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Episode 211: Dean Corll Part II - The Ready Sled

2016-02-10 | 🔗

The Dean Corll series continues with the introduction of his infamous torture board and the boat shed where he disposed of the bodies of dozens of boys, as well as his first accomplice in 29 murders, teenager David Brooks.

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Hey thanks to everyone who donated to our pager on campaign so far, if you would like to donate and get some real cool free, go to page on dot com, slash last podcast on the left. Nobody was doing. This is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started have reached only still, I know my dad if you could would walk around with the tape to Haitian you walk around looking up girls skirts and doing the ranks in the back of a bus. I know her. I welcome the last broadcast on the left. Everyone I've been Kissel stared at the beautiful mark as part with this, is always had risen, browse Henry
look up sore arm just the sheriff of the Houston Police Department. So I didn't hear a rich man get murdered, that's fun! It's commentary, though poor people got killed, don't worry about it, go back to sleep so fast only to have the ease of mind of a sheriff of Houston, the lack of concern or under part, two of dean. Coral, oh yeah- and this is the part where we're going to find out just how this man along with two accomplices, killed twenty eight kids, mostly in the same neighborhood over a period of just three years a bizzare kill streak that lasted three year highly organized kept under secret and also to be honest. If we're looking at prime realestate of victims, too, of being like strong young men and that they are going missing off the street and
nobody thought to look about him 'cause. They just thought everybody was going to join the Carnaval like it's fuckin', Pinocchio right and nobody's going to. There is no magical carnaval. There is no something wicked. This way comes Carnaval I wish there was. It said I would be there yeah twenty kills in three years? Ask yourself: what are you doing to achieve your dreams, my god? Well, I hope to go to derive for toilet repair for toilet, prepare, that's a job that never goes out of business, as a matter of fact is my child wanted to do that. I'd be all in yeah, toilet, prepare There are do I make sure that the bolts attack 'cause. They did nothing worse. When you sit down on the toilet in the toilet, seat gets all swivel e, that's a good a job that, to this day Houston is no stranger to crime, ranking number three on the FBI's most dangerous cities in Texas report that was released just last year, but specifically has a long and storied history in the crime of murder. In nineteen, Eighty seven Houston has
the highest per capita rate, murder rate in the country, earning the The growing metropolis, the nickname, murder city you gotta, move there yeah honey. Should we move to toll, slow or Utah or murder city? Well, the city. That's got murder in the title of it because, as you know, I am a murderer and I hope to achieve more higher degrees of success in Ma Ma Ma Hierarchy of murder well, they're, either going to tax in nineteen. Sixty six before Houston had even a million people. The city had five dozen more victims of homicide, then in all, of England, which had a population of fifty four million cousin. That's why we kicked those wussies out of this country, it's right in one thousand, nine hundred and seventy the year in which coral began his three year. Murder, spree, Houston that dropped from number one to number three and
highest murder rate per capita in the nation being surpassed only by Dallas and Atlanta. Point as mayor of Houston when the numbers kind of drop, it's like when you're number one and only one thing right, any slip it whatever the category it makes you very upset. So that's right as mayor of Houston, I guarantee we get the murder rates back to number one starts. Handing chainsaws out to postal workers. You get a chain saw you going to change so in his one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy one book the once and future city. Author George FEAR recorded a popular limerick. It's going around the city at the time and used in. We feel no aversion. When others are casting aspersion, we never mind much the murders and such we take them as a weekend aversion. So what did it take to make text? do, poetry, murder. It just took mass murder in there, like, I think, we're going to get into poetry. You know very upset that New York doesn't have a limerick that we all know about it. So you're asking
I was murder so prevalent in Houston, there's mere of reasons, one, the town still very chat, a frontier spirit about it with all of the vial that comes along with such a spirit, but it still was a modern city. In modern times you have a frontier spirit. If there's a supermarket right down the street or barbers still surgeons right, where they still just have. You had to cut with a guy splashed moonshine on it like get outta here, fagot yeah, I feel like they just use this as an excuse. I'm a boy. I have lymphoma dumping bourbon over his head. I went to the doctor with lymphoma. He just gave me a bowl cut. Well yeah I mean it wasn't that far removed and you still had cowboys and Indians. You still had guys riding on horses up until the night. Teen ten. Do you guys have played red dead redemption? You know how that goes.
