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Episode 221: Aum Shinrikyo Part IV - A Billionaire's Testicles

2016-04-23 | 🔗

On this, the final part of our four part series, we cover the ramp up to the attack, the day of terror experienced by the people of Tokyo, and the aftermath, which was almost an even deadlier disaster.


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for, does it wasn't. It wasn't a way that people say never response. They examine what you're being In writing. I was walking those hurry up and Roma I don't know who the hell are you, I don't even know anymore. Our funds do not go to a character, is in life, but stay on your part, four rapid up we're wrapping up one of my favorite series that we ve ever done. This is one of the most fascinating things that we ve ever covered. These people are dangerous and they are a sign of good congratulate myself on how racist I wasn't you gotta you gotta, be you know, I guess what I don't of a man and make it to the end of this. Episode will see if it's there so by the end of nineteen
before option Rico in Chicago ASA, Har, nigh invisible. These guys were feeling they had millions. If billions of dollars in the bank, they had. Forty thousand men worldwide and stockpiling chemical weapons, they were capable of murdering tens of thousands of people. You did say invisible on I invincible. I were very visible, quite overweight, or we I mean, did smell a great deal and several comp NY invincible. Excuse me and then on January 17th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five on Sahara received, could only be interpreted as a gift from God and earthquake in Kobe, Japan, a city with a population of about one point: five million killed five thousand five hundred people in just fifty
Secondly, it is black Mama, Japan and much like our old friend Lord Royal Na Sahara, took a natural disaster in used it as proof that his prophecies were coming true in her room again was going to definitely happen in ninety ninety five is undergoing the very beginning. He modified it because he originally said it was anywhere from within anti ninety seven to two thousand and one very window. Yes, you have given us off some time right because in the egg is remember inner in a coal life, it's pretty cool leaders, life is building a narrative, and so he needs a push the entrapper for as long as he is he can make it at. This point is like with his followers We know that he's gonna make sure the her room again happens right, but what he would you imagine as they want it hid. Ninety ninety seven also horror, was going to go back and fiddle with the timeline and be unlike we will get a first them
Let's have to win the world series. Michael Jordan will retire, they got actually is there or look at how to adapt it to the vote as a vital that these doomsday called. Do they other constantly moving the goalposts? And they are and they can also they can see like with, like just, for example, Ryan who were all big fancy. Lord rail here, if you don't know, Lord Rail is go back and listen to some of our past episodes on this false messiah. Also, we are going to do an update on Lord Rail. We actually coming up. We absolutely are, but what Lord riled does that? Every time There is a natural disaster in the United States. He comes out. And he says I made this happen- I made this happen because you did not believe in me because of the karmic debt of the world gets the carnatic debt of the world God. Men show us a horror is what royal wishes he could be absolutely because Lord Rail
sitting in Fucking Baja Mexico knows or not smell right, and I was doing the same thing, but he had billions of dollars to Serbia and guess what you're not sell smell so much soon, leader in shock leader, when you're also sitting on billions of dollars, you smell the money to imagine how much you'd love this smelly, Rhone Dick you weren't a billionaire, oh my god, enough, you're, happy Jack. I was literally all day just dig him between my dick and why not going hey. What are you doing? You smell neuron balls norms million a billion years. Both in our cities are similarly different. I know you're not and because of those billions of dollars also hard actually back up his claims. You could actually make room again happen. I mean the ok, b seven factory, it was slow going, but it was steady. Their chemical weapons stash rival, that of any actual nation besides, Its possibly Iraq at the time and all evidence available points towards them being well on their way,
to obtaining a nuclear weapon? They were essentially estate unto themselves at this point. We need a line Claude Vandam in their recent. Mainly. However, the problem is it: he just start staying for the Bush, the jail covered electrode had on him. He be too groovy to fight this, they flip em and then, and now we have to fight Jean Claude Vandam. On that I know I'll handle it either way. You know what you do is it you? May you trick him and doing the split move post cities got its feet up. Entrepreneurial snap is balls and now also horror was telling him out the also. This is also where people want and need to know basis so deeply while they were making these eighteen. Forty seven chinese factories, the people there are even charge of the factories, did know that they were making a key. Forty seven, he told him
these were metal factories and that they were producing metals and then he be like. Why need like gear is, I add these words like dared and inviting Stephanie Seymour came out in a fuckin message. You remember I do you remember her. Only yeah rarely according knew the blind items that we read on page seven, she fucks or sun laws, and wait for how we want to be in twice by the way in which is getting on page seven for the next few weeks age. At me out there, but you know they had all this up a fortunately for the people of Japan, the sea fear murderous, spread that a calm, the better begun with the death of the Sakamoto family was finally said in a catch up with them? It always
as you know, after six years of murders, very doesn't it did you just get exhausted, cleaves yeah, you may just you lose the snap. Do anything at all appear, underpants thinking about keeping them alive today. Think I lost it. It's a option ratios plan for whom again came crashing down with the murder and action of a sixty eight year old notary public named Key Yoshi Korea. So RO. She careers sister had for years been a steady cash cow for Ocean Rico, hook up with the cult throw yoga class, like many people dead, Yogi nefarious, I'm so gives deal. It's ridiculous knew if you go with a single man in Williamsburg, you will do well like if you walk into a yoke clasping undertone myself ominous I don't know early can be like here, humanist, our breathing through my nose. A little do heavy their organisations render smell like the rebellion by nineteen. Ninety five,
Korea sister had given six hundred thousand dollars to arm, but when the cult started pressure her to sell Oliver Property is well. She got to fuck out there and the horror furious that a member had left, as he always was, but probably more consumer concern. About losing out on super sweet land deal. He ordered Colchis to find her and bring her back with all haste, I tell you what, if I lose out on the land, the nothin makes me matter landfill or if I drop a scene which, onto the floor, long walk and on the street. Your report like late to San Francisco during the gold rush. What here is as with like them, forty nine hours, you're gonNA, Miss land, the old fifty to fifty jail tsar, its forty nine out of ten zero repass. So the four men team also Harrison out to kidnap this
lady to try to find those old lady. They feared that the best way to The woman was to kidnap and torture her sick, the eight year old brother until he gave up her location so one evening after work, the team, found. The old man bone Dore bundle him into a van tranquil. Seized him and took him back to the calm. Again remember this is a legion of MIT dropouts. That's how I put it in my head right. It's a bunch of super nerds Keith! He acts are like store troopers, but literally you have a bunch of nerds go and grab an old man and nature stick and needles into a man. What happens when you just have a bunch of people who don't know how to kidnap somebody in a kidnap m, o the kid nappy die have in you? Don't you dont grab an old man. You use a deuce children with can't. You should use old men with flags the vanderveer like hey you feel, and you will see when I do you open the Van Doren ego. Like hey look, you know it's in there, the good old
oh, my god, I refer- you mean backward music with music and kids respected men with high pants. Whenever that means to you yeah right, where we see all this besides, that had to be all after they accidently killed this old man, his body like so many others was microwaved and dissolved further by nitric acid. Were members dumped the by, He sludge into a long leg, known mostly for waters.
