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Episode 302: Jonestown Part III - Check Please

2018-01-26 | 🔗

On the third part of our series on Jim Jones, we cover the blossoming of Peoples Temple including the creation of the sex-obsessed Planning Commission and the harsh punishments that came along with it as well as the introduction of everyone's favorite chimpanzee, Mister Muggs.

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The story must be told teacher pick me. Yes little Brandon, she wondered he stood up and then pulled his eyes down ass, hard ass. He could the White Goo felled his cheeks? That's the right answer. She said the story. Be told season to come at the last part, gas networks January last podcast network that is there's no way to escape tourism is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started to live your dumb to death.
She'll live your voices founding really enjoy your? U should become a sick all the time all we did it. We can make that your third act is odd. Singer songwriter, who that's that's like leave on home when you got throat cancer that caused a drink, do not smoke right markets. We have a big it out with up top year. Should we do this huge announcement? Love is in the air, big in recent days to be already lady, you undue delays and re proposed badly last evening. So when you the ring on the bone marrow deliver, I was joking for a second about going to the vat and the
throwing open x ray and that their ring was like a deep in Wendy's guts. What's there would like fine Wendy? No actually did I tied it to Wendy with a ribbon. Natalie came in and the dog when of terminals like the dog found something was outside and what was it engagement ring was aroused gay engaged off the market market, the market totally. I feel you showed you look. She can't leave me now legally. She needs a team of lawyers to leave bride and urgently take all of your money in it will happen not yet you're, still in the danger zone, my friend, no, yes, absolutely the most valuable part of a relationship like a p I keep hearing it have been warned by. Several people have been married already that the wedding planning section is harrowing
everyone's get married markers everyone's get married. All right, look at the last part gets a lot of her. What I bet gets all that's markers parks, newly engaged, Henrietta browser. You do you feel they ever it I feel honestly, I feel really good. I mean it's feels very stable, it'll, be realising it's really nice speaking of stabilizing feeling good Jim Jones this point, is make it ever one feel wonderful, because they don't know the shitstorm about to come, As we said last episode, Jim Jones was a control freak and because people's too was grown so fast, the Jew one enough hours in a normal human beings day to oversee at all. It's like how I feel about Oprah, no more, no mom has a child and a dog and somehow also has a job. They do it. I dont know redeemed there was no normal human being, and he had to prove it. So, instead of allocating or just be unhappy with what he had Jones
the argument is performance with drugs. I completely understand, after the last touring, JAG Ike, I'm I'm getting the idea. And end loveliness of gold. Toto amphetamine abuse is above Feelin feelin. Not how I feel right. I was watching the might judge thing I. What was it sidham axing arise here. It's amazing all those old country starts full of amphetamines and what do they do create amazing music. We entails from the road which is pretty ray when they write. What does them? Johnny paycheck shoots, the guy that big day, cheap Johnny paycheck shoots the guy I'm ahead, because they switch hats and in some reason that offended at something called Jolly paycheck, the Charles rather the contrary, Mamsie Charles it was the journals may guttural using give, because it granted hotels mentioned- was the transmission of folk music, very different thing right or wrong, This is important. No by Jim Jones. You wasn't just an administrator this guy,
it put on multiple hours, long performances. Every week, sometimes multiple show shows a day and he had to be on point for every single show. He could not appear to be anything less than godlike. There was an afternoon show there was an evening shower and then they would have meetings afterwards and then he would also be travelling back and forth like doing road shows and honesty twins improvised and each one is slightly different, depending on the crowd, because sometimes a little bit more socialist, sometimes he's talking more about the Bible right any so he's gotta keep his head on straight and the only thing that fucking do that some sweet sweet
Ah, you ok, I was not cocaine. He was not a cocaine. Guy, just emphatic use like Benes, yellow jackets, yeah Buzzer's were more amphetamines in the seventies and Sixtys weren't than it will get. You could just gets proscribed. These amphetamines from a doctor kind of like now words like the with the oil crisis- words like aids into drug. It's ok, because I went to a doctor to get it. Of course, ever was done, but Opium AIDS are created. The greatest art, though, are that no other nothing the eggs endangers like when he was improvising. These entire sermons. He just come up dislike wacky shit like one time he says that, like the only toothpaste, it's gonna cover you and a nuclear war is Philips. Do they really assessment just randomly like having a vision of having a vision that one of you fall off of a bicycle. If we all don't switch to Chris,
image of real losses. Might ok great marketer, though oh yeah man in his people work just as hard as he did a lot of times bragging about how little they'd sly, and since they were in a socialist society, how hard they work is pretty much the only status symbol they could have a by design social doesn't sound, fine, no, not thrilling. It sounds like hard. Happily, them is nice because I can have an upper drive me to a place where than I can have my phone. Send me fresh direct, remained way. Will the nice thing about capital as or socialism, rather I'm so tall? I always have to grow.
Things off the top shelf at the supermarket. In socialism. There is nothing on the top shall be yours, so it's all why you are a human ladder literally have to use. It also is a land bridge. If there's a big hurry, you like a completely across it with your hands on your feet. At I decided I understand. My rolled Jim Jones worked harder than any these guys, so he turned to amphetamines as we Jim Jones was naturally paranoid person. What we also know is that speedy shit can turn and already paranoid person into an absolute monster or the bill. Cosby, that's all right cause he's. So that is what it is famous beds, obviously go about speed or where he was that they were the only time ever Kirsten in one of his Stanhope specials, where he turned to the guy using Utterest ethical standards
would give more real Doorn we'll call game. It prefers your personality and bill guys we, the joke as one of your soul, which is really funny, which is true though they. How many times have you been the only sober person, Arup people who we were back now get off over time. The only sir a sober person in the room full of people gag Del images never had never happened. I know who that is what I would never want to view them ever also he's running every single part of the ministry, right. He is organizing fucking the buses, he is getting. People use going back and forth across the deal the nursing homes he is dealing with his own. The facility in menacing. Oh he's, trying to arrange a road trip right who he's got a lotta should go on your end, he's even going down like administrative work like his administrate work was actually fantastic, gazed at the June Jones. What
He did. He had a knack for putting people in the right place like there's this guy TIM Carter. That was one of the biggest two sources we have like what went on in Jonestown like he was like in a higher worker be by came in and Jim Jones it alright you're in charge of putting together all the buses urine charge. I get everybody thereon time. You are in charge of all the timetables and I know how to fuck- and you know this, but then once he started doing it, he found he had a knack for organization and he was fantastic at it and he said, Jim Jones, and that was another way the Jim Jones bound. His followers to him was that he had a knack for helping them. You shit, they didn't even know they knew how to do how many institutions is Jim Jones running at this point. At this point right here he's got his traveling roadshow. He's got Ukiah he's
not quite starting the franchise yet, but he's also he's got nursing homes, they ve got a laundromat, they ve got, they ve got second hand stores in a restaurant and they do about restaurant. Yet every restaurant, the soup kitchen, so it's not as bad as it were, but it still it costs alone, irritably, hammers and those toilets chuck. Very. It will start in like nineteen. Seventy one Jim Jones will have to take speed to keep him go on, but when it was time to sleep glad to take some for that as well, so he took quite alludes to bring him back down and all that back and forth court. Made all Jimmy's eyes pretty red Therein lies the mystery of the sunglasses. What is that his were constantly read, so we had to constantly where the sunglasses to hide the his eyes from his followers. So you didn't look like a drug addled asshole and not link normal read. Not like you slept on your face red light. Look like VLAD the impaled. I was weary disconcerting to be around him
constantly tearing isn't it use. I imagine tat a man who looks like a human vampire back so constantly crying like put up and down on something else and he'd, always he'd already been playing with the idea, the sunglasses he kind of went on and off, because sunglasses like that, like an accessory, helps to You, apart from your followers also it has the eye being a very interesting psychological effect, is that some glasses are reflective services. So when you look at Jim Jones in the eyes, your literally only seeing your face- and so it's it's like you're, beginning to associate him with you what the colt leaders The constant goal is to make you won with my own mind and rise, so we have a positive connotation to our own. The name. So as you as you, the longer you spend looking at your own face, the more you fall in love with the person that reminds you of yourself. Ok, powerful start very much so, but when the door,
eggs came. The sunglasses went on almost permanently, but Jim Jones excuse for wearing the sunglasses. All the time Z said that he had reached a wholly states so powerful that if you actually look upon a person with his unfettered gaze, they would be burned by the gods like energy emanating from his eyes. He was like Cyclops from the x men, but instead of flames, just total amphetamines, ally in from his eyes into the audience, is vain. I also do think. Then. He believed that when you're on that many amphetamines- and you have a lot of big ideas but yourself right and he it was true- the Jim Jones was extremely busy in the early
Seventys the coffers of people's Temple, where large enough that they were able to buy a whole fleet of old, decommissioned, greyhound buses. Is that a humble brag? I still just a bunch of old stinky, but can you imagine I just got a decommissioned greyhound bus from the sixties. The these were the faded. They were deregulated fifties at that is meeting potato poops all over that greyhound bus feeling. The pipes is absolutely log jam with that NATO decommission a greyhound bus unleashed in infants have to die yes or no ground out of circulation was one greyhound bus, it unfairly certain whoever did whatever they did in the bathroom decommission background of us in this buses only got more disgusting as the people's Temple use them because they use these buses to take road trips, because when Jim Jones showed up in town it wouldn't
for him to perform, do an audience of just like a hundred or two hundred. They brought like three four hundred people in order to do that. They would you like, they were like fifty person capacity, buses Hokosa, they would Jim seventy people into these buses. There were people in the seeds, people in the aisles they put the kids up in the luggage racks and since they had to get you known since they, of course, I couldn't stop at a hotel or anything like that. They. Two drivers working on ships, so while one driver was behind the wheel, the other driver would be on a mattress in the luggage. Compile craziest thing is one of the drivers was Chris Farley from Billy mad at me, though, is this our ushers little real? Also, when your socialist, you begin to form grooves in your head, that allow you to be stable and better known actor. Yes, you can always back five socialists, high phone or on these owed shows Jones.
