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Episode 150: Monsters of the American Indian

2015-02-17 | 🔗

We cover the world of Native American monsters, from the terrifying witches known as Skinwalkers to the mischevious, possibly murderous Mannegishi.

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tell me some cigarettes and we would you do with one hundred dollars gift card from Amazon. I think I would buy the new expanded edition with Book of the law by Aleister Crowley. Do something better than that when you win one hundred dollars Amazon gift. Thank you all and Hail Satan, There's no place to escape to this is the last time That's when the cannibalism started. My moccasins. For me, they are full of dirt. I bonus Brown Brown is my skin. You say I'll. This is one hell of a makeover. Thank you, Deirdre, the native american makeover, the new tv show I've heard so much about. Please tie my buckskin tighter. It fits my phone
better. So I am more attractive to one full. At least heavy of the females of by tribe and how I wish to wife with her, but sadly she is there's been a basketball player from the Utah jazz was come through the reservation to get cartons of cigarettes in bumper bump. On his leave with him. It's stuff. You can't compete with a jazz player, they're very athletic tune into. Of american makeup tips. Thursdays on the hallmark network. Are you have got to be vers back of its tail and rubbed against your eyes, and he is a fecal matter is a darker brown and it is good against the brown of your skin. Most of our make. His brown. It works, that's very convenient. I hope it's not all poo poo, pretty gross poop. Visit as it's really gonna sell your house under his often river much allow the the brown of the river, but to mix with the proud of your skin
right, I'm not sure how I feel about it. The where the conversations gone. Your assumptions of my people are highly offensive. You're you're. Pretty soon I I assume, thing. You have assumed that tall man well how'd, you that nickname big tall walks with melted candle You you're disgusting, that so towards my body. Good Lord, you started it. I don't know we're going to use started, who started a conversation with a native American. I can't I mean we did start a were doing native american cryptids yeah let's get it started native american cryptids today on last podcast online. Can I help can we could put out a big sort of caveat in the very beginning native Americans, I'm like water. Stories, are amazing. I automatically assumed that a native american storyteller would be
credible. I know right all like and then the ferret turned into a woman with breast, and then I knew that was my wife kind of stumbling bumbly. I saw this forty five minute long, video with a guy named Chief Dan last night, talking about skinwalkers recovering skinwalkers today an I watch this video last night, and I can tell you: I went right to sleep, listen to him, a meal chief and he might not be the most authentic of all the native american speakers, I'm chief Mary Winstead, Insper chieftain, absolute me, mind body. Oh I'm, sick, corn I'll tell you that yeah could be an indian well. I added in a woman, come to my cultural anthropology course once and she gave a rousing speech. I watched it.
PBS. Last night about the differences between urban native Americans, Anne Reservation Native Americans, I thought it was quite fascinating. Like Rapstar, Indians, Rapstar, they were in the earth there were there bugging chief at backwards, feathers in the front, yeah they're, wrapped yeah, the hip Rapstar native Americans, were american population. We I am very interested in their view of the universe and their view of magic and involvement in our reality, and we're going to talk with John Keel addresses that, yes, John, he'll. He says that certain locations such as the Bridgewater triangle that we covered a few episodes ago are hot spots. For Para UFO and, most importantly, zoological sightings and he argues that this is because these locations, type of window into. Another dimension? Ok, so there is a
it may. We we talked about before on this podcast. There is a relationship between ghosts, Ufos encrypted CS that they all seem to happen at the same time and in native american folklore and need America. Stories about the way they deal with cryptids. The way they deal with shapeshifters and skinwalkers is that it's very much a part of their community leave it that it happens all the time they don't know the difference between what is just a crazy animal like a cryptid and what the wizard wearing a belt, tell the difference to be fair, I mean you know, I mean that's not say they in generalize. All native Americans like to be called something like to be called America Indian done. Yes about that is in many of us love to be called Cree. We like to be called the yeah, this isn't weird- is it turned out that Navajo when, when translated into English actually means seven foot tall Red headed beer at I know that
he's got two empties into falls in front of him Henry. That's right, I'm about to make him all the same, but no, but no Navajo actually broken down means thief, and so they do not choose to use the term nabajoth which means the people that's nicer than If yeah and sue translates to enemy, I believe, and they their name is Lakota what they call them Possibly one of our listeners is illico to Indian, in fact and that means big Dick awesome. Dude I've heard that before Thank you. He says that the sudden disappearance and appearances of these wild unknown creatures all over the world, even in densely populated areas, because we do see certain crip- does do a Ical animal showing up in cities suggest that
some means of transportation, or else they're deliberately dumped here and retrieved by some form of transportation, offensive thing to call the homeless and just want to say that also I don't know how many times I've walked into the creek and I'm just like. Oh my god, camp leave. Sasquatch has worked his way into the bathroom in his Washington. That's amazing he's learning how to watch his hands as such long flowing here. Oh that's, just Ed, Larson yeah, of course, the creek being the creek in the cave, where we record all of them. What does that foul odor emanating from such a skunk ape? I can't believe he is so dangerous. They have this creature in its Edward Larson again, no, no, no love that Joe from round table of gentle neared, yeah you're, commenting on adds weight which is so funny because he is and so helpful and then the older thing too, and then to make it a try factor. You brought air into it out yeah. I love that joke about fat and hairy and smelly head round table of gentlemen Mondays on Cape COD, radio, great show on kill,
Your says that another world exists outside our space time. Continuing in that these myriad objects and creatures are found doors from their world two hours in these window sectors right which actually fits into another. You will vote today I burned do I went to whole episode about this whole other concept that jock the lady created. Was you just thing called the control system and that our earth lies within it, It may possibly be like a matrix like a like a computer simulation that aliens have trapped us in that the reason reptilians have trapped us in purposefully to feed off of our emotional energy, and part of that is including the decrypted myths and the and people in shamanistic abilities that that it all fits into our that theory about. Basically, they manipulate people and create these crypted
sort of like the beings, the pop in your world, in order to generate fear that they eat? That makes them make certain that box larger so that for me, one reforming our fear. That's the whole point. It's absolutely and I can contribute quite a bit to that as well. It's been that's been kind of things been swirling around in my head. Can't wait for that. Fucking episode, where absolutely and that's going to be that's going to be a funking hogs leg, oh my god, so creatures, John Kills, can be broken into two different groups group, one r. Then animals of land and sea, but still unknown to science, the accepted definition of Crypto zoology. They include at least sorry, but probably more types of abominable snow persons. I see, let's get really politically correct with it, and at least seven large amphibious mammals and reptiles and overall
