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Episode 191: 9/11 Part III - Six Degrees of Baphomet

2015-09-11 | 🔗

In this, the last of our 9/11 series, we fully explore the magickal side of 9/11 and how it relates very strongly (almost too strongly) to Aleister Crowley, numerology, Ozzy, and something called The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony.

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started here. It is unwieldy, riding down beside it was a beautiful punitive old. I've got a beautiful every school. We sang songs from towards a window. Isn't, oh, my god, we're starting this episode with goodwill from our first, you episodes about nine eleven out the window. Welcome to the last podcast on the left. Everybody episode three on nine eleven. Today's episode, I know Henrietta browsed II has been looking forward to it. Mark is part, has been looking forward to it. I been I'll have my nerd alert ready to go, but were discussing mysticism, sir,
at all series of other bizarre things dealing with nine eleven, the nine eleven Mega Ritual Ben, ok, otherwise, known as the capital t. Fuckin truth. Oh all right! Well, that's me. We ve gone through an essay straight up. Rely for shit, no less to episodes about like what was really going to be really good journalism about tell it takes me me me: ammonia. To talk about today is the absolute truth about the events, the mega ritual known as nine eleven two aspects and known as the celebration of the opening of the mouse to Heaven occurrence in the teachings of Alister Crowley. That's the long title rock title dog me did a lot of rape search about ever NOS one and two, and then dont mean to real myself when we read a book, call the most dangerous book in the world. Nine slash eleven is match ritual. I got to say it is a bit difficult, but we're going to go through that, but, first of all, what I'd like to do? So we are releasing is per.
Flee today on September, eleventh, according to the ritual Marcus Zabdanu after nine Levin episodes after the nine eleven episodes. Can we stop calling you dog mean I can't deal with the two real. That's like saying, Marcus's last name: it wasn't parks or eight or or in real life. Shifty Yes, that's true orchestras real name is dog meet shifty spaghetti and it has been that way since the beginning, you're, the one who's wherein the sunglasses. Now I'm saying sunglasses they help. You deny the reality me our I'm. Seeing what who levels of pure truth one in four seven, to real to be loved. You can just reference, John Carpenters. They live rest in peace, Roddy, Ruddy, piper undergrowth before we get into the church. I want to talk about another version of the treaty. It is the take over issues, a theory. It goes wrong because you know again. To really here. I often believe
ram system right, the reliving, a hologram universe and guess what to real is real for a hologram, some say according to one, so just couldn't really curious about the nine eleven as a hologram idea could allow people who truly believe lonely, broken human beings truly believe that nine alive eleven did not happen. It was just all it was a big movie and which were also fucking moving. Fortunately, three thousand people how to die to make the movie and then what countless millions, other Iraqis. It did nothing that we just blew up so I'd, say it's a hologram: do they believed that there were no actual victims? Do they think all these people were or actors error to and indifferent, even levels to the hologram theory? One, isn't it didn't happen at all? It was doktor video, but the real help. Ran guys say that horse shit. What really happened that there will be two bombers
bird with a hologram type technology called prick Chancellor projected imagery controlled, connects shop, a missile into power two and last well- was clothed in a mist, story, neither civil bits of that still Toby true, but I dont know Actually, they are true by John Lawyer, who was it? Is it big figures that use a furious about crypto animals, like always ready, he was a really great paranormal, turnabout hub of reason, and when I let it happen, human completely insane, but the users. So this is a couple of things and they say the plains, possibly have travelled, is as and when they said was for him eating ass, climbing into the World trade center. The vast seventy seven travel is three hundred and sixty nine right, and it's all for us as a hundred twenty, as passenger planes, even designing off, because the draft is dreadful. Bobo,
We have a government bill shock and your I've just been time of the government they have. These were all ready for. You think they're nervous bore nice, real, yes who it escaped from New York. All my guide, asshole hologram play sliced you, the building like butter, because cartoon physics right also to quiet. I know me: replace colony was our approach. We apparently play com, do downtown, should have told you forty decibels, the equivalent to sue for Bulgaria and even cancer bills, you'd like rocket you're me like an animal plants, also bears none led what what The government has a flight path measure out. That was right next to the actual actual physical, wiped out and appoint a world trade who are happening
as this is a real one, was a fog in the b to help how gray on it and who should do think- and we know it all. This is true because they ve made a gigantic hologram dock in Japan, and you know that they have. They haven't acknowledged a clue. To replace a missile monoplane unlimited beat you look like a fuckin clap someday. I don't want any look like the little red balloon. A girl was a scare eleven again waiter check, I did. The date has to end at this point. A hard core evidence, its cartoon us. I hide their duck the duck. Yes, the donkey can't fucking discounted and there also a there's also people would say that there were people on the roof of the Woolworth's. Building that shit, missiles to the world right at the exact same moment that is so forty seven or a gigantic
hologram supposedly hit the bill. I'm It is to be real, because I want our government actually be able to do something. You know we can and build a bridge in Minnesota. For Christ's sake, you don't think These are for the year. The truly lost the truly like upset people. I understand you real, don't leave. This house gave them again we enjoy real entourage, told me and I we are government shells that is sufficiently up. We ve been accused on the internet and I shall say I could, if I can show you, the czech stubs, that's running off from the CIA, I'm sorry but it's just a true yeah sorry EEG remaining Barack Obama called in his chief establish like give me the floor. This industry is podcast, didn't you can find
I don't know why he's? How do I get? My dog may give a dog me to real, and so we are helping to build a fantasy hologram reality that the towers came down naturally, because of the plant I will be one do as I I've been struggling with their right with the fact that, sold. My honesty out to the government and my strength is an artist and my skills as comedian to our nefarious government as theirs today. We're gonna break Dorothy will tell you what really happened. I I am almost certain. This is the real truth you would know. Yes, as a holler ratio, is all this all garbage. That's it. It's just told them sanity. They do have hologram technology they do get to. Pack is performing alive cancer right now,
Where does the all look at the moon boxes of the World Trade Centre in the whole thing blue eye rude knows: are they have the two polygram as it? Do you like hologram, enlarge duck college. Nine eleven was all agree. It's ok. Today's research comes primarily from the most dangerous book in the world. Nine eleven as mass ritual by s Kay Bay, good names, even Kay Ebay former order of the weekly standard now, thanks to listen Claude Wilson right up top for letting us know about this book, and if you'd like to know more about the most dangerous book in the world, it is able on Amazon. I would if you really interested in esoteric stuff, it's very difficult book to read, but the guises profound rider and I would actually reckoned
again, I really like you don't like it is if it was the most dangerous book in the world, since you not google that legs Google search and find it and get it in the Meda. It's very easy to file, because so this is where you're wrong. Again, it was self published at all normal polish works earlier to the real for our government. Right, I will say what I do like about bay. Is that every immediately think of the way the book opens is this book represents a collaborative effort with dozens of contributors, whom I ve never met, workforce thought, but the poor, countless bloggers and independent researchers who again if you're, an independent researcher, means that you are just you're too inside my most of these capital paid about attacks of several over she doesn't want, can only grow blindly in the dark and feel a small part of the human species, not realising its true dimensions: origin, nature or lastly, let Europe press my deepest regret to normal the forever kitten who survived the writing process due to a massive failure of patients on the part of the author late one night notice, animals,
harm during the production of this work. The murder of all. Are you always think of Garfield's normal and only cat? I gotta be normal. You know we're a normal was sent to move out of nowhere. Abu Dhabi is the Middle EAST, where nine eleven started, where the egg was shut out of the clear lack of terrorism We in the Middle EAST so that central premise of the most dangerous book in the world is that events of September 11th, two thousand and one were all a part of a decades, long magical, mega ritual, using techno, sorcery and deep level, occult programming design for the purposes of psychological warfare, while also serving as a loving tribute to pay and a cultist Alistair.
