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Episode 165: Ed Kemper Part 1 - A Bit of a Bumblebutt

2015-03-11 | 🔗

Our Heavy Hitters series continues with Ed Kemper aka The Co-ed Killer! We start at the beginning with his locked-in-the-basement childhood, the cold-blooded murder of his grandparents, and the development of the methods he would eventually use to kill 6 young hitchhikers in the early seventies.

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Oh, my god is guys should be embarked let's if Bartlett's is about fuck and I had was dead girl. My right, you are, I think, the whole Bartlett's quotations would be very different if each quote was about having sex with the headless fuckin corpse, I dont know what Bartlett's is you never know owner research paper, you'd, never try to make an uneasy. I am away message forward and class. Are those cliff notes for smart, smart smarts, No, no! No! No! No! It's books of quotes that I used to read. I guess the seventh eighth grade than you'd say something like that words. Like I don't know like now. I would fight for truth. I would fight for freedom, but instead I
fight for these laundry bags from like Oscar Wilde or something I don't know I don't make up, quotes like that. Now have Oscar Wilde, Clockworks Oscar Wilde, courts, it I'll just be like I'd. Stick a boy's Dick had cream in it. We ll go Oscar Wilde and then put it on his grave. Yes, depending on the age, there are re register, yeah yeah. I fucking hopes- and I was your behind the scenes. Banter known, I would harry. I think I did it for the audience, but our data for us. Thank you. That's Margus parks. I've been castle, he's taken a super gov you. I know you I'll tell you this. You know, I'm finished lonely these days, you how things have been really you know the apartments empty.
What was really empty, really empty, not even a kitchen table, not a lot of furniture in my home he'd standing up. I have you because I lost all my bird but I'll never be Edmund Camper alone. Will we let reading about his life all realize you know what I'm fine you're doing better than Edmund Camper? That's your base for success. Everybody in the free world is doing better than Edmund Camper everybody, but retreat I've been camper. That's who were discussing today finally got to the big guy, the massive man, the biggest serial killer. That's ever exist now inner camper in our big hitter here is the sky is sort of like a Randy Johnson unit, he's the big you We got Edmund tempered the Kohen butcher, the Kohen killer, big head, no yeah, Bela Friendly I wonder how we got their name began: six foot, nine
hundred pound makes little chubby I'd hate to be his pants area. He is a very big man, funny little mustache, which I think it's fun use a very sweet guy, Smee fungi. Oh I mean in in a week at the cop bar. Yeah very sweet fungi ended the highway department, his friend he had friends, or should we say a quaint and yet acquaintances yeah. Also, what I would say about him is my my feelings towards ebon companies. It he sort of like a gamer gate. Nerd is the type of killer that I find to be the most pathetic because you know like dollar was tortured in TED. Bundy was another sort of displacement killer that will talk about later on
the public s and but like TED Bundy, I was kind of Lucy had like people around him. He was just a true fuckin psychopath and Charles Manson was gonna sticks up twenty four seven ever camper really needed like mystery from the game he couldn't. This is all because he couldn't talk to women yeah Edmund Camper, if he'd have a childhood that he had. He would have been that really nice guy, that worked at the highway department. The just watch really fucked up porn, maybe or you would have been the case, Geller? Oh yeah, I'd go with the latter yeah. Well, a core like: let's go first, go through a little bit about em in temper. He killed in defiled six coeds, his mother and his mother's best friend over a period of three years and centre California in the early nineties. Seventy one I also say about him to it. I remember researching by him before, but I forgot how um, how defiled these core
were this guy, he was a bit of you know like Martha. Stewart makes like the Doyles. It's like you know. If you leave her alone, you know she'll shoot out fuckin. Ninety fuckin loyalties her office, that's what he was doing with cotton, chicks, heads off from socket on their feet. It was a real wild fella give you a man I'll hand. Is there anything more annoying to killed in your mother and her friends. My about p knock all constantly according to Peter Vronsky. My favorite serial killer book serial killers. The method of man is a monsters. Camper could be described as a displacement killer. He killed eight people before it finally killed the per and that he wanted to murder all along King Coop, King COBRA Pupils, TAT Group and a plumber was always try to hurt him. I add my by ETA Guy back cause, I ethnical about fine, but it's a game. I hate me right in my
Ellie buttons, how I have to Times. That's all it was his mother was knocking cow? Was his mother, so also feeling thus a very rare and serial killers where they actually got to the source. Yet, where a lot of times they'll, kill, kill around and couldn't like TED Bundy had built up an image of a woman that he wanted. Murderer? It wasn't an image of a woman. It was a woman who would scorned him yes, and so he went after her forever you after women that just lie with the long brown hair are in the middle, and so he actually got it. He actually got that we gotta play for the Yankee recover. I've got the World Series rig. So as far as Santa Cruz, California goes see. Ok I'll bet a history about that in nineteen. Sixty five, the University of California opened in it isn't campus, and I know it is blew up the hippy popular all, my God, the heavy population, because it was a retirement and tourists community at the time, but with
Seven years of the university arriving in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz became what was known as the murder capital of the world. She so we're because it used to be the buggy board cabinet and that's the fastest, the Buggy board capital of anywhere. Into the murder capital yeah. I don't think that's ever happened before, except for Cleveland lot of water. The ad hoagie board put phase of clean and was short love. You think through no. No, no, I could only had with empty alleyways had no upper doubt football stadium. Butter reigns over now and again. So you never know when you can use the reason why I was does the mirror capital of the world, because, during the period of nineteen, seventeen and nineteen seventy three there was a spate of murders. John first of all, John Frazier, who is an extremist and they hippy lifestyle killed a household at five in the mansion family style, meaning he killed them all in one night to stop what he viewed as this
