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Episode 253: The Gulf Breeze Sightings Part II - Gary, Don, and Bob

2017-01-04 | 🔗

It's time for the boys from MUFON on today's Last Podcast as we wrap up our two parter on the Gulf Breeze Sighting! Listen in to hear of Ed's final abductions, his repressed sperm-milking abductions, and the city council election that finally brought the whole thing crashing down.

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There's no place to escape. To this is the last time.
Every time I hear the word home now, yeah and and and it's kinda like that to be in throat yeah, that's right, it's like, if you do this, to mean Throat singer the summary of senators, really a strange song. I'm all right goal, freeze part to that for do right now, so we're going to hear some more amazing voice acting from yours, truly, which I cannot wait, all absolutely yeah. This is being cancels. I guess acting follow up, though it's a w part two. This could be awarded any sort of reward foreman's. I would give you a cable ace award wow, I regress midlevel shouting, and that really means a lot to remember those. Yes, I just remember that when you mention Cable ACE awards, the guy from dream on had like nine of a add, was like that was the only award show. He watches the only one. That's legitimate, it's cool because is shaped like playing cards all right. So let's get into this crazy stories to more so twelve days had passed since adds fifth encounter, but the next time we come out of the
experience with something much more tangible than just pictures: juice, little piles and piles of juice. We have the orange stuff purple stuff with this. This is damn it family income over lately, always like so two hours after N Francis went to bed on December 17th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven ed was awoken by a white flash inside his head as if the light was coming from behind his eyeballs whiting out his vision. Have you ever had that before, sound of a loud banging in the back of your head It's call. What is it called? It's got a close of head syndrome like literally had syndrome. Yemen like that are exploding head exploding had center of the whole album name whenever a great album name. I think it happens to athletes on a regular basis when they get knocked unconscious so and managed to open his eyes in beside his bed. Were three dark figures: barely visible with more shadowy figures, moving towards the foot of the bed head, shot up and tried to speak, but no words? Can you do
do it Kissel barely should add. That was me wow number that was ed, I'm confused, I'm so good, but I was reading this now. Is this sleep paralysis? It's very possible that his bedtime encounters? Are sleep paralysis? That is a possibility. You can't just always throw every single alien abduction scenario into the fucking. Put sleep, paralysis bucket. Alright, it's a big bucket, so the figures when add tried to speak. They turned quick. But deliberately, and that is how he said that they always move they move very quickly, but very deliberately alright. Alright, I got I got right here, there's a sale at Arby's at six for wonder, cut their teeth once funny alias they are super Fudd, so they turn quite. They turned left and left the room and attempt,
to grab one of the figures on their way out, but the same intents hum from before him, and he slumped over the foot of the bathroom and literally hit him and he dropped. And that's when Francis woke up here as well. Watching him go like wrestle on blankets, man. She, wrestle with me like he was wrestling with those blankets is their weapon. There's this this home weapon. Well, it all their armed with I mean it's not necessarily a weapon, sometimes it's used as a weapon. Sometimes it's used as in in ten of swords. The home is very nebulous. He doesn't ever quite nail down what the is or what the hum is used four times. Neil young uses it as warm up. Do you think, play his little harmonica, the guy? That makes all the mouth noises it did that don't worry, be happy song. Getting that all this was beta testing welfare, yeah harp disinfo,
hm, that's what he could be. So in the background of the noise that Ed described as standing at the foot of a gigantic. Fall. He heard a sound that had the tone of the UFO voice that sounded like the high and low tones of music being fast forwarded on a tape recorder and composed himself grab camera. Let the gun behind and went outside the UFO hanging in the air before him and Ed shot photo number. Thirteen sudden the power source at the bottom of the craft, squirted out steam, and it kind of range liquid, so you forward setup, Roseanne Barr up there. That is a funny joke. Jay Leno wow, good humor. Is she a squirter? I have no ideal we're not going to get into that conversation so gathered up the liquid from the ground and placed it in a plastic butter tub
saved it for future analysis, although to the best of our knowledge, it never actually made it to a serious lavoratori. So can we all agree he if he ate the rest of the bottom, he had to empty it out at some point, you just sit there. How many times you look in your fridge, my music, on what on whom, because I could try and come in on them. Mushroom me I like this, I love to finish off the butter tub. There were plenty of people who claim to have seen ufos besides Ed Walters and his wife Frances during this period in the Gulf Breeze area. Over thirty people reported seeing something that might have been ufos.
It remains a UFO hotspot to this day, which is probably only thing bring. Gulf breeze is business except for I imagine a beautiful beach, but then you get to go down and see it's kind of like a fun vacation. For me, specifically, is it you go? You could buy a bunch of UFO shirts, there's a beach there so that everybody that looks like me. So it's a no shame beach. For me, I could go out there a little, but the tiniest little talking, underpants and swim in a big good slick that oil covered ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It does seem like a fun place for fat people to do paramilitary training a weekend excursion. I don't know to tell you some open this guys, but if they called on all the land and their within five feet of me ought to grab hold of an alien frank is a g me to the next year I can wing, despite the Bobby Department, we taught me sell fast, so I could get military training sound, so flood, so you
So there were all these people who witnessed ufos at this time and it could be attributed to mass hysteria, could be attributed to people, seeing because there was, in addition to a Navy naval base. There's also an air force base Varied nearby people, seeing these things in the dark, but in the use, the classic debunking of that the Bing, which is well. We know what different airplanes look like, so we know the difference between helicopters and planes and fucking weather balloons, and we know what looks like a UFO, but it's quite possibly necessary, but it's mostly. I don't. I don't like that. Best area. It's just everybody wants to be a part of what school is going on. Look at pokmon go oh yeah. They let people jump onto a thing when it becomes a phenomenon, so you don't want it not be like. If I did, there was a bunch of people looking at UFO's and saying they had seen ufos, I'm desperate to see you UFO. I mean they probably wouldn't see it, but be there selling t shirts I be there selling UFO sparklers said irony is, I would probably see it and just not even care
This is that strange. Is it possible? The government was working on one of those devices they use now to deter protesters. Ahum machine boom device is actually very well could be. I mean it could be that he's getting tuned into that because, as we all know like technology, when it's finally made for the streets like we, I had Iphone technology. We had Iphone technology for a decade before the phone actually came out? It's not that we can do this stuff. Is that it's not cost effective to do this stuff, so it's very possible that they were still developing get some sort of crowd control device. Around that area- and it could be that and Walters was a focal point for or it could also be, that multiple people focal point for it at Walters was the only one who
actually said anything about it. There's also true, and we know that the home that is sound weapon is in the works right there we are using it in Afghanistan. Is the protest poo poo they're just going to make the poo poo their pants yeah? That's literally what they're going to think about you make me ship my pants, the more dangerous I've become. I think, that's kind of true, because I have so much. I have nothing left to listen to my own ship and then I'll become a weapon. Yeah I touch could cover machine. First, biological weapon was human poop, so even So all of these neighbors saw all of these possible alien craft. There was only one person outside of the Walters family who saw an actual UFO in Ed's presence. Patrick Hanks was a college student. A friend of Ed son, who is a willing participant and what Ed called his quote on quote
I don't like it either way and was the one who put the quote on quote on games in his own book. We ended not go into what the quote unquote Games were that they played a game called the candle game, which I prodded the last time, which I cannot. I still cannot elucidate upon the rules because the prone he brings up the camel the the candle game. Also in his secondary book, you a full of
auctions in Gulf Breeze, but something about a bunch of boys in a room with the lights off when he blows the candles out one by one, as they tell some sort of sequential scary story- and I think this scary story is there reveals that he turned the lights. He has no clothes yeah. I think that's true. There is an underlying current. This man is sort of bizarre beside him buck buck. How many hands up? Ok, I don't think it's a molesting. I think I think that it's just sad. I think it was sad he just I just think his peak years are in high school and he likes to hang out with other kids in middle school. We made it an entire episode and a half without having a situation. You know we're responsive we're, trying so Patrick Home from college and well aware of what was happening with the Ufos in the Walters family decided to drop by check in on how Ed was doing when Patrick knocked on the door. Francis opened it point towards the back of the house and said it.
