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Episode 189: 9/11 Part I - The Day

2015-08-28 | 🔗

It's the first of our three part 9/11 series as we cover exclusively the actual events that happened both in the sky and on the ground in lower Manhattan on September 11th, 2001.

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Marcus ready to show we're ready to start Marcus said there were not allowed to dog. We are not allowed to surround today. Welcome the last cast on the left. Everybody I am banned. Gisele is always there in right and markets parks. Eighty dog me dog for new listeners to the show just became dog meat last week. So it's going to take a second dog. You know the thing is that he just became dog meat officially on this podcast last week, but guess when he gets. When he's been officially dog meat since the day he was yeah, alright, alright and, of course, your Henry Zebrowski, or do I have to call you two real? You could call me too real. If you wanted to be correct, you long Bich, alright,
all right, so this is a very important episode, very special episode. If we were the cast of saved by the Bell, we talk to you afterwards. All in MRS Bliss is classroom together and let you know how serious this episode will be were discussing nine hundred and eleven now you guys remember. This is the important episode kind of like you know, home gym. They would separate the girls and the boys and the boys they would tell them. Like I remember my class, they separated the boys and they told all of us there, like here's the key to owning everything. That was the first thing. They said they look just so you know you're on top you're always going to be. On top, don't worry about being toppled. We all high each other, and then we all showed each other. How we could pee standing up is that what you guys did I was always sent to the Yeti Roman. I was just there alone and they turn the lights back. I don't know if I don't know if I don't know federal, although you, yes, you are young, yet it's one thing you must know is number one. Always he hidden, never be seen be seen. You not take a picture even once, because
I don't even know why, sir in rivers, I love a good river full of fish, not today, were doing a very serious episode the as the mainstream knows that yeah. This is going to be going through so for all the people who want to discuss that z theories will be getting to that yeah. This is the the event itself. That's that's the only say the terms that we we're covering September eleventh two thousand one, the events of that day right we're going to discover a, but one thing I will say about conspiracy, thought is that you know that it's a conspiracy, video when they call it September eleventh two thousand one and nine hundred and eleven, it's very specific, the way they set it up because they want you to know that it was just a day and time. Nine hundred and eleven is the brand and I really do believe that I think I think today we are going to be covering the hard facts about just the day, the hijackers that committed this deed. This is a very upsetting topic, of course, the one thing but
We wanted to talk about the very beginning if you, to do this episode right and you are home and you've got nothing. And you really want to just ruin your fucking day watch a in two minutes that changed America, it was a history channel documentary an it is all found footage from that day. People who recorded the events right, if you think Cloverfield, is a horrific found footage movie you're going to be amazed at one hundred and two minutes. One hundred and two minutes that changed America. Definitely terrific found footage. Film of all time, I watched it with my heart. My throat marks- and I both have find number of times. Oh, my god, researching upset tears come on, I'm just saying this were being vulnerable. I want to break a little bit of the. I know you guys look at me as a strong warrior, proud man. I've heard that impenetrable cold, but also important in history like Atticus Finch, but this is a very vulnerable episode for me. It you guys know what happen the brand that is known as nine hundred and eleven is becoming conspiracy hub? That
our generation's generations JFK assassination. We did. The same the JFK assassination, every single school of conspiracy thought dumped something on it to get involved in it, nine hundred and eleven is no different. It's the huh have a lot of very esoteric thought that covers is what we've talked about all time right, where what thanks a lot of conspiracy, thought something The government wants to attract a lot of conspiracy thought because deeply within it. There is something very fishy and they like that fringe thought to kind of cloud everything that happened on the day and today we're covering what the day was September, In two thousand and one a beautiful tempered day in New York City that was fucking destroyed and the reality of it is mind, numbing and heart and I just want to say, really quick and no point we're going to make fun of the victims of nine hundred and eleven or terrorist attacks whatsoever. We would never do that on purpose. You know our hearts go out to them in our sympathies, are always with them. I think their families, that's a really important point to make. This episode is about the fact that this is real
forget that, but we will be making fun of some dykehead terrorist, absolutely for sure. That's for sure, and some loopy summer school like antics, Edina, Fuckin', Tallahassee or North Carolina Flight School right right right, but it's really true. This was an event. Three thousand people died. Truly innocent people, janitors of the world I mean it does on, but as innocent as innocent can be. If you look at the world, yes, there've been horrific events all over the world. This is just one yeah the difference between this of and many other events is how much it was covered by the publicity and people on the street, filming it it was a like. We talk about Columbine, we were super for a columbine was the micro event that changed America and the nine eleven is the macro event. This is the thing that was just
from minute one to minute. Ninety nine, I'm not sure one hundred and two minutes divided into one hundred percent umentary, but yes, yeah! It's in the time is entitled yeah. That's how you know. It's also convenient 'cause. You know how long it is if you're doing laundry, I'm not saying I was doing that necessarily right. So I'm just using this horrific documentaries, a timer, so dirty white, guys, insensitive Henry you're, like if you're trying to measure out one hundred and two minutes at a time just watch all of the footage of nine hundred and eleven right, just keep it in the background. Don't watch just remember it's from the time of the first plane hitting and the second tower falling. That's the one hundred and two minutes. Alright Marcus jumps in all right, so we're going to start with the nineteen. Ninety three terrorist attacks. Would a lot of people don't know is that this was the an attack on the World Trade center. A lot of our younger listeners, of course, don't know about the nineteen. Ninety three attack, which was up till September,
the only foreign terrorist attack on the nation. By terrorist I mean world WAR, two Pearl harbor. That was a militaristic attack. Also it constructed event in order to get us into will work to, maybe not unlike something that happened on September, eleventh, two thousand, where sea faring after the conspiracy theories are the next up. I remember knocking it we're not going to do that. You're right you're right that right all right, so that first attack was in nineteen ninety three and was perpetrated by it's that same people supposedly did the second attack Al Queda, the terrorist group that was founded by Osama Bin Laden. The Bin Laden is the boogeyman. Osama Bin Laden has been America's boogeyman for what fifteen. How long does it take you wealthier? We got a of course, but the? U S, funded all kind of for many many years as they fought the Russians over Afghanistan. It's a very interesting relationship that he's had with the? U S and in the US, basically armed the Taliban aka Al Qaeda, and
Osama Bin Laden wasn't always public enemy number one. As a matter of fact, the Bush family is very, very close with his family and of course, these ties are go back for generation. Absolutely. You know everybody knows from the years two thousand and one or two thousand and seven he was played by Tony Chelou boo. I love him, he's quirky yeah, so I'm fat, Three hundred and twenty six hundred and nineteen nine thousand and thirty six people were killed when a rented van loaded with nitrate hydrogen was set off. Basement and This is amazing. One of that era. Yes, that were arrested,
he was arrested when he went to retrieve the four hundred dollars deposit. He had left for the rental van that they used in the attack abit of a cheapskate yeah, exactly the problem. You know he would've just been known for the fact that he was the funny guy who slipped on a banana peel walking into the rental office. When I had to get the van, you know he's like glued and he was also carrying a bunch of plates full of messy food and then, after he got the deposit before the cops got him. He just walk right through a plate, glass window that two movers were carrying. You gotta give him some money, give the guy a payout. So in all explosion, killed six people injured more than one thousand and cause nearly three hundred million dollars in property damage. Remember that was the first and only major foreign terrorist attack on Uol until September 11th, so that we keep our borders up. You can't get up in here they did, they did
an error. Did you ever live to the moon airplanes go up, we had them. I got a changeover that sign because that was the thing is that we had that. You know zero days like you know, ten days since, like an incident, that I have a tentative accident method, so out of the nineteen hijackers on September, eleventh fifteen of them. Were from Saudi Arabia to or from the United Arab Emirates, and one was in Lebanon, Lebanon and the face of nine hundred and eleven Mohammed Atta. The most intimidating. Looking of all tear of all the terrorism was from Egypt, not a single one of these guys was from Afghanistan. Remember: Afghanistan was only the place where Al Qaeda was based. These guys were not afghani him before, where the they iraqi I like. Because you can't miss his last name, hi Tara, either way forward or backwards. Yep yeah thing. Also. So very well.
