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Episode 299: Pee Wee Gaskins Part II - The Chicken's Tongue

2017-12-15 | 🔗

On part two of our series, we cover Pee Wee's most-likely fictional but still disgusting murders he called his Coastal Kills in Final Truth plus his actual first murders that are just as horrific, called by Pee Wee his Serious Murders.

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There's no place to escape to the, this summer's body, the equivalent of you through a golden retriever into an olympic pool. I really go we're going to go. This is the all right. This is the last ball against left on your bed. Gisele, that's mark. As far as new job or at okay, Henry Hyde I never do anything in the water I go in the pool, and one of my favorite things to do is that I watch all my hairs float up. Never do that and run it through. I have I'm so thin yeah here so thick like all over me. It's so like it used to grow.
Squirrels in our July. I look, it looks like dogs here I covered that going on, but I mean the water now all right, we got part two will be weak. As a kid I mean this episode is going to be discussed in total, full disclosure. Here I don't agree with this. It's going to be to cancel no problem that you said that up top I'm just to help your career help our career. Yes, so I have been currently re in the original stories of Conan the Barbarian by Robert E Howard. If you have it, you fucking should because it is a little como erotik. But besides that the way to go It's actually kind of nice day was Kono erotic, literotica, otico. Ok, it's kind of fun 'cause, it's just big wet thick man fighting each other
even skulls, this sort of a golf yeah, really fun cool, but there's a there's a separate here that room- and it reminded me of p we own and in one just when one moment reminded me of p, all right, Cohn and stared in wonder as the clean classic beauty of that. He's looking at a giant snake covered up by the way, it is very erotic by the way. No, no, no, it is brave there huh Oh, ok, alright, alright, Conan stared in wonder at the cold classic beauty of that countenance who's like he. Never seen among the sons of men, neither weakness nor mercy nor fifteen or kindness or any other human emotion was in those features. They might have been The mask of a God carved by. Master hand, except for the unmistakable life in them life cold and strange which is the Samarian had never known and could not understand.
He thought fleetingly of the marble perfection of the body which the screen could sealed. It must be perfect. He thought, since face was so inhumanly beautiful, but he could see only the God like face finally molded head, which way Curiously, from side to side, the full lips opened and spoke a single word in a route. Sniper. That was like the cool to giants. Three in the the lost temples of teeth, hi. It was an unknown tongue, forgotten before the kingdoms of men arose but cold new will it match. Call reading that you're grown man, and this is remind you of Pee Wee Gaskins, how exactly looking at the steak and he's just like. I am to snake. It went back and forth, but Conan Fuckin' cuts his after spraying bloody cuts, guys fucking, guts, open and all sorts of weird. Should this take women he's always grabbing breasts, so you know he's straight.
It's running around. Like a little kids that mister is great no date, Henry Zebrowski look at but the last night I told Natalie I want to go, see the shape of water, and I tell you what there's one hundred percent more active fish fuqing in that movie. That was the shape of water, it's little hint, it's whatever you put it in. I know it's all right. Let's get back to pee, Wee Gaskins part. Two and again this is get get some bad you're, going down for transport in stolen car across state lines and being complicit in the jailbreak at the contortionist husband on top of the successful garbage, can escape Peewee Gaskins arrived in the federal prison in Atlanta. This time I don't normally say this, but I deserve this person said it still has the final true. I know where the final truth lies and it lives with me being in jail, Oman, so thin
ran a little smoother in federal prison though, and they were a little less chaotic. Unlike the power man, hellhole peewee was used to over in state prison. Yes, now this was in part, As these federal prisons house, both small time crooks like pee, wee an nationally known criminals like New York, city, mafia, boss, Frank Costello, aka, the Prime Minister wow they normally talk to me in the car? The prime minister, because I was elected, did not because I have some domscheit inbred way. Getting sick of the queen. She comes near me. I slept with that. He's gonna kill it dog. What was policy positions. There win this election 'cause. I remember hearing about that cannolis sure you sure you bring, will nice all call my sister from other national science cut up fruit
then. You must like Omar on I get why you want that's a hell of a platform cannolis in the MID 1950s Costello got picked up for tax evasion charge, as these guys are want to do, I did a little cross referencing and it Does look like Frank Costello MP, we Gaskins work in Atlanta federal. At the same time. Of course, the only call source we have on. This is final truth there it is, but we don't know p we side of the story is actually true, because he we goes into it just a little bit. All right, Peewee said that his rep, from the state prison and his brilliant garbage can escape had somehow made its way into Atlanta Federal Anatomical, thinnest, american, so let it go, he is just not like a piece of chocolate, cake crumble, someone looking for transformer, he went into the which again was able to escape that way say.
