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Episode 227: The Hillside Stranglers Part III - You Can Call Me Steve

2016-06-10 | 🔗

The story of the Hillside Stranglers story comes to an end with Ken Bianchi in the spotlight, from his bungled final murders to the strange tale of hypnosis and fakery that followed.

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There we go, I'm back in nineteen. Ninety shoes are the best I did like our caller conversation, though green is my favorite color, because I think it's ugly, which is very sad and you would like a brown markets because you like dirt dirt. That's what you like anything model like bill underneath the moon all right, my favorite color is a boy was purple because of will be Goldberg what I wanna say: the color yeah a movie about race. You know, I don't know about about yeah I mean it was it like that was the first real movie show time it doesn't say in the cut. The show description right, place, ointment Miller who will be go over is a part of this wonderful tale of race and family all right. So there you go over one little insight into why we have our favorite colors right going to continue what, with the hillside, stranglers run episode. Three things just get. I mean it never gets good. I don't have to
I think you're always gotta bad. Their antics never got funny. No- and you know what I watch- Butch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid and you watch it and you're like those and those antics are just charming. I love to see them up gone with the ladies and with the bank tellers money, but the hills. Stranglers are just bastards yeah Yeah, there's no Sundance kid to lighten the mood, but if they were just a little bit more handsome guy and they did on the guy, that was the rapist that what had the mug shot that came out today said the world's hottest fell and then he got was released from jail. He went out in contract in LOS Angeles, California, he wasn't a burglar or he wasn't a rapist. He was a burglar. Burglar is the first step towards breakfast. Ok, whatever I put in this summer, I am confirmed big and tall.
The model. I did the shoot this Tuesday just want to make that clear, congratulations and we're all very proud of is, if you like, struggling against the boa constrictor or you like snuggling against you, like growing mangrove trees. As being like see the giant face the forest, there was amazing, all the other models were very in shape, and that morning I finished finished off my Papa John's pizza yeah. So it was a different kind of model or or right up to I'd like to make a small correction to the end of the last episode. Now, according to a uh, potential source of mine. Sean Bianchi is not the real name of KEN Bianchi son. I once right here out of respect for the guys privacy, I won't tell you- is real name street brewery, but after checking birth records in California, I discovered that donkey. Son was actually born nine days after the murder of Cindy Hudspeth, the last victim of Bianchi and bono. So that means that KEN was actually present at the birth of his son,
not out killing a woman at Angelo's upholstery shop. As we said at the end Whatever wow, he must have been a really good guy, then yeah, I'm gonna, say he's father of the year of the year, at any rate, on February 17th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the hillside, strangler murders, ended just as abruptly as they began. The partnership almost certainly continued indefinitely. As we know, killers don't stop killing until they're caught, but Kens reckless this and his increasing love of publicity caught bono to cut ties with this cozen completely well after super rash murder that they did basically of Bianchi grabbing a woman inside of bono's upholstery shop and murdering her right. There, bono apparent took a gun out of his office. I went with I read
I'm going to say that sort of a Charles NG meets Deputy Dewey from scream. He is that's how I would describe bono, so bono was the brains behind the operation. He was the one who kept kins enthusiasm for lack of a better word in check, making sure he never took too many risks and the impromptu murder at bono's upholstery shop told Angelo that KEN was not someone that he could work with any well, he was like the brains kind of like you minds me of Jago, the Parrot from Aladdin and that Bianchi was sort of like one of the hyenas from the lion king. Bringing back Whoopi Goldberg on that will be Goldberg's got a lot to do with this case. The color purple. That's right, so he sort of the head coach behind the whole thing. Oh yeah yeah he's the one that keeps Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen from choking each other. Oh wow not see that sexy yeah. It was kind of sexy now, even though it might have been a smarter idea to keep king close, where bono could keep an eye on him. Angela,
dislike can so much and wanted him out of his life so much that he convinced donkey, to leave LOS Angeles and join his wife Kelly in Bellingham Washington, where she had recently moved wanting escape the CD streets of LOS Angeles, Bellingham WA does sound like the place where every house comes with its own butler yeah. It sounds like a very wealthy place, which means it's probably extremely poorly time. Would you like some eggs? They won't let me see it's a town of about like four hundred thousand in rural Washington, okay, yeah yeah in Washington yeah. We all think Seattle super hip now watch ten and organ just read, buried after you get out of the city's mountain people. Yeah rednecks white supremacist go see green room for a good, an actual good Rep
and what happens out in the wilds of Washington and Oregon. I thought Kelly moved to Washington because she just didn't know what to do with that: tossed salad, no scrambled eggs, love Fraser Community. That was the other big move to Seattle. This is covered. Who did this before I like, but I like getting into this into the Fraser Choker this episode? Yes, this is actually true the dog from Fraser made one hundred thousand dollars an episode, the dog itself. Yet I didn't fill out it's W2. No, I don't want to paw print out. It was a nightmare for accounting. Now. It's far as we know, bono never killed again after Kim Bianchi left town and it is actually very likely that bono never killed anyone. It seems as if this murder spree with KEN was almost just a lark to Angela,
