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Episode 216: Roswell Part I - It's a UFO

2016-03-17 | 🔗

It's the grandaddy of them all on this week's Last Podcast with the story of the Roswell Incident, in which, allegedly, a manned spacecraft of unknown origin crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947, changing the world forever.

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Only because he went through a programmer. A mighty heart is car and is living room over half Irishman there we go all right handed out, happens, Saint Patrick stay. I arcas Heidi! Thank you. Oh my god said today. Subjects is amazing. We been waiting a long time to talk about this as well New Mexico, something to happen now. You know what I'll say about Roswell the Roswell incident we're going to be correct,
There's a lot of source material, a lot of stuff out there really me every time we put together one of these alien episodes. The idea always is that this one's gonna be tight alone. Is gonna be the one where we tell the story where everybody understands what happened? This is a J lows ass of alien conspiracy, podcast. No, I thought jailers s is good because its lose no, it's tightened pig. No! Yes, you! I like a bigger loser, but you like a Nicky monopoly. That that's also tight point is more like is our words, be clap and available to a whole episode ought not having anything to do with the Roswell answer. Roswell is like the nine eleven of the EU, a foe conspiracy world. It is at the centre of the hub of we're all all UFO conspiracy comes out of its elderly call by some researchers a watershed moment in human history. End quote: Boil on the ass a view have pieology by others accord
Of course it is the most talked about most written about em famous alien encounter that has ever been now. The extremely short version of the Roswell incident is thus in nineteen, forty seven an interplanetary craft of unknown origin crashed in South Eastern New Mexico. There, three miles South EAST of the small town of Cairo. Yes, and that's why alone most people you, a foe Europe believe that should be called the corona incident rather than the Rosville incident workers. Roswell was this the town where the incident was originally reported. That is because Roswell police station. Any view are you. I was also the county seat or Singapore. This way you can Have a gigantic international! You awful incident, if all you are, is afford. Rockers next Sewell occur so whether Spud Rucker managers they could get to some investigating. I promise investigating is more like that night,
tourists, Stacy's, Hut, Tipp sooner Brujon, Vertigo funded, use my fund and gloves what you're just as hands right now. If the raw Incident is true if it happened. The way you have researchers have claimed that it did It is simultaneously the most impressive and the south, happiest cover up in the history of the United States of America. We, U S, had a c. I a fucking spoken here like two weeks ago in several smell the iguanas all over this chair with it. It sounds like see, a guys are heavily trained and then they are built. Spawn too many incidents, but I think most of the time see you guys are just like really great empire covers just rule with stories to see where they can kind of push it and then, if it Can they can t let it lie the let it lie within web? Apparently, one of the conspiracy angles on Russell one of they all of them. Your every single conspiracy angle that is about
bulls available here on this of us. Roswell Internet but One of the things that we want to say is this: where was born, where they see, I see a realise: hey, we just allow people to believe in ufos completed. Yet we can weaken. Our entire secret space programme laid over every single experimental plain. We can fly at all over Chicago and everything that you have all it'll be fine for them. They can decide it man. Now they are realising that the? U, if a phenomenon, went out of control right from what I can tell There are two ways to tell this story. There's the grid greedy nineties action movie Virgin Visa Philip Courses book the day after as well or the superfund. Fifty
say, five version as told my name, Friedmann, and the rest of the gang at the International UFO Museum in research or trying to have met with China MASH up together, they mark is, can you imagine together? We will say we're devil. Imagine him together, but a lot of the information that we get today comes from books that I picked up personally at the International UFO Museum in Research centre. Actually, located in Roswell New Mexico Roswell by the way and oasis in a desert of mess. A meeting is wrong. I didn't have the international year of Foam Museum. If it didn't have this whole alien story, it would be like Hobbs or Clovis slab solution to come care, more aztec or truth or consequences school. Yet only these, like South Eastern New Mexico, is just a myth. Hell hole but Roswell they have Mcdonald shaped like a UFO. You see
This is why we cannot give these incidents took corona right, because if we gave them your career owner, all of the people will be driving for round the world. Come see that you are foes would just be stuck in New Mexico with a crippling method. Federated thing: isn't that set cactus jack? What am I favour pro wrestlers from truth or consequences? Also, the legal name of the mayor of Carogne actors track. Will you have two names, your mayor? No other books? Are we using ear witnessed Roswell and UFO? As your Roswell, the chronological pictorial to the authors, Tom Harry and Donald Schmidt considered both of them consider to be the forum experts on the Roswell incident, even if the two big the two books contradict each other multiple times when they
our contradicting themselves. In the same book, contradiction is sort of going to be the name of the game and problems that arise. There are many many different story lines and we are attempting to were trying to do with this. First episode is tell the entire story, as believed by UFO researcher right and in doing that We have had do really pinned down the eggs, storyline, which is very difficult raids, extremely difficult as all also possibly up to sixty crashes then already part of the road will incident and that technically that the main one is one crash that we're gonna go and you re now found a but found the wreckage found by Mr Brazil, who is of the new new expo character of self, but they are probably up to like five other crashes. Everyone could be an we're going to be using one word more than any other word in more than we have used it in any other episode. That word is alive,
ITALY led to be using allegedly and called on quote, is going to be used. Quite it is well that's what keeps her ass a safe lead. Hi. I was hoping for Where's knows we don't talk about how they together right enough. Crews noses discuss the added I gross yeah yeah, it's like dog food on two pieces. I will ever pepper bar. I do love a pepper bar. You F, o activity in The South Eastern New Mexico area actually began the night before the crash on July, first, nineteen, forty seven, allegedly rate our activities in Roswell, Albuquerque, White Sands and Alamo Gordo began to Packing object who speed acceleration in maneuvers, far outpaced. Anything seen on earth up to that point. The next on Wednesday July. Second, at nine p m me: stir in Missus Dale. Will not saw an object, fly
over their house. That was shaped quote like too voted saucers faced mouth to mouth. A little more arriving sex as they make extra authorise. First, you call the top of a bold. You called the mouth yeah, that's how they make the with people describing you have was back in the day as it. Nobody really knew does it say about it? Not now have the flying saucer thing you always your people struggling with description itself. Law. There's like it was appended lean type jeopardy jeopardy. Absolutely no Jupiter. Generally, that sounds more of a sound one
Brad Rummy, but like a thing, I saw that give you ever generally savvy was a visually. When you see the color read you think of the number for yes do you know about that? May that's what I do you smell smoke right now, though? No! No! No! That's me just where, in this green shirt, that's where green smells like you see. So yet the Wilmas did see, like they did actually say you, I guess before or the entire Roswell thing came out a few days ago, a few days afterwards them and a few other witnesses did actually report seeing something weird in the sky so an hour and a half after the Well Motts saw strange lights in the sky the same radar that picked up the craft the night before witnessed the same odd, pulsating and throbbing before summer going from one side of the screen to the other, only to explode and, at the same time, a severe lightning and thunder storm was poverty
and foster ranch outside of Corona New Mexico were a poor simple rant Chan named MAC, brays all was watching. Storm with his wife, from a no electricity? NO running water, one room They were soon so relieved when there was lightning storms because then they could. He could see things at night that is cut VON Gods Flashlight MAC along, other ranchers in the area, so They heard a sound that night much louder than a clap of thunder and much more like an explosion, back in Roswell, a man named William Woody and his other along with mother Superior Mary Bernadette Anne sister cap, straw? No reputable all people bill worry mother, superior and sister cap Estrato, What happens them? I I mean you could draw some do you? Can you can trust as witnesses but their terrible at the party? I think, sir.
