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Episode 192: Hollow Earth

2015-09-17 | 🔗

In a continuation of our Hollow Series, we're covering everything you would ever want to know about the phenomenon of the Hollow Earth, from the Secret Diaries of Admiral Richard Byrd to the Vrill-ya, the subterranean race of Aryans that the Nazis so fervently believed in.

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I'm rock card. I love as well all right welcome the lies about gas on the left. Everybody I am Ben Gisele in studio with me, is marked as part and in a far far land away. Far far far lander will in a land far away both starting from the bottom now be here. Starting from the bottom now we're here in Antarctica, starting from the bottom entry. Here, God it's cold. You know that I wish we did as I wish. We left the metal helmets back in Germany be cause. It's like. I've got penguin shipped just froze into the decisive of my fuckingg element, of being in Antarctica, but you know I just love that song by Drake it's just too bad. We have to kill him and I'll show it's not something you should do to drake alleged. You don't think trick, wouldn't be the first one in line that they had put like. Regretfully, a tear running down, yeah
even has his face as they just took a drink, and it's like I'm sorry, you just you're just also wrong mix, also wrong Nixon, sorry trick. Alright, so we've had some fairly light episodes dealing with nine hundred and eleven. So let's get to some serious stuff today, because that's the thing I said, it's just been technically it's been too real, you know in the end it could have been even more real if we to you guys even know we were at the seven we could have taken up to which were nineteen. You guys want to be Fuct up for the rest of your life. We could have done that, but we didn't. We held yeah. Well, we did play videos of towers collapsing as people screamed and cried. That's why I'm saying we held back. That was pretty intense, I thought, but we could have played four or five. Oh ok going to lay all the ones that I forced myself to listen to, but we did we're moving on to get the house sold. The bedrock of your relationship is now looking at testing. It did it's like when you test like when they, when they take office chairs out they get fat people to jump up and down. I don't think they do that, I'm still
all the giants seeing as of two days ago, I'll Hitler. That is just great news. Okay, so we can say we're talking about the hollow earth. Okay, we are we're talking about the hollow earth, a lot of the book research from today's episode. This is a great It's called weird science and bizarre beliefs by doctor, Gregory L Reese. It's kind of this, goes across the country, and he covers a lot of the weird phenomenon that people in America I believe in he goes through Bigfoot Cave people cryptids, it's a really fun book. I would absolutely recommend getting well great. Cave people existed right. Definitely, ok, yeah, but did they live in caves? More like Mmm words. So that's all you have to do to be conspiracy theories. You just have to sort of insinuate and then you let other people fill it in. Oh, I see yeah 'cause I had them like living in some bizarre coconut home yeah tail out, make the tail more interest,
on the whole order. Theory, I think, is it's very interesting. It's got a long lines of hollow moon where, in order to believe that the earth is truly hollow, you have to either be from the eighteen hundreds or deeply deeply upset about being fired from burger king and are now getting a crossbow to go back to the burger king hearing me 'cause. We like y'all, been hot and fries, and it got damn center of the earth and just started being like being pooping pooping pooping, Don't like people just you know, and then you could be sure, got two arrows sticking out of her texts. Beautiful woman, though beautiful I love it, love it didn't deserve a single bit of an burger king does have some killer fries they do they redid the recipe. So let us Abd actually start in that
1800S with John Cleave, Simus Junior his assignments, or is it sims? I think it's whatever you want it to be Henry he's from one thousand, eight hundred and eighteen. I think, and then you probably would pronounce it John Clevnet, Sims Junior, in Cleve. He was from St Louis MO and he began his hollow earth Karere in eighteen, eighty by sending out a press release to reach note, government reigning legislature, city college and philosophical society, quiet around the earth and here's what that press release said. Another world is hollow and how to pull. I pledge my life in support of this truth and my marriage and the end of any
chip I've ever had and I'm ready to explore the hollow if this world was support and aid me in this undertaking, I asked one hundred brave companions well equipped to start from Siberia in the fall season. That's the coldest worst time to start in Siberia with reindeer and slaves much like Santa Claus. But if Santa Claus is a big fat loser, I engage Can we find a warm and rich land stuck with thrifty, vegetables and animals, if not men? Good lord? I hope this man, I hope full torso man deep inside the belly of rs precious precious. I would go on that journey. That sounds amazing, so quote unquote. No, mobilized version, of Symmes theory called Symsonia described
people in the earths core as extremely attractive gentle vegetarians with beautiful white, skin, great intelligence and little need for sleep so kind of, looks so yeah and they just to have a like. Also the must wax for is naturally from the green mountainside. An old low, low YO la Tengo is present and If you're somebody who identifies solely as a person who has great facial hair, you got to get another hobby I. What is that show beard? Wars said guys said guys, here's what happens if you could go home stuff we got a life so yeah, it's all done so in this quote unquote novelized version of the theory that
and this is the fake version of the theory right, no quote- unquote, novelized and we're going to use that mean why do should still? Why is it so quote? Unquote now unquote, novelized we're going to hear that a lot in this story is that these people, what they do, is they did actually have some knowledge of the hollow earth, but certain people took certain artistic liberties with it or the people themselves put out these possibly true stories under the guise of fiction to get in, to the world's sub consciousness. Ann much like a nine hundred and eleven. If you know what to look for your going to know he's talking to you,
dirty store. Little pamphlets handed out by men and stinky. Wool suits screaming about how the earth is hollow right and that these were the novelized thing. Well, I had Just- and he was just like I seem to have found this book. I know you, you will be in school like scandalized by the nature of what's going on inside of the area, this new attractive men, and not God, knows how many pop Johns will be there excited to prepare for it. It's in a pamphlet, I mean you can't not trust the pamphlet. Oh yeah man, according to PAM Flight, got in times square the other day. The earth is going to end here in about a week next. Actually, it's going to end the same day they heroes premieres on NBC Henry Way, but if we did visit present before, I hope it's not before eight hundred pm 'cause, we need those meals with numbers and actually, what's really important. Is that if we can actually move the end of the earth to the 27th of plus three,