to be harmless and would prefer that we leave them alone. You know those that would also include Nessie and another monster that we're going to cover later on. In this episode, we're going cover a few of them in this episode, I don't want to live in the world where the abominable abominable abominable snowman is nice. Really supposed to be made. The yeti around here should be made. What are you basing your entire yard, based in all your opinions of the of the Yeti on the Rudolph, the reindeer Fuckin' Christmas special Rudolph, the nose reindeer Nes. Should be there fine suppose who was a nice yeti problem and I see early, the Henderson go to the movies with him or be funny. Get a hamburger with him in the only like out it out it out. It's just like. I am alone
this young goblin man has chosen to be with me, and group to these or entities on this planet and around it that are far beyond all efforts to translate them into understandable cellular creatures. They are part of the is that were scattered into space billions of years ago and they are intelligent. Is so vast and so ruthlessly in human that there is no way for us to comprehend it or communicate with it these are reptilians and things like that yeah things that are outside of our knowledge. Essentially things that we can double interdimensional beings that are controlling our reality oh alright, which is why what does it really matter? If I'm fucking late to work? Yeah connect to your boss. You won't be fired well. The first monster that we're going to cover, which way is that we're going to talk skinwalkers right, which one is he
number one number two or that's what I was about to get into. Thank you Marcus somewhere between the two, the one point, five, exactly we don't necessarily know there is much debate between what as to what the skin walkers actually are the dna as they get I prefer to be called the Danae. They prefer. They think that skinwalkers are actual witches actual, which is tribe actual people, while other people believe that skinwalkers walkers can be Sasquatch, but today we're going to be focusing on the which aspect of it so scan. Walkers their shape, shifting, which is that are able to assume the attributes of various animals, especially canines, they can walk, the skin of another animal, the have whole name for it. You know she, I Russia, Navajo language is fucking incomprehensible. What we use it in wind talkers, the movie when doctors, because the were like vote, is just all what is this
You know it's, it's not it's not beautiful. As the german language like that yeah, it's tough to say which is worse, sounded yeah. I think I think Germans were sound. If you could go and become any animal. What do you think smells the best you know 'cause when you're stuck inside of these creatures, that's to be pretty rough? Well, the animals little mink the have become a nice. Well, your clothes, they can turn into Fox's. They can also to coyotes owls, wolves, crows in the name of the the novel use it means with it. He goes on all fours. Although there's also so that donate folklore of around skinwalkers is that they started as a biscuit. Workers was a race of medicine man that would work with the Navajo or the DNA in order to basically do during the beginning, when white people start showing up, they were very nervous. Obviously, because we are not
a good group and we let ourselves be known as a bad group when we show up party's over party immediately when inflicting it's always just like I mean we brought the accordion here, it's ruined America for a long of time, yeah, whether it be colonists conquistadors cops anytime. Why people show up it's done. Season, cops with an accordion that would yeah absolutely with my father, and so they went and they would work with the skin walkers to basically go in spy on them and so skin walk. Would go and like dresses, a fox and like like watch like a Conquista door like taking a dump and be like this is when you'll get him you'll get them. When he's shaping thank you so much MAGIC box, and so that was happened. They worked so they worked like together for awhile, but then Eventually the skinwalkers forgetting started getting apprehended and would be put into like
also the various sports, and he became addicted to white flour, beer all the stuff for the white people like mastered real early. They got really Do you like with like only ownership, which is a thing We didn't really understand, and so the skin walkers started to turn and become evil, yeah there, one of us several varieties of Navajo which, as opposed, they are known as the uh history of the witchery way, as they call it like the witchery? Well like the witchery way too, as opposed to a user of cursed objects or a practitioner of the frenzy way, which is how I view my comedy style yet also how I walked on the street, where I'm like heading back 'cause, that's how you don't get mode yeah- sounds like Charles Charles Manson, taking a dump so just going back for a flower flowers, flower that did it flower, yeah, you make delicious bread, yeah they've been dirt.
Like you know you can eat dirt. Like I don't like it running, I don't like the dirt and it's like eat the dirt. People like this guy made a thing called a donut, I'm at this white guy, and he made this thing called the donut in had like stuffing yeah good running flower yeah, that is the downfall of all societies. Yet with the donuts is introduced, it's all downhill from there, the skin, walkers are mostly men, they're rarely women and they use their powers to travel in animal form an in some version, some The men or the women who have attained the highest level of priesthood are called FIAT clips let's see well, it sounds like please porn yeah. It's let's see, I'm having one, which means pure evil when they
commit the act of killing a close blood relative, a sister brother, mother, Father think or they commit incest or they commit necrophilia. This act is destroy their humanity and allow them to fully immerse themselves in the teachings of the witchery way. Necrophilia is the least offensive at all those three, absolutely because you're dead, hey man, if I'm dead, go ahead, and my balls yeah whatever is going to Yemen, but we chief Dan put it too, is that he was like they have a a meeting of once a week dash once a month. It's not really a meeting as much as it good gathering meeting the meet they stand together. I don't would would he was that the stand in front of held they'll, stand in a circle and stand in front of the pelt and then kind of like the tree, rape in evil dead. Two! Is it if they were
kill their sister brother or something that pelt like runs up their body and makes him an animal. I see yeah, they have a, how the equivalent of a black mass right if you're getting is like the religious implications of it but men are far more numerous numerous. It is generally not that only childless women can become, which is and not every which is a skin walker, but every skin Walker is uh. Yeah is a witch ok, good standby, novel law unknown, which has forfeited its status as a human being and can be killed at will by law. By not all along, not by may work in law. I don't know why we didn't adopt that one well, but, as you know, as we know about there, as you know, about reservations and such the laws The rules are much different out on the red is one would argue, there are no rules, man, whatever happens in the red stays in the red and all you know what a lot of what happens in the rest. During a boozy
yeah, a lot of that. It's a real booty morning, The son of a whole believe that skin walkers have the ability to steal the face of a person when they have to like you at the lock on so the end like you have to like, hang out with them for a long time. I'm a lot more to look like a your. Were your dog after you've been with your having a dog We started looking at your dog or your wife or your husband, you, everyone just sort of merges together at some point yeah they can use the power to read human thoughts and they also obsessed possess the ability to make any Hugh or animal noise that they choose they may use the voice of the lingo like go ahead? Are you sure you're? Not a skin walker, yellow, yeah? They might want to a skin walker and all of a sudden. He comes up to it's like a perfectly full native american man. He comes up and goes I make you feel he record, Really quick. Second, you looking like a Burt Lancaster.
