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Episode 163: Axe Murderers Part Two - Pinning Butterflies

2015-02-25 | 🔗

It's the second in our axe murder series as we cover the largest axe murder in the history of the United States (eight!) with the Villasca Murders and Karla Faye Tucker, the pickax biker who won the hearts and minds of America.

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There's no place to escape to the left. Cannibalism started. Trying to stretch out my mouth. Exercise before I come in and record for, the show is that I try to take a whole apple and jam bath as deep as I can in the back of my mouth, so I can form 'cause, that's where we used to do in school. With I had a teacher name. Mister riggers was he was he a pig, but no? No, he was big man. He didn't actually have room in the school, yet this old shack that he said was he called it. His own school mister, Riggers Academy for the emotionally desperate and I was like well, I went over there and he would say to be like
For a few months we could clear human person along Turkey, taste ball, you should burn your mouth and you know what you speak well, tennis ball, and so I did that for awhile and then He wanted to move on to some sort of deeper personal classes at night, but it was all good yeah. You said a medium of this hotel. This place called that they shot to did bad. This okay, they've Temple Florida and he said to go over any city was good, he's be advanced classes, but then I started working at the video store, so you never got to rotisserie level. That's so sad welcome to show everyone. I've been Gisele, that's Marcus Parks with this is always there's a family here. If you won't speak clearly with all new g do sweet young, ginger ale. Softap tuner, local limit, wiggly cheer up curry I'm going sing like a bird. I do. I want you to take this link
alright, now forced her way down. I let it let it sit. Ubu Cook who are no kidding now you want to show cut the joke right. Well, I'm going to do is slip it past, where you're going to change your life all I can say is all I can say. Thank you so much said he's a pervert he's a he's, a rapist, but I don't know what could make beautiful singer. It all works clay. A kin has graduated from high school Taylor. Swift, it's a chance of him. He lives he sleeps under a shower curtain. You know he wears nothing but unitards insured right, but he's actually an amazing, vocal coach and everything sounds like he's about to rape. You we're not here to discuss musical theater where her to discuss something far less disgusting, we're too rockin
murderers, love it or just want to shotgun a beer, and I went on walls and in a hot tub. Do it dude? Yes, the official last podcast on the left fan iron man love the made just like how I see it's just me on the back of a tour bus with a girl with a mesh shirt on Volvo yeah. I put a wig on so when can blow through the system, with a fan in front of you absolutely ripping bong yeah, that's going to be my 30s. The iron man is one hell of a way to die, but not nearly as brutal as getting cut up a bunch of times without yet again this year thing is again axe murders recovering this week. Why are we covering it because Fucku,
yeah, because axe murders are very exciting and they are surprisingly prominent in the world of death. Absolutely well just let you know so. We have a lot of times when you saw in the last episode is a lot of older cases that teen 80s eighteen 30s. It was a time when the axe- If you don't have a knife, yeah maybe you know ways to die in Boone who got an app? That's it is to die in the eighteen, you either got burned at the stake or you got hit in the head with. Most blind people back in the day. Instead of having a cane used in
Why would they know the difference? Because the big thing is that you don't want to show anybody your vulnerable, so you'd have those little tight like super round super dark glasses like what's his name, Kiana Rees Head and Bram Stoker's Dracula number those or Gary Oldman also had them the same, and then that made you blind. That said, it told everyone who are blind, but what you do then to not be vulnerable is that it said have indicated that you have an axe and then you also swinging around and stuff and then like. I can smell your sucking blood, that's right and when you lose one cent, You gain another one. So that's whether knows those were so good. That's not true! that is true in the world of daredevil is true, no matter if you aligned, people can hear your heartbeat as use it. I swear to God. I watched it on ESPN. That is true. That is true. They do have heightened senses. They do. That would be fucking annoying well, yeah, it's a world of hell, but nonetheless yeah. I'm sure people are probably asking like ok, lazy,
Why aren't we covering Lizzie Borden? You know why? Because it's fucking boring it's boring story and it's actually not even necessarily true correct. Well, I mean they kept. Who is Lizzie Borden, Lizzie Borden, I mean everybody knows the whole. Like Lizzie Borden gave her Father forty wax Baba Baba, blah all that it's a great rhyme. That's the only reason why the Lizzie Borden case persisted throughout history's, because it's a great rhyme, she didn't kill anybody. She didn't kill her mother. She didn't kill her father. The most interesting thing about it is that she may the theories that she killed her parents, because her mom caught her in a lesbian tryst with the maiden the one thing we learned from Johnnie Cochran during the Oj Simpson trial. If you can make a rhyme, they did not commit the crime. So no Lizzie, Borden's innocent on is also weird that people also sometimes call a vagina an axe wound until it would be kind of interesting that you could say that she actually finish them, giving them
swoons all over their body, discus how much she liked. For John right, so God was the first axe. Murder suicide was the first sex, but then they lived in there, like, I guess, you'll, be a woman now yeah no, but they know he made a vagina and he's like that is beautiful. That is powerful and makes you a deep person and I love them
look at it. Alright, creepy god, would be God, alright, let's get into some other creepy stuff market. Let's start with Frank Fernando Jones, it was June. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and twelve children's day at the presbyterian church in Villisca Iowa Rank Jones was a fifty seven year old merchant who had obtained a John Deere Franchise in Valaska Iowa small farming community. The franchise was a cornerstone of a hardware emporium known as the Jones Store, so by one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight. It was so profitable that Jones had enough money to build the biggest house in town. He was also wealthy enough to found, along with a few friends of Alaska National Bank, and all of this wealth enabled him to make a Senate run in nineteen twelve. So it sounds like a center is what's getting murdered hardcore by an access Tristan accident, oh yeah, that sounds about right. Mister Zebrowski! I think a center is about to get in tax wound,
The road to success was not without its share of heartbreak for Frank, had an employee, a man named Josiah more who after years of loyal service demanded that he needed to be paid just a little bit more. Give the guy some money, Frank, refused more quit, borrowed some money and opened another hardware store across the street, and that is just fucking straight up asking murdered with, and oh yes, it is Mister Zebrowski. This reminds Maine, there's a food and there's a feud in the midwest between the Fleet farm there's, a Blainesville Fleet farm and a milk. No there's a mills fleet farm and a Blains farm and fleet two brothers got into a feud very simple, so those brothers combined weight is two thousand pounds. Yes, they can't go on the elevator together and you know what Josiah more also wrestled the John Deere Franchise away
