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Episode 208: David Bowie and the Occult

2016-01-18 | 🔗

It's a tribute to the greatest magician of the 20th century on this week's Last Podcast as we cover Bowie's occult obsessions during the 1970s and how those pepper-milk cocaine fueled days tie in with Bowie's very last album, Blackstar.

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Hey thanks for tuning into the show. If you want to support us, go to page on dot com, slash last podcast unless there's no way to escape to this is the last on the left. Cannibalism started. Legally, I'm not apply, as are many things that I do. I've been told again and again that I'm legally not. In the last podcast on the left over what I've been Kissel, I'm looking at the beautiful Marcus Parks, but to my left it's an empty space, where did it go he's in Atlanta? Real? I'm down here in Atlanta and you'll, know you'll be made up. Bs barbeque! You ever hear that you lie what accent is there that's brilliant! Atlanta going? Henry is seasonable
I'm doing it the people I had. Oh, my god. It said the other day too. One of my favorite restaurants in the land at this place called home inventions. My favorite place, because they do that snout to tail kind of cooking works like big to shuffle calm. Your table he's like we're her printer, her for sector in pigs here, and we have to remove their crude news left and we'd like to split them and devil them. And then you just sit at the table going like right? We like it because you have you just had you eat like Ray Liotta from Hannibal, I'm not looking to die at the table. They had this thing called it's a okay melt. It was a burger made out it just nothing but solidified Pat Tay and meat mixed in with it and like a little like burger in old gold and beat you to it. It was just a lot more, the God who would we've talked about torture, chambers and nine hundred and eleven, and that's definitely the most horrifying imagery. I've had yet
experienced yet other show, but I'm so sad about David Bowie passing that's right, good God, all right. So that's what we're going to talk about today, David Bowie Mark is, is taking his unbelievable knowledge of music and the macabre and magic, and it's all combined into a great David Bowie episode exactly this is all our David Bowie tribute courts. It should come as no surprise to any of you that I'm a gigantic David Bowie fan Henry's. Also big David Bowie fan then you're a pile. I can, I think, that's what gets the tell of a true David Bowie fan. Is that if you say be like what do you think a David, but when he goes, I feel like him I like, and I, but you know I'm jealous. He was so skinny you get the feeling he could have all the food you want and he wouldn't gain a pound yeah, but you know, would been you'll actually relate to member how you lost all that weight. Working out and healthy diet, cocaine and gin and soda. Yes, that's right!
Yes, David Bowie meant a lot to me as well. It meant a lot to my group in college. It was just it was just one of those things where we would have sing alongs to hunky dory. All that shit you know gives gives you an allowance to be weird. I heard him in a young age. It was great it like it was the theater kid things, however, is that it can be clear all I want to be, but it's still at the same time it kind of just want to kiss Becky and everyone's like years, lane you're so square. Because I don't want to suck a dick, Understand that, but David Bowie also besides being a rock legend, was in a cold. Just its symbol, finger himself and he lived the life completely. He absolutely did and before We begin I'd like to first and foremost acknowledge and end We recommend season of the witch by Peter Bebber goal it's one of the most well written accessible and entertaining books on the occult that I have ever read and I'd recommend it to both magic and music fans. It's all about how the
save rock and roll that without the a call, rock and roll would have been nothing but a flaccid flash in the pan. So without the occult we wouldn't have said great bands with wasp we have wasp, we wouldn't have poison, not a single bit of Rat other sources of for this. Episode are the article, the fault earth by Peter Doggett and a ridiculously comprehensive peace written in nineteen. Ninety six bye an o t member named Peter Arcane egg, He had a lot of additional material on the occult matters, specifically what's to again the order Templo Orientis Henry. Is that correct yes, so I'm not a latin purse and latin. As in Spanish, I mean Latin as a nerd in high school, that's learning latin because he wants to be difficult. So our words in all tribute to David Bowie and by the way this is a war
in all tribute this is going to be something where we only talk about the good aspects of David Bowie. This really is like is a very complicated and at times Billy, annoying human being to the people around him. Saying traditional magician sounds about right. Yes, that's that's how it always goes, but I also think the combination of a cult and rock music in any sort of musicianship is is a natural marriage, because the and you were projecting a personality out onto a group of people to sort of the grant Morrison idea of CHAOS magic. I think it's an interesting idea like in terms of when we do our chaos magic. So this is an example of somebody who truly live the lifestyle that it takes to be an actual chaos magician and have results with again. What you're saying means that you complicated that annoying. But grant Morrison sort of believes that artists and writers are the last of the true magicians, because you're creating something out of nothing and David Bowie career personas that he then
Lee inhabited and created the we all we all believed in Ziggy Stardust. We believe that the distance is this entity. He come to keep it allow it to not not not be true, so that is the literally the nut of of magical if we know that's why I that's why I like. Let me you know he was just dumb enough to always be himself. He wasn't trying to fool me all the time. Has anybody tried to order? Let me at a bar, it doesn't work yet Jack Daniels is really trying to get the jack and coke to be renamed. The let me try to do it, and I ask for one- and I was looked at like I was castle, because I was in that moment yeah I agree with whoever called you that yeah, but David Bowie. I can He say that he was among, if not the most successful magician of the twenty. Century. If not, our entire lifetime is what Peter Bagge Bever Gall said in an interview about him. He said bowing
music and performance were a magical practice, maybe even more potent than if you that by himself in his room and tried to conjure a demon- and this is point making here compare about need to say, like Crowley like arguably his only point in everything in all of his magical practices with sex and power, which in of course, power was tide completely into sex, but boyk used magic as a first of creation, not just in music, but also is Henry said in the match avatars that he created specifically from
one thousand nine hundred and seventy two to one thousand nine hundred and seventy six, but Elster Croley also believed that. Are you going to do that now? Are you going to do the croly Think Rowley is how you pronounce it a Leister croley who yelled at you, which Assehole yelled at you that you listen listening to too many podcasts about it. They always say Croley. It's like when I was listening to hardcore history and he kept saying Genghis Khan and I'm just like I, you know, I know I know what's proper yeah, I'm going with Ozzy pronunciation, probably or Croley ooh, that's tough, to say It is true, is pronounced, Croley, you're supposed to say Croley, but come on Mister Crowley. It doesn't just feel right. Yeah Croley sounds like a short stout man who opens the door. He is thank you, Mister Croley. I opened the door. He meant it and magical terms. He meant forces cock in side of a young boy who thought he was just there for an internship I see, but what he, the power ASP,
If it was kind of like manna in magic cards, if we want to get totally virginal about it that he Do you build up the power using sex and then you're supposed to do something with that? But Crow Crawley never actually used the power for anything. He just like the sex. A beaten call many menstrual blood, all time right, right, hungry guy, yes, ball, we is, is good, active images and the way he harnessed audiences, was kind of like how like a Batman villain, did it over the Batman villain or was it Morgan? we were going to get the the Batman begins when he harness is all the cell phones to find the Joker is added to that was a doctor. Now that start night, it's not like it's like sixteen hour days in a row. My brain is trash for Batman lower. I'm sorry, everyone who's yelling at the fucking radio right now he used people in the audience to because they then believed in him and Ziggy, stardust and stuff, like that, it's just an example. It made it even more.
