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Episode 320: Biggie and Tupac Part I - Sugar Bear

2018-06-09 | 🔗

We're delving into the cases of two of the most famous "unsolved" murders of the 20th century: Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. On our first episode, we're going to give a short history of gangsta rap in order to track the path that led to the deaths of two of the biggest musical icons of the nineties. ​

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This is the last on the left, that's when the cannibalism started man, oh man, it is hot out there. Oh yeah man, I am in foggy weather talk. Let's do some other talk. I tell you what I am in the central Florida city right now. It is one hundred and two Wonderful, and it is slowly but surely becoming one hundred and two inside give me the bathing suit. I am slick You are so that I can see that. Look at me shake my flaps, wonderful, the house. The red lobster was the red lobster, good it had a police line right. So I welcome place called good value. Restaurant very good, welcome to the last podcast on the left, everyone I am Ben Kissel with Marcus,
hello. We're here knew it we're here in New York City and, as Henry has already alluded to he's in beautiful, sunny Florida, I'm in the birth place of John Sanders really yet yeah, and also this is where the plane crash that killed. You know well because he's a guitarist all rowdy rowes wow yeah, that's all they have to say about this place also lot of music is Watermelon festival. Each one keeps saying be here for the water main. When when is it the like? Not anytime, right, but then I won't be here for you, alright today's episode. This is a long time coming and I am personally like extremely thrilled to learn more about the murder in the life of Tupac, Shakur and Biggie Smalls were talking to and we're talking big, so
nineteen, ninety six murders of gangsta rappers to park your car and Christopher Wallace a k, a Biggie smalls, a k, a the notorious b. I g have generated conspiracy. Series beyond. Imagine blaming. Everyone the reasonable to the ridiculous, the LAPD to Oprah Watson. It's about time. Somebody brought Fuckin' Oprah down because when she orchestrated the murders, Tory is b I g and two pox a core. She took a step too far. As far as I'm concerned, she used to have little people on our show. Bohlini. Well, you know Oprah's the only one that could get away with it. That's what I would say well, the and while these conspiracy theories exist in such a numerous factions, because the two reasons one these two artists were
beyond beloved in their time and have only gotten bigger since their death. So there's a lot of emotion here to deal with when it comes to fans, there's a lot of conspiracies about the murder of Biggie and Tupac, mainly Becaus. I mean I'll, be what you said where we've seen in the past, where there's a lot of emotions are a lot of conspiracy, oh. You want to know why, like? Why did these people get murdered these people? I love, there's got to be some kind of thing that led up to this and also These guys are surrounded by some of the biggest pull shooters, that you've ever seen Everybody knew pok everybody. It's like every Do every talk about them has the same way I knew park. I knew pok these guns in a basket for him one time in Sacramento near like right? I know anything about him, but that would require a fair level of friendship there. If that did happen. Well, like say like the murder of John Lennon, in a Biggie and Tupac, are officially still unsolved. But unofficially what many people don't know is
it's more or less known who was behind each separate murder and who pulled the trigger. In each case, I heard it was Oprah yeah she could get out from under Steadman I got you got you in both cases there was motive and there was me well the vast majority of things that end in murder are both are fantastically stupid. That's why people have been reluctant to accept the truth. We want the deaths of our heroes, to mean something, but unfortunately, sometimes death comes just because you weren't paying attention to what was going on around you and it seems like that's exactly what happened here. You got be careful. Surround yourself with. I feel like the big one, big lesson: I've learned, from this story, is that you got to pick your friends carefully and your enemies even more careful, that's true yeah. I think I've made a horrendous mistake just judging by the glitz
You know if your body right now that I'm forced to stare at if you wear a bathing suit and a Florida hotel room yeah, I mean I'm a great enemy, because matter what you toss it with me. You get Greece, this comes only. I don't want the Greek for those of you. Too young to remember the early to mid nineties, were partly defined in popular culture by the EAST coast. West Coast gangsta rap rivalry, so they used to be a thing called a dial up, modem well and they now hear me now. Listen sitting here, put down you just zip zap or what is that called? Is that called up? What did you twist What's it called, I found there is you're doing something with defaults back in the day, we only had one phone and your mother used to beat you with it, and she was on there looking for money from your father or you could use it. Do not to see nude pictures of Psylocke, that's very true. So Biggie was east
Tupac was west and the whole thing culminated with their murders. But despite what fronts these guys put up at the end of the day, they were really just artists right, even though there were a few excel a lot of the guys on the EAST and West Coast were pretty much playing a character and they were damn good at it too. Well, I mean you know being from Wisconsin. I understand regional feuds, I mean mother Effers for Minnesota, don't even get soda or you're going to call soda pop. Is that right? I don't think so. My friend and also it's a bubbler, not a water, fountain. Ok, we could do this all day. I mean I swear to God. If I'm around somebody calls it pop instead of soda, I want to fucking shoot him in the face of my fucking God. I understand I'll talk about Coke Coke is a flavor of soda. Some of these artists sold dope when they were kids, but none of the big stars were truly living the life as sticky fingers from onyx put it if he was at
a gangster he'd be up there, actually doing it right of talking about. They wouldn't have time to record rap album. These men are poets yeah. They are writers they make cool, rhymes and dance rhythms. That's where they, do they want to make people dance right now it's like when I was. He said back in May when the blame him for the suicide of a spark of like the saying that he'd back mast, suicide like hypnotism into albums and he's like. Why would I want to kill my friends? I'm trying to sell them records right exactly yeah, that's important to remember that, because it got totally blown out of proportion, especially for a young, naive boy. In Wisconsin, touching myself, I mean I did lose sight of the fact that these are just entertain. Yeah, but because some of the needed to be next to that life, because their image and ego demanded that they needed to appear to be at least kind of criminal and because some of them, just liked it. The server
themselves with actual criminals, and it was their association with these criminals that got them killed. But in order for us to really tell the story of Biggie and Tupac, we got to tell the story of just how the coast, West Coast rivalry came to be alright. Well, I will say, is my my one experience on a Scorsese film, it's very similar to that. As they talked about like during Goodfellas and ship all those mobsters hung out there was the goofy ideas that they all felt real cool, like De Niro to go eat at radios with guys from the fucking like raise a family and they would go and it would just be like espresso you have haven't said is something I want to negotiate with and they all have to go and get him new coffee and ship. That was the Wolf of Wall Street. Of course, I'm still a very good movie. Yes, but before we get into the history, let's acknowledge our sources today. The first is murder rap. By
Greg Kading. Who is the lead detective in the Biggie Smalls case when it was reopened the late 2000s as no? She operation rap. It up I do it's. It is on theme to be punny when investigating I guess a little word play in there might be a suitable for the for the name of the of the investigation, but at the same time leave the hue. Or to the comics operation. Rapid up also sounds like one of those like mobile dj booths. It like goes like to play it like bar mitzvahs, are other source. Is the fan Tastic book original gangstas, the untold story of Dr Dre Eazy E ice cube into puncture core and the birth of West Coast RAP by been West TOP hailed through out the hip hop world as painstakingly researched and accurate. Okay, it's an awesome book yeah. I keep getting sucked into stories that don't matter to the episode like I was I was. I was deep in
it's great, you should check it out now. I will actually say: reading this book made me a little less apprehensive about tackling this subject matter. For an example, I will read a small excerpt: alright, trace productivity had slowed to a trickle by one thousand nine hundred and ninety five He wasn't feeling the game. Land five can am never do only Of all eyes on me is more than two dozen songs still those, who are. I, I can just imagine Ben Stein, reading this book and just be like it is a little edgy. He uses the word to solve the word like five or six times and you're like well. This is yeah he is far outside. I like does make me feel comfortable just being like. Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of the rap Mister W Hall, and now I could show the Ganglion World, my J crew, wonderful camp
that ride uh, so salt amount above my knees. Yes well, Dre did as soon as he created those two tracks. He said with any luck, they'll say their duties, so that's good. But all joking aside, this guy really knows what he's talking about. He wrote the book over a period of five years and talked with everyone. Major players like ice cube and Dr Dray to some of the more ancillary, but still important guys like two Pox step: brother Mopreme, okay- and I am very thankful for this book as This is, admittedly, a drowner of music that it could be said that we are not necessarily well versed in speak for yourself yeah. I don't really speak arrives at the street. I feel in my bones and I do understand, because I'm from the dirty streets in New York City, I see I've saw the streets in Tories right. I g wrapped about. I walk those streets up put on my little pump up shoes in those
yeah, and so it's nice to be back in it land, you're, no, no you're from queens. In bed Stuy Brooklyn. That's like a forty five minute drive away, if not an hour, it's just you just take their stores and- and you flip him to the other side. Yeah. That's what I would say and that's what I was. We had a lot of just fat guys washing porch is just different. Skin color different things. There happening Tupac changes very significant in my life yeah, I'm dear mama, wonderful song I had the best of, and indeed it was very good yeah, but I said to my super fan, had the best of yes. Yes, that's right, and I put it in my disc bin, my cd changer and it could play in my Thunderbird because it had shock absorbers shock, absorbent, a technology like I listen all the stuff like obsessively when I was a kid in the 90s, but it's not something that I know like a ton about
I had to do a lot more research on this one, like figure out the history that I did for say. Like the Kurt Cobain episode yeah, I already knew a ton about it's such a compelling story. There yeah I'm getting back into it. You realise and there's something about reading about the context of all the music makes music. So much better. I've been listening, Tories B, I g role week and it's great because you you feel his history in it. That's the one, the beautiful thing about hip hop. I thought that it has. You could feel the history you can feel them like kind of braley 'cause, every songs like a story half the time, and so you the little slices of their life, and you get it a little bit more yes and not to harp on this too much. But this music was really consider dangerous it might. My friend got kicked out of the house after you bought snoop dogs, dogs, style. He was just gone like it if he came home and it was like whatever like, I believe in level now and his father was a pastor he's like you're gone. That's how serious people took this music and tipper Gore