from Fernando John that he had to work with the Caterpillar company and they were inferior until the mid 1990s. She said you all get a tractor history pamphlet. When do you want to know more about? Would you like to know about case tractor? No, I do I can't I cannot. I cannot allow, to be very rarely change, topic midstream, but it's tractor. We did last podcast on the left. Rev it up got big old tractors. Miss up top struck, we've got a nice seat, Would you sit on it for awhile yeah? That's my favorite one, odd name. Sale after my mother, she died by getting hit by a tractor it's a damn. Shame is wheat, is grown tractors the
The weak got that will be right back to Wisconsin BAR. I felt like I was sitting at a stool and I'm totally engaged in that conversation, the making it even worse. Besides just opening up the hardware store besides just wrestling, the John Deere Franchise away from him more also had an affair with
Frank Jones is oldest sons, wife. This guy has in common this guy has it coming for sure he's definitely not cocky right. He walked into the office he's like I want to raise and he said no and he was like, and then you basically made a little SAM Walton. He says like I'm, going to make my own fucking franchise, make my own company I'm going to fuck your sons, wife boom boom slam, Slam Slam Slam slam think I was rock hard all the time. That was a real american he's. Honestly, I have nothing but respect for the man up to this point. So on June, ninth, one thousand nine hundred and twelve on children's day. It was understandable that more who had his wife, four children and two of the children's friends and to steered clear of Frank Jones, oh yeah. Of course it's also it's children stay which It just sounds like Christmas for molesting it is discussed it. It is not yet well the whole thing up children's day I looked in the children's day, just a little bit and it's one of those track days where
decide that. Okay, this is the day the children need to be really drilled with the knowledge of Jesus Christ all day long. They have celebrations and the main event at that children's day was a traveling preacher named Reverend Lynn, George Jacqueline Kelly, I don't like a children's day, is very creepiness. Manipulative. It's like when my parents told me I had to go to a fat camp as a kid. I was like it'll be full of troubles and candy, but no they want you to work out and not be fat. Fat, fantasy, camp yeah. That's the problem! So Reverend Lynn, George Jacqueline Kelly, was thirty. Four married an immigrant from England. It was said that he spoke so rapidly during this fire and brimstone sermons. Anyone close to him was likely to be covered in saliva. Your usual rules rules. I only I only yeah Malina tell everybody NEWS: it was an old old old old. I got a recall good app. I get all of our shoes on off honey. I think we just bought a yacht. There was an option. What issues you talk so fast. He shoes! We came on time his feet. He was short, five foot two and skinny Little fell about a hundred nineteen pounds. He was known in the Midwest as the little minister, and I just see Marcus. This is a great great grandfather like doing a wiry little man is reeking with sweat, smoking, cigarettes and screaming about Jesus Christ. You know it's going to be in there all the good that was going to be in the room when the bills in the road you're going to have to walk over him. You gonna have to look down the full control to get the part that you have to stay I'll. Tell you Loretta. I don't understand a single word that the tiny preacher has said. I appreciate his energy. They used to sell Jesus like they sell old Oldsmobile. The nineteen eighties sales disagreement at you know like I guess I better buy it, nuts, fire and brimstone. So he's just screaming about hello on the double. I grew up with the fire and brimstone preachers and those were the most fun to watch, because it was all nonsense, but people took that Sirius absolutely and it's the most metal of all the religions. God it's something like if you hear fire and Brimstone sermon, you're going to be here in this. I do I do
cell, the little minister had been invited as a guest of the Reverend Mister Ewing and would stay overnight of the you in household, but just so, I am more excited to meet. The little minister probably introduced his wife, his poor children end. The two little girls that were also in to soon after the group headed home now
to be seen alive again the next morning and really this case. I'm surprised that this is an extremely well. This is some in cold blood. Right here like this is a case that I cannot believe is widely is more publicized a lot more people don't know about. Well, that's what we bring it to light. That's what we're here. Yes, we do so the next morning and neighbor. It noticed and found it odd that none of the children were playing in the front yard will not produce no answer. She called on a relative to check on the family inside the house. They found scattered across four bedrooms, the bodies of Joan Serra more there for children and the two friends all murdered in the night with just size on axiom the wrong John Deere dealer body, I own an axe yeah. If there's one thing, we should do that we are definitely going to find out in the second part. Don't know next do not keep an axe in the house right, it will be used to kill you guaranteed. I was gonna buy one just so. I know how I'm going to go. That's right to get rid of those surprises. Well, most of them appeared to be hacked to death. While they slept it appeared that one of the young friends Lena still injure half undressed either been awakened by the slayings or been moved by the killer after
the murder. So now this is definitely so. Basically they found that they don't there's probably gory detail, as we normally would say right, he was probably mobile. The body was molested body was definitely molest, molested yeah, it was, it was molested and it's so they now know that this crime and it definitely a sexual motive, so that's only went for it and that's with a win for first they went for the sexual motive as if you know the sexual most definitely being established with the killer, murdering the other seven people in the house to take away the possibility of the mall station being discovered. A different theory was put for
however, that was at the sexual was put on the backburner. The target for the attack had been Joe more. That was the main theory they were working with and the others were merely collateral damage, but there were no clues and no solid leads. The police, local police department could find so the more family brought in the burns detective agency, because these cops were about to call natural causes on this thing it just watch it there's not a clue, there's not a bunch of blood splatter or a whole Cisco history of violence between him and this other guy gotta say this. Well, obviously, the father was learning it roses in when you get sick of the bowling pins or you get sick of the orange, is the next thing you want to do. Is you had a level of violence in order to increase your showmanship didn't do? What I can see here is. This is a flurry of accidental x juggling
gone awry. This is such an honor to be your deputy sheriff, and I hope one day to be such a good share of his you five dollars. A suicide dole is Jimmy not on this case may, but that burns attack of agency they brought in their best man, James Newton Wilkerson, don't get on the trail to burn to tech of agency is really interesting yeah. This is a part. This was during a time period when there was that the burn to tech of agency was this like privatize police for It was sort of like a business yeah There's a budget that people like that that would buy into it and there was franchises everywhere and it's uh the cool topic for a movie yeah. I really want to like a book. It's not actually appropriate for us, because it's more like criminal justice history. But it's it's very interesting. We could look at that and the paper cycle, part of it.
