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Episode 176: Amityville Part II - The Truth

2015-05-27 | 🔗

It's the actual truth behind The Amityville Horror today on Last Podcast as we go through all the more outrageous claims made by the Lutz family and refute each and every one, plus we'll hear more about what may or may not have happened the night of the actual murders from Ronnie DeFeo himself.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started. For some reason, even though we are about to talk about a family being murdered, cold blooded in their sleep, the idea of you fitting an entire acute apron. Your belly button, literally makes me physically notched up happy. No, I don't just put one and I can pick up the phone and multiple yeoman quarters like a bit my nose. Alright, let's start the Shoah near his job.
We're all american men, armor manner, man Merlin no mammoth mark. Is it that you are going to talk over this vote? I thought it was great Gale gale, gay, ok, let's eliza it again those then are the story about the eyes, because the Bush defeat storyline reminds me of the Song Iron man, and then I was informed by Marcus before their eyes. I was like this. We mean needs like we will be ripped, from the sound waves. So fast, that's what ya you went whatever gigantic corporate entity owns that Song year in Osborne owns it. You piss off sharing, move just pissed off the whole world. Oh my god, I don't wanna piss off share now. Therefore, I'm calling you
Osborne out right now. If she wants to go unwilling to physically fight her all of black sabots design. Well we're all ethnic veil part two and the last episode. The first episode we went through official story, the accepted story, as far as the de facto murders and the actual high ngos- and we told you at the end of the episode on this well, we're gonna tell you why all of that is bullshit space Finally, the hunting is bullshit, but the to fail murders are pre suspect is well. Ok, you start with one thing because actually wanted to talk with you about this market. Do you believe in goes? I. Even something Mammy. I don't know if it's go skirting around they issued looking for is black and white nor a year shooting for grace. Yeah I've, forded myself awake yesterday, I was gonna, get a hot as making sure.
You stay allowed all. Can I say that as a different situation there this case really does points me in many ways, because it is true, it's totally horseshit which we're gonna we're gonna nail it down point by point right now, because also what you can do with the world's most famous go story: a lot of people and jump on said about it's like the last boat pulling out like the children of man. City. Where there's nobody word. The baby's can be made anymore, ITALY, everyone's jumping on the boat, to get out of town, because that's where the money is them Amityville Boat and keep I'm keeping home with a metaphor the Amityville boat right is being driven by a man with a top hat and Belgrade on a pile of coins. Do you, like my own two monies help, but I still heavily Believin goes, I think, you're over exaggerate and how much money you can make with go stunted. That's the aligning with writing bugs about Ghost ILO Yea Anson, the guy who wrote the Amityville whore me
millions upon millions of dollars. That's one guy! That's what don't you show me another. This is I who sat on what was turned out to be the perfect storm of ghost stories, got. You know family murder, it's God like without affecting another five it's all of these things, that interest a lot of people, never mind sitting on the storm. That was the obsession with the exercise that had just come out. So it was a prime to make money that was listening suppose last night and had goes Hunter on and he was trying to tell people that too, Do amateur ghost hunting anymore because he's like it's just far too dangerous and you ve gotten. If just got to know let the professionals do it. I should know I got a degree and go psychology aunt em university in farts, Dale, Arizona style. I love Barnesdale Arizona. Will it right now to Scottsdale my houses and hunted and why there so me damn flies around that's what I always say. It looked away.
Flies are and then you're gonna find your ghost. For your thing I would say: follow the money normal YO is gonna fall, but money is for the conspiracy is, but with you I would say, follow the many open cans The third wiser and possible just plates covered with a peanut butter looks like peanut butter would probably just pardon feet. You know me at all. Henry is not peanut butter and the thing is when you buy hormone chile by the can you're also by in a bowl of so I'm loved at Bay, radio. So Amityville yeah that fails. So that the debates murders were the accepted story is or at least if you go with a haunting. Storing is that there was a demon that came to Ronnie after he watched castle. Keep on tv.
