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Episode 203: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part I - Operation Brownie Pockets

2015-12-03 | 🔗

It's two of America's lesser known serial killers this week as we cover Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, partners in crime who tortured and murdered up to 25 men, women, and children over just one year in the early eighties. There's also a unicorn.

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There's no place to escape to this is the what I did and I'm in trouble. Everyone. As always look at the beautiful mark is far we've had risen. Breast with his head, were you were recognized for being the star of heroes reborn yeah find what led I was buying condoms at the store at a man turned to Maine. He was a oshit you quit and heroes reborn I was like yeah man yeah, that you want to show and he's like man, you fucking and I'm so yeah yes, must be, They must be yes, yes, Sir absolutely yep ultra
so do. Is that it's not to buy in condo you talking housekeeping you funking it's like yeah, we can do all my god. You know, put the skipper misstep, but Ding Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding Ding, and we danced in a circle arm in arm at fourth, and then he robbed me. Isn't that nice, pretty lifestyle, your eleven. You can't even buy condoms without being harassed in the Lion Beacon of Fuckin'. No, alright! So today's subject matter, I don't know if this is really either way sex is involved. I guess it's disgusting, Leonard Lake and charge- team. Then the g either. That's it energy by pronounced in this is where the white parts of us really show. I'm not really sure how to put on some of these asian names. But I know it's Charles and I know that they don't have. They don't have like a serial killer named,
no, neither one of them do, which is very interesting, because they're very particular, I think at one point there were called the video confession killers, because you're gonna see did wonder. Lake and Charles NG are are that when they're, not if he did yes, Sir, it's sort of us your kill, you you're, really used to these guys documented every and they did it the old fashioned way on Vhs tape. Ok, that another iphone they could just uploaded to I movie to make a good smut film, but we figured for the Christmas season what better to bring in the holiday that makes all of us particularly me, feel the darkest emotions that I'll feel all year. I hate the holiday December is a shity month. It's full attention! Everybody just wants you to fuckin' bye, bye, bye, we've had three shooters this week and you know I'm not feeling particularly dolly. So I don't want any of you to feel that way either alright. Well, it's not mentioned the shooters anymore in evergreen. Show about shooters are here to
yeah, that's actually the matter affect someone can listen to this five years from now and be like there was Richard this week. That's a good point Henry. Let's start it off these guys. Lynyrd Lake in Charles NG. They were partners in crime and at least eleven an at the most twenty five murders over the span of just over a year, from nineteen eighty, two to nineteen, eighty, three in the San Francisco area, the lake and NG, killed men, women, children even to into try your families, but they were focused mainly on imprisoning, torturing and killing young women in the pursuit of creating what Leonard Lake named his M lady yeah, the operation Maranda he'd like to call it after his favorite book, collector by John Foals, and I thought it was. I thought it was after my favorite sex in the city character. She really butchered. That name has a thing. I said some of those Miranda's were actually closer to her Charlotte
yeah that they became rand. Is this horrible story this this whole? This is like Marcus and I are both talk about a dog meat and I both had to take that several showers yeah while researching this. This is g idly despicable. The they kill babies, Charles NG, wrote, drew cartoons depicting the things they do to babies, whether they were satire or not. I mean they were satire. They were funny looking cartoons, they were funny, they were, but I don't know that tire is you know, sort of defined by it not actually happen in real life, but there was one where literally, he drew himself with a chef hat on it and he had a chef head on it and he was stereotypically asian a new shop in her baby and loser. He was literally going Dingdong killed a baby. Oh oh cook, debate be cooked a baby and again will not sit at stereotypically asian, no, no stereotypically serial killer. No, I mean he do himself in a fashion He was racist against himself, I'm not racist, as will find
Charles NG one of the most stereotypically asian people. That's ever existed there. He is he's a difficult man, but these guys were real BO jacksons of the killer world. Jack of all These guys, who I could really compare them to the most, is the toy box killer. This is the worst most disturbing episode as far as things that we have journals videos from these guys. This is the most disturbing thing that we're going to cover since the toy box killer and guess what we're going to cover it a lot and we're going to start right up top with Lynyrd leg
the video blogger yeah loved to record his own conversations, love the sound of his own voice, love the sound of his own voice, sort of a Nixon meets the wedding tape killer. Yes, but this guy he had. He started everything off with what was eventually called the philosophy tape an in this key set out exactly how he was going to pull off operation Miranda. Let's listen this I piece of yet. I believe that I can. If I can construct a holding cell, I can create a Facility that is so stark so empty that fairly quickly by a combination of painful punishments. When I'm displeased, I can quickly condition a young woman.
To cooperate with Maine Bully it may not work. However, I want to try to find out- is that the with these two men going to construct has a gigantic bison teen underground bunker, not unlike H, H Holmes. It becomes their playground for sadistic sexual play for up to twenty five, possibly women, men and children yeah, and this and these guys when I have, but you know, as I'm researching course in your research. These things is the only thing that we can talk about The people, and when space is great I mean Christmas there's a researcher get while doing Thanksgiving were like sitting Hola Marcus, and I literally at Thanksgiving together, like I just see Marcus vigorously carving the turkey I get into into it. Then I going over there, man, like oh, look like a real
lady over there yeah we that we have a hearty laugh and then we love thirty seconds of chilled silence. Yeah, no, don't have children anytime soon guys, but these guys, tried Leonard Lake and Charles ink. When I tell people yeah we're working on these like most brutal, most one of the most amazing true crime stories that I've ever researched. People don't know about him. Just like people didn't know about the toy box killer, it's because I think it it's too much. I think it's quite a bit. It's it's quite a bit! It's just that in the in the brutality of these guys, it's too much to handle it's like kid day. Today right great album great, although you know that I just but these guys are up our special brand of pieces of they are control. Freaks are hyper nerds military nerds, which I think in the end, we're
this year. The worst kind we're going to see that the it's a military nerds above I felt, I think eventually do you. Do you turn into a terrorist like Timothy Mcveigh? It's kind of that same mentality, and these guys just low of the put it in the Bush in a way that was criminal yeah good point- and I do want to point out- I do want to which was kind of wolfed you gave a wolf I get. Image out of my head of him, pushing play on the vhs recorder and then having to run in the camera and then deliberately cool is some of that. In that eight I say yeah well, while these guys are both very fascinating. Let's start with Leonard Lake now Leonard was born to Gloria in Elgin Lake on October 29th, one thousand nine hundred and forty five in San Francisco ca. He be fall, buy a sister Sylvia and a brother Donald a little after Donna came though Leonard's father a notorious alcoholic hightailed it up to Seattle. To
is presumably miserable life, and you know there is a special bus line for drunk dad's that you can take from San Francisco to Seattle. Called the dribble. Take that dribble bus all the way down. It's just a bunch of drunk dad's, just hanging out just this wigging out of class having the best time in their lives is listed. Another but Def leopard like in a drive that busted twice the speed limit just in case crash and it'll kill, all of them instantly right right right. It's like a greyhound with the toilets, always full yes, and they just they want they want it to go. They wanted to flip, take the dribble when you're a sad day, Gloria, did follow Elgin up to Seattle, a couple of months later to try to save the marriage, but little lizard be left at home with the grandparents never to live with either of his parents. Ever again, despite his mother and siblings, were turning. The San Francisco within the year Leonard stayed with his grandpa.