on the rating scale, really helps us I'll make a pamphlet about it. I'll cancel out that pamphlet with my own pamphlet boom. That's how painful wars work so in this quote: novelized version Sim said that these people, underneath the earth, traveled through this cat, these cavernous underground areas use ships powered by quote elastic gas and claim that the surface world that we inhabit it was actually populated by the descendants of exile criminals from the hollow earth making. Our entire planet, equivalent to Australia. They're rapists Australia, yeah not very uhm. I don't know why. I find that insulting because Australia seems like it would be nice, but it is the progeny of rapists right mark. This will not only that, but is also a nightmare land full
of inhospitable terrain and animals. That would just assume, kill you. As look at you, some great friends, foot tall chicken bird that can eviscerate your guts, which is the swipe of its foot, were supposed to Live there, it's a beautiful place. You know boomerang, that's something we have thrown. It comes back to you so you can imagine how fun that weapon is. It's exactly boomerang is literally the example of if you love something let it go right, it comes up with loves. You will come back, you've been having sex with a boomerang even have sex with. You can just come out all the Boomer, a that's, not a wife. That's why I'm all scraped at the top of my shift, yeah I also want. I should did this as a cop. It's a very big hang on this show if you or not and I bawled stone right now. You're going to find this show, half as fascinating as it should be. This whole show is sort of like
everyone of these theories reminds me of like the cartoon version of the little prince yeah, I mean we're it's a little like I know. I know I know kind of trippy words like it's like when you see like nude french boys, with no pewbs like dealing with like pink aliens and stuff. Like that, it's that kind of trippy. But what I would say is before you start like stop the show right now. If you have not smoked yet and walking the roll up roll the boy's leg, worth of the finest Parisi and tumbleweed, spark into your face, because it's going to get a lot trippier than this. Do not google nude french Pu Blic boys talking with pink aliens. However, you will go to jail like Jerrod Fogle, so the get well known, hollow earth. Believer didn't show up until decades later in eighteen sixty nine speaking at the end of the world. This guys Cyrus tied he a millennium dunes, a preacher of just like the people that we got at the end of the
me at century, saying that the world was going to end on January first, two thousand Cyrus tied one of the guys said it was going to end on January, first, one thousand nine hundred claimed that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. The reasonable yeah He was possibly before our friend David. He actually took the name of Correct, oh, and he established a commune in Florida omen so nice in Florida because he sold it humid. Still didn't like you would still hurt an old soul. You don't go munis hollow. You got to see my grandson he's a dentist. Eighteen, sixty nine Florida. What would that have been like I like one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Florida to bunch of people in tank tops also And with random lotion on their noses
absolutely well, just native Americans and Cubans hanging out, but it's pretty fucking, pretty fricking Randy down there again, but it's fun down there and there's a bunch of snakes and stuff, and you got natural swamps and you got a bunch of stuff like that. I bet some I mean his real form to anywhere else. You beat in America, I, where is he from? Is he also from St Louis Missouri I argue, a an alligator like look. It's moon, wizards, so tied believed that the earth was uh. Hollow ball with you, residing on the inside again inside, all of us living on the concave surface, rather than the convex ie inside of the spoon rather than the
outside of the city, and the lawyer in didn't believe that she, the game, I think about it all the time and I'm like we're going in the wrong. Also. I love your old man in the photo demon spin in right, okay, think about a man, the worst slogans being me, and why are we still on it? Did you ever try to fall, can sit on the chair with your body, spend only meaningful out of that we're. Inside this. Yet looking scar is the phone picture. Mail soon do came, painted full go Michael Cera forget painted over the Roland. No, no, no dude, I'm bout to blow your mind even further, no dude painted it on this sky, the sky, is not painted. The sky exists for what happened. Is the sun, the moon and the stars all live on the con
six side. That's the outer spoon of a smaller globe inside the hollow earth, making the quote: unquote. Heavens, the center the quote: unquote universe. So all of it all of the universe is contained. And within a ball a smaller ball inside the ball of the earth that we live in right. Now, it's actually more confusing than gravity more confusing than the truth. I'm just saying it's totally true and it's what I've been saying a bus stops for you, I'm glad. We finally reported it here on the show yeah yeah, yeah and Cyrus teed. He wrote in his pamphlet the cellular cosmogony in night. One thousand eight hundred and ninety eight two years before he, thought. The world would end that believe in the convexity of the earth that would be the outer spoon theory of the earth was deny God and all of his works denied God. Then
He wrote this in a pamphlet and in the cellular cosmogony, so his cellular cosmogony, which is a word that he forgotten made all if you were to fly you that the word that he made up in a pamphlet that he handed to you, while you're, probably busy doing you're, also dealing with four other hollow earth camp time, because this eighteen eighties keep well, then you just denied the power of God Yes, he thought that to not believe in the concavity of art. That would be the end side, spoon theory of earth, not to not believe because he believed that that ball in the center of the earth. That was where the Heavens lay that's where her heaven was and to not, but and that was deny that God existed, because if you denied, where God existed, then to deny that God existed himself and you know not, a lot of people could read or write during the 1800s. So technically, this guy was smart strictly yeah, it's imprinted a whole pamphlet yeah. Most of these
people were still like being like water pants, I'm new to pants, look like they're wearing their hats into feet. Eighteen it's crazy. They were crazy, yeah. I'm just glad that we all live inside the earth and that people are actually snakes with human skin on them and that are and it is totally fine and we're headed into a hot, it's more of a vacation zone. It's not global warming. It's become Hawaii everywhere. Let's give the people the eighteen hundreds a little bit of credit. While many people dismiss Cyrus Teed's ideas, with hand it took a couple of decades. Kids for somebody to really take his ideas seriously. There was one man in particular who from the heart of one mister Adolf Hitler wait a second. You mean Adolf, the reasonable one. Hitler believed that the earth was hollow has crazy. Well, he'd
through a lot of spaghetti at the wall to see what stock you know, yeah yeah I like about him- is that he really just like to mix it up, you know he was again like Michael Jordan. Yes, yes, when he couldn't jump from the free, throw line anymore, read the fade away. You know he started working faded because he knew he had to be a champion. That was what Hitler did that's when he would be able to. He did make a lot of fadeaways here here and Express Prince of Bel AIR, fade away, so Hitler what he get about Cyrus tied theory. He supposedly had his scientists calculate exactly all on the earth were one could look straight up with the telescope and see what the british Navy was up to on the opposite side of the year? I know you mentioned, being the person who had the site having to listen to Hitler, explain to you what he's doing so. You will then make you would make a scope. Seven.
