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Episode 289: Robert Pickton Part II - La Costra Pigsta

2017-10-06 | 🔗

On the second part of our series, we cover Willie's trips to the rendering plant, just how badly the Vancouver Police Department fucked the investigation up for well over a decade, and the Piggy Palace Good Times Society.

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There's no place to escape. Tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started. So I see I really what are over there, you dismembering as that, a human body. There I see, I your daughter, it there also not debate or smashed up. I don t. Dare I? If you don't, I do not know. What do you want to do you wanna caught all, but you want to call it all but not flop, and then a band aid come over here, come back. When he's doing oh yeah he's doing it wrong, he's doing it wrong. You really wanna feel the face off like it's a masque. We're a skeleton all right, I wanna do it. This is one nice filled with backseat drivers. Oh my god! It is nothing but backseat drivers in every aspect. Well, let's get back into it. This is the last,
cast on the left, I'm Ben Kissel that's Marcus Parks. We have shirtless Henry Zabrowsky part as a part of the soft cheese, all right, we're on to Robert Picket in part two. I guess it only gets more brutal, more disgusting and more. canadian from here. This is one of them. This is truly the canadian serial killer story. I really like it it's all in one he's like Johnny Appleseed for us, because you know that Johnny Appleseed killed some fake. I'm sure you know he is going down the road he's planning trees he's like yeah. That's every tree is legal. For me to kill one boy, maybe he's really just a litter. Yeah, isn't that not right now
he's. The opposite of the literary is that right. Well, that oh you're talking about Johnny Apples, I'm doing Jenny apps! I got sidetracked by the Johnny Apples conversation, but we are on to Robert pick yeah. This is not an episode about Johnny apples. We do have to cover him at some point soon soon. That is an episode. So, in the early eighty S, Willie Picton started taking the excess animal parts from his. Many Butch rings down to a rendering plant called West Coast reduction in Vancouver. That is, Where I'm going to go to get my stomach reductions, my body conjurer surgery, I am going to West Coast reduction and hopefully that are still make me, look like a huge pig for those of you don't know rendering plants repurpose all of the extra parts of an animal unfit for human consumption in their original form, for example, in trails, bone feathers, fur m, whatever else is left over from the carcass rendering plants also process cooking grease from restaurants and all of its mixed in one big fat ground
and move to friars words all cooked until the Greece is separated and technically a one point: the theatre, family, the grandfather, the grandfather fatty was visiting. One of these rendering plants and a single, fair hair fell from his goatee sprung guy guy fealty. Isn't that amazing? I could see you. are just as a child, just where'd short shorts, just with a big ladle, and this is like. The food. Is you dip it in this disgusting sludge come out in the water side, but I'm still wearing a fucking shirt inside, because I wasn't so ashamed of my body, MR the browser you we need to talk about your God. Just let him is I know, is he eating too much of the swell the kids can't swim? Oh yeah, we're so proud of him. He's got such a big throat. It's got it. He got his avis throwout he's hired well, the grease that is separated from the solid stuff, then Meda Cause medics, soap, paint or candy You mean to tell me honestly
Dick S and sinews hoofs and far enough what's like on our celebrities faces yet gelatin, so J Law, when, if anyone should I am, it- was covered with this. Slurry of whatever air, whatever it is, we choose not to eat, as the apex predator, maybe yeah. That's actually kind of that makes me feel in a strange way, we're all just covered its lie with the Gue left over is pressed into pellets per farm animals or little stars that you feed your pet cat, Wendy and most of Robert Pickens Victims over the years or parts of them at least find their way into the vats at West Coast reduction
It just sounds like the place where a joker was made. Yeah sounds like in Gotham, where you go to hide out. Yeah, it's like access chemicals, oh yeah. I am trying to think what kind of candy was made here. I mean it's gotta, be a hard candy, no, no, I'm not so, and as far as the original, oh, my god, if they made others out of this. As far as I know, jealous An angle candies, I'm pretty sure, that's what it is that like. If you look at a candy like say like a mike- and I sure MIKE and definitely you know what I do. I only eat the makes the owner weird the Mai, which one of them I eggs, which everyone I call him like a Euro MIKE, I ain't you your and I could throw you guess what the MIKE's are, the ones that are made out of the poor. The scrape from the bottom homeless. Man is that that are just sort of the troll. This country, the people that, though the loss to forget without the ones that there's no reach out for they're. The ones turned into the mix.
I'm eating the Ikes. From now on, I'm gonna eat the ice. Well, whatever Willie didn't take to West Coast reduction, he fed to the pigs is, I know that they're eating they're eating nothing but candy, no they're, not they're, not eating candy, a candy they're eating humans, they're just posting what I was in the candy okay, so the pigs are eating human they're eating human. You were the type of senator that allowed to happen. What happened in Vancouver during the ninety S, so thinking about the candies. Exactly that's all you think about is numb but candy just MIKE anides. The problem, that's what Ronald Dragon did nothing, but jelly beans, jelly! No Willy! was a steady customer at West Coast reduction for decades, and nobody asked why,
really, unlike other farmers, would include big black chunks and meet with all the rest of the useless and trials and bone, though he's given basis, they just big dainty, more size chunks of meat to these people Many years was this happened at twenty and they number not a red flag for them. Well, Willy Pickin was actually pretty careful about what actually went into the rendering plant, but we're going to get into that on episode. Three, rendering plant just dumped the barrels and sit Willie on his way right out into Vancouver's prostitute, stroll as it was called, which began just a block away from the plant. What I like is that every single documentary I wash your first well imagine this the smell yeah! That's what I'm thinking just the fumes just coming out of this rendering plant mix with mixed with the girls. They are obviously have to cover up like extra. Oh because of the smell because, like these are not, these are not willy pectins. These are normal. Like work
girls. These are out there trying to go to normal human beings for the most part, and so they are true. Smell normal, there are when I loved is that every single documentary about Willie Picton always called it gone on the top right as when Whaley would go out on the town again, and I think he wasn't put not a top hat and coat this. Is it like Broadway, this isn't park place from a monopoly, we're right this the rendering plant district of Vancouver. Why have we built around the rendering plant to treat it like a major League baseball stadium? Oh restaurants, all around it! It's a great idea: Hartville University, like a universal city, walk, and it has an at twenty, and it has like a frozen yogurt place. Hey guy fietti, I'm looking to set up an american grill right next to this year, rendering plan this is actually where I was born. You know we talked a little bit about our own experiences in Vancouver's downtown east side on the last episode, but it really can't be
understand what sort of Hell hole this place really has been for the last thirty or so years I mean when we went to the downtown east side. We were talking about last week when we went to that is nothing new that isn't like the heroin epidemic that North America is going through right. Now that didn't produce the downtown east side and the downtown EAST side has been like that for decades, he's taste is, it is a broken in couch that they are very comfortable with the heroin. People are real used to what's going on down there. It's just like everyone's got their spots. You can literally see where it's been like. Well, that's due that's spider, Joe Spot and over here that's broken window, Heidi spot yeah. It is like when you go to your friend's house and have all the furniture is spring sticking out of it and you sit down they're like no. You don't sit there. What are you an idiot? Don't sit there. Everyone knows that's the springy cushion well back and the late seventies. Local politicians made a concerted effort to push end in all events, unsavory elements in Vancouver to this specific location, sexual
There's drug addicts and mental patients from the recently closed, Essendean Hospital all found a home in the downtown east side. Note when they're doing that. They actually just be like a site Adam I think so they see you later. I think so. I think they just put them there into a neighborhood and then they they were like. Well, we gave them. We gave them to things. We gave them infrastructure are we gave them places to clean needles and basically just I'll just stay here. We're not gonna put any the fancy, restaurants or any of the fancy stores here, because you notice in Vancouver it's like five blocks nor that is over, and that was a gas tat guest. I gotta get gas hounds where it's nice and sweet and you can see the dividing line. Oh they just stop put the shit and over here they just let him, and so
rich, say over on that side, simply because the shops or over there and over here this is no place for middle income or anybody else to go to know. Most of these people live when they have enough money for a room in single occupancy hotels. The worst of these was Vernon Rooms, which was said to be a breeding ground for hepatitis and rumoured to be where vietnamese gang members shot snuff. But of course that's just a big room, but also there is an american translation. I think that was wrong here. They were making snuffle. Films were just weird erotic: videos of people with colds, that's what they thought they were doing. within that, will you know what they got? Nothing but trouble God, but Firstly, the single occupancy rooms, kind of kind of fun in article like private island, you sit there, we got to the eager you're, typewriter and you're right in a great american novel. You drink it hot whisky throughout the care from transmit. I mean they're, not writing they're on her they're shaking in the corner in between different sexual exchanges. Now it's much closer.