People that didn't live in normal society, and so it's like they couldn't be cops for some various reasons, right right, right, right, well, god- and if you couldn't be, if you couldn't hide your tracks well enough in nineteen twelve to be a cop, then you fuckedup real bad yeah. So Wilkerson course he was the first one to make the connection between more and former employer, Frank Jones, who is now by the way, a state senator. He did the lives of Jones and Jones's Son Albert Famous. Make a cold it by the victim more Wilkerson. I found the name of a man whose wife, daughter, Anne have been killed with an axe in nineteen eleven Holy Lord, the name of the man, William Blackie Mansfield. Now was he irish own quizzes them? Well, I wonder what his deal was a lackey man's man's, but I still can't get the idea out of my head of just every single detective seen somebody pops in the fifty.
Now this is a suicide. I just like that. I do so Wilkerson theorized that Mansfield had been hired to murder more but had quote when, crazy in the process field was taken Iowa, where he faced a grand jury, but they failed and item Mansfield actually filed a suit against the Byrnes Agency for false arrest in one Jones tried the same, alleging slander but lost. Because a lot of the residents in the town believe that it's actually did have a hand in the murders, despite the lack of evidence, so he was tried in the public opinion, and
and how old is Jones at this time, because this is a real physical feed on par with TED Bundy going into the sorority house at Fsu when he got the Ford chicks, nearly dead. Two digital, automated it'll be five thousand eight hundred and fifty nine yeah it does to the murders. He did not do the mercy. Someone went in there and did the murder sure sure, but seven people with an axe and most of them not woken up except for the final eight people, with an eight people with an axe in one in one sitting, That's a lot. That's a very difficult thing to do. Absolutely especially 'cause, you have to be like Gimli with that axe to be killing like eight people in a row did Gimli do it. Emily dinner was Gimli, he was in middle and he was in middle earth, always trapped in a land of Jrr Tolkien's imagination, whatever still a fictional character turns out being in her hand, yeah typical well, not surprisingly, Jones lost his bid for reelection in nineteen. Sixteen, because he's a murderer. Well, I mean it was not murder. Rumor was circulated pretty widely, but Wilkerson. He actually thought is like. Ok, I don't think Jones did it. Let's look around a little.
Get more. He focused his attention back on the sexual angle and his search turned up some very interesting information about one Reverend George Jacqueline Kelly, the little minister who preached in Valaska on children's day mere hours before they really surprises me, because ministers have such a there on double. This is actually the one who chose to be the headliner on children's day yeah. How could you possibly believe that he would molest these kids minute alters that are around children? Have a robust history of honesty, an old call purity. It's not like the look around all these kids and think about him like there. Can center like little plump little, do you know cherry tomatoes and only want to do, is play with them and and then maybe strangle him, so they can play with them until they're. Just a pile of bones was ministers, don't
that they don't want to play salad bar with the children's body just slowly block at the pickle with all these kids over in one thousand years with their great. So this way should just stop now can't believe he's innocent he's innocent was discovered. The Kelly had been convicted of sitting sending obscene letters to young girls in which he asked them to type for him in the new. That's the most perverted thing. I've heard of it gets me even more perverted because it seems more innocent than other, but it's very gross. It's also the click clack of a typewriter and him just staring at him being like there are artists, are going to type message, come over here and said, I'm having a sweet, little girl here, I'm going to eat. I want you to put the demos on your heels. I want you to type like the devil is all up in your button. That button is on fire tight, butts on fire, so Wilker,
oh and by the way, Kelly was also a peeping Tom. Oh Wilkerson learned that on children's day means you're curious. That's right! Before reality, Terrica curious person, so yes, when I air Bnb, like I, was just doing in LOS Angelus, I would yes, I would look through their things, but I'm also a sort of personal, I believe, anthropologists. I hate the term peeping Tom. I agree, I mean you look through a window, everyone just putting on their own little play for you. So much really enjoyed that So if you remember what I said earlier, the Reverend spent the night at the Ewing Home, but it was discovered that he left at five nineteen. One thousand am to take a train back to where he lived and during that twitter and during that trip Chris and discovered that Kelly had had a conversation with a couple of old. Ladies about the murders hours.
Before the bodies were discovered. What do you need a conversation about wrestling, these old women talking about a little minister? What are you up to how you wouldn't believe I saw him different body will shut up like a bruschetta salad with accent, though it was like most horrible things. The kitties are covered in blood and penises recommended mommy, who gets all riled up about it. I just loved your sermon. Thank you, He was also completely obsessed with the merge. We see this again and again, especially people with a guilty conscience. Is that he wants to talk about it. He wants to say something, but he can't think anything besides, like kids here about those about those murders, a shame they do.
