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Episode 252: The Gulf Breeze Sightings Part I - Ammonia and Cinnamon

2016-12-30 | 🔗

It's the most everyman UFO story out there on this week's episode as we cover the Gulf Breeze Sightings! Join us as tell a suburban tale of beams, terrible smells, and guns all involving the family of a family man named Ed Walters who may or may not have lost his mind.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time.
I recently received a message on Instagram from a guy that said that he worked for same quitting for year. He said that he worked. The last thing worked alongside I really like jail guard. I don't know what you get letters for men in prison now, yes, we're doing good everywhere. I am obviously the hottest cannot model for any band in prison because of my thought yeah, but he he refused to see Charles things are. He said you know you're to talk the times. Of course he wanted like check the accept button early in jail. His nickname is the cheetah checkers with him all right. Welcome this over with the last by Catholic Gisele markers for calling himself which right it may be. Maybe people actually care a teacher fashion. My cheating never make me the banker most undisciplined killer, right, the how wrong takes to pray, how many different ways you could spur of your friends with it, because people do not know what I bring to the game. I mean that is really not all right. Well, today's episode, it's it's, I'm gonna make I'm gonna be making quite an acting debut. Today's episode played a character called ad we're discussing the Gulf Breeze Incident and I got to say this is some of them. This is the
it's fun, alien story. I've heard easily because it's an actual human involved in it like it's, an actual, regular everyman, everyday dude. There were eighteen humans involved in the Coronado group abduction, but they were also at a conference. So at the same time, that is not make some money where you had a conference for UFO best western. No, it was a very fancy hotel, but it wasn't. It was very, very fast. Ok, I have been inundated with ufos, so the past two weeks, I'm so fucking excited to finally get this idea out of my brain Christmas is over all right Christ may have been an alien. He may have been some form of high print, for you was the last true human blood line that we could help fight against the normal. You know flexibility there were raised by their telling we're not gonna get into that right now. Chapter of the Bible with that is that the one that just got dumped chapter one verse three, a fart, but the goal
Breeze UFO Sighting Series happened in nineteen eighty seven around Christmas time, so actually it's very appropriate to do it at this time of year. This is this our version of a holiday episode, I guess yeah, ok, so the goal pre sightings were a series of UFO encounters that were centered around a forty year old family man named Ed Walters that occured in an around the small town of Gulf Breeze FL from November of nineteen. Eighty seven till May of nineteen, eighty eight may first one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight when I was four years old and every day, yeah and one of the sightings happened on January 19th, my fifth birth
it's all coming together. I get the feeling this guy wears a socks with sandals doesn't seem like a socks with sandals kind of this is definitely a guy who's got those pants that, like our cargo shorts, but also pants, would have the zipper to make him shortens your first, because in the winter time you know their pants in the summer, you get it now, while many claimed to have debunked this story completely and thoroughly. Yes, we feel it is important and a hell of a lot more fun to cover it in its entire t, from both sides, starting with dead zone accounts from his book, the reciting him and his wife's book Francis, and they wrote it together in a part of that, I think helps validate his stories that he had somebody that co witness a lot of this ship who also possibly, which is witnessing her husband, have a prologue mental breakdown after faking, a bunch of UFO sightings and then possibly then getting abducted for real, which I think is the story. I think this is cute, though couples need things to grow over.
To bond over yeah. Exactly right in the book is possibly one of those things. It could be that she is a witness, could be the cheese, an accomplice we don't know, don't know, but in the end, what is the difference between witness and accomplice? What is a witness to a crime is riding dirty. Water quote quote: unquote quantum cloning. How also say debunked his quote: unquote, because you're going to find in the second episode of this series, that debunking is just as dubious as the incidents themselves. Well, kinda: sorta! No! Well, you know,
we will talk about realism. What real is not? We can get a really long, almost boring conversation about this. Isn't the Clinton deposition here, let's not argue about, is and what is real and what is not so the first sighting came on the night of November 11th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven is ed- was relaxing after a long day at work as a contractor, this guy was very normal. He was a family man. He was a foreman on a construction job he's a contractor. He had his own business. He was a lot like John Wayne Gacy. Yes, he didn't like to have it and it is true used to have movie nights with all of the bullies. In the neighborhood you should
over in the used to watch movies and he played they play weird candle games, he called them, but at the same time I don't think he was a molestie. I think that he was he like to imagine. He was also still in high school 'cause. Those were his glory days. You want to delve into what weird candle games are, but at the same time I don't want to have Marcus have to edit and so they're, not nothing got stuck. He won't make it by the way. This show has ruined me they're doing construction on my street right now in Williamsburg, and I looked at all the construction workers digging and I was just like which one of you, what are you hiding look for the one in charge? It's always the boss, so he was a very successful contractor. His business was really up and coming, but he was a nerd. He was the guy that he would like to have kids over and he was also a bit of a prankster and he was like the guy that wanted to be cool to the high school kids yeah. Exactly so, as Ed sat in his house his ten year. Daughter. Seventeen year old, son and wife, also at home,
notice to slight movement of light between the limbs of the pine tree that sat in the middle of his front yard now, they're also very close to an air force base. I believe it's in Pensacola, it's a naval base actually did naval base and they have uh so he's used to seeing lights outside lot of military aircraft is going over Gulf Breeze open cc, something that is a little bit brighter and a little bit wider than he's used to kind of like if you accidentally walk in on a rose. Keyboard settings in the bomb, Roseanne Barr drank about Jay Leno, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, but maybe ninety four is Jay Leno, so Ed walked out the door and saw a glowing bluish gray. Jack gliding through the sky, like a cloud now Ed Rush,
