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Episode 286: Norwegian Black Metal Part II - Orc Urinal

2017-09-15 | 🔗

On the second part of our series, we introduce murderer Varg Vikerness, cover the dozens of church burnings attributed to what was referred to as the Norwegian Black Circle, and discuss the type of medieval Satanism that these guys believed in and eventually practiced.

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started man mad man? Norwegian is just difficult to learn. It's difficult to read it's difficult to say whereby also visible I'm kind of upsetters. We're gonna begins today and I'm looking at you castle. You dog meat, and neither one of you decided to bring your mule near because I realized, I feel nude without it. I'd feel without courage, without valor, with firmness which are the main qualities of the God for of the EAST Sea or branch of the tree of life. Why guys I'm fully into it now? This is a wonderful idea, wait to get to today's episode.
As broad gas or the left, I beg castle, that's Marcus Parks. We have Henry's eyebrows key in full, just man you're into it. It's only iraqi adopts anything. That's put it like this ideology. Slowly absorbent! I just have it if I can have the ability to add, because outside throws we'll talk about it, as I very provocative religion, it out were the norwegian black metal part too. So around the same time, that uranium is opened up. His record chop Helvetica a young man from Bergen on the West Coast of Norway, named Vargas, vicar, never showed up the scene, gob exhausted, bargain journalists. He sounds like a kicker. Looking Anita Livable, Annabel Kicker, he does
I believe, talented person alone- and I felt, like I t so Vargas born Christian Levison, vigorous, had spent part of his childhood in the Middle EAST, where his father had worked for Saddam Hussein, while developing computer programs to manipulate Iraq's economy, whose father was Donald Rumsfeld no way wasn't. Unlike a lot of these black metal, guys who came from fairly liberal backgrounds, vocs parents were both and still are avowed, racists, but that still didn't stop him from get upset with bargaining started getting into nazi shit at about the age of fifteen vograat you doing with the helmet stout, stop trying to pull all of the dogs into that we had chicken fence construction, Ukraine in the backyard, it's tough, being open,
You never know what you're gonna get. You know what your kid gonna be like, but you see mother. I only put the dogs vis, the black hair chicken wire, no bar, I do understand the problem is not what type of dollars you posted. There is the fact that they are dogs and add norwegian parenting. Never easy. Avare said the reason why he likes the Germans were because they look sharp. They killed Americans whom variegated and they had better weapons. Is that true, though they had pretty good weapons, yet the looters a fine pistol begun. They had. You are for technology, reserves up and around scare in the Fuckin Hilda Folk, scare and countryside. They knew there we're shit was going on. They had. They convey a true contact with real energy, which these guys have not like they ve been searching for. Yet when I meet the thing is like bark, he was obsessed with these weapons for some reason
you're. Not these are obsessed with weapons. They talk about weapons. You know the reason why domination portion of their ideology. I think also. I think it's probably got something to do with lack of pleasing alone, that's possible. So at about fourteen barred started playing guitar and by seventeen he had joined a ban called old. Funeral earlier, which is obviously that's just a normal funeral young funeral, is kind of energy in a sort of sad you like it long life life vaguer for fifty years, do they fear the funeral died so neighbour bear baby funeral boy funeral. If you lie on the actual normal detail, Human body are also sounds like what my father used to sucked out forego network stew, bunch of oysters, with
with cigarette ash ontonagon, eventually Varro left old funeral. This is the reason why these guys, who just interested in eating they didn't care about my sort of shot gun or my dynamite, or any of these things they lately, which is interested in hamburgers and food and had absolutely no into in the weapons that I'd light. He forgets a really cool sought out shotgun, but have you were? Have you seen the new burrito ball over a talk about who do not understand why the burrito both peculiar France years? Maybe yes, your corporate? They should know Mcdonald's, your horrible americanization, that's what you do sucking down to Hamburg gives sawed off shot got. It is guy or talk. You know it is nothing American about this is just like the film reservoir dog. I do. I might have to agree with bargain this one abandoned just talks about food called old funeral it just
like everyone, sits around sort of like waiting to get doubt and just, I mean: what do you do with these people know we're going to see this conflict, the lock in black metal in general, or think they don't like normal teenager fun things they all criticise each other for wanting to go, get laid incentive and eat food at hang out, smoke be smoke, rugged cigarettes, drink beers and have a great time goes. You are in a bad your torrent. Everywhere I make friends everywhere all he wants to talk about the Fuckin revolution Billy. I don't give a shit about stupid revolution of trying to see tat. There was one of the things that they set about. Uranium is four May hymns IQ, just hunger on record, store eating kebab and Drinking Coca COLA our day be voted to burn churches, Road, but about the hamburger thing I mean to bring. Please can we back into it? They please companies like an oral history, a punk and nineteen Seventys in New York City, Dd Ramon talked about hamburgers most of the time hamburgers