Here in the previous feel, like poltergeists, noticed feeling 80s, horror, movies groups, yeah exactly yeah and Frances is the one with all the creepy lines. Yes, like she's, it's here outside Edward Edward. It's here I can hear the humming Edward, who disappoint Francis at this point is scarred because she's been watching her husband. I guess at this point either go completely nuts 'cause. She said she's now seeing the UFO quote: unquote herself or she's too scared of Ed to see and she hasn't yet which I don't know what the differences anymore. I think she's just leaning into her insane bat, ship, marriage, yeah and she's, just like alright worthy UFO couple. Now, whatever makes him like extra hard another fucking, each other, even better, because all this danger and mystique everywhere, so there alien hunters they wretches Slobs in Florida anymore. I want to happen to me. It happened to me, you want it too bad, so bad tricks
He got to the middle of the living room before he saw the craft through the windows, stop in his tracks and watch it. However, if you added in add outback working on the pool pump again notice. It's going to Bing of his existence is damn fool. He noticed it as well and walked inside and as soon as Ed came in his pocket come back. I think we're because he thinks the humming to pool pump acting up again several times in this tiny. Why is with socks and sandals and there's a UFO hovering behind him, so they have interdimensional technology in this poor bastard in Florida, Keys pool, pump work. I am saying us as soon as add walked into the living room, an looked at Patrick the craft hovered off as
the aliens were viewing the world through ads eyes and were unaware of Patrick's presence Intel and was aware. Patrick's presents, I think a bull they've said that a lot right about how the I, the concept of being with the UFO, which I find really haunting shop, a late with talk of us a couple times of people when you see a are you a ship, is that the eight were did juice if it's seeing you and it's like being next to a checking, check. Blue whale is the way they put it. It's an animal that I understand what you are: you can understand what it is, but if knowledge is, your presence is that in so it seemed the world through Ed's eyes, now, possibly interesting, yeah, it's very the woman. I wonder why they're out, if they could fix up fuckin' pool pump. It here will use my brain, but she struggled so not too long after the Squirty Liquid incident
boys from move on. That's the mutual UFO network. Couldn't make it in today thinking it song from Ghostbusters with Herbalife, but did it did it? Yeah boy's remove fun, running down the steps they caught wind of the stories in the Gulf Breeze Sentinel and showed up to for the help now Henry. How did Mufon know that Ed was the mister x? The papers had talked about because everyone knew that Edward disrupts the crazy guy working his pool pump screaming at the aliens guided constantly brought up about it's crazy out. This mister x brought these photos to me in there like yeah and like weed. Everybody knew that it was sad because he hits please let it spread over town and also what they did was they didn't tell that they were coming. He but they are in a house like they scared the shit outta Francis now remember all this happening eggs workers just building up. He talks about in the book the Gulf Sightings of Gulf Breeze, the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings. It's about how like he's paying attention to anything. So finally, it's like I gotta go, do some work and he leaves Francis in the house, she's deal
she's going through so much she's like so scared, barely sleeping his commotio outside like she. She sees basics he's about to walking either and their front yard doing taking pictures right. She looks out and she sees two idiots: a tall skinny guy in a parka and a short fat guy with the camera taking pics from angles in their front in the front lawn without knocking on their door. Now I ask anything and they leave and what they would do with. They were testing the angles of the pictures of where they possibly could have come from. They found out that Mister X lived on this block, they went from house most of house to House and took exam, pictures to see what would match up to the pictures that were printed with telling any of these house owners remember move on is not the cops
No, this is not a government agency. Do they have badges, though? Oh yes, ok, good, because all nerds know you have to have a badge holder for people to respect you certainly not to take off your clothes and leave you apply down in a trash can in an alley somewhere, which happens to a lot of them, were just imagine by the way, he's hoping cited for something that's kind of a sad place to put it by the way. These guys names were Don Bob and Gary Don popping Gary showed up ready to believe this piece of Newhart show old reference, so they came in and they approached Ed of course, now Ed obviously, is now fueled with the power and mystery of his own UFO sightings, and it's getting very excited by it. He's going to show it. Trench coats essentially saying like we want to help
with your UFO problem and he's just like I'm your man, I'm done, I'm Bob, I'm Gary yeah great work I met quite quite quite quite quite it's also hopping hifi. So on January twelve, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight I called up and said that he had checked out a site where another witness who called himself believer bill had taken some photos, believer bill most likely was and Yes, he was believer bill also actually built. It was a man who is actually name that he had a change. It was gullible, Greg believable bill become believable because he is the one appeared, nine eat well or not believable. Well, actually, a an investigator did. Look up the copyright on the photos that were printed in the sentinel under the name believer bill. Copyright was owned by yeah. It's all a lie.
Not necessarily want to say believer bill hover on the edge of a knife. Believer bill is alike, yes, uh, but yeah all the rest of it. We don't know and, let's not forget that pool pump. That's a real horror, that's good! Alright! It's out there like an old school funding station wagon just but we could not the entire neighborhoods horrible. So fifteen minutes after the Believer bill, conversation ended Ed started, The hum again it was intense. But short, lasting only about twenty seconds. This time it was then Ed, remembered he had left some important contract ing work undone, so he got his to go, take care of it, but he also said that he felt then he'll see the several times at the humming. What's coming and then pulling at the center of his head yeah to go some place, pulling up the right side of his wit wherever it takes, it was taken to the right takes you where in this, circle. So you just come right back home interest table.