Intel? He came of age now this? Is it what what happens well he's thing with his grandparents. This is some fairly rough on, but we're gonna see early on that Leonard Lake. You know like mostly when, coupled to date like a split up, and they do that thing where they're, like they tell their children. This is not your fault. This is mommy and daddy to still love you. We just need to leave I am pretty certain that all of this was Leonard Lakes fall like started off as a child, highly sexually active. They said that he was a child like and that's actually not on normal, a lot of kids wake up like a kind of have a weird pressure, natural sexual fascination with in either males out or they be calm, not like Larry Flint, constructive, with
It makes the money or Jeffrey Dahmer or a letter lake, and so he Bobby came out. He was sexually fascinated was on sister. The thing is, his grandmother was to raise them in a very particular way where she wanted them to understand in the beauty of the human body and I'm part of what she did. I don't know how much of it is true or not, but this is from what I read from various sources like murder, PT and a couple other places that she basically made him take nude pictures of his sisters in order to help him get an artistic appreciation of the naked human form and eventually began to develop a sexual obsession with his younger sister, Sylvia and eventually their older brother Donald became this very aggressive member. The household needs to be done all of them and what Leonard you should do. We say it is
Yes, sir I'll protect you from Donald. If you start to do this thing to me, I like to call a blow job all right, so he did that with his sister a lot so that now that's entertaining huh interesting tale, indeed Leonard also had a problem with animals. His cousin Chester, Richard ST used to visit like when they're about eight hundred or nine years Old Chester said that Lester had a thing for mice. He had pet, my start off with just a few, but as Chester told that they reproduced in the thousands but there's testimony but might be a little old suspect. He seemed to be a bit of an exaggerated. This is what he said had to say about. When here's. My Seattle little city forum is regularly little mouse world there were totals in castles, raises an evil. Little train
I don't know that is kind of cute and mouse conductor that is kind of adorable, but that doesn't seem to be too malicious at this point. This is kind of a creative thing. For a kid to do. It seems like someone who enjoys early games of being God. Tiny things you can own in command. Then! Yes, it's very constructive, so you just described the job of a of a city planner which is all that he really was. But I remember very concerned if I heard from the mouth of a city, planner y'all, just my mice, going through my Macy's and maternal still, I'm done with, I guarantee you. They talk exactly like that. I actually promised that. Well, I mean as far as him having a little mouse world. That's not so bad, but when it came time to get rid of, 'Em Chester said that Lynyrd sold some. Gave away a few others is this man, charity work for the most part, killed them and dissolve their bodies in acid, using his beginner chemistry, soon, I've just like Jeffrey
He said that when this is also true, this is a quote from his cousin. He said that what he would do is he would put them in a little jar of acid and they would slowly turn into. Green, a little ugly during yeah, ugly, green, good, beautiful forest green yeah yeah. I kinda reminds like read it to me, but twenty turn This line right right, right, yeah, I think it'll be in the sequel. Well, as Henry said earlier, Lynyrd always had a problem with his brother Donald See, Donald had been hit in the head by it. Brain. When he was nine yeah, I read that now are we talking a? I'm in training, training, curious humans or a small trade. I gotta say I mean technically his heads way stronger than most right 'cause. It got hit by an actual train, this good on yeah, you old, timey injury and that, of course, caused brain damage
caused all to be in the words of his sister quote a little slow and also made him quite violent. It's that's the kicker I get there right there and yet also made him dependant on his mother, and this informed Leonards opinion that key held from a very early age that people who are dependent on the government were lazy or incompetent. He said that he would poison the water supply of everyone on welfare. If he could know what we're seeing here is a very intense conservative, like military, like streak that literally started from when he was a boy he were going to hit. What you're going to say right here is that he basically became a really big. This ship early in a part of an insufferable teenager, oh yeah, what are the worst sort of? I hate it when kids are conservative Gaston, seeing like a child republican, because that means like there's no place to
oh right right there, like you, have to start warm hearted in slowly. The world should make you cold and end and broke, and that's the goal of lords yeah. Definitely, but not when you're young. You shouldn't start like that. No you shouldn't start railing again welfare queens when you're ten. No, no, I'm the only thing you can do when you're twenty is to make a murder basement that's eventually, if you start cold at ten by buy news about thirty five, when the murder basement care, so yeah start high, and then slowly go back down, but yeah Lynyrd did grow up to be an insufferable teenager, not just because of the conservative views, but he was also one of those kids. That said like, oh I wore ancient Norse gods, and then he said like well, actually I'm a buddhist and then finally, he settled on atheism as saying that he didn't place any faith in Quote Holy Joe.
