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Episode 324: The Men in Black Part II - Pig Transport

2018-07-06 | 🔗

On the second of our three part series, we explore the occult leanings of the Men In Black, from their origins in European witchcraft to their links to the sinister Crowleyan dimension known as the Black Lodge. ​

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There's no place to escape tourism is the last time on eleven cannibalism started more tales of the men in black from casebook on the men in black by Jim Keith September, 26th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven, a woman named Shirley, saw a silver disc. Like object, outside the back windows of her home, her door Bell rang when surely answered. She met an indian woman in a long shimmering black gown, hello, Pat the visitor said with a painfully large group
My name is surely surely said against her. Will I'm sorry I meant surely, can I have some salt? I need to take a pill, surely brought out a box of salt and handed it to the woman she consumed a handful of salt enforced appealed on her throat. They both watched as the humming from the UFO increased and the u afloat took off over the house and into the distance. The woman in black laughed and surely had bouts of intense nausea later that night, two men in old, tiny, black coats and hats pulled up in front of early home. She thought they were priests. They set up a camera with a massive red light on top of it and took pictures of surely home, and then they left without turning on their headlights November, twenty second nineteen sixty seven, the Edward Christians in full.
And a relative we're traveling north of Maryville New Jersey and saw a large sphere of light glowing red, green and white fall from the sky. They called the air force and we're heavily questioned about what they saw because they had assumed they had seen a crashed airplane. There were interrogated heavily by several different officers who kept calling back through the night January. Ninth one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, the Christiansen family got enough. The door. Seventeen year old, Conny Christian said it was the strangest man. I've ever seen. Does Eric Christians and live here. I'm from the missing errors. Bureau, Mr Christensen has inherited some money. The man was at least six foot three around three hundred pounds and couldn't fit to the front door he set his friends called him tiny. He had a russian fur hat a black suit with. Then material not suited for the whether his head was shaved but not properly. There are patches of hair untouched,
his eyes bug out of his skull like thyroid eyes, one of them appearing to be glass. He wore very fix old shoes his pants were too short and when he sat revealed, she had a green wire coming of Isaak and going into a brown spot on his leg. They ass. If he wanted something to eat- and he said I motor died, but in ten minutes I'll need a glass of water, ten minutes of questioning them about specifics of Erics Christians, body tattoos, birth marks later his face became, beat red and he requested the war He took a large yellow pill and he went back to normal and when he left, you walked out the door held a large black one thousand nine hundred and sixty three cadillac that pulled up with no driver and it pulled away with no headlights on Secor the man in black. Why that's great? There was also Robbie coal TRAIN,
nuns on the run very little bodes very welcome the latter's broadcast on the left Ripley begetting. Today's episode I abed, gives all that is These birds know- and we have this- the creepy scribe himself address, aroused I empts. So terrified of my thoughts. In doing this the basically images and the sound there all night, I'm having dreams of men in black. Are you having to be men in black dreams, Marcus? They ended. I was having them remember. I had the dream. Where I mean you or interrogating man in Black is Carolina slept next to us. Yet you tell me that one. I had a dream last night about another story that I had read about the man in Black, which was that I woke up to see a large man kisses size and a flannel shirt staring at me with bold cut at the the bad just staring at me, and then I d, materializing honestly. That was me from us,
seventeen years ago I met brushwood and high school Bene castle of whatever he did to you. I abolish. Are you a time copy or maybe upper everyone, we're onto part two, Our theories about the man in Black Minnesota. More kid. I say this at the very beginning. Ok, you're gonna need open up that mine your saw some brain lube. You know what it is. It you need for me, it's a stinky glass, a whiskey couple, edibles, gothic old joint, and I think, should try some of that conference no one in to what but to run you threw me
If you're going to u sobriety some ginseng, you have a little, but I dont know if that opens up the mind or not coffee. A my mind is always open man. I don't need no chemicals that well I mean many years of hallucinogens abuse right kind of opening up our walk like so many hours. I've been take back. The address is sort of like the the hard core to championship belt, rather than the W W each shattered duct tape back together its doors and organise abalone out its door. This hanging off its hinges, and now it's kind of lean enough now to thank you and your buddies call that a door, but really it's a flat to pick up the door move the door. Then put it back after you has through the building, but now the door of the good or so before we get to this week's episode, we got to acknowledge our second source case book on the man in black by Jim, keep it is fantastically writ
and very interesting book, even though, admittedly, it can be very confusing at times. Ok, maybe for you, you play online. I always understand the mine bending world of the man in black, so our last episode ended with the discussion of top us on that stability that the modern day man in black, were essentially born from the imagination, intelligence and fear of the protein nerd Albert Bend in order till all the Ladys a UFO boys imagination is just stronger than the other boys. I'll bet. You should tell that anyone, but I would like to say I was told it is it's a damage conjured up yet solely from mind. Well I mean I mean you know, what's more, that's farther and I never thought he got it, but one thing key
My with the man in Black is that they are by no means a uniform group may come in many different shapes sizes and racist with different powers and influence. Really, but again they all share the same thing secrets secrets are now far: can you choose to be a bad one or thin one or a tall on or ashore now you're, given your case for birth? Okay, so on this episode were mostly gonna covered cover the men in black through the list. Of a word whose etymology almost perfectly describes our second, the latin roots run again. It concealed. Kid beyond the realm of human understanding, and the word is they're dead dead without a word of the day. The twentieth
It is by no means home to the first sitting of the men in black men and black, been around for centuries, most notably in fifteenth and sixteenth Century Europe, and always in cases involving the most popular parent. More phenomena of the time, witchcraft, men and black to me, their very there like the David Bowe III of the cold war. Old, with infinite every fashion. Every single raise it goes through. Occultism there right there until a part of it like last episode. We try to explain what one of Nick Redford's biggest theories is that they are told us. We are going to talk about this episode specifically, is how they are an extension of a cold matters that have been around since the beginning of time and at a minimum lack of always been there step by step
Fucking pocket to pocket race directive. Did us together, Reich Crab Walkin slam. Naturally, couple boys will not hold each other up for the first time in a summer vacation we run away from your parents for the first time whether off get hammered on the crew, a strange way to make a teepee but torpor, conjured up yeah with them with just the mine there you guys might not unknown. This is why you don't. Let me do research, we can't let you do better rob you get one negative knowledge and just all of a sudden you're, the most air get person in the roulette, jammer sledgehammer agrarian, so the first recorded so
bring up a man in black, at least as far as Europe goes occurred in France in the year, one thousand four hundred and ninety, when it caught practitioners, claim to trample crucifixes, as they worship quote, a tall dark man. The next sighting came through years later again in France is wrapped up. In this instance, too, shepherds told a tale of a tall dark man who called himself the devil's pop men who that's a great nickname, oh yeah and bondsman about it, that's an archaic term for slave. Oh, so he was the We'll slave yes uses devils slaveowners little like kinky like bet it's a little like bondsman, a good new term for like the sub damn right world and you want to use it yeah. I absolutely so one shepherd knelt and offered fealty to the slave. In his master, then supposedly the men soon after killed and eight five
