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Episode 209: Ghost Cats of the South

2016-01-20 | 🔗

Join us this week as we explore the world of ghost cats, specifically those located in the South.

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Hey thanks for tuning into the show, if you want to support us, go to pager on dot com. Slash last podcast on left no waiting to escape to this is the last on the left. Cannibalism started, I remember the market. Thank you. What you get in Henry! I got him to give us. I think, out of anything and apple fritter, those grow on trees, disconnected you're going to be like with dad who buys gifts at the Duane Reade. Like Christmas Eve, you don't mean like Christmas morning yeah. She would start to show alright welcome to the last podcast on the left, everyone I am Ben Kissel and I'm looking at Mark's parks and I'm also beautiful Henry in Atlanta, good God, man, father
please tell me why sometimes v necks are too big in a medium but other v necks. Small in a large. This is the purest truth. I can ask for grandfather. I Robert Shapiro. That's your Haynes versus fruit of the looms controversy. Yes, wire sizes, different, I'm confused man, most of the time when I'm walking around in my life and these two shoes of mine, I just need some definites and that was a sample of Henry Zebrowski's new show used to be fat What kind of fat fashion it'll be good, it doesn't get easier, it is getting harder and harder the white man out. Alright, alright, alright, today's episode this is you know another very serious one. We're discussing ghost cats of the south, we were told some of our topics recently been very
heavy is very dark which one we did it. We did it. We did David Bowie, which I think it was a good dip archer, and it was a good experiment for us and we like talked about chaos magic, but you know an entire month of a rape, dungeon yeah, I understand, gets people tired. So today's episode is like a lemon lime. Sorbet using the clean, your pallet, and you know what it sounds like but I don't see a cat anywhere Marcus. Do you remember snickers when it died a couple of years back? I believe so that kind of sounds like snickers. The dead cat I was just suicide, my God, why did you do it? Snickers snickers. How is it in Heaven I so there's nine towers everywhere. I go and there's so many mice running around. Do you eat the mice not just
that does sound like Jesus says I can't kill him, but then I got to thinking may We we should do something about Jesus. You know: there's a cat coup in Heaven to kill. Jesus welcome to kill a mocking that makes sense. My other question is to me in ghosts right when talk about. This is the residual psychic energy, whether it's captured in a place be cause of like a big kind of traumatic thing happened, or something very pourtant happen, heard things with things with unfinished business. Cats have unfinished business. Well, I do believe that they have well. What would it can't unfinished business? Be they don't exist?
wish? I could have two Dunmore plants or maybe had just a bit more lasagna, a squash, a spider with the newspaper. You hold a news for like a cat newspaper, it's a newsletter hello, everybody where the warmest bowls of milk or time New York's best list of most hot slash, warm magical dishes of milk. Well, you see concerning ghost cats, ghost cats much like living cats, don't know, Please behave the way we would want them to In other words, not all ghost cats are good, kitties, no but as Randy Russell maintains, all ghost cats have one thing in common: they
exist, Randy and I say good night to say good as well. You know women would love the idea of dating an author, but the content of the book does matter right there. I gotta say I am having a lovely time on our date tonight, but there's a guy can't right over your shoulder over there. I can see it with my ghost looking eyes: anyways, let's get the sevice well, of course, we won't actually be covering anything specifically hum ghost cats of the south as it is for the most part, just a collection of short stories centered around various cat, hauntings and not, and actual source of folklore, but I will say about this book. It's a bit of a hoot.
And is highly recommended for cat lovers. Now, regardless of its lack of factual information on ghost cats, ghost cats at the south did put us on the trail to some actual real ghost kitty stories. Today. We're going to, start with the Orange Tabby of Davenport House. There's also dog. Ever cats and dogs share a heaven. This is a great. So this is already this is Well, the Davenport House in downtown Savannah. Ga one of the most haunted cities in America is best known for the ghost of Isaiah Davenport, an unfortunate man who died of yellow fever. In eighteen, twenty seven, you guys remember that disco hit
did that in earlier episodes. Oh yeah, yellow fever, yeah. We all remember that. That's where you lie on your back and you bleed from your eyes. It was taken over the 1970s disco seed, there's also a ghost of little girl, dressed in late 1800s clothing, who is with a little red ball on the top floor, and, of course, who can forget the Misty gray figure who haunts the gift but it is said that another occupant of the feline variety stocks the grounds as well although it is never been given an official name despite having its own plush toy in the gift shop, orange and white tabby. Also, as the Garfield Breed has been seen, entering and exiting the house for decades, members of the staff as well as those who lived in Davenport House when it was a tenement, have seen the cat darting from room to room and is always been said to have a connect.
