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Episode 207: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Part IV - Roughly Ten Cats

2016-01-06 | 🔗

It's the conclusion to the saga of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng on this week's Last Podcast as we cover the pair's inevitable arrest, the gruesome discoveries made after their capture, and the bizarre trial of Charles Ng.

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Why don't you must be able to know the superior? That's not true! You cannot be a dab superhero. You can be applying one, no because you have one even seen a deaf one, yes siren from american gladiators death. I come down on his side. The island siren Betsy, cruel name of one of those by the american gladiator jobs, our. What have I cast on the left? Everyone? I am Benjamin Castle as always staring at the very handsome Marcus parts he's got a lotta, close exits freezing bank upper fight. It gives it cold enough for you, gotta, wear this Joker over up people's them. The funny one around the on this issue, because it may at Monday's just like round me up so much homage to bring a gun in here. I thought no water cooler talk. I wasn't, I told Brenda as it Brenda. You say, one more goddamn passiveaggressive word about my calendar choice. I'm gonna, crucify, you in front of the fucking attorney pedestrian. Oh, I love you know, office terms. Anyone s alone has been says. I've had an offer, the attorney general! That's right! That's
If a walking with Alec Baldwin, it's just comedy goal attorney district medicine is a year with it with the LAN Adele RE has a water cool tailing ony as a mother one had always had excited, rivals, bigoted excited we're on part four of lead Lake and Charles Inga. Now we are bringing it all back home on this episode and me last episode. Of course, that was, I would say, probably the most disturbing as far as the tapes go, but this episode and we're gonna be getting into the actual trial of Charles S. He is an unpleasant human beings and we're going to cover this more more, of course, and this episode these are two rude- do called Leonard, like controls at super rude do Subaru deeds I want to say. Ah I believe them
caricature of Charles ENG is barely ugh is barely larger than light nightmare. I need is the man now you feel like you're getting some blow back for the care. There is very little bit a blog. I feed feels like bamiyan and just say the man rise a bad person, and he is like this. This is what he sounded like. If you listen to interviews with them, we couldn't play any the audio clubs. I am because he is in the bad audio? Is there some child fearsome trial, stuff from him, but its? He sounds like that. You nailed it railed, do just crossly impression. While we love the last episode right after your leg and Charles being had exterminated and entire family like a lot of other serial killers. The thing that would bring down Leonard Liken Charles's would be relatively mundane during a routine trip to the hardware store Charles eying unable
control himself because of the aforementioned kleptomaniac picked up a seven five dollar vice hid it in his big shoplifters. Jack it then he had specifically from the shoplifters store. I like that store. Absolutely we can keep anything in there or he took the day. He took the vice, put it in his jacket, walked out the store and dropped the tool in the the aforementioned nineteen. Eighty Honda, Prelude, Leonard Leg who had been seen walking into the store with the oddly muscular asian man, who keep putting muscular and again oddly muscular here, because you just get it has had big shoulders at big maids is like inner thigh muscle. What's the odd muscle out of Adele Toy Yang a big deal too big? It else? Yes, so Leonard as I said, he was seen with the muscular asian man. He was detained, Intel police, arrived Cobb's took one look in
Honda Preludes and saw the vice, laying in plain sight and Charles Saying, was nowhere to be found absolutely cause you know, do the thing where he D, through the ninja smoke ball down and rising most most wreck shadow disappear surmount disappeared, not ass, thick ass, her third I've got it, and he can cause. She could spin kick so fast. That's where I was like a helicopter yet, and so you would, he would riding up. It's all see interested in cops. You're, not look above their eyebrows k I had to do was hover yeah, that's it. You can above the ice of them of the rim of the sad you're free to go, so the vice gave cops probable com noble cause to search the car where they found. Sturm router. Twenty two was registered to one Scots Happily, who was Lonnie Bonds best friend key was the guy
is the friend and was killed along with the bond family. This wouldn't it problem for Leonard Leg, because here still using Scott Saplings idea and passing that's why he would grail the other, burly bearded guys arise with moustaches. He would kill them in order to take the right at other Woolly, Willie's. Well, your leg again like his first arrest, for which he had been on the lamb for for the past few years, the thing that take down. Leonard leg was the illegal modification to the God now had it, not and for the rat for the arrest on the illegal gun. Modification is quite possible that linen I would have been able to talk his way out of the arrest and would have been free to kill again in.