Asked if we want to get conspiracy theorist as well. Very well cast good episode, headshots, Pat next one mug shots. It is a great it is that's. His drivers license photo actually yeah, so Mohammed Atta, I as scene, is pretty much the ringleader of all the attacks live arella, typically boring life prior to his radicalization into Islam, as did of the hijackers. These guys were just a lot of from middle to upper class families, some of them in students, students, yeah, some of them had you know some of them came from a religious background. Some of them came from a secular background, but they were and they were almost all students they uh- Comma Data he studied in Germany as an exchange student, he lived with two teachers who eventually kicked him out after six months, citing is closed, mindedness, an intensely introverted personality, so you know dykehead, huh, yeah, Realtek yeah, that's weird, because it seems like the guy you flew. One of the planes into the world. Trade center would be kind of
yeah. Well, that's you know that. Well, that's one of the weird it's about some of the other terrorist is the guys that hijack united. Ninety three, that's exactly how describe the people who his girlfriend his parents, the who knew him at the flight school they're like hey, have a beer with us every once in awhile yeah yeah like he was a patsy or something set up by the government yeah, because, of course, people who kill people never hang out with the Regular folks and have beer with them. Jeffrey Dahmer, Mister bumble, butt himself, a Cooper, everybody's best friend so already everybody's best friend yeah, and that's. What gets me by these conspiracy theories is that, like very very likely about a lot of these conspiracy theories, especially with people like people like. Oh, they don't fit the profile. There is no profile There is no profile, it also like they just don't understand humanity. People like yes, you can be of, psychopath. It's going to kill thousands of people, but you can also enjoy a little twist and pinch of an IP
you? Can you can enjoy drinking beer, twisting pinch of a nipple? Well so yeah this guy? I can't imagine how, close minded. He must have been If the Germans kicked him out yeah, you know not not exactly a people known for their warmth. He was the only one who did not like standing in line. He does the only one who did not like her cook according to living according to very sex rules. I smile when I hear the bell that tells me to watch. My parents began too. So it's not that at all join Al Qaeda in nineteen, ninety seven and while studying in Germany, he formed what was the Hamburg cell along Marwan Al Shehhi, who piloted United one hundred and seventy five, the second plane to head and Ziyad Juroku Paula did you Ninety three, the guy that everyone said, was a fun dude, which was some. Shot down most
that did stories that it was actually taken down by the pastors famous story, but while the hijackers may have been actually very most I would say annoyed with american culture. I mean really loud. Things were full yeah, it's a there's. No, they hate our freedom or anything like that. They, like every other per involved in the attacks. All of these is their main motivation was american foreign policy, our support of Israel. And are a in? I guess our incursion into the Middle EAST during the First Gulf WAR, and we talk about this regularly on top and America's foreign policies, other countries, domestic policy. They live under that rule yeah, so their form and our foreign policy is very aggressive in a lot of these countries and extremely controlling and that they don't like the fact that the white double comes and tells them how to live. I also want to bring up the idea of group think that we talked a little bit about what we were covering Manson and the Manson family, but there's a lot of the bridge between, like talking real hard,
right about wanting to bring down the great devil and like what I'm getting into group. Creating a group of people that you kind of hang out and I'll talk about how you want to do. Thing about America and the american foreign policy going to your country and that bridge to doing something can be really shortened depending on how isolated you are and how it during you are. It's like. The Manson family went from from the hang around sucking each other's dicks to murder in it, after right because they had been kind of built into the sort of all inclusive small society. That's why stream is thought is very dangerous because you can go from taking a very as Eric idea about doing something about american foreign policy too. Then, sing the plan where you're hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, I'm certain because they are people there must have been moments where they were like. Is this what we should be but then it's like we're part of a greater purpose, and you keep hearing it over and over again that it's a greater purpose that you're doing something for your country and at the end of the day, you don't want to look in your brother's eyes and
Tell me something weird and tell him you're scared and backed out, and basically at that point be a liar. Yes, absolutely- You've been a hypocrite this whole time, but also what I just want to say this outright right. I, whatever it is that they wanted it Did you really want America's fuckin' hand all the way, up your into your guts like it is right now. Did you want that? Because you got it yeah, so graduations physical Toby, Keith, Lyrica of Toby Keith thing there, God, America they're all up in your garden. You feel my high school ring underneath your top of your mouth. It. We didn't really get the great music that the Vietnam generation known as CCR the band. We got nothing nothing wrong with Toby Keith 17th of two thousand and one Mohammed Atta applied for United States Visa. He got a five year tourist business visa. The very next day from the United States see in Berlin, because this guy he lived in Germany for
five years. He was just us two. In fact he had a quote strong record as a student and he came from money and wealth yeah. It came from money, so it was like yeah, of course, like go ahead like they didn't even really check him out an at this point. He had been going back and forth to Afghanistan a few times like he had supposedly with Bin Laden himself and Bin Laden had blessed him psych. Yes, you will the attacker him and Zi giraffe. Will you know those? First, three meetings are just playing connect four with him, because that's how he gets into car trust somebody, oh yeah, absolutely better lose yeah and you have to be able to repair his dialysis machine on a regular basis among those who come and get there shut up with my fucking kidney. So I hate listen to fuck you come here. You fix that This is just machine door. I will take my cock result in our press. All of your mother there, You're, like are you friends with friends up here, is five dollars to get me off a king whopper. March. 22Nd two thousand Mohammed Atta sent an email.
To the Academy of Lakeland in Venice FL inquiring about flight. Meaning this is the actual email that he sent there is we all a group of young men from different out country no, we are living in Germany Money a wide for this, but the we would like to start training for the career airline line professional pilot united in this field? We get there. Any knowledge would and their goal in intensive training program that I mean. What gets me about this email is that is that this flight company- got this email in all. They know is that, like ok, a bunch of middle eastern guys who live in Germany or hanging out. They wanted them to Lakeland FL. I want to come to Lakeland for Florida and they all decided together. No experience previously that
all wanted to become commercial airline. Pilots did you? Do you think the fact that Florida looks like a penis? Do you think, if you're looking at the map of the United States or like where do we go? Where do we cut off the great state of the fucking, hard cock of a man right, But I will say what is a very interesting is that was the final plan. That was what got them in the door got flight training that needed one of the failed plans that I attempted to, order to get them trained as pilots. As that author was watching american television and sold the dude, This is totally true. So the dude with the question marks all over a suit with his name, Matthew, Lesko, Matthew, Lesko saw him on tv bought his book about how to get free money from the government. He wrote this big application saying he wanted to finance a crop. Dusting chemical tank like there is going to get together we're going to develop this I think he met with Egg loan officer from the government. He got that far. The book works right. You can really nine hundred and eleven terrorist to get free money from the government right. He showed up. He showed too low
off his desk and she was like no, no, no, the because I all the all of the science was wrong. It was like the whole application was filled out badly to like no. I can't do this, but she was like. I want to help you kind of the cooking that standard like we want to help. You maybe come to error you're your good student like what? What are you good at and he apparently, So was obsessed with the picture she had on the wall of the Washington monument he was like. I will this picture. I want this picture she's like okay and just like what what what? What? What do you talk about? he pulls out a wad of cash, the side of a softball which he said he peeled off bills bills and like how much for two by the picture she's like well, you could just get like a postcard, and he kept pointing yourself- is like Pentagon. This toward the Pentagon is her right. There she's like yep, that's it he said: other security measures and right and she's, like I don't know, officer about the security measures at the Pentagon, theater was asking questions about security operations at the World Trade Center, and then he was like what the belt in Chicago,
LOS Angelus or Seattle, and she says, like. I, don't really know how to tell how to answer those questions, but I'm sure we could get year pamphlet, but before you go now, what book did you read? Let's go. I gotta get that Lesco book I want to all of America, except for men with question marks on check. It is looking pretty cool. Also I like that for dinner, I love your nails, are very good singer. She doesn't. Too bad, we don't talk about that. That's sad, but if you look at their progress, yeah old planes must be destroyed is what might have been went, sent him over the edge and, of course, the question marks sort of looks like a nine so if you think about that, I've never thought about that. Ok, very good, no ones ever thought no one's ever done! No, because I'm not the boy from the strange incident with the dog at night that autistic boy for that. But it said that the hijackers, for quite difficult student,
unable to follow directions and would get very angry at tiny little things more specially when they would have two guys stand like next to each other standing up all the way really straight and then one guy would go get on boarded grays landing and they're like it's like their act. Outs are very funny right, good improv. So on April events at all, and she he rented an apartment at one. One Atlantic, one Atlantic Boulevard Apartment one, twenty two in court Springs Florida only eight hundred and forty dollars per month and helped with the arrive. Of the muscle, hijackers and here's. The difference here is that there were two groups of hijackers. There were the pilots and there was the money The pilots were the guys that got into the cockpit. They were the ones that flew the planes into the you know into the tar, it's the muscle, where the guys with the box cutters in the back and the mace we know from
one of the I believe it's the flight eleven call that they had both bass and box cutters and stabbed pretty much everybody that they could write, so they brought the muscle into the end of the country and on September tenth, they all ate it pizza hut, together with pizza Hut numbers during the stuffed crust pizza place, I must have been at the birth of that apple. Mostly though they were experiencing Florida, they were experiencing pizza hut. Don't you have a change of heart? That's why I think people are soulless into a country, and I didn't particularly care for it. The moment, Have there fast food version of pizza, I'm in love, in love with it. I would also say that this is not the only thing we're doing leading up to the attack. They were spent out of money going to lots, right getting hammered by prostitutes buying like two hundreds and hundreds of dollars, a sex toys hang out with women. I'd like to also it's very interesting. What was supposed to be a very solemn time, preparation for their
I will do a law I guess was filled. A lot of american style, Donald Trump celebrations and that's the best thing they ever did before. When the battle you're allowed, some you're allowed some drink and some women and things yeah and they also said that they wanted to appear American. They wanted to appear natural. That's why they all that's why they were all clean shaven who will say they definitely appeared Floridian. Yes, it's rutabagas and acted like white trash. You know and also on the day of September 11th, they were the half of them, they're, saying the whole crew that went to get flight. Seventy seven that crashed into the Pentagon were all stopped by security and give an extra security measures. They all failed the first test and then we're left right on through yeah and I'll. Tell you nothing dates, you're more than watching those old like the security cameras with those guys coming on to the Plano little while it's and it's like, they still got their shoes on it. I mean that's crazy also, since when does footage from two thousand and one look like it's
one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven no no see. I explained that to you. It wasn't the future until two thousand and four forgot yeah yeah yeah yeah, interesting It just looks so old and now it's the past, but for two thousand and four was when the future arrived before, and it was still the past, but it you think and it makes sense. I'm still not convinced to nine, doesn't look like a question yeah, I'm gonna hold on to that one. So, on September, 11th in the morning they boarded their respective planes armed with their box. Cutters took off to meet their desk. Is or is a talk called it in his diary, quote his marriage in my sister wrote about the guy No, she wasn't seventh grade home very attractive guy there. Something we'll be right back after a quick word from our sponsor As I mentioned earlier. I sponsor today is square space. You can start your free trial site today and It's only started eight dollars a month and you get a free domain if you sign up for a full,