bread of progress that was ruining the natural environment. Will he's gotta kill more than that to do that need to be guys were driving suvs. That's the problem! That's think about that. In my bag had Nugent, yeah yeah did get him that go get at Newgate Herbert Mullen. He killed thirteen Santa Cruz residents to is, he claimed stop us, Cooper earthquake from sending Californy into the ocean. We don't know that he didn't just save the planet than is actually true, so he might have been a planet. Tier exact, firewater, wind earth, heart and- and you're in with nigh. I remember that ring that was a tough ring to get your mother would never buy it. For you, the greatest thing about people who killed for a reason that is supernatural,
never know when there tell him the truth you may only after he could have tea could have stopped the ghost civil war we just don't know. Do we now goes verses ghosts, brother against brother, let em out let him out of prison and, of course, Edmund Camper killed, six three wheel and hitchhiking coeds and dig. It could be said that there is possibly some sort cosmic balance here. The love of the hippy movement, with the hatred of the rise of Syria there in the late sixties and earlier said why your daughter go to college, get her a car, yet allowed out there just hitchhiking all over the place. This should be the new Toyota, Toyota or Nissan commercial. When you're go into Gaza, one I'm jargon, man syn What were they walk? You? No one's ever been pulled from their previous and murdered. It also could be deadly, be proof that hippies are just really
easy prey either. We re right when we are actually talking about, but how do I get it really easy to kill budget hippies, Beaver, calm yourself, argon, moonbeam and you're, not saying I'm on aims: Larry Gilmore to everybody. Nobody knows who you are it's easy for this slide into an orgy invalid fall off a back DEC The ravine may write about how many orgies were dead. It is cause slick with lube smoking. A cigar just be unlike kind of do like the new people. Slavery is literally, slips were for three minutes right aside on his own Lou be covered feet. I didn't shoots over. The rail link here may never seen again, thank God guys, like camper. They effectively help too
the Happy movement yeah. Thank you, Edmund Camper, an usher in these super violent. Seventy, oh yeah, and everything I lay happy is all about. The heavens were more on things. These girls at yours, killing we're not even essentially hippies. They were just college. Girls were very I here because of the kind of woman than he light, which was demure, petite five foot to relax some gorgeous JANET because he said you know I and the best thing to look. I'm putting you know I like a pretty girl, yea and their own one of those guys he's one of those dude that looks like shit he's fat, but he's like a fuckin pig american that fuckin pay again because its promise, if they got a big fickle neck, it so hard to get the bone saw through all that, MR good nice, pretty young girl? Oh so nice, you just take a parent since this, let you gotta had all your own sure yeah you met infomercial, truly United Zoo YAP gives the ninja knife. I forgot,
a part of it where they were talking about petty yeah, where's is screaming. Petite college CO had tied to a tear needs is slowly slices through then, as I could still cutthroat Amanda. Why did you buy it of these girls? They were really they weren't, I hippies, but they were still live in that kind of hippy lifestyle rules we have in Ireland, but yeah pretty Mckenna, however ones just a hipster now back in every way It was kind of a happy now camper. He was among the very first serial killers to talk to the FBI. Behavioral science is unit which really led into a serial killer profiling, led the commission like Wayne Williams and people like Basque. I love to fucking time. He has the among the largest public archives of interviews of any serious he's up. There would like the Dahmer to our interview. Yeah has like fibres. Eggs our he could I gotten into radio yeah, you know cause you. I mean we already got a six
seven monster right he figured you'd, have imperfect for radio and one of his interviews. He did hours after his conviction, yes and it. What I actually think is about that about his personality and feed that that he really was very lonely. He lived a very interior life working to cover it now. He was indeed a very hard term reach. Not that was always his thing. You said that I want to communicate. I want it. With people and have them understand me, but I just keep kill anyone. Ursa Susie cells, like the little moment. He had a little more here. Yes, example confront his Ursula and he to get his goddamn father back Little mermaids degree legs. Little mermaid three oral has gotten legs. She is now six with nine three hundred. Do I being heaving monster who drive and around looking for hitchhikers and whom she pick up Sebastian
the crab had so bad. You got some fashion. The carnatic subversionary, where you re going good power to good, pose a young man, doc cooler. Why you stuck up to go to talk to me. You know I just wondered if exhort about I got this pottawatomie like the boiling a highly in a back seat, say I love that movie before we get news childhood, I just want one copy at the very beginning here, a lot of the creation. We have about egg camper comes from Camper himself, but it is worth noting that he gives conflicting information. Indifferent interviews here is what we will be discussing bring huge penis over and over and over again, as it brings that have relatively regular. No, he tells us that he tells about five different stories. Yes,
They are while the differences. It isn't like a completely different story. Every time there are the details are off and he also gave a dip. Testimony on the stand after he was caught than he did in his confession to police. The man understands that journalists, Dick idea that this story is better than the truth, is that if you have a different, if you have the choice between the legend in the truth, go for the latter gets yeah right here. I and Williams effect is actually very good at narrative honestly, these very good story- well yeah, yeah, we'll get into the books on tape. He I yes, oh N, Edmund a Compare! The third was born. Try with that middle name, your email, I think, as a means of now its Aim- ogier member dragnet member, the dragnet movie
