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Episode 154: The Dark Side of Santa Claus

2015-02-17 | 🔗

It's the dark side of our lord and savior Santa Claus, from his supposed Satanic leanings to the horrifying wonder that is Christmas in Iceland.

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I every one of you haven't you be sure to go to pod surveyed dot com, to take a quick survey to help us get some advertisers and help us keep this podcast free. That's pod survey, dot com slash last really helps out a lot. We she had every single one of There's no way to escape to this is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started it's been a long time. I hate Christmas. You crazy love Christmas. We do every day I would like Christmas visa give it sounded like. I would love it
right now. You ve been alone in a regency sweet, so tell an Atlantic right, and so I say, go down every morning for their breakfast serve Continental Continental Bruckner from seven to ten. In the morning I go down. I get my reason brand and I get too hard boiled eggs every morning Everyday, I'm going on there. It's a Vulcan, miserable seven o clock in the morning to meet my reason: brand they're, just pump alike. Will you Israel there has been criticism, is there's one old man that was sitting down there because the whole tell us empty, because no other human being would be staying originally sweets hotel the week before Fuckin Christmas guidelines about your people just Satan all day and yeah, maybe John Candies character and plain and automobiles, the guy who sell in the shower card, but you're, just an old man sitting at a table just plain, cup. Just like a pass on this back and forth, like it's, a fucking cat told accuses child child. You never had this to say God, damn it get up and then I go. I fuckin drive the work and then get spray paint shot up. My nose also ones
be unlike the whole world's fallen upon my usual little red paint on your right now of yeah, pretty face character at all in my knuckles and shit and saw its, and it also, I think it's coming out of my poor- is because my I wore white shirt yesterday and my armpits raw read. So that's Elsie rival give us your berwin. Obviously it's Christmas time and everyone's like a wonderful Santa Claus, is gonna break into your house and steel or cookies, and maybe leave us a load of crap. I absolutely hate Christmas. I am so with you and I dont want to be above Humbug guy, but I just like the holiday that my number work as you love, and I can tell look at your snorted smile is going to twinkle in his eye, is gonna Holly come over, the top is Panther going to show you knew. I love Christmas
It's a jolly Holly time of year, I'm unemployed, mistletoe right above the toilet, really confused on my guess. They now have my guess it out of a hundred million is the mistletoe, but I will say so. Yes, Christmas is a celebration of our dark warden saviours fucking, ultimate enemy. Stinky desert, wizard known as visas cries right, but I'd like to say that I think that we Satan has begun a law game of trying to get Christmas and I think we got it now. There is a war on Christmas and Satan's when an ado so been there's been a war on Christmas. Ok there's been a slow absorbed share of Christmas. Rye are satanic master and I mean cause who can
shit about Jesus Christ. Nobody is our presence in what am I getting rise. All that was, as it brings out. The worst in every body makes everyone a snarling fucking beast. Oh that's right I mean Jesus. Christ was like Russell Brandy was bored into royalty. They were given him gifts as soon as you get out of the pussy they going to do anything to deserve M Frankenstein's Merlin, whatever the hell the shut up. Mom slept with some dirt guy. Out behind a stable for some horse ranger and she comes back and she he Joseph like what you progress and she's us. Like God I normally who yeah absolutely nicer today were covering Christmas monster with a true story of Christmas, the untold story, and if your Christmas traditionalist discussed shake
no manure tradition. This going to shake up the very bad right form, the bedrock of everything you ve loved about Christians, oh yeah, it's the dark side of Santa Claus today, and I got this first part of the episode. I got all this information from W W w dot av steam eleven dot, Org, oh yeah than organization I would love to go to their headquarters- is like a random number generator turned into a url them. So this is their pamphlet about Santa Claus, our they did they w pamphlets, a digital pet. They did publish it, they did Bob in hand it out and sell it in various christian Bookstore, regular you're, just not get my balls on this at need to say it's a fan and was a pervert. We gotta stop, I'm you know what I'm doing. I make an adult get website, I'm so
regulars. Folklore legend surround the mystery of Saint Nicholas and Saint Nicholas has been around long before the court on quotes Santa Claus character that they, we worship today, one of the earliest popular legends of Saint Nicholas as the rescue of three poverty stricken girls destined for prostitution, though he was a gleam Neeson from taken right yet sounds like he's a g impurity well see these girls were poor, didn't have the DOW refer marriage, so Saint Nicholas, save them from a life of shame. By providing the marriage dowries of gold in they were then able to get properly, then they can get thing. It legally sold myth that around two men that's ring at every night. I thought it was
got a shortage of skills that allow me to an old man like you and it just Santa Claus with a fuck em, you God silence. Europe is going through a measurement overnight with extreme protein scope of I, like that saying my favorite Susanna so far. Another amazing miracle, the early life of Saint Nicholas, is the three young boys who were statistically murdered by a wicked innkeeper who is named Pierre Todd, whose name loosely translates to Father whip who also works at the end, the Ramrod Club downtown. I love go into the ramrod love. You get all your kinks out. You know, sir,
before we go right down, the ramrod will stop all over your balls of Lebanon to pack train all day. My have you know, I'm a work at my office job and you don't sweat and it's hard at the eagle miserably sweating your desk Java security, or maybe you have a health price pressure, not assault, just a comb. What I'm deal with right and nothing, I think, but an affront to night- is gonna club. Ramrod just get my balls her, just wit by Father, Whipper and he's like the ITALY. He had little eyes met your balls with difficulties want my guys serves. No, I think I feel in other fly on their better slap. It again
the boys who were murdered by Father Whipper, their bodies were chopped up and preserved in pickle barrels, with a cannibalistic intent of feeding their flesh to unsuspecting house. Guess what the amazing Saint Nicholas, resurrected, the boys and their mutilated bodies and Pierre has been sent his dark side in France ever sent out resurrected a bunch of pickled kids, yet all have to take over your head. Why are we utterly clauses into a murmur of everything I want to set up was good shut me back, save on before the pickling. That's all I'm saying wonderful Christian, Saint Nicholas, wonderful christian figure. He was a. At one point, and this is a man who would help poor children. He would help girls had a fine, how girls from getting being becoming prostitutes. He would help murdered children. Santa Claus is in fact
Saint, Nicholas's, dark helper, who over the years, has transport. If transformed into the jolly man that we know today, let's go into the transfer and that's why we should get a mass. Every man who begins to say he's a representative Santa Claus, whether it be in a mall whether it be at the bus station and he's got a fucking vague beard on readily Santa Claus. These men, you need to be dragged out in the street and beaten with tennis, rackets, maybe they're, just trying to get a job, no support their lives, have a name all no more Santa, no milk being theirs messengers of black PETE. Look. I previously learn german children's games. The Saint Nicholas figured self is the dark helper, a devil who wants to punish children but is stopped from doing so by crime also likely amnesic. They did. They all want to be him. Leah Mason is gonna play he's, got a place of Jesus Christ as Santa Claus as his character from taken in a film very soon. A Christian.
