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Episode 220: Aum Shinrikyo Part III - The Soldiers of White Love

2016-04-13 | 🔗


The Aum series continues with the cult expanding into Russia, running afoul of many stray dogs in the process, and coming goddamn close to obtaining an actual working nuclear bomb while they were there.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the level of cannibalism started. I wanna get the moths yellow your thing, a gun range. That's why you're not just a kid budgets afraid whenever there's dogs barking and enable inferiority rises, I've got to solve a fucking mystery. I just don't go to a lot of guts. I grow thing. Is male banana. You know we're therefrom no job. While I welcome the last five years on the left, ever one I've been gives all that's markers, bark sake, How are you have read what the my back. Heard why I was getting out of the bed yesterday and I share, whoa. You are getting out of bed way through
back out it was it was this: a cattle literally was getting out to Natalie was come in the door, and I was getting out to say, I got. I would lay your my own Phil. I got back from GM held back from a german lot of times. What I'll do the Germans strip off my clothes off and then just you down on the bed? Just kind of spread, Eagle, slain hasn't happened some time and then I saw Commodore now's excited like a laboratory Trevor. I jumped up out of the bed, but guess what I'm not made of snip since they also popular sale, but I made out aloud cigarette Botz and and and bent, can well all right as by the light, ought I needed a life change from wonders, Shockoe, also, horror, right, all rights or other part, three of arms from Ricky. I yes, omens Enrico this epoch like last episode, we really covered the micro of what happened on option between between nineteen, eighty, nine and eighteen. Ninety four would this week this week, we're gonna
through their world. Why operations, the macro the true cobra command shit that they did from ninety. Ninety two, ninety, ninety: four: we talk about the last time it so the yes on the home front, almost Enrico was gettin more fucked up ass. It went, either I get over. Asa Haro is growing in paranoia, low and really, certainly and starting out reach, is he's. Our realises. Outreach with in Japan is not enough for him. We want an even deeper reach and we'll find out later on to it. He was actually obsessed with Mine Comf, and he felt that this is a part of it here. He sympathise with the Nazis, city, sympathise with Hitler and will never allies yeah, yes, and he looking at him as a sympathetic figure and said we need to follow their example of world domination and that in after the whole room gettin. When omission Rico stands alone. We will help the resurgence of the Nazi Party and little known fact, Hitler also to picture
levitating, but it was a zone. Human duking, almost like space x. The way that that launches with was actually human Hitler Duke isn't hamlet coming. I want you to take me to globalize googly eyes with them on this hopper. Despite having pyramids of my path, exactly like I've got to say Hitler, that is the funniest pile of poop I've ever going to take a picture of it and I'm going to never share to his anyone, because just to funding is to possibly forty two. Which go to the eyes another little known fact. First, use of googly eyes her human emerges. Firstly, Mogi was actually get lurch earlier now, while most doomsday calls can do with just one scapegoat. The scope of arms operation required dozens there. These list, was staggeringly long put Nixon's to shame in included the press, the japanese government, even rival, cults, which there were quite a few,
in Japan. There were their world trade steel followers, for me, you know, if only they all could just gotten along, they would have taken over Japan and the world right see listen to this colts if you're eliciting less pod gets in love, their of all up allies with each other, then you can win. It would sort of against the character traits of occult leader, though, to be friend other called leaders exert the railroad along exactly they needed Scotty Pippin right right right using a residual end near Charles Barkley. Sure, that's right sure some at the very top of OHMS list was an entity, the p, but looking to justify mass murder had been using for decades now, the good old U s a bay where everyone he's enemy. They don't know that we're everybody's best friend and that's why you must let us inside your country, could inform us a horrid, told me,
or is that the reason why so many people were dying and the reason why they were all sick? Most of the time was because the United States was regularly spraying the compound with biochemical weapon all union English, because they were all sitting in their own Phil. Now ignoring my lady, I am poor boiled the second on the toes of three hundred pound man that your leader, whose he's totally leading us aim should as you, but he keeps getting farther, but he wasn't even the same nonsense that they were. He had been delivered. Didn t know he agreed literally had a driver. There was a book written by one of his drivers tomorrow, who wrote this whole about how he would said he would send us, or would send him on airlines and where the errand you do, it would be to several restaurants to go and get him to meet and fish and all of them you weren't supposed to eat because against buddhist principles, and he would eat them in a private room at its monetary. Of course, he was fuckin and they were should have seen how many plastic the food utensils
in their reality and around it, and we are done after a delivery quiets. I got three I got three sets worry us during twenty in dollars on Chinese much, I just gotta high five, that's the first time in the history of last part has had no Evan chained up and another thing that he would do. This is the side out tomorrow would also take him to carry Oki rooms, ass, a horrid loved karaoke rooms and you ve got a private rooms and he would bring all of his lovers like all the hottest chicks and on and on his children, and they would read these rooms and he pass the MIKE around and they would all sing song and so finally, he'd take the MIKE and every single time his absolute favorite song, you would sing, was the japanese version of my way, Frank Sinatra or you would not give the MIKE back. You would just sing my way and all the rest of over, like which, by the way, singing my way in Japan and other various asian countries, huge Popa, you're
supposed to sing my words like singin stairway to Heaven here in value in the Philippines. Are they do the Philippines or in Thailand? You will get beaten half to death. If you seeing my what did they know? The Frank Sinatra was violently racist against the Asians. Was it, yeah Roger was violently racist against white people, s news this terrorism and terrible human being. He bade me if I may, RO, really quick side note. He broke up with a woman by cities bodyguard up to her. Oh tell roomy through a glass of wine on her body gauge guttural wider, the girl. So she knows that we broke. I want one of me, the body guys. I want a bodyguard device, you Emma driver. I want somebody to ass the dew ludicrous shit get back to another psychopaths, so besides the I guess they invented paranoia. The colts paranoia also got a boost from the real world. As the compound was constantly besieged by family members, trying to rescue those who had cut ties with them, the press coop
on the very beginning, New Sutton was up with own and finally, the police, who were completely in effective as their policy. This is japanese policy was to all is announced raids in advance. What polite yeah it's a very polite, side, but also within the cold, the Euro. They are being led to believe that what they are doing is completely on the books and completely on the level that they are fighting for peace and then everybody's at can don't understand most. Ninety percent of ocean Rikiu did not understand how heavily involved, but that other ten percent were were making weapons of mass destruction and also drugs. They re the gate, drug running like business onto the site, and their literally hanging it intermittently. Why are all these people bugging us all the time and thus, with the tax coming from all sides, also horrors at the time to arm is now yes and with milk
of dollars in the bank and over a thousand caught members living compounds across Japan. Oh was more than prepared to do so now, while most of us know, but the biochemical side of things alms snow went well beyond poison gas, OEM acquired a failing manufacturer called Camera arm ironwork moved eh we better machinery to a massive building twenty miles from their main compound, get manufacturing ache. Forty seven from scratch. Now these weren't ten year old, indian kids, who know how to build got these were thirty year old, japanese people who, up until this point, have just been simple camera or physical yeah. Well, I mean didn't they like didn't the governor
realize they were getting out. His iron works battery. I mean that would be difficult to move within you like mass truck. No, they drink like that. You gotta, keep moving forward. Spirit of enlightenment have used a spell, though they are all just super excited. When I guess move forward expansion recent stars, we do not reach the stars, then you will never become an astronaut young as our basis. I think you our of ambition yet gotten desired, or you can do it nature of the Japanese. We lost that in this country than we owe yea a wee wee, slowly breaded out of us, using the Trilateral Commission's use of of rigorous school and also of fluoride in the water but worse you'll. Do it America's number one export entertain there? We are. We got left fervent, so the ultimate goal of eighteen, forty seven factory was they have one thousand rifles in one million bullets by ninety. Ninety five enough to arm every man, woman and child on their various compounds across Japan now with kids, you just can wrap up.
