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Episode 235: Albert Fish Part II - That's How They Do It In Hollywood

2016-08-10 | 🔗

The nightmare continues with Albert Fish part II as we delve into Albert's horrific family life, the beginnings of his religious mania, and how that would result in two of the most horrendous murders we've ever covered. It's Gold Star time.

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Everyone. We got some amazing news for you. We can. Finally, let you know about. We ve been so excited about this this Friday August. Twelve, eight p, eastern time we are going to be preparing our brand new show on adult swam dot com called the last stream on the left. It is live, so you have to tune in at seven thirty p M Eastern to check it out that's the last room on the left on adult swim, dot, com, August. Twenty seven thirty pm Eastern will see all their now. Here's more Albert fish There's no way to escape tourism is the last time. On the left hand, abortion started
I'm just on followed my dream, I'm just following rob. You know yes and follow the fear already through Skype is regressive step an ever crossed the rainbow hired boy. We gotta go! Welcome to the show everyone. I am Ben CATS old. That's Marcus bargaining! Get this guy! You, the sage over you I've been told, is that on my freedom of speech is being cancelled today. Now that I guess we're all going to talk in jail with a small, imminent asian, on certain activities that you might want to engage in here and talk in jail just take a more careful. I saw it with my true or to real ones, will Andrews Rescue to real for Fucking Amerika, blinking dinged, including, of course, the boards of talk in jail? Alright, stay with you in jail that three,
squares a day when all round about that's, why I've only been even do because I've been skip and lunch, but make it my breakfast. So my dinners bigger there, you go elbert fish part, two Continuing down this nightmarish road that can only be brought to you by last Pakistan absolutely so, let's peg back up with Albert FISH in nineteen seventeen, when his wife of twenty years left him for a border named John Straube who'd been plucked staying with the fish family and their apartment, leaving fish and all six of his children behind now. This is sort of like when does David Berkowitz, his mother left him yet when that finally happened, it's like you. This was the thing. It technically threw him off the edge to total psychopath our Allah gently. I mean this
What he said threw him off the edge right. So this John Character went and met the now Ex wife of Albert fish. She had six kids and somehow he fell in love with her while he was staying at their place and she let out without taking the kid she let all six kids behind with Albert fish alone with that man. And what do we know about Albert fish? Kids he's great with well just in terms of like he is really good. Like Michael Jackson was great with kids, they loved coming to their into his gigantic with it. Never lane ranch filled with its fun animals and carousel right, but it would seem in room. They had a bunch of just one balloons everywhere, and everything was recorded for sound and everywhere he was playing Mon son to the extent that he kept them occupied. I suppose you know how hard that is. Six kids moments. Banking, you're gonna have to take with six right taken earlier in talking jail reserve on twenty five July in the cool is due to the room. Here's your love
Bobby thinking The love too much cleaner, her, but third, most I prefer to have all three now is so Albert fish. He gave this as justification for his terrible behaviour. Among many other justification, see said that he had been calling court betrayed. He had nothing left to keep em attached to this world, so he is not justified and whatever the hell he wanted in his long down, word spiral began fairly innocently. Oh no though he never was innocent, comparatively innocent wearily innocent by Albert FISH Standard by Albert poor standards. This is comparatively innocently, but there is still very creepy the same year that fishes wife left his daughter, well, then, I went downstairs to get a glass of water, and if she wants to do room to the kitchen. She found her father lying on the floor rolled to his nose in the living room carpet. Daughter, apparently used to
sort of thing went back upstairs without a word and when the daughter back down the next morning. Albert was just then unfurling himself scenario: the Dizzy bar to contemplate human cigar. When she asked him very innocently, just father. Why would you do such a thing? He said Jane Yard Saint John, the apostle told me most covered and be levelled stuff, monotony level. Murray tell are sometimes you know when they don't the marine aright, it falls apart. You know what you gotta due to a naughty Merida what're, you gotta spank it back and a shave. Let's get is going early, guided through actual liner, you haven't had Coffer yet my nine year old daughter, lecture, possibly be spanking. Your father is thinking about how much more we could be every day. If you had to get up and give your father good, sound, spanking for being naughty burrito that right
so this all Saint John, the Apostle thing this is when Albert Fidget issues, religious mania began in earnest one of his son. Told a story that occurred a few years later in nineteen twenty two, while the boys were playing football out on a plot of land in Westchester, where the fish family had settled following the divorce and just as Albert Junior was about to throw the ball he saw his father standing on a hill, completely new yelling I am Christ, I am Christ, I am Christ, I am cry your dad up there. He seen. I am cry. I am Christ who we are say it over and over and over again, and the boy asked the fish. Children did many times throughout their lives. Just looked the other way the american government did during nine eleven and think about it. We,
grandmother used to stand up in her pants would constantly fall down in public places so that that unusual for people of a certain age and in your grandfather, grandmother right is my grandmother. My mother sides, you can't make any Joe, I know, but this was it out of some weird sexual predilection. It wasn't little. He fell or pants profound she's, like. Oh, no but he's got a common lit. My parents are passed him uneasy. I dont out that's when it becomes that's a sexual fetish. That's an embarrassing thing has because the old age and hopefully haunted her. I don't know it harder g laughed at most. Clearly we care, so she was kind like that. Spencer's gift thing: it you'd squeeze the bowl and she laughed she loved him. Enlarging cares. You did you Billy Lillian your pants redemption let me just make about had. I can't feel anything on the skin and my legs are we, while we can talk about this at length, but I'll go in it when I'm roundtable, perhaps or maybe top so nineteen twenty eight fish was living
with his sons, Eugene and John unease steady first over in Manhattan, the boy came home at about five thirty in the afternoon to find there father sitting in his bedroom with the door wide open sticking needles in himself. That's the strangest thing. So far: human cigar being Christ snake on the on the hill. I can deal with both of those, but not this is work it's so when they asked him just what the hell he thought he was doing. Fish told him that he had received a message from Christ telling
that's just what he needed to do with this time in his life, can imagine if he had a smartphone how many notifications from Christ he would have had a very just on all platforms. You know what, quite frankly, I'm not sure of Christ didn't want to do that. Would have your Jesus you're bored constantly you're in control of everything. I really. What can I do to mess? I just want to watch a funny show today. Wouldn't let me tell me Gabriel: do you think it would be funny to make this old man stick pins inside of himself like a big spiffy Butch described? What's it going to New York Numa, I am the Dennis Miller of Heaven, tenants, Miller of naturally, after that, the two sons shuffled, thereby then forty eight year old, father off onto their brother Albert Junior and again one afternoon Who knows why fish loved doing this, specifically in the afternoon, a junior while trying to fix a pipe, but it got no gunk up