Some like a Hong Kong Chinese, like Steve Walker Logic, every single time right right in much like vampire, skinwalkers can't enter a home without there was a also another, very boring witness test Morial. I learned from a girl name Eileen, who may have been. Retarded, I'm not really sure why she was a young indian woman that was interviewed by this cryptozoologist name. J C Johnson, who has a he is a very popular documentary out about skinwalkers, it's not available in any way shape or form you have to email it. He will send you a link because he says it's got too many native american secret Senate. Sure sure sure, okay, but he did, is what series with this girl I'm I I and ask her because she said she witnessed like a skinwalker attack and again forty five. On video, and it was her literally just going. I see in the living room and I hear a knock
I knew then Skinwalker come look out. Door did not see man go back to kitchen. I hear I look out the door, I see man, let him in. I think that's a mail man, he is the mail man. Yeah no man said, will concern here heard of running up and down her ceiling. Basically, he disappeared, and then he showed up on top of the ceiling and any pop back in front of the door and is Wolf dude, but in he was succeeding with glowing red eyes, but he wouldn't he could only come in if you let her yeah and concerning via his whole. I guess believe that it native american secrets is that the novel extremely tight lipped about the whole skin Walker thing, so you don't like to talk about hate to talk about it. They think it belongs to them and they, but they also believe that if you talk about a skin walker, the if you
by a person as a skin walker. Most likely, this Kim Walker will fucking murder you on the spot, right right, right, right, yeah and that's not going to help you get a job. No, no just talk about skinwalkers. All at everywhere. You go. That's not gonna help you like an advance or a is standard eleven yeah. They do all kinds of creepy, get the use user powder called corpse dust. Yeah. That's also known as corpse poison, corpse powder, poison their victims. It's composed of ground infant bones per, firstly, twin infants and bones from the finger tips and the back of the skull. So if you did, this is that is the drug known, as I mean, was colored sambi powder, yeah, yeah, Kate, start to the. Why I know like if you're driving your coolant slows down your heart rate in your and your your whole respiratory system, to the point where it seems like you're dead. Now. Well, that's what they say they say after the victim breeze
Does the tongue starts to swell in black in the going to convulsions and they died. It can either be blown into their faces or down the chimney of their home. Apparently, the none of the people who were fell victim to that wants to W W F wrestling. The 80s, when Papa Shango attempted to use that same trick against MACHO man, Randy, average they didn't realize they just have to hold up a little bit. Just because go shake the ropes and according the this Kim legend they're very seldom caught and those who do track this Kim Walker and learn their true identity must pronounce the name of the skin Walker in full, and once this happen The skit marker will get sick and die for the wrongs that they've inflict upon others, which this is a huge thing and folklore monsters all kinds of it all comes down to the name. Well, this chief Dan be easy as hell. Then you look back even to just like the the that that the Torah
and a list of names, are really powerful. It's it's the waiting game agency over something you'll, see that a magic all the time and then it just got to be kind and to come back check when you're like we'll see, Well, no, never been skiing like Debbie everything get. The only loves me in bear form. Is here's a beautiful bear? He was a great big bear man. Do you get away with it, then, if he's a skin walker when you go to the judge, and just like you, don't understand these half an hour. Well we'll get to that here now then, there's going to be a story in which that exact argument is made. But let's go back. Eighteen, seventy eight repented they going to the Navajo, which purge of eighteen
Seventy eight, in which more than forty Navajo, which is were killed or quote unquote courage by tribe members, because the Navajo had endured all terrible forced march at the hands of the Us Army, in which hundreds were starved, murdered, left to die much like the trail of tears, but not quite as bad and at the end of the of course the Navajo were put on a terrible fuckin'. Rationing in the middle of New Mexico and Arizona. I think the where the Navajo reservation lies and they thought that, of course, it horrible ship was happening to him, which is it has to be witches, so they own, which is the the blame for this one, which has got the blame for almost like, which is with the one who like invented the blowjob, giving him like they invented that stuff. They were the freaky fun one, I always was going to kill a move which is the best women I know always always and the re.
This is why they thought that the which is within their had a quote, unquote proof in this that which is within their own tribe, had caused all this bad shit to happen. They found a collection of which artifacts wrapped in a car the of the treaty of eighteen sixty eight and, the belly of a dead person the very fat man, the fat man who lost some shit in his folds believe me let's check about interstellar ticket under my tip the other day. It was the reason for that. Yeah, oh interstellar, great movie, a good movie. I love it. I love it so Let's jump ahead to nineteen eighty three and this is an encounter from the white man whom, thankfully somebody I can trust. Finally, double resources, so one
while driving at night of along route, one sixty three through the Knob Hill Rally, we've got in the old yeah, the old VW, and we had a we had a good old time ago will walk down engine land because I will like they're a scream. So we do six hundred miles across the reservation. To get some ice cream does it's gigantic they're driving at night. Four members in this truck- it's go down around a sharp bend. Suddenly they felt just the atmosphere, change around them time itself, seemed to slow down and then something leaped out of a roadside ditch at the vehicle. One of the witnesses said it was black and hairy, and was I level the cab. Whatever this thing was it wore a man's clothes it had on a white and blue check, shirt and long pants. It's all. Raised over its head almost touching the top of the cab? It looked like a hairy. Or a hairy animal in man's clothing, but it didn't look like
or anything like that. Its eyes were yellow and its mouth was open. They also didn't know that someone had just finished up a If the local greek restaurant right right, I love to hear his side of the story is rocking homes. In the middle of the study, when I went to the road when I go to my normal hiking, I wanted this was hung with the people on the board and I went out there and how be scared of me. I've got. I say I have free bag of doses buckle, those for everybody and they all the drive like I'm some sort of wolf? I know Wolf, I'm glad. Crack crack crack. These people they go home. They go home the father. Who is a Vietnam Vet battle. Arden man, maybe some, PTSD happening the yeah. We don't know they go home go back to Flagstaff, where their home bases and they,