just another way to explore his sadistic urges without having to take the last step necessary to get away with the kind and no holds barred brutality. These two participated in yeah, I'm I'm here now little the kill, and it's done when I really thought you'd get into with some kind of been a passion of mine for a really long time. Getting the facts of that you're going to start building your own battle bot, which would be a bill with a really good idea. I like the wedge ones because they were possible. Then I'll, go that's a good point. Whoever made the ladybug one was ridiculous. By the way I mean, if you do, that sort of brutality. If you have, if you do that sort of kidnap and torture, you have to Victim like that, so that's something you have to do it and only of a living witness. You cannot leave a living. Witness and bono couldn't do it like he just can't he was not a killer. He was a monster, but I don't think he was a killer
for was the killer he ought to, but he just kind of went back to the other. We kind of went back to his roots and also we see the trends and cycle a cycle path, the right where he was bored by the process after awhile yeah there. He completely lost interest, but KEN he turn his life around completely upon reuniting with his wife and son in Bellingham, and for eleven months can held a job at the coastal security agency as a security guard where his bosses and the customers
loved him and made him the most requested member of the crew. But I have some other information that says that Kenny during that time was doing a little be dabbling back in two shady. He was allowing himself to build back up, which is a lot of these murders to happen again with that. He started offering photography like sessions for models, anything that you want to do. Nude shots of women and then, with another woman, reported that he asked her if you could be her pap, so he was a security guard, Slash Boshin Fashion photographer. I see the postion football for Tiger because that's what it is. It's a it's f! O! U F! A! U x S, h I'll you with a false yeah. I will say that does make you a serial killer. Yes, a postion photography to fit your security guard, slash bad! Yet, no you but his suppose. It good behavior would not last long for a January, Eleventh nineteen, seventy nine Bianchi would commit
a crime that would shock the small town of Bellingham Washington and bring the case of the hillside stranglers to a close. Was not handles during all of them. He would add something funny and and nerdy and quite a day to say what it yeah. He wasn't gay. Well, he was, he was told a me that Karen Mandic a twenty two year old student new and had made friends with Kim Bianchi during his time as a security guard at the department store, were Karen worked and as far as she knew he was friendly popular doting, loving father. He talked about his kid consulates, and everyone said about him is that he was a doting father that he loved his son. It's a great cover. First serial killer. It's an amazing cover! First year, okay, we saw the same thing with b t K. Of course everyone hated him out on is a dog catcher runs, but back home like we actually know somebody who knew
Dennis Rader. She was friends with one of Dennis Rader's daughters and said that yeah he was out and about. He was always the fun guy the barbeque. He was the guy whose job it was to strangle dogs, yeah, terrible person. Yeah he's the worst, but he had a great cover. That's why I don't trust any of these helicopter parents. You see all around green points, yeah just bail. Kim got a hold of Karen and told her that he'd gotten a job, repairing an alarm system at a house out, side of town, and he wanted to see. If she wanted to help out on the job, she would House sit while He took the alarm away to be repaired
all normal job, fairly normal job yeah. All you gotta. Do you guys sit there, keep an eye on thing. Anybody could have done it. Anybody else was. I just ran a woman that you met, that you constantly tell her what a loving father you are probably in Sydney with you kind of want to take her out on a date. I mean you know, but she kind of laughed it off a little bit thinking he just to go for that in exchange, for that Kim would pay her to hundred dollars uh almost four hundred dollars in today's money, the only stipulation that can had was that Karen, was not to tell a single soul where she was going or what she was doing. Interesting yeah seems kind of like a warning sign anything work, I just don't fall, can kill anybody which you are what you do here. Ok, I'm going to go. I gotta get a barber to my son, he's just the cutie patootie care. Just a little bit suspicious asked if she could bring her, friend dye wilder a large agreed
which you look like are not not not That means anything to me, but it's a bushel fuckbook like ok, disturbingly disturbingly, and he told them to meet him outside the house later that night, around seven o'clock, Karen and Diane pulled up to the darkened house where KEN came out to meet him. Now Karen went in with Kim first, where she as she was walking down the steps to the basement with strangled from behind by Bianchi and can return an let Diane inside where she met the same fate, just never want your last moments to be scared, walking down a flight of stairs going Karen Karen. Are you here Aaron? It is
nightmare situation. I just call the cops. I always go people poop first thing and then even if even if Kissels just asleep next to refrigerator right, I know that he's safe down in the down in the basement. When I go down, there always make sure if you're walking in front of somebody that the person behind you as their shoelaces in their shoe, yes, always check their shoes for the license scream at their shoes. If you go, if you're going you're going with a man alone in a building that you don't know where you're going, what are you doing? You gotta follow him that a bunch of steps down the basement just turn: after you kill them Are the two bodies back into Karens Karen's car drove it? You are called a sack wife, the car clean of his fingerprints and walked back to his truck, but KEN with out the supervision of his mentor. Angelo bono left a trail of clues behind that would get him arrested less than twenty four hours later. You learned nothing.