These three are actually for bill Woody at his father, plus the two nuns they witnessed, a flaming object white with a red con, frail sending. The Scots and another man named Corporal L piles. Witness the exact same thing from a separate vantage point, now all of these witnesses down there all independently, reported this before this, when national exile literacy early interest, even before it went local, ok, even more went locally, how great yeah this is days. Four, because the rational crash- it's this is July. Second, the actual crash itself didn't even but cut like there wasn't even a press release of it until July eight. So we know these saucers rub their kiss in an air having sex with the aid seems to me, like these aliens were maybe messing around. Maybe was teenage aliens having a good time on a joy crews, and then they crashed four or five days later is already heavily investigating. What is our gigantic our path?
pantheon of underground bases of deep within the deserts of New Mexico. You don't think they were investigating. The corona took a trailer park way. I mean there are definitely look of words like we're. There was a water slide here and we find it funny that you are lacking in water, but you use it for amusement. Instead, you are due to the next day on July. Third, at one p m: police and multiple civilian witnesses see several discs flying information over Portland Oregon, while a whole Carlo, too witnesses, reported seeing for the same type of object, not three was away in Redmond and at the same time, United Airlines, Captain E J Smith and his co pilot reported five discs during their flight immediately followed by a second formation of four
six. Now, if you will, if you believe, Frank Kaufmann who looks like the quicker oats men with the nineteen fifties, Army air cut your ride with the class, I grew pulled the nine in New Mexico. At this point in time I went to the Roswell for space as a part of a weird sort of dough. We version of the expendable and was brought there too to analyze you a full information. They are getting. That's that's an whole alternate timeline. Yet that's if you believe Frank, Kaufman Kaufmann, who was no man we're not even going to come out and say right now wouldn't say that some of these, you of all people, are more credible than over others, most more noble most or not credit, I'm gonna go stand. Free man he's a nuclear physicist, I'm gonna go and take his word over Frank, Kaufman. What's Frank, Kaufman's day job, No, no, I drew technically he's he's a man who travels between intelligence officers. Yeah you always
the guy named Frank, so while these things are in the sky over the Pacific Northwest military forces. These Washington an organ go on strangely high alert and while the Pacific Northwest was in absolute tizzy over those flying objects. The afforded, Can she Perker MAC Brazen was tending to his flock with a young boy named de proper now. D is somewhat loss to history and with good reason. Every attempt at interviewing deep proctor before died a morbidly obese alcoholic and reinforce the New Mexico in two thousand and six fail he had an almost pathological fear of even discussing the Roswell and we said to literally run out. A room
even the slightest mention of which it is difficult for him, because he was four hundred and fifty other should have kept on mess mentioned in it, and then he would have lost some way all of a sudden within the bid. Nineteen eighty four Olympics idea that would be a greater like go, might Thyssen's punch out the cutaway scenes where you and bake in the train. Arranges you Roswell, Roswell, Roswell, know where we're going to learn later on. Is that if a part of what gives credence to for me for this whole story is the treatment of the? U S. Government gave a lot of these. These first responders these people that were the first I witnessed to rise while they were pretty have. We worked overruns and in and told that they were going to be murdered. They were No one allegedly tall lead, because one Very important thing to remember about Roswell is there is a reason why our main sources called witness to Roswell, because that's all there is an all witness its first hand secondhand.
Sometimes third hand account also saying we need physical, prove, lap dog meet your mind is of far weaker than I thought it was what about reality here I mean about reality. Just think about it. That's again all bragging about that's your problem, you think about it. He always has to be for you to think about it. I took it away from you, then, as realities. My reality, living ye, I feel I give you see an alien spacecraft lands in your backyard. You have to react the same way. I react when I see someone peeing on the subway look away, you just don't don't mention it, never think about it and never look at it in your safe. So back. Nineteen, forty seven as the salty old ranch hand and his young boy assistant herded their flock toward the
is only water source because remember this is southeast New Mexico, absolute desert kind of mixed with plans, but for the most part, pretty bear and the two found they were blocked by a fee old of debris, three quarters of a mile long in two to three hundred feet wide that a sheep refused cross, which is very interesting you, the very the beginning,
The Roswell incident starts with a literally laziness. Farmers laziness couldn't handle later it. It actually is strikingly biblical you don't, even though I mean there's, it's always a shape. Murder that binds the next level of intelligence seems like cheaper spent a lot of time alone and sick talkative. She well. I agree with you that it up fanciful stories in their ed, be like there's. One time I saw you could flaw is holes at his hands. I can see through chicks clothes. What do you do is juices he called himself Jesus. I think it was a Zeus because he was brown and if you look through these holes in my hand, you could see a girl's boobies. You know what I did and now d Well, I don't want to know what you did cause I'm complicit cut into the middle of the debris field was a five hundred foot gouge ten feet wide, but only a few inches deep.