This whole time. He is actively building peoples, homes. Yes, and what point do you stop? Trusting the contractor I mean, even after it came out, he was still building homes. His business really wasn't affected that much by him being Mister x by him being the alien guy it's Florida. This is Florida. People are not going to hire a crazy contractor. Good luck, getting one in Florida, my Father in Palm Harbor FL would be so excited to be like hey he's got he's going to pull fucking idiots these reforms. I love it. I thought grapes at him. I double come over here. Let me cigarette. I stepped on his foot alive along time, but he's playing hold. His foot had fucking Idiot senior phone she's in charge of the safety of your home yeah. Ok, so the whole place burns down, she's really interesting. I was driving down a secluded country rd when he said everything again
only turned bright white, although this time the light was coming from outside his own head, reflecting off the hood of his truck. The light came through the windshield and shown on his arms and numb them replaced by and the needle sensation then back to a complete and total non feeling, as Ed called, which is common in many alien abduction stories. Also a stroke. Could be strong, we're going to say aliens when he looked back and while still driving about forty five miles an hour, mind you with completely numb hands and so my father drives, he feels hands yet, but that's because of type two adult onset diabetes on this dangerous now behind him, Ed saw a UFO Klay accelerate past then keep pace in front of his moving truck hovering. Only about five hundred feet ahead. Ed's plan was to slow down
the truck pull UE and head back home to safety, but he found his hands were too numb to actually make the term, but as he stopped side of the road staring at the UFO. Now just two hundred yards ahead and remember the shotgun he was keeping just behind the see. Just the guy want heavily armed at all times he managed to glad the shotgun and the camera as his hands still kind of work, despite the numbness I had to see what his hands were doing yeah. You look at your hands, but he said that he would just flop his hand back until he knew he was hopefully grabbing a shotgun yeah. That's that's that's hunter safety, one hundred and one sit on your hands until they're numb and then try to shoot. So he got he got this. Could. He got the camera here old the truck and shot picture. Nineteen and then scrambled, underneath the truck shock in camera in hand the blue beam came around, but instead of trying
Take add the beam was now depositing aliens on the ground in front of me. Premium premium premium, No! No! No was you so excited to go to action. We never got to go. Never. This is only the second time the failings of actually showed up, possibly the third, although that could be sleep, paralysis or Are you some sort of different team? I mean this is the ground team right here yeah. These are the guys that are in charge five times the beam came down and with each beam came another four foot tall gray, all holding the same sort of silver rod as before and at a higher learning. That truck is ossama. Bin Laden here comes the alien seal team. Six! That's! Why would I say I was thinking about seal team six as well? It's funny you bring that up and I think it would be so much cooler if they had little rods instead of guns, I mean how much more trippy is that cattle, prods and whips the aliens began to move and luck, step twords ads like Nazis and Edwards
meeting with the work. I do we. What do we know about grace? They are technically organic robots and you're kind of well hard wired into a gigantic group bike, machine, off using the we know, the be moving units and all the time because they're like robotically controlled, I don't know if you will remember Betty and Barney Hill, also made some references. They did because you balance is more about that. And that was about the doctor, the doctor, one one which is add. So later in his abduction scenarios, it's a female one, with big alien tips and long stringy white hairs. Isn't that strange as the aliens were walking, Tordsson Ed, still hiding under the truck just screaming obscenities job ideas, my god dam poo, come down here. You fucking piece of shit in the aliens were about halfway to ed. He composed himself jumped in the truck hit river.
And sped away without even looking where he was going down. Now we didn't even realize he would use the car again until it again get back in the spacecraft know what happened the next morning is what makes this a true classic UFO story, almost a little too classic after all, the hub. In the paper and all the talk going around town a couple of good old fashion. Men in black showed up at Ed's front door for new term. I've heard for them recently the disappearer. So really I was just go with Mormons anytime. There's a people in a suit and knocking on my door. There Mormons, I like Mibs, yeah as soon as Ed opened it, the mibs walked in flashing id cards and identifying themselves as agent Mcafee and asian name. Ed. Couldn't remember: great reporting. Add you would think you would remember that, and they said they were from the AIR Force special security services. They told Ed
They had knowledge of UFO photographs that Ed had in his possession that fell under. Material, seizure warrant that he was required to hand them over, but add plain cool, told them that he'd are given all the photos to the Miami Herald, yeah Ed said they were very rude but still left, but they left with the threat that if Ed was lying, be back, but the problem is that he was lying in the snow line. Come back, so they didn't come back. No, he didn't do their due diligence yeah. No, he why didn't he kept actually publishing more photo send cat taken photos, and it was very obvious bad. You store had a I'm thinking of Michael Douglas from the the movie the game where they, you makes a bat where he wants to go, and you know whatever have murder and all that because it seems like this could all just be an elaborate set up for a great surprise Party Kiser move on when he went to move on guys. Instead, I think these men in black guys came to over to the house to shake me down for these pictures. He said actually, what's uh
Many thing, which I think is the real story, is that guys that are UFO enthusiasts, not unlike myself, which we were talking before the podcast is that I'm, the type of person is exact reason why Ed Walters has changed his name and can't be found anymore. We can't be no, the reason why the with the do is that your phone to the S show up dressed, says fake cops to go, get pictures from people in show up and all I go. Look at this evidence to it's very possible that these guys were guys like me, who
one police officer uniforms right. I actually think it's a great idea, terrible idea. You show up when you ask for the evidence yourself yeah, but it adds to that. These guys were like big and buff. Ed was lying. I don't know it might be small, no and use and was scared immediately. You saw badges. I honestly think that all of this is amateur storytelling at its pocket. Do you see as an perfect just so perfect, because everybody is an idiot? The to move on guys are acting like experts. Amir idiots adds lied about at least half the stock, at least, but but also experiencing something with that reminder. The story come from is that he faked some pictures and then has been certainly get a doctor to rape by aliens and he's really upset about it. Yeah because it's time becomes the center of your whole life.
And then here show up yeah fake nips. You don't know if they're fake, then maybe they'll comic con enthusiasm. Well, at that I mean this. Has all the hallmarks of the end justifies the means. I mean this. Definitely the men in black story. It does not end probably is total bullshit, but it's Definitely it's the whole Bigfoot Hunter scenario where they fake. Just enough evidence, because they believe so hard. They fake just evidence or fudge. The truth judge a little bit because they believe in it. They think that they need other people to believe it and to make other people believe in it. They think We need to have just a little. I need to have extra true. If I feel him into the truth we're going to get there. It's all good. We need to find the real true, that's exactly yeah! So now that the in black were officially involved, move on really felt like they were on to something here. So by the time the 12th siding occured move on,
already set up a full on surveillance program on the Ed Walters Household. Now, when you're getting your balance program, I do want to see what I mean line of an I mean a guy in a van with a camera. They got hammered, they all sat and talk about. This is true. This comes from the store. They said they had a couple of drinks and he said well, we gotta do here is just like I'll, buy the walkie talkies and was like out front the money for the walkie talkies, because Mufon is not exactly a rich, It is not helping how well funded literally to the point where they can't afford walkie talkie very cheap nowadays, and so this I did do was there was like well sleep in shifts because they also have day jobs in a van around the corner from EDS House. Ann will be there on call in order to snap the pictures that they need because there,
give them a super like a security camera yeah it whatever. It is like a locked camera yeah day at to log camera that could not be used to do double. Exposures are fake or anything like that. If they can't that that picture that you take with this camera is the picture, no matter what and yeah, and they were in a van about a block from Ed's house two blocks walking distance hanging out in the parking lot of an apartment, complex yeah. By the way they had permission,
they had they did they were they were. They know that you have to do everything correctly. Can you imagine the aroma that would walk from the doors were open, that it's like a thirteen year old boys bedroom coming in those areas? Yeah like it's been Gary. I only have one pair of jeans and by the way they did sleep in their clothes because they always they needed to always be ready, and they know that personally specifically said that as a rule and like and also I think at some time is just like great I think he also is not as enthused by the move on guys and becomes like the cool guy. In the scenario he is, but that's what this is about right in the end, you make up these fanciful stories in order to feel it more cool amongst your peers right. So now he switched his I'm going to impress these teenagers too. I'm going to impress These three morons, sadly shipped here buying Mufon. I love these guys too. I I have a lot of sympathy for the move