And absolutely nothing. First of all, Karen had not kept her promise to not tell anyone where she was going that night. She let her boyfriend know, or who is heading and who she was going to meet. Furthermore, and it also called up the woman next door to the murder scene. Older to not go anywhere near the house that night as armed guards were patrolling the scene. Of course, the nosy neighbor node Karen's car that night and called police. When an apb went out with the description of Karen's green mercury bobcat, I just feel like How is the boyfriend of this woman Karen? I would have grown a five o'clock shadow picked up a smoking habit and immediately become a detective in an Oldsmobile, as I would have just followed the car in the street, where you going it's so funny. I hang up I like phone booths. For some reason it's only raining above you know the police working with
his boss, who is in a complete and total state of disbelief that KEN could be involved in anything anything Crim much less murder. They arrested Kim later that afternoon and can put on such a good show that even the arresting officer was convinced that the real killer had use KEN's name as an Alias they put together a really interesting case, MOA his boss at that job, really east this together because when they showed up at Bianchi's house he they asked us to. Basically they want to know his whereabouts of where the hell he was like during the time when these women disappeared- and he said he was at a sheriff's recruitment center meeting, some like some weird police, Sheriff's reserve meeting, yes, and so he went and he was like so most it's like you know what of things are not working out with this guy, because at this point it's like he was well loved at the security center, but they he was a loud mouth
he was always talking up shop and he was like always like he would introduce himself as an a rank that did not exist all the time he called himself captain and so like all of the shape of the security. So yeah, that's what the guy my bodega calls me. It was a captain at straight. I think he thinks you're a police officer. You might so. His somoa put he's a colonel feeling. I think there's something like fishy about what can he's talking about. So we called the sheriff's reserves and asked, if Kenny showed up to that meeting, and he didn't they were like. Well, what do you do to now? There piecing things together. The cops call mall would be like we need to bring him in, but we think you may be like a dangerous guy if he committed these crimes, he's very, very dangerous and so MO a fake to call go to Kenny and said: hey go check out the security desk at that is unmanned, its own. This, like remote part of this parking lot, and so Kenny went out there to check it and a cop was there with his gun out and they arrested him and then Kelly
was a course called in for questioning as well and having no idea whatsoever of her husband's duplicitous. Nature gave police the go ahead to search their house. A fatal mistake for KEN on Kelleys part of first of all cops found, a cache a of expensive telephones which can in stolen from houses and all he did have some other stolen objects, the vest. Majority was expensive telephones. Well I mean you never know when you got to make a call, that's good. I mean I guess so yeah, but you could. Of course you all you need is one eight. How do you relate back? Okay, phones? Now I actually do you have to say I can see you've been in a situation where you are stressed, and you say, I'm going
the telephone room do not bother me for thirty minutes. I never interrupt Kenny when he's in the telephone room had none of the phones are connected to any sort of wires, but yet he's always having conversations with somebody, but he also had a cabinet full of canned crab meat. That's also true habit and cop got hit with a bumbling pile of cans of crab meat, damn it. This is where one of those times in my life, where I just feel like. Why do I both of those things like kind of like I could see Kelly at one point, making some sort of crab dip and suddenly I'm out of crab meat. I really need to go to the store. Call Kenny sitting there like knowing. He has a whole habit into crab meat, but not telling her just being like yeah. He should step up to the store or something yeah yeah boy right there give me a couple of mangos yeah, maybe some more crab meat. Now, as far As the crime itself went, police also found a scarf belonging to Diane and welder in Bianchi's apartment and when police
search the murder scene. A single pubic, hair belonging to Kim Bianchi was found on the stairs conclusively linking to the crime. Now you were really looking for pubic, hair, yeah yeah, that's what you gotta do My house there everywhere yeah you do seem like a p b. Do I strike at all? I do what I gotta do. I maintain I've learned to maintain yeah. I yeah you have to your hairy guy last call. The thing is that, with between the back here, my pubic hair- I don't know what here's or what the thing is that my back here am a pubic hair are both going to come out. If I'm in a struggle yeah, I feel they could next sort of like a person wearing a onesie. Officially. This is, this is probably an appropriate to say, but they are now can grow from my beard to my chest, hair and from my back here to my head here, I am legitimately I have maybe two inches of body that are on covered with hair. You were becoming like Stephen King was in that horror. Short re became a bush
I think it was a dark side or something on the exact opposite? I only have like two square inches of my body that actually has hair on it right, we might have heard that look at seal. They found you said there are a couple of different interpretations concerning the motivations behind the Bellingham murders. It could be the mode Asian was just as simple as can not being able to keep his murderous impulses under control after eleven months of not killing but another way of looking at it is that KEN may. Committed the murders as a way to impress Angelo bono or to prove to Beaumont bono. Prove to himself that he could commit and get away with murder just fine without his cousin, when the police a Bellingham examine the bodies of the two young women, the hills strangler murders were the first thing to pop into his mind, see the chief was friends with the father of one of the.