Bullets that stand in the way it was estimated that eventually the project would have cost for ten million dollars, but to arm whose assets at the time of purchase were worth well, over two hundred million dollars. This was a drop in the buck. Now you know what it's also a really effective waited use. A child is a weapon. Did you do? Is you strap a bunch of uniting? You could take up the grenades. You can pull the pan right and then you can start the thing. So you can like hold behold the thing that marinating he do. They decided to blow up the pansy yeah the latch taken which of those you papa right. You called laughter duct tape, tape it all over the inside of the kids close right go up to have the kid run up to the american embassy back. Please please, please, please come have precept, precept is, is it what is
to get. Every chambiri have Russian very, like all young Japanese, why we have to help where the? U S, embassy, all we do is help if they help with Russia's on bellies they do. Is they think that that's code for the day with this kid want some, the falcon realizing cause they're the government? They take the kid insight into the building the voters radically strip its. Clothes off writ, so that's a suicide bomb. Yes, young men are using that a failure to understand- I don't know, but I think you're inferring depend Ophelia. Definitely confirming we have a suicide bombings. I look at the numbers. Follow the money up. Gas that is astern have ample absolute. Let the latest senator too far oh yeah, we'll cover Dennis, has stirred in the future. Now, in addition to their attempts at a case, option Rico would develop literal tonnes of chemical weapons, build a functioning rail gun as well as a few functioning
lasers and manufacture thousands of pounds of tea anti. These guys we're on the fuckin left. Well, this is when a truly gets actually frighten yeah well you're talkin, alas, episode about where or Enrico was legitimately one of the most dangerous forces in the world know when you're coming, because they had the independent thought. The idea the mind took to put all of this shit together and then, where this is. Another thing is really interesting, is that in the book of destroying world to save it They have a really interesting concept about them, how megalomania and how dangerous that is in this scenario, a lot of times and megalomania. You see people, people that are deeply suffering in that their deepen the suffering of schizophrenia, and I believe there is a gigantic allusion so that that also horror was was literally suffering from a version
that they had access to millions of dollars and thousands of people willing to do his nonsense will still in their own right ass yet and that, in addition to a head full ass, it yes and so am I got a real gone when you're out asset for their goal? Mediately, medium eyebrows get a bargain you to bring you to read, but he came out in one thing they said it gets really interesting is about how the an atomic bomb, which is also horrors main goal, is such a thing. I wait yeah, ok idea, that's the big reveal get bad. But the start talking about the other yadda you do about using over there, but no This is when you bring in all of the other weird inventions that I yes, yes, yes, yes, but would also horror, wouldn't do you would he had this concept called them? Ah ha mood Europe, which was this, which I think are brought up last time. Would you do that
gurus become so enlightened that sometimes he gives a confusing command on purpose. Just you see how Derek hated. You are right, you him is that you won't question him, so one thing you know will be one thousand. Whatever hit your head on the floor, thousand time all the bullshit. I'm so would he did that he is his head science officer, many Marathi, who was his second in command. He was a devoted devoted human being, and wondering if you will turn him he's. We want you to make me a metal, that's life. Than air. These are absolutely girl. We can do it. Many just says do they just go off and legal work on it. A bunch and then when he does it, do it right. He just prostrate himself in front of the guru and then it is more about the idea they want to do. You want to go, do it. So what also har came? One thing he came forward and asked for it. He said I want a floating chair. I want you harness the gravity of this
and I want. I want to use that an ordered levitate easier more easily than I'd normally have the dew flexing my powerful leg, muscle citizen movie about that. Yes, the balloons on the chair it all up up, not a house doesnt movie were a man's. It's a charity daily, that's right, key die the God it was well don't do. It was dumb, doesn't think the two more I took the command. He said: ok, we will go work on it and he comes to US horror couple weeks later, it's ok, we can do it, but the problem is, the chair will spend so fast. It will make people say that others of a fun riper Ricardo tsars. If I ever get about his course global they are now that goofy shit there all of the truly dangerous stuff with the ten, the chemical weapons, the aching, forty seven, but the one thing the own wanted above all else was a nuclear
bomb, get in line the right and luckily, for them the number one producer of atomic weapons was collapsing just across the ocean for Shobo. Also horror and oh shit Rico would find a second home my girl Russia, just as the USSR was collapse. I just love the idea that Russia had a fire sale anywhere. Everything must go. What all they had will no longer just everything's glowing with radiation in the Gulf got those as local. My birth cells, when is the Mai, is Gorsky here and the code of good tell them or is it? I am forty bobbing alone, but they look. Look. I'm money online that this because of the ocean, but for mobile. What will say we have but poor. This is like we ve got to atomic bombs were of no forty thousand cornish Carrasco is that, while what exactly is a corkscrew scottish as young as it is to be solved,
assault thought, oh, how I yielded forestalled hidden need salt over they really bad food, though also hard arrival in Russia could not have been time more perfectly just The emperor of Japan abdicating his God, who had after world war, two created a spiritual vacuum in Japan. So too did the collapse of the Soviet Union in nineteen nine. You on and not only that, but the soviet school system was very similar to Japan's filled with wrote, memorized nation that discourage any critical thinking whatsoever. Russia was right for the taking and also horror plan to take now and what would be the first of many sold out appearances in Russia's largest TK over arena also horror, and this is kind of his trojan horse. This is his way into the hearts of the russian people. He would sit on a chair in a bare field, as videos screens flashed pictures of him as Christ
crucified and after that went on for a while, also horror. We give a rambling speech on yoga, including leaning, before leading everyone in a mass meditation ritual and one academic described the scene as quotes aspiring overwhelming experience in the state of mass hypnosis. Well, it's a lot more serious than that on Spiralling overwhelm in exerting a supreme state of Mass Here knows man. It sounds like when we took psychotic someone to go, see the flaming lips ass, some pretty fucking rat. You may say he was somewhere between Maryland Manson and Gwen if Paltrow, something like that, but also he Honda, nausea in one go. Get me started for those that don't know Ye Hanukkah flap his hands all accept that you have their enemy in the coroner they can't move of. These spectacles would happen. Every
I am also harm, would visit Russia over the next few years until finally, some russian- praying sir. Let loose a pack of federal, stray dogs and not a crowd just run the whole thing for every you'd be surprised how many group experiences are ruined in Russia. What does at least when the Russian set the Olympics? There was a budget stray dogs there all day with the Russians and the dogs rose. The dog, it just seems like everybody, was raising attack dog everybody. I ran out of meat at the right time, released the dogs, but while new followers, and especially the new money was very nice. Also, horror was much more interested in Russia's rogue scientists see scientists, Soviet Russia, especially those involved in military applications, were among U S S. Ours Uppercross, exalted individuals, they wanted for nothing and they enjoyed privileges that the proletariat good only dream
like salt round him really just soup, I mean they had a full sink each apartment. Each government Cuba was given that I had a full sank, but the worst thing about a half think it's just difficult for you diagnosing, but in whenever a partner you are the sink also doubles as a toy, that's gonna nice, but when the Soviet Union collapsed, suddenly there were hundreds of scientists hundreds, if not thousands, of scientists with a vast knowledge of both chemical, nuclear warfare out of a job and show us a horror, was right there to offer them one see by the end of ninety nine for Ocean Rico, had a membership of over thirty thousand in red three times their membership in Japan and recruiting scientist with nuclear know how very easy, your horse. I these guys that they have won marketable scale here, that their families are starving. They have won skill and just
but to be creating weapons of mass destruction and death, yeah yeah and their total Fine with it but say, SAM Nun, one of the: U S and its top defence experts. He said about a heat. This is what he said about that. Literally thousands of nuclear scientists do not know how they are going to provide adequate, for their families, but they certainly know how to make nuclear weapons. Refreshing have very reassuring, like a nuclear scientists with nothing to lose. My job is growing letters. Marcia motors go. Where do I guess I d love of the low euros Theo Home Bed a gazelle does that there are ok what good baby you I am, though, the way to the abuse and cooling liquor.
