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Episode 290: Robert Pickton Part III - Mrs. Pickton

2017-10-13 | 🔗

On the third part to our series we cover the multiple times in which Willie Pickton could have been caught in the late nineties, including an attempted murder, a witnessed murder, and an attempted murder-for-hire, plus Henry gets deeper on the Vancouver clone conspiracy. 

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There's. No way to escape tourism is the last time on the left, cannibalism started. See those aware of the fact that the Illuminati I'm calling Luman naughty because they ve been bad. I got that, is they may clones using discarded for skins? I didn't know that I was actually to was actually vaguely whereabouts really there is that what happened today, agro space? I guess you ever the ones you love her. Every word of welcome to the last body as the left I beg Kizil bark as part of their low and Henry's arouse, giving wearing fully clear.
Didn't was Angela. I close it. There was a bit of a nip in air, so I decided to share the world to my name in a full day. We are talk. I knew I actually. Seventy two degrees set of my apartment. I've made cold in here. It's ninety five degrees. That's how I look at that. Sixty warrior in New York, the weather update lap. I guess the laugh will go to our helicopter. I in the sky up here later on in the short term, to to fire. You gonna make it of everything on fire robber picked in part. Three, it's all about to fall apart, my god, this rise is about to get intense in nineteen five Willie had a victim of his found for the very first time she was never identified. But by the time this Jane DOE was found, its probable that Willie had killed up to twenty women. Nine- that its base off of John DOE Boat, but just for one,
If you had an unidentified victim, can't you call it like a Veronica dough, Anonymous, Stasi Adele, who that would be nice heads though the prettiest girl to ever governments gods actually look like her name, then she's probably was murdered, Oppose Port other dough thought February. Twenty, Third. Ninety. Ninety nine, a roadside birdhouse unworldly gig salesmen named Bill Wilson, walked down to a canadian swamp to fetch a bucket of water to wash off his car. You huh this guy. You can just see the sweat on his brow, just like no it's by Worley, guess what the hell am. I was to do a disease broken in a car.
The whirligig is going trying to kick up a breeze. By what can you say? I got all this pictures everywhere that wasn't even from his pig farm was from my home, so I better just pull over to the side of the fucking road for some reason and go to a random creek wash off in the swamp, but instead swamp water bill found half a humans, all sitting on a better rocks, now, while most of us would immediately find a police officer Bill Watson took the canadian path instead and said: he'd get around to it after a gun to his doctors. Appointment as afternoon chop. At the time you done all that it was time for bingo night anyway, they got regos. What are they going to do with how big it I went out. Don't worry exactly worthily. Gigs guy got to show up anyway. He didn't have a full homes figure to sleep or that sharpening bingo the police station in the morning. I know we're making fun of it
I kind of like sorted like this guy took him until five o clock, P M the next day to well as way over to a police station report that he'd seen half a human puckered skull in a slow, you're sure the guy had a criminal record and didn't want to get involved its half a skull bone in an anonymous tip from the fuckin bingo. How did make sense to me is obvious, yet a criminal record which why didn't want immediately call the police but promise is still called the police. Just don't call point, thirty one or the other either just don't get involved at all or just do it immediately. So you look incredibly guilty for just carrying around a skull or been like I've been knowing about for the last thirty six hours right right. So you didn't pick up the skull, though he just left at the highest level of air yeah. He said at first a boy. You know it looked like a brown bowl makes it
but when he got closer with half a human Scott, so wind cops finally got around to the skull. They found that it had been deliberately sliced in half from the back of the head to the front with a powerful saw. They figured it done by someone familiar bone slicing, but wasn't done by a medical professional as the cut lines were uneven. Bob Bob Jeremy dear no work kerosene where the bone slicer was. Maybe I should get out of here. I don't know. Actually let me call a mimic paper paper. Airborne, slicer good. I see it as a family family. You were asking Georgia. Diet is very good, very good slice. It any bald yesterday afternoon, nor no that was four days regarding nuclear, their nerve glare, thank God, miss that paperwork. Furthermore, they knew
skull had been the swamp for no more than a couple of weeks, as there were still some flash attached, including the nose, and none of it had been eaten by animals yet, but also knew that the woman who skull this belong to have been dead for somewhere between twelve and twenty four march. Oh, my god is a bone was covered in a substance called adequacy air. What is that grave wax lever. A grave wax builds on boned when the body fat, decomposes and mixes with water. I would have so much grave wax on my body. I clear way honestly sounds like a thing I had at home and infection Atlanta like we screamed the bones after we buried them an end, its fourteen, ninety nine. While that's a deal at any price that they knew the sky, had been the smart long enough for all this grave wax to form in that location. So where could the skull had been? Well? It's a pretty good bet that, before it
thrown in the smart disco had spent some time and Willie Pickens freezers. We can infer this through too pieces of evidence found unwilling farm burst when William and was finally searched. They found a rib bone that match the DNA, of the skull. So we know this woman, whoever she was had been killed on the Picton property. When you say Ray bones, I still get Well, maybe back baby, mainly big about real. That's you know, Michael Myers. The comedian really ruin that make my bad bad Austin powers. Second when the freezers and willing workshop were searched. They found a further two human heads in cut in half exactly the way the Jane dose had been cut out. What are your Setting up a refrigerator, you got Dahmer or Picton what do you want to open up? What which one is more or a fine? Well, knowing what
