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Episode 200: H.H. Holmes Part I - The Horrid Meat

2015-11-10 | 🔗

It's H.H. Holmes, America's first urban serial killer on the 200th episode of the Last Podcast On The Left! Join us as we cover the transitionary hellhole that was America in the late 1800s and how H.H. Holmes, one of the most well-rounded psychopaths in modern history, was perfectly suited to rack up a body count of more than no less than 9 and no more than 200.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started. And I'm like, like Ebay, Ambrosia, solved labored slick. I get every time a stop. The devil's crocodile succeed, but I gotta tell ya, like my pockets and goals are very good to go market. We are already welcomed. The Lisbon gives them a left everyone. I am Ben Kizil, I'm staring at the beautiful Marcus porridge into my left. There's a fellow who is today, god I you know, I just just yourself to me right. You know what sad is that every time somebody else, I'm still just me, that's eyes while today we're gonna be talking about somebody, you also sort of played a character. He was to people and one of the people built a murder
Hotel. I will be discussing h, H. Home yesterday is the two hundredth epoch of life, but because of the left, which is a testimony to, laziness cannot curry, and the fact that we just kept going with you go to a hundred weeks Marcus. How is your brain changed? All your hundred, I thought we'd. Both we ve all been through several girlfriends. We have, I think I've been through five day attire I gotta figure about that, but I we all got many new different types of Mccall Tee. Shirts neglect Mark has got a new one right now is wearing a t, shirt that set the soda Colorado, but in the fashion of the terror card, the magician Yang Henry is where an anti shirt to under the weeks ago, never even existed. The band in existence we're not. The comment is short and you weren't Putin we're in a hoarse teacher.
No man Laudonniere potent shitless right ignores Amelia Bear actual on, so we decided, like you know, we had visited h, H, homes a little while ago, negatived buried to actually towards the beginning. I'm two hundred ex ago with his years ago. At this point and now to come back to a judge homes, and I gotta say when he's really start reading and resurging J charms as a kind of forget its good. He saw old tie me when you actually, recent research and Jack, the ripper who I was having the same time. This guy was a fucking forward monster you ve a dangerous man. He looks like if beef Jerky WAR, top hat? You know we looks like old times like western trail and ears, like logic My pants up and I go in milk out the evil. Walrus right,
We thus have that mustache she's got come across I'd stare, there's only one picture of him. This too is one for one. He wears a manual egoism and when you look at his face because again what I love about the eighteen nineties is how that whenever they describe as someone is handsome as they mean they did not take a soft to the face during the civil rights. You know, he's polio free, so you go marry that man. What I like about him, as that his knees aren't cracked in his back, is advanced handsome, his arm and again charming. I think we did less. I'm charming just means again include any: did you just yellow guy? Yes, yes, yes, come with me, that's jurists made quite a box of radiation out, unannounced upload, Romania. How many tears a goddamn underpants do have, on You guys are job to reach for research. For this episode comes primarily from two sources: the devil in the
I'd city by Eric Larsson, which is required reading not only for those interested in serial killers, but also history in general. It is a fantastic book for a lot of people it's one of the only true crime books they ve ever read, but it's about Eighty eight charms annals simultaneously about the world's fair in eighteen, eighty three in Chicago, which sounds boring, but it's actually fascinating and the US look is depraved by Harold Schecter. Who is one of the good It's is true kind of crime writers that we have also wrote dirt he also road deranged about Albert fish. He rode deviate about again. He's got a thing for the de la Fere through dinner. That urges. Is it really judge them whenever you wouldn't believe you made fake mandarin water. It's just
nefarious. That's how he sat. There is exactly how you sounds, but I he is a bit of a hero of mine, so please have no one all alone and said. Well, we will be starting. The last pie. Chasm left book clubs areas and like they used to do in seventh grade with the pizza hut. Did you and if you read a book, you gotta free Personal, pan pizza. If you read these books, Marcus, maybe use a bone, yeah there's a problem is. I do feel that that was a programme again there was the yards ahead, read it, you have read it and made us all. Really focus yeah. It definitely made me like lied to treat a food as a reward system. Yet only one like rats in her lap and courage,
let's get into the world of Mister Henry Hanky home. Why Henry him angry hanky homes? Henry Howard, homes, original name, Herman, Webster Mud, yet give it a re, do have some really surprising didn't go is like my name is Randal. Sexy chases eventually became better as age homes, he was America's first urban serial killer. We talked about frontier serial killers, a while back This was, he was the first guy at least that we know of that operated with in the Eric and urban centre? And this is back in the day when cities were so new that urban did not just mean like a racist likely. You know like how do not describe a type of pant or type of hat right right right. So operating primarily out of Chicago in the late eighteen hundred homes, at a confirmed, body count of nine. He confessed. Twenty seven estimated to have as many as
two hundred victims, although that is very much the ceiling. That's like that's his Henry Lucas Number, Jean Valjean, exactly homes is most famous for his creation of what came to be known simply as the murder CAS all. It is a great nickname for your house have, especially if you're, using it to murder me or a great name for a burger restaurant at the murderer castle come on down, but I feel like murder, yeah murder comes up again. It's it's like the heart attack. Cafe right right, you got it. You gotta lean on how bad the food it up. He had them castle was a three story block long building that Henry our concern did solely for the purpose of attracting trapping Killing young women, don't forget drifters. He did get some drifters and most of this information we know about H, H homes because he was a complete pathological liar, nothing. He said