big at the time. I have a very strong where there are large Cape Verde Street. Finally got a geologist liberally by birder burgers that boy there were supervise the ballot come from the street. They came from Queen well, which is on a sorry, do our streets in queens about their way. You might say I mean I'd like that conversation before food network. This is before guys. You Eddie, you guys. I started our loans were the first guy, very thorough moans other guy priorities of me of music love and food flavour town, not about about four mob due to spray outdo redeem, great man who didn't hungry after old funeral bar left the weapons and even the Nazi shit temporarily and
Don T role playing games because all the older boys were given and dispel castile might do in this role playing took bark to two places: occultism and fantasy, but Killer Lee of the rings. It took him to one place everyone's grandparents based that's where it took him technically in the end with this could have done remark as make him the coolest man in the face of the planet because I know several people that started life very early, doing role playing games at I'm not of put myself on that. I think that you are putting yourself on that last year. I am just saying that there is a lot of kids out there. It started bureau playing games that eight nine years old, that about blossomed into successful creative love, being a minute added positive thing, still like what about bar But that's what I want to know might be question on today's episode is what about remark. What about
about barred out of arc. Lord of the rings, in particular, is where the name of one of the most influential black metal bands of all time verbs one man Project Buddhism, comes from His original name for bosom was Aruba high. Now, in case you don't know abandoned. I do not know. I don't know you because you're fucking at your uneducated tobaccos, yeah yeah you're an opponent skull, but I was your reject. What? Do you have to say we were mostly practicing bread, heart sharpshooter in the figure for in the basement. So I don't know who was more nerdy growing up, but mine had or physical pain involved, but I will say, might add more writing and dice role. And yours had more sexual play with other boys. Without you looked at it through a certain lines, I suppose you could see it that way. Will the euro This is, for you been the guru high, were create
by so around late in the third age, from Lord of the rings and in the war of the ring, the guru kind made a large part of sermons army. Together with the Dune lendings Nan enemies of RO hand, they were and enemies I see we others org enemies and men enemy. Hardly do lendings had cited against the rest of man in the war for the one rate, oh, my I'm, I'm just so flat. I need a hit. My inhaler inhaler flabbergasted to these people, the ox and sore on. They were the people that are identified with the bad guys and he d buys the heroes in Lord of the rings he said quote. I hate dwarves and elves the elves, a fair, but typically jewish Not this barely makes sense in the context of the Lord of the rings. Apparently, if you re, even if you read
Phil Marilla and the elves also have a traditional wedding chance that in that has a bunch of people lifting people on chair. I don't know what it's like an old funeral to me. Well, that's a joke, but in the context of the Lord of the rings series as it Is this film a really and suggests that the org or actually descendants of the east elves, who were captured by MEL Core and worked into the foul creatures in services IRAN so really his whole metaphor about the Elles being to jewish in him worshipping the oryx doesnt work. I'll know no word is low. Tyler commended as happy as I thought she was wonderful, moving all the guys in the band. All they want to say is: oh I wish I could Bangladesh Tyler Queen of the elves. Please put me in the forever place with LIVE Tyler. Wouldn't that be amazing, and I said no put me more door. That's where everything is happening. Gimme a king, Kong, arcade game, that's one american thing! I like
Can you put it in the main hall of Mordor? Next to the bathroom, so I don't have to wait behind all those stinky orcs, so I can play my game and use the problem freely as a free man, orc bathroom, that sounds more disgusting than Woodstock. Ninety nine bathroom situation, I only ever want to think about it again. It even that's a better name for abandoned old funeral org, bathroom bathrooms and great name for a ban. Org bathrooms a good name for a fuckin bad, pretty sweet. Clear- and it could be that bar himself put two and two together, just like I did in so he changed the name to pour some ok poorer. Some comes from the inscription on the one ring we treat AIDS, noise, daughter back to nice game by toys nor has the right to do so. But if you so much,
demon. This romance, I'm gonna be passing. I've got so much to do today cannot be, finally is a dark. Lord, the old king had summoned is three hundred and seventy five bowed matters, but the knock on the door of this scenario ago excuse the ninth, pronounced nerves Let us not give bar to that is the dark tongue of more door and it means war, to rule them all ring to ring to break off, or so its nurture. Mergers, and I wish I had one of Vargas is one of our. Sought offshore right now, of course, the word for darkness is poorer them see castle, even you,
today, I am learning I learn every day every day I learn something new that isn't even the nervous thing. Above our example, donor, not banalities thing about its adoption. Adoption of talking terminology for his black metal name. Varn took the name grayish knack after the Org captain from brought Barbara Door who tried to eat me. A pepper but was killed by tribute, but everything is like we're Natalie my watch nature. Videos together Joe, is get sad when that Coloni Eads or the cheetah Eads might but know that that animals gotta eat too yeah. I look for the Ark eat no harm because he's gotta eat, I loved the trees. When I watch the movie, I retrieve aired but I wonder why they protect people and their lies in their not mean like little, people are like you would. You seem like you just maybe go with one specific tree name bent wages They just sits after this. I just get Mohammed hammered and tell it all the trees. What to do the great tree. So I guess we are.