Yeah, but I mean, but that sort of normal I went through a little. You know I went through the Wicca phase and then I went through my bob where, in the Texas Chainsaw massacre shirt for two years fades, and then I mean I'm back in both of them. So it's weird, but now I choose it and in a fun way, yeah, but it is what you really with Leonard Lake is that when I read about Lynyrd like I really can't help but think about the internet, because his entire persona is kind of that. You know what is now become the cliche neckbeard person yeah he's a neckbeard yeah exactly way. To put it he's a easy, he gives us phone store on Itunes. Yes, is this guy? Is this guys in like people like my mom, her like it's the potty humor that I don't like one stone? That's right, Do you think the internet would have saved him? I I have actually been thinking about. That quite a bit is if you would have had something on the internet, other guys to say like yeah yeah. Of course, women are all bitchez you, there
for you, they are there to be your slave. Maybe he would then this, but uh. Your real mens rights guy will make. My question is with him. Is that, to be honest, when I think a Leonard, like I think, of the cannibal cop Guy, what I think is that what he would use the internet for we're going to get into with Leonard Lake is a man that was all about sexual fantasy, forever dean dark sexual obsession with every time. The one thing on the internet can do is, I think, porn is really good in a lot of ways. I think it's good to masturbate. I think one of the things you gotta do. It helps a lot of people it. I think it saves a lot of people from rape. I think it coils a lot of rape fantasies if he could jerk it out and get it out of your system. This is the type of guy that I think that that sort of sex
session and the way you can go down a deep dark sex hole on the internet would have made him even worse. That's a great documentary. I think it's called thought crimes on valet officer, valet, all about the cannibal cop, really good. Other side of the internet argument is that it normalizes such fantasies as well, so he could also get sort of caught up five hundred and ten years later, he has it's so ingrained in his mind that this is just common thought that he goes an accident without knowing the ramifications of action, so it could be, but it also could be that you know he has this fantasy about a Maranda woman, the you know the sort of like traps slave then he goes on king dot com and sees that exact same thing: yeah jerks it out and he's fine for drives a webcam service, doing that kind of thing and get a private message to do all that goes to the U K and pays five hundred bucks and has the experience actually acted out for him, which is something that they do with the king dot com facilities, there's a
a documentary on a forget, the name is just call cake. It's great he's the manager best buy yes exactly lake as a change speaking of fantasy, he was also obsessed. This was a lifelong obsession with a novel called the collector of the story, the actor goes that'll only butterfly collector becomes fixated on a young woman name. Miranda. He kidnaps her and forces her to stay in a prison of his own, making here's an excerpt from the collector. It was like not having a net and catching a specimen. You wanted in your first and second fingers. I was always very clever with that coming up slowly behind and you had it, but you had an ip, the thorax and it would be quivering there. It wasn't easy like it was with the killing bottle and it was twice as difficult.
With her, because I didn't want to kill her. That was the last thing I wanted. This is a very common. Almost a fairy tale type tropes Rapunzel. You know. Well in the in the in the castle or even Shrek, is about something similar. Well, that's about rescue that sound, like you know, I didn't know they were. The detectives are Shrek Leonard Lake is whatever the name of the terrible princes yeah exactly later like it. Yeah is the guy that keeps them. You know yeah that keeps him in captivity. It's also there's the opposite to this is where Leonard Lake is a lot like Btk, where he romanticizes the whole thing and his position in it. It's a part of that is viewing yourself as a sympathetic, evil king, where you're like you, want to keep somebody and only use them exactly how you want them to and it to him when you'll see later on, we go through the rules when he once operation Miranda is in full force. He begins to believe like.
Eventually the the love being right. Yeah exactly and bought a house dot com syndrome, thing, yeah and Leonard Lake. Is that one of the reasons why I why I consider layered like so fascinating is because you can read since we have so many documents written by him, since we have so many a so much video evidence of him actually talking about these crimes very candidly, we could really see the evolution of this guy yeah. We can see how these things, actually like how he call from fantasy to reality, yeah and why he went from fantasy to reality like how what that actually came, and what I, Anything is that will definitely get in this. More probably in part, two part three is that it's kind of a midlife crisis? Yes, that's what you
You're gonna see you later on what will go into this, but once once he is thirty. Five he's like I'm dumpy, I'm bald. He says all the stuff is like my body's bad there's, a type of woman I want to have sex with that will not look at me, and so I need to find a way to make sure I I I can get that from them, because I deserve because I've come this far blah blah blah yeah piece of shit, yeah right right, right, right, yeah he's like uh the extreme version of the internet, nice guy, like on the on the nice guy. Why do they always go with the assholes in Leonard Lake? Is the absolute extreme version of that right? Right I mean if you didn't, invest. How much damn money in this murder based and he could have bought a corvette and trolled the town. I'm sure some young gal will love it. Just do that shit. You don't need to keep a prisoner I'll say any right now. If you have prisoners, let him go, let it go. Let him go get him out of there come on you don't want it! It's too much of a hassle. You know it is comes down to it. You know how hard it is to keep the prisoners. Just let him go. Let me know what you should do is go
buy Corvette, get a corvette or whatever the coolest car is nowadays, so the so Lynyrd leg. Of course, you know he's it does take. Until his mid 30s for tax we enact the operation, Miranda, the man that he annex it with is men. Fifteen years his junior, a one Mister Charles his middle name is Cheetah yeah, which is so cool. His name is actually Charles Cheetah in which is very funny, because he's very chubby He doesn't seem like he'd move all that fast. Well, he became chubby later as he got into prison 'cause they all get chubby and and but he was kind of spry when he was a younger fellow, he was a rapist. You mean yeah, absolutely centrals, cheating, Charles Gina in Leonard Legs, a partner in crime. He was born on Christmas Eve one thousand nine hundred and sixty. In Hong Kong, two
Kenneth and oily ping. The youngest of three an, although middle class, the family of five lived in a two bedroom and with two grandmothers and two aunts, which is you know, They had a very big family system, family support system in China. That's I like that, so they live, is cultural on, but his father was like a driving manding man, again kind of cultural he's, a real tiger dad, which means that he beat the fuck out of it like a bunch, but he really just wondered if you listen to the stories afterwards like if the experts of his father like this is true, is that he had a lot of hope for Charlie and he put a lot of work into Charlie and was like I'm going to do the best for you and pay for all these private schools. But then, when it didn't workout use like you, sort of flipped out of beating him, but later on, his father was like maybe
and should not be putting so much. It may be not well. This whole thing could have been avoided if the Chinese are to put in their one child policy way earlier. This is Hong Kong. This is Hong Kong, so it's a british territory different, very good, so NG is different from lake. In that the child, he actually loved animals and went to great lengths to care for them case in point. Was his pet check in now chart had raised his pet check very dangerous to raise a chicken in Hong Kong, I consider it a pet yeah, you know. Yes, it did not workout and so the chick in medicine in a cooking pot and we don't know by the way, if Charles was informed of him, eating his pet chicken before or after dinner you know this is the Straightener South Park. It's what Cartman did when you fed the man's parents in the eyes
yeah all the parents, to yes, yeah! It's on the radio. I want to say this. I was very good with chickens, the child, this one's, informative, missing chicken and what detective did they call some stupid one, and then I went in there and I got to check it out what you talking about, swensons wanted to check in now so instances the grocery with family is the name of a family. Ymca, ok sentence, somebody to get the chicken the chicken did not go to that person. You can go. It was up in the coop and I went in, but is there anyway, I could supposed to be yes, no, but they wanted it to probably kill it. So you Ok. Well now, I think about it. Actually, yeah you were the grim reaper about chicken. Well, you're not out earn this chickens. Trust somehow is a giant boy. You went out, Or did you clap your arms in buckle down like you were giant chicken very theatrical. I did what I had to do. It was just at the time when you were also told by the principle you were hugging. People no, that was years later,
So anyway, it'll it'll look into the life of Ben Kissel. I got the chicken dance chicken there checking out where another day in long fat man, history concerning other pets. Eight king said what is the problem said she kept getting delicious yeah. So he got a turtle, and so the mother said when he's walking around this turtle each and then Rita he had a tear to, and he would not recognize rocket up so to turtle was all over the place in the house. So every day he's flying fish to feed his turtle. When, when are you going to do to touch is getting pig here and I'm like Erm touches ship attorney, I just get a craving for it. So what you add do shepherds Chapel, which happened.