back into his house to grab his Polaroid and took the first of dozens of pictures of the alien craft. Now that's what makes this case specific. It's kind of like building Meyer Right, Billy Meier, went ahead and creek. He said he saw these ufos and they gave them special permission to take pictures of them. When you look at those pictures there, obviously fake now, these pictures are a little bit better. If they Fakes, they're a little bit better, but where you're gonna see now is that this is kind of what this whole case is built on. It's up to. I believe it's thirty eight pictures that he took of the area's different locations of the different you about any to these with a Polaroid camera. Now, for those of you who don't know what a Polaroid camera is I was very popular in that oh yeah, a lot of kids, don't know what Polaroid cameras are that there's a song about shaking it
shake it like a Polaroid picture going out. Guess that's an old reference in itself. Oh, my goodness do that song came out well over ten years ago. Right that was like that was two thousand and three that was thirteen years ago. Will Karl Malone ever win a championship? I love Karl Malone. Polaroid is a camera that would take uh picture, and you would instantly have that picture and in these days a Polaroid picture. You had to peel a film off where ease later Polaroid pictures. You just had to shake it, and eventually the exposure will come into view, but what he was doing is he was taking immediate pictures of these. So there's no time in the dark room there. Is you see both Billy Meier crafted those pictures by overlaying doing double with either double exposure doing these ideas when he would put put these things together in a in a dark room, and double exposure is possible on a Polaroid camera. It's just very difficult to do so back to
also a Polaroid was well obviously use many times to take Nadie picture. It is the ninety picture, camera. If you think there is a serve your mother news. All right is probably a polar. If you ever had an opportunity to go to an outhouse and, let's just say you drop your keys in your so you're you're behind the old toilet. There you'll find a stack of your grandmother's old Polaroid and they are disgusting or you'll, hear a push in as the guy who owns the outhouses been waiting for this moment. Yeah I got erase all dollars or up some sending it to the newspaper.
The newspapers are all clamoring for big, serious or mister. I know because I had a dream about it and that's what happened to the person who was picked up in the beginning of Texas, Chainsaw massacre I've dollars, it's a good picture. What's the name of that character, chop chop, chop yeah! Well, he was known as the hitchhiker in the first one, but chop top in the second one, but yeah exactly. That is the kind of picture that is the kind of camera that he had so back to the UFO. Said that it was a saucer type craft that seemed as big as a house button. It made no external noise, no harm, no win, no indication whatsoever that it was actually moving through the sky. Nor did it spend, like other saucers, are said to do, but it's actually more common with UFO sightings to see it, acts like it dangles
the way they say it is. It looks like it's being hung by a string which is also the problem with the idea of faking it, which is you know, because if you're gonna take it you're gonna hang up by a string. They say the Bob sort of like what what they're like a top. We can imagine the inside of it is spinning. That's the idea is that the inside there's an engine inside of it. That is spinning so in some way shape or form. That is an anti gravitational pull. That machine always just allows it to sort of hop in the sky, Antigravitational Bullship Machine, I'm not a scientist now in most respects. This is a fairly a flying saucer. It was dotted with what it described as portholes. Some let some not- and there were horizontal lines surrounding the main body about the poor old they're, not very clear in the pictures, because really Polaroid cameras are kind of shity they're, not good. Is there made for parties they're made for instant moments, they're not made for precision it's a cool.
Picture, though yeah you take a look at it. You just look up at Ed, Walters Gulf Breeze. You now and you're gonna see a tonne of them they're good, they're, a fun. They are really really cool. Pictures to the craft. Had four sections. There was a small dome atop. The large saucer, with at dinner, saucers stack below that two smaller rings of light below that info Only a large circular light on the bottom. That was presumably the and gravitational bulshit machine, but it said it look like like lava when you looked at inside of it, it was weird sort of amorphous kind of energy ball. It's kind of thing like you saw in the middle of like the scraps from independence Day and on the top. Strangely enough, it had the letters TGIF and they just drop all of those twice baked potato skins down the shot into his mouth and he's like that so flavors inside you know it's ed, pulled the camera up to take a second
at the craft moved in an instant and hovered above him. He said at that moment his body felt like when a crowd fireworks and they all breathe. Ah, and at that time Ed, we see a firework yeah. Only when I see a firework, I'm like it's a war take way too much away here. But my grandmother used to watch fireworks with us and she would stand up and run away in her pants would fall down. I think I've told that story before well. Yeah I mean actually the uses that she stood up in her pants fell down when she was screaming for you to do well at the basketball game against fall down all the time they fell down when she was sitting at the Waldorf A set, Anything I don't actually know. I think that's just how a trick she learned in Germany how to please no! No! This is this is the American, so she probably learned it in Germany also. So he said
the feeling on his body was like when the whole crowd goes uh but Ed said my body, was screaming very good kisser. Thank you ed was Ed, was struck by a blue beam of light It hit him like compress, slightly squashing him to the ground just enough to keep him from moving. He tried scream, but he said the sound was hollow and dead like a vacuum which I think is really interesting because also said he went Numb and the way he described being not only because the very subduction senior is a talk about when the aliens approach them their whole bodies will. Not many fuels like that. Really hard pain like when your when your foot goes numb like full of like the pins and Needles and it's all over your body, so it's really very torturous yeah. It is and This whole body went numb except for his head. He said the pressure increased, specifically his brain
felt like it was being squeezed, not his head in turn. He said his brain felt like it was being squeezed in the right side of his forehead. He said it fell like it. Had a knife stabbing through to the back of his eye, socket sounds like he was being sat on by John Pinette, very good, John I'm good job Machover, wait. Comedian, yeah in that spot. That's where he, pain over and over again for some reason Henry is there a reason why that spot in particular? Is it that hemisphere of the brain that could talk about this in detail if you want, but you know what I do want, there's a follow up to the Gulf Pre Sightings book that Ed Walters and Frances Walters wrote that's called UFO abductions in Gulf Breeze. It was also written by Ed Walters and Frances Walters, but We're going to find out is that he's been abducted several times in his childhood, where you live, but that's a whole long story. We can find anybody who seen UFO sightings a lot of times. It runs in the family or it's a lifelong scenario.