Tell me I got to say this is the best beach trip we ve been alive. I can't believe I have my period earlier this week. After all that pushing you didn't tell me about a double: let's go water, ski peaceably. Human sludge. Just eat me face, oh, I hope so could, if not my period started, but we'll call members had counted on was that, the day before they kidnapped the old man. He had written a note to his son, saying I was abducted by the arm Supreme Truth Sect the Avenue We with such hard evidence in their possession, implicating omitted disappearance, Tokyo, police, Sir, to plan full on raid, the largest he had ever done on the Tokyo.
Impact is again, as we said before there, waiting on hard evidence that finally go in there and look at everything, because, before their entire chemical weapons, plant was hidden by literally affirm literally put up a plant and then, as I thought was chemical rivers, but he put. The parrot on Britain must agree. User must be Europe be minors now earlier Otto CARE, I want to fail, or, as we said in the last episode, had members in both the police and the military and were warned of the upcoming raid, the minute planning for it began, but, unlike other raids at this point, it was impossible for own describe their entire compound free of evidence that they were not only plan. Out in all our chemical assault, but that they had an acre forty, seven factory, a military,
great helicopter, not to mention the makeshift prisons and the world's largest underground drug factory. They should use those speak, easy, waiter, tray. They lived in a lotta Carlo things. Yet let slip right is his colleague the night before you go to, dentists and you like better, get the floor, Send the right behind us a horrid decided that the only course of action for the call to take was too created distraction so large that police will either have to postpone the rate indefinitely or forget about own all together and that's the thing that most people don't worry less about the option ratio attacks that, ultimately, it wasn't really that time about a death called trying to bring about a room again more. Accurately it was a criminal surprise trying to cover their tracks. But this is where I will slightly argue where I, We believe a bit on one very proud.
Go away. It is this. They are criminal. Enterprise trying to cover their tracks are also horror was trying to do that. He was trying to distract the police using gas attacks, but at the same time his fascination with nuclear weapons and with building an army and the aid for his just general fascination. With this concept he had called Jus thing: you're juice. From the world and is really really want. Go with just squeeze the girl out. He had port of his visions privately, that you talk with his most elite members with the idea of reducing people which is getting rid of all of the people so that they have while the structures on the highways, so one option Ricky always taking over in the post room again world. They have everything they need because they're, not exactly civil engineers and as long as they got shops and shit, you can get people in their running everything, but he can't build them, and so megalomania his view that what the apocalyptic truism he was doing actually was a big part of it. He really
I want to end the world he really did, but this was that it was. It was funny it was like he was using the play, for her room again to postpone until they were ready for her room again. That's the problem. Is that that's. Why he's a bump up the date? Yes, I like till then he was still wait. Nine, ninety ninety seven because he was trying to build this plasma weapon for the thing is about the plan for whom, again about movement it up a little faster and move it up. A little closer is that he didn't want to use the siren attacks at first. He had it using ok, I want to reiterate egg arrives yeah you, but he didn't want to use those attacks at this hour and attack at first. They try to couple a different plans before they finally got to the syrian attack. His first idea, and it's gotta be remembered that the guru had a head full of acid at almost all time, Would you gotta stay level? Do not want to meet me without my coffee. You may also horror without ahead for weapons grade eliciting is first plan was to use a joy,
and laser to slice the Tokyo police departments headquarters in half and they were like. What do you want us to rethink? We will make a plasma weapon most powerful young Fabian will show. You gave me fresh ideas like its manufacture. U turn on and make everybody broke up. Young sapient is most wise. Aren't you gonna save him. Come from my most powerful tutelage pieces blind as a goddamn closet door behind. Jerome scientists patiently, explained, also horror that such a weapon, was well beyond their capabilities. They eventually settled on what can only be described as a high power Lord laser pointer just made the police station into my into into a toaster excited and pushed,
No, you also that you see their idea really I'd be in the inner circle, and the laser pointer idea really would have worked of. This was the Fiveth world at all. Opts for cat thou would have been fired up, thinking about earthquakes and that's why you should always wear seat belt where a seat belts, but what they would also thereby his his it's kind of. Like me, Late night talk show host, we go out there. A bunch of ludicrous shit. You gotta buncher writers that are like these. Are you have to go with good reason for why it won't work right and so would they said the reason why they won't works being that we got all the plans they plasma weapons ago. Technically, yes, these own exist and nobody has them, and this is not a thing that we have. The plans. The only problem is that we don't have enough,
our dear and he's like what we gotta. If we can harness all the power of Tokyo, which is fine but we'd, have to get all of the fucking grid, which is all other rigmarole, is gonna, be paperwork and also whores, like I don't have time for this authority. Ninety ninety five right, because the original and the original plasma weapon, like the super big when it would have been lost, enough to fill for cargo planes and they said: the noise that it made would have been so loud. It could be compared to an artillery, shall not income speak you as where you can get a good sealed weapons, sperm and assure you here in the plan for the gigantic laser was too just sign it at the police department in any cops you but to be standing near. The windows would be blinded instantly, a witch oz pandemonium, which cause the rate to be posed.