Firmly in the camp of Ben, is an end. Henry is, of course, a habit, and I would be an elf ok Because I want all I m tall and fair so or Europe the Elvis Cabal that run naughty and our government jurists do if just The great neck wasn't enough to be nerdy. He went ahead and added a title to go along with it and so count great neck was born. Has not the hell makes them account what he said. Count was that he actually took it from the latin words contests
We, the people or such like guys use, aim account. So, of course, people took it to be like some Dracula, evil bullshit. It is typical that they would do that. Not look! It's a lantern roots, observing just call himself. Oh, come just got a funny. Your name is well compters. We're rock and roll come to sounds like a lovely woman like arm like Amelia Khalifa may lose she's a real competently royalty of gum, but he would do the thing to very often is we're we'll talk about it further? He would blame stuff on the count like you would say stuff be unlike well. That's something that the count would say. That's not something that VON would say yeah because he also changes they embark each changed its name to from Christian two large anyway, so he made his several different persona is inside of himself and later. Vargas. Really want me to say: is the Youtube generation of Counter Isna argue derision
now- probably not surprisingly- bark is not alone in the metal world and take it his name from Lord of the rings and honestly most of these bans that take their name. Lord of the rings. References are pretty fuckin awesome like we're God fearing own goal. Serious Gore Gore Amano Mars, fucking great and go Gunnar all think about the amount of money that old spice could make, making a black metal series of deodorants irony order out of fear uncle you're deodorant. I dont think that they do we deodorant these guys black metal community. They want to mean they want to in essence about the nets. We you make it smell like blood you making. My dog shit, don't make a smell
rotting corpse, I'm pretty sure that acts already smells like all of those things. You guess all loud modern days, Grady Odorants Ben Kizil come here to last progress and will ever has taken on odor repellent Joe you some motive about after five or six cities Beals as call but light is acts body, spray, sorts, tasted, pretty good sprayed in your mouth, You don't need a review. Today's lies Buck S and levies. To you by Hunter killer. Everyone thinks they'd be a good detective, but how do you know punter killer is the first ever interactive investigation delivered straight to your door every month. So if you get honey killer, you can kind of sort of find out. It delivers clue score bonnets and items that put you into a serial killers. Mind like you're living in your favorite.
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and murder got kit into high speed to norwegian black circle is also. If I was a doctor, what I would call colon cancer. I just want to pull that a black circle in your gut mister crystal. That is the size of a I got to say a They do melon I'm trying to find new fruit city compared to when Vargas arrived Signor autonomous was the de facto figurehead, as he only the central meeting place of Helvetica. In fact, bark sometimes lived in the basement of the store when you is visiting also in a first, the two got along great along with oak, along with opening the record, or uranium is had also started his own label just like silence, production death like death like silence, but with so would yet. I like death like death, its deathlike silence means someone's dead there I silent, except when they start far, because sometimes a body parts and sometimes also the air, will come about that
and I ll go out felt shit before, but the death likes It is also a kind of fun caused ironic, because there are anything but sire That's what I'm kind of music right through does make sense. No, no, no, no! No! No! They were originally called pose The corpse again, I think, than impose or corpse tells you quite a bit about the attitude of the scene, especially with what was going to come later on. These people were obsessed with being authentic being true, as they call all through called it's gotta, be either be true, call yes, drew coveted means and, most importantly, they were obsessed with being evil and after a while, it will at some point when you're so obsessed with being evil. You just become super lame right working hours, but then, though, that these guys we're doing that after a while, it wasn't enough to just look weird hang out in a dark room paper by your parents. Therapy
heads out in the audience chose eventually in order to set yourself. Apart from what you think of as trend fans, you actually have to put your talk into action. Ok and that's kind of what we are where we should learn here as a learning moment as a teaching moment of enjoy the journey just the destination aiming the trip is the journey rights such as getting there so enjoy it, or I just have some fun living in IRAN and MRS Mothers Record store, while you're sit near plane with had the guess what some of those heads you know you can do with them too, some of it government olive oil and some black pepper and some and some salt liberally. He tossing and never about three fifty three hours pig in there. You get that you get the fattest or to render on the cheeks of it. You shaved off on their good at porch portrayed you give succour to meet all the crevices of the skull so juice. These filled with fat brain is nothing but a fat its.
