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Episode 237: The Menendez Brothers Part I - A Castro Or A Bega

2016-08-24 | 🔗

It's the biggest murder case of the early nineties on today's Last Podcast as we cover the inheritance killings perpetrated by Lyle and Erik Menendez. It's a lot weirder than you remember it being.

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We got a new life shows coming up in this we're coming to the Pacific, northwest fear December. Sixteenth live at new most Portland December. Seventeen live Mississippi studios. Those too its go on sale. This Friday August, twenty six also got some other news, we're coming back to Washington DC on October. Twenty nine we're going, do an especial Halloween addition at the Benson Ball Comedy festival. That's it! The Deasey Improv tickets for all of these, can be found a cave comedy: radio, dot, com, flash live. We got to every single show to be sure to go. There, get you gets see you fuckers. When we come to town enjoyed today's episode there's no place to escape to is the last time. On the left hand, abortion started
no just don't get good again now! Well, drilled will well I like it when it happens. You're so loud, it's like Ben is living inside of my brain went about people cause. That's all I got to go we're doing a television radio reverting to go. I welcome the last thought. Gas, Donna leaped everyone. I have been kizil- that's markers bar gaily, can't believe you only got me an awful Romeo. It's a piece of shit down body looks at it and they say why is in report Knight said I got a magic wand from a which, at the fair and I'm in waving it over the hood, but it's not becoming a porch, and I think I blew two thousand dollars on this magic wand that I gave to this, but both from his which H bones browser you drop, enhance we're talking about spoiled douche bag. Today, some of the most famous boil
huge bags of all time. The man end as brother man. Again an example. If you have a child eat it bit, it got there murder you unless you properly break their spirit or lift, up. You know my parents do to me. Do you remember? Reebok pump. You know what I got the spalding pomp. They gave me the money they gave me the one I didn't want. I was marked forever. For two years, but I learned humility, allow an arrogant and, as were a pair of extremely rich pieces of shit, who cold blooded Lee murdered their parents on August twentieth, nineteen, eighty, nine and in a tent to claim an inheritance of fourteen million dollar or the brothers
he's too MOSS Bird, twelve gauge pump action, shot guns to shoot their mother and father eight and five times respectively. Thank you, as they heard dozing on their couch in their Beverly Hills, mansion, oh, you say dozing on their couch, you mean they were rifling through their many guns in order to kill their children, which is why they had to ship that exactly during the subsequent trial, the brothers we claim that they killed their parents in self defence because of years of mental and sexual abuse and that they feared for their lives after awhile had stood up to his father about the abuse. After a cascading series of events that began with a to pay
than others? In other words, this is gonna, be one of the sillier murder cases we ve ever gets really truly once use we found out that little had to pay. Now, when I look at LA because I've everyone has talked about miles to pay like that's gonna, be one most expensive, officially make piece of a scene, because it's absolutely unbelievable, seamless symbols doesnt by look at me like he's wearing a to pack up, and I mean how young I didn't realize the people under fifty could wear or to pet yeah fairly. He lost all his hair fourteen years old. No one knows why stress this: dad was not a good dat now you as it will get into that. A lot of the information contained in these episodes comes from a pair of fantastic articles, written for vanity, fair by a rider named Dominic done, who was recently portrayed in the people, Virtues Oj Simpson by the guy who play Cooper and madmen. Also also Dominic done was the father of the girl from the poultry from poltergeist got murdered in. He didn't do that right. No, absolutely! I e the guy's got a fascinating story. He's a great true crime, author deftly recommended in question. You're saying Dominique done. I think Dominique done was in a couple of soft core, I'm pretty certain its Dominic Dumb, Dominic Don T d o any yeah time member. Those important gives me dominant. Yes, think Dominic done is a nude actress. Let's get into the background of the Manila as family, Jose the fog
of the minute as brothers was a cuban immigrant who was sent to America at the age of sixteen by his parents following Fidel asked rose coup. He arrived a penny to his name and no knowledge of the english language, but after only two years, Jose had learned enough English to attend southern Illinois University where he met his wife Kitty, a local beauty queen five years, his senior, and if we know anything about the people of Illinois, they know the english language perfectly sausage nailed both of those in your current southern Illinois University. Thank you, sir. You know what else if I always find it there's two types of Cubans: you got stroke and you got
the guy for mobile number, five, those are the looming. Saint Louis Zayigo was german. He tells you he's. One of us are taking Castro's and Bobby lose. No I'm Thinkin Luneburg bag, wherever it flew Beggar with Germany has more cuban than any Cuba has ever been possible after years of immigrant style, hardworking determination on the part of Jose. He eventually became a multi million, How does one do this because I was born here and we are still working semi art? Where are the million? We didn't go to the right university? I guess I guess so we can go to southern Illinois. University That's a good one. What's the what's? The name of the are they like: the hot dogs ass. I think they're called the rumpled sweaters. I love their basketball game
Jose work. Various high powered corporate jobs throughout the years, eventually landing a job as an executive at the then struck going RCA records where he tried to turn things around by signing bands like the rhythmically and Jefferson Starship Man, a heat powder, but not even we built this city would be enough to keep RCA, for he soon move to opposition, live entertainment, best
