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Episode 152: The Dylatov Pass Incident

2015-02-17 | 🔗

It's one of the 20th century's most enduring mysteries, the Dylatov Pass incident! What killed nine hikers in the Siberian mountains one fateful night in 1959? Was it an avalanche? The KGB? Aliens? Indigenous peoples? Yetis? TINY TORNADOS? Listen to find out.

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I got to say KEN that can these Russians just name of pass something nice or Washington, Pass I'm so sick of these passes never seen him once in person I'll give him a slap in his big June. Oh well, I don't know he's jewish and it would be rude to do if he was. He does not know. Tell you. I've never seen a bunch of skiers lose their fucking tongues and mouth muscles on a place called like Keith Urban.
Camper, on the dial. In all, not Tylenol password is there some kind of I got time for this down the shit mariners and go find Randy Johnson, their original Randy Johnson of Kelowna Specair till they make some doorbell noises. Oh I yeah. I think you would love that. I yeah urban passively. If you go underneath your pants tighten up in your nuts get bigger he's. One of those guys got big balls and he's letting everybody know yeah yeah Dayla true. Well, I don't know you could see him if you watch his videos, yeah they're hugging up what do you It has one of those weird drunk things you do at night is that you sit and watch Keith urban videos, Astaire does Fuckin' nuts. No! No. No I've done stoned.
Alright I'll, let our past so welcome to last podcast on the left side there, like we, don't know what they're listening to ban you have to do. The intro, if you do not provide the structure of this show people are going to lose their fucking minds. Welcome to serial the podcast, everybody loves it I have a listen to it, yet I haven't either. I heard it's good all right. Well, good luck, yes, and a lot to far superior podcast ever the podcast out there. All right mark is: What's today's subject all about today, we're talking about the Dilot of Pass incident now. The reason why we're doing this is be cause. The fuckin' flimsy reason is 'cause. It's cold outside right So we decided to do this topic as if it's cold and we need,
the topic in this is that this is the coldest topic we could do. It's very cold out there miserable what we were going to do. A whole episode on people freezing to death, like the Donner Party and the brazilian soccer team and all them, but once I start to get into the dilettante pass incident, I found and so much interesting ship. This has everything it's got. Yetis it's got aliens eight young KGB conspiracies Julia, weird russian native Americans. I don't know what the term is for our russian indian Ukrainian. Think so I think that's what it is yeah yeah is the yeti. Kgb possible you'll just have to listen trained by the KGB. I don't know if he stayed with the fucking faction or a splintered off made some sort of black
group on their own. Who knows with these russian yet he's I can big foot. I agree, I think the Yeti, what's better Sasquatch, yet you're, both big foot, I think we've had the discussion before I say Sasquatch, because I don't like a food as a Sasquatch. Two Sasquatch means wise man of the mountain, very good. That's on the on the thing a dilettante pass is we. I mean people have been requesting this topic. We I've been a we've, been aware of this topic for a long time. It's very easy speaking. The other thing is to is that it's one of those great perfect and it's for us, where it's got everything. It's got all the and tongue missing big titted german women, who yeah very good and ugly Ukraine in men now leave him alone, they're going through a hard time right now, so the dilettante pass incident. It's an event that resulted in the death
nine skiers north of the Ural Mountains in Siberia. On February second, one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine uh yeah Sonny bono was not involved. Then a sony bono died in an isolated Sonny bono incident yeah. That was much later, that was in the 90s, so it happened on the EAST coast of Cali at Seattle and that it gets good. It's beautiful language holy God, see local and that name in the language of the local indigenous Muncie tribe means all turn late. It means either mountain of the dead or simply don't go there now. This is a thing is that ancient peoples have been wrong about a lot of things. You know they've been wrong about like slavery, hand like don't keep bears as pets. But sometimes they're right and sometimes if they name a place like hey, don't go there because the civically right called hey, let's not go there, they normally
That's that that's a general direction. That's like I, hey should go there once and it was it. Was it like the funnel cake stand, no, don't go there we made in the town square. I love a literal. These people are, what are you gonna name? It everybody died. There don't go there. So, in January of nineteen, fifty nine twenty three year old Eagle. Deal. It's all you ever hear of an Igor ski. You know thanks. No, I never thought that if I feel like this thing about, I feel like he's he's on his knees, apples by ski or tobogganing, or I can see the toboggan Igor's travel by skier toboggan or by or pulling a cart with their own bare hands. It's full of Falcon bones He led a group of eight young soviet hikers comprising of seven men and two women, and they were mostly universal university students. He led them into the Euro mountains attempting to reach Mount port Orford, urgent, but often
from a small settlement in these high. It was is a three hundred and fifty kilometer long ski trip, and it was meant to commemorate the 21st Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and, again again, they did this dumb ski trip that they all died on to commemorate the Communist Party. And what do we do for America on July? Fourth, we thuggin drink beers and have barbecues safely in a park. Well, we don't know if they weren't drunk is good chance. They were loaded when they did all this. So all of these travelers. They were all very experienced mountaineers. This is very important to know later on. They were very experienced. Mountaineers. They big Skeeter Ross Frozen Lakes and long stretches of uninhabited areas just to get to the point in which bodies were found, nor there was just to get to the supermarket. That was just it's Rush York store in order to repair their freshly used bureks exactly I love that Bjrk store. Where do you get your new bjorge at the Bjrk store?