We used to shine dear in Wisconsin. That's it that's what they want and malaria it's like that. We should have done is get all be Arthur out there. In fact, stripper Newt line. A major outline ever walked down the street. Go on. These boots are made about lock you not where in any past that do not meet the zoo, nay, thou, walk there way right all over you, you fat ugly, These are the arrest her it's after that plan proved to be unworkable. The next plan was the spray, the entire city with LSD using the helicopter someone went through, but the biggest row blocked that was their own- was never actually able to get the helicopter off the ground trip. And, it is a problem. I got in your car ones on too many mushrooms and I remember getting in the Caribbean like it's easy he's, gettin a car, you turn the fuckin key. Outraged you pull away, you drive deed rival. Everyday. Even do is your mother
but its car, I'm gonna, get it in the first Ngos like these cars too big. I'm too small, I've got a spear hohlakov like concluded. Aramis got any be Gb Jai Brow, you gotta, get up there and spin. It got a spirit I will try to do. Can toggles, who do a fuckin stake? Dude, it's like I'm fuckin dude or Moses do very fine. They tried using little remote control helicopters instead, but every time they tried to fly on the- crack them in the trees. Over and over again, you know who tried to do the same exact thing: Jerry Garcia from the grateful dead. Isn't that exciting it mid March own got word that the rate had received an official date March, 21st, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, so with no options left on decided to use sarin gas, the only weapon that they had actually success.
Well that's for their target. They chose the location that would cause the most chaos the Tokyo Subway into it. This is in tat. I love this breakdown for the for the subway that you do in, unlike here in New York City Tokyo, they have the most efficient subway system. In the entire world it carries to point seven billion people a year twice the number of people we have to deal with here and the set out I'm gonNA, put go out on a limb. To the other thing is the japanese people are our more stable, They are actually vague. They feed on each other's shoulders because their more physically able did you put up and they all spit in columns of full impulse and their much more of a uniform size. Here in New York City oil hypothesize got you got the short she got the tallest river, he had the Mayans, you have the Russians.
Oh no, you don't stack. A russian now came rushing to Russian Single out, yet they go inside of each other as they do so. Every single day the Tokyo subway carried five million passengers in covered four hundred and seven. Thousand miles, and yet delays are remarkably rare and own would match the train systems. Efficiency
in their ultimate plan, which is this also the problem when you're too good at something right? It you get used for that, their eye that they did and also have you ever seen. Video of on Youtube of people getting onto the chow starting a pack of eight jack do other things every river packer job to package. You just got really. Can you imagine driven by what a pervert raw you just get up, and I saw them look and see John, it's all unix! It's all unity today is only exists. I think they have to take off the balls. Otherwise there going to be what Felton, but hell didn't help for knowledge. You know you're tournaments, Armada, Gmail Rocher is avoided. Astride yelled out of a recently come then bundle another penalties when he step but a dead man. We ve done this by Simone mouldering Mamma Mamma mushroom, either way the subway system with the japanese people also lay the separate car for men and women now the Chinese
Maybe they do some places, but not in Tokyo, they're not the same, and I know that for sure, but as all is. They chose the most com, to way possible to prepare for the attacks. Scout team. They sent out consisted of four identically, dressed men wearing bays Jack bays jackets, Navy, blue ants sunglasses and gas masks the own one who dressed a little differently, was the leader of the team who had for some reason decided to wear a gigantic white wig on the mission guys took notes. And there were meticulous. They took notes on what time the trains arrived and departed which car door. Open nearest, what exits and how long the door state of a dealer very studious sky, nay, they really worked very hard and they asked the leader being like. Why are you wearing a wig too, that these were Conniston missionaries us like? I know we all stand together in unity, but the leader at at some point
must stand alone. Channel is in Marilyn Monroe, so the plan was to hit three of tone the biggest subway lies. The buyer, the Marinucci and the Kyoto in each team member was to carry to air tight plastic bag eggs filled with twenty ounces of Sarah solution rat those eggs and newspaper, so they would be less conspicuous dropped in the ground at the appointed time and station and pump for the package's with sharp umbrellas run. The penguin, like mine, are like a bunch of penguin raining that I don't know any hook incredibly suspicion of a wig of a bizarre air pack, an umbrella with you. Honestly, though, it does make me nervous since during research on this. But on this specific raise is how I go on the train it sunny outside of seagoing umbrella. I go like have discriminate done correctly on each different line. The different trains would convey
urged on consumer goods station where the Tokyo Police Department was located right, as the shift change was happening, right when the Sarah gas had reached its highest potency, killing as many cops as pie, so because the liquefied sharing gases released and then slowly breaks down and as a decays. That's when it that's when it becomes, the gas have become super super deadly independent, but it happens over a bunch of minutes. Let the guys who got, who pop the bags had time to run off the train without being hurt, and then it just drift and because it so powerful and because their so efficient it would have taken it all the way.
To the heart of Nokia. You'd say in your expert opinion. This happens in in a bunch of men in a pawn in early how many minutes it is only a handful of many bugs your minutes. I hope everybody's got enough gallops of separating guy stopped because we dig we ve only got to dollar industry, should scientific and walk up to make everybody go Kafka I'm, the Rudy of size should be a great day whether we there about your men, so the five cultures chosen for this task were high, ranking loyal members who had been a part of over four years. First up was doktor a coup, Ohio the man behind alms, makeshift clinics he had presided over dozens of torturers and medical care.
