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Episode 197: The Magick Series - The Right Hand Path

2015-10-22 | 🔗

In this first in our series on magick, we cover the Right Hand Path, aka nerd magic, including the Kaballah, Hermes Trismegistus, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and everything you need to perform your very own Right Hand ritual!

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I just a reminder that the last August on the left live show is upon us once again this month on October, twenty Fourth, it's the Halloween addition features of Mars and from the round table of gentlemen and the brighter side, it's as always at the feet of the cave and long island City, New York, ten. Ninety three Jackson Avenue once often broke and on the g, one stopper Manhattan on the seven, and if you are not able to make it, you can watch on our lives stream. You do page check it up its TIM, in eastern last August on live alive October. Twenty fourth see all there. There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on live animals and started.
With its Deborah urge, my third I blind about what that is. That's there lie blind while her love thirty blogger, collective soldier one year or are we going to go there and now I can't Lisbon does not alive. Now I want, I bet, guess all on staring at Marcus Parks in the studio. Was someone remind me of ninety music we go on in Europe of solidarity. Dialogue reduce the word or my lot of cigarette, really knows bosses leave in small, but guess what I break all the you're lighter couch on fire alive, I saved from the moon and budgets, resonant Topman Bush Henrietta. Ascii yeah Henry
am mildly hung over. I note normally do this anymore, because we're trying to view more professional on the detail. Jacking, I saw bill Joel last night is Gee. I gotta say we move out bad move. Em out holy so how long did Billy Joel perform for key up pretty his jaws performed for two hours and credible use very good goodwill good voice. You start illusions theme towards the end, but then you'd also play Metz updates from Ankara that he's Romney's our hope, tat boy, hometown guy. Yet all right. Today's up so, we have a three partner in us all about magic and on today's episode were focusing, on the right hand, Patty S magic, the grouping together, Ruby, because there are certain ways of saying getting together that if we were to say magic if we were to say magical de Babo blah,
That was that way. There are other ways to say that are not copyright. Infringement, Isoude services, blast broadcast live, presents magic day. Hang out hey out all right, different ways to do magic. Apparently, yet there are. There are essentially what we're gonna be going through in this series. It's a whole. Variety of like twentieth century western magical disciplines, and philosophy is we ve got the right hand, path, the left, hand, path and chaos Matthew. Now we want to. I can't stress hard enough that we are beginners at that, oh god, yet markets and I have been doing a rituals as we ve talked about on the show A dog maids got to alter his home. I yeah to real, have an altar and my home. This is true, not horseshit. I've little it's a little stool. I've got a pen to Graham
A little table cloth on two black candles on it and I got money. I got a fucking human teeth on the side of it and I have a fucking, that's right and all that she works out. Nor has it works out, because we're gonna find out magic is mostly about getting laid in making money in Amerika the scared, the hell out of the chinese delivery. Man shrine yeah, because most bedrock to bring run to introduce him but steer merchant generous with detail when a brief, but we are NEO fights yet in the world of magic, so know that all of this is just a primer and the right here, Hath, specifically that we're talking about today, is the most We widen and complex version of magic, as goes along from the right hand, to left hand to chaos. It gets simpler and more easier to do, which is like markets, and I do a lot of chaos magic, because it's about the doing of the thing we're gonna go talk about right hand, path which is about the learning of the thing
and it is all made up its chaos magic- would be the most difficult to understand. I understand her right hand, I understand the left hand, but it seems like a anyway be careful with all this stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, if you mess up them, Jake, he'll turn your mother into a donkey. Say: be? U S? Do I need you to open your? I knew you'd come on you're there, whether you're feeling sick, otters, slump shouldered even talking about every time. You say the word magic, your eyes, just kind of roll back with that question. No today where, where this is We know that get issues, This is the first. What is your freshman orientation? I represent the the sample audience of people who don't know anything about this. That's great. Let Europe Pert Young, eighteen year old girl with longing onto a university. The first I mean she's from a small town anyway, you and you like a hopefully the city- will teach me as much as the school will you. I hope, not
so the central idea behind twentieth century man, to call thought is the concept of will and or in tat now this western match western, not eastern magic, which, as a whole other shit and mostly involves about folded paper The crane up on this ship is good at this is a little bit suggesting you know this is our concentration to get. This is definitely work concentrating on western magic, which is, influenced at times by eastern magic, but mostly once you get to fuck magic self The purpose behind this have magic is to bring about speed civic changes in either your internal consciousness or to bring tangible changes in your external I've. I e real world result. And one accomplices this by transformed their perception and or
state of awareness. You know what Henry's been talking about the last few days. What he's intelligent meets ritual meets reality, we're going to tell you what the fuck that me right. So the idea behind this, is. Another thing that hinders been talking about. A lot is that reality is malleable. You know the best sample of lives and is it is bad I use just jealous. Please I mean that I'm in what I'm want to try to do our above going to try to do here is we're going to try to give you examples of things that you might already know about right. Pop culture is a great touchstone here, specifically the matrix when you talk about the idea that Reality is malleable, see this is it's an extreme example, but if you remember in the matrix neo, able to manipulate his environment through a pure act of will, because he had to put him to understand that he was a part of a manipulate, a environs but all reality is again:
This is why every video on Youtube that remotely talks about conspiracies or magic starts with Larry and what's his name do when they wearing hinders, learn spatial Bermondsey due in the blue pearl red pills, right, yeah yeah in so why? Don't you just go ahead and forget about all of the horrible things a conspiracy theories have done to the matrix forget about all the means. Remember the matrix, is a fantastic movie, roar in age and wrong. I move that's been the entire point of this, for your job is to plug the made up. Finally, many Miss Hollywood block bother the exposure deserve. It needs to be recognised that what is what it is it the matrix is magic, disguised, technology. You know it it's a great example of magical ideas in pop culture. The matrix was the next step after the invisible the invisible, was the next step after the Illuminati trilogy and so
and so forth. Throughout history does is I'd, know I watch that documentary the nightmare. Workable, asleep or Alice's does not have anything to do with it that no ground. We know nothing at all our by about half a day. Them does not well that that sleep arouses could have something to do with the collective unconsciousness foam, but that is something that's a whole different kind of about sex tape. Lawrence fish birds, daughter made no, no you with that was a prepaid pornography which were not review film, ok, right, right right, so, while magic is admittedly goofy a shit really cool stuff. Can come from what the idea, the promises that were we're going to learn about the right hand, path as these guys covered the cool stuff with goofy shit like the hats and the end of the free masons style like degrees and the rituals because they wanted to appear mysterious and they wanted to have the the it's. Why we talk about a tonic panic with idea like you, you survive
it with fake ritual stuff? So nobody gets the real truth, and so they have to go through bunch of bullshit, to learn that reality is a hologram a bit basically what they are, but they say with withal magic is that you have to kind of control your brain and understood. And so they use symbolism itself. I got a lot of times. Live. Symbolism requires stupid. Hats, yeah, you're, open. But you don't need that you can do all. That is what that's where but naked. If you want to get to that with chaos match about the difference, is that back when these people were doing this type of stuff, the here brain was not tuned into this sort of thing. You weren't to understand these abstract concepts. Yet it owes you are there to survive, so the we people that was able to do this sort of thing is dandy, thought Absolute rich people with a lot of time on their hands that they didn't have to spend all their time surviving, but that were in the twentieth century, especially the latter half of the twentieth century idea.