there's, no credit card required and we need I just signed up for square space, you can make sure you use the offer code. L A s t to get ten percent off your first purchase. It's simple! It's easy to get twenty four seven online support and you get it for only, eight dollars a month or a free domain if you, by square space for years, so gone out, start a trial with no credit card required and start building your website today, so now I think we've reached the end of like how much we can joke around yeah on this podcast. So just so, you know it's a little serious from here on out yeah, because we are now waking up in the morning of September 11th. May I just ask the question: where were you and what were you doing on nine slash eleven? This is the date two for analogy earlier about JFK, I mean this is even larger than that everyone knew where they were when he was shot. I was only woken up, waking up in a hungover, stupor missing class from a phone call
in Menominee Wisconsin for my mother asked me if I was ok. If a nominee was the next target as if they were like we're going to UW stout were blowing up bens dorm room or getting all we gotta blow up, rumples yeah. I hate how they got free wings on Tuesdays or girls night on Fridays, where they got everybody in small town, Wisconsin thought they were not like every but everyone around the country. Did you know areas? Are they don't know? I know Ed Larson from the roundtable gentlemen, the brighter side. He said he just sat and stared at the Capitol building in Tallahassee, because he was convinced that the terrorists were coming out Tallahassee next to be fair, he would have been doing that anyway. Yeah without mushrooms also Eddie wanted to join the army right after him. Yeah, thank God, I convinced him not to do that. Yeah. You would be like a senator right now or some kind of lawyer or something I was senior year- high School Ann Arbor watching it in my english class, and I expect fuckedup thing when I
I saw it- I was like oh man. This is like an action movie that was like my first empire, and then it was until afterwards, when he realized like wow how real it was you know we're just so used to it. You still watching action. You don't see something like that. All the time, then, all of a sudden, you see it happen, you're, just like the shock, it's crazy. My brother has been was right down there. He had a hide in a doorway. I mean it wasn't. I mean so many people yeah, so many yeah, it's a one of our new guys. Here at the station he was eleven and was downtown going to school and he saw both planes. It's unbelievable. So let's get it. Let's start going through the timeline here: seven hundred and fifty nine flight eleven takes off from Logan International in Boston. Ninety two people, eight hundred and fifteen, unite
One hundred and seventy five takes off also from Boston. Sixty five people aboard that plane at eight two thousand and twenty minutes after a flight eleven takes off this flight attendant named Betty Hong calls ground personnel. She actually calls the flight desk the reservation desk. That's the only people that she can get ahold of. She calls the reservation desk and tells him the plane has been hijacked. She says: MACE has been used to fly dependents or two flight attendants had been stabbed in her bleeding out. The pilots have been stabbed or NG out the hijackers that bar themselves in the cockpits eight twenty one minute later, American Airlines flight. Seventy seven takes off from DC also very interesting what they, what they talk about on the plains is it. Everyone of these planes were only filled, thirty percent capacity, which is very interesting and also they figured out how to shut off the transponders on these plains, which is like technically, they didn't have training to do.
Disappeared off of radar yeah, which is also very suspicious, mean turning up more games. Exercise and stuff I mean turning off the transponder. You know you put a box cutter to the throat of a pilot. He'll tell you where the transponder is in all pilots. Because I just thought all pilots were kind of like on a base, suicidal no, no different, all the opposite. They were sort of Harrison Ford and they like to hang out with large hairy creatures, so that's a whole different movie. I guess little little quick note, though Boston eight hundred and fifty flight Seth Macfarlane, the creator of ten and family. I was supposed to be on it, but he overslept so mark to mark Wall also supposed to be on that flight yeah. I love mark Wahlberg. We went to bed, or tend to get lighting doors, world yeah we wouldn't have had american dad so at eight twenty four Mohammed accidentally makes a transmission to air traffic controllers. Instead of, the transmission to the people in the cabin right, and we talk about these very serious.
But they have bloopers. You know like when Bundy would miss places it with his ranch. You know, or is you know, yeah yeah they've all got their own. You know that these are those weird human moments, like those weird kind of humanizing moments. That's like! Oh, they aren't. It, isn't an axe If you can imagine his reaction below sure sure sure sure sure about buck Buck, and then they have a good laugh about it, like God, you member, when you almost put it up, yeah good. Ok, let's go! Do nine hundred and eleven now nobody move. Everything will be okay. If you try to make any moves, you'll endanger yourself and the airplane just stay quiet. And then ten minutes later he said nobody move. Please we're going back to the airport, don't try to make any stupid move so its impasse holdbacks, like I'm, not trying to make stupid moves, I'm trying to make smart well. No, he was killed in north hero People on those planes were heroes, so as far as the people on the ground were concerned, this is still
a hostage type of situation. These guys aren't they're, not scrambling jets or anything because the people on the ground or like ok, these guys have a bomb there's some sort of like it's like those kind of it's like those plane hostage, situations that used to happen all the time in the 70s, and we will soccer in further detail. Next episode about the war games that were being played during this time, vigilant guardian was being done. Another thing called what was the other one? a mall I will never let you get into all that yeah. So all these people on the ground there thinking ok, let's, let's not scramble the jets just yet. This is a hostage situation. We don't want to spook 'em. Let's This be for a second. But what you also realize is that everything that happens happens extremely fast. All of this happens, but between the time that they hi jack the flight and hit the first plane less than two.
Crazy, all right! So ten minutes later the p. Means Transponder- is turned off, make some pretty much invisible to air traffic control and you know people always ask: why does why? Can you turn transponders off up pilots turn the trans Under off every time there on the ground, because it interferes with radio traffic so a pilot. Turning on and off the transponder is as natural as anything else that something that they do multiple times every day I am very confused. It doesn't make the plane, like the wonder, woman playing right. That's what I'm not a scientist or pilot know. So it does take him about twenty. It's in twenty minutes, the FAA. They can't NORAD, who scrambles jets to locate and tail flight eleven, but not one jet would even get off at the tarmac for the first plane hit me, twenty minutes is on the that. So quick, it's unreal. Yes, so it a literally. Could would not even get through an episode of you know,
I've been watching grace I've been watching review. Lately, I'm a big fan, it's a good shelf thanks good show, I would also say, but that's but technically women have been preparing for this. That's where the lights come in later on when they say that we were never prepared for planes to fly into our world trade center when they had actually had re plan for the thing over and over episode. Where I'm just saying I'm sorry. Well, then they understand that possibility. Yeah I'm going to say I've been screaming in an apartment for five days about what the government is done. I'm not going to say that I've been balls in raw news footage for five today, I'm not going to say I spent four hours at the nine Slash eleven museum yesterday I'm going to say that all of my dreams have been Hoar Riffic, or confusing, like that dream that I had were me and Miley Cyrus wrote in nine hundred and eleven musical together, how's Carla doing your girlfriend. We had a big fight. Cool, because I'm dead inside I've been kind of hollow and not talking at all
and I got and we got mad at each other because I didn't think she could quote unquote handle it and she took that as an insult which brightly she should have school today to us that was thinking the tv show is thinking about was according to Jim twenty two minutes, according to John can't believe, all the nine Slash eleven happened over one episode of according to Jim, Jim Bulushi should have never been famous. So at eight hundred and forty two flight, nine three takes off forty minutes late, and this is extremely important because all of the flights were coordinated to take off at the same time they were all supposed to take off around eight, a dot m or east within like ten minutes of each other, and this one takes off forty minutes later
and this is flight. Ninety three, this is the one that crashes outside of Shanksville Pennsylvania and the fact that this plane was late is the only reason why it did not crash into the capitol building. That is the only reason why, if that fly, it would not have been laid they would They would have destroyed the capitol building because we know because um Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was the architect that we captured a couple years afterwards, that's what they asked him. What was the fourth target? Capitol building yeah us that we're been really destroy again, not Menominee Wisconsin. No, no, no! I was going on the Wisconsin. It never once not not Lansing Mr Michigan known around not Troubadour Tex, no, not even from Texas. So this is when it starts getting an intense. Eight hundred and forty six am first plane. Crashes takes seven floors of the north tower. It takes from nine
three to ninety nine, while the plane disintegrated instantly passengers from the plane were thrown out. And landed on the ground. Still strapped into their seats when they first thought, when it first happened, everyone thought, of course that was an accident yeah, so they reported it like. It was an act there was some kind of pilot error and you can call there was baseball player, who flew a single engine plane into a building a couple years following, so these things did happen. Yeah I mean this was the biggest that this is probably the biggest bumble. Although there was a a plane flew into the empire state building, in thirty nine forty, it's not unheard yeah, it's not unheard of, but that's when planes were meeting like balsa wood and it just had a guy with a rubber band attached to like he would. He would be doing a bicycle for the fuckin' propellers to spin on this. Right. I love your vision of the 40s so the way
span of this plane, half a football field, long and the wings of the plane loaded with ten thousand gallons of jet fuel and most fuel still in it again such a short trip yeah such a short trip so Marsh INC. They were a company that was located on floors. Ninety three to one hundred that was the location of the impact they lossed two hundred and ninety five employees and sixty three consultants instantly, while five floors above Cantor Fitzgerald Cantor Fitzgerald, LP they're an investment bank. They were on floors, one hundred and one two hundred and five, they lossed six hundred and fifty eight employees in the suing fire. That reminds me of a time I was working in finance district with a guy for head hunting agency. I had sort of con my way into this job
this is this. Is these? Are the events at like literally made some of these? Were these Wall Street traders into like Vietnam, vets right and I met one of these guys who was a guy named, will Stavenhagen who was a headhunter that I work for an office three people in office and he was afflicted nut bag and I used to walk back and forth or even like. I never want to see you off the fucking phone and he was in Saint sounds like Jordan Belfort from Wolf of wall. He wanted to be like that, and I remember one time we all go out for drinks he's like everybody, get the fuc up at the flick up, we're going out for drinks. It's Friday, we're going to we're going to silk and relax and he's insane yeah Jeremy Piven from PC yeah, and so we go to a bar across the street, and I sit with I mean it this time, I'm in full hippie phase. I have like a six inch long flicking like go t. My hair is really long. I like I was just like oh hi, No just like all the time all high one hundred percent he bought us a case of shots are doing shots you settings
get you shot since I was a yeah. You know I kind of weather so What do you into this thing is, like all my friends died in nine eleven grand just took this shot, I'm just in a cool cool cool cool cool, I'm gonna be a sketch comedian. I know these guys, like I mentioned that how many times in your life have you I mean straight up. I remember when I was working in office and be like man. I want to go down that street and I want to see that building in fucking flames right I want to come in. I will do anything to not work today and it's like that. Shit was re right that all his horror flicks make sure it stays a fantasy yeah yeah. To remind you, real, quick how many people were at the World Trade Center over the entire complex buildings, one through seven over one slash, four of a million people were at the World Trade Center every single day. I can't believe that you know it's.