Although it looked like the skin of an aircraft, there were no marks to indicate jet propulsion, but whatever had The land had been so hot that it allegedly crystallise the sand into glass. The media and they found there's a bunch of examples of that of the of that glass was created out on in the debris field. It very interesting this targeted. The mixture between the psychic and physical experience of aliens, and this is guy. I think I think that or the reason why the Roswell incident is so important to you if a law and the reason why it's really survived in the minds of you, I followed you for so many years is because it the only one that at any point had any physical evidence whatsoever. It was this debris the supposed debris field time. It's you know, people see lights in the sky or they ve been abducted for days at a time
Rosville incident is the only time there's been that there is a possibility of physical evidence. The holy grail of you have followed show it was. It was just a few inches deep, the gouge, because the spacecraft itself is so light yet its yes, and also that it is technically if we want to believe what they say about these do of these suppose, you oppose a legit. You have us that they work in gravity entrance literally their lighter. They be that's how they it basically create a hole in gravity in front of them, and then that absence of gravity pulls them through space, cool and brazen who still needed to get a sheep to water them around the edge of the gouge where he found a ten foot piece of work, Judge, which he loaded up into his cart and stored in his livestock shed later on brazen was drinking in a local bar and happy dimension that he was gonna need. Help clean up a bunch of trash turnaround fostered ranch. There was turned out to be
huge paid in his ass. Sheep are crossing gonna take em around every time. I gotta get somebody out there to clean up all this bullshit Brezil fuel remit had no electricity, much less a tv radio. Painted on a monthly newspaper to find out what's going on in the world, he had absolutely. No idea about the Euro stereo. In the nation, in the late for Zodiac as the newspapers aren't you get out you can read newspaper. Now you're gonna say, like hey, remember, to feed the horses tomorrow morning, MAC when they hear that no legally, he is the biggest story of the month easy or yeah after yeas make it is that he's he's
This means they have a good time literally says like a lock disease out, how long I could slap on health ass, I could slap on my favorite, it's called hambone and does so good in America. In the late forties I mean there really was in its area of Ufos. I think this is this is the absolute height of you foe sidings. People reporting it left and right Also, I mean we're coming right at a world war two and the this government is actually testing. Quite a bit of experimental aircraft
experimental missiles. All shit that we saw from the Nazi literally operation paperclip is going strong at this period. In time we got Vernon Braun, the mad german scientist is going to take us to the moon. Do I mean Technical leaned it take us to the moon, it's true. A pole of and technically should have had a swat took on the side of it, and it probably did until the last ten minutes and viable there like a guy's. Maybe we should scrape off we're got cameras everywhere versus, like ours, is a plane crash without the flow of the veranda like no Verna burner. You know it's rocket fuel were calling it rocket. We were also very interesting when you bring it up four there's a man named Chuck Wade is also a huge part of the Roswell story. And his father own, the bar that MAC Brazil would drink at at a port of there was there? connection that that that farmer, correction and Chirk Wade's opinion was.
Reason, because that was what am I a more my things. I was kind of rock and my brains about to be like these aliens are millennia ahead of US technology, wise one, they keep crashing right I'll go. We could keep helicopters in the sky and helicopters essentially knives with a basket of area with with gasoline running through right, right, How do we do that, but he always keep crashing and what Chuck way The theory is, as at these rate or facilities were being used offensively. We found out accidentally that they could be used to take down ufos and what they did was there. There were taking down ufos in New Mexico area using radar are, then there were drunk allow me to go with it, as did other that's another side, coercive usual type in shark, wait and see what happens do they are or Frank Kaufmann and
you I've saved waste. Your days like I fuck it did, I have to say these are the bar conversations I fantasized about being a part of the child before you could go to the bar, and then you go to the barges too much idiots yelling about the Packers yeah, the Vikings I always what its autonomy and, like you know, a dead body does day like do when he was alive. That's good bar covers, so rarely do they occur, but big they struggled with this one. They absolutely did because brazen time about all this debris. He has no idea about the Europe of Syria, but one the guy's at the bar says. I know there are given a three thousand dollar ward for any bodies: gotta seat belt from you and Brazil, just like money makes grain come to the farm. Green makes the pig so that the squiggly, which makes the push in that much more smile,
It all comes back to him having sex with livestock and raise their right bed because Those are the others, three thousand dollars you there's a newspaper out there. You know if you go, evidence, they're gonna, give you three grand and you know to top it all has also need he'd, religiously needed someone to help and clean all. This bullshit received several come illiterate used, but like anyone, he all calm and how to drag me ass. I can, but so in order to possibly get some of this Rewarder Lisi. What was going on with the brazen gathered up Soviet Machu Box and took it into Roswell New Mexico, the very next day and the first yes and Brazen went to see was the local sheriff. George Wilcox, This is on July. Seventh, so he's this shit's have been sitting out there for like a couple of days. They were, then he brought a kicked it with his boot a couple times right and it was like the weird liquid metal souls like former on his boot. Munich XVI
then, like a weird radios, gonna cut back on that weird fuckin music from the of the combat. What is that they can Dena oil, weird canteens, star wars, music, carbon out of it and he's just like. I can't handle this yes, craziness, so version of the story of the first interaction between sheriff, Wilcox and MAC, brazen Well Cox, and not deputies right away to the site that Wilcox had like our. We gotta get people out there. We gotta get people out there. We got to see what's going on, but in another version of the standard in the nineteen. Fifty sigh fibres here, just like lions, that's right next to communist and they go out to go, stop it, but yet no in real life he showed George was like for you. Happy years might as well have been making a jerk off motion with his hand the entire time macro talkin. Yeah yeah, yeah, whatever ok, MAC, wherever
even know. Mac Neeoka MAC lived seventy miles outside Roswell New, MAX nice ever came to arouse while he's it. How Yoshi person he's from the desert here believe his story? I'm actually kind of happy to hear the share of didn't jump up and go do his job. After all, the stories who had with children being abducted and sexually abused in the chair for not doing anything if this share villages, but while this is where I was hired by the paper, I got kind of be upset values, as I get whatever this because you know MAC had. No. Running water? No electricity using it smells like Sheep yet right all the time and so welcome like yeah yeah, yeah whatever, but then Wilcox get a phone call from Frank Joe. Is a young announcer from the local radio station Cagey fell. He corn, Wilcox, to see if he had any tips, the very slow Newsday in Roswell New Mexico,
choice, look sort of like an unattractive german capacity of under some forty at a certain. I guess, like red, kill internally charm, like a preliminary dough boy meets with a cop, I'm. Through with that man. It's corrects told very don't sell. Welcome, immediately past Brezil over two years, sailor gay. I got a guy with a fuckin story, for you go listen to this work and sheep farmer. And, after listening to a short version appraisal, story. Joys currently suggested that raises immediately call the local army airfield to report is discovery to them and with very A good reason for Roswell Army airfield was home to the five hundred ninth wing, and this is true. They were the only nuclear,
armed air strike force in the world at the time it was the five hundred and nine who dropped the bomb on Japan and it. Out of Roswell Army AIR Force that the top secret trend. The atom bomb tests had happened two years before fifty miles outside? so basically the or outside of the Roswell AIR Force Base, which is Staff by some of the most ridiculously come compact competent. If not extraordinary people. Like scientists and also its look central yeah, the glittering old age overseeing the word spook, because
would they are whether they are the agents zero. Sir, very nicely do panel, with a lot of you. I M, not we're not leaving their, although not we're not doing this, nice is not miss out on used is not calling. I sell, I know believe Fox NEWS breeze only an hour. They are spooks people or governmental tricksters. The whole point is that they are liars their professional life. Let me say the atom bomb that we dropped. They failed miserably both of them. For the most part, only three percent of the bombs loaded, so they weren't that smart. We killed a lot of people gelbard, that's all save killed a lot more about. What I'm saying is that your bait would data realise that we need to teach you Cisco call the AIR Force Base go talk to those two our boys and blew over there. You're literally true. To the original. Like the o s S, army, the people that was before before these CIA were, like George, pushes fuckin grandfather getting weird shit
and there's stuff by like this is step. Alec leftovers from the Manhattan project like these are some of the most brilliant mines in the middle Harry at this time, which kind makes you wonder why they handled it exactly I don't know why no record producer has gotten all black boy band together in called them the Manhattan project. Now that we are not thinking of the Manhattan transfer, man transfers very different, so their joy seemed to take the case a little more seriously than Sheriff Wilcox thought it should be taken, the sheriff he was the one called up, Roswell F, after which the base this. Bad the man without whom we would have no Roswell story whatsoever, major Jesse Marseille you couldn't literally see Sheriff Wilcox we're, like you really want me to All it in him grow go like God, damn him taken over his hat and pick up the phone staring at me.