Nothing is said, was real. Everything was a con, goes an incredible avail. You'd literally call him a villain he's a ease good then he's bigger than Adam I was yelling owes ranging about this my apartment last night, but girlfriend she'd. Look at me like I was crazy burthen as I was yelling again about how he is he's Joker death. It's my view Berger markets as his own regional growth, a joker got into real estate. Yes, yes, I would love to here the Yelp reviews by the way. If this hotel existed today, you now that's why you so much for being called the modal castle. I arrived home completely safe The little is known about the childhood of Herman Webster much it. We know that was the youngest of three the sun? farmer named leave. I and a house wave a house I've named Theo date or is it your daughter, who gives a shit the worst name for woman, I've ever heard Theo Data, her name eyes. Women like gave her up
Gabe errors and sober thinks diaper sundry, I will say I'm goin on one day. The least worst must do all in earnest. Open so interesting per sundry are Theo date. Mug peculiarly companies either way they could it out a bowling ball and if you like, whereas by Poland, but it's amazing while they were there were good people There were devout method, you know devout. Religious people are the best people that have ever oh yeah, yeah like us all, have been lot right, had no headway denies, it ruin everything or homes was beat regularly, as a punishment often locked in the attic, but even though he did grabbed himself as a quote, mothers I'm a mother's health self described mothers, boy, Zella, discuss
mothers boy. Yes, he also would fantasize about his parents death, particularly when he heard about the great Chicago fire. He said that he would sit there and imagine them burning a lie and tell their bones. Were nothing but don't get me wrong. I love them, but I do want to say doors that great girl green day. Song of the car plank elbow, I believe, were all they did was discussed, killing their mothers and their father. If you do want to kill your parents it's an assortment normal fantasy to have, because technically they are keeping you in prison war situation is going to be a yes, you are, you are a little slave yourn owned percent. When you were a child when it comes down to it, they commit they took in this world. They could take out right and it's a bill cause we thing and he's right from the start. The age related most about his childhood was of a day
in which some older neighbourhood boys, knowing homes was terrified or homes, said of the local doctors office, they forced him inside. Not doctors offices is important number. They end this time period were put chicken. Really horrifying plays, will all all science was horrifying kind. This is like this is the time words like I could put on hold me like, I could be a doctor and they walk and nothing well he's got small enough hands the reaches side. A woman's cavity, no, is definitely a doctor. You could tell you just walk in think of a bit of a coffin and durability. Bringing the lieges and then the whole day, which is turned into you. That's like an old school than that do another document like religious. That is something that has a wave of the past that is used, the snakes things are much larger and they get, but they get their mouths more around the Baltic and then Sundays like well
places blood with manages to see if that works. Ah, yes, I buy my sandwiches tastes with matters. I imagined it could only make the Sioux more lubricating quote really not that far up and modern medical science is just beginning there. Starting to get out of the belief in humours and four analogy was still kind of a thing at the time, but they were we were starting transition into Modern medical science and that's another thing. That's important, remember about this time- is that this was a time of transition in America. And it was a rough transition- is a very real difference because the ideas it was gone from, like Frontier America to America. We know now it's literally that big of a job. It's like fight like a vulgar going from the free internet posted internet, yet it makes a big switch in it. It was a hard won.
Which I had a lot of people, died of the flu and are in a bad way away. They were like we can cut off his feet more scare, the flew out of a top of his head there we're gonna go ahead. Knows me my group, like known, then people started getting better exactly and it was also post civil war. There is a lot of stuff. Go Latin America at the time. So it's that's important. Remember during all this shit about what signed what doctors would have in their offices at this time They would have fresh corpses in the bath, but they would use for Dyson because they were really starting to figure out that if you wanted to cure the human body, it was a good idea,
to know what the human body actually did when how it was put together. Also its funding to hide the skeleton in your wife's bad. I'm in here darling come see. I've just been don't watch brush my mustache, that's gotta! How would you go and then you re poor, because again, if eighty nine, these and give sex was very you on misunderstood interesting down, but of course this was very. It was pretty controversial to work on bodies before this right is controversial during this time as well. Of course, there were some medical schools that would actually higher local hooligans too.
Raid, the local graveyards, dig up corpses and bring him back rules gonna, learn more when he goes medical school. It's it's true! It's that they work. They thought it was to discredit, corpse, do not talk to young, but then they decided the best way for science to move forward is to playfully half get corpses and seeing what they're gonna look like! That's like what they did. I mean technically at science data. They need to know what the guts look like, but everyone's while you got a guy who gets the Middle school, who really wanted to see what the guts look at a few much too much. So this at these doctors offices. They also had a lot of them. Have these,
beautiful, skeletons hanging in their offices like they were all very. We know they are beautiful. No, no! I don't know how I can tell one skeleton apart from another skeleton: is you flirt with Coralie will increase better? I could tell you, have a beautiful skeleton. It's mostly how skeleton looks after its outside of the body and how well it's put together. Just describe your perfect skeleton. I have to know now. What's your favorite kind, is that the favourite the best kind of skeleton is one that looks exactly
like it would look if it was still covered in muscle in cartilage and blood is targeted. Skeleton I'm talking about a skeleton, but once you remove all the muscle and the blood whose turn it in a regular cannot yet, but I'll go right of a body. Your skeleton shaming, you know, and I can't we again. I think we ve talked about this before I'm gonna be a terrifying skeleton and how I'm a whole. I hope I met a middle school. So could you your arms outstretched hand like a pirate had on time and will be big what these kids dead to our little age age homes is that, of course, he was a sad that he was very terrified of the skeleton inside. He said that it we found the pharmacy that they want you to be. The most support place, he's ever seen, which I also again think is the sound of a boner rising like truly, I feel like that was a thing use more like morbidly fascinated with the pharmacy. Never wanted to. You knew something terrible was gonna happen.