Away now, dear dear, we will talk about this to the beer is something to be said about the use and the use of an event like this. In order to do mass psychological warfare against yardsticks willing to talk about this right now, they use it against the to help a swing towards ethnic off talk involve off but magically adapted ears, also stop attached to an event of this size. We talk about the release of work on energy ripe to consolidate talks. Other was well People, usually human sacrifice. What it was. Was the idea of the body heaving in death, the death of survival? use what releases the organic southern blood is also encourage la fucking havoc with what he switched masturbation, because he said Your body makes a simple like shorter loading and unloading, death and ass the release of the orange right. The amount of more got energy, possibly release in the following other. He tapped now only just the symbolism of that there's a lot yet wrapped up.
Into this whole scenario, Kullak where you were dreaming bringing up between like than did the Kennedy, get stuff, although we're done like, but things if you talk about We stand there the secretaries name, the same bowler is like courses wrapped up into this thing because of the house at last, there was there and how much magical behind its track up into all coincidences and that we will were about to get into a lot of really weird, actually true coincidence. As these coincidence, as I did look them up, I did verify that they did actually happen. But if you look at these here, huge, like Kennedy Lincoln Coincidence, as these they would be impossible to
or to coordinate, seem to be impossible. Marcus. Mr dog me, if you are not a part of the gigantic Illuminati machine in putting these things into place for up to three hundred years. What's that, Mr Obama? Yes, I want him to be fat in all these have hairless he's wearing a wife. Beaters God gave him a wife Peter do we are constantly and re has no hair on his arms. It's all exactly where to tell you should have the both of the assassinations, both Kennedy and Lincoln. These aspirations were extremely traumatic to the name and they both have consequences that we're fell worldwide that we still feel today.
Elderly? No getting mill plug a prostitute cow? Yet, like a car, you literally, we throw dollar bills on it, just a squeeze as owners. You come here on pants what our government has done with nine today: yeah the debt relief, the real recordings. Are we the prostitute cow? What is the process to carry out the people and the milk? All the super Hotmail come out of? It is the sadness and then the dead, the former Dick Cheney caught up like a weird milk and butter back area, and they serve work on the down event. If there's a bunch of chicks out there, the chicks are the erroneous and it was a very just snaps about a Czech spotted next zau yeah. That's exactly how it up in the lead. Start with numbers start with numerous ology. Let's
there's nothing early better than starting with numbers movies. Thank you so much because I just didn't get enough mass in the last two fucking everything up. Let's start with a quote from Fain to contest and huge nazi influence. Madame Hawaiian Oblonsky she wrote other systems of religious, many citizens are based upon the world. Why our world? my swinging breeze blew usually lay saluting breeze what he said, because that was on intelligence off. I don't mean to do an incredibly accurate impression at Madame Land of all asking said all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals and much more accurately car young said, numbers concepts consciously invented by men for purposes of calculation. There spontaneous and autonomous products of the unconscious. The wording to see of the course of this episode. Just how true
of those statements really are so besides the obvious misery of the twin towers appearing as to large number ones in the sky, JAG fact number once you're. If you remember that first plane to hit was American Airlines flight eleven or a one, no you're saying that number eleven has a lot of psychic residents according to Crowley into everybody. Anybody of two opposite watch where one is that, like that, the eleven is most a long time, and then Crowley believes that the number eleven is the number of all match so William, when West God CO founder of the Golden Don Supreme Majors other societies, Rossa, crucial China in Amerika, said the number eleven, it seems role, in the type of number, with an evil reputation among all peoples. Eleven is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, an imperfect
school. My girlfriend is three hundred pounds and I love her because I can top a big loved watcher, squint shine in the night Oh, I seem to have left my symbolic dagger. Read my dogs dart terms through the other founder of the golden dawn. Was the man who regarded the number eleven highest among all Alister Crowley Crowley said the number itself. Suitable two types of operation sacred number is par excellence. Southern you re on. My number is alive, as I was all all their numbers through all of us, bringing that car close in turn be tired of stand. Alister get a lot of cock, but why eleven it just arbitrarily chosen. My understanding is that it is a I'm not really sure about neurology. But it seems like the idea of the kind of a better life,
the times when union argue types and if I gave you I do that have gone back since the beginning of existence that these numbers have always meant certain things that the existence of concepts outside of the numbers for a long time, and we created the concept of numbers on top of them in order to sort of collapse, the symbolism to use them towards ritual and you use them towards our daily life. Your hands on the edges of these. These energies always were out there. We put a name to them and they don't want. Because it's about like number one is like them: the powerful unified. It's it's a thing about clarity and sovereignty, and then there's that there's a symbolism about having one in one next to each other about then to complete purposes next to each other and held it becomes a confusing and intense and look at them But basically it's been two real to be met. The number eleven has been considered evil all the way back to jewish mysticism, to abolished, thought and as Carl Young said. You know
these numbers they are. A collective unconsciousness type of thing is that yes, they are. There is a new, more illogical, counting one two three four five aspect to them, but there is also a collective unconscious. I is shared knowledge about these numbers, in that you can have two different cultures that operate separate from each other, but both Let them see the number eleven in their mystic rituals are the mystic believes as evil both at the same time ok, question: I you think this is gonna work across universes in our Multiverse Marcus. Well multiverse if you start getting into in theory exactly- and we start talking about United Press for talking about alert, we ve got, another dollar will hinder. If you talk about the infinite universes theories, that there is some universes in which it yes, it does cross over, but other universes in which it does not. Some people use hamburgers.
