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Episode 222: Manifestos

2016-04-28 | 🔗

Today on Last Podcast, we're talking manifestos, from the pathetic mewlings of the world's worst person, Elliot Rodger aka the Virgin Killer, to the somewhat-reasonable-if-he-didn't-kill-four-people ramblings of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, plus some bonus Martian blowjobs thrown in for good measure.

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This is the lost, is on the left. Cannibalism started. It was all over the place. Yeah. Well, you grew up in New York. I did a lot of fairs yeah. You can go to the state, for you didn't see, Oreo Speedwagon Bto. I wish I did all we had was his pop versions of the loony tunes. I don't know when it had all that yeah, I don't know yeah. I remember he. Probably too that's right, hip hop bugs my father told me the country was going down, so this is the last podcast bend his older markers parts over there and we got this guy here hi, I am numerology glass, numerological expert, Numerology numer
numerology. I don't need to be good at saying the word, because I'm good with numbers. This is episode. Two hundred and twenty two- and you know what that means, what we're doing a good job, what is the number two hundred and twenty two trying to tell you? It means you should taking. Forward action will result in something positive, keep doing what you're doing continue along with your current line of thought and course of action. You're headed in right direction and your current intention is aligned with your highest path and purpose. Like when you're sitting down to write a manifesto before shooting up a bunch of yeah. I was gonna say maybe for this episode. Don't follow on your past if you do want to go on a spree kill all right. So today, we're going to cover manifesto is a very interesting phenomenon that a lot of cycle paths, the it's it's something they do absolutely eight, that's what we're covering today were cover and killers, specifically free, is spree. Killers who sent manifestos either prior to their actions.
During their actions or after their action today were focusing on the manifestos themselves. Right- and these are my- these are really fun I'm not a fun thing that from what they did, I mean that's her. It is terrible, but it is the man Yes, those are amazing because you really get to hear from the horse cock what these killers believe they're doing with their actual motives, are like a sit here and we talk here, we go through heavy hitters and we talk about their motives and we kind of wonder any piece things together. Sometimes you get words from the killers, but that's normally after the fact, right in prison for awhile and if he did calm down a bit and they've got to think about their for a little bit. This is a man of best deal on these matters are written in the heat of the moment right. So you really get the brim and t that's like the front of the milk run, but these manifest those are just got paid. Knew each other all call
the pure New Good Heller NICE, so we're covering three different types of manifest. As today, we're covering the the reasonable and the pathetic we're gonna say always a reasonable quote, so reasonable reason: but we're going to start off with the pathetic killers. Now these what colors are the ones who publish manifestos revolving around their seemingly superhuman inability to get layed their constant complaining is spoke, mostly on social rejection, rather than ideological problems with society at large, just one second, I have to start writing things down. I'm working out. It's a script. It's a script, I'm playing a character now, although Sung Cho, the Virginia tech killer, definitely fits this category today will be discussing human being, that is somehow even more repellent Elliot Rodger. Aka the virgin.
This guy is a human diapers. I wish that he was used as that as that in prison, or what a mule a shoddy old of a this kid is. I can't believe he committed suicide right, yeah, I'll yell, yeah way done. Yeah yeah he's way down, so I may twenty third, two thousand fourteen in Isla Vista California, Elliot Rodger, embarked on a killing spree that would end in the deaths of six and a severe injury of thirteen halfway through his rampage, Roger emailed, a one hundred and thirty seven page manifesto to his parents, his two therapist and about it
of his quote. Unquote friend, you mean to tell me he didn't have a lot of friends for a dozen is a lot of friends that quote unquote friend now think about how many friends you actually hate, I hate print honestly, it's true, I think about it. With close friends, I have maybe six or seven maybe yeah close friends, but these weren't yeah. Let's just hear about one from one of these friends. One of these quote unquote close friends. This is a clip of them of this guy describing what it was like to be friends with Elliot Rodger. Sometimes I don't want to hang out with him because he's so depressing. That's just a friend. Yes, your friend, that's true yeah free sticks by you, no matter how much of a droning broken clock you sound like. How long have we been friends with the whole domain? Nearly from the round table of gentlemen, I mean he makes dogs scared
Roger is, of course, he's a he's, a fucking piece bucket of human beings, so the people that we even hang around him is imagine this guy Elliot Rodger is like the cool one of his friends right and they're, also getting late who's afraid he was friends with a lot of exchange students, correct yeah, chinese exchange students. He lived a chinese exchange students that God that was just talking with the chinese exchange student. It was those guys and like his dad's friends yeah, and it's very strange in filling in and they're all getting late right like a chinese exchange. Your friends are like. I want to jump your class today and I talk to young, Emily Sue and I will say she is most electable in the Downstairs Area the funny jokes, I'm just going to get back to writing. So the manifesto titled, my twisted world, this, story of Elliot Rodger is an unbearable concentration of 21st century entitlement and perhaps the most disturbing
For today, due to the sheer number of men who think exactly like him, the internet is filled with people, Eliot Reid, we talked about hell, you know technically, the most masculine version of this was Leonard Blake controls things like they. They took this cruelty to a much bigger level, a more intense level, oh yeah, cruelty of women, you're, saying yeah. Well, this the entitlement of you, women, sure, please yeah. Women owe you something for the entire manifesto revolves around his virginity. Which he blames on the court in Croon of women. Among many other things, including his apparent inability to learn how to skate board when he was ten, this is from his manifesto are heard, wouldn't trying very hard to get better at skateboarding when I saw that there were. Boards are a lot younger than me who could do more
more tricks. I realized that are sucked. I could never master the kick flip or he'll fit. All I could do was the early jump and write down a few ramps. I saw eight year old boys at the skate park. Who could do a kickflip with ease made me so angry? Why did I fail at everything I have tried? I asked myself my dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder were over better get back to writing back to writing. I know women hiding them vaginal from me. Eyes So the first part of the Virgin Manifesto is a litany of complaints that start at the age of five in which he repeatedly mentions the name of a childhood friend named lucky Radley, who Rogers said, became an object. If my
scream jealousy on her trip. A lucky radley is also when you get a Carl's junior sandwich off of the moment, but yeah that's a lucky radley. I thought it's when you had a couple of onion rings at the bottom of the french fry container. That's a lucky bill for Lucky Radley's part. He said in an interview after the attack that he back barely remembered, Elliot Rodger, say in the virgin, only came over to his house a couple times and never gave more than a one answer to anything. I wonder lucky if we would like some separately, so I got from the italian fare. So you're, looking a closeted gay, dude right Rogers wrote at fourteen quote: puberty ultimately doomed. My existence I was finally interested in girls, but there no way I could ever correct them, and so my starvation began
uh. You know it's just by luck that voice that you chose by the way 'cause. I think that is his inner monologue with anybody said thanks. He sounds like, but it's more like puberty utterly doomed. I mean he does I mean he has the classic closeted gay way of speaking of women yeah, there's a comedian here in New York City, who everyone knows his game. You'll never come out, and I was hanging out with him one time at a bar and he a pretty woman. But he looked at me said but she has a nice pussy like I still. What are you talking about tonight? So I don't even know it's nice pussy mean surely knows how to pick a pair of heels. Yes, that's very true, I'm sure and Elliot right. He kept using like he kept saying these women kept rejecting my sexual advances. I need to the love the word. Starvation. Any also loves, also loves the word magnificent. His one of his video journals he's like how could we mean to nine weeks I meg New for
shouldn't. I have my Armani glasses. Look at how I look at them. I look magnificent on. My Bmw is nicer than the other cause the other boys dry. I do have a uh yeah, it's just a hatred for his parents. I have to say I mean I know, there's sort of victims in this, but you should have been smeared on the highway child. Now Rogers said all the boys, his age or having sex at fourteen, which they fuckin' weren't. Definitely we all know that kids lie about that type of ship. All the time like what sorts of weird shitta kids say when y'all were fourteen. Oh my god, I used to be like. I didn't have three pizzas last night, you know, and I would be like yeah I totally It was like I love watching porn Ben. You have like a smiley of pepperoni contest, yeah 'cause, I didn't eat it
but Elliott. He believed all this dumb bullshit that the kids were saying and he hated them for it. This is what he wrote that hatred would only fresh. Furthermore, I suffer from my sexual starvation. These recent events caused me to withdraw even further away from the world are ground. All of my misery. In my online games, world of Warcraft The only thing I have left to live for yeah we just put in one machine I used to this guy needs a go. Yes, I agree see one of the most important things to about Elliot Rodger, is that he was fantastically rich, which even further played into his entitled. Uh this guy, he wore the most expensive clothes. He drove a bread New Bmw. He went to move
movie premieres. He went to Katy Perry concert. This guy was pretty more privileged than any of us could, even possibly so I can imagine. We came from a Hollywood family he's very similar to Jonah Hill and his father directed a lot of commercial which pays a lot of money. Does it does and is uh It seems like his mom's. Only credit was that she dated George Lucas, for a little while. Well that's a hell of a credit at the big credits, a big credit yeah, but Ellie was Pist off that she never married him 'cause. Why? Wouldn't you marry drawers? I just wish I could be closer to the mind that could have possibly thought of that one Derful, magnificent character draw Joppy Georgia needed to Joseph Humor STAR wars. World becomes shows dog warden sad, yes, as an army of clones. But what about me? I don't. I yearn to smile I star for a joke or a chuckle. I guarantee you Rogers, love jar jar and he '
and he even had like in the Hollywood world, like his dad, knew a bunch of different people and one of the dad's close friends, was a screenwriter who used to Elliott, like certain tips like hey, why don't you try not being such a weird fucking creeper, and this guy? He actually did have some pretty good credits. He wrote ruthless oh, my cousin, Vinny and most impressively dirty rotten scoundrels. I'm going to see my cousin Vinny for most impressively. I love that movie. I'm a dirty rotten scoundrels. Guy yeah yeah, no one likes your final choice market. No, I said dirty rotten, so you said it was the best yeah yeah overruled. I must get back to writing even though Roger was already rich by any standard. He became obsessed best with winning the lottery saying it was his own. Even going so far as to drive to Arizona and Utah to buy extra Powerball tickets.
