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Episode 329: Katherine Knight Part I - Lady Leatherface

2018-08-24 | 🔗

On the first of our two part series, we cover Australia's Katherine Knight, who murdered, skinned, and cooked her common law husband in the year 2000. Join us as we cover Katherine's life up to the fateful night in question, from her years as a slaughterhouse worker to her series of dangerous psychotic breakdowns. 

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Ok, unfortunately, before today STAR rights, we learn this unless I'd stories. I honestly martian warm up for doing the australian document that I was. Although Viola. Let me just let me try ok, honestly, I'm trying to demonstrate doing is so good, but it is good that out of bottom, but better alike, I bought a better, then use The second is that your practising we're doin all right. I don't get between a Doin now and his rider. What do I do? I know and his lloyd Lloyd, Ailed, nor the last I asked I welcome to Philip has put together the left over what I been kiss old, more barks this year alone, and, I would say Henrys here, but I don't remember, Henry being Australia, so I know you re escape in me, Zebra
a ski. I'm pretty sure. I honestly, because we have done our shrilling content before stagger strolling contact. I am sorry that work, I'm gonna be doing this, but honestly I am. I am really. I am try. I know who you were better off acts, and this time I wanted to be vaguely accurate as much as I physically can but I will say, is when you look at how to do the Austria relax and they all say the same thing, it's very eyes. Hard. Yes, I've heard it's gonna, get a bostonian vibe to a dozen yeah dad all right while today's episode, why are we talking about Australia? Is that what you're asking yourself well, because going today Mcnerney going to replace Aberdeen we're going to be talking about this gale Catherine night? At I gotta say I saw markers research on the plane
she's a little while we're inside it uses a reaction from watching our God of property. I was watching, go up and then it was. We happen to be sitting next to each other, and I was working in new word. Yet an egg kept looking over be like You think I helped you flush out. Some of the finer points of the absolutely Zulu Catherine It's a real pip, yet how good term for her, so in Aberdeen also earlier on Leap Day in the year two thousand forty nine year old Catherine Night, murdered her common law. Husband, John Price Rye, say pricey. She then skinned him butchered him cooked his rum and played it on to dishes with a side of veggie and they all say the same thing. The cops all set its very funding of the God of australian cops volume to the same kind of patterns that, like U S, police, fall into words, the kind of
stick on a phrase and each one of them said just now, grain MA am used to make the oil, which is like really get. Maybe it's about your family, sound. I regard the word that they are used to describe. The crime seems bizarre. I'm is an example of that right now, when I say Rob now where we talk in both shakes lit and where you put that, where you put the vestry mere that you're up, is it aware that gas you it does you now getting editor? I mean part part part Tuesday. Let me we're gonna get into the entire murder in our great detail, in speaking of the copse, like a lot of the copse who witnessed the crime scene, ruined men like a lot of could not continue being police are really. But on the other hand, other cops said the worst thing Bout Cnet was that they were unable to eat meat for, like three months three whole month, an Australian, that's like Last month, trillion is like mine, you s ear, but
it's the way they said it cause. You remember it was that one documentary rose like playing there. Really sad music is not how you won't eyes, never scientists again. Never the site could need beef three months you touched a human skin curtain no while our our sympathies to the victim of course of Gore. Goodness innumerable demise adds thing by Catherine. I it's not like her crime came out of nowhere as far as every a mundane interpersonal evil goes. Catherine night is among the worst people we ve ever covered she's a fuckin animal. Honestly, she is an uncontainable, truly attack, Mania devil. I note as many as not necessarily there but its closest neighbours. I don't and had their night uncontrollable force, unstoppable movement. I we talk. Lawns sorry this week about Kook Linsky versus Panzer him who had when I actually think a fairer fight would be Catherine Night versus pants raw material.
Her the psychiatrist issued and examined her. But she had a primitive consciousness me. No one could tar links to the term primitive consciousness? Javert S, nice rival, unsuitable force like NEO Jack. This sort of sound like a Prague Rock album to remember, altered states, Yes, all right. A cat, night. She was a vengeful vindictive, violent and, above all, extremely skilled with a knife due to her year. As an assembly line worker in numerous slaughterhouses. All we're southeastern, Australia, Abattoirs, abattoirs, yea or meat works. Ok, we use. You ve said the word assembly line. So now I have to make my my mandatory Lucille Ball jail where their eaten the jobless. But imagine if you work at an ethical meet shop and they were just doubted,
random gimlets tablets and what not, then it's not so funny, then that all citizens so funny and Reverend does seem to be a hundred times mostly Lucille Ball covered and grime right. Ogg by from inside of the guts and in the marrow room or the awful whom also hear about her scraping with this long, like, like crooked slick, I'm just gonna call it a scrape. Ascribe scraper has covered in fucking, just dank dont, like lack, got blood and when just laughing and then like a ghetto, a laugh track over it absolutely zero room. I think every might like that room feeling the slogans very warm, really walkers, licking the lords The night was, I mean she was just remember. She was also a terrible person like she's the tab. It she's the
person who make your life a live in hell at work over some imagined slight, like she's the person who swerved to hit dogs and cats while she's driving and then after about it, which numerous people said, she did on a regular are you a lot of? I might Gulfy I'll call me the grim re back. I hate that I did not do that with squirrels growing up, and I said no more of that active in Atlanta, squirrels live Katharine's temper was legendary, and with that anger came, a face that would get is red is a tomato, no doctors. Never figure out. Why scientifically, but as Catherine got older, her face became permanently red. I'm gonna give too many give maybe two shots in the dark number. One She Isn T blistering, australian son with seven working at the meat works
either outside in the boil area inside were their wider. No word is, was in my life, oh room Maria outwards yard, which s Israel will you know she was so outside drinkin somewhere I went offers a whose I think the booze disorder give a red tents, because I notice it on me an castle Oh, yes, we are getting older. We are becoming more future. No, absolutely I'm about to I'm about to start strategizing war policy. That's how you feel my fate, I'm getting a real Henry Kissinger going right now. Maybe I should stop, but I will tighten up were interesting. That Catherine, I didn't start drinking until her forty really before that he was sober completely and tone. They sell Romania drink here, they're, so she's, the Doug, Benson, alcoholic, go home at ministerial right. She was said to be in the lower region of average intelligence, never able to even spell her own name. Because of this.
Because she was in that lower region. She couldn't actually hold a reg. Our conversation and she was really only able to communicate with anger and sex and she used that sex who entrap every man she ever caught, as that was pretty much. The first thing off mention when they asked why they stayed with her as long as they did all right all of them. That is except John Price, as pricey ain't seen shit anymore, yeah did especially once you get turn into furniture in a very very difficult to speak. I can imagine her decision school villa our eye anonymous. That's easy sharing power, say ties and plant. What that's not all that word that you said: that's it appropriate that. Wasn't me signed a letter that was me making a thank. You know
right, ok, so this guy, I know she did make him into furniture, though this is an income. Some kind of pee Wee Herman's play out and one, but I mean technically, she made him into a curtain, but we'll get into that on part too. Can I again vibes here too, that goodness she really take somebody wraps above a budget, crazy people? This is not just The story of a murder and not just the story of a serial abuser, although she was definitely both both of those things, it's also the story of the insane neighbour, the town menace the cycle. Coworker we ve all had who shifts we dread sharing. This is the story of the town bully and speak it away like after Catherine was arrested. Everybody in Aberdeen not only hope that she'd be found guilty, but they were, however, fight of the prospect of her ever returning to town, and these were hardened Aussies. These are not only out back people, but there are minors and slaughterhouse workers, and they are terrified of this woman.