Though the thought of you and I just make the noise you're like all look at all. This did nothing for the shit on. You now had a key. I he day higher Walker, also horrors right hand. Man took no less than eight trips to Russia in nineteen. Ninety four also. This is just one of also horrors right hand. Man, but I do feel like also whorra- did this quite a bit. I think he did the jack. Balance row you I'm a wine gaga like three times do every single time when the last one died. You got to be that one, but he also said that you other guys in the other room literal just before he said to you right. So this guy's notes from his trips they include numerous references to nuclear warheads with one page listing several different prices for Barry nuclear weapons and the lowest price
Dean million dollars which was again to somebody who's coffers, hundreds of millions of dollars, pocket change direction Rico and while the likelihood of arms smuggling and actual nuclear bomb from Russia to Japan is admittedly low, it is not too far fetched to so that they could have at least smuggled enough plutonium in to create a dirty bombs. Shore I mean you can put anything in your rectum UK. We pay anything in your right up to the size of a bag. A couple a trip That's all I mean how much plutonium do you need three big, that's worth much tony home is a lot of plutonium. A little plutonium is a laudable intentions that idea that you need that much you make an atomic bomb right. I don't know now. I am somewhat lacking In terms of my knowledge of nuclear science, shored up when detonated, a dirty bomb, creates a radioactive missed that in bed
solve in the environment, for literally thousands of years, rendering it deadly slant foresee to reach two car, I'm just gonna put a little bracket and therefore joke concerning castles bathroom. I like you, even small dirty bombs would render half of Tokyo completely uninhabitable for hundreds of years, and also horror was well on his way to obtaining both the components and the knowledge necessary to make it happen. He was this close. He was maybe six eight months away, Marcus member, I half inch by half inch club, that's what he was doing. A container is cut era, allies dependent on the cut look follicle! I don't like any gradual follicles worthless Gunnar for my purpose, decidedly badge nor fowl
however, do you say that post so by Russia would also net the call one of their most terrifying weapons of all through the former soviet state of as your by John in this was a very common thing in in the post soviet years, because all of a sudden, you have all these soviet states that are suddenly independent. Nations with no idea how to govern themselves, but also in need of cash in need of a lotta, Casper, ITALY, and so they have all of this shit. It's like. We literally need to buy food, and so we can just sell off the these reserves All of this we have weapons hang around. Like literally into because Russia was very good, have given everybody weapons before was when it was the USSR, everybody I weapons must be like just in case any one of us has got to kill everybody here, yours I weapon the arm was able to buy for This is kind of a low price. They seven hundred thousand dollars.
Am I seventeen military class helicopter capable of being equipped with a hundred and twenty eight rockets for scorpion, anti tank missiles and a twelve point. Seven millimeter gun mounted on the no sound, like a great time. You did. I like fucking us in time the eight months to get it. Do they have a helicopter? I mean a headboard acid wholly wholly held My question: no, what was the interior like yours, very nice, either militarized, hearing owner icy tone or leather is what we want. We can put the leather and Ok, fine, so no features I'll give you guys. One guess we are also horror sent his pilots to train for their terrorist
exercise, Laura Floor Bent and then with a lower than terrorism like we want a blew up, the United States. We want to blow up our homelands, but let's do it in the comforts under the sun shone I do now and state. Will you guys socket about like plan as some sort of like massive terrorist attack, because you should come the main near punks, chunky, flight school I gotta got like five helicopters and are mostly teach things oblige how to kill. From the sky, I'm not convinced borders than ever secret tourism campaign going on board. Terrorists is an anti american. Slow personnel in Florida,
yeah, I mean come on, I mean have you got in case you you didn't I get put in to do together, for that was where the nine eleven hijack work were train. I bet it's run by an alligator with an Ipad. In writing. Prayer fears. Zoom carries cold blooded, even though the weapon capabilities of the helicopter were impressive, ohms main goal for the helicopter. We by the way easily pass through japanese customs. They just waited on through, like pint, apple pineapple, but our mango helicopter Pineapple Pineapple campaign this broad and there is an endangered frogman arrest heard, owns mangle for the helicopter was to fit it with spraying mechanism filled. Poison gas.
It over Tokyo and easily wipeout half the city. This came from a vision he had. This is about time like while he was ramping up the volume the while her room again. Temperature rising and the pressure was rising on the outside of option Rico. He began this this concept of biggest seventy tons and he would yell out seventy ton. No one knew in within the ninety percent. Again I don't know what's going on what he was talking about, what he was talking about with seventy tons of Sarah gas. Yet because of owns vast contacts with former military scientists call would also return from Russia with this. So recipe for Sarah Gas, which, by the way that recipe originally developed by you guessed it not see up. You know what the Nazis. A lot came out of that Northern Saved did so much guy
tat. Were there a kind of like gum like lemon head Perry? What's the name of that blues man like Mick, Jagger and Chuck Barry loved women like Toto Pants Johnson, led path that is out of me. I'd like that you're equating the lead belly do the Nazi because they both wartime ages. They were wrong when Nazi or maybe robber, Johnson, anything it a robber, Johnson's, orderly buyers, land that all the white guys stole from yeah yeah, a muddy waters, robber gods and how a more how the Nazi AIR, the Nazi, ok so you're, saying like muddy waters was like the Heinrich Himmler America S. If you want to compare american music continued development of weapons of mass destruction- and I do so soon during gas. It was, it is among the most effective in popular of the gases used in chemical war,
for example, the US. The Iraqis Hussein was a big fan of Sarah gas in the late eighties early nineties, the infection begins with a runny, knows drooling and tightness of the chest. The victims vision is then narrowed down to a pinpoint effectively. Blinding them That's followed by muscle, spasms, excessive sweating and uncontrolled dedication and urination next come the convulsions. It is like a sister and I don't like you grow. You are sure to use the available Lizzie. Lucy may know this Becky's a party man you're, ruining witnessing it I've gotta look, you lose
consumers. It is always money when we will have uncontrollable vowels after the uncontrollable bows come convulsions coma, then, eventually, death with survivors, often suffering per nerve. Damn embarrassing. I honestly would be embarrassed. That is a debt to fear like having a medical breakdown. You would definitely yourself, Public have a gate near and eight yourself, and then you just start shaken it, although like that, but who got out of the great majority who do video yours there, you have it, you do people, forty you'll love, the millionaires magic should covered fuckin. Convulsing dance is called the somalian twist very unique to your culture. Its do. The shit's under the right went
the right weather conditions, which is ironic, the right weather conditions for a certain gas attack. The end of a sunny clear day, a five hundred pound Sarah bomb good, easily wipeout half of Washington DC and his Henry said owns, go was seventy taught nothing. The idea was to mimic a biblical disaster, that's what it was like it fit with his brand it fit with this idea of being like. We will reign death from the sky. Eyes. People will not understand what is happening and they will assume its a godlike motion and then once like so first of all pure to be a biblical disaster, and then it will appear to be gigantic chemical weapons attack and then that will be blamed upon the United States of America. I mean he he's put in all his chips on the: U S being blamed on this, despite Japan, being one of our closest allies in the late. Again. If you want to compare this to the Charles Manson Race WAR concept, which was