Bulgaria. We remember this, have you seen the which right a part of what the which will be made to which so good is it? They took transcripts from actual court hearings during the time during which we would now know as the famous which hot where they go doing that all time period. But oftentimes. The devil was synonymous with a man in leather, pants and leather vast, and a fancy black hat on which in just feels like it's the one day of the village from the eighteenth century, like covered during our work, it, like figuring out ending everybody's slave break in the leg, that's what he was rights on the little Judas priest vibe. There was a real old country, buffeted that he had told us it's actually conjured up. Of course, both shepherds were burned
live at the stake consorting with the devil over a hundred years, went by without another recorded, citing pot in sixteen forty five, the infamous which Isabel Gouty of Scotland who described them and suspiciously similar to some modern men in black, and we know that the witch trials in you in America were by and large, led by uptight establishment figures, suppressing and murdering Groovy Ladys, as well as a few groovy do. But there may just be something hidden in Isabel Gouty testimony the whole thing with the witch trial right. It was all because they were taking the bad right. Bad flower was that a better got there. That's one story is that that of the wheat supplies would get it contaminated with
I would like to nibble on that, though it just see what that trip is. Like you, don't know, you're taking it. I bet you would be a pretty good tat. I think it's supposed to be one of those like terrifying trips IRA, like the trip that text Watson had caused him to murder. Sharon's eight now give rat angel trumpets, no it's like a horrible thing that you might get after eating to me. Grains, allow now with the ideas it creates, a bigger he July. There ok. Can I just clarify it is July. Fifth right now we all had a life where we celebrated our freedom. We all agree that I'm last night our emphasis on dumb its due to get rid of we have drawn up, but Angel trumpets, our natural, growing hallucinogenic Florida that our link, these flowers had you picketing, think quickly create very vivid, visual hallucinations where you do stuff like you're you're,
bad looks a gazelle covered in cockroaches, so you go when you get the bleach runners, your kitchen like. Would you get your bleacher meat from the sink and you However, your bed in bleacher than you set it on fire and should like to say is that you don't want it? You don't want no ok! Well! This is a quote from Isabella Counties trial. His members are exceedingly greet in long no man's members or is long and his beak is thee. A food. His nature is cool within me. As spring. Will water when she describing there is a little flour knowledge. This name is. It is valid, but she's describing members like limb. Oh I ate. Ok, I guess he doesn't have a go about. Ok, she was fuckin it. Oh that is true honestly, she was like an hour. Will this test only mirrors the long limbed men and black, with the cold touch that will discuss
later on in detail, but that is a very, very much a man in black detail. Long limbs, cold touch lung limbs called tat. They were they talk about last time we talk of a joint lists, wrists yeah, they look like gum, be they have no novels they're, all very flat be. Are they look like they ve been made by a factory now in force? more, even though the court and quote confession of Isabel Gouty is likely fabrication made under duress. It still ties in two minutes. Black lore see the fact that the long limbed cold, dark man lived in Isabel Gouty. Imagination speaks to the genetic memory of humanity pitch black long limbed figures for some reason speak to a primal fear within Oh, I mean if this whole thing survives even to this day in horror, movies and from the Zena more so the alien franchise collect twenty first century creation like slender man and the Bob Adieu cry, but there's just so
think about like these are it's the shadows, the terrified o, absolutely and slender man I we're gonna brings the plaza so because, in the end like in a way it seems a slender man is a mirror slack Kaleidoscope version version of original men in black visions, and that now, like I want was considered the slender man to be real, like we had two people stab a girl, like they slender man stabbings case several other people have committed I'm in the name of slender man, and I don't really understand what makes it any less really good at the dead me is the perfect example of a top. It's because people, when their young there are perfect. Idea of a man is tall and then like a herd of cocaine periods of other people up a little sorry it fit. The balkan war put top was created by a bunch of thirteen year old girls and I'll. Tell you one thing
When you get older, you like I'm fat, you get you like, because you have a heap of fat man. You can keep him that minorities live qualities, are excited to be there, but a part of it is that date. The. I think that what you're saying, while current is also, I might do it, but a part of that is that the thirteen year old sexual fantasy, which is what made all of the weird lemon slash Rick about slender man, real link that support of it. It's like they They are sexually identifying with undermine, but prom like toper. Is that eventually grows to have its own fucking agenda, turns and become something like the robots in West World, which is series that I'm watching and roughly say, not a regular. Every time you have either a microphone are you're on the stage you find a way to shove West rolled into, but it doesn't ever make any sense. It visited episode. Five season was only react,
old series I got worse. Things were trying to say is that the men and black may have always been topaz, but they were created collectively by the primal fears of here and the tales that we just told are by no means the only appearances of men in black and the witchcraft era in one thousand. Seven hundred and thirty in Norway, a thirteen year old girl, claims that six years before that she and her grandmother had attended a secret meeting with Satan, by way of pig transport brass. Let me I've been in some bad goobers me for what is a. Transport. Can you imagine a thirteen year old girl pull up to you to pick it up? I, like you I'm gonna get a car didn't go meet the devil. Yes, I have you, I think so. Wow and Satan had brought along two companions whom the grandmother had referred to, as quote
Grandfathers boys is a wonderful series on X, videos right now in all three of them were dressed all in black now we're going to see, but again we're gonna, see a very common troll Madame Black as well. A lot of time they visited Greece were looking here is that the grandfathers boys could quote not, as testicles were actually afford. The unholy trinity of Satan with two lieutenants weapons are spoke of an folklore and echoed beam. Echo is the modern day men and black weapon show up with never heard of them were hanging over the pig they'll before this is the first time I'm hearing about the pig well that without the witchcraft stuff, you know that things with witchcraft tend to get a little blurred or pigs big in witchcraft yeah.
Yeah sure oils goats go to specific, but pigs gases have a pretty big part play care. Why not Yankee Peg? I'm not! I think we're! U S eyes here in plenary. I almost I'm gonna put a part of it is that the anti the pigs are also for us to know. I needed job and I like goober drivers. Now it's like a great rob and between things, carding thirteen year olds backs to the grandfathers, boys but she's done several other times, but is up also the limit here. So this is remember when topers we're talking. Alas, episode about told us portion, part of that comes from Albert Benders, first vision. Men in black and other more modern idea of where the man in Black come from what if instead we and here is that, although these comparisons of the man in black to the original visions of the devil showed that minimum I mean fact heavy more
Paranormal begin, and even more so than topic has told us is just that the creations of our own fucking mind. Yes, it is paranormal ineffective. Maybe you want to say that ritual is sick activity and parent over the paranormal rituals of a guy like Eddie of talking to the other, is actually future Technical gee that we don't really understands or technically and science right about how far by God, how long have I been dark and you get to the word science. My but import of origin, but but If the man in Black really just aren t what we talked about with aliens nomes and ferries, and all that should to which just the embodiment of everything that is the other that has been forever and essentially they are be. They are more attached to like an entity, that's poked its way from the other side into this world. Is it a really big pig that
get inside out now, and I dont like she's right in the pig omits, vagabond pig I mean Oak. Aren't you ever see like actually know I'd presence of a farm, peg big pay. Exactly I get ok, you can easily fit a thirteen year old in her grandmother on the back linen big men in black. They can also be harbingers of doom. This is from an account written in sixteen eighty, two. In Brandenburg Germany, there appeared in fifteen fifty nine or above men, of whom, at first fifteen and later on, twelve or sea. The foremost had beside their posteriori little heads, the others fearful faces and long skates with which they cut adults, so that this wish could be heard at a great distance? But the arts remained standing still it they're making fun of their like.