Yes, I remember that, when used in turns into zombies, one thousand eight hundred and sixty five the year was red dead. Redemption was cited, no one thousand nine hundred and seventy blah blah blah. He had a Kmart, they hit them red lights, better blue light specials to go too well of course, not just to the frontier spirit. It also had a ridiculously high gun ownership rate. In fact, the vast majority deaths in Houston were by gun or not, deaths, murders the vast of murders in Houston, all sort by guns in the city was exploding. The book of the man with the candy really illustrates this beautifully the beginning. It's really awesome. He was talking about how there all of this, not only oil money but Every sort of industry in the world was moving out of a gigantic that, with the Astrodome was built all of those you. They called it. The eighth wonder of the world crazy construction projects happening, and so at one point there blood, like happened. What happened in New York City? There was a gigantic influx of money in there which of course, mediate Lee C
it's off the statuses of everybody that makes the poor extra extra poor and the rich extra extra regions of Hh Holmes as well right, some watt, this sort of thing is still happening in Texas. To this day, it's happening in Midland Odessa right now. Odessa is in the middle of a big oil boom. Guess what Most dangerous city in Texas is right now, Odessa happens over and over again. This is at. This is definitely a pattern the state of Texas? Well, I'm just so happy. This is the episode where I found the name for my first born daughter, Odessa, Odessa Kissel come over here, can just imagine you're hunched back two hundred and seventy pound daughter. What is today, oh you're, beautiful to me, oh desert, why don't you go run around nude in the streets even posed with Mister kiss We've returned your God daughter. Your daughter will really you know really the biggest problem in hue,
Was there grossly understaffed police force eighteen. Seventy Austin Houston, two thousand two hundred in a city of one point: three million half the absolute minimum required to police such population and, in addition to being understaffed. The force was also underpaid, with many cops having to take outside jobs to make ends meet in the Houston injustice is that this was a problem that had a very easy, very simple solution, federal funds to beef up the four were readily available. Police cheap short high on frontier spirit, refused any and all assistance calling federal assistance. What so ever a quote, unquote handout through American I like so it must be interesting if you were, if you are on the police force one morning, but then at night you're, the
garbageman. So, like someone be like, I need some help officer. I've been Robbie like I'm here to pick up trash, get back to me later. I'm on my cop shift. Sorry I'm on no sleep whatsoever. I left a badge on this badge is useless, while I'm a garbage man, just these garbage lifting hands are the only thing I can use, but I still carry my gun that something I should. I shoot the tires, not surprisingly, Herman Short, that police chief who refused, These federal funds, he resigned pretty shortly after dean, curls body count, broke the previous record of twenty five. That was set a couple years earlier by murder of migrants, one corona who are definitely going to cover again, except what your best that be like I'm, the number one sheriff is letting twenty nine young strong men get murdered in my city yeah, something now because of that staff problem the workload officers faced with so stacked that a lot of them just
threw up their hands and gave up, which is a very human reaction. You're faced with this overwhelming workload, you don't know where to start it just It's coming in, you just stop You just can't approach it whatsoever and even started, making a game to see who could leave work the earlier, because they would they would see who could leave work early, so they would pass the buck of different like basically, if they an assignment for the day they would just leave it on somebody else's desk. They were walking out of homicide, which is really interesting also to cover fifty five other types of crime? Fifty six, it's insane, they literally had to sit in the they They were covering like treason and they that they had to cover all at once and so murderer was the last thing that we're looking at well, they had to cover every crime in which greed was not a motive, so they had assault battery rape, not to mention murder, and you know how many homicide detectives they had. Forty two
three million people, forty two guys bring every single violence related crime. So basically You say greedy mean theft right, I mean theft yeah, any sort of theft. Anything like that. They like that was a complete like that was b cops that was a different division, but homicide was in charge of anything related to violence and because of this, the homicide, detectives jen really ignored, everything that wasn't a murder. Anything and everything that wasn't murdered did not get any attention in fact a woman called it, the police k my husband's beating me. I need someone to come out. The police say like Actually, you need to come down to the station to report that we can't send anyone out there right and really what would happened with the murders, since there were so few people in so many murders usual. Need the murders didn't even really get that much attention, those that weren't invest?
they did, they called them misdemeanor murders and that was reserved for black victims or very poor white victims. In other murders they we get at the most two days of investigation with most murders only getting an hour or two before the police just moved on and all right, half the homicide detectives were actively invest instigating the murder of Jr on Dallas, but I believe that's true. So, basically shop to be like. Oh I'm, sorry, ma'am, your husband's men murdered. I'm gonna do everything I can did you do it? Did you do it? Did you do it? Did you did you? Did you get a chance? You got two chances to tell me: where did you did you did you? Even if it did you investigate the case
did you do did. Did you ask? Did you do that? Did you do it yeah? I did two times you didn't know you did it twice? Ok, that's all I can do that is literally. All I can do is once you change into your garbage man close then you're fine to go look. You know I figured out how to solve the Rubik's cubes. You just take up all the stickers and put 'em all the colors on the same side, dumb Yankees couldn't figure that out well the neighborhood, where in coral carried out. His murder spree was filled with people would have been classified as misdemeanor murders, one journalist he said about the heights. No newsmakers live here. No I thought you know. Civic leaders know socialites. It is a sad, tired, Are you financing about? The heights is the reason why the heights was called the heights. Is that, because I mean you is flat, and it was something like only five meters above sea line. So back in the day there was these strike outs of yellow fever, and so what they would do is they would literally like,
run to the hills where the fever can generate leads, and they would go to the heights because they thought that that would make it. I because I was the highest place in the area and he thought they would be above the sickness, a big step up and they're like we can't get to me now well and Jack Olsen, all of the man with the candy. He described it as a place quote. Where one could imagine retarded children or senile ants locked away and add it crawls, muttering in the shadows and wanted imagination. That is that's fun! That's where Marcus grew up that nice! No, when were you Marcus uh? Well, I mean muttering in the shadows. Definitely yeah, but we didn't have an attic in our house, so fuck you Henry, not bad right. That's one way to avoid it, but surprisingly, the heights was not a high. Crime, neighborhood the worst turn over heights seen before dean. Coral was a man that was known locally as the heights phantom and the FED,
MO was to appear naked at the doors of women before running off cackling into the shadow back. Bye, see it that we we will. We will dowser rod says: there's water in here. Alright, bye man would just have to ask. Did he fort as he ran away? Oh, you know he did that's the phantom and it seemed like the fart made him go faster that used the phantom Maman when the phantom was captured. He was just as quickly released and to quote pull himself together. I could imagine a cop just grabbing a guy with no clothes on and just a trench coat on this, like ruffle him up by the shirt like come on. Alright, I gather alright come on come on think about what you're doing. Ok go frustrated father and there were criminals in the heights, of course thieves and such but the heights. There is nothing to steal in the height, so the criminals they would go to other neighborhoods people would know like yeah. You know you know, Jeff He still he's a thief, but
feeling for me any aid, stealing from my neighbors right also whatever the other thing too, is that the criminals lived in the high that's like where they live right, so they didn't rob didn't ship where they ate and also the whole town was connected like very, very familial. Everybody knew each other forever for generation after generation. So it's that common, When you walk into what is essentially a bad neighborhood like in New York, you see a lot like wood bed, Stuy used to be like where the bed Stuy everybody assumed you so they're going to get mugged in like no that's just where the motors live right. This is actually the safest area in town, yes, yeah, absolutely and the thing is even if someone didn't live there forever, just people generally trusted each other, like they just didn't really question the motives of other people as long as you were clean cut, and as long as you didn't embarrass yourself, then you are good. You are in welcomed into the community and as teenagers are the heights, the kids in the I had a bit of a gentleman's agreement going on.