The people. There were many heroes that day yeah well cover a couple of yeah yeah yeah and when the plane hit, when the first plane hit jet fuel shot down at least one elevator shaft this gigantic fireball shot down an elevator shaft to cause explosions on the 77th and 22nd floor, as well as at the street level. On the inside lobby. It was so large that eighteen people were burned by this fireball and only eleven of them survived God. I don't want to be seven will set left. I saw in the nine Slash eleven museum they had on display a mask that one of these guys war for eight years, because his face had to be constant moisturize. I'm just going to say this: ok, if you lose the face, if you're in a burning thing and you lose your whole face get into radio get into radio number. One is great, because I mean I've come we're showing like it shoul.
I don't want to be late, do not be mean to be mean, but get like a cobra, helmet and be a supervillain, so the flame goes down the entire elevator shaft. The debris from the initial crash caused absolute chaos on the ground. Cars were crashing into each other and we're being set on fire. You see the pictures of the aftermath. There are entire blocks where their cars, that are just shells like the tires are burn down the windows busted out and they're, just absolute shells 'cause you gotta realize that you know when that plane goes through there's a ton of debris being literally tons of debris being flown hours, attorneys true war footage, they went the plane hit the building at over five I would say they were like a guy was what it was. He saw well, one of the witnesses on a hundred two minutes was watching it from his
Roufus Honors roofing happened. He was like this plane was just tearing it seems like it was really moving, and so what happened it's the windows, and so it's a move explosion hits it. It instantly explodes, but the momentum of it carries it too. It shoots out the other side. It's crazy. It's just like It's a huge explosion that documentary captured people, like you mentioned earlier, Henry about how you almost thought it was like because it is so insane. It was almost like an action movie, five yeah and in Wisconsin to your so disconnected, but even people watching fifteen blocks twenty blocks away. They almost a disc
Connect two minutes out at first. It wasn't, I wouldn't say, laughter binding if it was like what what what holyshit yeah exactly holyshit 'cause you are. They filming a movie in Wall Street. What's happened here or was a huge accident, you assume it's a huge accident and it's more just being like holy shit. Look at that! That's crazy! I've! Never seen that before you know, and I really did. I watched rod news footage from three the first two hours. I watched the raw news footage from three separate stations. I watched the CNN one, which kind of proved that CNN is always been terrible I watch the ABC one. Charlie Gibson is a wonderful journalist the best one that I watched was the local New York City NBC Affiliate, because you get from that. You get the eye witnesses right on found it near you, you get new, Yorkers call in and immediately and just say- and I saw this in between after the first plane hit between the first and second plane everybody's just sort of, but
older right. They they're not really it. No, no one is even mentioning the word terrorist. No it because no one wants, because it's that it started to be that that it, but you can kind of feel it. It chin in the everyone's brain works, because this is before we've been flocking. Indoctrinated now we're indoctrinated, Look for terrorists were going to get into terrorism and how that's created unlimited war, 'cause, there's no borders and things like that absolutely. But the idea is that now it's a word, we think about every booking data. Like you mentioned, with nine hundred and eleven. You know I hadn't actually really thought about it as a brand, but it is a swoosh to some degree the nikes which, when you think about eleven, oh we got, we got buns salt we will talk about the next episode, but again what we talked about with Columbine. These are this place where those I would. This is, were first starting to talk to the newspapers and something and then send them to the new sensations. That's where a lot of conspiracies got bored,
immediately right now, because they were all in a panic. I mean you know it's pretty crazy. These as firefighters were going up into the buildings. Reporters were running twords these the smoke as well, but with a camera and a microphone and put it in people's faces who were covered in sodas if they just got out of chimneys, chimney, sweep be like. What's going, which is bigger, and it's like what do you think Joey? What are you rehearsing to be Santa Claus? Later? All the local NBC affiliate that the one that I watch the on the ground reporters were fantastic, they were information, while still being sensitive people wanting to talk and will listen later 'cause. I that warn you later. We will be hearing some footage both from on the ground and from inside the building. The whole point of this is to make Israel is humanly possible. This is real. This happened like this is a this was an action movie, and it is so far removed now that this that's what this is. This is actually real because of the angle of the impact of the plane the stairwells and all the elevate,
it's from the ninety second floor up- were rendered completely unusable. It trapped one thousand three hundred and forty four people above and none of them would survive. No, not a single one would get out so the people the towers of both above both blow and in the second tower knew nothing. This was ubiquitous internet and because they felt it, of course, the filtered up above the the felt the tower sway yeah they fill the terrorists move and then went back in a position, but the people below it. The way these buildings are, but you know, they're built to sort of like if we had the wind and stuff like that, they did not feel it like. It had in some power went out and like, but no one actually heard the crack that didn't feel the whole building shake, people calling emergency services which were pretty much the only people that and even urgency services didn't really what was going on but
yeah. I also watch this other documentary called inside the towers where it's a lot of people that were that got out and this this one woman said that she called up emergency services and emergency. Sir says, was telling them like yeah you're in. First tower: yes, Port authority, port authority, is the there that I guess the organization that manage the World trade center. Here's the blue collar guys, like I guess are you saying that you should evacuate right now go to use the stairwell, so then you go into the stairwell in it and there's nothing there. Would you do but they, but they were being told by the the services to get out of there, but some of the company. Came over there PA and said. Please stay at your desks. Please state your desks. Do not evacuate, do not evacuate so pretty soon afterwards, like I said, Port authority starts evacuating the north tower they're telling the people in the South Tower to stay put, which was at the time the best idea. That's
They should have done because I thought it was an accident. They thought it was an accident because if you get everybody in towers. If you get them out on the street, the firefighters MTV's they're, going to have a lot harder time getting in the North tower to put out the fire to rescue people so they told everyone in the South Tower alright stay put, and there were people trying to get up. They wouldn't even let people in the second tower out of the building they had secure. Regards guards down at the bottom of the stairs, barring the exit and saying, like please return to your offices. Please return your offices and thinking This was all an accident emergency services they get there within minutes and the very first group of firefighters who showed up they had a feeling like there was one guy who survived from this and they all looked at each other. They said you know, there's a good chance. Can it make it out? Well, you look at this. You downloading! You basically watch because it's because it's
normal normal, normal and then those floors of just pure flame and then people were supposed to save. That's how brave I mean it's like. I know that there's there was sort of like a little bit of over period after two thousand one with like America, so firefighters for America's superheroes Yeah- and they were very you know, of course, only are almost cultish. The cultish gonna servant appoint you book with this. This event, specifically, of course it's just showing me like these- are just civil servants. These people that are just paid yeah to be sure, they're, vintage job, firefighters, don't write tickets. When you have to go into the k you know, went to the grocery store, really quick. They don't give you a fine if you're drinking a beer on the street, but I'm also gonna say do- is save people's life, but if they're, all out of police officers, that also lot lost their lives in this court, and it's like now we're in this sort of weird situation and weird relationship with with authority and I'm right now, according to the you know, with like, what's going on with the but how police officers are trained in and how they're acting in it's important, They are men and there's a lot of men, women and they are
I stood there, humans and they're, sacrificing we'll we'll get we'll get into that in future episodes in ninety three to militarize the police because of the war on drugs. Obviously, after two thousand one the war on terrorism, the please go re militarized! That's what we're! Having situations that we're having right now that yeah, I started giving them tanks right exam, even Stevens, Point Wisconsin, for example, my home to my little brother, just called me. They got a brand new tank. Nothing has happened in Stevens Point Wisconsin. I think somebody stole a jar of smokers, like. All that really just did they just filling it with just like they just filled with Brotz yeah, pretty much it yet just Rachel good Cooker. It's cooker for July. Fourth, because, basically these police forces- they don't spend the money, then they they get their funding cuts. Are there we want millions of dollars next year, let's a tank so out of that first, group. They all acknowledge there, probably not going to get out of there alive. They all shake each others. Hands went up the stairs only one of those guys survived,
and this is when it starts getting really intense the jumpers. The jumper start about fifteen minutes after the first plane hit and people on the ground. They said that the bodies hitting the ground sounded like sacks of cement like it was such a deep thought and the myth that a lot of people have about jumpers from buildings. The myth that a lot of people have is that you know you lose consciousness or you hit the ground that is not true. They weren't traveling fast enough yeah these bodies. They were traveling at a speed of about one hundred and fifty miles per hour, which is enough to cause instant death, but not enough cause them to lose consciousness, 'cause, it cuts them over. When you watch a lot of the people in the street footage of the tower or there going up the World Trade Center like you could see people wave
sure it's a ball right if they attack line above the fire line. Yeah review waving shirts in the top, and they were kind of old kind of chain together, and then there were some I shot the windows, which was a bad idea, which was both a good idea and a bad idea for them, because the heat is good is the key to moving upwards up cooking them. They were their trip, but the thing is that the oxygen came. Rushing in from the broken window is feeding the flames underneath them and one I literally was watch under two minutes and one of the people recording the building was like. Oh look, it's paper look papers coming out of the and then she and then someone slick way. Second, I think that that's a person was falling too fast, yeah yeah and then there were like caught it and then they were like. Oh my god, that's a person in the freak. I had a shrine club close, my laptop. Like I don't like through across room I'd, say it was kind of because it's just one of those things right there, a reason why bring it up, as it just show like
those are the moments of real claustrophobic panic. That happened to make that that's! What's real about this, that whatever nine hundred and eleven was used for afterward in terms like politically and on a global scale. Is one thing, but this is the micro. The tragedy is this kind of this humans, like you, got to remember that these were all humans, so at eight hundred and fifty President Bush course we've all seen in the famous footage he's listening to a group of kids reading, a book called the pet goat, in Sarasota FL very ironic name by the way. Very much so he's told ferment If you want to get into that now, it's not sure that teaching the children not staying here. That's part, three, the world's most days, facebook talk about that? Yes, we will he's hold that the second plane is hit.