Like that are put forth in the Illuminato trilogy the invisible, the matrix, our brains already primed for that. Yet brains. We have a head start on all this magic stuff, which is why it goes from the right hand, path to the left hand, path to chaos, magic because we're already primed for it. The groundwork has been lately right. Let's, let's get into it right. Let Leds Let's get into that. Let's, let's really good into the beginnings of western magic witches? Cabal, and by the way we took me Most of our research on this episode from a phenomenal book called stealing fire from Heaven it by this guy Neville Drury its ouch, repressive, it's a little academic, I mean he's got a nerds name is need. Never be added means level. Is british for asthma? That's ok, yeah, but it does. It gives you a great primer on a lot of these traditions and it goes into a lot of the
streets up that we don't necessarily have time to go into here, but if you're really interesting going into magic that it's a great primer I do love this court for Michael Aquino that you have here for did that started. For you, the founder of the Temple of set which took all the funds should address. Satan is yeah yeah, Michael Aquino, huge dick. Had he asked Dick had started you we know they worked, for they did for psychological operations of the. U S army, he created the Mind war program that he's dead they're using on american citizens on, but he said this about magic, which is very interesting. Humanity is like a tall building, it needs stage after stage of scaffolding, religion After religion, philosophy after philosophy, one cannot build the twentieth of law from the scaffolding of the first. Point. Michael, do now I've got to go
I browse the throne. I make them look. Make me look arch unincorporated without my part, I rather look and bushy agree a queen? Oh that's exactly what I knew. What I was just talking about is that all these things build upon each other Allah is where all this stuff starts. This is kind of where building of western magic begins. Karbala is vice two attempt to explain Cabal two sentences- thing: ok, Cabal first sentence cabal- is near incomprehensible, Football is a nearer incomprehensible offshoot of Jewish, Mr Cobb Lynette, yes, go at a Bala is Madonna's music video for ray of light. Do you know what
that's pretty close hurried up close you couldn't pretty what you get anything you need from Karbala by watching ray of light. Actually yeah does get body of light is something that will talk about later, which also makes us This is a it's it's a creation. Story that was based off of an hour, came sect of jewish belief that these entities came from up from some future. What are you got written word is fine, I guess all others old I've got it. I've gotta I've got a fairly simple explanation as simple as I can make cabal, because, like us love is incomprehensible and I've been working for weeks on trying to turn this into something that people can under yeah and more remark, as is literally hovering above his chair, he has been doing magic. Its working for you arrange skin is clear if quit, smoking data, viva, hemorrhoid or somethin to death, like Adona Pillow, that you use with your mom my daughter, so God first taught the fray,
of cabal to a select. Group of angels, who shared it with Adam, who passed to know who passed, two Moses and so on and so forth is just like that viable one beget the next the began the next and all that so people passed down as an oral tradition until twelve eighty eighty winners a guy named Shimon bar your high mountain, dare to write it all down, for nobody dared to write down anything about the cabal before twelve ADHD. He wrote it all in a book called XO har which try lady loosely to the book of splendor, I thought I had something to do with the water boy or was it not Polly Madison, possibly not messing with Gilmore? That's the problem with with my
immaturity as may lie around. I can read the words, though har without thinking of my Adam Sandler, even though its an ancient jewish idea so hand while there are not up to do my Adam Sandler over log smoking we but again remember this is a creation store? Yes, this is a great cabal says that all aspects of manifested form come from and solve our. We also don't know how to pronounce ie so fuckin back offered. Second plea: we don't know how to do these ancient. He begged, for I have never heard anybody say these words out loud until I have said them out loud myself. You are right, four gimme a fuckin break here that trend leads to limitless life? And is the Rome which has quote neither qualities nor attributes. One could consider it a featureless voice, from which all is born, you could considered say the the That was before the big bang one by one
If there was one if we were to be just one of many universes that already existed and or did we ve been continuing forever or it's been a cycle of slim, the older, ass Thyssen, but you never went to school, so the energy that emanates from a and solve our form. The two spheres upon the tree of life, now the tree of life is central to understanding Karbala, and it is of course, the most difficult thing to understand the thing you can understand that, with its some of the ideas that it is, the ten spheres represent different aspects of reality. Yet, but the idea that we are, we all have the tree of life within our bodies. All forms have the tree of life within them at the arduous mirrors of the God had, which is the big mommy daddy tree of life in the formless void, we'll taken,
They came from the formal, and so we all got the same said applies. And yet you can compare them to progress. For the authors, wife, twelve, eighty twelve, eighty eighty with a bad here for this check. Yet so the tin spheres represent, as as hinders, had different aspects of reality. In order for one to reach one this with God, which is the point of cabal of that, is the endgame Kabila. You have to read discover each sphere from the bottom up, starting with sphere number ten mile coups, which is this conscious mind up to the first fear Cather. Which is eternal spiritual perfection, oneness with God shall I guess you can start building a building on the twentieth floor. Have you got a start on the verge of net yeah you're dead? Yet it you'd must start with Malcolm that's right. I write
That's the lobbying by the end of this, I'm gonna be the smartest one on the river s altogether. Exactly like it's. It's really wants put in a simple terms, its not any start building one upon the other, and you really start putting all of it together. Then. It does start to make sense. Well but it's just so it's just a big slog insist a huge slug to get through all of it and a lot of literally resting. My forehead on my desk and taking deep breaths take a bit of a book it's like meditation, but riddled with stress, I think that's called exhaust severe mental exotic, so the so these two spheres that one must get through our divided into four worlds right and these all four worlds of creative manifestation. It starts at the top with absolute
which is the architectural war architectural archetypal archetypal archetypal. I think we can work in title. How we get through the Hebrew. Architectural archetypal is like it's one of those words. Of course people are gonna fuckin. Get me give it me on this, but once again never it set out loud, so I'm just gonna go with that, but it it's an important term in western magic that is the emergence of God's well, what that word means in This context, contacts an architect. It is an archetype, is a recurring symbol is something that we see over over again indifferent forms, like you know, you can see, APOLLO one of the old gods. Is super man. You know you see these things of Campbell talks about like the heroes Journey, which these are
stories that come up again and again. For example, star wars is an example of the heroes, and these are personalities and entities and images that have existed for all time there. There is no real beginning now, art how hard hard wired into the way we view all reality, and maybe a part of that is that it's because we are a reflection of what cabal is kind of saying is that they are like the blue print. If we imagine that they're, like you, remember, transparencies, we yet is like the tree of life for the transparency that job you put up on a projector the boy literally you shooting that out to all projector screen and Africa. The screen is what reality also somewhat God, digging out related to played our shadow? were definitely not gonna. Get another stone understand this, but not only that's like five philosophy, wanna one, I should have said as you prayed fuckin Satan
hi, I guess you're you're gonna ask him to get stone before this one. Yet this is definitely a gettin stoned episode soviets if you haven't done it yet, please go ahead and honestly, if you ve never smote we before and you haven't smoked we'd. Yet this is what it feels like has a drug task still good eye, and then it goes up to breach the world of creation, represents father, mother and birth. That gives rise to yet zero, which is a world of formation that provides the foundation the higher levels of the tree of life, everything above the physical world, which is represented by a sire. We, the final materialisation of God's will. I e us, I saw a sire that is you are. The final manifestation of God's will men, the final manifest manifestation of God's will and our jobs cabal. Ngos is to become one with God once more see that tree wife. It's goes both ways
Demand going down and man to God going up why they unicorns that so yet that this I think this is extremely simplified, but the concept of accessing different spheres of consciousness in attaining a higher level, level of spiritualism. This is key to wear stern, magical traditions, the right hand path the left I'm path, chaos magic- all of it, because this is active rather than passive. It's doing something, it's not just waiting for something to happen. You it's not a passive state of worship. It's not me. Things court in God's, hey but that's what they said. It very interesting and stealing fire from Heaven. The very beginning that the difference between religion and magic is that religion is subjecting yourselves the gods. Well, it's is kneeling to God where magic is becoming got, it is going and, taking God to task and now we want to achieve the three tenants of always matches Buddha Cabal announced slide
How Cabal slides into hurt the hermetic view of life. Yes, hermetic that hermetic tradition similar, but still different from Cabal? And this, again it's what it is. It's a simplified version of it time goes on. Magic is, is extra, a complicated and as time goes on a get simpler and simpler as we got, because our also gonna learn that them the people like to keep things complicated at the very beginning in order to make it hard for you to learn what it is they wanted to be hard. They want cabal be super esoteric, especially back in the day. Would you really would have to be a Torah like expert scholar, You have to be a scholar to understand whether even fucking talking about, and so they keep their shit really
leaked illegal, very least, can hermetic magic exist without Cabal Cabal had to come first right yeah, I believe so. Our age I watched a great document, recalled the men who built the world and its all about. You know the steel refineries and factory work, and things like that, and you don't have Ford. For example, without the you know, read what is it the guy with the Stick Carnegie steel? He could eat as it make a car. You know that kept me. So everything comes together. He hath of the lobby. Goes up to the gym floor, go up to the hot tub annual right up to the twentieth. Yes, I shall have to take that a global hermetic. Take every item of this her magic, the first. I guess I necessarily the magic part but hermetic tax when it first starts talking about this stuff can go back to the third century BC. This goes back thousands of years. And the central figure of all, this is Hermes. Trysts mystic ass, a k, a the thrice greatest her.
I'd better go the other authorities, and only you could see it's two times better. Tell because our how gold, my sandals and loved Hermes trees as cause. He acts as a spiritual teacher uses centrally, essentially, a combination of Hermes and Tote, an egyptian God and that's another big thing, especially when you get a Crowley later. The egyptian in God's really play in all the sewage and guards with blue point blueprints for the greek gods, and so it just keeps going back and back and back and back and back to Marian too to pre recorded history. Knowledge, Shit back when yeah man, when people first got consciousness, when people first thought maybe something's, maybe there's some different back when they were chiseling books. Yes, exactly on the printing press uniform yeah when they were driving cars with pale, give secretaries flintstone
yeah yeah. This is not just like a documentary, so her management, it still has levels in spheres, but much more simple, to understand what it is. All things still come from God and are part of a sacred universe, but is divided into three different worlds rather than for five subsets in it within like seven minute absence at eight minute. A perfect example- I was thinking of an egg scrambled scrapped Boiled eggs have gotten easier, better make it over the years. Like you, just you crack and egg, and then you put it into a little micro able container and get yourself that is that is just as the loners way of making a lot of divorce. I do it's protested. The three levels it. Then the stars then, the stars, spirits and guardians, and that the top level is neither is it Ness NEWS or is it now in o? U S news nurse Ben make a decision near
I must good news. So news is the world populated by Angela angelic spirits who had so, pure your knowledge, because they are closer to the God head, the guy, head is the sacred source of all creation. Become on with the God had you had to live write yourself from the constrictions of temporal life where we live right now and enter the realm of pure divine thought what you're saying is. No news is bad. Yeah the matrix, however trilogy they may hear no revenge. Comin back. Oh, I love that grow. It's not a good trilogy. The first movies great, the other two or awful John Wick, theirs build love it. So this is all achieve in hermetic tradition through high magic.
