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Episode 229: Henry Yells At Dave Willis About Aliens

2016-06-29 | 🔗

It's a bonus this week as Henry sits down with Adult Swim's Dave Willis (creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, and of course, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell) as Henry yells about his personal beliefs about aliens, nefarious Men in Black, and saucer game.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last podcast on the left What was everyone? I am vengeance, so that's Marcus Park. This is the last cast on the left? Joel I dish, and it is, I think, we've decided to call it Henry yells at Dave Willis about aliens. This will be, will go for giving you two episodes this week. This is a special one, Dave Willis he's the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger force. Your pretty face is going to Hell, Squid Billy, yes, good billings, and, despite that resume Davis still stay. And by the mind of Zebrowski, so we have been waiting a long time for this can't wait to listen right along with you, 'cause markets, and I haven't
yeah. This is great yeah. I can't wait to hear this thing. What exactly Henry yells at Dave about right, sir, to channel my best enters a browse ski. It out, you know, go get a Garfield told mocha hogs, like a lion dog, do whatever you have to do to put yourself in the mind set that might make Henry kind of makes sense to you, I think he starts to make a lot of sense to you. Go to the doctor. Go to the doctor immediately. You've lost your mind. Alright, she gave it yeah. To listen more, let let's give it over to intervene. Dave, hello, blisters, less by guess, left. I am a day Willis's home which is at what is the address five, nine six. He has two lovely children, a beautiful wife. We leave honorable here on the hill in Atlanta and it's so nice and your we're doing,
Your pretty face is going to Hell season three. As you probably know, I've talked about a million times, uh an I'm, largely alone here, as you've heard of my tails in Atlanta, I'm pretty much twenty four slash, seven alone. With my thoughts. Mostly I've been watching the made in the USA Oj Simpson Documentary, which is awesome, but he fucking cut that woman's head off real bad. So I heard I haven't seen it yet, but I heard like those images are just read an article where the guy says that he said he felt like something graze his soul. When he saw those pictures yeah. He definitely went at her like he was trimming a hedge but he's a great football player. He is. He was really good in his prime Philly blew out. His knee hurts so good. He was so good. He was so good. I mean two thousand yards, not many, not many people, but pull that off and then have the energy to kill your wife and her karate.
Loving model boyfriend, everybody he got upset but I'm not saying he's innocent and we got. We got him good. We got him good, he's he's doing bad in jail right now, um, but so As you know, when I am recording this podcast La Times, Davis of Podcasts swipe at least listen to them. I guess I do independent research on aliens? Twenty four slash. Seven is kind of ongoing thing in my life and when I'm alone, I have no one to talk to about it and literally drives me to a point of anxiety, slash depression. That is probably going to healthy to the point where I'm screaming at stop signs being like you're telling me to stop just being unhinged uhm. So I thought maybe we'd sit here and we talk about aliens. So maybe we could do a little bit
asking Dave Willis on plugged on ufos yeah in your home. In fairness and re, I don't know, there's not a whole lot that I can bring to the conversation as far as facts as far as knowing much about UFO, but the best part. That's why I have you here, so I get to yell at you. Also all information Ufos is technically false, so anything that I know is also wrong, but one thing you mentioned to me earlier: you said that they uh they were photoshopping ufos. Out of pictures, which I had no idea how to do it 'cause we're fucking everywhere, because if you do open photo shop. The ufos out of the NASA pictures that so would be seeing no be looking only looking at Fucking Saturn, because their Ziggs or out there a huge woman,
that's how I always imagine aliens. I think, Grey's love huge women. Could you could fit a lot of eggs in it? Who is exhort exhort funding the great? Probably that all white? So I think the boss is getting the bosses? because they make their baby. You know they make hybrids. There's going to be a big leap and information that David is understand, they make hybrids. Part of their plan is to breed themselves with human kind of makes stronger technical with their supposed to change the idea of attractiveness in America by making we fish humans by having sex with humans with mixing great DNA with human DNA. Make more trouble me because I believe that that's an attractive thing, so we welcome the overcoming takeover by the alien races, various alien races that one though there even pushing things further towards the anorak see and they're doing it they're the ones doing it. How do they bear children without child bearing hips and I'm really glad
ask in memory build glands that nourish the young wolf, I'm certain. It's got a lot to do with it, but I also believe: will the greys the tiny grazer robots their biomechanical robots created by the tall whites that use them to do their bidding their like their butlers The toll whites are like our tall White, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, the people that started this country committed the big bad whites Robert River, Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron, Dave unless the people that control the media is doing Virgin Airways, yes, that guy but uh, there's a there's a lot of that too, but you know I do believe.