The illegal modification correct me if I'm wrong, that was a pussy on the barrel, putting a pocket pussy for the barrel of the God. Yes, it was born with a bunch of broken men's teeth, isn't as it had made it to scary, to sell. Oh, I know it was a silencer, so police ran the registration on the Honda. They found that the car belonged to hall who had been robbed What is missing around Halloween the year before and the plates on the car belonging to another missing person Lonnie, now. This is how you fuck yourself up. If you ve got a vague idea that barely resembles you and a gun attach that idea right, you're, like so far the complex is being lazy. Just kind of like all k is obviously not those guy, but you know it is free Tuesday, and I gotta get over there
but once ducks the car than doesn't belong to. The mice never belong to you, and then you have different plates from a different car attached to that car going to jail and every person that is attached to every single one of these things has been did missing now at this point in any trials, we're gonna save we watched making a murderer. He is, he is innocent until proven guilty. Them are, of course, all just coincidence that these are all dead people attached the stuff that he was riding around ass, unlike was his throne, a patchwork of a kind of his quilt types of his victims, a coil of missing persons and murdered. This is again shows like he thought he had this fucking brilliant plan, this. What you do this are you hide off the grid when actually it all it took was one little piece of the puzzle by China remove one little jangle peace, his bullshit, and then he was done gap and
mission to that police also found slide photographs of the entire bond family in the car, not smart, Smart reaches carry these with him wherever he went wherever he went yeah he does it took me just had them in the car, for whatever reason, this is how often he showed people the pictures he took relic straight up. Like you, ve met you and you guys like an old like guinea. We really, as I do in a daze as like at all winter- was bright. Aid makes you want to see. This picture of a naked. Sixteen year old girl, I took levels Greek screw the small talk together in order to get to know you, the Leonard Lake, was around stood in placed into an interrogation room where he waited Knowing it was only a matter of time for police would grace his trail back to the cabin where all of the bodies and torture bunkers were
so the multiple murderer asked for a piece of paper, a pen and a glass of water and wrote a note to cricket. That said, dear Lynne, I of you, I forgive you free it is better than all else too JANET. I'm sorry ma patty and all was sorry for all the trouble love build a bit more than all the trouble murder a cab, and I have in the wood for the trouble so Leonard folded up the note placed it in his front, shirt, pocket and on June. Second, nineteen, eighty five- June. Second, nineteen, eighty five finally made good on his promise and swallowed, one of his secret cyanide capsules. He D in the hospital Two days later, a truly free men,
truly free man free as a ghost in hell of forty years ago. The hell, I don't think so, because I think you're technically kept at a gilded bird cage, surrounded by a hawk faced. Hurrah boss, untied demon whose puncture in you in that anus with a hot stabler, puts us in good time so police, who were absolutely baffled by the sudden turn of events surged Leonards car further for clues inside they found an electric bill addressed to Claire Earlene Cricket Bayliss. With an address in at least bill. So she immediately gives up Charles saying, but which he also does is because she's the sort of slight little lady she's kind of talks are way out of immediately go into the cabin with the police, and so would she, got to do with leave ahead of time clean up a bunch of shit. Basically, what you got to do it about a day's window, is go up to the cabin clear at all,
I'll, go with the actual murders, rapes and then go back to the police, and we like it's ready, divert search now, and then they go up with her to the cabin and like all right, a little lady, but couldn't help but notice it you're virgin is like hang out of the bottom nurse Merlin, like hanging over the bottom Smyrna, then at the zoo. That's a swifter commercial I could get behind cricket said is that she went up there to remove just plain legal erotic, videos that featured her to avoid in bed Erasmus, but actually work gonna do with crickets further involvement, in this trial. We're gonna, save cricket for entire bonus, happily so she's a fun one honestly I was I was talking about this with my girlfriend about how Leonard Lake had his sex life the cricket in him how we're ball.
Like crazy. She did whatever you want and they were ready to go the video. It was video footage of her because she was a schoolteacher and those very footage of her saying like like Lenin, was cutting interviewing her and the end she would look kindly talking. What she find sexy and then He turned to the camp she's like you, I've seen a lot of cute fourteen or fifteen year olds. That should end up in some of our movies. Just like, I think I could tell him suck. I have them in class and they're like laughing about it and shit. I was like your number one, none of the total difference was that cricket was into it, but she was into which you say for it into it. She was act like a normal human like an aura, usually a word: the sex drive, GAD Yea Cricket was totally into it in a normal way as far as we know, as far as can be conclusively prove what what Leonard leg