This is how one can put it as long as we keep up appearances and don't embarrass everybody, we can pop all the pills and smoke all the grass we want. I look normal short and they'll accept any of my friends that looked Noir They don't really have that much of a choice. They know I could get up in the morning. He told me the California and they never see me again yeah. I love the the used like the threat of them, leaving as the reason for them to be terrible, but it's so they're talking at the time. This is the reason why dean, coral and getting away with what he did for so long is that there were so many runaways, because you're in this shitfuck town in the middle of Texas and the basically, if I lived there, the first thing I would do every day is wake up me like how the fuck do I get out of. Right and one oh really! Quick way. You see me Dean Coral in his two teenage boys. Get you out of there real fast in a body bag yeah. This was the perfect place for Dean Coral to operate. He could not have asked for better.
Ground. We talk about. This is again this isn't a common example of its what happened with at been Kemper it, like eighteen things with these idyllic little towns where it's the perfect, it's it's vulnerable yeah, it's ready for somebody to come in and take advantage of the social agreement that everybody set up. I mean like well, this kind of just doesn't happen here, yeah. I do that NASA! That's what everyone says like well, maybe they'll be knows all these kids going missing. I don't know. Maybe someone's behind this number just goes Now I saw Becky Sue wobble in a little bit more the other day. I think they were just running train over her by the water power. Then we gotta do something. It seems like a very fun place to be a teenager. I have to say anymore: I can get stoned all day, yeah Keesus just being like, where All these balls are used to run train on me, yeah. That said, she's the real victim here now, let's get back to the story of dean, coral with uh.
Candy factory, officially out of business dean, started working full time at Houston. Power and lighting testing elect Relays and he move into a shed across the street from cool Elementary School and there he installed a black light, a tv a stereo and a you have alarm system that would flash a red light in his bedroom or anyone to show up at his shed unannounced party house I mean this is a web I bet he is a spider, attracting flies. He knows exactly what he's doing he's been doing this since the candy factory thing about Michael Jackson, creating the stuff to bare room that it will lead to the side while Jim Michael Jackson was a petaflop.
Whatever happens remarkable, it's just not going to get into that right. Just called him, the greatest child, entertainer of all time, pulling the Tina Turner, private dancer of all child agenda. The teddy bears more for the kids. The Teddy bears were for him, we're not guarding the conversation about Michael Jackson. Right now he was a great host if he wasn't children, but the idea is, if you build this place, what else does a fifteen year old Texas Run most pre run away even taxes. This is every teen in nineteen. Seventy. This is every teenager in America. I got all the cool. Should you want he's technically used to have a pool table which means at any point he could I have another thing: that's right he's got a black light. Cool done, awesome led Zeppelin, with a black light, going. That's your done through the full on tv. Yes and he's got a security light boys. It's been an hour just called me like there's light on yet so we will never go wrong with father without it or never. Cultural group is not over yet.