But when he missed out on four consecutive jackpots, this for some reason was what pushed him over the edge now. This is very unfortunate because he just went from being your run of the mill loser that wears euro trash, close arrives at B M w, and then he went ahead and bought a gun yeah. He went a gun started going to a firing range on a other basis and he started finding his so called day of retribution. Thing is, I will actually say something about the parents is that they tried they actually did everyone tried with Roger. No one abandon this guy at all his parents. He started going to therapy when he was middle school. His parents got friends like hey, listen. How about my son, like can you say something to him. 'cause we can't get through to him. All of his a bunch of people said like yeah. I tried talking to him, I tried being his friend I tried getting through to this guy, but he
or he never took to it. He never took to a single bit of it. He was just ruined. What do you think is is that mental illness is this like a is this cycle paths in our system? It is like it there, it is an extreme form of narcissism at a combined with psychopathic. Do they talk about with manifesto killers? Right? Is that the idea is that they have an agenda and they want the whole world to to vow with their feet and and know exactly why they do what they do, which is why they are right with the do. You have an endless need to connect and rule over everyone, and it's very interest seeing how like you, you have a whole active community trying to help somebody, but he still goes ahead and he pulls the trigger yeah. He does it anyway.
Who made it I mean he knows how to right here in one hundred and thirty pages. Why can't he just be an author? Why me? Why can't you just be satisfied with that? Then anyone can write one hundred and thirty seven pages. That doesn't mean it's good. Have you been listening to the ship that this guys been writing fifty shades of grey is true. Trash is actually really true, more books than any book on earth exactly. He could have written a story about the loners perspective of a lonely dude going out looking at chick that he can get and he buys a gun, but instead just gets his dick sucked for an hour by the gun salesman, woman that would sell a million copies it. Wouldn't all you have to do is get that on the desk of one of these monkey producers and they'll be like oh sold. What exactly just books about a battalions of hot women that stop shooters before they happen by sucking their dicks, I mean Jesus Henry. What would you do for this guys connections to be friends with the guy that wrote dirty, rotten scoundrels, making money baby making money? So as far as this guy's worldview goes after his day of retribution was finally being planned. This is when
is world view really starts to come into focus. Women's rejection of me is a declaration of war, and, if it's war, they want then war, they shall it would be a war that will sultan that complete soon after a night, deliver a blow reminders that will be sure catastrophic. It redefined the very essence of human nature, I just gonna. Do you do you know when you know? There's like three point? Two billion women in the world brought to billion with a b you're. One person are not heard. Somebody told me that even under the retort possible, He does Perlman yeah more Rhea, Perlman Rhea Perlman she's, not a total dog. No, I mean, we have to kill her as well or right. I guess I did love cheers thing. Oh no, Rhea Perlman has their own charm,
like slowly sitars. I could see it in the way Danny Vito's arms? How happy she makes them. I wish I didn't have to kill Rhea Perlman right now. Ellie ultimate plan was to travel to the Foot by Sorority house and kill as many women as possible, because through research and stocking Roger had decided the alpha Phi had the hottest girls in town. He said I will sneak into their house at around nine hundred pm on the dirt of work for bruiser. Just before all the partying starts of slaughter over single one of them with my guns and nerves. If I have time I will shut the whole house on fire, then we shall see who the superior one really finished, throw this again out there at you, your there
their party and want you to leave the knives and in the gun and just go, have a drink with them. But what about the role? This is a day of celebration. You commit all, should take our phone in our should turn it upside down. Yes, grow. Your heart and his heart grew three sizes that day, so on March, 23rd Roger began his killing spree by stabbing his three roommates to death, but 'cause, as he said, the biggest nerds I have ever seen and they're both very ugly most annoying versus this is really Bundy esque to stab three people
I feel like I would wake up. If my roommate was getting stabbed, you know, I guess you just do it, so we got like weird allergy months on and you got like they had like the weird humidifiers running, because they were a bunch of services straight berserk. Oh, it's, not easier. Berserker mode is not easy to stab three people in one city: it's really not an it was later on. At night, too, I mean this was like early evening. Well I mean we didn't really have time to go through the actual timeline of what happened with the three roommates but go read it it's terrifying. When did they go to sleep? Now they honestly, what it was just he just walked in and edit wow, so tragically One of the roommates was planning on moving out the very next week, as Roger reportedly spent most of his. I'm in his room blasting the most hated of all. Musical genres, soft rock his favorites included, Phil Collins Sting and this song,
in particular Roger. I got a test. My finals week, there's no musical or to save more than Phil Collins,
I feel colleges fault or his fans fall. Collins's fault, it's Phil Collins. I will say this whole killing spree is Phil Collins, but no, he does not have blood in his head. Yes, we know he does because they think about this. This music said Elliot Rodger. In a belief that every day was supposed to be a sunny la boardwalk in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, he was given finger guns to chicks. On rollers and they loved it. Yeah we're like well, you know I mean like they didn't realize. He was watching the videos and no one loved Phil looks like that in real life. If he wasn't a multi multi millionaire, they were actors in those music videos yeah. We know about this man's penchant for the worst music in the world, because Elliot Rodger shot and uploaded dozens upon dozens of videos to Youtube right up to the
He died. The videos had names like large for sure workfare Becaus girls, don't want me, and why do girls hate me so much and of course, stuck in traffic in Santa Barbara made it a little farmer That's right! You just film traffic, while playing SOS by the police that is making it a little bit more fun, though the police always make a little bit more fun. I just think we're all the time. So I'm thinking about my day of retribution about how women are starving me of any sort of affection, I like to make things a little fun that is fun, or I mean just stop by Vern traffic. Just pull off pull off the exit, get yourself a little bit of ice cream 'cause, if not new, just gonna be sitting in traffic, and now I can just sit on the side. The same amount of time enjoy myself a little vanilla cone book some rainbow sprinkles on it. How was your day with Elliot. But that traffic listen to the police, images little fun. For me
didn't does agores upload videos, because his account is still up. Yes, you can go and see his account right now. You can see all the videos that I uploaded You can also see all of the videos that he liked and he seemed to be overly fond of video. Featuring various pokemon songs, including this one world Sally now that I've played you, my favorite song, will you have sex with me so you'll starve. He was also really into videos about the video game, Conker's bad fur,
ok, which was a mature audiences, Nintendo, sixty four game about a greedy drunks. World trying to get home to his girlfriend. Now, the Lord so in between the murder of his roommates in the assault on Alpha Phi Rodger uploaded a video, he called retribution easily one of the most repugnant, creepy and pathetic videos on the entire internet. This guy, I'm key, is in the run for one of the worst human beings to ever exist. I would put it there all the billions of people who have existed, Elliot, Rodger Papa. I mean like to me number one worst. Dude of all time is still be T K. I would seize when a one, because he added the muffled and like methodical Jeannie level of cruelty. The btk had like that's the one thing that luckily Elliot Rodger did not have with any sort of like real commitment.