Look up into the mirror world of the sky and will see on the other side. You can see on the other side, but the british people because I know we live inside a golf ball and it's like, I just finished it, but I'm just this is a great idea. Great idea. Great. We all in the Evans on you, you love it spent right, comes up spent right, please. Too late to the calves, but that's the genius of Hitler. He was so crazy, went with the hollow earth and then his next ideas of like. Why don't we attacked the Russians like weekend attack the Russian? We can do that and that's the problem. That's why Hitler Loste, because his super crazy ideas were his crazy ideas were overshadowed by super crazy idea, so they just kind of gave him whatever you want. As far as invading russian the winner yeah. Now I can't wait to be on if I'm ever Hollywood star,
we doing the same exact tactic. You come in with a really crazy idea. Really, let's do a movie about toaster strudels and they have to like you know you have like a big like sort of like movie deal with Warner, brothers and they'd be like ok, yeah yeah. We can make a movie but the toaster strudels and then eventually be like. Actually, I just want to make a story about a coming of age story about a boy with no feet and then, two years later, boom his mother on the Oscars. I love it rates, but who's the boy with no feet, though that's you know who it is been, who it's you buddy, oh, my god, with no feet on you don't listen! I'm! I am the jumping coach that believed in you in the future and the year three thousand and seventy five were just jump into sport because everybody so fat right
besides Cyrus T Dan Mister Sims, there were a few other hollow earth proponents throughout The years there is the 1800s hundreds 1900s, the 19th and 20th century. This is what we can call the gold age of the hollow earth. There are a lot of people out there, handing out pamphlets a lot of dumb happening in the late eighteen, that's phrenology things such as that they were still kind of believe in and humors in medieval barbers and bleeding people out right and all of these ignorant ideas that were made in the eighteen eighties were essentially the things that planted the seed for what eventually become the party. Every one of these theories became like something that they could be like and then magical white people live there. Every single like every hollow earth theory involves magical white people living in the center of the earth and then Hitler had. The idea is like
going and finding some magical place. People want to believe the magical fight people. So what still, but Mister Hitler, but if there was, I mean I don't want to have any talks, but if we We go the answer. Already magical white people there so we take them to the camps. Anybody who's inside this artist Justin is a hollow earth due to some kind of cave due. Well, that seems inappropriate, so the other As you know this guy Willis George Emerson, he wrote one thousand nine hundred and eight a quote unquote-
novel you quoted quoted. Was it a novel do well? I was released as a novel, so it's a novel. It was not not necessarily to punch through ideas. The whole idea is that what you're doing is like secret societies have been doing from the very beginning. Where you trying to do is say it's a quote under there has to be a quote, unquote novel, because the idea is that true secrets are bedded within the novel in order to get it past. The fucking government man like that movie, pure luck with Martin Short, they predicted the bee, the Bee would begin to die really remember when the bee stung. Martin short his face, swelled up. I do remember that public enemy number one the be so then when they start to die in populations dying, thousands and millions at a time. We won't care because will remember what they did to Danny Glover's friend. Tell me: second: are you the only person on the pure luck,
the short like community. Keyboards online. All the web boards. Were you just complete these long to page things. Well, I pure luck with Martin short predict. The be sorted. I do have a pamphlet and I'd like to hand it out to you as soon as I see you next time right, but after the show we needed about searching your pure luck. Yahoo group, with my Clifford Yahoo group, great, will topple our numbers. Ok, perfect! I think that's really important. I have a whole Yahoo group about toaster strudels that I have been prepping. It's the beginning. I think the seeds of a movie. It's a quote: unquote, novel perfect! So in this quote, Unquote novel called the smoke God yeah, it is not like I'm. I don't know what he's working the smoky God told the story of old, who scribed. This
story to the author well was ninety was ninety five years old, as the swede laid on his for you see Olaf I did until he was ninety five to tell his story in full, because for years. Every time he tried to tell the story, the smoky god they throw them in the middle is to come on yeah. Every time I try to take my moved into your story, the insight, how to work the trade to take my the man's later. That's what they do if they put you in jail, they just take your leader house and you go to a room you're just nude from the waist down you're wearing your weird tunic thing. The only well they're they're only allowed to wear. Yes, we can that's the only close, a lot of wear and they take their very stiff shorts from them, I wore lederhosen as a child I wore to school when I was eight years old one day but that workout good turns out not the cultural
tired of the United States, because I could just see six foot five right, yeah soils, leader hosen. Well, they were clean until about the afternoon. I'm was from Germany so yeah story reported that he and his father sailed far north on a fishing expo Shin from Sweden and Well, they suddenly came upon a tropical climate where they were approached by a large ship filled with giants singing and playing harps. The giant took Olaf and his father over the curve of the earth's outer shell and see outside of the spoon and into the hollow Interior, where they saw, among other things, great herds of elephants, one hundred feet long. Eighty five hi olaf
describe, the herd of elephants, thusly will be in five hundred of these thunder throated monsters, relentlessly bathing trunks thunder Throated, monsters restlessly waving trunks between. I don't know why I just see. This work in the hugest naked, nudist women just big it is just like so yeah back and forth, like run around around the best, like I thought I did rules is he called also heard of elephants so for this next little TED bet. We want to thank our new official last. Cast science officer, make
Fiero route. Okay, we're also going to give up her email, and so from now on we want to do. Is that if you have a single problem with any of the science, unless I guess on the left, please address our new science officer. Megan fear route. Is this technically a science episode there, Science in it. I thought it was. Every episode is assign all. I said everything is science Ben, oh, ok, everything and concerning the science behind the size of these creatures. Remember hundred feet long. Eighty five feet high. The science behind that is, that earth's gravity exists primarily on the surface of the planet. You dig you get me I and there is substantially lower gravity in the. To levels of the planet. Once you get inside the planet right, the deeper you get the lesser The gravity is especially if you're on the inside spoon part of the planet there pulling out
their push it. One parts pulling out. One part is pushing it. It's about half the gravity of the So is it like a Salvador Dali type situation when stretched out and kind of strange looking they get bigger, yeah they get bigger, because they're allowed to grow bigger you'd be seven foot two to on there, you alright I'd, be six foot. Seven Henry would be the same size five days in size because I would be king and I'll be living in a plastic gravity list ball or I Everyone is like guys, Subjects AMD Keating of the inner earth and I don't call it news, so you get it right, it makes all the sense in the world. The true Klay. This is logical, yeah right! yeah the you have no gravity, then yeah you would you would think it expand. You get taller. Many science fiction novels have told me this. They talk about it at length and hyperion in the fall of Hyperion showed very good. Stuff get lusus. You know because
will grab it, but there's more gravity. So there are more compact stronger than that, and also at seven travel is going to beat and visit the shrike and the strike could destroy all but one of the pilgrims, and then he gives that program on the wishes. You know I mean and just many there's a big, interconnected sort of computer thing. It's a big storage, good, bookkeeper, yeah yeah, usually, science conversations don't involve pilgrims receiving wishes, usually there's like numbers and then someone's like. We don't know, but we're trying to figure out. There are numbers, seven go, one gets a wish. Those are numbers, then. Those are numbers then argue with that. So while we will cover more, or of the modern science of the hollow earth, because it doesn't end in one thousand nine hundred and eight it doesn't in there. There are still people to this day that do believe very vigorously believe that the earth is hollow, including a one, Mister dad Thompson will cover.