Yes, I went to the fourth Bjrk store on the corner of your street and Bjorn Ave God. I gotta get a new board. The B Org Jesus, so the uh, your can I ask one question what the technically is Bjork said red days, bread! It's got to be friends, so there was only one member of this expedition that survived this guy named Yuri Udon and he sick before the crew made it fully into the back country, and he stay. Find at the village for all these people were last seen alive and in later interviews. He the conversation between one of the local men and Igor dilutive, he didn't catch. The entire our conversation, but it's
things like to him that the local was trying to warn Dela top about something he's trying to call don't go there don't go there, do not go there. If anybody over sixty pills to go somewhere in a town that you have never been to before, don't go, there don't go there, don't go there because it seemed 'cause if they would like to if it was super boring and they liked it, which is what these people like to go skiing as a fuckin' habit or whatever I don't know, I people who ski they'd be there. They would be there. Yeah, I'd also like to see if your udon, instead of actually being sick- and it was actually some sort of series of shenanigans where he accidentally superglued his butt to a toilet seat. He couldn't go well. He stayed behind this year, a udon guy, but the other nine trekked on and January. 29Th continued over the laws were river and to the ospia river, and now
much as noted in their journals because they did find many journals from these uh. These travelers the only They noted on these days that they were following a trail. Muncie being the end, people who told them. When I read this don't go. I thought it was Manzi male role like a bunch of broad chested like big thick burly haired, like man like you, yeah, and also demands the trail for the good time, but then I looked him up on Wikipedia and, and they are very tiny guy- Okay and they're very tiny. You have to be small and compact to survive in the mountains of Siberia. Interesting, I would assume broader. More hairy type person would survive best when they got to be like little balls of fat and it takes too much meat. The promises that day in the in the russian government, with the man's you try ever going to this is going to come back a lot with these. These tiny people is that they all were
very much. They were maligned by the russian government. All these other tiny indigenous peoples were given their own literature section like basically said that, like they would collect all of their writings and teachings together, but the man's he's were, and so there's a lot of feeling that there was there was bad blood between Manzi's and Russians proper to fear that just means they got like different color bricks, corners of a library that was their literary section, I read read: oh you read blue. We don't like each other, don't like each other so they had despite just terrible weather and slower progress, and they really wanted the diary. Entries from these people were extremely high spirits and they even had a little bit of fun, and I don't know I read this in a. I found this in a way it's a bit said charmingly in a very typical soviet way of bonding the. They produced a little newspaper about the trip which they titled the evening or tote and and
bore the headline from now on. We know that the snowman exist. That's russian fund which could pay in originally. That sounds like a weird warning about Yeti right, yeah it does it does it really does from now on. We know that the snow men exist scary, so it's very possible, but the problem is there were two there's such a fucking the like home. All people were just came out super cute yeah exactly so they did did on the night of February first to camp at the bottom. The mountain slope, which was is a pretty dangerous place to camp, they would have been much better moving a mile down the tree line, they would have gotten much more shelter in case of any sort of accidents or avalanche or avalanche, or something like that. I think, is that it can be explained for two reasons: either 1e or wanted practice camping on the slope or just plain laziness.
Don't want to go back down the slope. I'm back up again. Zing of my documentary watch said that apparently at some point during this day, when they had set off on February. First, at nine as if the weather was really nuts and that dean may have stopped because it was snowing, really hard. Yep also don't know yeah, that is to the total it's a Dell tub, originally said that he was going to be back in contact with Yuri on February what do you suppose to send a note to his sports group? Yes- and it's just still be it in like german brick like the all, are like two k- as law, macktastic athletes right shoot and jump in. In swimming ropes and they were so much. They should have one more to yeah. Well, they
much did yeah. They were on our side. Technically they did yeah, they beat the Germans yeah. Unless you wanted the Germans to win so no more me to talk about your grandfather anymore with that bit. I know it is a small technical issue. Will Henry was defaming my late grandfather and I think I'll just leave it out. I think which is usually the thing that is really ran. Father would have liked of Germany won the war war because then he would have been celebrated as a war hero instead of being buried in a shallow grave. Yes, thank you, Henry very kind of you to Dylan tough. Igor, Igor and told you re that he was going to be in contact with the sports team by February 12th, but it could be longer, but it wasn't until the 20th, when there was no contact whatsoever from the team of nine hikers and buy twenty six. The camp had finally been found Bob,
enter search and rescue team and nothing that they found made any sense that this is an incredible, doubly mystery, a sense it as a as it's been told the number of times it's it's. A very famous incident, it would be fine here is, is very strange because the way they try to explain it out rationally does it make any sense? No now is because they're drunk or does not make any sense. I mean thing is? Is that what they didn't know for a long time is that there was a thing called leader host and fever, rated by mercury being put in the comically large buttons love in front of the leader hosts, and that would make they would make uh they would make a yards or aborts, which is the term for a female or or male in clerk iskak. Whenever wherever there from what language is, it would make generals corrupt if would go mad. Well, that also could be
my mother wore made me and my older brothers were lederhosen. Well. I was I was three. My other brother was five. My mother was seven, so he wore it to second grade, and then he got me become a part of a lot now he's gay. So what did she with those later who's in when you guys are done with them? Did she use them as a giant truck cover? Yes, I think they she sold them to a to a high school baseball team and they're. The later offered me to do uniforms for all the team. Yes, it was sort of went like yes, it was a when she turn the fish into many. They turn the later hosen into many as well. How was
different than the? U S, mysterious, missing a national parks, people in national parks missing is this sort of is actually very similar, yeah, it's very similar in terms of when they find people and it's far away from where they lost them. The two were run to see right now when we go through the separate facts for the find them like a mile away from the actual site up mountains want. You basically found one with evidence of them, trying to frantically trying to climb a tree and removal of clothes which is seen a lot in the disappearances, is national forests very strange, very high high strangeness Officials found the nine dead bodies on on February twenty six. The first thing that they found First thing they noted that was really strange. Is that the tents that these people had been sleeping in and they were sleeping wind? Whatever happened happened? The tents were cut apart from the inside and you look at any of the pictures as well. Yes, if you look at the pictures, they are ragged cuts to act.