Interior, fully engorged australian men right, so they didn't sell right not quite yet like at the end, like one problem, child got adopted, all the nuns went crazy. This is actually what one of the townsfolk told the lead officer during the lead up to the trial, which Rubezahl Bobby. I apply The fifth shouted Davis cop on you, ve got to win it far ass. You know you ve got to in a fire ass God that was a cop we're talking soccer. The man used an analogy. We have someone of average intelligence. Davis CUP is tennis. I don't know, I don't know this mad robbers, and I mean what's it to rubbers all we're too rubbers, all Bobby the guy's name, Lee Bobby? I have, I don't, know no lobbies the nickname for cop its own everything, australian, slang, bridge we're going to get into, but remember, Catherine. I was also the end of this family line. This is a long family of
bullies and psychopaths than him reigned over Aberdeen, going to get into this whole story. But a part of this is like it's a bait into the town: and Sea Bass, but before we get into the life Twa Annie. Let's ignore Our main source bloodstain by Peter lay lore. This is a highly recommended book, so one of those rare true crime books that are both terrifying and, on plus its chock full of australian slang, but, I would say in said he had just chock full of australian slang, its TED's day of the week. It lollius nowhere that mean when it's out about so without further ado, let's get into the of Catherine Night starting hometown of Aberdeen Australia era are, let's get their hot pot, our already dying, or even the giant
I decided it was boomerang. I'm acquitted alien me yeah. I love it here in Australia. Is there's a lot of fun, so average in the town of about two thousand people about three hours North Sidney. It was a boom town of sorts, supported by two industries over the last one hundred and twenty years has been in existence. This is a time of mining and meet who, in eighteen Do you want the australian meet cutting in freezing company opened its doors in Aberdeen became a slaughterhouse town congrats over a third of the people in its population worked at the moon. Works as the Australians call it an at its peak. The slaughter ass employed over six hundred people. You know everyone wants
to malign the slaughterhouse workers but Worley in the meat. Thank you for your service. If you work in a slaughterhouse, I appreciate what you do. It's not easy. It's gotta really torment the mind. I don't run Lee Odd disavow. You ve slaughter work. I think it's very difficult work and I think you are by do you think you have to be a particular type of person yet to want to do it, because nowadays we have hipster butchers, like the meat hawk in and Williams brat. When you go there, I gets like a nice like these are clear, classy butchers, not the same. They don't have an awful room because now are priced very highly and people like me will enjoy it, but so the australian meet cutting in prison company at time. They said they. They do believe that eighty percent of the Mcdonald's patties that were served during a debt I M period a while Catherine Night was working. There eventually would go to go into the mouths of the australian people. Please Henry, when you're in Australia, Mcdonald's is called MAC as yet what
go with ordinary represents, that's in Loretta Right, the meat works in Aberdeen were so successful that the company started building barracks for their employees, one strip of houses, Imp. Particular was reserved for newlyweds. Had strip was known as honey Moon lay baccarat. Just I can just imagine it how lace that must be a billion. The honeymoon barracks of the meat were gonna romantic, nice by the fire just this
smelly the odors of death and gives you know it's on the same grounds shores you gotta, be a blue artwork, o absolutely alike make. In fact, at a time when I get my fact analogies, you also get all this sounds the bone growing in from next out. Another makes me more hauled in policy than this sounds a bone groin in alarm parish in my y, all right. So I think you're gonna, like this new house here, I actually call this honey moonglade lilies, even if they so today you it's got as their per second. I know. Try because of average will honeymoon. Lane was where Catherine night would spend part of her childhood to even, Honeymoon Lanes sounds nice. It doesn't it would if it wasn't next to a meat, Billy Factory, Animalcule inveterately. Even though technically sounds nice, the low skill
transient. Nature of slaughterhouse work meant that this place was chock full of criminals you're. Not all the meat workers were bad people, of course, but it definitely attracted whole families of mischief makers and one of the most notorious in Aberdeen was the night family o this whole Fuckin motley crew but what is it with australian crime and like the family, nature of death like when you read it the Snowden murders or like the key of the war, was the movie. I was like animal form it was enough for they like did seem based off another real australian family were the eldest kind of bound together in there all like black backwoods. Items family also I mixed with the fire firefly yeah. Now these people, the night they weren't active criminals per se, but they were deaf what one would refer to in Australia as a bunch of legless, fair, Tincomb, Bogan,
poor little girl. You not say honestly, I feel like there's a couple, a choice sentences you'd have put in here market and will appoint a fucking fat where, on your head, when you go to Austria, jig out these fair doing Cambodians down the street these days, I am going to get absolutely legless. Sir, ok, I don't know what I mean, what I say like you want to have legs. I dont know how to draw them off. I'm not sure that means They were drunk true Red I say: ok what in fact in a there, they were pretty like they weren't, I wouldn't say criminals. They were mischief makers because in Catherine is real the only one of them who has a serious criminal record, and even then she was never actually charged with anything serious until that fateful Leap day in the year to and, although she put you say she made up for all the crime was years. Well, that's the thing is that it's not
say she wasn't committing serious crimes from the time she was about. Fifteen, I'm always saying she was never charged. Okay, so she's. Elegant mouser, Roddy shooting go from zero to sending someone alive Zack. I know it s all a seriously. What are we learn about this kind of shit? Is that that's that's never the case now, right with Catherine Night, it's like, while its eighty up that's only known for its most horrific ends in the United States and actually not even very well. None United States gather Knight S. A whole. That's why we're doing this from the dead from nuts the soup soup did not yeah cause. A part of this is to see how that now, Howdy Soup was made about an hour trout, whatever think about again nutty soup learning. I don't know you see, although you so, let's go. Let's get the speed speed speedometer up here this woman. She was a lifelong purveyor of violence, both domestic and otherwise, and she should have gone
Yale numerous times for everything, ranging from assault with a deadly weapon to child endangerment, bordering on attempted murder and just like it was with clinical a ton of these other people Katharine's origin is account They should have nature and nurture. She said that she could sum up her up, bringing in two words sad and bad guy, Marcus Corrective I'll get you say invite its bear. Our car do said in bed Sid bit right. You're, not gonna. Tell you what it either way. It's not good, because the aid becomes an aids like like that. How I love that heads. I love that hate.
They hate hour. I will. This is all show will try to teach people act as it is so easy to so she's. You described her child in two words, six letters not easy to do, but that just shows you kind of her intelligent, Adam Bat saddened by would say, though, but I'm Gwig. We did make a little bit of a commoner intelligence but theres many people, including work. Several investigators on her case eventually like she had cunning Yes, I was always differences are part of it. Chidden stinks wool reaction to be to figure out how to be the moon nihilistic, slash, vengeful like she can both be ultra reactionary, we'll she'll do something or moment like do an impulse like stab you in the face of, or shall sit and show plan her combat will play and her vengeance or many many months, which is the true scale of the lady criminal.