Esther Dallas Thompson and a future bonus episode. Asos bonus episodes going to start coming out here in a month or so once we start getting the subscription service going so watch out for that, what we do today is the testimony of a hollow earth youtube. Scientist now in the year twenty fifteen. He released this in April band. Okay, this is the modern day pamphlet. I'm gonna say that this whole and this video is a documentary. What's called hollow earth the biggest cover up and if you want it, the hollow earth the biggest cover up Special Edition Special Edition of Sorry, because it's true because the first one is only forty five minutes and this one's an hour. Seven minutes of I would say what is the? Why would you say Marcus, impenetrable nonsense? Gaspar per usual, I would say a probably indecipherable. Gobbledygook might be more accurate. Yes again
The man who made this video you play it. Alright, let's hear it Here we have a rotating sphere water, about twenty five millimeters in diameter and inside this sphere are a whole bunch of little tiny air bubbles, We will see what the angular acceleration due to rotation. Does these air bubbles as a function of time What you are observing are the bubbles moving to the center axis of rotation. As a function of time. They will form this rather tightly packed a bubble core these bubbles are kept from coalesce sing from small amount of added surfactant to the water surfactant here we have Rotating sphere filled with Bubba isn't tea leaves and as expected, the
most go to the center and the tea leaves go to the outside edge along There's a few chunks of orange peel logic very scientific he's using the scientific method right. You can see the bubble in it there's a bubble. On the screen, Here we have a rotating sphere with bubbles and chunks from breaking up a small vitamin tablet and the bubbles go at the center core, but the vitamin chunks seem to stay in their location dispersed through the sphere and from this we deduced The vitamin chunks have a density near that of water yeah. I know seven minutes of this see that's what you call variables. I was using the scientific method he uses orange peels. He uses crushed item. It has proved his point ban. Well, I'm definitely getting convinced and I'm really M
he said this man, because, truly, if you love looking at bubbles, you can never be bored. You can never before he beat boredom we did it by big making himself the most dull human. That's ever right. No, yes, definitely had to do that. Yeah! You just have to take your enjoyment of life down to about zero right at them. Like anything, then you just slap into sugar packets together, oh yeah will make you happy for an hour and a half he would love Sala Terry Confinement, he's the only one that can actually put on a show he would enjoy so told me, did you? What did you bring your own lunch took to work like I did I always bring my own lunch to work and I've got go, got us there and it's got some water in it with some bubbles in it vitamin tablets orange looking forward to lunch. During the day. It took me twenty three minutes to walk from my house to the train, and then the train takes forty
in two minutes to get to the station next to the office, and it takes about six minutes for me to walk from the station. Where you going. I just have I have. No one to earth is hollow. They could come inside the earth, Yes, we're always have. Friends are also like the walls with torch, pure vitamin tablet in them. Well now I want to cry a little. It's too real that was the most real thing to real is ever done, yeah. That was truly too real, for you know yeah, but the sadness that we project on to these people in reality. Folks, who are that sort of you know type they really love their life and actually they're very mean people. There is a one way cabs me. This thing is on Facebook, Twitter, all my god. We owe yeah one guy on Twitter. That is a true hollow moon enthusiasts, true, believe here he is
I mean he listens to every single episode multiple times, but God Dam. Does he hate us? Well, you know quickly our biggest fan, so these guys. Could you please exit? Is there not sad they're mad yeah there hoping the hollow earth exist, because then they can go there and they don't have to go to the office anymore. They don't have to pretend to have a good time at the Bennigan's when they're hanging out with their office mates when everybody gets apple teenies on Fridays, at five hundred and thirty love a good apple teeny. I bet you do but a lot of the people who believe the earth is hollow. I've also seen a lot of them. Think the earth is flat. So I did that. Well it once we get, to Dallas Thompson on the bonus episode we will see but some believe that the entrance to the hollow earth, that's up at the North Pole and the South Pole, but also some some in Argentina. It is now actually a physical whole, but rather a dimensional
mortal there's a lot of people who talk about that and also that the the hollow earth point it's in both polls or about how the earth is in living organism with his own kundalini line and that the holes on the polls the hose and those are the two shocker points. That's the headshot grow in the root chakra, which is the Asshole Shokri, and they ask Wh Shacra is where all like. That's the bigger one in an Artica, the big old cape in one the aliens coming it out, but it's not really. Aliens is sort of like an international flight import or something like that. Again. I have never snow look at the amount of weed that I needed to to fully understand that theory. The the holes of roots shacra, don't even think about it, you never you've. Never seen you go videos, that's all I do. If I want to learn about that kind of stuff. I just watch hours of just women stretching and tight pants. Well, you can't see the route the oil get well
in lieu of Glen Nude, yoga videos- they're quite have you ever knew Google video they're quite good to know. So possibly the most famous of all hollow earth explorers, was a one Mister Robert Byrd. The Us Navy, Robert Byrd Junior. You know he is actually a reasonably kredible individual read I so He won a medal of honor, which you think would mean you're reasonable. It would not yet in world WAR one one a medal of honor yeah and he also aided Charles Lindbergh with his flight training, although home, although it must be noted, that Robert Byrd Junior was a Freemason. False flag, as though I have to say I was going to say the term false flag, rob
word is it's in. This is whole. This whole story lines are interesting. I mean to say this only conspiracy theories that were attached to Robert Byrd, nothing to do with Robert Byrd. It happened after the fact they just they just like said he's like he had a secret diary, but he was like ninety seven years old, like things like, I don't believe in any thought No, no! No! You had a diary. Mister, your mister bird. Now because your dick fell off, it's. You shut your fucking mouth and DIA cancer Rockford one thousand nine hundred and twenty ever work in a nursing home. Never just don't don't be around the elderly, so one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight aided by Edsel Ford, Henry Word son. That's another little specious connection! and John D, Rockefeller Junior it's another suspect connection. Of course. It's all these inbred nepotism filled pieces of garbage. Smart people have
children, aided by them with four hundred thousand dollars in donations from the american public Bird was able to establish the first base on Antarctica called Little America and by the way, four hundred one thousand dollars in nineteen. Twenty eight money two thousand and fifteen money. That is fine. Million five hundred two thousand one hundred and seven thousand five hundred and forty four cents, forty four cents, the kicker, Yep. That's it! That's that makes the deal yeah yeah! That's that's the kicker right there that's the straw. He could get a full brownstone in Brooklyn for that or little America in an article yeah yeah, basically Rockefeller send them out over there because you know, as we know, he wanted them. Just click a bunch of penguins so You can come up and make a bunch of fake pussysoul right, yeah 'cause John D Rockefeller. Eventually,
the Rockefeller that was convicted of murder not too long ago early investor in the flashlight, because he was actually fulfilling previous dream of Gran Father that was started with okay, in order to say all right, nine twenty eight say it is on is trying to say the rate is gonna, be a legal state, so we're going to all right all right, yeah! I know every time I look at it even in any sort of thing walking, but there's a dog or a day or a woman. I want to look at what we gotta do is make called a fake about China way I'll make a thing which I feel like I'm good at it. Like I mean you know, I'm saying, store number I'm bringing up smoking cigars six hundred o'clock in morning, so Admiral Byrd, after the establishment of little America would make three more expeditions to the Antarctic. Cluding a patient in the mysterious operation, and high jump in one thousand nine hundred and forty six now operation high jump suppose exactly
was to map the coastline of Antarctica. And the interior, and to test equipment, military equipment in sub zero temperatures. But that was true. If that's all they were doing, then why did they take four thousand seven hundred men? teen ships, including an air cat craft Kerrier and twenty five airplane, I'll. Tell you why Marcus 'cause they were kill, one mister Both Hitler, who was still alive yet living in a house made out of penguins skin, seems like a lot. It's just one fat old dude. Well, will get more to that later about why they needed four thousand seven hundred is Hitler was not there alone, then maybe they tethered them all together, and then they had a big party train that's kind of fun to do with boats. If you ever go on the on the lake, there tie a tie. Your boats, together, you can walk from boat to boat kind of fish
put up to go with destroy the last of the Nazi raid over that's happening in in Artica they're, like guys, We know that we did bad shift in the past, but now we're here. We just join us as having a sense of cool as light and just which is b and she will be in court yeah like right and then it turned into a bud light commercial or just them playing beach balls inside of the inner. Hawaii Land, that's inside of Antarctica. Check in with a reminder here that today's episode is brought to you by square space. Remember no matter what kind of weird stuff you're into there's someone else on the internet into it as well. So, if you're looking to create a website, all your own to attract like minded individuals for any reason, just so long as it's legal square space is the way to go Only eight bucks a month, and if you want to try before you buy you get a free trial with no credit card required and when you do want to keep going enter the code. L a
ST for ten percent off your purchase that square space build it beautiful. So in the 1970s few decades, After hop operation, high jump and long after Admiral Byrd Byrd had gone too to, for the last time, serious document called the inner earth my secret diary was leaked to the public in that we find a detailed account written by Admiral Byrd himself of his experiences with the hollow earth phenomenon on February 19th, one thousand nine hundred and forty seven now some assembly bird merely flew over the north pole on that date, but the dire he tells a much different story. It says that bird actually flew into the core of the earth itself traveling. One thousand seven hundred miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green.