Through the basket case that it is so like a priori story, good reference. Thank you, but out of Chuckie, that bad of a movie did a fund may work it's a worldwide with while watching her love, Jennifer dealing with downtown EAST Side Street drugs crack His brothels pornography studios- if it was bad for you that place had Will the amazing thing about this place is that it usually isn't violent? Not unless your sex workers, this area could easily have been scribe as a playground for serial killers for about twenty years, as we said, last episode, Gary Ridgeway, with Sid declaim, at least a few victims. Here, when Ridgeway was caught, police found a map of the lower mainland of Canada in his truck and a musician named Gary Big, that's big with two geez
his girlfriend used to have a good time and ridge ways are v when he came to town and then there was Gilbert Paul Jordan, Jordan, particularly targeted first nations women who make up somewhere around fifteen percent of the sex workers in the downtown aside, but around forty percent of murder, victims in the area, from what I can tell native sex workers or Vancouver version of the least doubt much like black sex workers, are treated here in the United States. In fact, this story Quite a bit with the story. We told, oh so long ago, about south central allay in South central away in the MID eightys, it was suspected that there were up to six different serial killers targeting black sex workers, including the grim sleeper, the body count was in the high does. And no true investigation took place. In fact back then, you here worries about the LAPD when they would find a blight prostitute, they would write D an eye on the body bag which just stood for do not investigate
because to them I say you didn't want to crack open the horness nest yeah. They feel like this idea of like oh. If we go in there and mix it, and also they just these didn't give a shit in terms but we're going to find out the same thing with Vancouver police and just how deeply they didn't serve their country. It's really fucked up during this time under policing is also very dangerous and absolutely now the same type of thing was happening at the same time, in Vancouver, for example, the aforementioned Gilbert Jordan's Emma was to force native women to drink deadly amounts of liquor, so he could watch them die of alcohol poisoned good. Lord! That's like what eventually end Larsson to himself up. I know em. I feel like I'm that I have to. Think about my lectures. Now this guy was active for gates and was so well known by name that cops made a joke out of it,
found a native women who died from alcohol poisoning. They say all we got another Jordan ask here what s fisheries. They just didn't care enough to prove it and rifle terrible. I guess that is very difficult to prove alcohol poisoning its. It is difficult to prove, but you know they knew they knew the risk. I was doing shit and it was why guarantee it wasn't the only fuckin thing there he was doing well, they just needed a look to they just needed to have some sort of proof. They finally got at least a little bit in nineteen, eighty, eight you three years after Jordan's, first suspected murder. Even then it was just manslaughter and he only got six year. Chaise
Gilbert Paul Jordi. It sounds like he could have been a horrible clothing designer as well, but he went. He went another way with I make age all over us, it's all over us and the best part about it. Is it your dick and hang out the site? I love my new. It's called a it's over moderate eyes right. There was another: two possible serial killers. Besides this guy and taken going in the eighties nineteen, eighty two nineteen. Eighty nine fourteen women were killed, eight were strangled point towards Ridgeway five or stabbed in one was bound and tortured. Despite all this, the Vancouver police Depart refuse to admit that there was even one serial killer, much less poor. What are they doing? think about how much work it is to investigate one serial killer, never mind for as soon as issued starts pilot up. That's like we got the habits in Vancouver Police,
apartment that are look at this shit and basically just sing like oh, I additions eventually These were Well all eventually stop and then we can all get back to like all you guys. We could take the ski shots together, we can go acts, throwing we can do anything away as the Buddhist de too much. get to may I'm certain. All of this will die down, but is it this should? If you get into the police force, you become a detective, a serial killers on the loose. Wouldn't this be? Why, got in, isn't this exciting and then to have four of them. I don't understand you're, just split can be excited to go to work every day and dried out a killer. It's not up to you. It's not up to the detectives. It's not up to the beat cops it's up to the people at the top. Up to the people at the top, if you never seen the wire, no, I haven't
I was watching called for quite a while now or any cop show. I have any kind I why and why tv blue with growing up and I saw Dennis Bronzes Ass and that has traumatized you should watch the first. Forty eight, oh, I do wonder why I love the first already acorns could talk about what it what a mad like us. First, forty eight as it goes, are cops workin hard, still look board. You know I just there just so broken by how many fuckin dead bodies they see a week that they're just out there are displayed on the slab, but they work hard. They do. First, forty, eight, a great doc. You see rigidities eminent these people do or car, but without I mean like in recent serial killer investigations are very difficult and there are very expensive and if you don't get the funding and the support from up top, Nothing is going to happen and were about to get into just how the Vancouver Police Department rejected
All of that, these politicians are in their thinking about candy funding the pleased to find these ages pivoted. Three times. Lord though the Arcy MP remember the row, Canadian mounted police, the Canadians, Canada's version of the FBI, they even though every eyes the earthy and be even tried to help out in the early nineties by forming a team of profiles called project eclipse, but that went nowhere because the Vancouver Police Department had no idea what to do with their findings. Nor did they want to know the sum. the p d, the coffee at the profiling, was still pretty new. At this point, but for fuck's sake, profiling had been used to capture people back in the fifties and the FBI
Have your science unit had been around since nineteen sixty two? They have no fucking soussio, damn dog may do I on market forces on fighting so fuckin work up, but this week, and if you want to see evidence of just how lazy, ignorant and spiteful the VP could be look no further than Kim Roscoe Rossmore was a war world renowned profile or who actually worked in the bank Coover Police Department. Not only did they refuse to use him at any time, but they actively and openly despised him boom Shaka log off from way downtown market policies on fire goes. The dynamite. Rossmore was the kind of guy, though without, Ask at the end of class teach your teacher. You forgot to give homework like how you that kind of guy works is what you want for me. As a police officer. I would like somebody who takes his job like way too serious
rather than a bunch of guys, essentially fly fishing out of their fuckin garbage cans, and there are a rossmore developed. A system called geographic profiling, which hypothesize is in most cases, career, that serial killer start with areas there most comfortable with then expand area more and more the longer they go without getting caught. He sure he built an entire computer program that it was a topographical programme. It was brilliant and he went all over the world get you know he consulted on thousands of cases in countries all across the world and help out in a lot of in considering how Willie started with girls picked up near the rendering plant, then move to other locations up and down the east side. This would have been the perfect tool for them to use where the victims were last seen find out. Who spends a lot of time in that particular area and go from there, but the men in the bp who impeded rossmore. at every turn, were only concerned with how much attention Rossmore God from his brilliant profiling, worth and resented the fact that he had jumped high.
Ranks because of his skills, my goodness, the infighting not even lie me when we were doing the programme, I freeloader, as we have done this discussion before, and we always forget where you get the stickers and about me, you get the free pizzas for reading can elementary school and only, of course, by the pizza to club yeah. I was reckoned up so many free pizzas because number one love pizza of Gore number two, I loved to read genuinely Baviaan ass, a child, and so I'm out their bare Bayer sink it sink in fuckin shots right in the three fraeulein. That's a book! I'm a spring break. The jealousy I got I got on my back Now a rossmore come from the well. You know I did very well, in that as well, because I learned all you have to do is have three facts about the book: YAP Jake
You just go through you open up four random pages, you'll pick up three facts, and then you just kind of lie to two, and then I read that book. But the book has got a it's got a dog in it finds a flower in it in Cuba, Jim and your actively. Just looking at the book in front of me, I'm rudeness, it's God, I've gotta, talk and choose. In so doing, then you're so physically, intimidating to the teachers were just given. You teach you think it was this that he only. I just think you were given you point I was. I was just what are the average once and seventh grade? I didn't hit my spurt until thirteen Well me and me, and Henry Man, we were getting free, pizzas, left and right, and we were doing it honestly when Altogether now, one of the guys that were impeding Ross most investigation, They were known in the police department as the old boys club. I never
You know what the old boys clothes like cigar ash, the salami, the disgusting. What's the name of those fit anchovy odyssey. Would you to think it has had a great cell, and these guys were petty. It's fuck with all this, an extremely canadian. They would change meeting rooms not tell her small and then chastise him for being late. They cut is office, supply budget.