That's the only way, I'll tell the difference that they really know how to plan. We don't really plan too far ahead, but the lady criminal can really set out like a two year plan and really follow through old, can execute yeah. What this is, what Catherine Nights Half brothers said about their childhood. This is a direct quote. If you dig deep enough as it is it scrubby as all shape, our family is grubby, shite might families right into the cap, is latin out of a car like an end. The families rotten to the core Ross ran into the dangerous. Do now is right. The cap brother. When you say half brother now missing the legs arms already represents. I dont know what these people work has that's the best thing. Australia's that most Australians dont have led. I did not
no, that yet that's why the sled industry so big there and I'm having other men, pull you on the sled as their common courtesy you leave their it's called naming arose out of you, wanna go to those it or you leave your ropes out new. Hopefully, some guys gonna come walk away like one of the local skies and that one of the leg full guys in the green. I guess, lead were really mail and end up with a bitter Leyla points out in bloodstained that the nights were legend in Aberdeen long before Catherine was even born and not Jerry and a good way. They were violent, Rubio people, often seen jockers down the booze hers as the Australians. It just means wrinkle. Ok, I gotta truckers down. Booze talkers down the bloggers down the booze, alright kin night Katharine's father was actually Catherine Mother, second husband. She had but were boys in ten years with her first
husband, Jack Reuben, who ran the Slaughterhouse pig farm As far as our tat, you ought to take a look at that went into Poland fast thing. I think I've got a lot to say that gots upper frightful Ani wig applaud asleep task incredible. You really make a lot of money make it look as if I was Crystal thirty. They need to redo that Christopher Robins Movie make it in Austria, give em a knife just Mattie. We need a pool, Imagine if we raised Winnie the Poos, the way we raise cows and there's a slaughterhouse, that's only dedicated to slaughtering upon any the money coming through all just failed with on email. I don't know, there's mischief in clear terms merits again. We need both damn dislike stab at him in the base of his brain is, though, that focus should be yours like very, never
me? I don't know what we're going. I imagine eager you're just takes a knife himself and he's like you want to see, You think that I'm not the earliest Smith of this vote. I love your. I wish your was always my favorite ya. Like do your dead, I, like your just fine, he's fine he's fine, we'll Jack Ruben. In nineteen, fifty seven either of alcoholism or from his fondness of Beck's powders, what the hell is that, like it's, a speedy, australian version of aspirin that event. Really they took the speedy ingredient out because it was causing cancer and liver failure all across the country. Ok, I also want to tell us what to do with our bodies, all that- and I would say it was like when they took all the good stuff at a suit of it. Yes, really said so by the time Bernard was done, haven't kids with. Can she popped out eight with the last five coming up rate of one year, including Catherine, in her twin sister joy, who, thankfully, missed
evil gene that Catherine was afflicted with joy, had alot joy had a lot of anger and they would fight pretty brutally. But it just seems like that, which is kind of how they were re. Stay would like punch each other in the face and ship, but I think that we just weird sibling small town, for yet they were, they were definitely a family. They would like full on beat the shit each other at any point: ok the reason why Barbara Night had so many kids was because of her husbands, violent and insatiable need for sex, which was on full display for all of the kids to see, including Catherine. Her father would chase her mother, around the house for sex and when he caught her he beat her in a submission. All of this happened in full view of the kids. This was a loveless terrifying, violent sexual views of home. I dont understand certain things like this that, like the idea of that kind of it seems to be a definitely people did are like living this kind of hard core lifestyle, Workin
factory its long long hours. People are ugly I don't know why they haven't sex in front of your kids is a thing it's so I would say it's I wouldn't say necessarily it's a small town thing, but you know I heard tell I don't hear it happens, a lot like a penthouse in thirty fourth street. I well, I don't know. What's going on, I heard tell of shit like this and I was growing up a rag small small town activity. Go it on your own. You oughta, small town activity is busy. Sad were allowed to have conversations about. I, oh yes, dad! What's going on here, Catherine Night, poor, gale, joy, you know they didn't have a lot going on there. Yet coffee- and you know that not all not a lot of cinema to go to know who Catherine said the chief herself was molested by her older half brothers, but this claim is up for debate now by the psychiatry.
That examined, Catherine when she was older now we're not saying she was lying is there is some behavioral evidence to support her claims, but Catherine wheeled her story like a sword using it isn't excuse for all the abusive behaviour she inflicted on others and that's if she even admitted that she committed the abuse and if she did admit it, it was never actually fault anyway, and if it was our fault, then they deserved it. Ok, because Catherine Night is yet another textbook narcissist. As per my path, ass corps if the popular narcissist prayer meme oh and when Catherine reach adolescence! That's when the border I am personality. Disorder kicked him. It seems kicking about this time. All the time right. It's a lot of my little the skiff, because the declivity, because I know the schizophrenia certain disorders pop up like later hit like twenty five and all of a sudden you're talking smurf,
you're gonna go, kill, Moby and all this. Why is this happening, and I did just kind of happens within three months ago. I was not a thing surprise when bipolar started up when I was twenty. Two thousand now did that's about when it starts around like between fifteen. Twenty five, that's usually when these personality disorder start up. So that's really nice in reassuring, can't trust your brain. Your thirty men. We ve always Ukraine because of all this shit that you have done up to be in your third old and removes yeah there, and then it just gets worse is get older, so seek medical attention. If you feel like you need yeah, of course opposite and of course, we are of course not saying that all people with borderline personality disorder capable of these kinds of crimes and, in fact a psychiatrist named doktor D, force made pains to make this very point in Katharine's trial. He said that what she did The night in question was part of her personality, her nature itself, but it is not a feature
a borderline personality disorder. It is not even slightly connected right, The reason why we bring it up, though, is because Katharine's attorney tried blaming her crimes on borderline personality disorder as well as PTSD from her childhood. Ok, but again people don't kill, and skin their romantic partners, because their borderline or have PTSD they do it, because it's in that person specific nature. Yes, it's like them. It's it's like the most. Three inversion of like different strokes for different folks. I'm sure she went a little crazy, Anthony with the trial. Little woe is me yeah. I'm human woe is me her entire fuckin lioba. There's a lot, parallels for you besides, I mean not the money, but there's a lot of parallels to Oj Simpson. For me in her story where it's like has this long. While I mean like this is the story of an abusive woman who had taken the chief. This violence was like born in, I don't think you're fucking childhood helped at all
no. I don't think that that made her. I don't think that that helped her mom, because our people that would have a person, disorder, but because you raised in a loving environment you're like totally good to go like you totally fine we're coming out some, like her machine goes up to the trial and she's bearers travel will get to it within the becomes a gigantic media circus. Although when old, It was like you know, throwing the pigskin. It was a football, are actually throwing pig skins really weird human flesh. Freddy's has a different time. What Catherine she had plenty of nurture to go along with her nature. She left school at fifteen unable to read or write, but that was pretty much par for the course in Aberdeen. If you are on the fast track to the meat works, if you are the fast track of the meat or a lot of kids just mark time in the class, Durham until they were old enough to hold a knife and work. At the slaughterhouse was actually Katharine's dream, because working at the meat works was the fair
we business sort. She said I this morning, the fallow and my father's footsteps? Skype and congealed blot out of them with them Myra out of their body, love doing all right in my ears, court alike, gosh you next to my mind at lunch, and I say why. Second, you still up you spill. Soap, and it is not normal. Through plenary and more about our gas mop policy must pay salivating So this is this is a dream gig. She she accomplished our main goal in life: do these people the night family, much the sawyers from Texas, Chainsaw, vulgarized, ok, happier and night. She Lady leather face all this is the reboot may? I could we see that Catherine failed, her first audition at the meat worldwide