I lot of that is the phantom pain. If you will of what happens in countless adduction scenarios where needle is put up the nose into the brain and there there's no reason why there's no so I don't know I mean if there is one that graze habit and then not saying anything, because I think it's like the 14th spice on the Kentucky, fried chicken with something like me. If we told you we would ruin the surprise, surprise, clocks or being like we're making brain soup. That's a terrible surprise. It does seem like butt stuff in lobotomy's. That's all the aliens come down here to do. I have a whole theory that I'll go into. It can't wait for that now. Ed estimates that that pain lasted for about twenty seconds until it suddenly stopped just as he was being lifted off the ground.
Is finally able to properly scream after which a voice spoke directly into his brain. Instead, the loyal not hire me a little bit. He said it sounded like Stephen hawking that something is gonna yell out of this chair, I can't lock my grandma stand me up. I can log in Da K. It is just a prank. I cannot about the floor like we thought you were serious or Stephen Hawkins. Let me closer to the computer MIKE. I have to sit on hands after and screamed again. The voice said come down. Will you please calm down your freaking me out. I know you more freaked out, but at the same time, you're freaking, all of us out there So if it's offensive or not, but it's really impression. Well, yeah, it's even looking. No ed was then hit with a distinct smell. It was a simple
described as being a combination of ammonia and heavy sentiment, that scorched and stuck to the back of his throat, and it's also incredibly nauseating, and this is smell. That is yes, it is true: ammonia in Simonon, cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon and cinnamon, and ammonia in cinnamon. Yes, it is a common smell link to grace people talk about the smell of greys as being like burnt cinnamon alter. There are things that he says it or details that run through other duction scenarios that have been set again and again and again, there's a great book called abductions by Doctor John Mack it's the same shade. All of them talk about they smell like cinnamon and it's nauseating and it permeates their clothes. And so it's we little things that he picks time seemed being numbed like that is a
the a constant thing that the people talk about when being abducted by aliens. I I just can't stop thinking about the spice girls auditions, adjust them like heavy set, do with huge Bush shared accused all Mohnyin Cinnamon in the group, Debi Mazor looks very different things today. Ed struggled further. The voice slowly said Bob at stop made here is stop hating yourself. Why are you eating yourselves to all again very true to many objections? Merry's resilience bag, because people are calling for any liens eleven me like: stop it stop it. We need to get you into the ship we're trying to do something with you know. Yeah everybody wants to just been like, let relax and to which Ed reply.
Screw you. This is fun. I love acting, it's a totally different person. Yeah. That's why I feel like when I give me a carrot, screw you so much better than being yourself yeah, because I didn't actually say screw. You know had said it said it is fun and he said that in a show of bravado that we will all become very familiar with and it was especially impressive, is Ed claims. He was now two feet off the ground and the voice. Then switch to a more pleasant female tone asking him essentially to relax and an unpleasant, started to fill his head, which ed compared to a hand vibrator being pressed against his skull with a hand. Viper was winning the hand vibrator was at like one of those like head. Massage are things that were just essentially migrate,
bakers, know you put in your pussy yeah, oh yeah. I think it's a vibrator that slips onto your hand that you can use to give back massages. It seems like there's a lot of back massage products that look like dicks, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven everything was disguised, but it was all about keeping mommy and daddy together until one thousand nine hundred and ninety five there all sex toys that were invented in the late 80s to keep all of our parents together, yeah. Well, I'm not going to say it, but it seems like they have balls on them. Sometimes they're like well just call it a back. Massage back massage are in the ball part of it. That's it's called the rest. That's how you right then, after that something real weird happened in hide his ahead. Ed started getting visions of dogs just dog after dog after dog, like pictures in a book and each pick here came with unintelligible words written underneath where the dogs if it was like Milo and Otis was very cute,
it's connected to a vision that he had. There is a There is a whole other in the second episode will get into the various abductions that Ed believes happen to him, and the first he was seven years old involves a dog yeah. Yes, it does strange now. Ed continued to strug despite the dog pictures, which were presumably meant to calm down until finally, the aliens just gave up turned off the blue tractor beam and drop ed from four feet. And after recovering from the initial shock Ed collected, the polar T taken and found his wife who, before anything else, What the hell that awful smell was yes, and so she went and washed his clothes immediately and he was like. Oh oh, I got this new phone spank a sweet girl bed bugs are so thick. It makes my eyebrows curled you like. That's great, that's great, you know you have a family still and I think you should have washed his own clothes. Thank you Jerry, Progressive, not at woman's job, to wash clothes in the laundry machines. Now as we're going to
throughout the series. If the Gulf Breeze sightings are real personally, I think we're dealing with the b team aliens here. 'cause there don't it seems to be all that good at it like they can never get their tractor beam to work half the time. They don't even get the language right and they get photographed like thirty times I have a theory that counters this. Okay, that I do believe it extends from the hybrid the hybrid program that they're trying to build. I think they have a hard time I'm staying in this reality. If, in fact, your idea of a slash, conventional alien from a quote, unquote distant star system arrived here in a quote, unquote: sort of air machine. Who are they talking about the aliens oh daily? If you do believe that aliens are from another planet and they come here and uh,