it's, because they really are just looking for the truth they're on their. There really aren't they really prepared. Are they nerds? Maybe unbelievably, so? Are they bad bad hygiene? Definitely are the unapproachable by the opposite, sex or the same sex. Whatever is in There- and I said absolutely of course they are so good luck to you, man that allows them to focus more on their jobs, and I think that's, what's so important, they're, not distracted from the outside temptation, so now they're very focused so on First move on member Bob Reed was sitting in the van the camera pointed towards the rear of ads house waiting for a call on the walkie talkie. The plant was the Edward call as soon as he felt the hum and Bob would take the picture when the alien showed. I just know he's going to call I gotta take a shift, so I'm just going to do it here in the Van Gogh. I hope Kerry doesn't mind the smell my heart It is just I need to
plates sold stroganoff this afternoon, 'cause, that's just what I had and it comes down to it. Move. Falling allowance at two dollars a day is really cutting it. Well, it's a good thing. You gave you all those butter, those buttertubs to poop, so they had my eyes move on and adds that there was a fifteen hour window, a possible sighting x from dusk till dawn, with the most likely x being five to six, a dot m and seven to eight p. Dot M with Bob couldn't be
air due to what he called quote, unquote personal circumstance. What if he literally was stuck to a toilet? What said it was, I couldn't be there until nine forty five every night. I need to get it done a job yeah, but he didn't ever had, but he would you would think he would say like yeah I had to be at my job, but no, he made sure to say personal circumstances. That's he's probably reception at the dentist's office who the hell knows who these people are probably one of the guys who sets up those like dancing inflatable we've. You guys heard of car dealerships and, like I don't know what I want, I don't want one of those, but it was a bob who was on watch at ten thirty pm on January, twenty first Ed was walking over to the van to deliver item to Bob that add, wanted passed on
do another move. All member, although Ed, does not specifically specify in the book exactly what the item was. He just said I had to deliver an item. It was the butter tub she new toilet. I got another butter tub. Let me just finish this bottle said: was walking the path over to the van. He heard the Tale home pulled out his walkie. He told Bob to get his camera ready and Bob did so. Only problem was but was looking wrong direction, who's Baba, Filgoal Aguirre. Where because look hella turn out, because that way he described his Bob wrote a little letter in the book tools like describe it from his point of view. He saw saunter down the street with his ship bucket just within he saw head, grab his head and went like oh and then it was flailing around he said, go home, go home, and now this is in the parking lot of an apartment building where I know when there's many other people watching this too. So Ed is doing this. I do believe he's doing this for an audience and Bob
He is ready to be the hero that the world deserves, not right, one that it needs, no doubt what we deserve. I think so so The reason why he was looking in the wrong direction is that he got focused on a plane to the north, saying that's a plane that way he said. No, no, no, it's a UFO is like no, I think that's a plant a plane. I know it because it's got wings on it unless there's Build ufos database and then that you know like he was right. It was a plane, but he was looking at the north who finally realize what was going on. He yelled look. To the south, very good at who think that address, because that was head. Look to the salad is Bob turned his camera around the UFO winks out of you walk over the nine days take out the Moufang conducted. This would be the closest they would come to spot
sing a UFO hanging. Yes, they were sitting here, oh to nine day journal, saying he was that. Well, unfortunately, that was the first day it was closest and they sat there so that was the third day of the first day was January 19th, my fifth birthday. They had seventy two hours in this ban. Yes, and then they had another six, more I have nothing yeah a lot of days of nothing but a don, did say at the end of his account the book he said. Ed was the bravest man, I've ever met look to the south. Now the 13th siding is particularly interesting because it was somewhat witnessed by an actual journalist. This is the aforementioned torment on the road at five hundred and thirty pm on January. Twenty Ed started hearing Aloha Matt I was as he was pulling into the driveway as the hum grew louder ran into the house call up Gary who was on shift at the band but
unknown reasons Gary wasn't answering where the hell do I empty this shittalking right now? They said I can't do it in the grill anymore. I can't do it over here by the great they said that was full and they said the lake was no good, because they've got the skiing competition. That's coming up this weekend I could just dump it. It's going to leave it here until everybody is free pudding for keeping not a bad idea, come get a bucket of putting so Edwards desperate for some. Actually film encounter besides himself, so he went and picked up, Dwayne Cooke, who was the analyst for the Gulf Breeze Sentinel, who wrote the original story and the follow up, and just one you off from Dane Well, isn't that exciting, he could have been a millionaire have in the two were driving back to EDS House with a video camera. When the hum started to increase and Dwayne started film
The alien voice came back and Ed's brain and gave him another cryptic message in slowly below window level. The voice kept his repeating the message go over and over get lady did not still driving started to have a bit of what sounded like the kind of freak out you have when you're fifteen you just get like way too high for the first time, like Ed turn, to join and said Dwayne Just my face. Look like it's moving like Is my face you're talking, but no no, I mean no such as the talking to your face is not really moving, but whatever the your your keeps our because you're you're speaking great said no, of course not Ed came back and said as is why I'm moving. There is my I, your blues, my imovie blinking, but it's not moving around your face shop Marion, like you, freaking out, Bro Junior stores, email with getting some hotline Jim juice. You got that poop bag raiders,
how to think your eyes moving, but the polling on the right side of Ed's brain was getting stronger just as bad, if not worse than the very first encounter ed now in full free mode turn into an in said, fast man. Is it too fast? Food drivers are too fast for us to meet a car. What are you talking about? I don't need to continue to freak you out. It's like you're, making me freak out, then odd, sensations and ends body took a turn. Ed said that there was a twisting poll that traveled through his whole body, starting in his forehead travel. Through his neck down into his stomach the harm it quieted down but the polling remained as ad drove down the highway. Saying I don't like this. I do not like that. I don't like it either. I don't like this. I don't like it either. I don't want. You belong to to drive. Finally, add pulled over the side of the road and got out of the car, which you probably should have done much so or, at the very least, let Dr Drive, but thankfully add remembered,
rap is camera before getting out and falling to the ground in agony and his ed riseden pain on the side of the road, unbelievable dwayna hovered above in an when Ed, looked up at Duane. Add song, the alien craft about two hundred feet up and said: oh fuck, there it was, and he turned the camera up to his face and took pictures. Twenty one Dwayne turned around, but just he was about to see the craft it blinked away, one more. But if you look at the photo, the UFO appears clear as day. A even though Dwayne didn't see the UFO itself, He said he did see Ed take the picture. He said he saw Ed, take the photo out of the camera and is Dwayne himself who peeled the negative off the photo so what Duane said it's likely I didn't see it, but seeing you take the picture next best thing: yeah
want to clarify. Now, I'm Ben again. Ok! Thank you. Thank you 'cause. I remember this is that how Daniel Day Lewis does it? Yes? Well, I'm Abraham Lincoln now I'm Daniel Daniel Day, Lewis, and now I'm hungry today, sponsor for last podcast on the left, is uh. Yeah Adam and Eve dot com, Ed room, he been fantasizing about incorporating an adventurous new toy or adult movie in the earth for play. Well, then, here is an offer. You won't be able to resist for a limited time. Only you'll get fifty percent off just about any item when you go to adamandeve dot, com and type in the offer code LF check out, but that's not all when you purchase an item for fifty percent off, will also receive three adult dvd is completely free just for a little inspiration plus when you get fifty percent off you'll get an additional free gift that so sensual mention it on the show and
top it all off you'll receive free shipping on your entire order, but that's only if you put in Lfd at checkout at Adamandeve, dot com left, left check, adamandeve dot com citing was short but eventful. Two days after the torment on the road and was so bring up in the shower hardly a moment of one time use me in my Lou, for I don't need to be bothered by anybody thinking about Cyndi Lauper, I'm here just wash my pets and having a really nice time. I still feel like he's covered in a full pajama, yes head to toe. No, he is Polly NEWS, okay, so open up when France came in and told him that the UFO appeared, although it isn't clear why there was no home to alert ed to this can't I just for a got. Damn second is for assistant have a moment of peace. Maybe it was the water protected him from the from the.
