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Episode 166: Ed Kemper Part 2 - Momendorf

2015-03-18 | 🔗

We wrap up our Ed Kemper two parter with all of his gruesome murders, from his copulation with the disconnected heads of his victims to the eventual treatment of his mother to the same fate.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time I'd like to stay for one. Well, as we start the show, I believe Robert Durst is innocent. I mean out in favor of Robert, I think he's cute and fun and I think he sweet and I think he's got a bad rap. You love him for the money Henry you want to pull in in in the coal Smith and Mary that millionaire. I'm just saying. If you gave me a chance, I could make the final years of his life in jail sweet years so well in jail. You know I just Every man has his reasons. I don't want to put that as a sort of blanket term for all murder
I think, with Robert Durst and specifically in specific terms, he has had his reasons. Yes, I'm He killed his wife absolutely killed it just 'cause. He didn't like her, though, but that's not a good reason to kill something. To reason really there's a reason for everything he killed, that old man in cold blood and fucking chop but his body with with a bone, saw He chose to hold you and that takes physical work, that's horrible right! I'd, say they should give him a medal for you to be able to crack that guys, fucking spine and rip his head off nursing her rip his head off. He couldn't get the bones through his fucking neck bones. How many times have you know he had to step on the neck and literally wiggle the head back and forth until it came off the body I met, takes Robert Durst, a man of reason
it's good to treat. Somebody treat your neighbors head like a toddler's tooth, just wiggle it out it should I say whatever let off, but I think is a good way to get a homeless man's had a near homeless man's head removed from his body heat. I little string about it, tie it to a door slam the door. Well, alright that Alright, alright, alright work, my by Robert Micrometers defense, please let me know he made a mistake with the reality show. Usually when you're a triple murderer, you like to keep a little hush hush. You know that he started speaking well. Peeing and that'll get anybody in trouble.
Defense attorney that whole confession, but I won't do this here. I do believe. I believe that you can say he was sarcastically. Running out of conversation to himself well perhaps, will cover Robert Durst and millionaire murderers on another episode, but now we got a guy who was actually good at murder and he is poor as hell over yours get part two of Mister Edmund Kemper's story. We haven't really gotten to the gruesome dark stuff, but we're about to get into it now This is so it looks. This really get dig into this fucking huge. Again back to talk about like Edmund Kemper a largely in my mind. The biggest sociopath murderer, not even just physically I think like in terms of deep sociopathy. He is up there in terms of a good bartender, and no one gives him credit for that. Was he yeah What's a bartender yeah was no working.
No, he wasn't. He just hung out at the bar you drink at a bar. Well, I'm sure the little behind the bar every now and again, the sling. So have you been tellin bartenders that you're a bartender? I could walk behind the the the the way it is okay is: okay, is okay? Is okay, I'm a bartender. It's I know world in general is a no all of our goods and I'll give you a tip is in my belly, hey! My name. Is that right you walk in your the bartender. Then you get to drink it so this is we're getting into Edmund Kemper's. First victims, we watch him, so he's rehearsed alot up until this point, which is I think it's a very big difference between him and other serial killers is the straight up rehearsal time, takes ten thousand hours to become an expert practice practice practice. How do I get to prison in the future practice practice practice? Yet he has been practicing for quite a while and he does
he does already have two murders under his belt. He has killed his grandparents at this point. Grandparents don't count they do they count for one. Do, though, so it's on May seventh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two. When he cannot resist the urge any longer, he picks up two the two girls, Mary and pesky, and I need a loot chests. Are there had I can on a freeway ramp. He just Merry Mary as hot. Stuck up, not beautiful, not ugly and dis. So you know he served in opposite town. It does seem like that, because the last thing I think of a hitchhiker when I see them is: oh, they come from class. Look at that wealthy woman, just hitchhiking, like everyone, should give her a ride for free, but in this time period it really was very true like there was. A lot of hitchhiking was very, very normal at the Hilton's of the world. Weren't doing it, it was still a very mid.
Plasma tv application. It was Wilton Hilton, eighty year old, progeny of the entire family who created the empire. He wasn't hi king because he was writing slow, leaves in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two. He had a slave. He did yes, he hopped on his back for, but This is we're going to see. This is where the pattern emerges, where he views a woman who does not immediately engage with his nice guy personality and have used her a stuck up haughty one of the bits that is mom won't, let me come up and all he wants to do is rape, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Let's call Marianne pesky, she was an experienced hitchhiker. She didn't want to get into her red flags immediately, went off 'cause for one this is something a little mistake that he made as far as picking up like doubles. He had a coop his.
Galaxy didn't you had to pull the seat back, which is where you get a creepy thing to do, because essentially you get that back seat. If you can't get to the front seat, you're trapped in the car completely trapped, so merry and didn't want to get in, but I need a who is new to hit tracking and thought. Oh, this big man he's fine. She convinced her to get in and and also pulled the watch watch a guide someplace to be I'm sorry, I gotta go to the giant shoe store. They figure out they're bringing in a ship into leather to make me some new heels. I'm a performer so they were going to Stanford University. He knew the entire area very well from his time at the highway department, and so he star driving them around without them, knowing that he had changed directions, he wasn't going to Stanford University. He was
into a remote location, classic maneuver, truly, though that has got to be very frightening when they were saying that basically you're an hour into your trip and you're like where the hell are, we going and he's just like, even he pulls it twenty two out from underneath his seat. He pulled a twenty two caliber handgun from underneath the seat he by handcuffing pesky in the backseat, about what he told her here's what he said. I said you know I'm running the show here or some cliche, there's uh ITALY no contact with improper areas. In fact, I think once I accidentally this, but this bothers me too. Personally, I brushed, I think, with the back of my hand against one of her breasts when I touched it and it in,
first me. I even said whoops, I'm sorry works, yeah plastic him, you see what a, but this is the deeper deeper lie your down looking at when he starts when these quotes all come from the confessions that he made like literally either. It was minutes up so after he was caught till like couple of months, and so these confessions were for his benefit. That is my perspective on him yeah just say: don't let him handcuff yet I'm just yeah. Just with the no I mean these are run and he's got a twenty two caliber hand. Jive I mean they're going to get shot with handcuffs on without him yeah. You know, I never did it all with a flail Malaya. I am a squealing twist. Sing monster by ever make him never you'll, never catch me I would just be like, and I won't stop till I'm dead, the nightmares that person will remember if they can just have the last memo being Henri squealing flailing around there now they'll never know never kill again. This is, but he also talked about his move, the move he did to pull