physical machine and they abduct us. Then that's one thing, then: yes sure, maybe it's BT, maybe it's the bad news bears and up there. Maybe that's where Walter Matthau went when he died, he's on the Hale Bopp version, but he surrounded by these ugly girls. We get tiny little one. We get such a group old. Man appears to teach us about love and life, but I do believe, it- is part of the hybrid program. The reminder stealing our siemens in our eggs and impregnating are women against our will, not good it with their trying to do is they're trying to green eight gaining more stronghold in our reality. They cannot stay in this reality if they're, really, truly interdimensional creatures with their doing, is, raping us and making new versions of us that are more stable here, and so these things come through. It's like looking at scrambled cable, but you
children that listed the show also don't understand. Yeah. Would you think you that used to be a hovering point between cult, like cable channels? If you did have them, and sometimes you could see a booby Adam if you're looking at work, yeah, it's nice to so good Playboy, Tuesday, Jenny, Mccarthy, special, when my aunt in my town town there well yeah poor. No, no good moral people, how that's it is, but it's so. I think that maybe have something to do with it will get into for into this further. So what We need the bucket to come for to make new human, slash, gray, babies that can hold a straw that can be can hang out here. In reality, it makes sense It makes sense, I'm going to say makes sense. So we stop talking about. Thank you, Matthew and Natalie. Do that's that's good? Well, I think we've learned how to deal with you now and instead of quietly for getting the whole thing ever happened. He decided to the photos to the sentinel, the local newspaper, but as he family man and a local business leader to boot. He does
to submit the photos and the story under the pseudonym mister, Maxwell purely also brought them to a young kid named Tommy Smith. That will go later if we will find in the to bunking part of the east of this series. What like was a part of his car, Open quote undoing we said: well, you go and bring these to the newspaper for me and he was like no stop talking to me. You forty year old man and he went and he brought them under a pseudonym saying, like my friend, brought me this this. This to me, Mister X, brought them to me in order to to bring him to you, because he knows that I have a kinect to do. Who was the editor in chief and when those photos came out
like fine. He was like a curiosity. I mean it's a good day for the sentinel there's not a lot of what is a south Florida news. Where is Gulf Breeze? It is it South Florida? No, it is at the very top of the Panhandle. It's a right. Okay, bye Alabama, and it's it's like we're on the on the West Coast of Florida, the theory the theory holds true. Not a lot was going on there now, so they said it was held to get these pictures. Yeah not only would run yet to tell like six thousand right, yeah, it's pretty small, not had it been ruminating on the first abduction for about nine days before the aliens came again. In the mean time, you got a little pissed off about the whole deal. This is he wrote about the half fast abduction he gone through the week before it had tried to take, Yes, I will had someone said: hey want to go for a ride. I might have agreed to go, but forced me to obey, lift me off the road, freeze my body solid, treat me like an ant or a dog no way not in this country. It's
Americans on the Marriott American and then I was at and now for the for the listeners. I'm bend her test. You see this is character. That was so good, but it's so kind of similar to you still like I mean this is like almost like. I don't know how to add. Yes, no November 20th at four hundred and thirty pm at came home walked in the front door, and now it's just presence to the household family of American. Let me do it hello, yeah, we have American and he know, a slight ringing in his right ear like to nitis the ring, louder and louder until it turned into a full on maddening home like that and vibrator much worse than the one he experienced the first time and again the right front of his brain was the focal point
wife who had found him struggling to stand up in the kitchen held him up and at this point Ed thought he might be losing it worried that he had picked up some kind of alien disease or suffering from what he called quote. You Eiffel madness, that's better than reefer madness. Is that what I have here that might be, it could have literally been reading nothing but alien books for about a month yeah. I read both of the Gulf Breeze books and the abductions book Another shop fully book: Am I insufferable, I think it's good that you're reading? Yes, yeah, that's good! No, this is how you always are this is no different constraint. Do you feel, like you, are different now then you always are feeling like cool. Calm or collected. I think people look up to me more. You know that I'm an adult so is Ed, was pulling himself together. He heard a blast of air like a bus. Releasing its air brakes
to the noise came the same voice from the first encounter, the mail one, but this time it was soft and spoke in what Ed guest was. African dialing Momo. Three, oh, my God is that Josh there was an african could be speaking fluent Spanish she's, like that's an african dialing. The boys would pause then continue again is it Ed was only hearing half of the conversation Umcka Umcka, because I got a good book, but wait that's to make and what
sounds like an african dialect of Maine. I don't know, but then there's that that that that wasn't bad now atlas and as he picked up his camera walked out to his front yard and yelled. I hear you, you bastard voices was imagining his fuckin' papers. That's good! The boys stopped in a rush of air blasted Ed, as he looked upward, to see a small speck of light fall at high speed towards him. The voice started speaking English and said step, calm, follower add to raise his camera up to take a picture. The voice said: don't do that, then the female voice, interjected and said you don't do that and then the for third voice said low photos on Perot. He be, though, very good. I spent a week in Puerto Rico, rubbed off itself. So nice, I really wish you could take some of the shoe polish off your skin market players sitting here on the radio. You can't see this 'cause, of course, we're outta podcast yeah. Today's sponsor
