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Episode 309: Robert Hansen Part II - Gross Truncations

2018-03-23 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series, we cover the truths and lies behind Robert Hansen's killing spree and the efforts of the super cops who finally took Alaska's most prolific known murderer down. Digital Lemonade Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Decisions Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ O

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there's no place to escape to this is the last time man. I wish I had the freedom of a european listening to electronic dance music loudly in his convertible freedom, ultimate freedom, convertible in the music, I'm just going to have like a neon yellow polo on. In my my weird sunglasses that are shaped like these. I love owl triangle shoes and have a good time with that. One walking the last broadcast on the left over when I abed Gisele with Mark as far hey, and we have Hollywood, had read the browse KIA out there, how you doing buddy, I am a clean. I can not take the name Hollywood Henry Zebrowski anymore, why not only with the dirty city filled
with secrets, and I am transparent I transparent. I have no secrets everything you need to know about me is your well. I love burritos. All I love weed. I love different types of graphic tees and I love spring heeled Jack Coffee, which had several pots of so far, and it is very good plug, see Henry's a browser all right, we're on to part two. This is going to be the last episode of this guy right, yeah this maniac hands and we're going back to Alaska this guy he's a you I'm going to call him he's a stooge. Yes, stooges, really good, running toilets too yeah. I do the norm. Macdonald he's a real jerk, He is a real hard, so, on our first episode, we began with an exaggerated, true crime, narration of the final day of Robert Hansen, serial killing Karere episode. We're going to tell the truth best is we
from the information available to us we're going to do that thing. We've been trying to do all along. I think that it's important to Amber that there is a lot of times when you get information. It's been trumped up to entertain you and we are not trying to entertain you to know if you for a moment feel entertained. We've done something wrong. I didn't want you that I don't want you to have that experience. What we want you to do. Technical, we're gonna, be pop in some bubbles today, and I know that it's not supposed to be fun. The of the rumors about Robert Hanssen are not technically fun. They are not fun. They're not fun, but we all are going to pop these bubbles a little bit because he not quite as evil as he see and that's fun. Yeah
things were going to find that in the conclusion of the series that the mass media, true crime journalism, version of Robert Hanssen, is full of half truths and assumptions and gross truncation. No thank you. Can we be sued for libel? If you say the word gross truncation yeah, it sounds like a weird disease, but that's how a lot of these serial killer stories are, and it's not the Robert Hanssen story, isn't a good one. It is it's just not move very good. According to the movie the frozen ground, which we know that for a fact, yes, they did. However, they didn't stop them for making a movie. There will be speculation today, but when we do engage we're going to make sure you know what it is that we're doing we're going make sure you know, that's what we're doing now in Hanson said that when he started going out and picking up women, he never actually intended to kill them
air quotes quotes. In fact, he said it was never the plan to kill any of these women ever even His body count was rising. His excuse for everything was that only kill his victims if they didn't do exactly what he wanted them to do. Things didn't go according to Hanson's fantasy and that's when things go south- and this is extremely common among serial killer specifically want to pronounce sex workers in order for them to, ok with what they do, because they do know the difference between right and wrong. Robert Hanssen himself said he knew the difference between right and wrong. These guys have to essentially create a betrayal that needs to be avenged. You know that is one thing about bakers. They know the difference, between good and bad. We do because once got a soggy bottom and was a crisp they break to it, so you could
is the letters of bird are. There was put into it because it must be cold when he felt that better 'cause. I mean Mary Berry that I love that, but if you want to do yourself terrible favor and go through the Incels world, which I found myself into a deep, deep hole in your going to see that's actually very common thing. This idea of creating a the world is out to get me. This is right a I. I create all the reasons why I am a terrible person. I ended the that's kind of what he did, he built this whole story like what they talk about with the White nights and in cells and uh. The concept of the blackpill, the incels, those are people there, they're they're virgins, right involuntarily, celibate, that's it cell status for a sad world. I stumbled on it for about five minutes illuminating. Then I quickly jumped off a handsets said that, throughout
active period which spanned over a decade he took over fifty women out into the alaskan wilderness and of those five thousand and seventeen committed his version of a betrayal and were murdered, and you might think that because of this, in the trade would have started talking to each other about the crater face with a stutter. Don't go with that guy right, but you gotta, remember Robert Picton, who racked up a body count more than twice the size of Hansens over a much longer period of time was well known in the Cooper scene is someone who tended to be around with girls disappeared, and yet women still went with him. Well, you know, Is there's a lot of losers, there are out there hanging around with the sex workers there a lot of weird guys, so the facial, tics or burns or like backwards feet like Why is it if they had bad lives? It's like so they show up in a lot of times. There are often very vulnerable and they show up this speak with sex workers, and so they know it's just like well. This guy is kind of weird, but he's
dangerous, weird and he would appear. Robert Hanssen would appear different to each woman because a part of it was the the way he attracted them the way he would build a story around them and depending on whether or not they were giving into his weird romantic plot that he felt that he was a part of 'cause, sometimes people can read that instinctively in somebody. I believe it's a with Robert Hanssen. They saw like oh this guys. This is his whole thing he's going to pretend like this is a girlfriend boyfriend thing and I'm just going to take money without mentioning it and they get away with it, and I imagine that's actually very attractive where it's like this guy, it's like. Well, essentially, you can milk, this Falcon idiot for a bunch of money. If you is weird interior game, I'm just thinking about a guy with backwards feet. Just
one tear in his eye just being like I'm a good person why'd, you malign why? Why am I being thrown in with all these other people? I just have backwards feet. I'd never wanted to look into the haunted. Mirror was put into my airbnb by the owner, poor guy, if you're, if you're out there with backwards feet, we support you of course, you're a good person. Now in anchorage things were even worse. They were in a place like Vancouver because of the higher turnover and talent? Now I wouldn't be surprised if these strip clubs had sweetly, new dancing roster every six months and plus they were a hell of a lot of strip clubs for a town as small as anchorage it was about like one hundred and fifty thousand people. It seems like a great time. It sounds like Kissel, you become mayor in like six weeks or maybe yeah place for a cold bachelor party. Besides the strip clubs we mentioned last week, there were still others like the wild cherry club good times and the worst strip club I've ever heard. Murphy
law, Well, that's good, because a lot of those people are studying to become lawyers, and that's true yeah that everything I Murphy's law. At least it sets your dictations low. That's anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Is that correct? That's correct, no kidding that is that is the worst thing possible by the way boy, Sheboygan, true crime, news haven't arrested the person who is stuffing twenty ounce cans of Pepsi down toilets, what they are looking for it. This is your boy who drew cry this story. I don't know we'll keep that in or not, but that is happening right now. Austin they found the bomber. They have not found. The toilet suffered a boy. It was God. I because you know how much your boy in Wisconsin this in addition to
The prevalence of strip clubs in the high turnover Hanson was extremely careful when it came to his behavior within city limits, and he may have had a low iq, but like Gary Ridgway Hanson's intelligence didn't necessarily translate to standardized tests or they don't standardized test hunting and killing sex workers in the woods. No, no! No! No! That's just the standardized test comes from a few code or persons house, and it looks like a place where, like Evan Antelope, walked into your living room, it would be violently scared, like he had to be filled with trophies a Robert Hanssen had a full array of disguises complete with skin adhesives, nail polish and a fake mustache, but the funny thing was it seems like Hanson, mostly used the disguises to bolster his self esteem. Oh my god, the best part about this is out. When I put on the mustache, I could be anybody. Look, I'm I'm the guy from cheers now mustaches off back,
to being all stupid, Robert up put it back on Robert, no, no funny guy from cheers or not the disguises bits. The purpose of hiding his identity, but hence also had this to say about his fake mustache, well I'm not the most he handsome guy in the world. I thought it would be easier. As a matter of fact, I even tried to grow on for awhile. I could never grow one. I love like a tiny dog when I grow one I just I got no middle part who knows the middle parts, the strongest part, because all the great Adolf Hitler had such a thick middle part. He did he had the old reverse Chaplin going on now! Well maybe a little goofy handsome is actually smart and that he never used overly ostentatious outfits to disguise himself. Just a mustache, it's very difficult to go out and all the girls are like hey um you may want to avoid