at least for those who albert fish to cause. You know that if the pipes are dumped up, thinking Hamilton that use trying to get him amongst the accidently found a pair of home made paddles hidden underneath the sink, the paddles were each about two feet. Long and insert. Into him were nails which protruded about an inch and a half outward and both paddles were covered, DR blots. What he said is that the needles were actually also very short. You, too, that the way they did really describe did they were like sewing needles that he had like a glued or attach them somehow to these paddle thermal made easier. Like this As for getting the most Brooklyn thing that you couldn't do that anymore, I don't see why I why yes- and he said then
you covered and dried GL blood, but they were covered in bits of Gore link literally stocks and the end of the very negative James massacres, dialing literally. If you ve ever been on a set of a horror movie or seen places where they build special effects. The way they do it is by they make lay texting rip it in a kind of hang it like all died with food. I and they leave it on top of the nails, but imagine that, but it's coming from your father's, that's an intense butcher session there I was thinking, though, if it case of a zombie apocalypse, this would be a great apartment to break into and the all the goods from I mean this seems like a great while oppian back to a zombie space, I mean you get a break. The zombies had known at the best weapon in a zombie apocalypse, I think, is the baseball, bat a big nails come and I might have only Gwen, not resource wrapped in side of the building, with constantly asking you to spank him, because he is the reason why this on bees are you well, you know,
now I just feel you could be a good bad, good weapon. Very much good, be so, and Albert see Your arrived home a few hours later from God knows where Albert Junior asked him hey. What's the deal with the past what is signed ruin that entire race really kind of upset with him for that, per walls, can use them for swimmin can use them verboten. What are we doing? Spain, good ourselves? What yes It is to see yourself out ever much protesting about his son, finding the paddles fish. Finally, broke down and softly said are used them on myself. I get these feelings come over me and every time they do. I have to torture myself with these,
paddled want some flap jack. Flapjacks sounds good. That's not raspberries autumn! So is a Miami. That's makes it but worse, but do you think he was having of parabolic tendencies? your thoughts and then whenever he would have those he would punish himself with this with a spanking. I think that he tried to validate hymns to himself that that's what he was doing. That's we're going to find out later on is that he believed that he was punishing himself for as many crimes rightfully so, but I think at the same time he had already flipped reverse did so hard that he would just like the punishment is the problem with someone who truly this Saito masochistic. Is that as much as they punish them, they love it. That's why sometimes you just gotta give him a key. Would I hated that you want a baby that naturally I don't think so, because you would have gotten a hard and would have known that you would have found it unpleasant. You would. You was hard work, Hog and Eurasia Gonna do any short little shrunken old man I mean like. Oh he just decent affection and feed
like that pass. His penis goes up your leg out to give him a Starbucks gift I've never seen. Somebody said to get a gift card. Never is the only way to torture. Albert Figs, o three mocha. I hope we can do so. By the time the nineteen thirty's came around Albert was Esparza. Masochistic tendencies went really hidden astride, despite The paddle incident Albert Junior still live his father in the nineteen thirty goddammit Junior said that one night he came home and heard strange noises coming from his father's bed, and it wasn't strange noises like oil and when he walked inside, he found his dead standing in the middle of the room, his dick in one hand,
and the nail studied paddle in the other. He was wild, eyed and panting, and with every blow fish cried and jumped up into the air it. Why would you walk into the room? He knows he's not studied astronomy. You know for a fact of your hearing, those kinds of sound when you open that door, you're not gonna, watch it. Can you not see like solve your cancer or make a new telephony? I would have been surprised what energy him jump in Europe just doing more cardio son, just as I have two standards, you keep the door shut. Why would you go in the door ever go in their door? This pull out the door was opened, the door was open, always open, and that is why I am in its three noises. It's the smack its crying and then it's the job and then actually report noise. Zaire, that's not only if it it's got either. That's the under that's the baseline, because it just sounds like up that got now I'll professors trying to kill enter the Euro area black sheep. But at this point
it would seriously about. Second, at this point, you know that your father is weird. He added. I knock, I literally every second, you leave him alone, he's doing in fact, even one hears not alone. Even when you rules are playing football with your fucking friends, he goes out. Would you also a very cool to do an audible. You have you you have to have a naked old man run down the field next to the football thing and then the whole football team knows the chains positions. I think it is an audible, that's absolutely inaudible job. It's a great way to distract defence. As you know, some time these letters, collegiate schools, will have some really get on all fours embark, like a dog during a in inbound, pass to distract the defence, and then they got an easier way up. Your father's naked on top of a mountain wiggly cargo handling, everybody's Jesus Christ. Exactly where to bend to take a look That is also touched out. Absolutely disgusting put he's, with him. His whole life. You think he would have learned nothing at this point like justly
you literally lived the life of total depravity in front of his children, who have now taken it to be completely normal, yeah yeah and the boys. I mean, of course, the boys got. The real, gruesome in disturbing stuff girls were somehow shielded from the absolute worst. I guess because they never actually lived with him and the boys, I mean Albert Junior, he didn't tell any body about this stuff, while Deja, he told Nobody about any of this stuff that it was act happening, Intel, Albert's trial, name, which he actually do. Talk about it as proof to say his father was insane and not legally culpable for his crimes. They did it to protect him, which is really interesting that are held technically a good father. He was which I guess at this time period means he didn't beat them with the rather sell them to an orphan. It literally was a good enough father to his children, somehow that day or like we're, like he's sick, and this is they and we resolve evident. He suffered where yes, yeah yeah,
and the daughters had nothing but nice things to say about an even after. It was almost certainly proven that he at the very least, had murdered grace a ten year old girl they were I'll stand and right by they call the whole thing. You know these weird things that aid that they did, that he They said it was something big he suffered weathers. Harold sectors is like other parents. Suffer from a bad heart or arthritis, or something like that. They also call them his afflictions. Which is very interesting, it's kind of like you, don't like our house. It was normal. My mom literally said it was bad luck. If you don't go four slash three at the dinner.