As I said earlier, shit. Nobody except rich dandies with all the time and resources resources in the world can do and which brings us to the hermetic order of the golden too. There is a third tenant tall, this magic that we're not including me cut, as it is also far too complicated. Literally again, every one of these little topics we just brought up have Maybe thousands of books written about that you're just do enough. This is a very just a news of it for fun. Do other things we don't include was the terror and the taro set of character, or they would be for them, because I thought you were going to say not just as no a lot taro is the US a series of. If you know it's a gift card set, it was basically made to be a game back in the front, days of real what some king made it a long time ago. It's got about these
your canna, ending and other crops in the ones in them, and the Pericles and in the swords, and should one and so India, is that those symbol They are used in conjunction with the cabal because they go. Bala uses the jewish alphabet as a way of divining thinks, and it uses their letters a numbers as a way to to sort of like rubber thing, because the idea that we're gonna go into that names are very powerful, but the taro Numbers of the terror can match up to the numbers of the end of jewish alphabet and numerical system, and so they just apply them to each other on time, not just at the unjust saying stuff added. But if you want to go back and listen to our psychic episode from way back in the day our psychic journey, we had our taro cards red and the woman who was a terrible mother. But he saw her children all dirty there. I she guaranteed my relationship with
ass it did, nor should it take an added warranty into the store Magnum go knocking on our door and tell her she's, my wife. I was told that someone I work with would one day betray me, who will you're worried about. I were super worried about. I gotta get up. They were like my life with me. Great out can live to eighty seven, have three kids and so far on track. Well, I'm happy to be without her I look at my god. Oh my god knows I just get things right. They are very good, actually good so the the hermetic order of the golden dawn is our first foray into
modern organizational magic. Just also know there are many other magical orders like their hermetic, the age, the golden to hold or mimetic order, the gold, not many of them- were just uses, the big daddy one. This is the New York Yankees of the magical or yeah there's a ton of em. And this is and remember that we're gone on the right hand path here. So if you're starting to scream about other left hand, path things that came before the house, the order of the Golden Don we're gonna get to those on the next episode, so the hermetic the Golden Don, they were primarily the late nineteenth early twentieth century? There three found members Samuel, Liddell, Macgregor matters doctor William when West caught and Doktor William Robert Woodman, you can smell the wedge, friction
these guys, are in its very interesting because they thereby what its they took up from the Freemasons right donor, to build the golden dawn. But one thing that they opened up was that they allowed women into this group which the Freemasons did not. You'd. Be surprised. These guys were fuckin these women. There were pretty hot, they were super and they paid for. The women of aid and aid for everything is in fact something like they always do others a worker, so the first official documents that the purpose of the golden D, on was that it would be a secret society dedicated to the pursuit of. Called sciences and quote the further investigation of the mysteries of life and death. Now the key word here is investigation. They did not really believe, in God S, markets and our talk him like so Scottish should bigger what happened to you before I heard some argued about how like eventually where's the golden dawn,
do I wouldn't they achieve. Nor was this all mood all right now. If I may, I rode hardly the opposite: ok, oh yeah yeah. Now the clothes were very important, but sex was popular. Well known only later on that the recent years sex was not all that popular, which is why our man, Alister Crowley, decided to get the fuck out of here. I shall not we're gonna get to that later. Somebody like to eat come now without Mr Crowley, and it's like you know when you wanna work, something up like a bit in four years. You like, oh, I got this fuckin like Barbie Bit I want to put in them. I said just kind of Turin and whatever else you colleges like eaten gets caught yeah, so he decided it somehow get it into magic hung. You combine all its Hobbes, rub it on the wall. There
look it off so that this is where we're going to see that the golden key for the Gothenburg it with this it we're we're gonna, see that the Golden Donna's immediately full the shit yeah. Now what they said in their opening doctrine and set too low the things they do they were there, we're gonna go through with it. You investigate the mysteries of life and death. They had to be grant permission by these quotas Quote Secret Chiefs, who are essential these mysterious guys in charge and they provided spiritual authority to the golden dawn and they, but they permitted both the mail and feed members, but for some reason the only spoke to Samuel Adele Macgregor Mouth and if you're, the only one who could understand them and they never really identify who the secret Chiefs are, they seem to change all the time shades of Mormonism here, the secret chief is just the landlord in my life. It is you Some members. They were required to believe in one God.
What club, one God, capital, o capital g one got, and that's the other thing that these people are fond of is capitalism, random letters like, for example, when they see the further investigation of the mysteries of life and death m. Mr His life and death were all capitalize by contrast, Thompson, yeah, NEA emphasis granted them and monotheism, particularly Christianity they said quotes the candidate with multi Christian should at least be prepared to take an interest in Christiania yeah I get interesting so can we not have you not a christian payer, Look at the book. Look at the boy had their way say like here will lead induce sore You just have to take an interest in it, but the only thing that did not want em. Why mesmerist or spiritual, ass people that work.
At the time was huge yeah spiritual was a being a spiritual, was a gigantic think. This was talking to the other side. They wanted no David Blaine. Yes, no David planes know Harry Houdini the idea costs because they new. Most of them are full of shit, but they were not interested in goes. The idea was they believed that magic was more concrete than that that that's where they say life and death. Is that itself like there's some spare, realm it's what's going on here. Right now is in. There is an extra layer to reality, and it's it's real. It's not just like talking to your mammy the sheets. Gonna, tell you where your pocket watching alert and get all the fun out of it. It is like, when you see, of the family and they're all dead, and nobody knows why then, but somebody walked in here like it was definitely goes in and other persons as carbon monoxide
you want me to deal with its no separate carbon monoxide in doing like when they blow out the tidies in words you diaries over. They show a late night and you will get out of here. Yes, that that the reason why they want these people and because they wouldn't want them to court habitually allow themselves to fall new completely passive condition of will end quote because that central to me, Dick Twentieth century western magic, the concept of will? They considered spirits was to be passive receptors of well waiting for people to come to them? Then I will say about white people, as we are full of acting. Will arouse spend enough time, working in our brains went like way. Haywire, we are supervisors, some might say that we're very big into the concept of the triumph of the well yeah yeah and some people you'd even sailor. You at a job would think about you with your great great great great grandfathers jobless. He was in over
see that's not right. Since, as Henry's mentioned earlier to The founders of the medical or the golden DOM were former Freemasons. This routed the golden dawn in the concept of degrees for its members, and this is where the tree of life Bala comes in, they align the members. Are they align their degrees with members of the sufferer off levels of mystical consciousness, because what this was all about it was. Bout becoming one with the God it was about becoming one with these negro consciousness of the universe, ready much. Anybody legitimately stole the whole structure from Freemasons, because it was cool to them only because the ideas that Freemasons of
what part of the pre firm Freemasons that the ideas it had started from the guys who built they or they say the guys you built it- did the Temple of Solomon and that's how you became like an upper level Mason. The only the dyke base, golly, when you got approve ago, the next level you'd be taught a secret handshake by that guy, and that way, that's the only way. New did someone actually was good is because they could do the secret handshake to be like I'm, an expert Mason, and these guys just lights, but handshake zone of it's just people wanted to have a good time with each other, try to make reform private club there that's the way it always starts in many matters takes it. The two seriously we're gonna learn here is it he did create these five orders and then added a new section. As soon as it was convenient for yeah the five grades start at NEO Fight, which Henry mention that earlier. That means merely someone who's just shown an interest or someone who's neophyte contacted
of nomadic or the gold nuns, hey, hey, the sounds cool. Can I learn more and they say that the NEO fight is the most important order, because it shows that your opening your mind to the idea of magic exactly and then for those one or two get serious with it. It went, sell a tour. Rick is practical and philosophers and what is interesting is that so those with regional five and then out of nowhere. Matters was like the secret Chiefs have told me, There is a second second order that you have to go to before you get to the supersecret third order. And the only way to get to this. Second order is my approval and this retrieve said this, that's for sure it's I mean you also me with her make or the golden done. It's it's very close to you know it's I get shades, Mormonism Shades of Scientology, there's a z, new common appeared, some point, so each each oh and by the way, every detail, came with a ritual that was busy really just an oral test to prove
that you knew your shit. You had to do this ritual and you just to recite the names you had to recite all these different spells, and it was to prove to everyone else that hey I'm cool also had to be able to make a wizard blow his load thirty seconds I mean as Mr Crowley. Technically man than that, when he got up to do that, each but had a magical name just answer: Crawley snarling, your dick. I will force us to obey your list of life deep into the trough of my garlic to limit joint Alister. This has been great. Listen, I'm having a hard time, orgasm ing because just keep national ahead of my good sir Member of the golden dawn all had a magical name and in keeping with degrees you only know the magical names of those who were your level or
a level below you, because if you have the name of some one, you have power over them. Yes, exactly so, you want only want to people that you trusted people that you thought we're groovy to be to know your magical name right. So, for example, here are the magical names of the founders and what I could come come is to translating them as because they're all in Latin now Others, like matter again, is the leader of this whole thing, he's the super nerd that yeah supermarkets? His knee he had a couple a different names. He was first known as again pronunciation I've never hurting when speak Latin before so I'm just gonna. Let you know I'll, let you know the door, but I got day o you CHE Committee, fair row, which I thank her Why could figure out? I spend a little bit of time on the latin here. I think it means gone. The guiding with ire. All of these are very good world of Warcraft Marcus. You are correct. Thank you back
problem he was later named in this is, and for some reason he also change, he's the only one who doesn't have a latin name. He lay changed it to a gaelic name girls. One time I don't know how you pronounce anything in Gaelic. God mud, trying view too soon and there is certainly a gal mo dream, he's a real gale mode, trees array, a gale MO dream yeah, like Gale gale motoring on my dream, I love gale, more dream, you guys, you sound like tourists, the angel s words as you gonna, destroy with like a wide shirts on me like so which one Yawls the the bill. Father Thomas, which ways the burger king will aid is the motto of the scottish clan. Gregor That is his that's one of his name's is Macgregor. That means Royal is my re sea like what Scott another one of the founders here.