Dictation and animal life before he encountered something even more mysterious, and you know it's real, because all top secret documents are are named my secret diary. Please don't read this if you do you're going to learn the truth, yeah and it's all like you know, the problem is that yes, one thousand one hundred and thirty hours it starts with his truck through the inner hollow earth and the secret paradise there, but at one thousand and ninety hours he was just like. I wonder if Julie likes Bobby, but I Julie, and I think I like Julie, but then I much Julie, watching Bobby, and I get sad 'cause. I think Julie likes Bobby she always does. This is from Admiral Byrd's secret diary, one thousand one hundred and thirty hours, Arthur Port and stuff
red wing are strange type of aircraft. There closed rapidly alongside the hardest shape and radiant quality to them. It close enough now to see the markings on them. It's type of Swat then what type they are just one type know know know know, know, know different types of swastikas, there's one there's a regular swastika, there's the inverted swastika. There's the rigid swastik, but it's all the swastika and swap it, but it's like, if mark, if you're, laying down markets, you're still Marcus, that is true, but there's a dip type of market yeah, the lay down markers, yeah, there's Manik markets, there's depressive markets there is drunk I guess: there's angry markets, there's Harney, Marcus! You don't like it! Is it all of that order, because it always gotta work. I think it is yeah manic, depressive, drunk angry horni,
right. Well, you currently don't seem that manic, so your depressive, so we've got to end this episode before he gets angry because coming up after that, I know I got I got to get out of this room and read: were you mark he's going to go right? He's got? Is you've got his nipple hands? Where you don't know you guys around markets, hi Alright, you get a change. Your brain works on your fingers works, so after he sees the swastika admirable words plane was stopped in mid. The control those were rendered completely useless and then the craft started softly. Floating alongside the flying discs is next entry, eleventh five hours already cycles in a voice comes through in English, with what perhaps is a slight nordic or german the messages become admiral to automate,
sharland. You want exactly seven minutes, relax admiral! You Please put your plate and try in the proper position. We are close. Please stop using your headphones at one thousand one hundred and forty five hours. He says I'm making a hasty last entering the flight log. Several men aren't approaching on foot toward. He tall all blonde hair In the distance. A large shimmering city pulsating, with rainbow hues of color I don't not know. What's going to happen now but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching here now. A voice correct me by Nate to open the cargo door You know
seems like a strange thing to do under pressure. Just start writing in your journal in real time, yeah. Well, you know it's the same thing on STAR Trek. Like you know, a next generation with scripted television show that there's a big television yeah, but no it's based in reality, though a quote unquote, it's a quote: unquote show in reality right. I agree with the reality that there is racism. That's why war isn't, the God. Damn managed control, no war prison, the men in control, because he can't control his emotions and he's wrong most of the time. Well, I I always liked him very much. Yeah, I know, is what supposed to be space? Spanish, we don't that has been completed and if you watch deep space, nine sir, You will see that there is a back man in charge of the station more with I'm not is that it works is black he's a whole nother races all of the actors black, but we're talking about war
it should be after was just no no no Black Man, we have to end the conversation because you guys aren't capable of discussing wharf outside of racial context, so the human no way to stop the Admiral Byrd they were by words? Descriptions close resembling then no Dick alien race. Maybe I should just one like cool yeah that made them. Very close to who the Aryans they flew. Word in ships. They called Pflueger rods to their Lee who called himself the master and he told bird the bird, was in the domain of the every enter world of the earth. Oh and he told bird that his job was to take a message to the government that atomic power was not meant for. Then for this was soon after the naga. Nike in Hiroshima bombings and that humanity should see?
their use of atomic power. Also, there's a sub training race of Giants developed thousands of years beyond your race, hello, so it seems like we need nuclear energy more than ever to go blow them up. So you're saying we're going to help this weekend, so we gotta do ok, cool cool cool, even bunch of fresh it inside the earth. Already, let's go back. Does the problem. Is it give? We learn nothing from the native Americans. At this point, I get any word about what happens when Americans to show up to see a new place where there's a bunch of new fruit there. People who don't believe in war- and you show Open, really can't that's so funny! These guys are so nice. I thought we could kill bunch of woman like Group yeah yeah we'll see the native Americans to have quite a few wars with themselves. They did. They were quite. They were not quite the peaceful people that the hippies
like them to be that's what I was gonna say this. We kill them with blankets, the spanish bit bad yeah. The Spanish did that by the same for so much of what the band is dead and I'm sick of it yeah, you know what band your right. Others say another thing: Americans, it's of the spanish that we took. We took care of their culture and we made to poke. So I will say that we took the Spanish is diarrhea making power and re amplified it up to a hundred fifty times, yeah what they ever could so after reporting to the Pentagon and the President, what he learned about the people I need the earth bird wrote in his diary. Now, just I'm reading this in accordance to the font to which it is written. Yes and this is a verbatim eight, also Ver Fantome. What was written in admiral birds, diary, this is how he wrote it. Alright, for
I am pleased under strict control, the other national security provisions to the United States of America, I'm already to remain silent. In regards to all that, I have learned on behalf of humanity, exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point Well, I don't know why they didn't take him seriously. You got that guy right into the front door of the White House, now in an interesting little epilogue to Robert Byrd Store, his son. Oh you know what here's the funny thing. This entire time. We've been saying Robert Byrd, Robert it was the racist senator yeah, that's what I kept I yeah I mean I would assume there's more people named Robert Byrd, one is name is Richard Burke, Richard Burke yeah, but isn't it fun to think about Robert Byrd going to the hollow earth? I do believe he's for So Richard Burr words Son, Richard Byrd. The third was found dead. In an abandoned warehouse in Baltimore, as are most people in Baltimore.