To small children. No one knows the origin of the Orange Tabby of Davenport House, but as long as the house stands, the cat is sure to stand with it now. Could it be a cat. That's what I'm thinking, because they are quick and you see him out of the corner of your eye and then they're gone. It seems like it's a giant old house. They could just be a cat in there. Alright see in a decades long cats. Don't live that long this guy who's, like the is there a janitor in there is. It is not supposed to keep a cat, and then he started the story over and over again, like Is a ghost cat near desert, Leno real cat that I'm feeding and taking care of 'cause. I it's that's. Good ploy yeah,
They just everyone just believes it JANET or whatever. He says, even though he's probably guilty of some horrible crime 'cause, that's how he's become janitor at the Davenport House right? Well, he usually janitors are guilty of past crimes, but have since rebuilt their lives. I know- and I they've done their time, yeah and they're usually kindly exactly, and they are very wise. Next we're going travel up to our nation's capital, you're, going to enjoy this band okay
and we're gonna get that politics bend. Okay, would you like to go to college to close the gap has an order that also goes we're going to visit the Washington Demon CAT or for short DC yeah. The origin of DC goes back to the construction of the capitol building in the late. Seventeen hundreds Capitol Hill formally Jenkins Hell was reportedly home to a den of feral cats, and when construction began, the den and the cats were destroyed, thereby ensuring that the capital would fur or be haunted by the spirits of those who came before so they just dumped a bunch of cement. On top of just cats, catch just rolling around the first of all
seems number one: don't you want the cement to be flat and it seems right if you just dump a bunch of loose a man on a bunch of live in cats. They're going to struggle make moves to make but not level that they destroyed the cats, possibly with shovels beforehand, making him flat. It's good for warmth, warm floor, so those who come into contact with DC say that it first appears as a small adorable. Black kitten. But when approached the kitties eyes start to glow red and the cat grows to the size of a panther, if the witness, usually a Capitol Hill Security Guard, didn't immediately bolt and run DC would pounce either disappearing over the victims head or exploding in his face all right, so the security guard would turn around and run it's a ghost cat worst case scenario. It's a real cat right it's a cat, looks at it and then so it wouldn't grow
just to the size of a Panther K scenario. Then it's a panther. I can also see the security guard doing the same thing as the janitor. Just being like you know, I saw ghost down here, certainly not keep the cat, it's against the White House rules. We better not get too close to him or try to catch them, certainly not just Becaus his beloved to me, but he will grow much inside and be most dangerous and there's nothing. You can do to protect yourself from him, my beloved mittens, it, never called him, mittens equal column DC. What do you see is the cat, it's it's the capital cat, I love the capital cat and I think Henry really does capture the loneliness of being a security guard and the loneliness of being a janitor. Don't try to catch him, not because he's my only friend in the world and confident because she is a ghost in a possible to catch and he's got unfinished,
like why Cheryl left helping me investigate why Cheryl left well she'll come back. I don't think she will. I think she will you're doing wonderful, you're working the night shift now or won't work at all, the shift every time it perfect, she loves a working man will officially DC has only been shot at by capital by Capital security guard? sure that can twice people shooting cats issue to Panthers Henry right, but Legend has it that at least one security guard died of a heart attack. Witnessing DC's gruesome, display cool and besides just spooking. The guards DC is also said to be the bearer of bad news, a portent of calamitous events in american history, particularly the deaths of presidents. He is said to have been present.