We couldn't by enough paper, forget Mirabelle smell Rossmore. You didn't get your shit together. You yourself papers, expensive goods supplied with my damn staple. I had I swear to God. I had a new boxes day. I had a whole new boxes, staplers and state aid staples hitting the strangest thing is I'm steeply or for the sides of my papers. With this war staplers you tickets to the problem with Europe. People like me, never getting bogged down in a wider staplers in another time. Someone needed a bulletin board, so they came in and took Ross most without saying a word, hey guys guys. I need that. Guy's is I'm in the middle of a car seen had they just listen to the man in the police department who spent half
decade scream and that there was a serial killer on the loose. They could have saved dozens wasn't just come rossmore either. The Vancouver son did some fantastic investigative reporting to really get the attention that this case deserve There were people in the downtown aside that were there every single day I mean if I'm gettin. This worked up about all this, like imagine the people that were down there for that had been done there for decades, watching these women disappear one by one by one. and the police doing not the case workers, the families of the victims, all of these people in the area other sex workers there are just in and it was Your friends just disappear off the street. It was incredibly incredibly dangerous and it gets you appoint words like I wish. There was up with the wish the outreach went so far as to help them get out of those neighborhoods
instead of just make it I'm happy demeanor. Well, there was, I was actually talking to our new in turn, Rachel, the other guy, and she has a friend that actually spent like a year in the downtown aside like right in a paper really studying by everything that went around on there, and she told me that in those needle exchange programme, They actually have a room upstairs that arise that's detox facility, but the problem is is that the detox facility doesn't get as much funding as the other. You know as the needle exchange and all the other shit like the detox program is almost an afterthought and that guy actually listener. So hello, hello, hello, and it wasn't just the cops. It was the higher up to even one of Vancouver. Mayors in the late eighties, essentially said there was a terrible thing that all these women were dying. But what can you do? What can you
he will come narrow names, mayor, greener and here's a couple of fundings to do around here. I know there's a lot of women dying, but I tell you what you can do you can go up to pork in quit. If you get your twenty five. Four hundred and forty one are used to bring your old lady up there to sit there, and you got some good fishing going and then a moose Molly come on over their right begin. Make love to your wife, you videotape, so that a moose Phil, as such, I hold court composer call chlorophyll eyes. This have to do with the missing sex workers in Vancouver downtown side. What you do what you can do as what can you do now, it's possible that Willie's first victim was windy. Luis Alan who disappeared from the streets on March Thirtieth nineteen, seventy nine. She was the first of many to go missing altogether. That could be in some way linked to picked and over the next twenty or so years.
The next was Rebecca. Goo know who disappeared on June 22nd, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three follow by Yvonne Marlene ABBA Gosis on New year's day, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, and this falls in line with We know about serial killers. The gap between the first and second victim is usually pretty big right: the thrill, the killer the murder last longer fresh and it's the first time he's ever like fulfilled his fantasy. And so then he really has writing on it and he's probably really worried about where it's at what what's going to happen with the body was going to happen afterwards he's going to get caught and then flee all of a sudden you, so things can build up and then all of sudden Two starts really pop in his head around our eyes. Sometimes it can be years between number one and number two, but that cool down period gets shorter and shorter. Every
I knew you were gonna, laugh bit between number one and number two. If it takes years between number one and number two, you gotta change your diet, you got you got confused, even some candy or fiber just hit something in there. It should not take that long. I see what you're doing right there eating a lot of protein needs a lot of carbs right. There short on that one eaten a lot of son, jokes, that's what I go. I ate close to a pound of sun chokes last night and I forded myself. Awake then did and the plane ride that you are on is the cooldown period gets shorter and shorter, every time, which is usually how these guys get caught. But if nobody gives a fuck about the victims, and nobody's watch you not in the areas there being taken from the killer can have multiple slip. Ups before any one pays attention, as will see in state with really picked at the earliest known story, is grapevine sort, but in two thousand for a former sex workers
downtown aside said that a friend of hers actually filed a report of kidnapping and assault against Picton in nineteen. Eighty four: the story is unverified, but it falls in line with both Pickens and the Vancouver police departments patterns. Nothing was done and it wouldn't be. The last time Willie would escape the law. Part of this had to do with the crew he ran with. I will say that someone difference between picked and a lot of other serial killers is that he had a crew like he had a bunch of people around him. He had his brother. He had people like in that hold legal and at the more people he brought into the world of the pig farm. There are more people there. There were then complicit with his crimes, which made them have to be secretive about it right, so it so you'll see. I think that really protect some a lot of the time as the fact that he has on there's a lot. A trickle down, get to him. I don't seem a little bit strange though it's not like this guy was you know, a senator's son he's a pig farmer I just don't see how he was an untouchable by the law enforcement like we can't deal with
you don't look down, depicted family willing as pig farmers arrival actually get into why there. There are actual reasons why I mean first of all, Willie Picton and they picked and were millionaires huge business people in the centre of like they govern these guys we're running a massive industry, nay. Now late last episode, we talked about the criminal endeavours of the picked and brothers and the complicity of Willie's brother Dave cannot be stated in the story. In fact, a lot of dirt backs that hung around the Picton farm can share the blame here. Part of the reason was because they were. Awful people as well. These were fucking terrible scumbags that hung around the Picton farm at. Have you seen a picture of Dave? No doubt looks like you know that, guy with the big crazy bearded, but that hotel chain mascots, he lay he also looks like the other dude from the game. Thrones. I sell my mother rough well ascribing things now. Let's just give I'll give you an Ex
simple of just Dave. Picton, in particular, being an absolute huge piece of shit and the early eighties Dave sexually all tat, a young woman who is working as a fly girl for one of his construction projects, because that was Dave's. Part of the business Dave did construction and demolition. specifically day was charged with the trial drew near. He sent some viz biker friends around the girls house for a little witness intimidation, and this is something that the picked him brothers would do again and again, and that's part away, People didn't report really Picton when they knew shit was weird wrong. That's part of why, even when we get into in the third episode when we get into the most baffling of Willie's, asked jobs. The intimidation factor has a lot to do with that, but in this case day was still found guilty, but he was only find a thousand dollars. Fire on probation was signed in probation, my goodness,
you did? Let the piggy mafia and so is the Panama stinky piggy. My there, you got there because bikers or justice, smelly is pig farmers and you're out there. Man, just their waves of flies, be allotted deal with its like what a walking Amityville horror everywhere. They got so there's some systemic issues going on here in Vancouver gun when it comes to let in these scumbags get away with all these horrible thing yeah now over the years, the picture Farm became a place for all the low lives, Vancouver and Coke Whitlow to drink, hang out and relax, and even though ever one still called Dave Piggy behind his back. He was in charge of the whole. Damn thing well But who is also one of those guys that, like to brag about his criminal connections, he liked to brag that he knew hell's angels, you liked to brag that he knew one of Vancouver most notorious criminals. This guy was like a crack. Cocaine kingpin retailer buddy. That he knew these people still just piggy beyond.