And he knew he knew on the way to the elementary school had already been told that the first plane had been hit, but he said that he had watched video footage, which would be completely impossible, because I want some released until that afternoon. Actual video footage of the yeah well he's not the most eloquent person yeah, so he waits a full set ten minutes before making a move, I mean, let's hear, to hear to hear how the book ended. Yeah, that's a good point and then afterwards he disappeared most of the day Well talk on the next one about what personally I believe we're not going to let it was he doing that training was the president on nine slash. Eleven Dick Cheney was the president, absolutely I mean, and then he did have to catch up on episodes of according to Jim, oh my god. It's so in later in later interviews with President Bush about the day of September 11th a lot of his responses at least when he's talking about when he saw the footage. But his first reactions were. It seemed scripted.
Seems like someone is told like okay. This is, this is what you say, or at least this is what he's prepared for himself was like this is what this is because he's not a very good off the cuff speaker so he's This isn't a bundle up today, George! Exactly well, you did a great will get to I thank you. He did a good job with the with the loud speaker there at the end of the day, yeah yeah yeah. So it's so he you know he got he is like okay. I can't mess this up. I have to have a prepared statement for when people interviewed me about this, but later on, in that same interview, when he's talking about the aftermath of nine and eleven what he had to deal with afterwards, he said something like this is, I think, one of, if not the most telling sentence about the entire Bush administration. He said I never can I mean that I could handle being a wartime president, of course, but you know when you bring on Rumsfeld when you bring on Ashcroft and you bring on Cheney, bring the biggest hawks HW his father hated
guys got told not to bring him into the administration Rumsfeld immediately said Saddam had something to do with that, and Bush ran on a campaign to be a compassionate conservative who care about education, yeah and then use the perfect perfect pawn yeah at eleven. So at nine hundred and two am seventeen minutes after the first plane hits Port authority officials orders, the total evacuation of both buildings. That's when someone again gets a little edge in the back of their head. That says, like ok, something's wrong here. Up to fourteen thousand people are already evacuating when they make this call and one minute after they make the call to evacuate both buildings- United one hundred and seventy five crashes into floors, seven Five to eighty five of the South Tower much lower than the first, and you can see on a hundred two minutes is that the streets of Manhattan just go.
Go because they realized. Oh, this is terrorism right. This is on purpose, a guy that Jose that we just hired here. You know I said earlier that he was eleven when he saw it him and his He was there with his older brother, who is a teenager when the first plane hit they started walking twords. It because it was a curiosity, it was like. Oh, let's go, let's go see, let's see what's happening here, He said when the second plane hit they just an instinctively started running in the second image. Everybody just direct people said they were freaking out and I saw it live. I saw the second plane hit life yeah same here yeah. That was one thing that was insane yeah. It was absolutely crazy, in fact, we're going to start playing stuff now we're going to play some video clips. This is this first clip is from the people on the ground. This is real reactions from people. This is a bunch of Nyu students, uptown,
yeah, don't be a person that right there What does heavy things falling error rate that a piece of paper would not fall? Oh my god, no way I see it. I see it. I just I mean who's to say it's not like a chair regardless, and it's getting so dangerous that that that be Oh my god, what
so you can definitely tell the mood changes, yeah yeah the mood changes from this kind of detached right leg. Again now that's Mimids chairs or some my own dad like a it's like a it's just sort of you know inside a home, and it's got to be so dangerous like it goes from. Could you talk to a lot of you how to a lot of people in a lot of people on the street two and a lot of people in these videos. They're, just like. Oh my god, like look at those people those people are empathetic through looking looking at these people, I feel like that's a true to be honest, a measure New Yorkers character, because one thing that we got is like there is a sense of shorten fraud. If
in Trenton, Fred Schadenfreude, shouldn't Freud in New York right or it's like you know like like seeing somebody elses misery a little bit because we're all kind of miserable, but there's also that other thing of like a great sort of like commiseration of like you could imagine yourself been going all the way to work right. You know ten hour, commute all the way to work, and then this the happens where it's like, even because at that point just an accident. Can you imagine yourself like up there? I'm I'm I'm yeah new Yorkers are like. I have a lot of beautiful kind of energy that good to great spirit here, which, like you, see that a lot with this footage of people being concerned for people in the towers and not talking yeah. And then yeah I mean new Yorkers are some of the nicest people in the world because they don't fake kindness when they're nice to you know they mean it. That's for sure! That's why I love it so much like we all saw this on, or I mean at least I did I know mark is far removed. I mean New York deals with things New York dealt with this. I mean it's crazy to think about. We can watch it and we know the ramifications in a theoretical level, but to be there is a whole other story and again, how do you feel about this guys
Do you feel it nine hundred and eleven in the coverage of my lover, I cuz you were saying before it would be really we're trying to get the facts right there were they weren't trying to jump on it, but they do work filling the air with right and they recover and they were trying to cover as much as possible. But you really feel like that. We were looking at it before nine, even in the day of nine hundred and eleven working, we're looking at the last bits of non stick, aged news reading that has happened since I feel like the tone of of things are covered in the way when we talk about nine slash. Eleven is a brand has been so pervasive over the like fifteen years that we can't even see The force for the trees yeah. I I think nine hundred and eleven was well listen right. Well, listen right now to the ABC News like them, actually with the footage on the screen. I think it is the last instance of a honest
I feel like that is ever attached attached to journal. No everything wasn't about the wasn't just about outrage like you think you you would think sandy hook. There would be some sort of a a Motional attached to that immediately brand immediately branded and immediately in the media used as a football, a political football that this is the this can be used to argue, might This could be my point. What they have done is taken our emotions from US organs. But this conspiracy as well, what they've done? I think, a part of it is this where it's like all of a sudden, it's like how they covered the shooting that happened yesterday. Cameraman. Reporter went over there with the cameraman and reporter that reporter shot and the way they immediately sort of flipped it and they took his foot. But you know it's like they almost made it better the way they like they took it off his facebook page and they showed them the first person footage of him fucking shooting less people which is horrific and no one watch it and they took that and then immediately ripped it down like it was like and they
mostly kind of clearly presented, how they took it down. We we have we ever since this day we have been we've been watching nothing but fear on television gallon Of course, television news is never going to be accurately describing the events, because they're all paid for by companies like Northrop Grumman- and you know major man- factors of weapons. Anyone who benefit from nine eleven you want to get it we want to get into. That again. Is that you know. Of course we don't know. We all know. Ten minutes only lets you into real. Let's listen to let these little episodes a little too real, yeah yeah. All right not appear that there's any kind of a an effort up there. Yet now, remember all my god that looks like a so complain just that that exploded I just saw another plane coming in from the side you do it. I don't know without definitely do a second explosion. You could see the plane come in just for the
right hand side of the screen. So this looks like it is some sort of a concerted and that's one thing that you also here in the newsroom. Is you hear them when it hits? here, the oh, my god, like everybody, just stopping and staring and then after about ten seconds, big gathered themselves and they're like oh, this like a. We have a job to do now. We had a record it as accurately as humanly possible yeah I did, but also then you get to people on the street and what's the first thing they said it's like you watch it to an end, a hundred two minutes when that second plane hits and they're all you know, you've got to be like immediately so much like Osama Bin Laden saying that in there like and then
miserable in the Times square footage that they have yeah. It's people like Osama Bin Laden, because we know, of course they knew because I'm building him up for a long time. If we want to save we're looking at the cast of Bill- and we know we didn't set him up- he just chose not to murder yeah. He was also like he was a part of the nineteen ninety three bombings and he had also been a part of the USS Cole bombing for years earlier. Absolutely Clinton should have killed, Osama Bin Laden, he's or Christoph Waltz from back in the day the permanent villain yeah, I think the media. I think they were just frankly too shocked to get stuff wrong, they're so careful to not get anything wrong on this, and I think yeah. It was the death now of good journalism in Charlie rose is still out there. Yeah everyone left, Charlie rose, so thirty, two minutes after that
flight, seventy seven crashes into the Pentagon, the forgotten attack, killing fifty nine on the plane and one hundred and twenty five military and civilian personnel inside the bill on the side of the Pentagon. That happened to be under construction. That was also built to withstand a missile attack very interesting how it hit it on a very specific side. We want to talk at all about the weird maneuver it made almost like a military jet pilot, the way it made when it swooped in the next episode, yeah yeah, so heart I know it's hard to get upset. I know I've been getting old that is so ground crews. They had only found out ten minutes earlier that flight. Seventy seven had been hijacked, and it's at this point that planes were
only grounded in the New York City area. Okay, think about this. There were three planes that had so far flown into targets. There were four thousand planes still in the air they could attack literally anywhere in the United States. Do they did not know where the next attack is coming from, and that is when the FAA grounded all flights which took two hours to get all of it to get all of these flights in the ground, which is both terrifying an impressive all. At the same time, he was still two hours whenever flight. Still here you may tell me, I'm not going to see Madanat Fuckin', Lala Palooza, that's not right, man, real victims, all across the country, so when fire,
there's finally arrived at the top levels. They found that all of the water lines have been cut. There was no water up there. The sprinkler systems in the office also completely cut this combined with the heat of an office fire which office fires are notoriously the hottest of all building fires, because paper so much paper and you think,
all these financial institutions. This is two thousand one right. This was back when these fight they had three entire floors. Just yeah you just you know in that burns hot. They could all be held an Ipad today, but yeah exactly and this at the temperature up there. The with the you know, of course, that jet fuel the paper which was burning much hotter than the actual jet fuel. So this is a nine one. One call from the eighty third floor in in tower two, and this is definitely out what this is. This means a pretty intense, we're gonna play a couple parts from at the beginning and the end. No, I haven't,
hey man, how you doing if it's going to be able to get somebody up here. Of course, man we come up to you, there's no one here yet in the floors completely engulfed well on the floor and we can't breathe and it's very, very, very hot. It's very is all the life salon man, man thanks very much we're already other stuff in liberty and it's very, very hot lights off. No, no wait till off! Ok, good! Now everybody stay calm. It's also like for these people that they are calling it above their pay grade. You know so they're used to like someone stabbed in the subway or your job sort of be reasonable. Just sort of in the face of emergency is to be. We have to be You should be able like this, you just sort of want to not tell them that they're about to die.