Up this healing game instead of using plants, he started forcing unwitting people to be a part of the cancer scam, heeds we'll call someone from the crowd. Ptolemaic cancer need still use checking guts, but instead of having them go to the other room, he'd have one of the people's temple. Members go out into the audience, dressed as inert say. I'm a nurse amateurs. You got folk and cancer get everybody. I dont know. How did you know you can't you get the hell I dont have I got arrest, we voice you, some gonna leave on old guy, you don't forget, throw written you gotta, beautiful Oi, heard already Du Pont. Guess, DR cancer, you can't get the fuck up. Jones would yell and cast out the cancer and such and just the right moment the
nurse would somehow slide the kicking goods in the audience members now who within spin it back out again, you say it's like sleight of hand, but you know we spend too much you shop shop. The Lord wants to you. The world satis Kentucky Fried Chicken Otis. They called this passing RO. I could see the doctor said what I was bored waste disposal. You did pass a growth. Unfortunately, when we rigidly looked at the x rays, we assumed a watermelon size. Tumor had fuse its way to his spine, but apparently it's a child and if anyone
to close to the growth after it had already been spit out, because they don't want anyone looking discuss. If he got close enough, it was obviously just kicking gods right who ever was that was around whatever people's Temple member that was around had to gobble up before people could get a look at him. Mister Jones Lily, shortening Johnny Garbage, dump an ally, but it's almost stinky evolved on ground after I get away from me, Jonah garbage. Well, I got one service. That's why you're part of a social society we gave in Europe up that's a big purpose: gobbled up socialist society in terms of the people, leave this shit and when I believe they give money. Jim Jones had plenty of ways for them to give we're not talking aruji rich congregation here, either very impoverishment. Unwillingly. I hope we can do in like Hitler Little Minute a time graduate in Atlantic City, with a slot machine that nickel and dime, maybe the most popular
urge at the gym Jones table was portraits, people could buy sure of Jim Jones, for five bucks and with that picture in their possession Jones would be able to protect them a far from illness, accident or assault, and the more you bought the more Europe it was like those get out, get out of jail, free cards, you get if your family members or the cop, what its with a man that will fuck your wife and your son. Fortunately who boy told a story about him, lay in a picture on the body of a dead bird and suddenly the birds probably back to life cool all through the power of Jim Jones signed a picture of it. I don't think it's real means of mean a toss, a NATO on it, but your ears, Menino Guard might be, and it was a creepy picture to ITALY. What what did you say? The picture look like if someone found a card posted on line, he looks like
he. Obviously I said last night last episodes that he looks like sand. The eagle. Would you guys he's gotta, but also you sort of looks like like crews in disguise, trying to go to the mall prosthetic beagle monstrous. Hey you d really does he looks like if Tony Clifton FUCK Georgia is like this year, where almost like the old man from up here It may not seem like five bucks. A pauper for these pictures wooden amount to much people's Temple would sometimes cell up to six hundred in a single service words about three thousand dollars per service at every better, that tax free can start doing this one just said, and I and I'm gonna see, don't think it's a lie that if you take a picture of me and Leave it in a jar in the morning. Sometimes nags, just
peer overnight, nomes commoners, like we did, we dropped adults. She was a rogue ajar. Do we know we did like we did about job who are Jones was broken in the money. His followers were living. True socialist lifestyles back in Redwood Valley and the funny thing There's a lot of the people who joined, didn't Actually, no, they were joining a socialist group that talk was saved until after they have moved. They'd moved in before you moved in I'll bet, a quality doing good for others me right. That's the sort of community that your joining, but after you join
living a shack with twelve other people? Yet like the idea of doing charity and allay where people assume it's like, oh then you go and you get Mamma says and then you go any. I have an old sweater I don't like and offering this child there, but then you show up and it's a bunch of people like we're, All share in a bar soap saw you turn on the toilet this weekend and she gets it all weakened because she didn't get it for a modern, twelve strangers living in a shack. One comes up with the poor wrestling. Are called the Ms. I watch the maize last night, W w e or are at it Barclay Centre. Them is new intercontinental champion beaten. Roman rains can happen with twelve people in a strategy.
Really. You know we are working with those cameras, but all the good said. I think you were just trying to work in a way to tell everyone that you went to raw twenty five last night, critical areas, a story that yes, your answers stories, the flurry and the Boolooroo units of them look alike by the mentally handicapped. Cousin got hold of a cell phone started because he loved wrestling. Yes, yes, it wasn't a cameraman, but a part of this is the reason why didn't know is because again, member Jim Jones used mix up message wherever he was, so he tell you whatever it is it you want to hear that you get out of the people are simple and then you to show up- and I gotta say it's gotta- be hardest. Brought a socialist surprise? Is the hardest arise where some people surprised by the religious aspect, where similar brought in by the Socialist S? Flexibility? Why the hell? Is it oh god, Thou wilt thou was mixed in with the public sermons, because in the private sermons he mostly talked about socialism, because private sermons
the ones that were for the people's Temple members, those were locked door affairs and actually had security at the door to make sure that there were no non people's temple. Members come in, but that's where he got to God, right that was God in private and new hobbling owner honour, not opposite all. I thought it was God in public, and then it was social as it was God and equality. But, as will see later on, he did try going for the socialism public a couple times, but it did not work. It makes, even though the thing is that socialists are like way more down to play ball the understandable, but more all we cannot lie about the God shit to build our numbers and, in the end we are going to serve the community are going to serve the human race to who gives a shit. If he's talking about Gaza with the promise it God people don't feel the same way as the socialists are the only political party that lie about police, fitting God only one may not. Out of these.
They weren't like omission, Rico camps or anything like their not being like forced to wear diapers and being beat with reads. As I know, Babbage no now jatropha gotta get not a cabin society because I think they might not have been able to afford cabbage hubris where this of the five senses are right, you got it, you could pull peel offs of leaves, feel lazy, marketeer. Kosovo runs embargo wooden that bad, but time, someone even thought about complaining either a member of the People's Temple or Jones himself had one word to shut them up bourgeois, which is an insult that doesnt cod get to be, but I understand bourgeois. Does that mean they just do what they want to have? any kind of amenities in their life whatsoever. A man you didn't like eat no meal for breakfast on peanut butter for lunch every day,
bourgeois bourgeois P. Josie page, you can only make Reboot Joie go like shit and for another people, bourgeois revenue will take you down. One of you like Charles Bears, taken aback. Don't wanna sexy Jim Jones now? What are you speaking but sheet olive as if they are then elective clean dipstick? We need to prove that the earth to take a particularly with a view to getting me. He didn't say. Well, you know what I feel I actually feel better. I am part of the bourgeoisie, Jim Jones use that word to justice. Other sexual habits as well. When one of his black followers as Jim. Why he only slept with white women, Jim guts purpose and said it was because the white women need to be snapped out of their attitudes and since black, since black peopled inhabited. Why attitude it was always the obsessive see. Ok,
since the math adds up the idea of using their milk, We talk about cause. You know nothin pounds the bourgeoisie out of a woman or a bit of a lost Vietnam that man quite like the five and a half inch penis of Jim Jones. He honest Apparently he was really packet death. Ok, I don't ceta hunger. Yea said it was enough for the entire proletariat have Jones got people to go. With so much shit using the buzzword, bourgeois suggest, remember, keep her in the same words over and over and over again like bourgeois or enemy or freedom. Something very wrong with where you are and what you're doing I am. I don't even want to talk that is nothing like I've, never heard anything like fake news. Early anything only said over and over again like it's a doctrine, that's being sold from our government to our media companies to us who will
Truly benefiting each other by hypnotizing us into being much of sheep robots. Well, I would have listened to you, but I'm too busy eating my weight watchers. I it's either more really can check. How many points is that, as an old fool, leaf of prosciutto. Ureta are you on the freedom diet? I am, I actually feel more free than that, but Jones needed the word Boujwa to solve one of his biggest problems and a lot of his followers being a part of people. What was a step up and a lot of them came from and intense poverty, so a job at a roof over their head was about the best life they had. I think finding somebody that you just got out of a halfway house. There really easy to get into a solid relationship with, because how did you get a full? How not to do is give em a tat just at TAT slight take up where in lifestyle- and you got your naturally yet but other follower We're coming from middle and upper class backgrounds, and they were super educate they were college boys and girls and if they left they were,
Almost guaranteed to be alive and a better life comfort, wise, almost neatly, they didn't mean people's temp or why would they go there? In the first place, the ideal audio logical reasons, because it was not the this was the early seventies, late sixties. Yet Vietnam going on you got riots in every fuckin city. I mean leadership, is failing at every level in America and had been for a long time. People people were lost. You know you ve got fuck, you know you ve got
on the streets in Birmingham sickened dogs after people end you, no hidden. People far hoses shuts fucked up said he looking for like they're looking for a utopian society, the looking for something better and Jim Jones is living in that there are things decades. There were two decades in this in this country's history, where you could just say anything and just get away within respect. There was the sixtys, but why do you wear shoes at your hands? There was the sixties interview remembered. It succeeds in you, weren't weren't shoes in your ass, a newborn alive during the six, and you are aware- and shoes said he was no excuse for everything, those twenty years of madness. Oh, it was twenty years a madness, and you in this seventies. Were the seventies, don't get enough credit. For being a particularly fucked up time in american history? I mean it was possibly the worst decade we'd had since the civil war. Everything went wrong. Leadership failed on every single level and only got worse as the years when on especially like nineteen. Seventy eight came
Jonestown happen. People like nine hundred people are you fucking gave me. This is my impression of the most positive Vietnam soldier of all time, free cool it We should also remember what seems like a great idea on Wednesday. Yoda mean you're shown up. We're like were part of the Socialists, world duplicate the it doesn't really matter on Saturday, when you have to give up your orchestra level tickets to rush, I have to go doubly empty out. The septic tanks. Have you pulled the short straw. Billig know you're fucked, these be a soul of itself. Some you have these upper class people showing up cortical upper class people that are like oak. Oh wow This is what commitment to the cause means, and it is very difficult to keep them in black he's. Gonna make sure they're. Happy, though, doesn't it was because they have therefore clear that the money source at right amp he has to manipulate these people in a completely different way. So, besides screw, Bourgeois Jim, manipulated, these people's arrogance and self worth Jim. He play pretty fast and loose
the facts somewhere in the late sixties Jones switched from Russia being the evil empire that would destroy them all through nuclear weapons to sing she was a socialist paradise. There was a possible escape plan for them. Will you just have, then you just have the yadda yadda yadda, all the millions of people have died in the purges, the gulags bullshit, but you can yadda yadda yadda you're way out of that. As long as you have some glasses on, because no one can see your eyes cross every single time, you do it because that's what happens, give you a man, linking Russia is a socialist paradise I mean that's what he told these people and allow these people I mean they were on educate, allow these people. If they didn't go to college. They didn't you like right, a fuckin paper on stolen. You know they didn't they didn't know so you have for years. He was talking about linen, he was talking about marks and saying that you know and that's where it ended with Russia, but now he say like oh no, Stalin, Stalin.