The only way is to go back tonight, But we now have three sets of eleven the towers, the flight and the date, and that's another thing ritual or about numerous ology and Paris, and all that in numbers? That three is the highest level: numerous illogical magic, but you can have like sex Seven, seven, six, six, six, for example, they are saying I'll, say: one that's cool, led to throw out the back cadets three eleven nor about the idea can remember. The concept here is that this was put in place by an Illuminati type organisation that has been around since seventeen. Seventy six and nine eleven is an end game from them. Giving of America That is the only way we can make this podcast today. Today's episode, we can make it However, some two hundred
Forty years we wanted. So when these three sets of eleven came together, the nine eleven mega ritual began and the repeated use of number eleven declared to all those in the know, the true nature. Of this event, now, physical is also very important, yet cause your mysterious both right. The idea is that it is a secret ritual and it is a thing that is used to hypnotize America and also create this idea, because we're find out as an azure Crowley did believe in. The new world order. I specifically, he said deal, society is the strong over the weak. The maintenance of a patriarch stock, see ruling over asleep state and adopt. When he and killing off the unfit, so the idea that his idea was this
The sea rituals was secretly make the new world order possibly happen, but also supposed to be highly obvious, so that its there's something in the distance between the trickery and of the trick of being right in front of you. That's what made you go, Boolooroo that makes you want alike, the tv guide about will embrace everyday and just be so excited, but some news that African Fucking DJ, I am Excel sober up up up to a clearer, were the press. Do cow is about you used a form to checks on the right, the Syrians largest ages, one old dog field, tied to oppose it, hung over from Google Chrome improvement and indicates where common. Thank you don't worry that you're gonna fuckin bezukhova standing on a brush, Ganz Oppress, daughter, even think about it. A part of the fucking motor industry, shoes what a missile dodges eleven to happens right shockingly,
You're really was so physically the twin towers, besides being gigantic eleventh all resembled the pillars of Hermes which themselves memorialize the destruction of Atlantis another once great civilization that was laid low by disaster. Also possibly occupied if we remember space juice margins that were also like seven feet, tall people, the loom, Marion's merely move, then in cities. Mocking artists also laid his head and nuclear power in the year negative, twenty five thousand and Aristotle was there and so was the guys from quietly had also she has been around also for close to forty by passengers. That makes sense to me so remember they resembled the pillars of Hermes.
Means was known as the God of Trade and commerce and was the pay turn of roads and boundaries, making the twin towers not only sacrificial mega alters, they were also a symbolic boundary between our world and that of the dead, and in addition to that, homer and has the portrayed Hermes, as the author of skilled or deceptive acts and, in the Iliad was said to be quote excellent and all the tricks ever what I am excellent, all the tricks are real people go to work in office today. No, you won't hear comes too late. The cup explode. Your boss explode your secretary of the king of the trickery. The All these things, together, God of Commerce, trickster guy all these sorts of things it.
Hermes of feeding, psycho pomp for the nine eleven Mega ritual jaw me. Can you explain what psychopath means a psycho pomp is a person or entity that guides people towards the afterlife, whether it be to Heaven, but most likely to Hell good fake answer, better the real answer, out of your real exactly what a psychopath is song cycle pompous. I just imagine Jeffrey Dahmer with like a pot Peter PAN, head on with a big legs were provided that it is going to look like silk index when your this big severed cock mechanism everywhere you go up, it's a hell of a name, a minute say that I'd love to be a psycho pomp of yours cycle, part because we're shells Marcus, that's right. I am this whole point. Is this whole podcast all hundred ninety nine episodes of it as been about me
foolish people into selling the governments. Were you know what stop lying, whether that Mr Obama, yes, send me a agent that has a faded, Sandman Tattoo, that mark as parks? Yes, he's the only one up. So, let's go from the number eleven Hermes, all that sort to the number one hundred and seventy five. Now this is when it gets really really interesting. The next plane to hit the towers was united, one. Seventy five now concerning the number one. Seventy five Crowley said there are three main matter: seven voting any deity, The first method consists of devotion to the deity a perfect, and traction exists, only bear one. Seventy five now bring that engorge Four lasted a horde. You ve got bad because my mouth is empty and I have run out of Tune
to you, it says the first method consist of devotion to that deity. Invoking that beauty, the instruction exists and labour one, seventy five now, who is that deity that was being invoked with United one hundred and seventy five, you may ask the answer lies in Sarasota Florida with President George W Bush, as he listened to a group of african American older and wires. Currently, african american children did the bulk nail over this mass ritual made short of point better. Yes, a major to point that out, but a man. You know well we may be pc here last by cast on. Let's do you think the contests care about that at all? Yet no less like ass, not his way down the women's lives movement we like see, I'm glad we really can vote were glad the blasting Bow we want no real, quick, read business disorder, make sense of the ritual right.