I guess you know you have to be a voice of rationality. I mean that's exactly what this part of the calls about. Wallace's documented about that, though, hold on one. Second, please, thank you know, know, know, know, know, know, say: I'm gonna die and we're not gonna be partly because you gotta help each other get off the floor. Now they can't stay. Calm stay calm, so we do a good job man, doing it well, yes, I know that the operators- I don't think it's. I don't think they get credit for giving people comfort, I don't think they got enough credit. As far as the p t s d, that the event cost, I mean you're, literally listen in to the last breath of human beings, like the you have no idea who they are. I mean at some point if I, if I was that woman on that phone call, I would like to
I was just speaking to hello. I I said that if you're a minute so dramatic, it's very traumatic and there I don't know her name is Melissa. So, since the There is no water lines for these fire fires to use up their their prior primary job became to bust outdoors, because the impact of the jet hitting both of the jets hitting was so powerful. The towers shifted enough to jam most of the doors in their frames, making it impossible to open them up. With the aid of an axon, and that's why a lot of people, especially near the areas of impact below the below the impact all. The doors were jammed. They were stuck in their offices. They could not get out. There were a few people who were able to find little pieces of drywall If something happens through the take a punch through that there was one group of guys that were stuck in an elevator. They dug through dry wall and
busted out a wall and came out in the bathroom, because that was just the, but that was rare. Most of these people were stuck and that's why so many firefighters side, because that's what they were doing when they were trying to make their way 'cause they didn't. Because again we had all been under the idea that these tau, this was supposed to be able to stay in even if they got hit by a fucking plane that we hear that sound like over over one thousand, eight hundred and nineteen, oh one and no plane existed. I mean they're, not they're, built in nineteen. Seventy two one thousand nine hundred and seventy two mill plain exist. So we were just saying that's where they went in belief system, that these are not going to fall. Well, it's just a fire. Well, no, port authority, guys the the engineers these two guys. Let's hear Frank, Demartini and Pablo Lopez,
who ended up saving about fifty people. That was their primary concern. They they thought, like. We have to go check on the structural integrity of this building. They weren't confident at all. I know, but firefighters, don't know, because there If I do use in his office fires, they consider this like a fire right. Yes, a plane hit it within. You know also you look at this big, huge building, anything all those going any yeah, you know, and so they're up there just being like we gotta get through this until we can get the lines appear to to start because the helicopters were already starting to wake up, to try to blast off. There were like it would be shared it with hoses from the side and it's you know That's one of the things you trust the building, yeah trust building the stands. They don't like. You think that this is going to this is the worst it can get yeah one group of survivors this- and this to me is amazing. One group of survivors- they busted through these doors that had actually been blocked from
smoke, because some of the doors were actually tight enough. Where smoke wasn't coming through the doors they busted open the door, there's an inferno behind them. There there's just smoke they're all covered in soot, and they found a secretary at her desk on the phone with her boss going over his appointments for the. Right, just not, and they come in and she's like there's something happening there's something going, I need to go. I need to go and he's yelling at her like yeah! No! No! I didn't! I gotta see Brian next week, I'm gonna get Chris. Yeah and but that's also like it it's it's two separate I mean it's like this did hi all right, and you also see that people on the ground you see for it's. Okay. I remember this. This image really sticks out. My had a woman on that because there's paper everywhere like there's that they get everyone keep
talk about like it was like a ticker tape parade particularly said. There was the first time they saw when the paper first happened. They would throw bugguide officer paper blowing past and he's like. Oh some kind of happening or what what what what we know? What we're celebrating yeah they're making jokes like our Yankees won the world Series again, hey it's just that's what people thought and there's a woman on the street that is just picking up paper off the ground and calmly shuffling it and just it does try to do. Okay, no it just not in disbelief, it's not doing something fight or flight or just try to stay a bit. You know. I always really soon affect your mind in any way possible. Yeah, when you're in a dump sites immediately snap undersecretary mode, I mean literally, there is no fight
What do you fighting because no fight yeah? So twenty two minutes after the Pentagon, the South Tower at the second one to be hit, falls first and in both video and picture you can see it. It's amazing that what to watch? That's crazy! You can see the corner of this building. You can see it slowly buckle in, and you see at the point where a buckles, the top of the tower falls over the side and then comes down like that like it is the is the most action movie under real care is the most on real thing. I've ever seen in my life, I mean honestly when I watch the Avengers movie in every one of those of Mark films. They trash Manhattan, yeah, and it does make me think, like, as you live
you live in New York. You start to realize that those aren't buildings are like there's a bunch of people in there, and I don't know if the vendors are very good yeah. I think I just don't even want them in the city anymore. They just try how many thousands has the hulk murder. So just so many and it's like, I know you killed like one really bad guy, but then he killed so many good people just, but I do that Julie walking down the street in Manhattan. I look up and like they'll be. Close of seeing this footage. Over and over again, I can see, building blowout yeah. It was on again. They'll keep in mind unimaginable before this. What this would actually look like I've been sitting in the there and it's such a surreal experience. I've been sitting in this office out and we're out in queens, but you can see
Then I can walk out of the door right now and I can see the entire Manhattan skyline is the freedom tower? The whole thing I can? I can see absolutely everything and after scenario, especially watching one or two and listening to it, how loud it is going out there. You are amazing how quiet it is out there, and you just feel that same sort of feeling that they probably felt that down that just beautiful morning it's like it's just so quiet and so still an it is Irie and you have a laser sharp focus like you are aware of everything around you because you are in it you're here like you, can look and you can see, That is where it happened. Over there I can go to. I was down there well yeah, for the nine Slash eleven museum you're in it, like you were actual in the nine slash. Eleven museum is built in what they called the bathtub, which is where there was the six floors below
uh the tower. Where are killer, I think you're just denying the fact that we've got a brand new shiny tower that we're all supposed to look at. Instead, it's actually very beautiful, beautiful. Now, it's especially yeah. It's especially when you set a standard, the foot of it and look straight up like it is. It is a beautiful tower. So let's hear it speaking of speaking of which and being down. There. This is footage. This is a news footage from NBC four. This is a reporter talking to a woman on the street and, while he's talking to, the first tower fall two blocks away from where the whole thing happened and this entire area has been cordoned off and people that have been working in nearby buildings have been told to evacuate. That's what this mass exodus is my left hand side to my right. We have two witnesses and, as we speak with, you, two were going to pan out and sure shot of what we see from this vantage point. First, more in a ring all morning, you work across the street. Tell me exactly what you saw on the street and, as you look,
what you saw, because you said you saw the second one of my correct. No, I didn't see the second one actually was coming out of the building and there were maybe about thirty or forty people at the bottom of one world financial covered in blood. I do not expect that at all and I work for women and one right here and a gentleman that I were It was on the telephone. He said what was that? I said you know he thought it was thunder. I looked over screamed is bomb because I saw a piece of the building and I think I scared my entire floor because I can scream pretty loud and it was pretty bad, now. You mentioned that you saw people on the road outside of the building. Explain that scene I saw there's, maybe about thirty or forty people covered with bandages, and so it looks like a lot of them, were either on the floor of one of the exchanges. Exactly oh, my god.