Hell right. Mother, oh yes, replied. She said it was a bad law. It was a good thing where she was like if she felt like personally insulted if you didn't eat to the point of knowledge, which is why, of course, your dog ate itself to death or will it was just live an imperative to your mother? I guess it couldn't bark because a fat or ratify its very sad but a moment near its interest in his kids. Don't let this slip out. You know at what everyone has a like one, your father does that you talk about publicly like I wish. I had a friend's whose whose daddy's judge Watch watch home in Peru in its dean's constantly- and you would just I talk about it like that's. U no kind of abnormal yeah, but you know whatever I mean why these kids in a conversation is big. Can you know your dad, like close up to his rooms, banks himself with a paddle, full and nails and start screaming? I mean life is rough ride. What was an elbow this? What is your your dad doesn't go. Almost my dad does normal things
molest me and my my sister and then and we get lottery to think normal things. Punishments, flight, less nor yet this was absolutely certain that they dealt with their entire lives up until adulthood and night. In thirty one Gertrude, the oldest and his favorite was living in Brooklyn. Just a few blocks. Where I live now over embed style, enduring a nice family dinner with her father and her children. This is a fall Molly dinner. Here they started. Storm and around in his chair, in Gertrude asked them. If is rupture, was bothering him for he indeed did have a rupture. He said, oh no! No! No! You shame Not so long ago. I put three more those needles in me. He just said this at the dinner table the dinner table and recalling the incident years later in a jailhouse letter d, Gertrude Albert Road
you remember the needles thyself and with what you were living at five. Twenty nine Franklin Street they took an x of me in the hospital up there. I am full of them. Really what it says. I found out how, when you go to the gas station you when you click view, fill up. The tank goes all the way to the ash, you're gonna capital. For my travels needles, noodles noodles need those nothin, but now I'm hungry for lunch, but I'm truck volor needles. So the doktor did the nursery like what are we officially tell em? Well, I guess we tell him he's follow cured clinically for about who you are inside out Christmas tree, and these people put up with this time thank for their entire lives. We Gertrude asked fish why
he was shoving these needles inside himself. He gave me start because Jesus told me because of these feelings. I got my answer, but not surprisingly, None of his children ever Prestham on what those feelings actually were. There was get these feelings, I shut needles inside of me and they go good enough. I completely free with his children. I would never inquire what feelings would have to compel my father GM needles. This ain't, I have a hard time just talk with my father about regular feel. I can't even talk to my dad about football. Yeah yeah like we're build adopted just gettin stories from Baghdad a day. I can't imagine dealing with the deeply dark now I believe in sexual fetish is that your father has your father is up in his bedroom: inventing sexual fetish owner you're just haven't family. I can just now talk about if a food is over salted with my dad. I am is a little salty right as like
criticism is good to help us all, learn and editors. How deep conversation summaries- and I wish I again. I want to reiterate the fact of how scary this is. No, though we are back to get, does seem a lot of privately remember that this man is the bogeyman, he's going to be called the bogeyman three or four times, but he was somebody's, kindly Father as well, which I think is the scariest factor of all freeways. Kindly I'm not sure if it was a kindly fund was very good to his out or used right to his daughter and even a buzz, despite all the weird stuff, still good do his sons and they said that he was a hard worker. He never drink. He now were hit EM woods, early twin, century standard, pretty good for a dagger varied. Yet he loved is good. Sir. These knew how to he knew how to love. Is kit yeah noodle how to put on the face of loving escape? It almost makes all the worse. Yes, I think we were discovers like these are the seeds that are planted into somebody's life when, when later on and are going to try and improve the Heath insane to make sure it
yet the death penalty, the deed written, putting these the things that show that he is not totally insane. He is sick and he is depraved praised, probably closest to evil that you can get like like a dog or like Dahmer got evil, but mostly dogmas came out one big fucking. Do she explosion over a couple years? This is forty years of this building and molesting in doing all this shit, and so he knew what he was doing for a law time, is definitely a psychopath and diesel. Do this shows that he knew he had to be a regular dad a little bit, but same time. Some of that, some of them curtains, are going to show yeah, and this- could also be a case- a pair of freedom, which we talked about in our witches episode in its a sickness in which someone's looks, thirdly, saying, for all intents and purposes, their actual our personality is insane, but what's goin on side their head is, you know, just bats and fire. Rivers,
you'll get out sooner war. Also man, everything's Jessica, black Sabbath covered. I know, but it's real, always real. You can't get out of it without metal in full and that's the problem. Is that not if its metal and cool it's just truly nightmare Lana to amuse you can never stops so. Nineteen, twenty nine Albert discovered what would become probably his ports, favorite hobby behind the person and shit and self regulation. Fish began, riding horrible. Did gusting letters to women whose names he got from classified ads and promotional agencies anymore? said the letters fish presented himself as a successful Hollywood producer saying you would offer his undying affection, as well as large sums of money in exchange for the performance of services for both himself and a tissues, son named Bob, good makes our neighbourhood vague on because we had said sunlight,
