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Episode 239: Billy Meier - Alien Collaborator

2016-09-07 | 🔗

It's a return to aliens this week as we cover the one-armed Swiss supposed alien contactee Billy Meier, who claims that he is the sole connection between the humans and a mysterious race known as the Plejarens in addition to his many, many detractors.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time on the level of animals started, How are you? Oh that's good, that's neither I don't mean to be preoccupied with smells. I've heard a lot of the times and these episodes bring up how people smile and is a good thing. In my Jackie, entire boats like we Try leaving your dalliance don't draw to be pleasant spell. I am very pleasant, spelling and poverty and in many lineaments in fine creams, all your powders and creams and sprays. But a man the inside of believe my ears like arm fly like that. Smells like that. Weird swedish household were the european standard for each other, the as our work over the last five years of the left over what I read Kizil, that's Marcus, barks Henry you. You are way
in areas ass right all night, I'm lost, I am very much so lost city were discussing the case of Billy Meyer, his con his case many years of contact with the pledge. Aren't you know them as the police in? Actually, I think you know them as the play ya. And I already failed yet get ready, did your nerd alerts out, there's gotta be a lot of whom I was you know. Reading over this group that mark Assent and looking over some information on the internet about Billy Mire, my brain has gotten smaller. There are a whole lot and it will take fully confused and am excited to start this episode. So we can learn about the tale of Billy. My are many people in the EU of community hate this man yeah, because maybe the Disan voyage. Absolutely you could say this story of Billy Myra kind of like a polish butterfly net. Look at what the hell does that local,
big holes? Oh, I see up right. Let's start the story of Billy Meyer, so Edward Billy Meyer is a one armed Swiss UFO collaborator. Who claims that thank you for using the term collaborator Chiesa collaborator. He claims that he is the sole Contact III of a race of aliens from the I'm at era era that raising is known as the play yellow ribbon, and that is. He does make sure that you must, you must say, play yard, it's not pleasure and it's not please its play your rep another is a J in the Navy S, swedish or swiss. Whenever he is he's sweat and they say the pay out of this sort of the idea of you, a foe. You know you know of a thinkers and that everything that he touches falls
yeah yeah yeah, took forty years the bill, as he has been, the recipient of photographs, metal samples and sound recordings of an from play, yarn spaceships over the last seventy four years, Billy has had one thousand two hundred and nine personal contacts, and one thousand two hundred and forty one telepathic contacts with play. Yarn extraterrestrials in addition to extraterrestrials from other planets in the play, aren't federation including the liberals, and the beacons from vague new regions from big o just won't shut up. It's just like we know you're from vague, like the world's worst Strip Club of Indians from vague. You know you till you don't worry. You have to worry about finding out whose from Vega they'll tell you Joe gathered at the June, is dry. And so it is therefore good strain. The cakes are made out of date, aware and that name Billy Billy is not his real name. His real name is Edward.
Billy is that although the weird Swiftwaite Eduardo toward that yeah Melias, a nickname that was given to him when he was younger by an American who is almost certainly making fun of them, has young Billy was prone addressing as an old west cowboy most of the time, loser Billy the kid, and this problem also he was really into wild bill. That's what he said. He viewed him as a sort of idle. Literally his heroes, were liars and building a new name myself after them. Now, yes- and he was a very odd into weird spotty past, he believed that he was the only person chosen by the plea organs to speak to speak to the planet. Earth we're gonna, go all of this on its ah, maybe not real oil rigs. My heart- I am sorry I am sitting here right now in front of you nude. I must say that I want a bill I'll. I am currently in belief of Billy, I believe all victims and I believe Willy Meyer
vague do you use a victim of the polar area, may very well be victims than in a field that all look like Santa Claus, then all wanted to tell him how you was a special little right. Given them strange gets his spurs. Contact with the play are in came when he was just a five year old boy in the swiss countryside when he was visited in the middle of the night by an old extraterrestrial play your inhuman named small sauce has important put all they all of the letters together with how did you thought ass F? involve an automatic ease in twining and ages. In Height
Dwayne gives or were you ve, never know when you meet one you'll know is so spots eventually told Billy that he was the seventh incarnation of the profit that connects earth to the play. Yarn people, starting with a guy named hey, knack around eleven thousand years ago, continuing on through Jesus, a k, a manual who will get to later and Mohammed before finally, settling on a world swedish boy never tell the swedish boy you're settling no mean, that is to say like of course, you'd want to swedish boys got an apple bottom. Privilege or legs pudgy knees. Big eyes see everything in a tiny melted in not as easy to reveal see you're going into a Stephen king level of hell. I will remind you, as I just finished, where you re reading Stephen kings. It there is a five page
a ten year old fucking orgy in a book with a girl, describes the penis of each one of the boys, Mme Commoner Oliver Stones jail, hey sexy, but with gentle with workers. I do ask. What did this look like when, when Billy Meyer met with faith is a spot? What did whether that actually looking for that telepathic? I would describe it so he was out what, by the lake with his father, he was five years old. He said he received these special feeling inside of himself. It said he needed to look towards the sky. This is he. This is his fucking sweepers. He looked up a craft darted across the sky, a traditional de shape, for from that day forth, he saw lights. Moving around in the sky was fastened with Skype of actually one eyed Miller night. He is a woken vice and say
would you hear a lot an alien up these abductee stories were they say they want to go outside for some reason he goes outside. There is a glowing pair and the sky then comes around fruit like a frugal, yes or like gum, DOM Della visas. Oh, I see I loved his Christy's Barton. Oh my goodness. Don't like him, it landed an adult man with a full grown beard, comes out, names forth and says: let us sit and speak and they speak to each other. Tell us ethically, he tells young bit not Billy Edward at the time that he has a special little boy that was created by the plug Georgians in order to advance their work through fuck fuck.