They were frantically trying to get out of these tents, for whatever reason, God knows, maybe there, some sort of candy sale and these fuckin' Germans are yeah, so maybe someone freaked out inside the tent and they were attacking from inside, and then you have to cut your way out. Was that the deal well we'll get to the exploration of mine here? What's happening, yeah, and so so they ran out towards the tree line. All nine people ran out of their tents, and A lot of shoes in gear was left behind like people left- and this was the temperature- was negative, twenty four degrees when all it's going to that's over balmy russian. Seventy forty three yeah, but I mean they left as some people left barefoot, someone wearing nothing but socks, and in some In cases they left with just one sock or just shoe is very strange yeah. These people left quick. In a hurry. Some of them did others.
Find did not leave in such a hurry and we're much better dressed we'll get to that in a bit the first two bodies they found at the tree line under a giant pine tree add entire mile away and investigators wrote that footprint disappeared about third of the way there. Although that could have been, the weather. In the three weeks it took for the investigators to arrive, yeah, they could have been, but still the bodies were found. The first two bodies were found a mile away and those two bodies. They were wearing only their underwear and both were barefoot and according reports. The branches were broken up high in the tree that they were found under under which suggested that they had tried to climb the tree and they apparently also is in when they were there one source. I was reading, saying that they found skin like a sickly their skin in the bark as if they were like frantically trying to climb up a tree, yeah very fast
they also found remains of a fire. Suggested. I they either suggested that they were too frightened to go back to the tents but that's freaked him out so much. They decided to make a file in their underwear or it was pitch black and they just said they were a mile away from the tents. It was pitch black and they had no idea which direction to go either way. It was terrifying these people also were found with burns on both the tops of their heads and their hands. Sort of like what happened to the wet bandits in home alone, yeah very interesting. Where would they came across a young boy that was alone in the woods who thought they were a bunch of cat burglars? He said of a series of pranks forum possible. How did they? What happened? What would happen to the fucking wet? Bandits in home alone happened to them, which is they were dead, killed them right.
They survived this long to even make a fire in negative, twenty nine degree weather I mean, and just wearing underwear and socks well in Russian yeah. I think we're going to talk about a lot of things to their Russia, yeah yeah. Absolutely so. Three more bodies, including E Gordola tubs, were found at points in between the camp and the tree where the first two bodies were found, and say is if they were trying to head back to camp, but one of them particular strange injuries. His name was rustem slobodin,
so his forehead had to be is for it had to be slope to write. Oh, my God, Rustom Slobodan is this our minds? It's just like seems like a guy who only works out his like Paxson arms. Please got tiny lakes, the characters from that David, Spade sketch the weather all right it out there just a little bit less often it's a great SNL sketches you, Google, it yeah. I want to pump you up yeah, it's just like a local told launch. My test is got to all it's difficult to keep a balance. When I'm running when I'm balancing on the ball for circus class, I take every Wednesday so here very sad. A lot of these people had very strange injuries, let's start with rustom yeah. First of all, he had traces of a blood discharge coming from his nose. He had a swelling in many small abrasions of a regular shapes on the right side of his face. He had a abrasions on the left side of his face his
Skin was torn from his right forearm. He bruises in the joints on both hands, which suggest he was involved in hand to hand combat I also had the fracture of the frontal bone of his skull and hemorrhages and his super muscles which this could have we've been done by a foreign. Blunt object, autopsy states that slow, but in probably suffered loss of coordination. To initial shock right after the blow, which would have sped up his death from hypothermia now. You see it when I hear the term foreign blunt object, I think like an asian boss. Is that wrong yeah, it's possible. He was. He was hit with a Frenchman, one of the with the Frenchman, yeah, the the Dalia. I have a seat. I am sick of being a web van. It's a it's a very strange that he should have the injuries they had
usually when a person falls it's their poems that suffer the most. Of course, when you fall you, your hands down first, but the to the head, especially where his injury was, is much less comment. What is that bilateral injury mean I'd, say? Bilateral probably saw it probably means, an injury on both sides of the body, like you have injuries on the left side of your body and injuries on the right side of your body, and it looks like this. It's according to this. It's two black eyes. There we go, they go black, guys left and right now, so they found these guys all at first and then they backed him up and they took them away and they didn't know what to do, but the next it. Basically it took two months until I found the rest of the body yeah. They had to wait until the spring thaw when they found the rest of am and those people were buried under a dozen feet of snow in a gully, a few hundred feet down slope from the big tree and this is where it gets real, weird yeah. This gets really weird and it gets real
rough, all four of them. One thing is it also that when I was reading about two is when they found them so when they found them out here they basically found them with the. Where was it It was another like ridiculous amount away from that. The cedar tree that they were so kind of station around right. They found that they had in precautions against the cold. They literally had dug themselves into the ground and had laid a bunch of cedar branches underneath them to basically create a barrier between. I'm in the snow, and they were also discussed. When you hear the listed like how they discovered they were wearing the other. People's clothing. They had taken clothing from what may have been already dead bodies, an were wearing them. Well it's terriblr, that's what hipsters do every time they go. Clothes shopping at the thrift store there. Wearing corpses closed. All four of these people that were found suffered extremely traumatic deaths. Although there were, there was no outward appearance, trauma,