for their subsidiaries. Corral CO pictures corral go produce a lot of big heads over the years, including the first two Rambo movie. You recall and terminator to know shit yeah before finally being sunk by the Matthew, Modin, Gina Davis, vehicle cutthroat, island and sugar. Only it was more dean and Gina Davis took him down. I'm really ogre. Showgirls was not nearly as bad as everyone made out to be by, though showcases very entertaining has an incredible sexy without what's his name now ass, a comic book when I almost Laughlin and Elizabeth Berkeley and the poor. She just like him. In his day, I was pretty gratia: Jesse spat out anymore, nine out of Jesse Spunk, o o o mode somewhat difficult to get an accurate portrait of Jose manipulates. Some say that his death was devastating to those around the office corral go that they adore them they morning when he was gone, but others describe, him as a grade a asshole
That's probably closer to the treads, probably closer. The truth seems like those who worked with him loved him, but those that work for him. Spies him to the point where, when he was murdered, it was joked around the office that it was probably one of his employees. That did a lot of people had motives to kill him. He crushed every body in order to get to the top. He stepped over a bunch of people. He was ruthless which wise bosses loved him. He now ever stopped working. You work twenty four seven all day. He brought his work home and also in the entertainment industry. There is a sort of theirs. You get points
its total ever stopping working out. You literally look as a guy who's constantly busy. It's a part of your appearance. You have to appear to be very successful and then eventually you become successful, especially in LOS Angeles, and then you have the ego of the people that you propped up to success. I made the arrears mix, I'm no one, then the raising of payments. I don't see any letters. I am basically any letting you know if only funny about the Erasmus is that reforms of the name of the banks. That idea, I don't lie that turn.
Very record produce, that's what they do. Reggie sharp sharp records decades Jose. He humiliated people in meetings. He loved nothing more than firing. People in just could not wait for Christmas to come around, so he could threaten to take away bonuses just to see people jobs with other pleasure you have is the boss. Besides make it a little ones. Jump battalions crushed everyone to get that. That's right, I mean like the musician, you have the eagle, but you don't have the crowd to entertain. So this is the only way to be fulfilled, and you know I'm powerful Viana do you and that's the only way to get that gratification dear from accounting, slowly seal of even make it that this meaning that this is an army. He is from a use from our knees having a good time is working for ten years. You never once a month, and you know what I'm I'm I'm sorry. I don't really care and we're gonna happen here is that we really do have one little thing is using a blow each other and the first one to shoot his load lose I guess, why do you
the boil one longer and least pleasurable, for as long as humanly possible until one of you blows and the first one of blows gets fired, so you gonna call me Gregg Willie. Does it come in medium term year? New name is dog boy, This guy was also unfaithful to his wife and had a mistress for eight years, along with the series of in and out girlfriend one business associate was quoted in the Vanity fair article of saying, Jose, wood, an umbrella. What does even mean, and how is it even possible want the umbrella fuck you you know who would really enjoy that Albert fish? Lord even think about that community tell me that acting too, when you put the umbrella up its side of the p,
it gets bigger when you open switch. Yet five dollar rosier realise their full industry, not surprisingly the Melendez family motto that was instilled in them an end as brothers from birth was cheat steal lie. But when Billy Eddie Guerrero from the W W E, exactly what his motto. What and who is no less of an ass all to his sons, or so some say I mean he was definitely and ass all tat. We have to use definitely, but the boys became. A tennis players as his father douche bag support, their father push them in the sports that didn't require teamwork. The he thought that would make it easier to fuck. People over yonder came time for them to enter the business where he also had a very weird sense of direction, and
It meant where he would say yes to the boys. They could choose one sport and they have to get good one sport because they have to be experts in it and to appoint were heap he walked. Have you looked out his window and saw him playing like me, there was a story where you looked out. Mile wanted to get into swimming. Look. Out the window, and so I was playing soccer with all the boys he comes out of the house. He's like while come up here. He The ball is in. There is he's dresses them down to me. You're going to swim dislike your grandmother used to swim, his grandmother with a champion swimmer on Cuba, and literally was it you're going to swim, because you got to choose one sport newgate to play other sports, you use one, you do one it. While you are you're playing soccer, you should be doing lapse in the pool. Well, that's really work.
Asters regime began to make a major mistake. Major major made a major mistake allowing them to swim. We off that Damn islands, even wonder why there get so good at swimming only best, but want to escape my regime. Will one lilac tennis coaches actually testified in their trial about the father. We ve got a clip from that tennis, coach right here, He was the harshest person. I've ever met. What was wrong with the way that Jose Menendez! Wanted these kids coached. I thought it was cruel, Because they had to physically suffer, why did you come coach them so much that you didn't approve of was going on because I cared for them. Does the opposite? That's about all they had, even whose a set up That's opposite a how that works should not are you. She stopped stopped it and just taken care of it. Yet sounds like they got attended
a tennis coach, they hired a tennis, coat with no backbone whatsoever. He sounds like he's a broken man does not we're going to find out about doktor ozites their therapist the same ways. The father searched People there wouldn't be here, throw money at you're, not only gonna. What train my son Roer be a therapist. My son's rituals are gonna do exist. Do it the way I'm gonna? Do it like you would walk out on the courts as he was playing that and the tennis coach was teaching play tennis. He would walk out onto the court's Bingley you doing it wrong and yell at everybody and leave because he teasing a great produce maybe that's a morgue going to do with his kids that you did you produce the family o always a fine, it's good and I might even do Jose, did warehouses did his kids. He hosted motivational seminars for its children.