on. It was non consensual. He wanted that. He wanted to break a woman. Will he just felt that women should be at his Beck and call and that they should be honest deck whenever you want them to be and then disappear, so cops with? get into a day later began a search the mysterious cabin in the woods, cops found even more cyanide capsules hidden throughout the house with most then being found in Dore Frames, which I guess just for him to just reach up. If he was if Cobb's storm the house and they had to bring em out or something like that. If you happen to be without a Haiti cyanide capsule on his body, he could just reach up grab one swallow it. I tell you I get nervous. If I don't have we do now, however, the lowly ITALY
your grandmother had workers originals all around the house, so you can get a nibble on those. Throughout the day she had hid the door frames that limit the hell at her house go to after I was coming over. They knew exactly worded all the candy banana guy you tall and found Oliver. I leave you to hide these workers band aid up to four bags yesterday, and I am starting this smell D. The honey surmounted just come out of his pours, making diabetes it. So what made police realise that this case something more than just a kooky survivalist freak out at the first signs of arrest was the discovery of video equipment that belong to Harvey Doves, another Dubbs family. Appearance had been a pretty big deal in San Francisco at the time and at the time The only lead police had was a witness who
said they saw a strange muscular chinese man. I know your shoulders was yelling about a what he bring too. Friendship is really large avuncular. Looking man is only you describe him and he was carrying an arm war that was too I do his back with jumper came, would you say was oddly muscular so this? Guy, I, though, that was discussed in Vienna by the Dubbs. Witness match the description of the dead, survivalist, companion, Leonard Lakes, companion and, in fact, the two cops that win out that far load cricket out. There were involved in the Dubbs case and one of em what corridor saying that lay on his way out. There is like you, actually have a feeling about this, I have a feeling that this is somehow linked to Dubbs because there were so many like me because, because
They found Leonard Legged like three missing people immediately tied to the sky and they ve been searching. For the Harvey, dub scale. Killers or kidnapped for a long time, so the Cobb just he can't ahead appeal and go out there and they were The kind of looking out there for clues of missing persons Do you think it's a frame job They made the videos of land the evidence they made him have to take. The cyanide pill could to Charles Barkley running through the forest away for women like there never lose me our great rock rides. What you do it Charlotte. Charles, are you know every man needs I got it, I re not a whit, Linwood Idle Pilar with limited, are made as many flutes Zagreb make, with my big old basketball hands and then add this item. Six hundred and then I got scatter work, earthquake Scot Free that somethin breaking news
a survey of the property turned up multiple solve spots of soil. From recently Doug holes and the first thing That investigators found was a plastic drawn containing. Videotape labelled, M Ladys Kathy Slash Brenda Assholes call it give California Raisins Christmas, but it'll disappointment that one year and also did were, of course set. A photo albums of nude women lakes purse no journal and the video tape that was just labelled taboo soon after the scullery of the drum a police. Having wandered off in search of clues returned with a human,
bone in his mouth, complete with rotting flesh, and that's when investigators noticed the ants coming out from under a half heartedly buried peace apply would were dozens of ants carrying nagging eggs when police uncovered the whole. They found a section of human spine with flash still attacks. Urged the spine belong to the First M lady Kathleen Alan see when you sit ants, I thought you were gonna say there was three large ribbon like aunt, Peggy Marathon, aunt tubular, I not Casserole was cold. You died. You always get braid about how long I gave way of it all love a zoo gum can look, so they need to try the castle raw old this year and look what I found it to heal. The good data be policed. Audio January
try to get away then given human spine away from at least at all, on four. That is very sad, though it says reset supersede yes, of course, eventually found bone. Fragments will be gathered from the property, most of them cremated and in addition to that police also found a charred piece of liver. That a medical examiner said with a reasonable amount of certainty, came from a child between three seven years of age, both of the baby's that we know for a fact. Were murdered by Leonard Lake and Charles eying were less than a year old, which points towards multi poor child murders will obviously were doing as many horrible things as they could think of, and it seems like a lot of it was to cover up crimes and a lot of it. Probably if there were many more M Ladys besides Cathy and Brenda like it was
probably eliminating whole families and ideas of these kids are now a nuisance, and so neither dinner it. Always there get rid of everybody gap. We I'm an idiot make your house an orphanage because you murdered everybody's parents. Can you imagine that if it was half day care Charles Ain T ahead of you. None chucks altering. I have to go to the bathroom. Ok now appreciate now many routes in I chose incorrectly school first of NATO's bathroom. I just have to do what I do. Ok, This is written, I'm not punish. You know I put a shoe ritter. Would you have you when you go to bed them is see you take them dress finger your right hand. It is so deeply her regular like I Indeed, the injury Pity our view dorm redrawn, give it if it out of your body it comes out of here tears. P nurse. So while we