And their families to think how? But I dont think about a story that he needs me specifically specific. So it sounds super real right just like we all know what the pleadings eat. They say it from the fucking pleading they called the seven hundred was the palazzo. I hate it when they do. They say that those actually play yarns and things that makes it more real. When people say you foe, instead, you a photo me not right that they are caught up in Samantha. Yes, yes, I hate that shit and so spot told of a new special boy that they are actually for other little boys that were created and that were supposed to serve this task and he was the one five. That was chosen, who said yes, all the other ones to Vum died poor crash one. That is true. And then one is just somewhere, they lose Iraq in the water ok. So that's ok, thank you for their bags area that is, are they met. There is poor. Father was just like. I don't think I got a good kid signalling regarding a thing
I'm just glad date may soon got debris a new further over the next ten years spots would communicate debility through electronically induced hypnosis. I he would communicate what Billy called court unquote important data on many fields of knowledge, including humanity's history creation, facts etc, which he would need to learn and retain, and sparse, told Billy that, due to this process by the time, Billy was seven. He had the intellect and emotional understanding of a thirty five year old man and as I read that as five year, Billy's in it immediate and seven anything any third it also. It does seem like the reasoning up like why it was ok for Woody Allen Amiss. His daughter s, mind was thirty five year old, so mature, so he's been spending all his time alone in a giant pear shaped glowing room,
with a man. Look like Santa Claus telling them special suffer about especial boy. He grew up fast, moving queen in our last name or less itself, does we also, then it will be left out a part of this. In the end, this little world of information We know more about to say, please Hilary fill in the falcon blanks on this wouldn't want- and, I will say, is actually wrote in eighteen hundred page series of of documentation of all of these visitations called contact reports that he rode over a period of time when he way, but we're going to get into when that when they, when he was reached out to buy Wendell Scott was a real you. If a researcher they got caught in Fuckin, Billy Myers Fucking Neck write his polish butterfly right that He knew a priest named fathers Zimmermann his fore, you didn't want to tell his parents, he knew priest of lovely
nobody ever end the looting of presented, we don't bother Zimmermann weight and he knew a priest named fathers Zimmermann and you didn't want his parents to know about his interactions with the previously we released and the other old man that he used to call me now feel, and so he went to this pressing told him. There is a man speaking to me in my brain named spot, whose telling me all this information about the earth and things that happen in the future and fathers eminence life that fathers elements. As I understand what you talk, methods called telepathy, until anyone we're having these conversations truism, but you have to understand that your euro experiencing something very special you're, a little boy, little boy, is widening? Zodiac sways can raise currently touching me just to make these early obvious you little boys that you sometimes it's a? U get physical topic, because it goes right up against Georgia, but I gotta catch his elbows. Oh you,
You can get a little swedish voice forget eyes. Big. Do me with went on ass, a clearing at this priests and he's like yes ensued, but there is also a thing called spiritual telepathy, which is a deeper understanding that you're, would you at the let this Let it come, and I would like to have seen and fathers Zimmermann, like kind of opened up terms. It is ok and explained to him that he was being trapped by aliens as well to help Billy understand himself. In the story of the blood jar, and I got there is something about molesters. They can find a way to get their. Those kids came with a problem with aliens that could occur. That kid could come in me like, I think, I'm having too many sugary snacks. At last, she said we are working out a whole way to prevent and combat my shock. I have all these kettlebells Craig fathers, who is also likely to go on a date with like somebody, and you have to pretend to be interested in the fact that they feel like it border, be a blues meant any illegal. I guess interesting over there
was wrong. Yeah, like for her name, he's names like Brett. He does it understands that. Does your out there on a day what, if you're gonna, do with Brett right now, just Reno make sure he pays. The other possible scenarios and fathers Zimmermann and a fuckin dude name spot. I'm pretty certain fathers, My first name is yours: nourish fucking, swedish version. Little girl- and I imagine will happen- is that fathers them and tell them does ok to talk to aliens, and then you have another old man. You just come out of field with a chord with the budget. Lights, wrapped around it and it's fuckin molest season Others, Zimmermann weeks enemies like tell him The alien aims, nor the roof. I love the role play. I am as hard as Gibraltar, Rock so badly because of all this
Please stop it's going on always telepathy this electronically induced hypnosis. He would eventually have the highest degree of spiritual evolution of any human being on earth, and that is why Billy is the only person out of seven billion humans who is allowed to speak to the players and whose allowed to speak to them, whose allowed to see them whose allow to communicate within telepathic early. They will only communicate with, highly evolved being on this planet. For no other reason, I can figure out just a bunch of snobby dick at war hold their just a bunch of now be they ivy decades. I'm saying the other fuckin pull yard they're, all just a bunch of snobby dick at are more willing to talk to the most highly spiritually
of being paid out when you're talking to a dumb peace, Wissmann who shoots cheese. How this is not the don't know how snobby they are rather not talking to me That's because you're on your medication, exact energy would go on podcasting, they can have all the information is right to fatten. He said into apparently that's what they the blade. They pull ajar and slap actual you can correct me, you want growth and correct him. Play are correct. The record. We're just tell them the truth and raise you're getting a wrong and markets is correcting the right hands, like my there's, like veins, moving into my eyes as good as they say that they having too many speaking for the plug Georgians all at once. I cannot say
Finally, the last time I gotta do anymore. We're just gonna have to agree that this is the rise in oil and its polarity Georgia, but there they say they having too many speakers. Although once would it's too many cooks would support the broad, and they also said that they take the analogy. They actually use. That literally have it in the writing. They silica as a term that you humans use all the time. I've heard that sometimes too many cooks spoil is due almost like it was written by a human being in the old way. Ballots learn a little bit more about these play your in people's. They look much like us with minor anatomical differences that are never quite specified or ones that I've never actually been. Henry. You found out what those minor anatomical differences are now. I think they just said that to him, because it was all it Sultan to cover the molesting body, they neglect Jennifer, Love Hewett. She does have an alien look about
I'm saying on the bottom heavy a monopoly of the female version that he's talking to lose. Your name is ask at that: you're gonna, find out later on after spot, die somehow some fucking reason you're. Just given away all the plans. We have more than one point, that's Bulgarians. Get this right, and it's rare that I am the expert in your initial. I'm sorry This is our no. If you like, when you go to Starbucks, are not when they say large, they deem inventing a nominal large. I want are you literally? I just go in and is the biggest one, possibly with every restaurant I go to as it gimme the biggest thing of whatever I why they're like she, you are just so funny. Oats over there ass get books, sort of like give em a total recall when, in all sorts, Nigger is having sex with Sharon's dome and she turned out to be evil we chose. Is each uses, his like we'd like to the woman of his dream, Lamar's woman. In its what's your name, the windows square shaped? I don't exactly what you're talking about. I dont know her name. What's your name, not Brindisi
they'll Torah man, no, but it's the real version of the minutes of the previous of being so little door. Areas like thing works through undergoes two weeks: thou on the woman. You know I want you to take in their own right and you are you ill version of the heart from the from the captain plan that work Rachel to cotton. If anyone has imposed and know that, rather than I know, people it's a very she's, a very depend, ethnic. Looking woman who works description, I ever heard Michael, resides them having those minor, anatomical differences they also live for about.
Thousand years happy population of about a hundred and twenty billion spread across their federation and are all nordic looking well. Apparently, there are two types of their two universes, though we exist in the DOW Universe, and the doll universe and bone which are filled with human, like creatures, are actually very few creatures that are not human life. Because we all come from the same based society for millions and millions of mere years ago and we're all seed races. So it's doll and dull doll endow I'll call. You have what separates us from from each other up fraction of a second a fraction of a fraction of a second see era. The player and Homeworld is a fraction of a second shifted from our own dementia thee yeah see, To crown it all, making sense now get it like other, just like a fraction of a second in the future. So, therefore, through an indifferent dimension, you'll see our lives, you lie effect, see
I do believe you miss both of its police, Jerry you so even though there from a different dimension, the players and earth links to send from a common ancestor. Originally there were forty million three hundred and fifty three thousand six hundred and seven different human races in, three hundred and forty three different skin color tome. Less than ten right next mocha coffee, underwear, arguer, grew Harkov, Narghile, Argyle Guy was a pattern. Now our guy knows that you'd Argyle and are, or a rubella pistachio very much. It's cool, Pistachio Jesse. You know apes actually descended from human being seen not the other way around, although Billy might never, they actually gets into how that actually happen. So then apes would be more advanced than us theoretically, necessarily lateral frack fraction of a second. I don't believe this man.