found in both the here's. The difference is that it's me ready to go dollars was in a bridge. Yes, Dahmer suggested a how Laguna House again not apartment pinkertons was in a huge chest: freezer. Okay. So so you got it for it to defrost, there's more to spend their so ok, so you know what open pick it up. Yes, we picked in as far as I am concerned, I assume there to be several severed human limbs in one of those big chest razors right, so I think the Dahmer would be more surprising and also the kind of them are called things the Dahmer did with them like paying of coxswain. Unlike do in all our interests, the Cox Kissimmee that Really is his specificity you'll soon you don't want the God. Hath draws its them. It's all of em has always acted. Cause origins of arousing you're you're hung up on the Cox. Mr Rescue. Do you find anything else other than the Cox at the zoo, Dahmer House? I hope
not the fridge, and I saw the bulwarks and the first thing I thought I saw the little mouse of Muslim go rider save me new savory, because Cox are born with mild. We ve lost, those heads were found on the pact in farm in two thousand and two hours Jane DOE was killed somewhere between one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. That means that by the time, Molly was finally caught, he'd settled into a nice comfortable, routine. That had already been established at least nine years previous and, as we know about killers that have their own homes and their own spaces as it, they really do spread out and they get really really comfortable and there is a will. There is a way of doing it at every single time. I would now
at this point, comparing them like an ad gain, whereas whole house kind of became a play land for him and impact on its own. Like weird separate area on the farm, he could you ever he wanted, and essentially they like that. No one was looking at him because he was the weird brother there was. Different, then, is cool Dave, look and brother games, a throne Dave that remind me of what I was wondering where everyone, no one's looking in these freezers, Willie's his property was way in the back in their new another guy who was around those freezers. Member pat Casanova, of course Casanova. Yet pack Casanova was out and about he was around at the time impact Casanova gonna come back into the story. When we talk about the Tri, like India and in canadian Casanova anybody with a penis over five inches long, though we don't know exactly how the skull ended up outside a pittance property or why
It was the only piece of evidence recovered outside of Willie's form. One of the things we do know is that Willie never disposed of the sculls hands or feet with the rest of the body. Parts The rendering plant is all those things are distinctly human and would be recognised, should work or take a peak inside the barrel and that's up and they will call the police stages, won't, render the meat right, Amy and egg it somewhere else. Waylaid somewhere out of sheer funding is funny that olive and because we weren't there render and planned in everything as about our whole lives, is upside down and bad. But thank you for coming. Thank you for business. Don't don't stop gotta distinctly human like loving Frazier! Isn't this deeply humility always scenario I can see is Willie. On his way to the plan to dispose of his latest victims body is somehow realized. He'd left an obvious human body part one of the barrels picked it up. Out the window rather than rest travelling around with this historic
This is a. This is a blooper reel for a serial killer. It is this is a blooper okay. So by early one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven Willys numbers were approaching thirty. That's when he picked up Sandra gay Ringwald one of the few women that we know of that survived a violent encounter with Willie picked? Now a lot of turn on the downtown Eastside were understandably a little apprehensive of going all the way out to Coquitlam from Vancouver, especially with the rat face picture it smelling. Weirdo like Willy picked. If you know what's interesting, is that I was trained Alex. Can I mine to try to figure out like exactly what picked and smelled like and I cross over here in my neighborhood. They have dog shit garbage cans. There are only four dog shit, real any just sit in the California son. Although on something else, and as you pass it just like all, that's picked and speak
that is brutal stuff and then I hope, no one rummages through those garbage cans. Why would you I don't know? I saw a bunch of people rummaging the other day say: that's not that's! Not the garbage kinda rummaged through its only dog shit, it's gotta, be a big like poop thing on the only guy's going through that is the the weirdest, saddest veterinarians, scattered colleges going about their whose just tell futures from dog shit relieve them? for the city worker. That's gotta clean up all the garbage cans, its followed dog Doug. I saw it all off one us, I'm sorry this morning from the UK, they had those in the UK to us. Earlier this year I saw a story of an old man is said, he'd been put in his letters, one of those four wired guinea to Marjorie Marjorie. Did you give my laboratory never rights of local up,
Billy apprehension that women felt by going to Willie's farm We got around that by offering a right for their services higher than market value, bought. A hundred bucks plus he'd give him free drugs as a bonus. Remember Willie was a millionaire any Laguna goddamn trailer, so he had money to spend a for a lot of these women. Even under Box. Wasn't enough to put themselves in the kind of danger one could get in You going with the guy like Willie all the way outside a town, but Ringwald needed money and needed fast. So she got in the truck and took a thirty minute trip out to the farm when they walked the Willie's trailer Sandra, made note of the large knife sitting on the kitchen table to them when in Willie's room and had what Sandra called regular sex on Willie Sleep and back
cut to him wearing a full clown. Outfit squeaky notes see if you could fit the type of my own cock inside my ass. I come now come on. I baby honoured box type of it I shall came or add, am edgeler sex is serious about five minutes. He handed her five twenties, they got dressed and she figured that was the end of it then Sandra Ass to use Willie's phonebook. So she could call a prepared to tone on our way back to Vancouver with the money she Odo she needed to the phone book. First of always. Second. So Canada pimps have their numbers,
but under p for Papua. No, no. She knew this. Is it the S our of a single room, occupancy hotel that he lived at the name of the hotel, so she had to look it up in the phone. How do you do that, though? Why should I would you just randomly get into a fuckin van whither? I mean I understand. She's, these things are the obviously she's in a besieged our target lights. Citizens actually set time. Crunchy reads the money fancier she's in a tough plays by cheap, you know was it she wanted to call up or gainsay like hey, I'm on my way back to Vancouver. I got your money I'll, be there. In thirty minutes hours ass, she was flippin through the pages she felt Willie walk up behind her and when she turned around Willie grab your left hand and snapped on a handcuff, but before he could cut the other wrist Sandra fought back, she remembered them. If she had seen earlier and while she fought off Willie with one hand kickin away she reached for the knife with the other. Finally, she got a hold of it