Like you or you are a member of all the neighbouring bandages dogma food within him, the bandages not about food old funeral. Something here, Member of old funeral right now, yes of funny thing about all that evil talk is actually came from. A very christian place. Then got these guys brands. Satanism was not Levant but was actually closer to what is known as theistic Satanism, meaning they saw Satan as an actual real in we're just means that they were. They were sad because in the end, because that's why they gave so much shit till away and they didn't like anthem of aid, because again he wished out they're using Satanism as a way to kind of have funders express himself, because what we now know is modern American Levine's Satanism, and then it's a political stance the times, and a lot of times is really just about what we ve talked about. It you're bored so funny form of eight years where they really just felt than if they were evil enough. They can end the world here these. They just acted like it too,
other and so Borg. Neuron Amis had a shit talking competition, where they probably got along with how much other shit that they hated in common and eventually grew. To fact we like- maybe we could just someone say to me like do you think, maybe if we clap your hands hearted, if we just wanted to know if we could really just put it all out there on the microphone, though we could summon Satan, I think so I bought you you're on a massive scale, so it's like a black mental version of a rose battle thought regarding religion. They really did believe that this was a real person at one point again was still the Lord however, in all that, will this theistic brand of Satanism says the boats, God and Satan are very real, though they are logged in an eternal battle of good and evil. The twist is that the black metal dues were fighting on the side of evil in league with taken as a door which one is Eliza would fighting for Lily
Your word is fighting firm. I guess God to know, ironically, their belief in Satan actually made the more christian than the majority of Norwegians out of the entire population of Norway. Only two to three percent regularly attend church services. Despite protests, being the country's official religion surprising, yet there is, there is a saying they talk about more the case. There is a saying that Norwegians go to church three times in their life and the first and third time there carried him? Oh yeah, they do something really good in the whole town. Folks, you killed the beast. You killed the bees. The blackmail guys definitely explored evil. The way they sought in other ways, Erasmus, according to bark figured about the evil is thing you could do to spit in the face of God would be too
have anal sex with another. Do a bog vodka me you'd all? Would it just be like the most evil, like crazy thing in the world? To do right would do this thing? I mean another. Do right! go out like a movie right with removing we laughed aloud. You know we gets above all together together. I then we go get some beers, writers, o drink and lots and lots of bees slap and each other on the lower back. Touch, each other's. Neither someone, God is gonna, stop you're honest! You stop it Actually, a pauper with them and I put on some agreed. You know too, that the dentist I need you sit Maggie's, removing his shirt and got up. Women like all you do is what am I gonna do. I know in fact each other, and then we stay together for fifteen twenty five years.
Lines, one witness bitten face again. Edvard said because in the Bible it says that you shall not let sperm fall to the ground, and we reason that, if you should it up someone's ass into the sewer, then that's the worst thing. You can do that Satan and your items, they said yes very loud, called it the sewers through very soon. My goodness ed, but the whole like. I will say that is that's not the term to use when having foreplay sewer yeah. My sewer honestly value you hit the right person will exploit. I really like that, because they can connected teenage written into turtles. I say about hole is where they live, is rarely us right. There's always sexual talk. This was gone a little too far for barred who,
is a well known, homophobic along with the likes of hell hammer and they seem to have a justification for hating every other group. But it seems like gay people like a lot of folks. It just makes them feel a little bit. Ikey bail like b of the feelings, and it makes them feel because maybe kind of deep down inside they wish they could kiss another man. That's your problem. I mean in the fact that Borg fuels, Ikey about anything. It's hilarious, Ziyadi, dad they just eliza these these gape and won't get much more into that in the next episode and how that attitude actually lead to murder. Ok, Vargas also said that uranium was in a pretty much anything involving extreme sex acts from child pornography to snuff. Featuring dildos covered and nails and lady is being hammered down to table. But, as we know, rate with one thing is stuff: films are totally complete or shit. They probably exists and like the highest,
poles of wealth and decadence, but seriously doubt a dead ass broke musician running a record store in Oslo could get a hold. No! No. No. You need to be invited to a builder burg meeting I get one and then also he. I guess you could just see that being total horseshit, covering the fact that your optimism just a normal gay guy, they could Betty's hanging out with Borg and they're just talk and shit about every body like you're auto. Mrs talking shit about L hammer, you talkin shit about dead, he's talking shit about the entire senior talk. A shit about may have an entire time going to bargain. Like you get it just like me and Vargas for awhile kind of playing along because what he is interested. And I think that this point is specifically when he met your autonomous he's. Like I'm going to destroy your optimist, I should be the centre of the black metal seen. Meanwhile, uranium is a sort of weirdly bathing in all of this attack-
in an ambush apparently also of our got really upset with his uranium is head. I had a? U really loved crop tops and huge where these crop top shirts and environmental. These sitting that unease bushes disgusting fat belly just hanging over his black pants. I could watch it warble and arrived at the blue, meaning gray ressler. There is some debate as to who really introduced the evil brand of Satanism into the black metal. Seen some say barks some say. It was unanimous, but as a Henry pointed out and as its pointed out, lords of chaos would most likely these guys. We're just agony each other on in shit, got way out a hand very very fast. They realized, especially after dead suicide, that if they just kept to talk and never actually didn't anything that would slowly lose their street kit credit become nothing more than a joke and if there's one thing court unquote
