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Episode 287: Norwegian Black Metal Part III - This Laughable Society

2017-09-21 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series, we cover the murder of Magne Andreassen at the hands of a boy named Faust and how the final conflict between the two leaders of the Norwegian Black Metal scene ended in a pool of blood on the floor of an apartment building in Oslo. 

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There's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the left cannibalism started. The first one is good, though I emphasised by the first one I mean it's a total rip off the invisible but everything's a rip off some Shakespeare stole from the Romans, but who did a roman steel tore up? They still Jesus is low, Jeez very cries who was there for guys it's a bit expert body at all. Stop but like we don't have that We now need to this than I did you guys are really
body or I but stopped, and we d all day with despair. Ok lies as one of the last bought guest left ever what I am Ben Kizil. I'm stared at Marcus part staring intently staring intent, but your teeth are looking very mark as they you very may really be. The line is working slowly but surely you actually see the change. I really do it's weird right Europe and then, of course, we have here is a browser you over there you some the man who just is spent staring at trees during September. I wish I syn love foliage expert Ben this means it just being an outside drunk. I can't wait. I tell my fifties if I make it or maybe that's worth sixties thing, I'm not quite sure edible depends on how fast you give up. That's true rival, weren't, you, norwegian black battle, part three and the church burnings there. There happened and they happened.
Now we're on dirty, temerity, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo, to know when we last left the black metal seen the competition of evil had already begun with a church burnings happening across the country, and it was only a matter of time before that quest for evil would lead to murder. And finally, the clause for evil has arrived here in my bathroom. As you can see, what I've done is I've. In the cause of all the tooth. The dry exterior the toothpaste will not allow the losses liquid toothpaste ever to hit the brush of my roommate Oh, my goodness. I remember when empty these real world had real problems like that. You remember that and late. Murder, a dead wow in August of nineteen. Ninety two men bear the Iphone a K. A fast stabbed the score you're to death in really hammer Norway now bear
it or barred or board, or I dont know how half these names are pronounced. He is espoused, which is a cool name. The evil doktor made a deal with the devil's pocket supermodel, but barred himself was maybe seventy five pounds over them away any had that thing that I cannot stand. It's a hipster thing now too, with the wispy like armpit hair, hang it out a really sit arms yeah, we're in a tank top. It really just makes me sick to my stomach they have nice bodies with good, no luscious, armpit hair. No, he looks like Ichabod Crane and he's got that like sickly, like I'm living in a shanty town in Central Africa body were in it just that it's the the scarecrow fingers, quite still crank, fingers of early and all tat ere long for arbiter. I'm jealous, though, that I have jealous of that body, though that's my body goodnight,
Yes, it is fast, I suppose, will call them as we can't really pronounced these norwegian names. You was a drummer for the extremely influential black metal band Emperor signed at the I'm too uranium MRS Deathlike silence production, as well as being a part of the so called Norwegian, blacks so he's on the way up, he's doing very well in the community and while the community and a couple of the other guys from emperor were very active in the church. Burning ok fast, also published a fancying dedicated to black metal called or crust us with some. Translates to the inner circle of hell. We're Lucifer resides on his throne, so it's Lucifer's back oh I see or crust is just something a horrible pizza place. That's all no she's at all. It's like you can have all cross does or cross does. That's all we have is cross. Does like it's a good thing like after sex when you p ended,
comes out nor to strip the two separate. So in August of nineteen, two thousand was in Lillehammer visiting his mother for the weekend. Schools everybody. I know you wouldn't believe me, I'm sorry, I'm missing rehearsals a visiting my mother, but I will John was able to see my mother embedded doo doo, Doo, Doo, doo Doo was black metal visit ever know about use van, but thousands getting cooler so fast without having to drink, but he ll the bar stone sober because in his words quote, the atmosphere did unsealed may do you can't drink as the atmosphere it and soon have. Nosey atmosphere did not suit him, so he had to go home. You gotta a drink to suit the atmosphere. We left her mother's house to go, get a drink.
Play? I don't understand, like you left, you left the bad part go to the good part. So what is it? The atmosphere just didn't have enough rotting corpse, I guess so after leaving the bar Faust decided to walk through a park that have been constructed for the upcoming one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety four winter impacts ox honour by all. Yes, I remember the sexual awakening of many of us will. This was: was this the care again Olympics actually a worthy area, limp agenda. Ninety four in that park, a man named Magna Andreasen, approached Valse asking for a light. Even though Magna was already smoking. I got a lie: a Budweiser Frog outside the bar. It was obvious that Magna was cruising for a little action, but instead
politely declining, moving on fast decided, then in their spur of the moment that he was going to kill this man. Oh my or magna asked fast. If you want to leave the park and go up into the woods together, they walked together into the forest for a while until fast decide at a time was right. I love that this guy's courting habits were the same as chicken Delos allowed him to go to their words with nothing, go wrong or false later said, really remember what I was thinking, but at least I knew, if I didn't do it now, I would
yet another opportunity to say that you do it. I believe you should be throwing spaghetti in the air was very chef like so, as Magna was walking behind fast and talking Faust pulled out the folded knife he always kept in his back pocket turned around and stabbed magnin. The stomach magna fell to his knees and fast continued stabbing him in the neck and fix when Magna finally fell to the ground. Fast continued stab in the back. Stick in the knife so hard between Magna shoulder blades, the falsehood to braces foot against the body to get it out again after Poland out the knife files started to walk away, but her magna making noises like he was still alive, fast, walk back and kicked Magnus head in later saying. I didn't want him to manage to live through this
go to the hospital and report, be it was easier to take his life and then go and hope that everything would be ok. Man. Meanwhile, there's a Michelob in a really nice tv. I Fridays with his name on it couldn't just said: Durham BAR and had a drink. Instead he killed a poor man. He could have in winding dined yeah. He twenty years old fellow has nothing fell, since I found a garbage person yeah, he met an upward Lee Mobile gentlemen. The jail so happen. A wanna have a tussle in the bushes right, which I think is a think. People find that romantic sure I dont only because I hate believes it. Will they stately ADI em out into that? So it's like a romantic. Do you yes see that way you can listen to sex and other human activity has on last podcast outward for more insight into the romantic leanings of markets parks. You guys leave your apartment to go out into the streets of green point. To have said,