At the deaths of Lincoln Roosevelt and Kennedy, wow yeah, is riding with Kennedy there in Texas. Computer car he appeared in. Is he the car? Can these ghost has turned into old cadillacs? I think JFK just had a cat, it's possible! No! No! No! No! No! The ghost cat appears to security guards right before the bad things happen in one pression, clearance DC materialized before a security guard on the night of Halloween, one thousand nine hundred and eighteen and the very next day, the worst transit accident and american history. The wreck of Malbone Street happened right here in Brooklyn New over ninety, play, nights lost their lives under the streets of Flatbush. That day, when I look at on the rails, and they did not hit that cat. I know
driving over ninety brooklynites in my ancient trading, but sometimes the cats yawn keeping a man alive, I guarantee you There's somebody out there who would save one cat and kill. Ninety people has a train conductor. No The the only thing a man could dress of this life was a nice cat, always sits on your lap, no matter what you do, how drunk you get? I don't you say I don't want to call you out here, but train conductor you sound like a security guard. I used to know who was a janitor at some point. It's strange how fast a man can be fired just for having a cat, Let's say that think you're the problem. I just love cats, more than I love the life of a single human being all many makes sense. The next appearance of the cat came almost exact,
eleven years later on October 28th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine the night before black Thursday, the day that the DOW Jones and stroll stock market, crashed, sending America into the great depression. There's not that our government would love more than to blame it on a cat. Well, if you want to talk about government blame, it said that it's possible that the cat appeared one last time right before nine hundred and eleven and it was wearing a top hat and a monocle you still won't tell everyone to get out of the towers, all Mister Cheney said you need the reason for your forever rule. That is why, Stop music and don't forget, to go and listen to our very serious three part. Nine hundred and eleven series that's right honestly, though, what I do like is less pit, but it seems like what you say here the demon cat tapered off in the late 40s. The
building stopped, hiring the unqualified drunk relatives and friends of Congressman security guards. Next, let's leave the American South and travel to the highland, of Scotland now in days of yore great care, taken to prevent cats from passing over a freshly dead corpse. This was for fear that the candle Sitteth or CAT Sith now it's just like Darth Maul, yeah kinda. This is where George Lucas got the name Seth from oh yeah. It's an old scottish thing. It was believed that the cat Sith would steal the unclaimed soul of the freshly dead before the proper gods could get
around to retrieve ing it, so it was somebody's job to sweep cats away from corpses. Well, I will tell you this is what they actually did to prevent the cats from stealing the man's soul. Men would watch over the body of the freshly dead until it could be buried using all manner of trickery to, this cat sit the way they would play games of leaping and wrestling to distract the witch kitty who loved watch, men, Russell and jump yes in radio, something to say about cat ghost result of drunk lonely man, yes, that's right, Not a single real cattle member when Lawrence Lake had the people in his murder there. Leonard Lake letters like yeah, yeah Lawrence, Welk lenders, Lake, so
they never saw a single cat ghost in there untied, maybe, but it's just the wrestling and leaping riddles would be asked to no one in particular, for it was believed that the cat unable to answer would sit and ponder over how she might answer. If only she could talk, you can't ask a question to cats. Don't care castle, speak english cats. Not even just can't even answer riddles catches, no you're talking to help you can put three rocks in a table and you you can give like a meaning to each and whenever the cat knocks down, then somebody wins and somebody loses. You bring a laptop next to her grave and cattle. Just pay attention to the God. Dam laptop goes, Cats were the original google. They had all the answers as brief,
we mentioned earlier cat since were believed to actually be, which is who were able to take the form of cats nine times in their career as a witch the benefit of turning into a cat when you already a full bodied human that can do so much More than a cat can do physically, no, but it can't can sneak in with other cats when they're warm fires, you're right God, damn which just disappear, yourself and go to the other room or mystify everyone which is make their cats yeah and you have to be a cat if you're going to steal a deadman soul by the way, the which only being able to turn into a cat nine times. That's because the which could only turn back into a human eight times. Oh ok and the ninth time she was a cat forever until she died