full hates more than anything, it's being laughed at, don't laugh at him. That's all we do that's our job. Feathered. Eleven out of elaborating argue this God sent to several Abed black It'll bad Selassie episode did it deals into, but many going to amuse you wanna go to their concerts, morbid sense of humour. Now there were. There are definitely some black metal bans that were very into a bee, apparently angered a few black metal bans quite a bit. No, I don't that's possible. That's all right on brand anger, black metal bans. There are fun, loving and sewed, since these guys decided they needed to put their words into practice. The church burnings began all started with just a little vandalism and theft at a church where the guy stole a bunch of goblets and crosses, and she had to decorate the record
door with Haliae yummy churches are filled with really cool thing, that's kind of architecture we kind of cool to drink. I oughta one of the challenges that the priests hath than everyone from all just did my balls. You know that bone in all of the in the catholic church? They all have a saints bone in the main table. Really, it's dark. Stop yeah, oh yeah, I'm cool, then right around the time of a morbid angel show in late ninety ninety one there was a rash of cemetery desecrations then, on Saturday June, six, nineteen, ninety two, the sixth day of the sixth
lots of the sixth day of the week, doo doo doo doo doo doo, a group of black metal, seen sisters strongly suspected to be led by Bart set fire to Fan Toft Church five miles south of Bergen, destroying a structure that it stood for over eight hundred year wow. Now. Why do I feel that if you have a bunch of Norwegians fall when somebody in a forest and has to be led by flute. My night I feel like you, have to go to to do to do in order to get nor wages or do anything as a group like with upon from public somebody with a big to buy my people, I run a next door with like a big stick with like streamers, on it for a pagan thing. I almost Margie we're doing rehab, maybe norwegian blood in me, and I think this is a AIDS it it's like when we were in Scotland. Remember they started
in that fiddle musically. We all my knees. My knees, my belly by that is that I was jerked guy that same thing, walking through grand central yesterday, there was a woman playing like jaunty fiddle. And yet it heartened me it's unbelievable. What is it we're just what has been white and fiddle music ages. You'll have to move according to an interview bar gave before the group burn the church, they chase down a rabbit which he said was actually more difficult than burning down the church, look in the rabbit's moving the churches just sit, never eight hundred years. We then decapitated the bunny and laid the body on the church. Steps Vargas said quote: the point was to spread more
or sorrow. I was like when I was the first person to ruin the ending of six cents for poor body. A month later, Rev Haim Church went down then, a month after that or Maria burned, then skilled. Then how can do then assess any then came. Serbs Borg, which was the site of the first through casualty of the black metal. See. Oh, no, sir. No more, not just haven't funny more, not real ramifications, learn. This is when shake it's. Actually real oak there and fire fighter lost his life, trying to put out a fire that these dickhead kid started, because life was fuckin too good in Norway, and it is a damn shame that this guy is largely forgotten. When people cover the story, they should have very real I've consequences, like you know, like leave out the parlor there, the destroying beautiful historical arthur,
drawing historical landmarks. This shit is dangerous. It is yelling, peep and rabbits. You see. I also owe me like. I did. I get oh, of course, being on brand. I, if I don't hate dial, I don't care about churches, good being burnt, but I do if I do understand that, there's a part of me like you destroying centres of communities which is really fucked up and because, in the end it it's kind of interesting. When you do the breakdown of Steve Churches anyways a lot of times their built in the former of the serpent as it is, they have dragon heads, gonna gales on the side of it purposely built there there very metal it's actually like I mean I will say you look at item also showing how the burning church makes a great album got out, but it's the yellow, it's bad. In reality, a churches are beautiful, building some your best Butte billions in the entire world or based be created because of religion, and you can do anything with em
How can I turn them into a bed and breakfast? I really want to see that you could just it's actually tore me, we're more metal too by the church and fully bidding. The new hell that our record store our report Sweden can just keep all of the art in their the catholic church when they do the stations at the cross, its a horror movie. Yet it is very brutal. Remember that growing up now, it's hard to say just how many church burnings the norwegian black circle was responsible for, but its estimated that, as of ninety ninety eight, they were the cause of about a third of all church arsons in Norway. However, that will do for the other two thirds just Georgians were Norway. Rep would blow the things about church
Of the things about arsonists is that churches are actually very popular targets for arson, cause they're empty there and out of the way, and most of the time, arsons aren't looking to kill anybody they're getting a sexual pleasure out of out of watching it burn a part of its about the chaos that kind of money try to. They try to actually analyze these guys saying that will maybe they got some pleasure out of it, but I think a lot of times they were goading each other was this thing worthy? The issue is this: this top M game with someone had to do something anywhere: bark stoking the flames good like Debar book, literally out there like making everybody do it, but then you at all these copycat crimes having the same time, because you soon as it starts happening, it's like what we talked about with his Oda killer when there's a bunch of crimes and son of SAM when shits already happening it's much easier to throw other crimes of the mixed causes harder to investigate them. Just seems like they there only one. Third of the of the church burdens there really making a big deal out of it, like that two thirds of the church burdened with the two thirds of that
but people are actually more metal, though they are well. That number could actually be higher of forty four church burnings from ninety nine years, using nineteen and ninety five every single case solve involved a black metal fan or musician layer. Another an amazingly the lot of churches. It's a lot of churches, yet an amazing none of this shit was organized. It was all spur of the moment. Let's go out and do it right. Type of shit area, wasn't like they have like a cemetery division or like a church burning committee. All they should just happened. There was no hashtag trending onto burn down the churches or Yahoo. I then no authority.