Within with them. All of this is the Billy never really goes into detail, I don't know it's a whole work, difficult. No, I believe bill at what she goes in a high detail about the conversations that he has about say, superiority. Well eighty or universal teachings of spirit that they talk about. They say the teachings of the Spirit. That's why they're here, but they're here, to tell us all about how weak become higher beings see other being like neutralize the negative effects of like religion, you know even though you know their main contacts in the last two thousand years been Jesus and Mohammed. Theirs, Manna organised religious, bad. There are ways that we can get towards the center of the universe of love together. Having Bonn with Gardens
glorious, I'm wondering if no errors Daily Roy Day, you're gonna love it, because you want to take the violence out of religion, which is really them the major problem that all of us have with organised religion. It gets corrupted and used by governments to kill in another minute. You know I have a question. I did he ever actually pivot and try to become sort of a call leader type or was he just? Did he never having you? Don't do this at the end of the story. Is that Michael Horn is PR man that it comes on later on line? Does all his website designers they fly dot. Com is my question. If the budget, if the pledge jarring keep making profits that make horrible religions, why do they keep doing there there? You know they do just that. Go back and fix what you're broke? I do think that there are literally gypsy devotees over insanity, actually Baker. They can go back and fix what they can time travel to buy Why you want
about a young, Billy, Meyer and toss who went on a magical adventure together. Henry do you have any examples of the many magical adventures that young billions He looks thoroughly exhausted already ate. It really does make me sad because I love you are those I believe in you are those I think, there's a lot of stuff out there to support contact from aliens. I think that the object he stories are real. Willy Meyer takes away from it, but the thing is, I just think Billy Myers in ten years get molested in Swedish. Now by a man dressed in Santa Claus. Now you don't remember that story where they went and met Gandhi. No, they did they when they met gun on women done anything to them. He said or Britain
that's what I get. Those shows little raise. Governments are too great, Kingsley was a white man who played Gandhi and a film unwanted Oscar for Gandhi was hungry much of the time, but I don't know maybe a pizza David. You, again and your Megan, Always ends up in German, but he saw Gandhi argument the king of Egypt, who was very tall. He was most it about a thousand times and he went and learned whether stripping here Saddam Hussein did? It almost seemed they met each other when their twenty two years old and sit on the same said that also army. He was a thug at the time and there is a part of a bunch, a roving gangs. You can look in West side story, he was Danny Soup. Cool, a lover. Young Saddam lies as well. That is great, though unfortunately, spots reached Billy at the end of his thousand odd,
years, and the old alien died in nineteen. Fifty three and Billy. Now a teenager then came under the care of a young humanoid woman from the doll system named ask Multi snick. Ass looted shoot from Tony Recall. What's her name, she looks like a white I won't take. Attempts are going to talk to you. It's not like it's a scholar, Adela Jolla, like the female version of a man and a yellow lawyer, no names like set out on me It's totally Rachel ticketed issues, racial. We found the name Dela Wintry unsteadily right now learn BB calls or one twelve cookie. You can hold her own road Ben is a great idea has also just sort of looks like a woman at work at a record store. You think you're cool
It is a real woman. Now we can now. You know she's not really know our sense of real and artisans and Billy Myers, since she is real. She is the guide. She is his contact between the play, yarns and Billy himself. No, it's a make em up well know if he's on a day with her there's no one sitting across from India, we'd sear, but she just you know, he's gonna, she's kind there in a way that your grandfather's always look out for you here you don't even I even have any look out now she is a physical being. I can touch you could touch. Your ok could shake her hands. They good to meet you here. I am Ben of guarding. Yet you absolutely could these people do exist. However, they do not have any contact with any of us because we're not worthy because we're not one of those of all human beings and the face the planet exact. I see that in the end, it also it's got weird, that you know when he was a little kid. He had an old man hanging around them all the time, but then, once you puberty, all of a sudden, a hack check just back and take it amiss
the universe. We get the feeling the old man no longer had a use for him, which is really like. You was fucking stiff mop, so Billy actually lived quite the interesting life, as a young man, if is biography, is to be believed. He to prison for assault twice see. This is the problem is that he is a lot of these stories where he did go to prison two times. He joined the french Legion and then abandon it by walking through the desert. Just left it in the middle of it. He said he couldn't find his place in life in it up in Turkey, where he was a hitman for that government known as the phantom. Did you write that now I dont he simply the pieces of the turkish government hired him to hunt serial killers in Turkey. Became known as the phantom
everywhere, we went. People knew him as a phantom. Uneasy series of headshot of him with a new era in Arabic, like sort of like reared, are not because they thought it of its scarf now on his head, and it's him like just like, posing infant areas, places one of the king's guards. This is that we also believe that ask it is taking to visit several different leaders of every country in the world. Were they I ve been briefed the new Messiah having met each other and they took pictures, but those pictures that burning fired on our that's true as well. Then he went back in the past and took pictures it. Acta is only has the odds are ye deserted from the legion. He went back to Switzerland and was institutionalized for two years after is really easy, of course. Did the whole assassin thing for a while until he ended up in the Middle EAST and sort of work as a day labour, and there is where he met a priest named ISA, Rashid in nineteen, six? Ok, three! So we have these than now
documentation of whom getting arrested twice. Is that real abbe it there's? No documentation, isn't be documented, correct theories. There is no proof that this man existence. I don't even know your name, I dont know did none of its backed up. It's all just his light out. All based on his stories rises. Also like back in a day where I guess they did. The records were loose and you can just role in and out of place it out just kind of show up and give a fake name and he's columns of Billy, I'm just a little. I one fact of this person's life. I mean we can maybe start with the town mood of demand. You all that we know, because I gotta Birgitta all right, let's hear about the ideology or bought it, yeah yeah, so Billy Meyer and his friend of former priests name, ISA Rashid. They discovered the Tao mood
Jim men, you will do manual, spelled J M M A and you eat. The polish Aaron's were very insistent that Germany will be spelled exactly that way. J M M A and you ve l, and they were so insistent that Billy always makes a point to say that play your we're insistent that he spell it that way. I don't like vowels men, you call mommy, see they are going with the wheel, affords remember it s kind of like me: Tomas Jus man, Oh dear yes, votes do, is it manual or manual DE man, you, the zoo manual to Manual who is manual because the points the Hebrew spelling it's like when you learn, I believe it's in- is a temple of doom going.
