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Episode 334: Flat Earth

2018-09-28 | 🔗

Join us for a deep dive into the hottest conspiracy on the Internet today: Flat Earth! We're covering this from every angle that we can, from the actual beliefs to the people behind it going back to the 1800s and most importantly, just why this conspiracy has caught on the way it has in just the last five years. 

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hello this is henry zebrowski and we've got new live shows last bought gas on the left was looking to go on the road for a little bit of fun but you know we found no the but trouble it's a funny joke november seventh the majestic theater dallas texas november eighth paramount theatre austin texas in november ninth hubbard center in oklahoma city oklahoma were common t oklahoma it's going to be so much fun we got presale links up on the pay tree on loan limits full full of beauty in a district the doctor's gonna be like you're gonna need to go to a hospital because your salts around an unhealthy level can we do see you hail satan and enjoy the show nobody was game two this is the last on the left cannibalism started
tell me mr marcus with your fancy haircut cute little bangs in your girlish hips don't sit waggling around you hanging out with these scientists holder with something i could help this year i said hello to one or two yeah yeah you and your precious little globe over there having fun playing little harlem globetrotter game with it is that we're doing i'll tell you what i don't think the earth flat why you get them flat shoes alright welcome to the last podcast on the left over one iron bed missile with market i'm not i'm not i'm wondering what's what's a site in activist scientist insight to businesses disadvantage with their scientist agenda trying to control our government went them rockets that's all they want to do the work why don't you just go ahead you love rocket so much why don't you vote for one
senator and then married your legal husband well i will say there's a lot to be said about government i just don't think there's too many scientists i don't think that has been a huge critique of government oh i know is if ah standing on a big old circle ma fire shoots would have there would be curvature absences television to heal and i would only be standing on the arches of my feet your precious but encircle world will you are standing on the shoulders of giants with red today's episode in today's episode we are i was going to say getting out of this world but actually we're getting in to this world yeah we're going to talk about the phenomenon of flat earthers and the concept of the flat earth oh yes this is all it's a conspiracy theory but honestly the more you look into it it's a way of life it does seem that way because it's taken no shit from anybody in
shooting your own eyeballs really i don't know flat earthers don't take any crap from anyone i think they could take quite a bit more than biff from back to the future i'm pretty sure these guys eat a lot of junk you need to tell me my asshole can't cram more crap in it then it's already gotten it i'll show you only globe i care about is the global style of my fucking asshole or called by some the greatest of its kind to ever exist the flat earth conspiracy theory exactly what it sounds like the earth is not the globe structure we've all been taught it is but it is rather a flat disc surround goodbye ice or or the ice is in the middle or it's under a dome or it's a pyramid war it's a diamond popped up on seven circular pillar surrounded by a four dimensional portal that pops people out the other end like pac man when they enter it can i get idiot or it's just round
wrong with your mom talking about waggling to call where you wanted to be did you want her to be just what happened a big galactic but the point here is that there are only two things that all flat earth there's agree on one the earth is no not round and two has never been to space okay one very fresh straight a documentary filmmaker quoted in a new yorker article about flat earthers sums it up perfectly yeah someone if their car where is blue and they say no so you say ok what color is it then and they say i don't know but it sure is it blue this is the sort of logic that defines the flat earth movement is the car oh absolutely not ok it's anything but i say anything but blue if you say it's blue then it must be black or something that's not even a color
they are i don't know what the fuck it is but it's certainly you told me what it was or something that the government told me what it was honestly this phenomenon it's very interesting because the what it really frustrated me when we started researching flat earth is that when you look it up the first thing that comes up is every single hot take internet either web series or something taken a hit at flat earthers saying that they are dumb showing all the irrefutable information that the desert is definitely round we are we are in that we live on a globe they try to control this logic at it and they go of flatter others are dumb but when it comes down to it's like if there's something else here yeah because marcus and i were talking about this is good the as you go and it's like i have a weird sort of like i i care for these people these people are lossed in a way that i don't understand when i was rambling a bunch of theories at natalie she said a very interesting thing she's like it's like a bunch of people ready
philosophy book in middle school and then never read anything else ever again they're having those like thirty it will blow your mind like discussions like dinosaurs bones are the oil that's underneath our feet and i really enjoy the idea of questioning your eyes and questioning all society but what brings you to the point where you don't believe in depth or volume there is a dish people like that were like right yeah ten feet yeah what's even feet yeah you're measuring things in feet that's so true seventeen well it is interesting 'cause it's relatively mainstream marcellus wiley former football player great political great sports commentator believes the earth is flat and so is kyree irving of the boston celtics and he dribbles the ball for a living so he knows what he's doing circles are he knows the balls are so what we
what to do with this episode is it you know we don't want to just make fun of flat earthers even though we are going to do that we don't just want to do that that what we really want to do here is we want to try to understand flat earthers what are these people all about where do these police come from and who is essentially at the top alright now upon researching this phenomenon the thing that surprised me the most was that the flat earth theory is very tight up in christianity in fact a lot of flat earthers point towards the old testament to support their claims but will get it that later there's a lot of nephalem in the archons also make a resurgence deep bunch you can deep into this and then there's the pyramid dimensional prison technically we're in that earth is a flat disk floating in a pyramid prison created by satan and the nephilim there just pretending to be aliens but there not that sounds kinda fun what's most