no soft tissue damage. It was all internal injuries, the injury, the autopsy reports say, except for some of the more gruesome details will get to a second but the other. Details say that the injuries that they had could only compared to the injuries, the internal injuries that one gets from a car crash. So they were or making love to a Ben Kissel. Ah, yes, that's very nice of you. Thank you. One of them had a fractured skull. His name was Nicholas. Video of yeah. Another one was Alexander Zillow, Paris of he had crushed ribs, but the most group injuries were found on a woman named Ludmilla Dubin, the
do we know for sure they weren't playing. They hit me in the ribs with your head games. All I love that old Russian get always great. Tell you that's how president was chosen for up to twenty nine years. That's right, yeah! So this woman, I want to give you a bit of a background on her. She was active in tourist clubs. She like to sing and take pictures and many of the pictures of the lab. Trooper shot by her, and the pictures will become much more important later, because there was many pictures taken up, and all the night of the incident and this is a tough woman- they were. These are tough fuckin' people come one expedition two years earlier. She been shot by another dude who is cleaning his rifle. And during the entire transportation back she didn't complain, It should not complain, but she felt bad for causing other people trouble having the carrier. I'm surprised, he didn't. She didn't say yes to that russian wedding proposal
That sounds pretty nice. Do you shoot 'em, and then you get him if she lives, she is wife better culture in a lot of ways. If she dies sheet she was wife, she's ghost wife goes wife for the great russian Movie so she is wife, it's the perfect russian wife, because she can't be heard right now, daddy, I'm just you could just. Vodka in your fucking mens room with all the guys chain, smoking cigarette still be officially married. Nobody calls you gay, though you know 'cause, you got that goes twice: oh yeah, so she had quite a bit of clothing on she wore a short sleeve shirt along Sleeve shirt and two sweaters her body was covered in underwear, long socks and two pairs of pants, her extern, pair of pants, was badly damaged by fire and also ripped. She also had a small hat in two pairs of warm socks and In a last attempt to preserve her feet. She took off butter and cut it into two pieces and
it around. So, if you look there are there were some people that left the camp. Sweetly in their underwear, but this woman had more simple layers of clothing: she's, like Jeff Daniels Character in dumb and dumber, when Jim Carrey's character's hands are about to freeze off Jeff Daniels Character is two pairs of gloves. Give some people some clothes woman hands, are getting sweaty So she had like a cop, a plea, Tom Glee person who's like moving yeah, I mean which is moving our closing once yeah except she's dead, now said she and some of the most gruesome injuries? First of all, this is one this this detail, is kind of what a lot of the mystery centers around her tongue. Was missing. What do you mean How was missing she,
Like a watch like you miss your missing a watch yeah! Yes, it's just like ok got. My keys got my sunglasses. Well on their own She also had softap issue missing around her eyes. Eyebrows or left temporal area were bone is partially exposed that was mostly from the frostbite but her I we're also missing, may eyes no tongue nose. Cartilage was completely broken and flattened she, for ribs, broken on the right side. She- add one two, three, four five six broken on left side. The soft tissues upper lift were missing. Her teeth and upper jaw were exposed. She had a huge ham. Search in our hearts. Right atrium. She had a big bruise deliver? Left thigh and which term tissues
her left temporal bone on her face. And it's also mentioned that her stomach at about one hundred grams of coagulative blood, but this means the the blood understand. What this means is that her heart was beating and her blood was flowing when tongue, was removed. She was still alive when her tongue was removed, but the official cause of death was the hemorrhage to the heart, the multiple fractured ribs and, of course, the internal bleeding e l a x yeah? That is what you want to be asleep for that when the old timer runs away yeah, she was only got the meat lovers: pizza, death, yeah, it's near she kind of left. They did it all. They left it up and put it all on the menu yeah it was said in the official report that a lot of the injuries to her face at least a lot of the missing stuff that was at Injuries were in line with future faction in a wet environment which would have
from her laying face down in a stream. However, photographs of her corpse showed her body kneeling against a large boulder away from running water, so the photographs in the official reports don't match in a lot of different ways to do the photograph there when you get to them to the investigators, the investigator investigator. So the as we saw in Andre check in the under two could tell episode. Russian investigators are not the best at their job, nope, not at all, they're, really bad at it as we'll see again and again mostly just trying to get out of the cold that's about it so yeah, these final four, or much better outfitted in the in the other. Five because, apparently, is Henry said. They took the clothes off of the dead uh, this guy Zola, Taylor off he was found wearing do bananas
had while she internal a raptor foot in a piece of wool pants that one of the two found the pine tree had been wearing. So there was a definite, they're, not everyone died at once right. Some people died first set Third, there was a lot. There was a long chain of events that resulted The entire entire team, ending up being dead, it went cuckoo bananas, it sounds like a definition, yeah yeah and this guy. This guy was very the another guy, very strange. Discoveries on his body and very strange injuries name, was Siemens Ola to rev a rough name? That's the worst one! yeah Siemens Allah Rev, he was named his come Robertson, he was found, Robertson