Twenty two said he would it escalated overtime that he would practice it and he would keep the gun next to underneath his leg, and he said he would sit in the car by himself and pretend basically practice pulling it and pulling it's going to hold. He got. You know it's like when you're a kid in the playground and you countdown three two one. You take the shot and you make it, but he was doing that with a gun, the card ever just like. Why is in this car movies? Like I'm projects in my gun work, it is normal yeah, I'm just doing my buzzer beater. So he take that's Chester out of the car after he handcuffs passkey, and he books are in the trunk, he comes back to pass key
he does this as as, above part of he believes it's showing sympathy. Yes, because he says he's like well. I don't want to see what I'm up to do to her. If there is anything that he did with the that he just used to justify killing his grandfather's that he said that he didn't want his grandfather to see his wife's bullet ridden corpse slumped over her children's little did. He know his grandfather wanted to see that every single day he was alive, he opened up his journal even wants you to see, he had sketched it, no all of all time it. So he comes back to pesky still handcuffed in the backseat. He throws a plastic head because he said I had this nifty idea about suffocating so that if that is pretty nifty, fifty I'd say it's pretty keen yeah. Definitely so next he wrapped a bathrobe belt around her neck. He pulled, the belt the belt snapped and pesky bit through the bag, and interview clip and this
but he said happens next and pulled a knife out. I still had the gun in my pants. I stabbed her. She didn't fall dead, you're supposed to fall, danger supposed to go all in fall down. I've seen it all the mobius right. Don't work that way when you stab someone they leak to death, they lose blood pressure and more and more and more. You complicate it many times by where you're hitting the pain you're causing and the aggravation of the person involved, plus whether or not they leak a little faster. It wasn't working worth a damn. I stabbed her all over her back and achieving turned around and stabbed in the side and stomach once WHI as she turned around. I could have stabbed her through the heart. Her breasts were
sure, and it actually deflected me. I couldn't see stabbing a young woman in her breast. That's embarrassing! I didn't say that to them back then I don't think I may have, but that's humiliating to admit that that was that affected by her presence. I stabbed her in the belly that had to hurt worse, I didn't do it to make it hurt. I was trying to shut her up and she ended up getting her throat throat cut and I learned the term here. What that meant. 'cause. That's why it went absolutely interesting what a fucking piece of shit nerd! I think it's, I think it's it's like. You just totally thinks that that reverence it makes up for it. He really does and even yeah he does and while he's even describing it, he so distant from it saying the term she ended up. Getting her throat cut is like she did it, yeah yeah, because that's what you saying is that, while that loving term that that blow
thing we talked about her beauty and, like I wanted to stab, are depressed up until then, he called her straight up: stone, cold, stuck up bitch leak, is a strange word. Yeah, Bert or drip Orlek is accurate, yeah yeah bags of meat yeah. So we just had gun with him the whole time and why just use that, because he forgot. He had it basically going to find out later. He forgot. He had it stuck in his pants and he forgot to use it when your big, you can lose things on your side. I've seen you do it. I've seen you how many times you're like her. Do I got shoes on and on those like man. Did you get on the subway so with Pepsi? Bleeding out in the back seat, he basically goes over to kill the other limited to kill me, yeah when he opens up the trunk and I need to ask so what happened my friend as life. You said I broke her nose because she wouldn't do what I wanted, so you knew to come and help are so in need
gets up and add, add reaches into the trunk. Brings out and I've called the original Buffalo Skinner yeah, which he also called the general, which is such a nerdy thing. So you get the general yeah and stabbed her in the throat eyes heart and four for and he also said that he was surprised how many stab wounds it took before she lost Conhecida was wearing really thick overalls and that knife wooden properly, like literally bounce the first time he did it. He said he the first time he had or hit her so hard. It flew her up onto the roof, almost on to the roof of the car yeah right and if
stab her boobs are he's instead, her boobs either. I don't think he's dead notebook cell day. I got a lot of reverence for the boobs. If you haven't noticed by now, yeah, which is it sounds like a dude with a Xbox had said only he didn't leave and he said about the knife. It was very expensive about eight or nine dollars that is expensive, eight or nine dollar knife. Yes, there in nineteen seventy two money that had to have been nineteen twenty dollars with some. This cup of coffee was three well. I can't even kill a co ed with this come on. You know for just triple the price. You could get a knife that could scan a woman, so he drove column, Twords Alameda and, like a lot of other guides, he got stopped by a police officer. He was stopped for a broken taillight logo. He knew exactly how to talk to cops. Kemper said during the entire interview he,
excited and he had the officer. He said that had the officer decided to just do a routine check and look into the trunk where the two bodies were Kimber was shot. The cop in the back of the head would just kill them on this, because that's where a big detail too, but that first crime is that when he basically he stabbed her and he put the bodies in the trunk and he closed the trunk for the first time. He panicked because he couldn't find his yeah and he was saying that he's like. Oh my god. Oh my god, I've lost my keys in the back of the car. Like I'm fucked, I'm thought and he ran he was going to run and that's how we realized he had forgotten about. The gun is that the gun had fallen down inside of his pants and he tripped over the gun, like a fuckinf, huge bumblebee that tripped over the gun, bumble, butt and then had to go back, and he was just like alright and check everyone of your pockets like alright, ok, no, this is right. You can yeah. This is our with that. This is a big phone moved paper Co. We have work at the almost got that over it. So that's what yeah, here's my
Here it is. He was going to shoot himself in the leg with a gun like plaque, Sicko Burris, it sounds like it was just in his pants he's: gotta, stop wearing stretch, pants or sweatpants to the murder, stop being so casual. Indeed, so he gets home care. The corpses into his apartment, which, by the way he is sharing with a friend of his. At this point, what is your roommate do exactly how you know it seems like he does. A lot of it seems to be amateur surgery, otherwise he's a fun guy cool guy. You know, hang out with cops cool guy. He got take some inside he die set. The bodies by the way his roommate was out of the apartment. That night good cool cool cool google yeah. He had curling practice, yeah Eddie, I'm going to curling practice. I won't be back for five hours, so if you do happen to kill Tuco, as you want to see him in the living room tonight so that I could do it. Ok, bye, who I didn't even think about doing that.
