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Episode 230: Chaos Magic Part I - The Basics

2016-07-01 | 🔗

It's the first part of our long awaited series on Chaos Magic this week as we cover, as simply as we possibly can, the origins, the core tenets, and just what Chaos Magic can do for you if you decide to give it a shot.

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A listeners? Don't forget, we got our life show this Saturday July. Second, at the creek and the in only three Jackson Avenue in Queens New York. We got hold MC neatly from the round table a gentleman sittin in for Henry Zobraska this month. So it's gonna get a little weird. I want to show enjoy chaos. Magic Finally, there is no way to escape. Tourism is the last time on the cannibalism started. I'm always restart the show at sir. The show our luggage was your one eye. Embezzle. That's Marcus Parks and then the other guy he's all the way in Atlanta. Nor was it not up got away a handkerchief, because if not the sweat gives into my Atlanta Braves Jersey, everybody loved the Atlanta Braves here down in Atlanta. Actually they suck no very bad baseball team it maybe
because their name is re said are always it now that someone told me it was that the cloning of themselves, the Atlanta Brown Cowards point that so much were raises name good point and reciprocity. I tell you story that I think the new actually folds deep into the cap. Magic story. So is it so today we're doing chaos magic yet finally, ETA at long last. After talking about it, for what a year now new Navy well over yeah, we did our little right hand back up. So we did our left Empath episode. We plan to do chaos magic than realized. We are idiots and needs about two three to maybe twelve months of studying some unknown. We discovered that we are actually need. Five did many years of up after that, I went on to my so my apartment, complex from seeing in Atlanta, has a pool. So I go out to the pool and
I'm sitting. I beg you know that I'm covered him specks of paying a monster. Everybody there is looks really a very attractive. It's like I was like a couple. A hot women like two big, like wrapper, looking guides big eyes, large chains on when you say wrapper. What do you mean Black with lots of jewelry. Ok, you injuries to hardy seem stronger than the other, and so I literally was like. So is that whatever it so, I saw next to the pool there was a hot tub. And there was a little ram and adds a little like light bulbs come, and I was you know what I deserved: a relax. I've been working really hard. I went over their slipped, a narrowness of me how really shallow I like lane- and there are no later for about fifteen twenty minutes- just lay medicine like, but I could really sit in a little head allay like I was doing the body for like a dead body float in this hot tub, and then that come back and I go to work as I could tell. The guy's was like guys this hot tub of the apartment compress Eurocentric, all its awesome. That night, came in a show them the hot tub and there like that's on a hot tub. That's it.
Captain I laid so I'm a man with blackmail uncovered and just sores, unlike weird flux of red paint, and I was as lane and found the like twenty minutes like most relax man in the world, those sitting around like a carefully Rowan. Also, Susan there's not a bit and that's it The power of magic, oozing perspective, I change he's the fountain into a lunatic fleet, mad man, I'm very excited to learn about chaos. Magic today are right up top. Let's say that this is done. Emily going to sound a little weird. At times. They know you always going to be weird. Things are probably they're not going to make sense at first. A lot of the stuff isn't going to make sense at first, but because we have made every effort, we pass We can simplify it as much as we possibly can use in as many realise comparisons and examples as planned,
Well, because we had to do that in order to understand it ourselves, because an occasional amateurs were absolute amateurs, nothing, we should that we say today should be taken as authoritative and by the way, if anyone says that they are the authority on cast magic, then they have Please we missed the point of gas point. Do you ve heard about it too much? The whole point does not think about goes all the way back to age, H, homes there, of course, so the best, way that I can put as they can overturn what we ve started it for so long. We ve been studying for probably a year now and the best I can say, is that if you look at cast magic as a video game, pretty much all We ve done here. With this episode. We beat the tutorial like that. Your game hasn't even begun for us here in Iraq, we're gonna go out and if you, if you're going to want, even keep your tone, the world of chaos, magic, red, condensed, chaos by Phil Heine and its
right, it's very very easily easy to understand, and this is us trying to break a doubt it in a style. The last Pont gas in the left can break it down with, for example, spit. Otherwise. I think the We do not understand that's where I've come through. That's my that's my late night realisation of being like we're not even supposed to understand a come, so the pound, asian of chaos, magic comes from an english artist named Austin spare. He was the first to call. Just in modern times, to completely reject the use of paraphernalia overly. Located rituals and secret societies. In order to make it happen, and apparently he was a very awkward guy, you extremely he just hung out bars all the time he uh. You know he was a surrealist artist, all of his shows were done in bars. He just going to Hell. At the end, and would blab on anybody who had less tomb about like the keepers of the silent gates of memory and shit like that, but he was actually a brilliant person. He's there that came up with the whole system of man.