True, it's again, the idea of perception meets reality. Perception meets ritual equals reality. David Bowies, possibly. The best example of perception meets ritual equals reality, but I mean so if the crowd rejected the idea he would was gone backstage and it would have never had it wouldn't ever done it again right owner of you just be some in a costume shop right up like those spiders and my if he's sucked right still going to be a very good musician yeah, but that's what we must stress,
again and again is that he's also one of the best musicians of the twentieth century and one of the more talented dancers? Apparently I read one story where all the sound when out in a concert- and he just did mine for ninety minutes and the crowd went crazy early hold the greatest mind. Can you imagine how much cocaine you must be on to do a pantomime performance for home? Twenty thousand? I just came to me. I just can't stop thinking of Charles Manson as well coming on stage with them and just help them do it. As is like, I can. I know, you're acting like you're in a box, but I can see the box David Bowie, rising from his mere I'll just remind my way out of this, you really It's it's almost a it's a super power and it really is the way that he was able to control the crowd because he but also believed in completely like. Even up till you know
he recently up till the 30th anniversary of Ziggy Stardust that he was supposed to do something for in two thousand and two he's still to that day, talked about Ziggy Stardust as a completely different person. It wasn't just like. Oh when I was doing that Ziggy Stardust character. He was like. No, start us would be very surprised to find out that I turned out to be a rational human being that actually survived this long cocaine. Again, it's just amazing yeah. I will yet again. This is the warning you can just put Silverdale polish on and have like a pants with like a tale built into it and run around and think you're going to change the universe. You have to also learn to play: guitar right right, right, right and mine, yeah and Bowie you what your so I have to do. Is you also have to be a nerd because Bowie, was also a huge nerd. He was an interpreter of sort, so he was a voracious consumer of books, art, theater and movies.
And she was able to use all these things. You consume to create both the music that we know and love and the various characters that Inhabited throughout the 70s, and really with both It just so happened that, in the early to mid seventies, a lot of what he consumed was the occult, and now it is widely accepted by most people that Bowie's first album is not. Very good and of course had this been his only album. Almost none of us would know his name, and even space oddity, which is still pretty good in that. Would all that would have been all he released. He would pretty much be known as a one hit wonder this is the most record store Marcus you're going to get Marcus worked at a record store? I did work. In fact, I am right now wearing my Ralph's records. T shirt, which is the record store that I worked at in college. That was pathetic.
I mean, have you checked out space flarity? Yes, David, this guy named David we get that it is pretty good yeah. This is total, MAR record store me, but after space, see it's on his third album 1970s, the man who sold the world the Bowie. True He starts to become one of the greatest artists ever live, and it's also, maybe not so, coincidentally, where the a call references start to show one now his first interest in the, We called starts off pretty softap, it's pretty much just on the very last track of the album. Some people argue that the first track of the album has some occult references, but of a stretch, but the Superman He sings when all the world was very young and mountain magic, heavy hung the Superman would walk in file guardians of a loveless I and again
here to buy the new Adele. I I I there's a great song called hello yeah. I know hello is great, but you a good break about check that disturbs by Robert Palmer. It's his aides, hey good, don't you leave, will let you leave in a leave hey? Would you come back? Preserving Mister Biggs, that's the that's again a big about nothing. You should be listening to it. They'll just like everybody is into so. Why would you should you also be into it? We may yet, but it's a corporate thinking met you I work at a record store. I took everybody to exactly what they asked for without trying to steer them from somewhere else, because cared that Ralph's records was a thriving local business. That's very nice so those so those lyrics that we were just that? I just read: they had that it's around one thousand nine hundred and seventy that Bowie probably read a book called the morning. Of the magicians now the morning of the magicians. They must read book for any
who wants to be a student of magic? It is outdated, it is very silly, but the for ideas of it are very interesting, and it's more about seeing the train of thought and mid morning that your sins are really good, like seed of like that, really the the beginnings of modern chaos, magic and how you can get the crew, your own reality. By changing our perception, is it outdated in the sense that it uses a lot of racial slurs, or is it out in the center to talk about Nixon? No, no! It's! Okay! It's out there in the fact that it's, like you know the end of all of these books are always been like and if we just They could drum circle big enough. We can end all the wars yeah I mean like that. So it's like you know that it's just you can't yeah we're not we're not yeah it also, it talks about the ancient aliens thing and it also it actually predates Erich VON Daniken's cherry to the gods by about seven years, or so
thank you. Mailing still has yet to be disproved and took. I still believe that a bird and I think the proof is all on the scientists on the ailing that's where the burden of proof is on the aliens. I say until we hear their side of the story, I'm not going to say what's truth and what is non truths absolutely not so morning the magicians. The actual book also contain quite a bit of information about of course, not season the occult the Brill society and the tool society, and this would be a point in time that both his fascination with nazis could be called almost innocent. It's like Nazi occult life. It would definitely become much more pronounced and much darker later on just a few years later, but at any rate Bowie would double. Down on his new found interest in the occult, with one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. You know mostly love, hunky, dory
hunky dory is it's the college job like that. That's Well, we album that you listen to an you know like when you nineteen or twenty blows your mind, but it's also one of those albums that stays with you through the rest of your life, like film slickly, album you listen to when you go to city, Hawkins Dance, it's a very good memory, a western midwestern kind of country name! Isn't it how you doing I've been around a group of people. I'm not I'm not allowed around them, the child when I was seven and they haven't. Let me be around group, so it's larger than two, so the occult references an by the way. Hunky dory starts off with the song changes so I mean, I don't necessarily think that he was talking to great
put a nail. I fucking love that I could love this album. I feel like when we mention these things. You should stop the podcasts and listen to one of these songs, so you could get back into the fuckin' mindset. Actually, if you want, I made a playlist on Spotify. That's called Bowies occult songs for kids, hell, yeah ancillary fuckin' content through, but actually I made that for my own purposes at first because you know I had to listen to these songs over and over and over again, I spent about twelve hours listening to nothing but Bowie albums. Yesterday, girlfriend- were making death mass of each other no well, we did listen to low. While I have my death mask made until we two side be when it really starts. If they are and weird and death like that's when I freaked out and how to get her to put on the talking heads record. What's the death mask of death,
It's a whole long story, we'll get it into a whole episode on it. It's a whole thing. You know a lot of go strawberry picking, and then you did it. You made a death mask with your girlfriend. Yes, absolutely yeah yeah. It was her Christmas gift to me. It wasn't that nice yeah as really planning your death, exactly nothing to fear Is there so the occult references in hunky dory start with the second song? Oh, you pretty things, but they're still pretty goofy, innocent if you'll remember from our hollow earth episode. We talked about a quote: unquote: novel called the coming race. Now in case you don't remember. Earning the coming race. The narrator who encounters the real ya: a race of humans who fled the great flood.