so it's a fake sire and according to fish, who usually use the pseudonym Robert Fisk Bobby, had been crippled at the age of nine by an attack infantile paralysis, but despite being bedridden boy, B, was still a very bad boy who needed frequent spanking, specifically with a cat. Oh nine tales, and if you aren't from oh you're, a cat, a nine tales is essentially nine whips, in one who soon get alot bang for about a lot of Avery or by our saving money, you're safe, and thus it is designed specifically to not only caused severe pain but to also lasserate the skin. The cat, as it's called, was also the punishment of choice,
Britain's Royal Army and Navy for many a year or so sexually bizarre. Here, all around you have no chance. They ve got. We submit. British men have been watching great british bake off. These men are gross look at oh yeah, but they can't beg gather as though they get many fine deserts. You honor, if he thought, if Albert fish are extremely aroused with the stations of the cross, piano everything, quite a quite erotic for a man who is of his elk everything here. Such leave assessment with why he low volume CIA, every single thing, which is the least sexy place in the world, yet others upwards of two hundred naked boys and men and Streisand yes, and Bob Streisand Yentl. No, we also got a fine tune. Our fish is sort of like the original troll because it basically these kind of people just out their literally putting their name out. Therefore, for help he would use that information in order to torture them and he loved the field
of knowing that somebody else was reading the thing in getting offended or upset yeah, you loved it, and this is what he wrote about his son Bobby, being a naughty boy. This is what he assured. The recipient of the letter said that he is a naughty boy but you're, just not where an armistice clothes or the Bam He will tell you when he has to use the toilet number one or number two for number one is pants must be unbuttoned at the crotch and his monkey take it out on this pan. Some drawers are all made up with dropsy. All you have to do is lose three buttons in the back
down there com a rebel! That's just got a woman and a little bit my mouth that I never want to hear that a gap will you get? What is interesting is that huge use. This letter is a bait letter, so he would set as well as the bait letter, because at the time he would say that the doctors gave him a prescription saying needed, be beaten, be tat, nine tailed and to every day he had to do this every day, and you do this. And often not get a response. He disliked it. So What would you say in respect say that if, in return for these duties, I will give you upwards of thirty five thousand dollars in a follow up later, if they say something in return, one woman escalated this. A long time and they had a back and forth together. Are you gonna find her name? It is in the booked arranged by Harold Sector and it is a bit, but it's true and it builds to something else entirely
of your level of the trolling. Now we're gonna see where it goes to the second level. What level would you get with level to wait for a level too? I mean this is early twentieth century cat fishing. It is so bizarre to me that that debate letter reminds me of the bait cars that cops use, but if they usually you go, get someone's gotta come and steal this beautiful you go the usually put out a relatively nice car that might theoretically be stolen by somebody. The fact that this got any response whatsoever kind of peruse, the personal responded, it is little cocoa bananas to or light not a seller cocoa bananas most the time desperate by horribly, where this is the depression is the great depression there aren't. There are people out there that are desperate for anything and that's what he takes advantage of just desperate people, but also a sort of like instead of using a bait Carl together he'd they just use, it should covered boy. I guess so and that last letter gross ripen
super grass, disgusted yes, extremely growth as a medium like it was funny cool. I dont think I thought it was mostly like. This is a good thing that all read after I ate a bunch of Thanksgiving dinner, any two per Jed duty, so you didn't like him, call in the boys penises monkey known quite frankly, with one or more disturbing immature and images I ever had, because they actually pictured a monkey and what would that? What would that be like you are crying little boy? It's not good! You know if you have problems with that, I didn't have a lot more problems with everything else. We're going to read in this I've already having visions of Toy box killer yet deal with, and this is what he would direct towards the women. This is why he was building up to our wish. You could see me now: I'm shooting in a chair naked, When you strip New naked, you will see a most perfect for you
you're sweet honey of my heart? I can taste your sweet Paris, your sweet shit. You must pee pee in a glass and I shall drink every drop of it. You watch me tell me when you want to do remember true. I will take You over my knees, pull up close, take down drawers, hold my mouth to your sweet, honey, fat, ass and eat your sweet peanut butter as it comes out, fresh air
Ah, that's all they do it in Hollywood. Add is true, he's the energy with that's how they do and how that is holy and guess what he's right? How did you get an alibi or that you don't want what allows re reading a letter? I remember specifically because I've got a breakfast burrito. I was reading through drains in that letter came up. I ordered- and this is true extra avocado in that, and so, as I read it, I took a big bite of just. How do you do it blew a mouthful igloo, a mouthful of just smile? She knew this. What he's about to call it? until he would talk about this and what the old we don't put in this letters and also a thing and Albert FISH had was a predilection for painting his ass different colours and shaving himself entirely, and so, when this woman finally showed up to meet him, she actually bigotry got together and met when she met him. She was what he is. Obviously not a Hollywood producer because he's a shabby old man. She were moved, is closed. It in spanked him right
because he said he saw me. Maybe giving me give me this money. He was come. Really shaven and ass was painted red. He also will sometimes paid his ass gold. I am, I think, that's actually kind of normal. It's fine but I guess it's boy jointly gonna find I meet with Albert pursue its when,