Hey on. That is just the phone, is God damn wait? What used to head coach? in real time. It'll happen. Yeah. All you need is a black light in the couch and the allowing them and allowing people to use drugs in your house. That's the coolest house for fifteen year old to be in your straight up rape, any boy in there, as you want did you put any put some shadow? No, not really. I mean most of the boys who regularly hung out a deans place. They had fallen dish, memories of the time that they, and there they said that who is kinda weird a lot of the kids notice that he got a little Getty around the teenage boys for the most part. They said that they thought Dean was just a quote: unquote do one other thing they said about him or that he was completely and totally anonymous and seems like a shadow yeah. That was the other way they sort of put. It will go that more when the trio was all together, but he was also like a nobody. They were like you, We went to his house and partied all the time and
to go in there with like do whatever, but dean was just kind of a public tear or like around them, like kind of being like here's, a toy in your some weed, but didn't we all of a house like this that we used to go to art in her teens? I mean I know for a fact. There was a house that was owned by a twenty seven year old, who, I believe was still a freshman in college. In to go over there and do everything we ever wanted to do and now that I think about it. He was relatively creepy yeah. We had a ton of people like we had so many older dudes that were in their early to mid 20s, some of them in their late 20s early 30s just buy beer for all Kids right they were writing out with all the kids in the kids at the time. You're like all yeah he's cool, but everyone from Wally when you're hanging around Tom and it's like forgetting, maybe the at two hundred or three hundred in the morning right. So you know markers you're, one of the good ones, yeah. You know they fought the teenage girls like that. Those are the guys that were fucking like the one thousand six hundred and seventeen year old girls that we
it was a love hate relationship because they'd bias beer, but then that also take all of the girls, and there was not that many girls who is twelve kids in the class there. Five girls know the rapists, essentially the three year old, having sex with a sixteen year olds. I never really
so creepy Matthew, Mcconaughey's character was in dazed and confused until right. Now this is exactly what he was doing. He Natalie Group had a punk house with him like that, but then all the guys never had sex with there was no sex in the house. It was just more like trash and stuff and throwing things around, but I think it's a punk Phillip hung up on its totally different punk they've got ideals and shit like that, like they're, trying to make they're trying to make appoint bad points but they're trying to make a point, I got out of the punk movement as soon as they are more rules in the punk movement than most presidents. I mean it's crazy. How many rules there are. Apparently you can't get over six foot, three, otherwise you're out I4 inches too tall. I swear to God. As soon as I got older, like you are intimidating us, you better go. I could. I could see the children's book now, like the saddest, tallest punk Log X, Walkthrough Millard, all the jeans are so there, along on everybody else, so fit perfect on me. I looked square. I don't need green here to stand down now Far as we know, dean didn't
well any kids during these two years from nineteen sixty eight to nineteen. Seventy, when kids, Wanna come in in and out and hanging out at his house with the cool black light in the alarm, nor These parties get as rowdy as they would down the line when his crew was complete. What we do know is that this is when Dean would pick up his first a David Brooks. He is a weird looking kit super weird and he's also the one that we know the least about, because he's the one he still alive. He still prison. But he will not talk to anybody, will not talk, and even his confessions were kind of car like he only confessed to so much but De Wayne. Henley will talk to anybody, he's a he is a bit of a who were yeah camera and I would also say Wayne Henley kind of cool, worst kind. Of course, David Brooks into confessing with him when handling kind of pulled them all in again,
The part of the reason why, like I just feel like, if you're going to be killing a bunch of boys a lot of times, you're going to have a couple of boy henchmen, and I think that John Wayne Gacy probably also had a couple of boy henchman, but they wise enough? Slash stupid enough to not tell anybody. Is that what is it with? You? Don't speak as opposed to speaking? What's more ego, you know, look what's worse, what claiming the crime saying I did it like a terrorist or just refusing to talk about it, though, if you do in your then the victims, families get no closure early because fusing to talk about it, makes you a good criminal and a bad person talking about the crimes that owning them technically makes you show boat, but it in some queer way. You can change it for yourself that you're giving people validation. I wish her well. I've since series about David Brooks that we're probably going to get into on on the next episode. As far as your question goes there back, but we sell, we need to get a little bit more information about the guy before got really get into it now Brooks was, of course, from a broken home it had known dean from the time
that David was ten years old back when Dean was the nice man with the candy across the street from the school, but now the dean was finally away from the prying eyes of his mother and the other candy factory employees. He could. Finally, into the urges that have been just bear he kept under wraps for so and now we're going to see how again how many killers that were really close with their family and how it's sort of like they can't blossom, but the but Dean before said he was incredibly polite. He would ever say no, he was he do
Anything is mother, asked him to do. He was devoted son devoted to his family, devoted to the candy business and then soon as she was gone same thing with Ed Gein same things, sort of with Jeffrey Dahmer when he finally moved away from his family when you finally start seeing them being like I'm free, I'm free. I can finally like a let my hair down and I could get that get those to rings. The only other girls have gone to clarify. There is never a nice guy who works in the chocolate factory across from the school that never never, never trust them. Never do it. Oh no! Do not any parent again do not trust the man who sells candy ever they aren't there. Killers have there it's. If you are a mayor of a small town and there is a candy factory across from a shut it down, shut it down, shut one of them down there, first of all, just but get all the candy yeah yeah and keep it in yourself and sit on him. Like your Willy Wonka, that's right, a quarrel star. Taking advantage of the fourteen year old, Brooks paying him sometimes five dollars? Sometimes ten dollars for blowjobs jobs, giving Brooks take and Brooks
former attorney a man named Jim Skelton, said that Brooks ABS. Holy idolize Dean who broke, That was the first person to accept him for who he was because Brooks Father like pretty much hated We called him a sissy. He said that he was oh son of his and I really like Dean Coral was. He said he was the first one to ever be nice to him. I mean David's. Father was dead, wrong. If I was David, I would be like I am getting paid to have my dick suck. Do you have anyone without masculine than that? How fuckin' kick ass on how Mtley Cre is that? Are you crazy? No less and a year after their first quote, unquote encounter David Brooks moved in with dean, coral and would soon become one of dean, corals, two accomplices. It all began in mid December. One thousand nine hundred and seventy when Brooks, walked in a now
on dean, molesting two young boys who were tied to Dean's infamous torture board. While we don't know if the torture board cops finally found was the original, the design, was seven The final design was a seven by three foot inch slab of thick on painted plywood with holes drilled into each of the four corners hand. Cuffs were used for the risks. All the ankles were bound with nylon rope. The boys would be sexually assaulted and tortured for our, sometimes days until they were finally put out of their misery by either angulation or a simple shot to the head with a pistol my name's Dan Travelers- and I have made several of these boards with the handcuffs at the top of the nylon cords at the bottom- and they were never meant to ever- wants to be used as a torture, rack in any way, shape or form it would be used. It was supposed to be used to simulate riding the
in your imagination- and I am a then my invention of that came from a how the dream of mine in the sandy desert of the middle of Texas right. I could never see snow urine to slate because the pictures I've seen on the side of Christmas cookie containers- and I- and enter this, but I like to call the ready. In I am just. I cannot believe the way Dream has been turned into a nightmare. How much money have you made as selling the sled which in Steen Coral yeah seventy five million dollars in that sub selling him in Mumbai? Isn't that only I bet just like hot cakes, China, hot cakes? Are they using? Are they being used as torture racks? Do you think, or I have to found? it useful to my liberty to elect to not ask certain questions. Good yeah. That reminds me the person who into the drone. We talked about our tuna fishermen and now you can see what they're doing five thousand dead bodies later yeah now Brooks.