that's I guess it would almost be more fun to be a cat, just a cat as a witch you're about to get burned. That's right, yeah, I'm all the time. Cats are very well respected in maybe you find the guy who was? Let's get maybe likes to do the things. You mean you, so you say that you would hope that if permanently a cat. You would hope did man would would want to have sex with you. Even though you are not built to have sex with the man, you believe but that is the most pleasurable part, maybe being stuck as a cat If your a woman and you could you keep your thing, no. You cannot have a human sized giant well because it kind of a compromise, yeah yeah? Where would you put that on the yeah yeah, we're right, though, from after the human vagina languages account is only nine inches. Twelve inch cat China is up to three inches long right. Maybe two to three inches. Go two: three: let's go to three hundred to four hundred, so third of it
well, I'm not is for fucking of it never mind its guts and it's bones and that's fine yeah there's not going to be any canal connected to the lips. You know yes, frankly, we're talking about ghost cast, so pardon main, forgetting the anatomy wrong. I guess you could just kind of rub it on the lips and, oh god, but you could rub it on the desk hole. If your fucking cats, that it's not going to have that you know the vaginal gluten yeah, it's not going to have that noise that all men grateful bucket of cat, the human vagina at the back of it, alright today's episode of last podcast on the left is brought to you by audible, dot com. You know audible as they have a ton of audiobooks over on their website? You can go and download and listen to him on any Iphone Ipad, Android and Windows phone in over five hundred other MP, three players and
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Those stories runs pretty dry, pretty fast. That's why we're also going to be covering alien kit, he's on today's episode. Can you ask holes he's got surprised, I thought out of yourself. He thought we weren't going to get to aliens today, but we definitely did absolutely dead now, as you can imagine, the realm of the paranormal, isn't just isolated to ghosts. There are some and buy some, I mean Robert zero in one man one. One of the explorer ACE Et visitors speak who he channels, aliens 'cause. This is he believes that some of our pets are not, only vessels for alien surveillance but might in fact be aliens themselves. All of this come from an alien entity that Robert Shapiro channels called grandfather and you know when he's channeling grandfather when it looks like he's about to shoot, is,
dance. He is the only man in the world who believes that pets are babysitter, cams, sort of like an elf on the shelf yeah little bit like an elf on a shelf yeah and by the way I don't know where you got your information from, but from the back jacket of the explorer race ET visitors speak. He claims that the man that he speaks with is named. Zoom zoom, the grandfather yeah. I I've. Seen that yeah, I think, he's saying whatever you know what I also will say he doesn't write the back jackets to his book. The publishing company does so when Robert Shapiro, just like, says Oh no. I just tried to take a shitton. I start talking to an alien in Grand Father, they're like how do we spice this up? How do we jazz this for new readers yeah. Well. Why don't you read what the actual? Why don't you read with the back jack? It says
Super channel. Robert Shapiro can communicate with any personality anywhere in any when he has been approved, Channel channel for over twenty years and channels, with an exception in clear and profound connection, Roberts. Great contribution an understanding of the history purpose. The future of humanity is is as epochal work the Blair Race Series, of which this book is number eight in the thirteen part series I mean, can you imagine if you're Christopher Hitchens, the late Christopher, if you're in the bookstore in your book, is right by this and it's just taking with the same amount of a groundhog, and also it's really funny about Zouche or grandfather as it he's constantly pro? mowing the book that something watch the videos you just like make sure to pick up my book. The explorer, seem get the variance mean like he remembers to plug it. Yeah which I think is very responsible of grand father or Zuti. That's right, of course, and as far as I can tell I don't know, maybe he does write his
black jacket, because the publisher is listed as the explore. There are a series- I don't know. Excuse me: it's three light technology publishing itself published it's a self published book, while he does mostly talk to Zuti today will be focusing on beings that heavy physical presence here on Earth Shapiro said that he in his quest to cover the broad spectrum of beings put on earth to help us through this log. That is life. He put out a call for extraterrestrials visiting earth who are here to broaden the human perspective. But
so communicate with us. Insubordinate form fake. Well, watching you I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm crazy, don't call it affect until you hear the testimony from this extraterrestrial from a cat planet who inhabits a cat here on earth and thanks again to science officer, Megan Fiero root for taking the research hit on this one, the extra terrestrial cat in question. Is named in full, both are are gala or, as we will call him, but thaw for short, ok! Well, it's just that the first name, well, it's all one. It's boggle eyes, there's a bunch of hyphens in there I said stage name. His last name is head he claims to hail from Jeff