You can tell me I'm sorry, I'm so impressed yeah. Oh, that's incredible! Bring him to me So, a few weeks after Lynn, banana peels off his head, like a snickers, wrapper, know a few weeks. After p, we arrived, he said: Costello summoned him through a few mob lieutenants that somehow made their way to Atlanta Federal as well, and when the two men Costello, shook Pee Wee's hand and said, saw yeah the little hatchet. Man ha all good making, apparently according to Pee wee, his reputation was so impressive fellow, had even heard about him trying to kill the girl with the hatchet and failing when he was a kid, and so from that day, on little hatchet man is what pee wee was called. Well have
oh man. What I like about you so much man, all the boys, mean skinny, PETE and FAT Greg and what's funny, is 'cause. They give him the nickname and that's the opposite effect picture, which is what I like is that you or your nickname so appropriate little hatchet man. I just want to put you up in my little pocket thing, just like a little tic tac toys like all a moral or a second you suck on you, like all man, will mouth I'll call yeah. He poly in your pocket. He said from then on his real education began. It was the other one he had not yet done. He dropped his phone. He was realistic asian. What was your previous education is the only education he in final truth quote: they were my professors when, follow their advance. Owls came out. Okay, it was that uh,
jobs that are didn't do what they advised that I found myself in deep shit and there's a file truth. It's gotta, be I think the unwanted son of the Simpsons character, the rich Texan, the p. We thought that these guys were about the most brilliant people on earth. Of course he does well since he heard somewhere that italian mobsters were referred to as wise guys, he we order these criminals as the three the wise men, he's bored. Remember his guys is more casual. No, I got upset, and otherwise men 'cause that's what they are big brawny man fit right. Well, I could say you know you know it's so wonderful italian rice, is that they got. You know their italian the size of the rings on their smallest fingers. I don't think you're that smart and it's palm tree right up here we're going to ask you. You know the three wise men, it's a biblical term there they might, they went to the barn met, Jesus and all that stuff, you may say
copyright. I wrote this thing. Picasso said good artists borrow great artists, steal souls funny right, that's kinda good right, I would say that's almost a final truth. You could Maybe you could actually say that throughout final truth, peewee again and again refers to these guys when he talks about dispose. The bodies calling the things he learned from them. Why is rules now? It could be that he, they can all they showed up, but on the other hand, I can kind of see a bunch of New York mobsters taken this little psychopath under their wing for amusement present like a little mascot. Absolutely- and you know you say what you want about the mob- they know how to dispose of a body they are on top of that game was the fellow that we covered there in Canada at the Huntington picked and I think picked in who can who can dispose of a body better? They never
and they never found that one fellow Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa was told to me by a wise guy in my neighborhood, when I was groping queens that he was chopped up and fed to dogs. Is that right, yeah? I was ten when he told me that this thing I'll always remember really great. And can you also imagine that contribui they got peewee desk. It's there. It's like the best part of about, as I also penguins well about, as I had thought it should be. Thank you and bye. Bye. Every single thing they says is mainly style minimal. Based- and I do I do a part of it. That's about it. Put to him. Make me upset but I do like is that every time he knows his right, he gets hard like a little turkey. He said she said we all love. I thought you apiri period. What color is this pen? Oh, it's red, zone. It's a wonderful give. The parties is a good gift, would be nice if we had that you never.
Never tell a lie. According to pee wee, the thing was very serious and very respectful. There was a mutual respect. They're the you cannot rep. Well, you know the classiest conversations happening, glorified bathrooms that have cots in the yes, yes, we'll be. We said the two months for Costello and his men were released from prison p. We got a package in the mail, it side was an English to italian Italian to English dictionary three hundred dollars and address. In New York City on Elizabeth, ST aka Lilly, this did not happen. I don't even get a book covered in hair, so we could do that believe that he got a care package from the moth to come. Show up
and then from Frank Costello, one of the most powerful mobsters of the 20th century now last part about sending an edible arrangement from the mafia. Is that the moocher Dell always slides down the sticks. It never stays. Oh it's not hustle Hardison, anti pasta in the mail. It is or p. We never made it up here to New York City, but about offer he said now. You know, wondering how do for my life model turned out of. I took them up their offer and going to New York and work for them, but I didn't really So I'm comfortable doing what I'm doing. That's not what do you think
it would have been like if you would have joined the mob? You think it would have been better or well. I knows everybody goes in New York City. They got put on fancy ladies shoes and they gotta walk around should do, should millionaires pretended to be their forward wise in order to hide their affairs at fancy parties, and I that kind of sort of not just my buddy Jimmy or any other trouble tree, or that we used to watch fuck each other back in the deck. But there was nothing gay about that other one with boys being boys, Lord there's a little something gay about it. I don't wanna go Well, you don't go so after the mobsters left,
imprison. He says passed uneventfully until he was released in one thousand nine hundred and sixty one ok and ipon release. He rented a trailer from his uncle Dewey Perot and lived with his cousin, Marvin Perry so adorable they work for Obel murderers, which is a lot of people going to wear in the family, the guy. Who can do both well to appear respectable, as he was out on parole. He got a job with a traveling preacher named Reverend George E Todd. He the preacher around, and you know he used his Carney skills to set up her levels and such when the entire time peewee, instead of just hanging around the preacher. He was sneaking off to rob houses. Well, everyone in these small towns were tenant, or he was scouting out,
to come back to later for a little berglin. These poor people getting robbed when they're at church from the preacher, and then they get home and been, baby. We got the double robbery who is Peewee gaskins? How old is he at this point? He is about twenty eight, I think maybe twenty a little less than that, but he's walking around with the reverend he's got robes on in shape. He obviously looks like an altar boy he's dressed as an alter boy he's a childlike size, not dressed as an altar boy. I would if I was Peewee Gaskins address a little rope, so nineteen six to pee wee married his third wife, Jerry. Dolores, but he did not have quite the same passion for her as he had for the previous two about Jerry Peewee said she was fine, What was that she was fine, just fine, as you will find that the final truth, but that's yeah, she was fine. I mean that's really all I can say about that. Just follow closely like at that time
little career focusing so when I got her around there just more like it was just as they have a cover yeah to keep losing my Pussey cherry haha yeah. You were mostly just robbing houses right yeah. I wish my career man. I still gotta track, ok, good to know so after about a year of petty theft peewee committed another unforgivable crime. That would send him right back to prison. Today. While pee Wee was visiting his mother, he stayed at home while she and his wife went shopping after they we decided almost on a lark to go visit the twelve, girl next door, who he knew was at home alone, Peewee raped her in her own bedroom and was Caught and arrested the same day after a stepfather rightly turned him in as fast as he could, but as he was awaiting processing. He jumped out of an open window, thirty feet up and ran away. What is he just