yeah. We aim over. Why would I get you beta members? There I met movies. Sane ism was involved. Could you not love their member to our member, the the guy that was kind of the henchmen? His name was able Skirts oak and it was pronounced in. It was about em I'll sign, no, its aim. Great. We got that is occurring. There was born in Burma, California, middle child and the only son to Edmund Ammo, Camper Junior, who came in at six put aid and his wife war. Now we are now is an odd one. Here you don't hear their name too often, and I don't ever want to hear it again, because it's for show horse it. It sounds like a weighty popcorn from the bag. Here the collar on cloning, yeah Coronel gap exists Emily Domineering, violent alcoholic, definitely made a habit, abrading add in public whenever she could
It sounds like the first theme of like a common dont of a police department or, like you know, my car now get up. It's bizarre. When she was a big woman is well she top that six feet tall. Yes, she was a big domineering, woman. Again we're going to see this guy's a constant in many serious narratives she owned Edmund campers life. Yes, a child yeah at the age of eight. She discipline them by force. To sleep in the family seller for eight months, the only way he could get out was through an exit through a trap door that was underneath the family dinner table when I they would pull the dinner table out, let Redmond in pushing back over again and of course he couldn't get back out until the next morning. Try just gonna make the case that this sounds like an extra
the fund little hiding, really awesome. If I were a trap door under the kitchen, I call on you to make your little army plans yeah. We look at me like it's like the goonies. It would be so excited you sell it to the kid like it regula and then guess what you have to see your kid for good, eight to ten hours a day. That's a tip prepare needs. It differ parents, don't let him know you're, hiding you're, putting him away, because your word he's gonna molested at your door, or his sister you tell him you it's a pirate room, exactly make it fun for the future. Serial killer, Ed's father and was nine. His father left sick and tired of car. Now, after his father, let s became a gigantic. John Wayne Ban
Oh absolutely ragged, you yeah yeah went in that when all throughout his life that's one of the ways he was able to ingratiate himself into the cop lifestyle at the jury, room where he could walk in literally, do like John Wayne impressions and ages loved him. He really got along with the cops southern. Not a bunch of drunk mustachioed cops had no love, six foot, nine woman murderer you in John Wayne impressions there with that time, doesn't existing you or John? When was the only dude? There was really around that's where every single guy modeled themselves after what about Rock Hudson? Well, now the ads mother constantly compared into his father? She fucked in Haiti is as long as you found any details as to why she hated the father so much or why she kept saying that I was a thing. Is that she kept saying shoe. He was just like his father. Well one of the things.
As mothers that she was diagnosed with borderline per hour. Bade they'd think that she, a borderline, precisely became a super paranoid about both of them re above them about them, leaving her that's one of the signs of a borderline personality disorder. She was married three times, so she romantic. She had a problem with relationships, let's just say that so at the age of ten add already above average size, you know what that's like Ben. No, I don't know No, no Ben is me, I'm five foot seven year. Just then the petite one kiss you know about above average size. I know nothing about what Edward Cumbers Lifestyle was a child and his mother described of his quote array a weirdo. It's because she was obsessed with the idea tat. He would come out of his room at night Emma lest his sisters, and this is why I am saying yes, if I imagine it was partially unfounded
she was mentally ill and she looked at him and she commissars father. Just like I call you know it's gonna. My ass he's got my last as soon as the change comes up with a promise is also think that I feel a guy that thinking someone's gonna molest somebody straw It is a two way street idea and a lot of times is that it's, it's probably knowing how admin turned out that he may be was given a little bit too hard of again or it sisters and his eye in his mother possibly saw it because we need to look at this to me. This is the key Men, campers personality, really is it she was. She put him away, saying that you're gonna policies basically immediately taking the idea of women and the like that, the up and placing them on a pedestal above him, one thing we know is not put up pussy on a pedestal. No, no! No, you can
attached. I d C drive rule that out, but other good, always if they could devise from a taxi driver open, that's a great idea and who is by the way and when he was a kid he was nicknamed guy, which is a real weird nickname for a big that's like somebody on local man of the ion he was sent to permanently sleep locked in the base. In every single night, only light with a bare bulb, being from a why again kind of cool. If you're a child you can play with their say, I'm going home again with this is we're playing the game called russian prisoner embassy. I interrogation room. He said this is where he allowed his hatred of women festering grow. He said he'd stare into the flames of the furnace for hours and later to FBI profiles. This is where he saw the devil space for the first time, a man in all the devil's face of the first time, and I fell in love. That's what I was saying earlier and I saw it. I looked in the mirror and it's a flash remedy said king.
People at them all, and I was like here funny: yeah devil from nineteen. Eighty, eight, no one goes to the mall anymore. Where do they go now? Well there, mostly on line that you will not Amazon, shot, choking ripple and their homes. Ok, my other, so she put him in a closet to toughen up that's what he heap. What that's another one of the conflicting thing he said, but the gain, if you think he's gonna unmolested. This problem should be tough and Emma. I owe you a wink at you. Why are you want to weaken the boy so shortly after he got exiled to the basement? He killed the family cat by burying had alive, and that was kind of a revenge is first revenge against women because he believes that the cat is switched its attentions from him over was sisters and he said that he killed it to quote, make it my, and this is where it should have called the cat daddy how to fix that
origin: temporary, not all bad man. He's rose, misunderstood, very misunderstood we're completely understood by his mother. We don't really know so after bearing the cat camper, dug it back up again cut off the head in mounted on a stick in his room and, amazingly enough, he was able to his way out of it. He was able to lie and tell his mother the no. No, no I'm not sick, I'm not fucked up. I don't know what he told her exactly to get out of it, but it was the first lie, or I mean my mom. This is this what I like to call a stinky lollipop. This was therefore is first here it was his first experience in hiding the darkness and being able to persuade people that no there not a necrophilia murder. He behind this outside us, no regular, nice guy, you gonna know if you want to keep that had before you barrier,