Country folk know, dude each man Kizil pop out of four second ripe, don't fuckin health hygiene. I see and put it back. I hear Dr Long and Cartwright. Yet it come on mother, Martha you dead, yet we'll get you to a hospital only three days way yet hip looks over their shoes to field filled with these dudes black robes and skies hack and at we that's, not gettin hacked their dislike slice and through it and they're, just didn't like it. Fucking, a black Sabbath fucking, album cover. So there have you the should I didn't you. Drivers they're not happen, I remain looking and then old town dies or the plague yeah, because that is exactly what happened right after people saw these figures, the black death swept through the
yeah. I just hope I get my mother to the hospital. Your mother's got. The pledge he's got the plague, man, it's it's! It's tough creatively, thinking now the links between these manifestations. A modern day, men and black may seem somewhat tenuous After all, the color black has long been associated with evil, but appearance is not the only thing. These call practitioners of the past share with modern you. If a law, for example, something was written in sixteen forty five in the laws against which is an conjuration that sounds suspiciously similar to the experiences of modern alien abductee. It was written that the Devil Leaveth marks upon their bodies, sometimes like a blue spot or a red spot like a flea biting two decades later,
a which need Christian Green said this quote it. He was, as he was informing on another, which he said my name like breaks. They forefinger rough, her right tat between the middle way, approach rights, where the sign yet remains now attentive listeners of our alien episodes, will remember. Don't that real science does not do yeah you gonna get a virus is already followed. Building you have you rising owes. You are like also busy Bee. They have focused on something slightly different. Then abduction, listen! were true student of the UFO nature of your true I would say vision year of the UFO. Not you understand that you're gonna have to re, read most pages of what you read said:
I'll talk to begin to understand and then also aiming with pot gasser interviews about aliens rising requires utilised. Do many many times, that's like when your teacher would coming ability for those that did homework, this clash should be a brazen it's like. I may well a rough ride out. Well, the teacher was correct. The teacher was Jack, I'm gonna go out. Well, I know what it too. I always know the wind a teacher walked in, and they said that I would always said very good, like markets will be getting sums. Up, we graduate top of our twelve member classes were anyway attentive. Centres of our alien episodes will remember that oftentimes abductees return home with marks upon their bodies and those marks sounds suspiciously like the devil's nips viewer, gamma, devils, naps line man. I got the big pink old devils next,
but a part of it. Is it, but it's true right. That is what we are going to see again again: shock valet, who talked about this endlessly that were connecting it back to the? U S: vote no of the man in black. It is every single one of these experiences. Where people go to another location is often times they Are also coming by weird smells blue light. Which was actually done a lot of times in ancient rituals, where they would cover their torches and pitch. That would make of make the flu that when you light it would make it blew so a lot of times. It's like that's, also connected to you a full activity and then getting scoops an employee is there another part of alien activity and abduction activity that is been going on since the beginning of times, goon scoops, an implant, sensitive, very bizarre ice cream, slashed cosmetic surgery, restaurant last side so hospital. I it's fantastic and you should say them for when we were tired attempt by our results in a bucket at that, and whether real alien money is to be made. Yes, when I think of devils nips, I think
very media version of those really crappy fireworks snakes support, a sort of like unrolls had like pink tubes of interesting. Thank you, Well! Here's another example July Fifth point: without up: let's go what anyone here's another sample of a link between UFO, Lore and witchcraft the testimony of Toolbar, who infamously testified at the Salem which trials in sixteen ninety two said stop you're going to stop taking a woman's, they lose it or is it to do? two tuba. I think it's Cuba tuba its Dammit hour, at which she said that she met a tall man with white hair wearing black clones and that the tall man was joined by quotes another dealing. Eighty
It goes right like I'm on. It have only two legs who Kim Keith suggests that this dual may have been a man in black accompanied by a sassy watch. Yet reality a putz hills, listen wow would have brought wearing a suit to just kites cuts, which is incredible because they should go by Joseph Bank, because that's where you get all your clock, no, I now officially to that for Joe they beg and men's warehouse, which is a pawn which Henry alerted realised within Philly carefully. That blue your mind, so is highly deal now I am. I am now Rochester big tall solely and forever its main. I want you to get a pitch work for them and I think it would be incredible I would love to, but you ah scoff, of course castle, because you didn't do that. Nothing, but you didn't look at every many cases of you. F, o activity, bigfoot poltergeists active
or often all wrapped up into one. You look at the Bridgewater triangle. You look at what happened with Mouth Shasta, You look at there's a lot of different places. Skin Walker Ranch has quite a bit same activity, cryptic UFO, alien stuff of end ghost activity. All smash together in a big ol come bottle. I just do realize activity. I didn't realize this ask what the man in black we're adieu of that's that's a movie. I see that as well, Definitely a movie I'd see. Yet all this stuff shows up in wind, UFO flaps occur lab such that's, like the term, for when, like UFO activity occurs in one location for an extended period of time, wives. Also the sound when Stanton Friedman runs up a flight. Is there not a malign stain Friedman? Readmission is a friend of the show. Now you, a foe, flaps cycle member being the wings automobile, goings, Mccall, those you have a flaps from no one, not even
the Salem, which trials were almost certainly just mass hysteria coupled with people, yes ending each other until a guy got crush with a big rock. Isn't it more fun to think? Maybe just maybe says squash was there to come on Iceland's headphone with everything that you have to ask what you did series of horrific historical events and it would make them foreign, tell any story and then at the at the end, add insult squash. Was there too yeah and ITALY cut to tromp Kim Jong own talking North Korea capital, like all talking of cut over big foots making had tied up our own lives matter to saddle whenever we also see one of the secret service members. Now it seems
man in black activity either died down, or wit, completely unreported in the eighteenth and most of the nineteenth century, and while it could have just been that we finally move the witch hunt phase of western civilization. I mean the literal witch hunts, a horrible stuff. Something interesting happened near the turn of the twentieth century, although they were not traditional G Manhattan suit. Men in black, a my bees started popping up in Scotland and England, and one thousand nine hundred and one a woman in Scotland saw a group of ten men dressed in black, seemingly performing a ritual around the coffin on which a set of Bagpipes Lane. I think this reminds me of like naked gone, where he shoots a bunch of people who are performing Shakespeare in the park, but I was just a funeral Godaddy, a funeral. Yes, absolutely they could it just been very into the Bagpipes, because all taxes for one man me like bury me with