Victims of the hillside, stranglers back in LOS Angeles, so the guy was intimate with the details of the case so investigators through interviews with Kelly Boyd, began digging into kins past and now only had KEN lived at the tamarind apartment buildings. At the same time, the call girl had been murdered, their Kelly, also I told him because they didn't have a phone at their apartment, can often made and took all of his phone calls at the local public library, where the call to lure the girl to the vacant apartment was made So I will say it you mean I, I know it's it's ten murders end, but it does seem like the cops. Are okay in this situation, they're actually trying to do some real detective work. I mean that's the that we said that in the last episode, like the cops, both in LOS Angeles and Bellingham, like they did a hell of a job, they did the best they could with what they had. They also they worked across state lines. They worked across different jurisdictions, the cops actually This is one of those cases where the cops actually did do pretty
No, no in Bianchi did a good job of day. Did I mean, did a horrible job of covering up their tracks as well? But that's how good the police work was is that they took all of these little pieces of information and kept them together. That's where that's, where taskforce really works yeah when you have like the walls of information like you see in and and true crime show nowadays, were you see, like all the yarn across different maps, that talking just nabbed real good yeah. We're not talking about the hot dog squad here. Right now like this is an actual, like LOS Angeles, major Metropolitan police department. That actually knows what they're doing on a police is also discovered that KEN had lived on Garfield Ave where to the stranglers victims were last seen and after revelations cops search, the Bianchi House. Further, and found a ring belonging to Yolanda Washington, which linked can conclusively to the hillside, strangler murders as well, and this
is right. Here doesn't have a whole lot to do with the case, but cops also found a pair of underpants and attack owl that KEN had been masturbating into for months. They were both harden and soaked from what was probably dozens, if not hundreds of load, wait a second, I know you're arresting me and I know you're keeping in the cell. I know your best getting my home right now tell me you didn't take my jerky clubs. Yeah did you take my turkey 'cause I've been working or not give any idea how hard it is to keep her shirt together for nine months of shooting webs into it. I believe I just feel bad for the detective who has to pick it up for the first time. What is this? This is the stuff squirrel. Oh no, look at this incredible paper. Mache project Bianca was working on me like what is that so that's kind of salty and, like maybe like kind of salt water taffy, that's like bleach
I know that smell that smells like my husband that spot you're going to want to go to the doctor yeah. You guys ever seen those pictures a like the calm boxers are the box. You know on the internet were like the guy, the guy that jerks off in his boxer shorts for like a year now, and so I got like a kind of a pool, but it's also like sort of no longer see a little bit. Absolutely not nope, never I'm with Henry on this one, because you want to know no all right back. Let me just get to the subject at hand and even more bizarrely, they also found an old taxidermy rabbit that can used as a sex toy of some kind on the regular. Now, do you ever the story? Velveteen rabbit, we see to it that he's like the sometimes that love can. They can keep make you alive it
yeah. I think that that velveteen rabbit lives like one of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng M, a girl, so what's the what's, We use this with a woman. No, no! No! This is still a woman who was screaming. She saw Dolo time. This was kins alone time. This is like crab meat in his rabbit afternoon, Iphone eating crab meat fuckin' a stuffed rabbit, while is Kelly Kelly. Just mowed the other room without you, sick from being pregnant wow Kelly speaking to Kelly, wanted cricket on a black and white. Looking television yeah, you can interrupt a man's alone time. You can't judge a man alone time you can't speaking of Kelly. She was so nothing. I just just picture MIKE City, the city to it on a chair in a room, fake, answering phones, looking at the stuff rabbit be like I'm government employee of the crewmen
it's better than him murdering girls yeah. He just did that. We would have to do this podcast about him. That would be a secret shame that only he would know about it's more horrifying than than Gesees garage Kelly. She starting to realize they'd can is in jail for the long haul, so she he brought up kenz cancer and he been keeping this whole cancer thing going. He was I think, on what maybe year two of the the cancer story, but soon discovered that there was no record whatsoever of KEN having any kind of cancer, even though he had brought report forms from the hospital Kelly Kelly brought. These were boards The cops are like. No, no, he has cancer. Look, look! Look! He has these, forms to form say it. I mean he's gaining weight and I noticed him at the gym and he did a fifty pull ups the other day, but these
form says he has. It must be true, and what can have been doing? Is he being who is in the hospital wandering around he'd, been stealing forms. Forging his own name on the reports and win can was questioned about this by Kelly. He said he had no memory of any of it forms a very confused if you could walk around the hospital for three hours a day, stealing forms, and no one kicked him out. Now he only women like once every couple weeks. You know not spittle, they got face blindness, they don't pay attention. Yeah, everybody said for a pre corpse in a hospital yeah, and also he was Patch Adams thing. It was not around goofing around in the nurse's making the kids Lafayette of like if they all thought he was a lab. After is the medicine that heals these children and that doctor, if he even isn't a doctor is Ado after all of his balloon animals just looked like knives, they stab liquor step step.