These millennials don't get jobs, they don't you know they do it out there and work. He really put his hands into it and that's. The other thing is that millennials taken such for granted just uploading manifestos to Youtube and email and amount right, TED Kaczynski slaved over a typewriter for years, so they don't put milk ring shape, we're going to be good parents. I remember when serial killers at a sit down there in a shed in the woods and works, raider had two snail mail or floppy disk. Do the police department that got him arrested, yeah did yeah, I mean Joe we had to actually go out and look for prostitutes on long island. Now you this asshole out on giggle beaches, putting up Craigslist ads they're coming to him tenders, getting people murdered their own homes of people just thinking it's a suicide. It's not right before the record
we'll let you work very hard and they are being demonized. Thank you so much I mean adding that technically fixing. Technically we are all millennia, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I do I love Amazon. I, like I like the same day. Delivery. That's happening like the drone delivery same day, delivery yeah. Who can do that now it's spring to me I'll get my little button. You can put it to the toilet. If you want something and it's on your wish list, you can press a button. It just literally comes to your house. I don't know why it has to be by the toilet, because that's were I do a lot of my shopping. Buy on line yeah well, you're ugly toilet depended online shopping, while I'm sitting on your phone or you bring your laptop on my phone. I'm not a fucking pervert yeah kinda messed up the laptop there naked thighs in my top of my dick, just like just a snail trail in the bottom of my fucking laptop. You not want to think about it. So here are a couple of excerpts from Elliot Rodgers Retro fusion video. These are you Henry's been doing the voice, the entire
time. This is the inner voice. This is my that is, that is the inner voice, but this guy's actual voice is putrid yeah, that's the word. I was looking for yeah twenty two years old and still a virgin I've, never even kissed a girl I've been through college for two one, slash two years more than that actually, and I'm still a virgin. It has been very torturous college the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun. Pleasure in those years I've had to rot in loneliness. It's not fair. You. Girls have never been attracted to me.
I don't know why you girls, aren't attracted to me. I don't know this, you all for it. It's an injustice, a crime because, I don't know what you don't see in me and the perfect guy Yet you throw yourselves that all these obnoxious men instead of me- the Supreme Gentleman here here here here is the wedgy patrol. You owe it we're going to give him a wedge so hard his father died. You know, I'm actually really surprised. He is so you know he seems fairly gender neutral, and you know he seem actually like a guy that grows in California, would like sure I've met a lot of dudes like that. You get layed constantly and it drives me nuts, with a producer father in LOS Angelus, there normally doing fine, technically he's in LOS Angeles June, until it's just garbage
human garbage was a problem with him. Is that he has. You know he's talking on this manifesto stuff. He's got these Youtube videos, most people say when you are around him. He wouldn't give you a one word answer on anything like this guy. He believed that if he got a nice car and nice clothes we just happen. Women would just automatically be drawn to him and pretty much start sucking his dick on the streets, because that's that's how into that is how intense his narcissism and his entitlement was he's not wrong. He's ninety percent there, It's not good. I mean these wealthy he's got a nice car, nice clothes, he seemed sensitive, but they also number one would know what to do with the woman. If she even wanted to have sex with, then you would know what to do well course at discrediting watch porn, he just jerks off looking in the mirror, did so yeah he's all for it, but if the FBI, analyst, that wanted to some show was really interested talked about this a little bit about how there was a difference between the manifesto over
vision of Cho and their manifesto version of Roger, then the real life guy he was like Cho was a nobody. Cho was a nonentity same thing with this guy, this guy say and stared at his shoes and said nothing to nobody, but he was filled with silent rage. And that's how we got to make the jump on everybody doing this manifesto, which he said was the real him, and it's actually know the manifesto is a construct. The manifesto is the construct of turning yourself into Quentin Tarantino Character into a big deal. Actions. Type? Because now you can rewrite history now you feel like, if I can put it going to put it out there. Everybody will know I'm this maligned genius, orb secret bad. That would you did that was. We should have been getting his dick sucked the whole time but Iraq's while the the the the real person, the the real Elliot Rodger, is the silent nerd who sat there doing nothing. While his friends were yeah. Normal life played a video game with a drunken squirrels. Yes,
Far as his, I guess, narcissism. When I mean his narcissistic complex, it went far beyond what it I mean there are shitton of narcissist out there every person. And it's listening right now knows a narcissist, but this guy was on a different level. Listen to this and this pretty much sums up Elliot Rodgers, like view on the world an his view of himself. I hate all of you. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched free species? If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to
every single one of you to mountains, of skulls Anna rivers of blood, yeah yeah, we know- and rightfully so you deserve to be annihilated and I'll, give that to you you never showed me any mercy, and so I'll show you none see. I do believe I've, given this same speech to at my health insurance company, yeah yeah, it's going to say if you're talking with Att or something all the guy had was mercy, his entire life yeah, oh yeah. It was that those people willing to take care of him yeah chance after chance after chance, and he talks like When you talk about him being in
movie him regarding he talks like he's, isn't a bad movie. He talks like it's a bad screenplay. It's even got the like right, fake, evil, part that take evil laugh. What do we do to counteract this kind of thought like what do we do? Can you just say like what do we say to people like? Listen like a part of it, it just gets better or if it's just like you will feel comfortable in your skin. You will be able to talk to people or like just get out and talk to people or kill yourself, I think this guy we just go with the latter of, although know know, know, know, know, know, there's plenty of people out there that are on the road to be in this guy. That can definitely get off just if any of stop. He's saying or any, the stuff that he's written. If that sort of thought has a. Crossed your mind. If that's any things that you say on the internet of those are things that you talk right. It's time to go back to the drawing
like it's a mountain of skulls in a river of blood, pretty soon I definitely Atlantic, but that all the time it's very sweet. We all think about mountains of skulls all the time we couple sucking guitar right exactly. We couldn't put that book out with guitar behind that you'll get, ladies, but also maybe deemphasized your need for ladies yeah, maybe the lady side of it. You need to takedown frames or thinking about yourself and thinking about what you like and what you need: yeah yeah yeah. If every woman that you come into contact with hates you, it is your fault. If women, if women, do not like you, it is your fault, it is no buddy. I cannot emphasize that enough. If women do not like you, if women are ripping told by your presence. It is your full. You know that there are some mean women out there. There's no course, I'm talking every every single woman Ben Ben. What
Every terribly mean women, yes, but I'm just saying if every single woman- yes, there are some terrible, but you gotta do what you gotta, get a gimmick, get a puppy, get up We would be that Rantula guy on the board would be magician becoming mature woman. You wanna get, but just saying you could get a woman. Get I get a hobby. Do a thing go go, go again, apply yourself to something that betters yourself. Give you give you something to offer, get something that you and give to the world instead and also remember, is that if you're, a silent, slug you're not going to get a model you're not going to get the hot, found the alpha phi sorority. That's just not go it happens. Sometimes it happens. She's gotta have a lot of money. Then why are you defending these
I'm not sounds like everything I'm saying, you're kind of defending this guy you're, giving dating advice, I'm going with Elliot Rodgers, I'm saying I'm saying a lot of silent guys with really hot chicks. That happens all that's true, but you gotta be dative or you have to wear a lot of scars yeah whip. Then you change in your outfit. You need a Bandolero hats scarves. You need many rail which is like dating portion of the show Elliot Rodgers at all yeah, but you gotta have charms that's the thing is that you've got to have a look in your eye. If you're, like a super quiet guy, you gotta have a look. You got to have a real. Good luck, yeah, I'm gonna, let you got to be able to to slither a woman across the room, and you know what a real good look at his life. Kyle let's move on, yes, our next manifests. Oh did he have a look now: Moving on now to the crazy, now think this now Kyle Odom we're going to cover here. He definitely had a, I would say,
nine thousand yard stare yeah. I mean these people that people that right there absolutely insane crazy manifesto, as these people are truly sick. These about these are the only people that I have sympathy for, because they're schizophrenics, you know, they're manic, depressive these people and a lot of times they do even know that shit's going wrong for them a lot of times they believe like. Oh, this is just play the world is I'm the only one that sees it, except for maybe the President uncheck schizophrenia can lead to some of the most vivid, intense audio visual hallucinations that you can imagine like literally like straight up look it's real. It feels real so along the lines of having DMT or like or angel trumpets, one of those really really intense solutions where you're having like reality. Base hallucinations Kyle Odom was one of these men. Oh now we are, So this is recent, which is pretty cool.