First name was known on this: Morey are, which meant com or the store, which is also this. I got this new old spicy nosey, the new old wisest things came out the. Why things I'm using com before the storm, and it's really piquant. Why would you use that? Because you want a woman to feel like it's it's com before the storm of your love making, and I'd of her loins. That's what I call when I'm about when I bought to make love. I go storms com I can feel it in my knee You know, and then she knows anything about my where she doesn't so after that if he named and sell the storm is coming because you're on your knees, begging and it's not as threats are right, as is normal, has to go, have existed storm. Does it got so after com before the storm he named himself. Superior
How do I urge day superior our day, which meant Jerry. To be wise, just dare to do it. You can handle it so that they may give themselves the nickname. Yes, are you supposed to do something to get a nickname, not honour, because in all their names would be like funny hat guy you smells is fingers before doing the ritual. Do I let I, whereas brown Jews can I be load ass? No, no! No! I got a name for you, suffrage up, the calm law, all right, Alister, but maybe change it- maybe just stages that we could tell everybody what it is. The third founder Woodman he had been. First had the name Magna, asked very toss, Ed probable bit, which meant truth is my etons truth. Morality and will prevail. Also bigger,
so to ninety nine yeah. They women there saying that what is now young women, When and what a bird hat bird yeah, I was a pretty cool bird hammer say no all together saying not, but they were then, I would say they are altogether board. Yes, I would agree with that death the name that Woodman had was Vincent, Omnia, very task, which means truth: COM, is all which is pretty much the same thing, but just is meat. Sounds a local ETA there would you do with jokes all time you gotta take out all the non essential words? That's right, I guess what I mean Us Golden Don T do I did. I worked really hard on these two art. I might say I call unquote wasted in afternoon totally wrong. Now, there's no waste in the afternoon when you're look, it up go dawn names for your friends, that's decided, that's cool,
in bonds, able, ass or future when we are all living in houses next to each other, with our families and our kids are old, dress up a little like fair. Hats on were doing barbecue, Exeter Pool for good barbecues backing to be the best barbecue we'd have to eat a lot come though not in front of the children. So, let's start with my mind that I gave myself Keynes Kibble Ex Lou that means dog meat of the dirt get real Henry. I, if you the name, do opus Egypt or eggs. Stint, a bus,
Kwairyo vote this, which means to real for you, then the number two a number for added other retail everybody changed my wrap in Brooklyn. I think there's a knock on the door. Oh, oh! It's all! These hot bay also go to the pool. Then I did you special. Thank you. I gave you I'm gonna give you three names to choose from wow. You can choose from one of three names the first One is Calydon effort seo, which trend it's too hot stuff stuff. The second one is paid us. A? U is dome, owes meaning his feet. How's it. I use that do like that. One. The third one is quote: DOM Vero Bonum Tempers which Lou They translates to kind of fun, fun kind of fun. I got it.
Middle. I gotta go. My theatre has definitely pay days. Ella, we alias pay dates. Elliot's Domo. Can you say it? Even? Can you even say that what it? What is it again Hey dates: Aways dome us air. This I hate those elements- say to to me? You don't feel ordering from indian restaurant. At all. What I want to say, mine, dwell bus, age, tar existent about stake way. Our voters saw could I just mean all the women or as caters, keep em absolutely and Mark is made him all leave, so far, no one likes Ex Loto. This dog meat you talk is the dirt now, what is it what is the purpose of these magical names mark as well? Why don't? We lead trance, magician Dionne Fortune. Tell us in my
we experienced the operation. The utterance to myself, of my magical name, led to the picturing of myself in an idealized form, not differ in type but opponent altogether grander scale, superhuman in fact, but recognised but as myself as a statue, more in life size may yet be a good likeness. I could not identify myself what that, unless I uttered my magical name, that's very cool. I guess you could say that its its court, fur, ok, so blue give some examples on that. For example, Alister, Crawleys, Golden Don magical name, partner Oh or I will door to the air, which means he must be blown forth, our view is that there is a third aim. Full name was fracture per day, Bravo, which lit really translates to brother, time, which means he has the cool
Scoldin Don name. I mean, as Mr Crowley did it all much better than all the rest of them. He was the only one who is like the real deal yeah day. He was actually doing. Yet like he was all about like let's fuck all this looked actually do something. Personal I actually do have in you know my own studies. I do actually have a real magical name that I came upon through automatic writing, but some people, including myself, believe Is that a true magical name? Keep it a secret, don't tell anyone! because they have power over. Yes, oh what's yours, Marcus Secret, so close tat, we must, from Africa yeah and its. I got it through automatic writing which will talk about on a later episode is just a centrally riding nonsense and tell something finally jumps out at you with its act sing your subconscious and going into a trance mode and tall. Something comes out that speaks to you that you
like you access it, single man behavior I do do it when I was very single all right. What's yours, equanimity not going to tell you that I was able to remember time later so I understand it, and this is so gets all they got a little money. For me, these men, you names are labels that one uses to identify the court in court bought of light or magical double. As Michael Aquino of the Temple of sat put it, the one access through Trans meditation techniques which merit It can take meets way too complicated for us to go into here way to boring. For us to go into here, it's a great thing to study, but now, surly something. Certainly here someone talk about, but if you would like to know more about transmutation techniques, you can go in check out the Golden Don Trance meditation document flying role, twenty five. Now. What is interesting is that,
Gee, applying rule twenty five also sounds like a burrito brothers like album good, sushi role, yes, but we're talking, but if we want to waited to something's avatars than a video game. The the idea again, is that you project yourself out into the hologram, and you use that symbolism as it is a thing to hold onto which is all of this is about, is creating a vocabulary to manipulate reality with, and so you do do you visualize yourself, a separate from yourself in a manipulate able reality, and then you can do it like the character from embassies, show: Hero Euro. That is warranted a video game thursdays at eight p m. Let's see we need those lie. Viewers watch tonight for not hullo, can it be great if we could just watch on that. No real. So, as we said, the Golden Don base their degrees on the tree of life, which meant
by means of visualization ceremonial magic. The magician had to feel that here she was fully engaging with each sphere of cod, business on the way out another props for these, rituals props are very big projects. Are you each one of these magicians? Was irregular character of you had to have your props in order to really focus your energy in creating the above the potent magic? So these were all charted upon the tree of COD business are the tree of the tree of life. So the included. Various press stones, perfumes, minerals and sacred plants
Each one was assigned to a specific God or God now you- and these are known as magical correspondent. You know these magical correspond says it's sort of like there's a really interesting buckled, the cosmic serpent. That's about the he, these amazonian tribes, people that we did they found out that certain plans did medicinal thinks is that they would eat matter. Mushrooms and that they said they would tell scientists they came down in their like. Well, how did you figure out the vis cured by the psoriasis sinister this. Until it won't, we take the magic and then them they plants tell us and they we see their dna. Essentially, these they called the cosmic serpent it. This is how they do this right. So, yes you could say that the perfumes and stones and the colors were all assign completely randomly by matters is a supernova who just got like pony at times to build a big. Gandhian D, by campaign for you at the golden. But what they say is that using the transmutation, these looking at
symbols of the taro in combination with these spheres of the tree of life, that they told them these things, they told them that these perfumes worked and these stones working to these colours correspond and just what they saw so with all builds upon the upon these meditation I trained seconds, they were trip in knots, thou, not they were not able to do so, but they were ITALY's over trip and not yet again made every variety or have a great time for this entire thing is based off a mushroom larger, nor what sort of but these were white people. You know how like, what's that difference Henry. This is the thing right. People Other cultures have a good time. People do everything so serious state balls, I mean that's what they're not Nazis were so furious. They believed that they found like going they when they found out what was the name of the spiritual like sir I'm real real, that's
that's just being so serious prepared. Not all. I said what makes you highly did. Later, but very difficult to negotiate. Sometimes, horror a vile, very cruel. It's not a good way to do things so is far. The gods, went with the golden dawn. They used these odds to represent certain psychological aspects? What they did was identify themselves and their inner being with whatever guy or goddess corresponded with, what they were searching for it is. They thought that ritual through this thing, discovered their true inner potential by ruling controlling the gods for their own purposes. Rather the other way around active will versus passive. Well, once again, it's like I associate myself of the Brons James. You guess in what way, tenacious tall and dark, but are these people they
either they could use the power of the gods to assist them in their journey. Either the subconscious an or the mystic imagination, which is the Spirit Rome yeah, to go, talk to gods, talk to other spirit, and you could say Miss Ingram Jane means that they're making her all up- yeah, maybe but but there now, no mystic imagination is a good name for a school bus. I was a driver, I'd say, come on jump in the mystic imagination. Again, you like, I wouldn't make it to school of thought which drive at a place called the mystic imagination has a whole time would be like man is whole beings the game trap. Man is old thing. Is there were six were putting the teachers teach the bus driver teaches life. So let's get in what these rituals actually entail. Now ritual magic is meant to stimulate all the five senses. First of all, sides
you gotta, look the part me if you want to simplify it. If you want to invoke Superman where Fucking came, the second is sound. This is where sacred God names chance and in Patients come at certain names have certain vibrations that access, in parts of arc subconsciousness or if you go in full on with that access certain gods, as will see with that interview we do in just a little, but we're going to go into that just a little bit more taste, This is why, where you have the sacraments where you ve gotta have something that connects you and to a certain God, for example, That's why Crowley you so much car? That's a problems at any rituals. We tasting camp. You like when you quickly swallow the come. You have to use it truly and its literally. If you read the manuals, and when we talk about is that you're supposed
absorb the come through their upper pallid into your mouth. You not even as a swallow. It is supposed to just sit in dissolve in there and get in their liquor where those lists, during breaths drip. Yet exactly what you're? Just now you're took em a fire now and then it will look like met. You smell, like sour common, Alex our acceptance, smell. That's enough perfumes that correspond here, deity, which are all clearly laid out in the hermetic chart of magical correspondence, is there figured all this stuff out beforehand, so you're not just stab in the dark here and then, of course, touch its heightening your tactile awareness through Trans meditation and these other techniques- yes, indeed, due to an alias, completely absorbed yourself into the ritual. To truly because we will talk about time with magic is at its most starts with self hypnosis you have,
believe it's real and believe that your actually manipulating reality, and so what's what they do. Is they build a full surround sound fuckin system of magic stuff, so they don't even think of the outside world right sort of like one of those chambers. Like a century deprivation chamber. That's how I keep my growth. Like a deeper in one of the absolutely, and I just I owe me feeder up. The symbols of ritual magic. What are the most widely recognised? Symbols, is the sacred circle, the sick, you see it every time you see a movie or a tv show or comic book of some doing any sort of magical ritual. You always see the circle. This is where the magician performs invocations and incantations. Reason why the circle is important is because it's a symbol of containment and oneness represents the godhead and sacred source of self knowledge, the magician seeks to access you really got be a designer with all this.