View of those are real and and and and and many contextual way. I think that they're an inter dimensional Jul physical craft, the thing that they can be physical but partially they're kind of connected to our brains. Right like we manifest them, but do you think it's in? I mean not not to put the cart before the horse, but the fact that they come here to breed with us? They have the technology and the ability and their far beyond and still it's a little self absorbed to think that they. Why would they even come here to have sex with us in free, come to Fuch they as we are ready to fuck for deck to think about Barney Hill, I always think about when they believe we did up Asod about Barney and Betty Hill, which an interracial couple that were abducted by aliens in support of the one thing that Barney Hill never wanted to talk about was that they put it genital cuff on him that made him orgasm. It was like this thing and it made him. We grow these weird growths around the outside of his penis, but what he won't,
which I think he wanted to say is that it was great come big time. He. Was he loved it? Anyone talk about it and they're, just very good at it, but it was one of those sort of Stockholm syndrome. Things like he was like. No, no, please don't put the cuffs funded over time. Do do do do do do do do. Do you believe in ufos? Have you ever seen anything like a UFO? No, no, I can emphatically say, that I've never seen anything even remotely close to the UFO, but I do believe in life uh. Yes, of course, there's gotta be life elsewhere. It's just I mean it's infinite there's gotta be there's gotta be right, it's got to be some other sustaining area they and how do you define my life, I mean, there's all these definitions for what I'm sure you know. I mean I know it's alive. It can come here and milk us for our com,
definitely alive. Yes, it meets the death. Asian, probably the scientific definition. If it can somehow come down here, giant manacles even cleared secret sports? Yes! Well, that's definitely a lot. I think that just put that thing on general that meets the definition you ever seen anything like that. Like a ghost or a Vampyr, have you ever seen a world world? No! No! No! Absolutely! Emphatically, not! I don't think I've ever had any sort of any any any sort of mystical experience with other, beings from other planes, but but I do believe this in so I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe
I do believe that there are aliens there has to be well, I'm getting rid of the term ghost okay, I hate the word terror. I hate. I almost I'm I was having problems with your mailing because I don't think it's anything like that. I think in the end, there's some sort of they're all the same thing eventually is gonna, be some code saying goes to nearly as are both the same part of entered metal sort of aberrant thing that we pick up because our brains are antennas right right now I get that I get that since the makes sense and it's interesting, but I think everybody has an MP I'd like I. I that's why I like healing. So much is because they think that it is a very of course, is a contentious believe in a lot of people that uh that have experienced ufos like something like you have those are being abducted a lot of times they become either employ Kabli nerdy
become super nerds and they can never be normal ever again or they're so traumatized that their whole lives are now garbage and they have to spend their lives going from person to person being like they stuck it in Maine. They stuck it in me, and I know they have my babies. Don't you think it's something like some of those people are like it's a self fulfilling prophecy, though it's like one of these things where they want to see it. They want to believe, and then they they see, something and it makes them believe yeah. I think it's like it's like a Lebron situation where he wondering- and he wanted to bring it practically veland yeah. I think there's a part of it 'cause it gives them something something to talk about. Normally they're just they're, just a mouth breather that like lives in South Dakota, that is actually not true. There's many intelligent people have seen ufos the governor of Arizona when he saw the FINA lights, never seen the Phoenix Light Snow, Phoenix lights to watch, video in the Phoenix lights, I'll just send you stuff. In the night I gotta tell you
So the more we talk about this, the more I realize that, maybe I don't even have curiosity about this, probably going out of information, but I don't have ok. If the quest or the desire to to acquire the information. Well, then, let me try to wet your appetite and see. If I can talk to you about some of the stuff. I've been reading about so I wanted to kind of pick out some of the baby topics that I have been reading about alone. I want to see what you think alright, so one do you know anything about the real men in black? No, so now, they're, not just David, the company and and and Gillian Anderson Right, such as the externals sure men in black for a final it's known as people that basically, who have or did seeing a ufo or being abducted by UFO, who reported to the government say a lot of times they get visited by very strange men, dressed all in black. That seemed to not know what it's like to be human and told to not anybody who,
This is a problem voted to fight with garlic, shrimp, scampi and and beer here. So, thank God. We've got the tube sock on that protect your equipment, but not my face from your pilot. Outburst. Davis glass only criticize my recording techniques that I have been using for years alone in hotel rooms. I know, he's a professional, but ideas that minimally so many black or these weird semi human creatures that meet people that have seen you post that may work for our government, so our tax dollars are paying their phucking benefits right and tell them to not talk about their experiences instead of starting about one thousand. Nine hundred and fifty three with a a case involving a man named Albert K, Bender I'll be now. Bender was the founder of the international Flying Saucer Bureau, which means he is a fucking war.