the guy dressed DORA the explorer that shows up in the jeep gotta come on in adventure with me. Hola we're going to look at Al Napowan are going to go all over the world learning about Spanish and my tiny backpack. Nothing to see here, nothing at all, so he's looking like a tony Clifton type. Well, now he's just always dresses something boring like he would say he was a doctor or a lawyer photographer or something like that he put on like suits and things that they would make him look somewhat. Each time, but still nondescript like a spy. You know, that's they say about spies that you guys are the most boring people. You could possibly imagine because they can just fade into the background. They can't tell you the truth: what is the town baker of a hundred and fifty a hundred fifty thousand folks? He is the Baker yeah. I don't I mean a must. Is it? Is it like a superman
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That's low long now was it a lot? Was it a Wendy's with the buffet? Do you remember the short lived when these buffet now these are the old school Wendy's to back when, when these was a restaurant when and they'd come to table? Do you remember that I remember that yeah goal in the family would go in and had a look. There was tables and they have the little plush boobs so? It was nice. This is a nice lunch. The square patties really did elevate. Now it really elevated the meal yeah. I don't read an experience, not just a burger, and now it's just chili made out of old patties yep. I used to work there, yum yum yum, you saying it like it's bad. I, like old, paddle, mind chili made out of old patties. We doing that. But how do you like it out of a cup whatever you know and- and I mean I like chili-
We surprised you be so upset about chili because it would be Marcus said you would be down to whatever chili you could get for those that don't know. When I worked at Wendy's, I found out it's the it's. The leftover patty, not legal, to sell us a burger legal to sell in Chile. So that's what they used in. Yes, all right, Henry I gotta admit, I am kind of putting on airs here a little bit. Everyone loves chili. No one here is that you don't like chili, Marcus you're, like the definition of a chili guy Hanson would get Wendy's early and keep his car parked outside and watch the girl arrived, always making sure she was alone and if she wasn't, he called the whole. Thing off and hightail it out of there, but if the girl came alone handsome set trap. I will say that's a of I believe his ammo as it seems to track them for a long time yeah? If the way he would pick them to even get to launch which big for him. That was like step. Five was lunch because he didn't want to spend money on anything, and so
finally having to have them settle down, spend some money was a big deal and so little bit which he would stem from the club when he'd mean, M and see who they were hanging out with and see, if they had a lot of friends, he liked newcomers. He like people that just got in town Then he knew that they didn't have. Many connections so would go missing more easily. Is that what that song is all about? They would they talk about the party and then there's a post party and after party and then they go to Wendy's. Is that what that's all about what after the party there's the after party, and then we go to Wendy's. This is Joe Walsh Song. That is a very popular lyric. In a quite successful song I mean it sounds like the b side of rocky mountain high. After the party there is an after party, then we go to bed. I had that's my song and sing into it all. Alright, I'm I'm
we know that handsome didn't just pull a gun in the middle of Wendy's, but most only after lunch or dinner or whatever Hanson would offer to, take the woman to a second location, ostensibly where the photography would take place The Arby's, which has a nice back wall like a brick wall that serves as a neutral background, Arby's legitimately fancy
so we want the Arby's was legitimately fancy. I don't think I recall I qualify recall that, oh you mean the market fresh sandwiches, oh no! This is way before they sold out and went yeah drug in the 90s Arby's KFC was legit fancy back in the day. I guess it just depends on what family are from raiders used to come and bring the chick into your table at Wendy's. You get a number and you'd sit, yeah kind of quality. We expect it now we're getting served by kiosk and a sixteen year olds in fifty nine year olds with horrible pass like no. No, no, no! No! No! I want to robot that's delivered to me with someone on roller skates. After they went to the second location, or at least Hanson told them that they were going to the second location. Once the woman was in the car, the gum would come out and it was off to the wilderness thirty month,
after Joanna Messina disappeared, LISA Food followed. But after that it was a full year before hand. Hansen would take another victim see this point handsome still in the stop and go stage of his killing. He hadn't yet reached the point of full addiction where more brutal kills were needed more often to feed the need, but starting to give himself allowances and Allowances were what made him evolve. As a killer Hansen said, the girls would stay five until they panicked but the he went on the more he kept putting victims in equations were panic was inevitable. I thought you were going to say by giving himself as you got, the double Patty nuggets about, which is quite, I have to stop thinking about ways about I'm sorry I didn't even think about since Wendy's was other allowing menu items in your head. Member of french fries
fall into the nugget. They get a little french fry and you feel like you're stealing something tasty got, no, my god, sorry, but anytime, you a french fry in anything. That's not supposed to be there. Oh that's a good one! That's a good point! You a pervert so fast food perfectly! Well. As far as example, goes with Hanson putting a victim into a situation where panic was inevitable. Let's look at the Sherry Morrow the night before she disappeared. She had told a friend of hers. This stranger had offered three hundred dollars for an erotic photo shoot that was money in 70s anchorage. So cherry decided to do it. The next thing she knew she was in the passenger seat of Robert Hanson Subaru writing up to pioneer peak along the Nick River to an abandoned lean to with an ace bandage wrapped around her eyes.
For some reason. The ace bandage wrapped around his that comes up quite a bit. It reminds me of David Bowie from the Black STAR video example yeah. That's how I kept thinking about that too. It's very it's a very it's creepy imagery. Did you watch that doc, yet the last five years, the final five years of David Bowie, great documentary, you gotta check it out, lovely man, wonderful shoes, I've heard I've also heard that David Bowie smelled very good. I had a friend that worked with him on his final musical, really, ok, already smell. What do you smell like? Cologne and if he was always very fun and just easy going and he's got a long cigarette and he had very any always had colorful sneakers that seem the guy. He was much nicer than I expected and the reason, pants and gay for the ace bandage in this actually make sense in kind of points towards Hanson telling the truth in some cases is that Hanson used had planned. Is that spot again and if tomorrow happen today, the cops afterwards. She could take them to the location which would give Hanson less squirm
but there was also him out lying to himself that this is the the thing with Hanson is that his compartmentalize thing was so deep because he would say like this to be acting as if I always think intended for them to live. I always thought that this was all going to be a foregone conclusion. We were going to go out there we're gonna have sex. I never wanted to murder them, I'm always putting the blame on them ray or they are the reason why I'm killing them because they are, they are not following my rules they spend It sounds like a very clean. Observation is say. I wanted to use the same space, but it's about control, it's about his sexual, his sex, the drive to have told us. He can tell the whatever you want to do new uses them like dolls or even if she, I'd, get away and go to the police. It was just her word against his and Hanson had already been taught by the Anchorage Police Department that the word of a sex worker didn't mean Jack to them, the most likely the girls he took up their brought back knew that too, but on this trip,
things did not go. According to Hanson's plan, Hanson got stuck again and Sherry Morrow took the opportunity and ran out blind with her hands. Slide into the wilderness, Hanson caught up to her and the way he told it This murder was done in the same casual manner that you are. I would just point a finger. He and he was sitting down staring at her screaming, so he just pointed the gun and pulled the trigger just thought. Well, that's it I'm done with this one. Jesus, but the Sherry Morrow murder is where Hanson had a couple of actual slip. Ups and remember handsome was a hunter and there's nothing hunter like handsome loves more trophy, but mutilation wasn't really Hanson's game. He didn't take the kinds of trophies that, like Ed Kemper Dead, but
just think what is hell was still was covered in animal heads right. There was a point where he thought he was fine with butchering these animals and chopping ads off of a do it all the hey guys. This house was what was like in the movie frozen ground. It looked just like that with all of different menagerie. It was like from ACE Ventura when nature calls yeah. It's I've, never understood that. There's nothing relaxing to me about a bunch of animal head staring at me as I watch home improvement it. However, when I die, I do demand to be stopped and placed into one of your homes and there's another one of your homes for another ten years and just go back and forth all I'm fine with that you're going to have your eyes, replaced with light up eyes and put you in the backyard. Okay, We will use it to set to terrify my future adopted. Children will be asian and they well. I will tell them that they are just very, very polish until they grow up to learn that that that is incorrect. I will say that every time that they're wrong every time that they do something bad I was like. Well, you don't,
not shadowbanned, to come and get you in your sleep and they're like we have shadowbanned Eddie, and then I go when I turn on the girl highlights, and it's you just standing out in the backyard ok. Well, you know it's it's fair use. I guess. Well, Hanson was far too squeamish to take any sort of physical trophy from his especially considering how he had used guns for All the murders, but the first one and as Douglas points out yeah. He can't really Mount a woman's head on the wall of his rumpus room, not in Issaquah, but Hansen's bill had to have something, so he ended up taking jewelry and I these as a way to relive the crimes and to prove to himself that he'd actually done it and that he did. You know, somehow accomplish something just by the sheer active killing one, an idiot.