Just happened two months ago, and we don't get a lot of like view into Schizophrenics downfall and his manifesto is such a great example of slowly it slides into a normal person's brain soul, soul lead actor. He begins to believe it's real right and the way he writes it. It is an in all caps. Thank you know. Out of control screen it's not a homeless guy on the train yelling about. Microwaves and shift like that. This guy, He sounds reasoned let us he says, I'm a hundred percent same yeah you're, a percent crazy yeah, yeah- that over and over again in the manifesto yeah, which, if you've got to say it great so just two months ago, on March sixth call Odom of form. Marine drove to an event
local church, in Corda, Lane Idaho, walked up to Pastor TIM Remington and shot him six times with a forty five caliber handgun Kyle then boarded a plane bound for Washington DC and was arrested by secret service agents after they witnessed him, throw something over the White House Fence and what they found was possibly one of the most insane things. We've ever read the marsh. Blowjob Manifesto of Kyle Odom. I got to say if you're having one gigantic schizophrenic breakdown down yeah as well, involve a bunch of martians blowing yeah. You got, even further service. Thank you for your service, can't believe you came all the way from Mars just to suck my cock. Yes. Well, thank you for your service. So Kyle's central claim was that his life was ruined by an intelligent species of amphibian humanoids from Mars, with technology millions of years more advanced than our own
sounds crazy right. It doesn't, but I heard he was one hundred percent say that they were percent. That's the thing is that it just sounds crazy, because you know what truth is stranger than fiction. I don't like that movie with Will Ferrell stranger than picture is that it now as far is what these martians relation to. Humanity was. This is what Cole wrote they have a massive breeding stock of humans which they bleed and control from birth. I use these humans to live vicariously lives among us. They appear to be completely normal because they're good at imitating human behavior. You actually don't sound that human right now or I don't know. I feel I'm one hundred percent sane zero percent crazy one hundred percent saying but above all the Martians, were controlling
manipulating humanity for an this. Surprisingly, is a new one to me. As far as why aliens come to earth, they were using us are set were sexy real sexy, I'm sexy, I mean you ever seen like STAR Trek or anything like that were definitely the sexiest on STAR Trek. Always. Will you go look at this kind of squiggling around wear, pink or softap. You can skip wanna. Stick a dick in I just feel like you went through a weekend where he watched the matrix and then he watched earth. Girls are easy and then he just like combine them and he's like that's my manifest quite possible. This is what Cole wrote as far as how the Martians approach, sex and humanity they take call of wild human beings and them as sex slaves. Don't believe me ask President Obama to take a lie: detector test on this one and now
The problem is that he's hard to pin down Obama did for the light in texture test to see if he's getting blown by martians overtime. This is a democracy or not activated document. That's what he was saying it wasn't, that you'd think he was thinking so President Obama's in on this. He knows that the Martians are given his secret blow. No, he thinks he's a little. Bama is a Hore for Marshall. I see he thinks that Obama is in the thrall of the Martian race right yeah, so after first contacting the aliens through transcendental meditate Kyle said that the original blue light that he had encountered during said meditation and heat by the way identified. That blue light female. Oh, he identified that. And as a female, which will be different from what happens later on He says that that blue light abandoned and soon after leaving him. I think this is what he says after the blue light abandoned him at left him to the devices
the devices of the sex Marshall. What happened after he had his first real true experience of during meditation is that afterwards he went back to class because he was a grad student. I believe in genetic science yeah, I'm a we showed up to class. He said that he could understand all the flaws in genetic science and that it will become too easy for him and his instructors kept telling him just have fun. Just have fun. It'll be fun. I just have fun. I just feel like he was smelling shampoo with a Kmart, the red light or the blue light special went on and he has had all these ideas. I have a bunch of weird theories about all of this stuff as it goes through about whether or not any of it really happened or if he was just sitting in his apartment, the entire time. Oh yeah, I think he was out in the yeah going ape yeah. He was absolutely going but I think, there's evidence later on that says that this was actually happening, but not everything that he says was actually like a flesh and blood type of thing. So the first specific,
then the particularly disturbed, Kyle Odom. That kind of just knocked him off of his access happened with a couple of fellow grad students. This is what he wrote after a few days of night said no sleep to the graduate students began reaching out to me and when I went to see them, they both kept pointing their finger. At me. Saying pew, Pew pew Pew, shooting the gun they did this over and over and over, and I kept wondering what their problem was months after I left Houston told they were not human. They were tasked with making me into the quote: unquote next school shooter they called it. I imagine this is why many of our school shootings take place. I'm not trying to have one hundred percent safe. So that's what his theory is, that every single school shooter that we have that there's just a guy walking up to him going pew Can you play with finger guns in that's how they get if we
classroom together, we were doing that to someone and they started to freak out like you just got to keep on doing you gotta keep doing that yourself. Unless I will look at my hands are like do things working, but this is the most killer, fuckin' pranking two thousand and sixteen specially college you're just getting. You going to do with your friends, are going to laugh your asses off until it's not funny anymore and then you're going to let it rest for about a week, and then you're going start doing it, absolutely because it's going to funny, but the thing is that he stops laughing. He starts nodding, going like I'm ready for my mission. And then you're like oh fuck yeah. I can already see how it I would start doing it Henry. You would laugh normally it would start doing it. I would love, I would start doing it markers
for that. You would feel bad, I'm like stop it guys. I stop. He said he's really getting sucked up by through the markers would start doing it and realize that, but it is and then long story short markers with yellow dots when he goes and she's at the school. So not too long after that, odums very serious schizophrenic tendencies started their steady ramp up into a total
break from reality. A concerning a plane ride back to his hometown from Houston is what Cole RD now. This is where the story starts. To get weird on the plane ride back home, my seat was taken. I ask the flight attendant and she directed me to a new seat. Once I sat down and older gentleman in front of me kept glancing back until he got my attention as he kept looking back, my head began to hurt and single the moment my head began or hurt his slip scrolled up into this evil. Looking smile, the pain and tingling in my head, continued for the rest of the flight and got more intense as time went on when every time I The man would start taking notes than a notepad about halfway through the flight. Someone else in front of me held up a newspaper that said psychic reading for like five minutes straight. It was blatantly obvious. They were doing something to me, but I don't know what
so once we landed the older gentleman kept showing me his track phone as if to say get one of these: it's best phone on the market, every one of these? Was he added T Mobile boo? I think so. We ended up at a kiosk, meanwhile, that guy just so happy being like no one ever bazis tracfone, because their dogs super yeah you're, one hundred percent, crazy the prices are the one hundred percent. Thank you call thought that this entire experience was part of. Secret job interview with the government, remember he was dropped in and out of school several times he's been in school dropped out. He all of these things are happening to him at an happening happening more and more often that he can't concentrate on school anymore. So now
It started a couple of interviews at at some government firms and, yes, he thought that this was the secret interview, the world's most elaborate interview, yes yeah, so we then started getting text messages about a place called the altar from both a man named John Pagella and TIM Remington, the pastor cow would eventually six time. No, this is my question. Do you think he was really getting these text? Messages are assistance saying at this is insanity because he said specifically in his manifesto that TIM Remington was sending his tell him text million Bible, verse in coded Bible verses that he was The sending him Bible, verses and Kyle said that he would just sit and stare at the Bible verses, trying to decide exactly what was happening, although it could also be a possibility that Cow Odom went to TIM, Remington's church gave gave him the
Phone number and TIM Remington is just one of those assholes that decided to just text him Bible, verse or he's got a mass text yeah exactly like a weekly like once a week. You get a texture. I want once a week bible, verse and yeah, because I think there is definitely evidence that TIM Remington was the only actual real person in his life, which is why he was the one and shot well actually cause any believe that he was the source of all problems yet and then he said he got one last text from TIM Remington that just said the word angels and any notice helicopters were buzzing. It helps all the time buzzing this house as of right doing it actively yeah and the wheel sir, to come off. Yeah hey. He said that he made an appointment to meet this John Padula, but before he could meet that appointment, something called a quote: Very bizarre happened after making the appointment to meet John, something very bizarre happened. I received the most unnatural erection. I've ever had
it felt like someone was manually pumping blood into my penis I don't know how else to describe it immediately after that song began playing in my mind, the lyric. Sister sister he's just a plaything, we want to make him stay up all night. So he just had a talking head song stuck in just a baby here we will not make them stable. Now, where you at to relieve yourself. Did you oh several times I don't know yeah he had yeah, so we started getting powerful, erections yeah, really powerful erections. What did you say about what? What do you say about the manifesto Henrik? Is you put in the words a wreck, Shin and well all of the naughty words were redacted. He had written out all of the all of the words and then he would do keep blacked out erection. He black without penises. I have to assume its erection in penises I was reading all their stuff online and it came out as erection in penises. Ok yeah I mean so but
what got him so aroused he would just get alien space vibes, bro yeah, oh well, we'll get to exactly what an exactly how he got so aroused just been watching fuller house oh my God, Jeff and eat, and the dresses that woman is wearing woo, goodness cleavage, grapefruit smuggler unable or unwilling to sleep for days, following the sister sister talking heads incident, Odom decided to visit his family in Albuquerque and on the plane. Ride in Cole sat next to a large man who kept telling him telepathically that he was going to crash the plane. But at the end of the flight the guy said never mind. You passed the test. The government has a job waiting for you when you get back. Brother scare