Nickel sigils that we ve talked about here. Again and again, sigils or so, the person could create an order, focus their will and Sidra often spare creating these sigils, giving them to the masses he made magic. Something that literally anyone could do as long as they kept an open mind now Spares often referred to as the grandfather of CHAOS Magic, the action create, and we actually can. We see more that he's the crazy locked up, isolated old man in a shack of chaos matter. He had a very nice close knit circle of friends and there's nothing wrong, there's nothing wrong with being a guy. That's it close knit circle of friends that you hang out within a bar one bar that you go to every night. Technically, that's us, but also what we did was he rejected all society because they became famous for his nudes. Like you draw these crazy Newton, credible, technically detail things and the people who started one pay him a lot of money for stuff me was like. I hate,
money, I hate people- I want to hang out with the derelicts of society and would go and hang up all night with prostitutes and sailors still at near the bottom. So wheelers are probably still near the bottom right, yeah yeah. He hated money in the hated people, but he forced himself to hang out with people to pay, for you just hung out and Tom Wait song all days, we didn't pay the prostitute, you just befriended them, just their friends like D like Jesus Christ, Ben that that real person so a wall spare is often referred to as the crazy uncle locked up in the basement of chaos magic. The actual, Creators of discipline where a couple of dude from Yorkshire named Peter Carol, Ray Sherwin Carol, ensure when founded the illuminates of Senate heroes in nineteen. Seventy eight the same year that Carol publish the first a book on chaos, magic, Lieber, no and ironically, the first
about chaos. Magic is probably the last book about chaos, magic that you should read. It is almost in Apprehensible is very dense. Citizens same thing with Austin Spares book. The book of pleasure also spare also did not really know how to write in a coherent fashion. He was no Stephen king leaving a team. Writes a page turner. Luman results thumping like low, I have referred, the winds of chaos and over and over and over again, and then at some point does instructions in there. But I have no clue how we did what beautiful riding out and spares a beautiful writer. It's very poetic it you gotta, but you have to think about it. Yet
really spent a year to sit down with it for a while, certainly can ever girlfriend or a boyfriend. It doesn't sound like a book of pleasure to me a book of pleasure is when you open than a dildo pops gonna help you buy or different kinds of books. Gonna like from Adams, family values so should see. My library remember. Magic of any kind can the dangerous and chaos magic is no different. Do not try chaos magic just from this episode alone, because you will most definitely fuck it up, see the left, path, episode, interview with Radner and how they You can go wrong is Henry said earlier. We use condensed chaos. That's how we came to understand all of this sort of stuff. So if you do so to do this, don't take what we're saying from this episode like. Ok, guys are going to talk about sigils I'm and make a central I'm going focus my will.
It's not going to work or you just going to be harmful to yourself and the universe at large, so gory, condensed chaos before you. Try any of this shit. I've come to the other side and believe it like The beginning of labour knowledge are being like Kay matter starts with an egg that birds in the darkest reaches of magic and everything is home. I actually think it's more and you know in the end, what about perspectives with my head, it's more more about dealing with the universe in hacking, the code behind the universe and understanding of where a hologram. This change should anything you like you change should anytime, you like, if you just we fucking convinced yourselves him mom is, is that is that a large men with bless the palace it is women who founded the man which lies in the fact, is my real that you will give me three free doughnuts. Do we give him the doughnuts? It is vital that I will also receive a large coffee with Hazel nut flavouring for free this data, interesting, but ass. I do
That is certainly about rearranging the universe, but if you don't know how to do it right than you might rearrange the universe in a way that will either fuck you or fuck the life of the people around you. Maybe Neither does that chaos man's mix it up their voting Tarzan dies brow. The sound is really fine and that's it. Ben, is there all this, is it could be dangerous chaos, magic but we ll just have fun with it. That's what I feel Heine added to K S magic belt. Would you documents. I gather that was what case magic is supposed to be. The major tenet of K S magic is that you're taking control of it. It's not like the right, and path. We have to be a part of a series of of masters that gig can judge you and tell you when you ve done something right or left hand magic. We gotta eat so much pussy blood, and it's all about like talk of egyptian gods, MRS about you doing you annual farmer, that magics must be.