Am I really colonists and you ve got to you? Ve got to show real, can't we gotta stop. These aliens are making everybody gang flag Iran is at present, like slowly dialing. The phone sighing image reason that, after Marcel along with fellow Counter intelligence officer, shared Calf Cabot travelled out to foster ranch with MAC Brazen, but because the terrible conditions of the roads, the man arrive too late in the day to inspect the side. The three stead spent the night in Math Shack, eating coal the beans and cracker, which in New Mexico, is just what you do when you wait here, thinks you everybody's got weight and beans and waken cracker drive. We call it visitin. They
warmed up the beans liar rose, no lightning that neither all I see you just gotta hope that lighting strikes your beans and then a hoodie. We got war being undermined thing. Is you got a hope that none, your bushes or went- and that's not even may be inferred insurgency? I mean the bushes can't be physically weight or the lightning locates o a city early the next morning, but three awoke and headed out to the side, Jesse Marcel in a jeep and Calf Cabot horse back there This is what Jesse Marcel had to say and nineteen seventy eight about what they saw when they got there. I will remove the what I saw they're. My real scatter knows there if we allow the realise there's something strange about it, the more I shall fragments,
the more. I realise that it wasn't anything that I was agreed and I will say yes, you sounds more particular than I expected a nasal Highbury, more articulate the expected. You called it a method, but it's a mess. Desert warmongering. I mean he's just station in New Mexico oil up a new age of yeah me LISA from New Mexico or fought local people that work at the highly highly secret bases around New Mexico, rural, highly competent and most of the German. Ok, now here's what they found among debris specifically, they found small to palm sized pieces of smooth, very thin, very light but extremely strong pieces of aluminum like metal that could not be cut scratched, bent or burned. They so found a number of thin. I beams measuring
Tina thirty inches long by half an inch wide by three eighth of an inch thick light as balsam not balsam would open like as light as boiled rice or what is very fragile can be broken very easily. This could not be these little. I beams also bore riding in the fall. Of unintelligible symbols that resembled hieroglyphics what they said it looked like it looked like hieroglyphics. The animals get no animals in space S letter, animals, space aliens, no aliens pets? No, I don't think aliens bets from. I understand tat. There are rather bad, as you remember, goes gaps in the south. Do you remember the alien cats you remember nothing. No, I remember alien cats. Of course I do. They also found the Red like Mano.
Element wires. That could not be damaged a small seamless, black box that could not be opened and a seamless, flange or strut that could not be cut scratched bent Bert everything, that's really interesting it. This is the one in people. S argument is called memory metal. That's why they call Listen you apology and it was his very thin, very light metal or quaffed fluid like property. Henry, please quota. Won't metal or more uncoil, claw where's, the as well as with court. Quote fluid like proper to use it admits, it was said. Allegedly immaterial could be. Crumpled Bowen place in a flat surface would return towards original shape, like liquid mercury, showing not a single crease. Yet this is that actually, this memory metal is what Roswell experts refer to in most, you have all just refer to as the whole, grail of
UFO Research Wade's, as he knows, the guy who's got it. While he's got a guy knows a guy who's got it and he has several pieces of inch. Long aluminum boil pieces that he says there are part of the flanges of the again, I'm not even sure what a plan J, Ai Flash is a good way to call a piece of of of a crass something a part of it without actually knowing any night about a plain file. You just and a ball it up, and then an unholy ask out and then to ask your ball. It up unbox in Liquid Marina Cuttenclip fluid like manner without showing any Greece. We have nothing like this, but for another super throng aluminum the super strong metal. You could kind explain that away. We do have you know extremely strong metals around, but Nothing like the liquid metal notices why they say that if we had this, it would be proof of extra terrestrial in
I met with earth affair. Is there are many people who talk about this memory metal there? There are many witnesses, especially children, that were involved with this, Basically, once the cops went out there and Marcel first went out there and they were digging up that they were moving the of the debris off the field, there were kids. Literally run around playing with shit, and they were like. Let him do it and one there was a girl. There was a farmer, local farmer, came to help, remove the debris from the field and she remembers picking up the metal and watch again melt in her hand and she threw on other grounds using another. That's one like kids do when they don't realize that they are a part of something fucking deeply cryptic and see grandma, and then they were. Early approached, allegedly approached by the CIA. Afterwards, a man with a baseball bat certain and were pulled around her front porch slapped his bad against his hand and said you know a lot of little girls go missing in the desert that was
Bruce, it seems like people say you know you yet what is it with it with autism, if you get there, explanation. You can get autism, it seems like all these silver leaped, kids guaranteed. To be honest, I thought your babies, but we always all I'm stuck inside so major Marcel who, by the way we have known better, didn't pull some like this. He started load, not the trunk of his car follow this alien debris we're just. Let me move out the vacuum and I got a car, jack and ear and just be like. Is this a floating there's, some kind of head of bald trainees, mammal Van Ryan, brooding Tink Tink seems like it's. You know what to steal a term. We always often use your willy nilly they're, just gonna go and where's the. Where is the very important Cabot after you club, loaded up all of his shit in the trunk of his car. He showed up at his house two a dot m and
look, he's wipe and eleven year old Son awake and made then come into the kitchen to look at the shit and play with the shit, because at the time it wasn't classified not right. So he was it necessarily doing anything wrong. He was just shown his wife and kid. Some cool shit that he found the designated. If this was really alien based, was non terrestrial material. This is going to be the only time they'd get to see because it amounted to become classified into hot. Second, I mean, God knows if you're, given everybody cancer or not, really the right that, with this guy S, father of the year, I gotta say if you get woken up by your father and he shows you alien materials, very cool dad. I ed I mean I don't know. Gettin woken up two, a m by your dad to tell you about certain that he found in the desert that day itself your daddy, you would love that markets. I mean yes, seeing you'd think I would have I know you would Cabot the according
Mary Cabot, the wife of calves, Cabot got together for their weekly bridge game. A few days after the Roswell incident, hoop law had settled down and, as the wives waited in the front room com a few days after the Roswell incident, hoop law had settled down and, as the wives waited in the front room, Cabot Marcel stood in the kitchen hunched over a pot with the stove turned up full blast and inside the pot was a piece of wreckage that Marcel had kept for himself that the two men were trying and failing. To damage and after Cabot reminded Marcel that the peace was indeed now top secret and that they should not have it in house in a pot the deserts a stepped out onto the patio, with the debris and returned empty handed