And no church in number Charlie come in and he's like. Oh women. Church ago I say you eat super three day new Super three day you would actually church ago and it's hard to go up. Boo, hoo is very sad. I didn't know that turtles eat fish yeah who knew yeah and then, of course, there was the dog to enjoy Ping said Jada very smelly, Sperrys marry, so we wanted to bring it to Department Detur to default, your chari and not have the charter Rita turtle out to the pond, and then there was a dark, I'm afraid of death, so he will reset where there are some other jog shouldn't talk. I have some companion in the whole time, I'm like Charlie, why you boo and Tori Boo, who said he gonna rock up woman and makeup maker due to rape, rape for many months in summer, Charlie Bird?
seems to me like Charlie's mother is the future serial killer. She just killing all the poor boys pets, and you know each spent that was last just devastated the little Charlie just devastated. He was such a little bich you're going to see this later on to when hit the trial goes south and he sentence to death. Yeah. You see this outcome on his face when he just like fucking caught fucking. Quite always, always wrong he's like literally like that's what he literally I'm, not being racist, no, not really being raised yeah. No, that is actually exactly what he sounded like yeah, and so this little kid like he. These were ten temper tantrums when she took these pets away. It's because you're living in a got him house with two hands integrated. You want to turn. You want to turn a letter dog shiting all over the place. I understand why she turned him into
I want Charlie site on this one. I don't know if you ever heard of apparent killing your favorite animal and then feeding it to you this three times. This is China. This is China. There's very little food going around he's bringing food in the house that he's given names You know, you know if you leave and no inside you guys are on anymore, I'm so pro not feeding your child, their pets. Ok, ok, thank you for clarifying. I mean I'm just saying: there's a difference between a pet in amateur farm. I mean that's what he's turned in the house. I don't know, of course, these temper tantrums turn into behavioral problems Charles started, getting into trouble again and again and particularly like, hurling malt off cocktails off of roofs love. Bullying little british children, Hong Kong, being a british territory, but what he was into most of all was theft. He would steal anything and his thieving ways
and I'm in jail again and again throughout the years, and eventually this would result in both his and Leonard Lakes, down fall way down the line and I'm sure he was real, sneaky yeah, yeah yeah, he was super sneaky. They always seem to get caught all the time, so he was a bad thief right. You know it's very interesting with people that are like become career thieves and the reason why they become known as clear thieves as they keep getting. Clock right, career thieves, never get caught the best ones. You never hear about yeah, which is interesting. How many career thieves are out there if your careers listen. Alright, I'm going to do in total impunity all right. We won't ask your name use a burner email! Please email, us! If you steal for a living, I want to hear how you do it and we just do me a favor check. Your pockets is your wallet at the wall. Another day, long fat man as a kid bounce from private school to private school book.
Those of you know the thievery in the arson and the like that eventually landed him in San Francisco in nineteen, seventy nine and by October of that year, Charles had faked his birth. Certificate and join the Us Marines, and that is the thing that would bring him in Leonard Lake together was Semper fi that the whole idea of Marines bonding together because Leonard like also joined the Marines, because he blocked from a young age. Charles NG, was convinced that the army was going to be like the perfect fit for him, because he had violent tendencies. He loved guns. He was obsessed with everything about like the uniform. He thought it was going to give him some legitimacy and literally literally Well did he know he had a brother in Leonard Lake, technically on Father figure in Leonard Lake yeah he really did and Leonard Lake. He joy. He joined the Marines in a pretty bad.
Time January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty four oh yeah yeah. It was just a few months before Gulf of Tonkin in just a few months before the United States would go full on to the Vietnam WAR right. So military life immediately appealed to Leonard, like, of course, he loved the guns he loved quote, unquote survival skills that he learned the Marines, but He really enjoyed was the affectations of military, All these guys do the like the feeling that being the military give him these. These types had joined the marine, these files, yeah yeah. No, no, there are. You know we have a ton of listeners in the armed forces out there, but these guys people in the armed forces. You know the guy we're talking about yeah, it's the piece of shit that there just because you a helmet and a gun. Yeah yeah, yeah and loves camouflage that littered lake was one of those camo guys. The only shops at army surplus wears camouflage all the time lots of bernays. He also he loved the language of the military. He always referred to all of his.