Great. You like he was he's. Awesome he's doin all sorts of great things. For a year. He was doing all sorts of great things for Russia, and you know, like Khrushchev, who yeah great arrayed fucking guy, could all of a sudden. You have one person whose read a book whose Yank Mister Jones why're you did. What about millions of people who got murdered, yeah yeah? What about all these people that were mirage or all the purchase and but he was called out by this in one of these- are big public meetings. You know a guy raises Hansel, I hey, I don't I don't think that's right and so Jones lost. His shit publicly humiliated the guy, but after the meeting Jones took them sighed and said like a lesson on my followers, their simple dude: listen, then they don't get up there and get it there. It said to them unfitness, jellybean, unfeeling abruptly weren't, you abruptly. I know you do I let you because I like the way look right, hold my mom and others problem is holding your thinking about it. You know ye do what they think about somebody like you. They just think about everyone. You you work for me,
just got promoted? How does feel you just got promoted toilet later on the toilet. I'm excited also several EU channeled, his inner spokesperson for men's warehouse. Did he tell you say like hey? Listen, you get caught out on this shit in public you can always come to me because the guy. Like you, I need a smart guy like you in fact you're probably smarter than I am so I need a guy like you on my side. Would you can't do it in public, but you can always come to me in private and you straight me out then He would cherry pick the most troublesome once the ones that would cause casts doubt is like a virus in these little groups, because they I'm point you're. Your cortisone levels are going crazy when you're a group of people everybody's kind of all in a year and a hive mine, we were running network as as as a species, so Uranus this place where everything super harmonious and then, if you have one partake
a strong member of the group stands up and questions the whole thing. It's gonna send a ripple throughout the whole thing. He knows that so he goes effort. Those contentious once and he just bring them closer. That reminds me of what Lily, Tomlin, Jane, Fonda and Dolly pardoned the hit film. Ninety five, which is an incredible movie about empowerment of females, but also of anybody and happy birthday, Dolly part Have you not today mean Dolly Part share birth? I really love doll same way same but sides, yes, was the opposite. Her breasts his, but both big interested. I think that we have to do, is show and Dolly. Would it would love wanting to Dolly woods. Pigeon forged idiocy here, man He pulled these people closer and guy MIKE well you wanna Jim's adopted sons. He put a perfectly, he said Jim, I gave you your five minutes and in return you gave him your law.
He gave him? The bill Clinton finger. Tricky did the same thing each leg. You looked right at you and also this the man who is now beginning to call himself got that right and now, but imagine of God gives you two minutes of war at one time and he knew how influential that was so he'd use it very sparingly and he knew when to turn his gaze on somebody and in turn, not only did and empower their people into thinking that he was God and bring them closer to them, but also brought himself closer to us. Own delusion of how much control I have available, I gotta say I'm happy were breathing over that Bill Clinton Finger trick whatever they like that bill. We're gonna move on a really like that. Bill. Clinton comparison is very apt. Realise Jim Jones had that politicians, talent were there
they said about Bill Clinton? Is that he can he could go through on a campaign. You go to a small town in Minnesota and then he come back for years later and he would not know he would not only know that person's name. He'd know their son's name. He'd know their wife's name. He'd know what problem that person had last time he was through. He would know all these personal details and Jim Jones was that exact same way if he heard a personal detail about a person once rest once heard their name once he'd know about that and he was also at the same time being informed the whole time People are tones like hey. This is what's going on with Patty. This is what's going on with Sarah, you, not s buys all over the place and as a part of it. So then he would use it in his congregation, which I think is very interesting- that huge use it for tricks during these king and then he would also use it on his own people. Don't you know not to discredit the talent there, but I think that
in the Sixtys and Seventys. There were three names rival. Yes, I was like any more on Mary Robert Darrell's, my brother Darrell's by other brother, derelict new, harsher classic Bob Newhart alive. I think about new are totally alien, really Yanza maize is great, and so, with these college boys Jones made him feel special he'd stroke. Their ego any turn him in a confidence in them. Important. Those confidence would be. A young man named TIM Stone, said Jones knew that if he wanted truly expand people's temple to the size he knew it could be here. Gonna need a lawyer when you get to certain size. You have to Have a lawyer will its argument is a lawyer is a he needs. Somebody who's is cable bullies. He was used overseeing every single thing, including the books, and it gets to appoint words like the amphetamines could only do so much and he knew deep, deep, deep, deep inside. Did there he was still a guy and even though he's been lying to even marshalling now, even today, the closest to the closing people is a key. Now knows it
needs to bring somebody who is just as capable as he is, and so then he starts castle line out and interesting how you put that did intend our universe and then a TIM stone shows up. So we had Joe Mccarthy out there with road going right Erode Roy Cone Roy COM, that was his big guy, went to work with trump later on, but then was sky sort of his cone yeah aid has guy was absolute. He was his right hand. Man and democracy ever go after Jim Jones for socialism, where I guess it was a different generation, owes a different internet. Browser is fifties. I can remember here. Jim Jones did have actually Jim Jones went straight up against it, because during the car, Theism Jim Jones, I think, was right out of college He would go to these communist means because there were so people that we're trying to be a little rebellious with Yellow Jim Jones or go to communist meetings. And you know they have
the agents outside Lex taken. This shit out in Jim Jones would go up to each one of them. He would introduce himself say hi. My name is Jim Jones. I live at such such and such and such dress, and he would tie Let me he would essentially you'd like I'm a communist. No one fuck with Well, I will never saw being economies, I'm a proud communist. This is The way shit is ok, far as tombstone when you know this guy Jones needed a right hand, man? He needed a guide that not only believed in the cause, but also believed in Jim Jones. Luckily, for him, stone happen to be just in the neighborhood. He didn't even have to look far TIM. Stone was an assistant d for Mendocino County where a redwood valley was located. We was just right there and this guy, he forgot tat. He took to the temples message like a duck to water. Jones could not have accomplished, half He did in the years to come without ten stone. So this
is an eighty eight he's potent helping put people in jail. He's I mean he's a rising star to us, not he's not like just a guy, that's sitting on the benches, like everyone around New Ike tombstone back, I've got a future and when he joined up with people's Temple, people like what the fuck are. You doing was more people public about it about people who Temple get with this alone. Guy be like I'm with this, do absolutely that they had to be. That was a requirement. You know like you, it wasn't something that you you kept secret like you, you had to be out now with being a part of people simple, because they were actually proud because they thought it was such a good thing. They didn't think they were called they run. They were a part of a group that was working towards equality. And just ass the general betterment of man. They thought they were being an example, and you can't be an example. If you don't tell her body what you do and how we know you're a good person, if you don't tell him you're good person, ban right, of course, the drugs where the sea ingredient to Jones is evil than stone was the seek ingredient to a success, but with
stone came his wife grace incense too. Spent most of his time with Jim TIM's marriage started to fall apart. And since grace was lonely, she started talking about problems to other people's temples. Members, which he didn't know, though, is that people's Temple kept a huge database of hand written note cards containing information on every single member, so who is doing who's taking all these notes, everyone, so everyone just kind of speech you not everyone everywhere. It's Alec Scientology World people are doing audits and writer freely giving the information they would just report and each other in conversation it was like there's a Nazi Germany. Its industry was done. It wasn't like scientologists where they would sit and he would sit in a room and they would confess this shit. This stuff was done by like tiny cute little old, Ladys Riah would sit there and, like they ask you sweet questions, resolves odylic, saudi or like chocolate or vanilla, who chocolate good. What should do best fear spy
there's always a dead, just just spiders something simple like spiders, early retirement ice cream, ya know what it's like. They want something that shape she too cautious, curious, manipulators, loneliness, never having anything now dying alone, maybe never known support. You tell me your favorite soup, Peace, that's good to know. Tell me on watch your deepest weakness, chocolate, eyes, dream so Jones Not the Grayson, tombs marriage was on the rocks. He moved in pretty soon grace was pregnant and the baby born from that illicit affair, would be one of the many catalyst that would end people's temple for ever. Ok,
I just don't understand why he liked being a book so much to the car. He just love that there was something about. I mean, I guess obviously showing power various people, but he really did enjoy taking people's wives. Oh yes, I guess so all about power, I mean really a lot of times him having sex with the dude. It wasn't really even that much about x for pleasure. It was about dominates Remy that it was very people's temple was, primal at time. Oh, especially the its group think that its bids very basis right, Sir John Victor Stone was, born January, twenty fifth nineteen, seventy two and this baby was people in the world of Jim Jones, she, since he was having so much illicit tete sex and did not enjoy condoms. Abortions were pretty common in people's Temple. Do you think the positive thing I thought abortions are positive
I don't know I don't think you're misunderstand be lucky for them to have a lot of abortion. I know this is. It was all for bad. It was forced abortion did not. They did not want to have abortions, because if you look at it, like I mean you're impregnated by God Elsa. Then God makes you get an abortion, God doesn't even driving to the clinic. God doesn't play brick on the radio, so you could say you think for a second reading and Ben folds of five under this valves. That's on one agri dwarf, I love it and I'm tall. I always interested relate to it. He's got around this contradiction by saying adding more people to the world, was contrary to socialist beliefs and since the purpose of the sex was to give Jones a release, a babe was merely an inconvenient byproduct had no real purpose so then come on.
We just do something else. You somethin formal that even do it on the leg dude only goose inside I have this disgusting, I slightly more fucked up Georgia or you don't want to think about a Jonesy cream pile. I mean you, even though it is just as you know, come noises sound like an old man move in a wheelbarrow short mad, really you're. Welcome, because every single time we fucked- you said you I'm doing this for you at this point in the series. Ominously he's worth and L Run Hubbard. Yes, yes after That's all we, of course, Eleanor didn't murmur nine hundred people. Another just technically made money on a fantastic idea: full storyline, open our by Jim Jones. Also, they would show up in the in the bus number seven, it would become to be known and it would reek of booze and they were not have boom and offset executing patenting thinking. He got us
open jacket on you like we're not supposed to four types of Jack and I thought I was water- have Jack Pacific types of activities. No, no god as many jacket in John Victor Stone, this the child Joan, saw something that he could use now. What grace tombstone were list on the birth certificate is as the parents. As far as people's Temple were concerned, the baby was gems Jim Jones forced him stone to write a humiliating They meant declaring that Jim Jones was in fact the dialogue oh Father, it read in part I Oliver stone by acknowledged seven April knights and seventy one eye and treated my beloved. Faster James You Jones desire a child by my wife, gray, stone who had previously by this reluctantly but D graciously consented there to James W Jones agreed to do so. Ruler
didn't leave after. I explain that I very much we are setting a raise a child but was unable after extensive attempts desire, one myself in my reason, for requesting James W Jones to do this is that I goodbye child, every fathered, if not by me, but the most compassionate earnest courageous. You mean the week days this and eighty eight this is a man, highly educated, powerful may a powerful lawyer, but probably could have been a Robert Kennedy down. This statement was Lay so Jones would have certainly takes the courts. Should the stones defect even though, hold up in court, but it was all so done to take stone down a pegre too ass. His power and the call was only increasing t, add their remind tombstone of his place. Will he would do this a lot?