The circle I mean you got paid it out. You got to make it look cool that you got to make it look. Everything's got to look cool you're, so you make it look cool you inscribe the sacred. Of the gods or God that you hope to invoke. For example, sacred names, if you one or to second aim, is an example the Judeo Christian Guide, the sacred aims, It will be your way Jehovah or the secret and jewish name it God that no one is allowed to say exactly, and you also have to inscribe what you hope to accomplish with the ritual and from a practical perspective is work. Impractical, that you gotta make sure that the circle is large enough for both you and your gun of magicians to move around freely without really swinging around a sore big sword, which is really true and you're. Gonna need to be there for a while. So brings a practice, maybe with fake swords I mean he doesn't have to be
The thing is the more real good because the north, but its purely danger right, I'm just save for the first go around, make sure the circles big enough that definitely make. The circles begging, err on the side of the circle being too big and small and make a bigger? No, no! No! No! No! No! No, no start as big as you can get. It will damage LE down, use the engineers creed, something here done when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away well, I just busted. Your union in Europe your engineer, a shit. Imagine whatever Scott Walker, Darby! What's your magic him now known, both and get tell you a single letter. That's in it, we will five but the letter and is in it am I right who I don't know clear right, maybe might not be on guard them. Circle is not the only issue, but you can use. There is also the triangle for while this
our goal is used to invoke higher spirits like gods, goddesses archangels, the trying is used to evoke lesser and sometimes evil, spirits through spy, rules are words of power, Zat Chalk MA. And Google. Those are cabal estate names of power who yea, but yet when you're, trying to summon a demon, say you're, trying to summon be Elles above that Iraq, somebody up with the idea when we talk about with the necromancy idea that you would get, you would call a demon up need. Chatham can indeed asking for something like I want media to be. Darker ones all. I hope that their future loop comes back on you, don't let it go nowhere. Why? The traveller It's around you don't ask you tell in fact that difference you evoke evil spirits you evoke, the lesser demons you invoke the higher spirits. It's endeavours green, asking in telling you ask a God. You tell a demon but the
Yemen is so busy you can't have. It was the up on a pedestal s around our eyes. Why didn't even have a rough and whether they really did? What have they done to anybody wall they mostly on I mean the big things at six million Jews or dead. It's real at this is not about It starts from somewhere what you'll evoking, the lesser spirit, that's your restraining! in using it. For your own part, you don't have the time Dick Cheney shows up in a circle to ass is like to tell me you guys. Are you like Google I like a flavourless bugles whenever sharpen hurts to eat and tastes like card, and I would believe his breath probably smells like sour come sob golden DOM additions. They believed that if you weren't careful with the triangle with the lesser spirits they could possess,
what they thought is that you would summon the higher gods. You could ask them hey, I need them. Please do this for me and they can choose whether to do we are not, but the less her spirits, you, power over that like you at ultimate power of them, you would not let them go and less. You chose to lead got while the gods could leave at any time whether gods, yet that's exactly like the New York Ankara's Joe, but Chamberlain can come into your bar and sexually molest as many waitresses as he likes this he's in New York anchor. You are representing a five year old player, and you only know that, because he did that at the village, poor weather crimes work so well. The golden Don considered the trying and the evoking of spirits. They,
stay away from they considered to be low magic, the one who revelled in it and just loved it and believed it to be what one should do with magic. A former member who broke Did his own thing, Alistair Crowley, who we will discuss at length in the next episode, the left hand, right we covered a lot of stuff. You are, we gonna do cabal. We got hermetic what their hermetically the golden order of the old in dawn. We got a whole bunch, a loop. We got is gonna man Halloween's almost here man howlings almost here, that's what we're that's. What we're doing man we're gonna become by could lift her magic here, real soon be doing to smash from one next week, and we also do some real special coming up for episode. Two hundred year, you're gonna like it, and if you dont, you can go fuck
some will eat? No one had about it ass. You can always turn in the work to do an interview. Aren't we yeah we're going to do an interview right now? We are very own chaos, magician rag, our gas, we're going to field some implicit or questions, and also explain the ups and downs of news magic to get. That again is icelandic. His axe and leads you to believe is telling the truth and I'm gonna stand by them. Yeah. I mean this is what we're we're. Toma worker we're gonna be covering cast the magic at length in a later episode, but this is to give you, after us, I can about all of this goofy bullshit. This is too, can give you an insight into how this can actually work. Let magic do the work for you right. Yes, let us listen to our interview with regular,
Ding ding ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding Ding twice a year. The pimp Do I hear the bitter patter of the tiny feet of a wizard? It's a real regner is with us thanks, so much for being here right now. This is a show within the show kind of excited. Thank you read me He stared at me who has no staring at me, I'm dead how is this magic grey or am I might changing as a man, european, is magic words well,
as an eye witness, I will say it is working. Oh my goodness, Henry Rock hard I gotta stubs Regner. We ve actually mentioned you on the show, quite a bit with your experiences with hermetic magic and sort of how you put it together in your own chaos fashion. We're very exciting moment. I think my first question would be is what got you started, Ok, I guess you go. The way back. It was that my father, introduce me to mythology really early and Alice into that. Then I would read any folk lore I could get my hands on and then you know I went through an old teen phase where a little alter on my city. Player and whatever- and you know, I'd, be getting old, dark and- and you know that was over- show and then that all started to seem very silly.
And a few years passed and winning say that is a different teenage phase than most people go through TAT. I was really into that John John Belushi, seeing where he flew into the sorority house and the woman was topless there when I pause that alot I listened to a lot of corn. I wore a protects, a chance, a mask, a shirt unless do a lot of Maryland Manson and then we're going to get me a good kid rock was a pretty cool guy. My first answer get rock, but then right now he had an altar looking to a different teenage experienced and we're gonna rebellion. You all had, it doesn't want admit. So we have a few years passed and then I guess, he's probably grant Morrison another more who ass crazy, seems. I mean these two comic book. Authors are probably most people's Andrew Anti MAGIC, these nets it's got. What we're got me into it? It's got one, but what got Marcus into Zella Grant Morrison specifically, and why was that my work with our common?