an investigator watched the Emily these tape, which, of course, we all know what was on the end. Ladies tape, another watched, the one that was marked taboo, which at first viewing, here too just be a movie taped off a tv but as the Vesna get her watched more closely. He noticed just a split second flash in the middle Those of you out there who remember v a chest tapes track. You always had to deal with the tracking version. Will I hope, everyone these taken their arthritis medication right can never be too serious about your medication and if you were like me, who obsessively taped every single thing they watched on television when you taped oversight, things. Sometimes you would have a flash. There would just be just a split:
second or food, and why cover it? If you were, if you were fast forwarding till I completely fill the whole, tighten them times would missile trot and when paused this flash revealed to bodies wrapped in I stick and sleeping bags lying in a who wheelbarrow this same. Wheelbarrow that was found in lakes shed in both bodies appear to be in full rigour mortis, when faced with this flash at trot I'll ing, said. I tried to teach a bad a minor Murray S pay issue, because you know I mean it's dyke, gig Inner made deliberately been dead for days and is stiff and he's dead, like what I share. My Halloween chose, as you can see tat when you know when you Would you gave you hurt? Nobody skeletons did didn't tinted entered intent and intent. In eight days you know funny rank would deter. Pattern is correct. I would echo. Did objection
I don't know The bodies were uncovered. They were still wrapped in those sleeping bags, both men were fully closed, exe further shoes both had rubber ball gags in their mouth and both have been bound at their risk and ankles, and both had been shot in the head. The bodies in question belonged to Lonnie Bond Senior and Scott Stapley, the man next door and is best and if your named Lonnie Bond Signor, you know what a play guitar right. I think you have to write yes or your professional poker player set, and that is a great name: Lahti Bond Junior. Oh, it's a wonderful man, it's jerky company name and by the way, thank you. Everyone for the jerky. You sent us. Yes, mean our friends just knowest, so well we get more meat than any podcast as ever existed. Absolutely love it. I got
I'm holding my hand Buffalo Bob's alligator and beef barbecue flavour jerky. And I M going it, I'm was gonna eat it while we performed, but it's too to thank you very much. Thank you. Ain't army bites for your kind letters and your beef jerking. Ok, let's, back to this in its end, spewed Joe how many bodies, the bone, fragments add up to one all is said and done twenty five Five pounds of cremated bone was recovered from the scene of the average human skeleton ways twenty pounds, so it's possible that the fragments themselves came from only to body is not Charles Ings Defence argued that investigators couldn't even conclusively prove that the bones for human and tried to argue that the bones were possibly roughly ten. Hats,
After all core room argument that the defence made her allows and Charles Darwin said it was tat bone and those from disagree with him your racism. Are you if you do agree with him? Your raise every single thing the men did is evolving. Glee, racist right up every every head on every turn, is completely that yeah big, thick Copilot glasses, only key cooks, cooks all day long of any important him cat me. Why do they races thought about chinese food? Perfect? hand rice and lies arrives arise he talks about it, we're gonna covered it talks about how much rise, bad driver who drivable dry right in? drugs non Johnny, Kung, fu, calling quote expert and then just
he's just sour Gells Alai Elles, Alot couldn't really quickly to anger. The green order with a great show, a lot it. So it's that, you like Cato everyone very good, acted, so what the bones were human or cat. We do know, conclusively through evidence that sixteen people were murdered by Leonard Lake and Charles ENG Buddy. And be estimated that just on that property there, could be as many as twenty five people. That's a the big bunch. A lot of people out of line and narrow because they had so much space and they could do to really wanted out there. Now and again there were killing people for many different reasons and they re and they felt they. Everybody was a threat Leonard, like thought that everybody was a threat in that he killed that the net the friend has raised, killed Scott steeply Road also, he was
people for reasons he was taking their idea. You money from what is the timeframe for twenty five. This is maybe two years, so they were just on a role. This was yet there were. There were in full berserker mode at that point here once they got that house set up once the whole cabin was set up in the m. Ladys like a holding cell was up. There is one boom boom boom boom metallic. When people wait to buy a home to have a family. Now starting a t, shirt company. I had set out space, you gotta, get they didn't you gonna printing press right, agonies, religious, go online, for Britain, Zalzal, oh and don't forget about one of responses. Jack Prince Jagger, prince dot com for all of your t. Shirt needs! That's where we get our t, shirts, they're a wonderful place to buy your t, shirts, gonna, JAG, Prince Dotcom israeli human bone, could be confused as a cap on Marcus God. No, no, I mean well, I mean it's it's very possible because the well I mean it's unlikely but passed,
Manta Rays CAT, regrettably, we're talking about like a minor, did, were told them like a wampum cat, then maybe right walking, Sub foretold Tom Catlett go like a weird orange light. Garfield like big foot through an animated type thing now like a crib, did so as to how Charles Ing, escaped a rest for the shoplift that he asked committed the seventy five dollar vies. Let's go back there when he saw that Leonard was being questioned in the store about the stolen vice, Charles simply just why to where very shrewd customer he just saw him like clearly came out some fuckin copses.