back then I'd also. I am sure that those people love to hear him talk and shit about them and explaining how he knows them as much as possible. There's nothing like big secret, like criminals. Love is for everyone to tell everyone all of their business. That authority a sure fire way to get yourself wherein Smet Mood is agreed on the bottom of the lake, though absolutely not tat. Talk about them of Dave was going to the social butterfly the scene, but nobody paid a whole lot of attention to his weird brother, really all end. One new in the eightys was that you never went into Willie's route. I would you want to wonder Brenda Dave's who breached Willie's boundaries, got a death threat and a glass of milk in her face. wandering into his base? That's called starting a Canadian do its work
the bean slap in the face to face with gloves you just sit in the basement slamming whole milk. I mean just I'd kiss I mean we ve got another milkman. Another Angela, we Matt Damon, Burma have to start banning milk milk. The problem milk is a problem is becoming. One is also politically problem. Lay I it's but Willie imagine a to cause. You got the guidance, the big like, probably fake, hard ass, a soccer ball criminal, actions bikers cursing an ice cover, ease the hard ass of the entire in St he's got a nice beard is telling us actions, but then he's got the other brother Willie that essentially creepier he just kind of wanders around, and then they have to all like, because you know Dave compensates for Willie like he'd say like a weird Jews like oh, is that right will and it will be like yeah, I will Damn. When is my brother, you say anything about winning areas, super to protective of yet well always say that really was a futile short of a load
You know what I mean. It's a construction thing, ok He was the guy. The reason why they would go newsrooms because really was the guy. They they pick on. They liked. Make like Willie was one of those guys it appears he was soon funny when he got that, if people so that people who were money when their ran Willie also kept pats, one was a vicious ah. Well, he would feed raw meat and the other was all Lookin Haug, the terrified, even the bikers, who hung out at the picked in place. Will you just let this acute hog
as people around and he'd laugh and he'd laugh and then eventually, he'd come and call the hog up, because the only person the hog would answer to is willing. Do we know if the dog or the pig were friends, because if they know that kind of usual animal friendship for Netflix or Netflix, that would have been great. That's a cute inside criminal animal friendship. It it's criminal animals that are also friends, oh wow could be, could be well. The one thing that, they would try to do to win people over was to offer them for free meat. Hey, hey! that's great. You know most said that the meat that really try in a way was rancid, ah, but others just eight willing. We are their bikers spear, I mean somewhere. Like one woman said they really tried. Given Erlich aside a beef that had an abscess on it like if Meat is ever just handed to you right, never take
Unlike our rap thing, it should be like a plastic bag should at least have some form of presentation. It should ever be hand fills of loans to be right. Now we don't know for sure. If Molly, was mixing in his victims with the meat he was handed out, but why person who ate Willie's meat swear. She got hepatitis c. For me I mean you know, that's the problem, so the blame can go anywhere, but it finally comes down to it being like. Oh, it had to even to meet. I was eating it's kind of like when you wake up super hung over and you're like it was that life see that's what I to me, not the hours of drinking yeah. She she claims that she would never have gotten hepatitis C. Had she not eaten. You know meat from a segment of the population, that was known to be a breeding ground for hepatitis C. Maybe antsy. Is that a way to get it? your way to Hepatitis C, I don't know I tell you where the people are the garbage,
I guess it they'd all play praying some Willie if you could call em pranks since Willie hated, getting wet even into adulthood, people, woods Water fights around him this guy and he started search shooting eggs out of his back as like Jason, Vores yeah, you didn't waste water, he ended up getting drenched and people would point and laugh at him, and he would actually like jump up and like Yosemite SAM also, he had ready. He had bright orange hair like Yosemite have to God. I would love to still alive right yeah. If you see him throw water on him, just see what happens even though Dave egged all the on and in some cases, led the tormented willing. The two still work together on a day to day basis. Every morning Dave will
and their employees would get together and have breakfast at a Coquette Limbs Strip Club called the golden ears to portion out the. If, if your strong club heavily advertises how good the ears Are- and I sat down on the dancers- I don't know if it's gonna be the best location for your bachelor party, I don't know I just one for bread. I don't think it is the best Danny you going for break. You, Jessica was a place. You gotta go to kiss old the port hole at the one. Had the free hot dog that was in Miami Florida there's a place called the portal. I went there with my friend, Jason Kepler. They free hot dog boiled bought on the boat, discuss all died. I do not recommend eat who could ever eat at one of these It was a place used to go to medicines, smarten eggs, smarten eggs, which it sets clothes that that was not a jiggle joint club. They just had just had smart other television and then they would serve
and my friend used to get bloody Marys from there, and I did not trust the quality of the of the produce. Smart, meaning hardcore full penetration, pornogr and then they closed it. It was. It was a staple in Madison. It was open for like forty years I swear to God. Everyone used to go there. They just closed it. This year, I just feel like guy fury would go there and then send the camera crew out, like you'd, be like oh yeah oh, this is like sorry guys. This is gonna work out for everybody, so you guys just leave. I'm gonna catch up with the rest of the group and then it's just gonna being like. Sometimes a man's got a tape, a trip to flavor town alone out about that's out about well even daily Strip Meetings learn enough to call the tensions between the brothers which built up for years and years. Early nineties things got so bad that Willie moved the basement altogether and spend a couple of months sleeping on a bed on top of one of the freezers out in the meat shed like Snoopy? What a World Damas cartoon dog events,
They got Willie his own trailer at the back of the property near the slaughterhouse and Willie was happy to finally have some privacy by as much as he valued that he still had friends ironically, throughout his life Willie, always has at least one close female friend. How? How does it happen? where is the charm I just don't get it. I think. There's a thing and weird conservative side of criminality right words of Canada, give we're better we're better than everybody else. We are part of the piggy mafia, familiar we're locked caused. Her pigs draw parallels with each other hang out, but a part of it is this right. He till you get so he gets a woman who also views yourself to be above sex workers like he is and they both sit and talk of talks.
about everybody else. We are on the same page and also the or people that looked at him. I think also like a charity case which will get to as well as we go deeper into the actual. I think it's, the exact opposite of that Willie bought his way in all the answers I he would like what he would do that he would at noon, because Willie was a fuckin millionaire here just he would by women groceries. He would pay their bills and he wouldn't be. He just wasn't horrible to, and that's all was that he would buy them shit and he wasn't horrible to him and a lot of these. Like they were. All a lot of them were getting out of horrible abusive relationships. Ok, I all yeah, maybe if it's a perfect storm cause this gazed around by flies. like the inside of a human colon. I just don't stay at how anyone would want to hang out with him, but I suppose, if they are that desperate for friendship, this is us
town in some ways in some ways as long as you're funny- it's a. U can get anything, maybe www. While one of these women was Tanya Car, she was a friend of Dave's daughter, Tammy Tanya had been keeping her horse at the Picton farm for years and which he fell, hard times. Ninety ninety four: she moved into Willie's filthy stinkin pig shit covered trailer for eighteen months, so God, but she said it was more like live with an uncle than anything. I would never live with my uncle yeah. That sounds horrible. She just made it even worse. She said he never tried anything they never got appropriate. Despite the to share in a bed, she just go to work at Amigo Pancake House, which is still open by magic, normative go to www pittance, fuckin bathroom use. take a shower, in their view, Walker and then go serve flap
do you want slapjacks or they soak up the most of all of the things in the world. Flapjacks absorb the most sun, yeah ma'am, I found a hair in my flapjacks, and my eggs also seems to have a multiple hairs. If you put it on the very tippy I finger in your blood, often make away. She will come true, and hopefully that wishes for Hepatitis C, because you got it you got it accuracy Emma actually came home from Amigos, pancake ass. She just help Willie on the farm, so they, where this nice little symbiotic relationship going on, but here's. What interesting is is no women went missing. From the downtown east side, while tiny was living with what Willie to assume that he was an active at all during that time? In fact, Willie stayed good for three years from ninety. Ninety two till nineteen, eighty,