up in the middle of the night to the sounds of loud drumming outside they looked out their window, saw the dark forms of three quote: unquote: quote men outside their fence and beings very shadow? We tried to climb the fence to enter the yard, but seemed any x. Look up able to cross onto the property frustrated by their failed entry. The men began the chant in the darkness as the terrified family huddled inside the and those men made up the band the grateful dead in their car and thinking. What we're seeing here is telltale signs of when crypted viewing encrypted or crypted experiences match UFO phenomenon, yeah missing time. The like we rules rule specifics of the view it's like, because you also see when we cover other cryptids, as we've heard before between like moth man, Momo the Missouri monster. All these things that are like that you, like
hello and we had a guy. We called MOE Moe, but that's 'cause. He was a convicted child molester. The only way that you can kill, MOE Moe, is to put peanut butter on the top of Mount helix himself to death, that family they have the house blessed by a Navajo woman, and it you know, did not that they did not have any loud drumming outside of their house ever again, all right one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven? This is interesting. This is when murder actually comes into it. The mutilated body of Sarah second, so was found in a rocky area. Behind the Flagstaff Medical Center in Georgia, Abney who's a Sir Northern Arizona University was arrested in September and tried for her murder. Okay, part of her left breast had been bitten off and the prosecution offer testimony that the bite marks match Avenue EAST teeth, the defense,
tanner that circumstances surrounding Seganet, so Slang suggested a skinwalker witchcraft murder, including a broken stick left across her neck, as well as a clump of grave grass found next to a pickup truck. And Abner Abby's attorneys first tried. Those are things that are used in skin Walker, magic ritual, absolutely yeah a I don't know the the broken stick across the neck. That's a little weird, the club, grave grass, though I get that so I have knees attorneys they, for. Tried to implicate this woman's former boyfriend on the basis He was a member of the native american church, but he was proved have been at a sweat large in tuba city, the night. Well, moon, run by a hairy, Lloyd bubbles. That is, like come on darling two pursuits got so nervous,
from a sweat lodge member living room. Come on down to meet. My wife she's just a bunch She and even at Walmart Pearl City would love to go to tuba city. One day, one day we will make a field trip out to the same kind of sitting in an elephant would be happy living in yeah, Paris Opolot. It is tuba city uh, but anyway the guy uh, the professor, ended up being acquitted. Oh great, He got up yeah I mean I don't know if the skin Walker Defence was what got him off, it was most likely forensics and various other, or the lack or the lack of France yeah yeah yeah, but I mean he did. He did get off and the defense, it still did bring the skin argument into the court room, which is very unorthodox, very unorthodox, but works yeah people didn't think the Johnnie Cochran right mean everything was going to work, but it
look at OJ look at OJ or just walking around just speaking like and you never know when a bird bird bird to be a man walks, a man, can you don't know? I say you bring me out here a fox that could also not be a man, and then you will convince me that this man is guilty right barrister. Will we please leave the courtroom you're right, you know, and our last story concerning the skinwalkers. It concern woman who is delivering newspapers in the early morning hours, she claimed that during around she heard a scratching on the passenger door for vehicle and, of course, her baby. But you can't baby at home and she's fucking delivering newspaper, alright baby was in the car seat. Next to her, she said that the
flung open and she saw horrifying form of a creature that she described as half man, half beast with glowing red eyes and a gnarly arm that was reached out for her child yeah. She bought it off. She prodded managed to pull the door closed and then pounded on the gas pedal and sped off. But to her horror, the creature along with the car and continue to try to the door in this is something that you see a lot with skin Walker testimony, they're love run after the car, always chasing cars, they're, always running after cars another testimony like a dog like a dog like they usually turn into canines, okay yeah, they are of- I mean, I guess that's a just ingrained in the brain, but one of them was actually said to race along the car, going about sixty miles an hour, and then he actually over took the car and then turned right in front of it, and sped off but this woman yeah the the skinwalker, try to open the door. She said it stayed with
until she came to an all night, convenience store, ran inside screaming and hysterical, and the store employee dashed outside didn't see nothing that's just part of their marketing campaign to get people out there, God Damn gas station. As you know, hey you don't go running moral and in one you know final strange strange case. The woman said that she saw two Walker it's two skinwalkers who appeared in the form of humans with dogs, heads smoking, cigarettes, like that funny painting. Yes, like that poker painting, it's a lot of fun. All of this also, Every single one of these stories reminds me of like a Warrens Yvonne, like music video. Where wolves of tuba city, the lazy ousd, where wolves around, I think we should start re marketing ourselves as to
wolf of two percent. Yes, can we be enters a rescuer wolf of Cuba's? We go on our national tour. We gotta stop by to be a city of those good folks at a hell of a show here that you don't toward that's. What's going to be called it's going to be called where wolves of tuba city to for twenty fifteen, how do we getting that really gets me about to be a city? Is that I've heard is that their brass bands actually kind of suck Oh that's, terrible! That's terrible! I mean at this point it's tuba to a lot of pressure on him to be good and it's almost like that anchorman scene, where they're like named whatever just like name, the things in the room is like a lamp and it was like. What's the name of this city is tuba city you're holding the two but yeah it's good to be too bold work at Tuba City, let's call ourselves glackens. Let's go with tuba city, okay
can be whatever's specs be a deliberate bay of all they do. Is you have come to the meeting in baleful that did they would have accepted glockenspiel lake a little well. Actually, no, we I can't move on from skinwalkers now, because we almost forgot to talk about skin Walker, Skin Walker Ranch, oh yeah, now, Skinwalker Ranch. This is sort this is the place were skinwalkers can like run free right where you bring a you, bring an old friend Walker and can kind of just mail amongst the bill. The bushes yeah day at that's pretty much. It is like a sandals resort for skinwalkers or in Utah it's a certain ranch in Utah, in which there's a lot of skinwalker activity. One who went to skin Walker Ranch as some of the local natives about a place called Dark Canyon because he had been that there were centuries old, petroglyphs in Dark Canyon, some of which depict the skin Walker, but, of course, the tribal council they denied his request.