no you don't do it on him rigidity. I dont know references Nigel romance there there's no romance there and not really in prospect park either, because you know this kid's there and you can go to central park the brambles that's where the crews and happens you ve almost game in already. Have that all state? Our news that, due to the brambles, have like I know, breeders sign well someone can unite understood It is an under that southern in your daddy understand, if you ever walked through the brambles before I don't want a bramble as in others a drink. All the bramble brambles is part of central park where lots of gay sex happen. Ok, we're gonna have a little fun. You gotta leave a lot a clearance for your feet. You gotta really lift your knees when you're walking Erica's, we don't like you just want to make sure you don't accidently step on a honeymoon. Will all in all files stabbed his victim. Thirty seven times the body was found to day later by a school girl jogging in the area. Yadda yadda, yadda yadda, I just see like
the problem is that in the end, these areas- I just imagine like up a very well- all set woman now, leader hosts in dress with a beard died on a red pigtail? I mean you know if the old cliche, why jog why'd you have to find a body but has, as it has a person's psycho, never found about a little more fun with it or the day after the murder Faust returned to Oslo, where he joined bark impossibly uranium is depending on who you talk to and burned down, men call in church. This guy is having a busy forty eight hours for a black metal storm and technically it's called a black metal bar mitzvah, just at hee hee true it at all ones, because what he said was it. He went to go, hang out immediately started bragging about what he did and the two of them said you wanna come on this church burning with us. Any Chinese, just straight up said, was like well. I've already killed I might as well be earned a year. Horrible people
night after that, the night after the Churchwarden Valses watching tv when he found the key, was directly responsible for both the lead and the follow up stories on the National NEWS which nobody link at the time so did By didn't, realize it was him that do not always we're has doubt that I had no idea. They knew that the church burnings were a black pretty much, but they knew that there was a black metal thing, but with a Magna andreasen that was just a complete and total unsolved murders. Okay and when Faust was asked, if Magna being gay, had anything to do with the murderer. Foul said I don't like it when you are trying to get people who want homeless actual it's ok if they want to be homosexuals, but They must day with their own the Paypal. This guy is dress like ever Levine on a bad debt yes, after being buried in the ground for three days, and he has the audacity to judge others. It's really incredible how judgmental they are extreme owning the whole thing is based on being judged mental because these,
are very biblical. I totally riyos old Ultimate biblical ya know is the opposite: they are hard core offers them it's the same willing as like the bad. It's a bad side of any would become sort of like a cold like mentality. Is it any they believe with us versus them and ass if you're also kind of sounds like if he didn't tell him that they might have fallen in love with each yeah. That's a little bit about a mare as well. That's what Faust is he's one of those homophobia that as long as gaze or on the other side of the room, he can keep that hatred and homophobia bay, but is as a gay person talks to him he starts field weird inside he breaks out and it comes out in extreme violence. My in other words, he's one of those guys with the feelings that are strongest. Yes, exactly the night of the murder fast immediately called your optimist All about the murder in uranium is old, barred involved use. It is currency to show how cool and evil
seem was when he was talking to girl. It's like that leap over game there used to be ever, I said we were a kid words like you call the girls up on the telephone, and there are like what say it again. Brad did what and then the telephone cord on their finger back and forth just kick in their feed, are beaten, marshmallows Abed minutes, nineties, Flashback weak. For me, I watched goosebumps yesterday as well. How is that its horrified at just the right stuff? Is it just you with your suit jacket? On a no clothes underneath, it just is directed at all. I use it all my rather no clothes at all at home. For me not only this murder and the subsequent church burning give the scene a bit a social currency. It also gave the seen more confidence in their actions as not only have they gotten away with dozens of arsons, including one that has resulted in the accidental death of a fire fighter, but one of them had now gotten away with murder and topped up with another church burning. All consequence free
oh up to this point. Does Israel I'm consequences must becoming your rights by just like the doomsday machine and Doktor Strangelove. There's no point to any of this: if you keep it a secret, so FARC gave an anonymous interview to the big instead in name, newspaper everywhere with that begins today, the big invaluable bag is tied in a are, you sure, isn't trucker magazine, what's going on, I don't know that's pronounce big big guns. Attach any data I wouldn't know paper. In any case, it is a newspaper gave the interview in January of ninety ninety three, and this is the interview that FARC refers to as the media to go. Yourself. Honestly. If this whole thing worries- as he did this on purpose in this is carefully constructed, you may actually be a bigger kind is, but it's
the way that Deb the media was manipulated just so easily because the pact, this story was just handed as exact, so they just ran with a dead. Such a perfect media store it's a great media, especially in the nineties. Like you know, you ve got the whole say ten, panic saying grown on in the in America and then all of a sudden, Norway has their very own, say ten Ryan. They had their very own huge crime story to cover and people aided up they they could not get enough of it. In recent times, man, the bed simpler days, the days. Magyar, your religion, you got church burdens, murder, you got it all down music or a day that, with that songs about yes, the bark who it must be remembered, still win,
I count great neck and casual conversation. Casual govern account. Always this is my friend count Krishna calibration like it's very nice to meet you rethink, pronouns or difficult. Now. Imagine if everyone was going by count whenever they wanted, and I do not go to twelve years of fake royalty school to be called grist knock. Czar I apologise count I'd put myself it through several yearly, examines all I wrote TAT says I put we're not some a vacation where I met a girl while working at an ice cream van, I saw it. I did that I was Louis yes, and that was then loosely based on the movie ones have bitten was loose Leaving aside my son, I then, when I graduated, I stopped being Irish knock our euro. Trounce. Can you just paper this coffee and get out of this gas station? I have no money. You just take up with this. Then anonymous interview that he did, but you openly said key new who had burned the churches
that. They were quote showing often to the people, than Odin oath. It's ok! you see there are twenty different pronunciations for Odin Woden and guess what an acute and each one of em. I saw a zero is like desert over them. It's terror dapple, open its half boss, its former open, that's cool. I like Woden, I like that in my favor beds. Will of course that's the german way Saint always hour. I am right on. Brands is also a really great. Come centre louder, or if you want a freezer enemy except loaded, its pronounced vote and yap where in the german way voting, but that's some of that cultural memory. We were talking about in the last episode. Do they call you on cultural memory? You have that were Maylie drawn tat. We ve never talked about this castle
the power of the ruins deep within his blood, with real at his finger asteroids some internet, you watch out. Yeah you're, the only one man yeah I've only got like English and french energy little bit a native american vote and avert goods also quoted as saying that one of the churches that was burnt on Christmas Eve was burned not because of the date, but because the black, metallurgy had heard the word peaceful said on tv, and I got all mad about the court quote justness in society is one word, becomes the penguin they r r d bags. Greg says that a lot of the things printed in this article and for that matter, many of the things printed in lower SIG lords of chaos are complete and total eye, and there are probably some exaggerations here and there,