just small concept is another compelling anything from his book. They talk about me something like that, but made this idea was just oh guns and knives ride out again there be invited by using the real, be like warriors, are to be kind of fighting the streets, but also horrors. Vision of the end times was so epic and then because he had the cash flow to make. It happen its again he's Paul. You is probably the most dangerous person in America yet because what I meant was this person. The war has like because Manson's whole thing was this: all about tell a lie to get all the chicks out to the desert because he like living in the desert like finger and check up it. Would that was in the end game for him, like that the whole helter skelter thing. That was just him right in the way that was like a sigh game. That was just a lie because he was a petty criminal. A bit of a megalomaniac he did enjoy. The attention He didn't joy, like the Christ, like vision that people had of but also horror the sex
was a side effect. This set the sex was like. That was just a bonus to him. I was worried about you. He was also barely coming. He was no believing that the idea of transferring your energy upwards to he would take is the hottest females from OEM into his room, and he gonna bet that peppermint bet that donor, like going full of all just worried about the oil Ipad. Pepper least, we talked about a lot faster, but at least he was living up to its own standard to some degree. This Great, yes, not so I mean, but I mean no one else is allowed to have any says it all x. It all by air, so also horror, was truly dangerous meant in here with this was actually a girl. He was going to go through with this because of all the acid, the visions that he saw. He believed his on board what started off as scam to sell like energy drinks stood idiots ended up here. He believed press absolute will you were he's truly and it was truly mentally ill and then the constant acid and the
isolation and the creating of a whole group of people. Then idolize you, you could get you begin to believe in the fantasy that, as part of the the self, con man that you calm yourself into becoming the guru position and then there's no coming back and don't you constantly have to have give them something to do you got to have to be evolving. Otherwise it dies right, absolutely it because you had that. We talked about that in the last episode of that manic, energy that they have to have that they have to keep up because you got to keep this train moving forward. It slows down. Even a little bit need found that in late eggs early nineties. When you start try to run for office train start a slow down in any time, he's seen it and again. At any time, the train slows down a shitload of people get off running about how upset you get when you are getting commercial addition livid with ancient with Robert GI lifting said in his book, was really interesting to us about the push and pull of the guru believe
bring it he's the guru and also his self doubt and Andy Colts belief in the guru in their doubt of him and how that push pool makes it really did once you get what nuclear weapons involved in that it gets very very dangerous one story these that he set out. What was they real, quick that also horror was confronted by one of the renunciations wanted to stop being a deep o t because he fell in love with another chicken, Murat turned to him. He said you know what he should do as punishment is that he should eat her shit. He should eat shit and see. How we feels after he tat sir Shit and all horror was like that's insane no way. A few weeks later, also horror walks in literally turn so the guy is like I've come up with your punishment. You will
eat her shit that one of my literally they went and age. He ate her shit in front of everybody in that another time, yonder debut never denies eating share o my master always lose me to eat shit. And what do I do? Oh aid should with much alacrity I mean, did cheap. Did she do shit knowing that it was going to be eaten or did somebody after dad, lousy, dollar shit up on a plate and innate it. You think a play how to make a floor. I'm pictured a ball either that oh yeah I'm taking a ball either that or somebody wait until she went to the hours and they snug behind with. I'll get my caught at all. She was in great already well yet yams, oh yeah. I was in the cold as well you're all these people are in the called together and have also happen where their guy different guy, told Sahara. Hey I've fallen in love with this woman
marry her? We we wanna leave, we, you know we believe in the gurus love, but we believe in our love more. I hadn't had he done them in boiling water and then hung them upside down for a day. It's called the heat test. Yeah yeah, that was a boiling water, was a big part of options yeah. You is boiling. He was legitimately Boeing karma. You like everybody, was a one time, but also that's how I saw everything and piles of want on. Why wouldn't That's all. I see everything to acquiesce doubling of others ducks that you can see deep red ducks fun, so they did, they died when they were boiled in water. Now lived, some of them dead. The old boy boy usually die because there was where there was no age limit on the boiling water, so the bias where the staring gas was produced would say called safety on seven straight out of a fucking comic book after it
being a nondescript warehouse and navigating a series of narrow corridors. One eventually came to a large mezzanine with a giant Golden statue of Shiva, the God of destruction sitting in the middle and hidden above Shiva was the so called room of Genesis where scientists work on various chemical agents, which they gave cute little nicknames like magic which or South sounds like fucking like you were making Molly my little pony outside on seven. It was Actually, nicknamed the wizard Spock subdued low callback. Who is our death Gay Briggs vexes? We always gotta go back the wizards there like highlighted again now. I almost forgot that they are just a bunch of nerds. At the end of the day you free with nerds. Is that what you have taken up self seriously? They become
Nuclear power is another the Sarah and after it had been completed and purified own travelled to Australia, boy a ranch called banned. You want station acquired a twenty nine strong flock of sheep, tethered the sheep to agree to the ground in a semicircle, an expert was the sheep to a cloud of. Erin gas that they had developed themselves from the Russian by way of the Nazis recipe. Wow so I are gonna know at a shape Gama and am I say, farm land over them? Oh most respectable young Australia, where we plan to do his nerve gas them to death, an experiment to see what the nerve gas will do. To humankind- or I shall be very good as anything I was gonna fuck. I'm also really of a fun
talk. All twenty nine sheep died and it's always good good batch. The catch finally developed there first successful weapon after trying to use botulism after trying to you, anthrax. We can't even go through that they're nice little for aid in the world, the anthrax they couldn't quite develop either because you know. As we said in last episode, Bio Weapon, biological weapons are very, very different. Get off their back. I mean I'm not judge there, there try and try and real hard, and they tried hard enough to develop sir and gas in own could not wait to use it in unleashed their first, sir and gas attack in the town of Matsumoto on June, twenty eight nineteen. Ninety four big attacks on the trains that was not their first deadly attack. That was not there first
by far the Tokyo attacks. They were there, look what fifth or sixth cannon and the monster MOTO incident as it is referred to, was their first deadly attack. You know I just feel bad for the sheep. I really I've been this entire time. We gave you the other day about the sea ideas Zaga talking about them, murdering people, you can't stop thinking about the sheep. People are me in some. They ve been mean to me, and you know our sheep. Never even does it know what's happening, I don't know. What's happening, just wants to be shaved and worn to keep us Y know about you know who had that same opinion did sholto The horrible you'd know I'm completely serious and have said about the sheep. I so bad about the she, because his whole thing was car. And, of course, the karma things that you could gain good karma from murdering somebody because you're releasing them from this world driving them from Hell, but animals-
Kill animals was not like, we can already, there have already intruder. Technically, the sheep farm was there as they were just having a little sheep day going about their sheep, live technically it off it back into his power philosophy. The idea that you're killing the thing to release its karma you're doing because you're working towards a higher and everything's explain to help now so people in Japan, understanding I didn't really like having ocean Rico around out there, just stinky they are there really loud. You see flashing lights coming out of it that are legitimately laser tat, wonder what's happening in their romantic. All you know or other by other kind of fun. Neighbours are. I think suicide death culture can be beneficial. The community, the exiles, property values up what you know about the ones that are all dead. Buildings, are gonna, be a lot cheaper, creating jobs and so people regular folks. They went to great lengths to remove