Or the canyon, one member later told him that the tribe denied the quest deny the request, because it didn't want to disturb the skin Walker for fear that it might quote, create problems, the tribes advice, leave it alone. Scream Walker Ranch was actually purchased by this Boston. Who's obsessed with ghosts and and ufos, because Skinwalker Ranch is also a huge hot spot for not only cryptic big sightings, but you, if sightings and ghost part of poltergeist activity all this crazy, shared animal mutilations like holy cow mutilations and shut, like that. You see all like the eyes being born out. It's all happened in Skin Walker Ranch, and so this billion, or bought it to just sort of be a research for paranormal activity and this John Anderson, who is a former some kind Centre or some kind of something he says something he was a colonel and he went out there to research, and they were talking about. They would like it got another blocking super boring interview with him and like so,
and you get out there, how many aliens did you see and he's like you know there's a lot of activity over at the Skinwalker Ranch and but what you all kind of describe once it sounds. That sounds pretty exciting. You think you know when I got that got here. I thought I would be sucking eating breakfast with the alien every other day, but yeah mostly were playing poker This is but there's also a place called skin Walker Cave, which is what the Dark Canyon thing is Jc Johnson, who is a cryptozoologist who's, a fucking rube just the weirdest due to the face. The plan was like all went out to skin Walker K because I had heard several indications and there were scripted in all the sudden, the cave and I went, I don't know It is several very unusual mud formations only could have been done by a massive hand. He coined the term
Sheep Squatch Preacher Herding Sheep squad wow, I love sheep Squatch. What were the mud forms? What were they of just there were clumps pile I also have miles of mud piles of mud. It's, like only could have been formed by a thing with hands. No human would stack mud like this right. I'll buy that I'll believe it Alright! Well, let's move on to our skin walkers and the scale models. Yeah, there's a lot more to it. There's there's a lot of low around it. It's it's a fun thing it's with this is me to wear rules. So I love it. It's fantastic now is the walls. Are the walls of reality are thin around skin Walker Ranch. Let's Thunderbird Thunderbird there described as giant just big birds
J yeah real big birds. There described a native american more as giant vultures, whose presence indicates large storms on the horizon. Some say that thunderbirds exist in both the spiritual and school realm and that their visitors from a plane of the beyond our comprehension, so somehow stepping through doors that aren't really open. So they were the first sort of weatherman yeah Thunderbirds. First weatherman but Lester Raby, weather weather men, Metairie I was watching him on the other day on local news. I currently don't have a Roku box, so I can't watch Netflix and yeah whether it be ok, Now, there's strange bird tell me that every weatherman Zarape, I'm not so every weather, mail, Roker possibly pinned a woman up against the Fucking NBC Bathroom Door in like I'm Al Roker you try to you bring me down. You bring the whole fucking system down.
Allegations Bill Cosby on yesterday's round table of gentlemen. Yes, we did so listen to that and will get to the bottom of all of it. So until I didn't reply, you know one does butter. Oh my god, we will need to rip. Am I can get the money and I got my Kodak Kodak Film mark is how lucky are we Bill Cosby on twice twenty? We can tame comedy radio two days in a row said because Theo come over here and help me rape, this woman and he was like nah dad you I mean I mean Mister Cosby, you ate my real dad, So in one thousand nine hundred and seventy six Armando Grimaldo of Ramen Ville Texas reporting an encounter. He was smoking, cigarette on his mothers and mother in law's porch, his strange to wife, Christina was sleeping inside believe it or Mondo Grimaldo, Hazena, strained, wife. He smoking a cigarette on his mother in laws portion. I want to see the fight that led to him I'm going outside to smoke a cigarette. If I come back in
sick of this God. Damn table everyone's going to be bloody, as of our Mondo would later put it. I heard a sound like a slap on the back. What does like wings and a funny kind of whistling kind of only the only the dogs in neighborhoods are Bach look around. I couldn't see anything. I don't know why. I never I guess I should have, but as I was turning to go, look over the other side of the house, I felt something grab me some with big claws. Back in a so started running. I never been so scared in my entire life. He said Bill Cosby yeah. He said he's scape the big bird by diving on the ground and crawling on his belly, and so he found safety under sheltering bushes I said to defer all you kids out there you see is a lot of our that find Bush's there. There's also talk that a Thunderbird could also possibly be like what you've seen it. It is.
At eight sighting of a possible like still living dinosaur, like creatures like internet, a well that it will get to that in just a second and how that whole theory disproves evolution of yeah, find that Darwin Dar Other Guy Richard Dolan Bill, Cosby experiences and disproving evolution. Now in one week now we're at but you're gonna have to wait a little bit for that, because we've got to hear from nine year old Marlon low Lawndale Illinois in nineteen. Seventy seven. He says that he was snatched from the ground by a giant black bird in the sight of his mother and other witness as he was carried several feet book for struggles brought him to the round later that year, twenty one year old, Francisco Magallanes Junior, who may or may not have been drinking. He told police that he went to his backyard around one thousand two hundred and forty five am dot m.
Today to noise and noticed an unknown creature in a stew position and according to friend, Cisco who may or may not have been drinking the black? at winged animal then rose to a height of six feet and pounced on him scratch badly in the ensuing struggle. He broke free and ran back to his house. He described the creatures as having the face of a pig with. Red eyes and pointy ears, long arm stubby legs in an eight foot wingspan. He claimed that the monster made hissing sound like a snake and it was touch and when it was touching His skin would become hot pig. Bat. The theory is that these creatures, you mentioned earlier, one of these creatures that these here's are some kind of pterosaur like pterodactyls. We know it the actors are, we were all eight years old once we all know what they are currently the never actually existed. No, they did our yes, they did. He mean
don't say they didn't exist. Simply some people say that my favorite dinosaur yeah well, a lot of people say they don't exist. Well, actually, they're, not dinosaurs, their pterosaurs, two different things I'm about to nerd, ALERT, come on. But then pterosaurs matches loosely matches descriptions of the bat like wings, the scaly skin in the long tail can gas hot an expert on big birds? Theorizes that a group these animals could populate remote parts of Mexico's unexplored mountains or the marshes and jungles of Central America and for reasons unknown these animals periodically migrate, a Rome So this is an expert on big birds. Okay, look to see if somebody like presented him with a tiny birds like that I squirrel outta. Here I have no idea what the hell that thing is. I do big birds,
now. Here's where we're going to blow open now. Here's where the whole ball games going to explode, one researcher, Jonathan Whitcomb. He uses the pterosaur theory to refute the general. Of evolution. This is the problem, so once we start pulling threads and the whole thing comes apart on all in one did nine year old boy getting raped by yeah. He says one reason. People believe in the general theory of evolution is because of continual one sided declarations. The dinosaurs and pterosaurs are examples of. Image of life that is forever gone and the existence living pterosaurs is more harmonious to a belief creative god that it is an axis. Evolution of microbes and low life that is now on the planet. There we go