that makes him very similar to Gary Ridgway. Again, it's like there's something about having fulfilling close, intimate relationship that will allow you to kind of to pop out of it, which is what we talked about it again and going with serial killers. A lot of these guys if they can figure out how to breach the gap Surely that debt they would have been saved early autumn and mostly it's because their losers and they can't figure it out again Kate, and that's where these are murdering. Yet, if Willie had there been a millionaire and been able to buy his way into all this shit, first of all, you would have been caught much sooner, but I think he would have reached berserker mode a lot sooner, but when one thousand nine hundred and ninety five came, Willie took four women down to his farm, never to return and Stevie Cameron actually had testimony in on the farm. The book, where were taken a lot of this information from she got an interview with a survivor around this time, which gives us a little insight into Willy's possible
motivations, Tracy Bunyan was picked up from the downtown aside by Willy who was lookin for a blow job out on the town, the town he had his cane. You know he had his wing had his rings on. He just seen cats. He was just looking for a blow them out on the town flipping a coin now Tracy said she almost didn't get into the truck, because the smell was so disgusting
She said: Willie's trailer was more the same, if not worse, but as a professional. She went through with that and the other thing that she noticed about the trailer was that it was full of clothes, specifically women's clothes, and once they were done, Willie started saying he couldn't find his wallet and accuse trace you ve stealing. Will he picked up a knife and cut to buttons, offer shirt, Tracy just backed up and walked outside and eventually Willie came out and drove back to Vancouver, and she said the whole way back. He talked about how he liked to help Workin girls kick their drug habits. He told Tracy that he only gave these girls one chance and if they
elapsed than they didn't deserve to live and were better off dead up, and this type of thing is not uncommon at all and the serial killer, where we ve seen this a lot right cause you basically again, it's the series of allowances, you're setting up a system of rules of like this is what happens. This is what has to happen in order for me to kill. I can change the rules. Am I want. I can hastened up the process as much as I one, but a part of it. It's like a suit as its clicked and as its like. You got worker self up. and then you can also victim blame right, Billig. Well, they didn't follow the rules they relapsed or whatever you Annie onsets, exactly like island work, a great example of this. She had to convince yourself that her victim for going to sexually assaulted before she had the rage she needed to pull the trigger, and since she had did up so much in her mind. She was able to convince yourself that she was doing a great service right and picked. Him was the exact same way. He was known to pick up the girls in the downtown aside that had the worst drug habits playin, the White Knight
gonna help and kit, but when they inevitably asked for drugs, Willie would use that as an excuse for murder rationalizing it by saying they didn't deserve to live. It is a very deep ah dork extrapolation of the nice guy syndrome. Could that's what issues that he had this kind of idea that he's better than everybody else. I have now made a bunch of money and a part of, I think, that's a validation for it, and then he sees what he views as the positive effect. These had an women's live by dumping money into their life right, and so now we just like. I can choose to give this gift or not, and if you decide to reject it, then I'm just gonna kill you which makes him will you I like, as he is, a missionary serial killer cadets? If that is true, which is a very interesting side of him where he is just like. You just thinks he's the best thing that ever happened to these girls Yang horrible, easy missionary serial killer. In the same way, the island, Werner submission is a serial killer in the way way same way. The Gary Ridgeway Missionary serial killer that these people believe
that they're doing a service to mankind. That's how they rationalize everything. I don't want to make light of any of this stuff, but I M thinking super soaker. Yes, I suppose so this guy a media will always be armed with a super soak or so years, in other words like if we just knew his behaviour Achilles heel water. So you think that, like the all the downtown EAST side, women should like treated like earnest scared. Stupid has yet to be idle. I'm not I'm just like the aliens firm signs like. I think this is not a scumbag call Willie what you will Is this all missionary serial killer thing goes, but he was no hypocrite. This guy was bone, sober all It's the only time he had ever drank his entire life was the night before he set off through
America in the seventies on his ill, fated cherry pie, trip and that's. Why will see that? I think the dope is that thing that mate was his very specific trigger cause he made it is old thing of being like of. I can stay so burden a world that I live in. Everyone should be able to and that the only way to live. Is there any credence to the idea that these cops were like well he's Gillian? sex workers were rejected? The heroin? I guess we're not that against. What's happened? I can definitely see that. I think that there is obviously a stripe and now we're gonna find out too when it comes into the boot. Once we get into what the pig farm turns into how old that old boys club kind of expanded to the PIG farm yeah at this point, they're almost allowing it to happen yeah. They don't feel that it's one less person for them to worry about. That's how like cold. Some of these I mean there's any on that. That is not to say that, like all cops and detectives think this way there tal of that really work hard to civilians cases, but there are plenty occur
around the entire country held in in the entire world. Is people in authority figure positions that just don't want to deal with it and they want their job to be easier by any means necessary? If that means people have to die, then so be it castle. One day, you're gonna be a senator any. We invited to one of his skull and Bones party and its Goya. Hillary Clinton. Henry Kissinger kept alive on a fucking machine, you'd asian girl, dance on a sword and they're gonna, be like you. Are you ready for this? This is like this. It's hilarious, monogamy, laugh and filling all. This is almost as good as young Sheldon slapping love young shoulder throughout Willie's life. He always made an extra special effort to portray himself as a good guy could always help people when they were down. Hate people like us out. Oh yes, always I'm the nice guy, I'm the nice guy, but he also he wanted people to think that he was a good guy. That people could depend on trust him
then they can trust him, and he did this particularly with women. Either as a way to cleanse himself of his sins through some weird Agnew, now alike, backwards, roundabout way or to just throw people off his trail from an incident when Willie was a child points to something possibly a little deeper. He wants gave a bag of hot dogs to a little girl named LISA yelled, the ray it's like Otherwise, the clown, the canadian piggy, a version of it. Lisa I I notice in you for a long time been watching from tobacco glass. Aren't YA It's been hard. The idea, I want to be able to say something to yet it's. What's? What do you want to save its appeal,
k of hotdog eyes is what you call when you grouped together a bunch of hot dogs and give it like its flour till you, Robert really nice, I! Ah I'm a vegetarian do you see some hot dogs from his parents, meat locker this little girl a whole bag of him. That's kind of that's sweet. It's kind of sweet you know like it is like he sort of, I don't know, gave what he knew. He gave no dogs and he gives them the through chance. Those two Willie, Picton and LISA yelled would meet up years later and she would become one of the most important people in Willie's life for a time, ok, no LISA yells was the mother of Wanna Dave, Picton children and for some reason she unwilling just go along. Oh yeah, I gave her dogs LISA was the only
listen around the picked and farm who could ever get really to take a bath according to an interview she gave in on the arm. She'd say something like this too, will really I get a little ripe there. I beg Anita Bob and a change of course here pal, because you did not let a rude Neri up up up up like I didn't even give your hot dogs at all your dream me everything. Then the relationship never got sexual, but sometimes they couple a bit a contrary to what people said about Willie not being able to have standards. Sex LISA said she woke up more than once, with a boner back a yell my Willie ALARM clock its way. die made. I could do the rule God love stressed. It is amazed
that there were people around this guy yeah. I just closed always hard to read my head around it honestly Willie Pickin was rarely alone in life like he would be in Canada, solitary guy on the farm, but like in life. He always had like a couple of people around. He had friends throughout his life like a TED Bundy, looking dude, I mean you know, he's just another dirt back, but I guess There are the order. A bad girl, it is the quality of his company is not very high eyes and a group of beer strange human, being, ok, no less and Willie would even go on little dates together. One night Willie took her out to see a kids magic. In New Westminster, LISA Willie would clap and laugh at every trick, but will at the skills of the Madrid credible with art, but always tell me wizard. I could see I made a ball is: if we ever tell me, can you make a hole,
beard just ask it, I'm just as as Mr Pected, my good. Of course you like magic of coral because you love magic. I like magic, no, but not like that. You love. No I've got a laugh like a field day. It's all I care. How did it happen? How did it occur if you love Illusionary Madge? I do yeah your card trick guy. Well what even though yelled claim who have never known anything about Willie's other life. She said she always got a particular vibe from him. She said I always had it in the back on my mind, that Willie could be a serial killer, but I was never fraid him myself. I knew he would never hurt me.