We do what a lot of killers do where they, where they go, and they asked the cop hey Kafka needing assistance, I'm already did not return to yeah. He did not go back. He was discovered that he had sent a bloody shirt to a laundry in Omaha and Kelly was also said to have been obsessed with the coverage he was arrested and he confessed not once but twice. However, he recant his story prior to trial, the first trial, resulted in a hung jury, but on the trial. The little minister was found not guilty. Soon disappeared, never to be heard from again. You are, I think, you're just officially more innocent. If you're under five foot, and that is what was what he manipulated he was. He was a tiny man yeah. I guess he got. He got the benefit his title and his stature absolutely wow. So he
it's just, and and what do you do when you know no more stories of this minister? We know that he went to the midwest like stay in the midwest for a little bit. His last moment, whereabouts were right here in New York City. Any any working for does like a sort of like a go. Go a mid term, financial officer for an axe company, quite possibly it's fun. I love axe, murder, God so great and we're gonna and right now, one of the best one. This is the best one. This is by far. This is the best axe, murder in the history of axe murders, at least here in the United States. She
is a beautiful woman. She looks good with teeth and you can tell she look good without him too. She's got one of those faces. Of course, we're talking about Karla Faye, Tucker, yeah she's, a she's, a looker yeah for a murderer. If she would've been such a heroin addicted prostitute, she would've been hot. That's always the shame. Instead, she's merely pretty cute, ok, bye, bye when do heroin, cute chic heroin, chic, my friend, by the standards of people who would eventually be sentenced to death row. She is a ten jumbo Derek head, ohmygod yeah, but I like about this crime. Is that we're back in modern times? Yes, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three Huey Lewis is playing on his mother, fucking airwaves, which is great, and maybe the songs kind of sound something like this. No actually, it doesn't sell it here. We Lewis and the news. I thought this was the news, nothing nothing like, unfortunately, so the date
June 13th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, where in Houston, Texans, it's hot, it's the middle of the summer. Houston in the summer is under cool sweaty sounds like a good play. Do a bunch of heroin in a shity as apartment bring your gold bond is it would be a post? It note. I would write to myself: Bakery Traverse was waiting for his friend Jerry Dean to pick him up for work in his blue El Camino, as he did every morning. So nothing Texas about anything. No, no Jerry Dean with the Blue, El Camino he's a regular social life from the EAST coast, so Jerry's running late and Gregory, who happened to live in the same apartment, complex, went to go check on his work. Buddy Dover to Jerry's ground floor apartment found, CALL Camino gone, but have loud rock music blasting from his apartment. So nothing weird figures: it Jerry, probably overslept back door, was unlocked and just slightly open,
He pushed the door open a little further yell for Jerry. No answer, I love him out now. Come out there, don't you be playing per dog with me. Oh, come up from the ground down there, deer Isle. The guys, like hearing just nothing but loud metal, music must be sleeping gotta be asleep typical, typical. So as he moved inside, he noticed that the partially built Harley Davidson motorcycle the ought to be in the middle of the living room. No, it should it ought to be outside or in the garage that thing it was missing. Folded, Texas, coffee table. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't have finished motorcycle just sitting in the middle of that house, so Jerry didn't like sleeping in the master bedroom,
Travers New worried find his friend he slept over in the spare. That's like Eddie has added at large of the route they were done and will not sleep in his bed. Only sleeps on his couch Jed right he's got a beautiful, very nice bed, so he walks into the spare bedroom inside he finds DE and half on the bed. Half off completely naked he's had a bludgeoned mass. His horse so was covered in black blood caked holes and on the floor lay a girl. With her back to the floor, a pickaxe had been driven into the middle of her chest so hard that it went completely through her body and it stuck into the floor. Yeah require. I still feel like the number one thought this dude's head is like, but now we're is that hardly
where is the nearest gas weird, weird, weird, weird making sense, but where's the Harley? Oh yeah dean, sport and twenty eight separate holes all over his body had also been hit with a hammer, and his neck had been hit so hard that he was almost decapitated hill This pickaxe that down to me not to make fun of the victims. No, no. We never make fun of the big punk rock and roll. I mean the guy like metal when he had a metal lifestyle. He had a middle death. There's no doubt about that did have the acts that was used. It was it had to wait at least twenty five pound limit would let it yet. This was a. This is what construction workers used to dig up concrete, dig up roads. I tell you, they used it to dig up this do
entire flesh. Absolutely if you Gran, Karla Faye Tucker's blood you're, going to get that some of that Fuckin' Lance Armstrong Hgh in there as well, but you have to be very strong to do what she did. She was juice in so the detectives when they found out that the Harley Frame in the El Camino were missing. They assumed that the motive was robbery. Bob the savagery of these crimes pointed towards being more of a crime of passion, or one of
here. So I can hatred technically if you're in Texas and you steal someones El Camino, you can be charged with Texas, trees and yeah yeah, because that is defying the motto of the state which is to each man in El Camino and to eat El Camino, a man. My first car was a fuckin' eighty, three El Camino, that's right, and then you were also elected governor of that year, because whoever gets the Camino El Camino is also elected to political office. I learn so ever goes the Camino. So goes the government like the idea of a defence attorney getting her off because she was abusing steroids. They don't count her record as account trigger like Barry Bonds in baseball and asterisk, on the number of victims. Well, they thought that it was either someone who knew that people hated them or that it just been the work of bikers who the Houston Police Department regarded little more than animals. Sure If you've ever read Hells angels by Hunter S Thompson, you might,
so. I can think a little bit the same you for it right now. I've I've literally read it six times with that, but the problem with that, but that that generation of bikers to was that they discovered acid, really hard core and they kept doing acid way past passed the hippie times and basically they when they were sort of hang out hippies, they got acid and then asks made bikers
yeah, I mean highly unpredictable. That's what happens with every single cool drug gets. Co opted by very mean spirited individuals who take it to another viral when Angel dust Dirt right right or not yeah, you know there might have accountants they're not doing their taxes visit. This whole thing is very firmly rooted in biker cultures and realize that Houston had a large hells angels population. I mean they weren't, really Hell's angels. They were just by crisis. My neighbor, bikers into the biker lifestyle. Most large cities, have a hell's angel, a chapter at least not imagine a you know that was Lee. It's weekend warriors down and still in that car I mean the Hell's angels chapter here in New York City's in the east village they're in second there on second avenue when you see them outside they're, very geriatric. At this point they hold their main guy had a tricky his trachea is removed. We speak at a lot while I got kicked
That's you know he's cool, though it is kinda cool, 'cause, half a machine, but it's also kind of not intimidated so as quickly surmised. That dean had been hit with a hammer first, making him the main target in the murder. The woman with the pickaxe in her chest just there at the wrong place at the wrong time and the pickaxe belonging to Dean was spur of the moment impulse, the murderers didn't bring the pickaxe with it. They just saw the pickaxe and thought fuck yeah, never have an axe in your home. Just don't have it in the house leaving darkest on both sides. Yeah and dean could have been killed with just the hammer alone. Well, the hammer blows to the head that already killed but the brutality of the pickaxe that towards this the attacker having some sort of score to settle and the perpetrator was most likely someone with a bit of a temper and possibly a drug habit.