I'm sure Rico. From there I mean it vicinity, because, all and by the mid nineties they were unknown quantity in Japan. Unction Rico was a thing in time. You saw option. Radio cult is moving, and your area. It was time to use the law to its fullest extent and keep them back out right. They were just as visible as Scientology. You were not as technically legitimate Scientology only because we haven't like they believe. There was a lot of celebrities that were involved likened Scientology scientologist because they are trying to do. Get more normal yeah. It was signed tall G in its early days before they got like John or on you know, Tom Cruise, and all that John ass Raw. That aren't you call it. I've got John tried, you don't listen, a page seven. I love page seven hours into it every week. I must
just missed. That yeah, oh you Missus John, drawn like they sit John draw its this interim page. Seven, that's everything revolves around John Trodden elsewhere, Gaullist Guilelessness AIDS Evan. I in Jack, he's a basket which energy is gonna be getting on here in the next few weeks, where in I'll be fabulous, Zaga, Roccanera, Slumber party, but arms should recall, was like the super super weird version of that, but everybody knew them because they were in newspapers heave us our was always on television that you do not be brought on as a gag, but Intelligence just want to make great Hollywood movies. They don't want to. I didn't want to invest in nuclear weaponry. What I do want to make a gang of straightest men, you ve ever been to try to respond,
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the code Ellie have terms and conditions apply, so one particular land dispute, whereas the she Rico Cot was moving into the town of might some old oats about a town about like two hundred thousand. That would not end in a lawsuit, as they usually did, but in mass murder now own seeking to murder that We judges that we're about to rule against them in this land dispute gaze own brought back their old car exhaust land that they borrowed on the aid, but they now had gas that actually worked and they knew that it worked and the attack from the big a bit of a comedy of errors, can ASEAN as to the failure. The first, the head, operation overslept on the big day had awakened normally the rather than nibbles latterly was gone. Maybe
got really it's twelve thirty out- and I am not yet these put on some kind of jack and I ran away up and see the boss pull away no in the band that they were gonna use. They and a loaded up in order to do these gas attacks. They needed hundreds of pounds of accounts they also had five cultures in this van and because they had so much weight at it and they couldn't muster enough power to go over thirty miles per hour. Is body as the thing about this. These gambling assholes with these big joke, Evanna deleted, it is filled with
tat if they thought they would have been wave or dangerous. If he just don't you ever do is something tat would killed. Everybody really. Thousands of people would have been dead. My going about oh, no, what they had to wait until they got there. They had to do a chemical reactions ones. They got here, and that was another comedy. That was another error that they may so that call finally arrived in Matsumoto around nine p m and they picked a supermarket parking lot as the perfect spot to hit the judges dormitory. Where's their depending insertion, gas and chemical warfare in others. It all depends on the wind direction like that word. If you wanted to go a certain way, then you ve got you release it from a certain locations get fat. Our work, but when they started the chemical reaction, they bought the formula and their van filled with a thick white smoke. Hydrogen chloride.
Dishes to release the debt, releasing the deadly guessing in vague, like one like junior high kid that was taken out the trash next to the supermarket. He says he saw that began. You just saw suddenly suddenly, with gas with gas a lot a muffled a heard or no modern unaware, since a guide to the day is about the wind direction. Is it, When was, I think I would say the wind was blowing from the east. They would, apart on one side of the dormitory, where the judges were staying, there was blowing frightened. They would would be able to just get the judges dormitory in that's all, but since it was blowing from the west, they had park in the supermarket parking lot and the Sarah gas we'd have to pass through an apartment, Bach full of hundreds of people, nay, and they knew what they said
it they're all dead. These are all just casualties and a greater war were releasing then we're doing good, for that were releasing them we're doing for them, but luckily, for all those people the, wind change direction at the wheel, last minute as they were released. The gas. The win change direction, to a less much less populated area. Eight people still die and another hundred and fifty suffered serious neurological injuries, but it could have been so much worse, either way, though the plan actually work, the judges were among the injured and own got out of the lawsuit Bolton by a somewhat successful military action. All Sahara decided it was finally time to start training ground troops undergo. I can't stop there in about you know the syrian gas going through an apartment building and then the apartment building, just filling with shit
windows, but I think we got a real shoots ladders party and, as far as the ground troops go also horrors. First idea was to fall, a squadron of children with his more calmly followers and raise them as a team of child s ass. It lay in the long game. Well, that's the problem with Armageddon time sensitive, coming up real fast, so that wasn't workable plan cuz. What he's doing now is again he's ramping up the speech we got to figure out. We got to. We got to give ourselves the timeline here, he's like one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. That's when the end times are coming. Ramp up to ninety seven. Eighty was, I literally doing so, while he was for while he was pocket, I'm trying to put babies and yeah and he was- and he got this plant around like ninety ninety and when I say he wondered squadron of children, I mean like literally five six seven year old, kids, yes
if Armageddon was ninety. Ninety seven than they're all gonna be good, baked and ready to go by the time it gum. Jan all you gotta do again. We do these kids, you put bombs in their shoes, you teach you how to do bows and arrows or yea, and you just have some happy, though they were gonna suicide bomber uninjured. No, he was training child ninja. Our children can be quite right in what happens. Right, get a child a run across a bunch of rice paper and not yet made soap. But that's the problem is that arm again kept getting moved up and so on? The time Armageddon was coming and ninety. Ninety five also horror opted to train his own paramilitary force, made up of current and former members of Japan's first airborne division that he called the soldiers of. Why now remember. The rest have already hit me. What he's doing that is
such a fucking acid name. So he was highest volume right objectives, forgotten the soldiers of white love. That's what, in general, with a helpful because that's what they always say in the six like Ben, we have, like poet warriors we need all you gotta do is put arose and that in the barrel of every shot, all we gotta do like man. If we got general West more than some acid Nan Vietnam would be a stone, grew more just warp. Jurists, General Westmoreland just takes a tab ass. It is like we're gonna make the guns. Bigger a problem they gotta be bigger, will paint striped
on the gun, our religion and that's as he's eating cereal out the ball of a b. It needs both on our normal, no, no, no way like because their skin makes it salty at West point. That was a psychopath yeah. He was eating out of the boys and sure he had a boy skull that he ain't right now. All I see you put a couple expands and, above all, on their technically cereals only that serving of Syria's only three fourths of the cup Sancho really didn't know the so boot camp for the soldiers of white love, began in the summer of ninety ninety far and their actual their training idea is actually pretty novel. The most novel. One came when also horror, hired a bunch of homeless duties from Tokyo and told him that they were going to be extra, is in a movie called soldiers of white love, but they were actually just used as standards for them. Tear resistance that the white lovers were sure
face if you're, almost that's a hell of a gig raised. Great always EVA, just socket yams we're going to the countryside, there's no cameras they'll get ever wanted to create a movie the first place. I just couldn't believe someone mood is asking them through some point to a tree and tell him it's a camera. I'm a pay you to guard this tree up priests feel safe Joe almost out here, so he's arrive at duking extra obey you as item odds on your maneuvers, ran awesome, I knew were sent out and you go, find more quiet homeless, see just put his box of my hand. I can't hear myself you hear me said the squad trade from eighty until midnight every day with weightlifting are too large and chinese style Chee exercise. In fact, one admire. During member. Describe them, as quote deeply trained with highly developed, must
couldn't happen. Nourish argued in stone, you meshes outer nephew. Maybe she had developed mash up again a backroom assured. It has caused much because I am furniture during the day had I'm traps. Are you, Charles Inga? Had you monsieur locale you? I hate you to check. If you use the chaise wiser reverses Sears out, it's your psychological care for the end of the world. Learner occurs every week I refer Ripley Rex Gettin, rid Rick's, ok, various. Why do stay? Where is why does it where rich rack