Take these things like one or two at a time. It's not that bet like, though it is the culmination right that letter psyche. Now you must peeping in a glass and also child drink, every drop of it. As you watch me, jerky up people write that type of stuffed each other on the internet. Everything every single minute of the day, every single literally every thing there's some there are thirty people right now. Writing that exact same thing to another person who loves shortly, erudite eyeing people. Listening to this not guessed right now actively drinking of glass followed me, I didn't mean that I think that's a wonderful thing. If that's what you're into get after it avoids Yuki thing becomes a little bit more extreme. I too little more extreme, there's got in there. There are few listeners out there that love the duty and that stolidly fine, but Dahlberg fish when you take it all to get as a career like Derek Peter not on a day to day. He wasn't that great, but you look at the whole, oh yeah, yeah. Absolutely so. Fish was She caught writing these absolutely horrific letters in a moment of hubris. When he does,
to take his chances with a woman. He thought might be into the sweet, peanut butter scenario and included his return address with said letter you like, but shots buckshot. You know those little Christmas. Cookies are peanut butter with chocolate. An impact with this makes me think of how permanently ruin them never hurt him called a buckshot narrowed and call bug sharia, and were you call em, but thumbprint cookies column rabbit yeah. So was immediately arrested and interviewed by a court social worker who described fishes behaviour, as quote questionable in Nepal, the social workers recommendation fish was promptly committed to Bellevue psychiatrist. Trying to get to the root of this odd old man's habits asked fish We got the idea to write these letters in fish said
all started and he was working as a painter at a sanitarium up and horrible will pop up up up up up up up up up up up up up up a bit story time with Albert Fit idea. So one night, a chauffeur who had found I'll of dirty letters in a sanitarium garbage? Can how romantic love turkey, letters? Yes, sanity, silk, sanitarium, dirty letter, so crazy person dirty letters. What with it sound like ragged the you know. You Prescott spirals Adam hypnotize, hypnotize, canst, operated. Thirty read these letters allowed to a group of men, in a weird early twentieth century version of a stag are you this is going to let you know when John Wayne Gacy, we get all the boys together and then watch pornos movies in his garage. This makes up this way.
Into deeds in the depression. In an alley of a sanitarium riding dirty letter that were found in a garbage, can it's just like sesame Street? If Sesame Street was in shit covered hell, let us that sounds about right in person that, after hearing the letters he thought it would be a hoot to write a. Of them himself when the psychiatrist Ask him why he eventually came to feels if he had to write these letters face said you was just sort of a habit, this kind of a cool I'm crazy thing I did. I have also been holding a thousand grains heard of you. Do that you get one wish would eat. Oh my wishes. What's that someone might faces have sounds like you, ve already got your wish that However, the jury is out, but the origami whenever you want that throughout this interview, the psychiatrist noted that fish seem to be quiet, downtrodden, even boring, and tell the psychiatrist ass fish about his faith. To wish
is proclaimed himself to be a devoted, a piss, but when the door to ask asked him if his habit of riding dirty letters class with his christian beliefs, fish said there is no comparison and they did yet another word out of him, but still too Where'd him Gordon quote, not insane? And let him go how big that stamp ensued? Man I couldn't stop episcopalian about you know. Our visitors were thank you that so I just said it like your validating allow. While, while, while he's dead, nothing monster the hapless, imports but less a year later, fish was around. Did emplaced back into Bellevue for sending obscene letters to the proprietor of a local boarding school and this time police actually searched fishes apartment of course found many many more letters, but the letters
in comparison to what they found in the dresser drawer. They found a cat, a nine tales which was to be expected, says that's in his bit as it is a good case says it's fine. When police asked what he did with that fish said. I wept myself with it. Although I don't smoke, oh, that's anybody's God, Damn business, but my own, I'm gonna, say good point fish eye to appoint fish oil. I'd say the only point he On the other hand, I do with my, but much more disturbing was the food they found in the drawer, buried, underneath his clothes was a decaying hot dog, wiener and carrot and for some reason one of the cartons actually picked up dialogue, with his thumb and forefinger you're gonna see someone under the spell of myth slit. My fingers. Nature
Britain clean up and we'll put, isn't evidence bag and your and make sure again is that when you pick them up from crimes in due to make sure things are going, coins he's got some weird weird. We're continue, takes the cup held it at arm's length and asked fish, He did with both the winner and the care of Serbia. You leaving this off some kutuzov or someone, because a hot dog cared so seems like its peculiar a better view mixed up with some spice. Now, I'm you may some lightness with them some acidity. Are you put them? I'm just on there and stop so that don't ask me Rachel was what are you doing these two, which page replied, stick em up my axe, who put it back out about like my fingers now that literally just said, I still got my one again, not illegal leave him alone, the carrot
at this point. So far the cops have nothing on the guy I mean. Can you imagine how loses bought a whole has to be for him to put a hot dog up in there and then bring it back out again that our not that Louis I mean I mean he doesn't have like all the fancy loops that workers from two to slip. Things in and out of a bottle of all is that it is the right time, Zog wieners, our very soft. Do we know of the dog, was good, no we're not know it was a really wrong. It was just a rod, arguing about get himself that the term comes rubble. We had old time you lube soldiers like they don't make. I'm like they used to now that was literally Axel You got it. We all use gig Michigan out. We can also may be call Mapuche, yadda yadda, while our rights recently got a carrot, a hot dog and cat tails again lose their right to this incident he was held.