Standing as you have a flight eleven on which makes the nine eleven trifecta hit one tower right, which one side of the pillar down between the two colleagues one point simplified knocked the other pillar, doubt right the pillars of hurry. This was also stand about. Big is that they were guarding what is inviting the gap which is the mouth between a land of a living on the debt. So the idea your collapsing. The gate between its that's, the symbols of the gate was actually is important. Is the gap between the towers yours crash it down in order to bring all a flood of work on energy. Into our reality. In order to horror set to both America, too, believe in the new world order and also give us the ability to go into a forever war. Esther terrorism forever in order also again fund the new world order. Yes,
All I know is more. The prostitute can fully on board with so yes only as Henry says you know the pillars, the Hermes they were being taken down, releasing that organ energy, but it was just it in New York City that This ritual was being performed. Of course, the deity needed to be of invoked, who was too charged with invoking the deity that would be George, W Bush and Sarasota Florida feeding read the infant. Story the pet goat. Yes, now remember: com, we said a perfect construction exists and Lieber one. Seventy five. What does labour, one, seventy five, which shares its number with United Flight one, seventy five saying it's As I read this book that I may study the nature of my duty,
read this book that I may study the nature of my deity. Now, who was the deity that out, your Crowley, worshiped, least revered Engelbart Humbird end up. But say it in a bath format. A the goat men. There is also a heavy metal revenue. The permit is a goat, had a deity with both male and female characteristics, who has Mercury's Kate occurs as its balance will the catechise? Is, you know the little doktor thing within its walls around has the snakes on it. It has that as expel symbol and by the way mercury is a roman version of Hermes? boom. Also, but again, this is worse. Even King Bain really fucked up. The idea of parliament is again. Do we are,
beside away from the truth for a second and talk about something that actually real as a document is an evil entity. It's about unity, it's about the male and female all along these fuckers always take it and twenty you say its evil, because it looks bad hooves owes its got orange. It's got the goat at its got it thing bad. We ve been taught over the last two thousand years. We ve been It should be evil with Jesus WAR, sandals things got, who do so once again, let's get back to the truth. Once again, Crowley. Said in labour, one seventy five. I read this book that I made. The nature of my deity? The book was being read as United one. Seventy five crashed into the South Tower was the pet gulped. Now, while may appear to the layman.
This story is an innocent children, stale about a girl, a goat and her father. Closer inspection reveals that the story is actually an allegory for the acceptance of the law supervision doctrine right. You got it the shop for you, fucking rock yourself, because children's book is about the funding it thought about. It seemed a night The moon is thought about. Given announced a cookie, it's always about delusive, ferrying doktor were but the baron steam bears. That is about how we are living in alternative universities. There something happened. Nineteen, eighty nine and made the integral children Super Board for some reason and the Jews WWW beyond what is it what's up a meal but Delia very look as well. That taught me how to clean my room. Things like that, of course, so work in it. We're gonna go ahead and read the pet go.
I doubt if you have ever actually heard the pagoda. It's very short story, very short, we're gonna read here we go pet goat part, one. A girl gotta go she liked to go running with her pet go. She played with her petticoat in our house. She played with her petticoat you're fucking yard. Go, did some things that made the girls tat really mad, the goat, eight thanks, cans and he ain't Keynes pants if he paints even capes, in camps. Nay her dad said must go. He eats too many things in a girl said two, if you let it go stay with us, I will see that he stopped eating all those things were done, so we Try it
said. The girl me himself in Cannes and gains and Capps incomes is there's many gaps in caves around this house. What just about any House Matthew, capes its? They have a graduation ceremony, Garbs Warehouse right attached to that they must but one day a cold, Roger came to the girls House, the man he saw a big red car near the house, Why do they call ran to the car and started to open the door. The girl in playing in the back yard. They did see the call and now the thrilling conclusion to the pet goat, the pet goat part to the goat, stops the robber I hope this car offer doesn't rate this girl in the scope of a girl had a pet go you're dead, a red car which was better car?
cholera was gonna steal your dad's car, the girl, her go replaying in the back yard. Now we ve got all the recap done rice get to meet us almost like we didn't need part one. Just then they go start playing, all the robber he bent. Sit down and started to run for the robber thereof. Was bending over the seat of the car, the goat hit. With his sharp lords the corroboree sighing the girls Dan Round the house, he grabbed the rock yes, your dad said the goat saved my car, the car robber, said something to me when I was drawn as the other car If my car, the car robber, said so that when I was trying to steal that are the girl said my go ahead, you that go home to go you're dead?