really do wish. This is our job interviews or I would be amazing much more for you yeah. Then, when Cole got back, he decided that it was time to visit the altar and then on this trip. That is when Kyle Odom realized, mostly due to the smell of the place, which Odom described as reptile, an vinegar that he wasn't dealing with the government at all Can be only one thing: Martians always go and with Martians comes the in n Both set ads were to get sick because up until this point, Kyle was extremely confused. He didn't know what was happening. He hadn't you know, gonna go figured out yet. Yes, he was just thing and that the government, out of it bona Rific interview series with the government yeah yeah. I have to change a little bit of ninety five percent, say five percent who Rock hard rock tired. So this is what Kyle wrote
when the Martians started coming into his life when the Martian started to get a little sexy with him. This is Colorado. One day I was in the bakery at Safeway when I got surrounded by a bunch of old men, some of them looked at me and sniffed, so I knew it was them they started. Stimulating my anus and penis simultaneously then spoke aggressively. They said humans are nothing more than the pursuit of successful genetic experiment. You are a threat to the way these people think and you could no longer be free society. Your life is over. You are nothing but a toy. Your purpose now assists
Park. It continued to say other explicit things that were so obscene. I won't repeat them here. This happened in the same way that I think is really interesting, as I just think. A group of gay men realize that they can manipulate this schizophrenic man into having sex with all of 'em by just telling him there Martians as a kid and the kid in the cereal aisle and a cowboy hat boots. I will say this, though, if you do want to have sex with a crazy person. You just have to say I'm from Mars in our Mars. Commander demands it and you'll get yeah whole series of other things. As far as I know, I think it was just one old man jerking him off in the other guy playing with his butt hole, a little bit bakery the Safeway doesn't identity was behind the dumpster at the bakery, though, and hope so, not a great there. I mean it's a lot and I wonder what the other explicit things that, because that's pretty you are nothing but a toy. Your purpose now is to suck cock. That's, but it's pretty great I imagine they said other stuff like we want to look at your butt hole
so we just want to look at it and though I'm going to lick it lick your butt hole in the young boy, or maybe it was just like. I want to hold your hand on the boardwalk, including looking at the ocean, the Siegel on you. I just get another guy said Ex in the SU bile you guys like each other, so much you guys just get married, so so after the butt hole Hanjob encounter in the Safeway, the old man took Kyle back to his place in 'cause it for the rest of the night, the old man constantly stimulated his genitals and made him orgasm to the point of serious pain, so bad that Kyle attempt suicide by burning charcoal in his car's backseat, with the windows rolled up, but the Martians, wouldn't let him very intense. Can't wait to do it technically. This is like the real life version of the website. Lemon party, hello, yeah, don't go
Do it by the way, if you're at work right now, but otherwise it go check it out, check it now, in desperation, call attempted to confront the Martians at the church. Speaking with pastor TIM Remington, the man that Kyle ended up shooting six times, Odom said that the sisters face changed, but only for a second or two, just like a little reptilian flash. This is what Colorados State Lou is what caused it looked like size really stood out, so they captured my attention. They were huge in bulging. The eyelids were darker green and the Iris is for Yellow Brown with slit pupils, weird yeah, and he actually did a couple of sketches of these aliens. These martians. They look like it's pretty much like a like a muppet turn ahead, and he said the reason why they did purposely look like muppets and then they helped engineer the look of Elmo. This is in the manifesto in order to get human beings acclimated to what Martians look like when they come down to sexually take over. So we just look absorbs all
imagery from the real world and he is no way to he just keeps crazy. That's how deeply socially he's not one hundred percent said. No we're learning, no he's, not one hundred percent said they would even say he's ninety percent saying here I mean I don't even give him the benefit of that yeah. I would say a solid seven percent, saying yeah I mean when you get paranoid schizophrenics I mean every single thing that they see is a sign in every single thing that they see is completely directed towards the real world is good. The world revolves selfishness to a rent. I mean it's not necessarily a selfish. You can't control it yeah, it's not all that you're coming selfishness at all. The thoughts are coming so intensely and vividly. Thank you. You just think it's a deal and now you're scared, mostly he's he's Intel
yeah. I got around thinking that Martians are raping him right and and do and, like literally, I have to kill the man responsible begun to believe that TIM Remington's, the guy you have to get rid of and many believe he says he he says that he shot him twelve times and he's like anything but a martian would have died, yeah and it's not Well first thing at all. I mean it can. Even it doesn't even have to be as bad as paranoid. Schizophrenia, in a few years ago, when I was having like really intense problems, with anxiety, I believe that people could read my thoughts on the train, but only on the train, because the metal in the subway was a superconductor that would activate the psychic thoughts of with latent psychic ability, markers parks, one hundred percent say now he is so, but he actually just got her certificate. He also literally now has but I can read
I need to have a bar over your head. That's all. I know how to approach you about certain things that when it goes, though, when the levers hitting about nine over ninety percent, I know that we can talk yeah, absolutely yeah, and these things just happen and I've gotten better by the way. Look at me Clearly know it's true bipolar. Does it bite bipolar disorder also, has hallucinations there's a lot of stuff that debt, your brain, and it's just jelly and then uh so again shows how in reality is about how like cure just one fucking cuckoo step over from the that you believe that martians are blowing you every day and then you have to kill the head of the Martians or you'll. Never stop being jerked off until you hurt yeah, I'm two weeks without bipolar medication, away from believing that people can read much more markers. I just want to do. One test drive finger guns here, But again I'm a
well well well, yeah. It is it weird that it makes me want to kill that is kind of weird yeah. Ok, I've been going through a lot, well call Odom. Despite all of this, that's going on in his head. Despite him thinking the old martian men are given blowjobs and giving hand jobs until his fucking dick can't shoot anymore, still attempted to live a normal life. You even go to school. To be a pharmacy, went back to school to be a pharmacist. He said you know what I don't care, how many blowjobs these martians give me I'm still living my life man, I'm still fucking doing America, America, yeah also, there's, probably somebody at Duane Reade right now, please Martians
this call he's. Given your your prescriptions every day. Yeah I mean that is the american way during my first again a bipolar break down. I finished college that semester. You know why, because I had a can do attitude and a head full, sir. Well, there you go so, and the thing is about the pharmacy school is that call he was actually doing pretty good for awhile, but then the Martians, the brain manipulations started ramping up again and that's it to into blind Regis and complete and total blackouts and Kyle said that the Martians were fearful, paranoid, hypersexual and hyper aggressive, particularly
The males who are power, hungry megalomaniac's, obsessed with control an above all martians hate, surprise, don't even try to throw a surprise party for a Martian, because you will get blown until it hurts a concerning the behavior of these creatures. Cole wrote. Who else do you know that? Has these characteristics, if you answered God from the Bible, you are correct, though I did martians, are responsible for the God myth Martians being created humans as they claim they are certainly not gods themselves, they're, just another intelligent species that evolved the neighboring planet. There is, no God there is no heaven there is no hell. Earth is, as close, Heaven is, will ever get and we are the the Martians and they're going to destroy earth. Just like they destroyed Mars. We our survival rests in their hands for the time being one hundred percent, saying,
yeah great. I mean that right. There is, I mean some. I mean you just replace like Martians corporations and yeah you got a point who and so call Odum not able to take it anymore, took a forty five caliber pistol and shot pastor Remington. Presumably the only flesh and blood representation of the Martians that call could actually touch and see. Kyle Odom currently awaits trial, Idaho and lived, So the the the whole church can really use that for fucking mileage 'cause, it's a fucking miracle and he gets to come back and be like when I went. I went through a tunnel of light and when I've got to Jesus Christ, he said to me new, most beautiful man. I've ever seen he said years, not your time yet. Pastor TIM now, you need to go back to your congregation and get twenty dollars from each one of them. So you can
yourself, an Xbox one and Xbox one wow wow, yeah wow, yes, an if you go far enough. You can get your own two million dollar mansion your own private wow, they need it, though, in order to properly serve their congregation, they really need it and how we got the manifesto that he threw a flash drive over the White House on the White House lawn and that can get you arrested. Yeah yeah! You can't throw anything over the fence at the White House. What it's like! I love, Obama balloon. No, no! I don't think they like it
flying airplane. This is a little bomb. A police suspect you can even throw like a taco into Taco Bell. Rapper would allow Linder Ball. Like those delicious wonder ball, you can actually do that. That makes it yeah yeah the tree, the twenty fifth amendment yeah yeah yeah, so our very last subject today, we've covered the pathetic we've covered the crazy now we're going to cover the quote on quote reasonable and what we mean by resembles that we by no means what so ever condone the actions of this man. We by no means think that violence is a way to solve anything. But what we say when we mean reasonable is that you read the men, so- and you think you know this guys kind of got a point. We all got. We all got bub over point, so you gonna, say we all got things. I've definitely yelled in a bank. I've definitely been. I have
forcibly removed from an office. That is true. I told you that story about how I quit my job, and I threw my tie at the at the at my boss- know. Nobody said it was selling out. I was at a head hunting firm in the in the biz, the financial district, and I having a really hard time dealing with the job, because I was getting screamed at all time. It's like a real life wolf of Wall Street scenario, where my boss would go like never get off the phone, never get off the phone, and I now to the little triangle park and I listen to the mountain goats, Tallahassee, Album full album now had an emotional response and I walked inside, and I said I quit and I took off my clip off tie and I threw it in his face and then security escorted me out could hurt somebody, I guess so so the reasonable or quote unquote reasonable man that we're going to be talking about today is Krista.