Well lost their way, ended up taking refuge in caverns and decided to set up shop in the hollow earth. The real ya were masters of the Brill, which was said to be the source of power that pervaded the entire universe and enable them to influence the minds and bodies of others gave them the ability to map and manipulate weather and also fly. A lot of people say that George Lucas ripped off the concept of the force, run the coming race over absolutely a lot of people ripped off a lot of things from the real. Also, the coming race also remember to everybody that they could coming race was essentially like
silmarillion of the Party, where was the v organic quarter quote lawyer, magical lower of the party suggest also remember that yeah. I can't stand it if you have a group of people that just are constantly ejaculating. When you see the coming race, just people walking down the he's one of the coming right. I'm sorry we're not hiring coming race people right now. It turns out not good for the coffee shop, generals and or I've been trying to fight the war, but it just you who grew I want to. Get in the tank, and I want to roll over the village, but every single time. I want to give you your rights. We wanna hang on the frontline, but just can't stop cumming so about the real this coming race. This is but the narrator had to say about them. I praise that age may yet to lapse before they are marriage into sunlight. Our inevitable destroy you, as I have sought to
my duty to my fellow man to place on record Cs4 warnings of warnings. Z, coming race and translated to Bowie lyrics. That would be from oh you pretty things There are the start of a coming race. The earth is Abich, finished our news almost rapiens about grown their use? All the strangers came today, and it looks as though they are here to stay and, of course, don't forget about got away. Make way for the homo superior. So in other, Bowie was, hollow earth nurse I'm here for them I mean stop with the magic. Can you imagine if somebody watched the mime show it didn't realize that was not supposed to happen, then went to see him live. He's like this is to
Yes, rock music is very loud. I prefer the silence of mine, please, sir. I think of the minds. Think of the mind, so I don't know if you guys, if that makes the song better or worse in your eyes, but that's a song that I've been listening to for fifteen. As of my life- and I just found out about the hollow earth thing maybe a year ago and to me that made the song so much better. It really opened up David Bowie. ABC David Bowie in a completely different light. When you I had known him as before, because before David Bowie was Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie. He was a music, Peter guy. His first album sort of sort of a soundtrack to a theater show alive show that he did, and so I always knew he was a nerd and I I believe that yes
he has his interpretation. His content came from like the whole over from the coming race book, but at the same time, what's the best part about art is, was used to take it you're supposed to put your meaning on it supposed to be about your experience too. It's like, oh you pretty thing, It was like a song that my group of friends would sing in unison on mushrooms, This song to me was always about like how the world would be a lot better of but it took mushrooms man, but also because I was funking nineteen right. I still believe that I agree with you. I always of that song. I said, oh these beautiful voice. I have, and I always had that going through my head when I look at puppies in the store- and I love it and I want hold him so the other song hunky Dory concerning the occult quicksand is much more explicit as to what it's about. If you know absolutely anything about the call whatsoever quicksand immediately, it comes off as full of a call of a cult references. The song begins.
I'm closer to the golden dawn immersed in Crowley's uniform of imagery living in a silent film portraying Himmler's. Sacred realm of dream reality If you listen to the entire song, I think what, Really about a something that me Henry and all of you struggle with that is that magic is hard as it's also very isolating and the more you talk about it. The more you sound like a fucking, crazy person, yeah. He continues in the song, I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought, and I ain't got power anymore and the chorus goes. Don't believe in yourself, don't deceive with belief. Knowledge comes with death's. Death release just rock and roll. This is Super rock and roll yeah and to me it sounds like he's given up he's. Resigning himself to the thought that the answers he's looking for won't ever come until he's dead. Again magic is very,
very hard and you also imagine being his producer and at one just being like a David love love this song love this song festival. You creeped me out. I wish you drop the robe in the wand, but again it's your it's your life. This is your life number two be the Hem nothing we can take download from like a cholo. No they're, like I know who knows maybe is there. Maybe we can maybe do is zero on them. No, no! No! No! No! No David! You one artist! I love you all and they Joe I'm just saying the UK, where we're at right now not even fifteen years ago. No, it was like leveled by the Nazis. Absolutely not no essential It's still that's the music industry there. It is just spiking around with every single time. You hit that really that wall with an artist just go like everybody,
it's the Red just like they all just and then not coincidentally. This is about the time that the cocaine comes in bull effect with David Bowie. Not ever not was there It was there in the beginning as well right. It was definitely there taking the pilot seat after that This is the good stuff. Is the seventies right, yeah best cocaine around yeah? This is David Bowie. He was writing even bogeys. We deal but we'd all Coke dealer actually did not like weed. He said that the first time he hated weed, he said the very first time he smoked weed. I think it was with the bassist of deep purple or something like that, and all this way to smoke weed yeah yeah and he said that he just like. He said someone rang the Doorbell and Bowie went downstairs to see So it was and then got distracted by the
cracks in the sidewalk and just followed those for a few miles and then realized. He wasn't hanging out with the basis for deep purple anymore, not a weed guy, following the cracks. Is coke dealer just shown up dressed in a lightning bolt costume roller skates. Just to be in like I just you know, you know what's funny man that I didn't even think you want to cocaine. I woke up this morning and I smelled you needing to add older, skate coke dealer. Well, what bo is talking, but in quicksand is that, of course, like magic is very difficult and he's having a very, very hard time grasping at and so he kind of starts taking shortcuts. And as we're going to see. Shortcuts in magic are a very bad idea. So after hunky Dory,
came what many people, including myself, consider to be one of the best rock and roll albums ever recorded the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars. In this, came with Bowie's, first character creation, the titular Ziggy Stardust Ziggy, with a bit of a departure from the into the space alien Sci FI around and during a meeting between Bowie, an William S, Burroughs in one thousand nine hundred and seventy three Bowie who lately inhabited the Ziggy Stardust character, said that Ziggy came from a race of alien super beings called the infinites at lived in black holes. That used Ziggy as a vessel to give themselves a form that people could comprehend.