I myself more work to do with three relate Travis three plan. Also. I think that what we're looking at Edmund temper of all of the killers we ve covered is probably the deepest sociopath of all of our words like we're Darwin Gacy. You know like a good look at him, as a german gay sees the ultimate to me in cloaking his personality right, where it's like. He was a politician bay, public figure, but I think, and a young and secretly was a boy murderer and love a success, but I think that there is a difference of german case. He got to do sort of a play out his fake personality on a macro level that he had to do in public on tv in front of people like in board like in front of like you know, the boys at the Fuckin lodge like that
Edmund campers fate. Personality was right on top and it was a personal thing because everyone just the same things. It he's a nice guy. He was a sweet guy and LUCA. That's a persona. He's is affable kind of guy, but he's a truly he's a fucking monster jam venture and if you watch his interviews any time they ask him a question. There is no pause before an answer. Not but there's no thinking, there's no remorse, there's nothing there. There is the and there's not remorse, there's not like. I should he don't they gave us like. I shouldn't have done this, it's more like did a horrible thing, yes light. He doesn't. He burly says I shouldn't have done so camper, not unlike Dahmer who, if we remember, played infinity land, yeah Camper, also yet a weird bizarre childhood game. His favorite one was gas chamber, yet his sister would tie him up and throw it imaginary, switch and then Edward tumbled into
or in pretend to die of gas cover funny one actually thinking I used to play animals. We pretend to be different animals, get it one, that's a normal wedding. I relate to the animals in the kill, the Gatt and then to haul would come no doubt impasse in which one he also Prairie dog Elsa. Not me again, daddy, not me again, you're making love a terrible such action under I'm happy. You got through it, so it eight seven. He would sneak out of his house with his father's bayonet in go to a second grade teachers house in Watch or through the windows any would fantasize. Even at this young age, he said he said he would fantasize about killing her and having
sex with their corp. She said I knew long before I started killing that I was going to be killing absolutely, but that's a normal cycle. I went there all thing that they could even keep a pitch work around, because I take the pitchfork out and I'd go to stare at the gym teachers, our businesses, because sick, claiming that Fuckin wrote. I hate the rope. The rope was terrible, so we had a real calling, oh yeah, from a very young age How I always knew I wanted to be radio if he wasn't too big for the Navy, then a good Navy man We could have fit him in a submarine god so, but when his teeth, sister teased him about one kiss a teacher vision, this actually comes from his sisters. Testimony on the stand he said, if I kissed her, I'd have to kill her first. This is it aid seven. So this guy had these, necrophilia tendencies from a very young age you haven't. I feel it should be because kids are weird kids, a super where I will
but that's a little bit stranger than usual, like usually kids you're. Just like, I would guess her, I wouldn't I don't want to who do you know he's using all kisser after a murderer? Yeah again, while our early wouldn't kid see, go since shit like that, one That's where scary, when they're like there's a man in the car he's got a top hat. Niece s end ended mommy. Abraham again totally slavery, sub the emancipation broccoli. She's coming right in your closet. Thirteen and ran away from home they were living in Hell, Lena Montana. This point we made an ice play super awful place, late, Montana, goddamn later Montana. Yes, let it go fatter, profound Miley, Cyrus, I'm away the Monti proposals, aluminum alternative! No one wants to know. Marilla Doug you ever met, cleared we're looking for a thirteen year old girl, Colonel Droesse, perturbed Colonel Jos, backed it here, from a lane Montana. He made it
LOS Angeles, where's father was live and tall, and because he said I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go live with daddy. I'm gonna go over daddy because I believe that they were very close. He loved his father, idolized his father borrowing, a father did not return. The sentiment, no is ex wife, these new ones. I actually said the please: send Eddie away. He's gives me my great age. There is very presence, gave his stepmom migraine. I mean he's a huge kind of tar tar boy. Like not hers. I would assume that his own mother didn't want him do. How would this other lady want? Because at this point, is public six foot for he's a big fuckin bungle bungle, but I would even call them
all. We got no viable by when he said he is talking about talking the girls. He said you know. I talk talk to girls. I was a real bumble by yeah. That's exactly what he was he's a bumble, bite and so kind of opinions to be around and he's probably knocking over your glass figurine acts earlier, because you so big, while is big, fuckin fat ass oval over the phone I'm going to defend and we live in a world that is not equipped to analyse. I may add, who is for thirteen rip cabinet doors off ass. We knock and over the rounded orator shouting has shoddy craftsmanship. It's gotta be able to handle a strong or with is the problem of it's gotta, be a specialty house. There how's your fuckin buffalo like body. Why does it have to be a specialty house and not just their houses, because the rest of us are normal side at a vast majority of people? What about all of the the little people, then? What about them? What about
I'll get him out of the one great he's talking about the grumpy nomes up. That's what I like to call out of her. They actually refer that term. Yes, grumpy, z, rump he's kind of protein after he was sent back home in retaliation, he killed another family cat. This time he got a little more gruesome with it. He cut off the top of its skull with the machete and expose the brains kept the dismembered body in his closet and tell his mother found the cat parts ya, gotta, stink, low, but yeah Ba Emily I I heard a psychiatrist one of these, a forensic people talking about why A lot of Syracuse, especially serial killers who kill women, kill cats as key of course, symbolically had CS symbolically that cat is a feminine animal, yeah soldiers, slinky thing, and also because I also put this waste, but especially in campers case- is that they are selective with their attention.