The roommates to blame for all of this yep? He dissected the bodies, snap, the pults, naps and polaroids cut the heads off and then sex with the various parts of of what Rene talk about a guy who really jumped right deep into the cycle killer MIKE yeah, and that's the other thing too. Is that, like I, I think to be honest, if I were just member a woman, I wouldn't I wouldn't move they had last because what I admire most about a woman is her personality. But it's all in the head, but she's dead, no but she's yeah, but kind of block in my mind of like, like how could she be talking to me in a joking around with me if our heads not attached to her body? Well, Ed Kemper about that actual that about that exact point. He said with the girl there's a lot left in the girl's body without the had. Of course, the personality is gone, yeah
That's one of the things about murdering a woman who lose all of her chart. It's all the conversation you miss right about the heads he said. I remember there was actually a sexual thrill. You hear that little pop and pull their heads off and hold their heads up in the air whipping their heads off body just sitting there. That get me off. That's it that you know when you know, when you're just about to come there in the head pops right off jetty, you know just shoot anyway. I just go shoot even work soon I mean- and I gotta tell you and I'm I'm a Marilyn Monroe guy. I like a girl with a normal figure lover, so he keeps the heads for a little while on one occasion he said that it was just sitting there staring at one of the heads that he had rested on the chair across from him. The head big unsettled. Somehow it rolled off the chair and a human head by the way weighs about as much as a bowling ball
yeah yeah. Seven, eight pounds hits the ground with a huge thud, an ad the neighbor downstairs hates my guts, I'm always, making noise late at night. He gets it broom and so in the ceiling buddy. I say I'm sorry for that drop. My Sorry, bringing Matt that helped bring me out of the depression and that's the bravest Lucky's neighbor of all time you feel like even in New York, specifically, even if the neighbors knew you were dismembering a body, they would still be like keep it down. So yeah I'd still bring the broom out. I gotta go but raise six hundred o'clock in the morning. You guys tell them hey listed it Lucy. Are you going to be decapitated, which is up in your apartment? When I gotta ask you to do, I don't mean to step on your business buddy, or am I ask you to do put down cold
I might just turn up the Netflix. I might let the whole thing go. I don't know so. After he's done with the bodies, he puts the remains in a plastic bags and buries them in the Santa Cruz Hills. Torso and limbs in one location, hand in a second and he disguise the burial grounds with techniques he learned, the boy scouts the same place. He learned how to use the Buffalo Skinner General, the boy scouts teach you how to be a Nazi and they also teach you how to kill women. It's a bad organization, Baguette Organization, it's be cause. They won't let gay kids. In there I've heard that there was gay kids in there. There be a fashion design to bad. Should there be wear nice clothes a little bit stereotypical there? Well, they would also be a fooking sous chef badge, but they will learn how to make fancy sauce. Ok. Well now I might join now yeah, so the heads for a few more days, orally copulate ing with them
for that in a very nice way of saying face, but you know what I tried to be as sensitive as I possibly could with that one. You know because 'cause that's what he would even say he would call it humiliating the corpse yeah. He specifically viewed that as a humiliation technique. So it's just you just sick of masturbating? I know I'm single I've lived in a hotel for a long time. You know I mean I'm not really at the point where I'm going to several human head and use it as a fleshlight, but it's mostly just cause. I like freedom- and I don't want to Please show me the effort. It's just weird when your to do list is like get the hitch hikers killed them put them in a baggie disrespect, the corpse check this just a bizarre day. Get milk and eggs. Don't forget the eggs so after he orally copulated with the heads he just
chuck them into a ravine. Yeah yeah, the girls were reported missing, but because, as Henry said earlier, hitchhiking was such a people were just very transient. Then right, hitchhiking was a big thing. People would disappear for weeks at a time so when these girls were reported missing police really do anything and they define Pesky's head until nine days later Anita they haven't found her remains at all to this day. Yeah it's for the best to good Lord you know. What also is you know a fleshlight can go in the dishwasher. Yet Now you don't need to put in the dishwasher. You know Now you just do not talking about your flashlight market is so disgusting and disturbing, and for about five years now, still going strong, wow wow, she hasn't lost any of its tautness. Absolutely not they're very well made wow, it is disgusting. So now we basically see this is it Kemper style has been completely set. It is just like right out of the gate
really interesting. 'cause normally killers build to this, but it like is his rehearsal and his fantasy life was so deep and intense. It's like I knew exactly what he wanted. It's like Russell Wilson. He won the super bowl when he was a rookie he with thought about it. He thought about it. He got there and he did it. I thought I thought you know what it is a lot like that it is yeah. He characterized it as making dolls out of people 'cause they couldn't. They couldn't reject them. You know. That was after he cut off the heads. There was no rejection whatsoever, you gotta, sell 'em. If you're going to make him and, although he later recanted and said that this statement was only meant for his insanity, defense on at least occasions, cannibalized his victims slicing from their legs and cooking it macaroni casserole. Oh, isn't that kind of a nice place to put human flesh the Midwest such eight, no yeah
the stranger, that's a California casserole, 'cause they're, not really known for their casserole. That's why everyone loves having ed over for potlucks, because he brought that Wisconsin flair, even though he was from California well. He grew up in Montana. Oh there we go casserole country, boy, love Casserole, but I will say this is that we see a lot with killers too, who dabble in cannibalism 'cause. I don't view him as a cannibalistic killer. I just think when your versions are so intense, yeah and you're dealing a lot of shit. You kind of look at something like yeah. I made a little yeah, but he did eat it. Yeah you crazy, Cannibal yeah. I mean Nick Lee he's a cannibal? I mean that's all that we can run, but I wouldn't call him a cannibal. I would do. Would you call Michael Jordan baseball player technically was technically you. Don't think of him like that. Look at percentage of career right all right if the majority of his career was spent looking for people to eat
he's not going into the hall of Fame for baseball, but he's going in for bed, but I'm just saying he did play baseball yeah. No, I get it I mean, I think, we're in agreement agreement here. Ok, I'm just going to say that you told his resume you, but it's not the top of the resolute kill and cook someone put into a casserole your account it's under skills. It's like how you would probably list Microsoft word on your skills. Parasailing in life. I usually lie on that part. Can a dabbler yes! So all of this items were chosen randomly on the spot. This wasn't a planned thing where he would plan out victims and almost of his murders from here on out would occur after fights mother. He'd have a knock down, drag out fight with his mother, he'd get extremely angry and he'd say like alright, I'm going out tonight's, the night I'm going to fucking. Do it. He said his rage is what really drove and then you said he would go on these rages where he was like you know. Anybody got my car was going to die that night. He said,
when someone put their hand on my car door handle they were giving me their life because he killed these first two girls. He went back to just pick and take it home safely to their destination. That's also a distancing thing too, because originally he said the behavior was just for him to learn how to talk to girls, so he went back to it mean like well. I can actually do this again, Now I got ya, have a cooling off period. I can talk to and again and just kind of work it up, and he said what he would do is they would get in the car. The first thing they will talk about is the guy who killed those hitchhikers and then he would would be like. What do you think I like that would be like and there would be like. Oh, you know, and they would describe somebody and if you start to learn how to even deeply mold his persona yeah. So then that's where he started wearing the blonde wig. And where the fake mustaches or anything like Dolly Parton, that had
yeah, very fun conversation for him to have with those people about the killer. The same reason he talked to the cops about it, but he says your God complex out, because they know less than you do. He was wearing the Google glasses talking with somebody who had no information at all, but he definitely said that if they brought up the killer at all, he they were definitely safe. He was too embarrassed to then kill them good notes. So, if you get into a car just so what about that killer? Hurry up everybody, just no matter where you go! No matter what you do. You never know when you're with the Yeah, I mean that's just kind of my practice anyway, start talking to a stranger, just immediately start jabbering about killers, yeah! That's what I always do that! That's! Why I mean it's a compulsion rather, and I don't really I'm uncomfortable- I don't know what else to talk about it, because it's all I think about it. I don't think about how realities that thin flicking veil and we live in a hologram of a deeper, deeper math and it's harder to talk about