But it'll make haste to escape and business. Like red, eyed, crawled through ventilation system, no keys on big boy, it's interesting to Leonard lay gave up Charles so fat. Yes, they are both its an interesting thing about likelier, true scumbags. They weren't even loyal to each other. Now, as soon as one was in trouble, the other person just like left and they also weren't relieving mad at each other about it. It was this kind of under so it's almost like they talk to each other. Like a normal fuck you over, as soon as I can. If I need to and beyond psych ok yeah, I'm gonna fuck you over to let's lay all the cards are on the table here. That's almost that's almost honestly. Refreshing, released kinship. I've heard speeches simple right now that the going gets rob the going gets, go away, just go away and what drowsing did called up cricket who gave, enough money to flee the country Charles ended up in Canada in Calgary. Stay
with his sister and he was african the days later, on another shoplifting charge, he tried to steal some food, a loaf of bread I thank and for which a security guard and school teacher. Wrestled him to the dynamic caused him. My shame much yes, mud, shame! more shame Charles lost control of his bowels during the struggle, and once he was alone in his prison cell awaiting arraignment Charles try to hang himself with his feces soaked. Shorts guards promptly took away. All of his clothes Charles, was left in his cell covered and shit naked and totally alone
are you bastards do good? I shoot me pay supper at Exeter, but I tell you I do to prevent a minute arrests remnant of the coroner Ninja Lugosi. Oh yes, you may get mean Chapin position. Oh yes, you may have member constructive, but guess what I do. I put that every idea you put it Purpose programme proposed now, who fail then go, but why did you try to hang yourself and sell them? Because I wanted to be, must feel free to do come cut me there, because I know everyone debt by preparing year, everyone does get people on somebody when they die. I honestly think that that would have been Charles Earrings
cruel of validation, filling a spam. I'm happy that he didn't get the easy way out, though, I'm still it'll be pissed off the Leonard like ought to live out the sign I dream, yet he really did. Can I don't think it was Charles things dream to shit on a bunch of people being carried duty with them, though, wherever he went you know, soiled underwear were everywhere, hang a museum. He was in building up to it for literally decade. We don't know that that is not allowed. Do you not know that we drew up what evidence on the sea literally good sit at force, and I saw it all day like forcing yourself a throw up, and I don't know why I can make me sector oblige stick two fingers- and I hit my my camera turnips back- we ve got if we approve this by ever came on board. You came in my previous or there's another kind of those special Sparta. Now. You might think The multiple murder charge is facing an back in America would supersede aid, nothing else. Canada insisted that
in serve his full sentence for the assault in shoplifting, but or use extradited to the United States? That is a very canadian because they really do because it they have such a fucking like inferiority complex with America, that they are very much be like now here, ya, ya, you will serve the the canadian law hers guy he broke and I hear in Canada and here in Ghana we punish our criminals lightly. Very low calorie do punish them some time. Maple syrup on the old parent answered you got, you don't get any motions until both didn't have one up What Charles indeed, is it? This was the beginning of him gaming. The system to draw out his trial and to draw out is road to the death penalty as long as possible, because when he came
in two, when he started getting tried for the stuff in Canada, he requested a completely different trawled than was actually normal key requested a bit trial, which usual ends with stiffer sentences and almost always ends with the guilty play in order to strike his time in Canada as long as possible. He got the maximum sentence, yes cause you, he started reading when he who is in prison he's her reading legal man. It's very smart for in his way where did you anyway, he would read different like law, textbooks and shit and learn about this stuff. He really armed himself to come here and like an stretches out, belong as possible. What you'd? She doesn't really understand that eventually is like you're, where the jury reappears in America, they're gonna work, torture doing an event It would be like all this guy's gettin, fried as soon as humanly possible right were rightly are no more milk into the prostate, but here and there
is also something else to deal with. Legally. Is Canada and America had a treaty that said that Canada, if they were be if criminals were being extradited to state that had the death penalty candidate, choose where they wanted to extradite them or not and took four years for Charles to serve his sentence for assault in shoplifting and for that countries to negotiate the Extradition Treaty before he would be sent back to California, Troezene trial in California with last six years create over four tons of paper documents and would become the second most expensive trial in California history, sex only into the Mc Martin Preschool, satanic panic, molestation trials, but a head The Oj Simpson murder Trot s name, you rarely see this trial.
Mention with its quick Thirdly, the most expensive one because it didn't really hit it wasn't very sensational. It was just the the eared ploys. Trawling would do which is just fire. Your attorney over and over again young men just makes it so they have to keep miss trialing you, it's unbelievable these Canadians, unlike their legal system, one bed, Charles Ing, and, what's that documentary Dear Zachary, now dares early shedding light on what the Canadians are doing up their GAD, Dears, Akhiababa, gonna, say man that baby had carbon boy. You never know what it was gonna become so Charles had to say the least, pretty loose lips about his crimes, particularly with people. He met imprison. We saw this also with age age homes when he got in a prison, that famous gunslingers. That's when he started for the very first time to talk to anybody about to let anybody and about the crimes that he was committing. I mean
sort of up it's an ego, boosting thing Charles's one or your show that he was a real american bad ass. Much like kid, rock tat said that he could, Do the things it he said he would talk about like that. No kill! No thrill, no gun, no fun is that he can be like knowing. I did, kill people anomaly exactly how we did it not just rhyme, RO vows through there were two men. Above all who heard the most first being a man named Joseph Laborers that ENG serve time with in Canada. Now they had lost, pet names for each other, and this is what Le Berge called eying in. This is a name by the way that eating loved and thought that it was hilarious. Le Burgess, pet name for aiding was slant, while neighing like to call a Berge Froggy, uncle or grasshopper karate