From Sherry, Morrow Hanson took a distinctive golden arrowhead necklace, and that would be one of the things that would help put Hanson behind bars for the rest of his natural, Well, that's the thing he's literally just as like how many things can I take that connect me to this murder yeah, it's so stupid, but it's and the way he had them two or more per boneheaded, but it's very calm.
It's yeah, I mean look at this. You go to Vegas when I go on vacation I'll, take like a rock yeah yeah like from where we are because it's fun to have the memory like you know. I could just see you doing up in huge w from the Wendy's that you stopped at from the side but get in the car let's go. This is my memory. Yeah Btk was well known to have like a little box with all of his mementoes. Do love those did he keep it in, like his kids treehouse any climb up there and look at it every once in awhile. That's right! Yeah! It's like these guys would cross those boundaries. All the time like Hanson would sometimes give the jewelry that he took off his victims to his wife and daughter, that's also very common, but it's about control minutes again. I have. This whole secret world of wealth and knowledge from experiences that other people don't understand. It's the
some of the serial killer, where they begin to feel that they are past human being because they're like I've, been to the edge and saw it, and now I have a little tinker toy that reminds me of it every single time. That's why? Every time I give a gift of June re I forward on the email receipt. Let him know I bought it from Vera meet right here and that is in the root. Yes, that would be actually very, very rare. I don't know you that I love. I bought a mall out about all the good jewelery, no, the slip up on. The sherry Morrow scene is somewhat of a rookie mistake in the world of a murderer, but something that's completely normal in the world of the hunter, even if it is a bad habit. Hansen had morrow in a shallow gravel pit grave, I'm pretty it's the same spot where it fired the fatal shot with his rifle. Now, a lot of hunters don't pick The bullet shells when they're out hunting, especially when they're on the move with a lot of them. They don't even think about it. Enhancing was exactly that type of hunter not have,
just leaving the shells where they lay was the one thing that linked Hanson to the different crime scenes even before he was caught. Is that true, like good? Is it? Is it common, that they leave the bullet shells and like are they supposed to pick him up like? Are there rules for hunting where you're supposed to pick up that kind of litter? It's you know it's kind of. I mean I'm saying that for my own personal experience, you know like if you're kind of like it's kind of weird thing where, if you're using like metal casing, it's kind of like an unspoken thing that you can kind of leave metal casings wherever, but if you use plastic shotgun shells you generally don't want to leave those just lying around anywhere because of its ugly. You know your or your ugly enough and littering the your hunting ground. If you want to keep it nice and pretty, then you pick up your you
are allowed to leave all of the cores lights that you drink on the floor, though you can keep every can or just so. You know where to go back to just feel like crows use whatever should it is, they find to build a nest and it's got to make all these crazy. Looking mad mex food has bird nest made out of bullet casings and ship that's going to scare cats. I was just thinking about that the other day how birds used new stuff for their homes. It's nice houses have windows. Thinking about that. The other day was. I really want you just sitting on a park bench, so I was staring off into space thinking about bird nest. No, I saw I was walking and I saw one those a cigarette. You know the cellophane that goes around. I saw that on the ground they said. Oh, a bird could use that for their nest.
Like a little window. Yeah garbage pick it up, cancel no well. I didn't, but I did think oh Berkeley grab that and use that for a window, and I thought how interesting that was. Yeah 'cause. You probably learned that from planet earth to write, maybe from the cities episode. That's right! Yes, that's true! Do you keep these thoughts in the front of your brain, so the dark soup- that's like behind all of it like, doesn't come forward to the nose in the mouth? No, it's kind of like it's your mix to wintery mix. So concerning this shell casings, when Morrow's body was found almost a year later, cops had a two hundred and twenty three shell casing is their first real piece of evidence in the case, things were marked in such a way that they knew they could positively match it to whatever gun fired it. All they had to do was fine the gun, but but we
just the time that Sherry Morrow was killed and the time that she was found, Hanson claimed three more victims, but when sherry was found that's when the official investigation pine, began. How many? How long is this been going on few years? So they we're just beginning to look into it, have been finding any of the bodies they've out at that point the body they found was a club. The one who did not know, we are learning that wasn't a bad email. We got wet from an alaskan listeners. Thank you for your help. I am interested in Alaska names and I'm interested in alaskan heritage. I have that some of smoked salmon vodka- it was pretty damn good, yeah he's really good in a bloody Mary. I also got this book strange stories of Alaska in the Uconn, and I gotta say there is one thing that they should have been scared out in the wilderness was Jaco the Sasquatch boy. He was out there and we do have proof that Henry has the book, because once again he has shown us, despite the fact, it's a podcast,
there. It is. There is the book I would. To go to Alaska. We got to do it. I have we lost a yeah. I mean actually someone to get a hold of me that you know added. You know that said they got some contacts in Anchorage, hey all right. There we go well. The body of a gluten any had been found stabbed to death a couple years before by a road crew, but the state troopers who charge of that investigation and hope that it was a one up because they didn't have any evidence there not really, but now we should just to dig with any luck, it's a one off yeah. It is involved in that's the gate, the one off. I don't know how hard it is possible. She just fell.