Work is no. You know you can do that with your children, because if it wasn't for your loving mother, you would have been a serial killer like we are all for about a string here. Yes, I, like early on about parents, do not give us like with farmers in one got a Saturday some random day back and nineteen eighty seven, we might all be in jail right now. As a matter of fact, we might be in jail right now. What is it all a figment of our imagination? I actually think that's the truth. I think that if I didn't get that Ghostbusters firehouse, I'm pretty certain, that's the key that if I did not get tat, I would be a professional arson and now imagine didn't it and then your father we like- and this is how you play- goes lustre pickled girlfriend works with kid. She'll make up we'll pick up. The slack from me being a fuck up echoed always depend on someone else. They the therapists when he pay that Airbus, he tossed money. This european fund for the Doktor Ozal, was the only one that would be like you're, gonna, they're gonna tell you secrets and you're going to tell me all the secrets. They tell you so I know everything that goes on a set of their brains, terrible shopful, yeah yeah, but others
particularly those on african wiles mother's side of the family, said the Jose. Instead of being such a tyrant, let them get it way with too much but he never discipline them and gave them everything they wanted and really. The truth is probably somewhere in between four exam people. What Henry was saying earlier about the portion, the alpha Romero that actually happened right. He got Lyle got an alpha Romero to an alpha Romero to go to Princeton in and he got pissed off because he wanted a porch and maybe not so, coincidentally, right after he killed his father, you know the first. He bought after the Rolex relaxes a pocket two things. The first thing they did. They, both each bought nine doubt to nine thousand dollar Rolex is because they needed something to match their funeral suit. You, of course you want good on the day that you go to the funeral, the parents, you just killed and is far as the mother when her life
in demeanor, is even more muddled and how we don't know anything about her. We know very very little about her a neighbor who, I might add sound typical Beverly hills. Fuckin snot job said that they, Look at the mother had messy here that needed a bleeds job. You are sweat paths to pda meetings and had quote of noticeable smell. I was never able to identify and I'm pretty certain it was hand lotion while disgusting discussed, I haven't, we agree with the neighbour when it comes to this web pants PDA meeting the dress,
just a little, but is Beverly serious bank sunrise where something because he they fought their way up. They lived in Jersey, they love Jersey. They lived in Prince in New Jersey, which is why he was obsessed with Princeton getting his sons to go to Princeton. They move to Beverly Hills and ordered to be like we're rich and we're going to show everybody how rich we are an in Beverly Hills, which is really interesting. Their house was the Tory asleep tacky the inside, with always cheaply decorated and they debt so interesting that the first thing enable with delight describe this woman messy hair like that's. How messy is your hair? Another one? That's the first thing that someone says about you. I think that is didn't. Have anything else to go on I guess I just knew you gotta messier amid sounds like that, and her family says that she was a very private woman, She really had no friends, you really talk to anybody, but lie in networks, defence team, who were experts at character, assassination portrayed
as a bad mother, is it. They pulled some shit when we go into the trial. The next episode stories that Lyle and Eric spin about their house make it sound like they were Henry Lucas thing. They sound like they lived in squalor and insanity and its good crazy. We just saw their mother down the river so hard while they were killed her. I mean, what do you send down the river? I guess me I shot or so many times and then when the morning, when the in the very end they just bluer face off, I can't wait to get into it, but I mean it does seem like a house that had too much linoleum lobelia that monopoly linoleum definitely had would paneling as well yeah yeah. They said she was a frighteningly dangerous driver floors of the house were covered constantly in dog, shit and fair
If you have a fair it you're going to get a lot of piles affair, it shit all over the house because their sneaky animals, the results you gotta hire somebody for fair duty. All it takes is one made whose job it is to take care of the fair thought up. You got the money you dress or a bus affair. It you have a run around. She gains gather ferrets trust. She teaches them how to use the toilet too. That good work that good work of many of our. What percentage of our listeners are cuddling affair it as they listen to this helplessly while around or to put it better, fuckin nipples, I feel exerts, would go for your nipples, apparently ferrets or unbelievably smart creatures. They can learn and they can. They can use a typewriter other like their yeah. The ferret feces were mostly localised the area underneath Jose in kiddies bed a play.