The view is that every ever, like really got closer, that's Galatea exact, so he just do would del closed. The founder of improved rules all do follow the fear. Yes, he did, and so dragged him. Yeah right dragged him inside and they feared they dragged him inside kicking and screaming, and put him right in front of the skeleton, look at it, look at it and he but his eyes and he's that suddenly all of his fear fellow way- and that is when he first gained the curiosity of the human body- and that was what first spurred him new medical so most of what we know about yes, most of what we know that eighty chumps came from his writing stars right. Childhood goes yes and his confessions death. I got now. How much can we takes literally home? How true isn't it What I think is a lot of. It is true, but I, but I think what stuff like this is it, but when we talk about Tsutomu, Jeffrey Damn right, Jeffrey Dahmer began and to realize he was having fantasies about men being a sweet right and that with turn it you. When you would visualize the
augur that he would watch every day who ran past his house. You imagine him lying down embed completely asleep. I think H, H, homes and a little bit was so fascinated probably had seen that Skelton walk Non Street several times. He was also known as he was like the smartest kid in class following two things that he was a very, very, very like bright, bright kid very ambitious and everyone was very jealous him. I think part of it. That's what he said. They said they were jealous of him, which is why they did they did this prank to him in the pharmacy, but I think you can see the inkling of he knew that once the heat liked it. I think here do that he'd like to get there? He was afraid to say when it was because every one else found skeletons to being audibly creepy, but he kept being like want to dance with it. Do the moonlight you know they're, like that's a weird reactions. I hated you re just like we ask, what's five plus three fuckin arbour, I want to dance with the skeletons wholly they come to life is so yes
the practical joke totally backfiring. It turned out that he loved the skeletons very similar to one parents want to not have their children smoke, cigarettes and Adam Smoke, a pack of cigarettes and then the next day, the guy, just the kid becomes a truck driver in Cancun. Pommels, who did so by eleven. Of course, this is when a switch just turned by eleven he's dying acting live animals he's keep them alive for as long as he can during the experiments. He has a little tiny treasure box that he kept in his family seller filled with keepsakes of his killings. You have various as you have cats pause, but he said he also had in their a pig. Of his twelve year old sweetheart and he's doing an insult begin very similar Dahmer. In this respect, and also a this, was viewed as a healthy interest in science and the time now we know is one of the top three signs of your child's a serial killer room. So he did briefly have One friend grown up a little boy named Tom and fortune
Tom died tragically and fall, while the boys were playing together and abandoned house and whether homes had a hand in his death or not, will never know but there were suspicions, but he definitely did say he said that he, when Tom died to ask him if he was sad, because I knew was his only friend, he was like I'd rather be alone. So she maybe he made himself alone. You know and that's a really great weight of your of your feeling single and you want to lobby in single me. Yourself be just an embrace. It needs He must have scary intense oh boy, yes, terrifyingly, because he had the view cause. You could see probably the reflections and his eyes of the three story. Looking labyrinthine hold well, he was already thinking about, and this is what they said, that these fantasies about killing people on a mass way in a trap like started as a child relay. Yes, he had been
murder castle, the castle it started as just the castle was a seed planted, very, very early because of the re there meetings of Andrew Carnegie- and he would read all of these things about like succeeding in Modern America, and he was like I'm going to be a titan of real estate and then meanwhile he is like, and then I could make a skeleton farm just rolled about what we should it. You're like after he said that they're, like being absolutely, should do it, then you can continue talking like. Oh, we ve just courage to see how great the home graduated high school at sixteen became a teacher and at the to eighteen met and merit is first wife, Clara, loving, wouldn't steamer for long soon left Clara for Medical School and she would be largely forgot. You should think I got em lucky stars. She was largely forgotten her. She would end
but I got him colleges the teaching tool so use drawn first to the Year University of Michigan and Ann Arbor, which was known the time as the leading medical school in the art of the dissection of human corpses and this according the homes where his career as a criminal. Truly, Gan, no one important thing to remember about homes was the diversity of his crimes While a lot a serial killers they like to come, a lot of their non murderous crimes such as arson theft breaking and entering cetera, their youth homes was a career criminal. We use highly ambitious. Yet there was one of the second group of one of the killer profiles on the net. Supplementary H. H, homes are very very good day. She was basing describing what makes age incredibly unique area of eighty zero killers that he graduated college that he had ambitions. Leggy had this sort of like a go, get
He wanted to be a millionaire. We want it to be one of these like self made american success stories and technically He was in terms of notoriety, but he give if he gets but had to come along and save them. He could have like. I don't know- maybe you ve never did we saved. Isn't that a situation where, yes, he did graduate college, but this is the closest thing. Do the major that he would want to chew, yet mean an agent in being and hacking body. Jeffrey Dahmer was like a university of Michigan Ducas heavy tie boy for class. You do not, you do not have a habit or no. No, you humans, zombies course. Our younger, for we do have the cafeteria open late, and I gotta tell you of their servers spring rules to five o clock in the morning. Wink wing wavering going green, I mean that's where you could work better, Are they able to go see the chocolate factories higher and, regrettably, very well, I guess I have heard you become law serial killer universe, so
while homes was, as will see later and accomplished, bigamist his favorite crime was fraud which he was able to easily accomplish through combination of a charming, demeanor and dashing Good Lowell again. He just wasn't painlessly out there's five, eight one. Fifty five dark hair blue eye a little bit shorter than me actually enery around your young. I may take home size. I am Tom cruise size, movie star sites. Like many movies well tv. Yeah, well, tv supporting carried, it happened, The physician John L Capon said about his eyes. They are blue gray. Matters like great men and other walks of activity have blue eyes.
And he remarked on homes ears. He had Biden ears, he had pointed ears, and this makes ok ass. He had ears that indicated devilry and vice yeah. Dick Cheney had to have his clipped the Rover vice president, the homes I was also a fan task dick ladies man. He was somehow able to find this middle ground between proper in scandalous behaviour, he'd stared, who long touch a little bit too much stand a little bit too croat clothes had he not in an attractive man, he would, in scene is just a complete and total Crete, literally, which is run his hands up and down women's arms and Suffolk up, but they were taken aback because number one when you'll see later on is that when this dashing man from out of town shows up- and he looks and dresses like you- dress, like he's a millionaire and acts like he's a millionaire- and it's it's just some farmers, daughters, heredity, be taken away. You know, like the neat they're just meet all these. This is at a time when women meant nothing unless they were married, so
what kind of walk around and when you have a guy with a fancy bowler hat common euro, even though, like he's a little Granby like in Hebrew. He's willing to be your husband, maybe take care of you jump right on the opportunity and you never know maybe he's Vice President Joe Biden, nobody had just gimme the rub when he was like doing that. Weird like mouth whispering that little girls, you oh yeah, he is very uncomfortable a lot. A sociopath, don't understand human touch and what makes people? What? What's proprio. Let's not I'll put it this way out there guys if you wanna, for with a woman, you think I mean a lot of what you want to use it in a bar, raise that you want to you than we. U leaned enclosing you like talking to rear because its light out there and you can get closer if you're too torture, ear loan you in good. Now I'm not gonna love. It was speaking to Joe Biden and politicians. I think the h h homes had all the hallmarks of a successful politician and in fact the way people
scribes H, H, homes in his demeanor is eagerly similar to how people describe built went because they say Bill Clinton had what he would. They called the Kohen of attention that he can do This thing he makes you feel like you're, the only person in the room, which is that all politicians are there all their own pitiful and murderers anybody who wants to be president has worked, the boys Sakharov rather Senator and he was as I well You'Ll- get your pipe blind but you'll, see any sign of contract wallets happening, not even thinking about the voice. So that's why Keystone failed Ban, because Obama we would use to see a little boy get sucked out old may makes all the difference in the World diamond the EPA. If that's the case that I am all for, keep it