Story. They mention black PETE right. That's yourself! He was trying to share with his baby gun. That was not. I was black Bart like BAR, yet black PETE was the janitor at his elementary yeah. I remember him white guy right, although they didn't call him black. There was a much more offensive name that they call the general was the fiftieth India Jane offensive enough. So black PETE, the is the grandfather of our modern Santa Claus, he's known in HOLLAND, as smart appeared to This eighteenth century version is like his ancient chauvinistic ancestor. Horned fur clad
terrifying and less than kind to children, and if you're bad he'll take you away to. Spain have been badly needed, spraying laddie disobey main as a unique topless I'll take and lay out every table. I see him, let me they get to go to Spain hanging out in them in a cocktail bars of Sardinia. You mediator. Take me out of Rural Iowa bad. I think I'll hit my mom again, though, he's portrayed as the slave. How helper of Saint Nicholas the two are in many villages, blended into one character, and this figure often has the name nickel, ass or Klaus, but he still has the swore the appearance of the dark hell. I just one also keep saying the term swore the young when a dark helper in black PETE, where there is a racist overtones to this character. Flood now, because this character was coming, this character has been around long before these people. Even these views you any real european. These Europeans ever encountered a single black versa, politically correct, Henry's, arousing lesser used that character do so black, be like Santa. He has a coat of hair, dishevelled beard, a bag and ashes on his face, which is why he was an old black beat, for it was not Saint Nicholas who originally came down the chimney. It was black Peter who was called the dark one because he was normally covered ensued and ashes.
From your family droughts. He was his Santa, I mean again. He sent a slave right news, rein to the thing he's sent out, he's forced to give the presents to the children of the area. Santa eight himself out a chimney duty, because you wanna do it any more than that
On the eve of December six, the myths said that the bearded white haired old, saint, calling quote saint clad in a wide mantle road through the skies and a white horse with his slave. This worthy dark helper. Yet, who is our was on the slaves lay which was just sort of like up? You know a swing that was touched at the bottom of the sleigh, just like the others. They would rather was that a clause that would be a pretty erotic said that his shirt blowing the wind or on the white horse, the blacks there is a slave is granted for behind me up here to pregnancy twice was the young common certain suppers lack as certain preschool any instances of homosexuality there any gay instance do think any gay said between black peed in this energy. All of the all of that pieces. Are there I mean you might as well. As did Andrew Jackson have sex with know it. We all know
He did. Oh, I all I was so this reluctant helpers dress on my contract. For some we understand and Ohio given to you. Brok, p, o switched pluck, pollute you ve got quite danglars today reminds me of the birds or my render aloud, and black peed was forced to give gifts to good people. He much preferred to threaten them with his broom like scourge. What is a scourge? A scourge is well, it's a whip with little metal balls at the young academy entails. Like a cat, a nine tells me I could and at the sign of his master he would gleefully drag sinners away to a place of eternal suffering, it was Hell Cleveland. Yes, we're taking you to Spain, you gotTa Clia, so now that we ve talked about Santa support, we're gonna be getting a lot of dark helpers later on, but let's
and the occult origins of Santa and how Santa relates to Satan early? This was true. This would be so much better. What a better story for whose different I it's not hindering. I know so it's a good point. So first, let's examined Santa's trademark ho ho ho. Now most people don't know exactly
most people don't know exactly because it was definitely soften from the original whore hall. Before horrible yeah yeah, he was walking around the means or his army from out of town and outlook for substrate pours. Bearded man, don't kill them under he's, gonna be Santa Claus for most people, don't know where the ho ho ho come from. Is this just a jolly export? Exclamation is just this just something that fat guy say upon entering room. Yes, idiotic, em! You think we get into elevators hopeful high level just leave you guys can have the elevator whither mean we didn't do with these. Elevators are well agreed, oh no! It
something that someone says upon entrance, but it is not fat men. It is the devil for in brief, shakespearian plays they had these two characters in most of these plays there were morality, plays now, would be the devil and vice and the devil, ordinary exclamation. Upon entering the play, would be Oh, what a fellow I am. What are you Yoda Avenue he and that was known as the devil's bluster course are doing. This more often got how bad was pre. Shakespearian play rough Yangtze Shakespeare, not elf got us, it was your old place were back in the day were to distract you from the fact that you died the age of thirty eight, and if your thirteen, you were pregnant rifle your lucky. So plenty of people have pointed out the fact that Sanna is a very easy anagram forsaken. It's all yeah, it's a very easy anagram, it's funny ha ha ha, but it does.