having been released the previous year and nineteen. Eighty four, oh so they gonna bet a little roleplaying thing going round eyes: jocular attack, jugglers Irian Jaya, its he's a it Very interesting is again it's like it's. How he kind of made his way with peoples that people would be incredibly racist towards him, and then he would just kind of take it on he. Only just only watch movies with an Asian for he had this he's gonna have not allowed to choose, run for minerals, now limited selection. Somehow, Charles gotten a habit of drawing cartoons of his crimes and the birds estimates that being made him over one hundred in fifty drawings over the four years that the two lived neighbouring cells mode, The drawings depicted at very least at their tamest rape he's the reality and or brutal ass, an m
one drawing depicted Leonard Lake, holding a whip in his right hand in his crotch in the left, while saying oh I love you. I really due to a worm, bound hand and foot on a small table which represented Kathleen Alan, the Pears First M, weighty, but behind Lake and Cathy, was it air capture of Charles eying, saying rises, ready. Didn't I truly of the paintings very much, but you don't have the ink or any markers in your cell. What are you using debate with the cited and most ignorant of you? sure many ways, hair men, captain captivity, can make his own art. Surprise. What I like to call my news: Farts no
the only way that far surprise or forts supplies, or no no, I'm not being racist. Its afar surprise the algae good. That was why I am surprised that I am surprised. I actually, I think, even Rupert. Ok, I just want to clarify. So that's that's just jail thou, so I deserve it now. Regarding this cartoon, eying actually said during the trial, trial quote: ground where I was standing with debated raised at each jerk because in it script. Rick was jargon about how you effect for us work for us and cook. For us. We in fact you near a got to say under the M. Rabies have ever want cook for us or watch for us. I was due to cooking I wish you would actually doing motion cooking when I'm FDA sure again ass. I was I put in an essentially to set who unrealistic situation praised honest transcript of was the word they use again and again to describe
cartoons who explained away these cartoon judge you get caught lenders advertisers! That's what I said earlier: the onion a lighter forty to forty jogger type, jug, ok, ok, you! She got feel right. Just coffee, o k K resign your day wrong. No guess what you give cameras on your mule rather Kilkenny. Oh I, like you and I very much can't because its eye as it might just I e I forced you- could get a cat enough because I'm I really it because it's what I had a variable out by two six dungeon and I know me six touched. I me me around a patent little noon, who you spare it out for you, Jim, thought I I you know I never actually written his name down. Just imagine it air and in a day
thank you so much. I go free now, you're free to leave a mother cartoon, showed eying in his nose in jail cell in the strong. The wall the cell behind in had portraits of people that were labelled Carol, Costner, Heron, Toe Dubbs Gerald Alan in bonds respectively, all names, murder a vector for satire. It's a little on the simple and a lot of what yeah ENG would bragged to another one of his friends that he not Lake had done most of the killing, the fact these portraits contain, many, but not all of their known victims, shows that there might be some truth, that now, that is extremely circumstantial by it is
possible Border Leonard was killing people without his knowledge, and they were kind of like Leonard, was cut off doing crazy shit, while Charles was doing God knows what in the backyard nor totally possum that, Charles being actually did do most of the killing and Leonard legs main motivation was that Leonard Leg was more of a light. He was a killer Who did it for what? What's the name of a loan ready on offer tuna killer that he was killing for ideas? He was calling for social security checks and, of course, wanted the sex part of it. Charles eying was killing for the pleasure of kill. My also just they say he killed. I actually think that Charles in didn't get the sexual pleasure out of ITALY, almost nor do I think it's too show that he's a cruel, cruel, big guy, like you the hard yeah yeah, and if you look their pass. That's their motivations for joining the Marines seems like Leg, join the Marines just for the poor
because of the in the Marines her having that sort of survivalist attitude. Tough guy attitude but Leonard, earth, but Charles AIM specifically said that he join the Marines to kill, began to get a gun yet to get a gun and specifically to shoot people in the head is murder. These are two of the worst types. If human beings that exist- and they are their kind of- the type that is ruining everything for everybody in America right now, we're seeing these guys all over what people in cabins, with sex dungeons and within cabin ear on asylum system in tell any part of it I'm gonna tell you will get the kind of you can kind of connect kind of wood. Happening without militia in Oregon kind of Charles in fields, which is a bunch of guys that kind of played at a militia for a long time and then decided they wanted to make it real and, like all this shit, where you could see the eyes, have this sort of a male ideal of what they are supposed to be doing were chosen thought that to be a high
care like bad ass. You had to kill people that were essentially innocent and show no mercy anywhere, and it's I don't know where we were. The the hours systems coming to a psychopathic crash end. But as far as the car tunes by Charles in went the most disturbing one by far showed Charles demonstrating exactly what he meant by daddy died I'm a cry baby fried one showed Charles in cooking, a baby in a war in considering how the daddy died refrain was most popular with Charles during his Dennis moving company days. It is most likely that the baby in question was the son of Harvey dubbed and when these cartoons were presented to Charles collectively during his trial, he tried,
explain them all away. Saying quote: ok, atomic em again how how I had to explain what I bring to a friendship. Ok, it came about is a way to cure time S. Friends do when you bring to friendship and as a result of information that repairs headship Should we read about me, I heard about me: it resumed in a jack. You read it. Give it to me in him. He would drop heart. Cartoon and he tried gave to me. I do not give it to myself, even though I knew inappropriate and I embarrassment and I'd. Send it back on It was kinda humanly between him and me it's what we ve got to have. Aren't you pay due to curb faintly Pinocchio any and day where provocateur me, real woody eyebrow I am really afraid Charles its letter have- and I just want to say thanks for the friendship here- brick, my hat- breathe renews hers.