to join their wives at their bridge. The deserts a perfect place to get rid of things you're not supposed to have, because they would you do, is just priorities of the desert right one day, I'll check we talked about this to say he said when he was bring in order for him to get men middle ology out how you middle metallurgical, metal, urge medical or get this test on the debris that he had. He had sought off using a circle saw, but he said the prince is that when he was holding the metal using this, circular saw on it to cut the section of the metal with heat up so bad that it needs second degree burns on his finger economic, good, very difficult for him to cut it yeah. It was very difficult for him to damage so Chuck Wade is all whistleblower our right, very good, Turkey does the seventy two years old and his entire talk. What I was watching with Project Camelot, you know anything about it to Camelot, and you, Sir,
watching me those hours, long interviews. They are very scattered, you're all over the place. Jerkily check whole time you a bit of a flood problem. I would leave unbelievers rub deserve inside the alleged rosville such number six Sunday with him than any of his of it. Now odd thing the Roswell story, in some version, the arm is a rabid, hyper vigilant force on top of every aspect of the story, and in so they seem to be almost have a clear and just fancy free about the entire situation. Will this is where? Maybe you want to start believing about the Chuck Wade story? Would he believes that he d government knew they had hit some the Ufos and knew where they were to crash, and so what they did was is stuff like
Then there was a young boy named Michael Anderson had found a a beautiful crashed outside of its at Saint Augustine. It was afraid it was one of the other one of the crash sites around the rosville area? I made found a saucer stuck in the dirt with an alien splattered on a wall like Wily Coyote, which is how he described it, but the cut the army was there. They literally just showed up and like you guys here, to get the fuck out of here, took everybody's names that we're gonna kill. You tell your kids can never get the fuck out of here, and they were right on top that, where the Roswell Incident, that actual crash may have been a? U a further, they hit with the radar weapon and didn't realize they had hidden because, Specifically, it is to put blasts out and its color thrown dynamite, no lake to kill a bunch of bass, yea, that's what they did, kill bunch EU officials, and so then they took up a couple days, a catch up to this one on fishing, but still even if it took them a couple days there on July. Aid in this is, I don't know
this seems to be one of the odd as part of the story and something that I cannot figure out why they did this. The army released. An official statement. Almost casually, stating that a four saucer had been captured outside of Roswell a few days before by sheep harder and mention Jesse Marcel by name and as the man who had recovered it, and they said that he was taking it to a higher headquarters to he had loaned to hire headquarters for further study. Why so the time line. Is we have a sixty seven days now since the crash five days five days since the aggressor that this takes place? So this would make sense if the government just straight up, owns it, tells the truth. Sounds so absurd in Rio, that might have been testing something that is much more nefarious than having an alien spacecraft, come down on land right or did, but the way they debunking originally, as they say that they made a mistake right. They they
aw something they made a mistake, they called it a flying source, fluff called of language also, and they and they said it to their pr people who, for anybody, double checked it. But you also tell can do some of the number one. These air force This is army. This is before at the airport, ACL got planes other right next to the idea of airport. Is we like? They know what it is. They thought I was giving whether balloon the versing. It saves a weather balloon. You just make two fuckin balloon, I'm immediately liquid metal, and I want to talk about it. It's like a colossal shit is upon how looming over the bridge has got no verbiage wrong, though there like. Maybe we should call it a flying saucer. Very obviously, given everything is work. Maybe they didn't really like under a phenomenon that has happened. It was not a god. Damn balloon deadly wasn't a balloon, but so weird that they would actually say flying. So I almost think that it was someone like sarcasm someone.
Rightly it's a flying saucer! You go ahead and put out a press release and tell him that it's a fly in sauce and national workers G workers, Mr Morsel get right to the very positive to be waived. Storage periods, right so, the last biogas, unless brought you buy Harry's Dotcom the best place on the internet to get high quality. Shaven supplies at low low prices actually use Harry's shaven supplies ever use their raises for quite a while. Now they are of a top notch. Five razor blades on these things and they do smooth skin such as myself a lot of favor. Of course, why would you pay thirty two dollars for an eight packer blades? We even get him for half the price areas that combat Harry Starter said is an amazing deal for just fifteen dollars. You get a razor boisterously shave, cream and three razor blades. You know here is that, unlike the discount, because the prizes are already so low, but we ve
down a special offer for you guys areas will give you five dollars of your first order. With the promo code. L E, F G stop overpaying for great trade. Gonna Harry's now come right. Now, that's h, a are our. Why asked dot com? Ellie of de Jure gap that look disco so naturally U S in the throes of you! F, o mania, the story. Was very quickly picked up by the AP wire. Was reported in multiple evening editions of newspapers across the country and in addition to that Frank Joyce, the reporter, who had originally suggested that MAC Brazen report, the debris to the army had caught back up to Brazil to do an interview What follows comes from a testimony that Joyce gave in nineteen. Ninety eight- and this is the best election of a man in his eighties, giving
a testimony of something that happened fifty years previous, how that interview wit? Oh god, oh my god. What am I gonna? Do it's horrible horrible? It is just poor, but what's that lets or what are you talking to stench? It's just off stent from what? What are you talkin David, who who's that little people? Where, where did you find someplace? Well, you know the military's always firing rockets and experimenting with monkeys and things, so maybe dammit they're not my case and they're. Not human dammit and the Oscar best person responding to Henry Ngos to market very good Margaret? I gotta do your old Tybee reporter three lines. It wasn't all time you ok here! I know I get it. I think that was a: U nailed army, radio guy. This is this Mimi briefly,
laws in this story, again remind you, they rise once it has been heavily debated over the years and wishes to tow stick and into the mud. That is a fucking horrible, complex story in this. Is it it's true? These describe these discrepancies would make this both easily. The most debacle a case in the world of on the US, but also the fact that these drugs The mistakes were made points you something words: either there are governments bad at doing a bunch of shit which we could see with eighty nine eleven or did a part of a long game, political Our government was very good at nine eleven. No, no, no, no nine! Eleven just happened by like it's like give. If I figured out how to make Coronel by just like leaving a bunch of sugar in the end, the son of urban areas like Carmel, that's how they deal with nine eleven. They discuss what happened. Yes, carnal character
There's are two different tie that caramel this caramel, I'm guy. Well, what that is it makes us essentially different and no longer friendly, while it seemed as if the military in Roswell might not have been taken. All of this, seriously enough washing, dc. Sure is. How was because it said that Some of the wreckage had been July Seventh had been collected and ripped off to Washington while most of it was kept in Roswell, while they just sort of way like we don't know what the hell at an early date it with boots and fanned at it with hats. Roswell was almost like. We don't know what it is and we don't care, but soon after the National army statement was released from Roswell and shortly before the brazen interview was to air Cagey, fell, Roswell got a phone call and on the other,