yeah. I had to change it when it left Russia. What were you in Russia, Siemens daughter? If you were Siemens, ok, good choice, I guess good choice. He was found with two hats: a scarf short long short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a black sweater and a coat with two upper buttons unbuttoned, and it was clear that he did not die from a thermia. His lower body was protected by underwear, two pairs of pants and a pair of skiing pants. He also had a lot of different. Items on him. He had a copy, we have newspapers, he had alot of coins. He had a compass do other items. His feet were protected. Pair of socks and a pair of warm leather handmade shoes known as a burka. I guess that's why they call Burke's in Russia and all wrong and here's another really weird part he had a cat. Around his neck yeah. We, It's clearly seen in the pictures of his body
this camera was a complete surprise to the guy that was left behind the one survivor. He assumed that the group only had four cameras which all four were found in the tent. But with this means. Is it Zola Trev had a secret camera that not only did he not tell if everyone else about, but he grabbed the on the way out of the tent He had a whole was happening that he literally the first thing great. It's like literally walking into middle negative ten, whether the first he thought it was to grab the camera. There's a good chance he's going, there's a good chance it that was his poop camp, but he kept in the restroom and he didn't want anybody to find his stash. I loved it. This guy had Fanta and you want to know such I take this picture every single time. One of my duchies looks like a letter of the alphabet, so I think it's spelling a message
ink drink. Why your ovaltine. So we talk about Siemens, camera, but but unfortunately, water damage the film, so we don't actually know what or- EAST, the Soviet say: the water damaged his film. So we don't know what images can semen captured out there that night? But it's just it's a rough nameless columns on velocity rivers, no he's going to be seeming to the the Until his memory is gone from, this world always be seaman, seaman and so one as far as Siemens injuries go, his eyes were missing. Once again, you had missing eyes It's also missing softap issues around his left eyebrow, where the bone was exposed. He also his chest- was broken in he
add multiple ribs broken on the on the right side, fracture lines he had open wound on the right side of his skull and these people Zoltar Evan Dubinina, who had the worst of the injuries they have they have injuries that are very similar and direction and force despite their differences in shape height and body composition, which was which suggest that the two injuries were not a single uniform event such as an avalanche. Okay. They were homemade yeah yeah and while some say that they were attacked by Muncie, tried men. As I earlier corner said that the trauma required more force than a human being could in, for space, don't understand the menzie have a very special
fix style of attack once they leave a banana tide to a string and they've lead you into a forest, or one of the other ones, are sitting behind the wheel of a truck. Stop you with the truck that makes sense. So, let's get to some Sybil explanation. So this is the end of the evidence. That's what we know yeah, that is for certain, like the aid. That is a that it found these bodies. These are the injuries and that's kind of the story as it is and whatever the guy's name is still glued to the toilet somewhere, your You're, a still still glued to the toilet, so for the first bit of evidence, First, mystery that we have here is that clothes were tested and found radioactive, or at least one member of the group, his clothes were tested and found to be radioactive and what's about this is that the officials thought to check the clothes for radioactivity, it's not off
you can find a car, a group of nine bodies, new thank all right. Well, let's get the Geiger counter out if they have the so it could, but unseat Russia has deposits of naturally like that's, where plutonium comes from a fine nails would tell if Russia he know is there. Uranium is just kind of around the kids play with it 'cause. They think their toys glow in. They don't get real toys because the toys are given up to the fucking consulates, yep parliament, It should be noted, however, that one of the guys you reek, riveted Yuri even as Shinko close. He was the guy that had the height and radiation on his clothes. He had once worked at Chelyabinsk. Forty secret nuclear facility that experienced as a disaster that became known as the cushion,
Koi incident, so this guy survived a nuclear meltdown and was just like I'm going to go. Skiing yeah celebrate my victory against death two years earlier that the incident happened, there was a radioactive leak and he was among the people who were sent to clean it up and but his body of course said he would not still have that much radiation in his body two years later, the guy would have died, the only explanation for a link between these two things is, if you re still wearing the clothes that he was wearing when he cleaned up the nuclear reactor, unwashed unhedged seems dumb down. Visible just seems like we may also be openly glowing like it would be a it would be interesting, also and that's the other thing too, in Soviet, like when they sent him out to fix these funking. These nuclear our plans. It's like it's literally just- would like a bucket in a box. Yet knows it's just it's a day in the life of
A janitor in Russia may be assured sort of like a Hypercolor shirt kind of change. Colors. If you touch it and cool to go into the funerals of the actual VIC. One eyewitness granted twelve year old boy, but there were other eyewitnesses, other family members. But one hundred and twelve year old eyewitness said that he saw the these any claims the bodies had a quote deep brown tan, which sick is that they possibly had an encounter with a nuclear weapons test, as the campsite was located on, pathway from ballet your cosmodrome too sure to Chernaya Guba, which was soviet nuclear testing, ground and most say that this was did die, did the tab pass was also kind of lesser known as the Jersey Shore of Russia. So you think they were putting on some tanner huh some spray tan huh, most
It's also insisted that their hair had lost all of its pigmentation, and the hair was a dull shade of gray that's great. So this is a transport for from the nuclear facilities yeah. I pat yeah. It's a path between I mean it was a. It was a Mansi path, but on this path, is also used to go between these two nuclear testing facility in those montes at a rough yeah we'll get to them in his second, but Another end, a really strange thing about this entire story was the links that the Soviet Union went to cover it up. If this was just an avalanche, then not have gone that they would not have checked for radiation. They would not have gone to the they sealed off. The area for years, an all of the documents about the case were sealed after they were closed and when they find became a accessible in the 1990s during class nost parts of the reports were missing and other