teenage mutant, ninja turtle under windows. But at this point, isn't someone like hey sergeant? Do you think we should shut the fucking windows? Don't want to code is in jail and people might might not want to go to prison, and this is a man that is known for a scaping from prison over and over and over again he said he was so since he was so little. He was able to land on a bush and just be totally fine. Lord cartoon cat horrible dick Ulous. What was it in there is an x men. That's really, Any bounces around nightcrawler is nightcrawler crawler we nightcrawler day he was not a religious person he's also a carny and german, alright well, you know. That's a different load, of course seems to disappear. Sometimes he's a german well pee wee then headed over the South Carolina border Anna stolen one thousand nine hundred and sixty two Ford Galaxie, coincidentally,
the same model, a cart, the David Berkowitz, strokes, who's, also in a who just actually went to the hospital for a heart disease he's actually he's sitting, and I see you right now and we're about to lose another one a man with the in Memoriam at the serial killer. Oscars is going to be very long very long very last year when we were losing all the celebrities people love together, even though I wasn't really that sad and then this year we're losing all the ones that I can't pub. You know like I'm really looking for quick Thursday will be like Jesus must have needed a son son of SAM, well, not over the South Carolina border p. Head out on the Lumbee Reservation and that his fourth wife, Lenny Oxen, I'm going to say this again. Remember I'm going to again remember when you're five foot four, you have to be extra extra charming here it's been banging his way. Everywhere. I mean besides this way, like I guess it's like he did all course. He did horrible crimes, but it's weird
Horrible little man could turn on the charm just long enough to get a white. Right more times. It's actually six six times. It seems like I'm talking about yourself there as well. Being five foot four and having to be charming, do you have any idea that kind of Mugsy Bogues like obstacles? play my size have to go through and there's a there's a size. This campaign out there. This tall people, it's against all people you're in Hollywood, you're in the land of the short man, everyone is short, a man. Now you don't fit in the frame, we're just going to cut you out or will treat you like. They did in naked gun. An not even show your face, and just have bananas dropped your mouth theoretically, assuming that you just eat raw, bananas can remember when we were filming the characters. In your section, characters a member having it was a mistake that just was
literally for time. It's got nothing to do with them, but I remember talking with the dp about shooting you and he's like the problem is, is that I just gotta keep swooping up, so I can get the rest of Benjamin, like she's, trying to The movement casual, so Kissel doesn't see it and you're. Just walking to the side like I'm ready to. Or middle knowing that the man had like do a parabola. In the frame will do some yoga before you fill main and get your body in shape for crying out loud well that marriage lasted three whole months. Before p, we gave his wife, the old I'm going to go to the store and be right back routine, but he at his reasons quote it won't that I'd stopped loving her the wavy, the and bothersome MR around around inside me. It seemed come and more often the older. I pack
You know how to deal with it no other way, except to just leave wherever I was and go someplace different. I got so Legian mad at the world. I just had to get away. We have you, this bar cheers. It's actually a place where everyone knows your name. I think you might like it. It's in Boston, I gotta say: cheers just got some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in a bar. You got that butte. Girl built just right. I believe her name is norm. I just got a saddle up to wait. A second Well, that exert was the first I'm in final truth that p he mentioned the quote: unquote bothersome Nis! That's how he described his urge kill the thing that drove him to kill by his reckoning one hundred people Jesus, but the thing
If you look at Pee Wee's confirmed victims, he by no means your typical serial killer. His victims ran the gamut of age, race and sex. Unlike most serial killers who fall within the same three categories for all of their victims right. Well, he need a lot of things out of business and not a convenience that out of pure rage, he was just a full time. Criminal, it seems, like he's very close, are very similar. Again he's tiny Carl Panzram handsome obviously had a a he had a built in rage. This bothersome as the at the same, but a part of it was also whatever had to be done, had to be done at the time in according to them yeah, I don't Charles Manson eat too. He seems like doesn't well. Actually some people do call him the redneck Charles Manson, that is one of them, although I'm going to be the redneck Charles Manson why's it Charles Manson, the redneck in the social life yeah on his Wika Pedia page, that's one bed, one of his nicknames, but like I thought
but like the only thing that him and Charles Manson really share it was the the whole reform school thing. Yeah happened happen to in reform school and the fact that they're, both tiny yeah then constantly in and out of jail, and you do get the feeling like they can dance like. If the right song hits the jukebox at the right now they will dance Charles Manson's, the type of person who just makes a lot of room of the dance floor with that. He said that kind of weird answer with every once: awhile there's a girl who's like interesting and then put pee wee Askins is one of those where he stomps on a board. Wonderful whites of you know that documentary about the bullet dancer so those are the world of the wonderful whites of folks method. We actually he didn't drink at all. He was really he was kind of. He was a bit of a t
well. What is there a scene? Well, he said that he have one or two beers every once awhile, but he loved hanging out Honky tonks is what he would say, sober sober and you know he had a very big hat, because I said man my size. You should remember that my taco shell had I bought it for a Texas PETE and his broski yeah, that's right and the things about Peewees, it's very possible that he was more of a mass murderer than a serial killer like like a murderer of convenience? However, he does have a fairly understanding of what it is that actually drives the serial killer. Soon p. We gave the reviews that led to final truth in nineteen, eighty, nine and one thousand nine hundred and ninety the real science unit from the FBI n, zero serial killers in general. We're not a part of the collective pop culture consciousness, as they are today and shows like us, definitely did not exist
No, like us. Yeah like that. Like talk about talk about like serial killers and their motivations and what goes into the mind of a serial killer like she want to go looking for that shit, you gotta go look at working hard. It was reserved for very special Donahue episodes, basically because they did break some serial killer news yeah they did take some serial killer news, but like the like, the study of the psychosis was pretty much academic and I really don't see pee wee gaskins as being a voracious consumer of academic studies. Well, definitely read a Calvin and Hobbes Strip. On top couple words in there. I didn't understand, then that's the final truth he's my ignorance at his my barrier and the injuries. That is my fault. You know Kelvin made up hubs that was all fake, weird yeah. Well, that's the weird. About pee Wee gaskins, even though he didn't read any of this shit here.