Plus nerd at the time that you were asking me to complete your it's like one of the tall whites who have to be served. Zoning out, I don't know what do you say, grace he's one of the great this is important. This is why you're here, alright, my girlfriend just got here. I've had three day grace period where I'm allowed to. I can't talk about ufos until it's over all right. Today's episode is brought to you by blue apron dot com for less than ten dollars. A meal blue apron delivers seasonal recipes along with pre portioned ingredients to make delicious home cook, meals, the meals bailable in July, Creamy, shrimp, fettuccine with sauteed green beans and spinach sweet chili, chicken with Tinker Bell, peppers, green beans and jasmine rice and spiced steak and tomato. Avocado salad, with creamy cone, cabbage and red onion slaw check out this week's men,
and get your first three meals free with free shipping. By going to blue apron, com, Slash L, so late in the summer, one thousand nine hundred and fifty three bender made a series of discoveries, who's led him to believe that he had finally found the true to the UFO cover up. He had planned to reveal his findings in the October issue of this space review, which is a magazine he found himself that's how good he was before the issue was published. Bender was visited by three men dressed in black, who had already read the unpublished report somehow and confirmed his findings. The silencers has he called them: scared, vendors or the point where he did not published a report but left a warning. Advise those engaged in sauce work to please be very cautious. What do you think about that? What does in saucer work like you know, but I don't I mean it's easy
I lost said the z warning. The government is warning. The bender did not release his seek report that he had found saying that he knew the truth about. You were false right, okay, Well, I mean you're telling me you're downloading affecting me. I'm not I'm, not I'm not. It doesn't happen. Like I mean the Mormon religion was started by that guy brought those tablets. He was just doing anything to keep the six hundred and sixteen year old she was fucking in the tent. That's true! That's very true. That's very true, but do you think There is some sort of ulterior motive by bender. You definitely will be in the in the end he started magazine he's got make some money right. Problem with all these UFO things as soon as it tides to that. First, you've got to buy my tank first. To buy my book. That means he was like well, this guy needs money, mostly because in fact, either saw you a photo made him on higher level, because all he does is now scream and rant about. We saw a UFO right right right or he's lying. What a better
do for a living. What is Lucy is created, space review, magazine, independent publisher and that's what he did. That's that's. The problem is that if you follow the money goes back to Alberta, K, vendors follow the lack of follow the lack of money. You can go to the attic bedroom where you staying with his mom and I'm gonna read you another story that I really like about men in black okay, good all right, because it is one song you're. Just you are now a captive of me. I know I mean you're home he's got a lot of leaders Gore's here, it's very nice to get only me in the home of a nice about nice family, a good well to do family. You've! Gotten many points. You look forty points, yeah,
as we have like a pottery barn rack over here are many plates. Yes, yes, I have four plates, but they're all papers and your children aren't here which is really nice it, which is yes, yes, we can. We can be loud, so I accidentally walked into your favorite yeah. My son is very impressionable at it's very good that he's not here, because I think he would pick up on this thread. I think he would be my acolyte. Can. I call him my acolyte well, you know he told me he was an atheist like a year ago, but he's, but he said I think, the I think the greek gods It's like you can't you can't have it both ways: Percy Jackson, if you believe, if you don't believe in Jesus, you can't believe in mercury as well. You cannot yes, alright. So this one's called Adele, not big Adele. It could be, though, right Sixty eight location, North Yorkshire,