Upon initially walking in on dean. Coral in the middle of one of these sessions turned around and left immediately stayed away for a day or two, but having no place else to go, Brooks returned to the house where Dean explain to him that he was just a part of a child porn. Griffey ring in that he had been paid to produce child pornography with the job yeah. So sorry, I judged you and then after that he just ship him off to California and they were going to the the Ographie Ranch in the sky where they could run in play, but at some point: we don't really know why, but at some point, coral just best up into holdbrooks that actually no, he wasn't a part of child pornography ring you Zach
just a murderer: Plano murderer. It should be you know. Nefarious is! Are your actions if the excuses it's just part of a child pedophile ring like it? That's the cover apply. Well, he started with it, but it's how you it's how you graded out. He started by telling him he was a human trafficker. And then he was selling these guys in from other countries, and he was helping them emmigrate like that was one story. Then it turned into child pornography. They turned to being like. Well, you know I am not as regal as all I've said before, but now, but what's really interesting with with Brooks, is that right. Now it's just he's just in too far right now, it's like what he could do then is sort of being like it's, so he can relax his cover story and be like Ok, no! I can do this 'cause now he can see he's ready to flip We can use him to be his accomplice, yeah and coral. Holdover Brooks this. His whole had to have been, so powerful because the Next, the coral struck was on December 13th.
One thousand nine hundred and seventy and Brooks was right there alongside help, a million the same things we said about Charles Manson I'll, say this to buy dean. Coral. I don't believe that anybody is a perfect puppeteer. I don't think anybody is a puppet master. I don't think anybody is that in like it in the bowl of a eighty golly. I think a lot of times these people already fifty percent of the way there. Your already have the impulses and you, as a person has been watching kids and profiling, kids in grooming kids, to be your victims for walking. Twenty years now, It's like someone being like. I see the mirror image of myself. I know that
I talk with this guy. We can. We can cook up it's kind of like meeting somebody that journal bandwidth or in a sketch comedy group with where you meet someone like waiting getting Murderfest together with that you guys did in theater school in college, with dean, coral collecting boys to the murder other boy operation. I see ok, which one does sketch comedy and sort of makes people laugh, but you click, but you click right now. In addition to the emotional hold coral had over Brooks. There was a financial aspect of the relationship as well. Coral told Brooks that he would give him two hundred dollars for every boy that you could lower back to their apartment and Brooks took to the idea almost immediately and besides, just the money Brooks also rewarded with a nineteen Sixty eight green corvette on his 16th birthday, ensuring his loyalty for years right, and also I mean when you mention David, Brooks he's in too deep. It's similar to what people theorize about
bohemian grove in places like that, once you see people make you do which cities to another person, or skull and bones then you're now implicated in it as well. So what are you supposed to do? You're an accessory to the crime? That's pretty that's what he did with Wayne. Henley weighed heavily talks about that after we will talk about that, but he's basic, said, like dean, coral like well, you already accomplice to murder so as soon as I confess that the guys that you been I've been murdering. You already done your ready in, so you might as well get your jollies with it, and you also know if you play along, you probably won't end up on the torture rack you're looking at the torture, rack, you're, not gonna, end up on the job and if you're, looking, probably yeah, that that's not guaranteed, that's just probably and again these Houston copter, just like did you do it and it for David Brooks would go in and be like hey. I have to report a crime, but did you do any like yes and in just arrest him he's already done yeah, it's all locked in so the first that we know that Brooks participated in was that of. Glass and Danny Yates Glass had been
means house before hanging out and was actually a friend of David Brooks. Oh it wasn't a big deal to him. You know Brooks pulled up he's like hey we're hanging out at deans. You want to come in. The two kids are like yeah, let's go, and James and Danny would also be the first boys that Brooks would help bury in coral's infamous boat shed dean had rented a dirt floor storage facility just a few months before this double murder. This search facility was conveniently located less than a mile from where Dean WAR and this also again shows the impenetrable. Like lack of interest of someone who's getting paid four dollars an hour to work at the storage shed facility, while Dean Coral come in and out covered in sweat, with shovels being like just making the storage shed deeper, just gotta make it deeper. You know, sometimes you just like no I'm looking at this said it could be a fuckton or deeper. You know what I'm saying you don't usually guys just flipping the magazine, not hearing anything.