or it's also suggest there was a lot of scrap metal in and around the area, which leads to relation the military had used the area secretly, and my be engaged in a cover up, and Alexander call of a tough he kept. A personal diary in the only survivor of the group testified that it was with him on the last trip. But the diary was Miss Also, it is notoriously difficult to just to research. This topic, yeah, OSHA yeah they shut people out all the time the tie was watching. One thing: basically officials, it's kind of like the area layer, fifty one in America is now they make fun you or are they that's tell they beg you off where this is They shut you down. They they take your funding away. If you are remotely remotely find out, you are researching this and it's like why, if not and there's some sort of connection to either secret technology. Or or uh
who knows of a secret power plant made in our plan. Now all that might be moved. There's a good in for documentary disinformation, metal about how lucky I area fifty one, it's probable that now they want! You to believe the aliens are there because they're no longer there anymore, you know now it's just it's a it's a glorified truckstop for trinkets in in random gifts for Grandpa. So I'm sure you can go check this place out now in Russia. Yeah you can go. The In fact they do people do a hikes through the dilot of pass and there are certain superstitions surrounding it, of course, in that You get people never hike through it in groups of nine, but so good. Yeah, yeah yeah. You try not more yeah. You try not to recreate the exact conditions of the Delta Pass incident, but people do still hike through them and put a little bell on the end of your tongue. So you always know where it is can't go missing alright. So most likely explanation for this is that it was an avalanche and the likely explanation for the
being naked was a phenomenon called paradoxical undressing, which happens in twenty five percent of hypothermia, hypothermia, victims. What happens here is that the hypothalamus malfunctions You feel like you're getting warmer when your body is actually getting colder hi. This is a common way that they talk about the like high strangeness and disappearance cases. They always talk about this. This weird paradoxical undressing, it's just put in twenty five percent it just doesn't seem like it explains what happens here. I don't I don't know. Yeah if he is different when you're by yourself, but when you're with a bunch of other people inside guard yes, yes, I into their home for one last romp in the old snow or something yeah. Well there to pull one of those russian daisy chains all day. It's technically called a slag change. This girl I'd so one supporting
actor for for the theory of the avalanche is that the avalanches aren't actually uncommon on any slope that Cuba light snow and then, despite the area, and prone to avalanches. Slab avalanches do occur in new snow, which we said earlier. The weather was pretty fuckin' terrable. You know when I'm having sex. That's the name of my finishing move, it's the slab avalanche and then the woman just comes and comes. When I gave her the old slab avalanche, I thought it was called, riding the wave yeah, that's what she does. After the slap you ride, the slab avalanche. That's the way that creates there I'd, say. Another thing that supports the avalanche theory is that the tent was halfway torn down and partially covered with snow, which could support the theory. Of a small avalanche, pushing snow into the tent, which is why they cut open the ten and outside, but the theory has gaps from what we can tell about the naked footprints left by the group, everyone seemed to come out of the.
Snow with relative ease, like they weren't trying to dig there out of snow, and it is very unlikely that people will broken ribs and especially the broken trip chest, would have been able to at all, because these injuries they found on these people they were So terrible I mean if your chest bone is broken. You're not going to be able to dig your way out of an avalanche, no way like there's, no way that that's going to happen, no you're too busy going lol, yeah and, of course, these people that all these people we're extremely experienced and well trained, and they knew that the risk of getting out into this extreme cold was tire then the risk of being killed by an avalanche is specially. Just in the flimsy. So then some of them went out with and this
This is one of the biggest. This is one of the biggest reasons why an avalanche isn't likely. If you can their pictures taken on February, first by the Dilot of Pass group and on twenty six, when the group was first found by investigators, you can see that ski pole that was stuck in the ground, kept its vertical position on the slope for weeks after the tragedy struck, which would be impossible had an avalanche came down off the mountain to crush the campers. And if you can pull the highly improbable, if you can feel impossible impossible, yeah and on the young. Vladimir Putin went to that snow and he took that little stick We pulled it out of the snow and now he's president so think about that and uh
fairly reasonable scientific explanation for this is. I find this fascinating. It's called the Karman vortex. This is very interesting because I've heard of stuff about like this before it's phantom noises created by the environment, this is amazing, so the shape of death mountain summit combined its proximity to the del top groups. Ten, they created ideal conditions for something called the Karman vortex, which occur As a guy who wrote an entire book about the Delta is name was I Kerr, he wrote entire book about the Karman vortex the delta pass incident. He said when wind of a certain speed hits a blunt object of a particular shape and size. It causes a Carmen, Vort next to be created and a Carmen vortex creates these. Any air. Vortices are just small tornadoes. Kind of like this is Candace also would maybe be called like the mega man for techs a man villain weapon
It's like, after you be air man in Mega man to the things that you shoot. Out of your hand, that sells those little tiny tornadoes. So little tornadoes did all this. It crushes muscles and ribs that you fucking talk hello, yeah, exactly the little tornado gun to the peoples, people's eyes and things. So what what happened with the small tornadoes it would have produced in for sound, which is the first sound is. The sound is actually below the rain of human hearing, so what these people actually once they found. These extreme grations in their body. We found that they had like these inner ear malfunctions, which cause when it doesn't freak out eager, hey, buddy, hey? Could you get your Branson? Oh come on eager I think blue. It's has been giving in to look at least, and she just right come on to get