Your virtual. That would encourage largely honestly, thereby a lotta think pieces that would come out of that. Oh yeah. According to lords and chaos, as we said, the vast majority of people who burn down churches are your regular run of the mill jerk off arsonists who get a sexual thrill from scene of building burned down. But one of the reasons why Norway is special, as opposed to a lot of other scandinavian countries, is that Norway has a large number of stave church. Ok, stave churches are medieval structures made of wood course, making them highly flammable much more flexible than a lot of the stone churches that you see around Europe right. So not only do you have a structure that is almost guaranteed to burn, you also have in stave churches a powerful symbol
the black metal community, namely the replacement of north mythology with Christianity that occurred in Scandinavia in medieval times, the erasing of their culture, the rolling of stone over blood castle. The way you haven't, you don't understand the struggle of the germanic people, which, at the same time, according to your skin and hair and eyes, you most certainly do. I have white hair and brown eyes goin on here through these guys are just being dumb, dumpy kids drunk the whole time. I guarantee you that your lot- oh yeah, well, you could have used corner shop, describes the citadel better. There are forgotten their kill in twenty four cases of breaking point. I don't know what a norwegian area no idea here get just motivated to go outside of millet because again their germanic people. I just recently we watch the bright a Frankenstein day law.
Into groups will go with you brighter frankly, and is the greatest example of the germanic people. I think all those were Americans that we're playing not true, then true soup. For these guys, some of them were burning churches just for the sake of it to be evil. Others were burning them to prove themselves to show that they were worthy of being a part of a scene, but others were burning the churches in a symbolic act of revenge. Their motive was to erase Christianity completely from Scandinavia, and particularly Norway and the man at the forefront of that sector was fog. Vienna, sergeant Vargas, wanted to turn, Norway to the spirituality of his ancestors before Christianity arrived that of Odin and thought, actually it's actually oath in or is it vote in or broken or what is it? They don't have? No one agree:
on this topic is Odin, can a man or woman contain pantheons I'll? Tell you what meat, I believe they can each one as many and each many is one girl, I don't know what the hell you're talking about well, according to Bart, that first church burning actually had nothing to do with six six six eight, and that was just a bonus, really had to do. It was on June. Sixth, in the year seven hundred and ninety three one of the first Viking raids in history occurred in Britain at Lindisfarne were vikings plundered them honest
and murdered some monks in style that vikings were known for its focus sweet as you like its haven t. I guess I'm just what I think are among the most should have gone all, shall win honour and tried to beat a million dollars. They didn't. I gotta whom movie that would be most versus bike. The monks got shall win with all the vikings got: double fuckin acts, player and their spinning back and forth, and then one of them's got like he came from the future, so he's got a gun and it's gonna fuck it like a harpoon and he shoots, shall monk kicks it into the face of like, like a man, who's got half a face because this he's got metal. I next time we're pitching the chauffeur last part cast on the left. Just do that. Just say that if we have the pages go and of its derailed, just piss, movie and I think we got ourselves a scream black now related to that. The church infanticide held a specific significance in the war between north paganism. Christianity fan Toft Cross had purposely been built on a north altar of worship,
known as a whore got a hard line like hog, but with an output, also, there is also a norwegian for Ex girlfriend for interest in vogue. Has been quoted as saying Basically, I am a worshipper of oath God of war in death. Blossom exists exclusively for both the one eyed enemy of the Christian I don't know about this bar guy, I'm starting to think he's kind of a de bag. You I'll tell you kiss on why? Don't you go ahead and spend about the two and a half hours that I spent watching Largs personal blogs on Youtube, which we talk about even more than the next episode I did and it's sort of like it is like being trapped in a car pool to work with the idea
I find out that he has a lot of opinions about ethnic nationalism and why body building is bad and away she to eat and having white babies news you hear it again and again and again, with the same he felt like this since they enter they will talk about. His life is bog. A white supremacist let's find out using every citizen. Maybe humbly has a little thesis statement and the nieces let's by now. Let's go daddy. I ok. I watched a little bit of it interesting guy you're. In no way did I want to hang them out of the window. Like should night did vanilla ice well. Bark is a follower of a suffer through what whatever it's an us out too that us out you were. That means loosely belief in the old God. It's a pagan, a stick way of worship focuses on the polytheistic pantheon of the north gods, as well as a great reverence for nature. Honestly interview
very beautiful, it's kind of a beautiful religion and germs, I'm like a dead, there's cool imagery. It ain't right. It's kind of, he's on this concept of the tree of life, which is in reality. As we know it, and then you re use that there's the tree. And there's the well with the will of mere year, which is you basically put all of your com, all of your present deeds go in there and its basically liquor. Spiritual bank account minks pop out of it, and the gods are fuckin awesome like Woden or oath in whenever he looks psychedelic You really he pop out his own, I any through into the well a mirror in order to get true wisdom, and then he hung himself upon the tree of wisdom. What is it even fucking me because I just reality itself for nine nasal survive and came out with the power of the roads which the seeds of the earth God there and he can create all reality. He fucking we all we there and back and for whose super cool super finally put a super grid.