Auto knife. Like ninety five times. Can we just say that it's because it's cold as folk's out here and I'm pretty certain? I heard, what's that said Jack with a Sasquatch point: we gotta get the hell outta here. You know more about that guy, but well, I'm not. I'm definitely not going to blame the troopers on not solving the case up, loot nanny because, as we know, a serial killing is by far the hardest murder to solve, because there's no connection and usually that's how cops solve crimes through connections- it's not the whole CSI effect thing that makes us think that You know murders are always solved through fingerprints or dna, or something like that. It's usually not like that. It's usually just a connection that the victim happen. Have with the murder. Also, you have to bring several layers of government to gather to investigate a serial killer, murders which we're going we're gonna, see happens here and also at this point, the still believe in the whole drifter theory they all these
Please go in and out of town. When people go missing there I mean they just moved on. They have no real consideration, even though, because only because it's happened so much before that they are view this as well. This was obviously something that went wrong. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Yeah, but now, with bodies found buried in shallow graves. The troopers thought turn to serial murder. Now like it. As with a lot of cases in those days late, 70s, early 80s, especially on the West Coast, the cops thought about folding the investigate into the still unsolved green river murders perpetrated by the still unknown Gary Ridgway. However, since the body was found in, remote out of the way location the troopers figured it had to be a local and that local was about to obtain a position that we give his story, the extra juice it needed to be the subject, terrible movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Cusack. The frozen ground
produced by fifty cent, really fifty percent huh God leaving even by Nicolas cage standards. He it seemed as if he just with that entire movie over the speakerphone. He just pulled that thing. Even by and I love Nick Cave yeah. We all got my goodness one of my favorite actors of all time. He could do anything that he wants. Yeah he's so bored by his own talent go away, he so bored by using doesn't even use it. He doesn't even use it and so what he was doing that movie. He was technically trying to be understated, but I think he was just hammered. Dulcimer touched opposing to put disappointingly flat and drive angry, which is another movie where he really couldn't let go, but he solves all of his problems in the new movie mom and dad he's very fucking good, oh yeah, I loved mom and dad it's a group mentioned that before I think on the show great new horror movie out there
you tell when Nicolas Cage when tax seasons around, because the movies, because, like yes, I will accept this role and I will not try at all I mean he is in an immense amount of debt, yeah yeah yeah. I think he spent some like one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars on an action. Comics number one he's a cool guy, our dream and he spent all that money buying the most haunted house in New Orleans. Yeah, I'm going to do if I ever had millions of dollars. Oh my god. We've got his second having like an actual helicopter that it was like attached to my shoulders me like look guys. I can fly anywhere that all of a sudden it just paralyzes Maine and I just have to float everywhere with my fuckin' helicopter, I'm going to buy a Volkswagen Baja beetle. Oh, that would be fun yeah, it's a dream. It's a goal: that's very cool beach! Towel. I want to big beach towel, near the end of Robert Hanssen's killing spree. He perpetrated an insurance,
scam involving some of this hunting trophies. He told his insurance company that someone did Jimmy his door and made off with a bunch of his heads. Of course, it was handed himself would remove them all as basement and pretty much just store them in his backyard yeah, but I put it by mustache on souls like. I was an older, more handsome burglar, the Inter which company believed him and gave him a payout of thirteen thousand. Oh my god, never be stupid. With your head. Taxidermy is a very expensive, very lucrative business. I mean these extremely expensive, so you can actually actually value these heads at a pretty high price. It's with that that Robert Hanssen was able to buy his very own private super cub airplane. The object that to this day Robert Hanssen Alaska's, very own tiny little boogeyman, ok and the murder wasn't the in the crime Hansen committed with his aircraft, damn nears
and as he got it, he set off burger as many remote cabins as he could find ceiling things like generators, radios and, of course, more chainsaws. Like I just see this sort of, like Google is giddy thing where he just running through all these cabins. Getting this deal as much as he can't 'cause. We also remember the last and last episode when he said what he felt like when he was stealing he felt like he was going to come in his pain yeah. So you have a man who is orgasming constantly stealing and stuff and flying a plane around he's. Like John Travolta, I mean it's crazy. Maybe this is what happens to Harrison Ford White when he crashes his plane's movies out there burgling is this seems like zero control and may ask: when does he bake? When does the bacon happen, Bacon he's so busy, stealing and killing when she making Muffins Watt Hanson did indeed use that plane for murder from what I can surmise the first one,
taken out into the wilderness. Enhancements craft was probably too recent Watson who disappeared on March 25th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, although we don't know that for sure, but here is where we can really get into the specifics of the long held claims that Hanson haunted women first of all, Hanson, never said he hunted women in the forensics. Don't really show that he did either the close, thing they had forensics wise was that his last known victim, Paula Golding, have been killed by a single gunshot wound to the heart. However, I think that actually serves to argue against Hanson hunting them, at least on purpose C. Hanson's favorite hunting weapon was according to his hunting. Here's the crossbow. He haunted with guns- sometimes yes, but when it came to serious hunting, Handsand liked archery. If Hanson truly was
hunting these women. In the same way he would hunt an animal. He probably would have used something he was more comfortable with, but on the other hand he may have just not wanted to take the chance with less deadly than a mini fourteen. That's what I think it is. I think a part of it there's two things here. I don't think he traditionally. I don't think he actually haunted these women. The reason we jump to it as we cause he left the bullets behind like a hunter would so he showed the the soul. I pattern of behavior like a hunter, would do, but they were not deep into the woods it wasn't like they were covered in scratch. You will all times are, so at the by timing, it the and then that they weren't really sure what had the actions that led up to their death and also across.
Does not nearly as intimidating as a gun. Now, in terms of the the the actual I mean, may I make sure it is I'm not saying it's not I wouldn't be scare of a man wanted. I Patel Jason Voorhees that masters or browse, but I feel good gone is more immediately controlling yeah and that's why and that's why you had, and it is an easier way to dispatch somebody when you're trying to basically get it over with. Is it also just an issue of convenience. I mean you can't really have a crossbow at someone's head, while you're driving a car or a plane. That is true, you know, but even so he could have had that like because he had a hand gun right used to take into into wilderness or two is plain, but then it also, and he also said that, like there were multiple times with women, almost got their hands on the guns, and he just barely got it away from him Yeah I mean it could go either way, but the thing was that, like Henry said, like these women weren't covered with like scratches from running through running-
through branches or anything like that. There was no like blood trails found. Oh, are anything enhancing, didn't speak about huh, Are you telling me all the media made of made something up for a story? I've never heard of that before the I think in this in this time period. Yes, I think that that is the one most likely Robert Hanssen's murders, looked more like this. He took his victims into the wilderness and told him that as long I stayed calm and played along. They wouldn't get hurt, but of course, when you got an insane nerd pointing a gun in my face, while you're out in the middle of nowhere going to be likely to believe him. An out imagine to be damn hard to suppress your flight, instinct and so Hanson would force his victims intuitive refining situation and then, when that terror overwhelmed them, they would run and that's when he would shoot him convincing himself that it was their fault that they ran
never told a story about stalking, a woman following a blood trail or anything like that. It was a game for Hanson. Yes, but as far as comparisons to generals are often go, it was pretty much just the disdain for their victims that they shared. This is not a most dangerous game type of situation. No because I originally heard this story, I imagine him owning land and it being like some crazy right. It seems like he, it was all kind of a convenience and control, and I I agree with you mark is set up. The circumstances were then the crime was out of his hands. So this is a rare situation where the more research that has been done, the more bore, the case. Almost it in a strange way right same thing would be we gaskins. It's like, I feel like we got a got. The time he's been a push back by people saying well the story. Is it real? What does it matter, but a part of it's about the yeah the what what what is wrapped into the myth of a serial killer and when you look at it, what what we hope to do, I think also it's are sadly most intelligent, which