go for a walk. I don't know what I'm hearing, but I am liking. It also causes nausea, and it causes objects to shake it for man made sources and also in nature as a byproduct of earthquakes, land, slides meteors and some tornadoes, including these many tornadoes, and if any of you out there have ever been anywhere near a tornado. You know how fucking loud is it is so may you cannot, if you've never been around when you can't even imagine how lot of tornado is in these recent tornadoes sound like well, I thought it sounded like a bunch of cow is spinning around. I thought it sounded like a war betting, Ming, Ming, Ming Ming still on at O'Neill's yelling at some new wife is
yeah yeah. It wasn't all right yeah. So it could have been that these people, were parted with infrasound, which would have caused them to freak out until run out of the tent as far and as fast as they possibly could, and they got so far away from the tent that they couldn't find their way back. A couple of people died at the tree and the other ones took their clothes off them and wandered off into the wrong direction, and guy claims that the whole tongue missing thing claims that never happened? What do you mean? It never happened. He claims that it never happened where the tongues, not just some some cruel russian investigator. Just going like look, everybody look over here, got cut out the tongue and look never have to Lucas But again that's great. I do think in Russia that would be against the stamp liquor. It's just that their corpses, dung
Keep a wet, so you mean to tell me that literally tiny tornadoes there made a lot of noise scared them out of the tent San. They ran away from them. Yes, tiny tornadoes made a lot of noise in a dish to the noise plus the infrasound, which tickled their inner ear hairs, which would have caused them to feel extremely fearful. It would have caused. Essentially to freak out they wouldn't know what was going on in all they wanted to do was get the fuck out of there as soon as possible, the old man from up when it really freaked out it allowed a lot of those ear, hairs so We had some reason: Yeti Tea Party still sounds like a more credible argument. I agree. I think it's definitely at this point. We know for a fact: it's the Yeti Tea Party until current till Disproven. Well, you heard aliens. Yet as it is also a theory that alien, because this entire incident to happen. Big thing: you want to talk about the one thing
thai aliens into it is that if there was true, there was a secret sort of nuclear testing facility. Aliens have been known to visit testing nuclear testing facilities because apparently you know phenomenon, is linked to nuclear testing all the time because they're concerned about what due to our animals as humans, fifty miles. Northeast is the tiny village of Majorca, Slash Malenka, which is in the perm region and here in a more yoga, Morioka Bianca Palatka in the permit. Which is also where Lionel Richie was born. So I love Lionel his great over This place, we find audio anomalies, sudden outbreaks of fire electronic interference. Plenty of about sightings. And strange plasma, balls yeah. The area also has an ozone smell to it. People Experi
strange fatigue, feelings of being watched in the phone signal is terrible in the village, except in a six by six foot area, where it's almost perfect oh yeah, that's where aliens set up their wi fi hotspot, so they could check there. Instagram feed Alien instagrams are the funny they are funny and the interviews given by the lead investigator a guy named level I even off who, by the became obsessed with ufos. After investigating this incident. He said that he noticed that the pines the forest around dilettante past, particularly the ones where the bodies were found, were burned at the top huh interesting yeah. Which goes ahead of the character from home alone, the wet bandits, and he said that he was told at the time to keep the case.
Extremely shut to any and all media to any and all other people by the soviet government, any kind of reports, a bright flying spear spears or anything like that which were reported in and around the area in February and March of nineteen, fifty nine and then the last photograph on the film and one of the cameras found in the tent appears to capture a giant flash against the night sky, in all of the picture. It's very interesting isn't. Yeah very interesting. You take a picture it just it's. It looks like it's a super blurry picture I mean I just like any yeah. It could be a function balloon. I don't know what it is I've and I've said I suspected at the time- and I'm almost sure now that these bright flying spheres had a direct connection to the group's death. There were other UFO sightings in the area at the time on the morning of March 31st, a group of search, ask volunteers: sob glow pulsating orbs in the sky,
and another group of students can't around thirty miles from the other group. They also reported similar sightings at the time in written testimony, one of those students he saw a shining circular body fly over the village from the southwest to the northeast he said, the shining disk was practically the size of a full moon, a blue white. It's surrounded by a blue halo and the highly HALO brightly flashlight, the flashes of distant lightning and when the body disappear. Behind the horizon. Sky lit up. For a few minutes, afterwards, cool and another group of geologists, seventy kilometers away from the mountains so that they saw Some glowing and pulsating orbs flying in the direction of the campsite on the evening of the trash and a group of Muncie hunters. The camp near this place, claim to
also seen falling orbs near the mountain on the night in question. So aliens went there on a hot first date and then the guy was like what do you want honey and she's like tongues and eyes, and then you can just get hot dogs and I com grads us collect money. Tongues and eyes, so I can finger Bang Creek Rock Creek Rock was hot as hell, though man hot as hell, so we come through. We've gone through science, we've gone through aliens now time for some cryptids. Time for it's time for some yeah one early european again. So this is again the full package kind. Like Bridgewater Triangle, we got aliens, we got slogan, nuclear test disabilities and now we got tiny, Manzi people yeah everything, man, these tiny menzie people, one traveler, who first encountered them, said that they possessed incredible powers when The army was approaching was approaching, people the locals started to destroy a mountain, or at least that at ours,