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We examined I'll. Let you know you want to be examples, but no, I would like to be examined he's like one step away from getting a leg. Lamp now head snapped another picture as the UFO shot over to his right, possibly to escape the cameras view, although it's never really clear why they didn't just take the God Dam thing away from him. They were so worried about pictures being taken. The voice came back and told Ed to step forward, so he could be taken, a board to which Ed said what gives you the right and the aliens replied simply we have the right- and here is where I think,
it's kind of interesting is interesting. This is an interesting part made dog meat at all. Allow you to have no it's a point. Yes. Now, let's presuppose for a moment that President Dwight D, Eisenhower did in fact signed a treaty with the greys in one thousand nine hundred and fifty four giving them the right to experiment and run tests on Americans in exchange for advanced technology. I don't know whether or not it I will definitely say it did happen at the more. The question is: when was the treaty signed? I mean: did they specify only Analyn nasal now here I'm thinking! Ok, this answers that question. If that is true, then this could be the right but the aliens were talking about the right to experiment. Furthermore, I'm just spit on here. It could be that the nineteen fifty
Treaty was renegotiated sometime in the late 80s to tone down the method of abduction, which is why their methods seem so weak. It could be that with the release of communion the previous year, it could be that the government was finally getting wind of what these aliens were actually doing to american citizens and stepped in to tone down all the but business in Oliver N was the one responsible for selling arms to the aliens you want benefiting the iranian right, so you don't think that J Edgar Hoover would've been like. I think we be off this, but where, in the store just telling you I honestly think, but the this is the day. The ongoing conversation about Ufos, though, in my mind with myself, is that you this is the break between all of physical is, are ufos a physical phenomenon or they completely a psychic phenomenon. If the ideas that could dream logic, that if
so really an interdimensional experience. These aliens are may be right. On top of us, they don't come from another fucking star system, there right here, right and they're, just feeding it out like weird, like signal. No I've got a nerd alert. We've got a nerd alert. I haven't done that in a long time. Yeah, it's the truth. Yeah I don't know. I don't know if it's I don't know. If it's about their work, Jacqueville, listen to me, just listen to it. This is how you go crazy on the subway guy, but I'm recorded now technically we're doing this for money now. So this is my job now that makes it better or worse. Thank you, everyone for your support on patreon. Thank you. So much allows me to do this shock. Belay reader, oh about the idea that the earth psychic phenomenon their whole, maybe the whole point of ufos and the abduction scenarios in the sighting scenarios is that supposed to make us question the nature of reality. If that is like the internet, maybe it's not about
aliens or spacecraft craft or the experiments they do it, it's all about what is real and what is not real and that, with the thing that we are constantly withdraw dealing with as human beings and that's an example of that. So, if it's there to make us question the reality who is asking us to question reality ourselves, this conversation is two thousand and twenty more seconds until I blow my fucking brains out alright, so are you saying that it is some unconscious aspect of the collective unconsciousness that is asking us to question reality and second answer right. Second, to answer. The whole point is that the two ideas are supposed to exist. At the same time, you supposed to consider it a physical actuality, Anna Psychic, actually at the same time, even though technically they cross each other, you have to hold
ideas in your mind and that's what reality is is hovering on the knife point between. If I think about it, I make it real, and if I touch it is been real. Ok, so I'm just going to wrap it all up with subway sandwiches. They still have the five dollars, even though the five dollars footlong is seven dollars. They still call it a five dollars. Footlong people pay seven dollars for a five dollars. Footlong, that is real Let the idea hovering your mind at uncomfortable dissidents, even though it's an obvious like you're, paying seven dollars for a five dollars, footlong actually been, you do kind of get it. I do get it I just don't. I just brought it back to a subway football at some or nothing like that is a marketing line, but that's reality by blur football. Popular footlongs are seven dollars. Yeah I mean it could be that these are psychic phenomenon. It could be that these guys are working under new
Eisenhower treaty rules or it could be that they're working under the old rules. These guys are trainees they're, not very good at it. They're just still working out the you they're just still working out what it is that they're trying to do case in point when Ed refused to step to be taken aboard the aliens tried the image thing once again, like they did with the dogs. Look at the dogs look at the dogs, but this time it was Lady go talking about the bubble became like the Strip club If the alien spacecraft became like the Strip club from Beetlejuice horrified, I think they should have just done naked