that with someone who just they just go around the table, real quick, successful dates in the last month, successful dates in the last month I got none. Last night I had a I had about three glasses of Scac and I watched the wire for two hours, not a date. Oh, that's not no another person. Ok, it's a date with Henry I got lucky. I got real lucky, ok, no! No! So he kept that whole charade of picking up girls and just take it into their destination for four, once until September, 14th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two mean we're talking about this before- and this is probably the saddest victim. This really makes me very sad. All these things are very sad like that they're all extremely sad, because these are among the saddest victims, because these are you know. I mean not does say that you know other victims are worth less or anything 'cause. We always talk about the last dead and all this, but these are just
truly innocent victims. Yeah I mean at least if Gacy killed you get to hang out with an up and coming democratic politician or future congressmen. You were drinking and doing drugs, it's kind of like the Jason. You know the Friday, the 13th nightmare on ELM street type thing or being like. Well, maybe you should have been naughty and you wouldn't have been buried in the crawl space right now to pick some blame TED, Bundys, adorable kind of a dream, boat guide, Jeffrey Dahmer, definitely got you wasted damn before he started, trying to drill but I go coo monster. I Goku is at very sweet girl that I guess that that was his next victim and picked up. Was fifteen years old, ballet dancer yeah. She that she was going to San Francisco for a ballet class. She missed her bus really wanted to make that class. So she made a sign that said San Francisco, so he picks her up he doesn't even wait until it gets to a secluded spot. This must have been a horrible fight with his mother 'cause. He pulls
the gun, while they are still on the road which is probably about how he farted on the no fart couch yeah, I mean you know he not the gun and he told her that he was planning on killing himself and he add someone to watch it, but he told her that screamed or signal to anyone at all that something was wrong. He would kill her as well. This is extreme, very interesting, very interesting thing. At one point, he gets out of the car and accidentally locked himself out with the guy and inside the car that is goofy yeah. You said she could have reached over and grabbed the gun at all, but he said she probably never gave it a thought. She was so terrified because she was, I need a little fifteen year old girl, absolutely any using giant monster six foot nine month, three hundred pound monsters, no locked out of the car, get the God. Yes, no. She lets him back in no, no, no and I you know, I have yeah no Sigourney Weaver. Well, you just got to get that done, use the gun, so he did
I brought to the mountains only minutes from the house of one of the case. Investigators were those things about LOS Angeles in California and specific. It's like basically to get timing will houses surrounded by these mountains? basically go up hills mountains and you disappear yeah yeah. You really do so he tries to suffocate her first by placing his fingers up her nostrils, but she was able to fight her. He was saying she was able to fight him off, but eventually strangled her with her own scarf, after she was dead. He later the ground raped. And said he achieved orgasm within seconds right. So what sort of three stooges ash? You know getting lots of a car than with the fingers in the nose, but then I got real medical, that's it. I think it straight from three stooges to that spanish movie, irreversible yeah really does so. Kills or he places the body in the trunk and drive. Their home, but not before stopping for a beer,
it goes inside of the bar. He has a couple of beers. He walks back into the parking lot and opens the trunk With my ring. My catch like a fisher. This tour in my ring my catch like a fish or not is another thing of just like what a deeply deeply distant. Man, he is from himself yeah disconnected from everything disconnected from the world at large. So he takes the corpse back to his apartment, that's, not the head hands and has sex with the corpse a the next morning, he buries the body in one location, the hands at another and with her head in a bag drives to his court. Mandated psychiatrist appointment soon going head. You know I think you're pretty so I think I'm getting
boxer, ear and well I mean I can tell you exactly what the psychiatrist thought of them. That day, the report said from the first thing he saw two psychiatrist that day the report said, if I were seeing this appointment without having any history available or without getting the history from him, I would think we're dealing with a very well adjusted young man who at initiative, intelligence- and it was free of any side cut. Psychiatric illness is my opinion that he has made a very excellent response to the years of treatment and rehabilitation, and I could see. No psychiatric reason to consider him to be any danger to himself or to me any member of society. It's almost like your medical field is flawed and you shouldn't technically be called the doctor, and the second appointment actually use the words normal and safe, both recommended the ceiling of his general records juvenile records as a way to help him become a better citizen. Thus, eight years after he had killed his grandparent's camper gain his complete and total
Yes, you are a psychiatrist just at the end of every single paper, just dot dot dot also might be a killer bee adorable adorable that basically not let's play what it actually was going on on the interior of Edmund Kemper's mind during these psychiatrist sessions to be walking up the stairs with a camera bag. Your belong to a young woman that had her severed head in it. Walking up to my apartment, passed a happy young couple coming down the stairs nodded and smiled at me. They went by good evening, they're going out on a date or I'd love to be going and I'm aware of both of these realities and the distance, the distance between those two was so dramatic, so amazing so violent did it really? I can feel the wheels squeaking inside that was really pulling on it, and I imagine at that point some people break, but I didn't literally going
I didn't get past and all this time yeah he was doing totally good totally did not go crazy, though I mean he could have just had a date with one of these women. At the same time, you just don't kill him, and then you might maybe get to ask him out I mean. The thing is: is that if you don't have much past like hitchhiker patter Did you well? On date? Yeah I mean the conversation between pick up and a hitchhiker are not like we're not talking about. Like great. Should I mean I don't know I've never had check. Maybe if you get into a nice like cool, interesting conversations with people, I think it was very awkward yeah. It must be a little awkward up top, but then you got to you got to find a way, I'm sure that he had a sentence that he said to all these people in the very you got pretty hair. I wonder what it's like laying on the ground. You know separate from the rest of your body. Well, that's that's! That's gonna rain here to uh. When I would also say about him. Is that also that statement to me shows how
deeply nuts. He was, and I mean in terms of sociopath. They feel like it's more of a deviousness to it when he talks How like he could have been could have went insane, but he was too strong to go insane that he would. He did you know like he. He could face it. Okay. Do you leave him self as the hero in this story? Yeah like he sees himself as a hero, because he didn't kill anymore because he turned himself in I don't. I actually don't know the reason why, but after He kills a he Koku back in with his mother, hey, you know. Ah, you know when you say like Songs would like come out of one specific guitar yeah. It's She D guitar yeah like trigger like Willie, Nelson's guitar, it's a great guitar but yeah. It's the guitar that all of his best song, always best songs, written on yeah, get back to the source. Mostly trigger is a bit of it. Did you the touching
word for Willie to be yelling across the bar. Maybe my trigger excuse me: what was that Willie would notice the guitar who builds up the rope around its neck? Well, I mean stress: ok, how's about Lucille will likely be named. It can't be. You know. Yeah racial slur immediately well trigger. Is it's more the name of the horse, but will ok I'm different story, so Kemper didn't kill again until he bought a twenty two caliber pistol January and he said oh, but name is after I got that twenty two bananas positively conquers, that's amazing! I love it. He just treats like a game of candy crush. That's insane so the same day he the gun on January eighth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. He picked up Cynthia shall who made a habit of hitching rides to Kabrio College. He brings out the gun again:
and keep it while he's driving. He drive to a town called freedom. I ran I very ironically and stopped on a quiet road. He shoot dumpster body in the trunk and took her home. She big girl, so eh struggle to get her upstairs his mother came home right is, Ed was stuffing her into the closet and he just talked to his mom norm. What are you doing? You want to get chicken in you hang out with your check in while you're doing eggs, Dick jerking off with their plans at your desk, is big brother right now, just can't think of can't stop thinking of throw momma from the train, the mother, from the goonies of the greatest bad mother of all time, hanging out with a friend having a good time with my friend. Oh, my goodness, he returned to the room and he carefully remove the bullet from her skull
he does this again and again when he shoots the person in the head, he always removes the bullet from the skull. First, all business: because he's also a key for the student yeah, and he understands that he's been hanging out with console time and he fancies himself a little g right right. There he's, like all guy known how to get rid of all of the evidence yeah, but on the other hand he does yes, it would have turn himself in. I don't think they would have caught him until he would gone into a bizarre occur. Well, we'll talk about it. We get there, but you definitely know what they did not know. They had no clue who the killer was that no idea so the new Stay he brought the corpse back out had sex with it before setting the body in the shower.