A funny and weird you gonna find out the universe is a really funny since a humorous a lot of times. If you wish for money baby, don't you really specifically you're gonna hit by a car, you're gonna get money from a lawsuit against Afghanistan. Is it like wearing crocs and eating ice cream in the winter time fund? At best guess I saw your magic, that's it you're you're, a fool magician. While the love and Spirit of Bonn, you know that one of the biggest influences on chaos. Magic is a group of people called the discordance. Discord Hence candy annoying came the irish degree very annoying when they're kind of the fund it's kind of like an archipelago group or improv drew near might be of ITALY. It's like the improv did some shitty local, committed, commie club. The dismal audience believe that order in disorder or allusions by the human brain or discuss and believe that order in disorder. Our illusions created by the human brain, therefore order
disorder do not exist on gas and distraught hawking, and despite this or pass we because of it. Discourteous, worship, heiress, the greek God of chaos. To give you an idea of the structure of discourteous ism here, are there five rules known as the Pinta barf, Secondly, this should all be written in comic sands. Martha said, I will say that it's called the Penta borrowed Pinto barf. It's five role, so that sounds of into bar sounds good, ever you don't want to go to number one There is no goddess but goddess, and she is your goddess. There is no reason movement, but the arabian Movement and it is the European Movement and every golden apple core is the beloved home of a golden worm to a discourteous shall always use the official discourteous document numbering system. Three
Scottie and require during his early illumination, to go up alone in partake joyously of a hot dog on Friday, this devoted ceremony to remonstrate against the popular paganism said the day of Catholic Christian Dim no meat on Friday of Judaism know me to park of Indyk people's know me to beat of Buddhist no meat of animal and discordant. No hot dog bonds for discourteous shall partake of no hot dog bonds for such the solace of our goddess when she was confronted with the original snub I'll do number five year, a discourse is prohibiting from believing what he reads: Norway, so that guided really nullifies the first, for example. Oh, my god, my mother tragedy bled been how funny that that's funny. That is what this is like. The entire, like religion is based upon, like what done taking a series of pictures in the very end photographers, like half fun, with
one is fun, it's really fun yeah to the point where it's annoying hitchhikers guides at a galaxy, to sort of sense of humour. That's exactly what it is! You have because discourteous ism really like that, what discourteous ism is known for in Europe, somewhat popular culture, the Illuminato trilogy Rotterdam Wealth, which is fucking great. It would be as if the Bible just like, had J K, L A well at the end of it, the final he has just not just jogging just getting around Bt W still killing we all while an outright so we are saying here: cell phone just at both at but before you can start and fun with schedules and masks and altars, and all that you ve got to know exactly what chaos magic is because it's you know, it's fine precedents. Gas meant gas matter. But really there is actually a lot to the first of all chaos
it is about the randomness of the universe and each individuals dynamic relationship with it. Nothing is permanent. Are no absolute truths and all fixed beliefs or allusions thing always remember, is nothing is true. Everything is permitted, yes, which we will get into later on a chaos. Magic is the first postmark magical system, which means that it much has the attitude of folk everything that came before we're doing our own thing and, furthermore, fuck you too I'm doing my own thanks, that's very similar to a satanic edge to chaos. Magic like yes, man. It's more like we're going to do our own thing. You do your thing. Sometimes I'm gonna do your thing. I hope you'd like to do my thing. I think this is how they saw the population on breaks it here? Is this very isolated? Has no? No it's not isolation is well, it can be. If you choose to be ice, I mean well, that's also the thing about magic as they once a man has reached a certain point of magic.
Ilities than he does see that he is isolated himself in the world and low there. Is woe in his heart, for his innocence has been lost? Henry? Do you agree with that see, you sat in a fountain, replied open up- and yes, I do- I see in the fountain tat magic can be described as a technology of consciousness and whilst Scientists are all about observable results coming from work in the physical realm. A care magician strives for observable results coming from work, in the mega physical around another matter. Local realm essentially means you can make up anything. You want about your own personal philosophy. Do you basically picking things smashing? together to make your own sort of religion for yourself and again cast magic is about what you can get in this life. It's thought about sending different spiritual play.
Means, because really in the end, a man doing the right hand, path is just sitting alone, room surrounded by candles and that's all it's death agony and it's like he may be Seein Shit and go into a crystal palace of Understanding and the centre of his fucking mine. None that matters if it's not make them any cash, buddy exists It's because that's the thing is that there is definitely a point where this stuff's book starts. Becoming fan see where you just sort of live inside your own head, any believe actually call it matches Idas, or these guys walk around believing that there's, these all powerful beings that are making things happen, but in reality there just plain: little game inside their heads and still doing jack shit with their lives. So if you do, it only kill a family of five. In your second sent a solitary confinement, this would be the magic for you. Yes, yes
you can have a great height is over all of our listeners in solitary confinement. First of all, congratulations on sneaking in the pocket of the boy lying about. I choose this as something else was ended. Email lawyer, like God, so you use use chaos. Absolutely no I'll chaos. Magic says that even though we may feel as if we are receiving messages and powers from the gods in reality, these things, come from nowhere, but ourselves or, as Joseph Campbell said, your God, manifestation of your own level of consciousness, all of the Heavens and of the Heavens are within. You looks good What my God makes me want to hit you in the head with a baseball bat. That's up to you whether you want to listen to your God or now I say in a vague Joseph Gallia, Luke Skywalker Joseph Campbell, the
hero's journey? If you really, if you want it like Joseph Campbell, does have a lot that we don't have time to go in a Joseph Campbell. I wanted to but decided that we didn't have enough time for it, but he's in this. Entire course in English, history will maybe one day I'll be a professor and then not are you. People can stop me. No professors live by a very soon rule of law more rules than you have now, and I also take resentment at you. People who now you'll be a grey college professor Mark well, thank you very much. So Joseph Campbell, what he's saying all the Heavens and all the health or within you, but that power that is with in you still needs an engine to drive it and what that engine? My b is entirely up to you. It's what you invoke its what powers you pull from. You can be anything that can be Jesus, it could be Satan Flash, it could be.