The whole amnesia thing that wasn't the only that wasn't just a line that he gave to Kelly when cops started, questioning him about the murders in general because they had ample evidence both from going HAM and LOS Angeles can even when faced with a mountain of evidence, denied remember any of it actually happening so after being examined by a forensic psychiatrist. It was recommended that can undergo hypnosis what he did though, is he did quickly lawyer up. He went very quickly when he got arrested. He had a lawyer there. All time saying. Don't don't speak, don't talk to these guys. Not no doubt don't speak, you lawyerly, don't speak. It would be unprofessional for him to sing. Don't speak
a interrogation with police officer yeah totally I mean unless of course they want. He wanted to be. Let go immediately great, album great song, tragic cases by defense, attorney Gwen Stefani. You could tell by your wonderful midriff and dipped a troop of japanese girl. She brought with it. I'm still upset the Gavin Rossdale broke up with tell me about Jesus Christ. Listen to paid so far for more on Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. And what is she doing? Blake shall issue. I love go! Listen to paid seventeen come here here, dot com, the first expert. On hypnosis that they called and was Doctor John Watkins, the past president of the society for clinical and experimental hypnosis an the past president of the hip, Gnosis division of the American Psychological Association, Arkan Portree want to sleep when they do anything that I want
In the Lord of Hypnosis out scarified, you met a doctor walking around just being. Like you know, it's funny you want. The budget papers in on time are, can make you walk like my a great Vegas. The first session took place on March 21st, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine Watkins explained to KEN that We could use hypnosis to maybe fill in some of the gaps in his memory. Anken was on board one hundred and ten yeah. Let's do it yeah and after a brief exploration of KEN's childhood Doctor Walkens ACT asked to speak to only a part of KEN rather than KEN as a whole and doctor walkins referred to this part as part asking him. Would you talk with me? Part by saying I'm here. So KEN slump down and answered, and a deep more surly voice, saying I'm not kidding
the psychiatrist asked him. Who can was he said? Well, you could call me, Steve very clever Steve was a demonstrably different character than the mild mannered can Bianchi. He was nasty short tempered and aggressive add an extreme dislike for can who he called an as he's a user. I s c soft. Do you feel about your thumb at me? So he's an you guys got any Bogart. I like the old guard. I can score directly into my throat I'm like can who can handle quarter of gogurt. Can you can you but see wow, but it wouldn't be long before Steve was confessing to as many hillside strangler murders as he could implicate. Angelo the whole way, with very
little prompting. Did you start talking about these murders? Steve said in walked in on his cousin Angelo Angelo, had a girl over and can walked in on the middle initial killing his girl, whose Angelo I He knows somebody somebody knows. I don't know him you're. Definitely dumbest person, I've ever put to sleep, hey, I'm Steve Steve, Please call me Steven. The Steve went on to claim that it was at this point. Walked in on Angela, murdering the girl that he went from being just in the background of kids. Mine to taking over can compete lately forcing him to commit murders, while the soft hearted Pekin could only look on in horror when asked about the vacations for the murder, Steve said now: it's nothing wrong with
one because it was like get back at Karen's mother. You hear yeah yeah and he said that when he killed it felt like he was killing his mother, and when asked why he hated women. Steve said they hurt. That's, Ok, so Steve instead, don't understand, he's putting on a fake voice telling Steve right, but it's just such a this strange name to choose. Steeler Steve well, we'll find out later why he chose the name Steve. What is it wanted? His like his name is Raven STAR that you could make up any name and he went with Steve not listening to what can is talking out here. You might think that can not only had my level of self awareness, but also and understand, king of serial murder long before such a thing was widely studied. But the truth of the matter is a combination of factors
first can have a large collection of psychology books in his own personal library outlining the exact types of behavior. That KEN was also, he wanted to be a cop for a long time and he was training to be a cop and he wanted to sound like he knew what he was talking about. Two cops, so that's good! You would hang out with them all. How big was this guy's house he's got a phone room door rabbit in the nineteen seventies, everyone was given a three room house, just the three bedroom house, just off the yeah that and the I do you feel like I feel by what's his name. Branding comes like Frampton comes alive, yeah the issue in the suburbs with season the tide. Yes, that's winds were oh, that's it! The other thing, that KEN's lawyer had compiled a report on KEN's childhood detailing all those incidents that we talked about in the first episode and KEN, of course,
I'd gotten his hands on that report prior to the hypnosis session, so can pretty much. He had a full on education on the in the stuff before he went in thanks to learn now. The original investigating detective in the strangler case was present at this first hypnosis set set hypnosis session, and one word down in his notebook bulshit, that's unfair! If you are detective, though you are rational minded person specifically in this case, you have to watch this and just be livid. They were, I mean full time with us even know now, you're Steve you fucking Idiot, because this whole time he kept saying I don't remember- I don't remember I don't remember. They said the term that was abused, blowing smoke into the case where you were saying this shit and then, when he came out as Steve. All of these cops were. Sitting here, because it's either it's set for classic thing of like this man is back sadly, faking a multiple personality disorder right. He is either a moron that need
be hung in front of Three one: four: this man is do even sicker and dumber than we even the thought. If he was you, is he too dumb for trial be concerned about now yeah, but I mean that the cops all right through it, but the psychiatrist, specifically Doctor walkins. He was like boom multiple personality disorder that would make his career exactly. He sees this story unfolding just like our contracts, bring a proper, multiple personality disorder into the fold. Will be seen as the geniuses. I am yeah he's like satellite he's like Doctor Loomis from Halloween yeah exactly and these guys were back in on each other, because this first at that first guy you're walking, he could say I used hypnosis to bring this multiple personality out and this
x, guy, Ralph Allison. His whole thing was well. I can use this as a. He was a multiple personalities expert, any kid, his all things like all right. Well, I can use this as an example of how to break down ego states, because that's what he told can't when he came in, he was second, but when I like all multiple personalities, let's bring in will personality guy and this guy's name is Ralph Allison. He told KEN what we're going to do is going to allow you to speak to Steve, you and Steve have a conversation with each other This is just an incredible. Acting exercise sounds like fucking, like yeah he's in the actors, studio yeah, but the problem with that was that he, this doctor, had to explain to KEN multiple personality disorder in detail, so he pretty which gave him an instruction booklet on how to fake multiple per now the disorder, an with this KEN, had a clear path.