And told her kills entire family that the war and so that there was a demon that affected everybody who entered the house differently and Professor Doktor HANS whole sir, was super excited, because he wrote down horse number more happy, then she's a ghost freely on the back over free ghost horse, its ghost main weaving ghost win. I'd like to see it, I ate a resource resources. Real horses are terrible, terrible core fight, Richardson Big six feet, all I need a steps duly get on and take a car. I said to my professor doktor friends, of which there are only three well, that's a lot of friends. Actually Rick, o sooner author of a book called the night the defenders died. He said in a meeting that he had with Bush on November thirtieth in two thousand that Bush first to the murders, but he can to doing them. Alongside his sister dawn,
Google. Now, how is the sister dawn? She was eighteen, J. So unofficially it points towards some sort of conspiracy. So, first of all Let's go through these certain facts. Here we said on the last episode that nobody woke up seeing how creepy it was that nobody woke up during all this. There were nine shots, but no vote. Made any attempt to escape, which suggests much We're likely, instead of you, know, go controlling the sound waves suggests. A coordinated attack by more than one person and we ve got some footage from Miss. To fail right now talking about this exact conspiracy. Citing parson thought out and kill six people the way they think they would go away. Still. It was the way they said they will give you sure right now,
I'm asking questions. I was giving you a question and I'll come back a joint. I'm not stating my believe that anything. I'm saying it will be very I'm. Coming back with joy, what an item I dont see impossible situation, you weren't suicide and I'm going to tell you what you new, you you're with everybody else is scarce and you know what you're all right. You know. I did this, what people and you are all aware reality because reality, not the common idea, but your explanation is that the other person was not I wasn't there and you never gonna get changed so there's someone why why we show what we all want to do it just new intelligent people like you, so we're all these college, you, nuts
I'm in love with Germany? Could the frail turmoil that bribes What he's giving completely the reasonable and new guy leads you to marry me. I wish I had to get. I recognise Canale Sheep in a pyramid because it was my sister's causes Anna leases Birthday Party today, some men so highly ie and kill my father. Oh yeah compromises the door, I don't know, but it could have been. I couldn't Warsaw Lebrecht goddamn labour collateral, more wooden shoes, Olympic Games, oh my god, they exist, and I was a goddamn born you scare little thing is you can to forego level can't write. You could gold out of it, you just kill our brothers and sisters.
Wrap up the interview. This is going to absolute widow. I love it live a story that heap of fourth that Bush to fail before he wrote in a letter he said in a letter he said it was called blooded murder, no go snow demons, just three people in which I was once Also looking at this was an ado during the trial. Again, you remember he wished going to use trying to be ruled innocent. By reason of insane and right- and so we support of his strategy where Butch thought he was, a genius was an I'll, tell them nine different stories, and so he started with them story where he did it and then he included dawn and then, because you know the story that he said Don convinced Butch to do it when they were fuckin. Gettin wasted in the basement watching castle keep because dawn because their parents would let dawn move with her boyfriend
order. The old, always oil and gas, is to kill your fair. If you have a daughter and her name is dawning cheese. Eighteen, she wants to move to fodder. Let her go yet. As issues of Florida girl, women, name dawn, belong in Florida, beautiful, beautiful, luxurious Florida. Oh yes, so dont closely convince both Butch and a friend of theirs, to commit murder scene, you imagine, being the poor silly for de facto Now, every morning, every day, twenty four seven you gotta listen voice. That would be the worst situation and myself with a virtue lace. I saw the guys like first Roll hearing raises say I know when I entered into this and I was a hardened murder. I killed several gas station attendance out route run
the court around them from the from the gas station of the machine. I just ran around the throne. I killed him because I was mad. The government for how expensive gas was now spending six months with put to fail and that sail I've become a priest, furthermore old. Sailor murder play and only in go is only supposed to be the parents, that's all it was supposed to be, but after the double murder the friend ran out and birch. He was gone. He puts the he went out, lookin for the friend and while he he's gone dawn, possible witnesses shot the kids in their beds. Ok, so I was under the impression it with a situation where they are. They all went to individual rooms of zero Kenneth reward. Should our guns off
well I'll shoot our guns off, and they do it all want for that's one of the stories. Ok, I mean there's a light. Can reset there's nine different salaries goin on here other thing, but but then what happiness is in his most recent interview, which we heard that clip from first person once you know how reputable that is. Love in Antwerp, based on my reply, aggravates the other. He says that he just let that there was no third person. He said now. What he's person he said now what he says that he left, because you couldn't handle what just happened with his parents and then he left and then came back and dawn had went nuts, and then he went to go, get the gun from dawn and then in the struggle he shoots her in the head, Isn't that happen all the time family tragedies you'll leave allows Europe to her sister goes shoots up the whole family. They gotta popper, the head. Man will there's also a d
angle in this entire thing, because it is also said that it is possible that the de facto that Roddy to fail big wrong was involved and possible Summah business here and there with her grandfather. Definitely yet a grandfather definitely can say they all were right. There is a d agent that was staked out outside of the house, the age and told the journalists years later. They he saw a woman exiting the house wearing a hooded jacket and black glow holding a rifle and what Roddy had their. What book she had said was that the demon- had come to him wearing. Could in black glow so anyone who arrive in him the rifle there was a member of long for outside of the house during the shooting. Far supposedly, we could argue this man isn't a hero correct when he was a d age and he couldn't fuckin blow is blows cover.