We're, not sure exactly what happened, but there's another explosion in the far side of one of the buildings from where we're standing the reverberation another explosion on the right hand, side another building has gone. Another building has gone up on the right hand. Side of the road people are now running down the street when I short that was another explosion or if that was advanced debris join me also, is Jim Plant Jim you're also a witness of what happened when people do take that like explosion multiple times many of the conspiracy theories, people are just like say it's proof very rarely. Do people utter what actually happened the moment that it occurs like a dream. Last night is two thousand and twenty for a reason, but yeah I mean we're there footage it does point towards that. What we're gonna look to you know again with with building seven, so we'll talk about the next episode, they're they're stuff like that, but this is just a belief again that those the buildings, just fall down and you saw it all of the news footage that I saw they're all looking at a wide shot, or most of them are let
this is the only one where there's someone on the ground as it falls every other, every other one is looking at a wide shot of the building and none of them even entertain. The idea that the building fell. Well, I will watching one hundred and two minutes on. Nothing is quite as brutally upsetting as watching that wall, three comes slamming down the street, I'm watching it on the edge of my seat. I'm just I'm next to tears, imagining just that, because it's doomsday right, that's exactly what how and it's how exactly, how you kind of picture it's just this fuckin' wall chaos again stop, and you know it's strange because you see it and it feels like it's alive. Yeah a living entity, gas coming after you there's a certain shots, so bizarre, there's a certain shot of a woman. That's in a building and she's got her camera looking out onto the street, and you hear
with this noise coming like just like this, and then it looks like a monster that just goes home and all the dust and debris falls in. Again the purest most intense, real found, footage horror, on this ever happen, the monsters it's a smoke monster was from the like, the film or television July. It is legitimately a wall of cancer yeah. My gonna find out well yeah. They said that it was so that there was a guy that told a story that said that he was act literally reaching into his mouth and pulling out pile like just gunk? Will you watch the dude there's like that? We would also twelve minutes. You should see this police officer who's walking around he's got. I forgot, he's got some sort of helmet cam or something he takes off the helmet, and you just see him. And it's just water shooting out of a wall and he's just like Brown born into space and he just watched himself with
another new Yorker knows you don't wash yourself with random watch, no, no, no see in Manhattan. Usually it's not water, yeah, yeah and so he's just splashing it all over his face. It's fucking just brutal yeah yeah and remember that the first hour to fall was the second one to be hit because it hit much lower the first one all right so over in the north tower, and I want to say again, two blocks away New York City blocks. I walk one block in twenty seconds yeah, so they are very very very closely, for these are not the Mississippi block. This is a new They are very closely in the financial district, oh yeah, so the north tower remember: there is still one thousand over one thousand people trapped above the fire that It is impossible to escape. Do you think that these people are still alive or do you think smoke inhalation? No, I know there are people still alive, because there were people stack four to five. Hanging out of the windows. This is when the majority of falls begin. There's
One person tells a story: it's actually this. This is actually put up on the wall that the nine Slash eleven Museum has a jumper room where it has a little. It has a plaque that says warning extremely graphic content, an you walk into this little room, and it's just showing five pictures on a loop of the people falling specifically the falling man photo, which is very the full picture, which causes such a huge controversy, especially at the controversy afterwards wed like there was a a paper and Pennsylvania that published an actual picture. It like publish that picture gigantic on the back right right and because such and I'll rate and I think it- and this is what is a fascinating to me and I think, really shows the disconnect that people had about this day. The news media showed the towers falling over and over and over again for weeks you just saw him fall. You saw him fall
times a day? Well in, like we were talking about earlier, then it became it did become used for more but we're talking about it. But what I'm going to say is that the, but the images of the falling people were taboo, you couldn't ride. Would not people just didn't want to pretend that they didn't exist? because it's it's like Joseph Stalin, said that famous quote one or a million deaths is a statistic, it is a tragedy. The other thing, too, is again. I mean this is just to put this out there. Conspiracy, thought, too, is that I think it is important that the all of this footage exists. Yeah right, I think we're supposed to be able to see this stuff and know that it happened know that it's real of what state? What see the phone people? If that's how you know it's real, that's a you know it's it's it's a real event. You watch it, but then you're, also see again how that imagery is then twitch,
I and they use it. It's about optics the use them to to set up something for themselves to get to get something out of it and dip the those people. The reason why they're afraid of people it's the same thing with gold. What happened when we were fighting in Afghanistan and in the rock, or would they do if they don't want to show pictures of the fucking caskets for their soul? Just right? There I will make it four to fuckin' real or any of the combat footage like they did in Vietnam, where they showed actual dying soldiers on the news every night they love keeping in a hologram, because the which is all sprout towers falling if you just show him on loop without well fuckin' zooming on him, those look like a God Dam action movie and makes you fuckin' pump to go to go. Do something. Oh yeah, it's like when you watch the people just falling. You start your dad in there you start putting your brothers in there, your cousin, you start putting those people's faces on those people and then get did you know our government loves are hologram reality reality like
I want to keep it alive, means anger versus sorrow. You watch the towers fall, you feel anger, you see, the people fall in, you feel sorrow, two very different imo, is that are used for two very different things. Sorrow is, can be a very I guess, personal emotions, very private emotion, but anger
is shared and that raise any that is useful, yeah. It's so useful for their own reasons, yeah exactly so. They you were looking up at the the first hours fallen, people are holding on to each other across the dividers to balance themselves, they're leaning out of windows. They are a hundred force up. Imagine looking down, they are a hundred floors up, they are looking down there is, they are in a literal chimney. The smoke is just has enveloped the entire structure and they are looking down from a hundred floors up. You saw one group of five, the stacked on each other. One group of five either all decided to go together or just one person slipped and pulled all the rest and down people saw, but in the end, you kind of think watching this footage like how many people job, but I think, if you ask most people like okay, how many people do you sing jump from the top of the World Trade center? Let your pride to like, I don't know ten twenty. It was over two hundred yeah that jumped.
We will never know exactly how many, because the ground to do high, you know well, I, when I don't get too grisly with that, but you know I'd rather jump fly for a second instead of being cooked, like a god. Damn turkey in my office, where I needed to be every day, yeah, tough to say yeah, so these buildings they're filled with black smoke that most of the office workers. They had no idea what to do where to go these bill, acre in area. They were seventy percent the size of a football field, interest only dude, who was the only people that were prepared with the employees of Morgan Stanley, because they're, director of security, this guy name, Rick Rescorla, saw he was known as man who saw it coming must have been a pain in the open till today pain in the ass, because this guy he was convinced he was convinced, like he knew. Ok, the first Building any had this buddy. That was also kind of a secure,
director, and he asked me is like ok. So what do you think they are Do it again, the guys like absolutely, of course they got the absolutely absolutely would be focused thinking talking, you don't think they're going to come. First, I don't think I want to freedom and they're like already come down yeah. And so they're like how are they going to do it? Like oh they're, going to come here? They are going to come by plane, so he Fort Morgan Stanley employees for years to do fire drills. He would time employees and bit him out if they were too slow and about columbine. This is what he said about Columbine the police were sitting outside with kids inside getting killed. They should have put themselves between the perpetrators in the victims. That was abject cowards. We were younger, we could afford to Colorado, but in that building and then that
before the lauded yeah. This is how confident this guy was in his abilities, like you know, Fachmann. If I was twenty years younger, but I got on a plane. Probably shouldn't kids would have killed in double support submitted, who she worked in my father's, and this is how successful he was, and this without this man that party would have been so much higher. He six s, fully evacuated two thousand six in eighty seven Morgan Stanley, employees from the world. Trade center complex and the last time they saw him. He was on the tenth floor of the South Tower had so the guys have pain mass in your office that guy who's. Like always talk about regulation, should ship like that. Sometimes he could save your life yeah, absolutely so is New York is unfolding. Passengers on flight, three they're on their way to the capital flight. Ninety three: it's on its way to capitol building in DC. It's forty minutes behind the uh
and they're getting word on the ground that the other two planes are track: crashed into the world trade and you know as as there. He goes, they fought back and I think I'm pretty sure that although Dick Cheney key definitely authorize the shooting down of flight, ninety three but the Black box recording, which is public knowledge you can hear from the cockpit it points more towards the terrorist crashing the plane rather than letting the passengers take control. Because you hear there's, you know you hear this fight behind the door, and you hear the the guy Ziyad Jurado, he's saying like hold the door, hold the door, hold the door and they're about to get through an She just starts screaming Allah, Akbar Allah, Lock, or any screams at seven times on the way to the ground and it crashes in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Whether it was shot down or not twenty
it's away from DC. Well, if it was shot down, I would have no problem with the government doing yeah I mean. Usually now you have to really understand what this point and now it's up and yeah and if they shot a ton, you also got to kind of think it's like if they did shoot it down in that time after it like we needed some, like just some sort of no, some sort of like fighting back tight yeah, of course, like issues like talks that we had to kill how many innocent people in order to get set up for its that horrible rock and hard place in our So it's like the calendar Capitol building yeah. You know like that's it's. If not because the president is more fucking precious than anybody else, but because of the symbolism, you look at the symbolism of what the World Trade after falling down does both psychically an politically it's. You know forces you into a fifteen year forever. Yeah yeah. Well, that's why presidents are always hated because literally it's impossible to make a good decision. You just have to choose. The
the lesser of two evils: lesser of two evils, so a little after a little less than thirty minutes after the South Tower collapses. The north tower goes down as well, and so now you've got a debris cloud that is two entire buildings and one witness on the ground. He described the cloud, as he said, quote almost solid. There was not even sound like they say like after it fell that there wasn't even sound traveling through this field and one witness- and this is just terrifying one way- the only thing he could see was the flickering light burning paper chase card that was for a this is at and this here as footage from a man on the street right after it happened.