David. I just can't, I know you're talking about does Iggy like he's a real guy, but I just can't help but think it's a thing you're making up. I don't think I've got a life that don't mean to cast doubt, but I think maybe you're making him up William Burroughs came right back at him. He countered, like you, know what actually I want open up an institute that will prepare people for the coming race of alien super beings, because we're not ready to interact with him yet, but I am totally on board. You know how that the conversation started. Oh wait! A second ' You know what you're right. At the same time, I think we need cooking class for these aliens, so they can learn how to make human food, so they can get jobs as short order, cooks anytime they like so maybe not so, coincidentally, we start us also loved cocaine. So
This is one of those. That's a cool Winky Dink, just one of those things that it's just like. Is it a happy today happy coincidence, or is it like a meant to be type thing? Is a faint but players like jumping Wiki likes cocaine. It's around this time that Bowie legendary cocaine intake really started to ramp up and with the cocaine came, the paranoia here's, what fellow magic user, Aleister Crowley had to say about cocaine, cocaine into a man already. Why be really master of himself. To do him no harm. Alas, the power of the drug diminishes with fear the doses, wax the pleasures of the visible at first arrive. They are like devils with flaming pitch in there. Have
That means eating nothing but peppers of milk. For you, absolutely god he definitely sold it. That sounds great now, it's my opinion. That Bowie was attempting to use the cocaine to shortcut his way. Into transcendence or at least to try to gain the knowledge that he had been trying to reach for the few years previous and we'll into later exactly where he got that idea. I think it's like he is. Looking for a shortcut. I also think it's about the confidence that cocaine gives you where it's like,
just looking for short cut, it's at the cocaine makes you believe you have found the short cut yeah. I don't have holes in my jeans. My skin is just fighting through absolutely yeah and then it's also click here to have millions of dollars at this point right. Many people that were just kinda doing should for him, so it's almost like magic was working, but he really just had this team of assistance all right, even with the plates of peppers and the pitchers of milk, and he was eating and at some point he's just like on just thinking and it comes around because he doesn't realize that after breakfast every morning after his he's had his fogon couple, Fuckin' colombian coffee he's like he just thinks about peppers and milk, and he thinks it who's up, but really he's been yelling about it. For forty five minutes right, that's very true, so we took a shortcut with it's similar to an athlete using the juice using steroids, something like that yeah. I think it's somewhat like that. Yeah I mean he. Definitely he took a different path because most people, especially in the 70s there shortcut,
does lsd or mushrooms or weed, or anything like that and Bowie went on record keys. Like He said he never liked hallucinogens. He didn't like Lsa. He didn't like weed. His thing was uppers because Bowie was also a work. Huh He was also very hyperactive. He had to constantly be doing something. He released an album, every single year and some years released, two albums from nine. Teen sixty nine until one thousand nine hundred and eighty like that is, they are almost all fantastic. There are a couple of weeks. Jeans and a couple of albums. I don't necessarily like all that much, but for the most part, it's a body of work that unparalleled by any other art. I mean how did you even have time to go to bathroom was he just recording that to them normally album? You don't really go much to the bathroom when it's just nothing but cocaine, and
Look in your system, I'm feel like she was the recipe even pounds yeah, but I I'm going to Let's say I usually agree with one hundred percent with Mister Henry Sobrowski put cocaine in milk. That is a recipe for a problem. No, no you get the peppers to even it out. It's open, you guys might be thinking were joking. No David Bowie survived on cigarettes, cocaine, peppers in milk for like two years, and nobody and nobody not even Bowie, knows why he did it. He just fell into it like well. This is me now I just feel tension. What his breath smell, like yeah, I was gonna go to close to him. Yeah I I know I'm thinking you know he had a lot of women at this time. I would assume, is well what does that tastes? Like he's mad, circle saw. So he was married to a woman named Angela from nineteen seventy to nineteen. Eighty who, and by the way they did also have a pretty open relationship. He, yeah, but super fun to the blowjob more person, though I mean that's milk,
pepper's cigarettes and coke can you match that come Good luck as it burns a hole through the titles. We get a look at the aliens blood, no no matter what we say, both what was going through. Bowie's head had at the Ziggy Stardust time. He was in way over his head, so nineteen Seventy four saw the release of diamond dogs, which diamond dogs does not get enough credit for it's completely horrifying, post, apocalyptic imagery the opening future legend is an extremely unsettling spoken word piece where in Bowie talks about how quote flea the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats. Are you trying to build up to a rhyme for that? You got it. He got there. He got there and the gatefold cover of the album is an absolute beautiful horror,
shows Bowie as a naked half dog man, top half Bowie bottom Half dog, flanked by two over. Wait. Blue Doug women in green bikinis. All three had this weird bizarre kind of troll, hair red and all three look like they're ready, kill, no cocaine involved anywhere in that cover design. I just want to be the employee at Sears when they show up for the photo shoot, but what kind of backdrop do you want? We got tree, we got woods, I want something that shows the power of stasis. How I am between God and man on this spaceship to bars, we got a We got a blue one. I, like the blue dogs, marks the point in Bowie. When the simple and somewhat innocent fascination with the occult the you'd used on for inspiration on hunky dory, the man who sold the world turns into a
full blown, extremely harmful obsession and with Bowie status as a world famous rock star in sing steadily along with the paranoia almost certain that conflict with other world famous rock stars would occur David Bowie found his antagonist in the form of led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy page. If you don't know- and I found out recently that some of you out there don't led Zeppelin- was one of the heaviest bands of the 70s, particularly the early to mid 70s and there trade or songs about either fuckin' or magic specifically Lord of the rings type metric Jimmy page in particular, the guitarist is heavy into the occult and he even went as far as to buy Aleister Crowley zone. Which, coincidentally
burn down just a few months ago, and I'd like to think that Bowie one of his last wishes sin burned it down himself and it down, but it down by any wizards house down right, we're, not conquer me in death. I don't know mid at the time. 'cause I just imagine that Bowie in the seventies wall, that Coke is just like his he's just so flimsy that he can't even like strike a match with the match. Wins somehow he lights himself on fire. Now it was said that Bowie was definitely terrified of Jimmy Page, because he believed that Jimmy page was a powerful warlock hell bent on cam Justin harmful spells against it. Wow wow wow we've got a nerd alert, it supposed mortem, nerd alert and it's going forward David Bowie and you understand it like most people in bands excited honestly, except for Marcus
probably lazy, I'm waiting on people, they no drive these sitting around noodling Jimmy page I'd like to think yeah you like to wear wizard's hat we like to do like to write magic, lyrics and stuff like that, but I think one thing that forget in all of this is that a cold teachings, magic writings, also just straight up help you gay, laid right right right now and that, if you want to talk about magic all the time it helps you get laid by the exact type of people that you want to get laid by which he people you want to meet a hot witchy woman. You got to talk about magic to get him to want to have sex with you, but that's what Jimmy page should also may I've been doing, I'm gonna say the world fame. Rockstar behind the magic discussion, probably helped yeah if you're putting up for yeah reviewed part