While said he was forced to sleep when he was back all forget that he was Annie poor kid. The age of fourteen Lyle was supposedly still wedding his bed and when he had an accident he said his mother would pile his urine soaked sheets on the kitchen table, so the brothers would have to eat breakfast in their presence. I mean you know what this kiddies ball. In his piece of himself His parents have all the money in the world, but, quite frankly, their problems are real. I actually you can only do it kid. This is really. This is probably rough to say, right, but Jose Menendez. Looked at his son. That was doing this. He's bald, he's wetness, panthers and he's I came from Cuba in my fucking raft? Penniless penniless: do not how to teach myself English had a build myself up. I had to crush other men to get to this point, and I am looking at my my kid who looks like a burgess mode, but has a middle school love. Burgess love in your address, God rest his soul fast, paying. Whenever you of it
you gotta say he wants you to strangle that out. I haven't seen you wants to make him a cuban dictator. We once did a move from from a vague your Castro. Let me know I mean my father was a you know. My father was an immigrants as well, and there is something but immigrant parents, they really are like the american dream must be achieved. Aid they dont know how to really get it and they do sometimes reliant extra physical abuse and again you're and soak sheets in the middle. The breakfast table kind of sounds like Alber. First, like wedding declaration, does it really does they also said that the mother murdered Erics pet rabbit, discuss it in modern around anymore, you're, rabbits are horrible, rabbits are terrible. He said he found the rabbit deadened garbage can, with its head bashed and and all that terrible shit that we just said. That was all stuff. The african Lyle said on the stand, and these guys it's variant. Or to say right now they are super.
Liar sly, Eric wonder best actor, Beverly Hills High right, you had to say my high school, the Beverly Hills known or to when I was really think. I love Shit and Dorothy. She saucy, but I think she has a sweet spot in sight of her heart, she's dying, she's dying, of cancer. Yes, told me that, on the air force you to play a blessed with that of citizens, not doing what we are linked by budget, those measures that we can replace believe that public, I daresay you- should have one option, undoing version and already Jenny Garth of nice. So technically in their rivalry she's. When I get so. That said, Kitty Sister in law monitor Canto, who, by the way, rifle through hoses office for insurance policies and financial statements before her brother was even in the fucking ground that she heard kitty, encourage them in India as brothers to lie. She also had piles of
Dirty calls all over house I mean I would just love to hear the inner monologue of the woman rummaging through your Jose Mendez is stuff like old though old dildo, or build though new dildo, maybe some insurance policy. Yet they have you told a new digital, just a look tat, another all dealt debit. The only positive things that Marta Canto had to say about Kitty was that she was intelligent. She could move Christmas tree from one side of the room to the other without any help, and she could put together barbecue grill, while all by yourself that's dead, is big I to think we're. Gonna have a woman president, its of the family sold there. These dead people down the river as soon as they could get to the standard is we're going to see later on it during the trial. All of these people come out of the woodwork too, to defend the brothers and saying they were molested
they're, all not gonna get any money ever I go to jail if they go right here, that money goes someplace else, just kind of disappears into the world. Insurance companies get to keep it or some bullshit automobile. That's your works, they literally like so they have to. They have to pick up for them. Oh, that would they get out of jail. Eric and loyal will toss them. Some can know. I actually do know what happens to that forty million dollars. It goes to the fair it yeah under the fair, his happy fair. Now, what do you do with all that new can well just give it to the fair by law, but there is also a story that this one is actually some corroborated not completely, but somewhat the story, kitty. Thinking that Eric might be gay, cheap, Persona six month deadline to find a girlfriend which he did, but not surprisingly,
didn't last very long Reign actor, Grazer fans again, a fantastic actor, lovely singer good. Why are good skin well built bats, maybe for life, however kiddies actual family who seem to be the only even somewhat redeem redeemable people in the story. Besides possibly kitty yourself for trade is a very different type of person. It seemed almost a sad or portrayal almost like the portrayal of her as a monster better than this portrayal, which is of a pitiful woman. Yeah completely broken the eight year affair the Jose carried on eight a broker and too she was matter with this guy and the defence claimed that kitty, because of that they claim that she confronted hoses mistress outside of an office building here in New York
came real close it just claw and the woman's eyes ass, good ass, a cool. Let's say I would like to see like my current girl would like watching them, fight the mistress and watch them when you're. Like I chose you give it than you know: adventures just gonna leave your ass anyway, but yeah, but That is the funding they don't. You know they don't like dislike. Of hop, began commercial worthy fire going off. I know, fountain guy comes up yet sprays them with a bunch of main is probably better there were dominant, but mistress herself said the kitty. Actually just approached her on the sidewalk Julie asked her if the affair was over. The MR said yeah, it's over and kitty took her hand and just walked away in a post, yeah you're allowed to do that at one time, for that purpose In fact, kiddies mental state was so fragile, leading up to the murders that she had recently gone through a half hearted suicide attempts with prescription pills and was seeing a therapist at that.