a planet far away from earth, which he says is closely connected to cat energy in the thoughts purpose on earth is to oversee and listen to the experiences of cats and to help them accomplish their true purpose, which is to initiate human beings into interstellar spiritual oneness. This is what Shapiro IBS cats? Are here less to observe you then to train you? as we noted by those who live with cats as companions, that training is something that cats do not people all those who live with cats will understand that joke
Certainly we have with the cat, certainly not with the woman or children. Many many many many many many many cat. It made certainly train me yeah and while we know Shapiro's credentials here are but thoughts, but the law has been a passenger on spaceship earth for over forty thousand years now, taking on the form of one type of cat were another, though sometimes he does appear only in spirit form. However, no matter the form he is always visible,
two cats, so Shapiro's his his ex, but what what is his? How is he just has cat and he's lonely any for the grains, and that's really good. So imagine how do you have yes right, he's no absolutely not been. It does sounds like you're, not paying attention at all. Here, I'm having a hard time because we're the death, I can already see it. Imagine a housing complex somewhere in Connecticut Robert Shapiro lives group. You know if you have an outside cat, like one household three I'll husband, wife has a house a flag in the cat they let out at night. It just keeps going by Robert Heroes, house and you imagine them just finally being like like is the the cat. They see it across the street over Robert Peers House did they go over and they knock and they're like. Oh, so sorry that our cat keeps bothering you, like, you know: let him out at night and you must be feeding him and he seems to really like you and then he's like his name this before using ancient spirit from Kathy all the cat planet and yet to be like a great, oh good, good, good
that your neighbor great. This is great right, so, but Thaws mission extends far beyond just guiding cats on the ways of training humans. He also listens to the Kitty stories, told by kitty cats. For you see, a cat's life cycle is radically different. That of a human and while we only experience one life at a time a cat might be experiencing multiple lives on multiple planets. All at once, cats have anywhere from two to perhaps as many as seven or eight concur lives happening all at the same time, and this is why sometimes a cat will just run into a sliding door like one of the glass ones yeah, because I'm white yeah yeah, it kind of turns off there for just a second, the naturally such an experience can be a little heavy, so kiddies,
unload their tails on both orog law to ease the burden. Now, despite existing for over forty thousand years, but thought insists that his main focus, is always on the future, specifically cat future. It's because he can't member of the past. They have no memory, let's look at well now. He will not provide you with cat linneage or cat history, although he can cats are stubborn. Is the problem can cats is that the only want to give you affection when they want to give you affection to a dogs. Are nice yeah. If a dog could tell you the history of all dogs, It would tell you anytime, you'd like it that's right. We need to be available and adorable what, but they can say that the time of the cat on earth will end as soon as humanity awakens to its final spiritual, Destin
so as Bethalto glasses. Are you cared so all cats are. Could commit mass Yes, I guess so right. So once we become enlightened yeah, so we don't they through there are pushing us forward very quickly. They wanted. A lot of voters Well I mean it's not like it's it's not that they all by all at once. They have concurrent lives on many as as on it. To put as many as seven or eight different planets, so they'll, just their speech, actual consciousness will just be absorbed those other lives does This also means that, like this proposes that, like Garfield and eek, the cat if are also all real. Is that an alternate- Universe and me a release Garfield Planet yeah I mean if we go if we subscribe So the idea that there are
infinite worlds and then it all possible worlds exist. Then. Yes, there is a Garfield plan B somewhere out. There is. The calendar goes from tuesdays to Sundays, no Mondays, but then wouldn't Tuesday be the new Monday there's just don't bring it up. Itchy and scratchy. There fun cartoon cats too, will just want to cat, ok, cool, mad max type world, where everyone's during each other and regenerating all over time like if we lived in halo. This is so fun would be pretty fun now, as far as but thaws quote, unquote, real appearance goes. Not the cat appearance because remember but saw, is just inhabiting the cat use from another world. He does not look exactly what you know a cat to be in reality, he's around four and a half.