He said about his motivations in final truth also do kill someone just to push yourself is the only as difficult part once you've done. The first we come to know that real special field, you can't hardly wait till another, better idea comes and leads and pulls and pushes you into what takes you up. If you replace an even higher than you ever been before. That makes sense yeah, but this is I mean it sounds like a great like pep talk on Silicon Valley, but it's unfortunate that your main focus is murder. Isn't it I don't feel like I can be a real chip Gaines, because James is all about positivity and saying here's. A loser. Loser loser is what he says. It's about truth, I'm going to leave the final truth. Chip gates as you see, is my inspirational figure, but false it's appearing real. There is love Gary Bucy.
Pee wee was talking about in that passage, was the concept of escalation. What we know about serial killers they escalate throughout their career, but the thing is about most of peewees known murders, there's very so escalation there, an as we're going to see later on, there's no signature, there's no consistent mo and more than half of his skills are more crimes of convenience than serial killing, and that's also, very similar to a less obviously far less elaborate, Hh Holmes, where it's about the constant seeking of the thrill, where with every Dahmer with the idea of the crew perverted ones, the ones that are truly like caught in a realm of dark, dark, fantasy with Jeffrey Dahmer alone in his apartment, Ed Geen, crafting these full fantastic worlds. He is looking for an outside thrill he's looking for an outside gamble where Holmes homes was doing it with the murder, hotel and all of the different insurance scams he's doing it by bouncing back and forth creating families
so committing crimes on the way and doing his car stripping job. At the same time, you know Hh Holmes real we should have just called it. The murder hotel just give me heads up, and then, if you, if you do get a room there kind of on you yeah, you know it's it's! The murder hotel will speak Killens, let's get into what p we called the coastal kills. So after pee wee, was eventually re apprehended after his fourth wife turned to sorry. As an after finding out all the horrible city done, nice yeah, yeah yeah, oh yeah Lenny was not taking that yet so p we ended up back same state prison that he'd been in before. Not the federal prison with all the mobsters, the state prison with the power met, but to pee Wee's dismay. There was no long, any such thing as power men, at least they were old power and they never know. What do you mean? There's no power meter. I remember back when she would He said that, is it going to Mcdonald's and asking for a whopper.
It, ain't right these men, who used to be called power man. They were still this. We still there, they just weren't called Powerman anyway, why? Why did they change the pronoun? What I don't know it's power person what's going on, I don't know. Well the desert. Power man was supplanted by conveniently for Peewee nicknames, so yeah. If you had a nickname had a reputation there. It is see Hong Kong, I go in there as Hong Kong enters a brass key. It would probably be a difficult transitional period for me. Hey there, God got was a bit of nickname all do for a well. If you had name, you had a reputation and since peewee was pee wee, he says this stretch in prison was fairly uneventful because he was in fact a nickname with an in prison reputation 'cause. This is the same present prison he'd already killed Hazel Appraisal in Hazel,
all that is right and I think they need it. Yeah there were people in that state prison that remembered Pee wee from last time. Of course, so is reputation was intact, had been that long, since he was gone. No, in fact, this stretch was so uneventful that the warden broke a letter of recommendation to the parole board. The p we be get free early that smart that we got all say we here at the jail really want to. Thank you for his contribution to the holiday season. He made a perfect elf on the show and so in nineteen the eight at the age of thirty five p was back on the street. Of South Carolina. Of course he is in. Today he worked as a roofer, but at night he stripped stolen cars as he fairly consistently throughout his life since you've been taught how to do it by the people who run the girlie show at the carnival right, but he said the bothersome Nis started growing stronger. He said quote, that special heaviness commenced to roll around in my good, then up
span into my head and down again, I heard my balls to Bahama eyes? It was a true, really terrible kind of pain, and I felt like so we could get out station with our roofer this morning turn to hire him anymore, It does sound like quad. Oh inside of them and open up your chest a little bit. Let me mention how many times you wanted to talk to you I want to come out now. Do this right? Let me do it. Let me shower, let me get it. Let me work it all fucking night, so the coastal kills as p. We call them began, but before we get to the coastal it must be said that
A single one of these coastal kills have even come close to being confirmed and that's what we want. Don't want these to be real. We do not want people to be real at all. What we're about to talk about here is not fact. Despite how many riders around the internet and in print like to present as such, these are definitely in fact, and I've noticed a lot of writers presenting bull the pee wee spouts in final truth as true absolute truth, and it's not it's not confirmed whatsoever. Are you sure, you're implying that there's miss and there may be a little bit also just the fact that Peewee says the term. The final truth, it's just it's a great branding right. Does it
for a television show, if we had a show on the Wonka television screen like was in a movie, I think that's the world we're living in now, actually yeah. All the this is. This is only what pee Wee says he did. The story should not be repeated as Bible truths. I don't even like you used the term Bible truth, because we know the Bible is not filled with truth either it's got funny little sayings. Yes, it does it's just an expression Henry. Thank you for saying that for clarifying final truth, all p. We wanted, as we said in the last episode, was to go down in history as the meanest. Bad is sick, a psychopath in american history and that's exactly why he allowed final truth to be written and exactly why he only allowed it to be published after he was dead if there was no no chance for follow up questions. Then there was no chance. Anyone was going to catch him in a lie and as far is the detail that goes into these stories yet
this guy had eight years in prison to think they showed up, not the fastest thinker. In the way you know, like you really took a long time ago on yeah in the vagina think about how long it took George Rr Martin to write these damn. Dragon. Fucking filth book figure how long its containment. Alright, this whole game of thrones yeah yeah. No, I don't you know I watched a little bit of that. You don't care for it, you're not since you hate fantasy, don't like fantastic Lord of the rings, though I like Lord of the rings, the ring that uh well, you save us all or whatever the hell it is, but it is something that is going to be very close attention. I like the ends- and I like- and I like the ones that everyone doesn't like you just like told things like ten things. She won't be true feature peaceful, maybe the strangest when you renew father at fifty five and you have whatever child comes out of like your fifty five, oh yeah, get the running in it.