He was a Macy aided covered in dirt and missing a shoe. Let's arrow in right, yeah. It sounds like a Charlie sheen think this is like a Charlie, sheen vacation. I look so either he was walking and lossed one shoe and it's just continued to where the other would or somebody stole a single shoe take his once you're with him. I just like seem sleep now, we just want, you want. You know what little squirt squirt inside the time that shoeless foot right cricket Jimmy, but I don't know maybe some jerking off on that one shoot man. Well, you know what was weird, though as you know, the last time he was seen when traveling Washington DC attend the ceremony honoring his father and One checked, there's so many things to talk about too. I also want to like put like. I think, that the richer bird story is the most interesting fact
it's about about hollow earth, because I'm connected right now, deep into the heart of Nazi Germany. I want again and save 'cause. We covered a lot with dole say about the aliens living. I feel like that's already knowledge that things that live inside this earth or aliens and they've been here for a long time. They populated us here right marks absolutely right: dog meat, yeah you're, making angry, and if he gets horni, I swear to God we're ending this podcast. So, let's get to the grill, in eighteen. Seventy one, a few years, Jules Verne's quote unquote: novel journey to the center of the earth a man named Edward Bulwer, Lighten wrote in another quote: unquote: novel called drill the power, or of the coming race. Now the store follows a narrator who encounters the Vril YA humans who fled the great flood lost their way, and just stay in the caverns. Now the
describes the Vril yeah as having huge wings that reached to their knees, like hawk man that allow them to fly through the various tunnels of their subterranean world. They wore bid you gold, tiaras and carried silver scepters made of polished steel, which were powerful enough to carve through this is how I also Republicans view that the future gay hell that will live it sounds like a a place to live itself. That sounds amazing sounds pretty fun yeah. I want scepter One one, that's technically just to stick to is that right, Nick Lee? If anybody wants to make and send Bennett Acceptor the address is the creek and the cave care of last podcast on the left. One thousand and ninety three Jackson Ave Long Island, be careful, don't don't send weapon in the mail. Now it's not a weapon, it's a separate susceptor. That would be.
One thousand and ninety three Jackson Avenue Long Island City, new, eleven thousand one hundred and one scepter for Ben and it would really mean a lot to me and I'd use it everyday. Don't give a massage I think I should give him give him a center cut. Last thing we need is for him to be able to like you stand there having having a rapid on the table. I would be perfect, so the real ya were masters of the grill It's the Brillia claimed was the source of power that pervaded the entire universe bring them to influence the minds and bodies of others, and also gave them the ability to manipulate the weather and it also or key which, in the Chinese, say or prana, Indian say yeah or the force has George Lucas says
four nonsense, as Ben Kissel said right now in about the grill, the quote: unquote, narrator of this quote unquote novel. He said I'd rates at ages may yet. Allow before they emerge, unto sunlight our inevitable destroyers. I have thought each of my duty to my fellow man to place on record. These fear. We earnings of the coming Reyes, that goes out to your fellow man, yeah very interest. Yeah yeah and you know who was able to see through the lines here who was able to read through the lines those say and just like you know, sometimes it's Nicole, hey. How are you yeah? You know who answered this hey? How are you who met down Helena Blavatsky Senior out there,
on the road, the body was a man in the face able to go to the mind of a damn holy, noble dot below about ski. She wrote about the mysterious power source in the book ISIS unveiled evil were leaked in in he's coming at eight. This you see as the real by the school, the rainy populations and allowed his lead to take it Bonnie, beeps, and that day that allowed his readers to take it for a fiction now, do you get it got it right if they didn't believe it. No, he didn't tell me all other allowed them to take you to allow them to take it as fiction yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. He got. He wasn't like livid with the fact that they didn't believe any of his ideas, though he allowed and yeah allow them to take. It is fiction they were laughing and reading the book very similar to Tommy was so the director of the room yeah. I thought that he really made a classic master days. You know he said I'll, allow
He will allow Yahoo allow people to laugh at his work now he allowed it 'cause, of course, that isn't here, yes, yeah. They were a comedy podcast, but actually we're delivering, delivering very potent Chung. So the truth, much like chunks of vitamin What inside of a bubble of water in a loser's basement? Yes of the believers, the took the matters of rail to harp? None were more arctic. More pay, and more believing that a one, Mister Adolf Hitler You know one thing: you'll say about him: the one thing he was it was gullible, He was open, minded Henry I came to the hollow earth theory. I think that he was a little bit to open mind the thing. So you think that it's like it's yeah, I guess it Lou was so open minded that he was narrow, minded yeah. It went full circle with this guy. He came back around yeah yeah really open minded about some things: real
close minded about others, but still kinda open minded in being close minded. Well, he was a painter. He believed believe in himself kind of so let's get now to speaking of well, Hitler speaking of Nazis. Let's talk about the thrill society. Now the real society was kind of the hot chick version of the two law society, Gackt yeah, I absolutely yeah. This was the other side of it. The tool society was, you know, nerds, like Heinrich Himmler, Dietrich at cards, no guys that you know a a big fat, Hermann Goring like these people were not attract, know the wedgy boys, the boys that there's multiple with severe white nerds. We talked about in the Nazis in the occult episodes yeah the super white nerds, and this is something that this actually right now, this is an extension of our. Nazi Occult episode. This is something we really wanted to get to on that up so, but didn't quite have time, for
This is when we really get to talk about the thrill society the Royal society, believes that the Aryans were not something that existed only in the past but were in fact still living in the earth score. Convenient. I will on this next information I will cite my source on this one. This did come from Stormfront but I will say this is that it's definitely not wink wink wink, definitely not bookmarked on Marcus is like need to check every day website. Do I believe that I believe it when you say that you don't check Stormfront everyday, I don't believe you have a username on Stormfront called Dogmeat four hundred and seventy seven, it's like people who listen to Howard Stern, everyday. You know Stormfront excel x Jones. Look like MSNBC, your friends were the worst who dot comes on. The internet,
pretty bad yeah yeah. I only go there for Nazi research, that's the only! reason to go there. That is exactly what they want you to be there for the whole point of the website. You say nazi research. Would they mean nazi appreciation kind like how peak tons said is doing naked kid research instead of doing naked kid appreciation exactly Henry gets main two real well, he was making it like it yeah he was making it up lead singer of the who correct the guitarist of the two yeah he yeah yeah except for what I'm doing isn't illegal, not yet alright. So, let's move on here markets itself, prime stalk me park. So one of the main characters involved in the Vril society was a super hot Nazi named Maria or sick, actually very high. Actually super hot,
we created her own little circle of friends within the society called the other day. Take a shower first permitted sweetie Zeke, which is old Germans for metaphysics, which is true, was composed completely of young ladies who wore their hair in the horsetail style You know only tail, that's what they mean. It's a ponytail won't keep saying horsetail and it's not a horse tail yeah tony tails different. I mean yeah, ponytail, horsetail they're, all horses, Henry Welch Tail. If I talk like, if I told a girl friend
her. Hair looks like oh. I love that horsetail you got going on there. I get punched in the stomach because it horsetail sing to a woman that are having a horsetail implies that you are three hundred. That's very true, and women don't like to be compared to horses, believe it or not. They don't like the extended face yeah but ponies there, fine with ponies. They don't like to need legs, they don't like the concept of their breasts as others right they don't. I know this for a fact. My friend Dave we're at a bar one time in college and he called girl a girl Seabiscuit, and he got punched in the face. Oh yeah, but Seabiscuit she didn't understand. He was calling her a winner, Dave is the guy you shadow in his couch right? No, I never did that. So Hollywood hollow worth is more possible than what you just said. So, let's just take that easy. So the women of this of the Vril society of the grill gas shut off the screen. Do they believe that their ponytails acted as cosmic intending to communicate with aliens through this hairstyle?