and the line was the secretary the F, C c warnings, nation that cage fell, Roswell would lose their broadcasting licence if they aired the brazen our view citing Quorum quote national Security and you if all riders every single time they write the words national security. It's always in quotes like in the name IRA Nationalist, like here, yeah man. These address by great
read it now. You shit as we know. It's weird is that, after the fact there bad unready their bad on right we're back in the day, there would have been good. This is such a fun time, though the F c C regulatory radio communications, because you're talking about aging intelligence, now like back in our back in our time it was Howard Stern who could take the biggest dump on air, not people shit out air. The idea we have bought near the New did the SSC, mostly debating as to whether or not whether allowed to show Miley Cyrus Pubic, hair right right issue over eighteen, just that policy area that we need to cover, or is it the hair was well? Does she died soon after cagey I fell, got the call from the EP see see this she got. Another call from Senator Dennis job as telling then the exact same thing. Now So if you want to believe Frank, Kaufman
which nobody does because essentially have an entirely debunked after he died. They went through all his papers and turn that he was not a part of the expendable without a part of a thing called the nine that he said was a part of a super Gladys anger, but would go at the embassy Ufos outside of the? U S government. Did he write that he was lying in his personal diary? No, no, no! You just had stuff here. This whole officers dress, littered with heavily forged documents and key about his storylines at him, and Denis Travis, we're in a bunker they're out in this big hangar that had all of the material that was left in Roswell, spread out with giant spotlights over it and you this message from debt. Travis a chauffeur outside we may I say in they wait for these senator and I go, and he says no law could oh ok, sigh, but I look so curious. I look in air man with big head body lying on ground. I think it was a alien or maybe in Chinese. I don't know
I gave him fresh water and I had gone to back for him I will use this BBC documentary with its is actually pretty amazing to put it on the facebook page. They have a lot of good. Do I witnessed s money, including many chauffeurs, so, of course, KGB fell. They got the call from the sea and after they got the call from senator job as they complied and at the same time I'm. A similar situation was unfolding in Albuquerque at Kayo. Eighty radio woman named Lydia Sloppy, who worked K away, T got a call from a reporter named John
they make boil who said lady? I get ready for a scoop, we're going to get it. There's a wire right away. Listen! There's a flying! Saucer crash across here, Roswell, a big crumble dishpan and get this they're saying something about little men be an on board, not Talkin midgets views. You could say that Baghdad in so Lydia high on a big scoop rush to tell it to disseminate the new info about lit. Men, but before she could type even a couple of sentences I'll ring indicating an outside an eruption. What came through is as far attention. Albuquerque do not transmit repeat, do not transmit the message stop communication immediately national
Security Matter quotas. We slept told Johnny MC boil about this. He said forget about it. Never look, look you're not supposed to know. Don't talk about animal, don't let em! I love a letter. You better than you used to be. A lot should honour those shoes I get out of my face and ever say your folks ever get, and I didn't tell ya somebody else did CASA Blanca type. I mean I would say it is a matter of national security. I would have to agree with the government of aliens have landed crash landed in a mess That is a national security concerns. It is I mean, do you remember what happened when there was a fuckin radio show in New Jersey is aliens war of the worlds overrides hell, they once in Argentina and six people died. Amazing, radio had real power back when we could kill we're, not kill anybody but Johnny boil story was proving to turn out to be a ledge
Lee true for back at the crash side, gruesome discoveries we're being may now. This is another heavily debatable area of the Roswell Incident store most controversial, the least agreed upon and the most contradictory I'd now may I know a ten different completely contradicting reports, as what it, what we as to what the bodies were if there were even bodies a lot, bodies stuff comes to. It comes to a second hand, sometimes Third hand was sometimes even outright. Speculation presented, Speck Jaska, some say they had an alive alien and some say they don't and sums that they were paying and out of the console? In some say they weren't some say there was one line of field they all this they know that matches and never scripts into them, don't match like Frank look like but people originally sought a body Seville. Traditional graze within frank confidence is like no.
Very elegant people. Have they have a slight harmonised, slight Allman like eyes? Yes, but they are actually very sweet: Nev Ash, colored skin, while we were about this yesterday. The reason why there so many discrepancies in the wrong all story, and why there so many different ways to tell this story? Yes, especially the Frank COS. One things that every single researcher there's been so much written about There is a whole series of pages. I have we're not even swelling. We got three with you a couple of both sides and tens of thousands of pages written about this and net, and that's not even counting all this shit. It's been right and on the internet about this, that just the books alone and how many car,
to coast, episodes have been devoted to Roswell every you. If a researcher wants to put their remix on it, they wanted when their Spain on it, they want to put their part of the legacy into it, and every was so. It makes it more complicated as it goes. Every person at summits look at Satan Friedman, Thin Fremont good. All this whole episode began because we wanted you majestic twelve, but we could not do majestic twelve without covering Roswell first withstand infringement. Has what time is secular rods, while those who just twelve papers he is China. Thirty is turning into a thirty year career. I mean it's inside quest like doing the thing, a final vanity, seven, where you make them where you may enjoy birdseed the eggs or whatever that year, going like apple picking mission as well as far as the bodies, go allegedly glow Dennis a young. Partition on duty at Ballard, Funeral Home and Roswell received a number. Of course
as for the Roswell, a mortuary officer asking about the availability of small caskets second called Dennis got was concerning various chemicals in what effects they would have on the blood in tissue of seized body and also what procedures should be done for preparing a body that has been exposed to the elements and when you hear the details of what the crash scene was actually like according to some people, you'll understand exactly why the base mortuary officer was a bit of a law, we are usually have a five tiny people that are all mash up in different ways and the first thing you gotta call from an army officers, hey. I yes get Mademoiselle this. This is colonel. Is Colonel Barbuda
I'll, make it too and not make up a name, but let's say I'm, making up a name kind at five. Children's coffins overrides appealed right now seems like of aliens land. Do we have to give them? A human funeral know that this is one of those weird to light, and we mexico things that they threw in their being like, while the gun, at one or make sure they got a proper bear when open casket, I mean what is it what's happening where they wanted it, they needed to transport them somehow, and they thought it would, easier to transport them a third transporting chill Parents coffins yeah governments just have a bunch of children's coffins lying around the problem is that no one really wants to do like fork, one open and see what's inside the eye, because then you have to deal with all the my son. Still, oh, yes, I will If you have lost one a loved one recently in the arena, coffin just check it out they motorway, like I was now you never know when I, when I die if, if I decide to be buried in a coffin, I am now saying this on the radio, so you are legally bound to it.