and Radioshack and you're trying to talk to a woman there being like. Sometimes I believe that this realm just a fold on top of the neck. I don't even know I'm in a Radioshack. I don't. I don't need anything from nineteen ninety two yeah, but if you're Jimmy Page, you can sit and talk about her medicine. But you can also pause every once in awhile to say: play the riff from whole. Lotta love right, yeah, exactly in panties, just like literally like seems to shoot out the side and the Pussey, just as a group and also and he's like he becomes really tiny and his mind and he's up inside of her panties go into or out like incredible hulk thing or sort of consumption like a black hole thing out and then he's tiny crawling up to her. Maybe is that going up to the Clinton just put Look at the flooded speed back yeah like a drum solo when well, of course, a lot of this is anecdotal type stuff, but I
in my research found a comment on the website. Mystic banana dot com titled. Is it true Paige tried to kill David Bowie with his magic powers that just might refute this. This is what the comment said in full. Now it was never true. Jp actually like to have been d b around. It is beckoning because db always had the best hair or connections of the mistakes made Jimmy was actually so fond of db and try to help him out of his paranoia by leaving db fingernail clippings in a milk carton, fully urine for dvd refrigerator along side of his own to the db good. Have a spellcaster jp of db found his paranoid to be true as weird as it sounds today That is the honest truth from an Ex heroin dealer. Who was there? We got some
purple stuff. We got some orange juice, we gotTa Pist gallon fish, joke full fingernails. Don't you dare touch you? That's my Jimmy Page you and I used to cast that counterspell if he ever finds my magical elixir. Apple juice is this. This is a tasty. Do you like yeah? I do. This is very good got some time. I wonder why I keep all this year in the fridge, but then I just gotta, I just we'll find, then I know why I know exactly why either way, but one thousand nine hundred and seventy five Bowie was in the throes of full blown cocaine psychosis, which is an actual medical condition. He late! He later said that he
hallucinate ing almost twenty four hours a day during this period, and he always kept a copy of psychic self defense by Dion Fortune nearby, which describes itself as a quote safe. For protecting yourself against paranormal malevolence, and I'm so glad everybody can join me at my house right here. This is Michael record visit. You sought us spiders from Mars and over here this is just to safeguard for protecting yourself against paranormal malevolence and over here is the refrigerator where I keep my Jimmy page here and now, if you're pleased with the last name, this dinner party is over industry in the last two. Things were kind of odd there, so besides protecting himself from Jimmy Page, but we also became convinced that a cup a black lady which is we're trying to steal his semen. So they could. Is it too and impregnate themselves to create a baby Bowie to sacrificed to the devil? Now he might
beyond to something there, that that seems actually kind of reasonable and being single is hard. It is before tender. We also sometimes switch to believing that the black lady, which is wanted his semen for the purpose of building a David Bowie homunculus. What's ahead, Nicholas Solomon Gillis is a totem type, create which normally, in the shape of a body that is said to a lot of time in ancient jewish lawyer, that you can the two critical also called the golem that you can use, This thing disturbed like it's a it's kind of like a Frankenstein monster and you can use it either for magic ritual like essay to stand in place. The person that you're trying to do something for or against in a ritual or for it to come to life on its own, and I guess, do copy but albums is that what they want to do it's going to roll around and steal David Bowie's cocaine feel like it's a really mean thing to call a.
Person in high school among keyless. You actually pretty lucky that no one's ever called you as well. I don't have any magic friends growing up. They did a lot of coke, though so day. So in one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy five arrived at what could be called. Cocaine capital of the world in the mid, San Antonio Texas, is that right now right, no no LOS Angeles, ca and actually have to take it back. This is where he hung out with the bases for deep purple that would be Glenn Hughes when he first got to LAS. Angeles, but he would soon move out of Glenn's house after finding out that he was living just a few doors down from the site of the lobby. Alka, murders perpetrated by the Manson family, which it must be remembered, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, that it only happened six years before and of course
Also, you know another person in the music industry. If you'll remember Dennis Wilson heavily involved with the Manson family. So Manson and magicians at that point in time, weren't a groovy mix, especially if you're all psycho doubt on cocaine interesting, I would have thought that he might be drawn to it. It's kind of cool. No, I mean it's cool, maybe at a different point in his life. You have been drawn to it, but if you're all gacked out the thought that an entire family of him, these might come and murder you tend to freak out a little bit. Paranoid was already at a tight yeah, and all of that just seemed like some pretty heavy dark vibes. And helter skelter was already well known. The entire story of the Manson family at this point was well known at least Vincent Bugliosi is version of the Manson family was well known at this time and vote. We was very
you're very aware of the devil at this point in his life as we'll see with what happened when he moved into his next house him, his wife. Angela ended up buying a house that was formerly owned by the dancer Gypsy rose, Lee, who Bowie discovered soon after moving in, had painted a hexagram on the floor of one of the rooms and after Angela, David Bowies, wife from nineteen seventy to nineteen. Eighty, as she told it, she spent days calming down Bowie after that little incident yeah, I feel, she's, really the unsung hero here she must have been aging like the president. I mean how difficult is it to be Angela, the wife of coked out decked out David Bowie, but she definitely did not age. Well, I'm sure she did period. I think fuct with her pretty head cat who she is now she's fun to mess now yeah. But if you read like say, if you read, please kill me
which is that's her autobiography. No, it's an oral history of punk, it's uh one of the best rock, books ever written. But if you read that book and you listen to some of the people that are sort that were sort of behind the scenes. Uh, all of them, say that Bowie wouldn't have made it without Angela, she's, sort of steered him in the right direction, musically so after the whole, the fiasco David claimed that he witnessed his own eyes: the devil rising! of their indoor pool one night, I'm going to say, rich people's problems. Could I just gotta not have sympathy for the guy who Hedjet Satan coming from his indoor pool. That's awesome! That's only I mean yeah 'cause the whole time it's been like oh yeah
finally made it, but there's nothing like Haley is just noodle on my fucking guitar, like watching him fucking dance on top of my hot tub. I think I have a dark brain 'cause I watched that documentary the nightmare. Everyone would sleep paralysis. They looked like great dreams. To me, this sounds like an awesome fantasy, so David after he saw the devil, decided it was time for an exorcism. He reached out to a woman named chair. Even now, who, it must be noted, was a proprietor of one of America's, very first, phone sex services and also one of the central figures of Bowie's main man management company. In the mid 70s cherry put David in contact with a woman named Wally Elmo ARC and nothing is more reliable than a woman named Wally L Mark ARM lock cell marquelle Malarkale Mark like the tree bird