It's a pseudonym to don't worry, ok, she was sixteen at the time nice answer: forward to what appeared to be a very briefly became Borat there I was 'cause. I was doing it today, I'm pretty face for like one slash two an hour when I was doing when I went into the whole section, where I'm a beaver, trying to make a bunch of horni Beavers chase me and I kept going. Do I make you horny baby, I'm Austin powers do that for awhile. Take it back through the other end, I'm just going to bust in through the back door within twenty years later, Adele a pseudonym! Well Sixteen at the time answer the door appear to be a very strange insurance salesman. He was tall, more black suit and tie and had a florid complexion. Do you know what word means Rubicon Rubicund the sixteen year, sixteen year old,
Fuhrman Irving length of time. She jerked into Ashton action and ask the do you I insurance is it now until later remarked that his voice seemed to be computerized so no, you have insurance is it now She suggested that the insurance salesman come back later when her parents were home at that and then suddenly began to sweat profusely. He removed his hat to reveal a bald, an extremely pale head, Adele, now see that he was wearing makeup to darken his face when I see a glass of water, the men in cast in getting the man in a Dell fetched him a glass of water, and he did just that. He looked at the glass of wine her and set it aside. Next, his attention to a clock on the mantlepiece Adele told black. The clock was her father's retirement present present at which he seemed baffled. Is it first time he asked.
Is it here and now is it here an now is it he ran. Now then, the men in black seem to freak out like a malfunctioning robot, you began repeating your father. His time, your father his time over and over again and became stiff a mobile turning the door? He use his hands to move one of his legs. He told to watch the lights before. Leaving in a hurry peering down the street, I'm possibly quickly. What did he mean when he said watch the lights? Adele would You can find out shortly. After the men in black left, the Dells living room filled with small bright light, switch danced around before exiting through the window. Alright, well, not fake But I mean there's not I mean there's not like a smoking gun. I mean it's not like, like his face.
It came off like you ever that I mean he's sort of acted like an immigrant that maybe couldn't like he can speak the language that maybe she met computerized voice and possibly with just an indian accent, would be more interesting if it was like. You know, he grabbed, a glass of water and said something like you know. I couldn't possibly in jazz this because of my interior, sir again, but this is clearly a liquid that forms many of you humans. That's a promise to on the nose for the little more treats health right. The man in black had these things just pop up all the time right. They say that they be wear lipstick. They were due
and they show up to places where people have said they've seen ufos and they are they just act like they have never been a human being before they don't know how to use doors. They don't know how to order food, they don't eat for the order. Food won't eat, it, they'll chew it and spit it out right, but they also say that the men in black. So this is just the history of people having encounters with men in black. But my question is: why why why did they come? Are they there to wipe her memory. Are they there too? That's a very good question. I mean: what's their purpose there to watch the right? I mean what did the lights do? What did the lights provide information or school maybe they're, just cool, maybe she's. Just before before he was like. You should probably smoke a little weed you do it all this way just to bug and show off.