Have some meaning, because it's very true the word or learn right now is that the ideal hidden words are very powerful in magical studies. Yet absolutely this guy age, people via ski who's, this scale: glum landscape? Will you get near? The sausages are laden Emily beeper, quit the family carpet, business to research, Santa column said Jesus Satanist and a new age teacher. He wrote a book called the secret doctrine. He said the name is an important. It's the letters,
kids in the seats I'm a new aid Satan is teacher. I know again, I don't wanna put Botswana seats and when I was trying to do some of that Peter Frampton Mouth Guitar, but I gotta tell you them. The buzz is uncomfortable out a terrible terrible which is new months during loading. The old we all group now I'd do other new agers of also used Anagrams forsaken, such as so not Koumongoe who, in order to trick people to worshipping the devil and as for the clause in Santa Claus clause is an anagram for Lucas, which is a modern new age name, is a modern new age name for Lucifer. Merle Satan seems at another. Modern new age name seems to mean that they just made that up down right up gale of, but please
listen to the words of gale ramblings, you're, not moors, and her book new age, very new age versions. Here,
this is about the use of anagrams in the account world, and we would you think. Gale sounds like ok surfers there, everybody playing disregard the sound of my voice. Have employees Lester deliberately promote decide every true identity? Is cited is revealed to Graham a trance position of ladders. Dazzled out, maybe she's just got a nice. Does Europe southern husband, solar, like this day all we're day was well that's why I love her some down for you to tell us about the plan we are here. You ride, dial to scare the true nature of the nine you use blood as yes tell skull them, including the scrambling letters of a name to cheer meaning of the word from you.
I love it. I want some lemonade right now, not, and so that is actually virtue which at where the idea of secret school start back in the day. Words, like you know what they said where Jesus was a wizard of the Bethlehem or that that whole group or the dead de was at the though that, whereas he bore and use boarding NASA, that, whereas he bore, and he was born in Muslim Nazareth. Nazarenes were agreed in the Bethlehem teams that whole group or a bunch of secret schools, may ideas that they used riddles and anagrams and stars to either talk about it. Each people like folk lore about the seasons or When the reptilian sir, there was an american it up. There has been no one else to use another interesting thing here. We all calm, Saint Nick Old, Nick things like that all neg is in all english term, for Satan
Oh yeah neck, they column scratch those Alonzo Wrapper Barge Dingley dangle only the Golan MIKE was Charles Manson name in all these people. Ass glass. Guiana, aware that, as my body is aim is taken his black eyes. I have Charles with his Charles. What are your plans for Christmas resting upon do is digging I told the dark eminent decadent, my gift that keeps on given not call it a foolish stocking up, I'm ivy I'll. Let you know what I'm ok, spiders? It's Christmas you got stocking over. Your heart is better than a cold. Hopefully your duty scholars they mostly a biblical scholars they incur. The Christ was actually born in the fall on the fourth day,
the feast of tabernacles December. Twenty fifth is actually the feast in honour of the birth of the son of the babylonian queen of Heaven later called Saturnalia by he then Romans, Saturnalia Santer. Now we had a mall earlier they sell either sounds like it sounds like an erotic, festivals or an oil. Some put all over your brought Brussels brows to make it a gas. We are you all this deeply blunt all the money together, so that people would still have days off from their fucking. She purtier drop yes, so they can send out edible. You don't take a day off she pardon body. Well, you know, I know it's. A lifestyle will actually talk later about what happens in Iceland. If you take a day off from shepherding knit is terrifying yet again go into. Christmas in Europe, the sky, However, Europe is terrifying. It is also worth noting that Sanna is spanish. Holy sure. San is also from the latin words sanctifies, which me
also saintly, as your taken us down a pipe hear, what it wouldn't. How does this go? Our english words, Saint, sacked Sanctify comes from The spanish word Santa sounds like Satan's claim in the bible of. I will be like the most high plan is an action, in other words, wholly clause gay, a wholly Luke as a whole. We lose out worshipping sate, dig out. I think I'm gonna go put. A cursory decoration and claws also sounds like pause without maybe you ve Santa Claus mean Satan's clause, no, like alliance, claw, etc. Let us read from the Bible. We shall rewrite from one Peter verse chapter five verse, eight, Peace sober be vigilant, because your adversaries, the devil as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour verily.
Verily, I say unto you he that interest, not by the door and here the sheer mon but climate up some other way show me the same is a thief and a robber Well, I feel that the other that does it so they just you two thousand year old logic, resolute again and I've got more for you, man, please, I'm sorry, I'm not done good. Most people were unaware that until the nineteenth century, Santa flew through the sky, not enough sled drawn by reindeers, but on a white for ruining wasn't until eighteen, twenty one, but the magical while I get really is that horse was fuckin, terrified, terrified air o wings line. Then, on the eve of December six, as I mentioned earlier, the myths said the bearded white, haired old, saying, coordinate, quote collide in a mantle rode to the skies on a white horse and others.
Their character, who travels on a white who'll Johnny Cash, chronic ash is that it is the from revelation chapter six. First too, and I revelation chapter six, the white- and I saw hold the white horse in here That said on him, had a bow and a crown was given unto him and he went forth conquering To conclude, I didn't know that modern biblical scholars have now discover that that was today we're talking about Bruno, more love, Bruno Mars, Zoah, both a bow tie orally oh, like a weapon legally when oars like any weapons, nor is rolling around on a horse with us with a stick come into your house and that's where you feed him: he'll kill you You have your entire family that really matter to have in all the world. I also get angry our aid and I dont get them fuckin cookies when I'm expecting them, I'm going upstairs. Mr second, your kids what the hell I'm Santa Claus, that's what you do with your Hungary and other options out there. We talk
oh, but about black Peter earlier, want to send his dark helpers. Let's get to what is possibly scent is most infamous dark. Helper cramp us now I will say you're pretty face going to help a little bit of a spoiler. We have done a Christmas episode that features a Christmas and it is a lot of fun. That's all. We had a very good time, crumpets I am a cramp cramp cramp, as is a half goat, half demon beast, who literally beats people into being nice and not nine. I think that's gonna spare the rod. I agree you spoil the child and that's why all these kids are out there listen into their. I tunes all our Irish, often their plan no maimed or germ games. Yankee, former you tell me your room- want me to be a farmer on Facebook. You need to be a father died out. That's what I ride out. Our farmers were run farmers. Meanwhile, your tagamet imposed about how there's your your cow is sick as they feed the goddamn you down there goddamned I'll, get a job make money and get that growing, very upset with the youth
farm bill. I remember when I was a kid farming. Our men were, there was their arms around network and so hard gag form in all the meat on the Arby's refrigerator over to the overdue the Jill Slicer get no sweaty. Sometimes I would plead at the crab is goes by many names. My favorite is gum, finical got outpace our pay, a nickel for for a have gone for nickel. Will you go to the store in the night? or a Gulf nickel fill you go unnoticed or in the nineteen. Thirty like I have four Gump Nicholls unease is any just tugs, your balls four times a definite pointing said. Nothing. All young man, that's great. Well, I don't know how geared, but I feel my polio going away.