but the thing is a lot of the things Vargas said in the interview were confirmed. So it's hard to say what's true: what's not yeah now they may not burn the church, because someone said the were peaceful, but this is the interview which you mentioned, the Bunny chase it we talked about in the last episode and a decapitated bunny was indeed found at fan, Toft Church, but later the the autopsies were real. It was a suicide body we gotta, we gotta increase the bunnies lifestyle. Vs plus some of the quotes do sound a hell of a lot like the self serious bullshit via likes to spot to rest day such as it's not good for us to laugh. We have nothing to laugh at in this, laughable society. Any got some the laugh at exactly two latin society. I dont Ozma sentencing about this right, so we know it's a obviously a chicken and egg scenario. He
now made the media event to tie the black metal seem to the crimes which then cause is he to show up and investigate ever one, which also creates an impetus for everybody to make. The fictional real, so what he did was sort of enow in a way he just didn't they like now, we have to walk the walk, because if we don't, we like a bunch of hypocrites- and I am actually the big FAT Don ass loser that I sound like right. Are they perform me, never yeah they're cave Orville are our part. Well a virus, but doesn't do many lie. Performance is because it is it's a one man ban, so very tough for him to do up. One meant bulletin show that even mayhem only that they didn't do very many performances at all with the original line up. So these are playing shows, like I think, like emperor and dark thrown, were planned like a ton of shows Nokia, but we'll get into what Vargas really all about earlier. What I think FARC is really all about so after the interview bar
The whole thing one more good kick in the ass publicity wise and used a picture of one of the burned churches as the cover for the second person release, and he called it a scare which is nor region for ashes and eighty hadn't been released yet, but bargain, and about fires for, with his address clearly printed on the fly exactly like give Oji sensitive, take a picture of his bloody hands after murdering the two or that they put out our like some kind of some in a word, album. Look how big the
hands are wonder if gloves spit out. If you could see my wounds there, on the inside Nicole Brown and and Round Goldman cops put two and two together went to the address and arrested FARC for arson, and he was put in prison from January to March of ninety ninety three, but he was set free as they couldn't actually prove. He was doing anything more than just talking. Shit and barred knew that this whole thing from interview to arrest accomplished exactly what bark want to it: boosted em, both as a bigger and the scene and in the nation norwegian media and it juice the hell out of the hole black metal scene, and if you get famous in the national norwegian media, we're talking to hundreds of hundreds of people, do you have any idea? How many? I think
Rickles. What's the name of their money, Ruggles Russia's ripples, if I'd like, like skirts grapples, your name will be you'll have up to ten of those in power that is, and you'll have any end you're on I don't know what that is. I think it's a type of of shirt. It's like a shirt. Everywhere. You have any sort of cheer soul, which must, I think, is some sort of sandal shoe it's all of this to their all combo clothes selling. Their things were reaching a fever pitch, and it was only a matter of time before some really big. In that already had church brains and murder. That's not big enough, for these guys were now really be, isn't that ok one and that something would not involve any one on the outside, but rather it would happen from within with the murder of how is it iced in Ariseth aced in
of our sixth. I asked in our mood John Topsy com Johnson from here at a later ways that Europe's his real name is so old oil and arson, but yeah boosting Arthur S and can I still are safe world and, as we said, last episode, Buddhism Vargas, one man band had signed to death like silence productions, which was the record label that IRAN is owned and operated badly. Can you imagine sad. It would be to just watch of Argh, like with the Qatar. Honest stand like we showed last night on the stream to contain a stand and try to put a tar brought him back to the boom. Did you do you're, honest. I do like wait. A minute wait a moment going up a hit like the beats machine. So it's we're like Dodo, Dodo Platter and then
screamin or like doing the thing where you build the layers with the machine where you play one layer, then click the next thing. You know the layers that that is how he might assume that's how record all the birds mobs. I don't think he ran from why like canneries idea, better, though an actual an actual one man band with his gigantic apparatus he's playing everything all oil will be so funders a. This is how I get my steps in
also in its day, doesn't happen all time in the street in the Europe with the one man, but I get so it's an actual. That's all that is an actual Banda have as if you have symbols between your knees up. There's a polish fell off the Bedford stop in warmer than has he's got the toes tap and he's got the knees go and he's got a guitar he's got some good over his head and love. One man pays a great guy love so much them one of my favorite compilations in the world's called attack of the one man bands. If you can find it electronically type, is stuff go check it out Y know the recording of the First Buddhism Album was paid for by count grace next mother, who unanimous was supposed to reimburse from album sales, and he never did. Nor did he pay any royalties for that or the ask I e p this poor mother, if you think Vargas Panny Ass, what is mom, I think you're gonna. Do you like so desperately trying to forget that her son is a loose from?
Large says she supports him wholeheartedly in his racial. Opinions. Oh I see ass. Yes, said she's, very its alternative She thinks she's an alternative mother icy, but uranium is had more problems than just royalties. He was also in a bit of a text with a number of banned from the swedish black mental seen after he mockingly called the bans theory and afflicted courtroom quote life metal in an interview. Oh, my god. I gotta see their language and it's like having to review that, make it more like. Life metal, that cuts due
He did, however, have very nice things to say about Marduk Verona. Yet MRI Duke is a fantastic ban, were probably the best swedish black mental them out there. Ok, I'm either but differing opinions, but that is the prevailing opinion or all. Furthermore, barks interview had brought so much negative press on the black metal. Seen that Helvetica Uranium says record shop, that was people by his parents. We shut down on the directive of said parents. All you can shut down my record shop man, that's all my evil is always a second. I just got all of these kebab scenes of my belly button. I need to start wearing full Should trust funds. Funny. I had a little schedule funny bunch, it's like all around me in Brooklyn is all like: they d, one stop shops or it's called like Victoria
yes, and I ve got three short hangers in there and there's nothing else in there and it's obviously just made by someone's parents is cash and in its closed in two months, I walked into his door and Williamsburg recently and they laughed me out of the building like legitimately we're just if we don't have your site. What are you at age? I just kind of love Do you still closer together together barriers, but nobody is to remind you start immediately. Turning like US senator. So screaming. That's what I do tell me. I don't have closed for me. It has been like years, thereby ordered. Can you tell me to your autonomous he's fighting with the Swedes he's got me, all the bans or screw Menachem about royalties, his parents?