LISA quarter on the way out and tells you gotta, keep the change and then guys like this technically is changed yeah and it also got. This is a weird thing about dean calls that it was less than a mile from where he works, so he could dispose of bodies this way to work he could just sit one of the bodies in his van take it out. There take care of a quick errand. Before going. Testing relays for eight hours I got. I got a wake up twenty minutes early for work tomorrow, going to dispose the body before I go in my talking out loud own gave it. I got to come clean. Do you own and now a quick word from our sponsor today's episode of last podcast on the left is brought to you by Casper mattresses, obsessively engineered American made mattresses and a shockingly fair price, and now you can get fifty bucks toward any mattress purchase by
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delete word another couple of kids: fifteen year old, Donald Waldrop and his thirteen year old brother, Jerry to the apartment where Brooks looked on as dean strangled them both to death in a couple of months. After that, Brooks convinced another friend of his fifteen year old Randall Harvey to let him and Dean give my a ride to work in Dean's white windowless Econo line Van now. The van was torture facility, all in itself things in hooks, protruded from pegboard walls and with cops finally found and searched the van after dean was killed. They found binocular, a portable two way, radio and fifteen feet of nylon rope, and now my name is Dylan Treigle and when I had originally designed the inside Acrobat Van I never expected to be turned. I am appalled at the turn of events that have happened with the cell, the sales of the some of these vans. I did they were meant for for aerial
chromatic tricks inside of a van for people that are traveling across the country and our board. How many those did. You sell the. I have made upwards of ninety one million interesting selling, these vans across across the country and again I'm just I'm happy people are bringing Accra six of the small town of America using the rings and books and binoculars provided inside of these, do you find the most frumpy mid thirties, texan men, like all of you act, yeah Axis surprise, because you look at some of these men to be like you, look more of a molester right in Acrobat, but again I have found best and interest of my liberty and also financial security, to not ask certain questions about the nature of the use of my inside acrobatic vans, I'll take three. Now, after this
Randall was secured in the van. The two took him back to the apartment, where Dean raped and tortured him and shot him in the head, after which coral and Brooks took the body to the dirt floor, storage shed and buried them not important to note at this point that Brooks maintains to this day that he did not actively participate. In a single murder. He says It's only roles in the murders was the capture or luring of the boys and in the disposal of the body that the most important thing he brought the product yeah it's the hardest right yeah. So I like he is more dealer anyway yeah. Absolutely I mean I don't know. If he's more guilty, do you? I'll. Definitely did the hard part of it.
I guess, if you're a cattle rancher, killing the cow and uh in butchering it and making it edible for people or whatever that's more difficult than serving it up to him on a burger starting to sound like the Bilderberg group, yeah talking about people like their cattle of course, dean he was killing months before David came on board, as his official assistant, deans, presumed first victim was the University of Texas student by the name of Jeffrey Conan, who is picked up while hitchhiking on September 25th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy. I think that the disposal of Jeffrey Conan's body suggests that dean was an old hand at the murder game. By the time Conan was killed. When police found his body, they discovered that it had been covered with a layer of lime and had been wrapped in
plastic see. Nowadays you can pretty much say like. Oh, he googled it because I'm certain there are like forums that would tell you how to dispose of a body. I'm honestly I've never researched it, but you and don't you will be on the watch list. Yes absolutely, but he so he had to have had some experience he had to. I mean it's very possible that he had killed a boy bury the body in the body was found, but because Please don't investigate murders, he didn't get caught just wanna, hear one hitchhiking store where it's like. I thought my way to San Francisco had a great time for a week and thumb my way back to Stevens. Wisconsin had a wonderful time now there are people who are not. Is there ever? Has there been a good dish? I can story time and it looked like a schedule is like we're. The only people who are people have also look like the people who kill hitchhikers. Did you never read on the road full of great hitchhiking sorrow? He was. He came from money and they're all on Benz of Dream, yeah. So the other thing about Jeffrey, Cohn,
It suggests that this wasn't dean's first kill was that he had been gagged with a piece of cloth with side hand and foot. He was naked and strangled today. And knowing what we know about serial killers, all signs point towards this being anything but Dean's purse. Well both in the process of it and in the dispose, of the body yeah because it seems like he's pretty far along in his fantasies. Yeah at this point, and in so he knows what he wants. Yeah. I had a lot of people, things that Wayne. Henley and David Brooks Word his first assistance that these that he had been working with a couple of kids before that who hadn't quite worked out, he murdered them and brought on a couple, a new boy. It's a hard, that's a problem with being the young boy assistant to a man who murders young boys at the turn around yeah it through the roof yeah after Randall Harvey Coral with the assistance of Brooks, would commit another double murder, their third and
less than six months, every single one of these six boys lived in the same two and a half Square Mile neighborhood were denied, set up shop. The heights now to be fair to the parent who actually gave a shit about the kids who are going missing because all the parents gave a fuck when their kids went missing a lot more like who I've gotta deal with that piece of shit. It's either piece of shit or the straight up of fact of like we did. We barely had enough money to raise this kit, which is even even more heartbreaking thing right, do you like look at it and be like we were struggling when When our son went missing, we can easily accept the idea. He ran away. He went to California and played in a jug band, he's doing really well from what I could imagine. He got picked up on the side of the road to go to work on some flooding truck yard or doing something like it already got some sort and they and the only thing they could hope. For a letter a couple of months or a couple of years later, with five bucks in it saying hey sorry I believe I've been work.