With an axe, yeah think of a gallery talking here I mean I don't have the exact dimensions larger than the other yeah, because he usually went for petite women right. That was is that that was kind of his type for some reason Cynthia shall just you know she had a twinkle in her eye. I guess yeah, I don't know yeah. So after he drained the body of Oliver blood, he carved it into pieces, bagged up all the pieces and threw him the cliff he had sex with the head. Several days before, burying it in the yard. All this is a very interesting detail. Yeah, it's very, very interesting. He buried the head right outside of his window in the ground and it's facing towards the house, and he said that he would have is a sort of boyfriend girlfriend like relationship with the image of her head.
Where you would sit in bed and talk to her at night, and they would have like a thing back and forth and then also, but then there's another theory that he said that he buried it in the head to mock his mother, yeah 'cause. He said His mother always wanted people to look not sure that's funny start. It's fun little puns like that that make him the charmer. We know him to be. I love it. It's sort of like a jack in the beanstalk, but instead of beans, it's a human head. Instead of a giant he's finding love, which is, Well, both of those stories come from him. Because, as we said at the beginning of the first episode, his story changes depending on who he's talking to yes and then kind of effect. He wants to know what kind of effect do you want, and I think he's also good at reading people she can tell. I think he knows what the purse, wants to hear he has a narrative. He has a story that he tells each time it's the same story just with diff,
details straight up has like tonight show bit yeah and they talk about it because there's another quote that we have later on about. Are we gonna play we're basically a guy into up some in the middle of his story and he's like way way way. Eight be gonna ruin a bit there yeah, and it's like this- that you literally says it because yeah, it's rehearsed, patter yeah, it really is. He has a rhythm, he knows exactly has no idea how to be a real person, no yeah total robot. That is like the easiest sociopath every single thing he does is highly rehearsed and highly put together because he has no real personality. It is just a it's just, a combo of factors that he is like put together. He really was it's like this. This is a truly dangerous man, yeah that needed to be put in we already all knowing that yeah, there's eighth head now or something so than two days later dismembered, arms and legs were found on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean there,
I get him into the water, but he didn't throw it fun getting into the water. The funny thing is that he threw that he was able to make the torso into the water, but the arms and legs didn't make it. I guess he was winded from the torso yeah, so you know sometimes big guys cut natural hook yeah, so they identify the through Lung x rays, Eventually, the lower torso came in a surfer also found her left hand which offered fingerprints but her right hand, never stop the media at this point in a huge panic, because Not only if we remember correctly, Ed, Kemper not the only killer in Cruz California. This time there was also Herbert Mullin, who racked up so who racked up thirteen in a big spree, murder capital of the world, yeah murder, capital of the world. One report, one reporter her name- was Maryland Baker. She was a big
Lloyd, lady. She consistently exaggerated rumors and offered uncorroborated information. As fact he gave daily reports of, of course, blamed it on satanic rituals. Well, now everybody is a great scapegoat yeah. It makes great news, yeah and she's. Also she saying she like she suggested that the killer was a lesbian or a transvestite. He start put in these weird details that all of them all the murders occurred on mondays after dark in during a full moon. This is fun because also wanted to it's a cool for you to vote yeah. It's also a way to differentiate the crimes. It also makes you again it's the idea of putting order to it yeah, instead of it just being some random in the camp. Five, the before can't find they're, basically saying
it's a part of an established magic group. Now that everybody is days doing hippy, dippy bullshit, and where am I am yours all the time? Well, they think that they can blame it. All on that they've got to go, find that lesbian, satanic group, that is also trans, gendered and then boom you've got your killers. Everybody knows them. That sounds amazing yeah I want to be in a lesbian, satanic, coven. No, the phone I'll be fun for it. Yeah, maybe you're the shelf. Really. I think you're supposed to take a little more seriously, so some bigger girls going missing. Of course they were complete. There were constant warnings for them to knock, in cars with strangers, but Ed had a secret weapon because the university had decided to institute a bus system that would assist off campus students getting safely to campus and it a sticker. Had a sticker that his mother had given him a university issued sticker, so he could easily gay
the campus and pick her up from work, because that's what they said is that they were like nobody get into a car that doesn't have a sticker, and so he had a big sticker ahead and letter a on it, which one had all access to the entire campus, and he said, even though he's in that all it takes is a twenty five. Send ten cent sticker at this time to make everyone just give you full one hundred percent trust yeah and his next victims. He used that sticker to his advantage February. Fifth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three had a violent fight with his mother and called it a real tip and drove to campus directly drove on campus, where his mother worked. We're going to have a fort couch, and I know for couch may not be next to each other. That's true! 'cause! When you gotta fart yeah, you just want to do it right there on the couch. He pick Roslyn Thorpe, who is just coming out of a lecture and then picked up year, twenty one year old, Alice LU, he shot both them in the head, while they were still on university grounds, and
one account camper said that two young men were at a security gate, but when they saw Kimbers University sticker they just leave him right on through in another account. Kemper said that the guard he told the guards that the girls were just drunk. He was trying to get him home of Coral Sea horse three pm on whatever day away two women, literally long over in the front and back see to your car, all yeah yeah. You know this is bishop. I would say both of those women are dead, but you are. You do make a good point. You do have yet either grab the sticker. I gotta. Let you go through yeah he's a camper said. It was getting easier to do and I was getting better at it. He took nobody's home, but as his mother was home, he had to wait until he can take him inside, but what he wait on dismembering the bodies he took, hunting knife, the general and hacked off both of
heads while they were still in the trunk of his car in full view of neighbors. If someone would have walked by, they would have seen this fucking monster hacking the heads two young, Colin legitimately car parked outside of his mother's house on the street. It's not even covered, so I he was getting Q really again. This is this shows his ego yeah. He really is at this point, thinks that he can get away with anything yeah, so he plays Most of the bodies back in the trunk he Alice, is hands, then dump the bodies and heads in two separate places where they were found nine days later. These two girls would be ads, laugh. Coed, victims yeah. I mean the one thing that you to remember like when smoking weed in public. Just do it pretend like you're, like Johnny Depp, to use them as a reference again in the movie blow. This important thing to do when carrying whatever pounds of cocaine through an airport is to pretend like you're, not doing it The person's head just pretend
you're changing attire, like Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. We just kind of forget that you're in a movie stop acting yeah. I love the real chocolate factory. Your natural pedophilic impulses, just kind of come out, come out just continue on screen. I love that so yes, these were his last two victims. So now we're looking at last to coed coed victims were looking a man who's like built all the way up to this sort of fever pitch in his own head, and he was saying he was with trying very hard to quell it, for Did he really try, though More, not, I feel like you, actually not doing it altogether. Your name right. Yeah. He did make a conscious effort to not do it in the faq he turned himself in does tell that. He was actually trying to do it, but pretty soon after he killed these two girls.