The useful in six months deepened to restore you can't stop a drug buzz just because some guy kills is all family. I just like you that would be one of the times were: maybe you could break character and try to save some lips. He's gathering evidence all eyes out and impartiality. It like a documentary maker answered, cops are like you watch somethin like you, seven going on and you just need to commemorated for history right, don't stop it! Yes, yes, true. Some say that the two who dawn and Bush some say that they were involved in an incestuous relationship, tat sister sliding into one each other, just planets, sweets, sick murder, wrong, killed the parents Don kill, the family, so wrong, killed, dawn in the grand there who was in the mob. Would he showed up the police station before runs. Confession told wrong to take the rap for
all the murders, to keep the name from the inside and of any further say. Take the rat. You take the rat you're, not gonna talk How can you sister, ok, you're, just gonna go to jail, because because that is actually very true. Really his grandfather did she what they talked IRAN when the whole of two one, all the shit went down and it just literally Ronnie here was coming you know I saw you fuckin dawn. Poor, some insulting fuck before and you could take. All of this and I know I watch you guys look at each other with dispersal magic. I know I know you guys it's special kindly. Instead, I bought my sister, our towns looked at her and I was like o o. Which is what was the lips. I gotta get in them. Got some leeway, is all right grandmother. I think that a period of five years ago- and we are still in a police policing- for Christ's sake, you guys looked at a pitcher dawn de facto. She looks like a monster
with a wig on that nice doesn't love mozzarella, Amazon and well, I loved it. So this was the point of shame for the family, for the defence of family was that he was banging assist or not the whole suicide murder that the alcoholism, the drug abuse. You ve been away worse if it was a point of pride for the family. Now at this point AIDS, the least offensive thing that they could have done. I think, and criminologists said in court that he believed that the These were moved and that more than one weapon was used because they did this sound tests by move cause. We were saying before. Is it or the name of this rifle? You know my authority, thirty Marlon exactly goes its tat then your belly, all the lists of guns and refund issued in Texas up now this sound test, but the police basically said that this gun is so huge. You could be heard for like four blocks and nobody heard anything at night, so you get does suggested different gun, but then also what about demonic power? Marcus?
I mean there is afforded me that route really wants to believe that the house was haunted and that a demon live their name. Mocha shunk off from the shiny cock, tried choice, making him kill a family. I would love that to be true so I'm so fighting for it. That's the near! if that I'm sticking with, I definitely believe the house was haunted. Something compelled him to make these. You note for these events to occur, something compelled I think it was a demon, absolutely was it was Mama's Dougie still duties do pushed him over the edge. The demon was sick, a smell in it. She ETA kills. You had to be murdered, lets them he's all right. Men, don't know how to make proper cost reach them gave us a horrible revenge on November twenty first nineteen. Seventy five defeat of course found guilty on six counts of sex degree murder and he was sentenced to twenty five years to live so that part of the stories much wrapped up. I may, I would necessarily say that's a hoax, but there are definitely a lot of that
were that the seeds of demons were planted. I also put it this way. We're jail did great for any gain where he gain weight and looked super like the in shit. Different Ronald de facto looks like a bird. Oh looks terrible, probably give better food, but in gains situation in went to an institution which is where do they wanted to go down the aisle? Yet everyone wants to go to an institution right. No one wants to go to the penitentiary re. Every day I asked to be placed to institute I would love to be taken care of You know, and you know it is so great cause. A nurse is like a mommy. Girlfriend also goes, and if you do your job right, you maybe a little I got over. Maybe I dont know if it like a Asian.