The murders, but it's possible That was more than just her husband, who was the cause of her problems as soon before the murders Katy told her there that she was afraid her sons were sociopaths that they were narcissist and then she felt that they lack consciences or any empathy for other people whatsoever. I think that if we don't you ve seen from a history of of parents watching their kids grow up to be serial killers, I think it good. That is probably right on the money or show did these kids and you could see the hollow wives looking back. These are too little camelias
have no centres their boat. They love money, they don't get sick when we covered the crest of a poor co story on the lash dream on the land, all the care, all they care about. It is, is money and end status and the appearance of power yet seems like a perfect storm of events to right yeah. It absolutely does I mean this is like that. You know this is another soup like we talk about it again and again, serial killer. So this is a mother, father, murder, soup right here I mean there was more it's more of a flaming yawned. Getting really does either at least they got to be rich served in a silver tureen by by a lovely latina woman, and you have paid to do it, and that brings us to the brothers themselves. Lyle and Eric Manila Debts, guys were essentially the archetype of rich kid bullies read out of an 80s teen movie, with one exception that they actually warrant. Popular, I don't you, I think most people like this aren't very popular write. A piece of shit yeah,
the media, made them out to be likely super attractive, hunky type deeds, but in reality I could see them very easily does not on their own nails in the corner of the classroom only into each other in some sort of sequel verbiage had got but got that illegal. But can I got it? I hate twin talk. What does he say to you seem somebody Bio are all via which bore, which other day bet. That's people says that these guys we're just constantly up each other's asses at all times the only errands they had or guys reducing them for their money? Guises names like Donovan, Craig Beverly Gregg isn't the worst thing of all time. Craig, I feel like a man named Craig Craig from Beverly Hills. The high is a piece of shit. I wouldn't have to stand up to cry out for correct. Look right technically, Craig is short for Craig. If he will, then I don't wanna write Craig from Pittsburgh. All right, Beverly Hills is terrible. These guys. Lyle was definitely the dominant brother, who was be groomed or at least his father was
trying to groom to take place one day he was gonna, be the heir to the corral. Co pictures throw and then what he said. Apparently the father said to lie on the only son. That counts is the first son and he said that you're, the one you have to be like the Father like I wanted to be. Like my father and then Eric was the throwaway son yeah day he was overly sensitive. He was weak. He was prone to bouts of crying and the throwaway kid label definitely came into play when the brothers had their first run in with the law. Eighteen, eighty eight the year before the murders, the brothers a hundred thousand dollars in cash and jewels from a safe at the house, one of their France. It was to be the first job of two, but when the friend who helped them,
out on the first job got cut out of the second job. He read it on the Mendez Brothers, almost immediately to realise that if you're gonna fuck somebody over you have you have to figure out how to neutralize them. What you're, gonna journal or later is right with shock. Ok, but they didn't do it in this instance. But now does so that sort of makes sense that Eric is the actor in life. Was the more serious one, yeah he's the more serious when he's the man with the plan and all the era, careless of the two yes with as little toupee days therefore last part cast on. The left is blue apron dot com for less than ten bucks, permeates blue apron, deliver seasonal recipes, along with proportion, ingredients to make Delicious home meals. They sent me a free shipment. They sent me for stakes good sense, I'm a Texas boy. I know from good stakes. They sent me for making stakes was really good ingredients. A damn good rest views. Easy is how to do it. It, like thirty minutes, mean pickled girlfriend had a wonderful night blue
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Stunned, and if you think, on Princeton may lie any less of an asshole, you'd be yeah, I know how would that make anyone less of it? Ass have never heard of go into Princeton humbling people upon arriving at is dorm Lyle found that one He had requested a private room, found a roommate had already moved in and instead of being just a normal human being make a phone call Lyle through all the roommates up out into the hall and our who witnessed the whole thing so that allow had a quote
do what I want when I want at attend? This is most american. We're gonna see Lyle because that sort of what we did the native Americans isn't that something. Well you know I do understand him been upset, though, if you requested the single Roma Princeton and there's some random vagabond in there's never ran a vagabond rates person wildly rates- I was proud of someone who is denied from Yale, fortunately for all at Princeton Lyle was kicked out, is freshman year for cheating, on Psych Wanna one lab and was sent back to California but while Lyle was often Princeton making life miserable for everyone around them, Eric was it working on more creative pursuit nice in the sea- and I love a performer because that's what it's about it- that if you can take your rage and you can take the things they are- your daddy. I'm only bought you now for Romania instead of by you push the thing that
should do, is right, a screenplay. That's right! Take your rage to the stage put it to the page, nineteen, eighty, seven, almost two years before the murders Eric allow, with his friend Crag wrote a scream play that they called friends ah, I only the renowned to become a very famous sitcom. Yes, he did, but it started as a story about a curriculum, Hamilton Cromwell who cuts his parents throats and ordered to inherit their fortune. That's weird, remember: who wins? No David Schwimmer was that care. I've got the monkey in it the main character, who again his name is Hamilton, Cromwell, I like that, they were thinking like normal name. What's a normal aimed spit balsam names out, Craig earn a beggar over that's a fruit and vegetable. Rather, what's got about a flash last. Seventy runs its close comforting, big dick homeward in being the let's make it more American George
flushing Turn Hamilton, looked acted and talked just like Eric this right. Here that we're about to read is from an ally times article that sums up the plot night, lay along with a little bit of dialogue the scream. What gave the first? in opens with Cromwell reading the family will, which bestows a fortune of a hundred and these seven million dollars how Certain smile sadistic, the script states eyes have on the neck opens with chrome. Well poised outside his parents bedroom door. The door opens exposing jury is sweet and Mister and Missus Hamilton Cromwell lying in bed. He ice their faces are of questioning horror as Hamilton closes, the door gently