Emphasis cramp, as is usually seen as a classic devil, with horns, Cloven hooves, a monstrous red tongue, but he can also be spotted as a sinister gentlemen dressed in black or a hairy man beast a lot of things there is a lot of stuff is I'll, stop guy all yards of with a wide berth as far as what crampness is all about, he punishes the naughty children. Swatting them with bundles of twigs. Bruton bundle threaten bundles, and he also uses rusty change which sometimes have bells attached, and he would best swapped children before dragging them away in baskets to either. Fire replace down below into the blue forests of Germany, to the nearby body of water for a quick dry and some legend has a drowning tub that he also drags with him dead and cleaning clangs in the night. That story back in the asian hundreds was followed by a blow of the candle good night tongue,
nighttime, like little timing or good bill. I have to wake up and three hours, so I could get back to milking yeah drug by the crazy Santa Claus. Man, crumpets fella, so usually fiery pits here's the origins of crampness. His name is derived from the german word. Cramp cramp and company, which mean claw, and he said to be the Son of Hell in North mythology who north mythology hell is the ruler of Hell Haim. The realm of the damage is when I imagine what it looks like is like the cover of a metal album new area just like long bearded air and my columns and season in subdued with his dick out of huge. Like four focus, Added guitar were therefore thought it over two hours, yeah, that's alright, radio that works
an bode she's usually described as a horrible, hag, half alive and half dead, with a gloomy and grim expression. Eternal. My ex girlfriend love that joke is described ass, his mother, by the way her face and body or those of a living woman, but her thighs and legs or though
face and body or those of a living woman, but her thighs and legs are those of a corpse mottled and mouldering forty hutch hunters, you move mottled mouldering, oh yeah eggs, and ask them to ask what moves are hot butter, pussies gold now they're just describing every house Iphone to buy em all dead down there? Ok, we will know what to tell me that leave it alone. At my ease. Well, EVA Caribbean, you wanna. Take a stab at my old pouch there, you're gonna be Evans's where the corpse therapy gaps are gonna. Take you, I didn't know your open, while I still lover I'll get some more mashed potatoes for you, So the gods abducted hell and her brothers from it your boat as hall?
asked during the underworld into which she distributes those who are sent to her the Wick and those who die of sickness or old age. Her hair hall is Hell Haim and it's called it you'd know. Consideration guide right from from regner. Oh no. This is that's all Iceland stuff. This is just me. Talk about alcohol reorder, I meant to say again we are doing our best to get better the pronounced the airline we're trying to off of our coffee. Alright, we know we know we are ignorant. Yes, we know not a fucking college. Professor, you piece of shit. I think TAT S, how you nail it you ve, never miss, pronounced a word in your life mark as you nail in us, whereas I'm concerned it's got about the sound of it. It's the meaning behind it as glee, and so her maid servant is gang. Any and so her maid servant is gang energy. As a man servant named gang Letty
and both of those can be translated into tardy. Not does that mean lying like retorted know another error like all the little ones, but are we going to go on the star wars? That city like their single you legs? Vietnam? Is God thank ye lag? Well, I'm all dead down there Do you gained laddie? There is glad your loud enough to be our more thrilling actually get out of this. We had almost more than my vagina, so that's emphasis mother now, let's get back his bundle of sticks that we talked about earlier. Let's talk more about bundles of stairs, I love this hard upon. Those may have a connection with the initiation. Rights of certain which governs for and the chains could have been introduced in a christian attempt to bind the devil, but again those could also be a remedy. A pagan initiate I'm just gonna, be really happy when every single
this could also be a remnant of pagan. Initiate I'm just gonna be really happy when every single bundle of sticks in Amerika can get married. That's gonna, bundles of sticks deserve love to agree with you, so, according to folklore- and this date shows up again and again December sixth crap. Shows up in towns. December sixth, is known as cramp us knocked tromp was knocked, who that's not good bet means cramp, as Nigeria Fucking name for a holiday, though, if there was ever a cramp, is that it is again just sounds like yeah. This drooped contacts, not problems nor operators when it got have cropped up yonder. I beg my head over to that. Madrina December. Six also happens to be niggers ugh or sea or to see if the shoe or boot they left outside the night before contains either presents a reward for good behaviour or a rod or a bundle of twigs how the fag, the humanist shed is all about.