Feet tall with an elongated face with the bone structure similar to that of a greyhound looks like a dog. He is a cat creature that look. It's like a doggy, says native dog right, but in his natural state in his natural state. Yes, so work at entity at its core is a dog this cat entity. I think if this guy had cat entity right, not necessarily the cadete he's the cat entity that, is assigned specifically to earth. I think Shapiro was like the least creative slash, most creative person. I've ever heard. Maybe he never seen a cat right. You know the dog looks like yeah Well, I will tell you this. I also read the chapter on the dog that, things out on earth. The dog extraterrestrial that out on earth the chapter, much shorter and much simpler, yeah yeah he
is the he says- you know the why dogs are on earth. Why supposed to have fun with them? That's a good point. That's a good dog day looks like his grandmother yeah exactly. This is what, but the US is typically about his appearance. This dog in my appearance is considered to be, or how can I say this so it does not sound self centered read
will experience like a king like a dog got it yeah. It looks like a dog right dog King dog, King guy dunking. Now both odd does not have fingers per se, but rather appendages more closely resembling cats pause. So now we're back in the cat realm and, of course he has a tail in both of his forms, both in his home planet form and in cat form, and he finds it very peculiar that humans do not have tails, for it is in the tail that he says ninety percent of the sensitivity on the nervous electrical and magnetic levels exist. Some people do have tails vestigal ten yeah they're, very small, though their children of inside.
I once dated a girl with the small tale that definitely makes surge is definitely not a child. Events, as they are shown, was to put his to live on. Her Marcus grew up in rural Texas. It he comes from a high school class of eleven there's, no the way it was inside. It was here in New York City I'll, have you know now, but thaw takes great pains to emphasize that not all cats are higher initiates, who had the capacity to do spiritual things such as walk through walls and so on and so forth. By his rough estimate, only one to three percent of cats can do this as we said earlier, we're not here to yes, man. This is a bizarre percentage. It's a rough area, this one, it's a very specific, it's not the one to three percent. It's best pretty rough. I think it's very specific. I also want to say this higher section of this podcast could easily
I've been given in a log by a woman per chance. Three hundred plus pound yeah blouse at a bus station wearing a purple, I'd, say: MOO Moo slash the tent Well, it's not a movie, then Jellicle who's got a cat brooch. Who just turns you at one point and says: do you know? anything about the magical properties of cats, that's it model with any luck, she'll sit on you by on the bus or the right by a on the bus. Thank God we're going to the same spot. I can keep talking about cash now, as we said earlier, we're not here to train our cats. Are cats are here to train, tell me about it. Wool specifically they're here to help us attain levels of con
business that much of the universe is already achieved, although it must be said left to their own devices. The cats way of achieving higher consciousness is slow and a to say the very least there was a mentally stunted person in my home of Stevens Point and Roger who would have sex with cats yeah and he would throw them in Iverson Park and you believe that Roger is the dawn of one of the cat Well now, I'm just wondering like how did that cat come back as a ghost cat, or did it tell the other realm, the other cat and the other in the other realms all about Roger anyway. It brings to the well I'll. Tell you this. What is log a lot does not have a high opinion of neutering. Okay, very opinion of it- I better years and even more thorough opinion.
Over Roger manhandling cat scratching, a cat that comes like I'm in a theory of all the way from Taffia that each about all of that here. Well, here you, where is all new, but please human know that need training in the way of Rodgers, destroying it with his car oh Bush yeah. There goes the sure Ambassador basket, clearing out the cat you at all. At this point, you might asking Marcus. If it's true that cats are here to help us reach the higher consciousness that the rest of the universe is already achieved. Although the cats ways might be slow and subtle If this is true, is there a way to work in tandem with my cat to use it as a shortcut to spiritual, enlightenment and
in this with the universe. I was wondering that, luckily, for you Ben the answer, Yes, thank God for Ben. Yes, God is great for Ben. This is almost I'm going to put this again also, if you're single right now, if you're a single person- never Think of this information to any person you're on a date ever This is worse than serial killer stuff. This is worse than you could describe the M ladies rules on date and still get it may be still get a kiss. This will not. This will definitely lead to you being alone for the rest of your life. Right. Yeah. Absolutely, however, if you would still like to learn how to extend yourself into your cat in order to quickly attain higher consciousness through cat energy. All you gotta do is follow these.