A police officer he was checking through gun, license and the way they found. This, too, is very interesting yeah. I said this to his. His record was expunged for killing his grandparents and so they're going through and they were going to driver's life because the basically with the, if there's like a random sweep where they go through a bunch of gun it like a gun, license things like forms and chit, make sure everything's up to date and everything is up to par they're, going through and they're like oh Eddie, Camper, oh yeah, big, fucking, bubble, butt is working out and being remiss again says, here's what is this thing and he noticed that in the back in the Instead of issuing a new card, they literally would just cross out your record are they black out kinda, like you know, redacted, on classified rooms like with a marker, yeah and so he's like Does it say, underneath this thing and it looks at it, Basically he sees through the marker. Then he was put into an insane asylum for killing his grandparents and he's just like you guys know that Eddie Kemper murdered somebody in there like no, no he's like yeah. He killed his fucking grandparents and you're, like what gun is,
yeah, but he's like he's, got a massive forty, five and so they're like right. We gotta go, get him. We gotta go get this gun and they're all new him and so they're like well by six foot, nine and three hundred pounds who wants to go, get the gun right and you know if he throws you over the top rope you're out you're out. You can't come back into the investigation, yeah yeah, so they sent the rookie. They sent a guy, he literally drew straws and the rookie LAS and the rookie is literally this tide, literally tiny guy, when he, when I saw an interview with him- and he said, he's sick. So I just yeah I know that I asked how it was up to me: go roll up already. So I roll on over the car, and they would say there are hard time finding the address when they went over to the come. Basically, he went around looking. It was like one of those things were was like six, oh nine, a six, oh nine, be there was a bunch of different houses all in a cul de sac, and he couldn't see anybody. He was look around and yeah. I saw a pair of feet hanging the car and he walks up to his excuse
choose me, sir. I sat there and can you point me towards a six and he was like, and then I watched Ed Kemper get out and get out and get out of the car, as he was literally, was like it's just all of his body code. Four out of this card him standing all the way up and he was like. Can I get your gun back Skype roaches come like Wayne like Garth, did in Wayne's world we have confronted the bully with the Skis Main use Maine get by now, but he said that he went into it was so then Eddie off then in his mind, starts going paranoid like what gun do they want because he's like? I got a forty five in my house, but I also have a shift on other fucking illegal guns and also got that twenty two that I've been killing all these girls with inside of my car and so finally, when he said the forty five is like: oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, that's going to be just such a strange thought process of hoping they don't know the right gun yeah. It really is
so if there was also a young blonde girl there with head and if the go come. He would have killed that girl. So he just let the girl go two months after he killed those two girls He was starting to play what I can only describe as russian roulette with other people lives. He just started picking up girls just to test himself, just to see if he could pick girls up and not kill them, But here's like some ridiculous irony there was. Two girls that he picked up they looks exactly the same as Mary and the first two days. The first two are they wanted him to take them the wrong way to their destined to their destination, which would have can them straight to the site of the. First, two murders, but add new the right way, he's like no! No! No! You don't go this way. We have to go this way and that's amazing irony. Is they key scared, those two girls more than he
any of his vector, absolutely 'cause they for freaking out because he was like no. No, let me take you the right way. Let me take you the right way and he did it and he dropped him off. But it was this point so that wanting pressure from its own side, its own brain, to kill yeah. Meanwhile, with the cops buzzing infer that gun yeah, I sort of firing up his his paranoia. He thought that the cops for playing a cat and mouse game with them, yeah they were just stupid yeah, it was just complete coincidence, uh, so he and after that he spends an entire week. Thinking about ok, it's time I'm going to go to the delta of my crimes and I'm to kill mommy and he would go through it Sunday Easter, So here's a part of my thought that maybe we'll maybe have a killer. She'll come right back, yet you never know what he's going to rise on Easter, so he
box into a room on Saturday night, while she's reading she slams her book Shutan. She said, oh, my god now I suppose you want to stay up all night and talk every. She was a cold woman. She wasn't very cold woman. That was the things that he was such a fucking, huge dork Mama's boy, go and sit on the corner of her bed every night and like telling about hers problems in his feelings and she hated him for yeah yeah. I can't take a nuisance yeah right right and he said he said you just goes Nope and the room and return, four hours later with a claw hand, which was very interesting in the in the wee one of his first interviews. He really he breaks into tears talking about this because he says he was psychic himself up all night and you see because every other every other victim he talks, a
with sort of a smugness sort of like a thing above them. I pulled one over on them, yeah yeah yeah, or they deserved it, blah blah blah or thinking that thing we said it's not that I did a horrible thing, but they'd what it's a horrible thing happened to them, yeah right, and so he was, of course very it's about killing his mother, but he knew he had to do it because this is air into the window, and you look at your own reflection in your like Annette Bening in american beauty and you're like I will sell this house will murder. My mother today will do it bass her head in as she slept, he rolls her over slit your throat and he said that he was shocked at how easy it was to kill her, but she I just as easily as all the rest to an elderly sleeping woman that wasn't the most difficult kill? You never had this imagining thought she was like for King King Cooper, with my back like black and white and started, like you know, like change like flashing red yeah yeah. I wonder what he thought was going to happen when he did like stabbing like light was going,
come from her or something I'm going to turn into a stronger demon force like it like it like at the end of oak arena of time, when you thank you thing, Gannon Dorf and then the cat tower blows up and you gotta deal with Super big Gannon, Dorf, Gannon, Dorf, more like mom and or pretty much dead dead alive. I was thinking as well. Oh yeah, that's right! So we then decided that quote? What's good enough, for my victims was good enough for my mother, all very nice about it, wasn't very nice. No! No! No! He cuts off her head has sex with her with her corpse. He then does goes a little bit further. He removes her vocal cords and throws them in the garbage disposal. They won't. We won't. I grind up there too, thick yeah. They keep popping back out of the garbage disposal into his face yeah and it seems like it seemed appropriate as much as she screamed and yelled at me so much over the years, even when she was dead, she was still, but you to me, could shut up yeah. I wonder if we need to win when he was having.