Governments over the sea was essentially ohms, Mengele yeah next was yes, oh yeah. She a dope fiend an electrical engineer who specialities included abduction, wiretapping and intimidation. The media would later double killer how Yashiki I've learned when it came to kill a hierarchy and not to read behind the ocean rikiu, you hope Europeans. One time I mean I'm anxiety, and I say all I wish to refer to hearted a joke that domestic mate and they all oh, I get nickname dirty, diaper, Hypatia Medea, see there see six years of killing later we finally got pillar then came. Fiji, her rosy and applied physicist, who had graduated at the top of his class in turn down a job offer at one of Japan's top electronics firms to join option. Rikiu. Then there was muscle, MOTO Yoga Yama, another famous physicists classmates, remember,
him as a quiet preppy who was super into Boeing? Must not. Are you really like bowling? Why you me away, you say I dislike you go you talk about. Link when that one day, I'm one bowling you to talk about how much of the time you literally I bring it up. They once every third conversation. You talked about how much like bowling so I'd, I'd bowling his team sport is also a wee casual way to hang out is a good day. I like boarding by doesnt. Body? Does everybody like we all like to bowl? Every now and again, Does anyone have a fascinating just seem to be a lack of funding? You got to go out in a chicken wing and you get due to being. You could grow new border. I mean I'm, I'm I'm, I'm really alone. Usually don't allow you, because I will only one because everybody see how much electrical boring, but now known what was really in a mood to go bowling like every other key areas. They get all mad because I bring up gonna carry Oki because I like you, will carry yogi, but no one ever really go. So the fifth and final attacker was tall route to you
a particle physics, graduate student. He was a copy, Desgas last names toy loading, Illinois, hello, my name is Brian Dodge Caravan name in Japan. It just like somebody who is like you know not asian do reaches like I'm gonna, go there and try to fit in a way a simulated to their culture and higher my name is Gregory want on r: U Asian arise so to a Yoda. He was known to classmates for his spot on impression of show us a horror during ohms. Ninety ninety electric can tat. You were not a pretty sure that also horrid did not know that impression. I guarantee you not. He was converted to own only too years later by a fellow student and as the five attackers org,
there are signs subway lines, chief scientists say, Ici Indo was working as fast as he could producing nearly two gallons of Sarah solution, but thankfully, due to the rushed nature of the job, the solution in it are being only thirty percent, pure which saved thousands of lives. You want a quick you fast one would earn. You can only give to get to those. We said that each time on this episode went on fast want unripe. My father that's worth different than what Henry said It's crazy! I've seen the sign. It's not it's like. I do it's like a quickie sign that we are going to teach I Fridays. If you want a fast you wanna good, you want cheap right. You're going to those ass. Gasser we'd why gas rise for free is gay additives? Oh that's were told me what it is. I would always given
as with those people and Billy, I dont have any grass to feed on your blog mother fucker, yet others, rape and you behind it. I just wanted to go to walk through the night before the attack. Indo gave his final breathing in front of an image of Shiva. He handed the attackers five umbrellas, whose tips he had personally sharpened, with delays and watch them as they practise their mission. Over and over again Maginnis see five grown men say: and stabbed bags of water for hours pon hours on in trying to find a just. The right pressure to you again, remember everybody's on LSD, too hard and the solution would up into their fate. I just forget a lot true, but he's really is remember these people literally on
draw time. These rebel Tribune Ball, heavy that is full of acid and told me, like you, gotta, be kidding tomorrow the nature and probably stab these bags watermark. Do it better? Do it that's what you ve seen a real good or bad. Did I do better? My good, I can't even watch how I met your mother on answer, because I just want to know the answer so bad and they never really tell you so these guys. You don't do that too hard it's gonNA, spurred up to soft and the bag wouldn't get punctured at all, but ready or not. The next day each agent was taken to their sign station at seven a m and entered their assigned target stating that technically this This attack is we're gonna get now into the famous attacks. This is essentially Japan's nine eleven was Hiroshima which we did so
We don't guess argue in twenty years time, but it's not it's. What did deserved. I think they didn't deservedly reduced The debate is that this is a lot alive. We did, I think, there's a lot of revision in industry. The goes back at me. We saved a lot of russian lives and you know it s all right, always allies, japanese attack brought about every. We did allow that we were not. I had that media ass, bad ass, like movie, that's research done it or Yahoo we're gonna get to play after fuck. I don't know Dan. I cried. He loves the city, but this is very This is serious, now reside. This is rather. This is actually very like this is definitely Japan's nine eleven, so killer, huh yeah. She he was the first. He boarded the train at the way no station and a few stops, and he calmly placed his bags on the ground, stabbed them as many times as he could and elbowed is way off the train without anyone.
Noticing what had happened. The scheme would be saved, but you also gotta remember this is rush hour this rush hour. It's a rush hour train its filled with people. Everyone's gonna work, no one's main attention to the person. I don't lie in Jerusalem. I used to look at anybody on the train. Yeah, I mean how many if you had an asshole just elbows way through it like grand central or something I saw panic you get off the train and I got off the train really get those they must have no something other probably has had a panic attack. That happens to me every once in a while. I'm extremely claustrophobic sofa giants to tide. Sometimes I have to get out and a couple of breast made an error. Another train because I gotta get places smiled. Even if I'm talking about a throw up through Toyota. However, instead of not getting noticed at all, he had decided to wear elbow linked plastic, loves on his train car, but he still manage to puncture is bags without too much notice as it is. After all, Japan and you see weird shit all the time fashion
Nietzsche Hiroshi. He had a small snack when the crowded train prevented him from taking off his backpack, which contained the sarin and when he did finally manage to regular it off and take out the bags he drop them on the ground, but you still carried through his mission and was able to puncture his bags. Five stops from consuming sexy station and, at the other end of the same line Mazato your Hama attempted to puncture both bags, but only managed to get one Lucan before Runnin off like the rest and the last one doktor her yeah. She had second thoughts, the only one that had second thoughts but
still did his duty. That's where there is a very interesting series on Netflix right now called zero hour. That does it. It focuses on the day of certain big events in history that are normally horrible, and so they did one on these attacks and higher. She was very interesting because he was a doktor when he was on train before he did the before pop bags. He was looking round swing like I used to help. People are used to make people feel better like. Why am I doing here? I thought you said he looked across the the train and saw a woman is like when I puncture these bags, that woman will definitely die and then what he did was, though, what also horror opposed to them all the hot. At all times, when we talk about the Mohammed routes in these, this nonsense things that he would ask impossible things. He would ask of the people in option. Reunified approve their fate
And so the weak heap he got back into the thought loop of being like this is an impossible thing. I'm being asked to do, and I have to face it. I have to do it without questioning that proves that I'm truly devoted. Meanwhile, he's laws are. Smell, and it's not funny power. I hate this guy My god knows now. I know I don't like him at all the doctor or dog there. You know all you are I'm gonna respect for shared desire for a nuclear weapon. Amazing, I understand yeah, I got ya wanna, be us. A horror is also smart enough not to be doing these attacks yeah. You know so by eight fifteen, a m all five assailants weren't getaway car heading back to the own compound in nine bags leaking Sarah gas on fives away cars or all headed toward the center of Tokyo. First came the smell pure sir, and has no sense, but OHMS thirty percent batch was set to smell,
like a cross between mustard and burning rubber one women also described his consent, smelling like rotten, onions and one line. Passengers were able to sniff out the source and they kicked the leaky bag out the door, but it was far too late because the other thing about the way the Serengeti Smet spreads, is that it's there. So many committee
are there so many people walk in and out of these trains and Sarah gas is down on the ground. So every time people get off the train and get back on Russia literally put yet it just pushes it up into the air and also that the traditional, japanese gay game of kick this thinking. Oh yes, I love that game and it began with coughs and sniffles, like people described it as a train, full of people all suffering from cold within seconds people started collapsing that the ground they started, twitching sorted spasmodic, the next stop dozens of passengers exited the cars there, all coughing they're, all wheezing, but the train didn't stop and continued. After less than a minute. Still on time is people don't complain? Yeah right, we literally were like not going.