A bundle of twigs L, a humanist shared is back in the day words like, and it wasn't like a flock and play station for like a shovel, so you can help with. Farm with your family were was like a p or like one of the wooden wooden horses, the GDR stared at no. You know you're not know for a fact: you're not get new shoes, its elegant impossible thing to fit in their end their versions cramp, as isn't Incubus, who accompany sanding laws. On the night of Christmas. That's much. Raise. You guess what is causing serious just like he is with the dad, unlike in Fort and with the kids, and think it's the children. Ninety single night only writing sang the lack of rod. Stewart was around you, you will act in Athens, moves through space and time and at all I see I didn't realize the truth behind that last sentence. It so as far as people cooperating cramp as young people in the mid nineteenth century. You
to address is the devil and stand along with others dress to Saint Nicholas in the market place way. To be hired to come to homes and visit children to scare them goddammit. That gives so difficult having this child scare business, there's no good grandma's has around I've found a good cramp is in three years. These lazy hipster pieces, I think she's being bad. Did you want to go into town and get to crumpets, Boris yeah yeah, whose conflict something that's glazed mode eat it in Europe? he began to gain popularity outside of the remote isolated alpine areas, where ye originated due in part to the popularity of Christmas cards portraying him in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Crampness
and featured looming menacingly over children. He's also shown as having one human foot in one Cloven hoof and in some crampness has sexual overtones, for he is pictured. Pursuing buxom went another grandpas that I view as being played by rod me Dangerfield right that I like pink pants on yeah, poke it out. You nervous gimme, some scanners book grab and movies everywhere, right yeah. Well, you have you regulations, Dangerfield movies, you think it lotteries. Baby is technically, it fell out of interested, but the homework doesn't make that card any more than I want to see. A good crampness card come back from hallmark unless you usually one is his merry Christmas. You got the tits Crampness would love oh yeah, I'm gonna give they are for me, so crap is frightening presence with suppressed. For many years, the catholic Church for
Apple forbade, the rock celebrations and fascist mauled were to Europe found. Cramp is despicable because it was considered a creation of the Social Democrat, so the Nazis did take offence to one ramparts ramp out of all the things that they go to bed like. Maybe we should not genocide, but ok, listen! Everybody of first at first point of the meeting is of forgetting the Jew children's shoes. I want the good once they should Stevens burn right. Second, one is: we got to get rid of this crampness piece of shit because it's making us look bad grace. Gauze megatons, look great you now and in the fifties after world war, two in Austria home of Hitler government distributed pamphlets, Wholesale Arnold swords and also the government distributed Panful pamphlets that were simply titled cramps an evil man
Will you do it? Is the government? Are we gonna do opposite? Psychology mean the government thinks it. Crampness is a cool fuckin. Do you have them co, Op Santa Claus, Crampness put sunglasses ottoman escape or to be lying Grandpa's once you have a good crampness thought and no one will like it and not one bit so a more modern taken, the tradition in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic involves drunken men dressed as devils who take over the streets for aid drunken men dressed as devils who take over the streets for a clump of love, which means a cramp is run when people, taking early young women, are cheese through this agreed by the Devil s eyes: array parade, yeah, we're gonna, make a joke about rape, nine stuff like that, but that's really what it is, and you know what I will say is that did in people don't like Santa Con RO. I mean. I wonder why? Oh boy! This is a part, version of Santa. I will say in Atlanta: there is a cramp crawl that they do or people Joseph cramped and stuff and they go on board a bar and a big pub crawl, and it's fucking great
I could go deeds not Raby. It's me it's all. Maybe, but everybody is always a right. Not just women are like wearing no clothes, all its red light. Cramp s, horns, intimate and, like all the guys you do, the puppets are pretty face were dressed in these. Like nine foot tall this issue. Also it's amazing. So one American did go to one of these cramp s, love so celebrations over in Germany, and this is what they will set. They said about the the cramp celebrations. Crampness will hit you
Mozilla or there are dozens of men dressed as cramp ass. He will hit you, but he aims for the leg, only stings for a moment, and you get the route and bundles that, like Michael's horror than I am, and while the majority of cramp, who say cramp who say that's cramp, who say that is the plural of cramp as the crab who say they steam consent to harass the crowd on foot while some road enlarge cards or vehicle shooting flames or bellowing smoke or saw some, they were particularly brutal to anyone who taunted them or try to retaliate ye. I bet particularly large and frightening cramp as chase down offending teenager through him
near tier ours as Irish. Yes, I didn't realize they were taken down. Youth got up on parole, cramp us hum, and the narrow streets and the old city section of Salisbury were packed with pedestrians as the crime produced. A stump through many people were caught. Unawares reacted with terror, some would flee and try to seek refuge in a shop or restaurant only to be pursued by a determined crashing huge fuck. It draw gas german nude his collar where jobs. That is good and is there if I might say it out, I my stay inside that yeah Cortlandt or be a cramp us yoga, two options. I just order tomorrow, Crampness Howie, I wonder if your grandfather celebrated at anything camp, make it an extra skipper
your grandfather celebrated it at the Helsinki summit. Does that make you two extra scampered who provide right or not that he didn't make it any risk area a while to get through their about? I waited till the end. He waited to the idea of one knew just one. Well, we mentioned Germany a number of times already yeah than about hands. Well, let's go from Germany over to my, I would definitely say my favorite Christmas. I when the colonel again it is very difficult to have a merry Christmas as an ice like I don't know, could they seem a very like beautiful, fun, loving people? I orgies lives off yeah yeah Israel rough, who there's a dork underbelly to the icelandic Culture home at Christmas. They get their Christmas. Is a mournful shitty holiday. Now they know that more good Christmas, just it's the worse. The night sky, into a friend rag. Nor for who is from Reykjavik. I went to him for a
Pronunciations on these we're gonna start off with your accoutred in that Is the you all tat? I am a young and bringing me me me me, your daddy. I am a member the oldest written sources on your cat or from the nineteenth century, and the referred to the fact that those who do not get a new item of clothing, for, you all our destiny, the become sacrificial offerings for the you'll cat and eaten. So you got new clothes. Otherwise you get eaten yes who here you gotta, be regular lady gaga over there. All my uk now address this is from Ragnarok. He said, if you don't kick enclosed in a bath for Christmas or our naughty than the cat. Each. You still said two kids quote, we gotta get new clothes. We wouldn't want you to end up and say that you look who threaten that's great