lashed away Willie catches, juggler, oh no suck the next slash, went through Willie cheek into his mouth, cutting out some of his teeth and cut off a piece of his job. On in the process on are not beautiful face right, but that didn't will it now? He kept advancing honour and Sandra realise the only way out of the trailer was through him and she doesn't know how she got outside. She said she coldly blacked out, but the next thing she knew she really were outside fight next to his truck Willie men. The rustle the knife way and he stabbed her twice in the abdomen football. But Willie was gettin weak from blood loss. Losing consciousness. So Sander was able to grab the knife break free and run towards the main road with their intestines half hang this is the shadiest version of the end fight a Wolverine Nude Logan about but yeah. I was
gotTA, Matthew, willards character as well from screen died, know once she got to the road. She saw two houses across the street with reports lights but neither answer the door when she was Bang on screen. Someone was trying to killer. Finally, a couple in a car showed up and Sandra flag. And covered in blood and as they were Ivan way. Cylinder pointed towards Willie's form and said. If I die, that's where the guy, who did this to me live, saw no way no way. Someone did that t there. I get my Hammond air me go over there. You just gotta move a couple, a barrels form they get all Diane Fellows. I guess it does give it you with his head, misery. Air that is, is very similar to the ending of Texas Chains massacre. That's exactly what I was thinking now when they got to the hospital driver, told the police what the woman had said. So they went to Willie's trailer,
found him lying there in a pool of his own blood, so they took him to the hospital is well you'd think this would be one of those ass, a movie moments with a woman wounds that when gets away gets picked up by a passer by in the killings breeze over. But as we know, it did not work out that way at all whom Willie story was that he had cash out on the table when they got to his trailer. So she saw the cash she grabbed a knife and try to rob them. He fought back in self defence and she was stabbed in the press ass, though the police they actually tried here at the very beginning, and least they charged him with attempted murder, but when the time came for Sandra to testify in court, she didn't show up, because she was absolutely terrified of what really an Dave, my dude or if things didn't go her way. Oh my it's kind of insane bright because they are big business men in that area. Its both like there have connected with the mob? No end,
bikers will not not not the neck valentines angel Healthy, held Vancouver. My boy outwards. All that allow. I just beaver pellets on their headed, do waterborne guys with Sera spun. They keep Syria to permit, but they were intimidated. Scared or enough. I wouldn't I mean there's no way the sex worker wants to go and testify. You know that's not where they want to be absolutely not in David, hired a private investigator to follower, I mean, She knew that these she knew the reputation of these guys and she knew that they had money and she knew that they were powerful, and if I like, Willie, had hired one of the most expensive, regular lawyer and all Vancouver, so she knew that there was a very distinct stability. This guy was gonna, be able to argue self defence with Willie, and there was a big possibility was going to get up and then she would be fucked malls
possibly that she knew that Robber Picton was intimately involved with cleaning up of clones for them by areas cloning centres Illuminati being washed remotely by their clones in Buckingham Palace with Queen with this. Comes from the revelations of Donald Marshall. It is it out Illuminati clone a whistle blower any says the robber picture was murdering sex workers. I know what they would do is that when clones go to sleep, you can trance
the consciousness of one cloned to another, full bodied club and then watch it and the Queen Elizabeth and all them would sit and watch robber, Picton, murdering sex workers and just lap I've. Just that simple, ladies and gentlemen, open your eyes at their beds and Donald Marshall, go on to write the song lady from Kenny Rogers, because what happened is that Donald Marshall, when he showed up when they were so, he was picked up now, who is Donald Marshall Doll? Marshall? Is the internal, the Illuminati clone whistle blower, that regional illness and put back the curtain and all this, and I have a website on Irish Donald Marshall, Dodd Commentaries, Amateur Donald Marshall Revolution Don good at and when he says, is that when he showed up to be what is called a diddle kid five years old Muse made as close to be shared by all the various members at Illuminati, Buckingham Palace. O this been has some deep drama romeo to affair. You avoided ash out. He avoided because, apparently so willing when he went to go suckers first Dick he started crying
Guy said all the aluminium you're like this is not sexy, but this Illuminati like what can you do before we kill you? What can you do began to sing a song first song, he sang was the song lady, like hey, Rogers, that they stole from him and then using Kenny Rogers Clone made it a number one of billboard hit six weeks in Haiti, and then they went heathen wrote. Several more songs for Madonna, heroic, became known as the amazing song boy. This is true, I don't mean Illuminato, am I mad? He of any of you know what else you famously penned, the song We spend wall by icy p that I also do not know. Exert icy be, did a full crisp. Renoir Our ip saw him look at me, I'm not sure of its applicable to the episode, but I think I went through your age this or not for five day, o god so back depicting since
Sandra Ringwald did not show up to the trial. The self defence we held in all charges against Willie were dropped. It would be for work more years before the killing statue naturally, word of Willie's encounter with Send Ringwald spread around the downtown s I pretty quickly, but luckily for Willie he had the services of his friend Gina Houston, to make sure the flow of girls never stopped Gina. Was a working girl Connor as to adrift her wind Willie's life around ninety. Ninety three, she world her way into his confidence and was soon telling people they were engaged. Even though in the same breath, would insist that they had never had sex what a long here. Why would they were engaged? Why? What social, current fear? May J d never be touched outside it about marriage?