but everyone else yep me up over in the back you're mine as a bumping up bobbing up and down to your mouth and a daughter, the plague Digital Peter. The please tell us what happened during your end might be a sea like, I might be. be so even though Willie would describe himself as cordon quote only a pig man throughout the years hearing what it has just said school I like I'm, just a bail out, I'm only of being a man of throughout the years. He read quite a few other side: businesses out of the picture farm with his brother Dave. Their first endeavour was Cockfield, I just, don't understand the entertainment value have cock fights. I like fly Jeanne humans fight like I like, even just a bare nautical fight. Sure like I would
down with something like an octopus fight. Some of the chickens is going at each other, it's just not that entertaining like. I don't think it's gross. I just don't think it's very fun, especially after watching the great documentary I believe it's on Itunes. It was on Netflix Chicken people. You had to watch chicken people if you haven't seen chicken people, that is a must see on the queue using connections with the philippine but you're willing to work with since the seventies Dave Will he put on all day all night cock fights every Sunday for them? covers filipino population. Now, while the cock fights were great success, the business they started after that in nineteen. Ninety five was even more lucrative since the pittance have been still parties at not. They made a lot of money, but he's coffee regulatory, not thousands upon TAT, really does every Sunday Filipino men put the dollars out about a cock named bill
just shut up you're like a thousand dollars caught, they bury our biggest fate. He called. I will give you just saw excited accord I out of his enemy with that's. Why I like battle Botz, because you can bet but their machines- oh yeah, I mean well, there is a great that mean they had a division of Labour day was out there taken bets. Willie was backstage, get nor the chickens ready of clean up the dead ones. He put up a little spurs on their feet. I put the shoes on the chicken David, does all the drinks and all that money and organized all up my whole job is, I put the shoes on the chicken and I put the goggles on the chicken and the hardest part is common to chicken, because you know what you have to do have hours and hours of it, Tanya loves it yeah Willy, I gotta ask you: do you ever feel bad? If you put the shoes on the chicken you relate to the chicken and then the chicken goes and dies in the ring that must feel kind of make. You sad. You know
I could be sad, but it's like then has ever made me feel a single thing, I'm so it's like I'd. Like all weird I look at me like. I should be sad right now, but then it's like, but about how happy Sophia we're gonna will be long. Sighted shoot in his turn injure conceal over all. I see, ok and then, besides his thoughts, those do they also had the filipino butcher. His name was Pat Cox. The Nova he had won a castle over. He why they had him cooking barbecue pick. Who yesterday have these? They had two big revenue streams like they had so much. They were sown so much barbecue pig. William Pat, we're like butcher and pigs. They had to storm in these big meat locker, so they have enough meat for every Sunday about that, is that every once in a while, it was like an actual food business every once and the freezers kept breaking down and the pigs would get very warm, but the food inspectors kept coming by and shutting them down instead of clean things up, they just wait like a month until they knew the food
better, wasn't gonna come back for a while. Then just aid just open back up. Ok Great great, great stuff in the canadian infrastructure is really working there filipino barbecue a little pig. Oh that's good though oh yeah, I mean it's fan. I know it's. I bet it was fantastic me honestly. It does sound like a fucking, great Sunday, in a cock fight, is undecided. Your average couple during Sweden, Delicious barbecue- I don't I'm dimes starting to get soul. I gotta get out does not play a part of the God virus year they were presenting fun chickens, dead, like you, I mean a chicken shit or a dog sure that's called a chicken per. I love that, since the victims have been hosting parties their place for years, they figured he might as well make some money off it. He got the ideas he was turned down. A country bar in a Strip mall called Boo pub. He salvaged as much of the bar as he could and opened up the piggy power,
on the pact farm, since everyone call them piggy is like pocket. Let's call the piggy palace efficiently incorporated it as the Piggy palace good times, society. Oh my goodness! I really love it. Okay hold on okay, so this man now how many people has he killed by the time he opened up the piggy poll? Nineteen? Ninety five man- I don't worry, we're in some high numbers or debt, we're in double digits without business, it's not more. If not it's definitely in the teens, if not the twenty. So this guy is a man about town ever when Nosey owns the piggy palace work here. It necessary that he doesn't necessarily owned. The piggy palace Dave is the one that really owns the Piggy palace. I mean Willie, find a owns it with a he's. Just do in all of the dome shit work on the far yeah. Ok, basically, Dave is running. Everything will ease the weird does hang in the background. He was
he's the Charlie Murphy guys lie, or they were later, it's like he would show its true colours like Charlie Murphy did its well a cell You can also stand on his own. I got this point was a hanger on yeah right. Well, they should have remit, that movie Coyote ugly call it piggy palace. We have ourselves a true horror story for the time and how brave it would be, how brave and these guys they went. All win. The piggy palace, they hard security, the House door, people bartenders, they had bands come in and play every Saturday night. We have any idea what bands were there? You got the rush cover man clash. Rather, that's also the rush cover Ban Tom Sawyers best friend the to rush governments that are the best you ve God, though, the Willy Picton Ban. We just let him just go up there and play on a bucket made a laugh and throw chicken parts. Adam and Eve you like, thank you thank you like in like enough
of a thousand corpses. That's exactly what I am figure. Yes, yes, yes running down a dream. Of course, the company in the harp breakers cover band our Ip Tom, petty IP tunnel, have so sad honestly, its incredibly sad, damn sad that we brought it up on a good night. These guys would bring in ten thousand in one night, while sometimes they would bring in as much as forty grand locally the community Grand Canadian can, you imagine This was on bar rescue and just be like Willy. Do you notice? The waitress is stealing some of your money. There she's charging extra for the drinks and pocket and the extra two dollars that's her job and with everyone coming in and having a great time on his land. Willie Picton figured He'd try his hand being one of the cool kid he decided. It was time Finally, polish up is look over all these years. He took a shower while in a frenzy, was the first time he'd, never smell pig shit on Willie Picton.
why you see him taking a shower and then comes the shower needle becomes rule, bear pick tone. Merely matters now shall Bognor for everyone involved. Cabbie air carrier is actually just is clubs, a chicken shit. What I call a cavalier The problem he had with his own appearance was that he was bald so Willie spit about twenty three. good dollars on a hare peace from the Hare Club for man me up it was like even delivered. What they said is that the colors didn't even really match signed a mad, but not really, and the other day was there. He now washed it. He never took the damn thing off per month, so he'd go under a car to work on it and he'd come out covered in Greece, but there,
thought? Why are you the grease out of the two pay? So we just a stinking moved from the three stooges hovered in the pig poor. You know what I gotta say: the hardest part about being Canadian. Is their thick hair idea, get all the not out of this daddy. You notice anything different evolving, your hair, great Willie. I beg you so much. I purchased it eventually. The to pay to be thrown away, Music, obviously, is it. I would even kept it Harold. I made the rare begun, a boy, but once you started speaking to me, because do stuff like I was just taking them of and putting them cause. I'm a ltle manic an and I put it on the night when I go to sleep, and I would just look over at Harold and I'm like good night Herald, and it's like called Police on yourself, you're doing horrible crimes you gotta get out of here, and it really. But it's busted my eye
so long. I use so pathetic. He really open that. Yes, before along the Peggy Palace attracted the attention of the surrounding community, because the pay tens at sold off parcels of their land throughout the years, which is part of what made the millionaires because they bought this land for almost nothing back in. I think the fifties or the sixty and then, by the time Coquetry grew and grew and grew. It was eventually pretty much like a suburb, and they even there was even like a golf course that ran right up to the back of it. Can property right we're really lived and really love, terrorizing, golfers he's a went out there. Obviously this is like Caddyshack. If this was just funny, if there was no murders in this, these would be incredible. Yeah, just a weird bozo, the clown. Looking pig shit covered guy running out on the golf course snatch it up
all falls and running back to his lamb. The they give me my golf balls back, I get off in my land. Well, if you watch caddy so see, I got your golf ball here. Mr panty off man see what I do. He puts it into the front of his pants. Oh to the sand, trap better, get your petchala fancy. People at fancy dress, probably go humping the air- oh my god, if you were to watch Caddy Shack. Yes, that is true Bill Murray's character is a sociopath yeah, possibly yes, yeah, but the Piggy Palace stayed open and when they were called in the court they pleaded that every thing was for charity. They rightly incorporated the piggy palace good Times society as a charity. My father did the same. Exact thing was a part of his motorcycle Gleich gang than he did for a while before the my dad was actually offered a chance to open up the hell's Angels chapter of new work, and he said no, because you to be a cop before that it was a part of a bite gang called the cycle paths
would do. Is they would go around the neighbourhood and they would they would do put up signs a stop the cycle paths any would do this whole big fundraiser to stop a menace. That is the cycle paths in the neighborhood. They get a bunch of money from the people and then they buy beer with the money he already had only just raise hell gap. It was, it was an illegal scam. Operation arise to community, and then he went out to be a police officer, which is when we talk about systemic issues, within our law in force, but he was a fun guy back when fun was different and I'll be out in a different way. Will one of the big things that you gotta understand about Peggy Palace Good Times, society was that there parties were similarly attended by off duty police officers and high up city official I started going down this line a little bit I sort of researching. I saw some really interesting forums on the internet.