Taylor from Friday, night lights, sad Donald Trump. That had just say that's sad he's a great man. I don't know he's a good family man. He you nobody does for those kids, he loves those gay. I think you're gonna make you run them into the ground initiative. If you was a theatre to draw that to smash Williams, I dont think that his name isn't good. Had an actor is an actor and he is being built, but that yeah. But you are missing the entire point of chaos, magic because I'm, unless I flip with my silence, so a chaos magician is allowed, if not required, to accept or reject the beliefs or gods or whatever? According to useful or relevant. Those gods are too then, at that specific time. So, in fact, one of core tenants of chaos. Magic is that we can treat the entire establish systems of magic as completely optional. If you'd like to use Cabal a terror cards,
medic order. The golden Don rituals you're totally free to do so. Despite what old school machine since might tell you We follow an old school magician into some sort of basket or some sort of coffin, because they will try to step. You are saw you and the other a bullet tricks. The belief that, magic is only for the court and quote initiated is a way to keep me from the masses. In fact traditional man Patients have been running a decades long smear campaign against chaos, magic go so going so far as to call it the blackest form of dark power. Sounds. Races really does, but
it's very interesting. That's again, it's like our government right or government, probably wouldn't be psyched about a bunch of people, walk and collectively understand that we can change the universe. According to the jelly and our booking dome pieces, you don't want to think every single day Obama wakes up. He gets his national security breakdown in. They are constantly talking about Dick heads discussing case you know this is really screw ISIS. While the government is use the powers of the minor past, I mean look at Evian if you ve ever had men who stared goats, like that, the government has definitely I mean the CIA. We talked about it in the Edgewood episodes as well, like the government has definitely tried to harness the power of the mind for their own purposes and they have done magic rituals. Well, they mix it into the Uk Ultra stuff and we're gonna kind of fuck with the results. If something would happen whether because they knew that symbols are really important that the human psyche they understand, they know that.
Workers. I mean. There's? U bunkers know that there had to be somebody who was just like really down on their luck and they didn't have money for acid and they did get picked up by a CIA Van and they just had a trippy weekend behind a wonderful time food. I just say we fucking role with active as he's. Haven't you money, one get him out of here you, but it really using choose that. I think it goes back to the back and they would Martin Luther fought against when he tried to change the cat, the christian church, where he was a deal. It's the eagle problem Old school magicians wanted to hold all the secrets themselves. They never thought about the rest of the universe. They thought there again in support of magic Idas when you believe that you, your lofty you Billy your above everybody else, and they thought that that's where their executive, this inner work and nothing was outer, and so they held onto these secrets for so long to. Finally, these guys, you stepped out of the o to audio or stepped out of the golden dancing. Like know, anybody can do this shit usually just doing a lot of homework. For
you know, he reminds me of a great the great Fox producer who brought to light magics greatest grits reveal how just now, I naturally I wasn't the other night. It is pretty great, oh by the way the women do. All the work in the guy takes all the credit women do every bit of the work and their old dance and sexy within the music and hit what their dancin too. There's the music glands. So they just like a fun to do, and then the girls do their dancing made authorizing the only people with scale. The narrator is just rock hard. The whole die, but anyway I get Opto behind the mask. Who Lorenzo I'm ready, I didn't know that. So these guys, trying to cut. These guys call in chaos, magic, the blackest form of dark powers. Now a gross misunderstanding of what chaos magic is about its also exactly what the powers that be say when any kind of de I why movement comes about, because chaos magic is nothing
not die. Why, for example, power That's yours, gas, for example, punk rock, it definitely is. Coincidence that chaos magic developed in the late seventies and early eighties. This some time that the english punk movement was at its peak and here's how those two things relate see a lot of kids in the seventies. They believe that rock music, with sudden the only professionals, do like these big arena. Rock is the only way you can make. It is if you like, a twenty minute Emerson, lake and polymer jam, because you need oven, glow, the agreement, a handle rifts that looking at their good points. But then a bunch of eyes and girls just sit pocket. We're going to pick up some good Mars, we're gonna head back to the early days of rock and roll, when anyone could pick up a guitar and form a ban and write a song about whatever the fuck we want to write it about. Chaos Magic is similar in this Harkin's back. The people like Alister Crowley, who created his own form of man
and his own way of doing it using whatever influence that he wanted to use. I can't stop thinking of the turd pool of David Bowe without well, that's not necessarily Papa. I gotta get where you go on your mind. It was the authority was a demon van dealing here with a demon. It was not. I heard it was not. It was not a stain without a Poohpooh today, and I know you want to say to cope with the go to listen. Our Deva Barinia called episode. If you want to know here, compelling evidence as to Angelo Boliden thing to Poohpooh stained, the real naidaijin didn't think it was a pupil stained by maybe a poohpooh. Spain is a demon, and David Bowe is world again it's about living. Our subject is that in the fountain. What's he doing so, but they is about rock and roll and Alister Crowley's, so crowded Crowley was a big influence on all this stuff and regardless of the terrible, awful thing, The Crowley dead, we know he's a bad person, we know is a terrible person, yogurt
legally, was where that the quote from there will be blood came from within our drink. Your milkshake at I will drink my sounds more appropriate. Despite awful shit. You can't discount his eye He is at their most basic level because remember jerry, Louis Fucked is thirteen, or cousin, but married her does not negate the musical influence of great balls of fire, but we're gonna go.