You're supposed to put it on. Let either way I'm gonna to need you to raise yourself basically, but Stan Wise is a good character, does do a lot. He does a lot of the heavy lifting that no you're, not a lot of credit literally does all the heavy lifting because of the ending of the film. It was quite a little dramatic there, but is possible that p. We could have committed at least a couple of these murders, but it's highly unlikely, if not impossible. We have committed as many as he did in the frame of time he puts forth so Peewee said that when the ball it's in started. Getting the better of him. He'd leave the house to prevent from taking. Out on whichever one of his family. He happened to be hanging around with at that time and he put time in with his families yeah. He did the strange thing about this guy. It's really weird, not pee wee
started by just driving by himself up and down the Carolina coast on US highway, seventeen from Wilmington NC to Charleston SC. But then he started picking up hitchhikers which, as we know where full in nineteen sixty eight. What's what is it with with Charlotte's, as is it Charlottesville, Charleston Charleston, Charleston yeah seems like a lot of bad things happen. Your specs things happen strange to me. I don't know Ma'Am our first p. We just but given the hitchhiker's rides, just like Ed Kemper did given himself those little allowances one at a time, then started offering money for sex, and if the girl said no, he dropped him off wherever they were no matter what and drive off when enough, started, saying no p, we started getting Pist and that's when he says the violent fantasies began as they please do with sexual serial killers. He said he would masturbate while he thought about
hang in all the girls who said no upside down by their feet in Whippingham, just like what had been done to him when he was a kid, although Peewee dozen that connection himself yeah. That's so weird that he doesn't even think that you wrote that imagery from your past into it, maybe you're fake sex fantasy life, but really what stopped We every time from doing that was the thread if the women went to the police afterwards, but one day Realization hit him what he actually called his quote: unquote: miracle! Ok, Peewee said he took off to Myrtle Beach, one Sunday in nineteen. Sixty nine quote with the pain It was black, plum, Berman bubbles and the wait was so heavy. I couldn't hardly breathe, oh well nurse, it looks like he's
pain like a plum bum, there's! No denying that we better give him some mock. You have Christmas, cakes or you might have it Bob, it's led its lead. That's why the elements you know the yeah when you call like the element, letters for her is Pb B. O Pumbaa exist. Pickup on the Douglas name of all time, so they had access to, I think somehow, and access to an atomic chart I thought about the shirt and then they took figured out, it was iron, but it still called like the dumbest name, not iron. Let read let MP, we said on that day. He picked
girl, gave her the same proposition of money for sex and once again the answer came back is no so peewee said fine, but I got to turn down this dirt road. First to drop. You off, Peewee City pulled over stared at her and had his moment of realization He said quote what I had to do was kill her small under myself and one why I never thought of that before. So when she reached down to get her duffel bag. Pee city punched her in the side of the head three times and when she was out he took off his belt and tied her hands behind her back, and here is where we have our first gold star for this series to see you know this is going to get pretty Fuct up from here on, and again we have no idea Any of this is true, but nonetheless this is still. This is a peak. Into the mind of a serial killer, into the mind of a killers fantasy life. This is what he wanted you to know about his secret crimes, and this is
part of whether or not it's true. He definitely wanted to give the see story of all time, so part of it. We're going to look at his concept of himself. I think idea of what he thought he was capable of 'cause. That's really what it comes down to is that even if it's not real, like we've talked about many times, if one percent is true, then We did many fuckedup things so part of it. So this is a this is just a part of where he thought he could go all right. Well, I'm going to say it's not real. That's what I'm going to tell myself in my brain, very good distancing yeah, very good, very good. That's what I've been having to do to get myself to sleep at night over the last week and a half he but he got her outside the truck and on the ground and when she woke up, he said he sliced one of her nipples off, put it between his front teeth and smile.
Batter and when she screamed he said he shoved it in her mouth and made her eat it. He said he then put her back in the truck and drove down to a marsh brought her back out. Then her over and shoved an eleven inch blade into her vagina and sliced up, still she survived. He said he then chained her to a pine lamb with a heavy logging chain dropped her into the water. With the pulley and watched as the bubbles no longer rose the surface and that's really the only place where it does sound. True, because we're going to find out that's how they would lift the entrance out of the cars they were stripping. There is something in that motion with the with a pulley and the chain that he had done again and again I don't know whether or not we then made up and like extrapolated. Oh, I could use this as a murder weapon.