Word ornery. This guy was a real Rambo. Yes, he was on February. Third, two thousand and thirteen former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, began a nine day. Rain of that paralyzed, the city of LOS Angelus Macon, cops so jumpy that they accidentally shot three Seville, yeah during the largest manhunt, the city had ever seen. It even talked to Richard Ramerez easilly, hey they were excited to shoot those yeah. They were thrilled to have a reason now, eventually, Dorner would kill four people in wound three, others in the name of righting the wrongs that he said were done to him during the few years that he was a member of the LAPD specifically
institutional racism within the organization which we know LAPD Dennis sent. They are a fun bunch. I am not like it's hard to be a cop yeah. It is I mean it is We actually have quite a few lists. We have quite a few police officers that listen to the show, while they're on patrol I've heard from quite a few. So let's go I mean we're definitely going to preface this by saying, not all You know not all cops are bad cops. There's a shit ton of good cops out there. Most cops are good cops. You just hear a lot more about the bad one. Yeah, because those are the ones you write about. You don't always write about the good cops. No because you, because of ball,
super boring now, the interesting thing about Dorner is that there is a definite logic to his actions to his violent actions. There is a cause and effect by his own admission in his manifesto Dorner again and again from childhood, had a pattern of meeting racist actions or words with swift. Extreme violence. He told two stories in particular. He said when he was a kid like he grew up. You know and this that the kind of thing like this is it as sort of control, the thing that was and still within a he grew up in a town that was nine percent wide yeah and he was alone yeah. He was the only minority walking around nine hundred or he was the only black kid kids used to throw racial slurs at him and he beat the fuck outta. You beat the living shit out of these kids or was a big guy and also Dorner was a real fucking like through and through, like blue guy,
He was like he was in a goody two shoes. In a way he was a stickler for the wall yeah. He was at all about integrity. That was what he always talked about. Was integrity needs counselling, use the terms. It's not just us. It's just this yeah like he got that's a lot, then he said a lot so he got. I could see how both he was a very good cop and all so very annoying to his compatriots, yeah sure, also, possibly a very bad cop, a very reactionary person yeah, possibly he would have, but he would have possibly been an extremely dangerous person to have out on the street of like a liability yeah. I would say it big liability now, if that pattern holds a meeting violence where meeting racism with violence and by the way this is speculation on my part, it's possible. The Dorner must have encountered quite a bit of racism in the LAPD to inspire the murderous rage that eventually bubbled over into actual action, which again absolutely
of it is justified whatsoever, no matter what, but, if you follow the logic, then you can see how this happened. Well, if you believe his manifesto. He already had one sort of vital and interaction with a fellow police officer when they said the n word in his presence in a cop car van when they were talking about another perp, and he was like. Basically, he turned these like don't say that again and the other officers like I'll say. Whatever word I want, because he was a superior and then he grabbed him by the Dorner grabbed him by the shirt and say: don't you ever say that word in front of me again and wrestled his superior. In a van, but the cops because cops work. The way they work. Nobody reported the incident and, of course, In word was no, was Dorner was going for a Baghel or don't know yes, yes and then the second and what he said was Nader. They were talking about the Groundhog day there yeah yeah right, there's actually a lot of and words
many in order to score income. Poop ninja, not for nothing. That's all my men see is a lake as a woman yeah and now what we're actually out samples, actually not that many yeah and when you can never say tonight, is one so that's going to well, oh my goodness, but it gives some bag story. Christopher Dorner was fired from the LAPD in two thousand and eight after an incident in which he was found to be lying about an excessive force, complaints registered against Theresa Evans, an officer he was training with in two thousand and seven, perhaps not so. Coincidentally, this complaint was registered the day after Officer Evans gave Dorner a negative performance review
two weeks after the brutality incident in question actually happen. There's a thing about daughter is that he believed that he had never had on sector on a side unsatisfactory mark on any one of his records when he was in that when he was in the services and when he was in the police department, absolutely not true he actually in and that he was in the Navy reserves before he was in the LAPD one his officers at like he was written up for where, in his own shoes it is okay, Riverton Navy, all roads lead to where the Navy shoes yet another. Your freak flag fly in the latest sign a big contract with Reebok you better wear those reeboks yeah, that's a they. They said that he was the. He was a step for the rules, but only the rules that he believed in you got a problem with my elf shoes. It's almost Christmas, I'm trying to keep the spirit of which is now really what we have here in the community. I can't wear my single shoes. I did not know. I did not even say that supposed to keep the Christmas Spirit alive, nothing. Whatever Christmas Carol, Scrooge Womanizer George generous man, it was all because it goes back,
not say anything. Racial or anti Christmas with equal force come at me with four times just now, Dorner claimed that officer Evans kicked a mentally ill man in the face in the process of an arrest, but the you board after, inter interviewing several witnesses at the scene, who said that no ticket kicking took place, they ruled against Dorner and fired him for false testimony. However, it must be said that the victim in question was given medical treatment for facial injuries. That night, he told his father at the hospital that you've been kicked in the face by a female officer, and he gave a very
taped interview, saying the exact same thing within the father of the victim said that he was riddled with schizophrenia and and often said yes to many questions that were asked of him and then door also the soul, the anything it's refuting. This is coming from the mouth of Dorner, someone saying that that people did not stick up for him all the review Board and he was the one that said that Evans had the nickname of the Chupacabra when he she had a reputation for drawing blood. Yes, she he said that one time they were arresting like an elderly woman and Evan gave the old woman she had very thin skin and Evan, or gave the old woman an indian burn. That's a cheaper copper move that Chupacabra move nips a small hole in a goat, the problem with donors that he makes dozens upon dozens of claims. His is manifesto is very
long. It's accusatory, so you could almost say he's got a lot of opinions. Right he's got a lot of opinions that he makes a lot of accusations, but he also killed four people ability really goes yeah it really. Your credibility really really goes down and when you dress in camouflage and hide in the San Bernardino Mountains, for some reason you can be taken seriously anymore. Dad said, for some reason that just sort of shoot your credibility to Hell, but you know Kenny said that the the person who's arrested. He was leave mentally ill and by the time they got him into the actual hearing. He echo hearing. He was unresponsive, didn't say a single word and not while this does prove nothing. It is very interesting. The Dorner could be fired from the LAPD for something so comparatively small. When officers who straight up murder, people ordered straight up just beat the fall. Out of suspects can just get off with a slap on the wrist right right. Well, it seems like a do. You do with it. He come.