Every weirdo did think about dating having anything to do with drugs. Will it one thing? We know it's, not a peaceful Buddhist. Did this. I don't think it's a monk of any kind. So get in a little bit to the victim. The victims, Jerry Lynn, Dean, a little bit about him. One, be biker a marijuana because he couldn't get the damn thing put together and still living room using. I can take it apart, but I just can't seem to put it back together. I don't even know why I took it apart. I just I just wanted to get it in the living room 'cause. I thought it was bad, the problem. Is I can't now I can write it right, don't got no wheels, it's like everyone who wants to be a chef and they ordered Ginsu knives off of some bizarre television channel home shopping network or something at the camera.
Oh look at that. If you could eat a can, that would make the hell yeah. They were fucking goat as holster. That would work great. So Jerry had been married to a woman named Sean Jackson that marriage had gone off the rails, because Dean discovered that Sean had been a quote: unquote: roadie for a local band while they Tord and she had a fair amount of experiences, prostitute yeah. It was with the guys name like raised by wolves and everybody had a rat tail, and I could see Sean Jackson like in my eyes my minds: eye she's. Eighty five pounds huge blonde hair like Ab Cs, Def, leopard, but
you know just relate: it is yeah yeah, that's the Sean Jackson, yeah sure I mean it should be Shawna, it's a general on Shaw. I went to high school with the shawna. I could see she got like a trouble. Clef tattooed on her belly button. Well, Brinkley at odd now looks like a strange musical note. Jerry Dean is Anasol Geraldine, he's too good for this girl, because she used to be a rhodian blew a couple of musicians who didn't go anywhere with their career Mandy, how many people trying to get into the music business? It's crazy hard. If you have not finished motorcycle in your God Dam living room as far as the other victim went Debbie Thornton. She was the thirty two year old, bookkeeper married with a son and a stepdaughter. Strangely enough, she was not the only murder victim in her family. Her father was a rich homosexual with a penchant for young boys who had been killed by a quartet of kids. He had seduced it's sort of like the opposite of the CAT Womans Orange.
The story here mean, instead of them hold bringing him to life, they all murder him that he could have been boy. Man, yeah boy bands like really kind of creepy and weird and like what he lurks in the shadows, cool yeah yeah. He won't play Tampa checks, email! Please with regards to a trial. Just get robbed happens if any I don't want to, I'm fine! Thank you that wink avenger boy man with this with a twink adventure needs to be a comic book. So anyway, how these two got together is a Debbie had met dean at a swimming pool party at her apartment complex the day before the murders left, her kids, care of a neighbor and been
just being ended up in the wrong place wrong time, you guys ever been to a swimming pool party, an apartment complex, but it sounds really gross for Houston, Texas in nineteen eighty three to go to a swimming pool at just the hair alone. That must not clogging those straight women pool parties. In my head, literally, it's like it's four dudes one girl right. There is like maybe a two cans of Keystone light forever wondershare yeah and we're listening to a lot, all men, brothers, no yeah and yeah, and then you get the girl, it's an actual part, yeah she's yeah, exactly she's in a brawl in the pool and just a bunch of dudes stared at her. That's Then. Eventually they get into a fight over her image. Debbie was yeah, so can guide. You just so happen to choose her knight in shining armor, Jerry Dean, yeah wow,
when deeper into the life of Jerry Dean, detectives, James, Ladd and Carolyn Newman. They uncovered a volatile relationship between dean and a heroin user in part time prostitute, a one Miss Karla Faye Tucker, who could have been if she had met like Gerald Ford she have been the first wife just never know it never know so car a little bit about her. She was twenty three she was born in nineteen sixty two, a woman named Carolyn Tucker and Caroline's. Two daughters were old enough to smoke, which we need for years or years old. She shared joins with him Carl's. First experience with heroin came at the age of ten when a biker dope her up. So he could fuck her she Fortunately, though, got sick and the biker yeah because as soon as he heard throwing up he's going,
throwing up yeah. I can't deal with sensitive it's hard to be a biker, always lonely on the road. I travel a lot. I know it's hard and Carlos was described as tough forgiving of sleights hot head, and capable of cold and unrelenting hatred. So you put that right at the top of your tinder account right. That's what I would say swipe right. Absolutely after Carl's mother died. She moved in with her sister Carrie Ann. The guy named Danny Garrett, and they were soon joined by these guys. Jimmy Labrant and Ronnie Burrell she also much Texas Dirt bag, so much yep, there's carrion, Karla Tucker, then there's Danny Garrett, then Jimmy Labrant and then Ronnie Burrell, Ronnie Burrell, I catch again. It's just like no