Basically like by actually wonder if there's a lot to that with alien culture, just in general, they just show up and do like a blue angels kind of fly by and see. Bruce is why I think I don't know we see, then what I'm now going to my problem is the next level that I want to start talking to you about that. I literally cannot do is that they are more favorite website. Biblioteca, ladies, have a whole thing about the men in black and their magical origins, where they believe that there's something tide, two essentially reptilian, okay, so, if you want to go back into driving to build a clock for me or my dad's expression, where he's like yeah, I know you want to know the time, but I'm going so the clock for him, that's my whole life, yes about alien! Well, this is just dumb like this is going to be. I can't even begin to explain this, because what this is essentially men in black have some nothing to do with the reptilians who place themselves within the Illuminati secret society so the beginning and what they did was Essentia Lee for technology,
in the ancient times which them thought they thought was magic. So there's at minimum black or actually just aliens that work for the government that are so deep, deep, deep inside the government that they work for them. The thing I don't get about the government, though, is like I mean some of those people are I did. Some of them are appointed in these are like, but all elections, elections ok, although the money you're going one step deep for me, uh no, no yeah yeah. That's true. They know that it's like yeah, I mean technically, they are when they were. I mean it's sort of like a bureaucrat wouldn't be like Gary's, been here like Jesus. I mean
then you're, a hundred and ten, but he did look like he's a really. I mean it's. A miracle is gonna, be more stress. He smokes a pack a day. He says he doesn't know what food is hi. I just saw him, I just go. He goes to lunch. You know he goes with us the most. He is an order, anything to be water. Many looks at it. He he I'm all that sniffs it and then throws it at someone and then leave I've, never seen reports so neat and still keep it up. He keeps going great guy, though So it's like that. There's also a story of a guy named valiant Thor that they believe is avanessian. That work with George Bush is Grand Father, Vanover Bush like back in the day it was one of the original like spooks, like part of the OSS, who said they had a purplish tint and would have to wear makeup, and he was a part of this secret space program but
They say that they have a new scene that works for the US government he's been there forever is three hundred years old. He's got six fingers. Yes, we're special skin tight suit like over himself, and they said they just act like they have pictures of him that you see right, but you don't know what it is and what I like about. Ufo also proof is like it's like an old picture, a bunch of old white men that, like Vanover Bush and then with their proof, that is just an arrow that somebody drew on it and it said here he It's it's just a guy standing there, who just kind of looks Greek, just kind of tan yeah, but he's got like it. Would like ahead. That's like three conference floating above the chair very beautiful I had made of completed the city and he's always been straight. She's always been a little off. He won the costume contest every single time for the last one hundred and ten years, but that leads me into a little another subject that I was going to talk to you briefly about was the secret space program. That's going on right now, Dave and it's gone
on, underneath our noses, an we're, letting it happen, you're letting it happen by your actions, your not me. My actions are my lack of actions. What what am I doing that it's in creating this situation where do doing what you're not doing you're part of upper echelons of the entertainment industry, you're part of the flow of information. If we can put which is the little bit of truth, can feeling that I'm trying to pitch to you about your pretty face is going to hell because put little. Subconsciously, put subliminal messaging into the show and want to do that. Yeah research Mk Ultra research. Gary Mckinnon, I Yeah. Absolutely. I think our Department would find it but yeah. Why not do you think they get upset? No, I think they would ask. I mean mostly as long as it doesn't involve an erection or like fecal matter. That is brown
it's all the standards and practices, but yes, that's all they. They tend to care about to the wise. It's not like a popular song or anything that we could be sued over. I think they'd be fine if we said research Gerry Mccann and if we try to, Stabilize the union yeah anything we can do to stabilize the union through our show that airs one thousand two hundred and thirty cartoon network when it switches over to adult swim, please triads, Pepsi COLA, that in there, if the ad execs kept, the ties will would lose. What would you like? How would how would that the stable of what would you want to do? We get the except people on the idea, like the movie like the movie They have. It's got a better three times for people to be into it. Right now got a research it yes dear, you can, and you will, for those of you don't know. Gerry Mccann is an autistic hacker from Scotland who had to the NSA and supposedly found proof of a secret space program that is going on right now. He does talk like a man in black. Well, we have a
I mean we have a limited marketing and pr budget. So, like probably the first thing we would do is we use. Whatever resources we have to just push people towards the show. Just to show in general in general, and then then we can talk about destabilizing the union. I mean, but, like you know, talk about ideas I mean like we have access to like. Maybe one teacher can and the like is there a way that we do stabilize the union one with the shirt communities? That's what we gotta! Do you just put it in there? It's like what do you mean the draw and the little mermaid posters right, but I think that was essentially make kids. I think That was that of or get him Horni for the little mermaid which I already was, of course, of course, but we really their cocks in that little man yeah you've ever seen that no
Disney is a lot of stuff with Disney, where they write sex in the clouds and stuff like that. It's get people think about that. I have a poster somewhere where a Disney animator apparently got and then he drew this this poster? No, it's it's just pornographic! It's like Huey, Dewey and Louie all pulling a train excellent. It is like every major iconic Disney character in some sort of sixty nine or dating each other or just some gang rape of the door. Of snow white. So this is not on Netflix. Yet this is not make it to dvd. This exists. This I have it somewhere. I would love to see that it's not like some sort of mad magazine type thing, so it's like hardcore pornography, but it was legit. And by an animator disgruntled animator that got fired and was like fine, full
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I am we also which watch original video that was actually really interesting. That found a bunch of footage from the 1960s sign off. You know when they used to play back in the day how they used to play like a sign off like sort of like they play the national anthem. They play like a bunch of images sure there was an addition of it at some point the words to the STAR spangled banner on in like printed on it? and subliminally they put things on there, like, as the letters fade into the next letters. It says, God is great believe in God and then I believe in government God and then it says sure ultra ultra. It's like all of this shared and Marcus, and I were talking about- is that we believe that it's a proposed trigger mechanism for what they thought, Gonna going to be the ultra.