out there it. You know in front of Congress being like, we need parental advisories. This really sent a shockwave through the Midwest. Not just Tipper Gore, not just Tipper Gore, Dan Quayle, on the campaign trail like quoting ice tea, lyrics right I mean it was all of the news stories are the same size. You're right ever heard these artists, but it's scary. Your kids out right and then it would just go on from there and talk about how all of them were psychopath. It was a musical version of reefer madness. It really was like crazy anyway, I was definitely My huge friend growing up Nicholas finesse to sing the chorus to gangsters Paradise at the elementary school talent show. My brother. My older brother did get grounded for a month for owning a bit naughty by nature, album. That was very tame, though he really very tame, and you know I'm just going to say this. Most people are naughty by nurture nature versus I just want to cancel please: okay, it is a mixture okay, so
as always we're going to do our best to do the history justice, but please bye and read original gangsters 'cause this right here. What we're going to do! This is going to be a simplified tiptop skim of the history. Of gangster rap and also go read, go by murder rap as well. That's more! The second episode, but both of these books are are great, but to specifically original gangsters is amazing, are basically were telling the story, this big, the history, so you could really see how it built up and explain why I like the conspiracies about Biggie into Pock murder were they kind of get deflated, because you have to understand the whole story just to get to what the fuck happened between the two of them right. And this story is really about record labels and the people behind them. Specifically, two of 'em bad boy records
by Sean Combs a k, a puff daddy, a k, a puffy, a k, a p diddy and death row records run by hip hop's greatest bill Marion night aka Suge shivers down my spine, just hearing the name. He scared good Lord! He reminds me of a small- version of you, member, the asian guy, with metal teeth in James Bond Jaws yeah. I think that was his name dangerous guide of this guy. He was so big. He will, if you would like pop through your television screen yeah, but before we get to them, we've got to talk about the label that brought gangsta rap to the world ruthless records. Ruthless records was started by Eric right, a k, a easy, easy and Andre Young
aka doctor Dre. Now, even though Dre grown up in a rough neighborhood for the most part, he'd stayed away from any kind of ST crime. He was a music nerd. He was a music nerd who he loved p, funk, like p funk, was his favorite. His mom was a music nerd, so He spent all this time in his garage like learning how to dj again. They are artists honestly this story. He was talk about so much fun about how we got into music, where he went to go, see, p funk and he was like when the mother ship came down and he was just blew his fucking mind. I was like that yeah I get it now. I get it easy. On the other hand, was a different story, although it seems like his heart was never really in the drug game. He only selling drugs. After inheriting a large stash from a relative who was shot and killed. He's like I've got all these drugs minus
so on I am here. I am surprised the government didn't come and take forty percent of those drugs in an inheritance tax just feel. Like I'm sorry, we will need forty percent of that. That's a very hot, take on inheritance, tax cuts and I really appreciate it. Thank you, that stash ran out easy continue to hustle, but without a big pile of free drugs to back him up easy found, the business was a bit more. The life threatening hassled and he was willing to put up with absolute so tiny man, yeah, and when your tiny, you gotta be so much tougher than everybody else and It's just not the same. You guys don't understand what kind of fucking tornado how I have to wild out anytime. I want to get anything done in this life weld out like when all those teenagers made you impersonate Chris Farley before you could get on the train here in New York, and you did it
my skills. As a performer, I use my skills for former to do that. Okay, and that took more of a testament to my talent and quick thinking right also easy, easy habit to have in order. The yes, he did and yes being a drug dealer, it's not very lucrative. It's a lot of work. It's weird hours and you're, just around horrible people yeah, so, instead selling drugs, easy decided to go with his real passion, hip hop and the perfect person to pair himself with was doctor Dre, who was already starting to make waves as an innovative producer, even as a teenager, although it must be said that early West Coast Hip Hop was a hell of a lot more innocent and goofy in its infancy. This is an excerpt from an early Dre produced track called monster. Rapid, I will always be your friend
I know for a fact. If you mess with me, it's kind of it's awesome. Why? What? Why did music end with that song and begin with that song? That is a great tune, but would really surprise me upon reading the book was that how a lot of gangster rap started with parody rap, and then it was all boo, boo, stirred by Weird Al Weird, AL and Weird AL success with another. Important thing, the thing that helped make gangster rap happened. You never love it because Weird AL was, but he was from right, north of south central. He was like from Lynnwood he or bright north of Compton. So, like Weird AL was like kind of a neighborhood guy, so unfunny rides the bus came out, and so they started the another one of the really weird ones was called Rappin Duke
and it was a guy rapping, as John Wayne yeah, and that and actually that song was name checked and Biggie song juicy as like talk about like look at how far we've come. We to this that is so 'cause all songs about like rags to riches. That's why it's such a great fucking song great. I like that man, that month song is in my head. Oh yeah Dracula and Frankenstein will always be friends. I will keep that in my heart forever. Yeah absolutely monster brings. It makes you think, a monster squad that great children's film yeah and that's not the extent of Dre's goofiness before gangster rap. Electro rap. What we just listen to is more like electro, rap and Ray went on and with this first group, world class wrecking crew, there first photo shoot Richard Ray wearing eyeliner and a sequinned form fitting Cream colored jumpsuit complete with
stethoscope to really drive the doctor, Dre Point home. I get it. It was during glam time as well. So it's like, eighties. Glam Rock was also big right, so everybody was doing make up until his body kind of convinced him to put on this outfit. They made this like doctors, uniform for him to wear and a whole to I was like. I don't like this he's like no everybody's into this shitman. Meanwhile, he comes out of the dressing room in a full lace. Fuqing like suit and race, like we're, going to get fuckin' when people see this shit, they look pretty good, though Well, the style and eh lay back then was much different, because dudes from New York will come to play in la like run D Mc would come, and you know it's run D Mc and they show up in LA and they go to the clubs in la and everyone was wearing like these form fitting, like. Suits everyone. Look like an extra from new Jack City. Okay, they were like they dress likes
super nice, but in New York is just like. I don't know about this, but New York had the Fuckin' Gilligan's hat big glasses in Dookie, ropes, 'cause. The big thing was like the duke. The dukey rope is what made like a very specific, was a very specific New York style. Those are the big gold chain, necklaces that you're talking about the look like W W e ropes school do. I didn't realize that I didn't realize that either yep is. This, is a broski joke No, no, it is not. It is in the book. It's called the call of duty ropes all right now. I I last quite a bit when I, when I look at bill and I looked up how to purchase a Dukie rope for myself. And they are still for purchased, but the problem is, I have so much back and chest hair the chains always get caught in the polish problem,
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while monster rap, is obviously a joke song that same dude, Layla Goodman put out some legitimately good tracks as well. He was also a drug dealer and helped define easy injuries, early pursuits, okay, and that is what shade Jackson a K. A ice cube came into the mix and, despite Q, being one of the most intense rappers in history, and possibly my personal favorite, there's no an ounce of serious criminality and ice cube, never has been ice. Cube was an artist writing what he saw going on around him. But, ironically, even though these guys popularized the gangster lifestyle with their music, their early work was largely anti gang. It was a little bit burger King KIDS club. It was alright, like gangs of a chumps, yes right right well, obviously so, but they weren't being how successful were they with this more innocent rap? Not not Okay, so definitely not not market. Wasn't there at the time the kind of had to work clean because they were,
working out of roller skate, rinks, and all these like kid clubs 'cause, they were saying like there. How like the roller skate, rink was kind of like the first way that kids could go in, like hang out with their group of their peers. Right without like they're being booze and drugs and ships, so they would have to be kind of innocent, but they said that she would get wild. They were like all of a sudden. Two thousand kids would show even like one owner of a roller skate rink like told Doctor Dre, like you, been stand that if you don't rock this tonight, these chill you're going to rip this place apart, ok and it all of a sudden, it's a Moba kids like staring at him being like make us dance. Wow kill everyone. That is the toughest crowd. I could ever imagine for sure what things really change, Intel, Tracy, Morrow, a k, a ice tea, now known more for playing detective into two. All online order: s v: U S released a song called six in the morning now we just can't stop thinking of Doctor Dray just in front of children.
The cord with white eyes and he's just like monster will do monster rap again. I've got it like what a nightmare four grown men to have to thirteen children's mother? Funker Dracula, you know, a lot of curricula. You better take two steps: Bacula or else Macula. There. It is, the song six in the morning, was so named, because six in the morning was the time that big Fuckin' tanks, driven by LAPD officers, would routinely break down. The doors of houses suspected to be drug dens six in the morning. Wasn't the first gangster rap song that honor went to school ed, but it was the one people paid attention to. Articularly in LOS Angeles, and that's the thing to remember, even though these weren't living the lifestyle completely. It was still a part of their everyday life right. They may know,
been selling, but they could still very easily get killed in the crossfire yet or be you know, sprinkled with with drugs and into put under arrest anyway, all that kind of stuff. Oh yeah 'cause the LAPD had a unit at this time. They called it the crash unit and it was an anti gang unit and the officers freely admitted to carrying around spare guns and drugs right because they said well they're doing it anyway, just because we can't find it on him doesn't mean they're not guilty. Yeah great great police work, really good police work. Yeah see the younger folks out. There may not remember the blood wars of the 90s as well as we do, even though we just know it through rap, music and again menace. So what I'm telling me that that is a water fountain? I highly doubt it also back in the day you do have to take for fun. I remember so you know if you had a father, you get five hundred and seventy five from hand and go down to the corner, store to get him out to get him a pack of more.