Massage parlor there had re. You two different urge you to get a hand job. I don't know. I think they mostly force be drugs down your throat when you want to stay awake level. What is so? It's bad enough, but that's what I was looking forward to cancer, because they thought that if you, if you're in a hospice, every nurses kind of a prostitute, had you just have a different idea of medicine at start changing the way we live in my life so the seeds of the Demon House of Amityville have already been planned and they ve been planned. By Ronnie defray they been planted by Ronnie Butch DE facto in his The fence So the entire thing happens with the Lutz is J Anson Rights, his book and this guy's is Rick, Moran he's a researcher compiled a list of more than a hundred factual yours and discrepancies between ends the true story and what actually have
and in which it, which is what happens. When you get a super nerd real mad jealous of your money. There will come straight for the logic of your life. You start being like near well, even flies, wouldn't be there in the summer day left up exactly fucking the perfect militants who the paranormal the dude, who wrote this book is just look at the sky we like yet broke with no it'll balls, you shut the fuck up, shut out can shut up every five thousand dollars. Guess what nothing to me? This will act, checking the ghost huntin book actually J ends and actually did confront this guy jazz, the guy that road Amityville whore, he did confront Rick Moran and he said I like to make money one day you'll be broke. I'll be on an island in the Bahamas, with a truckload cashmere sweaters would also the last thing you wanna have honour unattractive gonna be hot up. It's gotta be like these. Definitely
be the weird guy who wears cashmere sweater. No one else knows how we made us money with counterfeit pants was a dream analogy, ruining them with sweat and sand. Now those are the literally the heat is put together: two things in his head that he thinks are fancy the island. Where does that sound on long island, vats interpreted so stupid, Hammurabi idea Tropic Island, don't you worry about it, I'm getting out of hand although many augmented put my tab in the ocean is called. Does, though, like fun, villages go through? Let's just go through all of this shit that these people talk. First of all, the infamous priest involved pick hurrah row that get out how Europe bad luck- me, I'm ready. It's bad luck about like that. Like somebody ready the guy you naughty actually day so a row row he can
The claims on the tv show in search of food I haven't seen, do yes not look up all of in search of their great. It is great early eighties, like sloppy paranormal documentary style show they have a lot of fun. Information, the Amityville one particular is very fond because it shows a priest. Just you know like backlit, because they want to be named by name slow assembly like of similar, honest, It might done up his little voice, legal and What's wrong, just breaks a man Are you admitting to beat a file or not an? I am a maiden the watch it right get to the demon stuff they deem them look in the mirror it's out of labour
Father Pecoraro, he said on in search of he told Leonard Nimois. Yes, all this stuff is true, but in for David. While he was under oath. He said that he, or even visited the house. If you like a letter need more, you should be shot in the head and are you telling me a court of law affidavit compelled him to tell the truth, but Leonard couldn't now that entered me more them. Spock sent yet us up rest in peace, Leonard sure they killed him right there on the spot. He said that he This proves that he only talk to the lots is on the phone, but he did say is like the thing is. I was on the phone hold on the phone. I read like another line pick up and it goes with that. I'm a gulfs gave no, I mean it usually if you could get off the phone I am waiting for. I'll pay. You go back to talking to the person. Second, ghost. He sure know how to interrupt a really nice conversation. Do thousands
Sixteen summer coming phone goes to align the near. You know the people who, The houses of the house after the lads is Jim and Barbara. Crow Marty said that no The damage to the lots is claimed, including the broken logs. An end is actually occurred and that's all of the various hardware in the house appeared a rigid so they said that all door slammed open. They said that all these cabinets just can bang in bed. In bang, and all that shit was ripped off its hinges. The crow Marty that no everything was imperfect, working or and the stuff. You appear to be well worn in none of it, to be newly replaced. Well. Is it possible that the demon picked up after itself? Up with that that occur? I don't believe so. So the clay, made by professor doktor HANS holds her that the entire
The thing was built on an indian burial. Ground was refuted by members of the ship cock tribe shiny, got shot. I got shit out shining. I shouldn't without the job that idea start deserters, we're gonna get letters idea, I've been, they know, it's not chinese should guide Kinnock, I looked it up. I looked. And I even heard in actual printed shooter cock Gretel. Yes, yes, and There is the Shoemaker tribe, and then there is the shiny cock trying to cock tribe. They started in Vegas and were their Cox just but lining in the light java, wonderful stage so one of the best of ever seeing powerful. It says in the book that the Chinook Cock tribe, use the sight of the house hundreds of years earlier as a place to dump their mentally ill and dying. Will Moran explained that x