look specifically that they had created yet the invisible sulk without a doubt, yeah and it wasn't actually Intel. I read the invisible and loved it and real Doug like the message behind it, but it wasn't until I became friends with Radner Radner really explains like away there's a whole different layer to this comic book. Besides just supercool revolution, I think a lot of people like you know or were approach. From our when he's, been really open about it at any views and discussing that neither the fortune of meeting him back when I was what nineteen somebody that and that really likes that things go and acknowledge that a beer with a guy and listen to him speak a little bit lovely guy by the way. Like really nice, to be in a room with them, but you were like a cone hat outside, or that's actually really good point does. That was one of the things like aside like I'd dabbled in it like when I was a teenager. I didn't do anything about it and it was all for show and then he said. This guy and he is wearing like a black Armani sued. He's talking about
We like a magical performance for corporations, teaching them to use logos, logos due to influence people he's talking about around all. In those terms- and it's a sinister it is, it sounded- is still like. You know, you don't have to wear anything. You can where whatever you comfortable in and you can use it in any aspect of life, so that kind of showed me that it could, in a cafe to anybody like, and that was right around the time the BP british Petroleum changed their logos Wikipedia. We know now and then remember that oil spill- maybe he didn't, do the magic right. I just think it is great that they allowed pelicans to be so. Paper is on the point of on glue. What happened with the water always does nothing but a duck slip and slide now, but so basically shortly after that, a start doing mound rituals start working along its all long chaos magic? So here's magic is, it incorporates a lotta different disciplines in whatever kind of you feel works
case, I use some chauvinism. Are you some of the north mythology that informed me when I was younger and you ve been ostracism and in some of the other stuff that is now pops are frequently and cares. Magic is really it's about its tell me if you agree we are talking about on the show is that it's about self hypnotism and whatever else, if you can do take, you first have to create your own reality. You have to change your perspective, so concrete Lee that you can then manipulate reality. You do a thing where you are essentially like, and so you have to build your magical beliefs out of things you actually believe in war could believe in so that you can. In future, it with meaning and then use it in your own life corrected epsilon. That's like the example that he- and I think Peter Carl Use as Well- is that you'd you can have pretty and angels to create or protective circle with, or you can just use the jail if that works for you, whatever symbols work as a protective thing for you, based on how you raised in your belief, system, making work silica pills, bear
no boy. Yet for those protecting, you will love. You never met with my pillow buried dough boys absorbing all the cream cheese and lies all your way, making a delicious little order. Men, for example, been probably one of the big ones in your pantheon, would be Papa John. But John himself and his Camaro very cool way. The point is that you can use anything you want, then the whole thing is its very open. Did you have any formal schooling and all did you did speak of spoken with anybody from the golden dawn or the otiose or any of those things are still sort of exist or the time full of set which took all the fall out of Satanism while went today Monday Hogwarts course. Yes, yes, but it's just
eaten ironic and rotten sharp and blow in the instructors. Norton was my circle. Did a quick internship with the hill to fix this decision, like that, like the icelandic mythology? Did that work into it at all, as we do does the hill if Europe many a time here on the show it would have been Firstly, Odin because open to me is not just me. He is he's a romantic feature of creature. What is prevalent princely when we're trying to figure figure there we go because yeah. You know, there's no real parallel between the north mythology and something like that. You know medicines more. What have you, but there is this figure who in Iceland at that time and in the nordic countries their time only women would do stay that way, They will only once it would do magic and it was considered homosexual to be a man doing magic. You would not do that unless you were actively and homosexual so for the main figure. The linchpin of the entire mythology to be actively doing magic was really strange thing and I ve been a lot of essays written about
What that means like what we can figure. He was then, but there is a man who sacrificed his eye for knowledge. You hung himself upside down from the gallows to seek knowledge was to put himself all these trials, so he's a symbolic figure, and I think there is a version of north ology the proceeds, the one that we know today or he is more like something you would see in Amazon Rainforest rather than this hellenistic info the came into a later your army? Isn't there a lot about north mythology that was lost throughout the years when the Christians came in and, of course bear it all of the people up next and said: either you can either be Christians or you can be dead. Well, I mean Although the only sources we have our christian writers riding long after the fact, but actually there the trend, the transformation between the two into Christianity, reformation, whatever you that was actually pretty peaceful. What they did was they negotiated kind of a truce where they did. You can still practice your own beliefs, Justino, keep on the download. You can eat your horse
the Bible says no just go in your horse: eating shed and you'll be fine. I we still want to see that hope is all the way made a fine whose don't ask don't tell I picked up. So when did you get it fully into magical research where the big one when it started like? Did we talking about it. As like this sort of solitary experience, we gonna have to go away and kind of meditate and figured out for yourself. You have that period or was it a lot more casual will definitely meditation is the basis for anything like meditation and keeping a magical diary in these kind of thing. Putting yourself the minds like you were saying before? What are you putting your magical diary? Okay, so they lead to the distinction Wayne Schizophrenia, magical thinking is or is it really thin line basely or over interpreting everything you're looking into everything as it is a symbol or some sort of message, from outside of yourself or what is probably your subconscious you're having a dialogue with your subconscious. So you, your kind of Eu Law,
anything that you think of it, as is of importance that giving dreams. It could be anything happen to you during the day patterns that you noticing, like a say, you do too much of that mere just slipping into full on acid. Bert, schizophrenia only what I do personally when my bad medical journal is that its things that I come across a while meditating MIKE letting the letting my mind essentially wander to wherever it wants, to go, whoever it happens to speak to wild. Kind of letting everything be exploitative and then once I'm done once I snap out of it are really once its I've come across some thing that I believe is important: That's when I'll stop em right everything subtle go from lake. I met a magic Pegasus who wished me to the land of money today until Ike Maybe I should so we're in Sports Jersey City out of that kind of thing. Now, inside the other day, I came upon a fish made of Nano bots
That was battling against skinny demon like creatures and was talking about the sorts of things that go inside a lot like Austin Spare talks about like the the certain subconscious parts of yourself that live within you. That's my that's a big part. What I do well member everytime you right near in your job. When your diary life's just pass new by much much out there, you can go eggs areas there. That's the thing is that you do it, so you can experience those things better. Oh, I voted with all the more slowly you're in a ball game. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it held. I areas, the beer on your home is the ball in the Balkans are get the, but actually, I think and put it in positive terms. You can it's like being a child, its holding onto your like childlike view of of the world. Have you seen magic in things? Seeing some wandering thinks is about holding onto that right
they want to see this brochure for Icelandic Hogwarts people? It could be very cruel, re our teachers in Iceland, cruel love right My the one question is so: how is this different than like prayer right? and because, obviously, people they're all is ask and God for something, there's an auxiliary way. Did someone like dear Jesus he's, just like oh great, I'm not gonna, get begged to save their child from cancer. No pointer, there's like thing, you get out after work really hard. So do you always have to have an end game when you do when you have a better when you performer ritual, while I think there are definitely magical tenants of Christianity, I mean what is a prayer except a type of wish and what is a men except the type of rhythmical chanting that you're doing you. Actually, they ve looked into this and the only sound the a man there. Shalom always open, vow
all ending with a nasal like an unborn and what that does it. It creates this viper should the kind of put your brain in the ripe mindsets. Only this rocking back and forth and making this kind of sound is to put you in a meditative stay so Christianity, as we moved away from some of these things, but you can find all this stuff buried in there Your question as far as what the difference is, what is deaf, between magic and prayer? Is that prayer, its both will, but it's the difference being passive. Will an active well will cause chaos. Magic specifically like that when you read about it, is the idea of you know original, hermetic, magic and kind of cabal. A study was about knowledge and like learning and and and making them tools and learning about the archetypes, but chaos magic was specifically about doing something, and it's a thing they always about Satanism. Is the idea that, like prayer is an empty gesture, girl you're doing is asking right and not doing something towards
the goal right where I may ass magically ideas. It you're trying to new symbolism to change reality, that was always one of my major conflict with Christianity, especially evangelical brain that I grew up in every one was asking for things giving money to the church and they would just go back to their sheds and take a nap that it was very, very little action. Yet you have to have the action with the ceremony with the ritual as far as cares. Magic goes yes, it's about. I guess the way I've seen it put is that it's a technology that is like the technology of consciousness is that it's actually something using the just now that you have to actually make something happen through the use of techniques worries a lot of the other stuff. Is More like a ritual you know I do not necessarily prying intellectual it Research is writing a book about, but about what you can do for magic and most of its right. Since because we talk about? Is it? What did the golden?
on actually accomplish nothing. Sure am it's. The same thing is ready sports illustrated? You doesn't mean you can play football, yes, rights. It just talk about it, but they don't actually getting volume and now Regner what are some good stories about magic and results like what like what are some things like to share, but like rituals, you ve done and the way you ve gone good and the way they have gone bad. Ok, so I'll tell you about a good one. First, the first really big ritual than I did that had weeks months or preparation and with life with a lot of magical petitioners attends to happen when you're at some kind of low pontio life. It shouldn't be like that. You should be practising it all the time, but with a lot of people it's when they want to change something at a life, because it feels on these workin out. In my case, I just broken up with a girlfriend of a long term relationship and I packed
whole Levin Unmoved, already ITALY moved around and my poor baby. All things are working but little heart, but no one ever in certain quarters of credit. Yet I was settled down the dumps and I figured I wanted to do a ritual. There was kind of that would spark I'm just gonna talk openly about this shirt about this to anyone, really. That would spark some kind of activity and fertility and about making things more creative and want to get my writing done and and so on. So the rituals all sounded round that a new that would be the key thing of it I did it in several stages, so the first stage I did something that I called Spaniel Nancy so at that time I was using an email it was getting all these random words generator spam. So they would fill the body of the messages with all these phrases that they grab automatically from different books that were out of copper.