You say you, don't only. You can't always believe in these urban myths, because a lot of times it's people trying to make you scared, so that you spend more money, you know on the opposite of that robber picked. It was quite surprising yeah. He actually fed people human made yeah. That should be a little bit more known. Yeah. Some of these guys are are much more so at our much scarier than you think they are, but for the most part it is modern myth making. You know it's these true crime shows and even though true crime novelist, like the true crime industry is predicated upon fear right and that I think, is completely bullshit because we are speaking of fear. I did just get my subscription to NRA Tv so guys, I'm sorry, I'm a going to change from here on elected that those are problems trying to watch some and you can it's all going to be one exactly. No, I don't want. I will never pay to watch datolo scream at main well speaking of the bullshit
even the whole story of hand it's in taking these girls by playing to his cabin in the woods, is a little off, although in this case setting wise this is actually more terrifying. The so called cabin was actually a meat shack next to a frame for a tent cabin or hunters would hang moose meat, so it could cool down and Let me check also kept the flies away. All in all, we think Hanson we use the airplane three times in the course of his murders, if that, but it was on the fourth airplane trip that Han said once an underestimated one of his victims. The other hand as we'll see this last victim. Once again came damn close to getting no justice, just like all the others. So on June 11th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three Hanson proposition a girl working the streets on fifth and Denali named Cindy Pawlcyn Hanson offered her to
dollars for oral sex, far above the going rate on the streets of anchorage, and he brought her back to his house 'cause. That summer Hanson's family was on a trip to Europe. In fact, this is a regular thing for Hanson's, wife, kids as they usually spent summers down in Arkansas visiting Darla's parents, hence the summer project. This was also there sort of they would do like a semi divorce. The two of them were so we're constantly fighting and she did understand about a sick, because essentially this point robbery, and since make all day and at the truck top. Bars all night and doing this simply being in and out he's uh a very, very strange man dorla. Who's this, but she's. A good christian woman doesn't want to divorce him. So she would separate the family as much as possible and every summer essentially was like a place to go, breathe, easy and get away from him. That's great It is a family, this whole time yeah, so that night
took Paulson down to the basement, where he kept all of his hunting trophies handcuffed her violently forced her to have sex after that he wrapped her neck in a chain locked it to an my bolt screwed into one of the support beams and left her there overnight, surrounded by the heads of his beastial, kills the next day handsome in down and told her he was taking her out to his cabin in the woods he'd be sure to have her back in anchorage at around one thousand. One hundred am the next day he kept her in handcuffs put her in his Introverted Meryl Field, where he kept his plane, but as Hanson was loading the plane up for the trip Paulson barreled out of the open car door and ran as fast as she could and gave chase. But Security guard at the airport noticed him and as soon as Hanson saw that someone was looking, he slowed down to a walk, got in his car and drove away when he got home, he removed the I hook and putty the whole Cindy
as we said at the beginning of the last episode flag down a truck driver named Robert Yount and told him to take her to the big timber motel, Actually, he wanted to go to the cops, but when she refused, he dropped her off at the in motel, where she called her pimp to come pick her up and needless to say, the pimp was, best, dipping plus more angry than most cops. It glistened to the story he freaked out. Would you, with summer, kill this mother fucker yeah? I got his gun and will like ran out looking for this guy that almost killed one of his employees yeah. He ran. He sucking the whose name is unknown. What is going to drive to the airport to kill Hanson, but by the time the pimp arrived handsome was long gone, His name was forty seven words because there's forty seven words for snow and snow is ice cold. Very true
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a warrant HANS is green Buick sedan held rifle cartridges, ace, bandages, surgical, gloves Anna shitload of Conway Twitty tapes. I nickname my car guilty because it proves that I'm guilty. Do you get my joke? Good, Lord Conway? Twenty by the way, let's not malign Conway Twitty were not maligning Conway Twitty! He was also a big Dolly Parton fan. Well, Dolly is the best I got into a little bit of Travis Tritt hold the other day. I don't like Trent whole. I don't really trust this trend hold his rice cooking in the microwave, so he's a working man great day to be alive, so great song, but the bull. In the bandages in the car, were easy enough to explain away and even the gloves couldn't be connected to the kidnapping. Not really. The house, though, was a different story when cops search, the basement they but it was exactly how Cindy had described it right down to where the foosball table was located after the
or she had a foosball table after the search in the questioning Hanson was put in the lineup and Cindy immediately picked him without hesitation. But once again Robert Hanssen alibi. He had two friends say that he'd been with them all night, fixed airplane season. Obviously it's the weirdest. It's such an alaskan way to hang out he's he's in four hours, building an airplane seat, and then he went to another guys house where the content to work on the airplane seat such as that, just if that's not an alibi for murder they're having gay alaskan sex, which means just that was case that would define yeah fix it airplane seat, is a good euphemism for bear. Love in Alaska both I knew they were lying, but Hansen had asked him to do this as a personal favor to get him out of what he had called quote and
situation. Oh my god offered. He is so adorkable. No one ever said that Robert Hanssen's adorkable, yet I've got a lot of people. We posted a picture of Robert Hanssen, there's a lot of weird women in our Instagram who said that he's handsome. I know I don't like to get into that very surprised by that and we're not going to get it. No, no, no yeah disturbing, but then is the matter of Hanson's criminal record because remember he been picked up a few times before and you'd think the cops would look at the criminal record be like holy shit. This guy is done this before. Let's really go out of hard but Apd was in the process of transferring their records into a new computer system. So when they at Hanson's name. Nothing came up his record. Hadn't been to his record, was like in the crack in queen being transferred from the old system to the new system,
So as far as they knew, Robert Hanssen's record was one hundred percent clean Secretary Debbie. I'm going to read and shout to you what I'm reading on the paper here. Ok, you type it into the computer. That's easy! There! That's really easy gear. Week. Old men aged four is it cold, cold man it's cold in here, and I because I'm I'm in the room, I'm also a cold man k you see no f anyway. I never learned to do any of this she's, forty nine. So at this point the cops started to call Paulson's credibility in the question they start asking me to take a polygraph test course. She was insulted. She got stop. She refused. She said you know, if you don't believe me if
can't take what I've already given you by giving you a full description of the car at the right lane and the basement, plus all the injuries he's like? Well, I don't know if and the cow to hear you're? Not going to believe me, so I'm just going to leave. She obviously also had a very bad relationship with the police. She must be a sex worker and they thought they were all constantly at odds like that two communities, because they just wouldn't let them live. Peace. Essentially, they couldn't work and the officers had no respect for them, and so that's why she couldn't she couldn't figure out like I like She doesn't want to be involved in the investigation, so the investor it was closed, that might have been the end of it, giving Robert Hanssen permission once more to kill. So you think if he ended here, no more kills. You think he just skates. No, No, no! That's not what happened. Thankfully, Cindy Paulson's case made its way over to the Alaska state. Troopers the truth super cops in this story. All right, one of the
best to gators at the Apd Maxine Ferrell made sure file, landed on the desk of Lyle Hog spin don't mess with dogs spin this guy well hogs. Was the one in charge of the Sherry Morrow case member Sherry Morrow. Her body had been found with one Hanson Shell casings, let within a year before so hogs Finn, started looking into this handsome fella especially or hand, was flying problem was Hanson, never reported his real registration numbers to the people in the tower at Meryl Field, so they never really knew where is going 'cause. Hanson didn't actually have