With his mother's head, you know he was like I want. I think this is a career defining moment I think this is how people are going to define my entire life. This is my saving private Ryan, because of weight, so he spends the next few hours yelling and screaming at his mother's head. He places the head up on the mantle yells and screams at the head and then just start throwing darts at her face. He is upset that he hasn't said subset. I know I blow off steam I've yelled at the coffee maker, like in these last couple of months, I've yelled at some stuff in my house. It doesn't need to be yelled at you know. I held my tv like it was a woman once we don't talk about that, and we don't talk about that. This is being recorded and written, so he felt sick. He goes out for a drive. He sees acquaintance who owes him ten dollars and they went out for a drive in his friends car and he's so got the urge to kill like he is booking keyed up. He said
only gave him a ten dollars that had saved his friends, fuckin' light, that's nice guide, and so, if you're over buddy a debt just paid him pay up right now seriously shut off this podcast, but your buddies house an payment right now right right, yeah, it's like I just thought of Steve Buscemi's character. I know I'm thinking of all the movies. Today I don't know your movie boy movie boy in Billy, Madison, call up your friend or make sure that you're good with but in the world 'cause. You never know when one of your friends is a serial killer and you be safe on his list, so he keyed up, and he also realizes that there is one person in this world. It's going to miss his mother, her best Sally Hallett. Calls are up. He invites her over for a surprise dinner with his mother and when she arrives, first thing she said was: let's sit down, I'm down
we in the book with a brick strangles her first with his hands in then uses the same scarf, that KIA deals yields used to kill a cool did it with such, for he broke her neck. He later recalled, I had broken her neck and her head while the around the bones of her neck, just disconnected in the skin sack of her neck, so sat in sacks of in their own man, so we place Sally's body in his bed in Spain is night in his mother's room, the name your palm with her hole or any dark game going his brother's head. Please please beer pong. He was playing it like a wine glass, wise yeah. It is fun the next morning he leaves and how it's car. But now without leaving a note for the police on his mother's bloody mattress, it read approximately five hundred and fifteen a saturday
no need for her to suffer anymore at the hands of this horrible murderous butcher. It was quick, asleep the way I wanted it, not sloppy and incomplete chance. Just a lack of time. I got things to do is very busy yeah. I got things to do and that was two exclamation points out loud yeah. It kinda sounds like a text message from Jen G2 got too yeah so drives for three days straight, you eventually is Colorado and he's he's been popping bennies this entire time popping trucker speed, he elucidates most of the drive, and he said that at the same feeling that he had after he killed his grandparents. This weird, sir real out of body type experience yeah. He said wow I've got to stop this before because it is getting out of hand. I am not going to be responsible for what happens any further, and I don't like that idea. No definitely not so use is what I want to say to me with. This shows again is guys out there. When you drive in we're see because you don't know the bell.
Percent of the guys on the road have just killed, eight women, their mother, while your mother's best friend there driving around on Benny, so be careful in Buccola and he was expecting a manhunt because they It's because the police thought that this was a part of a big fucking intricate game with the police yeah. He thought the police had been watching him as soon as he took off the police were going to raid. The house find the bodies, but nobody gave a phone, bit Clarnell and Sally were dead. Let's just face it, they say, I mean nobody seems to care about a lot of people here, but, on the other hand, most new car now and she was very popular well. She was very good at what she had to do their job. She had a distinct problem with men and with Eddie in General yeah. I think it's because he was a coed butcher, yeah yeah yeah yeah. That was because he was a bit of a so three days, went by here, no word on the radio of anyone finding the bodies. He stopped in point Blow Colorado called
the Santa Cruz PD to confess the killings it took him several calls to convince him that he was serious, told him to call back call back. I just killed eight women, ok yeah! I know I know, but the thing is we're waiting the buzzers. Going outside of the station we ordered a couple of pizzas, were having a bit of a pizza party. It's Marty's birthday. So if you could just wait, we need to keep these lines open, yeah and he was so well liked and so well known by the police our they thought that he was drunk like it took him several calls because he knew these detectives by name. He knew who was on the case like yeah. I need to talk to detective. He sergel and they called up detective start was like hey, listen. I I gotta tell ya, I just killed my mother and her friend, and I'm also the coed killer and there were like they're so used to him being a bumble butt around the bar it because he said that was a carefully crafted persona that he had with them it really was. He was just kind of a a goof right. Was a police groupie as
I call them in any. He was just a harmless eccentric. That was just. Can you know that as a guide by you beer in the mid, you draw your or your your often put bad songs on the jukebox yeah he's a guy that, when you're out drinking when he shows up in your so be like half camper? ok, I guess, and then after you have like five beers, he's your best friend your best friend yeah right right right. So he said that he had gone all the way to play blues here that one time we all got together that one night and he raped that Hedda Lettuce, so yeah yeah. That was funny, though it was kind of funny we weren't able to do that. Alot of Jager that's been charging for henries missed it. You ate it afterwards. I had to yeah. We called it in any salad that was great yeah Then he went all the way to play able because he said he was afraid. If you went straight to the local police department, they would shoot first That question ask questions later and he was quote: terrify the violence a fucking
So I really do think that if Ed hadn't turned himself in and hadn't killed his mother very likely, he could have reached Bundy now, but he was he killed his mom. There was all done well, he said he was, as we said in the first episode, he was a displacement killer. He couldn't kill his mother, so we killed the next best thing. The women that his mother wouldn't let him meet, but after he's called they. Basically, he said multiple times. If I was on the street, I'd kill again yeah yeah edit, he's key, went on set which everyone else's. That's where it down, I would say, he's not the only honest thing he said: yeah well, the other killers to be like I, you know Dahmer found Christ and everyone knows that we're just like keep. He knows it's. I know the actually what yeah he is. It's interesting. It's almost like a horror movie in the way they they found. What you know he found what was cursing him. This whole time is mother. It's like when you find a bone to get a. Put him in the sunlight at five hundred am to break the curse, there's a full disclosure contract and roses you to make more after you make the awesome ending of the first one right so camper,
did not guilty by reason of insanity, but three different court psychiatrist declare him to be saying this very interesting kemper his diagnosis it's been used since then, as the standard for legal insanity. Is I e by reason of disease or defect? The defendant did not know what he was doing was wrong yeah. So that is. It's still used to this day. As far as the insanity defense goes when they asked him what he thought was a fitting finish fitting punishment. He said: I've been thinking about this moment from childhood. He told the judge that he ought to be tortured to death, but the death penalty, at the time, was suspended nationwide and he was sentenced to life in prison It's been a short stint in the California Medical Facility in Vacaville ca, and here he met up his nemesis. His only competition Herbert
This would have been a fun time for him in the judge to play gas chamber yeah his favorite childhood game. True, that's true yeah, so he killed thirteen. He believed that he was trying to prevent an earthquake. In camper said he was just a cold blooded killer, killing everything he's everybody's off for no good reason right, you're! class Keller, I'd, say: yeah yeah that hurt yeah. You know you're, not in the. U they would in. He would tease her. He would call and Herbie because Herbert hated it because her, but had a high a habit is sitting in a high, pitched squeaky voice. Will people watching tv yeah I was just like you have to put from the tv. When I don't know what to do about it. It's really odd couple. I love it. Oh yeah, so, finally, like Kimber got sick of it. He got into the habit of throwing water on like a cat, like you would a cat,
throw water on him and then, when he said when he was a good boy at given peanuts, he said yeah. He said that was affected, effective, because pretty soon Herbie would actually ask permission to sync. He trained this man like a catwoman, annoying room of losers, obedient. It's like it's like that's a thing as you can see this context of just like a group of just fucktards that are just the worst dude to hang out with you know, there's one guy, just saying like you, gotta bumble, but just going like shut up heritage. Meanwhile, you're just a rapist trying to calmly watch some baseball right here just sitting there. This guys guys guys yeah grumpier old men are grumpy old man, but you know just imprison some classy art thief, who is forced to be dealing with it as being like waiters in mighty. I remember when I stole the Mona LISA from the Louvre and now
in here uh. Oh fate, cruel torture, yeah they're, just so dumb those stupid yeah. He said that it quote stuck in crawl, that Camper got eight out of eight counts of first degree, murder while mall, and only got two out of six to add two out of thirteen counts of first degree, murder. He followed by saying I guess kind of hilarious, my sitting here so self righteously talking like Pat after what? yeah that is hilarious, hilarious. It's part of egg campers think he believes himself to be special. Play here yeah he believes himself to be special. His plans are very personal, yeah and they were in. There said he had his reasons. Yes and he believed that they had a. He is a man of reasons and he believed that they had special can.