So you'd get these things we just like jumbled up tax, but I would see a certain pattern coming out of it and here's the magical, thanking you know. You're all ran licence So, let's see Israel pattern coming through that now felt that was indicating sort of the direction it had to take it. I did a second step. This was first by the situation is and what they would do would be to, for example, go to a city with a map of a different city, so you'd go. To Rome using a map of London, and it tried to make my way. Through the oats part of town with a London map and, of course, obviously got lost and it decided to go to five bookstores and its books. Each book store that I would stumble into at go to the fifth shelf. Fifth me, no fifth book and so on. Fifth page fifth line and write it down randomly all italian. So did this came back asked my friend, who spoke Italian, whose italian and to translate the the text that I had, and it was a perfectly concise, sent a perfectly concise bitter text like paragraph one
bizarre because it has taken us a randomly from an agricultural manual in a novel and whatnot, and it was all to do with ploughing and link seeds- and am you know, a growing from your all- very fertility oriented and the plow was up appear twice and from two different sources of all. That would be something up incorporate, so that was kind of like that was my way of can a divine in my way, towards the whole time meditating quite heavily and trying to just get at how I'm going to phrase? That's what it? What is gonna be the parameters of the ritual when actually get to the thing it's it takes me about one day, my mark out an area. I surround the area with mirrors of myself, as was also a way of kind of like engaging myself as her all that I wanted to engage with, and I had order from Amsterdam sizeable bag of Armenia miscarry I'm fly Garrick, which are the red motions of the little white dots that you see and Alice in Wonderland Self, You can dismiss everything you say from now on, so basically
that, and that is our horror of mushroom. That is like go straight. You like stomach it. It's a type of poison is very different from the other psychedelic into very intense and yet I spent there was a large amount of meditation than a start actively using a sexual that I created around the symbol of areas and the plow that it I'd kind of those have been the key things that are worked with an What did you do with the spam? So the spam bots sentences you incorporated into with the sentences that you pulled from the books like ass. I call this parliamentary because the former divination of just like tea leaves has also you were looking for. This is the direction you to go away. I don't know just what you saw this in all this stuff about Agricole, all the surf about ploughing fertility was coming out in in The spam struck him more and the book thing when the bookstores, but it had already a kind of lead me in that direction, yet with the interesting. So I can't do it anymore. I don't get these wonderful emails anymore.
So yeah. I did this and what I what happened there is. I saw myself in the mirror, as an independent entity. Moving between merit a mirror in the room with me, and I had a converse. With myself standing up. Turning his back to me as I was talking to him and so on, and I spent a wild in that room and I've taken hallucinogenic before. I know what to expect it's nothing close to this. So this was a really strange experience and I can't really go into more detail other then I felt like I pushed this sigil out of me and in to this kind of mirror image of myself and things really starting to happen after that about three weeks after that, I saw you see a massive difference in a number Far facets of my life. Did you have something in your head that you wanted to resolve the entire time or was it just sort of like? Do you let the trip take you there charge of who, in the situation, had a very clear intent the whole time and now, and that was bound into this signal that was using like that was what it was projecting the ritual. But I was also trying to like a computer commune with myself
specific was your intent leg. Is it good to go, with a very specific and ten, or is it good cook to be a good thing in my head, when I was doing a ritual, I look at it in terms like I literally visualize like when I was doing the these scheduled to get, he took to get heroes. I'll put it this way. I imagined my tape. Playing in the room, and I you while I was masturbating, I was imagining them discussing me. I'm looking at had shot. I know looking at the other guys had shot and like looking at this. They and being like we like this guy and I imagine them calling my age my doing like little pieces and I dont know if that helps, You feel you, or is it better to do something like that worth more open, ended, we're shit, just kind of flies in and out. I would, When we say to do it like you were saying like, I would that's how I've done it before since I've done it very specific. Even to the point where I am
by phrase it as an actual sentence and then break that sentence down into a simple. I would put it. Let's say I don't want to lose fifty pounds or something and I'll say I am this many pounds, I'm going up. I've been referred to state that I'm going to be once their wishes obtain. Instead of saying I wish this would happen. That's that's your way of saying it yeah, but in this case that was a very clear intent. It was just by forget it, so you had leg one hand. Just it was a sexual things. Well, just about getting Lee getting you know back out. The magic is admitted our don't say: that's what I'd do if I and the other thing worse, like creative, like fertility. So with these two countries answers- and you know, I'm not- to put it to bluntly- had a lot of success and both wit, uh yeah surveying get that poor development also? Finally, I also believe that a part of the like, but we retire, before we start recording, is at once I start incorporating magic into my life, a lot of shit fuckin Blue, and my life. There was a lot of stuff that was like,
career and also like meat. No, a woman meet no budget should that kind of Libya that, like all over the place of the revised alot of chaos, because if we are to specific about your fuckin goals, kids just gonna pop it because creativity is both its like its both like you can grow arose within there's a bunch. Fuckin, crazy, snarl and vines. It also comes shoot if you're, not specifically, goods like it will get you to where you want to go, but it'll fa, imaginative I'd, say you say I want to get over there. I want something to take me over they're just across town, if you're, not careful, you're going Godzilla to take you across it out in Gaza. Is gonna fall out of breath along the way I use fifteen dollars for every half mile ask ourselves very varied, very expensive, petty cap is within reach You have to think about it and read european off too, Five or six mill ledge men
what do you say you can't you can't find their clip on porn up, because I viewed area was if you would have been one of those rare. It's got a lot of the thumb down the rating system on for all. I know all the women are beauty we ve taken sex. Did we get a forty percent in the first half of one place where I shouldn't get hate? Tell you what I mean anyway, so the time it went bad. Ok! So, actually before before we get to that, I won't. I weren't ass one more question about the like the actual good ritual, did you come up with the like the spam, Nancy and you're not going to London, and you know, go into our goal in Rome and using the map of London Allah, how come up with that specific. Set of steps. Was it just like. I want to do this or what I want to do that or was there's some sort of guideline to it. Not. I was really just the can model myself, but I remember you
where's by the situation, is and date and that item and though those people were obviously working with something that was, you know, related to me, you're gonna subconscious there there did there dealing with that kind of shit, absolutely unlike automatic writing, and all these things have like trying to access your subconscious through, like some repetitive activity and randomness and chaos. So if there was a good fit yeah of course before organism manner narcissism, so educational, is that that is what sort of k I like. What is situation with? That situation is worth our french movement of intellectuals, that kind of precede the nineteen sixty eight the summer Mendacious Dayton, Paris, Sunday, Anthea, Voltaire or port. So what have you and they are kind of a precursor to the punks and some of the lot of the philosophies of punk rock so about. Iran is that I'm gonna get into it already together for the philosophy that gets you laid again talking about. This is how you can fix or life guys in a way that really weird,
you can make your whole life review. Wanna, be weird all the time. Guess what do my wife's been read more about a year now in great very sight yet. But you can't guarantee in em seashell. No, no, no! No! No! No! No, not to start doing well in the ranks. Georgiana area is doing very well. They abide the. I think you do make a valid point. Their business like to make. I think, a part of, is to make a realistic goals, you know you're not going to do a central to make you, president of the United States, like that's, not gonna, work out. You ve just got to this point right. It's like! I only that one. I had already known that my my edition was going to test. I feel it got to do it. It's it's whatever you can do to push it in your rough favor, we're things are going on you too psych. I did things, but the poor little rituals are just like you. Try to- and then I just do it
every day. There are rituals that I do on the eleventh every day. There are things that I do every single day before I go to sleep because it keeps you fuckin keeps the moment I'm gonna sure, because that's what it's all about it doesn't matter. If it's real or not a lot of, is it just about focusing will in a lot of is just about having some sort of focus in your life to keep should at the forefront and keep you focused, I truly like a lot of it, is within a lot of sudden interest, but a truly Leave there is some some crazy way they were able to influence things outside of you, and I see it. What kind you were talking about these little ways you influence it like you have to. First have made the steps to get to the point I see like curling You know the sport little broom, you create them affliction. Friction. It might not even be doing anything, but it's like you know you can influence that little puck and how fast, let's go, get exactly being a fat dude Sorgen beer next year with the weather.