pilots license because he been denied one when he did his application a few years before an wrote down that he took lithium for bipolar disorder. So, like yeah, we're not giving you an airplane. Ok lithium is like an old school way of handling bipolar disorder right or is it still around still around? I took it briefly, but it's like. Oh, it's got very intense side effects. Can you can try to get a pilots license while you were on it, it seems like it would be super fun to be hopped up on lithium and fly to blow your not hopped up your way down. It's going down your way down. It makes your penus no work. Right now I was at my penis was still fine, for your very horny all right now there was only one medication that made my penis go away, but it's just a segment that we don't even have to have on the show. I was market this weekend. Question ok, well, hence the got around not having a license, is a he painted. Id numbers on his plane, too small, to see from the tower and when
I tears, like you, know, like break break. We can see the numbers on your plane, Hanson gave them the numbers of other planes. The towers leg. Alright sounds good. The extra stupid thing about this is that Hanson wasn't even bipolar yeah. I just lied his way into it there one of his many psych evaluations during his presence days, and he just sort of gone along with it ever since, but I actually think that he's which this he flip it and reverse to it to his advantage, because now he had a cover for any sort of strange behavior remember when you were a kid tell me if anybody else did this, because I was obsessed with having glasses as a little kid and Jackie said the same thing and I know a lot of people in the same thing: work You kind of lie about it, because it gives you like a personality. For summary, when you're searching for something two will label yourself as and you have no idea what it is you start being like 'cause, I thought my braces were cool. I thought it would be cool to have braces and then I got them and then it was the worst
four years of my fucking life, of which no pictures exist, yeah that is embarrassing. Well, after a while, the dots started to connect with Robert Hanssen in September of nineteen, eighty three troopers found the body of Paul Golding in a location off the connect river. There was accessible only by boat or aircraft. Here they found another two to three shell casing: from the same gun that killed sherry, Morrow and that is when states, assigned to connect river murders to the true the cop in this story Glen Flow, a tall gawky eternally rumpled man, who was just
to be played by Nicolas cage. Usually James call me or when local inflow thing, okay, well, full these definitely a backup, quarterbacks name yeah. You got to give me in the front seat and he got to do it well. Nicolas cage was technically an amalgam of all of these cops enter one man, let us suppose to be. There were even more so I called flow feel like he still was going to flow the in the movie right. No, no for the it's a made up. Name is the guy's name and they just assigned to him. I don't know why they that this Lynn full fee was a was the example of a guy that He nerded his way into being a super cop. It was the exact coin flip side of Robert Hanssen. He so weird gawky dude, who love details and he understands
instinctively he kind of accidentally found his way into the troopers by Essentia Lee testing really well and they were like. Ok, you will get you in here and then they found his dogged persistence. Nis perceived since persistence in Cinci persistence is better was what made him a great cop and he he's the one who put all of the evidence together for the first time and started seeing what was happening. Glen float. These sounds like a guy who's like I would have been a singer song writer. If singing didn't mean that you were possessed by the devil, so I wouldn't do that. Yeah. I went into the law enforcement field. Instead, I have a lot of respect. Wealthy was a true crime nerd that just happen to get into it like he. He said his interest for starters that he just his local bar happened to also be the local bar of like a bunch of cops and like investigators. So he started hanging out with him literally started with, like I could drink look up. If I can drink bleach out, maybe I could just be a cup. Oh shoot just to be a cop. You just don't be
your family. Well, that's great, that's easy because close these to go and hang out in, because what do cops love more. I know this for a fact: 'cause family of a cop. They love telling law yards already, love finding a new dude that is eager to hear long yarns, because then he's a great companion, and so he because he didn't talk a lot. He was a great listener. Now in yeah is Henry said he was the first one to actually look at the big picture and he started looking into the numerous sex workers who had been reported missing in the Anchorage area in the few years. Previous, when all was said and done, he had a victim matrix of ten names, then he started looking into the victims themselves. He found they were all in their 20s were all between five four and five seven generally busty, had all worked as topless dancers and it all made high paying dates with strangers right before they'd gone missing, alright
hello, Thea, is on to something both these very much on a something and these busty five times. So he did. They all say the word busty quite a bit in terms of the women that they describe of Anchorage Butcher Baker loves the word busty. That goes with that, because, apparently horrible, though you put sterile yeah, it's got about six adjectives all throughout the entire thing, and busty is definitely one of the favor I see and then in MID September flow Thiane. Hogs, then joined forces and, from that moment forward, Robert hey, since fate was sealed, alright, see by this time the records have been fully trance over so the troopers finally knew the full extent of Hanson's past crimes. Alright, yeah Deborah I've got the name, Robert Hanssen Aissam, no dot com. We just gotta get the name I7 have no. No. Why would
there be a number in his last name. Can I stop now there were cops within the PD who felt like the department had completely up on the city policy in case it's not like the entire apd was full of bad eggs, because one of those guys Greg Baker. He was appalled, The apd had handled it, so he joined forces with the other two guys with flow. The n hog sent the Rio went after Hansen hard, I'm also going to say. If you listen to footage of Greg Baker, talking about Cindy Paulson, he is in love with yeah and I have a little side plot in my own mind, there's no evidence for it, but Greg baker, if you watch any these documentaries the way he talks about Cindy Paul summers like she was
as the last said, needed upper and stuff fight a dragon and he went out there. He was obsessed with any balls and he was he. He went out of his way and and talk with her about the case and was talking with ERR on the side and he was like I can You get your nice little apartment like doing like very getting really into it, and he sort of looks like me. If I was a cop, so I can see there was actually a really cute love story in there also could have been done by Nick Cage making a movie on the Lotto movie, the Lotto, Captain Corelli's mandolin, that's the world war. Two italian mandolin movie, you can't take it with you. You leave everything to me or, like you, can't take it with you or everything has its place. It's like it's him. It's the blonde, lady who's busty. That is true. There's an update, he had a lot of ticket and he split it with the waitress and he's become name of that movie. Lucky number one or something like that, or I'm your guy at live
uh. Well, a lot of it could happen to you. It could happen to you, wouldn't sponsored by the New York State Lottery Commission and he plays a police officer. He plays a so many police officers per management arrested. He understands how coach work. I know how to do this. It had been months since the original investigation Cindy had been in the wind, but due to the diligent efforts of a top known only as genteel the troop It's found Sindian convinced her that they were finally going to takedown Robert Hanssen. Take him down Cindy. My name is officer genteel. Would you like a monogrammed hunker chief? I would then I will solve your murder. Very God, very God. You pass the test. Alright and the cops kept an eye on Robert Hanssen from then on. Although the way Greg Baker talks about the surveillance it makes the
cool things seemed like confusingly weird, this great Greg Baker he's a weird guy like. Listen to this. Listen to this interview him talking about the surveillance I was driving by and I need to get some donuts for the shift. Mr Hanson was and he had a a window that he stood in and decorated, cakes and cupcakes and cookies, and I remembered watching him- he kept looking up at me and you could tell he was nervous and it kept putting frosting on a slum and I like that, do we know he's not a cartoon bear cartoon bear. He sounds like a cartoon bear he's a cartoon bear I needed to get donuts for their meeting I had to because if not older boy, we would beat each other with their batons
he put it all on his finger and I was like oh that's a tree. It makes a finger of cupcake and then you think maybe people are just cupcakes walking around here is that mum you've lost your sense of humanity, but what the what's really needed more than anything else was to get into Hanson's house, but they needed was that many fourteen However, they couldn't get a search warrant based on city pulses word because Hanson had an alibi, soflo thief through a hail Mary, Anna, pretty damn, resourceful and forward thinking. One at that flow, Thi called up the FBI. Behavioral Sciences unit in Quantico, and ask for their help. No it's hard to know exactly who to credit to on this one. The book butcher Baker says the guy who crack or at least was a major part of it was Roy Hazelwood. The founders of the program, but mindhunter by
John Douglas gives all the credit to who else. But John Douglas, I rewrote the book right now. This is one thing I've found again and again throughout all the years, we've spending studying serial killers. John Douglas really likes to take credit for shit. He may or may not have done more than once. I've read a source that names another person in the Bsi as being the main contact, but when I cross- reference that with Mine Hunter or one of his other books. It's a lot of I I I me me me. Well, it's easy to tell the story they are calling from his office is so and then, when, if you're the commanding officer it was he the commanding officer, I We believe so I think you take all the you take all the credit right essentially 'cause. It's like my. My people did no it's like, I not learn he makes it sound like specifically, he did