And they are very and there there's something about a you know like. Maybe, if Dahmer had a dog We would like other dogs always happy to see, even if we beat the fuck out of a cat, that's all to get even the anomaly we two cats. I'd knows all and I ll sit on my lap. I give him treats and kill them and its Miller pause and I play with their tails, and even the Elect Normie or young away for me. Here rise them around you and try to bribe them, so you can pull their tail so shortly after the second cat incident add, was sent off to live with his paternal grand men. They are passing this body. I got a hard core, it's hard to have a bumble, but now it varies: grandparents renamed Edmund in Maud Camp through solid people of the earth, yet very solid p it mean spat. Gotta me, it's a big family, the whole families gonna be a little happy and it was ads
other who actually set him to live with his parents, but his mother, who was kind actually was starting at a pretty good insight into a she called him up, and she said you might wake up one day and fine. They ve been killed in the way of good Lord the hue. Phones, they must have had oh yeah, large farm god do you know they gotta communicate yeah, you is, it was seriously got there. He was given a twenty two cow rifle. A lotta young kids were ed, was in the boy scouts right. In fact, that's where you learn how to use a knife and to hide grave sides in things like
The boy scouts tunnel, lotta people how to become future killers away. I intention, I suppose, TAT Mean Hitler. Hitler and created the idea of the boy scout sure to make stronger soldiers for the fatherland. So what is technically we're wasting only soldiers were building with the knots were, teaching them and no campfires shit that they can set in a cell in the cookies. If they're a girl one fit, the Ets is crazy out there. How many soldiers were just? Let me whither on the vine move, yeah yeah. I guess we want more of them Other than but you know when they found out that he continued his practice of killing domesticated animals and paths, the gun was taken away, but this being a ranch, they still kept plenty of guns around and that's the thing. Admit, heads grandmother, kept a gigantic forty five in her in her by catch its occur under a drawer somewhere. Please, sir, where internet underworld, her dress or you'll, have to one and she would come out and literally see him was playing with it argued at this
and be like making fuckin sauce within, like the cook and eggs with engine like that, and so I got your point were she she had to take it with her places, an camper would say: he'd watch her leave with Herman purse. Jam pact needs like watching your purse. Grandma she's like oh, nothing, nothing, NED, Newton discounted, though, and he's like, looks like you got your gun in their grandma signal. This gun he's gonna go thither. She goes with it. And then he go look for the gun, she's and would you believe it she took her gun like she didn't trust me with it. I have to leave it and that's literally in the interview hours after he murdered after he confessed saw the murders, yeah yeah, so he's literally just be like, and you believe she take the gun like for me it's unbelievable, and in August two nineteen sixty three nineteen sixty three shot his grandmother in the back of the head ass. She was sitting at the table reviewing a chill,
one story she had just written. Ah, oh you, though, in order the mouse in the brain, splattered grants comes from behind you in blood, your brains out he fuckin blower, brides fire tumor. Shot newer back and then stabbed her money out of some people say three times seems to be the consistent consensus of how many times he stabbed her in the back, so we shot or thrice and stabbed her through A grandfather came home. He fucking shot his grandfather according to him cause you're also see this alot reads like a heat I didn't know, I wanted to save him the sight of my dead grandmother, all that I said I, but he says it's all time heap it's it's a pretending thing. It's distancing thing. He says it's all the same thing with the with the girls were used like when he D first double murder. He does any separates them. Unease like basically just being like out, because I wanted to be nicer than did the nice blonde one that was sitting at the front with me, and I wanted to save the sight of watching her best friend get murdered, and it's this its gets. It
said distancing and it shows how much of a sociopath is, because he thinks by saying that he saying that, for our benefit got his, he saying that. So he feels better in a moment closest thing. He can come to compassion. Yes, and you couldn't you could he says here when he asked why shouted grandmother who says I just wondered what it felt like to shoot. Grandma, but death could also have been a part of the fact that a lot of his stories were trying to get an insanity plea goin for himself and they because in another interview he says he shot his grandmother because she reminded him so much of his mother gaff, because she was pretty damn veneering as well, which might tell you why Ed senior married car now in the boys what we want and that these men marry their mothers. It does seem like add, needed some structure. So, unlike I'm gonna, we on the side of the women in both these cases, because it seems like I've been camper, was a sociopath needed. A tiger. Mom
Well, he was declared a paranoid schizophrenia by a court. He was fifteen at the time in centre. A task Darrow State Hospital in the criminally insane unit, their California, youth Authority, psychiatrist and social workers, strongly disagreed with the psychiatry diagnosis. They said. No, he not a paranoid schizophrenia, he's a fuckin sociopath Yang, using completely AIDS and empty vessel gamma ray you're gonna watch him play this system in this hot. Oh, my god you're. They said he showed quote no flight of ideas, no interference with thought, no expression of delusions or hallucinations and no evidence a bizarre thinking. He was diagnosed as having personality trait destroy. And passive aggressive type or I always staying quickly, would boil into aggression. I guess he was seventeen at this point writer like sixteen fifty ok Cocoa committed, even when he killed and sixteen by the time he got to task
You described every comedian. I know I'm not ass young up and coming. If there are just some more open MIKE's around, he could have been spent in some wonderful jokes array salute. You she's a shame it just too tall d b on TV. I don't feel in thanks Hollywood Armada pedophile has not address tiny, so time Lily Lotto France grade, and then he made him in real life, and there are some good timing smile. So so he started work in the EU with her working at this mental hospital and he managed to worm his way again using his visit, we're going to see it he so affable and friendly and easy to like. As a guy. Came a media best. Friends with a psychologist, the reason why he was able to ingratiate ingratiate himself with the psychologist. Much like you were, with the cops later a task Darrow had sixteen hundred patients, dozens of them them were murderers. Over eight hundred were rapists and there was a psychiatry stuff,
at only ten, yes, and so there is not the worst one there by any means, also looking for allies. Yet they want allies because everybody does gleam in the end they it's like in prison to its like rub, prison guards will match up with prisoners and befriend them to basically find out of shit scorn on the inside. You you, you get advance warning of stuff, but so when day befriended each other again him and he's fifteen, he he seems like either that or is it just seemed like he was just a loss friendly kid and by the way, his iq tested at one hundred and forty yet near genius. So he had until while he was working with the psychologist. Basically, I made him sort of like Isabel Assistant had access to hundreds of case studies which went a grisly detail about like crimes and rape, unlike basically, he figured out how to use and based on an and like results of psychology, tests and Suffolk that guy he gambler,
and all the methods he learn how these and, most importantly, he learned how these guys got caught in the most important lesson that he learned from these guys as far as killing goes, is that you do not leave any witnesses when you rapes. One! That's how all of these are you don't leave anyway? You say that's what I want to see: don't leave any physical evidence. I thought rape when I want to be in the first lesson. I think if I were to teach a class called rape, one or one would be like joe- do it guy that would be a day or two common in here just doing their doing so, but we also say I mean he was also jerking off to the pictures of of rape, women and in all the people, tell him about how they raped and what they did when they rate, and he just a jerk and having a great time and use you saw this also with Richard Ramirez at this- is a very important time. The development of your sexuality death and both of these guys, their sexuality got tied up with violence and rape.