I told him that the tribe mention was not from the Amityville Amityville area at all, and actually they inhabited the eastern Tipp of Long island. Seventy miles away so either there was a burial ground or something like that. The should tribes chief straight arrow. Cooper said doesn't mean we will go into somebody's body and capture their sole and control in a very negative way. That's just not us, but they could we could, of course go possess Eddie, I'm italian, timely, but we would not do that. We would not do without our style of aid. We we will ask, get out, but also sometimes I mean we just bring corn it's a bad habit. We have, we just keep giving white people food and we stop with the air, we should start doing that inhabiting lemon killing their family you're just feeding the beast you have given energy to kill ya. As far as the demonic
pig goes members. The little girl had demonic pig friend named Jody that looked into her bedroom at night. The demonic pig was actually a cat that round Theo used to call the pig gauze just a big fat kitty, yeah and the cat used to look in. To her window from a tree branch. There was right next to her bedroom, so that's that one down the the neighbors persian cat. The neighbour. His name was Rufus Ireland. He believes that, yes, dear Rufus, Ireland, Finance street fighting character every at rather robe Ireland. Rufus believes that this day that the whole thing was planned and not a single neighbour, heard any disturbance. So ever from the house during the twenty eight days? haunting the lutz is supposedly experience. Is it possible to get at it?
in order to get in doing that, cat didn't do the entire haunting yeah it sounds like a person can hold a shotgun. Absolutely you duct tape it to its by well, we don't know he didn't, do it on the day that the left is claimed that they saw the hoofprints in the snow records that there was no snow and Amityville New York that day in the window, that possibly went up and down on its own did actually up and down on its own. It did do it without the aid of human hands, but the counterweights on it were improperly adjusted and invite two gator so that you can the window move up and down by stepping on a certain spot on, and it was really interesting as they showed it in a document or in its literally like it's kind of crazy looking at the guy, just stop it on the floor and the door with a window to shoot up. Oh my guess. That's a great way to scare the thought gotta somebody
We back the slow cool every house needs to have one of those kind of fun trick windows. The original articles about the haunting were actually good housekeeping. Oh I didn't know this said the other. Story started in good housekeeping in the original is a good. It's in the front is just a ghost would like a sheet over it. Like public The good broom and dust Span learning stood like a beautiful spread. Entire article said nothing about human forms, nothing about slime, nothing about demon faces in the fire. All that the boughs leg. Well, we got this beautiful has for cheap, and all these people were killed in it. But you know we're here in some strange noises and we're here in some banging on the pipes. George said that and that, the funny thing, how George responses that George loves. You said he was misquoted, but strange Noise is a far cry from my daughter's friends. With the ghost pig I dont know because you never rubbing, they would be making a strange sort of pig tat no
Is there any is rate? No one. No one likes to be boring. You I don't want like how many times have you told a story that you mean you embellish some details in order make this did this story more entertaining and let a little less is were being they were being fundamental, one billion for they were and when good housekeeping comes calling there not just they don't want some boring tail. No, no, no, no answers your shiny is Doyle is, and you got a real talk about all the rape and murder that happened in that house. Oh Abner lingers. Good housekeeping loves more than six tablet. Murder that possibly involves rolling stone at the time was the most popular music magazine and, if you're musician of any worth any salt worthier swerve years all rolling out, and if your house of your house's added you gonna, get a good Keeping otherwise was it You may ask yourself the question like ok the losses they were just disrupt We are a long island family. How did it get
from them to have in this folks Harding to writing a book rather to get from the actual, like the hope. Turning to the boy, the Amityville horror and eventually, the movies that came afterwards will supposedly, The story is that the Lutz is contacted. Butch DE fails lawyer, William Weber. Because they felt sorry for Butch and thought that may be the high It had something to do with these sex topple murders to me no sense whatsoever like that. Yes, this is part of the area that I dont understand that, like I don't know how they got together, where they definitely did in William Weber is a great example. Ample of like a long island. District attorney he's like the kind of guy that, like he does it just like a handle, witnessed it's like he would like scare. One iq would go up there with, but without you follow witness home and be like you better watch you so sometimes a truth close by