Who did no doubt about it at last crusade last, creating any engines like living. We say when he's going. Tunisia, like you about before a manual, I believe you said that and uses like, is only ease, uneasy, respect with joy, and then it goes on down Linnaean. That's how I learn that fact and if you want to say- and we said that to us before the pod chasm, both Because I like what the hell are you talking about, I am laws where it makes sense. Now I get it the second time around our society, while on an afternoon stroll in Jerusalem, Billy and ISA, discovered a small hole on the grounds that it somehow been overlooked for two thousand years after getting a funny feeling about it. It always gets a phoney feel he gets a lot of forty feelings. He started digging into the whole a little further in discovered in abandon tomb and contained within hidden under a large flat rock was a package containing four separate scrolls covered with aromatic writings, these scroll
would come to be known as the Tower mood of a manual. These were a secret chapter of the Bible. Brandon, Dick we'd papers tat. Yes, so these girls were actually written by Judas Iscariot on behalf of Emmanuel Ache, a Jesus Jesus crises is Krzysztof Ruth is, it was not Judas Iscariot. Who is the betrayal of jeez yeah? You idiot you're wrong. All time you fuckin more only to impact into or like best buddy, I'm. Obviously we all fallen into arose about now that best bodies they loved each other. Actually it was a dude,
is scary. It who betrayed Jesus, it was due to Harry. Are you fucking more straight? You should be allowed to have kids, you been wrong or so Head Bundy wasn't the killer. It was a guy named TED Glum be no longer did elder jury. There are in Iraq. It is quite the coincidence is a coincidence that Jesus was the betrayed. A man who had almost the same name as is best for I really ever Judith. Absolutely. It is a coincidence like rays. That was due to his last words were glum, be dead. What the tall mood manual proves. If it is in fact we only take the Bible is truth, as well as the Bible stories were a hell of a lot more alien based and the church has led us to believe me so fucking. That was travel this actually I mean this is this. Is fairly common in aid alien law whole book about it's called extraterrestrials in the Bible is boring, Nat pouring a shit by. Let me the three
Can you make a specific and boring, and this is the town mood of manuals version of the baptism of Jesus by Saint John, the Baptist and the River Jordan, who had antennas chapter three when Jus manual I've been baptized e, soon came out of the water of the Jordan and Behold, a metallic light drop from the sky and descended deeply over their Jordan consequence They fell on their faces and press them into the sand, while our voice The metallic like spoke Beth it my boy love it fun with whom I am well, please he will the king of truth, who will lift human rights to knowledge base Liability is words. Do manual entered into the metallic light which climbed into the sky, surrounded I've higher and smoke. Ambassador over the lifeless ii as the singing of the metallic light, soon faded away after that dream.
I knew. I was no longer seen our forty days and nights you selling on Ebay. Computer, Argentina manages and tomatoes and when he got home, that's a classic sound. So where did do manual or Emmanuel. Let's go adieu mailings you manual annual manual sorted, you manual, go for those forty days and forty knights of the town mood says that Jus Manual, ok, Jesus Christ was actually cruiser. The stars on a? U r, bow learn in the way that you have an over balkan month. Yes, hooliganism it's nice to be? Have the tell mood law admire? He doesn't just had the tell mood of Germany will to back this up following his discovery, asking member asking the Magyar in handler took Billy back in time to me
and hang out with german Ewell for four days and if you're wondering how play yarn time travel works, Myers states. In short, if TAT Yon, with a higher light speed and though they nor most may say NI praising the Materia universe in any given harbours bees. Eastward only paying object, idiot you automatically clearing due to pay as well, in flew below. I praise speed of lead, really didn't. We look to the future of the swiss sound like this in italics and that its total nonsense? Now, that's just bare bones: that's verbose! It sounds like nonsense to mere you, but Billy. Actually he doesn't know now worthy. If that about you, Caille have details of the guys. The fraught man bugging David Lee Roth, doesn't know how the speakers worth pieces. They are wrong and jump, but because a Billy did know how it works.
What are your way down? The fucking poor should all day long, dude he'd get kidnap. You get kidnap and forced to use this time. Travel knowledge for evil role rather than good. Could our ignorance is saving him in our enemies? You do I mean it's a plausible, deniability Ben. You know, of course, as we like private with who with wire. I always that I've someone's about to tell me important information as a local plausible, deniability utility Henry. I love secrets. Are you here? He said to us that he was really responsible. He was very responsible about time travel because he said that he'll he'll talk about going in the past. We hung over dinosaurs, but he won't talk about the future because he doesn't want people to know about the how there is a difference between prophecy and prediction. Is it because you didn't read a book,
the future. Could we don't know what it's gonna look like it, so we won't be accurate, no really said: there's a difference reproduction and an prophecy prophecies idea that he didn't wanna tell people what could be happening. The future, because prophecy is still in a flux state that massively we can change what's going on, if special, if it's really bad like well worth three or Superadds Ramrod supermarkets, and then he does Saito predictions are silent and are going app and there's no point in telling people what are definitely happen within your group can make people sad itself after the meeting with your manual Billy left the Middle EAST and spend a year in India where he took his first photographs of play, yarn spaceships or, as they call them beam ships as he calls them beam ships, and you know why why veil Lee aired Albert my early ed Albert Miser, Albert I always it and you saw a gap. Billy Billy, Edward
Bert. My name named spaceships ass evidence of Billy. I want to believe you Billy just gimme one reason to beam they cause We beam either because they are the aims we have been able to be called IBM. Shapes area was informed defined which actually gonna work. That guy I gotta worry, I mean really do in India. Did he do anything? Besides just take some pussy she's there she showed up at an ashram in India when he told them they called him the space man. We in common and he said that he was talking to aliens and by the way, good call him. The space man he's a swedish you dressed as a cowboy is what you want is dressed like an alien trying to fit in literally fine five of those guys in a hospital in Midtown New York. Generally there like a review and alien in you in your coming to earth, you choose an exit, you choose a look, and you choose an outfit. I mean he just if we're going with this was acts it we're gonna, be a man. He's gonna be
he's in dressing a cowboy darts at a real way. There is a humanoid when we went to the ashram and he that was where he started taking pictures of Ufos without wanting to Billy Myers, incredibly famous, for if you have gotten this far and knowing about Willy Meyer famous for his actual footage of be these being ships, and so he started in India and they are all very fuzzy, and it is very spicy. It is by soon, but I did watch some of those videos now when it comes to you know, alien of you know footage there isn't much good stuff out there do not horrible right. Can we really think when the know? How do you make them Phil Langdon, did all of em again on his Youtube age. It is one was it want either he's of ours that is put far away from the camera and then another tiny little airplane? He
don't like a wire. So was a horde pendulum type thing you need to come to the vote. You kind of sputter on a tiny little tree is like go what's his name. The Alec Baldwin Beetle JUICE saw this The whole India think that, as far as I can tell, we took the pictures of him is the last contact that Billy would have with the plea yarns for eleven years, Do we know why the brake happened seems? What happened is that after it, somewhere up during this time period, he was on a bus leaving India gone the Cleveland I feel like that's exactly where you go and about how we says is he was I ate. My warm day I won't do it over? What are you be would give my hand was a code and he stuck his patent what is due to the exit he stuck his hand out of a bus and apparently a drunk driver across from him on another bus hoopdriver that bus, who is he what slain his boss, the bus, flipped and We lost his arm and the accident, and then apparently he was wandering the desert for months with
the hand without arm and self again. He said he was delirious, and then he said this thing on this documentary Watch called a believer was called the silent revolution of truth from UFO Tv, and he talked about how he's like an innate time period. I e learned that died. You would you cannot face your regrets and you're going to do actions that are going to be against your nature, but your support, to learn from them alluring did he did fucked up shit, aided horrible things without a hand which makes them more horrifying. Entire was thinking how good it fiddling you gotta, be. If you only got one today's last broadcast on the left is brought, by me, undies, if you were underwear every single day, it's time to try something better me on these made from modal fabric that's three times softer than cotton. They have tons of colours and patterns from classic tabled two to adventure
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Cynthia through the double real lemme who just doing criminal activity by it seems like he was just scamming around, but I think that what he did for forever. I think that he was a low level criminal for a long time. I think we're looking at here like the? U, if a version of Charles Man, seventy app. Where he's a guy who lived on a lie, he married a woman named Calliope than he met, and these are you said, because every alien and the world that he was talking to said the views gonna meet this woman named Calliope. There we're gonna get married and they were going to have their we're. Gonna give birth to the next generation of proverb approved in Lhasa furs or some bullshit, and this was going to be a love elastic.