The outer fail our businesses have to soccer donut years. It should fail this useless. You seem so adamant about given the job. I don't know, but she failed her Pereira. Maybe she just choked under pressure, but once she was seemed good enough. Catherine got a job oops greatly blood and marrow from the carcasses and what they called the Earth oh and I will say man and it was right next door to the really awful rule which you did not want to go into- that no, absolutely not in its awful spelled o f, F Aol now, rather like the awful room. If and then and then already what here and also again, another awful joke. There's nothing off about awful. It's actually quite delay, as a hungarian rivets prepared well and the idea of these meets being, did fi or salary or signified is lower class meets is the same. Sports are now Magog make community. We can elevate them to have we can see the pleasures of got me till you just the branded your
disgusting love of disgusting cuisine, s fancy, but it still disgusting. I think justified, Murmurs figured out a way to sell you something for ten dollars that they used to sell the gas station for ten cents. Thank you, you know how nobody noted in football team. They have a little sign above their door. That says play like a champion today and I have a feeling awful room it just as little placard that says someone's gotta. There would be the best marrow bigger. There is now as they do at local or cat. And worked her way up the ranks from the earth old room until finally, she became a boner and why they came about- and this is why we are having here. I have it so much bought and with that she got her very own set of not its. He loved those knives like her children. Ok, our main aim. Now I see one
allow name you knife, tee and I'll make you tight. You need a name. You now since you got what do they mean, though, that sub judice loving she loved the environment is well. Sometimes she just what she'd wander through the slaughterhouse just go and visit, and whoever just gonna get a feel for the place her favorite place besides the earth, rumour, the boning room was the pig Rome she'd go to the pig room just to watch the pigs die and to hang out with the old man who is in charge of slaughtering the pigs- and this is a quote- from the old man. This tells you what type of people the like Catherine. I was really in a hang out. We're ok, Angela DNA all live, indeed, paix WAR, to name shite, lock, Shea fray thing at the May in ice, rolling bake, any silky,
I understand we all eat bacon, we all like pepperoni. I just don't like the idea. They just really get a thrill out of it. That's that's! strange that come. I guess they need to otherwise. You'd have like a high turn override. You gotta have a guide that you gotta have the guy that loves the sledge hammer rise again. You know you that gun no good what It's a reason why she failed the first edition- and I honestly believe this is a person is via would run a slaughterhouse. I want to see that guy, like big big city, I want to space, like maybe some like Michael Jackson's, thriller playing in the background, and I do a little dance has as he stabbed in the pigs, because you know we're going to get really good content from this person, enjoyed every second of her time at the slaughterhouse, but watching the kills wasn't the only joy Catherine Guy from the job that also where she would meet her first husband, David Kellet and nineteen. Seventy four era
nor can. It was like all of Catherine, serious relations, a good mate, with a gut full, a piss. As the australian say. That is clear. Is that a legally could lead to an infection us up. That's just may our right of the two of whom dated for a while, but one day, Catherine just told David during their lunch break, hey we're get married. Ok can see Catherine it was eighteen and in meat works years that met she was supposed to already be married with a kid on the way, while so cool. Foreign was able to easily Bali Kellet into marrying her, but that wasn't just because you the skilled manipulator, which she was who is also due to her size. Now I couldn't find Katharine's exact. Mentions. Like I mean she wasn't like China size or anything like that, but she was still big and she would always purposely choose men who were much smaller than her
like NEO Jack's. Now, not probable for she's great professional wrestle. Honestly, though shoes when I heard and document or she, six foot, one citizens want. Six, what one redhead with tiny little man named David Gallant. I gotta say man's living there do a lot of manipulation and I'll tell you, one thing this is because, as someone who knows where experience and its also its goods, like you love these, these tolerated women. You love em, you loved, you know for a fact. It will Will you go home, and I know this and I'm excited about it. All right, Catherine, strength was known all over Aberdeen and it was said: that she had a man's hands. The Qatar
down someone with a single punch line. I am I m right. One right, she's, like that, gave the jury Seinfeld turned down on that episode of Seinfeld because she had man and man, and you know that show what was that all about not show about nothing. Oh, that's how you say it s a critic of it when you really upset it's so about nothing right, but that's not to say the David Keller. Was an end to this relationship at least a little bed. She Catherine she liked to do. Guy stuff, she liked to shoot you liked haunt she didn't drink, but she didn't care if he did and most importantly, she like her route as they say well now what the hell is that she sounds fun do like to root. She liked a book oh ok, sometimes TAT day because it sometimes like ten times a day and even though the morning horny woman and you gotta keep up with it, you got to do it or we find out what the consequences are. She's, the wool she's the Wilt Chamberlain,
of Slaughter House employs, and even though this term sounds like pretty awful is probably like a terrible insult in Australia, through a night, was what you called a route rat, It's interesting because it is the I'll, be the bridge you're not like in my mind when I see like a rat with breasts, really horny like there's a part him you'd like gets it yeah, you mean like give. You saw one of those old like you, we saw an old bootleg Disney cartoon like we're cook. Linsky was making in the factory in put now and those the things were was like you could see it on. I ate millimeter kind like projection screen of like two like off right. Mickey Mouse is having sex with each other, sure I'll write route rat angered by not yet I get imagine the term. Is that bad, but I'm sure both your about it of it and that compulsive sexual behaviour? That's what caused Catherine's first bit of psychopathic violence with her in David,
now that you got married in a proper australian ceremony, which is to say, they spent two full days drinkin before they actually got married, or at least David did so when the weather I came David call it you can only five three times: I mean that's a lot of evidence. That's alot thing was Catherine knew that her parents, they rooted five times on their wooden horse, while the hell does. She know that don't go beyond all right. So after David fell, asleep captain just sat there to do in about it with my dad did it fine your mom and dad did it far will dominant rebuilding only five times. I can just gene pool of my father's neck oceanic, up to my ankles good. Your moment did did it for you
dear, but that allows following the need women did did voice. Can we all have to make I'll do? Can we do it seven times tomorrow? Will before David knew it, he was awake and Catherine was choking em out yet When about how many times her parents had fucked on their wedding night work, it would have been If you would have informed me about this before the marriage, look, I gotta get regime ensuring its of water. I didn't hear some salary, I don't know because I heard celery mixers blue jeans, bigger. I might show her. Not true work is don't worry. I've got no one knows what are your skittles work, nor does it happen. Ok after Catherine finally stopped at three finally got her to stop yelling moment. Did high fines. Women did did photon or torts for what for two and then, like not even like it does so in a way, it's kind of fun in Cuba, I mean do not really assaulting itself like she was
straight up pondering him in the face. Choking American, unlike the scariest fuck, choose a foot taller than him again. It does so in order to a small man such as myself, but it's not none of this is a rod, was beaten issue of out of our needs. She was and when she found We went to sleep like David said he could not help but think about the words that through his mother, had told him just hours before you baggy lack. Yet they swag african kill you and then coming mother, whose also terrifying It's a! U cheese! Also another like shifty. Steal your wallet soon, a stab in the fuckin asshole Jonah men, sillier wallet, wow. That's not good knows by rocky start, Kellet said the first couple years of marriage were pretty good, but after Catherine became pregnant with her first child shit started to change pretty fast one night, Kellan Bene late at a darts tournaments and even though,
happened in mind and drink, and she would lose her mind if you see A second light. Do you know how this kind of goes to we? I do two things gonna, be like our tie dye mall go out tonight. I'm going to just have some fun with the lights and she's like she'll. Have a great time have a great time you mean I mean we'll go out number, I might be a bit ly. Is it all right, yeah, yeah. It's o Roy, I'm betting have a really good toying with your Lades well yeah, so yeah. Well, so we go right is better than a fallen. Women say when I am. She turns the kitchen timer to two hours, just listen to it collects every second, no
musical delayed? She burned all is closer than fractured skull, the frying pan when he got home what you're gonna want as out have fry and bans around. I dont know: she's she's like left eye, yeah, Larry LISA, anything not mess around with Algeria rise, avoid she's burnt out as ours. She d up or down right now, but a part of a toothless gets again. It was it like fucking bugs bunny. Now he cried His fucking skull opened with a cast iron skill yeah. This is acute. You know I'm law. This is like fall on horrific abuse. Such crises, with the iron skill it he managed to stumble across the street to his friends place and when they all the, then they called.