Talking about the conspiracies involve without Willie Picton was may be used by several high end, different gill people, various parts of the government and police officers to clean up cortical clean up the streets- and I mean- He was a member of the Mkultra and, like all this kind of stuff, very deep- and I was like I was getting very excited, and so I saw the very end of this guy there was posting all of his really juicy stuff connecting to Ganem Doug Marshall. There was a that was originally acquitted. It said that he was a murderer and then they got false. Evidently all issue was cunning question. Why why He was released and all of this shit. They said that he was technically innocent, but then they were like. Maybe he was covered up at the government. I was oh, this is interesting. At the very end of areas like and then the person, Things said This is how I knew that Willie Picton wasn't killing clones of me like everyone else, because like bark, and how are you are you are you know and that's how you could tell these sex workers weren't plans because they did not have the same clone debts in area as a whole. I was always insane there. It is start from the book
I would say, with most internet can spare if it becomes anti semitic or just absolutely it say dead, just to confront like just to control. F. Zionist also has also our there's a lot of different things. The adding large role in places like is this going to be a reliable source in this really. This may have some to do with my Willie was investigated for so long, not because of any big stupid, fuckin conspiracy, but because these guys were out at the piggy palace every week and because the picky palace was apparently funny she like it was superfine they I am like everybody was party and its called like a pal. Yet people would actually run out the piggy palace for like anniversaries and birthdays and shit like that, so everyone loves the piggy. Palliser did have to be an odour right. I had just relic of food. Back in Lubbock like there was that were, went to college. There was a stock
outside of town and any time We wind blew from the stock all along smells like cow shit. He wasn't even right. Next to lovingly on could be miles away from a stockyards. You could still smell that cow shit from my my eyes, I had an experience like that recently, the whole town just smells like like that, and it just as what it as gas. So did. Definitely these serious you got to the peoples, you definitely to deal with the smell of pigs yet, but once you get used to it and what is you know and you get used to it. Real fucking paths- Erasmus, your daddy holding knows the you do, or things wouldn't really get out a hand with Willie Picton until he met accomplice, Gina Houston, who will meet In part, three o my while our
there. It is Willie peaked in part to what a maniac. What a strange story, I can't think of one quite like this is a really bizarre story in really you not by us like we get this story from on the farm on this book. That's it. You know. It's amazing, investigate a piece of investigative journalism and where having a really like skip over a lot. stuff with Willie picked in here. So go. We the book, very long but very detailed, its outsides, it's my favorite true crime book of the last couple of years really, I could not recommended enough, like does the like the full fleshed out story. These stories, yeah so much fun it's fun. I'm sorry, it's just like it's interesting, but like the full fleshed out story of not just this person, not just really Picton, but also Dave, then a lot of the other. She goes into a lot of the other people that hung around the Picton family and, of course, you know going
to the lives of the victims are going into lives. The people who worked in Vancouver down, town s side, you know that the nurses and the volunteers and the case workers its view. very detailed, and it really it puts you there. It's a m. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes true cried yeah. That's not how will tell you what, though this story does make me happy. I've shower. Oh yeah, I'd really very really has made me feel clean. I feel Clia kind of a kind, The ugly meets Texas, Chainsaw Massacre, very, very traumatic stuff here, all right. Well, that is that Super Willie Peyton Party will pick it up now. Is that can be the final instalment night next want me? I'm not sure. Yet all I've got a lot to get yet we still have in shape the rest of it. Yet so yeah we just gotta, we really have to do.
It into will see a big might be part three, my it might be three parts of my before pardon I haven't started on the next is above all right. Ladies things case, you didn't know these things take a very long time to put together. Yes, they do and that's why we are so unwillingly. There is unbelievably thankful for all the patron subscribers. Thank you so much for allowing us to do this. Yes, always so much, and you can check out the patriot. How did they get to that's gonna hate, your and our com? Slash last podcast on the left. We appreciate anything everything that you want to give us. You know from a dollar up always always appreciate it. So much. Thank you so much. It's really great. We had a bunch of shit to announce yeah, so we got our la show, I believe, is completely sold out in October twenty TH, the Lra theater they're. Still I got an email there, they've released a couple of more tickets, get those tickets are still available, but there are very few, I think, there's something like fifteen tickets. So go and get those as soon as you can there's an opportunity get to free tickets. If you donate to the no new deeds
loathing, drive that we have going on several occasions in LOS Angeles, which is at the high, In a gallery and Burbank, we ve got the bearded lady significant. That's that's over to Burbank, and we ve got the big foot Lounge and Glenville. We got a box, you drop off whatever we're lookin ferments clause only because of the concentration of women's closer to carry out there, but any closer accepted any sort of items that would like that people can use specially teenagers could use. You go drop it off in the in the bucket and then you go and you take a picture of it. Running scram hashtag, Sound SAM Hayin, Gala, witches, Salwen, Gala, Hashtag, no new duties and we'll pick one ran a person will give you two free tickets to the show, all right. It's just that easy and then, let's see we have to show in Alma Javert we're David Target, our its October, its Christ. It's time I feel in the air. This is. words like everything into port. Remember this hollow in season. It's not just one day here following can be every day. if you just let it into your hearts, dress, addresses a creepy skeleton dresses
skeleton and go to work in re roses sexy which and go to the Dm Vienna July every once in a while, and also hide or no we're gonna have our listener. Posture episode coming up we're gonna people through your people have already. If you got scary stories and this time honestly, let's get some fuckin good scary shit, I want an abduction story, real bad, a real abductions there. As about to say, like the fuckin pyramid of human heads story in Iraq, that we heard last year, millions of area not here we have a moral fibre. Yes, yes that work and people submit those store us amid those sources to the last part cast network at Gmail, Dotcom, awesome and we're gonna, be, I believe, we're gonna be taking those calls on the Thursday, but for that Asia Show actually we're all gonna be an allay together. So we're gonna take those as Rum Henry's apartment,
in a way so that were only gonna be taken. Calls for just that day that's the only way we can get out there, a finite amount of time. So hopefully, yet both we'll get the right calls and yes and will also be taken written submissions. If there are people out there, they wanted just type out their story and type it in a fund. Narrative way feel more comfortable. Doing that, then, just talking us over the phone do that too. because that would be all we would read those alive or allowed on the Shetland keep it keep it a little bit sure when you think five to seven minutes yet even shorter than that he had been very short. Keep it concise. Keep that keep that shit on point. And, of course, will do a little editing as well. So if it's a Luba too long as we are all right, so is that base this? Basically a right will ya followers on Twitter, at Henry loves you had Marcus parks have been castle, follow us and is a grandma doktor Van Tasty at Marcus Parks had been cancelled, the number one and far less pot guessing left and all the bullshit at LP on the left or right. Everyone Hale yourselves Hale, Satan again: let's do it whose relations sure
The hail me at all What I say this man, you spoke Just- don't go to pig farms to Lady Alice, you know the guy, but they knew they got to actual. I guess they did yeah. I guess I didn't know no man. I mean this really like the pig farm really. The whole thing really reminds me. This place back home called Judd like these. this party every year called Judd fast in Egypt and I've been a bit. New, a party like that before kites Buckingham, There are black. George rose out of Gray Judd, fest road for the peace. Your first few years, Judge Vest was an absolute fuckin blast. They just put a country banned on a big flatbed trailer. Nobody just hang out in a field and get back on track for three days. Journey fest was a fuckin blast, technically you're, the one that most people thought would be a serial killer. Now you are safe for markets. There were plenty of other guy ended its besides me right now. We're maybe that'll. Be that competition at the hollow show in showing anyway
whose most likely yes now they actually for mercury, where you're funny costumes for little that's it alright, everyone dodgy zooming installations, and be sure not to wear a be sure, not wear a costume that obstructs anyone else's view. No wings, no wig. Oh my good bye. Good to go Marcus good to go all right, it's time for the patreon shoutouts. Thank you all so much. We also want to plug our hail yourself. T shirt yeah we got. This is a limited edition. This is limited edition. It's only going to be on sale for about another week. You can go to represent com, hell yourself to check it out. Yes, check it out all right, everyone, let's start the shoutouts Samir Chanda. Thank you all so much. Thank you so much and he and banana hand, but an eminent. I believe it is an awkward teen reference. Ok, Christopher Mayberry, Chris Hughes, Mary proceed, o Laura Lowery, Anthony Higgins and Becky dealt?