Ultra M cable, walking everyone through you know, and I already know everyone likes to hear about it all right, because it's real them killed for Israel and Gail trees. A part. It was a super spy training program that the original version of the CIA, the OSS created in the nineteen fifties, and the goal was the look? It from nazi scientists and the goal was they figured out that they could possibly break a person's personality into a bunch of chunks. You can make it so that they are on Interrogate Obel, that they can and secrets within multiple personalities and train them. Like literally like takes like manchurian candidate right, you can break somebody's personality part and then train one faction of it an get a killer or make it like. Secret information and then a zing hypnotism, and then, when you do the here, like a command word or phrase and they would turn on, they would become, I think Jason Bourne or like uh. What was the movie with the guy from the Facebook
Movie. You know, I'm talking soccer Berg City. No, no! No! No, you know, you know what it was it was. It was not a great movie mode at one with Jesse I yeah yeah. That's that's what it's like America really idea, yet ultra yeah right and so, but the concept was, is that they basically it in the bowl with the ended up, doing, was driving a bunch of people and saying and then the the price just never worked in ruin a bunch of people's lives and they would like keep him awake for days. They use hypnotism. They would feed a massive. They would feed him like uppers and downers and order them and destroy like basically destroy their entire lives, and then I think is in certain ways they would put little signals out like this. They were like put up the infrastructure of like they also use it randomly dose whole towns, water systems with LSD.
The common thing to see? I used to just do right, and so these are just put out the money, but I think what happened is they would fill out like feel or ones were like? Ok, we put out the LSD in Franken, numbed Allentown's water as they were going to see what happens and then it just seems like we're, going to put up a trigger mechanism and see if a bunch of people go insane and then they don't and then like fuc, we just wasted a bunch of money. Really. They would dose like a whole town- They did it in New York They try to liquefy LSD and put it out of a muffler of a car while driving around like try to just shoot, vaporized lsd. Just to see you how People handle it how society can possibly break down everybody tripping balls. Didn't they didn't have people like didn't somebody like jump out of a window like they had a guy who jumped out of a window, yeah
I mean what do they tell the family just like that? Guy was sad. You should have seen him around the office, he told me he was he wore a veil. He was so sad. He kept crying on a rose. I told him to kill himself and that's on me. That's on me. Here's one hundred dollars, I'm sorry, we're all very sorry! Well, I've kind I put you through this for like one slash two an hour: no, no! No you put me through this. Every day I mean she lives working together. This is the beginning. There's just so much is what do you think of the chicken get through like a drumstick without hearing about MK, ultra and bug in the white sedan. I still have family, I still my friends? So you know, or just spreading the truth one bit at a time. I think I think that
fascinating, though that did it because those those LST experiment, experiments by the CIA, I mean that's just how strong their lsd was always like meeting it was it made by like a direct and his flock. The dorm room that was made by like a scientist who's like this make you freak out. Hardly places like what's freak out mean oh well, she soon won't wait. I mean, can you imagine, coming from a 50s mentality to have just like, like scrubbing your wi fi gene g Sally? That was some dynamite milkshake suddenly, just like there are other worlds, then these we've doses, vanilla, malt I am colors. I have never not been colors. So you're, going to go to work today, gene or