Beware! Why does a walrus like tougher, who is always working poor, TAT, senior Y, know why don't worry rat why'd? I already know what I break jobs. You re getting ahead of US areas, time every minor, Jack, every bad ways. Jerk me I should not judge reject and our joy he enchant and green at the right time. Turtles was preparation for what also horror called Ex day in which the white lovers or hopped up on siren antidote would seize the government following the gray, helicopter Sarah Attack and with the government in chaos. Oh, stage a coup establish establish what they called the Supreme State. Employees shockoe also harm. At its home with the title of holy monk, improvise
that is what have I ever have a production company. If I'm ever executive producer, then that is what people are calling for. The holy monk empire, yes or emperor at all, but everywhere in soft white slippers. Nothing else, that's good, but followers they were warned in the ramp. Up to two Armageddon were, of course, worn. Armageddon was gonna, get a little heavy see the white lovers in the cellar and attacks were just the beginning, also horror, a claim to have Plasma cannons salt, solar weapons and privation bombs, all in production. There is actually some of it is not too far off in their travels to Russia, so high a walk up was meeting with problem and russian scientists for help in the cold, laser research. Also, horror was obsessed with having a laser weapon use obsessed with Niccolo Tesla young. You really what he wanted to harness. What teslas said that he make was a wall of energy that will destroy all humankind. Witches in
why are you didn't get funding, but they lead intimately met with a man named Nickolay boss off is a Nobel Prize winner for research and laser technology, and from these efforts on was able to acquire zine various blueprints of imagine laser weapons and ended us head science offers or Morocco is attempt to achieve what the guru ordered led to some kind. Of laser test in October. Ninety ninety four that weighs willingness by people something with children of the eighties and early nineties. They loved lasers, lasers and was it for them, would that's all they link about because he wanted to be an animated guy, now I run the whole thing to be an enemy he legitimately looked around being like we need MAC warriors
yes, I know, but then we have to raise children that are essentially artificial intelligence. Not is designed like human cyborgs that will feed into the MAC warriors in order to create a union between man and machine will not be like the union between God and man. Heller, having gaily, and yet they want. I'm gonna be a super. Knowing german red head, that's gonna, ruin the whole show Lord Grey Rule. I do not think she ruin, though, see an awful lot of inanimate silly and may I watched but that's what we wanted to see. How do I get? I actually If he wasn't author, this would be wonder. I do give him all right is quite a story, but that's what we're talking about. He made his fiction his life right now. He was at like he was, I mean you might say, use a bit of a performance artist, also its kind
inspire a kind of there being a bring lawyer. Go do it, you wanna, be a blue. I now we have a lot of people out there. There was this show their professional illustrators. There would like they want to be professionals, traders, durable and want to do. You want to write books whatever we want to do, don't dream it, be it with that's what also horror should say. That's with Josh Rogers. You does a lot of our ports Josh. Can do you is, I know, you're canadian by you can still. We were you all hold true spirit because of your country. You can be like an american and do our japanese person shore. So what as our was stolen people's Ike, yet Armageddon gonna get happy. We ve got plasma weapons, we ve got laser cannons, but listen up I've. Given you all the tools that you're gonna need to survive. Those who had reached enlightenment in the cult we're blessed with unusually high plasma fields,
though the plasma cannons would only add to their power easy. We also. There was up also omission refused a design of is that they they attract lot of doctors. And they did in the end, they said that these meditation techniques, which is really interesting here, did the doctors for the fourth after armor get and they would be able to take care of. Everybody is allied debate like with plenty of doctors. So we know worry about anything once the end times come and also they believed that the records, the vibration. Vaporization bombs at removal auction and the mayor work. Fine, because own followers already knew shallow breathing techniques through their meditation sessions, so they could hold their breath until the effects pass. Ass, brilliant, had solid vaporization bonds, actually suck the air out of your lungs or anything like that, and as far as those solar cannons went the ones that focused star power to melt everything in their path those boiling baths, whoop
that's where we have or in how wise enhanced heat resistance like courageously when you boiled cabal saw upon the stir sure I think that's how. That is why I believe em and, unfortunately, you know, during all this nuclear war, the world's food supply would almost sir, we be destroyed, but own followers. They could survive that just by opening their talkers and lowering their metabolism until the world could be returned to its previous glory, and if that doesn't work, you ve just cut off your fucking feed in need of aid flows, employer food, we're disk. How could anyone doubt there? I mean this is common Emma any religion any and every religion that has Armageddon weaved enter into their belief system there all is told that there the only ones that are going to survive the coming slaughter and only their figurehead, has all the answers to live through its every single religion that has,
because it makes them feel special. That's what keeps there. That's it keeps him hook. Is this bullshit armageddon nightmare and that's just the positive side of it? It's also wave. But the truth is that it's a big, what is well, it's the same thing as the always vague is very real threat of just being also being like end. If you leave you'll die, maybe they won't kill you, but I'll kill you yeah and any, and then also it's an abusive relationship technique. It's doing the thing that no one will love you like. I love you kind of shit, just twenty, Haven't sheep Speaking of the abusive relationship I read the story of this one woman who had to go through this thing: conflict the bardo in it, nation, because ocean ring you the worst thing that you could do was deny the gurus love and they actually had a son like they had a team of people that would bring
escapees back. They call them the new followers group and people who would escape again and again they put him through this think they called the bardo Jason where they would meet the Lord of Hell, Gatt yea, and then they called they called him Mister, Lord of Hell. You always should this hundreds Der Lorna Mister Lorry, and it was initiation would you know they bring people in they'd cinnamon. Tiny room and a tv screen would come on and it would start with like all Sahara card to or not. Actually it would start with like a faces of death style video. Where just show people get shot to death, it showed them getting these could like blood on the pavement staff, more land and then a voice that also horrors voices, start saying everybody dies, everybody will meet therein and then it would start showing.
Also harm our yeah and you'd start showing us our time. I literally would just be sit. There go like this is bogged down. I don't think he would want your love, the man who tries to milk everyday out of here. We want you getting kicked out of the gold because you would know it the man, I'm sorry, MRS suppress geese, but you are far too nor for they also had a head full ass. A dozen yards within a guy would come out like a double click, on the devil, costume paleontology, huge drum you'd have a huge rum and the other thing about option. Rico, a lot like Scientology is that they would do confessions where they would tell people about every bad thing that they had ever done in their life when they inducted into the group Scientology Methodist while gay. So they have these guys that this guy, that would come out with his big drum, and he just he would recite their confession every
single thing that they ever said very bad thing. They had ever done any keep beaten the drum, faster and faster faster, never, never tell em anything. I was in catholic school. They wanted me to go confessed to this disgusting priest. I didn't tell em not that exogamy Sakharov paint like an icy cold, like ideological oil. We all know, is also worth it in a good way to freak people over the head for lasted the severe situation. Dresses the devil. Do the thumb trick, We cannot allow turbulent as it aren't you got. You know you can't do that. I could not battleground and then, after that they would force the the people to get into the Lotus position and they would be on their legs, with robe they would have CUP, their hands behind their bag.