Actions, no matter how mundane or sinister he always called him operations or ops, yeah sure, God, operation go get me some But I just shat in IRAN out of paper, towels yeah, you just put yourself in the middle of mess. All that's not an operation operation brownie pockets is in effect. Yes, we're going to call that you just shut yourself, you drunk bastard and, of course there was the promise of violence Lynyrd later on. He would tell people that he loved his time in Vietnam. He didn't even want to leave. They made him leave that he quote: unquote, killed a lot of people and that the hardest thing I had to do was quote unquote, zip up a body
but he was in totally full of shit. He was lying because he worked well he's a radar technician, user error yeah. He was a radar technician and that's another thing that vets say a lot is that the guys that talk about combat never saw any right so they're trying to just sort of, I guess trump up their own egos, they're trying to trump up their own egos, they're trying to seem impressive to people or they're trying to intimidate people. It's like yeah, Kilts mutherfuckers, the people who actually kill people, don't fucking talk there, haunted by it. So young cool killed people. He does. He can't even talk Vietnam. He can't even go to Chinatown right through that. That's true right. I mean that is true, but I'm talking about I've never seen him and trying to imagine. If you went to try to down, he wouldn't be good there, my trigger some p t s d, huh, yeah yeah. You can say that for a bit near and racism, this guy was like. I love the smell of napalm in the morning, and then you just like look down
So that's an omelet, never mind. So we never saw any battle at all. Didn't see a single minute of combat spent all of his time on a base, denying maybe he heard some. He might have heard some gunfire model some bombs here and there, but he never. He never once went out into the, but he was never in country did love the horror houses of Vietnam and that's actually very true. He did. He did, of course that's, but that's what he did, that I mean what you're going to see again. He got training for yeah. He went into denying I've got some horrors and came on back work on some radar, but really the Marines to their credit. This was the only Time in linear legs live that anybody would see. Maybe there's something a little fuckedup about this thing. That's the Marines Right Marine Stadium, one thousand nine hundred and sixty bucks literally, they were like. We can't put a gun in your hands, they just faked. A terrorist act is start a war in Vietnam. I mean
Vietnam. They were, like you are far too sane for this gun. Go back, have a good. I have a pint of whiskey. Come back, we will argue yeah yeah. I was crazy. Yeah. Vietnam was a crazy and Lake was too crazy for Vietnam yeah, so they didn't give him any sort of they didn't deal. I'm gonna go no. Where near the field, you can get a gun and he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic, basically impending, because a friend Yeah there were like basically he was like. Well, it's like here's. One dig short of a dozen he's like that's like what his funking terminology was, and they kicked him off the Fucking Marines, the minimal discharge and he was put in a hospital psych ward for a couple of months and his first wife Karen Lee Minors, men who he married between his first and second tours of duty, later told of a strange incident involving him, soon after his diagnosis. One night lake broke into a storage facility to steal, quote unquote: Government Equipment Karen does
remember exactly what it was, but either way he didn't find. What he's looking for and blamed his failure on quote an attack of dire. Operation brownie pockets is in full effect, retreat retreat, believe they've come back again. His solution to this was to lay in bed for days at a time eating nothing but chocolate. I know how that feels right, Kathy his reasoning, was that chocolate cause constipation so as soon as he was suitably plugged up, he could resume his up and complete his mission, but as far as we know he never did I would consider. I would resume operation brownie pockets, but yeah. I got to tell you what I love sounds like you like chocolate. More, you know, operation, fondue tube is in full effect. Let's go, oh my goodness, but the rest of Karen's marriage to Leonard wouldn't be so whimsical all that was
the good part of it. Now is doing more days in bed slamming chocolate food stops it himself, and so he could steal things from the government, so we had some good times honey. But man, mostly it's been pretty rough. So she actually, she described their first few months of marriage, as quote unquote sword, average and their time. I always like to describe all my romance The honey moving fat, the honeymoon phase sort of average and they uh she described there. After he was officially discharged as going would fairly normal, but things went downhill fairly quickly. After that, as We know from Leonard's philosophy tape that we heard from the very beginning of the show and what we know about psychopaths in general lakes relationships all I started off with him playing the sweet heart because he wants to appear to you as a person that you want him to me. Yeah, you want. You want to be the perfect man, because a part of it is the sadistic pleasure he
get out of making the switch or or that does not understand why you won't jump with him to the switch, because he was a very as we're going to see. Kinky man, he's not in a way that was remotely normal. It's too, because it was just as soon as you give them and you take a mile. His sexual predilections right were unquenchable. Did he have that much forethought though? Or he was he just you know in order to get people's attention or if you get someone to love you have to, would you have to do? Did he want to be a good person? No, he said he was like every time that he would do something kind. He was just like just wait. This is all bullshit which 'cause he just felt. He was above everybody, so he feels like he is a condescending count, talked down to the people that are below him in order to mesmerize them, and then it's like what you're going to see what he says before about the term off the shelf lover, which is like how slaves were off the shelf employees, where it's like. That's like what
She well that's what he wanted. So in the end, he would take these women and mold them into a way that he wanted. He thought that they would go along with him because he was so superior and he had to spell over them and not like most of the time they're like now yeah, and when it did work. He always it always came back like bucking Biches man like these like when women wouldn't acquiesce to his will, it was never. His Well, it was never what he was doing. It was always everything was always done to him right right right and then, but he did have some hold with his first wife. He pressured her into doing a becoming a prostitute for him, where that was his idea was to push it being like. You started taking nude pictures of her and sort of going out and basically selling her body a little bit for her to make some cash and that's how he he did it and he got sexual pleasure out of her,
shared by many men and people always talked about Leonard Lake is being an extremely charming manner. At least the women who fell into his trap. I thought he was either described as extremely charming or in absolute pieces shipped in, like a bat, is like a lot of people did kind of seems like there's something really wrong with this. This is where we'll see the Strip of H, H, Holmes. Yeah, where he is, is that the word he believed he was larger than life, yeah and Leonard legs biggest kink by far the thing that got him off the absolute most, some that start in childhood, taking nude photographs over the years Leonard Lake would accumulate dozens upon dozens of albums of nude pictures he'd take of both women and young girls, and it wasn't just pictures that he was married to or dating either he somehow he convinced countless women to pose for him over the years.