you put it out on these, don't buy blinded and require that child businesses- often adult in front of after sitting, president of the United States of america- and I think, that's generous man no ground, so happy ready release that I'm I'm rational. I was, I will change, but I think he's smelled like one moment we'll see about it. I mean you, don't Peggy small who did what it Clinton smell, like probably spoke like sweet perfumes and the light was Donalds Fries NET Motor oil and sardines when just felt like Greece in things like that's all, I could think about what I was looking at. All the pictures of HIV homes like like the classy graduate medical school, and I just imagine like crotched mountain
yeah. You know, as I do not want them selves with powders and MIKE, and then everyone will go into a stream and slap and some water in their pets. Doing the old irish shower, which is when you just dumb a bunch of whisky on your head just covered in uses from hacked up porpoises. That's how you knew where scientists to whether it was because he wreaked of death and yet a butcher's have such an odour to them when they come home. Imagine, but this must be like I shall speak in a medical school back to change homes is time there with so many corpses and homes was struck with the de the scam. That would eventually cause his whole life to unravel gears later than planned that he had for the fellow student who was Canadian Vulcan Albert Means, he's a liar and a thief: Korbes fucker very possible. The plan was to take our life insurance policies on each other, deal cadaver from the school and then fake the death
the other one then collect the money and split God it just a weird plan to describe to somebody to now up and we, like I've, got a great I dislike. So we ve got a handle, the corpses, air, that's what you're gonna literally go and get the court fishermen abasement ain. We gotta, take em out and can bring to the male and it's a great play The various Europe will have that much access to corpses. So I guess they just utilise the the goods around here. Do you imagine fucking like watching? Every Dahmer run around those firms like today is the day I smile yo. Today is the day I dance. It's gotTA pledges Sakharov, Corp, eleven right and I'll, see you tomorrow, Jerry and I'll, see you tomorrow, Tommy you wonder
you're dumber, would never built a house of horrors. I don't think he had the mental capability build a house or was it not at all? Men in the may lose a condo of horror he did but but think about it I mean you would have attacked I think the Dahmer would have just been happy with the job been a doctor. Emmy would have written about, but he would have been of a doctor. Huxtable rise, what're you. What events lightly worse than the daughter must replace blood with managed, well drilled, the whole drilled a hole in your headlong totalling ragged I'll think about it. This way, like eighty homes, is more of a Bob Dylan while Jeff. Redeemer is more of a Daniel Johnston. On verses, a train accomplish artist, is more of an outsider. Art is very odd, Jeffrey dollars alter ramshackle very haphazard, but their homes, a beautifully constructed
well oiled machine, but it also quickly fell to decay because he was not well we're. Gonna learn is that he strong that whole how hotel, together by bad loans and been basically getting from creditors and not paying back yet, which is what I did to become an actor heard, but I would also create h, H Homes Charles Man suggests in terms of being like he is the dark image of his time, yeah, because America, at this time is a very transient country, so the idea of stealing a corpse taking out a life insurance policy on one, your friends and then saying: hey my friend died and then in the insurance money on it's not. The word idea in the world because you can do change your name at any time and also was very interesting with. That is that I think, there's also a trust in America that was happening at time. This is what they were talking about is like when, when he was doing his Hotel killings object,
rippers also happening at the same time in America, the attitude was was well. Elise will never have a jack. The ripper they never assume that someone would use corpses to scam somebody, because it was this thing that people really superstitious about about like did do doing badly the dead, and so he using corpses is a scam was just like. Can Dylan Gore Electric their point about Manton as well man and was a mirror of the counter culture. In so, he was able to find the radar a little bed. No one could even believe that hippies could do such will reflect things. This was the time of the industrial boom. You know, Mckinley was to be elected by the Rockefellers and all that he will everyone level square. He was gonna be in Le Ted. Bundy do were using an evil. You was an evil strike,
college republic. People would never believe a guy with a top hat would do anything wrong. Yes, we do need a businessman who knew how to be good, H, H homes was the man that every other man in America aspired to beat right, that they can do attitude. The boat strap attitude that I'm gonna be my places at the top is what he's always believe because he was, of course is hindrances. A big and through Carnegie fat, but why homes. As far as the the insurance broad. He looked at the mist the ones who got caught he knew from being in medical school, that if a body badly burned, aura decompose. There was no real, identifying the corpse you just had exhorted take who ever found body at their words like yes, this is Herman Webster much it because the names be changed overnight. Roman Webster magic could become h, H, homes and any new power. Send that came up, but that met you. They had to take on
that you are who you said you were unless there was someone chasing you or unless there was someone else there's like know, his name is not Herman website name is Henry how're you, my name is Martin VON Spider man. I was written by a earth respectfully medicated spider knowledge can climb wolves that I am married to the great red had many Paca. I make love I'm from the greens, New York and together is like very little photographs of anybody at this time. Note you can just be look. Well, you don't look anything like your facebook profile. I don't think so yeah exactly an there was that there was no like cross. Referencing was unheard of unless you are a part of say, like the Pinkerton detective Agency, yen, tinder, we're just grab and a woman out of a carrot, juice life screaming when he is a Charmer go with the US, that's the people. They call it that the gilded
in the age of access to the age of scream the age of screaming. To to make your point, is there one I don't think they do, but nobody can all look here we barely smells of fish no one could argue that h, H homes was among the most well rounded psychopaths of modern history. He had all the charm of the best politicians democracy had to offer here, cunning and shrewd, as are the most successful business men and the complete indifference to human life of the twentieth centuries. This dictator, you is kind of like the Patrick viewing serial killer thrice releasing. I would H H. Homes is a winner We started on the next, please we can talk about it either. I would say he's more of a Michael George, because although he was worth You're, Fulla basketball, not that great at bay,
ball but still good enough to play in the major early and a sociopath and a complete and total social know. He was a winner that ever go watch the Michael Jordan Hall of Fame speech. I actually find it to be very inspiring high on his own people. Don't like I love it. I know exactly what he is a fuckin. He, yes, he was a jerk off, but guess what you don't become number one. We leave some footprints on their heads of those below he and my career. Michael Jordan, is a textbook psychopath right goodbye goodbye Robin Cook s great basket, not crumple shirts, graduated vacant measured so make the grade. So this, as I said, the age of excess mark TWAIN, put it the gilded age, h h, homes was what all and aspired to? You can compare the type of men type of man that people want to be. At this time too the type of men the people were to be in the eightys, the Gordon Geckos. Reed is good like being assigned.
But being a sociopath at that point in time, was seen as something that you should aspire to. Let em yeah, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, doesn't matter. What we leave in our wake doesn't matter the destruction we leave behind us all. That matters is that I get. My capitalism was the Perfect political ideology, this point where the idea was it was or was the idea. Your man there weren't idea was the american hope that you could go from being a fishmonger in the streets of Boston to being like Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, TOAD That's got attitude you needed because this is so the time when the american dynasties were first really starting to be form like when you're Carnegie, your Rockefellers, like the the the liberty, like the first celebrities of Amerika A lot of them were businessmen like this is when, like the culture of celebrity kind of began in America, yet they were like the good Ashton's where they kept their assets, stuff private placement, swindler slaves.