Where did I gotta, go finnish suckin off the law. Meanwhile, the whole court is this: watching him talk there himself. I could see him try to be like he literally trying to to get people to understand him like trying to be no no we joke around you and your job to juggle ready to someone go to bill. Bury me tell him: how does your Granville Bellamy but the levy. Rather, this was ninety. Ninety two, ninety three hairs. Chris hard work had to be funny on that single out show how I, like Jenny, Mccurdy very attractive. I don't think that the the foe those are the drawings. Don't seem to be that incriminating to me if I was in the jury, I mean they are just pieces of our I suppose I dont you embellish things to it for the worse when you're in prison, because it's such a bizarre, a world. Where put it, I had a good. You are
on trial for the wrong four imprisonment, rape roared of families the entire fan including men, women and children. Probably not your best idea tube to defend yourself. Port is to draw phony court to try to draw Gary Larsson type terms about the crimes that you are accused of doing it incriminate yet well blood. On the other hand, the you're right been as far as the american legal system is canadian, not evidence. That is that the evidence against Troezene with Sir. Rising Lee Circumstantial any actual hard evidence was surprisingly circumstantial. As far as the actual murders go as far as the crew, times the capital crimes, the ones that we get him. The death penalty surprisingly circumstantial, but, as Henry said, taking Stand in your own. Defense is in any case
situation. Any situation is the dumbest thing, you can do never doing. Just now, you're ever ever, do it they contribute bacon, even if your only in completely innocent lawyers still trip you up and they can still make you look guilty. Charles in any case, they can trip you up and actually, prove that those cartoons- yes, those are reality. Another one of the cartoons by the way mention Ings court, unquote, asshole, death grip and when about this thing said, quote: Ribera kind of peace, My rig and end up making a rating is kind of a satire to show the dishes, how rooted Chris, kind of saying it's just jockey nobody's rafting way,
nobody wrath and I make a jerk and you just don't like Andy Kurth right up didn't jerky is the fact that I tell you you get it Yes, do you study under? w improbable aircrew bill closed the master of Improv Ass. Second city, I go so this was just sort of a yes and gone terribly wrong. You have no idea how fat ass an improved scene can turn into murder of family for the other guy, the other prisoner, to get an ear full from China it was an Papa bitch who had befriended him during their time together, Levin worth. While Charles serve time over the failed hawaiian weapon. I gotta say this in real life. Charles ing honestly, must have been very funny. I think had you even if he was even if it wasn't on purpose. I think that he was sitting there and he was such a ludicrous horrible dude that you just could
sit in listened to him ran about whatever it is. He was ranting about four hours and you would just laugh. I guess not that mean he's: U the Turner able thought little your bag for all of us have a door bag friend who is unapologetically a dirt bag. He's such a dirt bag that you can't help laugh use, but, on the other hand, trials in was doing this with other providers and like other murders, because what we didn't really say in the the first, there are the last episode. Was it half Alan's boyfriend was surely admitted a guy who was sexually turned on by murder. That's why him and Charles eying, we're friends was because they The target and Charles eying just sort of get to the point words like hey, you know really turns me on other, actually got this friend Leonard Leg that does kind of years, we have been doing this thing and this
or guy was like oh yeah, me too. So the guys that Charles AIM was making will make friends with demand. Their mother say we are like Charles in was the funny guy. I am the Psychopath friendship circle right, like green near the top? a guy in a hoarse race. I guess what job user, small job easier, small, the tallest John You still short, I feel like it's bad to be the tallest shot with no, I know ok, the shortest in a hoarse race. I guess that's good ideas like a living, Jerry, Louis care. I think it's funny is jockey of the jockey Taulas, jockey The former is jockey because jockeys are ideal or think I don't know they are also good people. Other ratio about put any judge great people greatly so pop of it. This, I, the Charles's, was in Leavenworth with claim that after the two were released from prison. Ang would call at least once a week,
sometimes two or three times a week, and he would brag about the quote. Brother heard that Leonard Leg, and Charles in shared and views a your member Leonard Leg, the guy. That would constantly send me pictures of his wife. The weird, nay nude essence Bondage pictures mean him her hanging out now, I'm living with him. Now you, sir, are the missing piece of the puzzle. You should come live with us. You should come help us with this whole M lady thing that were working on right now and you would be the missing piece of the puzzle and but admittedly the airport which is credit, he never took up Charles's on his offer. That's nice yeah yeah. What an enticing offer was dead I mean, I don't know what else I mean. Can you imagine that acumen adjective just like who's, your biggest fattest grosses friend from back home,
pick, a name pick up a guy on an aim in them. I had that man calls you up. It's it's hey. I get another bigger, grocer guy hang out with her, and we all we do is run train on poor innocent women here, come out here and hang out with I am not entirely sold, they have do, they have a little sea, but it is through even though we know just a little bit more about Charles is colorful away with words his term for rich people, fat cats normal that original we ve all heard there before, but his name for black people. Boo furs. Was at least a little inventive and not necessarily evocative. If someone says beauforts, I'm not immediately go up black people now, I think of it. I think it's like that's where I call the hair of the tuft of hair above a button the river near my buffers? Really I gotta shave that buffer boo fur is getting course must be Halloween Bob