At a very young age, because you sorted realizing because the he felt so awkward about himself personally that he I feel like he got an earl, an idea, early age of like. If I want- and I gotta go, take it death the exactly and about his worth echo ethic, the psychiatrist, the heap her friend it he wrote. He was a very good worker and this is not typical of a sociopath path. He really took pride and work yet because his work thumbing through grotesque pictures of raped women that he was come into gave you always do. It was his dream job, oh yeah, absolutely, and he would help it their stirred tests to other prisoners and in the process of administering these tests to him, he got in extremely clear idea of what psychiatry considered insane insane
so he was able to play the system to such a way or by the time he was twenty. One only did five years in this hospital for killing both of his grandparents right by the time he was twenty one. He had convinced the psychiatrist that he was ready to go back to the outside world. They thought he was cured right, yeah, we'll just go to send him out there, just just as soon as they can start drinking hard. The perfect for the sociopath and we're going to see a time now to now that he's out of jail in twenty. What we're gonna make will see the same thing happening in the habit of Manson is that in those five years he was gone when he comes out on the other side, the heavy, since now go and get well, you miss the whole beginning and he must also MRS adolescents, completely from sixteen to twenty one, the only people hunt he hung out with or middle aged men and rapists right wherever I mean what is a better environment than the one he was in previously it sounds.
Well. You know that in speaking of that, when he was released psychiatrist all of them, wrongly recommended that he not live with his mother and all of them they straight to they said straight: they debt they break eminence, like put him in a halfway house at that they recommended that he go play. Basketball, India, play basketball. No, I M a serial killer. I was in a target the other day and a guy. This generous heiress goes as was was made, can make. It was claimed that the floor and he said to me and, above all, was your high I'd, be play basketball too next to him. Yet great bit. Ben Kizil does stand a bit. I stand up how many back the end of coming back to the two after Ed move back and with his mother to move to Santa Cruz. Where
For now now, with the last name score an bird, oh yeah, Coronel Strasburg, she became and administrative assistance at the University of California, and this is going to be a gateway drug down to all the all the music. So all of these poor women now this is a very interesting fact right here. It is me There was extremely popular in very helpful at our job. On campus everybody loved. That's how I always yes yeah. I mean I think that his mother wasn't crazy nailed it. I think she was always a sociopath. She saw it when he was a baby. It was a literally a thing we're just like you saw him. He was always weird. He was always a little locked up and she was looking at him and he's been like. I must kill it send them to a therapist stance. Will
raise it. Does it matter either way she harvested this demon creature inside of her room and in birth, the monster that disgusting. So she was divorce for the third time in she blamed Ed for all of it. She said, because of you, My murder is son. I haven't had sex with a man in five year. Your bushes, all Harry Elles, like random tuna, dance cause. You look like give a hockey Malagigi one had sex with the wicked witch, notably amount of the Vatican, Guinea Dong get your six. Would tall monster woman, so Camper got a job with a cow forty highway department moved to a tiny little apartment of his own, but couldn't escape his mother's mother. We constantly column she dropped by.
The apartment, and now with this woman's Schroeder Mixtures report any by it. I just feel like. If you don't like your suddenly alone, I don't know. I think she I again uncertainty completely turn I used to blame the mother when our just think she's trying to stop a massacre claim in the mother. You gonna leave this kid alone, so Camper one key really wanted. He really wanted to be a cop. Of course he wondered how he try to get a job at the California highway Patrol, but he was too bad guys. Mr Squire, what's on asylum is now the guy looks like Frankenstein. No way you mean to tell me, I think, on rising costs should be six, what nine three hundred pound, what he wanted to be a chip. He wanted to be a guy on the motorcycle call me look bear on a motorcycle laughing at him drive and ass. They re like lurid this guy, I agree, bigger cops, big cops, don't shoot, we just grab
grab. People really swing arms at onto the giant for the princess bride the amazing somebody's knocks on the top of your card ears like I've. Unusually looking at his dick officer. What, where area and his way up there is an acute because a hotel, The tall is, did he play basket? you don't like here, no added so keep them, so, instead of since he couldn't join the highway patrol, where did he starts? Hang out with cops? You know what this is so dear to the Louvre different, but my uncle was too fat for the army had just remember, there's any came back with super said, but he just he loved the army, and then he became a police officer cause. He was only six three anyway exactly. I can't be too fat to be a cop. No! No! No! I was a requirement that you can be too tall, but you can't be too fat, yes interesting, but he was too far for the area of regulated got back, that they wish