Actually. That's it get out of the shower grabbed a towel he needs to. He didn't have to run naked out of the shower, but also in a way that I think that also kind of describes Edit in general that he barely wrapped around it, I think he just copped his own build. Another you've walked past your window, nude without doing everything above my dick, like I just hold it. So one part I don't cover yes to see my pube just technically, not a crime. Yes, he ran naked out the shower grab to tell his way through the bedroom and ran out into the night wet and half nude when he got out the UFO was moving towards the house slowly and shook his fifth
sky rocketed. The towel is dropping dropping it up, and actually there is a picture of ed with the towel around him shaking his fist young. He asked him what the hell they wanted to which the alien said he has we are here for you, Ed said he wasn't going to go anywhere with them to which the aliens were players, sleep People are not available sleep, not a little sleep, then no problem, this is a scary way to have to fall asleep every night and with this they way the way again and left at half naked in the dark. Now let me ask you this: are they saying we are here
for you or are they saying we are here for you? That is actually add wrestle with the question, often in the book. He doesn't know, that's the thing, the the it because aliens with their accent. Maybe they can't really put the proper annunciation, they can't say, put the proper and faucets. Please send us a boy band and their famous songs, we're here for you here, but it's a yeah, because that's a weird that would be very scary is a boy band, a song. You don't know whether or not it's a group of men here to take a little girl from a room where they're they're just a supporter. I have no idea, I think, that's a that's what he doesn't know. He doesn't know whether he special they're trying to rate them again and we're gonna find out. And your milk and they were milking area they'll use getting milk full days later? The crap showed up again in the Walters Backyard near the pole, nesses. The whole family gets in on the fun Ed's daughter, Laura called him out I'd saying Francis had something to show him and ran out
I do this camera pastor's daughter who is standing next to the door. It is and open up the door. The blue beam came down and hit the pool deck down. You snap, a picture of the beam justice Francis Dove pass after taking the picture and slammed the door pulled his daughter down to the floor where France is already was. Is the windows were open it and it was terrible, the blue beam, might come through the window period. I like doing the sound effects? Yeah, that's fine. They then crawled over to Ed sons, room where he was studying with his headphones on and see it's father's terrified face Dan. His family on the floor, and they all crawled into the hallway the only place in the house without a window after about five minutes of terrified silence. Ed, let his family to the van in the garage, so they could make their escape if they had to, but when they got to the van the home started up again and adds had the alien spoke to a
once more and said he not deny us, we are empty or ram tumblr. Remember, remember, remember, sounds funny when you said this is so the kids just listening to kiss or something on his one thousand. Nine hundred and eighty seven is listening to nothing but the power of love by Huey Lewis and the news, and that's always do that. Kids, listen appetite for destruction, ok, either way. This is a very fun family. I'd be anything it is the best ever heard. This is by far more fun than my family ever had been wonderful and do Dan was so totally into it because he kept saying dad. Let me Adam dad.
Yeah. It did this community gun dad. Give me the God Dam that God he's been listening to satanic people, so you know he's been like dads. Every old authority of the house is slipping hard, he's drinking alot in the house like. Is that just let him have beers openly in the house? These are just running in and out he's having. If he's not doing any schoolwork, everybody knows that he's just in the Thralls over UFO Bannock, so he gets to do whatever you want incredible. It's a fun time to be a kid. It was great, but as they got into the band right! After the aliens talk to him, the humming stop the family guy. Other than an return to the house where they talked for hours before falling asleep one by one in the same room. With this in mind, He never did that once the great bonding.
Agent of an alien abduction story? Wonderful now we did that once when there was a bunch of escaped convex, so we're running around our area. We all slept in the same room talking for hours. Where are they? Are they going to come here where in an isolated home, they might show up here any minute? Who had holding a big gun just waiting for who they sexual fossil purses mommy? Will it be me, or one of our wonderful brother, doesn't sound like very fun, but the bonding is nice. It was nice yeah. After a while, we got tired of waiting for him to come to us, so we went out and looked for them. So then you well that's how Mobs are four yeah. That was a small family. We didn't like. We didn't actually like call anyone else up like hey. Well, there was one time where we did go out. Forgot, but you know what we found him, but we went and talked to the police said We found him, but then we did go out there with him. It was a great Christmas.
So you guys were out hunting for Ex cons on Christmas Christmas day, second best family. Next to the Walter. I honestly think that Texas will be the first to secede from the from the world. So on may first one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Ed Walters would have his final encounter with the Gulf Breeze Aliens Francis was out of town on, weekend trip. So I decided to take a spell. Camera given to him by move on to the park to see if he could get some shots this is that what is it for Lens camera? 3D Camera, some 3d camera? All the lenses are glued together. Double exposure is impossible. It's supposed to be in possible to fake any sort of shot. With these took the most compelling pictures yeah. They really did so at one thousand. Two hundred and thirty, am I had heard the hum, although it was very distant about forty minutes later Ed, gotten patia and yelled. You call me, Z. Has I will it is to be over. I want you out of my life and excuse me, Sir Kitty stopped yell.
I'm trying to have sex with this homeless man over here. Ok, if you would really ruin the mood to apologize for that, I am sorry about that so and turned his head to the left and there the UFO was. He turned the camera and took two shots, capturing the crap both times the UFO then moved right above him only about thirty feet. Up and EDS site went completely white. He couldn't tell whether he was being flooded with light or it was the same situation as before, where the light was coming from inside his own head, but did say that his body went completely numb the only sensation being a sense that he was falling in the next thing, add new He was lying on the ground about twenty feet away an hour and fifty minutes later, with no recollection of the time
that's a good way to get through the day. Just for get half of it would be really nice. Just zip. Through the day like that, yeah it's going to fall asleep for ten year abducted. I think they lose a bunch of time. That's called clinical depression. Is that what that is? I thought I was told by my therapist. I thought was just called needing to sleep all the time. Now, the only thing the Edna He woke up was that his right hand smelled terrible even worse than waking up after waking up after a nap against her own will be hand missing time it smelled so bad. You had a couple of those right, yes, well I mean what do you do? Then? You just that's the first thing that you hear when you when you wake up, you woke up and you put your hands in where it shouldn't be, that you were sleeping it smelled so bad. He had to wrap it and towels to hide the stench just wash it. Table action. It it didn't come on. Oh my goodness back at the house and figured you clean up a little bit, so he ran a comb through his hair and felt a bump at the back of his neck. He win
the remember to check it out, but, as he looked his face. He noticed a large bruise with a red dot in the middle right between his eyes, two more of those marks percentage at his temples. Also brew There are pictures in the book, UFO abductions in Gulf Breeze that are very interesting, very bad little bruises, yeah yeah, very compelling tried to wash the stink off his hands and found that the smell was actually coming from little bits of black material under his fingernails yeah. He collect material for analysis, but at the time of the publication of the Gulf Breeze, Sightings Ed said that the fistic ated equipment necessary to analyze. It had not yet been low, We found it at Garys House with the soup. So now this was not his first experience with missing time. We're going to discover now as well. I don't know whether or not this is a chicken and egg scenario with talking to move on guys or vet did his own research or if it is completely real. Now, mostly
People have a rash of UFO sightings, where they discover is that they have been involved with ufos in your tire life. It normally runs in families. They talk about it. If your grandmother saw UFO, it's likely you're going to see UFO, that's that just kind of how it goes. I don't know if it's like a weird because think about it, you're going to see it more often, but it seems to be a part of the lexicon we're going to find out is at his head missing. Time were supposedly had missing time, many throughout his life yeah I've had some weird ship. I want saw an apparition that I thought was death and then missing afterward. But now you wanna cocktail of drugs just to keep you normally a heavy cocktail of extremely psychotic antipsychotic drug. Getting it looked at again on Wednesday. Only I'm going well rejigger off. Yes, it's just a constant soup,
but each time so it happened three times in his life. Apparently it was each one is eight years apart, which I again I liked it. I, like the symmetry sure 'cause, I again it doesn't do it just seems to work with alien stalled late in the first incident happened when Ed was just seventeen years old. Now this explains the visions of dogs that he received on the first UFO sighting right. He was riding his bike home one day when he noticed a large black dog following him. He tried to lose the dog, but the dog just kept appearing wherever it behaving in ways that Ed said were two deliberate for a normal dog.