Parents of that type of logic. I mean technically Woody Allen, only three good films, but then he married his daughter and what about Michael Jackson? You know what I don't have. The evidence proof is literally in the pudding, which I think is the worst way to talk about child pornography. I get. What are you? Are you happy with yourself? Are you please that one of our most beloved musical artists has been sullied has been has been proved to be a monster, a terrible Irian lamp, light of honesty, spares no shadow. I didn't read the documents I still believe his innocence. I read them. It's it's quite damning. Jimmy saving will well the saddle lab babies heads he put kids heads in the bodies of full grown women in ports and that we're is ahead now with it. I know if the bodies of age at all
Well, you know what my mind is the probable, thereby worker will rest everyone who does clip art. What's next, it's a slippery slope. Ok, we're in the artistic work he is. He is right, Henry it as a slippery slope. I forget that is technically surrealist: are the strangest wipe US chaos magic. As far as the established magicians went, cows magic also provided those magicians with an enemy with These are always bond for everyone, a gave, those established, magicians and adversary. It gave them a Satan. Also giving them a sense of superiority or, as Bill Heine said, a bulldozer bolsters up their fantasies of being caught, unquote, white. Her than white. So another way chaos major magic was blacker than black, while it would bring have you called it chaos magic? I think that is really pronounces. I'd like Meiji Gay, when you pronounce it would like em a wide gee. I see K e
over the years, but these guy just gave him even more so as a superiority failing because now, not only they feel superior over regular people. They can now feel superior over an entire discipline of magic within the desperate, being a k, a magician and then you can take my own personal satanic perspective on K S, magic and love being the adversary, yet you get to be the adversary, all the time, you're, the villain of the story and the villains always the best part of it. With lose it all. Not nine eleven twenty. You discuss nine eleven and you can do they did lose in the long run in law in along Ryanair now, as far What chaos magic can do for you here is an approximation of what Phil Heine has to say in condensed. Chaos, chaos
magic essentially allows you to rearrange you're mine to free yourself from the attitudes and restrictions that have been instilled in you that prevent you from becoming a fully realised person or, more specifically, the person you want to be now remember. Again cast magic, and this would think right hand and left hand. A lot more sort of hard data and things to discuss scarce magic is pretty much all analysis. It's very self help be breaking your mind, free the most pretty much the most important headed of chaos. Magic is the principle of decommissioning, which is the idea of separating yourself from all dogmas of the same thing. As a second no dogma doing this, you have to believe that Nothing is a hard truth at all which actually, in the end, helps your life, because if anybody, that stubborn, whose refuses to change refused the move is never gonna fully live to their potential. Will you know when we were finally airplane? It's really important, remembered the wings bent
the winner. In that way, the blame using crash, so are weary of you to bend as well. That's very beautiful, thank you, the New Robert Frost that love Robert Frost and love frosty from Wendy's two or before you can start de condition and fix that shit in your brain that keeps you awake at night. You ve gotta, actually identifier magic, you identify those thought patterns that prevent you from being you and jobs you to break them, and once you ve done that you start using magic to increase your confidence and personal current charisma. For once you those two things. Many more doors can open up in your actual life and even further than that chaos It can help. You widened your perceptions to discover doors, didn't even know you wanted to open or finding path. Two doors. You never thought you could open. I gotta tell using the power of gas.