I've time they got divorced ten years later, because he was beaten. Are these not a good person, no narrow, Lord and Billy Myers and a good person? I was at his side, none against him Mars, Rubik piece of shit, we're going to get more ended, let's get into nine years later in nineteen, seventy five, nine years after he married Calliope, the pull yarns came back into bellies life for good. Now it seems like they came back into his life just because, like it with the, he found a way to make money off that and also a kind of coins with his divorce. Just a little pale year does suddenly had a lot more time on his hand get us all right. On January, twenty, eighth, eighteen, seventy five Billy was visited by an extra terrestrial named Sim jaw sees me ass. I said George, you boy, jarring, plunge arias and just say who was the granddaughter abilities first handler spat,
I was quite a hamlet. Leave at home, along with some just say, came put ha play and cattle who claim that he was also the famed kettle call all of us to learn, and one in Sherlock Wha who said that he was of the famed Sherlock Holmes, Morgan, Conan Doyle and over the years Billy would meet many an alien whose names would increasingly get more and more bizarre. Ass time went on. He was running out of stuff to tell people and couldn't come up with anything. The review, which is why I mean those food that he was eating. Collateral sounds like private delegation. Let me know: whenever foods around you're gonna be a motto of. In addition to all of those, there was an drawn xl. Ten, this spirit guides melt short or long and chaser when there was fat in MECCA. Never Tita Cadena, Dena Corinne the rule, Very well, then there I am softened,
the panel also like prescription, drugs and yeah those are throughout the years and they really do as they went on and on and on. They got weirder and weirder and where because of course, run and not a shit to talk up, it's gotta be a very stressful morning. He wakes up
come up with a new fake name every damn day. You could also discuss again like a coldly to react to continue. The storyline are also not could be able, sell more stuff is a matter of keeping ruin a circle, so there are nineteen. Seventy five! That's when this man in Windows Stephen, showed up and said, I'm gonna go bus over this case and it was originally the Billy Myerst or rules really small it you showed up, and he said that I yes, I've been taking pictures of Ufos. I am on this document, although segmentation- and he talked to me- and eventually it grew- to include the DOW when the doll Universe and in many different levels of existence and his philosophical writings and we're gonna hear about now. Yet the contact reports as they are called heed. These are supposedly transcribed conversations that Billy Meyer has.
Various alien races. Today there are twenty six published volumes of contact reports, though there only officially published in German under the name. Please do you play your rich contactable eater has had real. It sounds war or find you get a good pronunciation. Latvia play a dish play God, each contact Abydus, that's how you to determine for a couple years ago. That means cause I forgot I think it means its knowledge or in or is it plea, already contacted Bible signals
ok in these discussions, which are reportedly highly detailed deal with such subjects of spirituality, the afterlife, the dangers of mainstream religions, human history, overpopulation and, of course, prophecy anyway, he's still uses mainstream religion. Is that as the catalyst for most of his, you know, geologic thought right: swill, its borders link the broad based Christian Shit, like everyone is understand, every body any give treat people. Are you treat yourself in its in its more bout, weird, philosophical things, its input, it'll vague, it's none of its specific, except for later on. When he had direct transmissions. You can see on the on the website. They fly dot com. He cannot set some about like marriage advice, dieting advice, all sorts of fun little tippets are there and also how to take care of your pet, what they mean, but in in theory he wanted to be.