or he would essentially foster his own enemies in his own good conflict within the church and ordered just to shut them down time. It made him harder Dhaka, yet and he also saw some to hold over stone. Should stones, loyalty waver in any way whatsoever John John, as a kid came to be known, who was leverage tragically, always comes to kids named John John, then it was John John John John official major world, that is, they was John Victor Stone, but they called him. John John, you get that How do you get a name like it's? like a mentally handicapped for man, I'm enough you're under arrest in how you get these nickname. I understand like we call Wendy like Lumpy but all that kind of shit, because it long dog me like a dog. You come up with your various dames or it at some point, but like a child
we would like all looky smoky or not it's not an envelope and, as will see using this childish leverage is gonna backfire. Spectacular, Loca Jones didn't stop here: there, as far as using this pregnancy to his advantage, he had one or person to humiliate almost as an afterthought marsolino his wife owns made. His wife signed the aforementioned statement as a witness weekly, acknowledging once again the Jones Bob whoever he wanted. What was her stayed here I mean: was she still children with all their. She was ok, oh god. Now in this little start, this was the last straw from our Selina. I mean she decided after this like fuck this
I'm leaving. I met this very nice. I cry addressed lighter. Why? Who married women always meet? Psychiatry? Look like Judge Reynolds from Santa Ryan tried all right in the sand, and why do they always leave it for a man with weird splinters book? It's always like me and me and mercy have been talking and we feel we feel they doesn't. Our best interests to leave. They can't fuck as good as Jim Jones re could cuddle up to that sweet. Sweet sweater, ensure the guy has a micro like Johnny pay Jack. It does it matter yet. Sometimes you on Santa Claus, but sometimes you need a man who loves his weeny whistle, that's right, right, We problem was that Marcy Levin met that her kids would go with our at least that's what you want at five kill she wanted. All five Rick is go with her because she knew Jim Jones was a fucking psycho. She didn't want to leave her kids with them so aftermath,
Slim told Jones what she was gonna do Jones called a family meeting and after marshalling held fast on her position Jones. Try intimidating earth like he did his followers saying she would be met quote by the adventures of death, but at this point she's heard the gods from him for a while and she's like all right. You know. All of this is horse shit, and I am, of course was we ve said multiple times. Mercy was like his first follower and his closest follower. Russia's, like I know, you're, not gonna, send fucking lightning after me, more we're going to have a good. What do you do, and so finally, Jim Jones Room like level of cut the angel shit just say off. I will kill you and doing it in front of their kids like therein, there in a family meeting, and that in Jim Jones same like listen, your mother, once she wants to take you away from me, she wants to you out of here and when the Kendra like well like they weren't really sway.
That, like they kind of thought about, as you know, the fuckin love their mother. She was actually a good mother, but after that and just like I'm just gonna. If you take em unjust, can fuckin kill you, and so after that, you end because at this point he had a full fucking it are me he had a smile and a small in at least he had a crew like fucking Jack booted, bugs they're fucking on they are fierce. Loyal partially knew that he had the mean, and had the will to do this so Sheikh. Similar plans and just sell the new, a life of do full misery, so he's living like Gaddafi with it, with a mill troop. All around it should happen, really suddenly move one thing. I want you to truly understand the difference and other courts, and we ve been. We ve covered right as a lot, and I could those changes kind of happened up top like children,
but children of God, that's illegal. If it went waggish Mcafee like really really fast, really really early seeming without unction retail, but the people's Temple was very subtle. Right was a this shit just kind of naturally grew around here. I his enforcers just sort of came out of this specific people that came out of either the decree we have programmes of the drug rehab programmes. These people kind of like forms, unofficial groups around them in more Celine, was watching this happen, which is why she started getting up and outside relationship and sort of trying to figure out a way to get the kids out, but she didn't realize how fully closed the net had, because that's what I was wondering Is this officially at this point? Would you classify this? Is a cult all its closure there? It's it's very much. I mean they ve already got a little compound, redwood valleys, already pretty much a little comparable and the reason why Jones is able to do this, so suddenly is because he had a reason for everything you know
here. As far as the security force goes, we're going to see later like why he really beef shut up and how he actually did it in such a way were this follows said that makes sense. Oh fuck yeah. Be then all of a sudden you know, then you have the data fringe members that are like a jack please and that's actually a way to get out of a cold. You can actually that's a good information. No, if you need to get a call me life legally check, please you have only to look well despite their mother sat existence most of the Jones KIDS would they were actually do in pretty good, due in no small part to their long time body. Mr Mann, Mr Mugs was a full grown chimpanzee, whom Temple members were told, was saved from a laboratory and now he's got one of those fuckin voice I built in is being like we're on,
I will defend ourselves very mug, say about it. No longer gonna get among you work honestly, man, every kid wanted a monkey even use the chip as a way to build himself up again, because the chip opportune, but a fuckin pat store. I dont know what it was about like the late sixties, early seventies, Jim Jones, Sellen Monkeys door to door there on California, some pad store, just as a fuckin camp for say I'm just for simpler time also be for some reason. I just thought that they were
like a doll dolls, rip, you're, fucking arms. It's like we gotta Chinchilla, we gotta Pomeranian. We got a monkey, we got a mug. Why we want, I want you and they told how they can build themselves up with. Mr Monti is ITALY? Oh no, heed environment, a pet store, Jim Jones, saw him in a laboratory and he saved him because he could not bear to see this beautiful creature suffering lie, new, glaring, sunglass serbian side. Do you want? You are frightening me? Please stop trying to make love to me. I will not do it. I will not days. Would you shut up shut up will presumably named after the tonight showed Chimpanzee Mass got J Fred mugs. Mr Mugs Jones would serve the same purpose for people's temple. He was much
Mr mugs is, like everyone loves, MR my Mask the Moscow by Guy. I know me: let him put em on like t shirts, but what is well please,
merchandise leaving money on the table. I also there was a monkey mass got on tonight. You yeah Jape red mugs. I found this out by, like I googled, like Mr Mugs Chimpanzee, to see what kind of Mr Mug stories I could get, and here he has his own Wikipedia page. A very long Wikipedia Pay TV is unspent. I've showed the J Fred Mug show me the allotted chimp to run an entire television show. I wasn't just cancel because it rip Raquel Welch's face off generalised. We gotta, we ve got to figure out a way to put it back on. You, too bad admit managed in such a way that Bulgaria is Chimp makes a lot of sense. Forty talks about immigration, did you read Gump and company now we're talking about a programme for the open company was the sequel to the book. Forest Gump knows a book, yet forest covers totally book and then a few after the movie came out and it was so big. The writer wrote a sequel called Gump and company and in dumping copy of course, he gets a lot more wacky adventures and book forest gum.
Recall, Welsh and a chip all go into space together are totally running it took about. I could totally could accommodate, not law. I would love to hear the interview with the author of dumping company village. So how do you described the book where we could be best described it as a money grab like I've tried to capitalize scam kind of like I did. I don't even believe I wrote a manuscript short about my door and I believe I hired five himalayan boy do is obviously written over a week in ok yeah, but it was really fun because you know Rico health check before us. Companies space can form its great about border space if, if you're out of ideas, take your characters to space, although J Fred Mugs would survive until two thousand twelve run and his days in Florida with his girlfriend Phoebe,
baby was a human being. No, oh yeah! I owe you a whole piece. I arrived Phoebe Habibi, Phoebe, B, B B, Phoebe Bobby, I dont think it actually was a human. There was an ok, even though Dave read most would live a long life. Mister mugs Jones. Die and Jonestown most likely. The first casualty of the mass suicide course dying involving right it is you got up, don't tell me that the champ isn't gonna score like he is disturbing my death like peace. This is I mean this is absolutely fuckin absurd to think about what we bring it up, because it is fuckin absurd, raise in it, but really show you what sort of plant What does that last day cure stir mugs was on the checklist and either or someone thought like. Oh fuck. What about the monkey and just took
women a last minute mercy. They shot him in the back of the head. Never tell a lot of man and they shot Emily CHE Guevara up. Just let him go in the forest there. They they absolutely could at any time if there were no chance there, but you know those forests and don't sound were full of monkeys. They said that was actually in the mornings. Monkeys were their roosters that they wake up tariff cuts, he's roosters. It is time to make the donor, but long before all that happened back in the early seventys. The Jones family was doing pretty yet, even though Joe We constantly bridge socialist ideals. He wasn't above taken a few bucks from the kitty to take his family on expensive vacations. All on the download he's working very hard. Working very hard technically is working extremely hard, but he's telling all of us people like hey go and honest secret mission. That
cool, waited sit up a vacation, we're going on a secret mission. Will we be in light of what we we're going to this place wall work, I hope it's open. You better check if it open. First, only Jones Child, you didn't seem to be enjoying himself. Was german marsolino only true born son Stephen, whether was depression or fear was just a cry for help. Stephen did suicide three times when he was twelve. He himself in just one year deleted. It was a cry for help. Of course it was since Jones was a Harcourt drug attic. It was important for us keep a large inconvenient stash of lutes around the Jones Household at all times, and it was with these pills that Stephen attempted suicide, and even after Second, to even after the third Jones, still kept the pills readily available offer own convenience, even though his son was grab and taken him whenever he could.
Leave him worse than that was the fact that Jones didn't really seem to give a shit. Work in the end, I imagine he thought that Stephen would learn to take care of himself or not and also Jones didn't I can imagine he really thought too much outside of himself and his own deck. Absolutely not even the oldest Stephen well, now, there's a couple: no Lou is older than how I think it goes think. It was Agnes Lou. We were both adopted kids, but Stephen was Jim, Jim Jones, german marshlands. Only by lot, all on all the rest of the kids were adopted. Well, isn't that studied? He would envy of love for lewd Zack I mean Jim Jones, like he'd, always talk big about how when he died, marshalling was gonna take over and then when Marcel took Turco when marshalling died. Stephen would take over after that, but I think a deep down eating shit about Stevie, he give a shit about marshalling, because I think he always knew, or at least hoped that when he died,
the church was gonna die with. I think you see that over and over again that that that sentiment is bids put into a lot of his speeches, especially as it gets closer and closer to their moved into Guiana, and he is I think it's very trail. I think that's the most dangerous thing, of course, because essentially like then you, if I die, then you'll have to die to it, and you can see how there that algebra rosy power thing is now you're, absolutely as just woes, arrogant, thrill, Emmy AIDS, that nothing is going to survive, passes and The Jones out the death tape there's always one sentence that sticks out my mind so much Is that what you just like really reminded me of that is he's talking to talk and talk and Tom everything these dumb form in there's this one this week, the sentence that just fuckin lives with me as drought, Jim Jones says I, best friend. You will ever have an people tombstone of his father. Everyone.