That's true and insanity play, I think, we're over using the term multiple personality disorder. There is nothing more generic than an average white dude and now he's just going from KEN to Steve, see through the same personality yeah. It should, His name should be like in Guana yeah who child you know. I killed them. Girls be cause. I hate him shoes. Now we have a multiple personality right now, I'm just seeing the same white dude with a different name. I suffer for in this. In this context, I suffer from multiple personality disorder. What's your other name, but I have thousands of other names. I hate Maine. What they said is that they, like Kim and Steve were caricatures your character. As of two different personalities. That KEN was the ultimate good and stay. Eve, was the ultimate evil that it was too close way to clean. It was very, very clean and the other problem with KEN doing the insanity plea, if Kim pled insanity and was found to be not guilty police
had no case against Angelo bono. What however, as the only actual evidence they had, that wasn't circumstantial was the simoni of Kim Bianchi rate can be on? He was declared legally insane. His entire testimony would be inadmissible and bono would go free. Meanwhile, he's just stand around literally in front of his pull three shops flipping his core, the pack of cigarettes rolled up his sleeve only did he's crazy. He's nobody's talking any that I do right did regardless can ratting out on his cousin, further session revealed just how the two came up with this whole operation and when asked how they decided to kill girls in the first place can, as Steve said, sitting around shooting schitt. Ask them hey, kill anybody. He thought he was
out of his days. He didn't get anything of it. He said I don't know why Why do you wanna Know- and I said, well I don't know what is. You feel like, and he said. Well, I don't know, I said hey, you know what we should find out sometime and you know he said: ok, We did a exactly. I'm Steve, not Kenny. This is kind of a funny game money. This kind of funny I like to play with my multi personality disorder, clients, Steve Kolkena, Zhirkov, Jenny, Arafat, junk off. It's actually him calling himself a better coach Kenny. Oh I see yeah. I know how you hate. That name, you blow yourself, because your friend who knows who Steve can blows himself so big, Steve, shouldn't salesman. Ok, you're back 'cause, you don't wanna, hurt cats, feelings and spread the fact that killer
the store, is quite I think we've got what we needed the office space. Also to talk about what did I say when I was like under the nothing in his notepad for calm state. I did just read bullshit no, this right here this that we're about to play isn't actual audio recording of KEN speaking as Steve about him and Angelo murdering women. It's not as
fun is my version. No! Alright! Let's go you want to know which ones see. I got your cake. Ok, why don't know which ones Angelo and I did a way you wanna think I'm not going to tell you huh huh. I don't know what he's gonna tell me or not my decision. Isn't it like you said right. You know that you don't have to take credit for any of them. Even longer. Hey man, it doesn't bother me any like you know. I told you killing abroad, doesn't make difference to me, if you didn't get it, although I don't know
ok, no prob man. They had killed couple days, but what? If you think it is right now I feel her Angelo kilter. They mean the Wagner when Angela killed this broad. I've never seen before. Mark this broad I never seen before hunchback who never saw them at all, though this Brian never seen before Robinson this broad I kill these two Angelo kill Johnson, this one either him or Angelo, killed here's what I've never seen before this product killed. He does say that the taking of I have to say they sound like two people who have been friends for thirty years solely because they sat together at a bar thirty years ago, Norman, like Norman, the mailman from cheers sound like a bakery alcoholic. Do, oh so you're saying so Kenny,
the Fraser and police officers the norm. It is very interesting again the use of the term broad yeah, everybody at demeaning, laying around the turn yeah over and over again yeah, I mean and it's almost like the psychiatrist is never seen a movie or anything because, of course, the cops look at it like that. So obviously fake, he's doing in 1920s gangster voice, while the other guys, just like he's like interesting, like writing it down everything that he says right yeah I mean because all these guys are thinking about is their careers thankfully, the LAPD was not even close to being convinced, because the name Steve might some familiar to those of you who pay particularly close attention to part one. This series homicide detectives back in LOS Angelus, thoroughly unimpressed with Khan's performance up in Bellingham knew an alias was usually based on the personal experience of the person using it in the big break came
when police discovered, Steve Walker, the ecology student, whose name KEN had stolen way back when he was trying to be an amateur psychologist in his pre murdered, it's like it's like the usual suspects, yeah Kaiser, I put it I just I was a bit in the dumbest way possible. You got dumber, he didn't get more, intelligent, yes, yeah, an armed with this back. The sixth and final doctor can would see back in Bellingham was about to discover the true in May of nineteen. Seventy nine, Dr Martin or another well known, expert in hypnosis, who testified at the Patty Hearst trial, discovered another personality hidden in Bianchi's, brain that of Billy, who is apparently the bridge between CAN and Steve.