evening, mother good evening, Father his voices of attempted compassion, but the hatred completely we're. Whelms give the EU the bother good evening. Then the same fate. The actual murder is left to the audiences imagination, but eight or seen shows Crow at his typewriter. Writing a book stage direction. Zoom camera paper. It reads: five deaths to perfection chapter, one mister and Missus Jacob Cromwell. Next, on Cromwell's this is a former girlfriend. He kills with a rope
You more killings, followed that one and later he kidnaps, a friend Hamilton, tells them I but the process of writing a masterpiece of a double while novel, which challenges the complexity of Cuba under study. Let us call this a game of survival. I will fray by either of you or your friend Jill, for one two murders MIKE with frightened discussed, you're mad very good, you're you're, mad part, you all you alone listing or don't you remember, tat our safety and the longer we got just about big rural Europe, rested for one murder. He quickly cows, the police, with an iron clad, the bathroom
ironclad alibi I was of the bath, were the end. After as five murder, victims have been discovered, froze in an ice in his basement, Cromwell is shot killed by one of his friend, saw any dies with a smile on his face. Later, sitting in court. An not sure why they still have a trial. Even after he's dead as annexes the friend listens, you a tape, recorded message from Hamilton, your time has come to realise our failure. As a player in the game of death, you summer, stand MIKE, but the price of a player pays for failure at the gates of life is death. It's saw dumber jigsaw of Elio Rogers wrote, Jigsaw character from saw that's what it would look like sound like after the actual murders of kitty and Housing, Melendez Craig the friend who help right the script,
He wore a wire to try to get air ticket fast to the murders under the guise revising the script, It sounds like two comedians hanging out of talking about killing me take about. There's these Eric Menendez, their parents who had been murdered in so Craig calls of the dude work on friends out actually I've event. As a new idea of her friends, I was thinking what we could do is that Eric Saucily removes assured in front of the poor boy and the poor boy places like. Oh, I thought you were a straight as a razor, and I say oh, but I'm in fact, as curly as a pig's tail were taken this growth in a different direction in the revision of that you wanted to revise it. Ok, I do want to hear this
try to defend the scream play during the trial. One of annex lawyer says: it's just great right is just greater right, illicit everybody stories. I am, I generally every single if you believe the murders have described in my group's alright. Let's say I get across both political, robust ominous you people randomly on the bus. I see how it is done, something to say I write. I write. I write down in a piece of paper that I'm in a murder the president with less or isolated running, but I think this is just creative writing. This is a meaning, murdered his parents, I mean he did. Murder is definitely problem. It is not the biggest piece of evidence against them. If he didn't go on to kill his Paris, TAT would mean nothing and that of their draft. Yes, that's the problem within it would just be a screenplay every technically. Yes, it is just circumstantial evidence, but it is fairly damning. I'd say I think, he'd be we'll just kept pen to paper and stopped with the shotgun into the brain, and then everything would have been just one. Early damning. I'd, say I think, he'd be, will just kept pen to paper and stop with the shotgun into the brain and then,
Nothing would have been just fine exactly instead of doing something destructive do something creative and how old were you when he was writing the scream they about fifteen, a pretty good? This is pretty. That is technically good. I worry that version of the phantom of the opera way only problem with the phantom was that he was fat different grant of Jesus Christ, man really cool. Yes, I wrote a full manifesto about how I hated school and washed it. What does all the teachers God, but this is pre nine eleven, so I got away with their arrows pre, eyes, Columbine rather arrowed songs about girls. I liked so we all were really stupid shit that was never going to happen journey. You got boobies like journey. You got births like
we are trying to impress me market, you oughta, be goods covered under we're going out with Craig he's from Beverly Hills. Now, while we don't know for sure what finally set off the boys made them decide to murder their parents, hoses best friend said that their father was thinking about cutting the boys up completely. Of course, this would be a big boat. They find it but, more importantly, to their personality type, it would be an even bigger blow to their ego, has Lyle AIR class narcissistic personality types see narcissists. Extremely fragile egos and get real pissed off when their feelings of self importance are threatened. The ego an brothers, was tied directly to their wealth taking that away would be taking away everything that they have it had that's. Your literally was their entire personnel. Yeah, there's just rich kids,
It would have been to the story of how to cabinet full of food a home of a group above their heads. No, no you than when he ordered a kick him. How he would not have rolex is in fancy shoes any more well, I dont think they'd be poor thou, not that, of course they without or cutting them off means that they only get a hundred thousand dollars a year instead of three million right so because of their over bearing father who is obsessed with their every move. The brothers had no real self esteem. According to my new psychology expert, Christina you didn't just meet this woman at a bus. Stop she sent me an email, and she is psychology. Expert she's a professor. I think someone Emily yourself Ass, Christina put on a wig and answer your own Emil all leave. First of all, I would like to say that your opinion, those also believe it you're ripple torso, is exactly what I want. The rules
really is comparable with anticipation, page anyways. This is pickled conferences, standing and watching your Neri. This allows so according to Christina who exist who should opponents who she'll their children from real life experience and consequence produce kids, who never move beyond thinking that the entire world revolves around them, where these two very interesting soup right now, this soup, as a very who gets a lime basis. Base superweeds, yet the ideas at b were already clinical narcissists, which is a disease that mental illness, and you do. You cannot understand perspectives outside of yourself and then you're not allowed to actually receive any sort of consequences arrived to any conclusions on your own. Every single thing
been pumped into your head by your father. They have no concept of reality, which eventually will make them realise at killing. Their parents is actually not an unreasonable idea, yeah exactly and not only that, but Eric was insanely devoted to Lyle, so much so that one family members said that Eric would follow while to Hell, even if it meant leaving Heaven Weird, let us just to make way places that he will always rather years miserly metaphor metaphorically metaphorically. He would follow. Is that you will follow his brother to Detroit, even if they were living in beautiful New York. Men had that's what I was going to say: yeah yeah, I mean it that's more real because of this Eric was completely disconnected from anyone except Lyle which made it a lot easier to get him to go along with the plan. May I be stipulate something I know that they did suffer Allah the day there.