this hairstyle right. So he was able to communicate with ancient Sumerians, receive technical data from the construction of the circular flying machine. Yeah. That's right through her cosmic antenna horse tale, of course, so, and the other medium in this society he was, only as Z gruene- Z, Synchronism, woman, yeah is a woman and much like Madonna goes only by one name: okay, yeah Z, grown translated. The mental images into blue rents, although The funding problems can function on this disc machine would not begin until three years later now, give real society was also started by a man named Ruben Vons, Taboo Tondorf, that was, there were two sides of the real society. There was the dude side and there was the hot chicks at the dude side believed that they were going to go and try and find the substance called grill. They believe
Did there was literally goop called grill? They had control reality deep in the center of the earth. Much like this. On the other side, we're doing the fucking talking to aliens schitt trying to get plants for how to take us over the the couple and all very complicated, and they also all each other, quite a bit in this situation. I would identify as a woman, I would have to go with Caitlin Jenners Route become a woman fully transition because it sounds like the chicks had a lot more fun, yeah dude 'cause. They were the ones going up into space right. The dudes were going down into the earth, just coal mining, The coal miners of the situation, yeah Henry says that it's really complicated. I don't think so, I'm, going to be able to explain it to you guys right now what ladies, are up to see in nineteen twenty four in November Maria visited top Nazi Rudolf Hess in his apartment,
I remember when he won that reality show America's next top Nazi. Stop not that cool thing with the hot tub. Then I gotta big It's a little weird like you know, martini, like lamps in Rudolf Hess is Apartment Maria, used her psychic powers to contact one of the founders of the Nazi Party, Dietrich Eckart, beyond the grave for Dt Kid died one year later now, although the party started with start speaking through the young woman. Soon gave the can all of the young woman over to a strange voice who claim He was a part of the Sumi who dwellers of a distant world which orbits the star All the and the constellation that we call Taurus the bull, our yeah there, you with me so far totally with you so so remember there is.
There is an old german man speaking out of the mouth of a young hot blonde, nazi right, but also there's an alien in there, Taurus the bull No, no, no towards the consolation is that's where the leak that's where they levels are brought. No, it was in the constellation of Taurus yeah, no, the art there, the Sumi, those the ones. That's the aliens that speaking out okay, yeah. So of course, you may be asking right now how this rate race from the stars, relates to what goes on in the hollow earth. Now remem in the quote unquote novel real the power of the coming. Pace. Bowler lighten claimed that the real ya were erase humans who fled the great flood lost their way and decided stay in the caverns, while the voice, speaking through Dietrich, Eckart Spirit out of Maria or six mouth so the Nazis that the Sumi had brief really colonized earth five
thirty! Million years ago, in millennia later there came a great flood which the sue me is called. The group not pushed him known to us as the flood of Noah and the survivors of this flood. According to this to me underground and eventually became the ancestors of the Arians talk. You talk, everybody wants their idea to. Is it like? If you look at this, there is the this first, one still less racist versions of the stories as well with that terms of the ANA Gnocchi, the the indian raising him do believe in the the flying ships that were put in the book how to beat up. There is like all the she kind of connect,
into each other onto the same shape. Also Taurus. The bull was connected to a thing called the lords of the Blackstone, which was a secret society that exists in dramatic times in early in the 1600s that were like a bunch of teutonic guys at hung out, and they had a sigil that was a taurus with wings on it. And what do we learn about things that, with wings on an ancient pictures, it denotes? The fact that they were flying so we're looking at is the fact that there is maybe a dremel connection to alien life through the older broaden, the constant where they live. That did the Sumi have been talking to Germans for a long time and they've wanted white people to live and when for like, hundred years yeah. Heroes on next Tuesday or Wednesday, so decades this weird little psychic party in nineteen, forty three, Secret plan was hatched by Maria Z, Gruene Heinrich Himmler, and Hitler himself to
who is the seventh generation of the flying saucer that they built using the earlier cimmerian plans way back in nineteen twenty two? This is well seven, and they were going to use this ship to travel through a dimensional channel to the salt, the to the star I'll, do bear and where the air originated by song is about actually within failure when the ship returned badly damaged, looking as if it had been traveling for hundreds of years Spad dimensional rift there. The Nazis would that make actual physical contact with the real ya until one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven when on an expedition to the Antarctic, the Nazis found the South Pole Holt. Now, but it's nothing like that. Sell polo love the South Pole, which kind of hold you can't forget. It sounds like a strip club. As far as the fate of the audio they a charged feel
it goes the this letter set out to their membership was a communication. Or sick at the end of the war. It ended with the sentence Neiman bleeped here, meaning none is staying here in No one heard from any members of the other Deutsche Scharf AIR Metaphysik ever again, including Maria or sick. It is possible. That's somewhere out there near the star, all the bar on there still lives today, a colony of hot Nazif, mystic women. Only on spaceship. You're gonna spaceship. Get up there listen to nothing but rush. Only up to fucking older Bron, I'm going to bring because you know why but they've, never tasted, Margo, and I met you because there's nothing that drives a bunch of hot nazis. Just fuckin' absolute,
we get a wild is a bunch of fresh nicely made margarita snapper mix, I'm certain some ice, it's a mind. You some good golden wrong. Getting into some necks yeah, I'm good some class yeah Chela, yet triple SEC. Yeah, you don't know how to make a margarita Henry. You did not make you didn't bring the market rate. I got rum, that's a monkey to it's awesome, some pepper, some soy sauce, that's margarita, So, while Maria may have escaped certain death at the hands of the Russians through interstellar means the Majora we Nazis, may have escaped into the hollow earth with the the berry aliens who stay hi. No, I think that's just cold fact: yeah! That's it I'll. Just say that but yeah, it's cold fact, because we know this from the research of the hollow Reese, search society in Ontario Canada is now a thing called a whole research would always be pretty objective. Yeah. Yeah 'cause they researching specific