He heard Andrew carnegie- Holmes. You know, of course, when he heard Andrew Carnegie say my places, the top. He thought my play is at the top of murder. May him destruction, Elinor. I think that he was gonna, become a millionaire, we're doing everything, and he was you, I think, a lot of stuff to become a millionaire. I think that here and become a millionaire, we're doing everything, and he was you. I think a lot of stuff was money base, because he was taught that it was. The social thing it was a good showed that you were in charge of the room. If you were the richest man in the room, but I think each just he just kept killing people. Dear he just kept gallon people end and There was somebody in his way he killed them. Then you burial, kill em, you doom real fast, you wouldn't like it, but then I think of them.
We're. Hotel just became too much for him. It was a real money pet if you ve ever seen a great Tom Hanks movie, it's very similar like the movie Moneypenny yeah, you marrow and when the fountain, the little boy peas on em when he wakes up yet, and I lock him in the room and turn on the gas. That's changes into eight eight homes house. So he grabbed J jobs. He graduates. Medical school. He gets a job and Phil Dell fear at a pharmacy, maybe accidentally poison, a woman with one of his concoctions. There was on purpose, we can say it was cold and quote accidentally have yet only say he was faking being a pharmacist, and that is that the truth, as you do don't know how to make fucking medicines right. Yeah you faking mad. Definitely, but he begged a good enough, he left Philadelphia. He arrived in Chicago that he had gone to year Earlier, like he had travelled to Chicago
While he was in medical school because he said his first criminal enterprise was selling books door to door they he would tell that you would. Them a copy like you, would show a copy of the balkan sailor? Yes, if you give me this copy it, if you give me money when I get back to me, again. I will send you through the pony, express your very own copy of this. That is didn't jeering, Prince came here now gathered so trend. Then he just kept all the money he had, of course, People are idiots because they What are they also trusted him that this, because was just so like that It was amazing how much he could
It people he was instantly trust. He has guileless yeah those areas and he had no real his competence and when he said you just trusted him, because he was just saying these things and using it like they all say, is real fast grill. Brusque newcomer me like I, don't worry I'll give you got. Thank you for the money and I will definitely outposts without, would be sending it all. You see not not to night shades, and now I'm gonna put out the door Yang and then you'd leave thinking that he was your best friend in the world. Right like you'd, come An pissed off and you'd leave him slightly the back Tonia joke and that Henry Howard do. I love him right. Today that should ended for him now. Yet I will get yeah that should in that. Only charmingly takes you so far so here, leaves Philadelphia Herman WEBS. You're much and he arrives in Chicago in eighteen, eighty, six as H, H, homes. Now this disc, finish Chicago them, but to get. This is all from be no Eric losses
corruption in devil in the wide city which really I cannot recommend enough. So at the Nineteenth century Chicago comply, it was a boom town. Did the city it bounce back completely from the grave far of eighteen. Seventy one, because in eighteen? Seventy one, the reason why Chicago went up so fast because it was his all wooden, build any just slapped fake stone, exteriors on all of them, and you know why soon as the fire happened, which they believe was started by cow, but actually probably we start by, but your kid Seward Garden fires probably a budgetary teenage Zack about it. It was a tender by described the Chicago, the tinder box and is a person of flames. I had no idea how big that disaster was until I read depraved. I was like the the idea: it's like it, just it that one fires were like like the whole city went up? There was the best thing that ever happened to Chicago they re actually was yeah, but besides the deep dish, don't even get me started is because, with all of this other land out of the way
with all these old buildings out of the way Chicago start from scratch in Chicago became. The birthplace of the skyscraper, the fur, modern buildings, built anywhere really in the world were built in Chicago, because had the infrastructure of a settled area. It had thing was pay. Everything was good to go. Also had the land and the people already there get high to live out everything up what should be happening in Detroit, but instead there just letting packs of roving dogs be made here, maybe in Baltimore, maybe that sea vs will turn into a murderer castle of its own. Of course, with progress came people every day, thousands of trains were in and out of Chicago Carrion, thousands of people and on every single one of these trains. Roads then go young women who had never left home. Before for this was in America, the infancy
a female independent and where they would do with these trains of they add as follows with because they do. They'd have special like single women trains and they would do. Is that an affront to the train? It puts too big inflatable balloons of big fake brazier. That's a! U newer was role in detail, and then there was a GEO Francis type who wielded a huge video camera, go a little crazy at the earls, go a little grey that yes, there are that they were. There goes further than that excludes the dew integrity takes forty five minutes for them to take boobies Elvis than this. I said that The infancy of female underpins. This was the first time in America that women had ever struck out on their own because YO, you have the advent of the railroad network in America, so getting from place to place was actually fairly simple for the very first time. If a woman had the money, gumption. She could go anywhere. She wanted to in Chicago was the center of the MID West. So
every woman, every young woman who wanted to strike out our own every young woman who wanted to have an adventure before she got married all went to Chicago he now they just go, get big their most people. Do you know Chicago is about lovely town, because when I go to Chicago, I feel like a supermodel, I will say: people are beautiful. We have your beauty, women and really good lookin- do doubt their scarlet strong city, but there they can get stout they just totally. Mr they should have to pee. Walkie was gods was a hip town back then, and for these girls there were jobs, weight and form typewriters augur first steam set seamstresses rivers. These. Women could actually go there. They can live on their own. They could get paid a living wage recourse before this women didn't have jobs outside of just farm woman,
I got a lot of doing the work. She just stands next to the far and make sure the pigs are pink. This by Chicago, being the urban centres, the MID west bit of a hell, hole garbage how high and alleyways billion The fly swarm the streets, the corpses of dogs, cats and horses riding in the streets in the same place where they died, the corpse frozen the winner bloated in first in the summer. The city love that sitting and this smell of Chicago see me was a big business. Chicago at the time, the area around the union stockyards they sit, it smelled like decompose seeing bodies, burnt, hair and cow shit don't get me hung Galicia grave
Yep famous Macgregor in critic of the american meat industry. Upton Sinclair you who you all remember. From junior year of high school, the jungle, the jungle, the jungle wrote about how like meat or meat is all grows. They had people and yet a maiden in meat people in the meat He said that the odor of Chicago ago had an elemental Oda Raw unglued. It was rich, Mr Rehn said so. Children's throng not an ultimatum, sound like that. These aims. Upton sounds like an opt in to me. It was a mock raker. I was sick by I. The real tattoo that age of nine and all I asked my was allowed me wrong through the garden. I just want to see the tulips springs and the earlier part of the year, but my group kept me: The strong elements who wins the parliaments from the peace?