And then you ve got a known, a learning here, religious, nor to learn as a matter of fact, in extra myrtle, or is it nerdy that open has two wolves Gary frankly? Yes, you re everything you get em union, I almost vomited, but yes, but we are yes, it is all nine they all get along, but I get huge is the Dublin and meaning is the smart, snotty one and then Gary's? This really want the rings together. They summon captain planet, fastenings, apple, newly, say, maize, again also true of turning into some sort of race religion, because it's very be it by the people that practice it, because it's very much about like being proud of being Norway, and how legitimacy idle thing I've ever see is like a sparsely tree covered hill cover with graves
Racist and anti semitic. Add white national lists because its created by human beings were racist, Anti semitic. Why nationalism by people there were racist and anti semitic they're all raises no, thereby beginning. What was now want to see the record Eldred, no one- and I was not one of the oldest religions in the entire world and one of those that it's one of those things that got taken AIDS need into a racist exactly, but that does not make it inherently races. Just because it was color by racist. We adopt here only has a auspices their mentality built into it, causes idea that nobody respects nature. The way the followers of also true does would actually makes it were perfectly for the metal world, because
fans more than any other group, especially black metal, like I did the people practices or so much us versus them. It's crazy, like it's very early, because we believe that there are their own army needed wage or we will work as everyone else. Really. No man is bridge. The gap help bring black mare of black metal. America will be pretty sweet, I'm just saying why they killed the rabbit Never mind union stubborn, I'm not paying job, I'm asking what they killed the rabbit. Did you can't take the actions of a couple of decades in ninety ninety income? lately throw away a religion? That's better! I love already allows in I love it. I ll. I do believe that they should change in Vienna. Think anything should be around for thousands of years without changing at some point you gotta change over the problems you have. A two people would cause part about. Alpha throws all the fuckin, the Third envelopes, o the similar rules at all
You ever historian I'll teach. You should be a Vulcan comic book therefore, can also distorted, like tier fee facing centuries. The wolf is sweet. They did to cut its call for that work for it. Now come second over third Lou becoming out Freya, whose nude all the time and in fray who's, the God of the fertility in its Kok, is so big long. They had to build him with statues. They now want to show its cocksure. They put a towel over it kind of like when you do like when you like, trickier girlfriend. We have already put like a little like washcloth over me. Look when I look. What's I didn't do that? Will the statues until later onto the eighties, restarted, Billig, new statues, afraid and he's like twelve, inches long, and I like today's at us every last broadcast on the left is texture. What a big
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implements like the anal pair and the Spanish don't tip the iron maidens. Yes, what's this? Oh the spanish donkey it as a brutal one. Oh yeah, the spanish stallion through the abbess spanish donkey is kind of a triangle that has a sharp and edge on it and they put you on the right track, go and they put waits down on your feet in it. Slowly, splits you in half It is of a spanish to me about that. When I see Spanish, I think of taking a nap at four p m and eaten a bunch of olives. It ought to have an that's, not torture and all with a black mental guys. Believe that, by burning churches, they would make Christianity stronger, which would cause the sickness to strike back in and that small conflict would start a war that would annihilate the work put in the end. They did this for a pr yeah I did
bump their numbers Vargas realise that Bert Barbaric was very canny. The move to also through in my mind from Satanism, was him understanding of there's a gap here that I can basically do what Pierre companies are doing now and the United States of America and attach an ideology to people buying records and if I can attach like this kind of this lifestyle to our work and what we do and that's gonna make our audience super loyal inquiry like that's what he did so that all of this came from that's what makes them particularly to me more evil and that he did all this shit for them to move some units per branding reasons area and it did definitely spread into phantom. On July, twenty six nineteen only to a house belong belonging to Christopher Johnson, lead singer of the death metal Ben
theory on was set on fire following an argument with the count the fire was put out before any real damage could be done. But investigators found a note. It said the count to this here and he will come back shortly after Johnson received a longer letter which read hollow victim. This is called grew snuck of Buddhist. I have just come home from a journey to sweat and I think I lost the march and assigned bosom lp. Ah, perhaps I will make a return trip soon, maybe time, you will wake up in the middle of the night. I will give you a lesson in Rio. Reorient, naturally derives its death and torture. Victims will die slowly. They must die slowly so that we can leave because we re slowly, all right so he's going through is gonna LISA
De Lopez phase when she burnt down Andrea rise in interest rates, and it was this is actually in eighteen year old girl named soon be it was it was it. It is like in the house favour when they why she had done this. She said I did. They thought they may she finally does it count. I love sick out his fantasies, us the best no, I mean that's. That thing is Borg is the smart one diamond they just get dumber and dump the followers go. This is work. It's dangerous and very similar to any white supremacist movement for the smart ones are on top and the dumb ones or on bottoms like that's kind of what he did. Isn't he basically used to say all we use all of these idiots, this chest pieces they're gonna, wanna, look ass cool ass may, which he sat there almost or white supremacist by nature. By definition, they are stupid. Yes, now for her troubles, they locked up in a mental institution for two year, but that
to save these guys were burnt down a shitload of churches. They were definitely do in that. One of them said after being asked how it all happened without any real organization. He said dot, although I guess off as a first church burn down in Bergen, people got very enthusiastic. About it. It seems like an that's the tone of all these guys like when they talk about the chariot burning or like when they talk to him now, or at least when they talk to him, the Ninetys there and lords a chaos or of the late nineties, early two thousands derelict yeah, you know what our electorates burnings, it's fine, whatever I dont care like I like it. I like it finer things. Is that a way to do it now, but I like it Sancho just burnt, it seem to become ass time. For these guys we gather just so over it There was just so like real, yes, church, burnings knowledge it, but it all and act, every single thing that they do was and is an act that grows person of being honest, Thou spinnerets yeah, who came back from from Dark Brown, he's like kind of rejected all