Because it was ok to do when you were eight years old, and it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety two with a really like to give you perspective on this for, like people who weren't alive or don't remember it. I was a kid in Rochester. This is the town of less than four hundred people middle of You know where I was ten years old, an I knew about the bloods and the Crips right. You know I knew all about this war. This ship was absolutely everywhere. They pumped it up yep as well. The media took a hold of it, because it was a really simple narrative to say to to warn about the inner cities put both to bring attention to it, also kind of in a side, ways way say. This is why we are it's okay for us to neglect them and for them to have no for them to have no resources, because it's like a sense like a war torn country that we would be occupying, we would have to like go in and really deal with the changing the inverse. Of these cities and they don't want him.
They use the sensational stories about all these rival gangs or like then, you realize. Oh, this was happening everywhere, not la they could have run in New York. It was happening in Atlanta. It happened in Houston, it happened all those places where they use LA is the example yeah you had. The situation we were is politicized via the war on drugs. The ninety three crime bill, all that super predator nonsense, the three strikes and you're out, and then you also had the television news be like this is great ratings. So you just have this two pronged affect in any way the music for the young kids. I didn't realize it was. I didn't realize how real it was yeah. You know you watch it on tv and all of our friends went through phases where in like whatever you know, but you didn't you didn't quite comprehend the actual devastation you didn't take it seriously and
The thing is that you know we, as as white fellas like we were buying the majority of Gangster rap yeah like that's, that was the majority of their sales were white people specifically like suburban kid, and sadly, I I didn't realize the monster rap was what I wanted the whole time. Everyone wanted to live vicariously through these individuals and they don't wanna, hear about monster rap. They want to hear about their bit there, but their vision of the inner city They want to feel cool right. You know I am made, you feel so cool well back, then the Crips who's in color was blue, we're at war with the blood to wear red. They had chapters all over the country, but the fighting was the worst for the whole thing began and health, Central LA in the adjacent city of Compton and this war. Actually The slow build 'cause before the 80s urban street gangs were more like a protection thing, as in cops are going to come and help us, so we've got to help ourselves.
It definitely resulted in some crime, as most gang activity does, but it wasn't an epidemic. Then crack came along and everything changed after crack bloody turf wars became the norm and murder became a part of everyday life and beside that families were destroyed by both addiction and overly harsh sentencing for possession of crack specific. Yeah, there's also a lot of skills. A lot of conjecture about whether or not the crack problem was your so bad or if it was just another scapegoats story that they put on these communities being a part of so what do we know now? The conspiracy theories that we know to be true is a fact, at the CIA helped will be turned a blind eye tour crack sales in in certain parts of the country, specifically in LA. If you look at the story, freeway Rick and you His whole shift about how like they were using that drug money to buy arms, to sell to IRAN, to give money to the fucking Winter is the whole IRAN Contra ship. So it's like there's a lot of
Always the story can be framed about what crack did yeah. One thing about it is that it was easy to sell, which is why they did it because It was easier to measure than cocaine, because cocaine would literally like fall off the table. If you sneeze that's true and five times more sentence, so you and everyone got theirs here, and it's and crack is highly addictive. You can become instantly addicted to crack. It's the perfect drug. You know as far as like selling goes, and even if you didn't want to be a part of the drug trade, these neighborhoods a lot of these kids growing up. They didn't really have a choice. I mean if one or both of your parents are locked up. I mean how you going to survive, especially you have to take care of like younger brothers or sisters or other members of the family. Sure, like just for an example like how silent. This really was. They were eighty five murders in Compton in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, a town with a population of only about ninety three thousand. To put that
perspective. If New York City had that same murder rate, we be looking at seven thousand two hundred bodies three times what we were at our very worst well in one thousand nine hundred and ninety. So this is going. The epidemic is in full swing here, but at the same time, Compton at night was different than Compton. During the day there were a lot of people said like like content during day. Look like a family neighborhood should would kind of change. As an item came, so it was an interesting kind of ducks in nineteen forty, nine George Bush Senior and his wife, young and new bile lived nubile barber. I I in Compton two over they do in Marcus. I think what would that he was working for an oil company yeah. He was working for oil companies to be like a fancy neighborhood well, when things fell apart, it's in that environment that Dre
cube, easy and a couple other guys named Mc Ren and and Dj Yella started a group called NWA in order to talk about all this shit in a real, meaningful way that people could relate to see before this musicians in gangs were totally separate like, for example, one story told gangsters had a gang actually calling a timeout during a backyard brawl. So the dj could go home and both sides stop fighting and they helped him load his dj equipment into his car. Gather and then, as soon as he was gone, boom fights back on just cut to the dj, just guys guys hi guys just want these records are very fragile. I understand there's a lot of beef being slung around, but can we take a it's in the Taco Bell moment here and let me get my stuff and then
goes like hold up hold up because it was in the street rules that you don't fuck with the dj and so that it's so much fun. That's fun! That's a fun side story to it in a very sad story: yeah, that's always so weird to me when they just stop and stare at each other. I mean it's it's it's cartoonish! It's like that cartoon with the cartoon dog and they chase each other around the clock out and they punch out of their friends. But I think they were friends after they punched out here, but yeah, but they were neighbors, though right who dog in the no, the Crips and the bloods in the this is a relatively small community. Yes, so they lived like bite. Yeah, they were all right next to each other. It was all set section off, you know, but missions and the gangsters being separate n, DOT, Wa changed all that the DJS. In LOS Angeles they weren't on the outside anymore. Now they were telling stories about what life was actually like on the ground where they lived so in n, DOT, WA
released the single the Boyz in the hood, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven people took notice and also didn't her crib but easy paid for the first pressing with the last of his drug money. Then, when their first album straight outta Compton, head. Ruthless became one of the most successful indie labels in history, ruthless, released, platinum, record after platinum record and kept adding people to the roster. One of these guys was a young kid out of Dallas named the D o c. Although the d o C was sent to ruthless, he was managed by a relative newcomer to the scene for Bobby Brown body Guard should night too. You know. What's scary is about shook, is how quiet he is. Yes, I think when a big man is quiet because he does the thing of like. Maybe we can talk about the situation in another room like he does that bit all the time with people and you're like I prefer to do it here in the dining
with everything and also like, like Kissel like a big man, big kisses, allowed big yeah, which you seem common coming and that technically makes you like less dangerous because you no, if you decide to do your fucking tornado, this swing We got a room because the goon squad move the streets of rage, the streets of rage, move his final fight, your little fighting that great movie, and that guy was the mayor. Really look at that you know so these guys. I mean they were really entrepreneurs, though yeah right, like the fact that how many people did Eazy I employ point like in his early twenties, well easy also got help from Jerry Heller Still these guys were entrepreneurs, absolutely any easy. The at the time with like we'll find out easy, easy took care of us more than anybody else, and he got the majority of the money. What kind of was like one of the first things that fuct up all of their religion
easy like they all sign these old, like temptation, deals like from like the 1950s, where they signed away all their rights and nobody made any fucking money but easy hooked up with Fuqing Jerry Heller early and figured out how to get like. He gets to seventy five percent chunk. Wait: wait. Are you telling me like money problems affected friendships? Are you telling me that now I've heard it all way back to should should no name because his childhood nickname was sugar. Bear a nice way to put demonstrative monster over was another guy who grew up in Compton, but wasn't involved in any gang activity. He was a star defensive end good enough to play two games to the ran over as a scab during the players strike, but this is also telling to the type of person should get. Is the reason why he stopped being a la ram? It was because he skipped training camp in order to go stalk his ex girlfriend. He like
he let his weird rage but let him lose his whole fucking career that he spent his whole life. Trying to get now. If you couldn't tell from his work history should night was an is a fucking huge. Intimidating, dude six foot, two inches tall, going about two hundred and sixty pounds I, like your shirt, I I've. Never I've always supported you he's the MIKE Myers of RAP producers, yes constantly Turkey, behind a tree, and you feel his presence, but you never see him. Should regularly used his size to his advantage throughout his career, with one of the most famous incidents happening right at the beginning. In nineteen eighty nine shook started a music publishing company that help to secure world he's for art. One of his first clients was Mario Johnson eight K, eight chocolate who worked out of taxes. Chocolate was the one who actually wrote ice ice,
baby performed by Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla ice. Oh yes, vanilla ice. I remember when, when the name broke, Rob Van Winkle at really heard, I was really hurt. My name amen. Also, I mean vanilla ice now more famously from his new home improvement. Show, yes, that he has, and I am happy that he made it through that really dark depression. He was just entertaining us like anybody else, trying to fuck over everyone that he could godaddy hard as he could, as often as he could. Oh yeah vanilla ice of the vanilla ice project, no vanilla ice when he made his heavy metal album. What was his calls right now? I remember the hard to swallow with a cold hard to swallow. Yes, that's unfortunate. Fortunate, they've, ok, yeah, so sugars representing chocolate,
in chocolate said: hey, I actually wrote ice ice baby. I've got the hand written lyrics right here about vanilla ice. It's like now. I wrote the whole out when I was sixteen. I don't wanna make a weight joke about. Should again, Mr Knight, I have nothing to say bad about you, but chocolate and vanilla did he name them because I do have also. Yes, I used to feel like yes, vanilla, also stole the name from companies like okay ice ice baby by chocolate. That's not a good name for me at all, so I know not what? What do I look at me? Look the mirror I see the ice, No, no! What if we go pinilla? Okay! Yes, The vanilla ice was claiming all the credit he keep was keeping all the royalties and he wasn't paying up at all, which isn't surprising, considering how he also claimed he owed no quick royalties to queen for using the baseline from under pressure, because his baseline had one extra note?