Complain they're on their weeder work. Nobody assume that ending with a private. If anything was bad, was happening gap will they knew something bad was happening, but they're just saying themselves I'll deal with it. I gotta get to work so the next station a woman collapsed, was carried off, but still the train didn't stop. It took three stops before someone finally press: the emergency button as dozens were gagging vomiting throughout the entire train car. So out of the dozens that rushed out. Five collapsed immediately on the platform and started foaming blood from their mouths and three more didn't even make it that far and lay on the floor of the car, rapidly dying and above all around
and above ground. Hundreds of computers were pouring from the subway exits and while one would expect this to be absolute pandemonium kind of something that you'd see on nine, eleven people scream and people yet on the scene was almost silent because the siren it removed everybody's ability to speak, all you heard was just like coughing, and otherwise it was absolutely silent. People collapsed on the ground there bleeding from their noses in their mouths. All without a word, I haven't seen pictures myself, but descriptions of the scene from helicopters, news home there's above it sounded like Jonestown, was cause people to know again what was happening no one and because they have not had any sort of terrorist attack in Japan up until this point it was an because it such a fairy s why it weapon and in a snook at We're very smart, like our ocean rikiu was right about the siren gas like it was because it just kind of spreads, silently
and it does it make itself a bar like a bomb brings cops rum brings police off. It brings a lot of attention like this thing ages. It was called right up into the centre of Nokia. It took them two and a half hours to figure out what was going on. They had no idea monsieur. You check your carbon monoxide I'd detectors. Thank you used that all that's all was silent. Getting here is actually very sweet of you, and also sometimes somebody will break in your house Rog work and will do as they hide in somewhere in your house. If you enter closet on your bed and I'll, be there all day, because literally there a psychopath been only on torturing, you death in they'll do that. I want to know the amateur colonel we now you guys but yeah exactly, but they always do you go to sleep and then they come out and they do whatever it. Is it going to do to you in the silence of the night so right out? So what was the point of scaring people? that I'm just saying I think about it all the time you arrived the other thing about this particular station, why it was particularly deadly as it was
strongly small. It was one of the smallest stations on the line, so the gas spread to hundreds of people very quickly, and it was the deadliest of all the attacks. Eight people died here. Twenty five hundred had permanent injury, but they also fucked it up biggest technically they should have killed. All tat will give. This was really well made siren gas every but he would have in debt will they knew that it wasn't gonna be they knew that it wasn't gonna, be a gigantic like thousands of people that, because it was only thirty percent pure that was the best they could do boss a horrid, didn't know. The also have, to be honest, also did not know yes expecting. The shutdown of the entire set rang in indoors. Just kind of keeping it from Yale knows that it's not gonna, be that great, but he knows it's gonna. Be enough is just gonNA not going to be enough for the man whose appetite was described, as quote
leave a but yes, and it also probably the first time a japanese person ever settled for a sea. While we were there not good so on a different line. The he value line, the flow of vomit from passengers was near constant, covered the floors of the trains and through it all the trains continue to run on the two yodeling stationmaster Sue NEO. He she Numa removed doktor huh yeah she's package and took it to his office with the help of a colleague and when supervisors found them minutes later there were found lying on the floor, bubbles of blood foaming front mounds, and while he should Numa, undoubtedly saved dozens of lives, both he and his co worker, which come to their injuries and die soon after a while most exposed to the gas did not die. The injured numbered in thousand job hospitals were an absolute chaos and nobody has any idea
What had happened? They didn't know how to treat any of these people and thousands of patients were spread across thirty different hospitals there I'm their vomiting, their disorient. There go into seizures, and real body has any idea what's going on, because that's actually the most affairs thing about poisoning. Unless you know what you're looking for it, is a very, very difficult to find out what's happening to somebody. I really like those stories about wife killing her husband over like two years like slowly poisoning. They just don't know because you have to go looking for the agent yeah. I know what you're looking for yet to two and a half hours before military doktor. Finally, recognising vice like oh holy, yet. This looks like sharing gas, and then they finally did the tests on it and they found out that's exactly what it was and also each
One of the delivery of the sovereign gas had a antidote syringe. Yet there is an antidote for sound, yes, and so they were given, then so that once they left the translations, their instructions were their cars waiting for them. The gardener cars each one had a cup of water. It took their umbrella, they stay wash the Tipp of their umbrella. The cup of water throughout the umbrella and then gave themselves the antidote just in case, and only one of them actually got some of the gas interest. That's gonna find so is a situation where the sentence that give me the antidote was outer dead made about any greatly claim was real happen too. If you can, I buy a snake sure, you'll, probably you have to get paid by an alligator, and then you get here to actual another that wishes deadly folk, Lloyd. You got hit by a snake the need to keep it by an alligator. Then, of course you ve gotta go in egg. Stalker
time. I'm a fluffy you re born said. Yes, do you know that doctor I said love, you know, I guess the Obama here a global problem down so well. The hospitals were filled up with people. The trains continued to run the entire time. One stop on the Morrow New Chee line, a station master, remove the bag with a broom and dust PAN before the train moved on, but the gas from that bag had already spent spread through the car killing two and injuring hundreds inside does this is a day you can call insect Vienna, which Israel hop off the train go to a tv. I Fridays Marguerite, isn't moon now, at the same time, in New York, and I rely on the trains I kind of wish we had a little bit more. This discipline is really like. I don't care if there's a guy randomly stab in people and that other fuckin drink coffee I gotta go I'm trying to see we're going to do.