what currency in Google slap in the face of weapons, human, we think about testimony that uses very he's a character right will mean. Is it is past bull. That here is one of the things that I think about. Amityville is that it is very possible that there was some sort of residual haunting there I wrong and we had to have been Yang there. I think that what happened in that house and what they were talking about, there was a seed yet we're all of this came from. Their deftly was like that good housekeeping article there talking my ok gathers like some bangings there's some. You know strange noises like it's kind of it. You know it's it's kind of creepy and I think that Weber gotta hold. Of the lots is because whatever was already starting to field book proposals, people publishers were already coming to him say like hey. To fail. Think as true crime always cells and their peep publishers coming home. Sanely, hey you know like we need, get into this de facto story and
ever starts hearing about, like oh shit, the house, there eleven there's some kind of a haunting going on here. He gets together with the US Aids is an defeat and Weber actually said in nineteen. Seventy nine. He said that he was the lights is nine or ten times, and they stayed up until three. In the morning gettin fuck and wasted on wine and concocting these story that would eventually become the Amityville whore. That's always want an idea. Very it's a very, very smart move. He s all twenty steps ahead and he was like we can put together. This fuckin looks like we, you guess again, you guys have little Bobo gulfs was sailing only gulfs why they want, but must be made between five derive some books that moving your and so he starts understand. You tie a family murder in with a haunting that is just money money when you any money money, everyone's gonna, flap arrive at TAT, brings it to the next level. It gives it
of final exclamation point on the story, that's for sure yeah and he also in his kind of defense. He so wanted kind of use this stuff. In is trial with Butch de facto like you are try not azaleas like the paranormal right off, but he wanted the who oh Amityville thing to be in the public consciousness. When he's goin for de fail for his appeals and things like that it did. They bring up the demons in in the court room. I dont think that brought. It's gonna bring up the demons in front of the judge. You gotta do that we did. Ye. Did tell the story of the Junta demon with black hands men stand. There was one of his stories Misa. They tried there, they tried by the busy. Butch was too dumb to be crazy. That sad, yeah and what Weber did that was actually kind of genius. Is he brought crime scene photos from the dead
oh murders over to the let's house and showed them like. Ok, here is Dawns room like can see in Dawns room. You can see in the crime scene photos that there are a lot of flies around and the reason why there are a lot of five around is because the bar- These were left in the fuck. A long island household in a sealed, long island house for forty, eight hours of ours We're going to be fucking flies everywhere. I thought you were going to say they were left in the fly room. My clothes long island houses that goes to the houses have that flight to fly Of course, the cocoon room, but you know what else is but the latter's would he between he pleaded out, is that the lux is would look at these pictures and whether it be like jeez wise, your machine finds no lots, is now focus hammered early gear There were a lot of flies There were a lot of lies, and so they are building the story up and the other one was the day saw these. They he showed
the picture when they were they had fingerprinted. They fingerprinted dusted the door. Into one of the kids bedrooms and lots looked at it and green slime man that some crazy, green slime. We should see now be. Do you remember in green slime and all of a sudden, just like law. Of course agreed. Green slime, yea, and these are building and again exactly right right and help me. I'm sure he came with a bunch of flies in his pockets and I had in slime and his back pocket. Who does Robin everything everywhere that I keep all those frogs and the house. How to get rid of lives. One point there was a split between the Lud says and Weber. The lawyer, because Weber wanted to give portions of the book proceeds to Butch de facto and the losses they decide to not work with Weber and they
what's with J Anson on their own, which proved to be a idea, because J Anson made fucking millions on this book. Millions upon millions and movie deals after that. All that the losses they got about Three hundred thousand dollars from both the book and movie and J ants, and he as much admitted to the screenwriter of the movie that most was made up. He said it's up to the reader to decide what true human knowledge, stone but would deny also. There is even more nefarious sort of a little bit more of an affair if angles that they didn't. Even it wasn't even a moral choice. It was the fact that, basically, the net Weber and what they did was they got really drunk. They created the story and then these, conveniently forgot that Weber existed name when Weber trying to do was horn in and try to get five percent like send them a contract being like, and we want. I can hear you book deals for five percent of its contract that lets us,
on storyline. What's it say to him like we don't actually know nothing, We don't want to do you know who we want to give you money, we don't I take money from this and then turned around and we're like. We do have the giver percentage. Anybody like we can just do it all in a row and like all this money just for our pockets, the finances of Izard. That's this, the most horrific part of the whole episode of the whole do partner. I hear the word five burst. Never again, I'm Medina, I'm done with old thing, so their origin. Bunch alliance mucks, oh yeah, all yes, I had their online shrugs J ends in Vienna. Like you said he begged gray, line about the cashmere sweaters truckload in the Bahamas, and you know like they. They just all of them The latter is to their credit. They stuck our story until the day they die. Both died, they pulled rather that they saw shit, which means we believe they did see things. I think I think there was there was some sort of activity going on in the house. It just wasn't all the trumped up. For shit, cause even allowances. You watch them get a little contrite when the movie comes out because