For ten days were neither the whip nor the boot up. His ass were discussed. No reason to know we ve never met you and fish was once again released by a doctor who described him. Ass, quote: quiet, cooperative and oriented fish, didn't just anonymously sent letters to unsuspecting single women and widows, sometimes even the liver, letters himself with the recipient. Knowing oh well, where the filth was coming from nine in twenty nine fish was sharing a with a couple of his sons in a boarding house here, New York's, New York Point hurt. If you make it there, you can show a bunch of care of your body want anywhere you would you with the proprietor of this boarding house with was a one. Mrs Carlsson, Karlsson said, like many other people who had died. Personal contact with fish that he see like a harmless middle aged man, that was a thing about fish is that it
just sort of solemn off in the distance he was creepy. He was terrible. He was the gray man, but in the end, if you, of course, if you got to know em, you knew that he was all sorts of fucked up, but just in general, everyday pleasantries. He was all right sure see the way he was also described, though, with stooped shabby like the thing you always rely that he just seems it's more like. There's pity and ball look at a man, these coming out at five o clock shadow. All time a big hang dog mustache. He was worth pretty clothes and he had a habit of quenching and on watching his hands nervously ever where he went, he imagined he was literally also moist to the touch. I don't you most we'll just assume all this the poor little like bad creature. He just like Keesar, poor unfortunate soul, death that kind of walk the earth shuffling around, and so we're gonna cut a deal with it and not really that now. Those are all the tell tale signs of somebody who is
a modest that that's why I don't have sympathy for anybody anymore. The show is ruined me. I see an elderly person on the subway earns its oh, my God, the stories they must tell their full of hot dogs full of that's. What is now that we get a little street meet. Stands wine everyone- this, yes, bigoted Mona, saw he was very interested in taking this woman's little boys out for afternoons at the movies. Never did never. After children alone fair. So you know that, but three later she started getting letters from Albert and after the third letter which was apparent so terrible, but MRS Carlsson couldn't even bring herself to speak a word of it. She kick me Tire clan out of her house, never to be seen again, but fish left something behind when Karlsson went up to inspect the room upon the fish families departure she found in the
of the four. Would she could only refer to, as quote a little mass. What we're about to read here is the actual real one hundred per cent. Drew back and forth between MRS Carlsson and the prosecutor. Attorney during Albert Fishes trial. MRS Carlsson, what do you mean by a little mess ardour lot to say just what it was soon merger some sort of dirt and he left it. Hard the door can use what kind of dirt it was doing. I half to what kind of dirt was it? Mrs Carlsson, human dirt number two Yes,
no lawyer, a lawyer who is in the offing and try like a playground. Trot of Albert fish must have been so hard during his own trial. Listen. The other one thing p b in Pooh Pooh around. I am like everybody's nine. If you could ask do differently, Don't touch it himself, please, during the trial, would make also due to the Alber fish during the trial would just make hopeless shrugs. We do scope going to bed like that that Momo GI, where little thing, but despite the sitting on the floor, despite dirty letters and, despite the self mutilation fish held on type to his own twisted, and of Christianity and others, a problem with with which these religious, odd, iconography and and images that we're gonna get because he was obsessed with the story of Abraham an ice yea and which I ever had was ordered by God to sacrifice Isaac, his only son just to see if he would do it in a
am acting on gods authority, see. This sounds a little fuckin familiar bound, his little boy to a piece of wood and was about to stab unto death when an angel came down from up on nine essentially said: well, never mind, guys just spoken with you, you pass today. The Jaguar Browed. Now just do it ever unintended, almost can kill, kill me kill this kid, you d gotten you, but that's it, but the problem with this is sort of like what what happens especial the critical I make us any religion and about rural and crazy that has come like a heavy metal? When you add some people used to believe that Ireland was really evil. I then you like less lyrics like them. Talk about the devil of a guy, but mostly just on a rock role: waits bobbing fond and often dependent on dragons half the stuff tat actually gets just adds its dragons and demons and shit. It's one outward fish took them.
Often the Bible like Abraham an Isaac. That's must be kind of like a funny story. I guess it is whose ability to think it's obviously fake. It doesn't happen. He took it like was really really real and he built his own twisted mythology around it. Within his own hand, people yet all do yeah and he took it too hard. Nineteen, twenty four with the murder of an eight year old boy named Francis Mcdonnel Sea fish, believed that, if sacrifice sing. A child was wrong, God would send an angel at the last second. To stop him. Unfortunately, no such help for France's who was strangled to death with his own suspenders fish preparing to dismember the boy on the spot when he thought he heard someone approaching, and For some reason. I pictured the angel is be York wearing her York suit. Her swan
be a good angel. If I had to have an angel in my life, if you had to have an angel come and tell you to stop murdering the boy a reality, only These sounds jamaican, that's our vote, be all he appeared. Utility pure he'll have to sound like a New York or kill job yeah. What's good, that's my angel, I lay reorganize. The big would not only use The story of Abraham and Isaac to justifies crimes, but he would use other I have a verse is as well taking them out of context and twisting them to his own needs. See. Fishes piss. Capellan believe I think, is very important here, because from what I can tell from
you pick Pelion website, ask G G was one of his companions deal. It seems as if a piss capellan ism is an interpretive set of Christianity. They even have their own addendum to the Bible that they call the book of common prayers, make em ups. Even it's all made up. It's all made up, but you know some of them at here. Stricter does more strictly to the Bible than others, and it seems like a piss. Capellan ISM is one that gets a little bit more interpretive with it. So it's possible that this sect played into fishes fish playing fast and loose with the verses. For example, one of his birds, Psalms chapter one, thirty, seven, verse, nine says is the one who sees is your infant and dashes them against rocks it's a tough favorite debt happy as the person who grabs your engine by their ankles and slams there
brain into ironically, taken out of context, it seems like the Bible is sending messages specifically to fish, telling him it was totally ok to kill children. Did it's basically just like be Babe Ruth, but is that of a baseball bat use a baby? But when taken context, really, just Jewish dude, whose super upset Babylon is just blown off in state under it gives up its most bizarre, casting essentially ass to its enters the by the bibles tongue in cheek. Now yet move in that one section: where do you think the Jews got up from their sense of you? I thought they got it from their years of being the butt of everybody's cruelty.