Every five years. You are to dig open my grave. It's illegal up the coffin and make sure I'm still inside. I feel like you're just gonna haunt all of us every five years, Romania, together as a part of it, is going to be like. I know what you did last summer and it's gonna be terrify hey. You know what time it is five years coming up: I'll, get the shovel. Yes, yes, the old you smiling, but not have decompose that all Putnam his nails are still growing louder. He's themselves were allegedly your class. Grace occurs at like Kennedy, so there are some people that say differently, but really the case Since we can come to a consistent, can a consensus is that they were classic grace three feet tall. Forty pounds huge heads with large eyes or, as one official put a quote or the info or Mongoloid is a different type of hearing rightly raises they said they were. The eyes were deep, set and wide apart
Harry Dean, Stanton and in detail the I've never actually heard before about the raise. Maybe you ve heard this Henry. This skin was covered in flight peach, never before you ve, never know it wasn't green, but rather pinkish gray, with structural skin with a mesh like texture, not unlike that of an Aguano someone's gilding the lily. You know I blame frank cause. I agree: Doktor Le June foster a renewed expert of spinal cord surgery and a former undercover FBI agent during World war. Two was brought in to study the nervous systems of the mysterious creature. I don't know what these are, but you're. Right, I don't know the yeah, I'm a doctor very doctor for years. I've met, you know, I'm an expert and spinal cord injuries in the nature of the human body. In all of these, things are fucked shit and they give me too
creepy weeping and about to shit. My pussy, ok they're fucked up there. The shared creepy, GPS and you're about to shit. You're plus I gotta get out of here my stay by those who do not want to be done. I absolutely I'll sign on signing the for radio show for gap July, seven, nineteen, forty seven I got to go. I have to clean all those goofy fuckin by throw up out of my old whole here. Ok because he has just because I am beside my says: they don't even bother coming back. She was under then believe, shaken Amerika was told afterward that if she said anything are met, the licence would be revoked and she would be killed. She. She was often caught remarking for years. On years. Afterward, someone in the government is trying to keep me Goliath
Zella to do a good job. We talk in an awful lot. It seemed like from other description was: it seem like he was just something she would muttered to, or something there to seize. All full of shit. Yeah well, as you know, is widely level puts so full of shit, alien, twenty, four, seven governments. Put a fog muzzle honor, you ve got it all to be identical, alien, Open Europe. Well, I don't, but I don't think that has anything to do with the alien invasion that happened during Roswell, poor stinky Le June. I was You could get her shit out of her procedures hundred and be ready in a and b of the live free was it she could get a hose on Europe pay a kid in the neighbourhood of: do not pay a child to stoop to have a nineteen forty, seventy com, you can pay. If you do a lot of stuff that Doctor Lagoon Foster was not the
nor the last person involved with the Roswell incident to be threatened with physical harm or even death. In fact, most people gotta treatment, one step further, tat. We were told that not only they but also their entire families would be killed, and it was said the even local such a sheriff Wilcox were drafted into the government. Goon Squad Many saying that Wilcox delivered death threats personally Wilcox not so, coincidentally, never ran for sheriff again and according to family and friends, said to have been absolutely destroyed by the Un our experience. Rossmore got run over by the government at this point in time. I know it's a! U literally, have like normally There was a pretty healthy divide between the army base and the town proper where the car was like a but maybe little skirmishes will happen like the three copsewood common kind of deal with, as I do that it was
It was very small beans, but literally you have the sore on eye on you. Of the U S: government who is decided well, maybe you Sonny you Athol, it's something fucking Topsecret their showing up, and now you got a deal than twenty four that is going to ruin your like. We had one an ear: you had one of those stinky fuckin lizard ops right in his pocket stereo. Now it was only by and it was over the founding. They don't come in here now. You know why I got out, and you know why, because this is a free speech, so is the amateur you pants them, and you tell me you will murder me out of every witness the one was manhandled and hassle the most that poor old she Perker MAC Brace He was just being Santa Claus with the whole thing. All he want to do is make his pigs fat or so the pushing was sweeter right on July. Ninth, the day after the original story broke MAC Brazel,
hold up the Roswell Daily record. My Miller personnel to completely retract the statement that he had given the day before about the flying saucer instead of reporting a five hundred foot guy Ouch strewn with pieces of strange other worldly material brazen now claimed that what he found was actually nothing more than rubber scotch tape, printed with pretty little flowers, tinfoil and wooden. Fix now we were, but it was also confined to a much so dollar area need to make him to say that he made a big to do about finding a children's kite sounds got upon. In other words, it was simply the remnants of a weather below right. Now, let's just go and start up here with whether Boon story end and the weather balloon story. This is what points towards it being something rather than nothing
in point towards being aliens that it's not the because I will always say it points towards had being aliens. That's me. I am now completely switched on this idea before thought. Tat Oswald was bullshit, but now I actually think that they found something from an extra rest, real name, well, you're, using the ignorance fallacy right now laying which, as you know, is what you don't know. What you know is what you know. What I'm gonna know sometimes can be bigger than what you know like Donnelly's. Ronald Katy was saying about what you know. What you don't know you don't know you don't know, but what is it that you don't know? I don't know, and you know I won t I go down this renouncing bigger and that is the ignorance fallacy that what you write out now has to be what you want to know now and we are now. What do you need to know our right? What it needs no basis, but you know what I need to know everything is abolished over dont know. I there's somebody, but just stop that I do know is also highly debatable, but I believe that the stuff I dont know what could be more important than the stuff. I know right
what you don't know how little I know. Shore makes all the sense in the world, but either way the way. Are balloon story and the government subsequent explanations of the story point towards this: seeing something bigger weather it was. You know some sort of experimental aircraft or whether it was whether it came from the Russian the Americans or something completely different. Something happened out there and it was absolutely not a weather below. Here's a reasoned here's, a few reasons why that story doesn't hallway. First of all: Roswell launched two, whether balloons a day from the bait delay.