we're talking about how like there was an interview which George Lutz, where he was his like. When the fly seem came out in a movie in the original movie, where the creases assaulted by the flies is my favorite seen two great eyes a battle say he acted like those flies. Rural out, stronger than flies are It was nothing of them if they just wise coming about, then I can about you, but most of us were saying he was watching. It was like I feel guilty watching this because he's like I wish that it had been more like what it actually happened, because what it actually happened was truly scary and I because there are certain things that they say I think that there is also a psychological angle. I only did started acting more hostile towards his family when they moved into that house. Rent I mean, and once you open up your mind, do to the idea that your eye residence is haunted? I think you're gonna start seeing things a lot more. You just can be more aware of your surroundings, yet I mean
Something was going on there, but it is nowhere near as intense as they also do think that they trumped up for financial gain is like last night I was sitting in the house and dumb. I just got on watch It was like. Last night I was sitting in the house and dumb. I just gotta. Watching a movie and of those sitting in the dark and I was sitting Here- and I just dumb- I felt watched you know- and I felt like mine- My skin was getting old, goose bumpy and I was like someone. Watching me, Sir Walkin around the house, I would like trying to see if anyone like look at me- and I felt like eyes on me- was I, unlike anything ever experienced, and then I looked at the window, the mountain do in a house check them out that they did house checks, India, I don't know either and that's what he said I hope he was a seaman. Yeah. I am because then he took a seaman sample
what you said was a thing that they do in Canada, the radio Outsiders they're trying to collect as much american com as they can because we're stronger. I dont know what makes a lot of sense ensured that some lab right now in their doing a lot of research on your seamen. They get. He just. He did, so he was scattered the vessel that he was carrying a day. I say: ok, well, maybe throws it up, then, when it gets to the precinct hunters. I doubt that he's a real mounting you were not molested D had a head on no shirt good going. So one of the things People point towards, as far as the Amityville horror story goes is: if there is a very famous, very creepy photograph of the Amityville how's it the top of the stairs is as the warrens when they came in when the warns and the team of Paris psychologist and the reporters came in the war and set up these automatic cameras
that would just take pictures every five minutes: the warrants house for years and years and years and tell this secretary was looking through than they were gone back through the Amityville shoes. This secretary was looking through than they were gone back through the Amityville case. He was gone back through them and she said that every time she came to a certain photographed, the secretary was Agnes she's had ever tempt. You came to certain photographed. The baby would kick Lang every She said the baby would kick it's gonna, be a little demons. Biologists is the instincts are girl well, and so she looked cheap brought the photo and she looked at it very closely and can see. It is very clear: it is not an optical illusion. You can see a face in the battle I kind of in the background. It's pretty haunting the? U S and it's a really. It's really scary little picture looks like a little boy and he's got his middle finger up. Oh, that is really a lawyer, let alone in his eyes glowing in right. It's very it's very, very creepy, but
unfortunately for paranormal investigators, the most like Explanation is that the face and the photo belongs to paranormal investigator, Paul barks, Paul barred, every single time get out your hearts. They show you see another photo appall barks that night and their wearing the same shirt. It could also the Paul barks. His nephew, who had tenure The boy who happened to be tagging along that where they know that quite possible or its goes like I was a little girl- was quote a lot. This is from Paul bards. The image of about our you mentioned does resemble me, and I know that now deceased and Lorraine went on record. Including national television stating it was a ghost, because I have great respect and admiration for them
will say no more on the issue and I will allow the legend of the most haunted house in is my that's it response really is like listen guys. I know this is all bullshit and I know that's my nephew Johnny and I've told you. It's bullshit decided that elastic, but now you can use this end quote two two exonerated every single time you can just Paraphrase me like this and do the brackets that either side of it and land in like of the most haunted house. America is continuing Amiens legal positions bracket. Some weird quotes NEA they're they're gonna have to work hard to make that to make that you know they go in line with the legend, but but they can do it undoubtedly there and they will be so many bill. Whorehouse has allowed.