No, no, no! No! No yeah! You know man, you see it say that their song is Dun Dun, Dun, duh redundant and my son is and then then then then, then it's totally different. Normally do he said that, with a straight face during a television interview was behind the music they were talking. That was a great series by on vh1 behind the music was so awesome before we were saturated with all this stuff we get now, but The story goes that should night in a couple of dudes broken a vanilla, ICES hotel room took him out to the ball and dangled him over the edge by his ankles Intel, vanilla, agreed to pay up but even vanilla ice, that's not how it happened, should only roughed up as security guards threatened to throw vanilla ice off a fifteen storey balcony.
Totally different. Oh no, he just got it threatened to do it any isolated him at a restaurant yeah, oh yeah. Well, that was the truth. I said. Bonilla ice would be sitting there eating whatever he fucking eats, which I imagine it's just like a prime rib. Orange soda like you know. Whatever you know he was at. I think it's called the vanilla yeah. That sounds good. Actually, I need to It said like eating. And he said should showed up and he was like 'cause. Vanilla ice also had a bunch of bodyguards and he was like. I was sitting there with my bodyguards and then they disappeared and then open should was there with a whole replacement of other bodyguards, and I'd say I don't know. If I owe you this money should he's like will see, and then he found him again the next day where he said he literally watched he's sitting there with his secrets. Now he's scared. He knows. Sugars come for him, so he said at the table. His security guard is like in sees a handle just on his security guard. Shoulder. The security guard. It looks up because all of should quit, including himself and his people are all bigger than the in time.
Our security team for Nokia, and so they just all. I got right well, mister ice. We will be excused It seems that guess, you've been waiting for us, arrive and sugars like you know who that they got home, pretty marvelous ice cream bar out on the balcony. If you want to come outside for this I love dessert horrifying sponsor, for our show is simplisafe. Now here's why I'm a big fan of simple, safe home security Simplisafe is ready for anything that gets thrown at it. If a storm takes out your power, since safe is ready. If an intruder cut your phone line, Simplisafe is ready, say they destroy your keypad or siren. Simplisafe will still get you the help. You need now. Here's what I love about this, maybe it's overkill. Maybe you don't need to be ready for every worst case scenario, but Simplisafe is always ready. Just in case
That's what makes it great this simplisafe could cost an arm and a leg it should, but it doesn't and that's because they're good people they charge you what's fair. What's right, it's only fourteen ninety nine a month, no contracts, no hidden fees. You got to check it out so go today to simplisafe dot com, slash, l e f t that simplisafe dot com, slash Ellie, F, T so very well ice paid to the tune of four million dollars. Well, he gave chocolate points in those points on ice. Ice baby eventually ended up being worth. Four million deserves that he wrote the damn thing. He absolutely deserved it and should gained a reputation as a guy who got shit done no matter Wat, which made him perfectly suited to be a manager in using business. We need a. I want
I don't know. If we now here, we first of all, we need a manager that isn't blind, because I heard should I was blind according to his last appearance in court. But what? If we, truck, in prison for murder yeah, That's going to the podcast. Well, so Suge Knight, snatched up the Josie got him signed to ruthless records. Pretty He shook found himself firmly embedded in the ruthless records crew right around the into the relationship between doctor, Dre and Eazy E started to sour should have been paying during his time. At ruthless and figured he at least a working knowledge of how to start a label. All he needed was a star and he found a willing partnership, at least at first in doctor Dre. So, in order to get out of his contract, Dre set up his old friend easy
Dre is a controversial figure. Yes, trays at doctor. Dre is a do that I mean like he is a really bad past with domestic assault. He is he's rough with women he's bad at business. His big thing with business that coaches get. You know a lot of fucking trouble, which is he all he wanted to do pay attention to the music and but- and so he didn't want to deal with business at all. So when he's met should he was so to meet somebody that would do whatever it takes. No matter what an I didn't have to quote a quote here about it, but then all of a sudden, immediately Drays being involved directly in the strong arm tactics and Ray is kind of like getting into it yet still just the same guy who wore that sequence outfit with do stethoscope, and things like that. He's been playing a character all this time and but
very definitely wised up after death row. I mean he had aftermath records, which is one of the most successful hip, hop labels of all time and don't forget, he sold beats to apple for four billion dollars or billion dollars. He did wow, so Dray called easy and said it was time for them to meet up and hash out. All these arguments they've been having about money, easy agreed, but when easy showed up at the address of studio called Galaxy it we showed night waiting, flanked by three dudes with lead pipes, not doctor. Dray should, and his henchmen lead easy easy to a sound proof. Room sat him down and brought up. A rumor show heard that easy was planning to take him out and there is actually some truth to this one again and again through cooks, karere more people than just easy we're scared enough by what should night was capable of to kind of
with the idea of what, if we just kill him I'll tell you man. If you are not a licensed plumber and you have a lead pipe let's play Christmas, you get it yeah. How do you get? How do you get the led by 'cause? I don't know where you just loose final leadpipe. Also. Are you not afraid of the poisoning or think about who is it Thank you very sick. We can any of none of these guys are thinking about their retirement. One thing I will say about gangsta rappers had no one thing about a four: oh one k, no one's talking about health insurance and I think they should have Perhaps yeah lead pipe. I just immediately think of my knees. Jr shattering yeah yeah that and it seems pretty brutal yeah. It's immediately terrified yep, that's the effect of it. That's what you get to, where you have one so largely hold. You hope, is I'd like to think with a lot of these guys. Is you do this so that you don't have to use them? You just be really scary, so somebody will do what you say without having to murder them. What weather easy actually plan to kill should night or not, it was more of just. It was
brainstorming idea easy one of the killed should not. He wanted to kill. Should night, yes, My goodness should was the problem yeah, because she was the one with all the good should grew up with a group called the m. L B's are like them and the p rue do they have the Owb. I believe that they were bugs the pyro is just another word for blood. It's the same blood test blood just won the brand war, oh you're, just different yeah. The Piru and all that kind of, should they all have a lot of different names. His life there's many splinter groups in The gang life, it's very there's a lot of different affiliations and shared so like sugar, actually had people and easy, He like new that and got very and so, if you want to hate, he's the dangerous one get rid of showed to get rid of the problem. Ok, well either way. Eazy E told choke to off. So when should opening gambit didn't, work should showed easy a slip of paper with his mother's address, written on it or a picture of her house depending on who's, telling the story, and understandably
easy immediately, gave in and sign a Dre and two other artists on the spot, because sugar is just like you wanted to go pair of yeah because he used his mom's addresses the original return label and all the original straight Outta Compton records the for the our record company. So we knew exactly where to find her, but then there's a whole. All side story here that I can never cover, which is the easy e higher the fucking Mossad. For himself against shook. Goal like six months saga of Eazy E with these israeli assassins and shields people like having little mini wars, crazy, yeah, that's what read original gang says because it's full of these amazing side stories you know and the you know the full story of easy, which is you know, just an ab really tragic one, and it sounds like a story of a great amazing mother as well. Just being there take what she got all these all this mail from death row and stuff like
to go honey. We got a lot of mail today and just look at what's happening. Someone sent panties pants it's from there Shorty I have a whole pile of shorties. Panties tells two tell that short woman, whoever she is. I hope her vagina isn't cold so now, goodnight he had doctor Dre, he Doc and I believe, lady of rage, and so he had a solid, stable of talent. Now all he needed was the money that was procured from an LA drug dealer. Michael Harris, aka Harry. He was one twenty eight years in prison for trafficking in attempted murder, but still had business dealings in the entertainment world even producing We play before going to jail all right yeah, it was.
Denzel. Washington said Broadway debut is called mates, no kidding yeah. I mean the little boy a lot of rap, but the time was funded from drug money, but this was like sure, really getting in bed with criminals in order to get his enterprise going because this fucker was like the real deal and he's sitting on death row and he still he still fucked him over yeah. I remember that, though, when Stephen Sondheim was involved in the drug business as well, it happened to a lot of people, so hairy. Oh put up one point: five million dollars for a five thousand and fifty partnership in death row records fronting the capital for what is arguably one of them. Successful and well respected. Hip hop labels of all time, if not one of the most short lived in controversial, very controversial now, besides, just showing up with
death row also took a chance on a nineteen year old kid named Calvin Products, a k, a snoop, doggy dog. Yes, he was known at that time. In short order, death row released the chronic in doggy style to the best rate albums ever released. Nineteen we'd ever do so that was later, that was like two albums later now he still nineteen years old. I still can't rap my head around it like he was so young and like he just made them like doggie style is just so incredible and it holds up like it's still one of the best oh yeah. I've been listening to those those albums recently like over the last few days and there's good anymore, and that's also a doctor trailer created a new style of production for those he created g funk
which was pretty much just get using. Funky use the funky worm from like it's like from an Ohio players song who is the name of that there was a specific name. I thought the funky worm was also the name for the sound that Drake created the pinot Nini Nini Nini Nini, like that's what I'm talking about yeah, that's the funky worm, yeah the really That is a funky I'll! Never forget! You know it's also fun a theremin. That's what I would have put in. We went to Germany when I was in seventh grade and they were playing snoop dogs, doggie style, the video where they were all playing beach, volleyball and for some reason the girls don't have any tops on, but in America they blurred it, but in Germany they Didn'T- and that was that was I think that was the video for not but a g thang. If I'm, if I'm remembering correctly, that yeah, that was the one that they did together, that was kind of made snoop a bit of a break out head and us move doggy dogg doggy styled was, I think, still holds the record,
or fastest selling, debut album. Well, because he was already a star before the ob even came out, yeah wow yeah. Did I ten that's why our boys fought in the war absolutely so we can see them Teddy's John bumping up and down whether playing volleyball, and I appreciate that now. Appreciate our boys memorial day. Wasn't that long ago, absolutely just want to say thank you. Thank you for your service absolutely and fairly good at volleyball, too bad, pretty good yeah. In the same year, that saw the release of doggie style, also saw the founding of the yen to death rose Yang. That was the that Sean Combs aka puff daddy, founded bad boy records here in New York, City New yeah there, it's closer yeah, yeah, yeah, right, cheesecake yes, she's she's, already feeling forever when he made when he made the band, go, get him juniors, Cheesecake, I'm West Coast.