here's a white witch. She was a white witch from the new bat Midler Oh yes, that's a flight. Beotch she was a white witch from the New York School of Occult arts and sciences that was located over on 14th and so thread over there and man have will be in a got him porter pot. He yeah thanks to the bug him to tell them both and and Wally. She was by all accounts super 70s gal. She recorded as, for example, she recorded a spoken word album with Robert Fripp of King Crimson, in which she talked about how spirits from other places took the musicians, such as Jimi Hendrix MARC Bolan, lead singer of T Rex Of course, David Bowie and my gibbons, the drummer from bad finger, Dale Crosby hung no Crosby involved same time. You're not saying this correctly Mark
in order to correctly say the sentence. I must sound like this. Z recorded spoken word album with Robert Redford King Crimson man. I was debugging, no vision. I've ever heard man. He talked about spirits from other places. He take. The forms of musicians such as Jimi Hendrix is one she Rex Dude was one. He was a Spirit David Bowie, of course, he'd suck Dick gibbons drummer from bad finger, which I had to save diamond just like why him yeah. I could find out why she thought, particularly just the drummer from bad finger? Who bad they're good, like I say it's, one of the worst names in rock and roll history, MIKE Gibbons Badfinger, oh Badfinger, that's not baby blues a fantastic! So I'm saying the name itself. It sounds like a like a down
syndrome bond villain, I am bad figure is just I am bad being. Okay, you to give me a cake day is boring. I want you give me. You cake soon any we can pretend it's my birthday bond James Bond. Can you fight find me a better villain. This is for my brand, so in phone convo mission from New York to LOS Angeles. El Mark gave So we a series of spells and incantations plus a list of magical aku trauma that he could use to exercise. His indoor pool of the devil so Beau and Angela, whom this account comes from by the way set up an old, timey lectern and began the exorcism Angie HU. It must, he said, was more than a little skeptical about Bowie's. A call dabblings still had to admit that something. Strange did happen that
night, she said she was totally sober and she always thought that anything, a was total bullshit and that he was just sort of putting on there's was, as she said, trying to scare Jimmy page. It turns out, guys you got a whirlpool that's actually just at a whirlpool every time you hit that button. You think it's alight know that turns on there. That turns on the whirlpool. So I don't see the possession, but this is a hot tub. You guys know that right yeah, so that's the bottom. It because it's it's a hot tub when you guys are pretty nude So once you get clothes- and we can kind of talk about my fever just coming over here and just confirming that this is a hot tub. Ok, so as Bowie perform the incantations the water in the pool, started to bubble violently and Angie says not in the matter. That's a cool jets would create and when the ritual,
over Angie said that there was a stain at the bottom of the pool, but she said reminded her of a gargoyle statue. Very sinister, and years later, Angela talked to the properties real estate agent, who told her that no matter what any new owner tried, no matter how many times they tried to repaint the pool, the stain came back every single time, Mark you surprise how hard it is to come out of the terra, Cotta bottom of a pool, and I will say it does look like a gargoyle form it only because I got some This call the best special over here I don't know what this is about. Balls felt really moist, and so I decided to put it on my balls, but now I'm just seeing gargoyles everywhere. So those of you who are particular fans of nazi occult Lore,
have perked up your ears a little earlier when we mentioned the Brill society, but you'll be happy to know that that wasn't the only fascination that we had with. Season the occult for around one thousand nine hundred and seventy three bo. We got ahold of a copy of the your destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft. We mention this book during our now a cold series as one that had me fooled for about its first one hundred pages or so before. I checked it out and discovered that the book was a complete and total fraud. If you don't remember the general, idea behind the book is that Hitler was a magically imbued super sorcerer, who is obsessed with finding the spear of destiny which bestowed upon Those who discovered its secrets, the power to rule the world, and now we I had the power of the internet and the hindsight that living in the year, twenty
Dean, gives me, but had no such luxury in the early seventies and took the book for complete and total fact I will say, cocaine was the original google you just had all the answers flowing through you get. Confidence will be confident that you were right. He seemed devils in his pool again lips red from pepper. The kids are going a lot into everything I think he would have pick up a menu and he was just like this is a wonderful book. It's got hamburgers and fries in it. I must I have a new idea for a concert, wild was a giant burger was of the audience and let them eat meat. The cool like that David. You cannot make a character at every single piece of paper you read so not only is the spear of destiny, wonderfully and if you're really interested and in Nazi occult or like alternate history,
novels. The spear of destiny is a fucking hoot man. It is so much fun. It's not alternate history is just lies. Alternate. His an alternate aid fictional and it fiction book, is what I would call it Then it's a like a circle fiction. That is an actual literary genre. Benjamin I know I know it does give it a little bit of gravitons, but I'm doing it again remember it is alternate history to us. It is truth in some realm. That's right but no matter how bizarre it is. You can actually see where BO e may have gotten one or two ideas from it in the chapter the drug induced vision of Adolf Hitler, Ravens Croft described how Hitler on the advice of a sinister hunchback who ran in a bookstore in Vienna, took peyote and with a dwarf, named HANS. As his trip said
Hitler hallucinated a series of past lives that convinced him that he was the rebirth of the villain, clings or from the Wagner opera Parsifal, which Hitler believed was based on Landolfi of cap, or an actual person, and now we're not saying that this did not happen right, it may have happened. It could be that way, Hitler was living in Vienna before World WAR, one. He may have known a sinister hunchback who, under new book, called Bookstore, he may have taken peyote e with a dwarf named HANS. We don't know but if his wife was written by David Lynch, then he definitely did but supposedly according to Trevor Ravenscroft. This convinced him.
Through a very roundabout way that I refuse to get into here. That Trevor took about forty pages, trying to explain that Hitler was the antichrist, even though Bowie wasn't into hallucinogens. It is possible that he was trying to emulate Hitler shortcut to transcend its because Bowie was obsessed with Hitler for a short period of time, and by obsessed I mean him and Mick Jagger saw a screening of triumph The well and Bowie got super into the showmanship of Hitler and that's what he he said about Hitler that Hitler was the first Great rock star that he turned an entire country into a stage, show uh which he got into a lot of trouble for his gas pseudo. Pro Hitler stances at the time, because he also said that he was so
consumed with the theatricality of it all and he was so consumed with sort of the path of the occult knowledge that the Nazis were trying to find. That he totally forgot about all the bad things that they did right. Yes, what just he was really into the fashion right there he was super The fashion in this is also when he's sort of, and that's of course, at this point, he's starting to ramp up to what is possibly his most fashion, centric character. The thin white Duke the thin White, Duke, is the character that he created for station to station and the thin White Duke, is what you become when you eat nothing, but peppers and drink nothing but milk, and do nothing but cocaine. For two years you become a tiny.