My I saw you go, do doored because God don't claim the S own. What What social currency did this woman gain? No idea sometimes referred to herself as MRS Picton. Ok, well good for her well Willy. As far as his relationship with Gina went, he paid her rent and gave her cash and in exchange, Gina brought him girls from the east side. Her favorite spot for Willy's dates was the wish drop in. Located in a church on the corner of Hastings and Gore. The same exact block where we did our life show back in August. Gina would talk to the girl she already knew and tone. She had a friend with plenty of drugs and money who was looking for a party. Only thing was you had to go out to his farm and consequently, to do it most would say: no is Willie.
On the drop in centres bad date list, but every once in a while, a woman harder for cash drugs are both would agree to go with Gina. Even though Gina and she never knew what was going on. All my, of course, she did when she testified away. The cognitive dissonance of this woman is amazing. I out she testified Willie's trial years later. She said the out of the forty nine sex workers on the missing women list that were probable victims of Picton. She had known between twenty and thirty
she could lower depot. She gave those women. How many do you think she actually gave to Robert packed and lead us in their obvious what it does and that there is least a dozen? If not more, will look at what happened with dean. Coral and his assistance- oh yeah, there's a part of it works like you kind of get pulled into the demurral any of it, and you are of vengefully a part of the validation system where you're there and the way you're. Turning a blind eye is also giving Picton check marks to go ahead to Lincoln this weird world of like. If we just all kind of pretend like it's not happening and do it kind of automatically than it does it matter, and then you get the perks of being at the piggy pals. Being like unknown quantity in this fight, place of bad asses like a kind of fun like you get? People are scared of. You need to get that kind of aren't you for somebody can actually work out, especially if you are someone that a lot of streets, marts Alec someone who's out there, whose like lived very tough life behaviour,
he will be. Scared of. You is a very enticing thing in ninety ninety seven alone, Willie's most active year bore, teen women, which MRS and despite this at the beginning of ninety ninety eight, a spokesperson for the Bank Hoover Police Department, Said- and I quote, directly. There is no indication of a serial killer preying on women. He was also wearing two. I patches, though your life Agis out any literally at corks in his ears and his hands had offered menthol. Naxos itself was all distorting. Yet when you said spokesmen, I did think like Mass garlic, MR met, that's where they should get out of the new government has just a big heroin. Needle that same year a story was published in the bank Recent about Sarah De Vries has either De Vries or devise. She became the de facto face of the missing women in Vancouver and after the summer,
was published. One of the writers got a call from a man named bill, his Cox Last year my debts are thirty. Three years old, I am going there his cost. What it said, my whose MRS Urca his Skaggs said that you'd recently work for a man named Dave Picton during the course of his employment had gotten a no dates. Brother Willie, his Cox said he's quite a strange character, ay Mary, very strange,
that's the only descriptor that tell everybody describe Willie. All these drawbacks are always a weird when yet plates like when peoples, and always Hastings oil have been other bad neighbour. I dare say that team that bit obeyed cookie do their what're, you doin to adapt, prostitute, slighted, nereids, open air, goodness gracious. Now, while bill was on the Picton farm. He'd also had many a conversation with LISA yelled, Willie's old hotdog friend. They used to go to magic, shows with member. That's right. Yes, tat. They had more than once talked about the mountains of women's purses these and clothes gathering Billy's trailer all, combined with the attempted murder of Sandra Ringwald made hit made his Cox thing. Maybe that was something up here: yeah yeah I don't know, This is what he said: he's gonna farm out import Cook, Whitlow Menino, a frequency
down area all a dime for girls. You know what that guy he's. Doored, it's like really weird, but he is right in a book called. If I did, I mean- and I was like I was like I did- want any just like all you see all gay, that's weird whatever it is? You do on edge weird. It also was crazy, weird nine eleven New York, weird stuff so worthy. Why were yours? This is arenas. Ninety nine! Ninety, ninety eight, my good ok thing was his Cox went to the Vancouver son only after he had gone to the Vancouver police Ok, all they told him was that they could. Just go in there based on assumptions, judge you care what else you please, but to give them least a tiny bit of credit. They did put Willie under surveillance, so they did something.
The guy to focus more Scots area. Just try not to do it, I'm the best under cover up. We voted, I go moose. I could sniff like a beaver two officers or one moves up. I want to be the top of a moose. Now I want to be the head of the moors. I'm saying no charge it you're not bothered about most pass lieutenant. As this point most people in the p d still didn't want to admit a serial killer was responsible for the missing women. They did no, though, that in nineteen ninety five other serial killer had killed three downtown girls, whose bodies were found in the woods they had his dna. They also had Picton. Dna far from the Ringwald assault, so they compare the two and, of course they didn't match, but since the Vancouver police depart
couldn't imagine there being two separate serial killers operating in Vancouver. At the same time, they stop surveillance on Picton after two weeks, when turned him loose yet again just the two cops should abandon the moose castor, like mid share from it. I got to text all right ride resignations? Don't worry! You go back to be a normal about you guys, you guys you, the brass took around you gotta do any! They could save, how many lives could these officers have saved if they were just just miles? the pro active and wanting to do their job fifteen. Maybe now my I think about at this point. Ninety eight. I think he out about fifteen Mordechai Jesus created a thing about. I was just listen to. No doubt we are in jail,
Oh genes? All of this is that with the strange thing is when you know ninety ninety eight was so recent me. I was that it was very recent, but it was also long ago. Wouldn't it then it was twenty years. I realized. I was twenty years ago hours ago. We are elderly that twenty years ago, but there was one guy. Not only thought but knew almost for certain was at least one serial killer in Vancouver throughout the night. Ok, that was our man came rossmore the profile we mention. The last step is ok. He'd been telling cops among many other things to look. A cluster dump site, meaning whoever was killing. These women was probably keeping the bodies, or at least part of the right in one place, which he what yeah ok, but not only did they continue to ignore them
They fired his ass and nineteen ninety nine without using him once and all the year language in their dumb shit backwards, police department. Ok, now, please Tomorrow, by the way, it was headed by a man who lie to say he wouldn't even piss on a sex workers. She was on fire Jesus Christ. It's great It's all aid we Canada is a paradise, is Canada's. This is bound Coover. This is very unique. Business, not like this. A great people of Montreal or Allegory Vancouver Unique Place for Canada will, when they started looking around at all the different major cities and in Canada, which there's like five but when they started look around all the other major cities like they were seen, their missing persons department was pretty small and not very busy, like maybe one or two here and there like they look at Toronto. They look at Calgary in their like oil. We got like two or three missing women we're looking for, but then in bank, Words are in Brasilia. How many you guys are all
Forty nine yards. Quite really I and what are you doing about it? You know time. Is you just gotta? Wait? I got awaited. You see this apparent. I got it. I got. Sometimes reward really come to those who wait to sit there and they're going to wait right. Look at it. Forty nine women are missing. We're not really doing that much about it, but you get it's just way to say good for it You know if you wanna get yourself some good pity. Gotta go down to Anti, goes down on the corner that we go and we ignore the forty nine million women and a work were supposed to be doing this way for a little. But this is a slow on it.