Christians in the trial of sexual abuse are very thorough and very intense. Do you believe, possibly blind Eric Erik sexual relationship, that is don't know somewhat possible. No one question which does it make everybody hard to think of too tight brothers so close emotionally and physically. We help each other playing tennis, yeah each other, with their backs, drought, exactly or or folk, and each other yeah there's a whole John or a porn out there. Just about this on both a straight and the gay side and important, it is to be believed. Its popular right now like pouring. It is off the rails by the myth of maybe we have a psychologist Christine. Maybe she could tell us Christina, tell us Christina what do you think about, while and Eric's possible sexual relationships This is because they are running even its possible
don't be thorough, wow, that's a great carriage earmarking, as we do to pop quarter. Remember when he was born during the hot dog, squat episodes Bobby Decay and now Christina injured or even well. I get a better that's rather episode, so the plan itself was fairly simple murder. Jose Kitty, make it look like
moderate, establish an alibi and inherit the money, and other marketing actually worked for them, because Jose did have a lot of mob connections a lot of times he had come out and to specifically say I have no mob connections. These. I forget what he did, this big luncheon with a bunch of other movie producers, basically commencing like I'm, not pan the mob or anything and they all lap and applauded because they're all paying them on re. Rather this ruling in their early, they laid eighties early nineties criminal activity and movie industry really close because a great way to launder your money, Lafayette can throw money into movies really easily, and then it comes out the other side as profit through the movie, and then they can pay him back. Probably whether may that Gina Davis Matthew Modin Philip NEWS, gonna totally tank so soon before the murder of their parents, Lion Eric drove to a big five in San Diego and purchased the shot. Guns they use and the martyr using the idea of their friend Donovan Good Road network, you a what goes to your fucking mind.
You would give Senor your body whose obviously lizard inhuman skin or I d d go by shot guns on on as you you're a good idea. I actually think they stole it from them. We must hurry, I'm pretty sure they stole and that we know for a fact, and as far as haven't the night of the murder, though there are many different versions of what actually happened on August twenty nineteen, eighty nine for this episode will be going. The combination of a confession Eric made to screen riding buddy crag, combined with four winds avatar? Yes, because they also gave to doktor was yield a therapist. They gave Eric gave a very thorough confession, but it seems like it was very strange and purposely purpose. We left out a lot of details. They men left out a lot of details because they did not want to really talk about how premeditated this murder I do.
Is there a best if we would see him from a top up again assume jacket on a nice tie, nice jack, you're, nice, nice shirt, and then we pan out? We sees got swimming shortsighted at an early. He s a little sandy patch underneath his death and we always feel lucky that the beach looks like doctors. Even sixty brutal media I also made a so that night, the knight of the murders, as is one Eric, said he he came home to retrieve is fake idee, so we can go up happened that night rad when he came back outside while was waiting there with the two shot guns Eric and said: let's do it there, into the? How and he goes down a sort have sex with our, and so they walked into the house, burst into the living room and found their parents sitting on the couch watching the James Bond movie. The spy who loved me
Roger more when I would actually put that that would probably bottom of the list of movies I wanna be watching while getting shot. I guess so top that less little shop or That would make a fun actually man, that's a really good choice. Thank you! So long, immediately fired a shot at his father, destroying the fritz doors behind him in heading Jose and the left elbow an arm. The net shot was fired into the chest. Kitty, sprung up from the couch and ran down the hall loud turning. Our concern shooter see a beetle prince and not enamel ceramic part they said shoot mom I'll. Thank you two month so Eric train the shot gun on his mother and hid her in the leg put down to the floor and then Father, lay immobilized on the couch. He put think they pull up until then. I heard that his last words were much.