they play I'm sure you ve got to do it all of you. It black Luella disease, it slamming three years later strong, poltergeist, he broke out all over the british Isles and poor people spontaneous, we can bust it in the year, one thousand nine hundred and four alone or after that, a young girl was visited. Three nights in a row by a man in black, the girl said. The man gave her a message that she dared not repeat and experience. That was echoed half a century later, by Albert Bender, but also most abduction scenarios, most duchess in areas of there is normally in the stereotypical duchess nearer there's a section of the scenario where'd, they are given secret knowledge and the aliens are like well, you can. You can't share this with anybody and will know because what
ailing, really cause? You may know a lot. So what happened at the turn of the twentieth century? So what happened? well topers? Do I know what they are? Well, it could be that one man is responsible for all of this, or at least all this beginning, there's one man who may have opened a door just to crack a door that may have somehow been shut by post, unknown two hundred years earlier in the man who may have reopened it, ok, is Alister. Corral always do do that's. I am applying to bake right and play male basins. Rethought cool shit naked from the waste out completely hard beautiful ahead with a fuckin turban oranges like, but a man a fuckin I'm,
Van Ryan love with Alice for Carl. I dont know how did you reopen it between his ease, his orgies and all of the drugs and that in the drinking we're gonna get into it? Man, Henry turn me onto a book called the secret rituals of the man in Black in that book. Attempts to connect the titular characters to that one, in nineteen o four. When on a honeymoon in Egypt, Crowley may contact with being called Athos and aid. Us then dictated a Crowley. The book of law, which serves as a central sacred text, Crowley's religious philosophy at that thereby kicking off a new stage of spiritual evolution, known as the end of horror, you do. Mispronounced is the book of Horny law, which I am not really added ages. Allison Crowley would do in all, like you know, Dick in by the back a box of popcorn on the very cover here, however, I read the book
failed to understand any of it or how it actually connects to the in Black because, if I remember they talked more, about a fish man in that book than they ever did about the man in black. The minute blacker mentioned like four times so every is very sceptical. Look at its base year. I think we have a rebuttal. Maybe, but not that's the thing, I'm not saying it's bad! I'm saying I didn't understand just because I didn't understand it doesn't mean that it doesn't make any sense. That you get it us laws for that down. You not noticed that. That's it. If you don't understand it does make these. That's not that's! No, because that's the things that you can understand understand something that I dont understand, but it still makes sense to you, and there are many
things that I understand that you definitely don't under saw. There is anything, goes I wouldn't kill, Lycidas may live and let live and I don't write bud white line Isla enjoy you ten already admit. That is a topic that is a top. What you could they are conjuring up images of me with, but light loves. It's not happen and I will always remember the sentence owes where were you suck it on a tall boy, but I'm goin. It's like a margarita sip regarded and take note that not a man and oh, my god, and then, as you said, that they started selling marker readers and can so that means big you very possibly through your love of bub light lie. I don't worry, I get a porn law or even drink bottle. I love it tastes like boys, someone doth protest to my oh, my god
What oh? What is this book? Ok, a part of it is that it, secondly, sequel to a secret rituals of the EU, a phone nazis by Ellen Greenfield, who is in a paranormal researcher and MAGIC Magic ritual master. Who was a he is it's very difficult. A part of it when I read Seeger rituals of the man in Black was at a real Just how far out of my depth, I am when it comes to magical learning. What he says is the man in Black are part of a centrally group that are wizards from back in the day that have been around there like entities that are a part of Regional group corner quote the secret chiefs there. These entities that, I'm from the other side, essentially lower Damon's right, but a port of would seek rituals of a UFO knots, which is this first book. That was really the first book was print like ninety. Ninety six, it was done in a series of lectures and and printed in
the beginnings of the internet. It was also like heavily like in the weird backlogs of the internet that, with ease first people to say that the all like these, golden DAWN and free May. And all this shit and the ultimate masters they were speaking to we're action the aliens so he is saying, is connecting the man in black. That is where obviously the minimal acting is kind of you to hook for that book, but a part of what it is explaining how, when do modern ritual. Now they considered the fish people which has allowed us, which is this group of essentially those are the people, the weird ah ah amphibious group aliens that we're talking to the original group or Freemason said start over their luck. They keep the gatekeepers of of our lives and our an average talk to the garden. Basically he's talking again about
well. Now I just like how and why not? Are they had fishers beat fish fish men, so yeah man like imagine if a fish kept evolving like a million years from now like a fish of dying of fish with a human head, is mostly a fish with human add in all opposite, it's always the opposite. They need a cock to forecast, make more of it. The old annoyed fish, oh yeah, but Yes, it is a loose connection, but when he basically, what are you saying is that the men in black themselves have rituals on their own and then it's this, Stop that we would do to talk to the God had, and they are like, they are intelligences that basically they could be the beginning of the book as crack that, as Mr Crowley understood, the book of law was a gigantic cypher. There was given to him by a was that he realized in the middle of his life that he didn't even understand what they were really talking about, and yet He knew that you could basically the written in the book of law that are then
extra narration would common decipher it and created a grid, basically all it's all about the grid. Did they put together with number and connecting letters which a loss is actually like, the key to the actual code and that you can use it. All the biblical neurology Shit words, like certain words match up to numbers that all courses, to each other for for no reason so it would be good if we don't know why it's we just don't know what the reason is. Yet when did you get the hat? You know it's. A great hat is a great had wrangle triangle. Have you really brought it all together with the hat yeah? Maybe someone please explain it to me and I'd like to actually speak to someone either at a patron interview or just in my life, to help understand what the book is about began them. I'm out of my depth, we'll Nick Redford, quoting Zoologist Richard Freeman has a somewhat simpler connection. Ok, I see this as a great ate. A bead will Freeman story
starts in the year nineteen hundred with Crowley's purchase of both Skying House, which is located on the shores of where else, but Loch Ness, even though there are two recorded sightings of a water beast in or near Loch Ness previous to one thousand. Nine hundred loch Ness his reputation as home to one of the world's most famous cryptids didn't begin until one thousand nine hundred and thirty four, the publication of the infamous surgeons photograph, these older people, cylinders beasts in the waters because the beast felt that, except for granted as mother Wow Crowley, he chose the house for its seclusion, but also because the area had along a cult history, most notably when a local wizard reanimated a whole series of corpses from the nearby balls kind cemetery in the late seventeenth century, so he basically had. Bunch of his friends dig up a bunch of graves and unease like when I do the magic been Bob.