And they would bend them into the most painful position possible and then a guy would come in with a big stick. Any just are beaten on the walls and on the four sounds like Didi, DVD Yoga Yoga hot yoga, surrender. Article. Do something like that and then finally, after anywhere from fourteen hours to three days one guy went through this ritual they were put in a prison, they put them in like these tiny little rail cars with a ton of other people, and they would be these hot, have all these hot metal boxes, and it was like you know that tinctured over a hundred degrees, and not only that, but they would pump hot steam in these into these containers and all you had all the only privacy they had is that you could go hang out next to the shit bucket
because nobody wanted to hang out next to the ship bucket, and I was the closest thing to preserve their Rwanda gotten used to shoot at school. I just kind of like greener at all events thing. Is that we're talking about this? As you know, this abusive relationship is that this woman, even after she went through the Bardo Ritual, that was like the third time she escaped even after she went to the barn or ritual she escaped. She came back. On her own volition, because she couldn't get the thought, also horror sending her to Hell out of her head. She just get it out in their mentally ill people, Why do we know they're? Not? They are absolutely sounds like my absolutely not that something that is very insulting to abuse victims, that
They are absolutely abuse of their unction radio call. Now cultures are not mentally ill people. I think that is a very, very common mistake, and I think that is a very dangerous mistake to make Europe like allotted I'm a dangerous guy daydream that, under that underestimate the cold. They are broken people. Yes, there grieving people, but they are not mentally upon. Some of them are yes, but they are absolutely. Some of them are. Thank you very much of the promises that it's mostly when you're put yourself in a set of circumstances. When you have given up so much control the idea that you were ever wrong about that is, very embarrassing and very hard to combat YO right again, and you have so fully subjugated yourself. Do some one else in order to then believe that you are wrong. The entire time means that Utes essentially gave up years of your life and the shame and grief associated with that causes people to stick by these believes a really long time, because, basically she in order for her to disbelieve that also hall.
Is real. Then she asked then also taken to remind achievement is wrong. Whether she went through the border thing for no reason, and not only rather right, she brought you know she had a family there as well Not only is she wrong, but she has also wasted, or children's life she's put children through all of this the whole, Leave system is, isn't Shambley are deeply flawed. Yeah everybody involved in this whole thing is just flawed in full our drawing the murder of thousands and millions of that's the thing but those that are bigger than survey that this morning, this woman had no idea that any of that was no. No, she was actually was actually sadder on her end because he was in a partner that big nefarious world domination plants view is a part of I understand why the rest of them were critically like the ten percent. There were creeping devote. It also horror. I know why they are because they are also being like we'll get a cut of the pie workin port on the remaining ten percent like he'll, be you'll include us
the Indus celebrate it'll celebration Party gay, but everyone else was expendable, yet destroys all about COBRA Commander get into the top because he thinks he'll be able to hang out yet in a convert through. We doesn't think over commanders propaganda fuckin blow his brains out death. Exactly so you're sure about the exact one. So by the end of nineteen, ninety four own supreme truth would have over forty thousand followers in over thirty branches. In at least six countries, their weapons stockpile had reached supervillain proportions and the connections they had made extent all the way to the Duke coups pianos accuse it is. They are a world wide criminal enterprise filled with the ballast Motherfuckers Japan has to all of them are few times ten Yang Japan are incredibly important because their fully involved in business and I'm certain what it comes down to it isn't like we have here, is that they do have a concrete connection, because the key
are not caught at a high level. You accuse Masur joined option rikiu after fatal liver disease. Diagnosis was supposedly reversed by miracles. Work by the cold right, but all there in, but a part of it too, is that they, because they were involved in big business, they could not. They could not be involved in big business without involved with the accused. At some point, the accuser members are going to show up and we like so what operation like we know everything that you have. We know that you guys helicopter. So what are you doing? You have to cut us into but there was also tells you another thing about home- that the first time The UK is a win and talk to option. Rico sent these bad, my Fuckers out there. The old members beat the folk, like they accept, they went against the user, and they one, though also horror and Ocean Rico, actually did have said because the the soldiers of white love these were they were members of Japan, elite debate.
Sport. There is also an area where they were also Mercer. There were no, but they were hired had there were hired good; no, they weren't. They were people that were in the budgetary that boy when terribly became a part of own shimmering. Rico and veterans is well. These are people, they were not higher goons. They were people that join, also horror. Voluntarily because they believed in him that's not you gotta believe in something I'm so glad. All this is in the past is not answer it now things I'm so happy that lie downright Zella goes an organization called ices. That's almost exactly like on how we are made of, and will turn off internet every time we want. Second diamonds go about. I gave you didn't do it so it's through this man that this guy Quixote Nakata, is through this man. The onward finally have the connections to the underworld that they would need to procure small
arms as the eighteen, forty seven factory, not surprisingly, a little slow going yard yeah. I build a thousand acres, forty seven from scratch. It's hard for someone to get one of those like weird embroidery, Etsy things going, I never mind I fucking eighteen, forty seven factor I just stopped by a wall marble lower in Florida there. So many damn guy. I just don't understand the problems over the course of four deals. Nakata secured Eighteen hand guns for the own called, which is a big deal in a country with a strict, a gun laws as Japan has. They have ridiculously strict gun laws, but perhaps more impressively then that the quota was also able to secure twenty hand grenades from a shady chinese gang
I don't really know anybody. Girls, melodies gang I've, gotta yeah. What are you gonna say like a really cool? Seemingly innocent China has gained Lisi MIKE barely petty deals, though considering they gonna helicopter from the Russian yeah. They do. They have a helicopter. You know they have all these chemical weapons but their trial real hard to get these ground troops. Train So Nakata also introduced on through the EU to the wonders of insurance, broad sea weed, Oh member, join the call and signed a whale, their assets that, of course included any and all life insurance policies that the initiate may have had and after that it wasn't hard to make accidents happen around the compound or for elderly members to suddenly up and die in one of the horrific, makeshift hospitals which will get into on a future bonus episode. They have just take
made their own hospital, a lot of things that I'm going to ass. I, like I love farmers markets right. I, like you, know, farm to table some like India things. I M a failure and uneasy are we are hundred percent d? I, why, like we are that like where the fuck do I why network man we fuck and loved you? I won't. I could use that where there is at least not be de I. Why is a hospital care that you build, that I don't want you you couldn't make it as a stand up and then you decide. Oh, I wanna be doktor now, after that's not how that's good, that's illegal and own also made a pretty penny selling drugs to the accuser, even though their power was known as the worst shit on the market, except for their acid see. Their acid was fucking great, but said never really caught on in Japan can think of,
Oh good animal would have been my get interesting that it in catch on and Japan's video games and already are very creative yeah there. There already a creative people yoke, and yet they got it. They had their own kind of urging the sixties and they created some amazing psychedelic music, but they can it did it without drugs. There already there on the level man will they had a nineteen sixties? mean that I mean like data whenever he all world had an idea when you think literally, as you do but come on in thinking in the sack Adela Grom talk about music, I'm talking about a movement man with the feeling, like you, don't even know, doktor, both thereby America in order to do may put cannabis or on your shoes may because you're too groovy we see a man. I gotta think I got a hundred. Do temperature manages your voting? Prerogative did Tupac in Germany
but you're the ass, if they were the gray ass, it was great, but you know they were also making pcb. There were also make in math, but everyone like the jacuzzi another drug users, they called it own stuff, but it was super. How did I messed up? Math egg Matthew, gay with super dirty super impure, like you seem break and bad looking grants and stop is like the purely should arrive made searing gas, but you must now because there will be focusing on the syrian guess. The math was just like aside project. Do you love me, you know. I mean that your heart nevertheless by the UN, nineteen. Ninety four own was operating what many believe was the largest underground drug manufacturing operation in the entire.