But if we get us to gated uh the area or the they didn't find jack anywhere ever he. We then drove away stopped at a truck. Stop CAFE had the biggest steak on the menu and drove all the way home that very night playing the radio as loud as he could and singing along the whole time, and I think it was actually a big steak or it's either so small. I honestly think mistakenly, please thank you ever happen there like alright, then he's bringing a sausage patty and he's like oh man It also makes me really sad, because this is my favorite way to celebrate something
oh, my God, heating, yeah, big steak and sing along to the radio yeah yeah. If I really like it, I also want to apologize two Eddie money for possibly even bringing him into this scenario, because Eddie Money is if he was accidentally listening to any money. He is not culpable he's, not a part of this, but I don't want any of these accusations. To get to him. Two tickets to Paradise Oh my god, you're going with someone that I only have one ticket you're selfish. I didn't know that you could get more than one well all. This is what he says. Let's start with one of the big problems here in this story: if he did what he said, he did, he would have been covered head to toe with blood and yet He was able to go straight from the kill to a diner. Let me did he make some excuse that he was just killing a deer, don't mind the blood orange. Can you just do that? I don't well you can during your auntie, you absolutely can yeah
then you gotta show them the deer yeah. That's key to the overall, like oh yeah, that big one right there, I'm sorry I caught one that looks just like it last week and you have a bunch of people just pitch it. Deer hunting seasons are pretty gross and I'm on the old streets in Wisconsin uh. Oh, it's very gruesome, and now it's Chrisman taxes. Well yeah. My dad was telling me a story last night about field stripping a buck, and there was a lot of blood in that story. Field stripping a buck is also going to be the name of my first gay pornography. It'll be a good time with your career. Totaly collapsed most likely because of his podcast and you're forced into do husky meet work. The only other explanation is it that peewee, manage to wash himself up in a fetid filthy, South Carolina swamp,
he also just happen to have a change of clothes in his truck, but he probably could have just laid down and then a bunch of dogs could have just thought he was a Jack Russell Terrier simply because of his size, and they all could have looked like quickly. Look at him like it like in Batman returns. When she falls out of cats yeah I had become terrier man. Only those scenarios, neither those scenarios seems likely outcome terrier manner. It's also look at the wider scope of the so called coastal kills. I did, I have to say I accidentally got HBO on demand and I definitely watch the shaggy dog with TIM Allen for far too long are you bragging? Are you bragging about your HBO go watch it subscription? No, I'm not bragging. I just say I'm saying that I did watch it for too long. Ok, I watch for twenty five minutes. We just do a lot of well. Let's look at the scope of these skills here. He claims that he
almost all of his victims, remember it's a hundred plus victims right that he claims. He said that he picked up all the victor on the Carolina Coast off highway. Seventeen he said he would then dumped the bodies at these places in the swampy areas. Further inland near towns like DD faintly dog bluff and ketchup town. I do, coincidentally, on the travel channel, I could, on the channel this week. They were all named top four cities to find by days of dead girls, oh really family, who would've thought also secondary Cooper, PD and Dog Bluff, were both second most likely to accidentally stepping Dogshite on the way to the post office. Just missed the dog. That's all that means will be reset as far as his victims when he said he did everything. From Burnham with acid to running cables through their bodies and hanging from trees fill in there
surfaces with molten plumbum or is it getting up there with the meaning of the exact House said he said, he'd use like little fires and Keyword yuck mouth because lead does melt. The easily. I think you know, and I got my little bunsen burner back yeah I mean it's all these, like really bizarre things like he said that he poem one woman full of water until it came out of her nose or mouth, but then it I don't know but then he said she died too quick. So he didn't do that ever again, but you know I mean these guys do weird It looked a lot like you remember, Kenneth for Bianchi, he adds do use the syringe to fill the woman full Drano insure like or not during a yaks. That is truly someone, and that is that is a process cal right. That is some of that. Really enjoys the act of murdering well other crimes, crimes get pinned on Pee Wee gaskins are quick murders that used to cover up other
times, and I think there's like four that aren't but they're like yeah yeah, they're, more they're twist It's still there still, obviously very fuckedup, but he the idea of something like this. It's strange because doesn't fit with everything else. We know about him. We don't want as a hardened criminal, but we don't know him as the as somebody who so into the fantasy part of the murder, but I do know just sitting in jail and writing about it. Yeah and if you like, the the villain from seven, yes, someone very much so not, let's also look take a look at the numbers. Not all of these victims were all supposedly picked up from the same one hundred and seventy three mile stretch of road and he starts in mid night, in sixty nine any goes till one thousand nine hundred and seventy five and he said he'd killed three by Christmas in nineteen sixty nine already, then in final truth, he alternates through. Out between saying he killed on average every six weeks or around the tenth of each month. For some
and yet he said for some reason, it was always around the tenth of each month that he started getting the bothersome this and that's when he would go out they eat. Your rent check is just exactly I mean, like your say, they're, like it's kind of funny. It's like a it's a in between moment, you're gonna get paid again on the fifteenth. So right not a lot to do. I guess. Yes, let me, then, in the space of about five years, if be kept to his schedule at least the three people would have gone missing on a single one hundred and seventy three mile stretch of highway, many of whom would have been noticeably missing aid. You think you would especially if it's just that one highway yeah, because I would think so just that one I mean it's along how it goes past, Charleston and Past Wilmington, but like just between those two cities, now compare to Canada's infamous highway of tears over the last. Four years forty women have gone missing or been found murdered on a single stretch of highway in West
in Canada more than twice the length of peewees, apparently they're, also going to change the four hundred and five here in LA to the highway of tears, but that's mostly because that's where the most auditions take place by the way it was started by. I think it's the most incredible irony in the world. There was a fire accidentally started by homeless people and then it Bert Rupert Murdoch's house, down about the highway tears. Multiple books have been written This stretch, documentaries have been made. So if sixty three people went missing on one stretch of rd in a popular american area damn sure someone would have notice, especially since they were all white people I have noticed in nineteen sixty three sure one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, but they didn't It's not going to fuckin'. It's not true, soon But again, if one percent goes out through a pumper
It's true it's possible that people could afford a few people here in their one percent would just be. He gave a woman, a glass of water which is actually quite nice. That's actually not true, it's like if he had done a couple of these. The couple of these murders, if he'd done it, so. I think in many murders, situation in this coastal kill situation. It's possible that maybe he did like three or four, but I can guarantee undershoot about him, picking up hitchhikers and asking them sex for money and him getting filled with rage when they say no happened several times yeah, I imagine we he was driving around super. Super Horn, Ian mean just drive around feeling bothersome this, which I do believe he did have. It wasn't necessarily for just murder. It was just to act out that he pick somebody up and I but I don't think it was like a torture session. I think well it's like he flipped out and
either shoot him or or stab a more choke a man then just leave 'em yeah horning in Mean in uh no, never song by Waylon Jennings now. No I mean it was privately or spoken about him. Ornery, not hoarding, which blows back. But you know most of this stuff is the story where he says he murdered. What sounds a hell of a lot like the Scooby Doo gang sounds a lot. Fantasy did murdered, he murdered shaggy. I know at least the dog alone, but I I hope it yeah. That's the only thing getting me through that, but, that's not to say Peewee Gaskins! Wasn't a horrific piece of ship murder. He was for a ninety Seventy p. We would commit the first of what he called his serious murders, yeah, and I wonder if they're on Channel thirty four lithium.