Magic. I added two inches to my pack. All inches. Look at my might I see what comes out in my attitude would come out here. I added to its like in your mind his Becker's two inches longer. Rather, therefore, he's got more confidence in his love making and because he's more competent in the bedroom. He pox better, there's nothing worse than someone with three inch penis with five enchanted. Do you know what be who you are? I added a couple of bushes to my room. You Norman thought about a magician. I work at the subway rest. Under the empty, a subway. It's got a ball it does not work in the subway got want to eat their zeal to dig gas magic. It's all about change in accordance with your will. Whatever you want to happen It chaos in our aid is all about possibility. Getting laid getting paid, get
made, she does rhymed loves, Riman Johnny, Cochrane, Johnny Gawker, another spot gets now. Let's go through some of the core principles. Of chaos. Magic first, as Henry said earlier, at all costs avoid dogmatism. What dogmatism is that you should never- and here too, strict on changing beliefs. System unless, of course, a strict unchanging belief system is a part of your temper, we believe system you follow me. I gotta see it's about flip in reverse that I know that's very confusing. So let's define what temporary belief systems are. Actually, all about a lot of magicians, will set up temporary belief systems in accordance to whatever rich will there into at the moment a chasm, Jason should not only be able to, but is required to be flexible. Now, let's talk about these temporarily systems. Let's go for example,
keeping in mind that in chaos magic, you can use anything and everything that is ever existed. Let's say this week: you need to be Batman, work you need Batman, strive, we're gonna Batman and I M A George Clooney Batman. You can be not only not or never George up Arabs. Technically, no one has ever wrong and chaos magic ever by right. Then you were wrong, then I'm gonna be avail Kilmer by man. I don't know you need, but his drive unit is perseverance. You need his cold logic, so you believe, and Batman with everything you have you believe in Batman. Batman is real. You invoke Batman. Using ritual course. You're gonna have to look up and learn that ritual, but you invoke Batman using ritual and you let Batman inhabit. You and tell your task is done what about the innate biased, a man has just been a wealthy wipers. New grew up interest, that's interesting. That's our global issues or that's
Actually a party chaos magic is that unless you are very specific about what you want to bring in as far as these characters go, if you bring in the entire person than tat, you might have those prejudices? I wanna be racist, Batman, Yellow It sounds like you just want to be racist Batman. I think you got your got all the attitude and technically be just where cape you're races Batman right now, but actually this is also about the type of ritual to like it. In the using that you could say you want to be Batman and you want to use a servitor right, the ideas year, creating a thing that that is a symbol of that man that you play qualities to Kashmir, also talks about as it if you use an entity that your creating outside of your head, if you have the gall to think that did he doesn't have its own fucking agendas that can come into your life? Then Europe should Greek with paddle, my friend, without a fat pat, my God, I've got my better rangoon. I have. I forgot my.
That paddle. Now I'm shot creek. I knew what was good and up and shit creek and, of course I don't know my bad panel, but also about the type of ritual there were ten Phil Heine was using a an example of he had a woman dead who asked him to create a ritual to protect your home and he's like what. I could do it if I were to do in my own, I would place of symbols, and I know it owed me no doubt put like ruins places, and I would do this tiny little thing, but because I'm doing for her and she doesn't necessarily believe in the process of magic but she's, very superstitious. I'm gonna do a grand big ritual, roman, aware, costume and Emily read from the from the Fuckin golden dawn book, I'm in a red from the key of Solomon Medusa, so that she's than convinced that it works to the areas that UKIP it's it's the things you use and it's about how you use exactly, they should get Sloman Shield, Sloman she'll able to leave the house protecting think it's called Sloman. She they might. They might. Let's say you
Do that ritual you. Do the Batman ritual or you do like the cabal, a ritual like fell, Heine did for a friend next week, though you need to do so. Completely different next week you need to be Superman. Unity is compassion, strengthened, is overwhelming need to protect those around them. So you drop Batman, you don't even Batman anymore. You're bad men out of your head over every Superman in your head leaving Superman within by the way. This is all also ridiculously simplified, but you bring Super in your head. The same ritual, but instead Batman, Superman's, yoga, I would also just as relevant lights in your Batman rituals, that you took a couple of candles and new carved the bat symbol into them, and then you let them, and you didn't meditation Batman, that's one way. If you then felt you needed,
more power from the Superman ritual. What you could do is literally put on some red underwear, tie a Vulcan tablecloth around your neck and fuck, and try to jump out the window and see if you can fly it like an honest lino, don't do that that a sound, that's ridiculous! It is sort of a bit, but you can't do that. You cannot do it. You can do anything Henry you can die. It's mostly all we know. You do. You think I'm actresses think you're, not that kind of ritual spray brain it s on years, under a bring it s in your chest. Wearing a tablecloth now What you need is his fucking bravery to set up a bunch of matches only Blake mattresses like outside of a balcony. Then you jump into the manager. So basically you describe it exactly would make Foley did when you every backyard rest. All my god. You want to talk about a magician MIC Foley. I immigration I mean, gives the David Bali wrestling world. I completely agree. Vision to self has do love, and then, twenty years later he was dude love on Monday night