Oh thank you! So much dough drawn not to be confused with, though tart retard the charred sir? Ireland has corn. Well, William Bennet May in Managua your bowling nurse Leia. Thank you. Nurse Leah, Justine, adjusting Snyder we're just teens night. I think it's just you know, there's an ear. The YAP Justine Snyder will Thornton Jamie King king oh see, willing to nets. That is that's a friend of ours is gonna bra. What up Laura Mead will Griffith. Let's do you want here with just in luck and Bow Rebecca Laissez, Ray flog, art, Jake, No Y, know Cowskin no Cowskin, Noah, Cowskin, TIM Ill jail this Jacqueline Psmith Zoe through it Courtney members Heather, more AUS, Christopher Cooper, Jasmine Catholic set
Gower goarly goarly pile Bompard, John D, Zurich and Ramirez, Kristen p Kelly Patten M J bread. Ryan the larvae and Jake? Hence inhale. Selves. Thank you so much we got run on. GINO Brian. see. Norville Matthew, chaser Seth be skinned Hannah jobs just in key curly hair TIM Brandy, Frederick Bryce RE, will W Sawyer Backer. learn. Nickel, said Jane Sedge Richard NET ie to law, unknown Vanessa, album embarrass Mallory unity, m C mega scalps MC gossips, Laurie George Megan pay. yes, that's right. Supper.
pretty houses spelled painless p a I asked I believe, painted this is paid in: U S with Pertness palace payments will be lost Cooper Man see how events Satan murder trip gassed Daniel Beach Sonia, mom, Josie, Wicks disarray, Johnson, Jeremy, Multi, Saw your landers be Mcdonald: Lindsey Mallard, Rachel Parker, said Tom Collagen nest. London Jennifer him, Alan Anon, Catherine Allison, Jeffrey Connor's. My gooch. Christian Tom, Lucy Roswell? Sarah Erin, Saint Romam, dog shiver, Ay Samuel mayor may hear LISA Hamel J, Cornel, Scarlet, lugers I'll call D.
tells us Danny Tatum Daniel treasure, journalists have got about Stewart. rod. Victor J T End Murdoch, Lydia, Ass Bird, William Hingham, SAM Law Mike Lockerbie, Jason, sit Alec Forests, Nora Clarissa, fuller, Chris Gutierrez, Kate, Manson Ridge, car Ski Polly Smith, the boy of Pittsburgh, be Boy Pittsburgh, Jennifer G card class clown, Johnny Gay, seeing Yanks Laurel What do you know Tony Minos, James Nap James, are Hernandez. Daniels's go Joseph Charlie's worth genuine data, Zoo, go daddy,
go daddy ever ever ass. I do. Charles worth Priscilla scares. J D or body Jessica, Mescal more Bass, Richard Margolis, destined Wolden, Philip, little gesture and little just strand will just right. Samuel Lang, Colleen Smith, doctor Jack and Alice lazy. in MILAN. Lysander Hansen, this when just made it part on purpose, MA, I owe am a Newt Roy Fella Arrigucci Joshua MESSENGER. Don't we know that guy? Maybe Madame Anna Maria million
Cameron, Go Cameron Giles and welcome. Marina already know, welcome Arena, Marino Dan Arena, great quarterback, never won the Superbowl mad Hague, Ryan, Martin, Edwards, Chris Mom power. I liked mum power tourists, the hired Thorsten healed Petersen Chris venture Girul VON Lloyd in Julie, more Andrew Linares, Merriam Ben Gemma, rubber shorts, Scotty Bell Emmanuel La Bundy Helen that Donoghue Cell Use Al and moral Freddy much it Freddie Margaret heard a hundred budget, Herman merger jobs, real name, ready, magic greatly. As a matter of fact, there alone Spalding Peter Emmy Ewing, Riley Thompson. Let me continue
one with Jeremy Johns Chase, the cow ski Sarah Cava, sick, Charles Lahti, Eastern sin Mackenzie to a day or two, eighty, two, eighty toot, or it could just be doing its t, you, I D, a dude, Toot, Mackenzie, dude, killer Lopez to aid to it to it. They could be to get to it. Mackenzie do it. Taylor Lopez, Morgan, Kathleen Holly Wagner, lay David Otter, Olano, Mortensen, Brianna Christian, Kimberly Marsh Beverly Marsh, get poster Robertson Alley I'll. Tell us all Lily Laurel Chris Blackbird, MIKE Fly Hopkins, bugs you of the Red Corner MIKE the Fly Hopkins and Claudia. Thank you. So much Hale yourselves cod, every boy, s Melanie Woodford Josh.
Are showing Merlin Pham Toe in all Junior Steve, Roebuck, nobody W Ingram Jewel, Koona Samantha Hall, Robert Suarez Joey, by goal Randy Causer, ASCII, Flora, Lauren, Ward, Monica Shock, Alison Bournemouth sergeant peppered impulse, smells Matthew, J, Plum Nicole. Why won't allow ski Jacob beta Sarah getting? Antonia led models in Blue Aid cross border better to powder Bell due to do so ebbs Joanne, Beauchamp Jason. Fry box sucks huge Cox, your pal TS, Richard set up what was there was Joe
Jason FRY box socks, huge Cox, your pal ts, wrenched, the eminent doktor J, Tony Alice, you three and militia Kalsaken. Thank you for your money, Marina, Santos, medicine, Fanny Kelly, Catherine hierarchy. John Filmore Matthew, Kitteridge Karen, ouch Emily Herring David Tom Marauder, Galileo cow Berlin in congo- Anna Maria million who sugar and Rice Kelly, Macintosh, Ethan, VI, Megan, MC man, surgeon if Banks E Nick. Thank you, Sir evaluations. You, Sir Joseph MIC, Keegan GO, grant garb Matthias Bureau
Gin peseta piazza key Bs Zackie, NATO's hazard Mark Hershey, Amanda White. Lupi Spence Super claimed asian me. See. Gummy Brittany, Philips think we know Brittany, Phillips, baby. I think we do, but it's also a common name. Toby wax Trevor Mcdonough, Johnny Simpson. Cassie go. Eddie Erin careers Zachary. She think Zachary, reach will do play Sizemore Christy, classy meal, Macfarlane, Taylor, Pinheiro, Sophia, Olsen, James Booty, Matt, Yunker, Megan, Boatwright, Stephanie Schumann, Catherine Peak Peace Teresa, needs Charles Hame acts, more Lahti John Bela Nathan, brochures, we'll logic. Sarah names
J Anderson Seth Joseph Rick's row hit. Elizabeth Stank see where It uses to advise our era. We allow clear agnor, genomic master and Rhin Beach, Thank you. Also much hale yourselves! You have made this all possible. We look forward to seeing you all to live, shows coming up in the very very near future so I think I only so much yeah. I we do this ghost relations. Everyone has how gain enemy.
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