What happened? sort and then read like hell, thank God, sixty nine I can still run, it's gotta, be fine. The trap back dental That is just how bad a new, like he's almost laughing like sixty, I can't believe I can still here yeah. It's like, I can't believe, sixty nine well yeah one thing in one hundred and two minutes showed was just fuckin' immensely fat man he's like three hundred and he's like. He comes back and he's cut the report and he's like what do you do anything I gotta go. I gotta for
and he's like yeah he's, like I gotta see if my friends, okay, yeah LAN Cable, is like and he's just tablet, but the thing that you know, I'm I'm an audio guide, the the thing that has haunted me. The most is I I don't know if, if you all heard that the the sound in the background that kind of sirens sound what that is, it's called a pass alarm and what that is that if a fire fighter is motionless more than thirty seconds did that goes off? Yes? So when you listen when you watch under two minutes, you hear the sound over over again and you have one of those noises that dad firefight yeah. This is a actually. This is what it this is a clearer, a clear, a clip
I haven't been able to be in silence for the last week, because, if it's silent I hear it, sounds like when you go out to the wilderness. You just you're the you know the bugs the crickets yeah, the crickets yeah, and that that's a that is almost right sounds like, but yeah that that noise, I remember seeing a video of that in like maybe a month I have a I like it was on set back when you have to download videos to watch them. It's I remember see in that in that noise is haunted me for fourteen years
it is it's horrific, and I never want to hear it again and never do so. Yours after after the second tower fell. Er is all across New York, they're all just prepared for an onslaught of casualties, and it never comes. Only eighteen, people were pulled from the wreckage and the last one they found at one thousand and thirty that night, one firefighter he said those who got out got out those who didn't died. There was no in between, like you, either had minor injuries that could be true. On the street right I mean they said there were about ten thousand injuries that day no major once really a few don't buy amazing there wasn't more, but it was all what it was. That was what we got. They got people out. First of all that got people out a lower Manhattan, so when the towers fell like they just they were out. Ppl were out of there good at that. Yeah we're good at that. You know also New York. What I like about us,
who is that we can find like it's true. We can really form into a sort of a mob mentality and we know how to move as a unit, because that's what's up the system is that's how what's why, when you're painting the asking the subway when you're not from new york- and you know what you're doing and you're just like a fucking monkey lunch in the whole system. Right when you look standing, that's like that's where people get so fucking mad at you, because New York, about cooperation and Co. Existing yeah yeah it's about moving and we old. We got a movement speed, you got to know the rules and you got to look out for other people and you got it. It's about a way I knew that doesn't get nearly enough credit. When we talk about co, we're not talking about White Wisconsin everyone's materion, maybe even a Catholic. Every now and again it is different. Different races, different heights, different languages, different languages, everybody in a different building right next to each other, yeah living in apartment buildings are not meant to ever be apartment buildings. You can hear everything every does and we all collectively agreed to ignore each other right exactly exactly yeah, but is it a silent agreement between
and everyone it's like. As long as it's like it's like you get an hour. If you can hear your neighbors argue, they can hear you fuck that so absolutely so, the rubble of the World Trade center towers. It's seven stories, high from ground level and one of the things I always they always wonders like. Where did all that go Why is it not hire it's because they were stories below them that all, but these collapse down into and that is now where the nine Slash eleven Museum is it's the whole nine hundred and eleven museum is underground, and it is amazing to see that so forensic scientists they worked for months. There's this great book that I read called teasing secrets from the dead about a forensic scientist who worked on Waco, an nine hundred and eleven. She was the one that identified David Koresh, but she talked about how these forensics people would work in twelve hour shifts.
For months months and months in these tents on around ground zero trying to get people closure trying to get people closure identifying like they've, it's like okay, I've got a leg. Does anyone else have a lot like? Does anyone else? Have a leg is like I mean they were? I mean, and I think this is impressive. They were able to identify sixty percent of the victims, ten most of these few I mean, and you look at in the museum. They have. This thing called a composite which is about two feet tall. Maybe ten feet around, it is a cut from the wreckage and by the way the museum is just full of wreckage. It's just full of steel of the beams and this is, is you see, and it's about six floors, they're all compressed into something? That's about three feet: all right- and this is also something that made nine hundred and eleven- really live on very, very long in a tangible sense to New York.
When they were building the freedom tower. The reason it took so long was because they would find a bone yeah. They would stop. All construction, though, would try to find the dino dna with the so it really was really. It was a start and stop process. The last body identified was in two thousand thirteen just two years ago, right a firefighter it's it's, it's very real us all. My cousins and my cousin was a part of the team's he was, but he the secret service. They went there because they brought a lot of the rubble. If they don't the broad Staten Island, yeah fresh, kills yeah and they sifted through looking for body parts and we and we have the friends that were first responders and it's you know it gives you a very real, very intense.
And then we didn't even bring up every little people that, like fake their death during nine hundred and eleven, so that's it's really interesting to which we gotta go into it. Some people talk about that yeah, the people to figure out and the people and the woman. The woman who wasn't there that pretended like she was in the ferry answer, was trying to benefit off of these things and will also have to talk about some gangs up in Harlem settled all there before it was in Washington, Washington Heights, they settled a lot of people. Cops were a little bit busy for a little bit busy and the gangs took advantage of that and it is fascinating. The final toll two thousand seven hundred and fifty three civilians. Three hundred and forty three firefighters, twenty three Nypd officers: thirty seven port authority officers, ten thousand treat
for injuries, that's New York, city alone, Pentagon hundred and twenty five military personnel and civilians. Twenty four people aboard the airliner and in Pennsylvania was a forty five passengers and the last building the fall in September. 11Th would come five hundred and twenty pm that day building seven, which we will discuss at length in our next episode, the cornerstone of of conspiracy, though yeah, that's very good fucking reason berry as well. There is 'cause, you know again. There is it's real There are mysteries at the center of the of course, there's going to be worth. It are very fishing, but now we'll get into that yeah. So anyway, you know we'll get to all the conspiracy theories, Adams and the heroes I work, yeah unbelievable into the families of the victims and the families of the heroes. You know, thank you and you know I have I've heard some people and I people be like they worked in the financial business, the reference.
The secretary the vast majority of people? They were not the ones that cause the economic collapse. They are live there just yet secretary yeah their husbands, their wives. They are just trying to work yeah. Tire- and there is- I mean they did they talk about this at this one guy here families talking to this guy, and they're, like he wanted to be a history lay he took a job at as a stockbroker because he had all of a sudden. He had a family because everything you gotta make money like he like wanted to put his kids through school, and like he was a history buff and what he remedy temp died on nine slash eleven, I got some damn it's crazy, oh just like just good about that, like how many just due how many temps do we know how? people? Do we know that? Do temp work, actors- Marcus Prevention, Nick Turner, on the top there. So there was nine hundred and eleven or couldn't even talk about windows on the world which they would they lost to state. It was a restaurant at the top of the trade center they lost. Seventy five
twenty five people and they got calls from in there- and it just sounds. So we're leading up to the anniversary of you know, of course, and we're going to be doing episodes about nine hundred and eleven up and told the week of nine hundred and eleven to kind of talk about it. This is our tackling of the subject he's got a little bit. Kooky you're, probably So to me just a serious, because I believe that there are things tied to that they used the and so nine hundred and eleven for very specific purposes? I think it report there are Pharisees and there are there are definitely can There's these, I wouldn't say it's an inside job, but I'd say that they definitely didn't mind that it happened. Yes, looking at you Mister Cheney, but I would say I think about this, and I think about what happened yesterday with the reporter and cameraman. Is that I think that I've been kind of thinking about since all that kind of happened. I got kind of punched in the gut yesterday watching that footage and watching the all this stuff about nine hundred and eleven is really kind of torn up my life a little bit and
uh. I think it's really important that when things are negative, an when things are intense like this, I think it's very important to put love and productivity and positive iti in the world. I do believe that those kind of vibes are the type of thing that help cure. Bad shit. Is this you turn to tell people to watch. Your pretty face is going crazy, with happening here in class a little bit just relaxing lab one thousand two hundred and fifteen an adult swim, but yes definitely get into the foreign policy ramifications, and just so it's so big, but I agree with Henry hug somebody that today make sure you hug somebody. You know that was just like tell someone that you love him. If you hate somebody just like be like hey nine hundred and eleven make love to somebody that you hate. Well, I mean you can make sure it's consensual. You know in that situation it's making love. I also I want to thank Sami Coughlin and Megan fear a for their one research this week they real
I mean this is such a gigantic subject. Both this and next week is caught in next week's, even bigger and also the third week when is she it's gonna get real weird on that one yeah. I think everyone. Thank you guys so much for listening to the show in supporting the other, shows here and see if your top at round tables page seven, six of the interactivity, you know it's just really. It means a lot yeah and follow L P on the left, dot, tumblr, dot com yesterday on Dean's birthday, so pile dean and happy birthday, happy birthday, yeah he's up on that, because there's got many TED. Someone was telling me yesterday about a woman cook in later so, with a handgun all right. Very interesting is great. You can great tips, though from well. I agree with what I've been told. It's good tip, equalizer and also follow us on Twitter at LP on the left. Abbink, a slandering loves you at Marcus Park, that's right
to go, join the Facebook group and go up t shirts at cave dot, com, Slash hail Satan. Positive action beats the hell yourselves and why it also thanks everyone for listening to the end of our longest episode ever tell me, you know, yeah it's long we've got a lot of stuff in it. It's got a lot yeah new, stellations, imago, stellation, more show but the one you just listen to go to comedy radio dot com.
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