I don't think it was Lubeck. I get a shortage of colors there's more vigour than a cash. I dont know the law walked behind, impress the shock unto the back of his head and pulled the trigger blow in a hole in the back of his head. The size with this and as a side note, these types of shots in which the muzzle the gun is press directly to the victim's body or head are officially known as contact wounds, unofficially the pity refers to them as rat Charlie. How isn't that nice through the LAPD, is among the more charming police departments in the United States, classy can't corner the daughter. Let us say that I can actually thinking to myself here today this kind of negligence. I can't do it. I wasn't a tattoo king during every single time. I feel like I can't it's like I can do something we can corner the door after Lyle, shot to hoses head Eric Water,
there was mother ass. She lay bleeding on the floor and shot or seven more times, including another contact womb to the face and when police he's found her one. I am part of her nose was miss enough. You believe Eric Eric did not actually want to kill his mom. He wanted, while he let Lyle do all the shooting again very Eric and Dylan Dust Storyline or I came in certain firing, and it wasn't until it looked like his mom was dead that he decided to shoot her. Oh yeah, I mean the good boy. I sit yea and one eye that was missing the other. I was wide open. Police fonder and the only tooth that hadn't blown out by the shotgun blast was just dangling from our guns. The brothers then shot both parents and the need to make it look like a mob? Had
I'm in love should really absolutely they'll going this thing on the oil pipeline through them in the fucking. I remember. I now leave the matter Cati on their land and maybe we can make it look too good to eat and bed sushi gave orders from socially. Let's take the guy was the yea criteria and it put this hangman's news down like dogs there, the execution in Keller, another KKK did a gay. They didn't make a white and black one light. One pulled in black face: no, no, don't liberates! This does is to establish an alibi. The brothers went to the theatre to see, coincidentally, the new, the time James Bond film licence to kill soaring Pierce bronze. I always have a problem with people who love James, but I can't due to its work it it's real we're all like James Bond. Let you there's yours. I like some of the ito that the main one of the main bad guys. Yet just oh you mean the jaws
the villain? Yet I think some of buildings were fond yeah. Then we were. I like a new Yacu is fine. You're all bad debt in Austin Powers is great Powers is funny, doesn't happen without James Bond. If that is true, but When the brothers arrived to watch James Bond, they sought found that it was sold out, so they settled the batman for a second time. Mebbe. Man, an eminent seljouks, remove what are you going that's good summer for movies? Also you I just came up yes, which would have been much creep your head. They seen that freedom worries and speaking you. Each of us should thing we're gonna, be playing the Benson Paul, all right.
Didn t see on October twenty nine. You know who else is gonna, be there we are now. You know he's gonna be, do it he's here. We do I've come after you Jack, that's amazing. So I do want to say this is less podcast of the left and every show plugs their shows that they do on the road and we are plugging our show in between the Menendez brothers murdering the air is brutally and going to see the film Batman. Yes, that's weird: how does it not kill his errand until we know them, then? Tragically so that's very sad after they saw Batman. They then went to their favorite restaurant, the Cheesecake factory to stay publish even more of an alibi where Eric started freaking out a little bit. So like all right. Let's go back home. And make that infamous call tonight, in one wine here it is in part a prosecutor, PAN percentage had a chance to cross, examine Lyle
please him the nine one. One, the tape, go to the people. Apparently, Eric ran into a tree inserted bashing his head against a tree and gigantic theatrical
Knowing of how sad he was still while made the phone collar, that was our allow made the phone call K, not the actor of the family. Now you should have chosen Eric me, we're guy. I know I was there was that was worse than the acting from the room. I consider that what was it was so awful thing is very interesting that lie all is not the actor by thing. Lion was also more convincing on the stand to because as a non actor he had to do. We build himself up to the point. Where was this all over the place I sort of b he started being really feeling the emotions and being hysterical, bony asked and logical questions. He could answer anything. You can get a story stream Eric you can see the acting yet
Did I just monsieur it, or did he initially say I killed? My pen owes its one. Ok sound like you that I killed are due in Asia and air than speaking a languid did it sounded. Allow will be seven more months before them an end as brothers would be arrested for the murders and what would follow? the immediate spectacle that we wouldn't he again until the trial of O J Simpson,
It's unbelievable once the media found out that these trials are huge, moneymakers ages when raise courage, rich people to kill other people really did a mean this. This is ingrained in my memory. This trial and my parents had a strong conversation about with you about. If you, if I was upset with them, just come to them, I can talk to them about anything and enabled areas. No way you can overpower your father. Have you tried tat your father? I will not hesitate to kill the sun, or did I wanted to take some hunter safety me wouldn't get a gun in the house. No worrying, gotta get no goddamn, says Hauser using whips, hoping libraries whereby I did take hunter safety. My parents were very hesitant to have a gun in the house and we never did get when. Thank God. You started brushing your teeth with like you're some cartoons yea that, although that is incredible and airport, is going to come up. I'm you know what no one is nice in this story, everybody's a piece of shit. Well, I feel bad for the mother. Get rang like. I feel bad for the mother I'll do anything to help anybody. Well, she could have immediate war and swept past the PDA meeting Thanketh, it's very hard, for you know when you're someone, that's in an abusive family was an abuse. Its very hearted stand up.
Somebody like close Ayman and as its extremely difficult and really I mean he was here. As its sexually abusing them. I believe that I dont battles, and if you were here, love you know, guy, I was very, very much homes bucket umbrellas. All over the place I eat umbrellas up has asked me to break up his pussy. You personally, that have put I play much of what they were pretty sure. I need to look at the autopsy reports decide whether or not Dakota imminent, as head of a giant you want, I would love to what you get to the bottom of the J of gay assassinations. I need to see has got. I need to see his dick by good, well, we'll see in the next episode likely why those sexual abuse allegations are bullshit. It's very straightforward. It's very easy to tell there's no evidence there. Isn't that not only is there no evidence, but you can well in their crib notes. I mean it is but we'll get into that on the second episode.
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