shave job. I love a good shave. Dogs are cute even without the firm that is very true or sometimes, if they shave the body but leave the head. Although that's the baby cut, it makes little furry cock snow like lions, they look like lions, fighting lions, look like big furry Cox. I think everything to you seems like a big. October we're. So these naked, ladies by ads, account covered all the bases, every type of woman of every race, with some pregnant women thrown in there just in case he was in in Iraq and rose to like two. Ladies, you didn't get me. I like amputees. Needless to say, this didn't entice, add any more than the dog stated just freaked them out. Ed was still struggling. The UFO voice said we will they'll come for you in the US flew away into the darkness, as Ed snapped. One more Polaroid picture by this this, the
story in the local newspaper started to gain a little bit of steam it it course it's a small town thing, so it starts off as a curiosity and then one guy talks to another guy about it, and then the next guy exaggerates a little bit more on the next guy exaggerates a little bit more and then, by this time the entire town is talking about it, some guys. You know, of course, some guys american sex jokes, you know the whole alien probe thing, sure there's even some guys it that are saying that it's the work of the devil, but the demons are coming down. Finally, to pass judgment on earth, everybody in town had an opinion on. It will be real taking pictures. There say there are other pictures that pop up during this time period is a videos of the. U opposing Gulf Breeze a pop up during the time period. That's a part of what makes this this Gulf Breeze Incident so be in the world of Ufos 'cause? Technically, yes, it it quite possibly could be a drag mass hallucination of a bunch,
people wanting to get in on what is it with big fun, current story and also is right next to a naval base? So a lot of these pictures that people were taken were just regular oil airplane little bunch of people were seeing this UFO and then it's just about how you look at it. It depends on what you want. What you want out of the story, or it could be that Ed was to actually did take. These pictures in these pictures are real, but it could be that he was just taking pictures of an experimental aircraft and he just kind of filled in the blanks with the whole alien story. I mean either way. This is the most exciting conversations happening in Gulf Breeze ever since, like one kid made it to the majors. Yes, exactly honestly, if it is, and if it makes experimental craft where the fuck is it flying over Gulf Breeze
because it was right next to the naval base notes and it doesn't make sense over there. That's where they already were minutes on it. There's a lot of it like the Montauk experiment that took place in Plainview, but that's a Porsche it too. They don't know what that is. It's all the desert hose planes are flying around and finding New Mexico and Arizona, that's where they get all those deep dark secret like dole saying all that stuff will happen out there, but what, if it's a c craft and they needed to test it on the way to being a water? Well, it's gotta go out of the water they went in and out of the water. Then it should be that's aircraft. But no that's not. Actually, that would be a navy because the Navy has airplanes too. I don't think they're going to be running these text in front of Gulf Breeze. They know all these people, butcher yokels with big mouths, David Robinson, was in the navy. He was a center for the spurs, remember this person so on the night of December. Second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven twelve days since the second siding and was woken up.
Middle of the night, but will buy what he thought was his pool pump still running in his backyard as he fell back asleep decided to just take care of it. In the morning, Ed heard the sound of a baby crying like in the book he just like baby we don't have a baby weird now, along with the baby and also heard voices, but soon realized that, once again the voices were coming from inside his own head the voices, were speaking Spanish, which Ed had learned from living in Costa Rica for four years. Part of these weird checkered past is that they do is for some reason they lived in Costa Rica for three years. The way they said is that they wanted to like take in the sights of Costa Rica or take a break from the America for awhile, which, in my head means the were hiding from something a lot. A lot of people take breaks in Costa Rica, organic farming and things like that yeah. I don't think that his grandson is a little bit about the voices that he heard. A male and a female were unaware. The end tuned in, and he said
it sounded as if they were coming through a blown out speaker for Ed's part. He was now on the floor next to the bed, but this time he wasn't defenseless he like any good american now, that gun within arms reach, wherever he went with it after the second citing he went, he loaded up his whole fucking house when he bought new ammo. He bought a bunch new guns. He was saying he's like these aliens are going to come and get me next time, I'm going to put a fucking bullet in there is there more like we come in peace in your life and you leave it in peace it now it's bedtime gun was a thirty two caliber pistol that he kept by his night stand a gun that he at that moment reached up from the floor and grabbed By this time his wife Frances had woken up and was now down on the floor with them. Again, the slight rush of air came and the low hum began signaling that another encounter was about to take place and ad, not having learned his lesson yet started. All on his knees towards his front door, gun in hand with his
following behind on her hands and knees as well. She wakes up to him being like where he's fumbling around grabbing the gun. She is no idea. What's going on, he said, come with me. She following him into the kitchen with a gun. After Having really bad he's got the gun, yes, they have not she's, not seen these ufos yet I'll show you going along with it. Yes, and that is a good partner yeah. I agree. She said amazing wife. I mean he's acting like that character from the burbs to remember that this whole story is the burbs and we're going to get into that at the end of this episode now and open the front door and crawled out onto the porch Francis understandably stay behind. The watch is back and Ed Shout whispered at their dog crystal. Who is an over protective spitz start with the slightest provocation, but was mostly silent during the alien encounter. How to use it, doesn't get up and do some ship neighbor just peeked through the blinds like the.