Oh good point, though, he's also the only man in the world who watch is Sesame Street. It is like filled with rage, is going in the fox say what I'm saying. You've got grouches and you've got big birds and if you tell for one second, that there is not a god in the sky who was making these look at this? These are creatures that they've just filled and then be on television next to children. Yeah she said it was a document. Well me fucking monsters teacher in the alphabet and it even the right alphabet. It's not right, it's not the right alphabet. I don't know. I know the right alphabet, I think, when we started at the letters the research and we look at the letters, and we know that there are several letters in between d and e government hasn't been hiding from us it is, there is a theory that the twenty six letters of the alphabet-
not now so so, we'll save that for a later episode, so his evidence, he went out to Papua New Guinea, which is a site of many big bird sightings to look for evidence and he got a testimony from a school teacher named Eunice who described yeah Eunice, you got a schoolmarm name Eunice. I trust her she's sweet. I can already see her shape. My mom, she described an attempted. Grave robbery by one of the creatures known the natives in Papua New Guinea as the rope in one night and April one thousand nine hundred and ninety three neuro the Northwest coast of Block island after a large funeral. Session arrived at the burial location, a creature with the glow, red tail came from the sea in about two mourners were awake when the creature flew overhead, the villagers, saying pots and yelled, whereupon
intruder flew into a nearby swamped and the light disappeared. Oh cool yeah sounds like what was the name of the sonics sidekick, kick tails or hail knuckles. I don't knuckles and tails. Those were his two with the gay one goals: tails tails the girl, no all tells a Boise. So two men also saw the rope and clinging to the side of a tree, and it almost looks like a boy climbing climbing up a coconut tree and according to wait, come who is never actually seen a rope and himself the creature as span of fifteen meters with an inflexible tail, some seven or eight meters long. The creature is fed This has a large head. Crest. Ann is bioluminescent, glow, nearly as it sails through the night sky. Now, let's bring some actual science into their according to Whitcomb. The conclusion is unmistakable
He said that I went course unmistakable. You can't! You know. He said that eyewitness evidence indicates a giant ram. 4X I enjoyed RAM following guide Droid ram, ram, Morrow, we'll call it a ram for road noise, God damn the real big barred it. He said. That pterosaur has an established presence in the Southwest Pacific, those terror. Or were among the first pterosaurs to have appeared. They had an eleven foot wingspan and they were a part of the triassic period. Which was admittedly about two hundred and ten million years ago. So I mean there's got to be right, yeah these, so these pterosaurs have apparently been hiding out in Papua New Guinea. For the last two hundred and ten million years, apparently side stepping all other evolution like Whitey Bulger
Why do you like a mafia man, there's like we're better? We better go to pop in to get the height up for a couple million years. Looking he died down, I shouldn't say: is that if there is any these terrorists or is left, we should probably get immense. Killing them and grinding their bones. 'cause. You know that that bone powder is going to make you real hard, like goat weed, only the crib, you got to grind on the crust tall all about the horn, the reason that men would kill an animal like an entire species drug would gets but do yeah yeah we had a They had the right now since the white rhinoceros they're they're gone because of the owners, because a Boehner's our because, like got really, if you can't get a you, don't deserve to get one, you shouldn't say scientifically use any pills to read to achieve erection. That's right! So you're saying that it's God's will that you don't have a if you can't get a you, don't deserve one! Okay! sure. Next up is the OGO pogo. Now the ogo POGO is a it's a fun. Little
feature. That is a more dangerous version of the Loch Ness monster. Yes, I'm much more days really strange because it's canadian yes I thought it would be nicer right, then, the other creatures, but it's not God, no, In fact, it has its own little theme, song it gets its name from the the OGO Pogo, the Funny Foxtrot Trot by Cumberland Clark and Mark strong Thank you for English Music Hall song. That was bad muted. That was written specifically to beat your family to the arts. You wanna play a little bit of the song yeah. Let's play a little bit of the song. This is by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, a white man in all black orchestra. Let's hear a little bit of the ogo pogo say something funny
it's! Actually it's a! So it's a good song that should always be playing in the background of a haunted, hotel, hotel or just if you're, watching random war footage on your computer at home alone. I don't even know why you'd be good so wanted to do. Then they'll go pogo. It was a cryptid like monster. Why was he called that? Do we know why it was because the POGO Stick was a popular craze around the time yeah. It was a ghost. It came out around like nineteen, twenty one and the song the Go Pogo was actually not about the lake monster at all. It was a
Listen to the lyrics says it was, man from Hindustan it's kind of about more of a pukwudgie yeah, it's more of a pukwudgie from out Anna India, but it was very or the time and so like. If I could go pogo. That sounds good. When I saw that video already it's in it's always gonna be crazy. Snow go is going to be able to get to get to take over the call soon and like the conjugal, dolls focus only travel and, as we have I'm going to whole future the whole everything's going to be Hogan Lane I love that tried to pogo stick a couple of times. I can't do it, you didn't do go forward. I could go back. I was going backwards on it yeah you always go back yeah because you're just pulling on you gotta practice more yeah, I'm pretty good with a pogo. Stick myself! Well, it's a pretty good skill. And I guess it is. It must be yeah. It's working out great for everybody. So OGO Pogo, was allegedly seen by the first nations people since the 19th century, at least as far as we know, they believe
that is the small Baron Island known as rattles. Wake island is the home of the com, the lake monster. They call the kind lake monster now how and there are pictographs, but some feel the monster near, the headwaters of powers Creek other references. Other native american references include the Chinook Wicked One and the great beast on the lake and he's also some called sometimes called the in the lake and you get a late night when I swim waiting, no boxes are yeah in a real creepy uncle yeah. When the later you want to hear a little Benny, when you come over, my house from here yeah yeah. I don't play another game like a place called dragon in the Bush or I love dragons, so the
native Americans, the first nations people they claimed that the rocky beaches were sometimes covered with the parts of the animals that the monster had ravaged and while crossing the lake during bad weather, the Indians always carried a small animal that they would toss overboard in the middle of the lake to appear is the monster, so british cryptozoologist Carl shoot He cataract categorize the ogre pogo as a mini hump variety of lake monster and suggested it might be a kind of primitive serpentine whale such as the but still a sore as it's much like the Loch Ness Monster, how they say that he's kind of please yes sore. This is more of a serpent like creature and he's you really described as being one or two feet in diameter length of about fifteen to twenty feet. The head has been described variously as horse or goat like and I think that raped Holden's mother had made him oh yeah. I think that is right. I've heard that story before yeah and, of course the