In all how he'd love to show him to pick the show. Those pictures to anyone who would look. Anybody who entered into Lynyrd Lakes Home would be forced to look at his collection of nude photographs. Once you got to know him a little bit any really good dude or something you start looking at the pictures and we were dating the meat show you the pictures, because there was something about him that he thought that you would sexually excite these women are and it didn't know, I believe it or not. They don't like to feel extremely jealous. No exactly not an. He showed him to his wife, Karen the time that he was taking pictures of other women. While he was married to Karen and is do she knows, and that marriage extended far beyond the sexual round, he claimed to hate telephones and only got our telephone after concocting a co, completely fake identity to give to the phone to spare. He just this thing where it's at it's the guys are like. I don't shop online 'cause. The government is going to take the credit card mean like man, they got
our shared a shot off get over it. He pastored constantly about take, art in three ways which she only did once and did not enjoy. She supported him completely by dancing at his local strip. Love while he gardened all day long and just would not shut the fuc up about the collector. I don't know I mean up to this point. To be honest, though, taking nude pictures, everyone on their cell phones right now have tons of nude pictures. You know in the killing of the mice. That's now that extreme I mean she would really jumped the shark, because at this point he's not quite as bad as You know something like a Ramirez already at this point, or I mean there's a lot of crazy are people who have covered up to this point. I think I mean May 27th related, but guide, I mean I don't particularly three way fantasy, but many guys have three way fantasy. It's the way the it's. As far as the my like yeah some people like okay, let's say, like I was a kid. I used to kill frogs. You know I'm so, but that's not quite as bad as
killing dozens of mice and dissolving their bodies, while giggling yeah, I've gotten so much fun. Works out there, but holes in laughter Azov, but they technically, that was Texas Game is also the only thing they could do is can also they were reptiles there. Further away from us my ex, oh so young for senior water will say, makes no sense. That is a weird. No. This is validated totally makes sense, because mice are mammals there closer to Us Leonard, Lakeside, Ohio letters, lakes in tires, life was devoted to sex, that's the problem is that it's it once you get to a point in his past more like working at a job if it was passed on a bike at the club, the collector became every thing on his mind. That's right. We're became the unhealthy and became bigger than just some guy who's into three
right is. It was the only thing he was concerned. Yeah, I'm just saying I'm interested to hear really how he goes to the next level of true right and as far as the the nude photographs go. Imagine if you got a bunch of like say, nude self fees from a bunch of different. Ladies and you insisted on showing the nude selfie is the you, have on your phone to every acquaintance that you talk to every time. You it would be awkward and uncomfortable right, but I'm not saying that then they, I would immediately jump to murder based, but he had physically forced his girlfriend wife. It physically forced his wife to work at a Strip club and become a prostitute. Yeah. This is what he's doing he brought him like. He became like an amateur pimp. You became his own version of the collector in a small. In the house is like this sort of lead and he was also super abusive. He would administer what he called controlled beatings that he would stop.
Hypno, now we're getting there. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. He started hitting her with an open hand at heart. I just spoke too soon. I'm sorry! Then he started with an open hand and then slowly worked his way up to a fist. She endured the marriage for two years before Finally, leaving him in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two, his lap Petty act would be to break into her new apartment in burn holes. In all of her clothes with acid and Leonard Sister, JANET said that the divorce was the last time ever saw Lynyrd cry and along with the kind of sort of that bad abandonment of his mother as a child was the source of lakes. Hatred of women he's, also a very common psychopathic tray where he just pins at all on this one woman that betrayed him, even though he was beating the fuck out of her and then his mom who left because she couldn't handle his drunk father in the fact that she literally was hearing into the eyes of a young psychopath, yeah yeah, I mean to
burning of the holes in the closed with acid is very specific, but people cut up their significant others close all the time, leave them on the front lawn things like that. I mean the Control Bediones now getting, I understand, he's not a good person. Yeah term control is very bizarre. Yeah yeah! It is very bizarre- and I do agree that this is a pretty normal. I guess I would say at this point: he's average psychopath, but also we are forget, during this time his obsession with the oncoming nuclear Holocaust that was going to end all life on earth, and that's what we're getting too right now. That is a thing that he had carried since the Marines when he was going through the Marines. A part of a sort of this diatribe early on about how like this is just the fucking beginning. These communists are going to take this up to the fucking midnight of the nuclear clock like this. Is it we've got to prepare the end times and everyone like Lenny, you're being crazy and he's like I'm, not crazy, which means you're, crazy, right yeah. He got. He became obsessed
using and learning quote unquote survival skills would use one of those assholes that used to bury food in the woods and saw that that was going to save him, and so, while legitimately he would bring people over the House talk about his food deposits in the end of the world, while flipping through nude pictures of the many prostitutes he paid to take nude pictures of rough neighbor, yeah, so rough new boyfriend who bring around the parents yeah yeah, you don't show him to mom and dad for quite some time, but it's not a cool god. No, no, absolutely not yeah. He called He said like if you don't have cyber survival skills and if you don't have a bunker, then you're not going to survive the impending nuclear Holocaust, you can use a bunker for dogmeat. Pretty sexy sex slave prison
yeah. You can definitely take a bunker and turn into a prison for a sex slave, which is also exactly what he wanted. He felt that women should only be used for cleaning sex and when you're done with them, you can put them away yeah. What's funny, my parents used to always tell me that it doesn't matter what grade you got in school because you never know Jesus is coming back. Oh and then they found out Jesus wasn't coming back. They moved to Florida, that's what they did instead, but you get the feeling after the nuclear Holocaust, never occured, which everyone was saying was going to occured. I mean this was still lock down drills in middle schools. They would hide under their desk because that would somehow not not get you murdered, but I think once that didn't happen. Maybe that was the step two in life. No, he always thought it up to the very end. He was waiting for the end to come and what he would do to also prepare for that is that he would, as Marcus put here he's very fatalistic. Yeah he kept with him cyanide caplets that he would he would use on dogs in order to work the dosage
he would so cyanide tablets into his clothes just in case it out. Whenever the ship went down, he could fuckin' off himself and also he would not shut up about to anybody that he met yeah. He would always say: carry death in my pocket and also talked about how he had hollowed out one of his teeth and I have a little bit of cyanide and one of his teeth. So in case he was, he had his clothes taken away from him. He could quickly just open up his tooth with his tongue and swallow the cyanide and die and stuff yeah working for a mission, what a pain they. This is just a God. I could see this guy at an office feels the copiers had shitton. Just like. Oh we've come by your desk and hound and then every single time, like any girl, comes to talk to you and leaves he's just like that,
These are really say: shut off, Login Landon get away for Maine now. Well, it would be years before Lake would find a suitable spot to carryout out opera Miranda he would try for the first time on a five thousand acre homestead called the ranch split into two hundred separate plot. Of land, a small community, had sprung up composed of former San franciscans looking to escape the failure of the Haight Ashbury him which is the very end of the hang over from the it's like that of the end of the hippie movement. Yes, were people that were trying to truly live off the grid and again we're going to see how these sort of alter which communities are immediately taken, vantage of by cycle yeah. If they're trying to live off the grid in the most innocent way possible, they're trying to live without power lines without telephones, everyone in about it