A deity right now he wanted to be seen as a garbage, always Emerson out us. We killed opposite castle. Is they didn't want to ever be that important? Yes, he wonders. How are you sure she's, the only person allowed to speak to these young, but he didn't want that Taiwan and none of this it was forced upon him. Oh I'm times sometimes been greatness, is forced upon a man Barely Meyer is that man will go to the police them right, and so Billy's most enduring prophecy involves is repeated and shifting prediction of becoming a world where three so far the date has come and gone at least five times with the last happening five years ago, when Billy said that for world leaders would die within seven days of each other kicking off world worth three two years after that, and of course, there's just one of the
thousands of prophecies of Billy and the players have foretold Henry. What are some of the other weird prophecies while they said, apparently they D Day predicted the Russians. We're gonna attacked Afghanistan, the ring I've gas, any they predicted that they predicted, oh of course, all over the World Trade center. They are in the gallery. One word all that when they also said that we are going to be in on two wars base out of Iraq under a precedent that was the son of a former president, so that was accurate, accurate, but would it was weird is a lot of time to these predictions is at the belligerents specifically tell Billy that he cannot release his predictions until after it happens? Oh I see so what you just told which it was actually kind of impressed by is total dogs. You know, because you can only in higher up new all they are
Didn't I didn't really windows, even only about four researcher that was involving all this, so it said that he was accidentally released, some information and he wasn't supposed to print out so he's red beforehand, some secret information that we're not supposed to know. What specifically was that he read he read before was posted release, and so he said it's real, so the guy's a loose understanding of U S, foreign policy and then he just sort of base there. But he didn't come up with these conclusions in the seventies before they actually yarns Billy says that all of the prophecies are actually converging now saying that the aliens told him that the earth itself is actually a consciousness hologram, that is in the process of
all think everything is miss. Math and metaphor, following patterns of sacred geometry will still doesn't have a hand in hand and then let's talk, growth grows. A new arm he's right work. Besides just transcribed conversations, Billy also has he claims to be hard evidence of his contacts with the players, and he has some very interesting metal for one which scientists to examine it, have that calling quote odd, because the problem now is that he also says that they don't trust scientists, because they ll say anything to fulfil. Their egos yes goes besides is too costly, proven wrong every single day of their lives, the man actually search for the truth, can trust assigned hand. Luggage was desire. A straight answer now, better thing above We might he's, got the metal get his golden quote odd, but the thing that is best known for
He will produce it all the time in Sydney somewhere, I am sometimes will bring it out. Sometimes he wanted all depends on what Moody's, Andy, you analyze an apple in a job that he says from an ailing it's from an alien greenhouse, but he's a different than the other kind of apple, Joe created apples me Sid, it's from an alien green. I wouldn't leave it if I bit into a watermelon the only way to do them alien apple and feel that just aid to Gmos, actually a watermelon apple make it happen. Scientists we also is a piece of court city, said he found in the tomb of Jus Manual that is supposed to be. There was given to Jesus could as part of the alternative storyline of Jesus Christ and that he never died on the cross She was put to sleep by aliens into a coma. Then he was put into a tomb where he was taken, my indian healers, where he went to India to train everybody down to listen to the Buddha if your jesus- that's just so much more difficult to mean, hung on the core, Maybe you are you doubt everything I know I do. I do think the the scientist looked at the looked at the metal and then looked at Billy Meyer, and then they said
about Willy Meyer metal. I think it's just metal I'll get. It is just kind of we I mean, I'm sure, like a metal largest gave it like just kind of mixed a bunch you shit together here you go, go have fun, so the thing is that Billy is best known for. Besides the metal is his photographs, please, if you have, if you have the ability right now, please just open your browser and Google Billy Meyer photographs and see these things for yourself, beleaguered Henry could describe, please describe the Billy Meyer Protocol is Lenny from vice of men, who was trying to tell the story of Scientology will and he had a certain intelligence in his own right and it was like a giddy do one of their day. So we have this thing. There's a famous one. Is the wedding cake you affair, which is this? You have always gotta bunch balls on the side of it need, took a bunch of produce added, landed in front yard, so obviously
in front of his camera and took a picture front of his house. The wedding cake you, a foe they say, is for who precisely made for any human to ever put these balls in such alignment on the sides of this Europe. Would you know, do you use a rule if he really rule as well? You know did this: let's take about your choice of words. Therefore, a second Henry held a model out in front of him. The authenticity of these photographs been challenge, but some say that even the possibility of their being faked can even be in taking as there is no way that these photos, even if they are effect, could be flanked by a man with more money on the table. That is the mostly I've ever heard. Unless I love your tie it to a squirrel, you know you're a heavy. Eighty else we build the pyramid, maybe anywhere we do
do without the help of aliens yeah? That was really I must say that this guy could have been one of those really fun creative directors. What was the nurse the director that Johnny Depp played in that film Why would he seems a good Edward type? Yeah yeah could have been a really if he was born in LOS Angeles or in Amerika. I think you were gonna Hollywood, you probably what have I mean? These are pretty kick asthma, our great, I really don't know, and I, like the simplicity of the Ufos, hitting the really cool, and I a but my problem again with all of this proof being fake, obviously fake, they fill Langdon. You look as you two page. He read it all of picture suggested is like this. I do it and he did it with his on tight around his back. To show them.
Didn't know with one on you was passed on. Well, I think that's cultural appropriation. They gotta remember incident. We promise it does take away from the whole argument up for you if was altogether, and I dont think its necessarily disinformation, but this guy's a great tool for the government if they are trying to dispel any sort of rumours about alien life or secret ships. That look like David, I think even good done, but I think it's also good examples of fraud in order to prove when when it is actually something real, but it just makes ten Friedman scream at a higher pension. That makes everything more ludicrous in very many to be a little once a day or is gonna die or getting higher and higher he's. She's, like his pants, are quicksand and he's a travel on Africa and actually speaking, to stand Friedman him and Jacques Belay. They believe in this guy. One bed, I don't believe in it and if you ask me to side with anyone in the use of all community but stand prevent our military,
we'll go straight out was sure to hell you idiot yeah, I'm on step inside armed with SAM, when I was there am I, with every day that man now that you know that want to get into a lawyer. Conversations with Europe owes either have to begin, or end with scream. Oh, I understand, and speaking of criticism Meyer does have quite a few detractors and the euro for community, specifically a man named. Jerk, poor, fall a mouse or the whole about no. I really feel like I'm a family dinner. I actually have flash back to my gay brothers in my evangelical parent screaming at each other about orientation, and I just want to eat a fuckin says that terribly cook sitting Derek Bartholemy Files is a member of the independent investigations Group and Bartholemy particular.
Any so independent. It's like he's. The only one super independent about dollar miles is particularly critical of the organization Billy founded way back and nineteen. Seventy five, the prime Internal S, mind shafted, Feel gleans guys this vision, spat in you apology story, and you just broke podcast. Sweden just shouted up, as has the readers, that's german. Those yeah prior into. Let's go get a minor shocked that full cleans guys dissuasion spot in on you, apology, studio, that's the free community of interests for french and spiritual scientists, and you have already otherwise known as figure. I wish that this
the live stream. So people could see my face. The visa requirements stipulated slowly getting like new wrinkles yeah, I'm stream out, as I have these last five years, I've aged now like someone who, as you know, like a sharper and with this. I also wonder I know that he'd this man's, obviously a nerd but he's a good nerd unease trainer pass, but how Billy Meyer, no technically Beryl Billy Myers, the cool nerd, for this cause. He gets to make all this shit up. This is just more manner that you're talkin about follow miles. I just got a man who is mad and other yes, a nerd out at an even deeper had bought yeah Bartholemy miles. He went. He learned how to make websites. He bought the domain Billy MAR Ufo case dot com
He put together all of the information he got into a male spats with Billy Myers, PR guy, which will get to hear and justice, but is biggest criticism, was of fear, you here's how figure works and how do you still f, I d, you yeah, that's the friar. We know you have. Membership is a two step process. First, you need to be a passive member for at least two years. I had a passive every two years and was my first years liver or New York. No one looked at it. I see what you're saying this requires a ninety eight dollars subscription to their quarterly newsletter and annual membership fee at thirty nine dollars, a one time, application fee of thirty nine dollars and a mandatory annual contribution of seven percent of one months salary.