I did, there is making it all up, they are just making it all up. Yeah! That's what happen. That's a multiple personality disorder. There is, like maybe five cases he also said during this time and while he was sitting in a holding jail, he ordered a copy of Cybill and he watched the three faces of Eve while in jail. He watched all it should read all these books, because in the nineteen seventies, people are obsessed with multiple personality disorder yeah. It was a huge thing in it. You know, of course, it led to the and the multiple personalities thing led to what was it: the the satanic panic book that a you know the multiple personalities they really became a huge phenomenon and people one to believe it was a cool thing and also did vague. The section It sound like m K, alter training which is real, and so then we have like the the. What is
Kane Conspiracy, knowledge at the time that we'll find out later Israel as being sort of like snuck into all of this, like pop culture, psychology of like housewives, their personalities breaking apart and then cheating on her husband's yeah and these ed psychiatrist, like since multiple personalities like the hot playing at the time. Right. If you got a multiple personality case, it was like striking gold. You're gonna have you gonna papers published you, gonna books published you're, going to be brought on television shows. Well, it was. Full personality was the path to the big time right now, we're going to get this stand up, pool and I'm going to name it. This Steve Walker, commemorative pool, so Billy is the bridge between KEN and Steve yeah. Yes, he's the bridge between the two and this is you what he sounded like. I got it from the description of it from serial killers up close and personal. He was a
little boy he was. It was Kenny at the age of nine, not me with hitting me so bad and that Stevie I closed my eyes right so high, all the th that he be there. He said hi do me. He took me out with his friend. I felt really good it's really sad- I mean rape. This model making the voice. Yet his shift from sad to very scary, yes, rather terrible, so dumb, yeah and then Billy eventually, because they started doing they started with age. Regression and Billy started off as a little kid and then eventually he got older and older, but these two personalities were with him throughout his entire life is also not good at voice. Is he's not a voice? Actor yeah he's really bad at see Billy, he was the bridge he was somewhere in between the two Steve or can Who is the saint? He never did anything wrong. He was a loving father. He was a great employee, great friend,
steve- was the sadistic asshole he raped. He killed and you know it's just generally a pox on humanity, Billy, It was like he was the one who lied. He was the one who cheated, but he's always like you know what, never really got on board with the killing, I never really liked all the killing, all that much he's the creepy puppet who sounds like, but you know so it's really interesting. These hit a part of the reason why he came up with the multiple personality disorder in the first place was because his attorney was like you. To find a way to make your exonerate yourself. Then, in a way yeah. What he did was he sat him down and describe the process of what it's like to be hung by the state of and he was like some people go to the gallo screaming on they have to. Come down he's like and if they, if, basically if they screw up the hanging, you're paralyzed and then you choke to death over fifteen minutes yeah
come up with something quick. You know we need it, we need it. We need. It sounds like a record producer literally see. That's the thing is that you know now that Billy was coming out. Doctor or- and he was getting closer to the truth about KEN so called multiple personalities, multiple personalities, because the thing about multiple personalities if they even exist at all, because there is still to this. A lot of debate as to if multiple personality disorder is an actual thing. If they even exist at all there created as a means to deal with extreme stress is usually sexual abuse in childhood and that persona the different personas that are created they're there to defend the dominant psyche. In other words, it's not a voluntary act at all. It's all a stress, related switch. But can was able to switch from personality to personality at the behest of the hypnotist. Furthermore,
and Steve, and, like I said earlier, they were just to clean. They were caricatures of good evil and somewhere in between they weren't. They weren't six personalities at all, it's just like three white guys, and that is one that's cool, one that sucks and It's a rapist murderer right, Daniel Day Lewis, in Lincoln Yeah Multi Daniel Day Lewis, in my left foot Daniel Day Lewis in there will be blood. You choose murderer, he no. He chose multiple personalities over money. Oh yes, money helped. Him choose to do that. Yeah, final nail in the multiple personality coffin came when born told KEN to hallucinate. His lawyer was in the room, didn't prompt him. Just told him hey your Lord in the room. That's it in the keep playing along reached out to shake imaginary lawyers hand the only problem with that is that while subjects under hypnosis can be made to hallucinate people and objects they never physically interact with them?
Finally, somebody was just like, because you know finally worn just sending mean like this is the worst case of fakery. I have seen it long as I actually was. He was like this is like you kind of look down on the rest of the side, cars like what have you people been doing because at this point now, Kenny's in there doing a three ring rings. Three ring fuqing circus show he's like Martin Short doing his like a Broadway show they're coming in with more and more cops are building up. It's kinda like Henry Lee Lucas is the same thing, because Kenny can differ, got a got off from mission yeah, and so now again, it's now shifted to here now I can have attention and this little arena yeah. I know I'm doing I'm playing all these people, the only somebody with some level of reason showed up. It was like it just it's Saturday yeah it alot like Henry Lee Lucas, the Bellingham Police Department really took. They took a shine to Kenny. He was allowed to do. He was allowed to get symbol he was allowed.
Watch movies in the you know, get books he was allowed to correspond with anybody that he wanted to without any sort of supervision whatsoever. He was just going whole hog on everything I know from my father and I Koppel make instant friend. With anyone who wants to listen to their stories. Good point and that's how it goes you just you can be a goal. You do, as we tell ask a cop. What's your worst stories like all right here, you want to hold my gun and so six psychiatrist later and by the way. I don't know if I'd stress that enough six right psychiatrist examine this guy. KEN story finally collapse and his insanity plea was rejected and faced with a mountain of dense, an insanely, detailed confessions can had no choice but to plead guilty and in he made with the LOS Angeles district attorney's office. He avoided the death penalty by testifying against bono and testify
He did for six months, Essentia Lee being biggest pain in the asses. The LOS Angeles criminal justice system would see until Charles Bing took the stand. Two decades later, wow wow He was a showman. After all, he was he really well. I think I would switch from day to day like Intel one day he would. He would actually switch from hour to hour in the He would come in the morning and say like yeah, I killed all these women like I did this. I did that Angelo is there and then he come in in the afternoon. So, like you know what I forgot, I don't remember anymore. It is sort of like going back to family matters when Stefan Urquelle when Urkel would turn into Stephen Erkel. I love those episodes, so I wasn't sure I'd be like oh hell. I hope Steve comes in higher Maqluba when Steve's there, but I do imagine that's even Herkel Steven Orkal would
girls Joker with the plan. Yes, that was actually a stalker situation. If you go back and watch it as it came to rest very dangers, what he was doing to Laura Stephen Oracle. Stever goal is very similar to the the the the Santa Barbara Lady Killer. Guy Stever color had a phone Steve Oracle well he's a lot more is really lucky. She didn't up with a fucking bullet in her her father was a police officer have been worse guns in the house. Well, it's well, one other interesting thing about Kim Bianchi Psyche and as far as attention went but when he was in Bellingham and all of these cops and psychiatrists were fawning over him and giving him everything that he wanted. He was extremely cooperative, he Actually you know he went and he confessed and he cried during the trial or during the hearing. But it's soon as he went down to LOS Angeles for Bonos trial. Nobody gave his shed about him anymore the LAPD they didn't.