There's a whole lot of places. They gotta Fraga yeah, but yet that's what it was that it was just sitting here in a lot of things in the Bible can be taken completely out of context. It or wasted effort, and people can do it on both sides. I you know they absolutely can't, but the murder of Francis O Donnell would be nothing compared to his next murder. Fish claimed in the hand, written confession to the abduction and killing of a four year old, boy named Billy Daphne and his parents called him candy boy. I asked you, don't think that's a bad nickname. My parents called me lover of bread. Yeah
you knew that all just give up your Baghdad he'll, never not beguiling, love bread! You love Bretton woods that, like a weird like german translation, yes, okay! So is like a German, so, like you know, lucrative off lose two of the parents. Can something like that, but also so. This is a really sad story, because their parents left Billy alone, did take their four came from a poor family living and Tenement House and Billy was playing with his best friend and when they, when he went missing they d search everywhere. Format tore up this families life we of course, as it always does the ass little boy like what happened with the last thing that you solvents autonomy saw Billy and she was like the buggy man took em and hence the nickname want to clarify for the listeners I mean you know, obviously make fun of everything on this show, specifically the monsters we try not to make one of the victims, and so, if it ever come, which comes across that way, that's never. The intention is your very sad situations, and this boy not deserve. Obviously, the horrific end,
It's not funny. It's not funny, it's very sad and he could have grown up to be a train conductor that all those other way job. We train conductor in the nineteen forty fifties and this may well have the job would be very good. It's an extremely respectable job. It was certainly the it's would it not be better will automatically lead to a respectable job? All you do is down. Dude train is elder and healthy age rate, which is also a very respectable job, maybe an empty, a very respect our so we have that written confession, and if this it is true, then the murder of grace Bud was almost a mercy in comparison. Now we haven't and this in a long long time. Not since our very first, I think our very first nine one one episode if you make it too in this. You get an official last broadcast on alone,
Gold star, and that gets you no money and he likes. You know like in points off your license. Nobody does nothing, but what it does mean is guarantees. You have a personal problem, but technically we don't even have gold stars. We don't I mean, there's no, that's like the marvel, no prizes, there's nothing tangible here. You just have it your own brain put this way so remember again, Albert FISH, everything that we know about him comes from the testimony of his children and his confessions and from the letters we got. We don't know what's real or what's fake, what we do always that his kid saw a lot of weird shit and there, the money in order to prove that their father was insane. It gives us the basis for the fact that he lived the life of total depravity now. This letter is pretty rough. But who knows if it's all true, it could be sort of like fan action of his own life a little bit or what he wished? She did a lot of times. The dew exaggerate the worst part of human behaviour as a point of pride, so we don't know,
or they have the Harry Potter FUCK. The other boys that already France is I'd, slash vague as last big o. I so this is that it's his version of Slash, VIC, maybe or it's real
I don't know you decide. There was a public dumping ground and Riker Avenue. Astoria all kinds of junk has been thrown there for years. I brought him to the Riker Avenue Dums, there's a house that stands alone not far from where I took him. I took the boy they're stripped him naked and tied his hands and feet and gotten them with a piece of dirty rag. I picked up out of the dump. Then I burned his clothes through his shoes in the dump, then I walked back, took the trolley to 59Th street at two, a dot m and walk from their home. Next day about two p dot m, I took tools a good heavy cat of nine tails. Homemade short handle part one of my bills and one slash two split. These have since six trips about eight inches,
which is better behind till the blood ran from his legs, I cut off his ears, nose slit his mouth from ear to ear gouged out his eyes. He was done, then. I stuck the knife in his belly and held by mouth to his body and turned his, but I picked up Old Potato Saxon gathered a pile of stones. Then I kind of iron grip with me. I put his nose whose ears and a few slices of his belly in a grip. Then I caught him through the middle of his body just below the belly button. Then, through his legs about two, which is below his behind. I put this in my grip with a lot of paper. I cut off the head feet, arms hands and the legs below the knee. This I put in sacks we'd stones tied to the ends and threw them into pools
slimy water! You will see all along the road, Gordon the North Beach I came home with me. I had the front of his body. I liked best his monkey, a nice little fat behind to roast in the oven and eat. I may just do out of his nose pieces of his face and belly. I put currents, turnips, celery, salt and pepper. It was good. Then I split the cheeks of his behind open cut off his monkey in peace and wash them first put strips of bacon on each cheek of his behind and put them in the den I picked for onions and when the meat had roasted about forth of an hour. I poured about a pint of water over it for gravy and put in the union's at frequent intervals. I basis
his behind with a wooden spoon, so the meat would be nice and choose and about two hours it was nice and brown through. I never ate any ropes Turkey's it, tasted half as good as his sweet fat little behind did I ate every bit The meat and about four days is that monkey was a sweet as a not but his peace. I could not true and we'll be back next week. Good, oh no