The tartars thought that that's what they were doing and when they returned they left the for ten years and when return. They found ruins and when they tried to approach the locals, they were hindered by a like formation, that appeared between the two groups and the cloud was impenetrable Starters lost their eyesight as they try to approach it, but strangely enough not even the Muncie people, could cross the to go over to the target. First yeah many indigenous cultures have used the art of harnessing farts to face various form of white men across the whole world, and I think the people of you're going to bring Ferguson into this is that the not the right thing to do, I'm saying collectively, so you want you want that you want,
community of Ferguson, that of far and wide allies and their white allies sure, but that's not get in the news press- is a far off the cops far off the console and it's a matter of fact you can. If you are in police custody Ford all you want please one night we encourage it boarded up. Do it so Muncie people they have their own version of the Yeti called the INC. Vo say that it's an angry and violent human animal that roams the ural mountains. The legend claims that their behavior and aggression towards the humans is the reason why the gods punish the world with the great flood and very You make the survive on the very top mountain view of Nc October. Others drown these yours were left to walk in solitude across the empty land they die, but they are later reborn in the same shape and appearance there by
these themselves are invincible, but even if something destroys the mink be. There is a way to or the damage it is possible to create a new man from the bodies is falling comrades. Just as it's possible to use parts of robe. To build a new robot, but if What, if you wonder, is similar If you're one of the main fees that becomes one of the parts for the other main feats in your part of the year, it's the main feature Do you like it disappear? It's arm or something I think whoever has the head is the main bank fee. Would you want he's got the several members of the search party that found the victims of Adele's top pass incident? They remembered that when I told the native Muncie that the native and we were shocked when they do the injuries to them
so then believed, of course, some of them in C believe that the deaths could have been. Caused by a since several caribous and Ray dear belonging to a local man, see herder were killed by a mink fee just a few weeks, prior to the accident and the body of nine months hunters that were found dead on that same mountain that were left in place, but those those bodies to showed ' very strange signs of internal damage. The same types of internal damage that the dilettante past people suffered. Oh, very interesting, so everyone is pointing fingers here. Everyone is pointing fingers an most interesting Lee. The American, see in Nepal, sent a document to the Department of State in Washington entitled
Galatians, covering mountain climbing expeditions in Nepal relating to the Yeti here, was just aboard. Senator oh yeah. If you're, if you're a Senate, I think that's the cool thing about one of the only himalayan basketball players up there, just Strom Thurmond exam so looking for one more person to be racist or, if you're a congressman or senator. I would like one so weak. I would just be like Sasquatch. Just in the subject line and just like, send it out funny people take you very seriously in those positions. They do yes, this. This document contains three regulations for climbers: They must abide by should they encounter a yeti very interesting Lee the date on the document December 20th. Nineteen Fifty nine Joe this phone just a few short months after the dilettante off pass,
incident cool. What are the three steps? I don't know I don't like the Alright, very good thing I do. Is you get the yeti? Drunk second thing: you do. Is you play party jams for the yeti? Get him dancing? Third thing: you do let him Keep it off! it's nice yetis need to rest. He may have had some incident, with sleeping with some sort of Yeti woman up there and he's trying to cover up a secret pregnancy yeah, that's a good chance of that is whatever you do, if you go out, but I'm out to see a monkey woman within the last thing, you do nothing, you don't know you don't forget 'cause they can will and they will definitely carry the child. A combination and you will responsible man, the last possible thing we're going to cover the last possible cryptid, is called the versa. So the voice are, they were represented representations of the lords of the forest. If a world appeared. It was a sign that a slew of forest by sprites, possibly the wedding party were
brown and it's such times, one could see the spirits for oneself by look through one's legs and squint, through one's fingers. Well, It just seems like a weird doctor, strange, like doctor exams divorce came in many forms. Some of them look like humans and others were gigantic beings without any clothes, ugly and bearded with reversed feet, lacking eyebrows and eyelashes. Many were without a shadow sometimes the voice were described as tall man in a black wool coat well. I just checked my feet are straightforward, so I am fine, I'm not one of them. You see that in a lot of different and a lot of ancient folklore, especially when you're talking about demons and such you see the backwards feet quite a bit: yeah which is a very strange, but I find that fascinating origins of the backwards feet is actually up because many
hunting societies thing that has backwards feet is very difficult to track. That's when it's walking it looks like it's walking backwards. All right, even more terrifying, nice? Yes, we do gave you guys many different explanations, possible explanations for the dilettante pass incident. Ben. What do you think it was? Well. I I think it was aliens on a date. That's what I'm gonna go with Henry. What do you think? I? I think that it was to be honest maybe these fuckin' tiny tornado. It may do you good to get out of his pants, I'm honestly going for tiny tornadoes yeah. I think it's the most reasonable explanation. Tiny tornadoes have a but leave a message on the facebook page. Let us know what you think or some other theories that you might have yeah. If we missed any in our research, let us know and yeah be sure to go to the Facebook group join the Facebook group. If you haven't so one of
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