In fact, you are very grand, that's why I'm named after they would literally just use you as a body shield elder why you wanna go so bad, so he started going place called the jury. Roads is weird, then is a cop are because the one thing cops hate to do is go to Fuckin court yeah yeah, daily mergers guides the worst thing forum in he was able to go here. He was able Ex Nick is way into the cop circle, because he was this big genial guy. He was just seen as like a harmless ict eccentric. They called him a cop groupie yeah. They calling that that happens. A lot and again inflict Charles man said the music scene, which is a good guy, just a guy. In the background who's. This you guys want your job eject clash with a jerk box. Again, I know it's every time. It is a problem, but this is totally different than Manson, because mansion was like factor pigs. You know he was totally counter culture and this is like a hippie movement and where this, like the seventies now and you just like, I'm, I'm
start love in the communist. You here to vote, everybody hates he was very conservative cause. He was more comfortable in the conservative world. Well, if you are so uncomfortable with himself well it s, because also you have the same thing with TED Bundy he's a good over public and boy. Oh yeah! You know, I mean it's: U yo! You have the facade of rubber publicans. Every time they ve sex candle, it's so much more deprived. Did anybody else, my braved just obvious yeah? Is anybody wears a suit for a living is getting his dick sucked by a boy somewhere up. That's how that shit go. Why do I don't know? Any man you see you gets is like shoes polish at the airport, has had sex with a dead one regarding other gotta get the evidence off gas. Oh here's, some real cute, one police officer even gave him a please cadmium trainees badge in a little identification card, so he could pretend I am solely trainers. Twenty two years old, sir, you can have a real batch, and I realise that I would dispute that Edward Eric S devoted give me that
playing all the title lay on drivers, Vigo, they apply in the middle when Ed started, kill and later on. In the middle of his murder. Spree he'd go to the cop bar in the cops would freely discussed details of the case with and most importantly, they would tell him what traps they were setting. They would tell him what sort of methods they were trying there were, using to try to catch him, so he had the inside information on everything. Yes, but then he also. It also made him super paranoid which will see to it that around him kindly expand on that daddy's own thinking. There were onto him and should like that, when the chips are, the cops actually had nothing. Tat now
rob through this glued trap. Air travel renewed well. I got a ham sandwich and I tied to a tree so Susie attacks that within our Christmas tree and put a bunch of free, presents running, but silence had free, present, Runnin ably led window open to a room, and they do is put a bunch attacks underneath the the winner Micro Machine yeah, so Ed, as we said earlier, he completely miss the sixties, an completely missed his Adelaide adolescents. Altogether city fell like a big old bumble bought, and you know, like I said he wanted to be a chips. He wanted to write a motorcycle, though he bought a motorcycle for himself wrecked it. Another motorcycle right the combined only is bumbled but a feeling and in a persona, but is also an actual syndrome his, but the five feet across yeah I read out, as I know you do he's kind of pear shaped you gotta Bagel Swinger, on the bottom of the annex,
in order to spare a motorcycle, ah poor guy. Then, when you see a six point, nine die fall off a motorcycle. You don't have to help a mob because he's big enough to do themselves to laugh at the end of the second one was in his fall, so he got a settlement out of that and with its settlement he bought a year Oh forward Galaxy yeah and he figured summit. He figured out a plan to, I guess, get to know. People of the younger generation he's gonna, start picking up female hit China, no great, whether before tender and know what he said is a when he has said, which I don't know if I believe, an honest and he was not necessarily rehearsing to start telling yeah. But what he would do is be he would go and pay
a girl on the street. We see Rural Walker myself said pick up anybody, but anybody, but that to be only women and women, he would kind of pepper with conversation and learn from them. What what things they like to see in male than people who pick up hitchhikers her and that our men an end? What makes them feel comfortable and somehow got, and he would talk to him and he start to have sexual fantasies and what we're going to see in this time period is where we talk about all time of Alec. Serial killers give themselves little allowances and they do a thing whether they like will now I can. I can do a little bit like I can kind of expand and they kind of accidentally find themselves completely rigged. To be a murderer. It's a Gary Ridgeway, whereas ardently starts ease, starts going prostitutes and then he says, like ok will now I can get a little rougher with them now I can start choking them a little bit while I have sex with them and then eventually, he accidentally chokes one that finds out
make some com fuckin bugger yards yeah yeah like coming Ben Baileys, cash cab, will you started off easy course. It gets much much more difficult to survive. He said he compared to chess. Does he think he is a good chess game? He would like learn from them. Ask them so like what he felt culpable, and he say what he would do is he's a literal. Using now you can do to drive a car, Ronnie Kinky yank the wheel over and pick up a girl, because they're gonna know you been drawn over for about a mile. So we are about to do as you get ya. Pull over here. Look at your watch and act like too, even if time penis looking like an Maghreb to it. So he had this system. Then yeah yeah he'd had a definite system and he had been developing a persona for himself. That would be helpful throughout the union over the next few years. The gentle giant persona.
