirt this entire time. That's great! Well, all right! Everybody thanks! So much for listening I'll. Do a hail, yourselves hail! Satan again. Will you please help me before No, I mean who is with us. There are the I'm just saying that Europe is a haven dies because relations and don't forget to go, Two pod survey, dot com, slash last lsd, we're still getting the surveys in so you're Do it last week be sure to do it this week,
and we're gonna go out? Ah, oh and be sure to go to Itunes rate review all that type of stuff you and you will find a solution. Her yeah yeah Marty sparks Bank is all Henry loves you and go by last podcast on the left. T shirt last: Cape Company, radio com last podcast on the left and just one more thing before we if you are having thoughts about hurting yourself or somebody else, please tell some. in your immediate vicinity. As soon as you possibly can tell your family tell your therapists, somebody who can help you in a very real world way. Please tell them as soon as you possibly can. If I cannot stress this enough, if you are thinking of hurting yourself or somebody else, please tell us buddy before you do something that you cannot take back, but we're gonna go out on some Charlie's music. We're gonna go played from it. Yeah plan from a tape: this is so called
of a dreamer Mingo selections, everyone. I love it so much into it twice a day for the whole album smile on your face. It's like a boy. I can run.
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