You also said that an referred to babies. As suckered here and to further both so the claim that in burned a baby alive, Pavlovitch claim that it hold them around the time that the Dubbs family went missing, that he had quote roasted a soccer. She's one may well, maybe he's just he's just a I ll he's a rival in things off to him. A he'd like bear no details and use talk and upon which about these murders and by the way, pop of which was the guy that he told that he can did most of the murders. He said that he cut one victim up into. Pieces after killing her he city, another one to death with steel rod. He said other one. He removed her nipples with pliers, while
He was still alive. This is why I never ask anybody what how is their day or don't you. I don't want to know people stay surface all the time right all takes as one guided not and tell you how he murdered a bunch of people. They are implicated, you're cry. I have to go to the police now they somehow. Why am I talking to this guy in the first place? Yen jet never say how are you to anyone who has ever been stick to the Packers or whatever regional team is in your area in the weather, called JA afar you take up. A cup of coffee early is called into packers they're, not looking great the coffee, that's what you're drinking that's what I'm drinking to Elsie Ghoul in them the one the sun's out its warmer. Oh, that's! What I've noticed him. One is nighttime! That's one! A lot of times I go to sleep trivial, ever deeper with you, I just know not in the habit of it. I got. I gotta go said the defence
deering turtles ings trial using all of these statements that miles. Eng had made to pop of which the statements he made a la burs. All of that cartoons that he drawn and that's not to mention his prey. On the M lady tat Dazzling, that's what are really nails. Him is that he is on those tapes. They see him. There is hanging out he's talking to the M Ladys. He is obviously a part of these crimes yeah in here, and they used the or tune conjunction with something that he said on the tape they said What did you mean when you said your baby is better off dead than with you, a gag these many jocular right, chuck you'll get it. He did a moment. You can't go you The media have any improv scene again, Dear Croesus followed defeat rope. Ok, you give them into any improves, you knew knows. Yes, beginning of machine I may be working,
with a shiver digging a new Pooh for my family. That's this situation! Next thing I know I'm a rocket she April and you were gonna graver. Sir Charles things into higher defense was based around Leonard big committing every single one of the murderers, with eying being a somewhat innocent, biased, and her. Yes, he did participate in the forcible kidnapping imprisonment of these women. Yes, one of them did fall. Simply give him a massage in one of them, but he never killed anyone. This is what he said during the trial about his involvement in the murder of the higher bond family which pretty much sums up: Charles Earrings, entire defence inner. I actually feel pretty regret about is
It was when I was young and adventurous and certain surrendered. My independent judgment that I he's going to agree that, Charles in after six years finally sentenced to death currently sets on death row at San Quentin State prison and I feel so bad for the people that are to sit on death row with him. We are doing. I'm really surprised. There's no! Like sort of death row interview from him or something like that. I bet. If we dig, we did find area cause you to talk, and I don't know how long I really don't think there is. I think, Charles and because it we We talked about this that we up top what we talked is that this is one of those crimes. That is so ridiculously brutal, and so amazingly unconscionable, like you really with with Leonard Lake and Charles in UK, and even imagine what it takes, what
have to turn off in your brain or has to be turned off for you to commit these. Words of crimes to kill, and higher family twice into burn baby alive in the process of one of them and to joke about it. There monsters their actual monsters, their actual monsters. All the rest of you can kind of sea, like you can, like say, with TED Bundy TED Bundy, charming I have you any was also my TED Bundy was very dangerous as far as yet I as far as why they have any specials about them. As far Why people know about these guys? Ted Bundy was charming giant saying you as a college republican knowledge, a german daisy had a fucking clown costume on and he was like that. Did they have a go if factor to hunt armour was a fuckin cannibal and he became the poster child for some Eric and serial killers- and there are also certain, like Henry Lucas- were
They show a side of America that a lot of Americans like to pretend does not exist. They like pretend that this turn back side of Amerika is just something that only exists in movies. It's the The American that America doesn't want to think about GB, ferrets rare, I'm gonna say this is where I hope so, the aid so that yet again. Well I mean going this far as rare hours dirt bag. Americans go not rare. No, I mean I don't know I mean just because you you know drink a lot of soda before bad doesn't mean that you should be judged like the person who s murder cabin, but while what a four partner near within a God, Leonard Lake and Charles in God, bless you,
These four listening and again we don't make fun of the victims. We just make. One of these idiots and they're. Not monsters are morons and just be prepared whenever you do go around and you meet random people sniff around a little bit and investigate the limit further than just how the weather residency if their serial killers, don't trust anybody and I really beer maybe the pod gas is helping us aside and come together perfect also again thanks everyone, the patron keeps getting more and more attention. Thank you guys. So much for your support. Could definitely use even more we want to get toward next go of six thousand dollars. Once we get to us, six thousand dollars per month. Then three of Us- are going to be doing up full on Q and a session with all of them? Adrian subscribers. That's everybody whose, given anything from one dollar, two fifty two there's a month and goddamn God bless you guys that did fifty dollars.
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