all I do love the idea of Marcus Cross referencing cross referencing his cross referencing and then be like and finally we concluded. It is whopper Wednesday. It is indeed a whopper Wednesday. I have circled it note, though w for Wednesday dead before he may have done this with the permission of these other agents who may have not wanted to or not care to be in the book, or he may have it's been doing it to simplify the narative. At the request of the author, that happens sometimes, but just remember, while John Douglas is brilliant talented and one of the reasons why serial killers aren't as prevalent as they once were. He also isn't necessarily the one man Super Brain Power House that he claims to be: okay, yeah he's no back scientologist, I believe yeah, I'm gonna go be. I'm gonna go see back at Madison Square Garden. Here pretty soon, really very good at you, the I and he's just I use indoctrinated and he loves yelling ashtrays and we can no and
Oh no yeah yeah lifelong scientologist, but I mean he was born into it. So you can't really blame him by employment. You know what I don't care we've gotten out well yeah sure well, either way. Detective float called up, Quantico an ask for their help in putting there's something to juice up a search warrant which had never actually been done before by the bs I or anyone else. They've never used a profile to get a search warrant and here's where things get really interesting flow thi describe both the murders and kidnappings to the FBI, agent, whoever it was, and just from that, the F I came up with this profile due to its cover it is plugged in, like I, don't know how they did this should all. I have to read this section in my on tour and really the eggs you're going to have the break this down, but the nailed really a unique. Usually they don't. They said the suspect
likely had a speech impediment of some kind, probably a stutter and probably had skin problems as a teenager. They said he is an exceptional hunter and while he is married, his wife is probably religious in his completely oblivious to her husband's wrongdoings. They city was probably a success. For businessman and an upstanding member of the community as far The demo went he well, we had a murder bag, complete with disguises and he probably okay, trophies wow. We probably played a lawful good made, should any sort of campaign because he's one of those guys who does all the boring abilities like being a healer or b pyro guy, who attacks the first wave of enemies from before, hey all right, yeah and voted this profile. I mean it blue. Follow these here right, the back the concern I got, my cholesterol is getting higher and higher, I'm so excited, and there were other things coming in as well. The troopers it started to compare
tire marks outside in near the remote cabins that have been burgled and compare them to the tires on Hanson's plane and found that they were a match. His handsome was the only guy in the area that had a plane with those types of tire So essentially, the net is slowly circling. Robert Hanssen's, getting more and more nervous, becoming more and more like mister bean in the fuckign bakery knocking over muffins like those are really go. Roberts never been clumsy with the croissants before and he just got his blood guy. It's fine. It's just gonna be Bastille day soon and we need to make sure there's enough croissants for the braid, oh, my goodness, then. Finally, a woman, recognized hand said when she went into his bakery to apply for a job, and so she came forward and with that the burglaries and the profile the search warrant for Hansen's house was finally granted all right after search in all day, one of the cops a lieutenant Kessenich
into the attic to sift through the fiberglass insulation in a last ditch effort to find the murder web 'cause they'd search this whole God Dam House and haven't found anything, but there was also a part of how his alibi felt fell. Apart to the cops all showed up, they picked him up at the bakery. You came in a little bit late. He had his funking bakers hat on they arrested him, they put it good thing, he knew what was happening He was home. These bunch of cop showed up the it all how she is no idea. What's going on the wife of his neighbor rolls over, and says: what do you
he's. Doing, they're, like oh Robert Hanssen's being booked for murder, is just wow. This woman 'cause. I got this parking anchorage and she's like oh yeah. My husband would never hangs out with him anything. He says she was alive, and so here's through her husband under the bus, is being like fuck. This like what is happening here wow and the husband was out like doing it 'cause. He was a contractor who also like built boats on the side and it actually built a boat for Robert Hanssen. He was up in King salmon working another job and his wife called him up and saying: oh, you need to get the fuck home and you need to you need to clear this up. Now he's like he's like I'm not coming home, I'm working a job, I'm providing for this family. If they get an affidavit, then yell come home, but I'm not coming home before then so the car, in the last possible place. They could look in the house in the back corner of the attic They found the treasure chest and hollowed out cash
found, Sherry Morris, Arrowhead, necklace, a pistol, a five hundred and twenty two rifle and the coveted two hundred and twenty three caliber mini fourteen nice. Finally, the cops had in their possession hard evidence that Tide Hanson to at least two of the murders I was really hoping it would have been a cake in the shape of a mini fourteen and then they cut into it, and it is the mini fourteen hiding in plain sight. The best part about this is that now I don't have to go, get donuts for the meeting. Yeah eatery eat around the evidence, but the most disturbing Discovery was still to come in that box. Cops also found a map of the Anchorage area marked up with a whole bunch of x. At this time. Handsome is only attached to four murders in the area and when tops only uh what a bit compare Yes only and when cops Cross referenced where those body
found to the map. They saw that there was an x on each one of those locations, but those four weren't, the only ex over the entire map. There were twenty more sh, each one, seemingly corresponding to the grave sites of been unknown victims. But a lot of those victims corresponded with float these victim matrix Lou and that's when the bottom fell out at the alibi as well. The guy finally came back home and the cop hold both them 'cause. There were two guys that were in on this alibi. He told, but they told both elements like listen you're going to be something to a grand jury. You lie to us. It's no big deal if you find them answer before my life. Never never gonna, we've never hung out. I've never bought a donut. Either murderer he's a fucking murderer. Oh they wash their hands of him as fast, they could once again imagine was it came out and said like. Oh, we found a lot
what evidence of murder you're going to be grand jury. You lie to them. It's going to be perjury and you're, going to do a hard time so they're, just like net detective flows, I don't even know how to put together an airplane seat. I never even saw seat. I don't sit in chairs. I stand. The human body is actually not built to sit in your diagrams from eastern asian philosophies. They believe that squatting lying down is the only way for human arrest, but also this is the power free baked goods. This again, this happened because no one wanted to ruin their connection to the good bakery. Wow and so on February 16th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four hands. Attorneys called the prosecution and told them that Hanson was ready to quote clear the decks, alright, just as admin with the great. Bus, barn, caper back in Iowa, Robert Hanssen offered to
guilty and confess just so long as his family was spared the publicity of being attached to the worst serial killer and alaskan history. What if I just plead guilty to burning down the bus? Barn? Again, I don't know bus barn, I don't know what else I'm supposed to say about it. Another belt! No, not here, no murders. Really! That's the sticking point here lyrics change for all that, Hanson gave investigators bodies and God Dam doesn't sound. Like he was creepy, when he did it, oh god handsome was take. Now to each specific spot on his map by helicopter and was told to show the troopers at least approximate spots, but when they let handsome loose. They found that he was amazingly agile. Moving through the wilderness, make it hard for them to even keep up. It's almost he was trying to escape now they had they had a trooper out there with a very high powered, like pointed at him at all times, writer, to shoot him down if he tried Hanson would bounce
through the snow on the way to each burial site like a dog and when he found the site he get down on his hands and knees and start digging in the snow. With this tiny little paws, there's obviously this connection inside of himself from any sort of human behavior, a good thing. It's a we're, became excited because he took it all It's very similar Henry Lee Lucas when they went to go looking for the bodies and they treat it like. It was a fucking party or use, get out there and it was fun for him. He's joking around he's, like Oh, I know all of this place is with oh yeah. Well, I'm out here all the time they're like yeah buddy. We got a map with twenty seven fucky axes on it of bodies he put out here. We know you're, aware of the territory. Well, since it was worried, though the ground was too frozen to death.