Klay Hollow step. Sure your buddies there yeah, but I realize that life was bullshit the first time I'll. Never forget it. Six years old at that I was gonna. Full chocolate bunny nothing inside in the things like the rage of a six one. Five six year old well, this was going to be full of chocolate, but it's not. I don't need it. According to that society? More than two thousand scientists from Germany and ITALY, along with almost a million other Nazis, disappeared into the South Pole, whole concert, Our earlier claimed that operation high jump was secretly a plot to kill Hitler. It said the operate, Can high jump was in fact that, but the why they needed so many men and ships and airplanes was that it was actually a battle. Between the Arians of the hollow earth and the United States military. By the way,
fellas we lost not. For a second. I think that we gave up because we were taught we just for like we're done with this. We don't need to deal with. Well, I don't have it we lose. We lost the hollow earth to the Germans. Yeah. There is no I don't think so I don't think so. I think that if we want it, we would've had it, but I think we decided it smells down there, but there's like french fries became invisible down there and we couldn't Yes can use it. It just wasn't good for our needs sure, but also this is saying 'cause the Aryans were fighting with their UFO flying disc technology at the same time, which could also possibly be Enerji crafts, which is also possibly the origin for all of the stories of the foo fighters during world war. Two and in the 1950s, and at every single UFO, we've ever seen, has been piloted I'm not see crew which connects to Betty and
The hill cats in the Nazi on the UFO, yeah, yeah, yeah, think about it. Then I've already thought about it. I can't agree more, I think about this from the rabbit hole. Are we right now how miles deeper. We end up into the hollow earth. I mean I'm about to quote in nineteen. Sixty four book from a man named Raymond Bernard this pretty deep that he claimed the flying. Saucers were not from outer space, but we're either from the earth score from the South Pole hole, but there's also the North Pole Hall. Remember: there's the mouth chocolate in the butt hole, Chalker Ban the route, the Roush Chucker. Yes, he argued just made a lot more sense. Right.
If we follow the logical conclusion of the claim made by Raymond Bernard in hollow earth, that is very probable, if not so, if not certain, if not certain that most, if not all President Ufos, are actually piloted in crude by subterranean nazis. The Antarctic, Nazi underground area connection, doesn't end there. You fokkers, while some say Himmler was merely scouting, quote unquote: scouting the South pole for a possible normal military base cold station two one one others claim that the Nazis were actually planning to build a colony there called new.
And so New Berlin would have been built, atop a series of underground tunnels which connected to the prehistoric, ruins of cut down good job, a city built by atlantean settlers well over a hundred thousand years ago, and is currently populated to this day. But over two million non Arians. It goes even further and, as you know, the leaping strong program- and we should not tease, kidnap women with arian features from Concord Country to place them in camps to breed with SS officer officers actually forget exist because supposedly Heinrich Himmler extended hit this plan to a further division called the and he's very our own. The antarctic settlement of women or the a s self training centers were set up in a stony. A that were said to be combinations of a finishing school and boot camp were, ladies, would learn, charm etiquette housekeeping and
can survive. All right warning mark is officially moving on to the order is served by people and, as far as real life verify proof of this claim. No Let's see Navy admiral Karl Doenitz spiral. Donuts millisecond is his name Karl Donor, Karl donuts yeah girl donuts. Here we go nuts donuts, no, not not not donuts 'cause, there's a new mount over the oh, so it's Carl Dennis donuts Karl donuts, I'm going to go really. I will have two dozen spoken. This is this right here is actually to. This is historical fact. He spoke at the Nuremberg files about quote an invisible fortification of Paradise like OASIS in sea, mist of eternally ice. Also,
we could, like seven million Jews appears, keep asking about the snow forts Hitler was just so excited to build a snowman that could just actually be purely white, and there was a bunch of men in a bunch of us which is building snow meant they had left for months. We did that, but that's what you guys want to know about, because I'll talk to you all about the Christmas vacation place that did not want it. It's a great way to distract from the horrors of the Holocaust yeah. It really is yeah yeah talk about the paradise like OASIS. In the midst of eternal I we may never know if the hollow There's actually exist. We don't. We do know that No, we definitely know could go there. If it's there, if we thought was there, we could fucking go with the camera. We have the most noticing it again. I know I know 'cause, that's the thing is that pictures from the hollow earth from the earth about the top is just a big black hole up. There been
there's a big black hole and Admiral Byrd said that he could never actually fly over. A lot of pilots I have read. I have actually listened to Youtube videos of people who have spoken to people I have spoken to pilots, I know, and they say that you can't actually fly over the North pole right. You have to fly around it, so we have cold. Facts is facts. The facts are it's one thousand. Eight hundred pamphlets that those are quarter stone and then check channeling Nazi from beyond the grave but then went through another alien, the Taurus bull country through her horsetail through ponytail yeah yeah. Well, that's still, and also don't forget about the secret diary from retired, senile Navy diary that was marked secret diary, don't read into even thinking the bubbles
bubbles with a bit of orange beetle. The problem and testimony from Nuremberg. You know Duncan donuts. I always thought for the longest time the guys name was Duncan and I thought was dunkins donuts and then, just realize it's Dunkin' donuts like what you would do with coffee and a donut prostitute cow. This type c words, the prostitute, yeah yeah wow yes, it was that hello are that's all I said: wow, yes, yeah, unfortunately, storyline really thanks to Sammy Kagome is always for her wonderful research and thanks to science officer making Po Route for her help on research as well other email. Can we give that out just in case so that if anybody has any problems with this scientifiche gorilla tude of this episode, I have not asked her. If it is, she has agreed to be science officer and said that she did not
that she was even nominated, but okay. Well, now that she has a job, she will take the responsibilities that come with the job. I don't know if you want to give out this poor woman email address yeah right now. No, no, no she's going to get a whole series of emails by around you know later today, and freak out, yeah and brother the place? Yes, okay, I also make a correction, Bret, Hart and Stone cold. Steve Austin did not do their heel face turn at summer slam. It was at Wrestlemania thirteen. Thank you. I want to make sure that I want. I want to clarify that also Henry Sprouse Keys now down to one hundred and eighty pounds and heroes reborn will be on NBC September 24th at eight hundred pm so week from today, so yeah, that's great yeah and follow us at LP on the left, follow Marquez, Pope twitter at Marcus Parks. You can find Henry Zebrowski on Twitter at Henry loves you and I'm at. Kiss all I'm going to do red eye on the 24th as well at three hundred o'clock in the morning yeah and don't
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