Okay them. They didn't give him anything that he wanted. So we pretty which turned into a little teddy baby an refused to cooperate, and that's why he spent six months on the witness stand when he also apparently did to one statement he made is during a We got shipped on the like. I finally get, I dream of being a murder investigator like he's, got because he was investigating his own murder right. His own, where it's like he got to be. You got to play a cop, you well I mean one cool thing about investigating your own murder you'll solve. It You know like 'cause. All you other goehler spin around. Where is the killer? Where is the killer? Oh, it's me this morning at my nose. Look at that got it nailed. It after the longest trial in California history. At that time enjoy. Bono, would be convicted and sentenced to life in prison where he died in two. Into the is still alive and has since decided that he is innocent of all charges and to this day vows to one day, find quote unquote the re
killer o J at the OJ did it. I love that I love the vow to find the real killer. Yeah always yeah, of course, because that is how you would exonerate him. That's how he would be exonerated and there's also a weird epilogue to this story involving a woman named Veronica that I've we're going to get into a future episode. Women who love men who kill a saved his life? That's what she said, because she also brought him the love of Jesus Christ, hello, Jesus Christ, that's after she left him for the sunset strip, strength, but we've gotta type yeah. Well! Well, go that woman has a type but yeah well get into her, possibly and uh a future episode. We don't want to give that one away just yet, but it's a really mustaches yeah loves them
okay. That's a all sides, stragglers all right side, stranglers, another great job of research, Mister Parks and one very well. He did a hell of a lot on this one as well. Thanks to April Bennett, research assistant April Bennett, who really helped a lot on this one as well our first, your research assistance, a full, unfortunately died in, The process of the Aum Shinrikyo episode done forces in memoriam of them. This episode episode. I it's one
I love the big hitters? I love doing these bigger the love researching them on. Sometimes, I feel like all I wish they didn't. Hadn't done this yeah. I always do you even have a show. I would prefer if this doesn't even exist. If there was, if we didn't have. All of that, I thought it would be a. It was aliens in ghosts and big feet and all sorts of other fun stuff. I would love to talk about Sasquatch in random cryptid, so we're gonna, yeah we've got our in our next couple. Episodes are gonna, be real fun, guys check out on Netflix it's for it we used to be. It was a straight to DVD set that you can only get from the back of a magazine. I remember because I had a copy from Moveon magazine when I was a child, and I've always wanted to settle. My mom was just like you discuss Well, you can have an alien book. You already have too many books with Satan's on the cover and you're going to go talk to the priest when the priest just lube in his hands for the other boys. It
ufos best evidence caught only once did on Netflix and it rules? Well, one of them is a helicopter worries over. There is as a result, one or is there a look up. You can see the the the spinners the problem. Is it cold you're thinking about it, he's gotta stop thinking. It was very funny. I actually watched that great series We've got to make a couple of thank yous right now. We've got it say, thank you to Brianna perish for sending us this amazing John Wayne. Gacy illustration only got so good. It's cute guides real to you. It's adorable you can find out she and I checked out her stuff she's. An amazing illustrator you can check her out at Bree ON parish. Dot com, that's too you do it so all orders, it's so bizarre. I didn't even see that is John Wayne Gacy. I thought it was a view. Henry I it is very interesting right now, no we're blending together, who made this picture that would be Aaron. Towns did a real cool picture and a set of playing cards of us
as to real houses for feet and uh if you, let me wear in a really cool little David Bowie out loaded, it really cool, really cool, really cool, really funny games. Really. All years on, you know, I, like me, couple shot out like make shot out. Stevie Chris, who I'd shot all these photos press that we real for life by getting laughed like thing, my girlfriend and because she put a lot of work into that too, and it's fucking worthwhile civic they're both kicked asking if they've been helping us a lot. It's really awesome. I want to
get outta Lord Railman, how how's the weight going you fucking fat piece of Shay leave him alone. He's got he's, got something going. You still sweat your balls off of Baja Mexico. You idiot, I probably got a lot of respect for this is my question. Lord rail, if you're in the Facebook post in the Facebook group fuqing show yourself so we can pants you on the internet, you dumb jail, I'm a follower, I think he's got. A lot of great poise, also want to get a shout out to Baron Corbin AKA, the big breakfast yeah. They actually know him better as the lone Wolf on www dot links all the hash browns. You know he's going to shove your face deep down into a pile of scrambled eggs, good God, I'm getting around. We had the episode soon and, of course thank you, everybody for given to Rr Patris on you go give to our pager pager on dot com. Slash last
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