What a jerk off motions in both cases, I d give us what everybody wanted, which is a bit what's bat and wireless network, I go there the thing you also just no, you need to do a lot of research, if you just Falcon jump into the chin. You're. Going to ruin your life, then it is. It is very easy to ruin your life right, so you could have had a show on CBS. Oh, my goodness, because the other one was actually also in ITALY. There was in Florence. A few years earlier and I hadn't done- is most research. Hadn't done as much preparation, I was really cavalier about it, so
I did was I had certain things go into. My life was, I was a little bit worried about, and you know again had to kind of to do with her till anything so that when it is nothing to do with love or such things, that when so, I created a compost God for myself like a bastard God made of elements of different older, Babylonian, Daddy's antics The Mayan once said you smashed it altogether took different. You know, symbolism there were associated with these God created. Did I drew it up by they did it in clay. I worship did I had this little thing that I made for myself, and I think this is brilliant. Like I have this all worked out, I can just this is ultimately a magic, unjust mix and matching like different elements. Go out there, the an hour after hour, Landon in Florence, and I had this whole thing prepared beforehand. I just watch my life start falling apart in the way that this ritual was targeted at in those aspects of my life and it just as falling apart and over a week,
I have to rebuild everything from scratch: the opposite of what you wanted: a half of ruining relationship with family members, Frank, like a lot of things, went awry, and it was just because I had approached this with a really stupid attitude and kind of you playing with things that in what are you, that that that happened. My creating your own God like why? Why do you think that, would you think there's something just got lost in translation or I just feel like I mean ok, even, don't believe in any others. Even if these are some dead deities from silly religions, we don't take seriously anymore. They meant thing to someone at some point, so they are charged with significance and symbolism. There's a man me behind them and your plea with the symbolism, and even if it's just conscious you might be creating some toxic blend of different things that you don't know how to control so tat? It was a whatever lies behind them was what I was mixing up with it, this sounds really sallies ain't. Nobody really does not have a negative effect on my view already. Don't think this is silly than than it does. It all mean everything, incidentally, than its extra setting up sounds excited,
So then your entire, once you landed you, you just noticed at specifically, and you don't think that these things would have gone wrong. Had you not messed up the ritual debt, possibly, but that's how this works. Orgies anything that promise you just you're asking for it it's always a monkeys, paw agreement, it's one of whether things where a year asking for help and your ass for like create you're asking for a change in your asking for all this sort of creative Quantico Energy too. Russia into something, and it that's what it is you just don't know what sometimes they have a real sense of irony. About what creative energy means, and it could also been that regular. You had calmed like because you did this ritual. You had confidence in things that you might not have should have had confidence, possibly I, but I really think like you resign like. I think magic is like the most anarchists Terry one thing you can do your taken all the power into your own hands, and that means all the responses. But he knew had you not putting them. Some external daddy and putting all the responsibility there
playing with something you're playing with yourself, so whatever backfires near you just have to take, what do they say? The difference between religion and magic is that religion is that you view pro straight yourself in front of God and you wanna be you'd. You look your God and you, and you say in your kneel before the God, where a magic is standing up and being the God and it's like being paid me, in Kosovo to share those hours, his form right. I was his fault. He fought. Did I added what is Peyton Manning? What does he own pop by John Early arguing about all right? It's unbelievable, that's very nice, or do we want to get to some of the abolition or question? Yes, we have a couple of listener questions here. The first question is, from Jeremiah Jeremiah asks. How do you magically put nipples on things like? If you can
cast dispelled, put nipples onto chicks, but then really she would have for boobs or something elbows at the office. Can you destroy Jeremiah Iraq now its ring he is destroyed. I'm really. They just came in his pants just now, it's possible that somebody probably does have nipples on their body. Just gonna find the right down yeah, I think so. Never know well, India, what's happening with people but a serious question from Ellie Brown who, by the way, thank you so much for sending as the amazing care package yeah Ellison. Is it just a fantastic care package with some awesome buttons? You re Harry Housing, colouring book, it's among the course Halloween care packages we ve ever say Marcus is smiling That is my eyes. With a smile. Smiling there s ears, I was IRA
but why She said: here's what she has. He has two questions. She said how, you personally as a practitioner of magic, rectify the seemingly diametrically opposed views of science and magic. What am I gonna? Take us catch this visualizes, really Windsor, IRAN. I am not an expert. While I mean K is magic, obviously in the earliest inclination, and what Peter Carol was talking about was to incorporate things from a quantum mechanical, innovative energy I am, but I dont know how deep that goes. I think it was quiet kind of. Although I've read some recent interview was Peter Carol. I think its buildings shewbread. Now we hadn't getting that isolate national home. He gets a checked out by somebody before he take the first oil or will you know if you want just place spaceship a cliff your flying for a little while that's gonna go, but I will start in the kind of them, especially bothy, imagination, so
you know, there's a science fiction. Gonna element is another matter, gotta go grab Morrison talks about the fiction suit. You were saying earlier as well Henry about Alchemy and how that fits into magic. Are you we're sorry about beforehand about the areas it seed? Symbolism of whether there is a will how you Rectify signs and magic is the fact that there is like nothing really different. If If you already view the world is all a gram averted, talk were what we already talked about on the show is the fact that most magic posits what this reality is a reflection of what the gods are doing, and that is essentially just old time. We talk, for we are a reflection for the underlying math and so the ideas that have you can really grasp that concept and really believe that we already a minute label hologram, that's what magic as it is about perspective, because essentially all realities controlled by a fucking thing pound lump of jelly? It's in our heads Electricity ruin through that has all reality, that is, it
It's on your you get shot, look head and it's over I could stop existing growing in all. Stop existing of one artists, the boy get shot had better, be clarified, no one, don't let it get shot but that's how you, and so the idea is again alchemy what what what what we ve talked about before it. At that the permutations of the metals from led to Gold is not about making money, it's not about making gold it's about, changing yourself and a part of that, is that, knowing that all physical things are just a reflection now, where the physical world is the base metal and the higher being The higher state being would be gold. I hope your stone for this, as I wonder old and simultaneously, while we're doing this, they were, of course also inventing several It was the where usin in chemistry today and and someone so this was at that time. There was not a clear distinction between the two. Now there is more of one, but I guess the cares magicians a kind of plan
it together again or cancer. Gene Ella cares magician say that magic is the next step and science after after science comes magic, rather than the other way round, and science is helping nature. I am one of those who believe that science is a direct line in evolution that we're supposed to combine with technology to go stars pursue light there. Human burn in Hell me more uncle Henry, like you, like another beer, clear we're going to about romantic all set about high year An early is still gotta go so either with the other. The other question is: what's the most foul thing you ve ever used in a spell or magical operation.
The one that went well, I was using my own blood a little bit so that was about does about afar, the gun which do with the blood ass temporary one the made in his stuff. Where night. While I can, I call the thing into my flesh, those who said to me the hard core the years you know, I won't go that far Naomi old jerk off, I'm already without anyway. Now, it's very interesting Do we have any other questions from listeners that sword see here? Well, a cod Wilson who help us out quite a bit with with the nine eleven MAGIC episode he wanted us to all create ourselves. A top up
the four of us. We create a top up together and use it to to serve the last podcast community. We already have interns, though a top up on top of the things that help you climb IRA Everest note of your account not to topple the help you up Everest, who hope you wear mittens not going to be a cold walk. Please go analysis, episode, thought form, energy ghosts. To learn more about top us will take you so for being here regner. Thank you and very illuminating. Yet thanks for sharing your experience, I would love to hear the people who worked at the bookstores at you walked into and spoke to, the guy walk and look at the fifth shelf grabbed the fifth book and then right down there
If sentence was covered in blood use time at all, he wants to do is fuck. I still gave him the customer discount, because why data when people forget their cards, you I hate it. When I got my o f loosely, I guess I did to recovery every fifth book to pay their debts. Are you gotta have a guy from the audio but apparently magicians or hard keep tabs on that. There would be right on time this abandoned a cloud of smoke. Her first medical ritual well actually say: can I ask for more Josephine Bank? I was about to say out put your pantheon. I would say Papa hope you guys are enjoying yourselves and yes so, please put change your life, but do so responsible, yes safely. What should be my first magical ritual market here? This matter. Will ritual well aconite! they can. I ask for more Josephine Bank, I was about to say out put your pantheon, I would say Papa Johns and just say bank. Yet that's what I put in a bank as this is definitely the head of the herb, alter and Nixon
next year, but Richard Nixon in New. I just watch our Nixon, very good documentary, our right Nixon's in he'll Satan everyone. After that interview, he D definitely talked about how much commie used to eat you. Definitely maybe you didn't talk about your slander. Oh no wait. He did specifically me aid com and then you said you ate com, au, more or the show agenda was actually off the record and I was an income for magical purposes. I was just curious, while I didn't bring it up cuz. I didn't think you wanted that closed down there, but then he just brought it all himself. So that's what your friend berry themselves. Gothic Barletta hails we'd Satan. It is just a wonderful day. It is a wonderful day and in all honesty everyone is doing extremely well, and I thank you get so much for your support and what is it you have you find the last podcast left page on Facebook? If you want to go,
driven mad yeah, that's a good like all of us on Twitter, LP on the left, at L B on the left and then Marcus is at our at Marcus Parks. Henry's, eyebrows keys at Henry loves you and I am at Ben Castle down again. True. Yes, yes, is that yes, is it, and if you want your last buck S, arrival of t shirt go to cave, Kommeni, radio, dot, com, slash merging, go on for twenty five dollars, and while you there listen all the other, wonderful cave commonly radio podcast that we do mean been do a couple of other together, Abe, Lincoln SOB Hat and the round table of gentlemen, and I do a couple of others with Henry Sister, Jackie Second, the human activities and page seven, and also don't forget live. Show. Is this so thirty October twenty. Fourth, at ten p m at the creek indicate a ten ninety three Jackson, Avenue it's a tall,
Lee free show and were also going to be live streaming it as we always do on our you to channel so that ten p m eastern tat. I will be there for exponential. Finally, the November. Finally, this that we have got at Larsen coming in from the round table, gentlemen and brighter in early November, will be doing a pot cast festival in Washington DC, which will be very excited. That's right there on November AIDS we're going to be doing the DC pod fast. If you go to DC pod faster, just Google DC pod. Yes you're. So what you got it, I always say Hale yourself, because you know its comes getting really cool, Jeremy super cool, I can't wait, whose dilation somebody on Twitter asked me what macoutes means negotiations means whatever you want its view. You do you do you do we're Dale Satan. Tell me I'll green
Yes, you do what you got it. I always say Hale yourself, because you know people to feel good. They do feel good. I think they should. I think so, no matter what happens, go, don't figure. Walkin corpses will all be done yet just mean on a bunch of bones gone through all life. That is, we heavily manipulated by your own thoughts. That's right! So love yourself, Good night, everyone more shows like the one, just listen to go to cave, comedy, radio com.
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