Like this is systemic problem, but mostly they want and what we seem to be it's mostly because we got a clue. What happened at these cloning centres that lie in Madonna showed up and that's true. They kill Diana with do no princess Diana. They killed her with the most powerful flesh and other you go. It states that you so much the Vancouver missing persons department. You know how many people were there, how many one? Ok and you know what he got arrested for two thousand and five- what child porn, repeat, not not long hours, the guy. That was the guy, that they had honestly just remember that they should see the common when he wouldn't you hire a man sergeant Christoph model as mayor Molest might, at least this is horrible. Stop I mean even America's most wanted was ahead of the Vancouver pity of CORE America's most want. It was pretty good, yet they founded episode in Vancouver in July of ninety. Ninety nine offering a one two thousand dollar board for em. For me,
concerning the missing women case. Okay, and by that time there were of people who could have collected on that reward, one of those people was Andy Bell would hook. Andy Bell would was a petty criminal who had somehow found himself living on the picked and property, and he and Welly became fast friends tokens he Willie once you got to know, I'm like to talk because he's canadian earlier these Canadian and they loved a toddler viewer away. You like to tell you about his poor, pitiful childhood and how you it's just a plain, o, simple pig man and so on and so forth. Ass and my pig sense allows me to tell it inherently different types of grain. I can hear when it
it is crying, and I know when to dance forward. In order to entertain a proposal. I can tell you where a pig is within twenty yards. Also, oh, I will fuck your posts, but if you are a guy Willie, just like Dave like to talk tough, who knows why Willie chose Andy to share his secret, but one night in February, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. The two were hanging out and Willie's trailer. When Willie A Andy. If you wanted to go, get some hooker said just like a hard. It's hard question I feel, like you in your body, need to be like really on the same page about sex workers before he just been like, like the three of just hang out be, unlike. Because I want to go, get some hookers out of my life. No! No! This is a family reunion if we are to be with your family, we're here to like going to hang out with the cousins and well, it's generally comes at peak boredom yeah. I think you're just staring someone space in your dislike. I can't be friends with this guy anymore. Unless we get some sex
Willie suddenly opened up and told Andy just what it was that he liked to do it wouldn't. Like Willie was drunk like we said. Last Willie was always sober, the only thing you really drank the hardest thing you drink with seven up Well, then, what almost seven I like- seven- I don't I don't. You know what I came off. The sprite seven up train ray and I left it our bye bye, see a next stop I then recently I went to have a sprite again, which I mean to say is similar to seven up earlier and it's very sweet, very sweet, worthing Sprite one, the lemon lime soda game. There is no denying that right is the regular easily you guys I wanna go get some hookers up. Willie first pulled out all the tools of the trade. There was a pair of handcuffs under a mattress, a belt and a piece of piano wire with handles on each end. He then told Andy Heap
always victim from the east side, platinum with money and free drugs. Willie said once they were back at the apartment. He'd have sex with them from behind bring their arms back slowly handcuff on and then strangle the women to death. He even gave Andy demonstration Wolf this with what this is. What Andy said he got a bad. Any emotion Emmy as after was all woman lie in there for attending stroker her hair and kind. Our motion em what his hand, how you would grabber hand and bring it around or a back. Although there was no woman on the bed,
the power of his pantomime. It was almost like she was there and I have to say I dont know if we went to use Ebay. I second city, but his object. Work was impact upon a powerful pantomime. Ok interested really, then told Andy. He take the body out to the barn. Hang it from a chain, bleed it good it in feed the rest, the pigs, anything the pigs didn't eat was sent to the rich. In plant. Any didn't tell a goddamn soul about any this first story. How do you react to use?
Well, you just go while waiting to aggravate the prostitute. We're we're gonna go, do something it is. Are you gotta get out of the all? You know what, instead of getting ochres? How will we go to a baseball game? Tell you what I really due to their baseball player cyrillic? Well, I can't be complicit in three days later, Willie realised that key cannot dump figured he'd better. Put a little bit of fear in Andy Bell. Would William Dave brought Andy Overdue Willie's office? cues them of steel and tools and beat him within an inch of his life before Andy left. They made him clean up his own blood off the floor. Never return to
inform we'll, did steal any tool. No, I didn't know you think I didn't steal. We also know they do like a judge. Willie thing, like a judge, Judy thing every single time. I know there's pig court there and he's gotta like near I'd like pigs. Is it he re lives up and I think a lot of stuff. You know the honest labour they do about. I honestly, though there said, there's a part of me because of marble Florida training- and I feel like that- you may be understand from Texas in Wisconsin- is that when you are kind of lower income, the moron bright. Although the idea of this of this lifestyle is be bad ass means everything like people that today had this kind of idea of being evolve, involve with a criminal organisation and they think it's really fucking cool and then what doing is really cool and everything's totally legitimate. They re it if that caused it.