Now, though, so I can't really represent us hard. That's right, yeah yeah, yes, yeah! We must be represented in the east coast by guy from content in a guy from Texas Puffy. As as Ben Westhoff points out a complicated character, even though he eventually became enough to co host on Regis and Kathie Lee. He grew up. The Son of Harlem Drug Kingpin named Frank Lucas. However puffy was it into the criminal life himself. He was a music guy, most notably, working as a backup dancer for heavy d, the Boyz in the 80s all they were great yeah, but he was still an organizer from a young age, but even his early work actually resulted in tragedy and one thousand nine hundred and ninety one puffy organize a charity basket.
Game at CUNY featuring Heavy DE run, DMC M boys to men as the stars, among others, they even had a guy from Bell Bit devote really in there playing basketball, yeah thirty basketball game kid. So the venue held twenty seven hundred people, but when the day of the event came, five thousand showed up for system enter there, yeah yeah in the ensuing chase. My first record my voice command with this is great, boys to men really was. That was great. That was my first album. I ever purchased boys to men because I, like seductive song for some reason as a little boy, my favorite songs for the lady and and with the down on bended knee like that Microsoft a bit. I would listen to a lot of that. I'm splashing my body with with right before class yeah joop. She is raising alone back man, great Cologne,
So in the ensuing chaos, the echo tragedies like the great Cincinnati who disaster, which resulted in the deaths of eleven people, nine died at puffy's event and twenty nine were injured. Man heartless puffy stayed in the music industry and got a job at uptown records, but was fired for being difficult and for pushing a certain gangster rap artist, a little too hard which gangster rap wasn't uptown's bag. So they gave him the boot, but that rapper was a new artist from bed Brooklyn named Christopher Wallace, soon to be known as Biggie smalls. Then soon to be known after a lawsuit as the notorious b, I g. Alright, the introduction and Biggie was yet another guy who had gotten into a little trouble growing up, getting arrested for selling drugs in North Carolina after his mom had thrown him out, but by the time big e was eighteen. He had mostly put all that shit behind them like he actually grew up like relatively comfortable with
very loving mother, far from the one room shack with no ooh that he'd later app about in the rags to riches? Anthem juicy now, according to his mother, Biggie Smalls was just his son Christopher's alter ego, but he was damn go to planet yeah. She at one point I was watching an interview with her where she was like. I don't know if you can tell by looking at Christopher. But we never really didn't have food in the house Oh, that's hilarious, like the sweetest, caribbean woman in the world, yeah yeah, Valletta, Wallace interviews are are fantastic. She really is just a sweet, sweet woman and she did not deserve any of the shed that she had to put up with yeah. So puffy started big boy, Biggie's, debut album, ready to die and pretty soon death. Row records had very real competition in the gangster rap market, but not to say that these two labels were the only ones putting out quality hip hop at the time. Every year of the early nine
saw a slew of landmark hip hop albums. They called the golden age of hip hop in nineteen alone. We got classic albums from NAS Outkast g man method, man spice one, the beastie boys and my personal favorite from that year. Gravediggaz very on brand markets. Yes, but it's very very on brand, I know, but it's also it's got Gravediggaz in the title of it right. You like it is a dream profession of yours. So, thanks to me yes and naturally, but out of these artists, the one that was arguably getting the most respect, was Tupac. Shakur Tupac was, to say the least, a complicated character, an that's putting it nicely is very, very complicated. He did a lot of bad ship, but then he did a lot of good ship yeah in conjunction with Shug Knight. Nobody did. Or to Stoke the EAST Coast West Coast fires more than two Pock, even though he was the first to die and just like John Lennon Tupac was
currently a great artist and at times afucking terrable person right now, in contrast to Biggie who lived of his childhood in the same bed. Stuy brownstone with the stable, loving mother, two pox formative years were dirt poor, nomadic and filled with hardship in two Pox mother. A Feeney was a leader in the black Panther Party in the sixties, from the Bronx his mom was a fucking badass here with the way it started her story. She was like deeply deeply involved with the black Panthers in a hard core way like planning, bombings and yeah. She got pregnant with two Pox she was out on bail from conspiracy charges stemming from a supposed plot to blow up department stores and police state but then I remembered there's b s at all sites again with everyone of these stories in terms of the because the Black Panther Party was named by J Edgar Hoover is the biggest threat to american society in the fifties which it it wasn't
because also remember. At the same time, our government was the middle of the Mk Ultra Program and operation paper they all said. Words like you are you're good work to go with the flow, the spotlight on to other bullshit right now. It was significant, though the black Panther Party is the reason why they have such strict gun laws in in California Governor Reagan. Despite his republican credentials, then that would be as soon as they got. The guns like the wrong people have a we better taken away, but right after a fini got pregnant with two Parker bail was revoked and she spent most of the price see in jail and was released only a month before Tupac was born. And after that Tupac's godmother was guilty of murdering a new Jersey, state trooper but broke out of prison and fled to Cuba before her sentencing. Wow in FED ended up marrying that woman's brother Matou Lucia CORE and they lived happily as a family.
Help. Nineteen eighty one women to Lou was sent away for participating in the attempted armed robbery of an armored car that resulted in the deaths of two cops and a security guard. Okay and after that the family moved to Baltimore, and then a feeding turn to crack into Pox life fell apart, but eventually, though, to pot found solace in poetry and theater and attended the Baltimore Sun, of arts, which Feeney said actually saved his life. Nice yeah. I will say that. Did Nick Broomfield Documentary Biggie into pockets are largely torn apart? It's like completely blocked and also looking Nick Broomfield is an I hate to have you know. What did you say? I hate integrate he's the same guy that did the bogus curtain, Courtney documentary yeah, those two adding more else, documentaries, he's exploitation, he's put he lies. He just omits things that don't fit his narrative, auletta exam he's just a less charming Louis thorough, like that's his
because crime for me, is that he tries to do the Louis throw fuqing model, but he can't do it, but he did have an interview with Tupac's drama teacher at the Baltimore School, arts and what I do like about is seeing the other side of like how Tupac was Fuckking feeder kit at that time and like the drama teachers just being like Pox smile could light up the Eiffel Tower no could no one had a frown when Tupac was around with his love play dancing in his beautiful singing and his wonderful poem. That's so funny yeah, but near the end. High school the Xi Corps family moved to California and to PA cooked hooked up with the stepbrother Maurice later known as Mo Cream and Oakland in there to park dabbled in the gay Lifestyle, briefly selling drugs, but he you really got a taste for it and, in fact, like you know, two, lock up and Mopreme like they actually came up with like kind of a drug like an ethics code for drug dealers. That's what thug life was all about
thug life, which actually I didn't know yeah good thug life, was about a truce between all the gangs and it was, sitting up rules so that people don't get caught in crossfire is anymore and they they wanted to quote, create a quote: unquote safe space for squares, yeah yeah, and they wanted to make sure that you know you. They didn't sell it to the wrong people, because to Bach could see in his mother's, like this crack, like destroys lives rise up. Let's come August, let's be a little about that yeah! It's you were due to the pharmaceutical companies and they managed to do it to these crack dealers. For about three years well, instead of go, going all in on the drug game to park, went all in on his music career and ended up working as a roadie for digital underground fronted by the Humpty Hump, the guy, with the big fake nose huh. You know them eventually to park worked his way up to back up dancer then finally perform and two pucks very first brought,
or verse was on what else, but the track same song famously featured in the digital, undergrounds, cameo and Dan Aykroyd Directorial masterpiece. Now but trouble like he was looking to start a rap career Right Anna Dance career, but when he went looking for it right all that he found nothing, nothing but trouble nothing, nothing but trouble wow, that is although unbelievable, verse, isn't a featured in the truncated movie version of the song. You can actually yep to pop being convincingly impressed by the or
and playing of the judge played by Dan Aykroyd. Naturally he does. He does do good surprised. I yeah oh, and the music video that Marcus sent us is a superb because Dan Aykroyd. He is in that thing. Oh yeah, for some bonus. Nothing but trouble material check out the video for Samsung, which is set at a drive in screening of nothing but trouble and features cameos from Doctor Dre Eazy E, alongside Dan Aykroyd, who annex plays a member of n dot. Wa, I'm not exaggerating how you doing, I'm telling you have got to go just Youtube. It pause the episode watch that video it's one of the best things I've ever seen TIM Dresses, easy, which is controversial and then that whole thing
Overall dresses, stereotypical Asian. Yes, there's there's a lot of interesting scenes in that he's, not dressed as easy. 'cause easy is standing right next to us, just dressed man, Dan Aykroyd dressing, like casino n DOT, WA kinda had like a bit of a uniform like they did the whole like black and white thing, and then later on, in the sunk as the course course Look at the song is whole wide world same song, and so everybody there going all around the world. You know two pock lick his versus done, like african dress,. He the aforementioned rice, Paddy hats and then they Dan Aykroyd who's dressed as a bag. Player Dan Aykroyd. He just gets his. He had at his world contribution to an acronym power for one year and he could do Everyone with everyone and what happened He loves me
I will say: Deneckere would love music and he liked being on the forefront of music 'cause. That's what the whole blues brothers thing was is that he was trying to bring blues back and then, like John Blue. She and him's, like shared, like really edgy taste, where John Belushi was really into punk, music and all that so this was Dan Aykroyd being like. I couldn't hip hop as well: you should have seen me dancing back his Elwood blues in my own blues brothers, things in here, security kiss. Imagine that the faces of easy. Inter honestly, I wish she would just he's gotta directed nothing but trouble to at this point, I wish that you would still his only movie he better the way we've caused the run tomatoes rating to go down yeah. The point was to push it, and then we had more of this contention brought to it. Then I guess democracy does work it's at five percent. Now it started at eight percent. Before we start talking about it now, it's now it's gone down, so we are sorry dance, unaccomplished mission, you truck so