Sliver thin husk of a human being with the pay list white skin that you could possibly imagine. I just wish I had his confidence. I know I just wish. I could have had support system that he had that just were like yeah, Every time David Bowie had an idea. They were just like yep yo boy. Do it yo yo? you know what he was right almost every time he was. He was really good he was really good again. This is the dangerous thing remember. This is in the hands of an artistic genius Hughes, genius to doing this. You can't just do it yeah? No, no, no kids just walk around and being like, I'm the fat wide fat wide just walk on by a everybody, hates angle, Pocasset dirty pocus, about how fat my wife is like it's not going to work you're not going to
You look at dirty poker might might get you some fame. What an average she's too far from the capital. Thank you for me. You could have a she's too fat for me, she's too fat she's too far. For me, I love. I can't wait to have a wedding, station to station go goes. It is amazing, the Bowie survived the recording this album. In fact, he doesn't even remember, recording it. He was quoted as saying I know it was recorded in LA because I read that it was right. And if you listen when you listen to station to station, which I really hope you do after we finish this episode know that station is station The most brilliant albums of the 70s was recorded in ten days. It wasn't like say like television's, marquee moon, where they rehearsed
hours a day for six months before going in and recording it over a two day period. He just walked the studio recorded this fantastic album in ten days, doesn't even remember doing it and then just left and three. Those days were spent on his mind, tracks which didn't translate, translate album. I was making a box David. I just don't know if it's an audio medium. Well, I have to start again I'm supposed to be interrupted me. How long is the track exactly that were as long as I can man I'm more peppers they're really blowing through these patents,
italian grocery next door to be like. I don't understand, I how many Let up after we break any Anna and I try and I thought I and I thought I and maybe it may be an island about and maybe a green pepper. Just Goodyear. Pepper bears two years of busy busy pepper business, some pepper farmers, just like this bubbles. Never gonna pop station Station has some of the most overt references to the occult since hunky Dory the kabbalistic tree of life is explicitly referenced in the title track as well as Crowleys pornographic book of poems White Danes now I think it's been a long time since we've read anything from white stains. Not since our great be six hundred and sixty six episode a few years ago, Henry read a poem from white stains. This one is called going,
the highways and hedges and compel them to come in. I my phone lips but drink by golden wine, my bright eyed arab. Only let me the rich brown globes of Sacramento, meet steaming and firm hot from their home device and let me linger with my hands in mine and lick the sweat from dainty dirty feet, free with the law also of the street and then a on all blew my mouth to a nice poem, noises in the phone. Tell me, young Arab, what rhymes with maybe like along. I will say my thing My favorite two lines:
anymore. The rich brown globes of sacramental meet steaming infirm hot from their home divine right, yeah or roast exactly that's exactly what it is. Rich blonde brown globes he's eating. Dookie balls, steaming and firm, which that means they are fresh in. The man has eaten his fiber hot from there huh, divine meaning the asshole, what bees to be a holy place, David Bowie? dookie, no Aleister Crowley ditto. You know that's a fact, but we also I don't know that David Bowie Dookie, he did hang out with Lou Reed a lot and Lou Reed a duty well Lou Reed like to have the plate glass done now. The Deniro yeah yeah Lurie will have the plate like to have the plague last on a Lou Reed also did like to in now very casually just walk up towards like hey my I want to go back to my hotel room
Shut, your mouth and if they said no cool, Well yeah. I guess you can't help but give blame a guy ever ask and get none duty kidding. So, at any rate, the song. Station to station is essentially, the coke fueled. Road map of bowies misadventures in the occult. The line You drive like a demon from station to station, coupled with the line one magical movement. Catheter to Malkuth tells you He realized by the time station station came out. They he went too far too fast in bright himself in the process of trying to find some of the call knowledge because cancer to Malkuth Cather, it's either cancer is the high. I think it's cancer is. The crown of the couple is to tree of life. The top malkuth is the bottom, the earth and when he says one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth, he means that he tried without
really doing anything in between to go from the bottom to the top and completely fried himself in the process. He was saying that 'cause you're supposed it wrong to be take years of prep, yes years of meditation and considering the shock rose and doing all supposed to go through a stage by stage by stage, and if you just try to cope your way through the kundalini line, you're going to come out sounding like interested yeah you're, going to come out. The thin white Duke Husqvarna have like an absolute husk of a human being a witch he's at and by station to station BO is at the end of a fruitless journey, but still trying to understand pictures that were taken that were used as the back cover two or later really A station to station show Bowie wearing Blue black and white striped clothing
sitting on the floor, sketching the kabbalistic tree of life and it's this picture that connects bowies, failed so turn into the occult and in the 70s, with David Bowie's, very last video Lazarus and his death soon after it's released last week, before it it between the station to station and Lazareth, we know David, he went through nine other like permutations. He did like in the industrial thing he was like, he did a bunch of dance this album see dimension stuff. He became much more normal him and he married a man. Well, I mean we're not answer you tiful, kids well, not until but well Raptor station to station. He recorded the Berlin trilogy sauce. Which is amazing and low, awesome heroes, larger, and then he followed that up with that scary monsters, which is also amazing, and then it's thirty years of pretty mediocre stuff so. He found love
with the monja and, like I think he married a model like the early 90s or something like that. He did good. He did good, you may have to do more than he already did nothing right. So that's a thing to do. It's a cute already made his mark. Another point: is it because you like to make music yeah, but in that because heroes, the Berlin trilogy than just kind of feel like like he's just a really end up with a really good musician. He was a beautiful musician who who knew what he was doing and he didn't he kind of drop. Some of the really extreme view points of his younger career when he was coming off of cocaine with low low is the follow up to station, say she's coming off cocaine, but at least it's his first attempt to kick, Ok, of course, over him and Iggy pop got together with him and Iggy pop we're really close. So it was, but it was more him and Brian Eno with low, of course, I need was in Roxy music. He produced the three best talking heads albums and produce one of the best albums of the seventies. Here, come the warm jets. But if you listen to station to station the watt
come the warm jets. Yeah right, I feel like that's what the the hub who is like the guy, who ships in mouse, Mister, Cromwell, Lou Reed here comes the warm jets or applied for that poor woman. You know Brown out David. But if you listen to low and low the First habit like side a is, you know: they're fantastic David Bowie songs like sound and vision, keep crashing. I keep crashing the same car but side b, is mostly instrumental and to me it sounds like a transition between one part of his life, and the next is the first part. You know that
He had been doing the last like for five years that he had kind of been working towards this sort of it. Working towards this knowledge trying to find some sort of hidden secret knowledge and then, with station to station, he admitted that she failed that he hit a brick wall, he almost died and he had to start over in the side. Inside b of so to me, really sounds like he's. Moving forward. Having no idea where he's going next, he is at Absolutely no idea what's in front of him, but he still walking forward, which I think is something that Bowie took to the very end of his life, which brings us to black star, so for the last year or so those of us who follows stuff, like this have heard the cancer rumors about David Bowie when he died, a can It was definitely it affected me, but it wasn't a shock because I did. I tell you that Chris
we in a disease on is in Lazarus. His new musical and she's been working with him for the past three months and she was saying how he Astros. It's like is he sick, because I heard that he was sick and she was like well he's here every day and he's in he works, really he's been working like crazy at limited hours and he sometimes came in looking like you just come from treatment, but mostly it was like What you're going to find is that he had had a full revamp creatively. He'd come back over the last I out of nowhere when he got the. Terminal diagnosis of cancer, and he said this is that he it's like. He had that purpose kind of clicked back in here he was like. I know I do now. It's it's the it's a full sweep back to my a cold meanings and Lazarus with a bit was a big step, She also said he wore. He had crazy, sneakers and smelled really good, ok, alright good to hear yeah on November 19th of Tyra Bowie released the video for black star and anybody who had her