Five easy steps. Number one live with your cat for at least two years to develop the required bond. If the cat jumps in your lap of its own volition, the bond has begun to form how do not extend into the cat, immediate following the lap job wait until the bond is fully developed. Extend into the cat yeah. What does that mean I'll get to that mentally totally, not Roger Hairstyle, ok, Mentale Folk, the cat oh ok, so that's so weird with that as a cornerstone mentally and emotionally entering the cat, never physically I'll, never Klay mentally and emotionally rule number two step number two continue the bonding for a period of three to five months and once you feel as if
both you and the cat are receiving mutual pleasure from the lap sitting. It is time to begin the extension into your cat. Do not, the cat again yeah. That's a rule right. We're saying that is the. That is the principle that we follow again. This is just pending your cat, okay while it is in your lap- and you are leaving mutual pleasure from the lap sitting in the petting do not fuck the cat right well step three before you begin know that it is important that the CAT is awake for the experience. Don't really rough, shake it wicked up and falls asleep yeah image and being inside the body of the cat, but remember that it is important to imagine the cat with your physical feelings as well as your emotional one.
So this could actually be helpful if you're, a maniacal arch super villain or something like that they enjoy cats. This might stop them from blowing up the planet or something might do could be, Do not imagine your elsewhere stare at your cat, exactly where it is. Is it possible to creep out a cat. Can I can actually look at you and get scared her safety totally yeah, because my problem Dogmeat, is that normally, when I'm looking at a cat when I'm imagining is looking at the cat mean, like God, I wish that cat, on a beach really relaxing right little, little Miss Colorado, US old no, no, no, no gotta. Imagine your cat exactly where it is in your living room or for yay. If you so choose
Spaceman, whatever it doesn't matter or studio apartment, janitors, closet security desk. Wherever now remember, if your cat accepts this extension of feeling, it will stare right back at you and begin to relax, step four focus on how the cat moves. If it accepts you, it may begin to move it Kaylin pause just a little bit because remember, it's still relaxed, imagine being inside the cat so strongly that you get the nuans of cat feeling specific this sensation of a tail moving because remember you are the cat security officer
Jenkins. I couldn't help but you're, not watching any of these cameras on you just sitting there with his Catholic Runa, Madame Concentration of trying to become a cat, not that I have a cat, This is a ghost get the ghostbusters. Kristen, Wiig and finally step five just know going into this. Once you reach step I've. You will begin to see things. Don't question them for cats. Do not question what they see. However, it is necessary, even though you are the cat. It is necessary to always remember. You are also a human. Do not become lossed in the cat
it's a very small number to work ever again. That's right with the whole financial sector will shut down. The gdp will shut down your in Idiot Henry Manson also done, but once you have entered your cat fully and are able to do it repeatedly, you can then reach the natural state of higher consciousness, that is, cat, Energi and again, never ever not, even once not even just the tip, not even a deep kiss never once ever, never ever never have sex with your cat, never have sex the guy. You are allowed to enter it fully mentally and repeatedly, but then what do you
then you just have ADHD you're going around you're you're, not good at all the random fuzz balls and again try to look your own bubble. Wouldn't you know yeah, my hole is horrible. Yes, no way. Ok, alright! So that's an episode of the show of the wow. What what it? I hope. I hope that If, if you are lonely- and you have a bunch of cats, you feel a little less lonely, and I hope that if you are alone mean you have no cats that you feel more lonely get a friend God through bar if you're sitting there listening and you believe you want to mentally- become one with your cat and sit down and and and visualized cat enjoyed it mentally. I say: take the cat put it on the floor: go to a bar and to
talk to somebody at the bar, but not about ghost cats. Not once that's looking mention what you've just been doing here, so the Denver Broncos are playing the New England Patriots, throw that out there because 17th meeting. The only time you want to mention ghost cats is when you join us at our live. Show this just this Saturday January 23rd, one thousand pm at the creek in the cave, one thousand and ninety three Jackson Ave in Long island city. Queens of the G train and the seven train come on out. Will talk about ghost cats for at least three minutes ago? cat safe space feel free how to spell know. Judges here now, judges here and we're going to have Holden Mcneely the round table a gentleman sitting in with us. Oh you imagine the pork at that has to hang out with Holden cats. Don't like him. We have had conversations about this cats hate Holton. Maybe there is something to yeah holding genuine Doesn't like animals yeah we're just all I mean it really as you genuine, He does not like