it made him close down is precious record store. We Emmy he's losing control here. He is fighting with all the neutral countries, Ike marriage, with a lot of energy to invite, because there are not fighting wars, that that's a good boy, and I also wonder: do you think it is correct, many soprano right, we're he's got you got like its he's, get leaks in the show, yeah, just ordinary, like circle all around him. So now we certainly do the thing where he's gonna try and build another narrative or he is gonna. Try because that's what sort of a he's heavily talking should about the other members of mayhem he's talk, good shit, everybody. He is now imagine throwing out death threats back in. Now that someone is that, instead of good, I'm just certain Ngos as it now. This man is like alone on a sinking boat and he needs to get the Charles. Some control of the again is a goal. Gossip columnist. What I think
they are a little Norbert. That cynical with uranium is, I think, with your on unless he had been more of a leader on the actual music side, because he was the guy that was released and albums. He was run in the record store to sell those albums, no matter how bad he was added, he was still put, not the music, so the murders and the church means that just that's just aside, Geronimo had nothing to do with them, not to die in a structured, and I was a distraction, but he was trying to use it yeah think he you try to use it, but he was just so stupid whose use is stupid. I can't run a business he's a musician. He can in charge of the records to her. He was an amazing musician like he was a fantastic musician, but yeah I mean musicians, do not make good business many different scales. Sometimes they do Elizondo tease they nighter. You haven't you also to be
hundred percent sober by the way I do now watch the twisted sister documentary. It is you added a gigantic easily or to be a good musicians and of businessmen, and none of them are it's like two three of us talk and when we have our business talks. Stuff, like you know, I mean really big thing is that we just gotta charge up. How do you guys know matter what's abbot, I am tap in this kegs. Do that businessmen, businessmen, business cards like who her kids in the hall none of us. He liked to talk of big game about evil in such, but from what I can tell the black men seen for him was about just that black metal, and even in interviews when he talks about evil in all just seems forced yes, I gather he is easy poseur. He cares about the music,
just wanted to make good albums. He liked the philosophy about it, but mostly he was a big and that's what I'm saying it's like. He was trying to using himself lose control over the people. That could tell we would have controls, are he'd hold court at the record store and he would have all of these are like he had all lines of communication running through him at his basement. We're like people run town would stay, so was his great hub of of the whole scene that he was in charge of it, but in the end it was about a music, but the problem is: that he was up against essentially Borg, who was now taken it to a terrorist level, was passed. The music yeah eggs, equally, like your autonomous, was all about the music, but that was not so for Vargas eagerness for count grayish neck. This shit was, and still is very real and more about the ideas in it was about the music and that doesn't discount burden as a bad, nor as an influence, no matter how big of a decade Vargas, those first to albums are low
and marks so, like we said with two about Jerry Louis just because he married is under age. Cousin doesn't mean he's not important to the history of rock and roll their rio. Everybody has their peccadilloes. Everyone has their peccadilloes EU member truck very like two. I remember the old shock bury we were. We did Saint Louis. We were we performed at the end of one of his famous bar blueberry l, Yellow Berryville Discos, check very like to have filled with being, in is relevant, good, mean the chuck berries. Now one of the fathers Iraq in Rome use it also great chicken and at rest or get a nice resting up. When I just don't You could pay them to pay on yeah yeah. There's a series of mistakes the jug bury made, and now he is he's gone and we did they thought of him to the point where we possibly did. Maybe we work, ninety year, old's death? I don't know we're not defending any of these golf course we're not defending any of their actions, but you can't deny that their music, their art, did have a
Huge effect on everything that came out of course, look at Woody Allen or Tom Cruise yeah to separate the artist from the art yeah sure. I'm, actually upset. I want to see that my the Movie Tom Cruise is in right now, but I can't look at up. Do you just can't look at home? Craig. Remember me socks, but it seems to me that, for via the ideas and principles come first and the music comes second and unanimous and bark they fuckin hated each other by the end, according to borrow a lot of other people on the scene hated, your autonomous is well, although again Vargas, an unreliable source. This is what he said about that dark, throw realize what a jerky was. They didn't want anything to do with him, then really liked, didn't I asian, if at all as it is to the OECD. Even I have a hard time of it, but the other guys they hated him because demean rituals they were sageness
but that's all they show how they hate me. Geronimo socks, big! What s wrong. With my grassroots hurdle I think, a lot of it had to do with money. There is way everybody else hated him because he was in paying anybody. He could hear locked up. Business, he couldn't get reprints of that's kind of what were they leave the big fight that happened to embark on your honor, MRS, that bosom. The second album sold out really fast, but your unanimous could not afford the second roll out of records. Involved was already in with him for money. Couldn't get his royalties paid out so he's getting you gettin matter matter. I think that board also because he didn't get the stature that he wanted and seen because I don't, I honestly thing in the environment generally didn't really care about his his position and have naturally- and then he was trying to maintain it were borg- was key, wanted what IRAN has had, because he thought he was actually more hard core, because he was he's gonna. Do we do
I'm gonna find out. He was the real hard core one and when he didn't get it, he immediately like like in a way that happens with like easily board a piece of shit where he's just like one done with the same level. Oh I'm out with this, and that's why, in the analysis, musics old, Norse atm, it was not even met, it's not even that its carnage It's not nor seedy ever get into versions. Recent stuff later our fast said that virus was cordon coat very much into making war with uranium. Is that he didn't I can any more because he was true enough. Any wasn't paying royalties, which he wasn't. That's the big issue, their debts, That is the main issue, but also in the opinion of fast bark didn't like IRAN in this, because uranium is got more attention with in this scene itself. Bark may have been the poster boy to the squares, but in the sea
in your autonomous was still the guy yeah, because no matter what because he was pissed off like a lot of the musicians, were pissed off at your enemies, but the fans loved uranium is still they went to the record shop and everything they re, the regular it out like hub. Yet to them like Erasmus was the guy like your autonomous is Kevin, Hark and Borg. Is Hillary Clinton. I don't quite see that it actually out and send your theories to us on Twitter at nice. I am reluctant remark as part of the days last buck. S left is brought to you by Hunter killer. Everyone thinks they be a good detective, but how do you know hunt a killer is the first ever interactive investigation delivered straight to your door. Every month of you
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for your item. Mrs part, it seems like he was a lot more worried about the Swedes than he was about count breakneck, but on the night of August tense. Ninety ninety three Uranus would find out who his true enemy really were. There are three versions of what happened that night. It's like we'll be clue, would actually been hears with innumerable out we're clear, there's, barks version the version of the guy who was with barn and the official version. Bards version begins with the call from I'm off of the band emperor, allegedly Sammeth, told bar that you're honest and told him that he was planning to kill Varg by Zap him with a stun gun.