sleeve shirt, Scott, exactly sure that his party naked on it he's just doing like curls, with a twenty like twenty pound barbell like in his driveway in front of his Camaro, but not doing him right no way halfway and then getting a little bit winded and I guarantee one of the house. Jokes was when every time someone took a drink out of a spit cup and they would just laugh and that's true tobacco- that's good! They all lived on house in Mckean Street in Houston House is all about drugs, sex and the biker life Kelly. As far as the conflicts between one of these yeah, let's get a link in there like about drugs, sex and the biker life. I'm gonna start doing man tight, T shirts, girls, with no teeth for you. Oh yeah, it's going to be wonderful. So
I've been a lot of conflicts between Jerry Dean and Karla Faye Tucker, who had met one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. This had been a two year. Contentious relationship, Carly, considered Jerry to be a fucking poser, whose only connection to the biker life was that the fact that he owned a bike didn't wear tight, t, shirts and jeans and couldn't handle his fucking booze and drugs as well as the crew at Mckeon. St could Charla said that he was quote. Percy of a man he's also mean to Shannon he was. He was being done, he was, he was mean to shawna. Shawna was Carl's best friend, well, Jim
is just he's. Not a nice guy is not Guitarlos Aran Carla Fuckin' stood up to him. She wants punched him in the face so hard that his glasses shattered synonym to the hospital to have small shards of glass removed from his. I owe my glasses over the small shards of glass. In my I wanna cry baby. She also burned a picture of his mother, who am he burned a picture of her more this guys gotta go down. I have no sympathy for this poser again Carla, marry that girl. If it wasn't for the rage in the heroin, I mean you know when you start heroin before you hit puberty, that's not that good yeah! It's not ordered to be raped by a bike or you just not going to have any fun stories so the murder of Jerry Dean and his female Companion was cheating on her husband, who is bad mother. I ain't no such thing's wedding ring in the south yeah, not in Houston, not in the summer time, so
the murder went unsolved for a month in five days before a detective named Jc Mosier, who wasn't even in signed to the case, got a call from the Ex husband of one of his high school friends. I can definitely see so. You gotta call for those Douglas Garrett, the boyfriend of Karla Faye's, sister Carrie and the brother of Karla phrase boyfriend a bit incestuous, yeah, so yeah. I feel a little bit give somebody a ring in the south you just it just means. You gave him a venereal disease yeah. I gave her the ring, but I also feel like Douglas will, as you sat there, and he was sucking on a lone star inside well, it's a bitter, cold police yeah. This thing is like no, nothing spurted. He just sat there like watching funding like Johnny, Carson, Reruns, God too, Aaron said that Carla and his brother Danny had had nothing but brag and talk about the murders for the last month. Couldn't stop talking about how she came during the killing Tashi orgasms during the killing. She said: Doug
with every stroke, my goodness I mean, Do you even do that? How do you com will you stab? Somebody is your? Are your thighs rubbing together time? It's me, it's all about how you don't do I've heard tell of women to the you make themselves orgasm just by thinking about the things they got to get the juices
go to LP on the left, it's a lp on the left and the lady fans. Let us know if that's a possibility on Twitter, yeah, yeah, yeah, well, yeah. If you've murdered someone with an axe and you had an orgasm during let it snow. Let us know if you've done it and let us know if you had an orgasm. Well, you did it. She told her sister Kerry that she quote gotta nut every time she baked Jerry. She got it. No! I gotta nut. This woman needs different machines, different influences. She needs a strong female influence. Absolutely she needs like a sally field. She does well Doug. He was fine just hearing about the murders, but Carla and Danny had started talking about killing people who knew about the merge, namely Jimmy Labrant in Carey's, husband, Ronnie Burrell, then like what I told that story about that when I had the guys did roommates next to me, the gutter punks next to me were talking about like we gotta kill your roommates yeah. Yes, yes, that was like damn.
So this is terror yeah. That was a great story there on a bunch at adderall in drugs. Yeah, that's a couple! Episodes in it's a wonderful story, go listen to it, but so It's a terrifying thing: if you're talking to somebody who is telling you about the crime they committed, and then there are also telling you that they're going to murder everyone that they told about the crime because you're still me but the crime. So that's why I'm now! So I have to go. Tell me about the crime anymore. You could just stop talking, so it just sounds like he called the police because they were getting annoying because he was just here in the same story. They just were doing month and jabbering on about this ship for a month straight. So you know that you the story about how you murder, two people gets boring past time to stop talking about it.