Ambulance F, full on skull fracture. Is this all happening on a honeymoon lane or have they moved on? You know what to think they moved on by this, but I don't think she moved in a moment adds place. I think they move somewhere else all right there at Porky Pigs Valley, I dont think out, but about it, is that when he, when she had a menagerie cousin again we're in this fund little world right, they ask him what happened to you. And he's like. I it's an accident like he has to do this kind of classic, because the australian kind of she's, but like that something something about there being like a cordon quotes through young man and Australia. The Gue cannot admit that your wife is almost beating you to death, while after their kid Melissa was born. The mood swings and anger flashes got even worse in Burma and her behaviour at the meat works was getting creep here. She, started going down to the pig man with more regularity. Now she, was killing animals herself Nick an artery. So she can item bleed out on the floor and she just sit there cheats
mile and watch well. This is before Netflix an all out on australian television. I dont think that hey man, was also necessarily the most popular man, at the slaughterhouse. So it's like the two of them together and I think maybe it's almost really well these there. Friends at least they can go and occupy each other works it to them. You're, not. You know it's pony We gave it a little bit of a deeper nick the blow. Issued out all over your shoes, and you got your my best friend. This is just providing vision. This is wonderful. Why another time Kathy took a knife to one of the other girls who'd pissed are often the awful room, for whatever reason then get fired just took life to her or because of the cavern, increasingly violent baby, I call it started step it out and eventually he found a woman run off with, but he knew that Catherine wasn't gonna. Let him go ass. She was violently possessive David,
gave notice to a supervisor at the meat works and left in the middle of the night, which importer member these guys their nineteen. Yet when this is happening This is very young, so call it didn't really know what he was signing himself up for like that kind of citizen when it got married. It was definitely like the thing to do wrong. She was really cute. Obviously, all than him, which is awesome for em and and then he was not like all those kind of God line cited like on him when the night that they got married all of this behavior, where she became truly truly wreck was run so eventually become very afraid and like organism The pattern with the other men that Catherine, it's going to be what they have to like sneak around figure out how to literally escape from makes sense yeah. She drew violent, yeah. All she knew is that David fucked after Queensland, so not knowing how to handle it. Catherine threatened a slice up her daughter with her heart, boning knives for that use
many do a psychiatric hospital. Only ass allegedly swinging, her infant daughter by the ankles colored like Michael J I kind of like Michael Jackson, who like with blanket yet, although they deem the demonized Michael for that, but blanket seems to be doing great now blaming gag. He didn't drop him off a balcony. Yes, no one was like. Oh, he brought him back, endeavoured like he hung his child would drop em for Michael, not the straw, This guy is Europe. We believe you live exhilarated blanket We just fine because blanket has not directly killed. Anyone yet, which I think is still in a works, will mind. Will apparently this not only its story with one documentary said that it was. She took the prime, the kidnap, pram and went out on the street and store good serpentine racing it down the middle of the street and swing it back and forth, and then picking a kid up out of it so light
as a baby. He is a baby baby. Until finally, somebody portmanteau fucking padded room because she's just take took over a town square wow but she was very soon led out after plan patty around they gave her anti depressants in a ride home. Of course, it didn't do jack shit for mental state, so the second break came pretty soon. After this time she took the baby down to the train max. You left the baby on the tracks. Knowing the next coal train was, do any minute, she's what you gotta take the baby away. Well, luckily, old tat was down there off you out for I yes foraging for nuts and berries, I dont know: why did they have restaurants outside? I walked tracks everyday. I look down on the Jake's Wendy now said Otto Formula in April of the Tokyo. Also screamin. Oh yes, I'll take it.