Em up and torturing, unto you needed say the proper norwegian way, which is electronic shock pistol, which is what via calls it again and again. Gay Navarre would brushed this off as Geronimo just talk and shed again, but Samar was supposedly the only person you run had said this to a well we'll get. It is all tat this whole theory only because it's like they all issue death threats against everyone, better housing or spoke to each that's very difficult. Is that Catwoman I mean how powerful it hasn t a sinister six superveillance, all like mobility,
at each other, what is just a butcher baroque right? Twenty one year olds in the basement of steel record, from extremely intoxicated, with large reason that if you're autonomous wasn't being serious, he tell everybody as he was known to do but said the uranium is only told one person. It was more likely that he was serious about its threat soon. Insane AIR one trustworthy black metal enthusiasm under way. Are they gonna Gaza, dialog box? Al Gore life got the big bad enough that the Irish at all of that to advise said he D sit like your item is, of course he told some output of Cassandra Report directly to me. So I found out back to me
Reported it directly to image healthy and Barbara Accurate housewives. This is unreliable. Gas raves, not only your item is told, SAM off that he was gonna, kill park your office and also just sit FARC a very nice letter. No, we don't know the exact contents, but via described it as quote sweet, pink and cozy, and this naturally made him even more suspicious Lou. Would you believe every I had a heart above and every? a lower case that is like a New York, Morin Jaw or ethnic origin breathing begins with three jades needs. One had a hard over it, but I'm like what are we doing I knew seduce me then come over here and kiss me. Then you sweet
holding out her love could be in the air. So, on August tenth. Ninety ninety three Volga drove from big into are slow to according to him confront uranium is about the threats and he was joy. By a guy named Snorri rule whether Snorri rule is the story right, here's the dwarf that keeps all the rest of them awake at my eyes. I think he's dressmaker furry right up. You would have to be its s in o r r e, so it's private, like a snake, but world. Him by his Alias black Thorn VAT cool. Now you say that Vargas drove Borg was driven by our he. Hold up snorri. He said drive me to Eurostat, MRS House,
and he has all of these little bitches that are like the up and they came and embark hid in the back seat with a blanket over him, because he said that he was too famous in Norway and then we see and he would cause a commotion. Of course, I heard about that. He doesn't. He does make a good point where you, because he was a national figure at this point, because he had been arrested for all the church burning. Some people were talking about him Constance. So is his shots were on the tv stuff like that, oh yeah, everyone knew what he looked like some blackthorn had just joined. May him or snoring excuse me had just joined. May him, which was unanimous, is banned there. His part in the story is pretty fuzzy, and although there is some evidence that says he may have known what was gonna happen, it seems to me like he might just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just as interested. He was just doing what bark was telling them tat. I say so large showed up at your honor MRS House, in the middle of the night and rang the doorbell, your honor
Let him in embarked walked up to your promises. Fourth, floor apartment, while Snorri stood outside, haven't smoke canal unanimous issued a death threat to you, He then allows you to just walk into his house. He answers the door in his Whitey Titus, which our Norwegian, which so you know that their cause any earning stains. Oh sure. What do you mean Do you have a lot of men, the only two people who know what really happened once bar got into the apartment of art in your arguments, but according to bark unanimous still in his underwear, panicked when bar confronted him and kicked bargain chess chicken you go and quickening blast like us requires that there is a good tail. The table we talk in here, both five foot, seven hundred and fifteen pounds reach about twenty five inches. I actually have no idea what their sizes are at. Their bark is actually a fairly but like tall
is he a tall or guide seems like here? I think the taller guy there, both like gas station, attendant fit mind. You I mean words like they could wrestle. They could Russell a homeless man. The homeless means shoe drunk to fight eyes. All right Borg said: your optimists ran to the kitchen to grab a knife so far put his knife and stabbed Geronimo before you could get there. Your item is then allegedly ran towards his room where barks kept. The shock on the dead had killed himself where there are no that's real or not. You do not know if that is true or not, but what he said is that if it was true, he had to defend himself but barred managed. Hey you're on the side of the apartment who is screaming for help and ring in the doorbells of all his neighbour, which ended do know which gave our complete contempt. You die like a coward like a coward
screening and running like a little girl took establish your staff in amidst Avenant he's in is unaware it's three in the morning. He doesn't know what the fuck's going he's wearing a school. I, our trans, obeying yeah, sure we'll bark said that since he was now absolutely convinced that Europe must have been planning to kill, em bog decided to end it right then, and there is unanimous, was running down the stairs bark stabbed him in the back again and again, you're honest fell, involve delivered the killing blow, stabbing him in the skull hard enough to make the knife stick. Oh, that is not easy to do, is not easy to do at all. Now you have to be very mad at some. One is a fatal any there. Well good news, but I dont know. Please tell the truth on that, because the coroner's report says that you're, honest was stabbed twenty three times and they list the official causing death, as blood loss. Bark is the only one who says that he stabbed unanimous in the skull, so
the knife stock? No one else is there. Nothing Vargas says is true. Yeah yeah. I am now convinced. I've listened to him, tell the story four or five times he does it again, and again in his you two page. Any did in okey memory and I think he is full of shit. I think that a pan the aim was to stab UNAM Stab Interim, stabbed him, and then he died at the bottom of those stairs while Snorri was outside below Jill Smoke in the world's longest cigarette apparently at are nowhere. Is this guy? I was using me I'll, be around five hundred yet lighted with a torture, something now it may happen that way. It may have been self defence, but there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. That says this is a premeditated act through and through. According to the official court documents, there was a third accomplice in all this. Just before Snorri involve left big and for us low. They set up an alibi. First, they ring
the movie one they had already seen. So they could describe the plot to police late and apparently was Missus doubt fire, because according to them is that I mean, if you rented it, how could you not stay at home and watch? I he just wants, is children back and then actually it's a very creepy felt anachronism Missus Dale Fire was not released. Nineteen. Eighty three accurate is allow wows group. My ear was Missus Dale fire. Ninety three
I don't know about that- might not a bit on video daddy was ninety three video was dont know if it was on video. Yet because just smile whole thing happened in August and improve your Missus Dale. Fire was a summer video, maybe a long time it did in the nineties. It took a long time for a video to be released in other countries to America. I dont Harvey Iris dean. He was fire very. The listeners figure that out, but my lashes, Martin remarks at Henry loves you. Why call anachronism wow? I will decide. True that after they rented the video, they left an atm card with the third accomplice, who was supposed to take out some cash in the middle of the night. To make it look like fog was still in Berrigan. Unfortunately, they left the wrong cart so that
part of the planet fell. So fucking stupid, which involved also probably them a contract, the river released person from death like silence, productions, because that was his whole. Like his whole reasoning was saying, I went to your honor MRS apartment to hand deliver this contract to throw it in his speech. So that he could see that burden of weapon. Geronimo tried to murder me, which is garbage there. They have been barely talking. It was already happening whereas, like your item was trying a real and back and because you wanted burs him on the label because he loved person, we love the man and technically had a lot of weird love for bark but Borg. Just words did incompletely, and so he just thought he had built assaulting. When reality it was fuckin a cone brothers movie where everybody is everybody's, a moron thought did up completely. Oh, my goodness used his head like a butcher block that is horrible stuff. Here, maybe did you out the hope that the whole thing with the contract story said that if bar dropped,
the contract with uranium is releasing bars, and then everybody would think that everything was hunky dory between a hundred. There would be no reason for Dg Vi to kill uranium. Is that according to say, that's exactly what far told your on Miss the visit was bore through. The intercom was far when, via was trying to get into your optimism, is building because you're autonomous did not want to live Bargain yeah yeah sure to let him in there is, of course, not NOS three and somebody is just driven twelve hours to come. See you in the middle of the night, why you gonna! Let him in the house he's like I just went to bed come back in the morning and bark was insistent and unanimous. Let a man! and for some reason, when Snorri retails the story. He only refers to vague as the count God, these all of people reminds me of high school when we used to play dna, and amused call each other by the names of our characters.