Whatever I do throw them in the want. Yes, yes, exactly also very similar to the zoo, Bob's. The voodoo priests had also been compared to the man in black very much. What are the names of ups, and it was here at both gain house that Crowley attempted perhaps his most famous ritual. This was the site of Crowley's attempt to summon his voice. Own guardian angel, and hopefully it's got a randy old violence on him. I can consume it with me. Bhutto, I have a feeling this involves lying gettin. They get in a very nice big thing: it did, but on the other hand, this ritual. This are actually this ritual runs a little contrary to what you'd usually think about Alister Crowley, like he had fi. Remember correctly, he had to abstain from, any alcohol or, like any mind, altering sought ideas if you're gonna die away your but whole? Not that big? I think he abstained from sex as well. For those you aspirants yeah, you there's a yard
This would seem thing with Alan Greenfield so when they're talking, but when they do these magical works. These take weeks and weeks- and you have takes a lot of discipline and you have to do it step by step. Would you like use the unity and key, and then you do buncher bad banning spells Ree banish a bunch of fucking other entities that you don't need to keep up people there are takes a really long time. You have to stop for lunch right and also of these people are sobers. A fucking cat did yeah these guys just high on runes. You have your vibrated hard that you just can see that shit, because again it's not what you the idea of what you say is real. What I say. I was real completely different because it's more like a hallucinatory reality where you sort allow the images to conjure there right into your brain and then slowly, but surely they become real. That's why I dont like sober p well that unless you really need to be sober in which case be sober but but Light shuts
course I have ever door opened into the house goods. You got a breeze coming through its unsafe. Anyone can enter. You want to close it up a little bit. Will this ritual it requires that the magician someone and bind the twelve kings and dukes of Hell, including payment. In order to reduce the Apple Airy funding burst Buber this July, but if I were those demons, those kings and dukes of hell, they have to be summoned in bound
in order to remove the negative influences from the wizards life. But Crowley wasn't quite as talented of a magician ass. He thought, as it said, that he failed miserably and was never able to banish the demons that he'd summoned and it suggested that these demons were the first manifestations of the modern men in black. So Crowley did this. While Crowley started it go even further with you know, you look, I believe, with historic, I'm lucky. I believe any of us now give you haven't you don't believe, but ninety nine percent of our continent have discussed on a show of emu.
Nor can I really love it very good, acting diet. I appreciated that. I appreciated the magician Keith maintains that Crowley, Jim Keith being the gather. Ok spoke for the minimum, like Jim Keith maintains that Crowley was actually a white magician rather than the more evil black variety, meaning. The Crowley fought on the scent of humanity like when he later on supposedly helped Churchill, when World WAR two, you will speak for the British. Yet what they're saying, apparently that work with british intelligence and actually do Even a lot of this could even Crowley said that he was mister fight at the end of his life, why people thought he was so evil, actually trying to do good, but doing what late
became known, as I would say, the sort of Satan Satanist Dick Principle, which is you dress like the villain, because it gets you late, righty death. He doubly like doing that. A Crowley believed that something called the black law working with humans, known as the black brothers, worked against the interests of humanity in preventing us from reaching higher states of knowledge and tie phony and o t o head. Kenneth grant went even further saying that the aim of the Black Lodge was the isolation of mankind and the rejection of the universal life current, meaning they work to prevent people from connecting with one another in meaningful ways, and we see what happens when people get to connect globally, how peaceful it is now and how wonderful and now they re not that were being divided up. That's what they're saying what I mean is that their winning and then a part of what their support. This is supposed to be
Is that a mean in the end, Crowley was truly doing league what the right hand past work, which is trying to use knowledge to help everyone, but it's not worry. We supposed to be total transparency and because we will not evolve to the next spiritual steps that will then lead to the technological steps that we need to fucking travelled, base. This travel, the stars rising nothing, but our minds and our bodies turn internecine financial part, who do that, while we don't fucking band together, a cowboy kid and New Willie Walker. I do twitter comes directly from the Black Lodge Margo. Luxembourg is absolutely an agent of the black law really YAP Mike I'm not going to steal as well as easy as one of those cards. So we just did it
words. We were supposed to evolve emotionally first and then get the task absence. Ass, rob not beg your guard at the obvious, we're not ready for bribed died. You know we weren't know we were not ready for the technological advances that came in the early twenty first century at all. Ok, now, let's bring Alan Greenfield backing not an hour Greenville. Even though rituals of seek rituals of a minute, like is very confusing. There are certain gems that were taken out that make a lot since I specifically case book, like gonna parsed, all that and took these great exerts a who now greenfield he even brought in the LAW of Philip K Dick into the mix. He said that the black Lodge may be defined as the organised institution guided by values. For the purpose of holding back human evolution, keeping a slave mentality, implants now I'll admit, I know nothing about values or Philip K Dick or
that yet, but I do know Henry knows all about this report, which remembered sick also wanted me to keep back to like connecting it back to men in black a part of the region, their attaching themselves, to discounting UFO, sightings and going and shutting people up its cause? That's the that's! The extension of they're trying to create more ignorance and trying to create more fear right values is a system known as the vast active living intelligence system that oh approached Philip K, Dick now, apparently in aches and a vision to feel ok, Dickie was zone, with a pink laser beam of pure information from Dallas? The basically showed him that there is no such thing as time. He went good at all I'm is concurrent that we then he would you'd himself in roman times. It also happened to tell him that his son had a heart condition is a little baby and he had to go through all of these different tests. He was
making the doctors runnel these tests on his son and there are like the we do. There's no reason for this and finally, they took x rays of his heart and they saw that he had a heart defect that would have killed them right, so they feed on these little BO malts of information. Which is this, and then he died several years later brain any risk of some people say that maybe that that was like sort of like that that bubble in his brain is but more than to see it
or is it vice versa? So we had like I want Valor says: is that way? So? Are you fuckin bringin phenomenon, type or shit, Indiana Jones, Gibraltar, the occasionally John Travolta curious Cedric vehicle? Maybe I don't know what happened to your power, which revolt? What lucid and is that it's possible that a valid was actually, he was able to see valets because he had a brain defect. Rotch, like John Travolta, was able to perform techniques in the movie phenomenon because of the brain tumor, I'm a boiler, no oil or gas, I'm the spoiler, our biggest oil, or I am allowed to slip. Angle final, Michael he's an angel back to understand so we're we're at right. Valorous is sort of one of the spokes or one of the tipps like. If you imagine a twenty six sided star right Twenty six, why? If you imagine a twenty six pointed star, one of them being the godhead? What of those points is values one of them.