So Mosher. He told Doug that at the moment the confessions they have could only be treated as hearsay, yeah, 'cause, specially 'cause they're, Rambling Texas, to just called on the phone told that he's sick to death of hearing his fucking girlfriend his brother talking about how they murdered someone with an axe was on meth and well. Can you not read so long? Can you freeze in before you? Let me put my boots on yet they all sound like Boomhauer from king of the hill. Just like, I don't fully understand what you're saying, but I think you committed a double murder. Is that random name, so Mosher. He said that he needed Doug to wear a wire. Not only did they need the two to confessed to the murders, but they also for some reason, really harped on getting Carla to say that she had orgasms during the murders. They really wanted her to say it only fits because they're all like giggle milk,
this next part nerd. She fucking busted a nut. She won't be careful yeah. It plays well into the narrative and you will get into it, but I think they did give her a bit of a Charles Manson treatment just a little bit and it Doug. All that he was in trouble. His safe word was Jesus. Best cheese Christ was a safe Jesus. Ain't gonna save you now buddy, so just or five in the morning, Doug walked in the house, be keen street to find everyone in sight away can drink yeah. I bet yeah, because That time, because I mean when you're living that life bed times, eight hundred am yeah any wake up at like six pm yeah and great time. It sounds great yeah, and it's not no, I mean. Do you get a lot of puzzles done? Oh that's what they were. They were working on 3d puzzle and I'm sure they were organizing some sort of toy drive for kids like it or not, something when I'm on math the first. I do is charity work. Then all these kids are like or needles, technically toys. Now,
take their doors. Take a toll. The torso inside the house was Jimmy Labrant sister Marla run Burrell and a woman that Doug knew only as cookie that's because she had a cookie under shirt. Yes, of course he was in so Doug was told Carla and Danny were in the bedroom. So after a few minutes of small talk, Doug said his mother said you know, I've been wondered junk over there with mine, kill them. People and Danny replied. It was a freak thing. You know it happened. We are highly site. Will freak out you know and when I ask how and why it happened. Carla said: well, there wired we was looking for something to do with their cut case of place and something said: go
it was a lot creepier than Alexander said. Go. He says, God nothing said: go win in there. Just stabbed him twenty, just something like girls, I fucking went to high school and she was. She really was someone that you probably could have gone to high school. If you want to shawna did disappear like a few months in a senior year. No one knows what happened was that retarded girl, you guys all had times with Amanda mentally disabled him? That's what you're supposed to call taxes leave him alone and about the pickaxe Carla said between popping pills. She just said it was there. It was there I mean the and again that's on dean. You know, hands is own fault. Yes, the Doug Garrett. He left the house at about six road away on his harley. If you may,
it's Ronnie, Burrell, looked out the window and said it's the fucking law, the laws here. 'cause you broke it. Everyone in the house is taken and questions, but no confessions were to be had that day. Joseph Magliolo local DNA. He had this to say about Tucker, her at the way she looked and everything about her was the personification of evil. I mean that's pretty a lot of occasion of evil, and while they did have a confession from the wire, they needed a confession to make the case air tight. They needed confession that was written in sign everybody with these fucking confession. Man do some detective work, nope surprising though Carla would be the one to talk as to why she confessed. She said I wanted to tell the truth. I wanted the real story to be told. I had to do something about how sick minded. We must have been to think about something like this
and she just got off on it too. It's difficult to committed a double murder with the chick, because they're always going to want the attention for it. You know guys are just like we can stay mum posted to Facebook posted to Instagram. What filter should I use on this corpse that I just step twenty six times with a pickaxe it can we just have a memory? That's our memory, but it's like you, don't even want me anymore so part of the motivation for the murder had been the rumor that Jerry had put out a three hundred dollars contact contract to anyone who is successful in burning Carl's face or in her face off yeah three hundred dollars for burn interface offer paid three hundred dollars to get the God Dam hardly put together, which is something that's also like an improv suggestion. There's been lab, give anybody how much of three hundred it's a bath. Spa it's a bird damn thing, so I heard your suggestion. Thank you. Nick can I get a season fall right. I hate that season
in retaliation, Carla Jimmy and Danny decided super up on meth and tequila. For the thing to do. To go and steal deans Harley parts and sell 'em, so Carla, as Carlo White Red we're going to go, see LISA, you know we're going to do we're gonna go steal. His pocket motorcycle that buck impose random fucking dead. Do that thing no ways so we're going to go steal and we're going to show that mother Fucker who's boss. He want to burn this face off that I'm slowly, burning from the inside with crystal methamphetamine habit, goes to his car part store still his motorcycle partner, I'm a celeb, so Carla haven't kept them from a time that dean had left him at her house had a set of Jerry's keys to both his apartment and his El Camino. The Google goal was just simple fat Danny. He brought a shotgun along, but left it in the truck. Instead,
and he grabbed a hammer on the way. It's just straight up stupid that stupid, because the shotgun is going to help you a lot more in a robbery than a hammer in a shotgun makes a loud noise and the hammer relatively quiet when it comes in contact with the human skull. But don't you feel like you need to be pretty competent and swinging a hammer in a ditto in attack formation? I think he's going to swing it a bunch of times and I get lucky, that's true. So as they walked inside they heard dean from the other room shouted what's going on, then Danny moved to the spare doorway of the room. Carla said I was right behind him. The light was out in windows on the far wall and there was a little crack in the curtains and a little bit of light coming in, and I could see the silhouette of a body that set up. I couldn't see, detail faces or Jerry's clothes. Anything like that, but Let's see the outline everything like shadow on the wall and a walk Standing, went and sat on top of Jerry Carla. He said we can work it out moving.
Your dead, mother, Fucker, ok, never mind, never met and Jerry through Carl often stood up Carla looked and saw Danny silhouette. Is the hammer came crashing down on deans Falconhead Dean?