I'm a fire for roasted and then someone experts. To me, it's a baby. Well now was a hero that day and all I ass boys that babies, white worth and airports register Mama for every other hero in the story. Old TED found the baby right before the coal train came and he'd. They said they saw all TED like walking up a hill like looking kind of confused, like whose baby Is there yet found a baby around a baby? Meanwhile Catherine had found an app then she was starting up and down the street scream and that she was gonna, kill em all people they were hiding inside. There as they are all there curtains closed. They were ducking down, hoping that Catherine wouldn't come
them ok, but this is how this is, how you properly get ten percent off at Macy's. You get one of those access and search swinging around here. Circled someone's can eventually come and bring you what it is. You're asking This is a visit twenty year old woman right movement when you wanna Twenty was away at a time when he's how is ever one like where's the adults, whereas the person I like an admirably with a good but the axe, dour ones. I remember there was one quote from the constable who said he saw like Catherine walked down the street the axe and our Oh he's there was a crocodile she house it was but your member again right. This is of all like weirdly in good fun there used to seeing the night family pop off like watching her come out, and do this thing. It was kind of your hard baked into their world where the Fuchs people just cutting need led off steam every once in a while, every small town. Has a family. Like that's arrest me yeah,
Recent we had. We had at least two of Em They were just these. These families that, for some reason, like good people for the most part are, but they do. Pop off withering away. They tend to be a little violence. The tender just noticed we have their shit together, even though they are too gold sure by exempting, but there's all also sometimes, that one member of the family, who is a two straight up: dangerous psychopath whatever is well and oftentimes, they have hearts of gold because they have a lot of spray paid. That may or may not be gold. You really want a heart of large valves on the less that that's fine there, always that one family words like me: it's only when he's drinking and he's like well, he drinks at ten a m in essence, Optical Correa. So it's all the time he's learn the formula of how to be a laser, ok or mentally, Catherine. I was arrested again M was locked up in the middle ward. Again in was let loose again, oh connection,
add another breakdown in this time she came. Damn most wiping out an entire family and here's. Why have very little to no sympathy for Catherine, someone like Eileen Wurno, for example, she didn't have a chance to get help with her mental Prob at no point did island warn us have any chance whatsoever. Catherine night had three answers within the span of about two months. Ok, she was obviously a very ill person. And she could have turned her life around. Have you taken an iota of responsibility for herself and are obviously dangerous behaviour, but ever even tried and a lot of people suffered for what does she have fun with it were the knives talk endure. We now friends with the Was it a good time which we enjoy in her life? I think she will have delighted by believe she lived. The life of high stress young broken a port. My moments of drunken fun, like they did
one thing is that eventually we will find out, did I mean David when backdoor? After all this He again and he kept going back, and there are one times that they all. Remember, though, one real happy memory. They have of her with a David through her. Surprise, twenty first birthday party and she was a thought I feel like a princess, Now things have I done they swam may befall and she was like they were like which is kiss in himself, but this was after she said to the emergency room by cracking his skull open sure, Has this other this dark barrier to words of punch? walking on eggshells run. This one person would how a narcissist this decided person keeps control over every one, relying basically holding them hostage, yeah I'm really surprised. He had the courage to throw her surprise party seem like someone. I would like to see shot door like unaware. What's about to happen, this could have just
killed everyone men, maybe you can, and that would have been the best birthday of her life. Yes, so after Cath was released, the second time she decided. It was time to make the whole town pay for her misfortune. Us see, Catherine, thought that she did really have to worry about Dave Kellet leaving him that's what precipitated this entire thing was Dave Kellet, leaving her the reason why she thought was because Dave counts. Truck had broken down. Do likewise, He goes anywhere you just gonna go somewhere in Aberdeen, but his truck I fix so he went Queensland. That is because it was fixed happy. The towns, one legged matter tell you rule is located not terrains would be the towns born legged. One handed It is all very good order because all of the parties- somebody any body would let me quite being making. I guess, that's
So they call him because he has one year and one on the other. There are funny ass. They have, they got it that the Australians are quite the humorous folk right thing is: is that ok happy had fixed the trot? Ok, but the town had produced a girl all the David had run away with. So they on the hook for everything you see all the towns fault, the David had laughed so it was the town there was gonna pay. Catherine habits in. It are parents house, since our last stand at the hospital, so she left early one morning with her infant dotterine tell and went back to her place today. Are some things after gathering up a check, a knife with a bow curved blade, a pair of shoes. Susan and some bandages Catherine went down.
Street to the house of a teenager. She worked with at the slaughterhouse named Margaret Macbeth Margarets mother opened the door calf told her. My baby is sick and I need a ride to the doctor so the mother gathered up all her kids gotten a car and drove down the Catherine what a pain in the ass I mean, honestly, if so nice that they help, but it just like you can imagine her shown up with a bundle that I can imagine. Does it look like it's not filled with knives. A baby on. I happened to be not baby, sick, gotta, go hospital yeah she's, a sling awry Pimm, one payment to ninety one. Ninety two, it's a town named, I have to get them all cuz of and found her on the corner of her house, dressed in her standard purple top and jeans combo. She had the baby carriage sit next to her. The March her mother got out to help.
But when Catherine saw the mother had brought all the kids along sky little agitated, she reportedly stared at them and said as to fucking many all. I have to get Sammy yeah. That's when she really the baby carriage where the baby you sleeping and pulled out her gigantic curved slow or not. Dude. It's like the penguin it's not a child's toy. I'm gonna say that you will have your Marge first to manage scramble up to the porch she only gonna cut on the cheek. She Catherine and showed them the scissors and the bandages and told him she was gonna slight, some all up and bandage em all back together. Our aid about HIV do not been falling down. You're, not that take time. Can you help me Harry? That would be because that's like the type of like on him, mania where she went to set up the bit. She,
Rob Comedy bit in the middle of trying to kill the family rights. Yes or she's chased them. This family, around, like denial, is in the big lebizen lamp in the scissors together, for some reason, the scissors terrified me more than the night yeah, because I think the knife is clean, cut ITALY, scissors, it's like dull, and just the snapping Zodiac yeah. What thing they notice is at the whole time there on the porch Catherine was that they're looking for something always ate ways? Eight housekeeper things turned out the night before cat. His father had gone over there and taken the gun Catherine, usually kept up front. Had he not done that it almost a certainty that Catherine night would have killed at least to people that damage the entire family. I saw her father just over there was just like just gonna take yeah. Just please walk away. Slowly, yea did the Seth Macfarlane and get off the plane on nine eleven? Yes, bad feeling bad feeling? Ok, but still the
It was enough to hold him hostage, so demanded: they driver to Queensland too fine David kill it Think about this. She's got her own baby with her. She is what This woman, in all of her kids, you gonna fuckin curve blade to her throat and just like we're gonna, go find me husband right now. Yeah. I like that a difficult hosses situation number one, because kids don't make good hostages because they are not disciplined yet, but the mother was with an idea she told calf, they need to stop off it. Sir Bowe, for a bit of petrol. Thank you which cap was totally down with, but has then should be able to catch. The check that she'd brought us he's, gonna run errands haven't changed their use. The hostage situation also arise once they got there, though. The whole family managed to escape Catherine and locked themselves up in the office of the serb O. Neil only made Catherine angrier, ok, because
after that she used her own believable strength to rip a metal blade off a tractor hitched, mower kissed fucking, his pocket insane dared to rot because she needed some stronger to hack through the door. Just happened visit or the whole family inside all crying. She still got her baby yeah she's got the prime going back and forth and her left hand spinach sleep, hang is Tommy. She Navy Ptolemy ship, even at your fucking hawks. You of how do we say that we see a girl, I'm then she spotted hobby. Now just a simple open day: nobody comes and stick, thankfully, she dropped the blade in didn't hurt copy really what she did,
steal his crutch because the courage had more leverage in he used the courage to smash up everything, everything she could see and eventually she got in the office. So my dear we have witnessed the Pooh he's, really is one of the pigs and now that's definitely the ie or ok. I guess I'll just go on. I e that I guess I don't need a babe fiction cause all day no we're gonna go to job our poor be die, no man she had been when she got inside the office. She grabbed one of the kids held a night up to his throne, is. Finally, The police showed up and convinced her free, the boy, but after the she breathed the boy they Matter with brooms leg hurting her trying to keep one reason why we put these groups is, gives real story Finally, she just ran out a gas. She just collapsed. She got tired. She got time
by her rage, just ran out o and I did so down next to be on conversation, she club so the floor again, into the mental spittle. Nobody help me up at all their worry about it. I hope you take care of himself. They don't worry about it around me. A stick they'll give me a bit of alpine end. Just let me stay and is data for all use, my hands than grain. That's all just middle school no and no real treatment either kidnapped or family. I mean but does it think those were only kiss robe down- and I know that I know over the whole and bordering or common Lisbon thing, but right now I understand
I know it's the seventies. I know it's Australia, little backwoods, perhaps small town she still kidnapped or family guy. We think they would put behind bars a little, but this is her, get it out of your system out, oh yeah. I mean this system will definitely share some blame on whether they says. Well, I mean look at no point. Did the doctors and the various mental hospitals you visit, diagnose her with em I mean this hotline days it it's like, like Bird Catherine Night story, it's like Richard chastened slow motion ice. Yes, because richer chase, he went through the same shit right again. Richard Chase was just mental illness, broken run, amok run they they don't really know what to do, because I mean that the old. What can you do all times and you have to do don't know the legality is of permanently putting somebody in a mental asylum. I think that it gets The point is really only so long. They can hold you. I think they take on even unless you're being charged with the crime, which would require Margaret and all them too. I guess to charge the decline and seek out like a veto, which
find out about later is worth a. Please get shocked you what the kidnapping of a family kidnapping of families with a deadly weapon, destruction of property later crotch yeah dad, but that's how you that's a carbon has time or rural Austria in other words, like Catherine Night, like this is a failure on a lotta levels. Meanwhile, David Kellet had heard about the whole thing of since Catherine had conditioned him to do so. He blamed himself, and so he decided let's give the whole thing and other girl why he got back to her, because this area, honestly he got his new girlfriend knocked up in Queensland and huge, is buggered out. Like you, just out of town reset, it would work out yeah yeah, the previous relationship. There was workin out great put he'd like all like left for a day was like that were used like living this kind of adult life, corn and quote with his new girl.