based on the strength of Tupac's verse in same song and that song, by the way, is much better when it's stripped of the nothing but trouble contact to great great song. It is a great song that song it's very into Pox verse, specifically like ties the whole song together, it's fucking great, but after that Tupac struck out as a solo artist and signed with Interscope Records in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one with two pox. First, two, he established himself as what Ben Westhoff classifies as more of a Bob Dylan Type Wezup said that you like two Pock, he wasn't the most technically talented, but he could communicate Experi in feeling, like nobody else and in two pox case, that experience was as described by Westhoff, being desperate, black and poor, and while and still could be almost cartoonish at times, Tupac's music,
Bruce Lee real. In other words, there was no like twenty dollars. Sack pyramid or, like W balls, sketches on to box out of your balls, I think that's when I got my friend kicked out of the house. If you look in it's a w, ball ball ball. There's a doggie style was a layer. It was so it was sold. No one hundred, I totally that that is like kind of lost on that whole thing. That could happen because of the blow back that they got from and w way when the when straight out of Compton first came, it was so controversial and a guy called him so much trouble did these could be great away from being political, like that's where ice cube when he left he went to go, be political NWA and all them, but kind of like became party boys. Then there should also was also about being as disgusting as humanly possible yeah. Easy, specifically yeah,
There were going for you, oh yeah well, but we may talk about Gimme that nut later this song Dogmeat. We will you and I will go well- Of course, we will too real that's where they came from it. If it's a song sung by cartoon squirrels, there could be kind of. If you think about the squirrels eat odd. Oh, so it's about like a squirrel like face fucking squirrel called Iowa Lena Graham cracker. Yesterday, cracker yesterday that yeah it's really fun. Was there. The Graham cracker. Well, I want to know if there was not Lord will back to Tupac with exception of the later hit. California love Tupac's music. Is it necessarily what you would call bun yeah Tupac, never which, like would never be good with the photographer after? He took a bunch of pictures- and I said ok with this one
have fun with it like. I don't think that would ever pan out It was fantastic but, like you know, like you're, not going to put on dear Mama at a party, you know but you're going to put on gin and juice right, yeah, good good point. You know I put your mom on at a party. I guess, but it would have to be like a funeral, yeah it's a little sad yeah change works yeah. Yeah yeah interest for the introspective. Every party has to have one introspective moment. I suppose somebody- maybe maybe we'll go with like like barbecue, you're. I don't know if you can put to put at a barbecue, necessarily sure yeah, definitely put on. You know sure everyone's going to have a great time? Absolutely, but even though Tupac was with doubt the most poetic of them all. His rap sheet was also longer than anyone else, at least among the stars, in nineteen
twenty two pock through a legally registered gun during a fan, meet and greet following a convention. Think about this, though, honestly these people paid to meet you it's like, going to be doing some vip meet and greets, and it's going to be really hard because you're like hey, listen park thanks so much for having the meet and greet, but I paid on fifty dollars. I'm going to want to see your gun yeah, I could imagine he was quite uncomfortable here- these are these are when he was at a music festival yeah, he was a. It was at an outside music festival, he's like just going. I'm just talking to fans signing autographs guys. Talking she confrontation have Tupac.
Oh, I thought it was like him just like showing him the gun. I thought it was a little, and this is my special gun and they're all like. Oh no, we don't know right now that was like two Pock drew his gun, looking to fire it or, at the very least, looking to intimidate the guy. I understand that's not the right thing to do, but why is this guy being a schmuck mean He has pulled a gun and also Tupac as we'll see in another example, later Tupac had kind of slippery thing Here's when it came to guns, he wasn't very good at handling them, because in this case he ended up dropping done, and when one of his entourage charge picked up, the gun went off and it shot a six year old boy in the head killed him instantly. No charges were filed, but Tupac did pay the family a half million dollar settlement. Very sad about eight months later, two Pock took a baseball bat to
I name, Chauncey win during a concert in Michigan and did ten days in jail. Then, a few months after that he got into a gun battle with a cup off duty, cops and shot. One hundred am in the AAS, although that seems that story. Like everyone was at fault. Okay, everyone was kind of acting like an asshole in that one, then he beat up limo driver outside of a taping of in living color after the driver complained about Tupac smoking weed, although he was never charged for
crime got you because it turned out. It was just Jim Carey playing a fun character. Thing was, though, to pocket. Hadn't always been like that two bucks, friends to the change came not too long after the premiere of juice, which was two pox. Acting debut nothing but trouble not withstanding. Okay in the movie to pop played Harlem youth addicted to the thrill of killing following a botched robbery is soon as to park. Left the theater after seeing himself played the character bishop on the big screen. It said that he was never the same. I can see you why, though, when you're scared,
kid right. He was a kid that had a really fuckedup childhood. He he was back back and forth a lot of anger problems. He was desperate for attention the music side of schitt right 'cause. What do you see just on the on the small level of work that we do or when you see friends like really become famous in the entertainment industry? Apart of what happens is that you do believe up to a point where, like money will solve all my problems, it's like what I need is money and fame and all this shit and I will be totally fulfilled when sometimes when it should become gets delivered. You realize oh we can actually get the void filled like I didn't become. The strong man always thought. I would be like the thing that I was searching for the Energi I'm trying to connect to that would make me feel whole when he saw himself filled the loop of being a real criminal. I think that that made him somewhere deep inside, be like that will make me feel real. That will make me feel whole. Is that I walk I now I can walk the walk and then everyone can be afraid to me like I used to be afraid, everybody else, and you got a lot of valid
and for that role as well, so perhaps in search of identity. That was a good way to go for him. Yeah and now, after coming out of the movie Tupac wanted to be Bishop. So he started hanging out with gang members whenever you could and he started acting accordingly. Meanwhile, back over at death row, the gangs were starting. Take over there as well. Both blood and crip gang members became regular fixtures at the death row, This is the latter acting more Snoop dogg hangers on, while the former, where there, at the behest of Shug Knight like they were hanging, someone like people would take the like the stairs to avoid throw offices, we call right. Do we just hang out in the lobby, and so they would come in, like lifting a perjuring sheet to see like all these people from like there, they're the people that do all of the the what's the what's the term the people to do their and are you the people, do
the rain are and the people that did their distribution. The nerds from downstairs would come up and they'd see like fucking Gang Gang, Bangerz taken furniture out and be like hey you should put out further to down and then they would say you should be in like. If you don't make a problem, there won't be a problem, and so they'd just be like we're just going to skip the lobby Yeah still need to come back here, anymore, sure, sure in Dr Dre, you get sick of this. Yet because Dre never wanted to be an actual gangster. All dray ever wanted was to make money doing music relax every now and again in the lobby on a chair or couch a culligan water machine, something like that. Maybe nice potted plant, yeah and Drake. He actually he play this part well, but when the actual gangster started showing up Dre wanted no part of it, but that's not to say he didn't contribute to the turn of the worm when it came to violence and hip hop, even if it was indirectly
The turn of the worm yeah the turn of the world yeah when the worm turns when the worm turns now. This is a sentence. That's never been said so I don't. I don't know where that came from not following drays split from roof. A rivalry naturally develop between Dre and Eazy E is a lot of bad blood there, but it wasn't easy that started it. It was Dre, Dre, absolutely Visser, rated easy on the chronic second single grade, a and seemingly he did it for no reason at all. It didn't easy. Take all the money from easy Take all the money, that's a reason, but come on man he's funny. Mother, yeah money is money, will get you killed? You don't mess with money, I think once you threaten a guy's mom like that's when like all, but I think that's when the the the slates wiped clean there, but Dray should have known better because even though easy wasn't super hard core, he was still a hell of a lot more real than Drake. For example,
After n dot WA broke up easy started, selling dope again just 'cause, he was bored, hey my dad worked for whacking, huh nine, my preteen years had to get back in the game. What the hell is this public masturbation business, what you heard of Whack- and I never really done this Joe conversation. No honestly, you have never mentioned Wackenhut now have you've. Now you've never mentioned that you have mentioned lack and hot. I don't remember what it. What is it? It's a place that your dad takes you when you've been bad in order to jerk out all the bad sauce. All right, we don't need to go into that well easy eat. After Dre day his feelings were legitimately hurt and not just by Dre, because ice Cube, piled on him as well, with possibly the best diss track of all time. No vaseline but no wrestling was against like every former member of NW a but easy got it pretty hard, that's pretty brutal there yeah I mean it is important to remember once again. These are very sensitive artists, yeah
Oh yeah he's a hard, hard artifice no vaseline. What was that I don't want to add it's about the Wackenhut. It's actually very similar story, yeah yeah, yeah, but easy. He didn't take out his feelings on cube because I schemes untouchable. It's ice cube, cookie down like it's fucking done, like you, can't come back from that. Okay, so instead easy He took it all out Andre Easy, monitor Dre day with damn near a whole ep called it's on doctor Dre. One hundred and eighty seven am Killa and it's fucking awesome it's one of my favorites so good. So he wrote an entire album because Doctor Dre hurt his feelings yeah, it really boils careers, yeah yeah, it's like him and funking Alanis, Morissette yeah, it's just it's angry. Album, sometimes save you so doctor Dre is the Dave
Eazy E's. She wants to do a lattice very, very quick side note to pocket. Alanis Morissette almost opened a restaurant together. Really, I'm only a man and one more and one more fun fact about to pop. He read for the part of Bubba in Forrest, Gump yeah. They yes well Read for that. You Chappelle Dave, Chappelle, also read for that. I think they cast now I cannot see. Tupac is Bubba because I don't think that he would have gone along with a lot of what Forrest Gump was saying so he like it, went even further than the site. Well, I think like to songs like real mother jeez, and it's on. I think those are the two that were like, specifically towards dray. The rest of more grow give me that nut had nothing to do with trade. I just had to do with cartoon squirrels, Oh yeah yeah, it's fuckin', I don't, but did they ever do a kids bop? What I think kids Bop did do some rap music. Once anyway, it doesn't matter.