it also my weak feed. Those worried me die would see coming from baggage living room. I know that one for illegal alarm clock as the horrid meet over it? Could you say that to me who me damn lotion, weren't dammit, we're my pants does game easily and often in Chicago not just to animals, but also to humans, today, an average of two people were killed by trains. Street cars fell on pedestrian from drawbridge illness that better out of there. I think to people killed it. What are they sleep and you get to people a day killed by trains? I I want to believe that all trains are phantoms and I will show you scientifically retinal
I dare this train today across through me. I want to feel its activities. Would you gotta learn? So you check. I challenge you to do. Do you could do is failing is a cloud has taken? We lost our fear society. Officially announced train are not phantoms up, now is the trades horses God spoken, trampled through crowds and fires killed dozens people and women went there to go on vacation hotspot, businesslike Miami merger widespread for the most part on punished, because the police force hadn't even come close to grow and, along with the population, cargo in eighteen. Ninety two: it saw
almost sixteen hundred murders and those are just the ones that we know that in the government structure put in place it enough sanitation they didn't have any they had. No, I mean, with all the twenty year change. Mammy Meyer municipal government was really a thing? Yes, yes, they were literally everything was private industries. Emmi like we're copies, were private interests jazz only everything was all bibbs get. Capitalism was at its height, yeah, yeah actual, like firemen, you had to pay firemen car and they do that today, to this day as well, I mean a date that technically are they not legally compelled to come, fight fire to farm, and yet, if you go on home, if there's a fire they have to color was a story. Two years ago I forget what the county was the fireman stared at the fire and let it burn because the people who live in that home did not pay them. The feed
have to pay to have fire or was it absolutely debts in Mumbai know that here in a grand old, United States of America, I think that's illegal, we'll talk about it. When I went to arrest the fireman out you and I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna go down, didn't downtown New York and financial district, I'm going to civilian arrest, a firefly gonna go great, yes, so these. Yes, so murder was just something that happened that nobody really even gave a fuck about. Of course they gave a fuck, but no there wasn't really many detectives around in Chicago at the time the in Chicago was also comparatively compare. To say in New York in Philadelphia still fairly new city. It wasn't. It didn't, have the jump start that those other cities had it was still trying to find its identity. So author, and publisher Paul Lindo disturb describe your go, as quote a gigantic peep show of utter horror,
while others simply just called it say ten, ages again didn't believe and trained yeah. I guess so despite this Chicago against all odds. Chosen as the site of the eighteen. Ninety three worlds fair. It's like when they gave the Russians the Olympics. Actually it's exactly like when they gave Euralia the earlier. They gave it to the dark courts. Men give it up and commerce met. The dark horse was Saint, Louis was Saint Louis, is I don't even know it's there, ed horse, Saint Louis suck in this game. Anyway, we should never want the Olympics is a huge waste of money to gigantic ways to money, and I hate having only javelin throwers everywhere steel and our women that dangerous walking down the street. You never know when their practice in the matter. The reason why we wanted to make such a huge shown is because in the eighteen, eighty nine worlds, fair, the Eiffel Tower
had been unveiled and pear sets a big one. Now is an outdated. We get those a huge get. That was what pairs of that was. Paris's, big fuck, you too, the world is that hey we're Paris, we're here, look at this gigantic cock. We ever got it right and I can. If there were no withdraw, you will go to the www these tapes at the idea, TAT ere we arrive speed when the sea man I've s, allows you know you're tower slowly, useless right. You just gotta go: up there and look at their city, I mean, does really serve a purpose. So a marrow at the Paris Worlds Fair had given what you would call it a day small, showing we had a couple of exhibits here and their best thing
we did was Buffalo bills, Wild West Show- and I was just shown how good we are killing native Americans kinder. While we were really good at it is thus in Chicago this. While this is in Paris, this is there, of course, while bills, while Buffalo bills, wild West showed did also have quite a big show, at the world's fair in Chicago, but a man Erica. It was our turn to shine the four hundredth anniversary of crystal Columbus's, discovery of America was common up and with forty there's until the exhibition was to open the vote for the low Station of the fair came down the New York Chicago ends. Saint Louis and when Saint Louis gave up in Sid, it's votes to New York City, one
I'll go and exclaimed judgment. I am prepared to state that any person from Saint Louis would rob mature and another man shouted or points. It is why stop that's a fun conference on things, conferences and governments of was way better back and we re you can yell stuff about wives, pies, appointed and dogs. They eat soup, drear, no of, as are worth right, aid soup, because you smell before he tasted caveats, but you're cargo would went out in the end, and so the colombian exposition was slated to be held in Chicago four years later in eighteen, ninety three, and that would mean that litter Millions of people will be travelling in and out of the city from March and tall October of that year. It was the perfect time for HIV, almost as if Chicago at this time in ways had been made just for
like Lucille Ball in the classic scene, where she has too much chocolate coming down. The conveyor believe that all these people come into all this. I can't kill them all so quickly, but it's it's it's more like it was a chicken and egg type thing. It's something like H. H, homes was going to happen eventually. Yazzi again you. Have one mirror image like like again, we would go with Manson in the sixties. You have the free love movement. You have like old like yet the accepting each other. In the end, be group should like that of the different sort of like of thinking I call the family groups there was gonna, be somebody who's, gonna come and take advantage of that they're gonna be huggin someone's going to let you too how humans work and because we're
After all, we really fear half bucks up. We really can be the best way possible and h, H, homes was was built for it, and you know grim sleeper, there's a great document on the grim sleeper. The crack epidemic in the grim sleeper correlate perfectly with one another. I mean it was just a perfect storm for him as well. Somebody takes advantage of its echoing what Eddie was talking. Eddie, do from round table talk about the story about how they there was all the gang by we talked about on, and the nine eleven washed and hides yeah when nine let the day of nine eleven up a martian hides a lotta people disappeared all at once, because all the cops were all downtown and yet so we d humans do bad things like that, but we also invented salt water Taffy November that actually, I think, saltwater taffy was invented at the world's fare of eighteen. Ninety four yeah well
our energy? Ninety three excuse me. That's a tough in this is a good podcast can love taffy fact segment, and so after homes arrived in Chicago and eighty eighty, eight five years before the world spare he traveled to Inglewood a fast growing suburb of Chicago, and he quickly found a pharmacy across the street from a vacant law on the corner of Wallace and sixty six sixty third, he talked to the elderly woman inside and found out tat. Her husband was at the moment upstairs. As in their apartment dying, can, and you should have been suspicious when his first reaction merely was like really He's up says, he's dying of gets right up very sad. I dont really lovely I've laughing with grief today about it.