all animals he gave skittish around him 'cause they may he makes dogs and cats nervous, very weird, just by his presence so come on out yeah. He bought my girlfriends cat bites him all the time. I I mean yeah. They had the granted that cat bites a lot of people, but he by told in a lot so keep that in mind. Next time, you're listening to round table. Very nice, I'm all right. Everyone thanks for support. All the shows here and see see our page seven round table top Pat section of the human activities are fun show and thanks everyone. We reached our very first patriarch goal: yeah we read six thousand dollars in which we will now set up here in the next couple weeks. I or I guess once Henry gets back in town, we're going to set up a live chat with all of our patrons supporters, and you guys can ask us any questions that you
and well I mean I know, probably going to have a lot of questions, but will answer as many as we can we're going to be doing it for a full hour. So, thank you guys so much and we're going to have some bigger goals here in the future? We're going to have some real Kulesh it coming up, but thank you guys, so so very much in glad you're, all join them bones enjoying the them bones and again, Sundays feel free to come by for round table whenever you want we're here usually show starts around six thirty, so we're always with a drink it around the creek on Sundays yeah. You're always welcome to come each and everyone of you if you're in, if you're planning a trip to New York Plan, a trip to the creek in the cave and come hang out with us on round table always welcome as as a live audience member, and if you want a last August, a lefty sure go to cave, comedy, radio, dot, com, slash murder, Follow us follow us on Instagram at they'll, on the left
follow me on Instagram. If you want to doctor Fantasti, had see part of my my my life see what I do. I guess you can try to find where I am. If that's what you want to do, but please please be please be saying: please be ok, you know, I mean don't, kill me, let's not kill me yeah. I think you Only the energy out there you might get killed yeah, I think so. Alright, find Henry on Twitter at Henry loves you Marcus, as at Marcus Parks, I'm at Ben Kissel, I'm going to say hell yourselves and I'm going to say, go follow me on Spotify with with Kyle Dean and we've got some thank yous for some super cool shift that we got in the mail we got thank sherry, berry for sending us amazing voodoo puppets of us. Oh yeah, yeah. These are super fucking cool. They have little pitchforks,
and a little weed bowls, hello, yeah! That's all I've got to real dog meat in the truth, written on each one of that fun. Yeah, and I got all my stuff here- it'd super it aids, the super cool and they're really fun. I love these things. I am We also have to think George Phillip Reynolds. All of the guys at midtown scholar in over in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. They sent us thirty pounds of books in the mail this week. And he also sent us a special package that he requested we open on air and send a special books for each one of us all so and so are before you open MRI. I just want to say it's been really nice, knowing everybody. This is definitely going to be a bomb. And this the chances of an exploding, a really really you
hello. I talked to this guy quite a bit he's quite he's. Quite nice and he's already sent me a wonderful book on the feed. Made another one on the mill grimaced marketers, opening the gifts. Now it's like Christmas day. If you have satanic parents, let's see what it is that it like his girlfriend's corset, finger, nails and teeth. Gnashing we've got for. We've got for Ben a special edition, thirty fifth, and free of the confederacy of Dunces yeah. That's my favorite book. They do for Henry we've got a copy of the book of Right no shit, yes, very cool like a very well. It looks like a very old copy of it. That's awesome so reader copy wow. I can't wait. Oh yeah, absolutely it's a photographic reproduction that was published in night one thousand, eight hundred and twenty seven bucks.
I got my god, this book acres of skin human Experiments at Holmesburg prison, a true story of abuse and exploitation in the name of medical science Holy just sounded like the Red Ryder when there is opening the Red Ryder, shotgun, red, raiders anchors of skin human experiments at Holmesburg prison. That's great! That's like a romance novel for you! Isn't it the blurb on the back from J, Katz Acres, skin is painful. To read that will be nice and we also want to give a shout out to. To to George's wife. Where is say like hey, what's up how you doing hello, Claire Reynolds, hope, everything's going alright they back they come back. Take please please, please hail Satan everyone.
Installation, Maillol, Magoo, Stellations, goodbye.
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