Or whether balloons are all up your ass. They look at whether balloons Morgan Everyday rears, its own fucking, whether balloons look like yeah and calves. Cabot Jesse Marcel High ranking intelligence officers. They know to fuckin whether balloon looks like a goddamn, but I don't know what a weather balloon looks like the word that what the weather balloon that they use it was. It was just a big balloon: parachuting on top vineyards got radar marker gene, it's got pretty much tinfoil, it's got like a big piece, a tinfoil on and second world, not only decay, Cabot Jesse Marcel know what a weather bloom look like. Brazen knew what a weather balloon look like they send out today, very rancher, ran trend in South Eastern New Mexico knew what a weather balloon look at it with further afternoon shoot. Madame right up, isn't it always just like hot and sunny and Mexico. No, no, but it's that's not what the weather balloons are for. Technically it's. This must be guideposts for what will eventually become harp S. Actually, the true that is
true thing, but we'll talk about that. I will dad the rest of our lives, allegedly true, allegedly. What I dont know is what I do know: the government there still go on with at least a variation on this story. To this day, the government would double down. Almost fifty years later in an almost one thousand pay, report called Roswell Report fact verses and the New Mexico Desert. I also believe that sometimes they make these reports the same thing with the nine Eleven commission. They may come so thick and boring so that people like us won't read them. You know what we are right because most of the report is about something called Jack mogul are very. Very very little of the report is actually about the Roswell incident. They outline project mobile
in its entirety, because they say no, it wasn't a weather blown. It was project mogul proposal more illegal, whether both to supersecret, where the balloon that was just twice as long as a normal. Rather whether ballooning was sent up to space with microphones on nor too may be here when the Russians were testing nuclear weapons, but also they had a couple other things going on it project high dive, which is a thing Would you send a man up into space and throw him out over the side of an airplane literally, cannot be, which I am a dummy know, and they were using live tests as well using live tears until they were just sorry guys up there with a fuckin fabric, strap at the back and see Hope you live well because of their. We got Gregg Lou game. So that's very good, while the problem with both of those explanations and where the problem with both of those specifically mobile is that right. Mobile. There was a newspaper article published less than a week after the Roswell incident.
Lining moguls exact purpose. We literally have it in its in one of the witness book I have it. I have a photocopy of the actual and it outlines exactly what the governments are project mobile was fifty years later. I just didn't call it proud, mobile, so this was not present. Mobile was not highly classified in speaking classified project mobile was highly classified and then declassified there would be tons paperwork knowingly, paperwork about project mogul, but they were he'll, be paperwork about the paperwork and no such paperwork.
Exists, no paper work out the paperwork, and I dont know what I know. What I want I know now is what I don't enjoy: more paperwork: teletype theirs, and even though the government said that the Roswell report would be their final word on the subject. Two years later, they released another or called the Roswell report case closed well, like every horror movie when they Jays that at the end you know we, the bag and that address the subject of the bodies and the air force claimed that the bodies were actually just flight testimonies from The operation high die of operation high die. There was another. What was the same thing when there was I would they did the same thing with monkeys release. You took a monkey strapped parachute to it and threw it out of sight of a fucking space Is it possible they were just burnt, monkeys, rout, well, allegedly land. Now you do. I live in value that I don't know is that, while the only problem with that is that those operations didn't happen, then throwing
because they said that the bodies were actually test dummies and that's what people found one problem that programme didn't: stop till nineteen fifty three, and not only that the these were six foot tall and a hundred and seventy five pound with the other with the government. Would you like to do who is basically see the rural idiots and that we are? There came a native of the three. They think that everybody in Roswell, because there's a lot of retroactive eyewitness reports, are coming back and doing interviews after that, their say: doing all this shit, they call it time compression time compression and where we believe that people are seeing their be they the air dummies lying in a desert in the fifties and then applying them to the Roswell story. And you get your point words like now: you're fucked him you're trying to tell me you try and change my reality. My telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think I saw these are not to see, though I will say you almost give you almost relieve somebody from their memory. Don't you
you now you're certain sell. My clocks knew, though it mean this value of the burden of memory. All your sighing reality. I m sorry, you sound like a disinformation, and this is all this information. It's all desert Rhodesia Way possible that it is all it was the Russians, the holes, I'll get. It will again that next episode, but back to MAC Brazil Brain for just a second, after retracting his story with the newspaper. Brezil was reportedly kept under house arrest. Roswell effort week was denied access to a phone and was given a rigour army physical, much to rigorously icicle Isabel last, the you what I have to go through. That's a water pick and rubber gloves, my goodness and here was said to be better about the experience for the rest of his life, but he couldn't have been to better we're not long after the incident MAC, brazen, who it This must be reiterated, lived in a no
Trinity, no running water shack in the south Eastern New Mexico Desert so we showed up with a brand new truck and abruptly resign from a sheep hurting position, foster ranch start his own best, whether his shop must have really taken off the must have done so So it's actually a happy ending proposal. I mean he didn't get possibly really molested universally physical. This way, what happened to him, is no worse than what happened to Julia Roberts in pretty woman, I suppose the government's richer gear is okay. Well, that's that's poor, one Roswell that that is. You know that a big that is acute bar. We were unable to get to the entire official story, but next episode we will give you a little bit about MAC brazen. What actually happened after the recovery of the crash and
and well tell YO, while all why all of that probably It will be both broadly bullshit. It's an extra dimension of conspiracy theory deeper than the Visual story want yet, which I think is the most likely the most likely story. There is obviously some sort of disinformation running through this whole story. The way they package in the way they want us to go the way they tap. The witnesses is very interesting and they really want to cover up a balloon project which they weren't Ayman, covering up in the first place. Why would you go and threatened children with murder actually I've people from their memory. I, like I had at that's good. I just yeah right. I guess you to you in this same outfit, doing even on a gigantic like bike
screen in the middle of Times square. And yes, yes, yes, president caseload, yes, President guess I'll get Sola. Relieves, though, is just a bank like a magical word like is it a magical me raise that makes people forget I dunno, but at Saint Patrick stay in their cell and twenty three for water, zoo jackets, throwing who hurried how amazing? I cannot wait to get more into this subject awesome. Yet all right Thank you so much for less near pickin through we're really pagan through further. I want at first of all I want to thank as always, research assistants, Megan, Sammy and Laana for help with this, they were invaluable and also want to give a little shout out too long time, Listener Beth Waldron, whose given a ruse going through a real hard time right now, Chen up you'll make it through pale, Satan, Beth,
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