But he also, even though, like it was only a couple of songs dedicated to it. He dedicated the liner notes too embarrassing, doctor dre, because the easy found one of the publicity photos from Dre's early days and put the picture of Dre in the cream colored suit dancing. With the makeup on in the liner notes, just roast, they were in roast boat yeah. Oh, they weren't rest mode, but you know what also I learned a lot about from this book was how these albums are put together or like this next bit by how like, if they needed, like they would ghost write. Some of the stuff is easy. Was it like an artist like he was a drug dealer that Dre made into a rapper by taking him a line by line which you see in the movie straight outta Compton? And it's interesting. How like this next bits by how like they'd, have to go, get some real rapper? There were actual criminals in order to add flavor to all their fucking. Well, no easy by this point was absolutely a real rapper, but he will he was at. But by that point by that point like he had, you know, I mean he had it, but at least one platinum, album,
he was absolutely into his own MIKE. What he did is he brought in like feature rappers and but get what he made sure to do was like counter of like Doctor Drays. Thank you know, but I guess, like weakness, easy brought an actual criminals. Okay, I he brought into ninety block Crip from the what's Jordan Downs projects, name dressed and knockout, both dudes fresh out of prison, then easy on Arsenio Hall and called dry out, naming him as a studio thanks to move, even though most of them outside of easy, you could be called the same but display it in public. Well, I as big desks, and this was all taken so seriously. We can't stress enough, and media was salivating over this stuff. It was really it was like life and death because that's how it ended yeah yeah, because this phone is all this seems like this. I know you'd, that's the whole the whole time, the back my head. This is kind of fun, and then it's just it did. Then you remember how serious it was yeah.
Because I actually remember when I was a kid like being like really confused site, I thought, Eazy E and Ray were friends. I know it was very hard to understand and your mom must be like. Sometimes you know how sometimes you go outside little Marcus and the coyotes don't come to you like they used to. Thanks, yes, mother, yes, I met the dark dial. Thank you know. No, sometimes friends fall apart, like Eazy E and Drake yeah. I was confusing because I thought anyone that I saw on television was basically bodies yeah, I this or around You know 'cause, that that was true until like one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven because of the tonight show right. Yeah are less. On Saturday is park cast what are the Holy GRAIL, Nefertiti's tomb and Michael Rockefeller have in common they're gone or what happened? Where did they go? If you're a fan,
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as far as all this seems like this feud had very real consequences. Now is Westhoff points out rap beefs, weren't new by any measure, but they mostly been friendly and most of 'em just had to do with like who is the better rapper right, but now it was personal. Now it had to do with street cred and now actual violence could break out, and it did at a golf course of all places during the filming Montell Jordan, video something for to honeys. I like Montelli, six foot, eight yes, he thinks about it. This is how we do it exactly. This is how we do it. We had a punch over every time. We have to go through the doors and then when we were around planes, we do it very uncomfortably. Yes, now there is a dispute as to who started this fight, but long story, the reckless and death row guys were yelling gang affiliations at each other. Someones foot got run over by a golf cart and a brawl ensued,
It's Caddy shack, but everyone is armed and they're very serious yeah and you know The video like, I couldn't find the video, but apparently there's video footage of it and it looks very goofy right and you know nobody died and nobody even got seriously hurt and to the best of my now It's like this was the extent of any sort of physical confrontations between reckless records and death row records, but it set a precedent. Absolutely it's not like the cartoons where you grab your cartoon cat foot and it's flat and it's throbbing it's and then you're angry? And you see a temperature thing, go up up up up up by little breaks, and then you know you gotta figure it out that way. But yeah I mean now. This shittalking could actually reach out and touch real life, but the guys who would be touch the hardest actually started off as friends, Tupac and Biggie they first met each other in nineteen. Ninety three before Biggie's, first album, but after two pocket already become a star. Biggie flew to California for two reasons:
one get some of that sweet, Cali Weed and to to meet Tupac block. Tupac was one of the most respected guys around and Biggie was starting to get a name. No one really knew him outside of Brooklyn, but He had enough credit, for he can go and meet the guy, and so he went he to a dealer, turns out the dealer new to park to park, invited Biggie over to his house, where they played with unloaded machine guns and hand guns while to pot cook steaks in the kitchen. That's extra a fun, that's so much fun. What a nice afternoon that is, and after that, every He went to LA he'd sleep on two pox couch in every time to park went to New York. He took a limousine to bed Stuy and shoot crap. All the neighborhood guys Tupac, even mentored Biggie, let them perform at concerts and giving him advice in the music business. In fact, it was Tupac
responsible for Biggie State, a bad boy records, because Biggie wanted to balk at it as manager, but to pot declined, saying puffy was gonna, make a star and he did yeah we did meanwhile to park was falling deeper into the crime. World, blurring the lines between playing gangster and acting gangster in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety four tupac went to New York to shoot the basketball movie above the rim, in which Tupac play to draw great movie to research, the role Tupac hooked up with the New York music promoter and all around scumbag, hey jack oh man. All I know about Haiti. Is I learned from Kevin Barnett for round table of gentlemen yeah yeah I mean Haitian. I mean this. Guy was fucking serious. He rob drug dealers safe that's Rob drug dealers and survived yeah, not even like even biggie, do not hang out with haitian Jack,
stay away from haitian jack. It's just unfortunate that ever give to pack role is like a stay at home. Dad. You know because I just feel like he was kind of emulating, whatever whatever role was given to him, what so they say is that, like eventually, if ice cube would have died, tupac, would've lived, they would have the exact same. It's eventually Tupac would have been are we there yet yeah? I think Tupac could have done a lot feet hung out with Margaritaville Jim because he's a well a sensible business in Haiti is a beautiful place. Of course, they were devastated by the earthquake, of course, of course, but to park, didn't listen to big your anyone else, and it was with haitian jack. The two park was charged with committing the worst act of his life in October of that year. Nineteen ninety four, a woman named a Jana Jackson, accused to park haitian Jack and other members of their entourage of gang, raping her in two Pox hotel room to park denied being involved to the end
although he did later admit to being in the next room and blamed himself for not doing anything about it. But a New York jury thought otherwise found them. Culpable and Tupac was sentenced to one and one slash two to four and one slash two years in prison, The interval between the crime and the sentencing events would transpire if that would be the unofficial kickoff to the EAST Coast West Coast RAP War see even Tupac was facing full charges, haitian Jack Platt, out on two misdemeanors and in two pox mine. This meant that haitian Jack had to have been a snitch and was setting up to Pock to take the fall for the crime, and this He just in conversation he may his feelings known across the pages of the Daily NEWS, as we off rights. Call
a man like haitian Jack in the press, is not a sensible move, but Tupac thought he was invincible. An actual gangster, but haitian Jack was about to show Tupac just how wrong he was, c aches. Unfortunately, though, the sight of that lesson happen to be quad recording studios in Times Square were biggie and puffy just happen to be. Recording that day, as well, on a different floor to park, showed up to the recording studio that day to record a guest verse for a guy named Little Sean just before he was about to get on the elevator. He was a pro by a trio of guys wearing army fatigues, and since that was the Brooklyn style. At the time Tupac assumed guys, wear with biggie, but just as the elevator doors open, the guys pulled out guns Tupac went for his gun, but in to pull it out of his waistband. He accidentally pulled the trigger and shot him instead, my god. This is why none of these guys have training. Yes,
we're talking about with easy back in the day two we wanted all these AK, forty sevens and ship. He didn't have to use them, so we had to hire somebody from the fraternal order of police to come and like teach. How to use everything. It's really quite embarrassing. That's the the Plaxico Burress move for the hour when he he got sentenced for shooting himself. I feel, like you already served. The of the punishment for the crime have very quickly for yeah. So after two pollock shot himself, the guys beat the fuck out of him sold jewelry for good measure and left and by the way, Tupac always told on he got shot five times. He did not get shot five times. Okay, he shot himself once and all the other wounds were from the three dudes pistol, whipping, okay and he got his kicked, he stumbled into the elevator took the elevator upstairs when the doors opened there stood Biggie puffy a friend of haitian Jacques named Jimmy
henchman, Rosemond he's name is literally henchman, henchman. Now, with his dick man, I guess you better enjoy being a henchman and have no upward mobility with your career, because that you can't be like CEO henchman. It doesn't happen that way. My one job is to get beat up by Batman. I'm not get coffee, I do not go get. Lunch is alright. I get beat up by Batman and eventually I get drowned helping out the river. Later to bug said when he looked in biggie and puffy eyes. At that moment they looked quote suppose wise Dan guilty. However, in one thousand and eleven a guy named Dexter Isaac fully admit being one of the guys who beat up Tupac, he said it was specifically on the orders. Another then henchman, working on behalf of haitian Jack, and it's just a coincidence.