Ass. A member is also required to work three full days annually at the figures centre in Switzerland, with his house switches his out through a main, a passive member in good standing and if you're not able to work the full three days, you can pay ninety one dollars per day per day or you can pay to at seventy four dollars for all three, which means that you're paying ninety one dollars per day for all those three days, plus one dollar surcharge, I'm extremely confused, so it seven percent of your one month, paycheck, seven percent of one wins every with that. You are able to go cleanest, toilets! Yes! Well I mean your didn't all your poor. I always weaning yarn, I'd, say you're, not me! It's not that you can clean asteroids is that you are forced to cleanest. This is like fight club for Fuckin, Dick, at least in fight club. You gotta, you got the scruff around
get drunk and do drugs smelly Scientology? Yes, you also have to attend at least one annual passive group general Assembly. At figure in Switzerland, which that all total, in order to be a passive member, four hundred and fifty dollars a year, but it seems that you're very active. How are you actively passive as a member? I don't get the term well, let me get, no, it active active members. You have to literally suck Billy's dick with. That would be a little bit more at the naturally someone with an organization. This large is go. Large, is there's gotta, be allowed. Guess if you Hundred airily are renowned for him red honey shore, but if you ve got an organization like this, then you're gonna need a pr guy bellies. Guy is a dude named Michael
Horn now, Michael worn, is obvious piece of shit. You com, you can kind of gets involved in this whole thing. By put himself in there, he worries grown triggered by the window, Stevens investigations he starts taking over the Billy Meyer Entire, like the his empire and all the communications, because Billy gets so frustrated when anybody challenges him. He doesn't like talking to. You know there are still, why no one will just come to Switzerland and talk to him face to face all we think only way. A proper man would criticise his work, so he says Michael Horn out into the world to be his level like his is the light I think of whom is sort of again
pain, manager of a grave and actual you. You abandoned something like values assert, but he is doing is that he set up figure in order for Billy to make money and that what he also is trying to do. He comes in all of these weird little paranormal shows. I watch five interviews with Michael worn, and he keeps saying that he does not answer questions. Do ask him you'll asking a question than immediately jumps those holdings. Everybody wants to talk about these photos like it's the only thing that matters when it comes down to a dual foes, or only a small part of the story. The real story is Billy's, philosophical teachings, which is why you need a joint figure because you get all of his books with all of that and you go to them. You go to the swiss compound and you listen. I M talk.
But his various philosophies and that's what he's up? That is the dead, what you're really trying to get it? If that, but at this point you four zero, even of port, and yet you know local out EU internal order right now, that's good! That's literally! How he's right these pivoting! It too, like! Oh! No, this you a force of yes good, like everybody's cod, saying that all of this office, fake right, is actually more about the man and just judging by your accident is he is here. It is in this sitting emptier work that has been a whole huts or Michael also claims to have won the independent investigation groups. Fifty thousand dollar paranormal tat oh yeah. The challenge can be won by anyone who can prove and controlled setting that they have extra normal ability. Then an illiterate. Imagine him having to sell his house. Oh my god, fifty thousand dollars. I immediately thought of Mark summers,
from double their greatest, your unwrapped hosting this entire revenge. All thing is hosted by Derek Bartholemy, Denmark. Summers Bartholemy said that at no time has horn or Billy Meyer, Evan, ever even submitted even an application for the challenge, much less one it but Bartholemy seems to be the least of the enemies that Billy his maiden his London. This is what he has to say to and bout. His cordon, unquote enemy. My yea enemies are yet is my contacts with appropriations and feel they would have in a few hours appear your contact piercing in comparison to mere these enemies. I consider that my contacts not only entailed Pham but which they are reacting with. All of it egos but also serious problems, e g altogether, thirteen assassination terms which have been laid against me. I love it. You didn't go into Jamaican, you did go into carbon, but
was a great acts on trying my bath. He really really new acts of year do right, but it sure yes, who he is he saying, there's pressure who'd want this pressure and that view did you hear that thirteen assassination to thirteen and thirteen thousand. Ninety. Ninety eight by two thousand eleven Billy had twenty two unsuccessful assassination attempt. So what are these assassination attempt? Look like. Were, they guns was that it was an archer are often near him. Very, I know get me to see of aids its everything that you can possibly imagine in the year that the Satan was made to attempts occurred on consecutive days. The first attempt was by gun, in which an assassin took a shot at Billy's head with a twenty two and missed only twenty eight and a half hours later. Another assassin, or possibly the same assassin, tried, kill and Billy with a throwing knife, but thankfully
The knife was cheap and Billy was only hit by the hand and that's what happens when you send crocodile Dundee to go and do a job. I also think he's the middle of the scandinavian forests. There's hunters everywhere there are hunters everywhere, but again these would be acts that would be you know, registered with the local police department. Is there any documentation that this exist now you just can lead to slide into a ban on it. It no bigger than a man, aims a gun at your face and he shoots a bullet. You don't call the police after the well. Why would you call the police when it's the police that are have you any one thing the governments of the world that are in on it? The threats are coming from within and without the threats are coming from the governments here on earth that are actually wanting to keep.