What really, when Andy, was doing now shown up and trying to be an insider, but here data, which is like a light inside job, he thought that each show up and that may be they go, get some sex workers and hang out new bunch of drugs and be like fun. Criminal lifestyle- oh yeah, it'll, Willie, unloaded on him and then he's like
oh shit up legal egos. These guys got egos their usual maniacs. These guys. Are there just bullies name, you know. That's again, bullies always did that shit where they blame something on yet that you know they know you didn't do it when they still say you did something to pass them off, and then they use that as an excuse to beat the shit out of me, that's get and Willie just goddess, rocks off tellin him his story, because that's really what it's about his egg Willie's just really stupid. Well, I think that we really wanted to show off his unbelievable pantomime. Skill different was it was a theatre show for what they do and in Vienna Box do an invisible Christmas show how you're putting ornaments and individual Christmas tree. I would be nice, size when you have a debt. Historically poor family, you can do that with your children, Christmas, real, it's like there's a tree here, just use your imagination, kids, their government
secrets or broken family daddy, as is the same and he was staying at the farm. Another lost soul named Lynn, Ellingson, with stay in there. As well, and the spit in a spare bedroom and Willie's house she'd been in the office when Andy was beaten, eggs. I didn't seem to bother all that much. She, just another person that well yeah, you know that's the way things go out. You're onto picked and farm anti probably store that also they were right to be. Ok, there's a lot of people coming in, and I know that's what I'm surprised about. How is it all happened? It I just don't they're all complicit obvious, but the longer that lend state at the farm, the more she started to think something was wrong with Willie yeah in Hence the incident with Sandra Ringwald rumours about flying around about how Willie was keeping arms and legs in the freezers. This was
nine. The rumours are going around with arms and legs and that this is not a normal rumour, nine, but also ninety. Ninety nine is one hit me baby wartime are. British fears can also be found by Donald Marshall God. I only may examine Marshall Road through and Brittany Spears went insane because of how many murders her clone was forced to watch and Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth them, which is why she shaved her head the we should. She did a media, drover nuts. We did that to Britain will lend it even approach Dave about all these rumours one day and for a troubles she got taken into Willie's trailer and was beaten and Dave told her not to bring it up or talk to. What about it ever again talk to someone about it immediately. Her suspicions grew even stronger after that in March of ninety ninety nine they were cunt
and in the most horrifying way possible, who one night Willie Inland, were crews and New Westminster? When Willie commented that he'd like to take a work and girl back to the trailer for the night, the two pulled up to a woman and told her: they just bought some crack which they had Olga and they wanted to know if she wanted to head out to Willis Farm to party when they got back to the trailer Lynn and the woman smoke the crack, while Willie watched, eventually Willie the woman went to his room and Lynn went to hurts where she went to smoke just a little bit more crack azure you'll do battle. That is, as you, it's called a night
Don't I crack alike right? Ok, all right! It was then tat. She heard a noise come in from the barn she walked outside and when she opened the doors she saw legs dangling from the ceiling, she screamed Willie's name, so he walked over grabbed her by the arm and made her stand at the end of his slaughtering table. She was absolutely frozen. She said she kept her eyes down, but she saw as Willie tossed intestines and organs into a bucket. The table was covered in blood and sitting in the middle was a clump of black hair. What we can infer from this, combined with what we know about the sculls found on Willie's property and the Jane DOE at the beginning, Is that really most likely scalped the women before song them in half so as to knock it there her caught in the blade and that's the problem, would switching from analogue to machine
just a saw. You don't have to do that. I don't think I don't know, I'm not sure, but I also like how far Chris went to infer this as if he thought about it. He said he truly thought about what they had like Carolyn is in the other room, making dinner or like like having that she's having normal conversation and Marcus just sitting. Thinking about the hair on the table and he's like yeah like what was that it was their markets. I'd always show you scalp the tickets monthly known Caroline, and now I made the most wonderful discovery is really was poor. More of a woman's insights Willie told Lynne that if she said a word to anyone about this she'd be ripest, she told willing not to worry, is all she wanted was her doping booze, so Willie took her back to the trailer, gave her a hundred bucks for the liquor and drugs she could stand and sinner on our way in a cab. Lynn left got plenty of both instead wasted for days,
I actually understand that yeah I got really. I don't think they advertise. He found that on dollars was like the most money you could give a single purse. I guess so you seem obvious going rate of just like, for anything is like. If you get one large beads of nears Audrey Dollar, that I got my night out airy weird. She said she never went back after that night in early March, but on both March twenty ninth, just a couple weeks later and may thirtieth of that year, ambulances were called to Willis Farm because Lynn had overdosed in his train and they were called by Willy ok. Lynne was also get pay us from early now. This is it The room was a complete and total horrible person. She, like the other women came into contact with opinions or absolutely terrified of Jan their friends. Still she took thousands of dollars from Willie over the next year or so, and then is
where Scott Chirp comes and Scott Job Sky darkened job coming out odyssey job, it's it's a massive shame that he did not when a barbecue shedding jobs, Barbicane, credible name for barbecues, Frank Underwood, would go there up a job and who had been workin for the pittance for years Andy Willie offered him a job, remove nails from plywood, so the pittance could resell it. That's a very unique job, no, not really removing nails from plywood yeah yeah yeah yeah when you demolish somethin, you
You gotta, remove all the nails in and you can resell all the wood discounted prize. Yes, but you could still resell all their yeah. It's like shipping, all the brass piping for mouse. It's also very interesting to see how how far they went to make money like the fact that the business was making money and it was like they were, covering all single elements of like trashy moneymaking can like they were just get grabbing shit yeah I mean they were well. That's that's why they were so rich because I mean it was all piecemeal. It was like a ton of small businesses that added up to be millions of dollars is cool. If you're, a good guy junk dealer goodbye junk dealer, I think that's cool- is shared between Like Avonlea Appall, either upon store or like I'd like windows, but something This is very adjust, just God Everything that was illegal. The problem with the patrons there's, not their business acumen, knows the murder without a doubt, the murdering of dust,