There is no work, there's no such thing as work. There's no such thing as time you Mitch like screaming at the living room. Thank you for having me I want I want. I have LISA come on at least say hi at least, and listen to the podcast. All the time turn about being a ghost about being a ghost I'm married to a ghost, I don't believe in them, but I'm married to one experience. Religion, Baton Rouge was awhile ago, and I was living with some friends. This old house and they That's how they were New Orleans and I've lived with them for a year. Probably an it's one thousand one hundred o'clock at night Um were in New Orleans is like the most haunted place in the face of the yeah yeah. So I'm here, like someone walking around these old wooden floors, real heavy stuff out where they came back home or one of their crazy friends came in or sentence. I yelled down, I'm like hey, he was there and I don't hear anything and I keep yelling down and they want answers, and then here boxes like pushed up against like pushed around the house like really- and you could hear someone just stop there around the floor and there was no porch or anything so
after about an hour, this is sort of getting more freaked out, and I called nine hundred and eleven, an two came over didn't see anything walked around the house. I think the scary Well, they want to talk to my friends about it. When they got home, they said yeah. They had bought the house from someone who committed suicide and that they had had experience where they were sitting downstairs and thought someone walked upstairs and they were link to the person and never heard any response not really anyone in the house, but I think the probably the scariest thing This is when the policemen were leaving one of the police and picked up this big booty out of the sink start like pointing it to me, making the sounds from psycho chick. Thank you. Thank you. Officer works part of that whole experience, but it did make me think that you know I mean it was that exciting, but it was something inexplicable
terrified. Now, yes, I'm terrified. Thank you so much thank Thanks for having me in your house, it is yes, they have over the door insinuating that it is time for me to leave. I don't look like a glass of water to look at all right, hello, Thank you for listening goodbye and it was just crazy, as we thought it would be? Wonderful, wonderful, Job Henry and you know thanks for taking the bullet, Dave yeah preciate it now. You know what I've been going through the past four years. Well, I'm a little bit more on the level so yeah, it's what you've been going through. Alright, thank you guys so much for listening to this special episode, Marcus. What do we have to tell him if you guys want to give to our patreon, go to patrison dot com, slash last podcast on the left. We really appreciate all the support that everyone is being given us. It's overwhelming! Actually, thank you so much.
And we've got a lot of rewards for you, go check it out: patrion dot com last podcast on the left were coming back to Baltimore. That is going to be here next door. That's going to be in August, so go check out the auto bar website we're going back to auto bar we're doing the downstairs this time and there's also a facebook event the you can search for and grab tickets there we sold out LOS Angeles Awesome, can't wait for that. Show that's coming up here. Real soon and of course, are England shows are coming up very soon as well. In October, we've sold out one night one and we sold out Manchester we've almost sold out Lasko and our second one tonight so do not wait to get those tickets because they will absolutely sell out and go to gigs in towards dot com to get your tickets. For that out, unbelievable, I wanna give a special thank you to everyone in DC with the Kennedy center I'll give a larger. Thank you in the next episode, but my God, we have
an amazing weekend. I can't believe JFK. Let us play his theater and special. Thank you to Jenn Tisdale for setting that up. Anfora warming up the crowd for US roast in our listener. She roasted him because she did. It was absolutely remarkable. Thank you so much for listening and supporting all the shows listening to and supporting all the shows here on cave comedy, radio, the round table of gentlemen sex, another human activities, page seven to lucky Bones- show Abe Lincoln's top hat. We really appreciate it. The numbers are looking amazing, happen without your support. Yeah. Absolutely it's been a long, hard road, but you guys have stuck with this and we could not have done it without you. Thank you so much for supporting the show. We cannot thank you enough. Alright, hail your Goldman Heil Dean and for Henry Hail, Mary Ann Magoo Stellations is always more shows like the one you just listen to the cave, Comedyradio dot, com.
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