Screen in the two thousand Diana Matter. There just push human and keep a train- you oh yeah, and besides the dozens that we're so merely ill. You know I've been you're talking about like taken a day off. Thousands still reported work that David minor sentence in Sarah and sticks to the victim's clothes. The gas was spread even further. In fact, many commuters just stepped over people collapsed on your answer. Could make it to work on time so interesting? How people I mean, obviously it's very important in their lives, and it reminds me of the Secretary nine eleven unwired during that Levin idea, I forget what floor yeah, but you just like he needs to get his paper work done to inflict there. The buildings went out yet, and she still on the phone and read our partners to come and look what the fuck are. You doing you like? Well, you know he's got some appointments. Ok, I want to congratulate you on being the world's hardest working up. Yours you're here certificate now you're tired, because literally the offices are gone. He added so in all a hundred and sixteen
hospitals will report several cases over the next few days and weeks over fifty five hundred would be physically afflicted in one way or another by the attacks, not to mention the thousands of cases of hard core PTSD. It's the most gruesome of all the physical ailments that I heard about. One woman was admitted to the hospital. After the gas had views to the context where I balls, oh, they had to surgically remove her eyes says the same time does not technically lately fix your eye, gets rid of like the union, the Lasik surgery or vehemently Romania. It's it's almost like. Why didn't anyone ever think adjust spray and staring gas in the faces of people who are again tag? That's what it's! Only if your doctors fluff yeah yeah as for the perpetrators, they returned to the compound burn their clothes through their umbrellas into the river and we're congratulated by us a horror himself. He
said: it is good that the victims lost their sole, so this holy leader, anti shiva- some very casual and others all. I am what's that smell. Yes, my testicle, as far as other people of Tokyo reacted the very Next day, the trains were running on time against got just gonNA, fuckin guy screw yeah this amazing take it take a day. I take a day, but you know what do we know why they're going to beat it s, weather, beaten us in science fair now, instead of drawing attention away from them, as they had hoped suspicion for the attacks immediately fell on of course, because one also horror it somehow forgotten was that he had been named. Second, Sarah and in his sermons, Berlin, early months before the attack. They are even written a song about it which they published in there
called science manual. It resembled the company anthems. The japanese factory workers apparently sing every morning. People are happy to work another country they are they like to say this. The song called song. Absurd in the magician of which we have the full lyrics. It came from Nazi Germany dangerously to chemical weapons, therein Saharan, if you would hailed a mysterious fate by you, will fall with Bobby vomit from your mouth. Sarah Sarah siren immediately poisonous gas weapons will fill the plays spray spray Saharan Brave saw what a bunch of nervous a song writer. Hang and they just stolen from Simony Garfunkel, the sound of science, whatever the I dont than Saharan Leanna Zack, I see. I actually wrote one of those songs who is
wanted three hearing Burma. Secondly, here no non, she does have the basic ideas with the child. I dont he's got the child and I'm not sure, viola booths and that you made this no see. I know what I'm talking about, but without the sermons because of the song people at a pretty good idea who perpetrated the attack, but really ever had a hard time believe in it, because in the public's mine option YO, they were just a goofy call China weirdos. They were known mostly as those guys we're the elephant mass back in the ninety ninety election. Horror himself. Just another talk, show guy, they thought you was Richard. Seminar was the guy. They brought him when they meet wanted some weird it would be like, if, like after Oklahoma City happen that we found out that it was like that fuckin vermin supreme Guy from New Hampshire early. I like the flying, spaghetti monster people, people they couldn't fuckin, put it together in their head. There was vermin supreme
think he was added tv, I fraud good. It's two days after the attacks police conducted the first of fifty raids on the compound where they found cyanide, hydrochloric acid chloroform, every chemical needed producer and seven point: nine million dollars in cash, twenty two pounds of gold and, since a Macy, aided followers rotten away and make shipwrecked bachelor, pat sofa. I love that they threw away the umbrellas what they just kept every chemical. That would be all aid to an extent that we have this hard evident what data they. Actually they destroyed hundreds of pounds of mustard gas. They got rid of as much as they could I and the time, but I had too much yet there they just had too much the enterprise had just gotten to please tell me the last summer. I can imagine what it
to be like trying to move out of my apartment- oh yeah, maybe even a man. You know that you have all compound, didn't knickknacks, yearly, village drawers the GMO get out how many times I all but of a german car weapons grade plutonium clad. Don't you remember that door remember buying that it open linear lol, but they didn't find no corpses. The only thing that police found in the basement of city on seven was the microwave and eighty blackened metal drums. That means that they had incinerated at just fair just on their compound eighty people, yup, and we don't even know how many others they just let die where they lay. We don't know where how many they buried around at the countryside, the just of our own followers in just a people that may have cross them a financially too soon. They were making eighty barrels of the premium smoked humans.