please switch from two he'd. Do love he's cactus Jack he's mankind, oh god, or its? Let's go back, I'm racist Superman! You can be racist superman if you want to be there, as I am sure look in the annals of DC comics history. You can find an example of races, Superman. You can bring him in there and you could use it now. The second principle of chaos magic is that personal experience crumbs all, for example, it does not matter if, in a medic a magician tells you that you're, a unquote quote doing wrong when it comes to magic. If it works. For you then works end of story. A very important thing to remember all that matters is that it works for you, personal, and if you hermetic measures, you never tells you're doing a raw union. Tell him hey! Please! We just make my latte plan clamp down a third one must hope:
themselves to a high standard of technical excellence? You're gonna do and you should do it assess yourself after each ritual, you is the results or lack of results and keep practising until you get the results you want- and this is actually incredibly important and delicate point- is that deal with the whole argument again you're, doing it right or there's no analysis or your departure. Your budget under employing people just running wrongdoing shit Willy nilly, which really important. If you wanted Uk Us magic from the very beginning, as you have to keep a journal and you're the keep set. If you want, U K S magic from the very beginning, as you have to keep a journal, and you have to keep, Several journals to keep a dream journal, and you have to which I find really interesting their talk about and couldn't chaos, and I started doing which is a composition book. You divide, in two columns. Do as day time and he put temperature weather conditions things. You did that day, little things that you do
Then, if you do open actual ritual, you would basically you d drawing out into a journal, and then you put down exactly what your statement of intent was and then you have to or into a journal, and then you put down exactly what your statement of intent was, and then you have to put a time limit on. It means I'm expecting this result by this time, and then you constantly assess it. That is exactly what you do to make sure the meat is the right temperature when you work at Arby's and to make sure it's the right dates, see you throw it away if its past the sell. By date, you mean like the liquid tubes, they how useless squeeze out comes in liquid quickly, so solidifies it finds itself. This is a national question. If you dont have any results. How do you know what to look for work? If you, if you do it and you get nothing like woody, even think about it, to create something, what they are,
in their results may be a thing that you dont really flips around like what I said. Look you wish for money, but instead you got hit by a car. You get money in a lawsuit right like that. You wish for money, but instead you get hit by a car and you get money in a lawsuit right like that. That could possibly happen or it just kind of pops out of nowhere What also spare talks about what sigil magic? Is it a part of the a rituals are once you fire, the ritual is that you have to forget it. You have to forget, you even wished for it cut, but you have to release it to the universe and that, hopefully it comes back and it could come back at any time so sort of like Milton's character in office space. When you try to kill himself, he gets it by the car. Use very wealthy doesn't go back to work ever again now Can I was melted. Somebody else's CARE Tom Tom,
he made a million dollars to jump to conclusions. That's a good one of the next core principle, some that we mentioned earlier de conditioning in order to properly perform chaos magic. You ve got to shed the beliefs, attitudes and the that have been weave into your psyche over the years. For example, say you grew up evangelist like men, say even if you now know that all that is bullshit, there can still be shit deep within your psyche, which influences your thought patterns and emotion,
however, small over overall extreme trauma when it comes to physically abused yeah. That's it that's an added, and I want ya to bake. That's quite a large today. Like me, I had to get over my I didn't like olives, which is that's pretty absurd. Although olives are always trying to kill you yeah I mean I know you mean Henry. I used to be having all consuming fear of hell that you know what part my ever waking hours I know your me out must up to handle it actually kind of lukewarm we must be redo, ought to handle it actually kind of lukewarm and see the whole thing about Deacon Day. And and of this stuff. Is that that's part of the point of chaos magick, you wouldn't be doing chaos magic. If you were satisfied with who and where you are in life, you want war, and if you are fuck you you want to change and in order to effect that change, you need to change the way. You think, because chaos
Magic is about making reality malleable and if you can't your own mind, malleable. Then you're never going to be able to be Batman one week in Superman the net and if you're stuck in dogmatic thought, then you're only be able switch between ideas and beliefs, but it also is necessarily about being other people you're. Still you at the end of the day but it also isn't necessarily about being other people you're still you at the end of the day, you'll always be you at your core. What midst or about? Is turning your mind and turning your beliefs from marble into clay
Art is very great example and the people you look at the council and those people who changed up all the time they change the way they go from realism to Cuba's them and indeed their constantly digging and searching, and again it's just about a great tenet of how someone could live their life in a most fulfilling. We possible, which is don't be stuck in one place, don't be stuck in a rut. Change your shit, no comment from another perspective. Kind of essential K S magic to me now is essential to my thinking about how to do comedy. How to do my work cut out of my life, to me now is essential to my thinking about how to do comedy, how to do my work cuddle. If my life, isn't it just go with the flow? it's make your own flow, it's like Pinheiro, river and then jump in the river the flow while still making your own flow. P neuron river and then jump in the river and then say swimming in your own river and once you get, once you do all that once you really, condition yourself. Once you get once you take care of those are core principles you're able to take.