Friend. What? U is now pregnant? I dont think it was a delicate by huge mass, but then he someone like you guy named David. You know that k like went off the ranch right and it's like love that woman that care she's got a couple: a kangaroos loose in the upper paddock, he's understanding why that is your doing what I deal with the Scientology episode Sphere, fully certain Europe's absorbed, the slang and men will eventually become actually Australia, I am really looking forward to go in Australia. I'm like what happened with the Scientology episode is not losing his soul, which is what I would you lost a peace that is both those episodes. I obviously didn't need it all right, even though both David, an Cath were planned, let's give us another go cats, family blamed collapse. The whole thing all my gun didn't want her anywhere near David Keller,
because in their eyes it was never really Catherine Fault either, because that's the other thing about Catherine, I is that she was enabled by her family I got into higher fuckin life. Oh cannot them was ever her fault. They always came eggs. I pour Cathy, yes, Cathy's got problems, but Cathy would instantly lie to them about everything she would like children about everything. So they were only gettin half of the story. Ok, they weren't gettin a half of the story where she was fracturing her partner skull. With frying pan right. So David went to pick Catherine up at her parents house, and he was waiting outside in his truck when Barbara Catherine's mother walked outside too given what for the hell you doing here trying to pick up my daughter like search on the tiny groom. Have you know so she reached into the window. Barbara dig Katharine's mother reached into the window and wrapped her
around David's throat started choked him David just sat there taken it. But Catherine one go. Let her mother do that to her man, so Catherine walked outside grabbed. Her mother, by the shoulder sport around and just Pawkins one punched or in the head and her mother went straight to the fuckin dirt and feared I again while this is the most romantic moment so far in their relationship, I'm the only one that will strangle my husband and try to kill him leave him alone, David, just like and she was very, I think, like they were used to this, but there's a lot of stuff where it's like. I don't wonder why she told them about their relationship. I also wonder what she just told them, and then they weren't they would just like got that bastard critical times like yeah. It almost branches brains out with a Freud, pain and demands, is like a tool. Ah, my daughter could be could be so after that
through an David and their daughter drove away a move to Queensland. Far from Catherine's, family and Catherine to continue her beloved job as a slaughterhouse, professional, okay and it was in Queensland. Catherine really started a fallen. With her knives. She had her very special set that she used for work and she would take the knives with her everywhere she went she'd leave him under the seat of her car and when she got home she hang the knives from hooks she'd installed above her and her husband's bear where they hang. While the couple slept this, ended up being a bad idea, yeah. Well, it's definitely very belly Bob Thornton, but she loved her we met. She loves you, the real artisan than she really is gonna creepy over the bed. There. If you put it in the garage, I would say: that's: ok, it's only find yeah well one night, David woke up
to Catherine sitting on his chest, with the Tipp of one of her razor sharp knife stuck into his net right next to the juggler. Oh, she just set their calmly taunting him to saying she could kill em at any second dykes, Eventually she relented and went to sleep but amazingly in the end, as it actually usually goes with relationships like this. She left him. She, how long you been working as a trucker and while he was out on IRAN, she just moved out and we call it figured out what happened He went out and celebrated by getting pissed as a fart, As the author of Man, that's pretty, while it is not settled, I like Catherine spent the next eight years single after kellet roaming from town to town work and in what, in whatever slaughterhouse, would take. Ok, eventually, she ended up right back
she started at the Australian. Meat, cutting and freezing company in Aberdeen out and all Aberdeen was like yeah back. This stand. She'd meet, Dave, Saunders, a k, a Sancho who son was like all of them. Were he impressed by Katharine's rooting skills because after all, Sunda was what the Australians call a real pants man, that's how I think he's a good John HAM is one of those we have it gets you get the pants let out for his penis, they just cut. I mean it doesn't necessarily have to do with peanuts. Size, that's real pants man over their hair or, as they would say, paints mean. I mean WWW reappeared mean did. I would say it myself. I more of a shorts boy. We just got so horny his pants man, but I'm more fun I'll, go to more amusement parks right
so I always does not pay its main. Isn't like Bob Doll in his lair, whereas Panzer just don't do his nipples doesn't have to wear shirt, pat pants man. That's that's man knows how do I guess pay man is kind of the equivalent to root rat oak Randy. Our pants man match made an hell up. Eventually, Dave Dan with Catherine and the kids and everything's going just fine until Athens mother suddenly died o after that all bets were once again off for Catherine, nine and the violence and abuse began a new the whole thing came awful. I hate this. So much of the whole thing came to a head one night, while they are in the middle of a blue as that's what the austrian,
called domestic arguments o king, is it just be fights in general, but it works were well. I like the middle of a blue other, really fun now and they ve been. We ve been blue and all my balloon will of all the other night balloon with my Sheila, but now that today my sailor, whirlpool Lou in all in the middle of a blue over it, and in the middle of this fight, Catherine grabbed. A knife ran out back sir, though he let her go, let it be with their friends. Until he remembered, but his beloved dingo B was out back as well when he walked our back. He saw Catherine was killed. Verdun blood holding his dog sheet, cut its throat for no reason our current anger,
don't like this woman, one bet saying and also in her first police interview after would like they asked her about it. They have like will do you have any history with violent procedure, I'll kill my Heisman Stoke, like gab diamond. I have like it's terrible. Did you like torture? They were asking you that it was a clean well the answer. That is a simple. Yes, you do have violent outburst, but her job as a violent outburst, I'm sure she loves us we're fairly. I just a job guy. You only what you said at the beginning, which bet you said that she it's true people, work and, or else it's like we. We me it's good for people to be professional, make surely I am also suffer as much as humanly possible. We should make sure that we get that we get the meat that we crave, but with her yours she weapon. Nice did not so after some I saw this. He got scared shit, less she was common after him. Next, so he ran to friends, house and that's when Catherine,
for shock on, went to her sisters were where her kids were stand and told them all. They cheat shot Dave to death. Then after she had two events. I just kidding It's a joke, it is about, and I just slit his dogs throat have you thought about being a chameleon like Conklin Risky, because you guys are work in all areas. What good to go see and Alan of course, That came the predictable half hearted suicide attempts, which Dave right back in your arms and she does she does this shit over and over again, where she gets in trouble so she because the only way she's gonna go get out of it is to take a bunch of pills right, which is also how she makes it about herself again. Yes, what you do is cause all this fucking mayhem and then she goes and she does ace like us, cortical stab at committing suicide and all that is