My friend of its cut its very into the same shit. It's weird, I would like always seems kind of gulp id like even unconsciously, feeds back into the end, that's crazy. Meantime before any of that happen, Jim Jones kept his congregation enraptured around Eighteen, seventy Jones shorted really drive and at home that he and he alone was their salvation slowly start replacing God in these people's lives with himself here's a quote from Raven by John Jacobs, aunt, em, regiment You prayed to your sky, God I heard your prayers you stand back, didn't pleaded in your suffering and he never gave you any food. He I gave you a bad him? He never provided you a home, but I your socialist worker God. Given you all these things,
a lot of ways. He do right. I actually did. I mean people get results. God it's about resolve it again, he's not gonna jump. You say I gave you shit, they really gives idea, but you can't all of a sudden once you start, the term socialist worker, God Rhyme to be a trigger. Where I'd be like gently, they call you wouldn't have you can only give you a hundred dollars and new mobile suit right right Jones, followed this statement, as he would many times after by throwing the Bible across the room, and they pick it up and throw it again. Run our journey jump up and down on it, and then
Ban would play a fanfaronade start dams and I had meant to come. I gotta get up into the economic fuckin. James Brown and you'll never end with oil, but there's chicken. It's like Maryland Manson meets James Brown itself, the commands of God's you pick up the Bible rhetorical through job over down on me, like this fucking Bible means anything strike me dead the key set their window die, and then you will see you see how there's? No God, you remember, the fundamentalist Christians are involved. These are revival list era. Christians that were involved in the people's Temple. Re believed that the word of God in the Bible was completely new real. They thought it was a nonfiction book and read of the ideas that you watch. It happened, economic, I'm sick. I see people give. I felt the tiny twinge of something I thought I had an old school Bible bill in my books knows moving into my apartment here and I took it out like a fuck this
and I saw the garbage- can there's always a little magical moment really like ah fuck. Could I just say that I have been in you like you just do it? it's interesting how that a grip people, especially when lives believe, of course, he prep them for this. He this was not something that was out of the blue, because for years he had been preaching about the contradictions in the Bible, where he would say like yes, that the Bible. Yes, there are a lot of things are there, but the Bible is a man made object. This is something that was written by men and he go through in his sermons. Any point out all the contradictions in the Bible he's like a well. It is this in the old testament. This is new this in the new testament, and it is this and mark- and it says this luke- and it says this an exodus in this and do wrong to me, and so people stirred listening and since they were so enraptured by Jim Jones and since they believed in to him just so much. The relay hung at me sense. Why is that? Why would there be those contradictions there and so the time he started thrown the Bible across the room. People are all are already thinking like you know. Maybe this,
I was bullshit and then after he threw it after. He called out on God to strike him down when nothing happened. John said: there's no need to fear God, because I am god- and you are god- and we are all our own God and what was mister mugs thinking this old track millennia, check with, but the emphasis in the implication is that even though they were all God and all gods were equal, some gods are more cool than others, o o interesting, like animal farm, ass, animal farm, the book
Oh, but you you must have in such a difficult history, mooted you think of animal farm ban. I just I just want to know. Love bags gets not an albanian animal Farm Charlotte with the web Charlotte Ladder eyes. Oh, I know no one animal farm hitherto, your series of animals are vital for it to be a degree in political science books about pigs Don't worry about that day into its like that
that is a great political science, is animal or in our people in the book. No with arable farmers, it awful there's a couple of people at the book by with all lies, because animals don't have political power wiseguy now, yes, acids and allegory. Some animals are more equal than other gallon. Always all animals are all animals are equal, that I don't care what the spider Respell and I hate them. I hit it out, a european method, a man when he doesn't know by now. I know the crowd, They should be even the Bible Farm Persia after he'd already put in all the doubts and their head, they were told on board with this was all his followers and all this power
Jim Jones saw, but he could take a little old Ladys who have been clinging to the Bible. First, sixty seventy eighty years right, he figured he was finally ready after seven years. There's a planning to take sincere run at mother was definitely prepped for this and was thing About this, the entire time. I'm really does he just starting to believe in the smell of his own shed. He started really all on a loved him he's got the chops You could you show up and take the entire ministry. The belong, some other device. What ya mean jealous Divine Father, divine he'd been dead for seven years. This point jealous divided died in nineteen. Sixty five mode divine had been run at this entire time and the whole time Jim Jones issues by this time, because he's seen in international peace mission movement. He soon this whole times like that's. How again double I followers right What I really my followers overnight!
had he seen a huge short cut here and really it's not a bad plan. Donna plan, but all this shit's dumb was to go still. Another Congo should that it certainly the video games civilization. I believe I think do I seem to remember that from save where you go, Yogi give get other people's armies and shit. I know you just a defeat. I e just invade another country and then, once you take the capital city, you get all the Citys ass, a game battles. I got off so much a works. Every time. Look what happened in Iraq, loyal soldier. They were ready or out only ready willing to fight for us. Now. If you remember me, step aside. Mother divine was the heir to the. As I said, international. Peace, mission movement, originally font run by Father Divine, who died left mother nineteen sixty pot Jones is planned, for this movement for all these years was to show up and said, followed. Father divine had jumped just as mother Divine had oh so many years ago, from
a panacea to that canadian girl. Can you imagine the look on Mother divines face right when he shows up- and he says Father divines jumped to my body, and she knows that the other story was worship to. I just can't imagine mother divine standing for the congregation just turning to Jimmy, owns Reunite Wade. I don't know if that's the we really went there. I don't know if we re really does jammed into your body. There ain't you use like all. I think you did me out or no known, I see it. Works for asylum are not far off. Ok, my sister strange episode. A quantum leap, everyday everybody's Phoenicia Joneses plan is that if he could convince Mother divine that father by had jumped bodies indigent John Topeka commits mode of on the cheap
would commit all the rest, the followers all he had to deal with such a grace if they d have to commit somebody, because he knew the other story was born. Sending me like oh wow, is that real she's gotta know that he knows she's, that that is both he's gotta hedge, that he's gotta hedge, the bets, you know, Annie, he's he's gonna. Think like ok, I believe, and my bullshit pretty hard How far do she believe in her bullshit poker with bullshit jeopardize poker yeah media that it's like trying to see like who's, gonna who's, gonna be four ok, but he also thought you know. Besides just commencing mother Divine like he had a kind of sway, the congregation as well with all this shit like he had too kind and put the congregation a bit. You gotta make him a little wobbly so when he really ran it, mother divine she. Be a little wobbly as well and may be feel like. Ok, like I could I
merge these houses, it's kind of like the movie, either fury or like the movie with the brains scanners scanners. We basically have to be because its own about earned him. If he knows got a flip whole crowd and the way you do that you have the mentally beat. Mother, divine sort of like a sparing conference of everyone who you show up, and we like who jump they set up whose jump and bodies now, but that I jump bodies that I don't I don't know. If I did, I know you did. I think that I know that You did, and I think I know that I did not merely be a bunch of people, just just a silent group of people just stare and at Cumbria my whose win what the hell is going on, but this is how he tried to make this happen. He loaded two hundred of his most loyal followers and drove them, a crime the country to the divine compound outside of Philadelphia, and he also brought a few. Empty buses because he figured this is how arrogant he was. He fear that in about five,
stays time he was gonna die all these people so hard that they were going to be bringin hundreds of people back with a bright river. He is something he is reasonably this, because this is how he's run his game for so long is that people would show up on these road shows they'd. Always we have one empty bus or like room in a couple of the bosses and basically did whip up there Second and you'd be like this is a huge job jump and indeed, with a guy. I will talk about Philip resume our ideas about the absurd you're on the bus. These days that you're gonna build autism is forty odd, craving happening gospels we're we're right during people several shared their reminds me of what I did. My friend Dave two o clock. In the morning we were very
accelerated with an organ does, I said: we're going to South Dakota go into my mouth rush: words like ok. Finally, ass man, I've ever met with through the car that twelve hours later he woke up. I was spoken: winced incessant, whirlpools their views or go to cite cause, but it's a part of it, but that's not even and jokes, like people would part of the way onto their buses. In all said now, you're in the people's Temple, your heart of a socialist community in your fucking stuck there, because you have any of your bullshit anymore, you have any money or recessions kidnapping, nobody like emotional behind a flip, you're mine, it's like because the part of it is we who talk about before that you would like yourself, but you can handle community, part of it. You think you're ready to join something pure and crazy, but don't you shop you're like allow, but how many bathrooms how many who do their own? In its view, the reality shock shirt, when Jim Jones got to the International Peace Mission, movement and EAST
you're talking like first, he was sit and talk in all nice and sweetmeats good, so great to be here. I love this movement
Finally, Divine is inside me now agendas juncture them. You know where I did a reverse fresh parents and came from California to Philadelphia, but still, but people weren't really buying it and mother divine. Also, like I don't know about this kid and then who's, this white may legitimately be like who's, this white guy that you showed up about it. If I was also, I forgot, you forgot that she was a white can alien. That's why? What then, that Jim Jones thought that he might be able to flip it because ripen, an idea when overdue white woman? So I would rather do bank over the white man didn't as this started with Mr De Mr Divide, isn't he the one who started this whole idea of of switch body s Father De Vie was the one that said like Pinon IO has gone over to a white woman. Now robe were all good,
You know what I I just think they'd there now in reasonable. What I felt very astute will, after people like bitten, immediately reject embarrassed, everybody is like I don't know, and Jim Jones is arrogance got the best of he got pissed off any store, told them the way you guys eleven your life, this is bullshit. This is not a socialist society. This is not what followed divine, I mean me. This is What I wanted he him me. I think you gotta come. People's trampled. You have to come, or else you're going to help you. He said
straight up, threatening I'm so like you're, gonna, you're gonna go to Hell, your lives are over, you gonna be distorted. You not come with me and you want to know what you don't do. What threaten a group of people in Philadelphia Philadelphia are highly dangerous and Mary motivated ages derided because there were happy eagles, one makes rash the whole except for the Poles, because they, Greece, the pole, resale they actually still didn t. I still made it eventually Warrior Philadelphia initiative after Jim Jones start to get an aggressive with them most advanced. They get the fuck out of here ever want to see you again get out of here and never come back, and so the way back or TIM just didn't, say shit and nobody said shit to him. It was they said it was a silent, tense bus, ride, all the way from Philadelphia back.