We await his leg. Call Lane Hoboken School outside of the deity game yeah. My name is Ignatius, no sure DOM as because I was an l wizard. I was a chaotic, good elf wizard wow, while seven years to get that information, that is always Asia is what was then Ignatius Nostradamus Mass Nostradamus yeah with cool, and I had control of firearms to tell you, pie romancers. Well, yes, thank you. Markets for The problem is gonna, be nerdy. You better be nerdy right now, absolutely get into it. We'll Snorri said the count had brought gloves with them as well, but he forgot to where's, which is what we try to use as a reason why it was not a premeditated Murray's. Like will. I had shooting gloves on me. I would have used my shooting gloves, which the dumbest
I've ever heard of you even need to bring shooting gloves rostov whatever by. Leslie Historic Fill with holes gap there, and he says my story is not changed for twenty one years. That's why it's true! It's like! No! You just got a good story and you stuck with it and with that ok, yeah. Well I'll, tell you what I think I may actually have some proof of. Why are unanimous, let bark into the room why, as a bit of a peace that was written on line that I found that I hear That guy I mean honestly, tells us to really pretty accurately, and I think it's pretty close to what like actually went on between the two. What's the name of the war, so, did you read this? We already story over twenty two year old for vigorous, wait. Till side of uranium, MRS Flat and knocks you're autumn is answers half naked in his face a streaked with the sweaty remnants of face paint expressionist, a black and white geometric patterns, which wants to pick an image.
Demonic and diabolical internal preacher, but now only serves to characterize him. It's a lame kiss impersonator Vogg, it's been awhile barb staring at his feet. Is he nervous Lee scuffs the floorboards? Are you remember said? Yes, it's been like nine months, not that I'm counting unanimous Bagua, friends. You can call me by my real name, I steed our eyes steam oysters bark. Finally, looking into your items his eyes very sheepishly, ok hasty here animus. What brings you to also my comrade and evil bog? Oh, you know, touch burning and shit. Near animists yeah. I forgot about how much of a hell razor you are bark embarrassed, but there doesn't realises blushing, as if
I'm nowhere near as evil as you about that suicide picture of your ex vocalist saw fucking, brutal bog. I couldn't stop thinking about you. Can I come in your items cannot wait very mate yeah. I know what I was just wondering if we could talk about what happened last week, unanimous sweet ya ya! Some I mean I mean nothing. We're both trunk is far too far. Do you really believe all you just worried about fisheries? Of course, our friend resulted only, of course, I know that I'm just worried. You haven't called me since. Well, since it happened. We're doing that to happen? The didn't mean anything. It was all meaningless. You say three hours, a passionate love making. What you told me you love me, I do I just I don't want to. But you are please. It will be like this. I know you want to be with me here
bureau, space and kissed him hard Euro didn't object and even led him to the bedroom I'll be back now. I just need to go to the bathroom, He walked out involved, lay in his bed stripped off and waited for. His lover bogs point of view I lay flat on my back on the bed, my erection trotting out for my lower belly. I have an urgent need to teach myself, but it did. I do without massive permission. Still one quick Can't hurt right with this thought. On my mind I reached out and in a circle my throbbing member with my hand, jerking off slowly and gently Tell you to masturbate masses. Booms from the doorway in Japan. I ask you a question salute. Did I ask deposit, nor no, no master, but I was so horny your whore. You always horny If you are right to talk yourself without my permission, you will be upon his brow, ass master, I whispered afraid and yet arose at the same time, master retreats into the large competent betterment of terms with a bag of fun gears he likes to call it. Is it there's more paid
We just listen. Do you ask your goes to Henrys eyebrows, a powerful performance? No, what is it that there is sexual fiction The star wars, the ring of course now I'm annoyingly wars, is what it's called with Borg. Eagerness Libya loves black metal one time in Norway. What happened was that I went to go search for a bargain. Eagerness wrote a version like our norwegian version of the Turner Diaries and I went to go. Look for it till I sort of like an eye. That's the only thing that popped up. When I looked up barb eagerness fiction. I love it given his homophobic tendencies. I think it's a powerful way to combat this man. So after the murder, Vargas or he drove all night back to Bergen listening to dead, can dance so as to be as atmospheric and dramatic as possible. And once they were back, they returned the video completing their air tight alibi. I hope that
spoil it for the clerk behind a desk, unlike its Robin Williams, the whole time right now the suspicion for the murder and They fell on the Swedes. The Erasmus have been feuding with at the time and the old. This theory tell em police. The Swedes were jealous of norwegian black metal ideology, which was decidedly evil, then the swedish version Oak and of course it is. We dislike clocks and chocolate after hit in a dead end with barred police started grilling some of the black metal hangers on specifically a sixteen year old swedish girl would briefly lived with your animates. She said I do not believe that, as there was killed by swedish Satan is most in this way there who cowardly to ever committed murder. I will not worthy of the name of the real, cannot be black Dorothy will exacted sword, revenge against him
Sorry, that's a good boy, you don't you don't associate swedes with murder, not allow it now at the Norwegians. They had a lot more. My yet well yeah you're Anders yea, your Anders brethren, oh my goodness horrible guy hot about, and what about Bob, oh, I ever body hates and as they do, but while this girl, when roll over on Vargas supposed taken about taking revenge herself, she did finger bared. I've done a k, a fast for the murder of Magna andreasen. Vast was arrested a year and a week after the murder and confessed under questioning, but there was still
no evidence other than other than this young girl and his confession right. Yet there was no evidence, but his lawyer advised him to confess never confessed. You gotta watch the documentary and Netflix it because in the confession, tapes, yet very interested is area. Good is very, very good. I would like to do an episode about false confessions. I think it's really out for sure we devilish, shut after Faust went down. The rest of fell like minnows, including barred, who would stupidly left fingerprints all over the crime scene He didn't wear a shooting gloves. Will you know why you left fingerprints all over the scene was because once that scoring sound his master applied Lube too, with ten inches long, and it is my silky smooth, shaven crack and pressed one finger inside of me wriggling at around a loose me up. I moaned into my gag as master chuckled like being fingered. Don't you