I've got to stay with us and he can hold a cancer cases. Catch Katy was the girl smiled her go smiled. Dad smiled We saw that now. You'll notice, that the Father who starts off critical of the goat and its Now. You ll notice, tat. The father starts off critical of the goat, and its practices eventually comes to not only accept the goats bad behavior, but actually encourages it after the go save the family car. In other words, the story. The petticoat is a tacit endorsement of the loose riparian doctrine. I think you ve I got your answer as to why Bush waited until the end of the story to lease. I actually think he was
we invested really wanted to figure out what happened at the end and then, who turns out the car robber was so are now? No. No! No! No ban see this Santana guy priest couldn't leave his black mass until the instructions given in Lieber one. Seventy five were completed. Remember I read this that may study the charge of my dear DE. Thank you Cleveland lights up up up, that's how he ended all press conference, so, let's stay in Sarasota for just a second here now. As we already know Bush was reading the book in Sarasota Florida, perhaps Coincidentally, Sarasota was the summer home of what the wrangling brothers circuit and had been since nineteen nineteen. It had been settled by seven wrinkling brothers who wants it and perhaps not, coincidentally, Freemasons. Smoking gun. Also remember to think that,
even King bang like to do, is to describe the terrorists going into the towers, as the flying circles of death knows me calls it in terms of life, the pageantry of all locked. He has been so this his hand, saying that nineteen sixty three brothers opened the ringing brothers and Parliament daily Clown Colleges Sarasota, where Bush was reading. The storage Roget recruits wish purportedly central learned sleight of hand interesting so drew cove and most dangerous spoken a world through inverted, beach, illogical actions, mimicry of spirits and animals and ludicrous, robotic stunts cloud perform functions attributed to tricksters such as Ernie's, and and in mythology blurring boundaries toying with social and structural wounds and mixing the obscene. With the same MR, doesn't look,
Loop Centre sum up a little more exciting of an event promises, but nobody knows is that be added the actually They said it was only fifty hijackers for plants, but actually there was over ninety hijackers horrified by the idea, they will just make it really caught in their approval, so those doors was plays, cottages opened the terrorism and it just comes spelling out here. Man, it's more more more terrifying than I could ever imagine the idea the clowns did it. Sarasota is also known as terror land, as is disk by controversial author Daniel Hop sicker terror land. That is where CIA agents actually allegedly trains, the nine eleven hijackers Sarasota is two hours away from the Everglades, where another
a great training facility is located? Could it be? Could it possibly be Benjamin that terror land is it with the hand of death Gonna say: yes, just a move up. Yes, there's no way that it does not. It's gotta believe me, they know exceed a week ago, in the plane are still maintain that we get in there and we do stay big instead of a stable flight attendants and in flood plains and the World Trade center. Where do you think that banking we're all gonna write my retorted cousin about you never know that a lot of room and that's it. Nobody really knows that nine eleven was actually supposed to happen September, Eleventh nineteen, eighty three they put Henry Lucas and artists tool in charge of it in all things just fell apart. I wasn't that facts. Another solid last Pakistan left that your history teacher
but you know I would say that you want to say that today and on class. If you get him, even though that is why any swarm of class tell your teacher, that it should have happened and ninety any three pilot under by Henry. They look ass and say that that is true. Then watch audacity kicked out a classic know for a fact that they are a part of the fucking system, man, because that's definitely true, if you ever get any sort of push back whatsoever for Europe, spirits. He theories. That means. You're telling the truth. And there's a war on Christians personnel so let's go now to the number many seven flight, seventy seven. Now, besides the fact that flight, seventy seven struck the and two gone which sets on this. Seventy seventh Meridian is seventy seven feet tall and has seven fours. Seventy seven brings us right back to Alister Crowley, a crowded
book. Seventy seven originally entitled the book of the goat holds the most him Orton Phrase in the lemon thought and still lame. Of course was Crawleys. What would you call system of magic? Would that be the right term for Henry was Religious doses. Religion got his his religion now and this. What is in books, every seven is work could be considered to be the general attitude of those who perpetrated the entire mega ritual. Do but Thou Wilt is the whole of the law, of course, do what thou is the whole of the law in the olympic thought. That means you can do. What ever you want? Damn any concept. When's, any sort of ripples that it might have outside of yourself. All that matters is you and what you want. So it's pretty much that these people, who do all this. They don't care that they killed two thousand nine hundred and ninety seven people or is it ninety six? They don't care, they killed avenue.
I don't care about the consequences of a kid killing one point: five million Iraqis. Afterwards, the shape of the programme of course forms the centre of a Pinta gram, long, an important occult symbol, so the crashing. Ah, seventy seven do what thou wilt as the whole of the law, into the Pentagon, assemble is to summon demons, or even the devil in self could be seen as a lock and key to open the gates of hell itself did it do it dog me better fuckin beg you better. Better your dog treats that a dead body? you're the best. So now, let's get too polite nine three now the number. Ninety three is very important in Crowley's polemic order now
again. The phrase do is: thou wilt as the whole of the law comes back as well as the phrase love is the law love under. Will the two key words here: our will and love. Its import of where you're gonna see Leah Regan. If we needed you a whole apis above the Palais Monoliths up there, there is definitely this is even King Baines twisting the concept of do as thou wealth is the whole of the law has love is a law alone are well in supposing been reverie back with the ideas that you're supposed to do everything with the guise of love and if it's all about one big organism and treat people as you would treat yourself, it's not treat people if not to treat people. Your trade, yourselves is true. People as they would treat you it's his whole thing worth actually candied sort of nice. They can be nice, so I'm just going to put that in there. So I should give everybody three bagels a day, they're right out of low fat, galleon cream cheese, because I'm on a diet will this that the limit? laws we it's like a lot of these there
so very optimistic philosophy, because if you too, everyone how they would treat you if we all treat. If we all follow this, then we will all treat each other fantastical socially. Just again. It's a lot about aspects. Yeah utopia, utopias all power bombing, o Immobile power, but tell me all about it over some margarita couple christmases ago care Christmas day, another Kessler Christmas Zest and other Kizil Christmas Gaffer, get it out with now it's almost Christmas time and kills thousands of time to get your power about a man, so the work will and love in Greek or Emma and a gap, Now the numerical value of these numbers, if we use the greek practice of ice up Seti, adds up Ninety three. Ninety three is also the standard greeting of Crawley AIDS, making the crushing of ninety three
hey. How are you to all the followers of the lame out? There are good ones Charles, hey! How warrior Martin yeah hey, how Aria there's other causes of illegal hey? How are you you do a kind of? Why wrote that a lot of this stuff was a gigantic greeting to all the Crowley AIDS. To say this is a gigantic Crawley in ritual. This is our moment in. I remember that when W was talking on top of the rubble- and it was like hey- how are you Does it really do tonight because everybody organizer younger drinks, Nigger Barton I'll, be here for the next? there is now makes up through. So, in addition, all that remember, United. Ninety three crashed down in jail
Well, Pennsylvania. Remember that it crashed down there. The name of the field director of the FBI that had jury diction over the area. Where United Ninety three crashed. The word laziest man Bill Crowley It is Crowley's, bargained elsewhere, Crowley's lame cousin from Delaware. Absolutely I dont areas to remain right, we're talking just because I maybe get a job someone can open and over at the captain, fur is. But how will I will leave a? U walks throughout the use of my shit. Convert desert fuck that you just of demeanour answer we are still talking about it, even though you answer that way, almost most talking about, let into the account for what a job? This guy has visa ease FBI director ensure the fields and Shanks Villa print Pittsburgh uses Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but ok, yield was in his jurisdiction ice.