Whatever you want from any magical Sis in addition to themes or characters from literature matter movies, religions, calls Whatever you want again, it doesn't matter what you use as long as it works for you. And lastly, as far as the core tenants goes, you must be able to enter altered. States of consciousness at will as no sis is it no sense or NASA's? I think it's no sets knows how is no keep pronounce me. Ok there is no sense in order it yeah, because that's that's the other thing about all this stuff that were reading. We ve never hurt anyone. Zero says new laws as the order, because that's that's the other thing about all this stuff that were reading. We ve met heard anyone say these words out loud. They make idea
should, I think, it's all made up all magicians just make up words and throw it out us, and so that's all point is understanding and kind of the dancing on the idea that it all possibly could be back. It's good ass. Yes, there are two types of altered states consciousness. The first is inhibitory. Which involves things like yoga meditation and since We and the other is excited Tory. Which involves chanting, drumming dancing or sex, probably not surprised, Lee. Henry is more of an excited tory typewriter. Well, while I go more four inhibitory? Ok, I meditate I explore but the silent gates of memory of my mind, Henry's sat toy state is reached through comedy improv. That sort of thing I'm actually, I really do believe that Levi enter into a trance state at some point when you're really what I'm doing pretty face at a high level, and it feels when you're in the flow in your relief in it and I'm like
slight, I had a bra. I was poor. Myself covers up of beer. Virginia me a sexy lady, and I was right we feel when it when I would like to also put out here too, of a big thing that held me off from once I started reading my k S, magic and the amount of work that is involved. I think Everybody is about anything that you start. I feel that way is it. You want to be like Manna wanted. The end result I want to be at the place where I could make a hand, motion and also magic shit happens and, like my life's amazing and I'm gettin bug out, I feel focus and if you'll driven, but it's really about the journey, it's really about learning, how do it and then once you in the middle the journey, what I'm starting realise at more more, we read in research about chaos. Magic then I'm really started oh wow, it's got nothing to do with the end result is got nothin to do with any. This is about. That's all. Fuckin point is trust
intervene like it's about living your wife data day, more present and in touch with the universe. I salute it's like a body builder, and there like every day. I want to go to work announce when I go to the beach and reflects my packs and all the women are gonna woman. You get to the beach after working out new flex, your packs- and you realize the woman wants you, but then you realize your day. You didn't want it all. You don't even need it yeah, but then that is that we look at the whole time. But that's the thing thou Ben is that he still got the muscles to get the do that hasn't had out due to be slobbering all over similar alone. I subject. So that's the thing so, even though, and that is actually one day that behind this again and again in chaos, my or in condensed chaos is that allow times. Where you end up will be completely different from where you set out to go there you go. So that's gonna meet. That's are actually we're gonna to do to parts on this. While ITALY is abdomen dumber
They wanted to go, see the rocky mountains maiden then make they went the wrong they drove half way across the country in the wrong direction. I gotta say you guys have done a great job of putting this into context that the layman can understand so good work, because it's a very fusion subject matter- Andy You did a great job markets by a vague idea, Henry as well, and gonna. Wait till you get it. We both had like a couple a late night calls for you, like my dream spirit, told me that I was wrong. I can find my dreams like: let him go man, you gotta, let the dreams, Bert go we'll come back when he spoke and ready for you know that was that was an actual conversation that we had and it's my dream self. I was hacking away as people the other night. I like olives, now next week next week, rating back we're gonna get in a fractal logic, and you really going to see whether we pulled up being able to translate this. Stop we're gonna get into a magical models. We're gonna get
To actual said your magic em we're going to talk about a little bit more about us and spare it mean him we're going to talk about my personal rituals and personal things that we ve done. In our life and how we sort of been approach in all this stuff Thank you guys so much for listening This has been a lot of fun. We ve been working on this for four months and months and we really hope you guys been too. I listen to as much as we ve Jordan researching, and we have to give a very special thank you to everyone who came out to our show at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC such an amazing weekend last weekend. Thank you add the so many gifts. And everyone was so cool and the shows regrettable. So thank and the people any centre seem to be a bit upset when we started screaming where the child prostitution didn't. I did feel that do you guys, I feel that tension after the Kennedy Centre broke from the Kennedy Centre. People, because we were talking about like how Kennedys head was made it
back door aspects, Antlike suck, my Dick Kennedys got rid of the absurd they. I think they got that think they may be devoting their lives to the memory of this man and we may be sallying. It noted a longer banged every in turn that building, oh, my god, they work there the room ploys of Kennedys dinner, they hate, I was really he was virtually when I was, but I was watching kitchen nightmares plus they ordered Ramsay and when he has all the staff get together and he's, given them a speech about how they gonna pull together, they can move, I remember, being a worker it, but when I was working at borders or what was written in Hollywood video and if I had Gordon Rams common their me, like you guys needed, pull together as a team of you like what do. I do, a is rightly closes doesn't matter to me one bit. I'm here for the free Dvds So, if you guys, oh and also other upcoming, shows, of course, we gotTa Baltimore coming up in
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do I e g. I saw cut so the first war that we did than the last block and I think it's legitimately the best up we ve ever done. It's really fuckin could alright Hale yourselves Elsie I'll gain ale me as well, bastards, new, cute, little bastards, more shows the one just listen to go to cave, comedy, radio, dot, com.
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