Of those who feel not overloaded with nurse app. Does the dog mailing envelope? Smart dog, I, like it very smart dog and even when I got home, the dog just stood there staring at him with a vacant glare knocks girl. Did you just kind of looking over their happen across my wait, a bit awkward when you catch a ride with someone who's trying to stare into general direction, and then they looked up her eyes and looks like scaring him and I'm not. I was normal dog. I think you are normal dog, just probably trying to look he's looking for a home looking for a home looking for a bone in more than one way, I'm a gay dog. Well, that's your choice and that's fine! You wish I was born. You are born. I know you were born that way after one slash two hour staring the dog left, but later that night, Ed had a classic late night alien visitation or, as you suggested, been possible, simple sleep paralysis, depending on what you want to believe Ed said, as he tried to follow
with his brother in the room in a separate bed and felt a force press down on the outside edge of his mattress. The only sounds that he heard were of the sprinkler hitting the window out. Hide and Ed opened his eyes. He saw a gray forms moving around the room and a gleam light shone through the windows and add salt reflect off a bald only six inches from his face, Patrick Stewart. He left outta, bed and yelled for his brother to wake up. Both boys ran out of the room and tear once away with the lights on they noticed the floor was wet and there were small, strange, wet footprints shaped like flat bottom. Lepers leading down the side of Ed's bed? It was then that EDS brother notice that Ed was also wet, although Ed had.
Memory, I'm going outside. He leaned over and started kissing Ed and it just was two brothers doing something that God said they should never do. But Satan was telling him. It was the thing to do. You want to make a romantic thing here with him face to AL. Very interesting, so what happens to get into the into the way way go forward machine blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah and then it's the second follow up Book Gulf of UFO Ductions in the Gulf Breeze by Ed Walters. He explains when he after everything was said and done after May. First one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight he had that missing time sequence. He said he wanted to go back and find out if there were, if he remembered This incident is that I want to know if there was something to this as well. I remember the dog. He said He talked to a hypnotist, a hypnotist, give him a series of self inducing weird like at home. Trance is that you can do in order to help get him acclimated to the deep trance that they need to go into in order to fully regret
to these hidden memories. I don't know why he let him do this on his own earlier, dangerously responsible, almost sure, and so he, goes back to the house, and one thing he said it was really creepy said he remembered the first time they did. A mini regression inside the hypnotist office was that the dog snapped its head back. Really a natural way, and it looks like its head was on backwards. It was going like all of which is fucking. Creepy shital needs to be loved, though it is a dog exactly, but you know when a dog makes up that weird noise, but then it goes from cute to like yeah yeah. I had a dog that would do that. Every time I came home, that's how you would speak to me like. Let me outta here released me testing, one of Ariel Castro's girls, not good. Every day, when I came home from school for fourteen years, yeah like he was in pain, you have the best dog. Ever we stop feeding him food eventually, just under his own shed. He was great, so
the only dog we had died old age. She sounds like something you do to a foster child. His name was trout. Shout out the dogs after another fucking animal. It does seem to be a dog that affected. Ok, this stranger story that route the dog, so it gets back to the house from his office and for some reason he decides I'm going to start doing this on my own I'm going to also have the whole family come up into the bedroom and watch me do this just for safety sake, daughter, son, wife, So it's like guys, I'm just going to do this. You guys are my spotters, so he puts himself into a deep trance and all of a sudden he's like there's a dog I see your dog and I'm asleep and I'm in a room, in the top on my penises, I'm exaggerating. I would circulating against why I'm coming I'm coming against my will. She goes into a full full. Furious, orgasm simulated
the front of his children yeah. That's often they have to slap him up and they don't know how to get him out of the trance, so they're slapping him. Do you really think a contractor from Florida said my penis? I honestly think he said his penis because he's very weirdly proper, because he says penus a lot when you're going to We notice that he's being milked by these aliens and then he let his own son see it that kind of embarrassment. Realizing your father come in his pants, even if it's imaginary, I don't think he actually did come yeah. I don't know what we don't know. Yeah I mean if you, even if there is no ejaculate, if it is simulated, isn't it that close enough to seeing your father a jacket or something I can fucking. Imagine my father's come face. No one wants to see that absolutely not so. Eight years after the dog incident add was driving home late at night, when it's car suddenly began slowing down. Despite Ed stepping on the gas like the car was a neutral.