I shall try to be real were Vargas. Thinking he's doing the same thing, but he keeps tell him the same stories again and again and again, or it sounds like you're, not over it He says the your autumn, a story like five or six times in his hundreds of Youtube Videos- and that's the thing about uranium is- is it he was the guy that was supposedly at the forefront of the whole scene. He was supposed to be the leader the figure at, but he actually didn't participate in a lot of this stop paying seems, like the majority of it, was done by guys like vague and SAM off of temper who said he burned churches, because quote: it felt right to do so like when one wants to sing a song and musical emotions kept so big that you ll be gain eggs, brass yours, so you see how natural that it will lead to Henry brings up a good point. When do they play music? Are they perform all during this day, employment at all they do is put em in church burning. Is that that's an evening
the data burdens or at night, but there are burning churches every single night. We definitely don't have. Jobs is noted the ad satellite they're, going to a job all day long and then go on in burning churches at night, and that's the other thing about these guys. You know they're trying to rebel against norwegian society. Every single fuckin want tomorrow, welfare. Yet these guys are all living off of the government dime, and this is the society. That's the fucking ironic thing about inventions ironic about most of these people is their complete about society being too good, there can complaining about the standard of living in Norway being too high rise. Reason why that standard of living in Norway being too high. That's why you can be a black metal musician. That's right! You spend all day hanging out in a record store, wax and philosophical about the nature of evil and Satan yeah the government's taken carry you
like an asshole be ready to do anything I guess used is the it's very. It's ridiculous, yeah dogs. Could it also the posing at all the posing? They got everybody in trouble and then we're we're going to find out what bar calls the media than and next episode and all these things the way he builds it all up the old get used an essentially this whole church burning movement ruins all of their lives. I believe that you will see uranium is his star was starting to fall a little bit in the eyes of some of the musicians in the scene and not surprisingly, unanimous was a shitty business. Man a lot of guys. Hadn't been paid royalties from the record seed released through deathlike silence production. What do you imagine having to go to run a business like so yeah? You know I got, went coming up and haven't eaten a couple of days.
I suppose you get that yeah yeah about that. You know it to be like totally the most evil thing in the world and now and then my big thing, as you know, how will I tell people, like I told you to wear that? Choker next looks in that region everywhere and you're a fucking car right yeah. You like that right, yeah. Right. Yeah, that's cool, I feel so good where those shoes you worry about those appeal cry re ethical would not be the most evil thing in the world, but do not pay. You you're royalties school. You know you're gonna, get out of my shop. By a new cropped up whose body, because what I have to do is by a normal shut- and I have to it into our shared here.
I'll be go in? All these guys were start to see that your items, this whole thing was just an act, and I am not going to say that the black meddlesome was occult absolutely was not, but there was definitely some called mentality happening and it wasn't necessarily about control or power. It was about influence, it was about who is going to set the tone, and I think, above all it was about ego, particularly the ego avare, vigorous, cause. He's though these dudes or all hang out, they are their hang out record shop. They want to perpetuate this lifestyle, they don't want it to ever change. People are starting to come around, is sort of like the suited. There's a lot of interesting mean developed, but the problem is true that the iranian messages spending everybody's money, whose whole plan is that work out so you're just air and at this dude, while you're having three other like truly dangerous people, because, like Vargas now becoming a dangerous person, hell hammers dangerous we're gonna find out.
Hell, yeah, embers dealers, nay, I cannot believe a man named hell. Hammer is dangerous. I refuse to bully. Actually do you realize scary if his name was just like Terrance. I think I would actually be scared of you. Look like that. It be like have you met Brian and is the right off, but they go it. So you have like all these elements happening and they'll. Everyone should staring at your autonomous. You sit in there with a white switched on eat, Nikobob, with all your money right up, and that is how it all ended. It murder we'll get too in the conclusions to know each and black metal. Our right norwegian, black metal, part too in the books in still stuff. Do you feel that you ve learned a lot? I feel a confused on how to pronounce a lot of things that I do. I do, and I know by now we're gonna get all all the tweets and
what real these young, as we forgot, we forget stoner metal. I just did Jabez, stone or metal, because we couldn't spent half the episode talking about all the different kinds of metal really was dollar met. All I've got a leap, go, go, listen, asleep! There's a bad name, sleep, yet their great. Ok, there's an album that she's, like one long song, gadget do your bad bad to boot. Ballot paper than you do do together in Theirs drone metal with like son. Oh, it's fucking, great yeah, ok allotted there's a law the band that we did mention of August
Bang number nowadays that's more like Everett helicopter landing. What's submit ban spoon all about spoons again, Europe gets India, that's it not even that could not be further away from that. I saw them live. I just heard there was a fire. The spoon concert as a matter of fact, I would actually imagine there is much more likely to be in a fight at a spoon concert than Sano concert. The music wasn't very violent know it now, but there is a fight or not at all. When will thank you so much for listening, but we have to talk about. We have on September twenty second we're in Toronto. Please come out to the Toronto, show least about and then to September twenty third we're in Pittsburgh, Abbot
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