Well. The long list of complaints- and they probably just got a headache with what happened- was that he was sick of you have to Old friends in any organization being a cop again is very difficult and so a lot of times they have to stick up for each other, and that's both in good and bad ways. There are ways it's like they look each others lives and they sacrifice their lives for each other, but also there's, there's a there's, a weird gray. Area between a lot of times of what is right and what is legal, the thin blue line, yes, and so they are a lot of times they hold this code of like we are. We hold ourselves Rather, we are only we'll make sure we are honest to ourselves. We make sure we don't be each other. We make sure we don't read each other at a matter. What happens a real handle it one on one there again, yes, Sir Game same thing, a lot of the times, but and so Dorner made no friends at the LAPD. Anything how to reset. Apparently, like Teresa Evans said when the first is the day they server training together
like when I'm done, I'm in Miss, I'm gonna sue the whole LAPD and he had started talk to a picking at different policies and the way people handle stuff, as it did like all the time as it went and became a real know it all, and they don't like that, now he became a know it all. He became a nuisance. He just didn't follow the company line and you know when it pretty much here at any job in the entire time. You're, like this place, Fucking sucks, like this place, blows you're, probably going to get right right, right, yeah and there's something to hazing and there's something to get. You gotta get acclimated they get in the system. We gotta go to career culture or get out basically yeah. So, after being fired from the LAPD Dorner returned to the Navy reserves where he'd served prior to his careers at police officer, but he was discharged in January of twenty thirteen. We I've, no idea why, just a few days later, the rampage began, and it is very unclear I couldn't find out what Dorner was actually doing from two thousand.
Two thousand and thirteen. That is five years between the time Who was fired from the LAPD and the time that he wrote his manifesto and killed four people. That was a five year gap and we have no Do you know when Forrest Gump just ran for all those years, he just paste yeah just circular pace. I think he was just getting real good at smash. Brothers on the harmonica could be yeah. We do know that he lost his security clearance. He was discharged and blamed every bit of it on the LAPD Outlying, outlining all of his claims in what is now known as the Facebook manifesto what he wrote. I have exhausted all available means entertaining my name back. I've attempted all legal court efforts with an appeals at the superior court in cal apple, it courts? This is my last resort. The LAPD that's the truth and is now led to deadly consequence. Now his manifesto began with the definition of the word name yeah and what it
Yes, he said this is what this is about. My name, man is nothing without his name. He said, that's the whole thing: the whole point of his killing spree was to get the LAPD to reinvestigate his firing yeah and that's it That was the whole thing about the shooting sprees like this is going to. Attention to inequality in the LAPD. You know it's not like Rodney. King called attention to it. It's this is what's going to call attention to it. This is what is going to get people to look into institutional racism, but it did go viral, very well again a lot of like something about how hard we've tried to go by. Oh, my god, never done it! How many videos I made about how hard it is to date- and you know all this stuff, like TIM Tebow, he's Riddick, we make that empty mostly did do a TIM, Tebo Video for Jess DOT com. I don't think Jess dot com exist any no. I don't think it does now. Dorner goes on to name multiple incidents of racism that he encountered while working in LAPD. This is what he said.
I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in LOS Angelus. Unfortunately, it was the streets of la it was in the sounds of LAPD police stations and shops, educate, cruisers, the enemy combatants. In LA are not the citizens and suspects, it's a police officer. The attacks will stop when the department states to try, think about my innocence publicly. I will not any type of currency or goods in exchange for the attacks to stop. Nor do I want it. I want my name back period. There is no Niko. And then he does do a lot of acronyms yeah. He does yeah and that's something that make no mistake, Christopher was extremely dangerous. I mean this guy wasn't around. He was motivated, he was angry and he was frame with his old thing. We talked about going to bring asymmetrical warfare, and this is Linda. Manifesto is not for people. That manifesto was for cops, yeah manifester, which is to the cops, and so it's lists a bunch of phrases.
Bunch of terminology and training verbiage that are in yeah in the manifesto that I don't understand, yeah, I don't understand either you know it's a and that today is that, since it was directed straight towards the cops you could see where they were, because there's no excuse for them shooting three people of course, but you can see why that you could see why they were a little jumpy, because he named forty different LAPD officers in his manifesto saying this is what he said about it no amount of. I am I in T M a s. I n t s. L, I n t assist you in capturing. I am off the grid. You better use your feet tall. Every of a dot non d, o d! H? U M! I n t, I know your route to and from home and your division. I know your significant other's routine, your children's best friends and he says I know you're Sanchez Gym hours an routine. I assure you that the casualty rate will be high if you just would've,
or in the right shoes here at the Navy yard would have never fired. You were pretty good we're supposed to sacred. To me, Christmas is not just someone. I know, I know anything from them up at film, the Christmas Carol. You have to celebrate it every day of the year and no one will be able to help people understand my justice. It's not just us. It's July, it's July. So it's just not even accurate, though thankfully, before that body got count, got too high the donor and got corn. Don't be so proud of yourself. I that there was a big thing back there in the your corner order. I remember that one of the doing means doing crazy man. It was a big meme time lot of memes with the world us that will
five active shooter for nine days in the internet. Just like me, many of that that's good, no Dorner and did manage to kill four people, including the daughter of the council, who defended him during his hearing, as well as the daughter's fiance plus two police officers who were killed, trying to apprehend him not killing the daughter killing the fiance, like that, really shows that this man had a cruelty within them. Yeah that that is that is cruelty. That is malice despite. That is the I mean that puts him down at the bottom, technically taste, much school work for that's what he was doing was coming at them. He was coming at them with everything you got to make them scared, yes, being terror and that's what he said about that key took his get cues from Vietnam and Afghan and you know, and the yeah I'll Keita fighters
He said the reason why we will never beat them is because they have no fear of death, and he said I no longer have any fear of death and he just completely every single bit of integrity that he had said was so important to him his entire life. And that's and that's That cognitive dissonance is is that you will still talks about his name and he talks about how I'm a good person and how the LAPD is smeared, my name and he goes out and he kills just kills a woman an kills her fiance because she happens to be related to somebody doesn't look right, and I mean he's still going to the in and out burger in a full like one of those tree, hats that they wear during camouflage, Sai, army movies, and so it's like still like at having to be a person at some point during this time. You are eating leaves that I was doing a Christopher. We know you're, not the bush, we know you're, not a bush come out and get your in and out. You will never be able to defeat my asymmetrical warfare. Now donor got cornered and killed on February, 13th
a cabin in the San Berdo Mountains, goodness buy a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head or burned to death when one of the pyrotechnic tear gas canisters nicknamed burners, because they catch everything they hit on fire cool they caught on fire after the LAPD fired a few of those into the window. Much like Waco, pretty much. Dos yeah end in big fires when Khalid one Bald with that they wanted this guy dad yeah and you know they wonderful is so the trial would have been terrible if he, what if he, if he had one shred of honesty to admit, is that there is some systemic racism in the LAPD in the last thing they want. Is a trial, where someone is screaming about it. On the stand, absolutely because then everybody's looking at a twenty with all over the news papers and it just all the items are handled on our own yeah, yeah yeah. Of course Christopher Dorner is at attics self serving rampage, didn't change anything in the long run the legacy he did leave behind
is a long long list of shout outs at the end of his manifesto. Let's, let's go: let's go through, let's go through it. You know it's kind of but I won't be around to view and enjoy the hangover. Three wooden awesome trilogy, Todd Phillip, Don't make anymore hangovers after the third takes away the originality of its foundation world. Rosie looks good in the walking dead season. Three second half looks intriguing day. I am gonna. Miss sharp Hillary Clinton, to make one hell of a president two thousand and sixteen much like her husband bill, could be one of the greatest looking Castro in San Antonio is a running mate or possibly secretary of State he's good people, and I have faith and confidence in him. Look after bill. He was always my favorite Chelsea grew up to be one element: attractive woman, no disrespect to her husband, no, not ok, Gov
Christy. What can I say, you're the only person I would like to see in the White House in twenty sixteen other than Hillary, your Americas know schitt. Taking uncle do one thing for your wife, kids and supporters start walking, and I did eat a little less, not a lot less, just a little that we want to see you around for a long time. Your leadership is greatly needed off the record. I love you Eubanks. Mrs Obama, I didn't vote in this last election. Is my choice of candidate John Huntsman didn't win the primary candidacy first party. Anderson Cooper, stop nagging your guests. Do you Christopher You impress me inglorious bastards. After viewing Django unchained, I was sold Dave Brubeck's. Take five, is the greatest piece of music ever period, HANS, Zimmer, William Bell, Eric Clapton, B, DOT B, king
Bob Marley, SAM Cooke, Metallica, Rob Zombie Norah Jones, Marvin, Gaye, Jay, Z and King Louis Armstrong are musical prodigy Larry David Kevin Hart, the late, Patrice O'Neal LISA Lampanelli Chris Rock Jerry Seinfeld LU, CK, Dave, Chappelle, Jon Stewart Wanda, Sykes, Dennis Miller and Jeff Ross are pure genius is I'm big fan all your work. Lyri. David, I agree. Seven thousand two hundred and eighty two degrees is the way is way too hot in the residence. Sixty eight degrees is perfect. It is so weird, and that is that's only a few that is, I would say about one slash three of the shout outs that he gives high man just got shot in Jeff, Roger Buddy, Jeff, Ross, gotta shut up now remember when it happened 'cause. It was only at the time, and I was with Jeff. It was like me Eddie and Jeff hanging out. I literally just like just gotta shut up from Dorner.