Points or the fish people that talk to the original people or the one and the same. One of those points is I was one of those points is Lamb that Alister Crowley was what, in one of his contacts that he drew on a piece Paper, and what does it look like a fuckin, alien right theme, shit, so what values is this system? The filling of K Dick was connected to? But then it's more about was he feeding that was it feeding him information or was it like giving them selected good bits of info and then keeping him repressed? entire time, because a part of it is understanding to when you working ritualistic magic is now Ellen Greenfield. He calls upon values in his new, like introductory rights when he does a ritual like values in their desire to, because what happens will make good affiliated
insane. He went and seeing the only way, a cypher genius we go in same which, as you will really focus fate, he wrote that actually Jesus was the fourteen hundred page journal, trying to describe all the things that he saw, which is very detailed which will do in episode about, but a part of it is that when you call an entity like that right, when you hawk today. Do why? Oh honest, you talked of Alice who's to say they don't have their own fucking agendas. Well, honestly, I think I get this appetizer syn got mozzarella sticks, you got. You got case ideas, I'm gonna be many sliders, you, maybe chicken wings right. You get along how'd you know being oak at stake, so he won't never got the stake, he got the sampler he could, theoretically been given the stake, but he was also satisfied with the sampling is, let's be honest there ass? I would seriously no. He makes Well, I would say that the stake is monotheism because you get the stake Eugene yet one God, you just give no, what you just get the one, but with the app sampler right you
but you gotta say it all bunch activity Alabama. You never quite got to stake. You know what I mean game, technically more confused, because now I'm like thinking about it in a weird way, those kind of paying, but mostly they could just because I love advertisers. Well, I think it makes little sense. Of course, let's get back to two words that I'm sure kind of paying in a couple of people's brains. Black law course, Black Lodge pain in your brain if you're a big fan of twin peaks. In fact, much of the twin peaks black lodge stuff comes from Alister Crowley. It comes from his novel moon child. In this book, a girl named LISA travels into the fourth dimension and enters into the black lauch. The characters inside it can be interpreted as a
wharf surrounded by music, why you two full woman murdered with a red line around wrote, yeah and a man of incalculable evil? In other words, the dwarf, Laura Palmer? She gave him a great well, Mr Lehne Thank you so much for coming here to Sony and pitching your show idea. Really. Quite I might I don't. I am I need you. Gotta get the big fish guy. Just give him the show that you might say that this is all fiction. You know it's just moon, Charles Novel twin peaks is a tv show, but Moon child was largely based on magicians that Crowley New and the rituals that they performed and twin peaks. Is we ve been talking about this? The align like
it's about its close to modern, occult mythology, as we're gonna get cool because he D really did their homework in terms of. If you want to talk about the black lodge in these, the new season, the thirteen of twin peaks and gigantic occult exploration, which I would say is as close to David Bowe, is black star. As anything else. Words like the Irish want to get down deep and you go through all these references, you technically, to be watching twin peaks with the Fuckin computer open like searching shit, I haven't seen that other third seizing yellow get to it in two years. From now you're meddler, when when it gets to the Black Lodge, is where the man in black lit the ideas that Alpha Crawley. Like
under a black lodge composting slipped out, then he slammed shut yeah. So how does all this time to the man in black this request? Will the story goes? The Crowley spent decades keeping the Black Lodge Bay working with other members of the Great White Brotherhood. However, there were some in the brotherhood who fell to the influence of the Black Lodge and the most successful black brother of them all, was L Ron. Hovered must back in again firemen powder, hello, abortive actor that rotund colonel cause. He was very important he's. Sadly, weirdly was a bit with the very important to american history. If we believe that our interpretation of these events are true des ok. Now, if your but from our L Run, Hubbard Series is either like episode, one or two. I think it was one Hubbard made friends with noted a contest and rocket scientist Jack Parsons Win. Hovered was I
Two founding Scientology Canoes pounded out his girlfriend right in all this money and grandpa. Oh yeah Parsons liked him too much. Oh, no! No! But in nineteen forty five, these two guys working together and we know for a fact that this actually happened. We know that Parsons in Hubbard attempted the moon child ritual in which they were hoping to produce an incarnation of a divine woman known as Babylon a K. A the scarlet woman following the ritual Hubbard, essentially ruined Parsons Life and Parsons, died under suspicious circumstances. Six years later, in a column quote accidental explosion in his garage asked. Yes, yes within, it is definitely worth noting that Parsons was a student of Alister Crawley.
And Crowley had no confidence whatsoever in these two dude, and this is decades after Crowley's peak gay, you can just go, make an flood or in your garage, not a scientist. Let's keep doing those Uganda archetypal of doing not handle, because sometimes it makes a great a basketball and it brings your family back together. Dad RO? What this is? What Crowley wrote in a letter to like another audio guy about these two assholes apparently Paulson saw Hubba? Does somebody he is producing a moon child. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts. Ok, I'm sorry, I'm sitting on a parking cone, sir, and destroying the part huh, no parking Ben. I only put
It is worth remembering how he was not happy that they were using his magic wrong. Absolutely not what part of which can be very difficult to explain to people outside of the magical world is that ritual work, to be honest, whilst talked about quite a bit, is pretty rare the right hand, path. Let go you always talk, but we had talked about. We did our magic episodes. They always do this for specific personal knowledge. They weren't trying to actually use the rituals the way they were intended. Alice Crowley stepped out a style and he was the one that was really doing something like I want to do it. I want to to the entities I want to get power and money from them. I want to show people that that's what magic is for, but the thing is that a lot of like you're going to see. I think that we have real witches and sorcerers will listen to the show they do renewal magic, but you know for a fact how many people do you know or self described quote? Unquote: witches they've, never done a fucking ritual,
got candles and shit outta there just haven't. I Simon their wearing see through clothes looming makes some of which, but a part of what these guys, it's like is L, Run Hubbard and Jack Parsons had the fuckin shit nonsense to actually do the moon, child ritual which is incredibly important ritual that no one really, I guess they attempted forms of it. These gets taken, a full fuckin home run swing for it because a part of it and they had to separate goals. Jan Parsons wandering reuse, the Spirit of Babylon to actually put down Alice or Crowley's. Beginning of the Aeon of Horus. The chorus is connected Mars and fire. Would you idea that we be living when it's like war like time and we're trying to do is go peace and love and harmony and Babylon was supposed to come and beach. Everybody that slick, pussies and hard penises unless ups was to make things good enough. Like us, both you like sexual healing for everyone, but fucking IRAN harbour
and a whole other idea of how to use this energy yeah seemed like yes, I can't stop thinking of persons and Hubbard in like clear, see through shirts, like Christian and add from W W used aware- and I don't want to think about- like their reared bodies being vision of being able to me. Seeing through their black cloth shirts made Hubbard. He had definitely where body but like Parsons Parsons was a hard for he was. He was oh yeah. I know you Albert at a perfectly normal body. Now that it's your body only recently said that he had a thinkers body, the Tec, among very successful man spotting but even though Crawley had no confidence in these guys being able to pull this off it's possible that IRAN hovered actually knew exactly what he was doing and he used Jack Parsons and the knowledge the Jack Parsons had learned from Alister Crowley to do it. Here's another thing from Bishop Rep