Fourteen they still say this to children may is a bad thing that our debate on a daily basis I'd allowance a year. I hit hard because a promise that you got a drag. The big ten fuckin Bucky out town square. Well, is the one pomp and then you gotta go and take that over the whole area and get a good and bubble and run you gonna wait for it to stop being literally boiling right where you can get inside for the mayor comes in, washes you yeah town soup, so this tradition is based on the fact that every effort was made for those who took part in the work was a new piece of clothing, while those who are lazy received nothing so that you can was used to inspire the peasants into working harder so before their sheep master
your camp was used to inspire the peasants into working hard or so before their sheep master. The you'll cats like fashion place. That's yesterday's sure. That's yesterday's look up at each you now area rearing and now we did to. I love these guys as eyewitnesses who put this is like if you add the lesser less but guess I want to start calling our listeners you'll lads were up. The euro. Med known in their native tongue is your last winter, oh yeah. They are offering. They often accompany the your cat. Radner describe them, as quote pet
If a news, these much like whip snap and fuckin snap enforcement of coin, like weird pretty criminals that around a giant Gatt hates your old clotho, seem like that sitcom Roseanne too bad, so the Yola Swain their Iceland Trolls, who put rewards or punishment into shoes place by children in window cells during the last thirteen nights before Christmas Eve, while every night one you all tied, lad visits each child leaving gifts or rotten potatoes, India, China than wields me around. The data, is a gift. Fooled! You you fucking mediating, you take a lover. So let's go. We have a list of all thirteen, your lad, who, in fact, when I asked Ragnarok like a good. I get some print pronunciation on on the euro. Lads on your less when he's like yeah we're right in the middle of the thirteen days so island. On the Euro lads on your last winter, he's
yeah we're right in the middle of the thirteen days so in Ireland they still do the thirteen day. Absolutely it's! Basically, he wore yours. You believe that the cask from cheers is harassing you at any given right, I feel like. We do indeed need to be like that movie. The gods must be crazy. When the person drops the cope bottle into the african tribe, we need to give him a tv that mandatory isolated, just like plugging a flat screen and everyone would just come to watch and there would learn a lot so lessons we're gonna, say the names of the English, the english translation of the names, the first one his name is sheep coat, call flawed he harasses sheep, but is impaired by his stiff peg legs took the Gothenburg topping up denoting you come here, sheep glee willing I or just like. I don't speak. Well, you bother me Lord, I don't want. It could be argued that Piglike bended out there not knowing or she bought an up. Do you care. Do you care that you do not matter? then there's gaily yeah Gower
who his name translates to Gully Gully behind in gully. Now what is the literal definition of a gull, yet some very confused about the whole gully Gully Ali, a gullies, Lincoln small stream. Those ravine guides, like it's a small stream and sort of a ravine yeah, but in a shallow ravine here, aids and gullies waiting for an opportunity to sneak into the cow shed and still milk so he's getting a sucker the gouty. Yet so there's a farmer who, just like opened up his doors one day, I'm just like the others. So another tape- Margret Meredith I can handle now- I gotta say maybe some kind of special school bird on our southern, but I've got. There has been five measure to come in here and there they ve been arrested. The sheep and goat sarcoma cows debts for at least two days out, which would Christmas in your lives giddy I'll get us here.
Next up his stupor. I his name translates to stubby stubby this the most sounds like a Disney character. Yeah yeah, I keys abnormally short, any steals pans to eat the crust left on them. Here pans. Pat is a homeless. My work, I'll just be just give em, does given given the pan, whether some minute help them out. I just like that all right then then there's very slicker, His name translates to spoon liquor. It sounds like a sound garden like sought. It just sounds: they didn't have dishwashers, you know they just like. Well, you let you eat the crust. You like the spoons anyone on fork duty! steals wooden spoons to lick and is extremely thin due to malnutrition. Girls at all- and he does is lick spooning good than theirs put a scaffold his name, translates to pot scraper Hesiod
Hours from pots ya. This is just a poorly run. Kitchen here is, is tat. Is them leaving their shit out no and homeless people and not get then there's ask a Laker he's the bull liquor, ass, a liquor Gallagher Ask escalator he hides under beds. Waiting for someone to put down. There asked her. Which is a type of ball with a lid used instead of dishes which he didn't see, I've got your ball like this all gives the only voice. I have before that amendments that I got anymore. I got your milk the guards one or more about what do you do nothing? I met you, yeah. You know it. Then these who scaler deeds door, slammer Huh slams doors, especially during the night. Also two hundred men guess all me, a minor matter- has called hammered as a matter of fact, I've done all of these things in all that time, last night alone than theirs. Scale gamer. He, is called these skeer gobbler. He is a you'll lad, with an affinity for Skeer would Skeer yogurt.
Yeah that'll AIDS, old, Retsina yogurt, which is serve with milk and sugar. Let him have it that's good! I don't want it now. Oh, it is the least these guys get no reasonable breakfast a reasonable lunch approach proteins. You asked Adolfo a Senate right and then it makes you makes you makes your cycle better and Yasser Stuart by attics, or my audits think about that. This is a rough one. This is the area be ignored, baker. His name? Is these sausage wiper he hides in rafters and snatches sausages, whether being smuggled longing? I touch my sausage rose. Assembling a thing happen on a blow job, we hardly labour for Europe to get a bloated, scotches very becomes a guy like you look good are they resume were gone. I believe barely does not run then there's glued, leaguer he's is Window Pieper, he's
lawyer who had looked through windows in search of things to steal cool. I mean also probably jerk but you bunch than theirs. Gatekeeper he's doorway sniffer. He hasn't abnormally large nose and acute sense of smell, which he uses to locate Louth about. What is that? I think it's a kind of bread sure I think it's got. I think it's a kind of bread, like you know how I had Americans have fried bread trail, The Americans have rye bread, which is one of the stables of their diet. Isn't it you? Don't it it's kind of it? I think it's kind like is happily take fried bread, other italian become rye, bread, Mugabe, in some of our roads are alive, You do whatever you want my gun guy, you gotta be a work re three. It is comparable to the Icelanders, lawful, brow I bread, I gotta say iron wind, your