They didn't FBI directors, four fields, man ever since I have no idea that important the noise you got everywhere. You know a wall, fields in America. What is it to happen in my favor feed. Oh my God also was really interesting. That Stephen King main points out is that shanks veil is also would you couldn't be called because the A terrorist attack be fine tenders and pilots with ships, Shanks Orban, box, gutters, newness, shanks and present Aramis. You said that he could. He said we literally said in the book. Then you can view that the inside of the plains was sort of like shanks avail. Because of how many times people were getting Shanklin there, so that was a joke I think that was making over eighty nine leaving King Baines Joe Key said that a key component of the occult is is dark here Yes, it is the easy like they must think that is so hilarious, don't they?
so there's gotta be in party with a two: that's a hey: how area and followed up with pop is really interesting to, but he had stood the way he paints. You will not use this. How I imagined it's a lot of like hardy, evil chuckling, while you're sitting by drinking snifters of sharing legged a weird old british House want to bluntly yesterday there was a tall in cold shakes. The crucible about we're like this is this is it this is just the now let's talk about. Korean airlines flight. Eighty five: now you might be asking what the fuck his korean airlines blight eighty five. What does that have to do with anything? I asked that what the fuck with in flight of fire, but what does that have to do with anything now flight? Eighty five was one of the flights in the air on the way to New York City. When the planes it it was directed the land at Whitehall International Airport in the Yukon. This is where one miss,
Ah, the Osborne comes into play. Sharing my pills were removed, is this shadows. Hoarsely probably still works on him anymore. What did you mean because the idea that they really supposed to do two things like twenty five, as was the pain, the the old for being hijacked. Europe's went out there. It was pinging the covert being hijacked. It did not know why I gotta directed to do it and it was sent out to the Balkans to be. You can wear it suppose it was just was to sit. There are saying that was being hijacked upper Middle Canada like sums. We're distraction gap, the really weird stuff, but wasn't aware distraction or what One more Crowley and reference now for follow me and all this by the way this is fucking This is all actually true. This is a true coincidence. It's very odd. Now Ozzy, of course, formerly
Ben black Sabbath has in his One eighty hit Miss Crowley, saying Mr Crowley. Won't you ride, my wife, horse white horse international airport, now what was the name of the air traffic controller working at work. Horse international airport on September, eleven two thousand and one white Was it Ben? What was the name whereas they been sharing boy term, how Just one of those things were, if you, if you have smoked an entire joy, was an attempt to show it really does get you a book is the more I read about it and I was reading there was. I was I roll out I leave you don't mind Christmas. I spoke in a world of a huge joy and smoked it and read this book on my fuckin roof and I was like every child like time proudly Father was the mayor.
Crowley's, that's very true, and you dont Howard Stern, the lawyer, who killed and in a coal Psmith, I think, you're not born slowly. Killing Osborne is one make that clear to throw it out there she's drug at him you shake him, only killing, lousy Osborne. It's been a fucking along ass, profit waivers of users. Do they ve been married to die? They ve been married since, like nineteen. Eighty, two very controversial trust. Anybody know you can't now in thanks and tribute to Osborne. Ozzy was alone along with Sharon. To attend the two thousand and two White House correspondents dinner, the first one after two thousand and one hosted by drew carried by the way, also presided over by George W Bush, and if you don't know what the White House Correspondence dinner is very much a big roast, of course, and you know what drew carry we receive from Cleveland
and we ve got a lot of references to Cleveland. We have in the EP yeah there's been five references to Cleveland. There have been even literally yourselves. There have been any references to Cleveland. I think you ve been condition that every single time it works nine eleven per cent. You just hear the word cleaves I swear to God. S is obsessed like now. Allow our heads in the name of the victims of clean well leave lacked now, of course, everyone gets in on the roast and fund and the White House correspondence Inner, even George, W Bush, who, by the way, not as far as delivery, if one, if the presence were only judge by the correspondence dinner he'd, be the best president. Ever he really one we even old all attach to crush of homage gingerly very good at it. Because I mean you know I think that one of his like lizard do said our control him from up top like near a serious is just be, like also was one of the guys who did George Carlin dislike visas,
we're gonna, say I've. Gotta, tiring DOW make this clear. Is popular Mars, curing away areas. Now, let's hear George W Bush bushes Joe about Osborne and by the way I see was the very first person that George W Bush made a joke. Out in there in the White House Correspondence and let's hear it think about ass. He is he's made a lot of they get recordings Party with the animals. Sabbath bloody Sabbath face inhale last guys in blood bath in paradise. Icy mom loves your stuff in an easy starts, kissing and George W Bush
starts kissing, you start doing the warships sign, we're not worthy were not worthy, and then he bites the head of a bad dreams, the blood into Dick chinese mountain They didn't show that on C Span, J C span the can't no parallel agreement, right so korean airlines flight. Eighty five also relates to something called the opening of the mouth ceremony, which invites as the number eighty five, the hebrew word and Mommy's, but islands is the low but too complicated. Ok, so rich the idea of like it seemed sit around with a mummy and like a little opened his mouth back and forth and be like you learn from one another. Guy was like seriously book in Greek. Are you working really creeping me up when you do the shooting the lobby? Bogota you'll? Be the need to create good about birds in Rio. Leases like do
they will be mad about them, because if we make the money come to life for real, do that will be suitable working group. Really. I love, and I can't Andalusia, where you re like music, options you bring a moment alive. Brendan Frazier is gonna, go kill. It hang out with him. The question, although about the word pair that I just mentioned here pair, we will pay a p h, pay pal. We can do this all the more. We will say that the word pair is connected the hermetic order of the golden dawn which, as Crowley cofounded they connected to the Tower Harrow card, which symbolizes the destruction of old structures and is all oh variously, referred to as the devil's house, the house of the damned inferno. Or simply hell.