to bring it back to have sympathy. For me, I see ok, all right after that. Catherine, that she didn't want to work anymore. She's done, work is done work and so, in order to get workmen's calm, she spent weeks leading up to the examined, Asian she spent weeks lifting like super heavy dressers with her back so when they went examined her. They say like ok, yeah she's got a terrible back yet give her workmen's com for the rest of Africa do. This is definitely a twenty five year old Ben Castle move back in the day when they re like this way, I'm not lying we're Nick married to investigate and crime well, yes, so she's, basically now training like madness for Magnuson bills. Samuel sent. Two strong has meant that I now she's just getting stronger everyday, yet she's got Reiner yeah, but that's the thing about Sancho. Is it like Sancho? He had the bad luck to have a child with
swollen like she eventually where we are now how many three she's unfrequent she had. She had two kids Dave Kellet and one kid with us on those so far think she ended up having for altogether rise by but Sancho better things. It's not like Sancho, didn't try to leave. He absent We dead right, it's just that cat. And every time you left she would stop him. Tell she found him and then she would draw or what she would always do. They said that Catherine was very good at apologizing on her knees back, because she would always use sex as a way to entrap the all, and no one was euphemism. Was it you? I didn't know that I thought that that actually was her getting down in one knee, saying: I'm sorry, no men, and that was that I always suck your dick secondary gangway raises two. It was just because that they all said like all of them, because they all, but even just right our black Whiting interviews, when they think about sex with Catherine. They had this for
in Twinkle in their eyes, they loved that I, like the most fantastic experience, that a man could possibly experience, no hidden. I'm gonna ask when you proposed to Natalie. Is that what you did you got done? I won t instead, I'm sorry, that's the wedding day began. A gateway to ASEAN will soon No, I mean he was beaten by Catherine, so much that, like the decades that he worked with these like man's man, man, man like they take bets on what kind of injury you show up with last day in the world to those being when she stabbed him in the stomach. With a pair of scissors, any still, went to work, yeah then. Finally, Sancho escaped in the middle of the night. Again again, young calves, through the scared to death of these people, Oji did the same shit. She was acute, affordable force should show up and consume your whole life, and am I she couldn't have you? No one could have you in that
days, Catherine went out lookin form again, because she knew eventually she'd find him. There were only two bars in burdino top and bottom up or no. But this time She ended up finding a man. She like a little better at man, was John killing worth and we'll get to know him. John price An Katharine's Mengele, like capacity for blood on the conclusion of Catherine Night, Catherine night came on an interesting character. I add they have covered anyone. Quite lagree has used these serial killers are sociopaths like at gain or something a little quiet. Little reckless. She just she's No yeah she's a little. She almost folk euro. I would assume to some degree now: are you not not follow Amelia? I try folk, he or she I would. I would say I mean he's a a bogeyman of sorts, but a bogeyman for adults, because
these people better when they are when they heard the Catherine I did, which she did even her own daughter, He told her the details of what Catherine had done the only her daughter said was: did she let it was? guess what my way would such a casual type thing whereby, like purely hours she found the killed him and then when they told him how she killed him. That's an erroneous like call priming, also one of the really Only ways we ve covered a like. I mean to be honest and where she is committing I am of a sexual nature that are the she's, obviously getting sexual pleasure out of it, which we, see a lot in female base. Crime is very. She gets a lot out of what she does interesting arrival Katharine Night Park, two common up, we cut another concur. Should I get there? We know the conclusions. I see how we got there, yeah yeah, I'm gonna. We didn't, I gotta see exactly how we get there and exactly
how she pulls off? We ve got some pretty extensive prettiest sense of forensics. There were running. You must have put together this entire crime scene. It's it's getting pretty borough right, stay tuned for next week, one of the most haunting things about these. This crime, as well as you just look at the forensic evidence. It plays itself out like one seeing the play by play of the the police footage going through the hall and should think you can really visualize it. Which will see how much horror was involved. Right, awesome call. So let's see what we're gonna do here, we're gonna be Bumbershoot. Next weekend, member huge, oh, come on out to that end. Up some people like that ticket prices we don't make them take a brazen I'm sorry. I had asked about half of us, but there's just no bands their mean it might be worth it. I don't really know music. I got a fleet boxer there and I want to see that I know blondie
Of course, I don't know body and I've heard of young thug, yes now. I know young Tarja course yellow eyes, I'm kind of loss, alright. Nonetheless, we'll be there, so that should be a lot of blood. We have to. Thank you, one for patriarch. We had a very funny, In our view this week, who do we talk? do this week. Henry Eric bra area, they book double live since a very interesting book that you should check it out honestly about the people that you hated the offer or maybe you, unlike the office, good they're, doing fucked up self at home. Yes here great interview: double lives, very fun, crazy book, JANET he hasn't here that interview and dozens Others go give five bucks or more to our patriotic polyantha comp slash last pockets and left me thank and appreciate each and every one of you who already get think absolutely. Thank you so much. We had a great time in Phoenix made a wonderful time and sit Anna. Thank you all so much for coming out of those shows beauty.
It was a really fun town. It was you I loved in Santa Anna. We didn't get too much time, thereby recognised and went to her. We stayed at the hotel and this hotel it bar that was raging yeah, so we had a pretty nice time than I end Henry's eyebrows. You took a picture, Instagram at Doktor Van Tasty where he he dropped, a full bottle makers mark you weren't, even drunk when there was the most amount of rock and roll that we have ever had. Yes, it was agreed was a very fine night. There was a high school or union an indian wedding we weren't sandwich in between gives MA. Am you could follow us on its social media. That's what you're gonna do with your life. Oh everything, I'd LP on the left bank. One for Instagram, to want to see pictures of often at Marcus Parties on Instagram. If you wanna see pictures Georgie, Georgie age we all flowed down the agency. I could see you doing that. I do know the tentative up. I did it today
Oh right, everyone thanks for listen, inhale, yourselves I'll, say now gain boost relations. You can help me you're, feeling
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