California and it is really difficult? Just silence- is so much more echoing when you're three to a seat. So everyone understood this was a failure for everyone understood, but at the things, Jim Jones, though, is that there are no failures. There is always someone else's fault, or you know they truly a failure. I love his excuse reap. She said the mother divine. They had wonderful conversation and the mother Divine pulled him. Another room ripped openers showed him. Her a quarter code, sagging breath. I answered sagging Bresse again wave, which I guess had the effect of like you know, one of birds got eyes on its wing scare, bigger predators like one of those things where I guess the breasts we're supposed to scare haven't you got a horrible pendulums over those like we. Basically he did they. He pulled the Brazil where he said. Oh, she spoke a key wanted me to fuck her, and I said now now eyes. That's what kind
me about it because it was x. You pulled the opposite of Brazil because in Brazil he said he. I asked the yacht Asterophyton he's in Brazil. He said you not be. She wanted to fuck me, so I did it for that. It is good for the orphanage, so she would give five thousand dollars the orphanage and up We really, arguably this would be for even more but greater go, because this is the cause. This is the key hole cause and if they can add another hooker, another thousand people to the congregation. Like that's a huge deal for the cause, for some reason? This was not good enough for Jim Jai Swill organ to see this play out later on to he started talking about shit like this, where he says, like I only put out for the prime talent. Now it's like all very he's very much showed like you're gonna, see his taste escalate. In women and then in and manage exactly the same old now, but these very years in a row of sense, were pretty small and peace,
Temple was still growing and, with this growth came, a greater need for control, not control came. In the form of the planning. As you all know. I see this as a direct result of these failures. I think what he realized that when he went out because he became so confident of what he was doing and in Ukiah and then he thought that he would just go out and talk and crush crushed everywhere else and when didn't he realized? Oh, I gotta like fucking. Take this out my people a little bit more so invented this thing called the Planning Commission, which was like his All his solid inner in a core group would not
and be the most innermost. It will be the second innermost, but he needed them to be his like open MIKE night. I say it's what demanded in that? What was that? The Grinch restore Christmas what're you talking about, I didn't. I remain a stupid fuck and I don't wanna talk when it's not a good films, music and film, a male. What's a couple of minutes like on tv astern Christmas, and I was born my parents out, but it was obviously a bad movie, sound good whose or are physically before other up the mother, who is on the planning commission can actually asked this due to whose believe in Christ is. I'm only represents just Christmas, but they like the presence, but do they, I believe in the theoretical beginnings only those men get into that they might give Jos. As far as we know, I think it's kind of like working Life day. What's working, as from the STAR Wars holiday spam, is what the working celebrate, because if you watch it there is a long term minute segment of the workers,
having a Christmas like. Thank you live to with no subtitles. It's just ten minutes of work is growing at each other. Although realize I cant, do I realize we rock star wars? I cant do look. You know it's been dry, not good. At this plan, the commission, there was an illusion of collaboration. Jim Jones, in our were felt, were form in this thing, we're all gonna together. This is how we're gonna take people's temple to the next level and all you people who are my most trusted. My most special are gonna part of it we're all gonna do this together. In reality, it was completely in Jim Jones. Is control became known as the pc in wood? What do we know about called sponsor Acronyms get started, there's gonna be
right you never once the acronym started. You know it's bad, any use sort of this. This was his testing ground. He would see what he could get away with, but the planet commissions and they would meet late at night. After all of the meetings, there would be an afternoon session again for five hours, long european night sessions. We look for. I was long, and they would have another meeting with joy. The pc where he would start his mark, spur mental ideas, they're kind of see how people respond and then see how basically, in a cold structure you really have to kind of incense them. You have to make them think that they are collaborating with an end. And adding something to the group when, in fact, they are not so the day and they themselves like the second layer of the colt, will then go teach the outer layer of the cold to believe in the teaching straight from the head like so you basically
get the fringe people from seeing check, please as they see the inner grew people saying no, it's a good idea, namely thin see people reverberating the idea back and forth. So they make me it begins to make sense of the circle of trust. Their jack is worded in people's Templars gettin up into the thousands oak. As far as membership goes, I think by seventy three they had about like three thousand, I think by the end it was like seven thousand live. There were only like. Only a small fraction of people's Temple members actually work. Two guy out, ok in think Jim Jones like it wasn't just. It was definitely away for him to like put his ideas out there and have a Gaza, but it was also a toy for Jim Jim day was like this guy Jim Jones played with the people and the people in the planning commission. The way a serial killer plays with a dead body. Just seen It's gonna get away just seen what he can do just for his own pleasure. I mean the thing did serve administrators purposes, but it seems the way most writers tell the pc was used
more of a platform for abuse and humiliation all under the guise of being a place where people could accomplish great things interesting and try to make him little humans these, like Jeffrey Dahmer, the Gatt shit like that, and, of course so the humiliation had to do with it's easier to use, humiliate someone sex and one of them in purposes the pc was so Jones could bring women he wanted to have sex. With into his confidence, the pc was at its largest about a hunt members out of the thousands of people's Temple, ended up having and it was only The pc, the Jones would pluck his sexual conquest, and it was quite in the poison way of handling black roses to the talent. Men were withdrawn, like that really would go the call to bachelor gay people. This was his way of radium closer and again in every single time. We see with deep
at a smart ass. Ask a lot of questions. He put him on the pc. If he had a woman, then he wanted have certainly put her on the peace. Nor was it a punishment or our half an hour to learn that it be are exactly the same. Yeah yeah. I'm and that I think that's one of the brilliant things about Jim Jones and also what a lotta calls do. Is they blow the line between punishment and reward rather than a bunch of people bragging about how little sleep they got. The idea, the first one is at once short, and that just shows again the subtle, build and made their way. People can be really flipped. To control their whole behaviour, because it gets your point of view, pain as pleasure then once that sort happening today, I believe they deserve it, and I believe that it's the will of God and they're supposed to be like this and enjoy owns, uses the abuses that up to his own advantage and taken the sexting even further, I half the purposes. He see as far as their meetings went what they talked about so Jones. Just one
the captive audience to listen to him go on and on about how verily was and how much you like the FARC and who use fucking and who he had fucked in that room why he would actually make people right statements, driving their personal sexual experiences. That would be wrong. Allowed to the entire your pc and he'd make him. Do it like in the middle of music. While you we fought right. Yet we felt right about it. Right now meant and then we're gonna Reed was in your statement. Read one of them has been like. I had a great time Like science Nancy, my only lover has been J. That's it sail up, though, because it honestly that does not nets Secondly, not even good or bad that just a fact, other half of these Planning commission talks much more sinister.
Peace and was the good part, I was a good day. Basically, you give up to ten bed springs, borys level of fucking. This, where you may say, like a lot of ten love, didn't go to cutting you deliver more feed, sucking two out of tat, I am a man and I did not enjoy this and he cares those up he's. Like why only take six pc was also in charge of discipline. That's just a the entire congregation most the time the discipline was just counselling and that's by Jones. Survivor, TIM Carter's own admission, like TIM Carter, is I mentioned earlier? This guy is the biggest Jimmy. I used the biggest Jonestown credit critic. Is the biggest people's Temple critic he's the one that we know. Oh so much about people's Temple, the inner workings of it, because two of timber, and TIM Carter said you're eighty per in the time it wasn't really
bad because it worked because the council just work, they would talk people out and they had counselling programmes with real councillors at being parts of the people's temple that they were. They would do. But then the problem is that, once you got past like level three of counselling and you were still not doing shit, that's when the verbal public humiliations would start, and they call back catharsis that that entails. Then bring and people up to the front. The church needs scream, Yellow Tom would big pieces yet they were, and then at the end Jones go over and he gave a big hug sites for your own good. Now, with punishing with one hand comforting with the other hand, shows them not only do I administer punishment, but a curfew. So much of an make you feel better afterwards, it's the it's. The abuse cycle is being abusive relationship or you you're the source of all stimulus YAP. Then there the spanks o started up. Just the liquor to from the bell, which sounds relatively tames. Forest called punishments go especially when compared to some the Fucking Ocean Rinki stuff right, but this pleasant done in private,
this was done in front of a congregation of like a thousand members, these little locked door meetings, but still a thousand people there, and then they do it a hundred people at
I am always in line to be spank, may be doing this in Congress. A lot less is like a senator like activity. Oh that's why they call the majority whip capitals of their new member, real Eddie Young, and then the bell escalated to a paddle which Jim Jones not so originally called the Board of education. Solid talking like that of the wall. Do, oh, everybody is paying call every principal causes paddled aboard of educating. I do love, you have pad idle. They they should. I guess, probably not I mean upload. I graduated two thousand one. Yet the principle at a paddle, the superintendent had a paddle solid answers had like personal paddle. Did you have to wear this claim ass? It hold and return to fall into a sausage greener though, but you got to say the paddle after he spanking.
Year after year, the every Livia, fully few licks lots of the whole world is run by the negative them. The mean people from animal negative people, Then the number of licks escalated yards are like one two three, but then I got it by war and then adopt a fifty? Then it got up two hundred lives through more will improve the congregation, sometimes with such pours that these people required medical attention for their, but so use me, I'm a doctor fur, but look at them I'm not really a doctor. I probably should have said that before I started looking at your butt, but the one thing I will say is you got to cheeks, you got one hole, looking good
doctor, but then there were the boxing matches the affinities get out of the way. These are not all in its power to help. I know that I understand I understand I do what you do you and your honour that I do not understand your rebuttal, be like this disorders. Worst forced boxy does not good. Now the offender in question, usually just guilty of being bourgeois, would be. Forced into a public boxing match against a member. Here she had no chance of beating damn I you know, people are watching that shit, you they're scream at their cure. The congregation is fuckin law, and it must be so, especially this point was originally. They were just singing and dancing in a normal church. Remember again, joy years ago they will just in a church, sing and dance, and now your point we're like
Ghana, MRS Andreasen, Mr Mugs, is being forced to belong to the little lady. Now Margaret kill you about. I will look up, but I did Iraq Hallowell itself bore. The boxing ring is being built, yeah elder and even if the offender one. Sometimes they to fight opponent after opponent until Jones figured they had enough a mediator. A pretty much fight until they lost and sometimes even made up, do naked. Sometimes they even put like a young kid against an Lady who won can't we did, I like you, you are, you, could see and hear the day about the idea of they have to fight or fight fine until they get.
To Jim Jones himself. Tasted due to Jim Jones ever find themselves hours, knock sunglasses, all feed them within his gaze, sponsors they weren't. Even that original is like boxing acres honestly, the boxing match that kind of an original punishment. I mean that took summit imagination. I would love to see the figured up like you know. Honestly, there were just sitting here and a bunch of people fighting than Jim Jones. Like fighting The illegal or you was watching star trunk and saw the internet ever saw me like you know, be kind of swedish. You guys are well on each other and there is a couple of guys: they wouldn't preference. We would fully cooperate, don't talk about it! You two twined punishment and entertainment, yeah punishment and entertainment as the shows its pencil just gross like one. Do they just Putin's missed all over who totally out of ideas.
The Italian Virginia them that Italian, its role I'd really Roman, but I tell you at the same time, because I think they were doing that shit in the bunker. Bugger up Earl is guilty, but so Punishments were straight up punishment participation, Hevens started using the lie, performances as a platform for discipline, but in using trusted plants like they have back in the old days being. From the dead was now a punishment when Jones. Broach the offender, they were to fall to the ground as hard as they could and lay there until Jones thought they'd. So long enough and then Jones will call on to rejoin the ranks of the living. So, basically you got up. You got a job as a part of the show, if you fucked We did something bourgeois. He basically picks you he didn t like people, he s a zap, euins sermon, and then you fall down there. At the same time he would like touch your body is a budgetary
standing around you kind of kickin feel like you're, dead, you're villainy completely still cause. You know that if you do you're going to be blocked Maybe fighting Mr Mugs Neurology logging than the squared sir. I don't want you like, and so the he it's very Seeing how and I think this is a part of the court mentality and in growth and in gross because Jones can never be off right. He can't be off or this no off time. There's no time bridge goes Jim he is always. They thought he's always in charge to show. Was no completely moved to completely to every aspect of their lives. They never know when they're not supposed to be on women Rosa, be capital, T Capital, capital tee the people stamp ones like they can just be just hang out sure. I'm too blurs your reality. It's like taking the clocks out of a casino. You literally have no clue what what's going on with what what are you doing so is winning time in the casino yeah, and he s like he was it get em.