And another aside concerning the taro, the famous falling. Man photo course. We ve all seen at Rio, the guy that Sir, God is let one leg straight down: one like a little bent is you're really similar to the Hague. Man taro card, which can president, giving in to destiny and surrendering surrendering control to outside forces. Now this is all good ways to really harassed people at a crystal store. If you want to really get if you want the only way to get thrown out of a crystal store Owen and start on this talk about nine eleven ass connected to the terror death and even then they just politely ask you to go with it they do with such hard and tears in your in their eyes that you have to leave the others want I'll, get a piece of human tight and interests like array tv. Does that mean that forces away with you person away with you and there's nothing like make? A mystic said, really break your heart
interestingly enough, the men, pictured in following men photo was the brother of the sailor in the village people who received their Hollywood walk of Fame star on September. Bert Twelve, two thousand and eight seven years to the day, falling man Bodo first debate, in newspapers, ok, cool, face of the earth I would say, of all the stuff we says: that's them the best and most dubious white verse Do dubious dubious, it's like six degrees of bafflement. Now, let's talk about only the symbolic of of nine eleven, not Henry, of course, like really push on the first and second episode. The brand
of nine eleven, you, you say nine, eleven immediately conscious of feelings. It conjures up thoughts, a conscious memories, the and of nine. Eleven itself has become synonymous with terror, but for the thirty, years prior to nine eleven here in America. None when one had been the universal code for help is on the way, call nine hundred and eleven. We have something bad happened. Call nine hundred and eleven someone's going to come to save us or at least as the illusion of someone coming receivers now, the sudden reversal of meaning, which is a tactic that culture is often use was designed to create an additional level of fear in the hearts and minds of the american public, because you see now the numbers, nine one one, no hunger mean, help our mind It is now means helplessness right. It's it's a heel! Faced her
that they have to follow up W w e in the greatest I heel to face turn ever summer, slam bread harbours a stone, cold, Steve Austin, when Stone Cold, refuse to tap out. He just bled from his forehead and passed out loved it. So this is really what they did and it was oppressed, Yeah. I guess nine eleven is just like the wife, beaters stone, cold, Steve he's not a way of Peter, and he is our life. We did you. Where did you hear that are? Where did you hear that about? What's time then stone Cold, Steve, Austin, wife blow? You can type in anything Stan wife Peter? You know actually get ok, yeah Henry go ahead and put in a stone, cold, Steve, Austin, wife, beater just ways
then with a merry music, like Peters, realise what the text is: rattlesnake beat his wife. Just how does it actually somebody called the taxes by militant personally beaches. Why? Okay, we don't need to defame Mr Stone Cold, so Alister Crowley here Consider the number nine too the most evil number that there is it means the earth under evil, influences now combined What the number eleven, which we mentioned early earlier The Crowley considered the most powerful number in magic with a k itself Levin could be seen to mean the most evil and powerful magic that
is so every time we say or hear the phrase: nine eleven, we unwittingly participating in the gigantic called mega ritual, repeating the phrase evil magic, innumerable logical form over. Over again continuing to feed the power of the men Mega ritual released on that day. And that's why I took nine eleven and I made a Cleveland I like working so every time you want to say my letter from now on to different name rubbing colon? The Cleveland incident, I think, think maybe say is something along the lines of like every time. I see, then let us say: Strawberry Cheesecake right up there. I wrote Villa with good. Yeah. I know the southern special yeah. I write so the most dangerous book in the world. It's not that long. But, let's just say it's been dense, there's a lot of different things to talk about and the most dangerous spoken as well as a lot of connections, and here
is a list, a shortlist actually a fairly long was of connections that I refuse to explain really try to get through this book? I really try. I got the ruinous I really want you be. I was making a bunch and also do much to an end as soon as it got to I'll. Tell you I'll show you where I blame. You are right and I will say after you get about sixteen chapters in time you go to the next chapter. I let out an audible. Sigh. Ok Certainly all right. Let's get into this right, so let's go through a less building seven was a Euclidean free, masonic symbol of forty seven floors. Also aunt on the trap. As I do, you see national logical connections, they always say they are insane, but they are also very compelling, which I would recommend reading the book. Just for that alone seriously, ugh STAR and the dog named serious that was killed on the day I have poem
In about serious dawn and the council an action of a house is a long thing about how luxurious is really the star that is, the worshipful demon star, which also possibly the reptilian home for the people and started Illuminati that help the whole mega ritual even begin. Does that I can't physically, read it anymore. They can't do it anymore. The towers sacrificial mega alters the Liberty is the devil. Witness. Would you term coz its base off of a statue in ancient statue of Lucifer as the late Breyer White Cover halo of way around it had all eager to land torch, torch of honesty in clarity? That's a part of it that bitch is watching good I'm Leavin happened, stature to come to life. Liberty come to to do anything about it. No, no, it did not didn't even kill a marshmallow person. So the guy, the design, the statue of liberty, Freemason, alright,
of lower Manhattan, is a gigantic ritual. Occult ceremonial sinner, complete with an unfinished pyramid, stepped pyramid, a square pyramid and a dome, the millennium hotel alone, and it happened, isn't a marsh low monolith of two thousand want space out to sea which is based on an earlier story: earth she cork roll call them all. If it was the man looked, was built, steamed witnessed the monument of evil fucking magic with the right to do so. Columbine society, which will actually probably do a whole episode Unscom bone somewhat sometime in the future, too Venus? Seventy seven, the number again yeah and I've, and also the being seventy seven in order to talk about being a seventy seven would also have to explain the logical connections. There's the face. Of all room on which as the evil phase that people were sitting around the chain. Email like look at the phrase in the smoke, supposedly that the face of an evil deity named arm on and as S K, Bain says. Even
but it was photoshopped in there were still somebody out there thinking of arm on now. Mean that she's somebody who's, always thinking on one hand in fucking accounting, who got Photoshop, see six seven on a spoken computers is having a great time. If it does the Numbers is Crawley and signals, but that self explanatory yea at the last one of again ensure There is the Illuminati, of course, the gigantic illuminati connections we'd have to really bring. Whole thing, and I beg you, take the lousy. I just love this whole sentence: Theodore Olsen, the lawyer, who represented Bush in the two thousand election debacle, was rewarded a supporting role in the matter. Ritual for his service in getting Bush into office by sacrificing his wife take now Who plays life is one for which are the latest and she was argues unsettle seven because he was a Washington he was going out to California to be