unable to respond rapidly? I simply gave another muffled more and if you are listening- and you are roused by that- it's ok- you can find it lie. The huge head of his uncut cock against my master was ripped my narrow heavy meat in and out of my ass. We have got it. We ve been a sex solar going on it started, it does saucy talk. No wonder he had no time to clean up this good. I guess I get it now. You there's a lot of speculation as to why Bark murdered Europe's we know. Varn says that it was self defense, others claim was solely over royalties, but that doesn't really make sense either, because if you kill far kills Geronimo he's not gonna get any the royalty. Maybe there is,
in the house. Did they try to rob the place? Snuff, nerd, ok. Now, of course, there's money in the house as my own kebab and soda I've speculative things like in the wrapper. Alright, we were originally we're doing serious. We talk about any of the east coast for the West Coast least those guys had fuckin money, yeah all three millionaires fighting each other with armies. They had boy settling all create crew guns and all this shit. This is just I don't want that, unlike us, actually are just just outside of living dumpster, maybe some Ngos in the freezer. Other theory is that far killed your honor for dominance over the scene to take his place at the top of the pecking order. Now, personally, I think that last theory is closest, but I think there's a little more to it than that or a little less. Depending on your point of view. This is just
collation. This is my personal opinion, but I think after spending quite a bit of time, with the words of our Greek, it has over the last few weeks that the most important thing in the world to mark is how he sees himself right. That's why he killed uranium for his own ego needed to feel powerful heating. Giving about being a leader or gaining dominance over a music, seeing that he didn't really seem to give a shit about, even though their all terrible Vargas, still a man of ideas and couldn't stand than a man who, in his opinion, was oppose. Her could even have the possibility a being taken more seriously than him, which shows how much of a loser he is This is such a loser. This idea that he needs to live up to what everybody else thinks of him. He dies also go there's a part of his concept of like that's how far you gotta go in the black, world words like no actually before this you gotta go is get a platinum
What means? Is that really impressive undermine barks mind? He is living his truth, the best you know to his debility right, like he theses actually walking the walk. You talk of the dock and now is gonna walk so you're, saying hash, yes, quite Armenia leads to a horrible results and murder, but he did follow through with what he was. And so I think it is mine, he's telling the truth or he's living a truthful like above all, Vargas, a man, a prince yeah exaggerate, and that is why the pale way he's. Yet he has his principles. He has his ideas and he sticks to him and he has stuck to him for his entire fuckin life. He is not wavered once in his beliefs, so that for the murder of Magna Andreasen fast was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, and that is bad air while that each injustices too, I don't know my allows later, asked if he regretted it. He said the os
remorse. I took his life and I paid for it. It's not a big deal, at least not in my opinion. It is it s really pay. Fourteen years that mean that's, that's a steel. It Eddie murder Snorri, has a very low at the low price per murder. Snorri roof a k, a blackthorn was sentenced to eight years for his part in the murder of uranium, is in for the murder itself via vigorous a k, a count great neck got the maximum sentence in Norway. Of twenty one years in prison wow and that's also, we mentioned Braddock Orange Revenue, killed eighty seven people twenty one years. That's all he got his well guides, that's it! That's just the man dies. I the really really Norway is. It is a very principled country, yeah, for better or for worse. I would, I would say, the when you kill eighty seven people, twenty one is to light, and in this case well I guess in this case we problems and murders in this country getting twenty fifteen years as well.
Yeah yeah, and is it you know it's? It's one of those things are signatures over sentencing and Villiers there's under sentence the opportunity simply about to have a reality: television, Jane October. He is out in October. Perfect month, OJ to be released while the hollow Halloween, according to the boy find items. Oj is working on a book which is going to tear. A car dashi in family, a par some Lahti is Kim's reeled. Is it kin or is it the only choice? I die believe it's at its calling one that looks exactly like OJ. Simpson call. I think it's Chloe. I think it's guy by far more blind items and celebrity new, listen to page seven on the last pod cast network, so where's are today where, if you know, what more can I ask? Where is it today, Dahlia Bank do goods been twenty four years sincere conviction, so
is now out of jail and has his very own. You tube channel he's a regular beauty by sea, as he has already silently. I. This is a controversial penny, but I think technically he is more entertaining and beauty by that guy. I could. I have armourer by a guess by far, but this man can drone. Oh is like cover everything from the purpose. A blonde hair and thoroughly admits to other videos with titles like how big money,
can a man get how big a billion gentlemen poise whole thing is that body building is ACE, is a selfish act and that men should only be strong enough to work in the woods and that if you have two big of muscles and eats up too much energy, so it's bad for survival. Intrusion again just sounds like he is one to look at more city, also everyone region for twenty one years. He said he read, he was a scholar. It was essentially a time of scholarship and read, and I wrote and their video how big muscles can a man get it's mostly just a slide. Show of all time he scandinavian beef, cakes, which bark seems to have come, I too large collection of AIDS, I just wanted beef, cakes, ok, all from a very specific period of time, fascinating. He post videos almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, mostly from the front seat of his car. As most Youtube videos or made for some fuckin reason. You can see him playing with swords and see him doomsday, prepping or replacing the air filter.