There really isn't. This is how Warren Jeffs controlled everybody in Utah. This is how cold start. This is a molestation goes unchecked. These people were all a bunch of deviance, but the problem is that that's where it goes always, but at the very beginning at least the first fifty- ten minutes it starts at it being like. We can go, look on and use the call on both his food, and Pretty bits of corn, you can hang up on strings work on decoration, yeah. The first generation is always people with names like, and these people all did live at the ranch people. Names like Zephyr Beaver. Order and morning glory and morning glory can make some of the best tree branch sandals. If you've ever seen. Yes, they are highly uncomfortable and get the only last for three wears but they're. Definitely at one point tree branch sand. Nice actually
in morning glory. They were said to be the high priest and priestess, and ranch is quote: unquote: black magic called and owned, quite the large snake, but you know, which is two people black robe, just waving to people driving by me like welcome to the neighborhood you guys wanna goblet, of blood, it's not blood, it's grape juice, which is having fun over here, come over and join the culture I got enjoy yourself. We got all the cord, you could possibly stomach yeah. Definitely you go out you plant corn and then you're like what do you have to do? You just have to wait for it to grow. You gotta fill the time with something you suck at bowling bowling out no dust cloud playing with a large snake, but there was one unsuspecting far too trusting her hippie with way too much faith in the goodness of people that Leonard Lake scanned, her name was Venus. Now, if you need
naked Venus. Well, no Venus was the name she gave to herself. If you give yourself the name, much much worse, you're, basically, I'm not saying you're asking for it, but you're definitely going to be taken advantage of you're, definitely going to be taken advantage. So I have a new nickname idea, just think, but I can't give it to myself. You have to give it to me. Men are from Mars. Women are from just go to be go to grad school barrel. I'm calling you share. No that's, but women are liable. Woman. Where am I from Venus? That's my name. He called me Venus go to grad school Cheryl. I know I'm your father, you don't respect me and I I truly I've tried. I would've heard you Cheryl is just as hard for you to not be murdered in a sextant will need us, wouldn't be murdered
sex dungeon. That's why I mean, but literally like she would get into a relationship with him, which was no picnic either for months. He's just constantly pressure her to take nude photos will go on and on about a survival skills started just casually talk. Thing about killing his younger brother, but even creepier, where his frequent mentions of operation, Miranda and the bunker he needed to build to pull it all off and Venus, for some reason thought that Leonard was building a shelter for people to escape the cities like that's what she thought. Operation Miranda was because the way he talked about in a vague way, he'd be like to place through escaped too it's a place where only pleasure No, because I think it's going to be the New Valhalla sounds amazing, but he's just like it's going to be ropes there in a lot of pussey. Damn like bail I'll, just hear the first bit. I wish to
verse, Harriet Tubman, making a bizarre underground, railroad but like out of the cities into some role as place. Yeah problem with that real road is just went straight to ball It wasn't or anything, though, was he was. He was tunnel yeah. He absolutely was not what he would do much to the chagrin of all the hippies around. Is he rented a backhoe and brought it out to the right? this sort of thinking, big old, you just gouging out the sides that these beautiful these beautiful slopes, but the hippies of course did nude. Do anything about it. It was really down there. Yeah free live, and you can't tell me you can't get it back and ruin the nature, because technically that's is free, yeah, technically, but yeah, but actually the rest of the community. They admitted that the more he to talked about operation Miranda and the more he started actually digging out a whole to build it. The more he quote: unquote. Freaked us out yeah
yes and Venus is breaking point, came when Leonard pushed her off a ladder, and so she so Lynyrd, the property, an led 'cause. It wasn't his house. No, he basically, he came into the community, was kind of bumming around had seduced Venus and Venus invited him into her house, and then she sold it to and in a weird sort of hippie way, like just being like alright, well you're, just going to do your own thing, and so she sent it sold sold at the house to him. Meanwhile, also romancing a sixteen year old yeah. That became obsessed with him like this sixteen year old that he showing pictures all these nude pictures of women who used to be with- and this is the common example of like if you're underage and a thirty year old, is flirting with you and you think he's cool It's b I mean any thirty year old is flirting with the sixteen year old. Is a monster right. So at this point he's in the cycle path the of Macaulay Culkin from the movie, the good son- that's very,
Dad is pushing people off a ladder, so yeah he's doing a little bit crazy. Everyone is concerned about his present he's Ed Geen, killing his brother crazy right now, because at this time he's also bragging about the fact that he had killed his own brother. And he hadn't killed his brother at his fantasies. How he's talking about it? Yeah he's talking about it he's, talking about killing his own brother, very flippantly, like it's one of the it's like, and he talks about everything very casually except when he starts talking about the cyanide can't. Well, you tell it he talks about everything very casually until it gets to the underground bunker. I know it's very serious, but everything else like you know I got signed. I capsules, I mean all times always ready just to be sued impressive. He had to do like super cool and also he would invite his super fat friend Charles gone over it. He within mercifully make mercilessly make fun of in front of the people that he was introducing him yeah, I'm yet Charles Gunnar
five eight four hundred pound pull my calendar just called, in fact, Charles. That makes sense. It does make a lot of sense, but every time fat, Charles, visited Lynyrd would make him go on these really long hikes up the steepest slopes that he could find deliberately going a lot faster than Gunner could hand it snow then the trainers on biggest loser yeah. That's what I'm thinking kind of a Jillian Michaels type over here and although it seemed like, like God, kept going around just to torture, him will find out in the next episode the practical purpose that Leonard Lake found for fat, Charles, but you'll just have to wait to hear about operation fish. Oh my god wait for operation fish. This is exciting. I was in operation dookie, pants pockets, like goodness operations. Now the ranches overall reaction to Leonards personality was mixed to say the least, but he did manage to make one friend with the black magic priest. Next
he said there after hanging out a couple times, auto told Leonard that, through his occult studies of rare magical creatures, he thinks he had rediscovered ulhas process for creating Unicorns, like an extra stupid animal house, isn't that everybody's doing domscheit on this ranch? Oh, I see and then gutters the Belushi. It's all working out, yeah, so yeah order told him that he had rediscovered and another one. One hundred percent serious when he told them it's like. Yes, through my black magic studies, I have rediscovered uh forgotten process for creating a eunuch and the only one. The only thing one has to do to create a unicorn. The magical beast of Lorena Figment Area Tent was to perform a simple, just simple, surgical procedure. On the first hours of a goat's birth, which would
cause just one Sala Terry Horn, to grow from the animals for dad, and then it's a unicorn can't you see so it's a theory like cut off one of the dogs legs in the other, the other, like kind of slowly moves to the middle Is that what it's saying you could snap and animals bones of any shape body cam? You can sometimes they die, but that's just the magic overtaking them over to Neverland. But you would just say it's a one: Horned GOAT, not a unicorn, okay, uniform better! It only been able to pull this off successfully once and so Unicorn goat, Sir Lancelot and as soon as Lynyrd caught a glimpse of the Anna he in the words of die. For me, author, John Lasseter, quotes see unlimited potential for the seductive use of Sir Lancelot wanna nice.