great guest on politically incorrect would Boma, so Theodore will also lost his wife, and I certainly support these two here. Also it was his birthday. What a day September eleventh was his then he used it, they used it for magic, Jirsa end, but People say that Barbara Olsen, his wife, some say that Barbara actually never died that she because farmer was the one that called Theodore she's. The reason why we know that they are box cutters right yeah by winos civically that they were box gutters. Some say because of course, Barbara Work is his third wave and he has since re married, but some say the two women look pretty similar. Some say that Barbara D never actually died, but she actually got plastic surgery and became theatres forthwith Of course S, Gay Bain loves every time. He mentions that he always say like third, or is it oh, whose gown
That is why this is the type of this is the conversation that you get into. If you hang out at a cost in store window with a clear you don't like seven in the morning when you ve been hanging over the can be in store port for forty eight hours, while he's on a funding work, Bender yeah. This is where your conversation will always end up now I'll. Tell you this. I have hung out at convenience stores before with convenience, store workers, it's just all about their divorce Yes always about their divorce, how much they love their kids, buddy seen him in a long time, but all I love them. Kids, I do everything for them, but I ain't seen him for a long time. He ask him what they've been doing that all I've been drunk, but everything for them good old Fashioned, Texas, rattlesnake, a lot of drivers be aircars. All this up, we're going through all this shit, even s a ban in the last chapter chapter: twenty eight. This is what he said. There is more likely a cold significance tide
twin pillars of light. That would be the memorial that we do every year in New York are ever here in New York, as well as to the nine eleven memorial itself. But at this point I don't care stopped though even author of the book by the end of the book becomes completely apathetic given he has a sigh when he's writing it's like God. Ok, fine can anyone else feel a gigantic weight of their chest? Now the nine eleven his girl can. I still have two headed all thing, but you know I don't have to talk about it any more. How right? Why distance us from our loved ones on live in feeling really good? I've got new love strength them alive, but it's not it's fuckin with it
We also owe you I'd sure, as well as the only reason why my admiration she came back from the folk as this has to do with terror guards. Mcgovern's big taro card person a lot, so I brought the love into it. Well unhappy. You guys you're doing what all right. So that is the end of the three point: nine eleven, yet another bank hassle insincere sincere moment. No, I know it's great because you're doing very good for yourselves, that's wonderful, but this effort on this- but I feel it disappears true to this- that I believe in the ritual I believing again. Oh of course, there have been psychological operations, happenings items urban soiled done by our own government. For years now they did. We do know that they let nine eleven happen. We know they let nine eleven happen, and there is definitely something to be said about reverberations in the collective experience. Actually kind of have a belief.
To believe that there are like there's the secret of government like as a guys that are doing. I come to the builder group, and I welcome will have a lot of plans about like international water supplies in Qatar, populations and wanting corporations around the world, something that I think is businessmen but do believe like fifteen guys, like hang out with anyone whose board meetings there like and then when can you your college ridge worthy here? There will have to be like ok, you know like we are happy that your view, MR stark storm on your Pappy for your billions of dollars, but this is not right. Not doing not doing that, and so they have to do is like every once in a while back, ok, dark firms coming to the breakfast meetings, such as put out a couple of black camels just tell him if someone you gotta go mass from last week right and get naked girl in Europe ever stand over there? Ok, because he just will not shut off until we start burdensome incense, I mean that's the Catholic, church has with the Pope's do
Does it all of his bishops every week the problem is always some guy who wants to turn it able guy just about money, all right, all right, we're not evil. This is about money yeah, but they need MR dark Stars money, so they have humor and they have to put in these little things like ok, yes, Yes, let us bring Mr Crowley into this ritual like ok, let's ok, fucking, sir, all of the United States and Canada bucket try to find in air traffic controller named Crowley, there's gotta be one there has. To be one in some fuckin congressional intern, fines Crowley at White Horse international airport and we're like Ok, Mr Dark STAR, we landed a plain there. Are you fuckin happy now need to change the name of the numbers of the flights
just go away like an old control. Believe they just go home is growing. All right now is for ninety three and one seventy five serving him, and he just like our licking his fingers together. Mr Dark STAR, did you ever beheld adders? Were all prostitute cows red he's a gardener, lilies the prostitute cows or get melt the rest, because you get a red slate. In turn to delicious stakes than men at the large table. Job love a good people. Thank you guys. So much were listening to this three part or yeah. Thanks are in an amazing roller coaster, right of emotions, land a journey. Now, that's how I would describe them out. I'm tired, yeah, I'm exhausted. Yet our right, you can find Marcus on Twitter, Marcus Parks. You can find Henriette Twitter at Henry loves. You you can find was podcast on the left on Twitter at LP on the left. You can find me on twitter at Ben Kizil.
Another thing to remember so next, so we're grabbing towards our fucking celebration. Halloween, I'm fucking way the devil's Unscom and we're we're going to do this October. We ve talked about if we want to get you guys, you involved in a show, and so we like to do is try to get some users of missions of some privy positive. You guys I've written, keeping, thuggish or key ways. Your ways your please keep it short. And also start gearing up, if you would, we want to record people telling a real life scary stories if you got to go story or you've got a close call to being killed, or you got a good juicy scary. Corporate story. Please tell us about it. Submitted, robbed larger accord. You'd have you shall not be amazed that we did this last year? It has turned out to be amazing. We had some phenomenal stories and I'm sure we'll get some even better stories this year, Damn absent and go to a gave, Germany, radio, dot com, slash, merge to get your last cast on the left of t and
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Invitations we will respond. I dont think I go because I literally don't think you can afford the food budget. If I went around, do a mug boost relations and I'm thrown out a hail yourselves. Everyone in the house, Jeanne he'll, Satan, respect, their peoples territory, as you will respect your own. That's right in place, let's indelibly their shows top around. Secondly, human activities- page seven, those are amazing, chose as well. Thank you, everybody and good night, more shows like the one, just listen to go to cave, comedy, radio com.
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