Lauren the lies between punishment and reward. I think the one that I could not figure out whether this was a punishment or a reward or privilege. I it was by. I really thought about this I couldn't figure out which one was he stopped involving congregants in his own personal stigmata. For those you dont like stigmata, is, when you know a person's hands, but their palms bleed as economic sympathetic, magic to mimic Jesus on the cross. It supposed to be a divinely inspired process, savages using like food color in corn syrup or even just like pigs blood or something like that Jones demanded that human blood be used, instead of using his own he'd, make us congregants bleed themselves, so he could use their blood. They are very,
very disciplined veering commit she'd, be so lucky we should be so lucky of Europe want just use pigs, blood, there's! No! No! What if someone is allowed? One of whom want as data fosters the tellers you come testing now. He never allowed anybody detests anything ass. He went to Indianapolis but went back Indianapolis once and he did the cancer trick and Indianapolis STAR told us a lesson. We we'd love to tat like we'd love to believe this is real, your hometown boy. What are you it is a test, the cancer and Jim Jones and absolutely not because if you test the cancer than our enemies might fake right highs, right, market or ITALY could have been right now or think he's right angle there, chicken guts, I also when I was reading about. I remember the one bit about how he sort using cursing the sermons. We read about that how you he wanted. It started appearing to be more like where they can with the times and to speak. Like a Paypal, cars say fuck
and the only internal look at each other. We like lips are going to need some big chance of thought You are a little bit about seven words said a word. You know who does the same sheet is tony rabbits? Really Tony Rob courses like a mother father in his served during these, like his talks and shit because he's just like birds, because Would it allows me you screwed up? Do I already see the hyena procure thyroid gland problem, which is why I support a smart guy? What are they? should the Jones made people do that we were just talking about like this is all frolic. Relish Every minor infractions committing acts we'll crimes sometimes earned pure balking torture? Sheep. Both Temple like a logical and like a lot of the more insular religions like the hysterics here in Brooklyn. They prefer to take care punishment for serious crimes in house. They don't like to involve the police right, even when the crime thing. As abortion as pedophilia
oh I'll priests and rabbis, and use pastors just tend to get shaft around if that after they fuck up people's Temple, took a step. Further they did in the case of pedophile Peter Water spoons it's about men. Whenever you know I don't know, did you get in the exit area, while others Spooney buddy? You showed me this cloud. Will you showed up and he s like arduous borders? Take your car so much for. Have me It's really been loved. The songs right, the of her sex I voted no Amish tribunal front, but I promise pink you were to any child, and out did. I will never do we again and you could check out my word is by that set up the boxing racial. It didn't work out,
Did it out loud, oh yeah will bring a men through the power of God. He will never backslide for. If he is a part of people's Temple, then he shall be cured. Of his pet of Felix urges, this is a real, were God was, but this is where they would invoke God that socialism deniers is sure to feel it did not work out. No real, fast, peer, Witherspoon molested, a ten year old boy, but instead it taken into the police check beam, took wutherspoon to a tiny little windowless room. Where weathers was instructed to plop is genitals out on a table. Would you think of that you'd be asking a lot. A question you doing. Good luck saw were reduces like a show and tell resistance. Unlike curse is just like a bird trying. I try to entice another made more of a show and scream, I think, and then Jack Beam. Whack, water, spoons, deck and balls with a rubber hose over it over
until they were so swollen, they were unrecognizable Ike yeah shit police. They undertake a mental hospital here to use a capital for much. Are you a pleasant way? Level is very low value. I've got an already talking about an important thing. How do we explain to the hospital but mark Can balls fell down the stairs you can't just we evolved my dear obviously, you ve got a hose marks on that point I mean they should have gone to the police you know all this, all you dont, you don't take care that should in house you never take her because it you know. If you look at these communities over and over again taking care shit in house only ends and tears. Usually ends and the person do the exact same shit as soon as they get better right. Now, as it is with all courts is always the question: why don't you leave sure people's Temple
well, Marcus as it is with all coal question is: why They leave markers Y. All aid Lee I'll, tell you so as the time the answer is simple, these people. Live anywhere else to go beyond simple. Has all your shit? That's right means. First of all, we need is so easy, it's right there they have ever. They will of all when most people going to call their families I want them to go round, so they have to tell their families like I'll, see you later, the ensuing killer he's their parents to go for themselves. They burn a bunch of bridges, they burn other friends, bridges and then Here's all my money meant assign the least over to my house to you. They all of this shit's insane or the poor people to join.
Dont. Have any tat found me to tell fuck off? They don't have any property to give. So when they come into people's Temple, people simple gives them everything and if they leave than they have nothing again and a lot of these people that were given jobs through people's Temple, they got that job there, because their boss is people's Temple member. So if they lose Lee People's Temple, they lose job, and these people of all these people had families right. You know and they ve, given all their shit over people's Temple, their tithing twenty five percent of their pay check. So you remember, this is what they are doing again: the in the old story of turning the temperature of the frog in the water is at the time. Started at like ten percent and moved up to twenty five percent, but then he started making you write the amount of money you actually make on a piece of paper and then Would slowly uptake the squeeze when he came out of you slowly, but surely giving ninety percent your paycheck and then that stuff is money. You got from them in the first place, so essentially you're working for people's Temple, jobs did
and pay. You money that than that money is going back into the system were essentially everybody's. It's like it's. The company dime its is aimed company. Is the company stores Workin for Walmart yeah right and even if you did, and I believe in Jones made a decree that all former members had to live at least a hundred miles away and if they didn't enjoy would send out is enforcers to intimidate you and doing so. Ok, all this power, made possible by joneses expansion from Redwood Valley South to California major cities. He planted a pretty good fire, foothold in LOS Angeles, but he knew he We go so far in that city. Los Angeles gave him money. Jim Jones wanted power all right here. Decided it was time to really put a stake in a city where he could insert himself into the public arena in a way he only dreamed of Indianapolis He is going to do more and I hereby dreams a may say,
Francisco every difficulty the it was built of a bunch of different, varied wild groups, their island, any neighborhoods themselves would come. Run themselves. Each port of San Francisco was as gets a little like call me uses only little world that you can kind of manipulation. Rival, colt gangs over the work of ammonia is over there. The time is, will the motives were pretty well established at this path, but Brill at this time, like San Francisco, was kind of a concerted, surprisingly a conservative town, but now the hippies moved in and now it was the gaze and now the blacks, Ed started a sailor, a we want rights too weak. We are sure, as they were all pushed into this shitty neighbourhood. Listen, we need influence here. We actually need some change here and Jim Jones came in June. Is the perfect point to be at the forefront of that movement?
and this guy I mean he would accomplish shit politically. That seems almost unbelievable. If all you know about Jim Jones, Jonestown. This guy had very real. Medical power working with an against people that are still making headlines. Today's people, that are senators, and what have we got. You want a name there I met. You know a man utterly rather surprised railway, yoyo love it. I'm gonna leave out early the senator as facilitator. I've already said, but all that I will take a lot of years and quite a bit groundwork. Pon arriving Jones sought out an influential doktor named Carlton Good Lit, ran want to San Francisco biggest black newspapers, using
his mother, as a Trojan horse Jones played the beautiful. So I can use that matter. I feel sure I just can't both women brightly, whether the human submarine as little human siberia I oughta Fulla, seem all mothers are Trojan horse because they got people an icy, all fine, but this was a metaphorical trojan horse. He played. He went along to Doktor Carr Cutlets office and he played the dutiful son by his mother's side. Man, Mommy Mommy Jones did a really good job, joining up and she's, just as manipulative your son, and he really fucking helps lighted it. Dat, she's or audio was all add she's on board for everything. Ok, yeah. And so was she? There are another humiliation style ya want. It was just fine weather. I just watch eleven. It Boca happy with it completely happy with it, because out of her son,
the sun is finally making money like, like our others, are finally proud of us, even though these little don't highly energy. I am what it is that we do right all. Jim Jones is mother cared about was that Jim Jones was a great man. All she cared about was that he had power, people were followed and the end justifies the means that every way whatsoever, because the bigger Jim Jones got the better she felt about. Her own life, ok, a boost in her eager sure, soap. As Jim Jones was taken his mother to all these doktor visits he starts
talking to the doktor himself and started putting in these little hands like em, pastor, yeah. Do the socialist church. Here we have a big black membership toward a practical adjusting like Johnny released a splash by the mammograms other work. I think a squeeze machine over there. I don't want to talk to an interesting near just talking over its moms nude body. After that. A few conversations, this common good luck, guys like Bulgaria, I like to cut your dip, come on it like, let's let get you into San Francisco may ask some good Lydia douche about everything, George was ever surprised that all this stuff worked. Yes, we're who, just like guy got together what very very much so like he would sometimes like at tat. Lay after accomplished something like Vet, particularly beg like people that were with them, which, like look over an atom, and he just be like Jesus Christ, CAT Oak finally, why I just did. Did he ever wanted to stop now?