the rumors and also anybody who is kind of interested in Bowie's, occult leanings, but as soon as you watch black star, it's it's pretty much he's going to die in twenty sixteen 'cause. If you if you haven't watched the video, it's absolutely beautiful, goofy at times this this black white traffic, little girl, shake It's really! It's really weird, but the overall concept of the video is absolutely beautiful. So the first thing that you see in the video is a skeleton in a space suit which Harkins back to his first hit space oddity. You know Major Tom, all of that and then, when a little very interesting because they need him going back to his own. It would grant
can we talk about it. We just creatively creating these avatars. For yourself, a major tom was probably his first real, like symbol of himself as this sort of man lost in space and then black star is we're. Major Tom goes yeah. He ends on black star, and we see with you when you cut status that body with this head. It's the skull, headed it's bejeweled covered in jewels, much like the dead catholic saints and display and churches. Eastern Europe and he's put putting Self is like St Bowie yeah and that's not a far stretch. He adds that he's he is self aware. He knows that after he died
yeah people are going to freak out, yeah he's going to be sanctified, he's going to be out of like David Bowie. As long as people are talking about, music David Bowie will come up and then after you get the space suit, the skeleton in the spacesuit you see the bandages covering his face, which really is in both Black STAR N Lazers is, I think, the creepiest image of the mall 'cause he's got these bandages over his eyes and he's got these tiny black button where the I should be- and I think is also export. It's also, I think it's an ironic self expression on the idea of like blind prophet who paints eyes like this whole time. Do you've looked at me. As if a person who knows what's coming in the future, but I don't view me is I'd like, and so in order to portray that it's like blinds, but I draw the symbol of eyes on me that you've done don't get We do 'cause now you look at me and you believe that I have the following sequence, but I'll have to see 'cause. I don't like
No man, I don't know yeah yeah. He knows I mean black star is I mean he is terrified if you are these videos, he is not going gently into death he's going into death, not knowing what is coming next and right is admitting to everyone that he has no idea what's coming next and he, producers said the same thing he only has when he came in. He only had several images in mind and one was the crystal, but was it was major Tom? He was basically leaves name check, Major Tom and the other one. Is you want a lot of scarecrows yeah? I don't know the just because he thinks scarecrows are cool 'cause. When I first watched blacks I didn't know he was just about to die. I watch it. I was just like David Bowie is Sunday knows he's like well, it's gotta be cool, it's gotta be right, 'cause, it's David Bowie, and this is what he obviously whatever he wanted. This to be is exactly what he wanted it to be,
you can never go wrong with the scarecrow out of ideas, use a scarecrow. Well, it's also the scarecrow. It there's also three scarecrows reference to the crucifixion to gawk off the another, a call reference so those same bandages of black buttons link Blackstar to his final video. That came out just three days before he died last service. One thing you might have noticed in that video, where the strange black and white close the boat we was wearing and if you look back to the pictures, a bow we during the recording of station to station where he sketching the kabbalistic tree of life, he's wearing the exact same clothes, and I think that Bowie late in life when he was facing death returned to the
studies that he'd failed at so badly in his youth, and it could be that it was only at the end of his life. He could truly understand that, like you said, and quicksand and one thousand nine hundred and seventy one knowledge comes with deaths release. Oh my god! go to rock and roll never dies power, and it really does it really does it an he will live on always because we what you meant to so many people and the the thing aside like just symbolism. Is that be the reason why he is the most successful magician of all time is because his will will live forever and it's showing that that that it's a thing about art is that that that's all you need That's where the magic the magic is in, creating something that wasn't there before, and living in and never looking back, and I don't know it's it's kind of beautiful. It's it's incredible heat. He will be he's he's in history now forever yeah. Is it have you to full life? It is up almost a perfect artistic. I.
It's it's insane that this man was able to at the end of his life he didn't die in a Heroin overdose, he didn't die in a car crash. It wasn't sudden I was almost like he was ordained to do this like he was allowed to wow yeah rest in peace, David Bowie eat. I don't know all right, amazing. What a what a informative episode about a musical genius and an artistic genius all around yeah I mean the only on the other side, but we see a man. That's always says that he wasn't. You never considered himself a musician. He considered himself an artist to use music as and it will say a lot of people- do want to see Bowie on the other side, but you didn't seem in real life, so you probably won't see him there either he's busy like a special part. You know he's just like being like really cool the VIP say: you're still not going to meet him yeah, it doesn't tell me Beethoven: do you have Peppa?
oh my god, yeah. Alright, I want a great episode- great research, everybody that was wonderful rest in peace, David Bowie, and I'm going to go back on that diet of his you got is milk and coke, it's going to beg see so what we usually do at this point in the show, if you guys a hail Satan to everyone, yeah, that's right and if you guys want to donate to our page your own campaign. Thank you to everybody who was donated so far go to pager, on dot com, slash last podcast on the left. And you can donate. However much you like. I hope everybody is enjoying the first shipment of bones that are coming in the mail absolutely and and and were you were saying that you wanted to yell at all the listeners for not watching heroes reborn, yes, you did this, you did this, you, not the canadian staff
the canadian grips, but your house, your pretty face going. Everyone wants an update on that were fucking, crushing it third season is going to be the best thing. We've ever done. Wonderful man can't wait. Awesome any not so, and I am so I am starting to include things on the pager on campaign as well. That's coming up, I, I guess I I'm doing. Readings of the satanic Bible, which is filling with juice yeah. What kind of juice use I think I'm making love better since you a letter, satanic Bible, it though you gotta, let it out don't want to keep it all in there. The pillows in this hotel room or live in fear ever since I I mean I I'm myself, I'm reading the old testament. Never since I've started, I've been a lot angrier
ok, very good yeah. If you read in the God Voice enough, it starts to seep into your real life. Now that's exciting. I think I want to read something about duck: hunting, I was I watch something on that the other day very difficult to did to hit a duck. It really is. You can read whatever you like that it's been choice, yep, so duck hunting or maybe a a couple of muffins grab those and if you guys want your very own. Last podcast on the left. T shirt go to cavecompanyradio dot com, Slash Merchanwil, cavecomedyradio dot com. Listen to some of the other shows that me and Ben do together, Abe, Lincoln's top hat in the round table. A gentleman in a couple other shows that I do with Henry Sister, Jackie page, seven and sex. The human activities and I'm going to go ahead and and also don't forget this Saturday January 23rd That's right! We have our next last podcast on the left live show. We've got hold Mcneely from the round table of gentleman sitting in for Henry while he's in at
Santa and don't forget to join the facebook page. Follow us on Twitter at LP on the left perfect and I'll tell you mean the c c r shows are crush, and if you look at the I, what is that the I the Ipad, the Iphone tunes the I tunes You look at the ids list. I mean it's just nonstop CCR yeah man, where we've got like three or four song, or three or four, or even more than that. I'm telling you this week in jakins been on there I mean everything mark is you've done such a great job with in that way, man I would have done it without all of you guys. Otherwise, I'd just be some asshole in a room talking about David so we by myself, oh yeah. So thank you guys for doing this with me that this has been a beautiful experience. Everybody who's donate to this campaign to patreon it's kind of overwhelming. It's pretty fucking cool and thank you so much two thousand and sixteen is going to be a fucking year, filled with say beautiful, devilry, it's going to be a great year. Yes, thank you guys so much and hail yourselves and my
I got. I just check the pager on campaign where five thousand nine hundred dollars- if we get just one hundred dollars more, the three of us are going, Do a Google hangout alive, Google hang out with every single patron supporter and which will answer all of your questions live. So yeah. We just need one hundred more bucks for that say: go to patreon dot com, slash last podcast on the left and help us get there. Yeah and speaking alive feel free to stop by the creek and the cave. Every Sunday we usually record round table at six hundred and thirty. We love having people come and watch the show. It's a really fun time to meet the fans and hang out every week. You guys are more than welcome to come alright helmy as well in an hierarchy. Oh yeah, he'll Bowie,.
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