Filters are added. He just outside scripted like I'm coming after you pass waving around there, gonna put it back porch tonight screaming at his dog buddy. What's that doing now, he's waving the gun around in the sky? Well, as long as he's got a hobby, that's fine now, as he was doing that and the dog for some reason refused to wake up, but the dog was definitely still alive. Good dog was fine. It reminds me of uh from what about Bob, but he's trying to win when Richard Dreyfuss trying to wake him up before the tv interview and the alarm goes off. He's like hey, and now I like it as you get older, you realized Richard Dreyfuss character was right that whole time, alright, crazy Bill Murray is a dangerous psychopath. So after that isoft glow came out of the darkness flea overhead, going from the size of a dime to about half the size of his pool and only two seconds. This goes through
weird cartoonish reality that happens with the sightings and when people talk about close encounters with aliens and ufos that he said it reminded him, a looney tunes cartoons like he ripped and just like, showed up right in front of like popped had fun, and his wife saw this also yeah. This is the first time they both seen it together, yeah yeah, so at hold us back into the house, slammed the door shut and locked it. The UFO is commanded, add to step forward, but instead of obeying add grab this camera from the kitchen and went back outside. We keep saying step forward. It just sounds like he's at the DMV right once he got outside. He just kept running from a windscreen windscreen like he was a secret agent holding a camera Nick Gunsaulus celebrate time. He is so much money is having a black, because you know in the Burbs Tom
I was having so much fun that whole time he scared, but it's nice to feel something besides pure boredom yeah, it's nice that he's just not a contractor anymore. Suddenly he is a UFO hunter. Suddenly he is very special and Also, you know, like I've, seen people bring up that point before UFO researchers that you know may ask Why would someone like Ed Walters who a family man he's forty years old, he's got two kids he's a contractor. He's got a good job. He's got a pretty good life. Why would he make this up and It's pretty much the same thing how it's like going to a driver's ed moms, get into doing crystal meth, yeah or more innocently when, like when a little kid likes to fantasize that they're adopted you is there. Had their parents aren't their real parents, their parents are king and queen somewhere, it's adding drama to ally. To avoid very, very boring. It's exciting and you know like I think with alien you
the truth is these people really do they? It is real, so it we'll see how this he does get pretty got scared yeah. He does so ed. Once out, side going from windscreen windscreen he finally found the right one and took picture number ten as the craft bottom light turned from white to Orange, before the UFO once again disappeared into the night, Ed fine, realizing that the noise he thought was the pool pump was actually the call home. He through the house and unplug any appliance that might give off any home whatsoever the fridge the aquarium pump, the central heater everything 'cause, Ed New, that the harm every time he heard it
an encounter was about to happen now. Also remember: he's got two young kids in the house. Seventeen intent here watching his, but their father lose their his fucking mind exactly like a schizophrenic and also he is telling them about this. Yet they don't know about. What's going on, like he's, trying to keep it quiet, but in a way that he wants everybody to know that he's going through shit he's like very publicly in the his house being like my brain, like the internet with children, is ten and seven one thousand and seventeen years seventeen year old, is frantically fill in all capital of college applications. Just like so desperate to get out in the ten year olds like home, is pretty cool yeah, you know, the seventeen year old. He actually gets in on it. He he starts to join his father and things to to. It is a great time well yeah what they're gonna find out after the fact, because we are now the '
old town, including your high school, is buzzing with these UFO parking. The all these beautiful rumors ad is technically not yet named as the guy use the center. All of all these UFO sightings are, but it's kind of getting known that is what's happening because people saying his weird behavior everywhere, yeah there's like three people who know- and there are people starting to notice that, like when they bring up the photos to Ed. He just changes the subject This is the only guy in town who doesn't want to talk about, but at the same time he's leaving that sent to the copy of the sentinel. He leaves it in his truck when he drive Contract place the contract place you showing people. The article of you read this: it's very strange 'cause. It's like you want to be hidden, but also he likes the importance being the center of the UFO sightings, pretty cool so that same night, just a few later at three hundred, and thirty am Crystal finally did her God, job and fart, but just once enough to wake up at
not a single part. That was what alarmed because Spence's the bark you little. Let's hear an example of it's freaking out over a squirrel, and this is just a squirrel. This isn't even a fucking ale, If is part of the crack research that your patreon money, I don't think that pays for, and we want to thank you for it. It's cute yeah, but imagine just one of those like this both the verbal equivalent of just loose leaf paper. Looseleaf paper could make a noise like the dog from the Grinch that stole Christmas, cute dog cute, a good movie, so the noise of the single bark told Ed that something was up so he took his pistol and his camera and went through the
doors that go from the master bedroom to a screened in porch that overlooks the pool it's very common in Florida. It's called alone. I now am. I accurate in describing his what he's wearing as white, Underwear! Yes, yes, white, like Randy Quaid. Jeez, we're like one of those like it's Miller, time. Sure it's right and you've got short shorts on, and then we are to do this. It's no, my! What's the time he is in his underwear. He doesn't talk about really quite a bit and I imagine stocky sort of thick thighs. Yes, yes, he's contractor so Ed walked out into the porch pulled the draw cord on the blinds and staring at him through. The glass was a four foot tall grey. He was wearing a dark grayish black box like thing that had most of his body. He was also wearing helmet with a clear insert that revealed big black eyes and in its hand the alien held glowing silver rod. Now that you're going say,
copy of the sentinel, and you read the paper and I made a big time. The this is actually a common, also again with greys a lot of times. There are seen wearing little outfits we have now in the the when people made the movie of communion, they always appear. They always make aliens to be new to for some reason, but in actuality these grades are oftentimes seen with either a silver little jumpsuits on or fun little capes, with his have little boxy Palmer on and white hair. So it's sort of like their version of food, for a you know like yeah, because in my head it was american apparel. It was but then I imagine it's just an alive seventeen. Maybe, eighteen year, old, alien female, with Bush hair sticking out of the side of his costume. Well, that will go with you know, club. Now upon seeing it ed naturally screamed and fell backward, but the alien didn't react nor did the alien react. When ad pointed the pistol atom, Ed said the