So what am I going to get my books? Okay, the homes immediately sense that you can take advantage of the situation he offered his services as a pharmacist to help her in her time of need corset. The fact that he had just accidentally Cora called extremely killed, someone doing the same job in Philadelphia. Then he told her later on and she literally was slippery this when he did or eat he becomes so good at the job there were. He was really good at the customer. Turner unread come at any quickly give him their medicine. She was just like. He told them he basically settings. I do know exactly killed somebody in Philadelphia and she, just like everybody's accidentally, killed somebody where farmers are rarely in the late eighteen hundred yeah entities to this day gap known a pharmacist do currently kill behold. I've all the time. Just remember that when you go to your local CBS is that pharmacist literally kill people all the time all the time, because any body can be a pharmacist aright.
You go in there. Let's say you could even go through school to be a pharmacist and be a killer like age, old, yeah. Remember anybody can become anything in any of those people can kill you at any time. President America. So, though, old man died soon after home started work in there and following his death homes offered by the FAO, I see from the old, where widow on a payment plan a course she said? Yes, moors, you're the best thing that's it you're the best thing that possibly could come along and, of course, homes never livered on the payments each month. You'd have some excuse or another to explain away. Why couldn't payer and eventually the old lady followed suit against them and soon after she followed suit, she disappeared completely.
What you want to go, join the army that that's exactly what happened. They will recruiting elderly widows if one here, you re there well that you know the frontier wars were said, the indian worth resell, rage and honor. They need aplenty old. When will they would use old? Women is decoys, they would put amounted to. They would put about new a field go EP. Many a native Americans could come. I'm desperately in sick record. My horn addiction is really just I'm sick. I got the shivers. I've got the sweats, I'm gonna be like yours, you here you ve sweet old woman, have corn for just you with your ailments. Then you know the call for greater market. Oh that's other men with guns. Come out, I'm not a scholar. I dont, I'm not a historic thing. It's very possible what age homes told everybody is that she we had gone to visit relatives in California because all the old customers or ask an actor and
ass time went on when there are. Finally, while she's really been in California for a long time, he said, oh, she loved it. So much she's just decided to stay there eventually Doug herself, a wholly down innovative covered that herself and dirt their strange analogy for the move to A forty. It's like her ghost went there. So you, less than a year after age. You write in Chicago homes decided it was time to take another wife, awhile miss Motor Z, Belk Map, beautiful names, bacchanalia nineties murder, where do you think the z stood for, will be law murder. She was from Minneapolis and after a short courtship and which h h, role, letters about subjects ranging from romantic gestures made by the rich and famous to the your casino of pig slaughtering murder, move to Chicago and became his
I think, and an end to this day, that that is what all messages on ok, Cupid, now consistently failure that is. Did you know that this man bought a hotel for his wife as an expression of his love and also win They boil the bristles off of the pigs oftentimes. There are still alive- and this we'll technically were ninety percent matched and I'm just so sick of going out on dates and being a single girl in the city has just become really overwhelming. I hate meeting people at bars, so I guess I'm going to have to go this moustachios millionaire that from Mozilla resurrect county he calls it welcome to my family, so this girl murder not once did it. Ever cross your mind that anything was wrong with her husband. She said here was a lover of paths and always had a dog or cat usually whores play with them out to remove tricks are wrong.
With him about his interactions with baby, she said all who were travelling there haven't really maybe the called you would say- go in We will lend you that baby for a little while the water brought we would play with their forgotten everything else, tools more call for it or not Did she obviously wanted it back to the era before Dvds stores and the blockbuster videos? You just technical rent debate, also that I had its powers of entertainment taken a baby employ on its army. I think it's miraculous how a baby's arms just hold to its body as I took my tongue and I talk and they do not removed Stretch Armstrong. I must use science to see if I can separate the arms from this big the mother wants it? No, I brought my doctors hammer the murder, not stand the attention that homes received from women costs. We said earlier, he was the key
a ladies man. Of course women would come to the pharmacy just to hang out with a joy to flirt with, would work with him there for a little bit and then couldn't handle it, and then he sent her upstairs. The goes live in the house above them and do the desk work and then did got more more tens budget, where the other guys in Chicago like how bad they have been for h, H homes to be the only hope for these poor single women, but he eats any guy with a top hat, is back in the day. It's just him. It was at all of these onto these women we're going to Chicago to meet a man just like him, an ambitious man on the rise with a flock of suit caught all suit code on afforded top hat, and there were the bunch these guys just some of them. Just you know couldn't like most them couldn't Also in their dicks tested work here, horrible drugs. He was just more of iron and you know to, and so
of course she was sent up stairs away from homes because he didn't necessarily. He wasn't necessarily angry with her head. Started a seer as a nuisance, because that's how cycle that's really see people like nothing more than a nuisance, something and just get rid of, and she was in a year of marriage, got pregnant and she just got shot off to live with her parents before she gave birth and Ere. She would stay and murder. She would be one. Of only two. You should be one of only two of homes as romantic conquest in Chicago to survive. Their relationship, and we don't it's possible that key, have some feeling for her at some point, or it's possible that he just couldn't be bothered to get rid of her or it's possible that he just didn't have the opportunity to right now. It seems like he over, but you as you see throughout the rest of his story, he keeps going back.