Overall Laguna mainly fight it, and we have one more here Henry I actually loved her Netflix Special there's talk about it. Yeah I gotta say sport. Would you do with the characters? It was our racist, you're, obviously playing a character. I got appreciate that sometimes you step out of line in order to keep the rest of us in line again corner. The Dorner cannot corner that. Well, you can yeah, you can shoot himself or you burn down the building on fire. Like he's a guinea pig in Indonesia, and we got one last guy that we don't really have the time to come, because we really did him for a fuckin' two episodes. We did two episodes, we did TED Kaczynski and TED another reasonable man. He makes a couple of good points about the the emergence of technology and society and how it's taking us further from being human every year that Those by TED Kaczynski's manifesto gets just a little bit more true, but the problem with it is that it is the most boring
thing. I've ever read my light is second, but this is one I want. Let's, let's have Kessel read one of the more scintillating paragraphs for some reason that came in today and they're like Kissel you're, going to read TED Kaczynski and do it like Kissel, and so I don't know what that means right. So, Let's see here so he uses a lot of large words. So maybe that maybe that existential ISM is in a large part maybe is, in large part, a response to the purple purpose. This of modern life. Very spread in modern society. So is the search for fulfillment, but we think so is this but you cut it up all wrong. Marcus is the searching fulfillment, but we think that for the majority of people in activity whose main goal is fulfillment, that is, a surrogate activity does not completely does not bring complete.
Be satisfactory fulfillment. In other words, it does not fully satisfy the need for the power process, see paragraph forty one, so I feel like there's a joke on me. It's fucking difficult to shift and it's boring as fuck it he was stinky is the best. Did you feel you really do when you read it you you feel, like you wandered into the wrong college course, but you feel like you wanted. Professor, that really loves the sound of his own voice. Here like week, six and there's a yeah you're way past the point of being able to drop the class and now you're, just stuck with Professor Kaczynski all so I'll get a bunch of Facebook map. Boomkin read. Well, you know what bank in we all know the Marine radio, when it does very good, he does a whole podcast where he sounds very smart Abe, Lincoln's top hat yeah. No, I do a bunch of podcasts yeah,
that's, the one, I would say, you're, probably the most smart on. So I like politics, Hedrick. I know you do it. I apologize that's our manifesto he's. I guess I've spent the last two days reading manifestos right. Well, you know we do this every every episode of of something I guess where it's just piles of nonsense, I'm mentally exhausted yeah I a hard time understanding because also Becaus there at the height of either schizophrenia or mental anguish. They're, not written, very well, no, no they're, absolutely not their disjointed a lot of times the rambling, a tech Texas. You worked on his for years. Too long. The way way too long, he thought well, it was all he had to do a, but these as you really do, you read this stuff and your brain turns to mush, speaking of which,
gotta as say a big. Thank you to make an Fiero research assistant, who actually read TED Kaczynski's manifesto and gave us quite a few choice. Clips from and some choice eggs are for hits. Boris is just way too boring and so I want to thank her for taking the bullet on them and I also want to think research assistant, Alice, Bennett, who did a lot of great work on this. The research distance of really been killing it lately. Two have already died. They actually have it's really sad. He died that japanese death, where they're just too exhausted from work yeah exactly death by overwork thanks thanks for the research assistants that have really been helping us out a lot lately, I'm going to tell you this, you know what also you don't have to kill. Get manifesto out of your system. Go ahead, write a manifesto.
In your drafts. Your email is keep. It appears. Equally jk Rowlings was starting to manifesto. It turned into Harry Potter turn into a lovely book for kids. Yes, so right so writing manifest. So here's a couple of things that you can start with a couple of topics like this like to start with, so you gonna, give me some prompts yeah. Here's to all those who didn't believe in me. That's a good one to go to one of my own, the Personal revolution, good things going any other one is I'm taking you all with me. Alright yeah banish right along those themes and then save an address when you get out of your system, yeah get it out of your system and then, after that maybe try to. I don't know like oh trying to convert your manifesto into a concept album or go to a bowling alley, do that, I think so on. We now Thank you guys so much for listening and supporting the Patris on page of course, then yeah patron dot com slash last podcast on the left, uh we're getting
really close to our goal of ten thousand a month and of course, as we said, if we get that ten thousand a month, then pretty much like that everything will be self sufficient. It paid for itself, we will be able to make last podcast top priority in speaking with which will be able to take a lot more live, shows and speak in which God damn. We've got so many live shows all across America. Coming up this summer, the big one that we got right now is LOS Angelus, you're, coming to LOS Angeles on July 16th, we're going to be at the Crest Westfield Theater doing uh showing an live commentary of one of the best horror movies that has ever existed an one of the first horror movies that has ever existed. Hacks,
all right before that we got to go to my wonderful land of the Midwest, we're going to Chicago Gaga yeah we already sold out the first show we added a second show. It's going to be our children's matinee. Now that it's children's matinee in name only understand what it is that we do and what is it? Do you if you bring a child, your yeah on you yeah, that is absolutely on. You retain your child. Okay, I don't mean sockets, call right our indication of how our show is remember that when you, if you do, have a child, but just Google last, but I don't have the exact the exact information right now, just Google last podcast. Unless Chicago tickets and you'll be able to find us there if you want tickets for a lot and endless show get those. We are close to selling out that show and by the way that some showing it's going to be our own cut and
I'm going to be doing a custom soundtrack for that movie, because it's a silent. It's really, though, I'm super excited for that. We're going to start work on that real. Soon. It's going to be a real and I we're going to have a band play before hand called the real players that just sent him a list of a ton of different, really cool songs from horror movies. There are to work on it. I've made sure to put some maiden in there. They said they can't fucking handle you do it evil men do other gonna do run to the hills, but I can also get him to do what evil men do. What about Sarah Mclachlan in the
terms of the angels. You know I lost my virginity to Sarah Mclachlan. You did yeah, it wasn't. My choice, girl, the girl that I was when she was a college freshman. I was a junior in high school and she thought she wanted to make it special for me, angels, at your fucking, a dead woman, I was going to say a crying dog. I mean this was this was one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight ninety or she sold it to the yeah before she sold today, sold out his cell after the really I mean she's, making bank off of that totally sold out, but the life shows you've got. We can't announce him just yet because they're not officially booked, but we've got some really cool shared all over the country. Comma, follow us on Instagram LP on the left. You can follow me on Instagram at Doctor Contest DE, I know Kissel as that of your new about it. I'm I'm This is that Marcus Parks, yeah and you can also listen to my music- show the lucky bone show. If you go to a mix cloud dot com, slash markets park yeah, you can buy me on
I've been cancel. I mean I am on. Instagram at Ben gets a one. I just forgot my password. I don't want to get it. You got to read to change a password, then the yeah I mean ever got I mean you can just click a button says forgot password. They send your new password, you're yeah, we're where my sending it to your email. It says a lot of how I'm on Twitter at Henry loves. You I'm also full me on Snapchat, I guess you're doing Snapchat I sent out like three of am, which was out. I don't know how it is out and I don't really care it's totally out. Yeah. All these comedians are saying like. Oh, I guess I gotta get on Snapchat. Now, it's out you guys. Are you missed the boat? Great I don't want to. I like Instagram, and if you want your very own last podcast on the left teacher, go to cavecomedyradio dot com, slash merch the data shows is the last live show thanks. So much for everyone who came out to the creek in the cave is wonderful show, and everyone is always incredible and for supporting all the shows here on c c r. We are crushing it marks. I do It's not bad, as mentioned. That's politics so fun this year round, table of gentleman get drunk with your,
a section of the human activities, seven sex in the human activities, where I elaborate more on those weird things I was talking about earlier. Without thinking I people could read my thoughts. It's a mental health advice. Show I'm qualified to give it because you one hundred percent, say pale yourself and also a page seven. This last few weeks and the next week or so Henry is guesting on page seven, with his sister, Jackie and and it's cute, it's cute, it's cute and fun. We're talking celebrity news end up getting too real on it.
You too real to page seven, and I get conspiracy talk and then you and Jackie look at me like I'm, like I'm crazy. Well, I bring it back to the center. Any any good you see news say use is doing fine good, he's a lot, a lot more live in print, the friends, Heil Game, I'll gain, hail me Hale, say a big, a constellation, hey believe in yourself, okay, except except for you to go out and kill, then just stop never believe in yourself. When it comes to crime, they got it but shows, like the one you just listen, to go to comedy radio dot com.
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