Volkswagen Bus and who doesn't want to see that market What's the name of his roleplaying game, God can't remember he created. Look it up real quick, look up real quick because he didn't playing game. That is all grinding. He did this day in the third thing it. So it's all of the least foreign parts of the role playing game any made it all true, realistic, we're view knee would you have to raise sheep and, in view of the rule, dice deceive your sheep live, and then you have to like and so you do it for hours and hours and hours, and eventually you get to the part where you play out the nor Psmith I mean Did you hear what in Ignatius Nostradamus like how a character like that my participate in a role playing game like them? caused by tells Vertebrata June
Victoria Gonna. Let me ask her to the dance this week. I think she's going to victory. That aim of a real girl. I had a crush on the role playing game is called my four Rog. Ok, which is just that he always did. He didn't even give it upon Nay. My four August stands for mythic fantasy roleplaying game literal. He says the rules are designed to make sense and to give the play is the ability to immerse themselves and fuller, a highly critical fantasy world similar to the european classical antiquity? Someplace is touching into the Viking age or the bronze age, but yet different in fool us sorcery and ancient deity is a real and the world is inhabited by. Not only humans but also elves nymphs dwarves, Athens controls, as well as other creatures, honestly sounds kind,
It is a one hundred and sixty way one page core rule book. Oh my! If you re a hundred and sixty pages of rules world is this a pain I was looking at us like there's just so much bull shit in this end, for nothing right yet will not for nothing for viable can you talk to about it other than the people who have read a hundred and sixty, It is a rules. Yeah, that's pretty. I mean a lot of rope, roleplaying game, but books. Are they get about that thick, its lonely? They get pretty thick notes at lonely. You play with their friends that theoretically opposition on ok about you know it's. Actually it has a pretty big Youtube group. All community resignedly exceed seventy people, they get together and they play the games and they recorded over you to banana and that's an end also mark. If you do, get into the game. Work is a direct person. You can talk to and they'll too
He'll talk at you and you tube and he'll get into the been talked about variants game because he's constantly pushing his guest range and now we would play some excerpts from bards videos, but they are extremely boring much like bosoms new albums, which are pretty much just new age, music for gas that borders on self parity. Now as far as crime and the black metal seen goes, it definitely did not end with the conviction of our weakness. It would take a whole other episode for us to cover even a fraction of these other crimes. We definitely want to give an honourable mention to a man named guy. Now, God lead singer of the black metal Ben neither us we'll just unresolved yet, which is fucking good
it's one of those, Lord of the Rings reference year, fuckin awesome. He was arrested in two thousand and four for assaulting dude, who showed up drunken belligerent to a party at God s house, allegedly guided, tie them up, tortured him for hours and collected his blood in a cup to minimize the mess Goodness now, in his own defence girl said, you always say with people so my writing and I let them know where my night is marries tapestry profit I may still choose to cross it, I would be the one to decide what their punishment will be it is every single time we operate we already impose those are hungry. He told the guy's not to cross the line. The guy cross the line he knew where the line was yeah. You know just where little this guy would be a strong president goal is known to be like the scary. One in the black metal is made a red light and someone crossed he looks fuckin tariff
I believe that big dude long hair, like his corpse paint, is fuckin on point. He says: guy awesome nail covered our beds and he's also fucking great art. Ok, let's go Is it he's a very interesting character? He also allegedly beat a guy half to death backstage at a concert for making homophobic remarks as go is one of the few openly gay deeds in the black metal, seen principles, but gall claims that nobody said anything to him directly. He heard and I were soccer dick so easily. I will soccer devil, sick devil com just having more talking metal, Socrates,
so did he comes and other three minutes, then I'll do it time when I have minutes longer three minutes, I wouldn't say always to devil, had warned me before you jocular. Did it simply polite to do up that's the day the devil die in other news. Not two weeks ago right here in Amerika, the polish death Metal ban to capital were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a fan, although very few deed. Had been released about that when just yet I am not trying to get to know that polish death metal you nothin Peniston. I was also look up trying to look up famous polish warriors, because Norway has all these famous warriors, and I believe this, called our farmers. Are they just we're Big cats sped well you're Polish So imagine you wanted to look into year, my arrogant, Austria, by families where'd. You find.
Not a lot while it may not be a crime crime. The bans dialogue have used actual criminals in their recordings. One of their members works part time in a mental institution and was able to convince the administration to let him borrow patients to sing on one of their albums under the guy. The primal scream therapy very interested exercise with dialogue is that they actually got big the patient's permission to who's there screaming because it like we were already screaming. Why use which is nice? Why microphone? In there now one of the seven vocalize they used had been institutionalized from the age of sixteen, for murdering his mother by stabbing are over thirty times. In another patient, almost killed another patient during the recordings which is supposedly captured on the album
my didn't have enough, but here is a sample of still logs album project, Misanthropy recorded in an abandoned you people screaming sounds like hell. You should listen of all bang. It's like thirty five minutes, long that I'd thirty three by means of that. Yet in Albania d I mean at short I'll do I feel like it's like when you go into the into water. That's room temperature. At some point, you dont even really see rainwater cause. That's already will buy brain sounds that spyware and that's it While there is norwegian black metal, that's one two and three and ass. You can- and I, as a nice blog fisheries from Dark forum that we ve mentioned a few times, does today what mail,
There is any love it. I love. You fill east, though those music, of course, but yeah you just gotta day job as a mailman, because he just loves d in the mail? There is India, despite the bad shit, that he did not pass D got over it, and these are all around pretty good duties, known as like, the cool dude and thereby yeah he's, got a sense of humor got a nice. I'm I'm really I'm excited we covered so much. We got to cover and I'm glad like middle seen, still got their says: don't retain still out there, Throwin goats blown on everyone, making people puke the good stuff, do at all, because man may I'm still out there now in our shared area. Third, their new vocalists dislike pretty fuckin Grady toward with a son in law. Really call shit like that, like metal, seen, still still go and strong to this day there. It is
all right. Everyone, let's see where we are in Toronto, were in Pittsburgh. We're in Toronto. This Friday be at work in Toronto, this Friday September. Twenty seven, their tickets available for that you can go to our website last podcast on the left outcome to get tickets, for that were, of course, we're coming to they soon we're gonna be common to Omaha Nebraska November eighteen them you ve got one other show this year that we're gonna be announcing real soon, but it's a place that people have asking us to come back to you for a long time, we're gonna be announcing that very excited about that two things we got over the allay show we're gonna have a costume contest, so it makes you guys show up full gay where do initiating and scheming alot of fauna Holloway unless Fuckin bus it out. If you wanna work, austrian and second of all,
If you want do you don't have to, though yeah I like habit, I always like an excuse to wear a costume and then September. Twenty ninth Friday at eleven p m at the people's Improv Theatre in New York City, I will be in town we're doing. Official. I guess it's gonna be the last one. I don't know when you full ever do ever again. So if you want to come out to see a murder fish, our common hang out near and the New York City areas of timber, twenty ninth eleven p M there- it is- We're twenty ninth People's Improv Theatre great place, keep on supporting all the shows you, the last podcast network, ably its top app for everything, political page, seven. That was as reference in the show section of the House devotees movie sides with the mats Wizard Bruce, all the great shows here make sure to keep going come out in radium review on Itunes and let's get all these shows to number one, because I deserve to be only listening to the best and you have.
And four years, so thank you so much I also want to thank hungry, goes to press for sitting of a big box a march there shit is Amazing, they sent a bunch of posts. There's a lot, a t, shirt sleeves summum like that I'd I got. I love your t shirt, so much I'll, fuckin, love hungry, goes press a thank you very much and also wanted laughing lion. Dry bag is ok for sending us a bunch of dry bags Sturgis bearing arise their bags that you can put stuff in and it keeps him dry. I wonder, do not know why they it's for kayaking in round how north of us we are that we are water, Peter I love beat. I do out directive in order to deceive kayak good laws on Twitter. At Henry loves you at Marcus Parks had been castle. Follow us in its grandma Doktor Van Tasty America sparks had been cancelled, the number one as all of us at all the bullshit at LP on the left.
There you go hell yourselves, everyone Hale, citing de L, me Do I m a goose delays? I used to live here. Don't kill. Somebody just make an elbow make the main dismayed I'll make an album makes six albums there. It is.
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