under the floor started gargle in Tucker said I kept hearing that sound. All I wanted to do was stop him from making that noise. So I looked, and I seen a pickaxe against wall I reached over and grabbed it, and I swung it and hit him in the back with it for five times. Oh man and the brat who was along with them. The only one who didn't participate in the murders walked in the room to find a simple, oh, never, mind yup. He found Carla with one foot on Dean, trying to remove the pickaxe from his back said that she was wriggling it here in stat free lifted overhead. Looked over at Jimmy smiled and hit the fucker again goddamnit warning you have to stab a pickaxe into dudes back, so you can't actually pull it out with the relative ease all the way through all the way. So you know he's gotta come a little or derv. Oh ok, yeah skewer him a little bit with it. So Jimmy obviously shaken he left the room to call Ronnie Burrell to come pick him up. He said I burned off 'cause I didn't buy in for that's not what it's supposed to be. I hadn't gone. If I hadn't gone
Danny was loading the motorcycle parts into his Ford ranchero? Damn he's got, isn't anybody have a honda than anybody? Have a Nissan is happening at one point for reasons unknown key returned to the room, took the pic at some Carla and drove it into dean's chest and returned to his Luton shortly thereafter, and it's at this time the Tucker finally notice that there was another person in the room with her what this this whole time. Everybody knows who's in the wake up during this entire. He just sat there, pretending to be like, like, like hey, see, Maine this is stupid, that they can't see me. So I'm just going to keep lying here. He said that the woman's head was under a pillow and she knows that her body was shaking under the covers. She was scared, yeah and reacting just almost instinctively Carla, just fuckin' swung at the body and when axe, embedded in her shoulder the woman started to attack Carla hearing the commotion. Garrett came back to the room, pulled the two apart and then just fucking left again and
can just sat in the corner crying it hurts. If you're going to kill me just fucking hurry up, daddy came back we came back kick the woman, the head as he removed the pickaxe. She was not flat on her back and Danny, plunged the pickaxe in the woman's chest with such force that it went clean through her fucking body, an end to the floor. Yeah collecting butterflies, it's like pinning butterflies do aboard. Oh, I see right right right now, but they get into womanhood pickaxe, not a little pin more grisly, yes, yeah yeah yeah, because if you do that with butterflies, you're, a scientist and you're well respected, so the two grab, the motorcycle frame. Finally, in left a little
a little over a month later the two would be arrested, tried and convicted of murder and be in taxes. The death penalty was on the table at the sentence of a meal, I'm immediately all mandatory that you have to like pretend like they were going to get the death set exactly so, both Carla and then Danny were sentenced to death by lethal injection. Although Danny died in liver of liver disease in prison before he could be killed by the state Carla, we,
the first woman in one hundred and thirty five years to be a kick executed in the state of Texas Sinh appear Rodriguez in eighteen. Sixty three was hanged for murdering a horse. Trailer really fun is really interesting, the but the controversy the came or executing, or was I mean, number one, because she was a woman yeah. I told you because she became a massive born again Christian. She became the space. I remember this when I was growing up. She became the face of the evangelical movement and one you were. You were evangelicals, they can be relatively sympathetic and almost liberal is when it comes to the death penalty. Death survey. That's why also, whether pro life, because they believe it's a little person inside of there yeah and she found God. She took up aerobics and crocheting. A that is true, that is G did take up aerobics and crochet yeah and she took out she'd. She took the the major leadership role in death row for Jesus
right. So this is the major minister there yeah! Well, she even went so far as to marry her minister, while on death row, a man named Dana Brown, which there should be a law against that Mary ministers in prison. When you're on death row, you can anyone can get married on DEC, but he can do whatever you want. It's just how you swing it bro, so Karla Faye Tucker. Yes, she was the face of the anti death penalty movement. She had supporters that included Bianca, J, Jagger husband of Mick, Jagger, Ex wife, your Ex wife yeah, the Reverend Pat Robertson and Pope John Paul, the second right, but it was all for not as in nineteen. Ninety seven, her last appeal was rejected. Her fate was laid in the hands of the Texas Board of Pardons and paroles, meaning the for the decision was made by the governor of Texas at the time. George,
Bush. No George W Bush would never murder nobody there's a problem. Also back in Texas, I mean like the governor was: would get his own executioners Hood star flag on it and he would do it all and don't know WK order her with a pickaxe. Well now, why can't? I just kill her with a pickaxe the way she killed that woman. If someone wants to make me an exit, understood out of the Texas flag. That's great, now We make a really great. Please help him be a bit more isolated from society. Great idea help Marcus, make himself less wanted by everybody in society that side for all of us! That's how I like it w This was a lot of pressure on this guy 'cause. He was an evangelical himself as he was and he was again with Pat Robertson. Reverend Billy Graham also came in defense of this woman solely because she was white, and so
because they loved her hairstyle and they all kind of wanted to have sex with her also, and then this I fucking hate this press conference bullshit that he did, basically when they when they announced it denied the thirty day reprieve of Karla. He had said so, God, through prayer and concluded that judgments about the heart and soul of an individual on death row are best left to a higher authority. May God bless Karla Faye, Tucker and God bless her victims famous, except you made the judgment. Well, they made that I actually am with w on this one it would have been. It would be hypocritical for him to let her off. Everybody else dies in Texas and in honestly, Karla Faye Tucker. She she thought she was going to go, meet Jesus think she had a really good day yeah until she realized that, like all that with that's, not real. Yes, people are pretty stupid yeah. She was totally. I mean yes, she was okay with it, but yet I I read an article that made a very good point as like: if if the name was Carl talker, no one
given only cared a little bit more pigment in her skin. She would have been dead long before these fourteen years. So yeah and moments after George W Bush made his announcement Karla Faye Tucker was on a hospital gurney awaiting lethal injection. She dries lifter. Let let her lips call twice grown softly as you come Not then not anymore, no bend that you didn't come, or at least it didn't say whether she I don't know Ben, do you think they put him, put two fingers up inside or dead pussey to check afterward. I don't know, I don't know what they do. I don't know they're grown, so she grown softly as the drugs course through veins and she died at six hundred and forty five pm her last were God will give you peace with this. Everybody has been so good to me. I love all you all very much. I'm going to oh Jesus, now I'll see you all when you get there I'll wait for you
you telling me all I gotta do is live in amazing life. Then, when I die, I get to me. Karla Faye Tucker know that woman who murdered those two people with a pickaxe. Yes, I will never have sex with a woman outside of marriage. If I could to me Karla Faye Tucker my favorite axe, murder of man, wow wow. She is she's not going to have, and it's known that's real now now she's, just in the in the ground right now. Well, I guess you got it just really sad. You know in the end, if, if you I, your life being executed by State of Texas. A problem means you large life by emergency with an axe and what is that? It's rock and roll rock and roll? Thank you again. We did it so that concludes this episode to axe murders, two parters, an axe murder. So we could do another two in the future. I mean there are definitely some stories that didn't get too, but I'm sure we could definitely do some more yeah. I didn't even get through this entire books. Karla Faye Tucker was the furthest I got.
For two episodes? We might do a third in the future. This permit alright find us on Twitter at LP on the left and I'm going to give a hail yourselves. Thank you guys so much for listening. A hail Satan, Satan for the gifts to bring the strength that you give me. Thank you for making me Brock, harden, clever, quick and making sure I find good deals on furniture for my house. Thank you, Satan for I had a really very good batch of thai food last night to thank you, say
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