Over to see what was going on and down the road. Ed could see a single light like the headline motorcycle, but when it reached him Delight rose up above the road egg, freaked out got back into the car, which was working just fine again, and he said down the road The light turned around and followed ed until it completely full How did the interior of his car six hours later? Ed woke up on the side of the road, with no memory but what happens so when he went to the hypnotist for this incident when he discovered So finally, he was like the it to him, as he goes back to him, because he's like zoom in on myself, and I had shocking results in front of my family and if this was like what is your fucking problem? Never do that again, like literally yelled at him saying it's like. Why don't ever do this, so we took him through this next incident. He was very reticent to go through these memories. What they would do is this weird process where he would set up
his unconscious memories into his hand. He said, make little hand motions your ad you're, going to put your hand on your knee and, if you want to answer something say: yes by plugging it into your index, finger to the left and one so you know put it to the right and if you want to see I die, I don't want to answer Bob flick upper middle so. He would ask his unconscious, through his hand, kind of like the little boy in the shining, and he would like ask that first before he would ask ed if it's ok, to consciously go through these memories and because they were so traumatic for ed. Sometimes they would bounce back into it. He would start screaming, so they would like alright going to do this exercise? So it's like you're watching it on a screen in a movie theater, so you could remember it so recording that adds memory. He wakes up any room. That's like or select like made out of porcelain with a weird like bowl on the ceiling, smells weird smells like cinnamon goes out into the hallway everything's. Looking like porcelain, here's children crying
I don't like that image. She had the last time when he heard the side he was like. I don't have a baby hurt a baby and goes into another. This other porcelain rooms he's too little kids alone crying in this room. He goes. I'm trying to help them they going like hell. 'cause, all weird alien. It's like ideas. It's always like a struggle to speak and he's saying that end like them to just like who are helping children. He goes. He gets kids and it's like or we're going to figure out. What's going on, he leaves all of a sudden three gigantic como dragon standing on their feet. This is true, really stand or walking down the hallway, see him and he's in a panic, any like snappers step, step step, which is very interesting because it let it glow times reptilians in our minds that well we've described them David Icke is describing. Is that humanoid reptilians, but a lot of times they look like just gigantic lizards right, so they just like Komodo dragons running down the hallway he's like I'm going to save myself from going to these kids first take this kids put him in a bucket that he found was word buck
the build up quickly. Kids, in a bucket, he thought seems strange with safe kids, you gotta remember this is dream. Reality! Ok, right in a weird dream! Reality the blizzard snap at him. He decides to save them by taking off her shirt, get nude again. The roses shirt over the head of one of the Lisbon was like: stop Sup Sup Sup another one. Snap met his belly snapping at his belly and he talks about how scary it is. Finally, there hit by beam, frozen, female alien. I was talking about with that. It's in a white hair comes in grabs, him being like. That was just a distraction, z You must understand. We are one of thirteen. You are one of thirteen. You must remember in sleep, you know in sleep, you know and then he wakes up back the hyptis office, So we did what Leslie Nielsen did in naked gun. He just threw a towel at a person's face, yeah and then- or in this case, a Komodo dragon yeah yeah. So you can defeat a Komodo dragon with cotton just going to do that, you just also got hit in the head with a baseball.
You can do it. That would be a interesting dream, though yeah very interesting dream, and again years later, when Ed was thirty three in his final missing time incident before his final encounter in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Edwards out new during a solo fishing trip and at about noon, he noticed the canoe would hit something metal under the water and the canoe suddenly went still as if it had run aground after a moment. It started to move again, When add looked in the water, he saw a stream of bubbles stretch out in front about thirty feet ahead. He notice to green flow beneath the water big and getting bigger five hours late.
Add, found himself miles from where he began with no memory of what happened very interesting story of the: U S so unidentified submerged objects, which is also to many people in trouble. We can do entire episode in USA. Well, you know I don't want to. I called so's I called so is costing yeah I'm and what he just said that he woke up to the same, tended female alien. That said you would, you would remember in You know in sleep, you know, and then he was put in a headset, alongside with other smaller tiny grays, where he feels like they were trying to combine their brains and then you're going to find out like after the in sleep. You know he It's a mold like kind of mall over this idea, and those are the real, the three of doctors because, as he remembers, it search realized it. Would you didn't realize that he had this little tidbit in the original goal freeze, UFO Sightings book that he said that he could put himself to sleep. I imagine a black out of relaxation. That would go from the tips of his feet to the top of his head to the point where, been doing this whole life that he could just say. Sleep now and go straight to sleep, but he also
so that he could come up with ingenious. Disturbed problem solving things by thinking of a problem for going to sleep and then going to sleep now and need to wake up with a new problem. So now we started thinking about the aliens before going to sleep and he came up with vision, vision of a mountain South America called Tacumwah T and that yes, where the aliens are coming from, he should have been thinking about. Damn pool pump and how to fix it, because I feel, like that's, really the most important issue here in reality. Now all of these fantastic stories. Absolutely wonderful, all told well written, you got photograph ' evidence. You got multiple eyewitnesses and to top it all off, and he passed do polygraph test concerning his story, very intense polygraph test very into polygraph test, but on the other hand, you know who else polygraph test which character was a simple and you can do if you're a simple, it's easier to lie when you're a simple. Yet these are allowed here is simple, but the factor, mates, polygraphs
they're not admissible in court, and they are possible to lie about it. Do you just have to convince yourself that you're telling the track so they don't work on socio path? Seattle thing, Ed Walters was a bit of a neighborhood prankster concerning the photographs double expose. Polaroid is difficult, but not impossible. For now starting to get into the counter arguments. The debunking of the golf now this leaves debunking is very easy here, 'cause, you could just say no If you don't want to have a fun life through, you could just be like that's all total horse. Yes, your shadow duck made a pina butter tub for no reason he cut yeah, yeah yeah absolutely could so we're on. But you know he ran last podcast on the left. We like to book cover both sides sure, so we have to cover the skeptics as well boy you just you. You do not
I I will I go to you as a five year old boy right now, removing my clothes, full beard very, very nude boy, I'm sure Nick mock Edson said that Walters in fact knew how to do double exposure on a Polaroid camera, not even produced a picture that took the demonstrated the edit done it in the past. It was a photo of a girl with a quota demon behind her. If you're, not a good picture, though it's well done, it's not well done, but it's a start, then there's video of the torment on the road people who have actually night actually seen the video say it's the worst, acting they've ever seen in their life will because he was an active no in some of the best I can with they've ever heard. Their entire life was on the Simpsons, interesting yeah. This is interesting, very interesting. It is for is Dwayne Cook's claim that he witnessed ed. Take the picture
highly possible that Dwayne Cuckoo was the reporter for the Gulf Breeze Sentinel. Who first reported the story, it's very possible. He was just in on the whole scheme was a reporter. They don't lie thing. We said it, but you can choose. Writing it quite a bit to lose. If it comes out as a hoax, he tries to get involved make a lot of money if the whole thing becomes real, but the problem is that it goes back. Back and forth. Right like this, the problem with the bunking any of this bullshit is that when it comes down to it, as you could say, it's good bad either way. It's either. It's either you distance yourself from it, and you had. The deal with it and you're part part of his he's, cokes, all like all or your witness something that you've now can't fully explain. So you have to kind of have back out of it. I think he's doubling down on it. I think, I think I think really what happened is Ed came clean with him said: hey, listen, I'm Mister XI faked! These photos, you are complicit now
and I need help. I need somebody at these. Moufang guys are all my ass. You know I need some sort of proof. I need something to give these guys. So this is conjecture. This is your conjecture exactly. This is all my conjecture. This is my thought of what might have happened. Yeah. This is what this is. Definitely all. Conjecture on. My part, but I do think that the Ed Walters brought him in on we need to take those two pictures with that locks camera. He did, though, I can't get pictures with the law. Those pictures a lot care more pro, pretty good and then there's the matter of the model when Walters family moved out of the house where everything happens, the next family to move in found a model that