In checking in on murder and his kid, but I, like the I heard he was her dicey, staring at a dead cat to come, I also believe that it was ever a sexual thing, though, with these cadavers in these animal. Yes, yes, yes, we're going to need your jacket. Will you'll find out yeah, really worry that we finally get oriented, but he foreigners, raise a momentum. Disgusting person, I would say he d- have lots of calm. In other words, don't worry about worry about episode to there's plenty a com. I know we had a lot of come talk in the last couple. Episode I'd I'd all new drive. What did we decide, but you know we, you can have all come all the time you can you can you gotta keep among more just be dessert, but ye I he did. It sexual proclivities, but I do think that sort of way in their people that have connections to people it's like em,
I had a listener. Send me a face. A registrar about how is dad new is dad was at work. Hit on Jeffrey Dahmer. Haven't you ever damage every Dahmer would be at the bar all the time and there he saw him out all time at the gay bars. Are we dammit need hit out. Ameliorate dancer should hang out and Jeff Dahmer kept saying no heavy like MA am That is why the news, not my type, you also, they have feelings and away. They have won getting worse. We also might not when Dahmer said not whose typees like Peter we'll know when you go missing yet you're, really not my child, somehow shut up a wife, completely turned his attention across the street to the forementioned vacant lot. He boy the land in the summer of eighteen, eighty, eight and thinking ahead registered that he'd under a fake name, Hs Campbell the sight of his murderer castle
finally been chosen. Who would not have been more perfect? I mean for a murder castle. You I mean hotel. It could have been better for, like anything else, for any other business, no for a business for hotel for everything he had been wandering that corner four year. It was perfect because, of course, the world's fair was common in just A few short years Chicago was growing rapidly. They said there was an apartment rush at this time that people were just rushing to get apartments wherever they couldn't Chicago the train, the EL train was com, was being built in to NGO Wood, and so people working in the city could travel in and out this spot was perfect for everything that he wanted, and one last scam to sell the pharmacy before moving across the street
did was. He said he sold the pharmacy to a guy. You basically be put the pharmacy. Others am selling this forum for some x amount of money. A guy from out of town came in to see delight to check it out and each homes had paid a bunch of people to show up and and pretty to be customers there, it was what he was doing is he would buy. You would get therefore credit inside of the pharmacy. So all of it and then not pay people that run and get it. So that's how he was making money ends. He did. Was he basically heave faked it be a busy Pharmacy Solon Sky, this crazy price- He didn't really read the contract. He left to go, get his family and come back to the pharmacy when he came back ages, had removed all the fixtures inside of it every anything I was fancy and then the guy moved in their legacy. Ok, we're gonna, start this business and then looked across the street to see that the castle sprang up and then later
really a sheet come off of a new pharmacy. Did h h homes at opened across the street from his they had. All of them is fixtures inside of it, and it was like twice the size and super fancy location, location, location. He got the perfect one and it seems like he's. Gonna have a very successful business on his hands. Well How do you measures to exert some technic it's like you know how they say that Stalin was a great man yeah, it's kind of that would do of more grotesquerie? That's where talks about Genghis Khan, I hate when he says Genghis Khan. I know that you're supposed to say he is Genk, said technically and it's time you supposed to engage in a hard core history hits the jangle real hard by being existing guess. So you know this was reaching and then genius com was the greatest. Relate move. It said by greatest again: it just means he just had a big impact on history, but most it is. Men of history were actually fuckin horrible day.
Jack lay like a judge. Your h, H, homes like I, was telling you all. My hotel in Washington DC could have been could have been a Hitler, but you know what you did the stone putting together those tat, our brain, no tactically, he'd put together. One can, but it was really is. As Malta was all we had such a good time and washing dizzy. Remember my god. Thank you guys so much. We d d c pod fast this last Saturday and it was unbelievably fund and the fans who came out we're so incredible, kind everybody with everybody was greater than we had such a blast, and this old again. Others prove that yeah we can do some out of town chose, so here in the future were definitely gonna go to one out of New York City book us, please if you have a venue outside in New York City, they you think can draw some people, the youth has a big contingency of last pike. S left fans get a whole
Others will talk. Absolutely we really only ass for bus fare for that answer. My Lord airline or bus bear no more of Armenia. We are asking for a minimum train we know really. Boys is no more, but I cannot deal on anymore bus as you die you how you are the but remember, Ben you weren't the one had to deal with the man with the scars all over his face. Asking you to come and is now would have us. Do you read all about it? I was very very made me feel very pretty. He was very fragile, exactly sweet, and when I turned him down, he politely thank me for my time, but it was with a robust, wasn't so early a thank you to say to you. I wish I had more time with you. As always, there goes my bar bus was leaving in thirty minutes. Long
story short. We were at Port Authority worried where we I'll departed to Washington DC, always slightly late, because there was a problem on the age range, not exactly my fault, when markets was waiting, a man propositioned him because he is so attractive and homeless. People love markets is crooked teeth because they think their normal teeth and you'd go I'll offer to blow Job, so I actually think it could have been a great great time. Your fifty menacing blown another here, sloppy blowjob basic pillar of my my wife. Scotch saw grows. Yet hail yourselves and thanks for all the beef jerky from Randy again my dream I went through, I may say it's. The best bet she's made yes I'll, say a hundred percent in the best back three of my children, I love all of em. I leave all the batches of the same non hale, sweet, say yeah and if you ask why last buck S and left, he sure you can go to,
If calmly, radio dot com slash March and while you're there, you can listen to all the other shows that may have been do together round table a gentleman Abe Lincoln stop. As you can hear. Some shows that I do with Henry Sister, Jackie page, seven, sex and other human activity is and about. We got a lot of new listeners on this episode. Every time we do a heavy hunter, we tend to gain a few new listeners that are looking for some more soon. Who killer knowledge out there. So if you're, a new US or be sure, go join, the Facebook Growth is not a great discussions. There go follow centre at LP on the left Ben is at being castle. Henrys at Henry loves you, and in case you didn't see it on the facebook page clear it all up Henry, five said. I am five foot seven, I am six feet tall Ben is
six foot so badly with area, but there was something with the aim of course, follow Mark is part on Twitter, Marcus, barks, etc. There was something with the picture that we took outside of Washington DC in front of the White House in July. I looked so courageously big, but we are normal, so I'm normal sire, I am, I am of average high. I D say: people are like you're, not a midget normal person, ethically, I'm short for a centre in the NBA, and everyone was tellin me. I thought you would be tinier much tiny forget as big as I got a lot of my high on the perfect hide for a drummer. A swimmer and a climber gets all three of those things. I am ok. I've seen you swim once except climbing. I am very I have two different
yet more renewal? Is the she'll go back and archive all the other heavy heaters we ve done again eleven and that if you are like it wasn't violent enough on this when it gets very violent, I usually violent, but this is our having enters go man we get her you're really your background information, you really gotta paint a picture, because all these guys context is extremely poor. I am also going to just put out. There is a guarantee in the next couple of weeks, you're going to get your violence. We are looking for some pretty fucked up things and I hope that you guys enjoy being upset underweight because I'm gonna enjoy being upset. Our slide off my back, because I don't feel feeling your own people were time of donations of we're doing a patron thinks it will be very soon gay and watch out. Watch out for Mercosur failures. Of sale, me algae,
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