Could be good, and, despite all of this police still refuse to implicate the call in the subway attack or resting one from others, literally earned with the Parrot outside zone are not convince it's not an hour. They for their priests. The zoo and they definitely at a snake, primarily by the japanese spot. The Japanese please have literally we just wanted to see a skeleton with a sign on being like guy. They did it. S really wanted that unanimity about about it. I can't die. This is our frayed. The cops were of of us a horrid, how afraid they were of Ocean Rico, or at least how afraid they were of fuck it up. The case against one x follower came to the compound after the attacks too
Finally free his children, but as the guy was leading, the kids to his car police, stopped him and arrested him for trespassing and as the guy was being handcuffed, a bunch of all members came out of the compound were handed the children the police and took him back inside? All machinery kill and the new brings appear. They definitely somebody either well within the police department or the military order, or they had something on somebody really high up, which I think is much more likely I arrow they had something on somebody issues be regenerating so much cash and they were involved with the user, and so There are so many weird interconnections between the criminal world and the government and the police or the police system in Japan that it's like its soul. On family, so everybody should try to ignore what they thought was just the pesky little brother problem thought it was just like option, Eureka which is kind of an embarrassing thing, but whatever what kind of deal with it because are making us money so, basically law
ring money to happen, rural these drugs and weapons, and yet, but no another there I'm fighting and feeds yet absolutely so by day, six invested Leaders had surmise that option. Rico was capable of producing enough sovereign to kill over four million people and while NOME was in fact in defensive mode for those first few days there doing press conferences, they're trying to blame it on the Americans are saying we couldn't producer in the only people who could producer and are professionals like those in the? U S: military, Yet so that's why you know they're doing her room again, yeah we're doing they were pushing forward, which is really interesting, because the plan was falling apart, underneath their feet, but also Whorra had enough like focus today like no. No, we need
now like if we can flip it? This is what I ve been talking about. I am right. I do have the prophecy and lying dead. They started to get real fucking pro active here. So at dawn about ten days after the attack to Kaji Clooney MOT Sue, the official head of the own investigation was shot four times in the back with a three fifty seven Magnum revolver. From thirty yards away to hit a moving target in the dark, with a revolver with a revolver that had such a big kick out was something that only a few people in the entire country could Paula. I think those things you know when you're bodies and a lot of drugs, and he does something really Louie arrests and it is kind of like, like a guy who could survive like what you know
Doc Alice thrown in no hitter on Alice. Anything. Why those we're just like you know it just kind of was the perfect mix of being on drugs. These don't give a fuck and makes up, and you can make a miracle. I talk to college reports on Lee Harvey Oswald he was full of mushrooms trip involves, will actually went. Investigators believe is that it was either these in either had to be a cop, a member of the military, or somebody who had been early train by bringing somebody overseas most likely Russia, so the own pr campaigns, chugged on leaders, sorry appearing on tv show so often that they became household names. The most visible of all of these leaders was a man, name for me, hero Joe you, handsome fella, who always appeared wearing turquoise, pajamas joy, You came an overnight sensation with the Ladys who were dubbed Joe. You gals, enjoy You girls, they admitted to having dirty dream involving the pr man with
girl, saying he took me to strange, basement room and then her we made love. Why'd you laugh, labour ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha because he did not know me did not have returned you're a man. Yes, What are you in Asian but the was not over for the people of Japan. And although not all of the horror would come from home on April, nineteen commuters thought that they had once been once again been victims of a subway gas attack outside of Tokyo, but the perpetrator was found to be a small gangster who had sprayed mace because of as he said, personal, I thought it right here right now interesting. It's interesting like after nine eleven. Remember that small, your plane that hit the building that was Oh yeah. It is apparent that includes a former Yankee, much
or tat man without that was just nine level was happening to get it. But you know and also happened on April nineteen nineteen, ninety five Oklahoma City, this attack on a little overshadowed. But let us also remember this: how long take us to get Timothy Mcveigh or long time two days, earlier. We got him real boy. What we actually wanted to get, what we want, we always didn't get it will. We talked about that, while we were definitely going to do in Oklahoma City episode in the future, but I gotta say again not to be I guess we just do there's a little bit more, Why are we just a quick with Oklahoma City just get your license? Tags were renewed, yeah yeah, I got a big big there. They have is huge players in the smallest little details. What the derails so many times all Bundy you lose the lug ranch. I mean you think absolutely, and even though the victims of the attack itself were frightened centre. There were still other victims of armed consider, mainly the former called member
How's Remy they had a moment. There are thousands of people on the compound that were extremely devoted to Ocean Rico and then all of a sudden, these people are starting to filter out and there don't try to reintegrate them into society, and it does not go that when a part of which really interesting, but the book destroying the world to say that by Robert she lifted as I've been reading from us that, if includes a lot of like kindly debriefing sessions with people that have come out of ocean retail are trying to be rehabilitated. There's somebody should they ve said about their time. An option. Rico. This woman is soda, who is shortened stocky in bald, but he said he was The arrogant, to put it bluntly, I am arrogant then, believing just in us a horror. I believe myself, I the belief that I am a great person, so I will survive I think my personality is like shook off a horse personality when I walked on the street? Most of the time I'm I'm imagining things and an own when you imagine things in that way, it was about Armageddon rather than thinking that The horror was above me I felt more like we were equal
That's one reason why I left, because there cannot be two leader one guy and then there's another one of those data, unbelievable these guiding Milano who talks about the way he d they got. Another one of them they than from the Poah validation shit Buddhism. There is a paradox: bad people may be closer, to the pure land and may have a real money. Of Salvation superhero, We can say that also horror is the one closest to the pure land. So it's like this concept. Words like look literally like yeah. Do after the fact they have half dome, shewn retail. They already knew that Debbie siren attacks were by own sheen and they are validating it how deeply they were programmes within the group within the world of omission. Radio is very dangerous and the people that work is so far below that had absolutely no clue had no clue. They continue.