show from Hell, like kind of that's like fucked up. I know that he would presented like it's a fun cute. Cooking Julia was a recipe for if you do, it was so matter of act. Just a recipe just like show a he was a actually was twisting here was twisting it he twisted and he was presenting at you. I had a recipe added idea for cooking this boy, and I saw through it very detailed because is exactly how I wanted it to come out all right. Well, that's Albert FISH part two, congratulations for make it through every one who were trying to have a weak economies as possible, with a very heavy subject matter and end, hopefully you're getting a lot of information. You did previously have Vienna, but this is a cute like a cue show. It's fun include it's about acute old man, if you told take, if you completely reverse what the show is, I would say that this
This whole episode shows that all dogs can learn new trend. That sure that's right, and it's like that- I'm not talking about a John trouble to trim Alan Movie right now of all right. So thank you so much for elicited absolute. I want to thank Brianna Parish. You can find her you're. Brianna perished outcome for sending us the last of a series of three and the cutest serial killers that I've ever seen in my life. She just sent us her a little at gain. Gotta halo of nipples and he's got a little he's, got a little tattoo that says more and she also sent us a beautiful like little Richard Ramirez, who has really bad breath in Corsica. Ok see you can find her work at Brianna perish Dotcom. Thank you. So much Breanna presenting us all that coal shit you're absolutely amazing. Among my favorite artists out there. I thank you and Marcus's we're in a short. We just got today from fright day, yes
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and now it is very good that was very successful, article shall be ready more those german author or so now again Well, I've never say I actually did I'm gonna posted somewhere it. The I've, been reading this really interesting academic article. That's like talking about like the philosophy behind whether or not we live in a hologram or some sort of simulation. I gotta tell you it's complicated posted up, and I gotta say- puts changes, emulation up like a little bit, I wanna, be shorter. I want more cash that would really help, as though you guys are should end with the patron Yucas, our changing our reality. With that you don't think you were changing everybody's reality. Many say Hale yourselves, and do we want to put the of what we have both more coming up all tomorrow August nineteen? Actually, it's no weak from Friday. Oh my guy he's coming back to come back to Baltimore, GO baby, a gay out
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the European, it's all those needles, other NATO S, glance at that time for more shouts everybody. You remember. I know a lot of people said last week out in your my name: that's because we have a lot of names ago through so be sure to turn back every week to see. If this is your way to be shouted out, it's like our version of the Vietnam WAR Memorial you're, coming into the draft as well, where drafting new into the big leagues here of the last podcast on the left Might we also when I was in the tombs for twenty four hours? How excited it was to hear my name, because when you get to get out, cutting figures celebrity for a second but you're in jail. So the first name that I have here on my magical list. It belongs to a fellow Russell. Metal lows, though, isn't that a fund name in palm of ill and pomeranian and my favorite animal. So that's a whole village full of Seville
search snowball journey by exert bog sounding cyborg. I love em this person. His name is: U K, H, see. So I don't want to say that british Hillary Clinton mother, it is Kelly Carpenter, Canada's Whittaker Mark or lay Nicholas. EL saga sparks sounds ants Maxie. Yet Joe Ballinger and Brent, be you guess so much you see. Bone Jones for twenty days in smoke. Leave you piece of shit, nice guy, he's nice Jacob. No good. Guy Jake rides again what happened the first time. Jake you. What did you do the first? I'm? What are you fucked up? I'm glad you're back Bobby jobs, Trevor Hygiene, which is short for Jaime Charlotte Collins Pie. My name is Charlotte Collins. That is not a fake name. I am a woman rob
Rob K around camp at Yahoo. Dot com is at your name. Do you sell your name? The Yahoo done up Nicky Lee Emil, H? Megan Rome. I would so made him to Hotmail, but spell it S. A l Megan rounds as also rounds is also a term that I also imagine that Albert FISH would use instead of babies. I got Coleman Brown, Sean all Beard, Heather, Shane, Riley, Cisco, kid, Cassidy. Michel me Leslie afar off our varro I'll, throw Leslie Final Leslie all far oh yeah. She opened her eyes. She came in Chicago she's, lovely, wonderful, human grass, small small. Small good God made us and all different sizes and speaking to be
who have come to the show China. Why one of the go go, go squirrels, Pittsburgh, Queens events he ever see. Seventeen, I believe, is their podcasting. Yes, follow them on Facebook. They are always coming up with hilarious videos yeah they are their Sarah Young, now yeah Henderson Jared and bedlam simply that's one of those amateur superheroes Annabel into on yeah the Phoenix Savings I like better have more related, hey I'm in bed, disgusting. All right, my less continues. There is a failure, Peru, p! R? U ease! So! Thank you, Peru, Kimber pull she's in any way from being a director. Kate, ok Gimme, is upon when Amanda Hog. It is that's a nice name. Tomorrow, sellers Lucy James in Graph Tanner Liberty and Frank Smith Finding Smith. Thank you guys very, very much. Jason widow, Ta
Connally? Thank you! Irish man, Tina Broccoli, Broadway, Tina, Broccoli, tiny little feed on tuna has of a man to him. Made a hog in broccoli got together. We want them at dinner, mechanics out Shane Smith, who sounds like a wide receiver. Isn't that a dude owns Vice Shane, Psmith yeah, so the owner, vice there being never believe, might a fucking article about a symmetry of Justin Andrew Boyer, MIKE frame Derek Spencer and Matthew, elders Thank you and Hale Satan. Thank you. How yourselves I got a guy named filter can I do feel connected. I love this guy feel connected and then we got a fella named flu. It might be a girl s, L P, W foiled, slow, so he's a meat based player. So brief stands in Mary Parker, Scott Mary, dreams T Lucille, Stephanie may
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