All the play your in knowledge from us, because it will bring us up to a higher point of understanding and the governments of the world. Don't want that they don't want to have us all together. They want is to be on our Facebook and our twittered, our twitter Instagram grandma. I wanna be drinking Coca COLA. How are you having rocks your dinner yeah, those two being poisoning as they dont want to have? Happily I didn't they have apples at all. They don't want us to have good, Billy, Meier apples. All they want is for us to be slaves, and that is why people like Billy Meier have assassination attempts, because you're complete. Then, as I smoke weeded out, makes me free. I all I can think about. Is the personal Billy mired, the passive member, a Billy Myers House licking the dishes claim that the only way I can think of you think maybe like we could take some of the fund. I know one put money in the pond: could we get some spongers open your mouth? You did it wouldn't kill that
That's the spot. He almost all men until used this bunch evades things are even get used, not just gettin. The threats from earth he's also getting the threats from extra terrestrials as well, particularly the extra terrestrial rebel and criminal all ransack naked, a ash tar Sharon who was killed in nineteen eighty three when he attacked ash cats, people and the dog universe bill. Doesn't tell the full story, but they didn't think of it yet believe you me a better. She was intent, I used my dear or it I dont know. If you do, you think you do please use again the sounds for it. You are my father rate them dogs. I didn't build you a star wars, star wars,
here? You see the things we want to. He wrote the script forestall horse, but he didn't want to cod and say that he did until after the movie, so you may have to a multi billion dollar industry. You we all make mistakes. So, let's anything, why would we want to shut down the message of the of the pledge organs when it's it's glaring and it's good good. It's good for all society ray it's like a wow, I mean like. Why would you want to shut down a mainly Billy? He can't possibly have a bunch of like really weird edgy or like I've fucked up. Opinions that kind of get saddle. The middle of all is like we're like conscious, ascending fucking advice, hey man, may I please quote mega death, Of course, peas. Sales but nobody's,
is my business. Is business is good year? So, let's in today's episode on one of my ears, more controversial opinion, will you mean, namely his intense lifelong homophobia. I knew it was an old writer is one of those guys who really likes the word degenerate. He claims in one of his prophecies that AIDS will become an epidemic that will eventually wipeout mankind. Should we leave it unchecked, and naturally this is all the fault of degenerating homosexuals practising cr me with long tailed, monkeys this one hand and mother Fucker,
believes in aliens to is a total scam or just as the audacity to come against Gay Piazzi. Does he hates gay people? I absolutely not. Even the play yarn ceases ever care for AIDS, and he also says that is a distinctly earthbound virus, as it also seems like. Homosexuality is a distinctly earth. Bomb phenomenon. Would you be weird because that would make us one out of forty million three hundred and fifty three thousand six hundred and seven races that are into that like we're, the only ones that figured out gay stuff? Everyone is talking every hole they get. Every everything that exists in every dimension is whatever it is. They want to fuck. That's what they do everybody does it. You feel what you gotta, you feel what you feel Mind is flipping the enabling its off mode. I want to get political with it, but this is really
studied and Billy Myers a scam artist and allow organise a dick had barely Mars awful team pregnant, but really says it's only gonna get worse from here. If we don't Caesar degenerate ways, this is M explaining how to steer clear of this deadly disease with hand greetings, say, hands should be promptly cleaned and greetings, but the case and the like should be completely omitted as when I speak as a good contacts, have all kinds up to the unlawful, bad habit of the earth's people in maintaining frequent sexual relations with other people without consulting the actual own partners, a bad habits that is as contrary to nature. You thought of me, which, in the first formal, likewise produces its consequences through Caribbean here, peace, which is a mutated and generated foremost globally, spread genital Galbraith, also Caribbean here, peace or the american named here. Peace is a generally of disease of incurable form and has already
he's been explained? Buttons are coming time if we continue to generate and become as deadly as the AIDS epidemic gives the earth does it? Parthian took an immediate stop to the actual degeneracy rack MAGIC Johnson alone beat AIDS. Have he was swollen all over a bunch of people? Well, he had aids and they did not get AIDS. This man, he doesn't understand his sire. He also was a sexless individual use, not believe him. He believes in sex for procreation and he says that it's pretty much comes down if we don't stop Vulcan each other, like we're Falcon each other, we're all gonna get taken. By Caribbean, her own pay taxes just passed a law where they they don't want to give same sex couples, the same rights, the tax breaks, because they dont procreate and the whole point of the taxpayer is for procreate.
I know, I'm getting up some man, we got a rapid seventy notable. Or do you know it's a? U don't get about Billy Mile radius, it it's! Actually it's a troubled UFO topic, not unlike Roswell words like been debunked and attacked and also to say I don't believe a word. The billion Meyer says, but I don't you believe in contact with alien entities. I do believe, though, that is real, I believe, as a personal psychic experience, I do believe it as a physical phenomenon. I believe that the american government probably is found weird things in the desert that have crashed and possibly bodies, and they don't know what it is, and I dont know what to tell us what it and we did have a story a recently now, with the with the sounds coming from space right and round, that is a very important event, a lorry they d I dont. No one really knows is apparently it's a tape, a radio. It seems like it's a radio frequency that comes from an area of the God of the Galaxy right near us that has one of art. The exile planets around the planet is not unlike earth and it's the same thing when they said they puzzle.
On the mega structure, its russian military satellite is the russian Minister, emotions or aliens. Russia's right now also say very convenient. If you want to go to boiled I'll, die everything until I'm literally raving mad, and in saying this I know I feel like I've. Getting pretty upset at this point of us, shall, I am just saying remember: the aliens are our aim as far as I'm concerned are real and you have those phenomenon that we do not understand and we should not stop attempting to understand them. Billy, Myers homophobia site will the again the good thing about Billy Meyer, the con artist Then we can take seriously the individuals who art than we are to have the lie before you can find the true it's bad for no, but it's bad for it to take legitimacy, because in building liar pops up to the top, like all Europe, you oppose you have this gotta Santa Claus and always seems really nice. What
say about what I'm all right is that it on Billy mindset on Billy minds, always God man I mean that's all there is, but I can t I can put the link to the twenty five Youtube videos of each. I wanna have long. Do entire com really give his entire contact reports its lot? It's very long end. Did you watch all twenty five of them? I just watch the first two and how's the relationship Now I m all right. Thank you so much for listening when it. What a wonderful, informative episode was all about this man, Billy Meyer, I had no idea, it was inform and it wasn't formerly definitely spoke for an hour in twenty minutes. Are one of the another great episode of the last podcast malevolent key and thank everyone? I got drunk the other night in the night before and tonight and middle ass by raising the Euro area, we usually have privileged overnight, but I went through some of the Itunes comments and therefore some that were negative, but the vast majority were extremely positive and everyone, except for the ones that give me the bat
I thought that was got mean spirited, but really the menus drying crime crowded up we're goin. I do leave us a five hour of Libya and affect women, What results? But we have been doing so well on Itunes, and it really is a credit to you guys. The listeners in a really means a lotta mean being in the top by which we were all week, yeah we're really with some people with some programs that are extremely position to be there by ex by huge companies and huge corporations that are funded by massive. You know: individuals like Rupert Murdoch, empathy and people like that, and we ve been able to do this podcast alone. Just us with the brain power, and the comic abilities thing is really. It is a testament to how unbelievable your researches markets and to how great you guys are expands and gals hours fan. So, thank you so much. Thank you. We ain t so much. We isolate really. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody like this is just the only reason why we get to this point was because all you guys out their hurt us thought we were cool and told your friends about it and that's it. We never got any press. We never got
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if you want to give their. If you only give a dollar, if everyone you guys gave a dollar it be fuckin fantail, they imagine you can give whatever you feel like we deserve. Please. Thank you, ya. Think. Thank you guys. Everything for all your support and they give for support in all of this shows, is speaking of I tunes able and stop at his five spots away from being Glenn back where we were so close this week, and we will get him soon so was enabling its top for politics round table a gentleman virgin drunken good times with your friends page. Seven for all your entertainment needs excellent human activities, who want to your more? talk about his dog and mostly talk about my brain. That was your dollars. I'd rather die. That's where show it makes me feel bad, but I love the show course the lucky bone show for all your music, nay, nay. Skydive comes ice, Marcus, Martin, Fagus finest on Twitter, I met Henry loves, you add Marcus parks at benches bankers and also on Instagram, I'm a doctor fan tasty, add Marcus Parks had been cancelled.
Just one. I'm? U can. Finally, on both for last biogas and laughed at LP on the left check out Hell Satan workers. Failure so yeah go out there and teach people, but aliens grab monastery. Tell him everything that you know and don't let them leave your home until they sign an affidavit. Agreeing with what you said he did just tell you didn't commit three felonies. Don't do that dude you have to do. Do you have to do I'll, give everyone and make us and let us as coming.
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