fuckin boring. Would you like to know more about the canal people or their line? No sir, I need to catch the bus, amazing, a boring you can make something exciting than theirs. Katharine Ochre his name is meat hook, coolness my favour, one. He uses hook to steal meat. I add new sites like fishing, but with your own hook, for me and is dead alright, just like fishing sort of it than theirs, finally there's Curtis Sneaker his name his candle stealer. He follows children in order to seal their candles, which, in the olden days were made of tallow and thus edible. Minutes so must have been fashioned growth that it's just fat, yeah, that's intaglio is that's good. Give licking on the candle at that
bearing the Gallagher again no longer Venza Candle ride a nerd snore, you know you'll. Let me draw you know what surprisingly really good, very good, very so, let's get to the Euro lads parents and now, two pronunciation from Radner these I know I'm actually pronouncing Roca. There is a gorilla and let a loser. And labelling. It doesn't look, I got no doesn't, which is I am almost positive that I believe are the names of workers, Lynxes Evan, vowels and less polluting letter with different. Let polluted without a doubt the most hideous ogres that ever existed in Iceland. Are you will lads parents, particularly guerrilla? She has three three eyes in each head. Horror, long curved, fingernails ice, blue eyes at the back of the head. Horns
a goat and her ears dangle down to her shoulders and are attached to the nose and front she has a beard on her chin. That is like nodded yarn on a weave with tangles hanging from it. While her teeth like Burke, rocks and a great honestly, I would I'd swipe right either. She thought you just let you do? I think it is because you do that tender thing or you just lie have been right on everybody on the item never used it, but you know I pretend it gets on my phone Is that really is yeah chasm, but you still have sex with that? With that Headed nine eyed woman, young woman go woman with a beard ion. Yes, this is all about. If she's funny or not a guarantee, she's got a great as a you know. She Azure
verse from a stir. Longer saga guerrilla is described as a monster with fifteen tales, and a similar description may be founded upon from the sixteenth century. However, that version takes the description further by claiming that each tail contains one hundred sacks in each of those, acts contained twenty chilled a lot and I can't handle them all the math. Its assume thousand children to all that is left is easy. My dad, I was twenty times a hundred dollar, two thousand jobs, resident evil. It reminded me of a resident evil villain. Yet it goes into the habit of acts on God. Damned video got up ass disguising kisser, just hang it out, like the matrix in these little Saxon scream in their heads, while and according to some sources. Glee LE has been married three times. First husband was named Gustaf, but that marriage do not. Last since guerrilla, reportedly eight long term early on shapes our hard while she had hardly art its power to keep it to go gauge of tat. Have that spark young she's
currently took a husband by the name of boldly with whom she had a number of children who had only wish Roccanera Crime pussy back and worn. As we are well aware, we could she had nine crammed pussies o. Eventually I talk about your bullshit was made out of snakes. Now I love good snakes them. Meanwhile, guerrillas present husband, liberalism is familiar to most people any is generally near by when guerrilla appears the pair of so do a produce twenty children, of which thirteen are the popular your. I cannot seven unpopular. You you, let's cut out, so that we are not part of the Euro swagger fuck off at seven kids. You know no notice gay in trying to be in show business your day
I'm going to order a day I get in Vienna gifts. I got a feeling she took him. I thought you gotta get Chile's. This is like our Meredith and I'm never look over the Spanish gotTa Trina right take her to Chile's whether both trolls, so she may be fairly so there are even restaurant- is definitely Julie. Stefano loosely our Applebee may that will these alone. I love Chile's. I hate Julie, so much there's not a restaurant on maybe back baby by baby beg rooms. Well, I, almost forgot about me in there was this reef second time when I thought. Maybe I will never hear that ever again: Andrea absorbing love death so either Lila still actively used to frightened children. Some sources maintain that she's dead. This information, pops up in various popular Christmas songs. And, unsurprisingly, not many people. Morn guerrillas demise rude, but some of the songs contain provisions that you
come back to life if the number of naughty children increase. These kids go on some of these four Chan message boards idly arrogant as he agree that we're gonna be coming back Gaza. How many acts under some naughtiness happening some naughtiness going down and go to for general. You still can people it's how you shut down soon. Oh yeah man eating so near totally now, yet bees not gonna, be Much longer, guy had a sad, maybe Ex will still live somewhere, but beef activity or the quality of Ex has severely dropped. Oh yeah data, their fortunes sucks So let's go back remedy. Let's go back to Germany for a man named Homs. Try! I love this guy HANS Trop is amazing, he's pay. Cunning, heartless and cruel and its tromp warships, Satan and used Black
magic in a cult rituals to obtain his wealth and hold on to his power when he was still you. I was wrong. I want to have this guy who's. The guy I wanna like yeah, go to Vegas. We always a rich do with no soul or no social, no moral compass. Yes, it is perfectly repress a saudi king, through with a catholic urge became aware of these misdeeds, for this was back in olden times, and the catholic church still had the power to bring people to court HANS. Was arrested and brought before the Pope and wrote in his priests remaining ok, Mr Trap, which has got. Can you put the handcuffs on yourself? Does not really you know I have said boys, like me, Arriv wrestling full grown man, so bored sate, tonic deeds trap was excommunicated from a church for the crime of sacrilege sacrilege and was subsequently stripped of his land and money and was exiled into the nearby mountains of Bavaria, where he built himself a make chicks, makeshift, sat Shack made from stick
who is like the Unabomber. Oh yeah, yeah on giving We had the cologne on Unabomber, do not wear Cologne and rapid shit that it would grind up in a little while idler gotta town Butterby, smelling dapper, so his anger and resentment was intensified. Even more deeply devoted to Satanism here. The countryside and described disguised himself as a scarecrow by stomach is ragged clothes with straw, fuck you and then I just gonna of stand there like this. And that's all I do. I ain't genuine one thing about doubt: it certainly scares a cry about birds, drive and scared. Anybody at bottom convalesce, while one He did scare a child. He spotted a young shepherd boy linking his way through the wood. Do I ball harvest the stick of chocolate, Get on this than talking scarecrow. Oh yeah, do you have any source issues?