Really does add, and I think your people say like ok, there was a day and it was a big hoax. You know they made some money. What was the harm in that? they like. Ok, there was a day and it was a big hoax. You know them some money. What was the harm in that? I think there is a harm in faking, a story like this, and I think I mean I don't know, if there's a Harmon faking, the ghost story, I think in faking a demon story in faking devil story. There is a harm in that, because in implants in people's consciousness it continues Yes, bullshit idea that the devil is an a The devil is out to get you the whole. And Jellicoe Movement that, yes, out it out of the seventies and eighties. A lot of that stuff was rooted in self. Like the excesses, especially the Amityville whore, because it was Billy as a true story in suddenly before seventys the devil, with some like: oh the Devil, yeah whatever on real. But after that the idea
the devil being an actual entity and something for the angelic calls to fight against and the rise of the Christian right you can try. A lot of that stuff back to the excess, as in the empty veil horse. There is a lot of harm and ends on male mega heritage of our dark. Lord and Savior Satan himself, the men. Stirrup illumination they destroy arrive, ignorance. That is what they are trying to do yet you're, trying to say again that we are evil. How many times I tell people in Toronto, and I am a sadness and they look at me, like I'm some kind of cool easy person even honorof, mostly off yelling re, but again, because I told them is that because lies can't stand the hairy back up, did the good points I loved story, I'm happy that had stuck around. I am happy that we have a powerful Satan that has to be defeated by evangelicals, it's a good time, but you're right. It did you Jimmy Carter, elected
dead. That's, ok! I think it was a real, wonderful movies rate entertaining bears day. They were in the books in the EU in the Hall Haunted House, demon genre. Levels in the seventies and eighties came up. There's a lot of really great. Sixty six is a really cool Demon novel about harnessing of Hell House, yeah, really Hell houses, really good anything Richard Mathesons, really fuckin good in terms of horror, novels The movie the haunting is great. I love this whole again. Yes, on the same exact way, I like every single one of the films in this gene raw the demon holding a house. I love it and even gone. Even thirteen goes out its moments. I got a bunch of Brussels in my bed, the saddest of Why do we need to Brussels in your bed? Yeah? I wash my sheets last night, so I'm
real bachelor egg. I clean o sheets. I also watch me with us, like called the canal, that was very good, very good, saw a film a loaded off topic. It is not about demons, but it is about aliens extra terrestrial. I gotta watch that which was phenomenal. Is it good? very good it anywhere that lacks yes, and they did. Of course, there was from grave encounters one and two in that place with the demons, and they have a very good understanding of how to create fear. Nice, graven counters is awesome. One we yes, it was. We also want a may guess: we can get back to the warrants, but as far as war and as far as your approach to demon hunting, what are we gonna give him what's their great, You know I at least they were respectful of a pet peace of mine. Those ghost hunting shows we like come on. Dick. Had we not only their about to give it a swirl, your column, antigay slur now delegate plus for their the fact that they have
their own demon algae school and they had it. The perfect pair of salesman, like guy who's, like the guy that face us, in a talker with Ed and Moraine, who was the psychic dimly? They went at that and they were very penitence and very serious and they they headed, regret. You know like her clutching her brooch like going into place been, I feel spirits he you know like that sort of by So many they must develop very exotic sex life. Oh thanks. I do oh yeah moraine. I think that there is a ghost in your pussy. You better scare him out of there, seems like there's one seems like you're you're aid, has been haunted by a horse ghost. Yes,
That means that we need to call a doctor professor and see if he can come on over Ivory Humphrey to help we will look for horse coast is agenda. Behind of MRS Wallis, on tax just got my ghost, proud, Amityville, the poor innovation, professor doktor, HANS, comes over because it takes to go scaring a little too serious does. It is trying to fuck your on below the delay and though you gotta get into the role. That's Amityville part two. We got Amityville yards it like it is it's come, I would say eighty percent bullshit twenty percent. The mill family murder, haunting, ok, but its very I find the idea of having a child and then kill in all of Europe, all of his siblings and you as well. That is scary. That is definitely like the word case scenario of uranium. Worst, what the worst one
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when the same sex. Marriage is in no sense since my house too much.
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