Oil rig out in the gulf for the last two years. Yeah. Here's what I can contribute, but really these families. They had a lot going against them. First of all, back to the Houston Police Department, the Mist persons Department didn't actually look for anyone. Their only purpose. Was to inform families if the police department happen to come across the missing person in question, either through arrest or through death. So they just took that surely they're just like this is where missing persons, but not even for them notice. Just we just identify missing person she's just so that you're, not there anymore, oh yeah, sure it is. I had there are season pass you some shoes, I don't see a man he's not there he's missing in as we've been hammering home again and again, not just in this episode, but in the Ed Kemper episode in the Manson episode. Cops. The country in the 60s and 70s. They didn't look for runaways, especially in poor areas, because it was just generally assumed that if teenagers went missing, they were
they ran away to California or New York City or wherever- and I will put this as a sort of concern it oriel view of this is that I think that this is where the a problem almost is that you could disappear back in the day, just go: live your life and not be entirely supervised and in tightly surveilled everywhere you went. This is now this fear of these kind of crimes stuff allowing dean, coral to murder, twenty nine boys directly correlates to surveillance period. With this idea now being like now, no one can get away anonymously. Now you can only have a torture rack where they murder a bunch of teenagers in their shed by the school history is the mixture and they gained. You know it's the fine balance between security and freedom. Yeah say you have a reasonable police force. Then maybe these things don't happen. Maybe if you have enough cops for when a family calls and
is hey. My kid is missing. Here are some clues. Could you look for them because there were clues if cops would have actually looked into this cape coral kept popping up in each one of these children all these stories that he kept popping up and they could have easily put the pieces together long before this, if only they would have had a reasonable police force does a reasonable police force is needed, and then what you do is is that you start with a paltry police force and the number of complaints at middle police and not doing their job. And then, when you start rolling in tanks drones now we're like. We got plenty of police. Now we got so many police were going to look at first, you fell asleep on the train or checking your God pockets, no yeah
what we're saying is there is a happy new, maybe a bit of a leap. What happened is this and I have been known. People have said that my opinions can be extreme myself as more of an old for a real yeah. But I do wonder I do agree. There is a slippery slope in over placing a certainly a problem right out of the country and it's not just over policing. It's also. You know you have something like dean, Coral that leads directly to the satanic panic. You know needs dropped like you start getting this pedophile hysteria, this missing child hysteria. It's not like the hysteria over Lady Gaga, nor is it like the def leopard album hysteria and then, of course, big milk started putting kids on cartons to sell products to collect all the missing kids like pokmon. Well other reason why these parents can't really be blamed is that while the height was small, it wasn't that small, I'm not exactly.
Of the population numbers of the heights in nineteen? Seventy, but currently hide sits at about fifteen thousand people. An these Para they didn't necessarily talk to each other, and there, of course, back. Then there wasn't any internet to spread the word right right right and I'm going to do. I'm doing the quick Match as to how many how what percentage is thirty people out of fifteen thousand? Let's you quick, within reason. Henry Zebrowski he's got calculator it's a it's a zero sir percent. He doesn't know how to you, don't know how to do it. He literally, I don't even know if we're going to keep this portion- and I do want to clarify Henry does not know how to do quick, math. Even on a calculator I mean I've done either wow. Stunningly stupid Henry Zebrowski you? What
Do you know how to find the percent you doing stop to show to do it, so I will say yes, I do it. I will not be proven wrong 'cause. I will not attempt to do it. Let me just try it's alright. It's pretty ok, divided by fifteen thousand right! That's how you figure it out. Two yeah you're right. I just want to see a point. Although some of this you have to hit a button, so it stayed in good, Lord all, right now. The fourth reason we said earlier. There were no news makers in the heights. Kids who went missing. They didn't show up on the one thousand o'clock news they didn't show up on the front page of the paper. These kids were just gone and, of course, dean. Coral knew this, but The first kids who actually got some notice, came next victims. I think they're, nine and ten David. Hillegeist and his neighbor, Marie Winkle went missing on May 29th one thousand nine hundred and seventy one and the Hella guys family pulled out as many as a poor family in the heights could afford. After receiving no help from the
the Hillegeist guys hired a private investigator to search for their son, the only that the p I came up with is that the kids might have been abducted by a pimp named chick, and Joe who operated out of Dallas, but of course, that tip didn't pan out at all, but this is another injustice in this story, when the cops who refused hello guys family found out about I thought they were receiving from the p they opened. An Investigation into the peas credentials hold the pie into court for spired license and spent thousands of dollars prosecuting him instead of spin A single set, a single second looking for David
guy's gonna say the p. I probably already knew he was going to suggest the chicken Joe stole the cat, I'll just say ticket Joe's told again and collect my paycheck. Will chicken Joe, is also that the chicken is a prison term for PETA file yeah exactly and you kind of know, the p I did actually put in quite a bit of time, even when the hello guys ran out of money, he still did work for which is really very said. Any hello, guys, family. The story of the like I family in the man with the king and using credit, is brutally sad. Everyone their whole life, these and all of their money. On the p. I then the third getting into psychics. They we're taking them back and forth, like saying like seeing stuff like