very similar to the UFO featured in ads photographs in the UFO was also made using drafting paper paper with ads hand. Writing on it plans for my house. He worked on how ever the UFO the model that was a bank concerning the paper at the plans were from a house that was built in September of nineteen eighty nine. This is almost two years after the first photograph was taking, meaning that the Uf model was most likely a plant made to discredit Et Al. Why would someone want to do that? Why would someone want to discredit Ed year after the whole thing had pretty much died down. Well it all comes down to local politics. Oh my goodness. Ad was running for City Council against Tom Smith, who, father of one of Ed son's friends, Tom Smith, Junior Tommy, forward during the election and said that he had in fact fakes the photos with Ed Walters
now you said digital photos and even photos, and even in part originally he was the one he supposed to bring the pictures to the newspaper and be newspaper x, but added x. You know them and they said no to add, because the reason why and then Ed Walters comes out and said number one. I was running for City Council against his father and trying to shut me down. Tommy was also do the heat kicked out of his quote: unquote Games because Good Tommy was being a ruckus sorta hanging out for movie nights next mark as well. Yes, there are. These are guys that he kicked out of the group of dudes that were hanging out of the house all the time because they wouldn't suck Dick, but I actually don't know so we don't know, but also all of this was instigated by a man named Craig Myers, who was a reporter for the Pensacola NEWS Journal. That was the the competition to the Gulf sentinels, all sensationalist reporting of the goals and the effect they would even believe in these UFO cases. So he made it his life's mission to attack all these stories say what you want about. The first couple pictures the obvious
it could have been in probably were host and put together. I really do think that he made shut up. Being an asshole and then got part of it was that he was obsessed with Ufos life. Like the bigfoot thing, he was trying to pull little evidence in there to get the conversation going to get people to come. Believe it and be a big deal right, didn't realize why his whole life, you was true, obsessed with ufos and wanted to be part of lexicon, so getting he has been serialized. Spy aliens and that's why you so upset. Well, that's going to be a tough thing for a campaign slogan, it's going to be very surely abused by aliens, and then he now it's like it's happening to him in real, oh yeah, and by the Way City Council election dead last
dead. Last the sentinel didn't endorse. That's bullshit, that's very good. He was the only reason that paper had anything I was it was in existence. I made you, I made you who died overhead Walter, so that's also conjecture on my part, yeah. That is also conjecture. What is not conjecture, however, is that Tommy Smith Junior did camp come forward with additional photos, saying hey look. These were taken both by me. An we worked on these together photographic experts who looked at. Those photos, said that they were not double. Photos; they could not prove that they were hoaxes whatsoever that they were actually some. Sing the most genuine of all yeah. It was telling the truth, but the problem is they keep saying, there's all these pictures that were also hopes that looked like eggs pictures, but we those pictures. Why are they out and then you Marcus is trying to tell me old. Not everything goes on the internet, but I like to fight the others
everything everything makes it to the internet. Absolutely man of one million questions Henry. That is a fallacy to millions or something like that, doesn't mean it's not on the other, think about it, just 'cause, it's in the internet doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Haha interest I would I think about. It is real right. I never even to well there's really nothing to even go into the the family seems happy and It's all the family seems happy that tormented by UFO enthusiasts around infected orgasm in front of them. I think for the most part they had a good time. It started off super fun, but I think it just got weird by the end because they left he made two hundred thousand dollars on the book deal, but that It goes away. This time you make the next book deal you're going make a last on the advance, and so he kind of strong this out for a while. He was in charge of the Gulf Breeze UFO
difference there. That was there for a long time that petered out and then also the final nail game, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one of Ed's biggest boosters and navy. Physicist named doctor, Bruce Mcabee came forward. He announced yeah. Why not but yeah sure, but we believe a little food. This printer, this investigation with the natural favorable boss through the water Skis but Arvis addition an analysis led to the conclusion that several, if not all the photos are probably horses. Armor culture monster. Oh my god, it sounds like of a chocolate bar could talk. Now. I love that now he saying that to try to discredit Bruce Mcabee. I know what you're doing Bruce Mcabee is a serious man and keep what he did come out. Very hard for Ed Walters and say. I really do think that you know this is an actual case as time went on, he kind of had to admit
these. It is, is probably this thing that you really get on. Well, I think it's just become so ludicrous that he's trying to distance himself from it, which is the problem with investigators getting involved with you a full incidents. From now on, we're going to see this. This move on really up by hang in there had on this on this case, because they really know showed you. Would you basically left this all in the hands of Ed Walters? Who is not a reliable human being, which of course, nobody? I guess who's involved with Ufos turned to be a reliable human being out one person, but the problem is: is that that's what that's why we can't get serious investigators to come? Look at it because they all look like fools by the end of it 'cause they have to deal with all this area there. Member MAC, remember Mcabee, but what they say. We still have Stanley Freeman Voice too. He's Gordon Freeman stand for him and he still knew good Jack Filet still out there I think that is yeah. I don't think you can put Josh Layout there. Yes, yes, yes, I can, and I will I can't I will you got Richard Dolan he's doing really hard work, but mostly he just talks about how the government is take
ufos a lot more seriously than they say they do. They sit. There mostly went hard work most of the jobs are thinking they're using their brains are like us like. This is hard work. I do. I do hard work and I sit here all the time. Yeah my hands are not callous, but my brain is yeah. That's true and the one thing that we did not get into in nineteen. Ninety that I want to quickly briefly bring up 'cause it's the end of the episode is this thing called the doomsday six which we didn't realize. This is that there was a group of six. Members of the NSA AWOL from German to go all the way to go please to help save us against the war against aliens, and this is completely real. Well, not necessary. The world is that the Anti Christ they did this weird aliens christian thing, these six true government workers went completely. They said they were members of the out of some sort of mental. It was out of. Did the standard like we're, gonna make
super soldier like Weird nope, hypnosis and and drugs cocktail thing that they were working on in Germany and they started using a Ouija board and talk to an alien, entertaining sapphire spelled with an f and they went, There is also several other alien beings that we're talking to them, as if they were part of the archetypical eighteen school old book of the Bible. Like no other goes guys your call, Ford and telling them you have to go to Gulf Breeze Florida. There is a full moon, happening between the alliance, which is a group of good aliens, and a group called the others which the bad aliens and they're going to bring about like basically, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight quoted zip, zip steps up ya. One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight there's going to be an antichrist, you guys, the only ones are nobody going to fight it. So these guys left their posts in Germany would all the way to Pensacola FL rented a van where they were pig, for having a tail light out.
Are there cops random fuqing? They gave him a drivers. License is like you, guys, went AWOL from the NSA and literally helicopters, just show up scooping up there, Nobody knows the story after the fact, except for one of them wrote a romance novel. That is about him being in love with the roommate of one of the girls that he was, that was above the six people that were going with him to save the world from the antichrist and his about him banging on. Well, that's an interesting little story. There kind of a side story, Wednesday: six go to doomsday something special Lazy, NSA workers who wanted to get out of jury. Masterminds I'd, say this yeah. This is more probably in Edgewood type of situation like this. This sounds like a combination between Edgewood and MK. Ultra, it's a crazy. I did not so we were looking through it like at the very end of research, glass site. I was like holy shit. Look at this and it completely also it adds up because their names I'll come up in a New York Times. Article of a group of NSA people that were outside.
Freeze there were arrested for having a tail light out of a van that they had bond and speaking of research. I wanna say special thanks to April for all of your help on this when she really came through it worked. Thank you very much. Thank you April. Thank you. Megan is always all right. Well, that's the Gulf Breeze story that was exciting. That was filed an alien adventure so happy. This is out of my mind so yeah. I don't think it is. No. You seem more obsessed than ever. I mostly I'm I'm not worried about myself we're worried about, but I went really deep. I've been having a lot of dreams. I've literally been reading nothing about nothing but aliens for about three weeks, almost a month we're getting back to murder next week, so I'll get all wiped away. Yeah Jack, the stripper that's going to be funny and cute, alright, everyone. Thank you guys so much for listening Marcus. What do we do now? We gotta plug some stuff yeah, we gotta plug some stuff, go to cavecomedyradio dot com, slash live for tickets to all of our live shows were going to be I'm seeing a lot of dates this week so be sure to follow us on. Ad lp on the left to
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