You know something like he's. Just a big guy he's really nice, he could be. He can look a little bit off, but since it was kind of where he said, women would open the door, look at him and be like. Oh I'm, just looking at a bloody little use a term issues like oh he's, just a big old dark gap can get in. How would this dark day on cause? He is, he is dead, just happened, dork, that's three hundred pounds and fuckin wants to break your dead body dork. That is a door. Is anyone your cat, the door? So you're, like you, big old door through like your six foot, ninety one I have sex with women's head. Yes, ok! So, as energy said, the behaviors centred escalate first started with growth. Women, I always bearing a bank robber, groping women, and then he started practising techniques for trap and the girls in the car with them, because yet
yeah right, so it was one of those were- was a force eater, but it had just one side door, and so what you do is because he was so big. He said he would start playing this game when you have hitchhiker in there and we like, I think your door is, I think, a dog is open and he can reach across them, go to the handle and when you do he'd palm a chap. Stick and he'd pop opened the door and close it again and then drop the trap. Stick behind the door handle so that a wooden open there. Also trapped in a car and you as you, this is dry, runs often and then we'll go must so must be wrong this door and then go fix it and let him out yet so eventually he started carrying a gun underneath the sea that that's how it that was the next escalation. That was the next allowance. Then he started keeping plastic bags knives above
get in handcuffs in the trunk of his car and by his estimation he said that he picked up around two hundred and fifty hitchhikers, any of whom he could have been chosen. A hundred and fifty with the gun ran with all of the equipment in their like any the fifty and then he said he finally fell the inner dry, the urgent need. He called it. His little samples sounds like it's gonna fun. I felt like it like a hostess cake yeah. I levels Dapple Skull, armed robbery feeling, but also during this time here you can go into an inner moloch with himself, for these would cause. I was kind of his problem is because he could not broach conversation with ease when properly and connect to them. Was nail in it, but not really do is come over because they were at a distance to him. He stirred view some as friendly and some ass haughty and I was like a guinea would begin to because he kind of ETA Madonna horror complex. Like obviously,
where you'd be like, he thought he was a Medina. He thought it was a whore know. It's like he had. He viewed. Women is either innocence or slots, and that was it. It's the only spectrum he had so it's like if she was or like someone, it was thought tat. She was too good for him like a that's. What his mom would say is mom was basically a leading up to that. You, like you, wanted his mom, introduce him to two girls attic on campus and she said no because there too good for you, while they were nets exactly as the beginning he's that big dumpy guy who says you know a day, you know four may only thing for me is a pretty girl. I can have Ike again. Have a girl? That's a little from me. I have to have a pretty girl he's like Clerk Griswold. What is it cousin or whatever, who rolls over
trailer home during Christmas Bake, cousin s kind of got a job on whole now for a management board upper managed through school. It's like this guy is totally did. This is where this is, where the delusion the delusional aspect of his personality really come through the idea that he can did that he thinks he can get an attractive girl. Also like Henry said, these are the game or gay guys user gee, I don't know a gamer data. Is I mean it's ok, so it's the types of guys all women are fucking. Bitch is because they won't talk to them in their view and even to because they can't connect anyone guy sort, viewing people as like. You just think you two fucking good for me. You fucking bitch, exactly are at its like that. It's one of those eggs words like you know a girl's always go further. So. Why can't they go for a nice guy like me to go. There are a lot of nice, guys, you're, probably the ass, so Emily hampers nice guy and the real monster became so separated you'd. Also it's like now
It's like the nice gives true. These he's always exec. Why could they just be with the nice guy like me because put the promises it because he's a sociopath he's forgotten that the nice guy persona completely constructed it's like that's a rose communion part about us, a sociopath as it you can create your fate personality and then it just kind of lives, like I told ya like it now like it, lifts now and then Nice guy, Ibn Camper is the real guide you, but he still separate cause. He talks about all time by others to them, and that there is enough, though, on that. It's the inner monologue him as the one that's actually sit in the driver, see stare at the whim. This be, unlike you, think too, fuckin good. For me, that's what this is all well and good. If there's two of em they're deftly stagnant,
of each other. He carried. If he should thing is that I really feel like the police said they really did a bumble up of the job when they didn't realize you is just seven kids in a trench. Come have to always look out is a record in a bunch yeah. But if you want of crashes motorcycles, you couldn't ever picked up anchors, and then you know I mean he probably would have saved our poor. I bet he was really good at like pension pennies, like saving up his money want again to bind the things you have Hitler's nowadays that we could have just gotten a tablet. He would have been an artist. So now let's go and she was so he's ramp up now he's ready to go. He is primed to kill so yeah. That's the end of any the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning. There's a lot of these heavy hitters were it's like we, you have before you hear about the measures you have to understand the man, because he is demand to be honest. Its both he's both
re unique of a killer, but also we see a lot of the same strange lotta seemed signs of summit it just what he does next his crimes surveys Would you rather than informational, episode next episodes all bout that head rape? we don't know. If you play basketball, he did not. He d: never he absolutely never die, and by lawyers like Kimber understanding this guy, I think he is above initiative, both typical atypical, but allow a lot of serial killers. There, or levels there like you can compare camper to a lot of different guys as we have. You could also compare Bundy to a lot of different gas UK at using, compare Gacy like Gacy, is a small town politician with delusions of grandeur, also kind of a bumble. By also a bubble, bilingualism, all Shermer Would he also killed? Thirty kids, you know I'll put it up, and I want to put this question to you. We talked about this, the other night we were putting hammer when are we can get the next one,
The next big hit her that I don't think it ever gonna happen again. I will, I will get it it's happening right now. We just don't know about it. Absolutely pegana, mosey, just between you say that, like your island which never my grand comedian dealer far too large. Don't you ever always the jagged we lobbied, signalled its tributaries cameras and everything there's no way to kill anymore, the next, no nine, killer, we're gonna see it's gonna, be like in the woods of Montana. Some oh yeah absolute, because I mean there I'd think there it's two reasons I think it's cameras and I think its face, but we also Chris Kyle by the way who wrote a book about it, you and what you're forty one he was our guide. We made amenities government made him so
that was a serial killer and for better or for worse the first. They also just want to say really sorry about the dead in the Uk Tory awaiting its against, or is our car control we out about it. Like you guys found out about it like pretty much gonna dropped in her lap, we're coming and look in looking like October eyes when we haven't gotten concrete data, but we are common in UK. You have no idea how much we fuck and wanted to go there it just beyond our control. I pay me all. The beer in my bags already said that they invented fucking beer. Now. I am now bud light there. I was gonna bring some over, though to justice. I could we could look at the cultural differences between the Cannes how'd you get there. I also want to plug my friends. Kickstarter called Frankenstein created bikers, I'm gonna put it on the facebook page. It's a fucking gonna be a nuts movie is. Is it of you you? She watched a film dear God, no you'll see what it
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All let's do a hail yourselves. Everybody think you guys. So much may think you so much for For now the shows your unceasing are and highly gain in Vegas knowingly. I'm a good solutions, hey guys to closer more shows like the one, just listen to go to cave, comedy, radio, dot, com.
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