you're only stared at him with sad curious. I- and that was also when the fund investigators lady later showed up to start helping them investigate these UFO sightings. They said that was one detail that Ed said specifically about this alien sighting that they thought they thought made it real with. He said that they eyes were very wet looking is it It was just a boy scout. He asian boy scout might be this green woke up Francis who also swears to seeing the alien in the flash, but the creature instead of coming in or signaling any greeting whatsoever simply turn to the left and walked out of the couples view. This made add angry and his cool indignant manner and got up from the floor to unlock the deadbolt and passage lock to chase after the creature. So he could tell him what, for thing was Ed City
impossible for him to open both locks without using both hands. So we sat down the gun and the camera to do so, but for got to pick up either one before going after the creature, which is why he has pictures of the crafts but not pictures of the creature. That's a crucial moment there there was an early and that a like a buzzer, yes get that camera out there yeah. So ed ran out onto the porch, with the intention of capturing the creature to do? God knows what with it, but as he which the alien, the blue beam came back in a flash from the sky and froze ads right leg. The beam
again, the lift, add off the ground legs first up towards the crap, which had suddenly appeared fifty feet above them and add thinking quickly, grab on to the screen door. Jamb Francis who's, watching the whole thing from the french doors grabbed adds arms and pulled until he was plainly free. The beam disappeared, the UFO hovered away and the creatures scattered out through the chain link fence. Literally, they said it walk like MAC and me they're, going to contact. I know yeah how defense, but he said they they got back in the house. Bill got out the window and the what you gonna. Do you full and zip up visit balanced out to I feel that was like pastor house out on the middle field. They want to be not at that picnic looping shot down. He grabbed the Polaroid. Camera took a picture of it and that's where the infamous picture of his with the alien craft, the Bluebeam kind of come out of the side of it, that that is
He took that picture after the fact. So I mean I don't understand how weak these beams are he's out there acting like a drunk rocket he's got one leg up in the air. They have to be like. What's it doing, it looks like he's not sober again, and then he finally takes the picture. How is the beam, so we can't lift up this one person, I mean B team. I am saying that that is it hovers in and part of what is real to us. That is a. It is a hard it's Laurie if they, if everything involving the incident, it's like a dream. It's like a living dream. They don't know what to do with it. So it's like it, maybe not seen by other people. You little he's watching, maybe hang upside down, but I think if you're looking out from the outside they're, very few people have seen of deal. Adoptions actually happen. There's a little bit of like people have seen, people floating buildings, but that's also, of course, heavily debunked all the time, because then you should believe in somebody's crazy word over your word and everybody else is not as crazy as everybody else. You know what you have lost your mind now, three days later, the aliens showed up in a different craft similar.
First, but much larger this. The aliens finally decided to give ed their own little pet name for him. They called him. Z, ha yeah, way, cool name. Yet I did now there's Tom C, like the name of the kid that was, that was the heart on Captain Planet Williams Mullet mulled, mull lucky did you have to plan? It was propaganda. I hated that show from day one Aaron ballot. There is some speculation as to why the aliens chose the name, the House, the one that makes the most sense is that the high? I thought, no, if, if it makes the most factually, this does make the most sense because the aliens were you know they were speaking spanish. I don't know they were speaking spanish. Well, it's possible, and this is the most plausible one. I think it of Ed made it up himself. Then it's fairly clever make the most sense. Z has makes is that Z has is close, phonetic Lee to Theos, but I believe
say has no Etsy has, does it mean one with shooting his underwear? No, it means eyebrows, yeah and Ed had very prominent eyebrows good, very good, creative name yeah, it's very great yeah. If it came up with a Dick Tracy villain named after him, it really does lie browse down there like it's a gross mode. So with your arch villain power, don't go in. I can look like I'm being mysterious power to happen if it came over. Like I said it, you know it's pretty clever and I also gotta say like even if this whole whole thing is even if It up this entire thing and Frances they made it up together. That's one hell of a story very fun, like it's a really fun story and add you know here in a half bad writer, but either way Ed says, the aliens showed up again in the middle of the night told him do
resist stay. Where you are, we will not harm you, etc, cetera, etcetera, pretty standard, alien stuff, but this time they added something new. You are in danger into as Ed responded by pointing his pistol, the UFO and saying, come and get Maine come and get Maine coming to America. I love Ed and again that was it. So there was a flash in the UFO left once more and will be back next week with. Gordie liquid terror on the highway and boys from Mufon on part, two of the Gulf Breeze sightings to the Gulf Breeze sightings is definitely the burbs got a bunch of idiots all like bumps around a small Florida counties in a few photos. It's a lot of fun if it's not real, who gives a Shit
Thank us for putting the words score, the liquid terror on the highway, the first time ever night. Were you look with just remember that I, but I really do think that this is a story like you can completely believe that all this is fake. If you want you believe the pictures are fake. You can keep your job. You won't talk about it at work will do that, but a part of the UFO phenomenon, which is does keep me up at night, which is the covering between what is real and what is not real like if I believe that they are a doctor does that make it less real than if they were not actually talk about if they still have the symptoms and the memories of being adopted been a technically, it happened. Good point Who knows, we've had plenty of capital goods point. Ok, because we have to stop the thing, I just think about all the time. All the time need to really. We have to two one day where we just talk and don't mention aliens will do it tomorrow. It's the new year's eve, it's literally the most important its discussion topic,
of all time, and no one wants to talk about it because they're too afraid of getting too close to the truth, because real, it might not be real. God really talked about our credit scores before the show we did and those are also made up made up on. You know but then we have to consider them real right. Yes, we could give them money. Point money is the same exact way out, but they lost all their legacy populations in like figures, but that's just because that's how long we have to believe in the line we believe in the live for so long, but now it's real, seeing them in aliens fucking idiot well, now, you're being insulted now become one of those people unicorn ad hominem, where we've reach at home. No nothing makes me more dangerous than being placed in, or the only way only way out is fighting that's right. Now, in no way are you going to go down a rabbit, hole that you won't be able to get out of in your career will take a turn for the worst. I'm ok. So this is good. With this episode, I can't wait for Gulf Breeze part two fascinating stuff,
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