So what are you doing here? I hope, does what doesn't work of an order, expand that more? It would have to stop completely against his will, but the problem is its again at the other side. Is that what the difference between a normal human being in a cold leader? Is that a cold leader of use? All this is valid danish right eventually searching like oh, maybe all the bullshit, I'm saying that I know is bullshit. Maybe it's not it's coming out of me and I'm actually channeling guys. It is that sort of a double edged sword words like well, they must be right if they believe in me they gotta have something even Jones said this exact same day. He was quoted in Road Jonestown. Saints at my path, he said the most important thing and Jim Jones is Life- was how other people thought of him. He based entire personality on what other people thought of what Stephen does is like. If you ve got a thousand people telling a year, the cats Meow then you're
believe it because I know it was a feedback loop shirt, so the more they told him that he was fantastic, the more fantastic he thought he was, the more powerful key thought he was and the more they believe in. So it was this huge feedback loop. That was just snowball and electronics. Metaphor: it's like James Woods. Twitter account such a look at another. Jim Jones. Add some local credit San Francisco. He stirred insinuating himself into black churches, giving guess sermons and before the churches knew what hit em Jones had bought in eighteen hundred seat venue and was slowly siphoning off members, because it point when Jim Jones moved to San Francisco. The congregation was that you know like the white People and Mendocino County in Ukiah and then he gets to San Francisco in LOS Angeles, its goin back up towards a majority black congregation and with that peoples
Ample was franchise, three locations up and down California times they have fillet of fish, Gordon a franchise. This is where you make your money. They are not in line with the church, but there are no real estate. Bitter level for a crock is problem, it has no racial. It is. It makes me question why I started a business with I'm going to take us to the top or, if not, a meaning, to kill all up. One billion serve, as we know with called leaders. If you dont up the any people drift, you gotta constantly be bonding with followers and there's no better way to do that then, with the ship hatred of an beer from an enemy, and it was even better the enemy was face, yet there would be totally scary bone vase and what better way to create another bogeyman than with yet another fake. But this I'm public assassination attempt even
San friend and allay were becoming more established, the main base of people's Temple was still down in Redwood Valley was all isolated enough or any suspicious activities, wouldn't draw the immediate attention of the police. One afternoon right before service was about again. As a couple hundred people were outside doing cruelty activities. Jones was walk, through the party. Immunity have olden things going to dance all at a corn, home or some runs out, see the people's Temple plan a lot, a coherent I get in its pretty low impact gay scale or they allowed to drink up all their not absolute. Now there is a huge role like that. Some you're going to get twenty five fifty spoken for well, if you're drunk sing sing was you gotta, go pony and spending some better and better heavenly kind of a little faster. The bans plan everything's going great for pupils Temple there at a very
happy moment there at a perfect moment to be broke, the simmering dead. You want people to be happy when the bad shit happens. You're, because when the people are happy in the batch, it happens. It really fox with I M sure, said Jones is walking. Crossed. The parking lot shot brings out Joe clutches his chest and suddenly blood is all over his shirt so MAR Celine and Jack Beam like they go up, nay, they grab Jones, and they can a prop up, and the dog Evans. Dog goes runnin off in the direction of the shot, but Jones points. Every on in a different direction, saying they in that way? Go that way, don't alone three ass. They went that away and so that people went ran in that direction in Jim Jones was carried in sight, but thirty minutes goes by everyone's wailing out, There is going to die. I think he's dead. There think it he's already dead, ochre wailing, birthing thinking, everything's over and then
recklessly Jim Jones walks out at the front door, totally income, Lately, fine, yet again like games Brown with the cake things like he's gonna these all thick at any step up. Some states also Ronald Reagan, little technique, their revive, the gunshot wounds, yeah, Jack Beam comes out, marshalling comes out, a nurse comes out, and they all say he had fatal wound the nurses. Their own was deep enough for me to stick my finger down ass. Well, it doesn't seem very safe. Why are you doing that? Don't hurt him like our political, forefinger, ball owned right, Ben Gunn would do John said. Fear, not my people, for I have healed myself. What I love is this whole thing tours use like they were like, but our stand, a dog assigned to go out for one more, but you pointy other when he said I did it on purpose to throw you off, because I wanted to show mercy to the assassin and their alike
should we have probably that guy to keep him from taken another shot. A problem is you're thinking about it and what I gotta tell ya gotta stop thinking about. It also seems that you'd segue way this into a flexi or commercial ways flags feels that the lower they saw the boat and have it is to be credible, commercial further drive the point home about this supposed miracle. The show Jones is wearing, became a temporary relic for the church. They build as big display glass display case, because it was like a yellow shirt, splattered and blood. No he'll take cool. He picked it up. Oh yeah, rising Li L, yet it's really gonna show the Red Card
rise, fun colored, like fire. They had to make a pop solely a shroud of terrain like shrouded tourism Jones, but then Joan start here in a rumour that the men to see no county sheriff's office. I heard about an assassination too that a man had been shot like your art. There is still a real world. A tiny put is a tiny community thousand people in this community were got out or, and then wind Jim Jones heard the rumour that the cops are going to come out. Ask him a couple of questions that shirt: witness, storage, real fucking, past convenient, but the whole point, thing was to show the people that their end. These were real. Their enemies were everywhere that no place, not even their home base was saying. Specially their home base? That's where he chose today chosen on purpose could also remember he's but a long time in the road he went to allay, went to San Francisco he's pop in announcing people, but he is not here have the same day to day effect at Ukiah that you used to know me shows up here, especially like
there's home everyone's like really really excited to see him to get some one on one time with them. So it happening here in a heart was very symbolic and very smart of Gmos, and that is when Jim Jones is. Private. Security team grew even larger and scarier them. Who surrounded Jones now we're uniform set, but not shirts ties and brays. They were all train with guns, they were usually armed and they all looked mean as fuck around worked on two levels: can we get Travis in a unit don't get him a little boy and want to rise here. I will go with you imploid now we got Travis and there I think we ought to rise, Travis and Mary. I feel it. You would help their confidence if we gave them uniforms and we gave them gone God in badges re. Actually, one help ever once confidence. God is the point we shall get with stars on that day had suits in Bahrain and guns. We look pretty good,
I will allow it, but we have to seeing every we talk about new. My friend, I love to see you again, you know, I get something worse on two levels: one it made Jim bones intimidating to outside- ok, I mean outsider- saw this guy's. I always get ideal. Yeah disguise a big deal and also made him intimidating to people on the inside, like oh, that guy has a small army like that. Guy has dude with guns that ends threats, are no longer existential, threats are no longer supernatural. Threats are an hour now. Very real. Also planning commissions changed. Quite a bit because you're sitting there, these meetings that you should be pretty informal but a kind of a group setting are now he standing with a group of armed could cause he's got his fucking the whole on larger people, guns, super scary. Looking here lay it on a couch,
can soda. While everyone else has to stand or sit on the floor now to go to the bathroom, it's pretty incense. Yes, we see the escalation we add law. No, this is a big job. Is right, yeah and the feedback loop works even more because Jim Jones, because this is the assassination attempts- have all been fake, but because he's making his people paranoid their feeding, back and making him paranoid as well to the point where he actually gets a body double but putting a double eventually exert courses- hey if you can like he'll yourself, like whenever Why do I gotta be here? The problem
x or our fine. There. You have a twenty pound head. Mr of other, I love this suits and sunglasses are difficult to see through. I honestly don't particularly understand how you get around this time of day to day business. I take a bullet and healthier be a body double. Can you imagine that life that so crazy? Honestly we're grace? I my body double on aid? Is he was a lovely man yeah and It very goody. That's what his job losses that he was a double he'll, be there we're gonna shoot you want aid as a you, never got to s sense. If we add, if it I've come down. I imagine at some point and there is some stipulation in a Warner Brothers contract somewhere that a stand in for you is also required to die for you times. I would feed at my food to see if he died of greatest body. Double the one in deep Julia Louis drivers, this daughters, married tissue, does such a funny story. I love it, but still
after all this stuff or possibly because other stuff people believed ran I was getting around San Francisco that a new career matic raise the dead, heal, the sick preacher. It showed up in town and was rapidly gaining followers. That is, rapporteur for the San Francisco examiner named Lester King solving figured them Historians, Jim Jones, fella by the time Lester, was finished, investigating he had a story big enough to spread over an eight day. Series awry thing is, though, even though Jones freaked out, first, the stories that were actually substantiated work really all that bad, because he hinted Jim Jones, gonna, be in a scam, but he never came right out and set. The whole thing was pretty fucked contain all railways, to least technically the least bad thing within the people's temple. This It was the hearings being fake guy worthy cereal abuses. Spanking than
thing and then the dick mauling you get too because you didn't know what was happening: ya, gotta, Darth, malls, father, Dick Ball, Ireland law they are and how they will. All that stuff was back loaded. I bet they back loaded. All the rage stop later I was already shit. Did you ever do that? The leading area, invariably all that she was going to come out and the end so in the timber? The first four days, I didn't need to be in a day series like the earth for days like it was a tame, stop abide day for dim Joe said, made quite a big stick and he's got this TIM stone on his side. You know so are you He's got the lawyer on his side, so the San Francisco examiner they decided like by about two on day for the like. Listen we're, not gonna, do five, six, seven and eight.
That's where the harassment, the threats, the punishment, mostly from Whitey Firestone. That's all that's where I came from its we're all was, but it was all unsubstantiated. Is the saddest thing to set Whitey Firestone with such bad luck all the time? Not even get this article to closer put a new article number seven, I got my feet stuck in a chair honestly honoured. Even I don't even know. How did you just say difficult to do? A bird saw my sandwich, man, I got locked inside of refrigerators happen, not fix. That's you to get out of it. Well, I guess I'll just go back to work it out the nuclear power boy guy. Why the so Whitey was the Azores the wide he was one of the sources. There were few resources by yeah whitey wider use, one of em, but the amazing thing but the king solving articles was that it was actually grape.
Our peoples Temple when people read about Jones is supposed to healing powers. They didn't Oh my god, look at this bullshit. They thought they'd found salvation. Think about the articles I spoke they say like bought leaving. Only all you have to do is really the three words in the high in the headlines. You see here powers you don't read on substantiated, you raised of disability because you're so desperate, willing off that's what I'm gonna go to get rid of. Why can't? I would never fall for anything dumb like that anyway, I've gotta go. Take my tactical bath. Do not involve tax addled, keep its bull, giving you a bullet per year after kin, solving, simple membership, only increase this helped Jim Jones, a bear very small and it also bound Jim Jones is followers even closer, because there was another enemy to fight fake, now. We have always been nothing. I was only an award show. Finally, another threats to their belief
they were come from the outside. It was no longer vague, it wasn't faceless, they were imprint tangible, like had certain appointments, Alexey look, they don't we me to accomplish the things I want to accomplish. They don't want to let us accomplices, things that we want to accomplish. That's fake news. They even got people from the media on their side as well. There is, as one local tv reporters name was Michael provokes. He read the kids, having articles and he travelled on a redwood value figure. Like maybe there's like a further story this because he read it new sceptical. As I know, this sounds kind of weird: let's go check it out, but before long fuckin was the press secretary again your higher up now do as Hiram Royal Guy will also put this on the magnetism of the group of people at the people stamp on the people there. Like they were so sweet and genuine and nice. They would this is to me the status part about this story. Is it over radio they became like good brain dead. Fucking
surrealism calibre emulate like really really intense and say: may children of God it was wrong. Molesters and unmolested with this is like good p, there were a fun crowd and involves all they were just being used terribly now. Even though Jones was able to deflect bad press in the outside. He had his own rebellion brewing within and nineteenth many three Jones was faced with the gang of aid, which is where will pick back up next time on part for jobs. My goodness all right, what we are really getting through it. I gotta say check, please I get out just get. Don't try not to join the call to try to join a key player from India to allay now is in San Francisco, Indiana two Redwood Valley to allay to San Francisco. So is gonna. While now right yeah, I'm your orders, the as it seems like a slow burn, slow process with the who I
Don't try to remember it how how horrible does all ends? I just died. I understood its. We Get out of the bullshit right. You kind of like the concept is like Everybody'D doesn't here about anybody else, and you did it. And constant strife, or in the middle of this right now it seems having twenty eighteen. It's such a prime spot for Also, I imagine there's gotta be, should pop up it. We ve been here about that. We will hear our about eventually, which kind of exciting for ship. Lord of it's like. I will see what happens. So what we have to do that which we think people for patriarch. Thank you very much for giving our patriotic. If you feel like, we deserve a little sub master, it's gotta patron dot com slice. Last Pakistan left. We appreciate every each and every single one of you yet I want to However, when I ran into a bunch of fans yesterday at the twenty two anniversary of was so funds that everyone allergenic attaining correction. I was correct.
So I said last week that these Scientology Drug Rehab programme was Eleanor and is not is nor cannot now on on, is actually a nice organisation. What's fine, it's from alcoholics, anonymous depending one, if you like it or not, there is some people, they don't care to. Do there corrections. But may I did itself followers on Twitter at Henry loves you had, Marcus parks have been castle following scram. It doctor faint reasoning and Bokkis parks it s all the number one and follow us on a horse. Shit LP on the left or right, Emily goes to show you, the last by gas network, ably get stop ampere everything political round table. We get a couple. Episodes do episodes come about page seven, you know we're just go to the website peruse. Do we get some new shows covered out as they Gilad Joy? Do Hale site Hale yourselves ever what Jean Hale me because delays, of it is
rarely graduations on your engagement. It there are usually a married before holding. Does I dont know if I can kill em like that. I know if I can go ahead and ended in its ended at opposed weeds, weak on em, like that, I think the good.
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