and dozens of people that is the worst part Chubbs said, while they were doing the job Willie out of the blue, offered him a thousand dollars to kill Lynn Ellington, oh she's, all job had to do Willie said was too injector with window washer fluid and nobody would know the difference between that in an o d chubby course didn't do it, but it does beg the question: why couldn't Willie just? Do it himself right twice. After the incident in the barn one time, just a couple weeks later, Willie called an ambulance to save lives life when he could have easily just let her die right could be that really didn't want to be involved in any official capacity any death whatsoever. Nor, even though ever called Willie an idiot. He was still smart enough to know the cop to put a tail on him the year before I swear to God, I look at that back window and that moose has a radio I know it, wasn't as dumb as everyone said. He was yet. He was
smartest person, but he also wasn't as dumb as everyone said What sort of a cabin spacey unusual suspect. I honestly think that you know when you have a tail on you, because you're being trailed by the cops and are making it obvious a part of what the cops do we saw which ongoing Gacy did. You show, outside your house and they stared you out of it is their civil, but a part of it. They're supposed to be a deterrent to whatever activities that you're doing right and then, if you really fucked up them, will be re here and grab you but you're supposed to just be watching you in kind of building a holding on you and it's obvious Willie's. Also a career criminal like you, a whole set of other skills when you're a career criminal. Liquid, it's a gear someone you ve been doing this for ever he was raised by a criminal family. So a part of it, you don't, that Mama Fuckin picked in was like cops are bad like a how many times they talk about, like you, don't ever be involved with anything you. Never you never call nine hundred and eleven unless you have to, and then you just you disappear and you let them clean it up, and then you come back like it like that.
Think about Mama picked in the way that Jason Voorhees thinks about his mother, while Jason Bourne. He's: mother seem to be a good person did you watch up, as did you watch? What did you see the earth? We only rebelliousness that was only after various Adra. Is no revision, win crazily murdered what eight children but that was after they were responsible for the death of his Dover. Technically, her kid could swim. I love Jason. What he sorted may be. They died, I'm somebody drowning died himself eat, I'm self, but also Marcus is doing the heritage, not hate version for hoard, for she was a good person before that. Ok, Willie picked this virus announcing tat when he could have even had some twisted sense of affection for and couldn't bring himself to directly harm one of the women that he quorum quote helped but those women that he helped. That's how he justified everything you know
A heel. These you know, scum prostitutes, but just so long as he helped the corn, quite good women sure than he was still a good right in his idea, I mean just the same, whether your TED Bundy would, you know, work the suicide hotline. You know they do these weird little things to justify their behavior, but either way so you Let somebody in a certain amount right worth like now. Lynn knows what are you who you really are, and I think there's a part of it of like not many people know every single thing there is to know about me. And so when somebody is there that does no one seems to not be fuckin it up like you're, basically he's asking chopped murder or out of like a weird like. I should probably do this as a criminal. I should probably murder her, but I don't know What to do because I lodged technically, she hasn't done. Shit like trying like flaring, did the police so nice to have somebody completely on the inside, because it civilian, age homes, your homes was very similar. Having like they got their people, he'd bring the bodies to know what kind of stuff like this
You know that he's got something up and that That creates a system of support free you for you of course, agent. Home said the friends with many a nanny. Don't you fucking me out seemed like a pre audio, maybe detective, maybe maybe Terry the NOME with enormous. Perhaps sometimes I wonder what spraying he'll jammed with related about either way the fact that Willie offered chirp money to killer goes pretty far towards proven that little story about the barn is true, but if you remember sheets, a lot of crack that night, but I feel like crack could make your memory battery. I dont think about going to mess. I bet you don't answer. She's like hypersensitive there. Her surround, maybe maybe but depicting boys they had,
other problems. Besides just Lynn Ellington, the Peggy Palace wasn't people know that the little rascals do so a bog derby raised about anyone gets the money. It is just a bunch of weirded bought hell's angels and canadian Backwoodsman dresses, little kids verses a bunch of Rio little Kay em. Wasn't the busy was bad. It was better than ever in fact,
get an email o hired a rumour famed canadian band nickel bag laid the piggy palace in their early days y know, they're just sit there, just tap on their toes is Bang Inner had just been like. These guys are gonna make a great love nickel back. You know what I think these guys, they're gonna ruin rock and roll music forever for ever. Tell you why you do your model, as is like you, give us a penny, will give you a nickel back as high a J D. I make that money. Now, I'm fine, I'm I'm really, I'm no weird. What is either, but it was the community at large that was sick and dealing with the constant stream of bikers and low life. Why, then, have only ever studies still waited? There were sick of the gigantic raucous, a pig farm which
screaming Phil Withdrawal, Kells Angels and crackheads next to the rendering plan they were echoed by the straw that broke the camel's back rather more. No more n all new year's Eve Party that they had the piggy palace every year in the New Jersey Party is here. Oh sure, everyone looked forward to the pig, your house, New Year's Eve Party, the new year's eve, was rated at the dawn of the millennium by dozens of cops and afterwards the city of Coke Wetland shut down the good Times society permanently. But the thing is and though the police were all gung HO about raising the piggy palace. They were still dragging their feet on Willie pick dead. Yet here be boosted. The fucking piggy Palace, when you ve got
forty, nine missing women in your city, or nowhere focusing on noise can play for the past twenty years. We're doing no noise complaints. You know it's data about the noise complaint is that you can hear where it is your opinion at all, and you just the noise ass. They oases their crime yeah by the year, two thousand, raise told by Bill his Cox Scott Job, even if it is we know, is I don't know why they laugh every time we are lawyers I got along, so we just. I don't know, though the stories told by them and even when Ellington had made their way to police years. It would be another two years police would close and on Willie and even then just open the Fraser, and even then it would damn near by accident, like you will get an all that in more conclusion.