oh and green fields, you gotta say like here's another. This is good. Greenfield maintains that IRAN Hubbard, was working for the Black Lodge Greenfield wrote. The black lodges aim was to delay the manifestation of the new aid on the birth of the magical child and the realisation of the uber Mench through diversion of the wheel current into less than you. Was power plays demoralising materialist and superstitious delusions and new age jargon, and it could be argued that useless power place demoralized. Materialist and superstitious delusions and new age jargon are the foundations of science which in restate yeah, you knew it. Jargon I like it. So this is. Is this like with ASEAN Guy rolling Scientology is that that is where he came up with an idea
No, he purposefully. I think that its technically ideas at its purposefully misleading it purposefully done to get to call on you and make you believe in something, that's entirely cynical and then, by the end of it, it's the you have been wasting your time Scientology removes thought completely wrong, no thoughts of your all Scientology. Does it just you know shoots about shell maneuver in your head and you can easily. This sounds like a father trying to convince his daughter not to get an Scientology. All Scientology does just shoot a bunch of nerve in your head, and I wonder why the cage be happy here in the homestead perfectly fine home muddle loves you. I love you you're gonna love through much, but that's ok relations. Not only can I jump seven feet, I'm also gay anymore. Dab manoeuvres. Shoots in your head, I bury well could be possible that humberts actual go
and the moon. Child ritual was to open the door to the Black Lodge completely letting all manner of creatures and malicious aliens into this war. I am one of those include the man in black. Why? Because, after all, it was only two years later, we are alien were crash landing in Roswell New Mexico in UFO, sightings haven't slowed down since yet aren't the man in black, don't the man in black I've seen I dont think he'll aliens. No, no! That's your movie zero hormone parcel man they're all like it's the idea that the alien dialectic the origin, here, the same phenomena. We control the you of all activity. They are part of Europe. All activities. Are you apparently concerning control sort of, but they also or entities like, the? U S, phone knots that pilot these crafts, you just You just refuse to say who knots Dounia. I will not
now supposedly aliens weren't, the only thing the come through the door to the Black Lodge, although creatures likes, ask, watch Nessie, mermaids and such inciting have existed for centuries. Something curious happened following the moon child ritual around that time. Truly bizarre creatures started showing up all around the world, but North America in partake take, for example, the flat woods monster that we spoke last week, verification flap significant, because I had no red dots that was foreseen in nineteen fifty two and remember: Bender said that the creatures that he met in an article looked just like the flat was monster added. Then there's the half man, half frog loveliness
a man in eighteen, fifty five, the fishy men vote, that is, the lake worth monster in nineteen, sixty nine, the tendrils finger, Dover Demon and nineteen, seventy seven spiked Mexican Texan, Porter Rican, Tupac, opera and ninety ninety five and countless others all across the count. And think about this. Your fuckin, your bigfoot right, you're, Oji, you're out there, like you're hanging out with a native American, keeps going you long, wise man and your life I'm come and keep them. Cognomens company native Americans you'll see how far you get your me you suck at honest peace. Pipe things are told they fuckin groovy and all of a sudden, the flat woods months, shows up large get before getting out of your duty under the delicate barking mad to accomplish
I will not be out the apples. Oh yeah man, you're Saskatoon, the tube macabre shows up like at least I am I only human like Bulgaria annoying me round it and that's exactly what it it's from what I can tell with a few exceptions. A lot of the other cryptic around the I'll bet. You see in the latter half of the twentieth century even before that they tend to have fairly close zoological cousin soon, but the one seen here in North America are usually formed beasts like night Mayor Kai Mere is that terror small towns! Think about this right and like the man in black that pop out, they are like nightmarish copies of humans. It's like that shit, it's annihilation word the creature come out or like near these entities that Poker The black lodge and sort of hang on these ideas of like humans wear shoes. You have to have it
Ex old shoe to make sure you protect your very fragile you in fate solemn, then, you have a big soldiers on you show up all this up like, although comic my dear, but actually you're the Dover Damon who's gonna. That's how they fuckin show up a prairie dog. It yeah man pop up pop down and no cryptic at that. Time was more terrifying, or more famous, then the moth and the mouth man curiously shares a state with the aforementioned flat woods monster both were in West Virginia, and it just so happens that the mob man was also at the sinner, of some of the most bizarre encounters ever recorded, involving the Taliban involving my wisdom, moth man and in flight
guy wooing Retirement about who we ve been talking about for more going on like two and a half hours. Now, ok, involving what was the question. I really want you and I'm not sure I know it's over. It's not. Of course I want you to finish my sent our. I went away the finnish recipe, and it just so happens that the moth man was also at the centre of some of the most bizarre encounters ever recorded, involving, is to be a very easy class for those who do their homework I don't usually many- has saved our main involving the black lodge involving the men in black men and involving the men in. Why are we breaking you? Now I've been broken a hook. I think I've brought episode fifty with broken so, but before we get to the mass man we ve got to introduce the third of the three writers that contribute
the most to the men in black story. Besides Albert Bender and great bark that man is John Keel, Aloha John Keel is actually a pretty fascinating character in the world. The paranormal, although he did write a saucy soft core batman, porn parity paper bag named the fickle finger of faith. In God S Batman with a finger permanently places inside Robin yet see right the pickle finger of faith he's the best known he's best known. Where's, nineteen, seventy five book them off manpower- now you want weirdo history of America them off man proper. Sees as an essential book. They get my how many books we read in the last two weeks for this episode is maybe the most rather technical, the most wolden quote not real subject. We ve ever covered. Well, there's a mean page count. We probably,
done researched, more yea, page count, definite gonna, go ahead and said: Jonestown, that's our our that's the big lesson, number of thin books, Groundwater is definitely there. I thought you guys got a bunch of personal computers common euro. I know the name of the book club know nobody, you never gets you never get room ordered for reading alien bucks, not how many times I would bring those into class. I remember bringing alien books into classes. Little kid now like this is a real bucks. You need to read a real book like of my and men back yard. I hate that book. I love that book. I know I know you hate it yeah because first of all, rabbits or their weak second of ways to mean the big guy Eddie? You killed a woman. You know my dad. He gave a massage just someone, you know what man it's like, whatever We got a guy alone, let alone will keel. Besides
right in them off man prophecies. He was one of the most important voices and men and black research, and although he did not coined the phrase men and black, he was the one who popularized it in a story called you, a foe agents of terror in the men's adventure magazine. Saga, dot again, that's when men's adventure, magazines we're so much more fun than they are now. It's all muscle, milk and honey. Repeated slightly larger and how to get your backs bigger. Why can't we have fun stuff, like that anymore. I don't wanna, go I'm a mountain. I don't want to look at myself into mere flexing to feel good about it. No more talk about what are the real. It's a tale like that I want to read a story about how a guy climbed a mountain and found a weird bird. And then climb back down. I want a media to read a story about five foot: seven boy around boy you meet out there, long woman and they then their lives going in a big hot air, balloon from town to town, kill and men and black and having sex. Think you're in after,
that one. I will with my actions, however, even though kill was how to parent or more rider. He also had a flare for exaggeration, also, whatever story told to him tended to be given a little extra oath for dramatic purposes, but that, though, was saved for his writing in person. Keel tended to be a little more real is most bizarre and care with the men in black was just told to paranormal author Brad Stagger, who we have no doubt used as a source on last pack has in the past we indefinitely Oh yes, absolutely he is an old school bill. Cooper style can speak see hot bike hardline lie.