I get it it's frozen ground wow. I wondered why, in the movie, they never did that with a guy with a shovel just hit a bunch of ground being like do. You know what it is, but I like it nods for two minutes, just like the title of this city movie that we're in so since the ground was frozen. The cops marked each bought by spray painting nearby trees when they came, back in the spring, to those marked spots after the ground thawed, they found that Hanson had picked the exact right spot every time in each body, found by digging only one hole on that day alone, Hanson's led them to twelve bodies, summon locations that he hadn't been to in over two gears. Then after a hell of a lot of him and hawing for some reason:
open young revoked. All of Hansens hunting records well, you're gonna show. Instead, he didn't hunt them that he didn't kill. The 34th largest black bear well but this year, because it's a fact it is a. It is a fact. You're going to make us deny it wow. I want that must've hit home for Hanson yeah, I mean all of the records expunged and so on February 27th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four robber Benson was sentenced to four hundred and sixty one years in prison plus life. When asked what he was going to do in prison, he said I would become a writer again. What I plan to do is get it experienced by writing humorous stories. Then I'll write my own story, this leave the man who loses his wife at just to move in with two of his silly cousins and no cute kids. All and you know their house, it was so packed. It was like. Oh, it was full
evil, laughter and learning. Oh, my god, this guy, but it wasn't to be as hands Spent most of his time as a prison barber Now we have a little bit of inside information here, one of our listeners apparently had a shity cozen, who did some time in Seward Correctional with Hanson. The shity cozens said that all the prisoners considered Hanson just a sweet old man that they all referred to as Impala Bob Bailey Sweet. What is sweet old man? So, finally, just a few years ago, on August 21st, two thousand and fourteen Robert Hanssen died of natural causes still Mary Darla who never moved on after the heartbreak of unknowingly being married to worst serial killer. The great White N has ever seen wow she stayed married to him. I mean I could
whole Christianity thing they like you. Never did you never divorce, no matter what alright well there. It is. The story of Robert Hanssen We don't even need the hunting aspect of it. The story itself is interesting. Yeah, that's true self is interesting and creepy as fuck yeah. I also want to give a huge thanks to research assistant, any powers who was invaluable and putting together all the information and misinformation on Robert Hanssen and speaking Anne and things that she's helping us out with. As far as research goes, we got the big announcement. Are we doing the big announcement during the big announcement fall? two thousand and nineteen the last? book on the left
killers were writing a book. You're writing a book. We are on an I'm going to tell you what I got shoe. I got new shoes for it heating up my got my socks. I got my writing book socks. I got that, like you know, those wooden bead covers you put on a car chair, yeah the car seat, to make it feel car chair. One of my chair. You know that's right, but it's like. I got that for my writing seat here, so that I'm extra comfortable when struggling yeah, because of what I will say it is foreign and difficult to write a book. I'm. Getting I'm getting used to, like saying that this kind of fun, though, is that I get every once in awhile like I'll, go and I'll just type in a whole page of all work and no day make Henry go Cray
see like I do the shining thing and it's fun. Yes, that's right off the pads for my chairs arm rests very nice. You jail thing for your mouse pad. I'm gonna have to actually get a job. I don't I don't mind having to get a gel thing for my keyboard. Okay, yeah we're we're gonna, be we're! Writing it right now we're we're trying to we're looking for an illustrator. You know like a comic book artist to to work, all 'cause? It's going to be pretty illustration heavy, like kind of a mad magazine type of thing, so we're you know. Still looking for a guy or gal right now, but will you know now is that once we find him our stamp on the world of serial killers and it will never come off? It'll be fun, yep it'll be a serial killer book, it should be all it'll be. Does we're try it's interesting trying to transition the podcast into book, form yeah yeah, we're we're it's a learning process, and so thank you all much for making that possible. Without you and the community we wouldn't be having this
opportunities, and so thanks to everyone who is given to the Patris on the second one. I also want to give us some thank yous to some people have sent us some cool stuff in the mail. I got that beef jerky all that beef Jerky, the we gotta say at. Thank you. First of all, my two: let's see your Lynn Hoagland. I know some amazing beef jerky, very gawking destroyed. I'm I'm putting off getting into the weapons grade stuff that you, but you know, I'm saving that for a special occasion, such culture. Thank you. I would like to thank danger, an mayhem designs Elise over there for making us some really awesome handmade jewelry. She made a she made a little pin for Travis. That's like a name tag, and it says hello. My name is teddy, so that I'm sure Travis is so happy that that nickname that Henry gave him a stock. I also want to thank a listener out of Anchorage actually a guy named Dan who sent us a copy of butcher Bay
Actually, while we were in the middle of a recording, it any has a few Easy wrote a fantastic letter. Yes, a few questions for us. So first, yes, me Mister parks. In your opinion, what is the best recorded drum solo in the history of rock and or role, I'm gonna say jump in the fire by Harry Nilsson because it fits into the song perfectly actually adds to it and does not bog it down. No, no! No! I don't know what it means, but it goes. It goes on too long, and it's just you know it's master, but Tory but in a jump jump in the fire, it's an actual part of the song that actually adds to it and
and segues into that awesome baseline, that boo doo doo doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo Doo bullet Zeppelin, black dog, that's pretty going to, but now jumping a firearm. Most controversial thing, that's ever been discovered. Mister Zebrowski! If you could party for one night with any serial killer from history living or dead, who would it be serial killers there, always the weird ones that was here. A killers are hard to hang out with they're, not as fun. I guess technically would have to be Charles NG wow, an finally Mister Kissel. If you could, if you had to kiss one, part of Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell's body. What would it be? Follow up, question would you kiss it lightened teasingly or with the unbridled passion of a young lovers, heart uh? Well, uh? Oh, my god. I think I would have to kiss his neck with a lot of passion to turn it back into a turtle. That's what I would do an. Finally, we would like to say thanks cereal saints over at 0saints dot com, for making up
candles out of the three of us and for doing that wonderful portrait of windy as a saying thank you. Yes, that's incredible. I want that picture for my home. Yes, I'm alright, Well. Thank you all. So much for everything is to check those candles, right, yeah, they're, also really cute here in the studio. Let's do we have a shirt that we want to talk about to do it. Well, we had a new hungry ghost pressure, which I believe sold out immediately. That shirt is awesome right, so yeah it's sold out immediately, but everybody who or who still wants to grab that sure we have another print run coming up because they did both shirts and awesome poster prints, yeah, but they're working on a new ones right now, so we think we're gonna have more here in like a month or so cool, so yeah just he's posters yet just fall. You know, keep looking or twitter to see when those are back in stock or just go hungry ghosts. Press, I think it's tongue rose press dot com to check.
All of stuff. I I love hungry ghost. I've got like three of their piece of art up in my house. You know: we've got some hunger go stuff here in the studio. We love what they do. So please hungry, ghost press all so Follow us on to follow us on Twitter. At Henry loves you at Marcus Parks have been Kissel, follow some instagram at doctor. Fantasti at Marcus parks have been canceled the number one and follow us on all of the Horsh it at LP on the left. That's it and transport all the shows here. In the last podcast network, we got a lot of fun. Stuff I mean ever show is great, so just check it out. I know some people who work email. It's in there all done with last podcast. What other things just the site top a politics page. Seven, movies. With them, and we got a frank and trace from movies that wasn't mystery? Science, theater three thousand they're? Funny, that's what I say so: he'll yourselves, everyone hail Satan, he'll dean, hail me now, megustalations.
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