Siriusxm Radio Show Sirius is thriving. You know because they don't let anybody have any idea what their analytics are. That's how you know yeah, that's, like you know, they're doing great will be with resignation. Here was that coastal kills were people he didn't know. While serious murders were people, he either knew well or were the very least acquaintances, the only pee wee says, fell somewhere in between was the girl whom he said he cut pieces off. While she was still alive. An eight hundred am before force feeding her a chunk of her own calf. He seems to be very much into this force. Feeding people own body for ease into it. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, eighty something about the old commit domination. You can see in his head about how that that's a way to show how much you master somebody yeah. I so no,
All the serious murders were never as brutal as that fantasy, except for one, which is also probably at least half fantasy. That's not to say they aren't horrific. They began in nineteen when he was thirty, seven, with Patricia Ann Allsbrook and EAST Kirby his own niece, this one is real. According to pee wee, he ran into Jeanice and Patricia one night at the local burger joint where he found Janessa drunk drank few too many beers and it passed out the girls they were with asked. If p, we could take care of her, and he obliged, she we bundled her into his car. The g niece's friend p. We figured she'd better go along, make sure Ginny says: okay, probably because p, we was a well known, local, ship, Berg, yeah, he's friends, name Patricia, and it's just the I he's ob for in discussing person, and they all know this
I don't know, I don't think it was an accident. I don't think you'd expect someone to be as bad, though a even if the worst person you know you don't expect to be that today and Well, that's what these guys hope for and it part of it. So he goes to the joint, surrounded by teenage girls, and he is obvious to me in my head. You skulking around, like he's so he's looking for he's looking for some action and then happens to bump into his fucking nice yeah. So after p we got the girls, coffee, Janise, puked, all over herself in the car. So p we offered to come back to his place to clean her up and that's when He said he made the decision to rape them instead of come back to his house. He took him out to an old rundown tenant house that he knew of out in the country he load. The girls into a false sense of security, then pulled a knife on Jannise, putting it up to her throat.
The attempt failed with Patricia slammed peewee in the back of the head with a two by four all right and the two ran out in the woods. However, we see, soon caught up, fired a shot in the air and let him back to the house, but the girls weren't done another struggle, Peewee knocked out both girls with this pistol, rendering them both unconscious and half dead, and that's when he said he decide he had to kill them both now we're going to see yes, this is that, where going to see here it's true, this is what shows normal serial killer thinking, He falls more in line with what we know about serial killers. The vast vast majority don't with the Mondo horror movie scene, about the hitchhiker, the pee wee conjured up earlier most times. The first murder is an accident, committed in the commission of another crime and once it happens, the killer, realizes it gives them a feeling that plants all others he's had before in the
for killing begins so after knocking out the girls, pee wee left Janie's at the House and lock Patricio in the trunk of his car, he then went to a vacant house. He of that, had a septic tank and somehow managed to get the cement lid off the top, and this is what he said he did next up. And a cracker skull open to make sure she was dead, but I uh that would make too big a mess. So I've just border into the sludge and waited in There wasn't any more bubbles then up. Push the cement laid back in place and the reason why we know this one is true is because years later, Peewee led police to this exact spot, and there was the body of Patricia Ann Allsbrook ABS. Brutal, but so you're going to see he uses that he knew that that that technique worked once and he can you sit in is fake crimes as well right. You can just use it as a as a as a detail that works. Yeah, I can only hope, is. Defense attorney was TIM Allen's
into a dog, the only way you can trust them or you don't, it would also be really good Jim Carey and that liar a liar. That's right! So in pee wee back to the house is nice. Janise had died from her injuries and so possibly in some sort of fuckedup reverence because she was family. He took her outback buried her and covered the ground with pine needles, and her body was never they never found never told police. Wear that tenant house was, oh, my goodness, all now you would now. You would think that, because of pee wreck along with the fact that he was the last one scene with the girls, the police were pressing, pretty God dam hard for their disappearance. I would think so. I would hope so, but when question and Peewee said: Janise had asked him about KEN Folk living in California and the two girls. We're planning on running away and Peewee said he let him out and they got in a car with boys. He believed were from Orange Berg, and that was the last you'd see him now from KEN.
Town, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah right next to Lemon Ville, which is even worse. I mean we talked with the dean corll murders. They just believe kids ran away this is a shitty fucking part of the country in a should time to be in it. So you can see why people be like now. I guess so yeah now these kids or they were lower class. Nobody gave a shit, you know soapy, we got away with it same me, yeah it's exactly like Dean Coral, because you know how many kids went missing in that lower class used to neighborhood before the cops gave a fuck and pee wee gaskins. He killed at least ten other over the next five years. We know he killed ten, at least ten other people from work five years were at twelve. Total kills for pee that about it. Firms. Twelve okay, probably most likely. Fifteen are probably eighteen MIKE yeah.