Bunch of hippies. They were and by the way die for me by Don Lassiter yeah. I've been use, I'm using this book for information raw facts, but God dam is it bad? It's just a whole lot of side stories, a lot of side doors. I don't need to know the back story of a guy that once told Little Leonard Lake about a place that was hiring that is in the book. This author spends two pages on the back story of a guy. The just told the point: That pointed at a building and told Leonard Lake or hire an over. There watch the documentary journey into evil that is very informative and also what uh one that I'm reading right now, I believe, is called into the blood I'll put it up on the facebook page, it's good. It's or forty minutes. Long. Oh wonderful! You have developed a history of reading authors, books and then taking all the information out of it and then just throwing them under the
No! I don't know anyone of us. This is a good book. This guy, you haven't, read everything covered. I've had pictures on it. I love the picture. I mean it's very least. I want to say this guy crushed the pictures up, but I will say the one thing that he crushed it on is this little story that I really like because Sir Lance allot, the unicorn goat, would be used to make letters like ultimate seduction come true. At the renaissance, man well. The renaissance, fair is a very important part of Leonard Lake story courses proposition utter very simple: hey, hey, buddy, hey, listen! This coat, loving it! Alright love! You may be uniformly them what they do, but take this code, little Renaissance Fair, going to charge money for photos with go on working with profits right from the pictures going to split it with you, black priest, otter, be wild. Blackberries otter is just being like that's against the tenets of black magic to accept money for just
yeah, it's it's a sacred animal, but guess what it fucking worked. It were anytime so many times it worked enough where he kept this scam. Going on and off for an entire year until the magical
of one thousand nine hundred and eighty I'm going to put it this way, guys remember. Alright, I've heard people out there lamenting being single, but listen. We just had a thread about it. Sometimes you just gotta, do what you love and then love will find you because you're keeping your mind on what's important. So sometimes you gotta take a goat that is mutilated to look like a unicorn out to affair for up to a year, because you know what that can find you the perfect mate, because someone who is in love with you and your someone who is in love with the unicorn, that is obviously a goat and it's been tortured. Look like a unicorn is going to love. You and all of your dogs shed about underground bunkers in cyanide pills and it's going to be in the form of a woman named Claroline cricket Black. That's right, it's sort of the personification of. If you don't love me at my worst, you won't love me at my best, so she loved this goat yeah. No, no, she loved,
goat unicorn but like to cuddle entered legs jib immediately. They sorted like there's a there's, an exchange where she's, just like nice, goat he's like it's a unicorn she's like well something here. It's got a longhorn and he's just like wink, wink, wink and boom. They were in love, yet they just immediately this like weird sensual, banter back and forth. She immediately We moved in with him and soon after cricket, who shall be known- from here on out as soon after she came into his life. So too did Charles ANG, which will get into in disgusting detail on part two alright, so you could you would say this is the most lighthearted of the episodes that will be discussing here. 'cause the rest of it's pretty bleak right, he gets extremely bleak. We're going to get into some of the journals they don't work and make it fun don't even think about it. I don't think about it. Henry you see. Thinking about.
Yeah, you think about it. Don't think about it, don't think about it all right! That's episode, one yeah, Mister Mister Lake! In Charlie, I can't wait to get in and learn a lot more about. Mr Charlie, here yeah, because you know you can we help you find a girlfriend. You know yeah yeah. I don't need a lot of help with that. I'll tell you! Oh my god, I'm getting proposed to Golson wow good Shooter, who know I'm still celibate. That is by my choice, though, and that's one of those cheesy comedian, jokes. So what's that Crypton and we have some shadows here. Yes, we absolutely have some shout out. I want to get a shot up to Gary Schmitt, happy, 40th birthday, buddy yeah! I got the same chat buddy I hail Satan. It's your birthday, don't make a bunker where you keep women's slow,
No, he seems to be very happily married. That's great! I'm just saying both of you, because sometimes husbands and wives do it together, you don't just don't do it also want to say happy birthday to Carly from your boyfriend, Simon Miller. I hope you guys are still together. It is really a good morning. America thing now we're good happy hundreds of bird hunters birthday to Gloria in South Dakota. Sometimes it's nice, yeah, sometimes sometimes it's nice to be nice to the people band. No, I mean I'm very happy. I'm happy happy birthday, that's great Ben Sira! So I think it's wonderful. You had a birthday yeah if you guys wanna last bucket from left t shirt for Christmas time, go to cave, comedy, radio g r go to cave calmly, radio, dot com, slash, merge the last day we're going to be sending out tee shirts for Christmas. The very last day is December, twenty first so get in your orders before December. Two
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