World in the was also in the process of negotiating the hiring of several jacuzzi members to fight alongside the white lovers when Ex day finally came but fortunately for the people of Japan. Oh would make a mistake that would finally give japanese cops the concrete excuse they ve been. For in her room again would have to come early ass, a thing that thrills areas in her room gettin can always come early in life, that why is that true, her room again could come and, like the next hour, I'll write your part three amazing stuff. At this I mean this novel really like this is what like this episode is when you really see option ratio for not just like the Weird Heavens Gay, town, Wake oak type, a call You see these guys bird, the true terrorist threat that they actually and I really. I truly do believe that you can compare option
I am sure radio was like the precursor to ices to people like that. We give the order to these death cults, ices just got a hold of the weapons. If unction Rico got a hold of the weapons. They could have become an ice as they could have become that sort of thing truly becoming a war like up an actual enemy war. Jeanne they grow bigger, its rates vary and, Staying. You look at it and you just real at the more I read about it. Is that day, just how dangerous they were right and just how big it got there without the internet would get out the internet and also because the government did not interview its interference. However, it we're getting checked at all. We were just doing all this shit and I can imagine you imagine, being the Japanese please finally showing up like once the whole thing sudden done and then looking at the Munich Holy FUCK we should have got no there's a lot earlier. Has the japanese police that was their whole thing is that they kept saying
like, when someone would go missing because other layer doesn't husbands of people would go missing and they and the people say like their families who are gay. Listen. I think this option, retail people, fuckin kidnapping, killed my daughter again and the japanese places like interest But it's not clear evidence yeah like they needed hard evidence, that's what they said that they wouldn't because also like they were kind of business. They were in business with the accused as well, and the UK is a kind of act as an unofficial police force in Japan if something happens like if there were rivers, really fucked up yak, whose it would stop at your item of certain of the? U coups it was getting a weapon and some kind of just considering them another gay yeah. I'm suddenly looking at these guys and Conway like we'll get on weapons and shit, but we are probably only get him only twenty weapons because we have all the rest of the weapons. Have we ever need fuckin kill these people. We make sure we can kill them, probably not really, knowing that they were. I they had fucking up. Seventy two,
in Sub Saharan gas. If they were trying to milk absolutely no, they were just another gang and one that was making the use of money zone trust anybody. Motorcycles except for my bad men, every girl, a motorcycle. Well, you wouldn't I'm sure it was another. You coups type, more mobile, you, those called the past one contracts of crotch Rog yeah, don't trust them now, but I do on a hog, yeah yeah I mean have you can sort of trust me right, other grown mail. I could trust them, don't don't ever trusted with your young, young man or woman or a woman or, go, go Reed, Hell's angels by hundreds of times, and you might not trust a guy on a hog, although Joshua anyone actually don't ever trotting poles are thrown a card or trust demands. Don't wanna get on this street. Don't talk to an airplane yeah, but you can always trust us. You can always asked and my God, if you do need,
you know if you are sad about the twenty nine sheep reach out. We all more together also just remember that if you listen last podcast left and if you're one of the true elite that have given us a five star review- and I tunes is that when their armour gettin combine the in times comes. We, we'll be safe. You were young, well our sake, you all we will die nay. I now spirit Worldview Isaac, starting at around episode. Seventy three or seventy four starting or on Toy box killer Bt K. I began- and to weave a secret message through our ability lurking on for a few years, and if you re we live in an illegal as if you real listen, then only you are able to have a secret and how to survive the up cut it or not. You are talking actively asking people who might be more,
boldly mental. Yes, yes to lose their. My yes said: Cyrus that ok I'll ride tire a good bit able to use that excuse before I get it. I thought it is kind of free things that I ever they use as long as you say it sent Ireland we do set. I awesome guys thanks so much for listening and yell. Listen to the other shows we mention page seven aliens top add round table of gentlemen and sex, another human activity and the lucky bones. Loki. Bono mix, clodagh com, Slash Marcus part, I'm gonna! Ask you guys. I don't like your asses dumb should like this, but this is it that I've actually means a lot to me here is reborn dark matters have been nominated for Webby for best dramatic serious and if you go and vote for us now would be awesome added. It now would be
I would really that would be really awesome where they got that Webby already they Webby awards. I don't I don't know. I didn't. I didn't mean icons close your eyes. Just close your eyes. Glowing getting, I am actually really proud of the dark Matter series. I think he came out really good. Will you em off the latter that dna improved all my dialogue sites like one of the things are important. We wanna W G award for the right of it. Words my improv right road satisfy always line, but it's just comment. Just please. Please vote for without now be really awesome. We're in second place right now. If we win it, apparently, where we're getting close to works, a Demi nomination, back to happen now. If this would push it so commodity, great whip it doing All of us do you ever do it for me. Do her may do it for me and followed its climate doktor Van Tasty and at LP on the lyrical and follow me uninstall grandma at market sparks I'm a banking on Twitter. I don't do Instagram.
But I did just download the bit Mogi. I added value to their being ready, observe that Instagram, oh and by the also thinks again, everyone in midtown scholar for sending us all. These amazing books are also going to get a lot of help from ITALY, research they started, but could do in fact, research with this region really gonna get out who, on the next episode in our reality, and we gotta think this guy I walked into the office today and Marcus is wearing a very fancy. Para sunglasses really big. Thank you to see her Devon Johnson who works for this company called the Rudy Project and they send us like a bunch of
an awesome. Thank you. First wag radio, this this shampoo to get grit out of your eyes. You must get of insult, I have to say we have never had a piece of grit. My hair. I know you need great near. Had our work, hard, yeah yeah, I know yeah, that's the guy that centres, the awesome anti grit shampoos name is Chris Hake, and I use it last night or I use it now before us only wash my hair, like once every two weeks, he's dead. Now, before what it does Oil is real ones were too. We are not going well you're, not supposed to wash your Europa tidy up. That's how you lose your hair you're not supposed to day. They damages your internet provider added lonely teams likeable daily, reliable data limit, redstone, ok right on very true but anyways I used it. My hair is bouncy influx You know a sudden Rudy I'm not a prominent remove. My thank you. Haven't you cause all really project Eichelberger, it's like if Europe work out person,
I know some of you guys. I've learned or go out parliament's right to try athlete, and you know a lot of these work out people they listen to our show they work out in their got like a bunch of cool shit over there. I tell you what to do in summer. Of japanese whisky, that's my thing. I love then very nice of you by the way, if you want to give our opinion on a bench and outcomes, Lifelines Bank has been led. Thank you so much for all your support and if you want last August, somewhat teacher go to cave company, radio, dot, com, Slash March
observes that could not tell you guys you guys are the most support events in the world. I just feel like saying that our Facebook groups, like twelve thousand people now you guys, really are the best most supported most awesome fans in the entire fuck em world. You guys are our great. We don't say enough, because economic may arrive you around when we get to fifteen thousand and then we'll go on to phase to show you will be discussed at fifteen thousand. Even if you listen throughout the episodes you already know we already that we already know it face. Do as if you're listen in Rio closely. We really listen, don't drive and grace. Every ninth word just think about that, were pale yourselves, hoagie, Hale Satan and an emigrant inhalation constellations? Don't shit yourselves right avoided can make its oil more shows
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