Him in the corpses had a special connection. I mean it was all in loser talk because it was all like staring at the girl who comes into the seven hundred and eleven while you work at the cashier old they just be like. Oh just I know we could be. So I could show all the delicious spicy Delete Garrido curls, alright, just the bubblicious for you again today. Ok, I love you Becky. I but more customers behind. Should I say it aloud or was just thinking it today are you. She won't give me a chance. So while he was at Vacaville, he also participated in reading audio books for the blind, a very nice voice. He does. He spent more than five thousand hours in the booth in front of a microphone over ten years. He has more than four million feet of tape and several one hundred books to his crib
so he's really one of the most successful voice over people in California. At the time. Actually, he probably is yeah. Regular games are all drown him in MEL Blank included in his work is a children's book called the trumpet of the swan. The fourth book the Dune series yeah and a novelization of the STAR wars, trilogy it fun believable they gave him. This is such a great job. This is the perfect very jealous that he has. This job is what you want technically, if you could read out loud would be helpful there is we found the only thing we can find? We couldn't find any full recordings of his audiobooks. The only thing that we found list we did find an example. Volunteers of vacaville dot Org, where they list a lot of the books that Edmund Kemper read. He read flowers in the attic, now, I've never read flowers in the attic, but a
It is a horror. Novel is very famous horror novel. I I've never read it myself, but read somebody let's listen to, The melodious tune, the melodious tune any camper camp chapter, one goodbye, daddy, Truly, when I was very young way back in the 50s, I believed all of life would be like one long and perfect summer day. After all, it did start out that way there's not much. I can say about our earliest childhood, except that it was very good and for that I should be everlastingly grateful. We weren't rich, we weren't poor if necessity. I couldn't name it if we luxurious, I couldn't name those either without hearing what we had to what others had and nobody had more or less in our middle class neighborhood in other, short and simple. We were just ordinary run of the mill children, cool
chapter one paragraph one flowers it at. I love it. I love it. I put a great little he'll, wrote a series of short stories that I could I can't find if anybody can find it, please send it to me: I've been digging and digging digging. I can't find any of it, but he definitely wrote a bunch of short stories and I think most of them were called like mommy it's blowing me again. You know it felt just like stuff like that and if you can't find him just just write your own and just sign it at camper who were not going to know the difference knows yeah so right now he is he still alive and he's in Folsom State prison. Here's a very interesting thing: Folsom also has an insurance agency called Kemper preferred just a real, interesting thing. So at of course, ever the talker he has one of the most famous quotes in serial killer history. When he asked what do you
now, when you see a pretty girl, he said one side of me says wow what an attractive chick I'd like to talk to her date are near. The side of me says: I wonder how her head will the stick classic, though yeah yeah that that's a that's an absolute classic. When I mean that that's up there with you know, I ate her politics. I did not, though she died a virgin. It's up there, yeah yeah. There was like zero others, your brothers, your your husband's. We are exactly where or everywhere you get every youth like every time you everything right now, the tenth time you forget where the log wrenches yeah, yeah, yeah, it's it's up there, it's up to you guys yeah! This is, I just think it's interesting. I just think you know it's like, but in the long
talk to people. You know what it's like to be a big fuckin' bumble: butt ever described as a bumble: butt seek to change it yeah I mean, unless it's really funny and people love you because of your bumble, but yeah yeah, there's plenty of lovable bumble butts out there. We got three right here, we're also hubble bubble, but yeah, but a trio of bumble, but that's what we are looking better receive bubble, butts how's, that camper still alive is going to be in his early 70s. Now yeah yeah, that's interview was in nineteen ninety one. He did it with this weird french guy, really cool interview, easy he is I mean I think now he's probably pushing three hundred and fifty
oh he's a big either bigger, don't eat very healthy in jail, yeah yeah that powers yeah he's gigantic yeah. That's that's ed! Kemper want to yeah. We really rap that one up in Jesus Christ tail yeah. So again, yet don't hitchhike. If you are, if someone says put on handcuffs, don't do it unless it's a really saw Cbd. Bdsm situation is refill, you yeah, let them kill you quick, make them, kill you quick or fight back and don't die. Yeah figure out a way away, all right. Everyone. Thank you, so much so glad I'm normal yeah, yeah yeah, always with the big hitters, the brains of these guys. I am not Mbs I've, no one's envious of them, but is just it's all on it's an awful existence for everybody. Yes, it really is Hail Satan. Thank you for your gifts. I've use magic this week and it is helped me yeah, shot on the person who gave you the drawing Henry into me. Seeing Gacy draw it's britney that that painting is amazing. It gave me true
magic power. It is up in my it's up in my bedroom right now and it scare, oh whatever it do every human ends up in there. You made I'm lonely for another three months, but that painting is going to last a lifetime. Yes, yeah. That's amazing and we've also got to give a shout out to LISA Willis LISA Willis for a very generous donation. Thank you so much that really really really helped us out a lot really the best lease your absolute best, yeah, we'll see you soon and thank you so much for listening. Thank you miss LISA Willis. And if you guys want to donate, if you donate twenty five dollars or more, you get a free last podcast and left he sure go to cave calmly, radio, dot com. Slash last cast on the left, to do that five dollars, domestic forty dollars international, be sure to to I tunes rate and review. That's really helped us out a lot. Follow us on Twitter. L P on the left. We've got, we've gained quite a few. Followers are right now we're posted all kinds of great on there.
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