Yeah. Now one of the reasons why p we got away with it was that, right after these two went missing. Another high profile case, dropping lapsa local law enforcement. Thirteen year old, Peggy cut, know a cut now father was a state senator and of course, when she went missing, all resources went to her and even more were dedicated when Peggy was found murdered. Two days later, a guy named Jr Pierce went down for the crime, but Peewee claimed he was the one who is actually responsible. How many people in South Carolina are named? Junior so many well pee wee was originally named junior. He will change their junior bear Junior is pretty coming down there. I guess I don't know I've never been to South Carolina. You never been at least went through it and that's where I met a guy named mfers. Thank you, but this is a guy who got Mfers Memphis area at a Mcdonald's Mcdonald's I went to. I was in Carolina, we were driving from New York to floor,
I would be fun, we rented a dodge charger, we're in South Carolina. You are exhausted and hungry. With driving twenty hours. We stopped to go into Mcdonald's. I was going to go to. I went to the bathroom I I get out standing at the urinal man comes stands next to me, he'll give Like an odd like it looks over, he fully takes his pants off for underwear is asking on the back and he pisses all over the inside the urinal. I go back into the Mcdonald's. Well, Jesus Christ, like it comes out, realize he's working. For the Mcdonald's using Mcdonald's, uniform and his name tag and I'm not joking Sydney. First call I asked for milk with coffee and I wanted to put like a little thing of milk and he was ok. Damn joke milk and I banana milk. I know like yes, midfirst, milk you for the mail. Well,
nice place beautiful state Jr Pierce. He went down for the crime peewee claimed he was responsible. Final truth on that Iggy Peggy, just like the girl, We hit with a hammer in his twenties had fast, faster My p. We said he didn't do anything about it immediately. He still stewing over it days later, as he was having a meal at his favorite seafood restaurant, the crab tooth ok. This is what I'm going to say this right now. This is my only two rules there. My two rules for restaurants: ok, never eaten empty restaurant and never eat at a place where the people or the name of the restaurant has parts of the animal, attributed to the animal that do not exist. Crabs, don't have it too. They don't have a deal right. They don't got teeth there. They could have like it's not here. If you just can't have it camp called like the chickens,
song. I guess you got the chickens. Chunks chickens definitely have dogs that chicken head chicken hands. It could have chicken hands, you can't eat anything called the chicken hand, yeah wombat brains, one bedtime for temporary big ones, so smarter brain a smaller brains on the Wombat monkey constitution. You get any place called the monkey constitution the constitution. I like an empty restaurant, though it's not an indication that the food is bad. Restaurants are the restaurants that are packed or the good restaurants never eaten at MC restaurant. You will get sick. I like him to restaurants, or Peewee said as he was still in at the crab tears. This is gonna, be one of those back and forth. It's just going to go on for a while. I was going to end it all right to boot yourself. All the service
but if there's nobody there is nobody here, he's also hoping for eating at a restaurant of another culture's food. You should be one of the only white people in it. So as he was sitting at the crab tooth Peewee said he decided to do something about this girl. Sassina first, he set up an alibi for himself by written a tourist cabin in Charleston and we made sure everyone is regular bar in Charleston saw in there. He said he, then well, you know I'm here, Peewee is at the bar. Is it anyway, I'm sitting here at my favorite store, I'm stiff and my favorite flower, which I leave here. Everytime he's running back and forth, like the butler from clue. I think we saw pvp was is definitely here. P was here, I know, p wait. He said he then, back to Sumter, where both he and Peggy were living at the time he said he found, Peggy kidnapped her tortured. Her then left her body in the middle of the road to be found. He said the reason why he left her instead of sing.
In the swamp, as he had. Almost all the other bodies was to prevent cops from accidentally stumbling upon other body the p we had killed in their search. This one isn't as far fetched as some of the others. Pee wee was work on a house on the same street that Peggy lived on and that house was on the way back and forth where Peggy walk to go to school. However, we also know that pee questioned and investigated for the Peggy cut, no murder, but despite peewee already being a very recent, aspect in the disappearances of two other girls around the same age. This is what one officer said about him: We use a small topolsky talks and acts tough to get women to notice him, but that's all he is just talk, so your It's a horrible police officer is that it now I'm lazy police officer, big difference,
we're going to find out even more about how dead wrong that cop was on part. Three of Pee Wee Gaskins oh, my goodness all right! Well that this. This is a interesting disgusting tale here. Pee wee Gascon, there's a lot of the ins and outs of this one. What if it's a buffet, it is like a buffet need to book a serial killer, talk. It So there is that, but I'm thinking, if you're alone, at a buffet, the food out be that it because then the the foods getting turned around fast enough I don't know you're, not if you sit in a thing can dealing it's like when a rest from the problems you all these back up, orders that they made and then they're just sitting there under Warman lamps, and then you come in it's like you're, not getting fresh food with a lot of people, don't This is dishes going out and part of its like the money is, urges everyone to work harder like it's just that you have to do that. The capitalist system is supposed to work, but the customers drive quality. This is
tough episode for me to handle. I miss Well, it's interesting very interesting theory. Indeed I also I want to thank us. She did get ahold of me. I want to thank the person who gave me the pee Wee Gaskins book Jessica, Shannon she's course. We plug her severed before Jack are Jessica in Shannon, but what she really wants us to do is plug a go fund me for one of her friends. It's go for me. Dot com, Slash Lynn, Dash GM, that's Lin, L Y in in Dash G there are also apparently both big listeners and big fans. So we wish you the best they're going through some really hard times right now, with like medical problems with it like that, we all know how can be so if you guys want to show your appreciation for us being able to do this, pee wee Gaskin, serious 'cause, without this biography, would not have been able, there's not enough information out there about pee Wee gaskins in Journal for us to do it episode. So without this book we would not have.
Able to do this series. So if you want to show you appreciation go well give a little bit of money over to Lynn and Jim. Go on me. Dot com, Slash Lynn, dash gyms! Also, we got over on our twitter page as well, and I thank you all so much and you know they get better Ma'Am absolutely get better. That's a go fund me easier for their not for every web series that you've ever thought up: they're they're. Actually this is a good thing. They are also not for a kid who got made fun of a little just a little bit, which one yeah I was okay, I I will say bullying is what made us all who we are yeah, but in the end it works out. I he's just like how is she supposed to go back to school? She needs to sit down and watch online,
Watch Friday, the thirteenth, the entire series channel his inner Jason, we'll see where the ball yeah Monday, one of people feared now. I have no idea the internet story arcs to take place every six hours, our whole layer. We don't get involved in their personal life like that. Just leave it alone. Leave your kids stop because he is bullied. Don't they don't, Put that on the record. I promise you well. Apparently it was his idea. The quote: unquote, that's what they say. It was his updated, fairly sure bill me during this extremely emotional, painful moment. Mom. Please show you watch Texas, Chainsaw massacre. You watched you watch any movie with big people who are ugly and relate to them the menu you learn a little bit. Yes, we also I want to give a shout out to friend of the show Hillary sales friend of Eli Brown. She just defended her thesis
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