Our series on Willie Picton right well. This is not a great episode for the cops. Now is adding our series for the place, my goodness ground it isn't and we'll get into the next episode where the EU. There are some people that we gotta give credit to the help to catch Willie Picton but you're, not believe what it was that that finally got this guy caught. It is not right, hopefully, as a society we are of value in when it comes to treat people equally and with respect, and the banker were police department. We gotta give them credit as well. After the Willy pick an incident, they did a major overhaul on how they treat sex workers in the downtown side. I would hope so rate that is really great, but maybe it say also swept out the members of the virtually are. There were deeply at it in the higher echelons of the Vancouver police in the canadian police, because a promise that they are sitting on a cloning centre, or also known as the clothes on
I am sure, because what I actually divinely having your internet shut out, really worried. I think we need to move. We need to move you back to New York on I've done a lot of reading and it sounds like you guys are now a part of the problem. I am now the only saying one worthy Illuminati, I'm the only one plugged in words really going on. My friend was more like. Since we live in New York. We don't live like thirty miles from all of our friend variables, like hang out have social interaction with these other alot more enlightened age or anything. I have my stories I have the true. Have you been on your rooftop regularly at the night visits I liked the aliens to prove you see anything in the skies lately ass newfangled? I have. I have yet to note ACE,
disturbing society and, as you see I do, but I did just look. I'm getting the the exam book to be an investigator soon could have to pass the exam in order to be able to shadow somebody on the exam brook. Does the example come with grants or no does not like an open book test or like we have really go to and testing facility till. I have, I think, about of honor of honor. I will take the book in the bedroom and I will try to do it without, but every time is is it it's fucking a hundred bucks, a positive example, my God in Riyadh, dont, think you have there really pay tv I've. Given you wanted you to give them a hug, you got it. You gotta hire a proctor idea, a paper on non into being, and none here with the ruler wandering around. We make a shorter cheat or myself yes, well, you're sedate of California is currently battle in a wild fire. So are we're thinking about everyone over their very under reported. By the way, no one seems to care. The California is burning of an all out. There was only there about the stupid fucking NFL Annette Tire media has been owned by whatever advertising companies that they ve used at a centrally. They profit up, we'll chaos of eurozone rate drumbeat to war. If you pick up but a pick up on that COMECON as a matter of fact, Northrop Grumman, what this is enabling can stop at story, but nonetheless you can
to see they want us to go to war very soon. The profiteers are picking up advertising game. It's all sham like remember California, and do not forget about Porter Ega things artery, don't help only as an importer Rico Porter Rico attached to help we actually we need to find out what the best charity is to give to a well whereby, like I bet, Porter Eco is in dire straits right now, so anyway, you can help out. Please do right, let's see, or so we have to talk about what got on the twenty eighth, we ought Ella we're gonna be there. I cannot wait for that sold out show by older people get tickets if they haven't gotten entry. Duty of you are in the LOS Angeles, a majority area, you're gonna wanna go and drop off clothes for a part of our hashtag, no new dude clothing driver leading up to the October twenty Joe. You got away at the emir did. Lady, Mr Museum in Burma
get to the Big Foot Lodge also, I believe, in Glenville and is at the Hyena gallery in Burbank. You go. You drop off your clothes. You take a picture or at the donation bonds in a new posts at our scram hashtag, no new dude, you're gonna pick one random person will and give you two tickets to see the shell and it's getting late. I'm really really excited and they show remember Costume contest, yet that it's gonna be classy is well. I see shop, clarity and we have time, is going to be dancing. I mean it's gotta, be a dance that you're gonna watch performed to. Yes, there is, there's something about his eyebrows: keep saying that an event is going to be classy, which makes it innately trash scattering limited shrimp, it's gonna class. I clean. Stop. That's it. Let's see what else do we go? We got compatriots and thank you also much vaunted into the patriarchy. I'm really made this all possible hale yourselves. We love you so much. Thank you! So much viewing give door patriotic, gotta patria, dot com, slash last Pakistan let next week I hope to have
I'm still certain up right now, but if it happens then I'm gonna be doing an interview next week apposite, possibly possibly do an interview with an actual survivor of Willie pick them. Ok, that's gonna, be that's gonna be bonus material on our patron. I hope I'm set it up right now and I hope a guy that out by next week, and I also well he's already got a hold of us and she's since a lot- the information that we got to day she cynicism, wonderful reports, as he was quoted in Thank you so much for us and in that Susan, and also thanks to new in turn, Rachel who helped out a tonne on this episode is well. Thank you. So much very cool also make sure you pick up our new, should we have excluded words only available for other five days, and I represent dot com. Slash hell yourself, pick it up. If you and will be a lot of fun to press it to your chest. Flesh. Yes it's a cosy sure it's very I was wearing the other day, may keep.
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