Yeah he's a hardline guy, but he's not quite that, like he's not going to die in a shoot out in his front yard, like Bell Cooper, dead, ok, now, allegedly keel had the same sort of visitation. Albert Bender had experienced as in a minute black show up say, stop looking into the ship, we won't have to hurry. Veneering kills visit the man in Black decided to turn off the weirdness factor of it, at the end of the conversation in which the men and black not so suddenly threatened, kills life. One of the men and black started rummaging around and her keel sink men. Madame plaque came out with a big bottle of clorox bleach and ask he'll. What is this? What is this? What is this? What we have here? What did well? It's got the yoke go on, did put that sticker on it for the children's they know how to drink it in keel, told them in combat black. It's clorox bleach, it's a powerful disinfectant. Yeah really like we're.
And I believe you have a wooden leg. Is the man in black the man in black? He opened up the bottle, any put it eat. Just stop and under kills knows and talent, snippet smell and smell, which everyone loves. Everyone always loves before our very eyes it's always a great set when someone request you to smell some, oh yeah, then after the man in black confirm again that it was indeed Clorox bleach. He just took up gulfs wig of it have been handed over to the next man, a bicycle gulped down like a few, more swallows like honey handle after the third man in Black who finished off the Bob, it's got always reminds me of a with Harlin Williams from Dublin. Dumber gets the bottle. Then they just left note not reply. In the bleach up in this isn't even close to the most bizarre of the men in black stories.
Because, as the movie any I've been, you are guilty of being fooled. Sugar, water, you water, even though the movie may make it seem like the man in black rollicked swab. Do you shot, save the world, well couple a good one liners and they get out there to be fair. There's only one swap do right down you make that no tone, as also. Why didn't you tell me you're not supposed to ease the White Square yeah, but he still suave, but really most of the time the man in Black unsettling weirdo. Yet, like they're, fucking, horror creatures unleash from the Black Lodge yeah, really unsettling weirdos where exactly who invested the small town of point pleasant, West Virginia and one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven following the appearance of the Mothman, and that is where we will pick up our store.
On men in black part three now you're not wondering the trio that we may be wondering why we're doing the trio, because number one actually works with Canon, because men in black come in threes. So I think that spiritually at work since, like actually works, but also guys, unfortunately We have just scratch the surface. Really. There is so much more shit and I was saying this the last time to markets, and I really believe this where it's like one day you guys ain't gonna, see me for a while now come back, and I M gonna either have a men and black in a fucking net and I'm gonna be taken. Pictures of it, oh god covered and men in black blood. Ah, just luck and hot num down spiritually from state to state and contrary to country, see just gonna go The union kidnap, a bunch of people, know what made a kidnap men and black and I'm gonna torturer mentally admit it all up yeah that'll be good, I'm all right
while there we go man in black part three coming up next week: oh yeah, well, man, I'm feeling stuff, cleansed yeah, you pathetic good. We got it out. We have we. Sidney lopsided. You have so many nightmare to Babylon, Natalie and she likes to, but part of man way to man. We're gonna, flunking crackers me anomaly. One day we're gonna get off this fuckin grid. It gets a lot of getting a lot of polite nods in my household ban will. I was just there. Yesterday, we celebrated July for the mark in this house. I brought over so much cheese yeah, but you still have it there are we We celebrated at Bagdad Osberg, while we're in Portland our Ladys are gonna, get together and just have a cheese day. They're gonna eat that she's, like a cobbler couple mice. Yes, absolutely our love cheats on anyone. So that's that's man in black more to all right now. What do we have to do with
Everyone for patriotic girdle, so much Henry Night, a great interview. This week we interviewed the I'd this guy he's. He also Pike S called the gateway and their check out this guy at scale TEAL swell she's a possible caught leader. We don't it's it's up for debate, but actually foundling abroad, or I might have put it on my upon three red publishing- and she just now when you called later his generous- which I think is nice- that he is yes so check out that in our view, if you haven't subscribed to a patriot, please do- and you can listen to all those interview- serious I beg got then there's dozens of interviews. These two dates have done over our Petra. You give five dollars more than you get access to all them. You also get access to my series, in which I am King on reading the Bible beginning to end their about thirty minutes at a time, and I think I'm pretty far and Genesis now what all the impasse the begets. Thirty minutes at a time, you're gonna be done with that by
what he eighty eight arrogance languages or just do an old testament. We don't need to do the new tat, that's right, and yet thanks for listening to all the shows, your on top This week I interviewed wild man mark Marrow Lama. It's because he's a motivational speaker now slab of feeling down. I think it's very uplifting episode. That's really and I would like thank everybody. I follow us honour all the fucking horseshit, so fucking of Order and Henry loves. You add Marcus Parks in bed, castles and for some reason back out in a way I will know, I'm not see everyone was like. Oh, I hope before nice. Just no one was really mean to me on Twitter, it's just I. I am sensitive little being, and I always orb everything we all and what do we all are punishing ourselves do it. I just I just couldn't deal everyone's thoughts, so what I did was I get back out. It's ok, but I didn't use the ep, I'm just looking at it opposed and then it just because I find
so just getting like mad with it. I thought it on thumped up. My thumb has never worked so hard in its own little thumb. Why are you? I wish her facebook? Both things are creatures of the black law here, and I am saying I but unfortunately worms. Pop organization, like we were all mothers and fathers here, and so we gotta get the word out and so unfortunately dismal we're doing until finally that solar flare comes Why does it out and also follow us on Instagram Doktor, Fantaisie, Marcus Parks and been castle? The number one and l p on the left or all things last pod laughed and unless it is sort of five lp last podcast, until after one of our names, we are not charge or in control of any social media presents out there now. So don't don't confuse us with any. They may well are just the same three decades. As always, it fits folk
we're doing my folks do and out you, what can you do you care contain? Nothing! We're in charge of our personal twitters LP on the left on Twitter and Instagram and our atoms, and as we have no control. Nor do we look at it, nor should you look at it has something to do with us all for one would think you so much for listening. We love you and I cannot wait, will see in Portland this we get. You might be listening to this on the way to the show right now so yeah we're all. Maybe we could pretend, like you, member that seen in wanes world to whether all drive into the concert in their listen like MR scream again body at their that's going on the way to the Aerosmith concert. They goes you guys in Portland tonight. I will do so and I hope they have one of those Really cool licorice dispensers, like they haven't wanes, are always wanted its final right yeah. I would never have great. I fuckers Hale Satan
hail yourselves. Everyone e mail me fight the blue large every day, and powers of that want to keep. You ignorant read a book go gloved, your significant other go to a poor, a goose relations, everyone.
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