means when they went into the area they kind of picked up the native in tradition of offering an animal to appease the OGO pogo. And they went across the lake in nineteen? I'm sorry. So, let's put it on all for let's see one thousand nine hundred and forty a bunch of Indians Nicola Valley in West Bank Indians. They discovered the decomposing body of an idea, unidentified creature from Rattlesnake island is. It was five six feet: long, Danny Who is four hundred pounds He was like a buck. Fifty a It was blue gray, had a tail and flippers and an amateur. Now list in the area, felt that it was a gigantic manatee about how are manatees Henry you
in did nine one's law the man to man sees me and help me or you? How big are you this site? Is, I'm I'm probably the exact size of a man? Yes, yeah, really but let's dance, yeah, yeah, all their hands very dense creatures, cute smelly, though yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah, in some people, of course, hypothesize that this was an ogre. Logo, but in nineteen, twenty six, four, years before the first official Nessie siding by the way some people were of said two hundred and thirty people who have said to have seen the OGO Pogo in beach in nineteen. Forty seven, a bunch of boaters all saw the monster at same time, one witness a mister, Cray the animal is having quote along sinuous body thirty feet in length, consisting of about five hundred,
tions, I'm currently separated from each other. By about a two foot space in which to that part of the undulations would have been under water, there appear to be a fork tale of which only one half came above the water and from time to time the whole thing submerged and came again. I believe that there's something to a lot of this. It's it's rich, strange things break through and create a open impression and our reality, and maybe that's one of 'em. Maybe it's like it's just what happens? Is that you'll see thing if that's how your brain interprets it like some people an alien. Some people would see something else, and this is just kind of a weird reality. Anomaly yeah and that's just how our brains deal with it. On, like a super fun little creature. I want all these creatures to be real. I would say that absolutely there was another study in nineteen, fifty nine and in nineteen eighty nine a man named KEN Chaplain, took a video of what he thought was Bogo, what's Bogo
the POGO pogo yeah, good, okay, okay, okay, he took a picture. What he thought was go POGO incident to unsolved mysteries, who surmise that the picture was of a beaver. Robert stack he's a beaver expert He looks at me like this is no beaver like I like this is a woodland, Beaver. Butt said for this guy, but Ernie Guru says: I've, seen a lot of animals swimming in the wild and what we saw that night was definitely not and they know Beaver Dam babe. I know babe I've seen it be. My wife, that's in my thought process word to a beaver dummy. I wouldn't mean I wouldn't know what to Beaver was I have sex with this Beaver three to
times a week trying to make a child. That's how I deduced what anything is I look at a computer. My first thought is that ain't a beaver and then I whittle it not a person and they go not a stereo and then I get it all the way down the computer. So this? good company, though there's been over two hundred sightings by credible people, including a priest, oh nothing more credible than a precise, urgently 'cause. He kept trying to grab its tail and suck on anything at all that there was a virgin that some police officers and a sea captain who would know a finger I'll be drunk and see all these people. Well, the only other thing else. The need is like a gypsy woman. Are there any membership bartender? This is? U S senator get me for getting started yeah. There are no we're alcoholic professions in those four provisions: cop semen, priest, surgeon.
The terrible drunks drink enough to study the hand that's true, yeah good point. So so, let's rap all this up with the Dover Demon, otherwise known as the man. I guess she now the men eights. They believe that the door Dover Demon is a tiny little lease me humanoid being with his dactylis, six sex dactylis with no sex. It is like it's it's the in between yeah. It is a it is a semi humanoid. It is very thin lanky arms and and your engine color and then the man. I guess she they are considered to be a trickster people in Cree folklore, and they said they have big hair. And no nose yeah. You get headed no NOS creature yeah, so the man, I guess she, the little people as they're called there's a delay between rocks in the rapids and one of their biggest delights, is to crawl out of the rocks and capsized.
The news of people canoeing through the rapids spinning am to their death I got to get this sandwich. Is the Disney movie about this right little guys, the Disney movie with the fellow there and room they're all run around and the stellar couple me no, the older ones. With this number like this and these are the 60s. I think HANS Christian Andersen is a part of it. Are you think, it'll put the lilliputs? Maybe the level travel rigor share whatever yeah yeah yeah, it's it. They have six fingers on each hand. It's good yeah say that they have no mouth and they're, mostly aquatic based cryptids, and they spend most time in dams in the rivers much like beavers. How do they eat they beavers we talk about beavers again, I think it's all. Episodes should actually just be entitled: beavers, deeper, deeper Natane,
and they have a very peculiar method of breathing. They absorb oxygen through the water in its skin huh yeah yeah water comes out of the skin, they absorb the out yeah. So I mean there's also many theories that, when we're in only ends could hide more all Often in stealthily, is in the water. And what do these things sound like when you describe them? They sound like little Greys sounds like the same thing again and again, I'm starting to get mad. How many similarities- You know that, but they also are sited communicate via telepathy, which is another similarity to the great yeah but another description of and said that there hairy beings with a narrow face, with quote the wine Dragonfly can again it's just Greeks. Yeah yeah. They said that they'll help you if you give them gifts such as tobacco. Smoke constantly under the sea. Give him a pack of the Armenians It seems more armenian, there's no doubt about that. So where the Dover
in comes into it. The Dover Demon, was cited on three, occasions it's got to be pronounced correctly. It the DOW, by name and the DOW, but I don't know every I- never have the turtle had or anything like that. You know the you there when the poop goes yeah. I I out a little bit then goes back and that's the Dover team. I'm calling in a Dover demon from now on on April, 21st and April 22nd, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, the Dover Demon was I did three times there originally brought in crypto You ologist Lauren Coleman, as the the initial investigator and that was just cement. The Dover demon was the name that was disseminated by the press, the name stuck and Coleman handle it himself. Naturally, so he brought in three other investigators Joes nine men, fog and Walter Webb. Now these
credible web himself? He was the assistant director of the Hayden Planetarium at Boston, science, museum oh, very good yeah. So the first sighting was the Bartlett citing three. Seventeen year old boys were driving through Massachusetts when the car's headlights, Caught the tiny little man running across the road here now because they're from boss they stop to go, beat it to death right, of course, naturally yep at first they thought it was a dog or cat, but upon closer inspection they realized that it was a bizarre owners, Lee looking creature, rolling along a stonewall and course and go read some Are you cool you cool, so they continue to watch the creature and they reported it to have disproportionately large disproportionately, watermelon shaped head and illuminated orange eyes like glass, marbles, hairless rough