Living delusion, they refuse to believe that also high had anything to do with the attacks at all what it said. The only thing I am afraid of is that, if also horrid disappears from this world, I won't be able to attain in I met my it's still that intense hold of you know if without the girl all is lost without the girl. I go to hell right, I mean it is such intense brainwashing, but most serving of all as far as the people that they had rescued from the compound where the children, while the kids, they seem to progress nicely for the most part, because no kids can adapt, they can change. Teachers would often returned to their classroom after leaving the kids alone for a little while define messages like master, also horror. Let's keep up with the training scrawled on the blackboard. That's good! That's a good message is a good message. Also yeah I mean that's why you know you got to do with kids. Us turn monopoly less, I'm retired long thing, so you do ten per day. Take him out to middle will feel right, say we're going to do
We'll talk, Chuckie Cheeseman only age, either unable to blindfold our milk. I want a surprise you drop off of nor force with a bow, I got supplies and to sticks and say mega back on reform. We have no point of your agenda, absolutely have to say that the problem is a problem. I mean I'm not trained. No, you couldn't even make it out to the middle of the feel gap of my kid. Well, I don't know I don't know I mean you couldn't even make it out to the middle of the field to drop your kid off in the mere I drive, I'm done. Have you know DR open the door to think it out. You don't make it back. I want to make it back on for pizza party in a moment, are available for vote today is just make another one: that's what she could do, possibly the most terrifying omission. Rico's attempted attacks came on May fifth, nineteen. Ninety five children's day that morning investigators found a flaming bag in the bathroom of a sub
station quickly, put it up their guide. All look kid: how it's done. So when the bag was inspected, further investigate is found to condoms. One filled with, Odium, cyanide, the other with sulphuric acid, and when combined these chemicals produce xy clause, be it killed. Within minutes. So I was in Turkey was so that's worth. That's like when your body takes a prank like a little too far right. That's that's told you when I found your upper shelves, somebody you shit, you know not the toilet s on twenty one time I put a cannot turn up inside. My body is caught up in the seat of his car and he got really upset afterwhile bonanza sort of set of permanent rifts.
French and whether she would just responsible killing your mom be taken into account and had the police not prevented the acid from eating through one condom into the other. The cycle on would have been sucked up into the restroom ventilation system, spread across the nearby platform and killed up to twenty thousand people are within minutes. Unbelievable twenty thousand, and they were it- was it was literally a minute and a half away from getting from react. Does it not put on it like a punch and Judy stop. It is them just we're. Not gonna put this dear me, like that's all, was audible unbelievably believe in two months after the second attack after arresting and interrogating, hundreds of o members cops decided. They finally had enough absent evidence to pin ah Sahara himself to the crime. In fact, cops had known for months. The also horror was hiding out in the main Tokyo
compound. After noticing the copious amounts of melons, the gurus, favorite fruit or being delayed. The compound, only a big fat man, this mini budgets are under cover of fog on May sixteenth. Ninety ninety five police raided the compound and found Shockoe all Sahara, hidden in a tiny chamber dressed in purple, as always in meditating, and at his side was over a hundred thousand dollars in cash, some medicine and Cosette player. He told police. He had been there for only two days but his mouth, kid greasy beard. Along with what author David Kaplan called quote, an unholy aura, rancid body, you told a different story. Why do
I'm glad to how many bad guys end up in whole. Oh yeah, not all the same. I ended up in a whole body, is in a way that the whole edifice or a feller ended up in a hole. You go to your whole body or whole you'd made a mistake. Go to your whole, even though also Harwood be arrested, A few days later for separate Cyclops, be attacks would be attempted in one twenty four hour period in all of them were foil by firefighters and cops, and every single one of them would have killed tens of thousands of people. If they would, I mean you're Talkin, if all four of them, what happened you're talkin. Eighty thousand people get true true terrorist attacks, which varied using only all just kind of their flailing. At this point, because once he was gone once the head of the snake was really cut off option Rico, it really cause. That's the problem with the guru led death is that they are all we're supposed to be him. They all looked towards him. He was the he was the replacement of their personality once it's gone there,
nothing. There, d under the army and all that shit is just a hollow thing. Now, like you, don't have the motivation anymore and falls apart. So ass, a higher was taken in and charged with, twenty seven counts of murder. Nine years later, in two thousand and four also horror, along with thirteen other cultures, were found guilty and were sentenced to death by hanging a sentence that still has not been carried out to this day. Also, horror and his followers sit in prison. Incenses capture, also horror. He has lost his mind. And so a prison psychiatrist diagnosed him with severe incarceration psychosis, meaning that also Horace Brain has essentially been broken by imprisonment just like he broke so many of his followers when they crossed him, in other words It was a bit me. That's what happens. You write that check. You have to cash that she has who are young.
I also I'm glad I happen to him for camp deaf. Fuck him right will be sits in a pile, was on shit for the rest of his life until he hangs than shits himself one last time who and then makes a little drug, plumage ten euros how you're dry, but if you ate his duties, you really all what part of the body would you eat of a person who has taken a bunch ass with a brain, make your trip nuts now know it's isn't in his spine. It's in the spy spinal tat ate a restaurant huddled, serve Lamb Spine and it's delicious. It's like chicken wing, but for Lamb me handlebar, Barb Spiny, suckle, the meta little fucking crevices of it. It's you're, going to like a weird hell, it's gonna be straight. I just know: that's why it's like some in my blood when I go to a farm animals run from me Oh my god! Oh right, that's a four part or an option. Radio org is how is your brain feeling? I feel free yet it until the next one. So I feel free for, like the next, like twelve hours or so
and if you like also horror, was right. All this reading, I'm gonna ready for her room again in this all started because of a stupid magazine. That was at work, lights, I zone language or magazine, he withdrew fake, levitate it in this that started this whole. Damn thing, I can't believe it manually one thing we gotta say right now: Falcons Chicago man who were coming to show on May seventh and shit. We sold The first show and like an hour and a half, we think about doing. A second show we're thinking about doing matinee like four like that would be all age at year end the matinee would be always so, if you guys metallic nine years old, it would be all aid and you can harm if you're, not you have your nine listening to this go to bed Don't do that, obviously that satire, but if you guys want, if you want, if you're interested in a four o clock show get a whole,
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