I see him staring out of a window somewhere in San Antonio and they would go to San Antonio and look for him for days and then, if it's all of it, they were just dragged around these poor, poor people, Bologna as those psychics. I really do despise those people who prey on wounded souls. I think it was that big. They went to six different psychics and, of course, each psychic chartism a little bit of money just immediately. If you meet a psychic say how many skittles do I have in my pocket always have so answer any other number, seven they're, not a good psychic. It was really This is what we're talking about when we say at the Houston PD, would have investigated this at all coral. This started coming up the hill, a guys in hindsight they did think about dean. Coral, their son was one of the. Does of kids who had regularly visited the candy factory in the MID 60s, but Dean's parents, when their son was hanging out there rather than being concerned that their son was hanging around with his strange older guy. They were
concern that the boy might be bothering a man who is trying to go about his business when I? No, I this was a actually how my childhood well yeah. That's used to be on the child, yeah right, of course, yeah those who we were talking. Teachers paid the there was a thing while I was reading some article somewhere about, like you know, teachers get blamed for their kids failing in school nowadays, right used to be like, I used to get very much so punished. I up yeah, worse yeah, yeah, absolutely I used to have that all the time. You know I grew up in a small town where your parents were just got in the summertime. They just let you go. The town just like yep go out around don't bother me for eight hours, be back here by three hundred pm and it's another case where I think we have to come back to a middle ground, yeah and That's what would happen is that you know you'd register go to you just swing by a bar,
swing by like a mechanic shop and you just kind of like hey mister, how you doing what's going on is get outta here. Could you get dust all over my power model? Really they did but they'd be like. You know that you're breaking up the monotony of a ten hour work day so we got it like. I come over here, a little more, every little fart and then they'd weird times in Marcus is childhood. The 90s yeah. It was a strange decade. There's no doubt about that. This is a super strange decade, but the other run in that David hello guys had with dean. Coral was a few years after you know. He had been, hanging out at the candy factory. She found him again playing pool there and she told Dean. Listen. I would appreciate it if you didn't let my son hang around here anymore, but dean. He leave it. The alleviated her fears by saying, like hey your neighbor, periwinkle. She works here, part time, her son Gregory, he works here too and Gregory would be the boy
that was killed alongside David, hello, Geist on May 29th, and he would also be the first of two. Former candy factory employees to die at the hands of Dean Corll and in a desperate attempt to find their son, hello, guys, family Canvas Houston with posters bearing David's name and picture the whole neighborhood pitched in, but none more than one of David hello, guys oldest friends, Elmer Wayne, Henley Junior and while Wayne Henley at the time had no idea who killed his friend within six months of that Parents Wayne Henley, would become dean. Corals second, accomplice and eighteen more murders over the course of less than a year technically dean. Coral is a job creator, I guess so I guess interns. Might we have an intern Travis?
would kill for us. He would not kill for us in or will we request him to good? God is at the episode for today. That's it pretty! Well what is story next episode we're going to come back with Wayne Henley, we're going to get to wear really ramps up. Oh yeah, my goodness, I I'd like I'm going to do some talking about it really means to be a sexual sadist in where that ship comes from that horrible horrible ship. That makes you a monster. That should be buried in a concrete square, twenty feet underground. If you are a if you do work in law enforcement, if you do work in law enforcement, don't not gonna shed's door if it's by a school, if you want I'm just not going to see a the janitor's house go to candy shop, honestly, sniff around here rock smash, a couple things with a button, and you feel like just checking up just trying to see just want to make sure nothing bad is going on here, but you got nothing going on in their prey. Ling seem to go digging through hands. Are the players and take a handful of medium in front of him being like? I can come back anytime, I want come back search
scare Randy people, everybody who everybody to police offense it. If you see a candy shop, go in there and, like I know what you did. Yeah we should be stopping and frisking candy. Candy shop on yeah. I agree alright, good! I don't think we're solving problems here. Very nice, thanks. So much for listening to this episode, I'm gonna throughout a hell, yourselves yeah, because you guys been so unbelievable. The patron pages incredible! Thank you so much! Well, my god yeah! If you want to contribute to our page, your own campaign go to page you're on com, slash last podcast on the left. It really is starting to turn into a life changing amount of money. It really is this is this is fantastic! It's incredible for those that are listened to a couple of round table a gentleman's ago. I got a phone call from city capital, one you pay it off. I paid it off because if you are wonderful contributions to the patriots, so thank you and I've almost got all my credit card debt paid off as well. This is fantastic you're, just alleviating burdens, you're making life better.
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I'll, say that much well that have you been masturbating to her pictures of owls. I mean I've been a rapid up. We can't get to the truth on that one oh man and uh yeah. You guys. Thank you so much. I was always you know how game I'll mean hail yourselves once again, giggle giggle and sit and enjoy him and gives you gifts enjoy this song from the Coleman. It's called go, fuck yourself It's not. We have no son, our sunset profanity, but not
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