stone, skin tan and sandpaper. Like the creatures, appearance was plain, no nose or ears and no mouth just big orange marble eyes down syndrome. Please bring me bring me to the to so that I can get a makeover, can get it and makeover the juror lips and eyes on, I shadow to think it might be tomorrow. Now I hate to say this Dover Demon, but you are still pretty frightening cute, though much better looking other witnesses say that the creature had green eyes and seemingly smooth chalky gray tones three feet tall and made a blood curdling noise, similar to a hawk screech, combined with a snake's hiss. But you also there people talk about that too Skinwalker logic as well. Is that a lot of time someone will see what they'll say is that in one second workers in form it all of it there there's like a
little confusion. Well, some people will see a coyote and some people will see like a mixture of something else in some will see a person or it's like. Maybe whatever it's poking through, is going to appear you was ever. You wanted to and you're going to fuckin' color it in your brain yeah. What color you want it, and some people to say that that is something that also happens with alien abductions that some people- the aliens some people see angels. People see demons. What is he like? Hamburger and you will see that the problem is that you're going to eat them and then they are inside of you. You will in the five dimensional beings finally do make contact with you. You will see hamburgers, I'm going to be the one that made contact with out of the three of us. The five dimensional beings are going to contact. You yeah, you don't have to go so far down to the earth with the light I am I'm saving energy here, people Ma'Am for the creature
excited about an hour later by these two kids, fifteen year old, John Baxter and thirteen year old, PETE Mitchell as they were walking home, they say, that it ended up running into a gully standing next to a tree in the dirt and out into the wilderness, and the third siding was the next day. B, Bramham, fifteen his or her hold on we'll have him open. Brad ham was at least a beautiful girl, at least she was because she was a beautiful outside Abby Brad had Bramham, Brad, Hammer Avenue, yeah and train tour is what they call me train talk yeah, you could you could pull that one off? They claim you've seen a similar looking creature on the side of the road and grab hams, description, matched Bartlett's and Baxter's description, except this time, The cryptid had illuminated green eyes instead of orange ones. She approximated the height to quote about the size of a goat, an investigator
attempted to shake her up by noting that she said that I had green eyes reflected by car headlights, while Bartlett mention that orange eyes like it back to him by his automobiles live, but Brad Hamm was steadfast in her description and all of the kids drew sketches of the monstrous side shortly after and on the piece of paper that included Bartletts edge he wrote. I bill Bartlett swear on a stack of bibles that I saw this creature It just turned out to be a young Ross. Perot could be mean. While everyone just getting put in cement shoes and being drowned in the river there by the mob, but the cops are investigating Now the eye color bug in whatever monster we're talking about right now, we got for this week and Americans see a lot of shit. They do. They got great chanting, music one. I love Bison, Houston
and I've had a bison burger for a really good. I can see why they haunted the shit out of those fuckers well, they were very good about the conservation of the body and then we just who came in and hunt them to extinction near Whoever got me the burgers is, who I'm happy. I refuse to eat, bison hey this is some. I don't know why I feel guilty about. It feel like a delicious yeah, so big yeah. How to pick bat, though, oh my god Peppa PIG battery 'cause. It would be fun to go catch one too 'cause. Then you get your exercise then, and then you carve up it's fuckin' barely and you get all that because all that Looking back begin from it in the? U in Weird Henry, we should do an entire last podcast, just on Henry's diet. Yeah, I literally had a bone marrow pie. Last night you were going to say BO mirror. I knew it was going to be home right now. How much it's literal fills the pie. It is literal, Just how many fucking bones they Krypton cracked to get all the fucking in or
Jones is Sweet Delicious. But are you just crack our bones and you suck on the bones? Oh God, the way you're talking right now It's really quite disturbing. I feel like we are bill. Cosby's victim. We just had the super. Happy, that's been drugged, you know what will flavor flavor flavor pudding pop is is chocolate you want to come over here. I got him chocolate, flavor pudding pop Sabhlok. I it's his penis. Yes, we that's it. That's very yeah. He screams Theo every time he comes here and my win I do alright yeah. This app is really terrible what he did to those women? Yes, it's very terra. He did those women, it's quite awful, and I also like is it, but I do I do it. You know all kidding aside. I have the the utmost respect for the native american people, no yeah, they're great
everything yeah, I will know the native american or people or are they about a rich culture and yes and I'm sure, in their own language, they're, fantastic, storytellers them whatever and whatever language they did. There was referencing Chief Dan, he was a native american man in his body, chief Barney and they're. Just hanging out just drink in steel reserves. So did a runs to late to work for the seven eleven yeah. I mean it's like pathetic. They. The reservations do need help. Yes, they do. Yes, they they need a lot of help, but yeah That's our native american episode. Don't forget to cave comedy radio adult get to go. Cavecomedyradio dot com last podcast on the left and get last podcast on the left t shirt. Always domestic forty dollars internet national and uh, and if you're really good at cutting up shirts make one for your dog,
yeah sure make one for your dog and, of course go to Itunes and rate and review the pod. Rate right, You said you can't come be all over a pot. Okay. How do you even do that? Yes, five stars that be great hard to change. Changing the word. Rape for Cosby answers. Cosby yeah, I yeah, you a today Cosby. I guess it could No! No, why don't you try it out in EL a floated out there and then maybe we'll see flies here in New York City at that sounds great. Yeah. How is LA going in the fans want to know it's whatever Right and of course, as we said last week, if you think that you are about to hurt yourself or somebody else, please get help as soon as you possibly can don't be a fucking loser, and do it yourself, don't do it
go get some help, go tell somebody, no matter what tell them please. Carl Wright Hale yourselves, everybody eat some food, how do you like to with the phone Codemirror pie. It sounds like something that is Skeletor would order. It really does yeah. That's a super. That's a super villains meal! Henry! It's PETE Jelly! It's not! so who knows the card put hair on your back. You don't need any more of that. You are covered in it, yeah Henry. They have to shave a neckline for you. If I should do this. Hello here is now growing for my belly my back. From saw my side, you got red hair. Look at it, that's Jesus Christ get yes, I can confirm he has rib hair. It looks like his back. Hair is reach
over to his belly, as if it's an old friend that he's long get a little hug from his hair. God, It only makes me softer you does this all right over talk to Alright, my ghost Alana yeah Magoo Stellations.
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