as I have some sausages closer to them. I will comment on put to work or to back up my leisure impulses tat I saw the boy was already a hen. Hans Tromp was determined to kill and eat him, as he said the young boy. He began to drool imagining fighting into his delicious and tender flat. I haven't had lunch yet so I am also hunger. I know I'm all about hunger to before the boy knew what was happening. Hans, Trop, pounced, attacking ambitiously in running I'm through with a sharp and stick. Then he dragged the dying child back to a shack where it the boy into small pieces and roasted over an open fire and when is monstrous meal, was ready. Hans Trap, licked
lips, prepare human flesh for the first time out, NED Land he and he foot to switch and signs it open outside, and he said this is the first Chile's ever independent people came in and they had great appetizers for four ninety nine of HANS. I love your mixture of the Texan closure and submit second culture has its a child or eighty, however, before a morsel could enter his mouth, a bolt of lightning came from the sky and struck him dead and, as this Regos God would not allow the abomination to continue and decided in the crimes of HANS Trop once and for all. We got it is visiting too. Is that all right, one kid almost gets eaten by a guy and got aside its optimum God made a dash also waited until the boy was murdered and cut into pieces in cooked before
that's the same thing going back to the pickled guy. This go away to delete all chopped up in pickled brings them back. Yap at Saint Nicholas is actually better than God. Where was his eye? Nicholas resurrected the children, while God just jump the lightning bolt enhance, drops out of their loved? Ah, there were straight up for good, real price that news going on here. You gotta keep an eye on stronger or they do, and there too, but he's gettin or fuckin nickel spoken fondle by a bunch of castrato snap flicking little beans will I'm sure they noticed when there are nine o clock blow job appointment and show up that day when the ten year old boy was kidnapped, where's then where's, my favorite, Fuckers Since that time, HANS drop has remained a terrifying legend for Christmas. He goes from house to House clad in a scarecrow disguise, scaring the life out of small children and drooling greedily over their tender flash. While I love that story, I must be the kid Yang. Always people scared by this kind of stuff I used my dear but I'll, be there would be like now they want it
All you guys want, in my thou, know and reads really bad anymore and finally, for our perch stir rip out your internal organs and replace them with garb, also known as burger king. That's all providence, all Arthur! That's all our Christmas monster, mass weak, dare I say, Macy's Walmart oldest capitalism. They ruin the tradition of Chris, that was such a more fun Sperience for the kids are really well now. Averages like amateur be naughty and I'm still gonna get my p s poor. I'm still gonna get my flat screams, I'm going. I am now now the areas to be fucking, yet there were stakes. Yeah Christmas yeah now led my eyes on that Iceland cool, because there are still stakes because they still tell people in all seriousness. If you dont get new those and take a bath if you're, not good, the Yoll cats gonna come
you, but I ain't clearly the region, my laptop or you're, trying to write your screenplay what're you going to do exactly the responsibility there is on the parents, though, if your apparent does not become a stressful, because you know how to get your kids new closer than we are and we got lost so never mind the costume budget to be an apparent in those days, because how many times you gonna dress of his crap is dressed up as HANS trot out as we talk about earlier, there were doing the Hung out in the village cramp us for high Yale, these guys Your preference is a hell of a life of a light, or do we want to go out on the one Christmas three moment our allow us allow us to do. Let's do knows that beloved character that I just want to do, because I feel it he's got a good connections to this bullshit- and he just wants our wanna- to have a very merry Christmas from the man full of of butter goodness and day is nothing but sweetness in his heart. For everyone knows temper. Last Pakistan last presents detective popcorn singing, have yourself a merry little Christmas.
A man, a man has got a piece of meat, all wrapped around the tree, sovereign debt. Difficult to Missus. Have you Mary. I hope you do the? U turn
From now I've troubles mile away. We too busy current almost Sweden's, just make sure you get water because it can also stick and throw it is hard to eat popcorn. If you want to do it fast, but you will tat, be gay. Santa wants a bottom up to the North pole. I guess said I was having so much of this burden. So at Lahti was sit, nails also sunk, it back at his head. He even himself keeps he come closer to take part. Also. Why said Paul Fiddle worthy of a five year? Two shabby deal and MRS Cause, king, whom she said. What do you do said? He must both be tricky to suppose we deliver a president Santer was like you get out of here before I end your wife of fat woman not to go, but I'm married said one: are you just child on the somewhat delicious colonelcy I didn't give you sell private any day.
Merry Christmas Mass podcast on the whole, you don't get it what stains on Christmas genes while these active popcorn everybody, a rare appearance, what a beautiful performance that why you to pull performance and everyone's everyone's gonna take that in their hearts and they're gonna, take it with them through the rest of the horizon, so tat. I started off today's episode. Not in this Christmas spirit. My heart was hard and now my heart is slightly less. Yes, because of that, if I'm almost, I almost got spirit almost out, amended man right back.
Death brag about that's great I'm. Alright, everyone thanks! So much for listening, inhale yourselves hale, Satan and grace best and don't forget to go if you're UK listener or flock of your in Europe or anywhere. The UK tour is coming up in March, go to pigs and towards dot com to buy your tickets via tickets as early as possible, rug and go, and just by and by, I am right now Jack Ribbon seldom, yet we do not take it so go in and get your tickets as early as possible, because I'm guessing they're, probably gonna, sell out to go in and fucking get them, and you can also get at last vocational. A t, shirt, less Bacchus at Cape governing Yoda com, slash last podcast on the left and the one this thing about Christmas obviously just means the years about to end at his want to thank everyone for such an amazing year. You know this is having on radio and last podcast and all the shows, but especially last podcast grown so much and we just
appreciate everyone. Just being so awesome. We have the best fans, it's so nice people listen to the show that we keep listen and listen to the other, shows and cave coming to radio yeah, you guys Hale Satan, yeah, yeah, Hale, Satan me. If you would in your mom in time we thought you soon and area away. I do To give a small shout out just him who had who got
free scoop of ice cream in San Francisco from a fellow last Pakistan left listener who was wearing, alas, buck S? Left teacher, we're you'll, be surprise, you who you mean? Yes, people have the shirt and a guarantee, whoever you mean. They're gonna, be working in the food business, we're talkin, hot dogs, hamburgers ice cream, scoops, falafel euros, gyros the piano and posts which you lad. You are now we opposed to a dual add. You are just, I guess, we're gonna get a lot of spume like her. I want to be the sausage one everyone's like he's the window paper and on what our I finally get up and go to item. If you want to give us a Christmas present, go to genes, reviewers and all the shows man that helps out so much if we can get everything that we do. There on that list, duds just really balance so happy holidays. You fuckers that's right and jewish listeners. Happy, don't don't do anything. I have a good time have a great time off its great for you I'll gain if your Jew or
Anyone can More shows what the one just listen to go to cave, calmly, radio, dad.
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