It's coincidence, and it's damn near positive. The biggie and puffy had nothing to do with this, probably didn't even know about it, and even if they did know about it, they weren't going to tell Tupac, because Tupac was going to go back home and in a puffy they still had to deal with haitian Jack right in Henchman, Why he was there was he was. The manager of the guy Tupac was supposed to record with that day, little Shawn and the bad boy crew. They were just friends with little Sean, so they were just hanging out with Tupac. Didn't see it like that because he had also become so ego maniacal that everything had to be be about him, and that would be about him being the world's biggest criminal and all this kind of shit. But it's like no man you've through your own few down the toilet. Those are your allies. Biggie and puffy were split. They would help you out. Then things escalated even more when to park, went to prison almost a Lee after the assault he said guys were constantly coming up to him. Tell him like hey, heard, biggie and puffy
yeah they're doing it just to cause she everybody's full of shit yeah. All these stories are vast, Buncombe, Buncombe, Yaya, Bungalow, half buncombe. Oh, we got two out of three on the buncombe scale. Here we go through three wow. That's my buncombe bell! Every time I hear Buncombe go Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Dong Campbell. That's why you gotta stand up in the cafeteria and say guys. I just want to let you know I What about the rumors? I'm good, no need to continue to come up to me and tell me this. You I can really kind of see like what Tupac was thinking, because a little a little after the shooting thank The song called who shot ya lyric they could be read as a veiled admission of guilt. Specifically, you were why, in this big boys, behind this right, this was all over the media yeah. But the problem was who shot your was recorded months before to pop or shot it had nothing to do with them, because unlike gangster rap songs about to do getting shot or exactly rare, all
Are you saying that maybe Biggie could see the future Is that possible You hang out with John T, tore any knew it was going to happen, so he buried all the songs, as we record all those extra songs that have the five concurrent albums that came out after his death or he intended to Pock Buffet made friends. Thank you to others. Death. Another live in and gave Paradise in St Martin's under under no other name. And plastic surgery. I do want to believe that's true. That would be a fine conclusion to all this. It really does come down to the collective unconscious, though, and just sort of chaos magic. All of this stuff just fits so perfectly with the with the way yeah. It really did like it's like it was it's one of those things where it's like. It's almost destined to happen, so Tupac. You know like he, he believed Adlai that it was puffy and biggie behind it. And not nothing, anyone could say otherwise could sway him, so he just sat in prison in stewed, and that was
That was between answering letters from Jim Carrey and Tony Danza, Jim, the Jim Carrey Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey, because yeah, because Tupac was on in living color and I'm knew each other yeah from other from back in the day, don't know how Tony Danza fits into it, though this is what I'm going to say to you Tupac. I hope you do put in jail, because a lot of people ask me all the time: who's, the boss right who's, the boss- and I gotta tell you what the you're the boss. The tap dance is just like anything it just fuckin' cassette am tap dancing and singing old jazz standards. I remember that when, if, if you could tap dance, you are the next level entertainer oh yeah, Gregory, Hines yeah big Deal but Tupac. He was to get out of prison anytime soon, not without help his bail has been set three million dollars, and even though his First, two albums were extremely successful. The second one more than the first two didn't have anywhere near that kind of money, because it remember
he had a lot of legal troubles leading up to that. So he had a lot of bills to pay the man who did That money, though, was should not. According to original gangstas Tupac got a hold of, should Knight first asking for help, as he had no one else to turn to with that kind of money, and this this should a fan have stick opportunity. He already had the best producer on the West Coast and Dray. So if you were to add the best rapper into Tupac, should I would be set in death. Row could be one of the biggest labels on earth, and so negotiations were made for Tupac to move. From Interscope to death row, which actually was under the Interscope Umbrella. So it wasn't really much of a problem anyway. The problem here was the deal in exchange for death row. All services and bond Tupac appointed showed as his manager and signed on for three albums
death row records essentially selling himself to should not completely because now should night. Both his manager and his label rap and he's the one who bailed him out right and he's the one who this is in Denton. This is an denture servitude. Isn't it he's a little bit? I mean to pop? Was he was getting kissed on in the downstairs, but other men downstairs in the jail? That's a rumor. He was, he wasn't handle in jail. Well, so he reached out to show in sugars like like he pulls out a scroll like it's like the whole? Looking like it, his signature burns on the paper, which is essentially this deals? What kind of dooms to pot it sends on the nickel. Of course, with Biggie. I didn't realize that should night sounded like sweet tooth from twisted metal, but so like
less than a month after two Pock agreed to this deal. The one point four million dollar bond was paid in two was back out on the streets, but the thing was that one point wasn't really paid by death row. It was an advance on future royalties which bind it Tupac to Shug, even closer So it was a. It was a loan, so right, right, right, wasn't really paying too posh you buck was pay that to box yeah right, yeah yeah, I just back at yeah yeah. He was on the uses. It was pretty much like a no interest loan and while sugar was there visiting to park in prison, he was told all about the supposed plot on two Pox life on behalf of biggie and puffy and showed believed him whole heartedly, yeah or at the very least,
saw a hell of a business opportunity in front of him yeah. Oh, I thought you were going to say or whole bloodedly see separate sugar and Tupac were volatile but not explosive, but when they joined forces it was like setting a match to gasoline and a lot of people, including Tupac and Biggie, were about to get burned to death. As a result, lot of people made a lot of money. This is where it is where this was like it. It transformed into something so much bigger than that than it was before. They'd already made a lot of money, but once two pox signed on to death row, the That is when death row really exploded. That's what that's things blow up for them, because the the ' doggy saw were huge, gigantic hits, but none of 'em compared to what Tupac sold now
Biggie was about to sell even more records as well. Yes, a hard lesson is about to be learned, but I'll tell you what next week we're going to get into some hardcore conspiracies are going to talk about the fact that fucking too is still alive. He's not he's her head. I just saw about a you tube video. Yes, yes, a lot of that is a long out. There's a there's, a very good reason why he is pose to you. Miss a posthumous material is so large which get into. Next! everything about the Biggie and Tupac case is Is I mean it's? It's a fascinating story, yeah, but the reasons behind them are reasonable. They're playing to see why they're playing the senior plan there or you're gonna get into it, because a part of it was like there was
four hundred million dollar lawsuit against the LAPD saying that they had they had fixed their could murders, which is the part of the reason why the conspiracy theory got so big, we're going to get into the reason then, which I I believe it's just as crooked. Why that conspiracy theory got popped. Yes, so we'll get into all of that stuff here in the next episode. Great great line, no great based on a great amount of information, there's a very large item. So we can all we can I'm off for the next one hollow do original gangstas. So I guess it's such a fan. It's such a fantastic, such a fantastic history, yeah well researched it, sir? I cannot cannot recommend this book enough, so man, so you could. I have this dance. Please spike this man sales, this. What's the name of the guy again the I n, Westhoff and West off, yet Jerry Good, we great story? Man? I freaking, love this. Yet this is the kind of story that you get really involved. It 'cause. You start like you, see the personalities and it's so humid
the way the old like Anti. It's watching, fame change these guys. The idea of, like the the your fantasy of being a criminal meeting the reality and what that then has replications in real life. I know Now it's so much sadder to you know just being in Brooklyn bed. Stuy was the first place I lived here. You know you really get to humanize all this stuff, as opposed to just be a chubby ball in Wisconsin yeah. It is just it is. It is also kind of sad in hindsight, because these guys should just ban. They should just be plain police officers on law. Order, yeah I never wanted to do. You know this this kid. This story is just such a great example of be careful who you pretend to be yeah and especially especially Tupac, not necessarily biggie and, I would say, actually specially Tupac and puffy, because we'll get in next episode on how badly puffy fuckedup and how really how it really led to the disaster that came in nineteen. Ninety six
good job Marcos, very good job. Thank you. Thank you. Let's see here. So what do we want to do? We have a bunch of live, shows coming up and we have to clarify one thing: is it Ticketmaster? Ticketmaster see spoken, Stupidass badly designed website. Yes, so we apologize for the confusion out there we got some vip tickets were going to start doing that because we couldn't see if we wanted. We wanted to see at the other live shows. So this is just going to be a way to streamline it. But then we also have the regular priced tickets yeah and for some reason, when you went on there, the first thing you saw was a hundred dollars a hundred thirty five bucks. But that's not that's, not the price. Yes, so what we're working on that the best we can. I have no idea how to talk to these idiots out there. So the vast vast majority of the seats for our live shows. You know there are regular ticket price that the v I p is like so new that we're trying
out like it's, you know like a meet greet session after it's over. It's like a free poster and like a lanyard Nano Henry loves. Lanyards are the level lanyard unless the land, your but yeah? I love yeah, it's. So it's something new that we're trying now, but we're we're. Definitely not like you know. We're not punishing are we're not punishing. Are everyday fans in hey, what's so absolutely absolutely not to apologize for that to occur Falafel as always, this is a learning process for us. We go through it just as you go through it and yeah. So there you go so apologize for those for a little confusion on that front. Thank you for pager on everyone. Thank you so much for giving your Henry and I will be resuming our interview series here. As soon as possible schedules have been absolutely crazy. 'cause Henry is shooting at you in a feature film and we've just been traveling around a bunch. So thank you all so much for giving to that. Without you. None of this is possible we have a bunch of fun shift already lined up for interview wise, which I'm very excited for so stick around. For that follow us on.
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