fascinating about flat earth is that although the modern line of thinking began in the 1800s the recent resurgence really only began to gain steam about five years ago in fact reporter of michael marshall found after interviewing all the speakers at a flat earth conference last year that all none of them had even heard of flat earth until twenty teen with some of them only hearing about it as late as two thousand and fifteen that is just a two year turn around between not even seriously thinking about the shape of the earth to giving long winded powerpoint presentations at a conference well i'm sure it'll answer the question but what happened i don't know people are scared of what's underneath their feet you're so scared and so distrusting of any single thing that crosses their nose eyes ears or mouth that they can't even agree they can't even agree
that there's like air they think that they think that the planets are fake and that there there and that they are alive that jupiter is alive and then it gets the point i understand hollow moon almost 'cause at least it's just one planet right which is the idea nobody there all of it is fake the nice thing about living in new york i know what i'm walking on trash city is built upon it so that's good now the gym well consensus is that for most of this millennium flat earther consign mostly to obscure forums and even then those forms are just kind of a healthy mix of non and using an untenable argument as a kind of intellectual exercise they simply starting at a flat earth and then arguing that the earth is flat while knowing that the earth is round yeah because it's devil's devil's advocate university yeah which today and they all got bs is in it
this piece of ship hold on so they know the earth is round but they are arguing that it's flat well they were just having fun with it they were having fun with that they were having problem with it uh but then around two thousand and thirteen something changed with the second so are you telling me in this country a joke got out of hand is batteries and with all this is about yes oh my kind of kind of a part of it's like i understand again because of chaos magic in the reading that we've done and it using psychedelics and like i i understand i understand the idea of playing with the thought of living on a disk sure but you're going to do it enough that you do a for i think if you go on there is that one guy called like connective thinking i forgot what it was that what are could understanding is like one of those weird nonsensical youtube channels were every day he's got a two hour clip showing him rambling better than never rambled in my life
for an hour and a half of pure just made up off the dome material about flat earth that's a big old jump cool well around two thousand and thirteen something changed although nobody has really been able to pinpoint watt one thing we do know though is that ninety nine percent of flat earthers say that they were converted by youtube videos what's what's the one i don't know maybe not just going out there throwing a frisbee in real life are you throwing a frisbee back and forth hawkmoon wouldn't it be kind of fun to live on top of one of these two urn around here and these bodies like you know in a pamphlet at the truck stop the other day you know when i was getting blown dog oh the earth flat just like this frisbee no wow if you're being cynical you can say that
thirteen was around the time that the internet and computers became ubiquitous an easy enough to use were pretty anyone could utiliza computer there might be another factor in this between two thousand and ten and twenty fourteen shipments of smartphones worldwide rose from three hundred million to about one point two billion whoa that means gratz apple i say need all of our congratulations that means that people who formally couldn't understand how to open up internet explorer could now reach the internet using a single button the rise of flat earth also cohen into the mainstream rise of conspiracy theory in modern times now where is spare see theory used to be something you'd have to read about or go here to talk now conspiracy something can conspiracy theory is something you can just sit
back and watch hell yeah man between seamless and post mates and youtube i can get my burrito i can get my handle a jim beam and i can sit and slug it all back while i watch uh a forty five year old man who should be with his chill explain to me why we live in a diana in a diamond universe or furthermore these videos have the added bonus of hearing someone speak in a voice that sounds good like a voice of authority and those voices convinced thousands if not millions that the earth is so here's a sampling of some flat earth youtube channel okay flat earth frank love him parable of the jesus freak computer geek really yeah i bet he's gotta cool wheelchair why wouldn't it and the best glo busters
like you know what i like about busters in my mind i just imagine a woman and i it it's like a series of videos just like kicking guys in the nuts like one guy with the budget nixon mask on another guy with the reagan nascar really guy with the garfield mascot and it just like an hour to the rep suited globebusters and she kicks in the nuts and he goes honestly you just stole the show why does this come up in any of our pitch meeting and also you were not going to be paying plane clips from any of these youtube channels because i mean i'd been did you try to watch any of
i've watched this stuff for a little while now it's fascinating what's fascinating but it's also long droning stream of consciousness new specs but that's what makes it and i think in the minds of a lot of people authentic because they're like if there were lying at least it would be exciting like when people talk about reptilians when you watch david iphone is actually pretty entertaining but these guys are next level boring well they do that all the time they believe a wall of faxes what shows what why they are correcting everyone is wrong i watched this guy do this presentation about jai scopes where he had a gyroscope that he bought and he showed the box where he bought it he said and it says here why this is it has been adjusted to nine millimeters of gyroscopic tension i'd like to see the government get anything to that gyroscope here it should be able to be in any position always upright and he just does this point a gyroscope prop makes no sense and then he just shows a wall of mathematical formulas it also makes those
i mean nothing yeah and they also sometimes have their own math like they don't even who's accepted math one of the big things is vortex math what's that cortex method method that image math that doesn't make any sense it's like a they say that vortex math proves the fingerprint of god well same math that doesn't make any sense is what i call map but uh that's interesting it is i understand is that they believe that scientists and quote unquote leads that use their so called math and science are bigger and better than them and if they don't like hearing from the ticket they think that they think that they are better than because they went to school to learn how to do math and science and so they say well they make up math i can make up bath too and i want to see the gyroscope quiver with my own eyes because i bought this gyroscope and i already opened the box so i can't return it ok alright i get it yeah and these people they got all kinds of fun names for us you got globe yrs
globe heads so globe cards you're making me mad baltard's and not surprisingly given the conspiratorial nature of all of this globe cooks now which one which one of those people are jimmy buffett fans that's what i want to know why column globe heads lobe cooks is kind of like i mean i could see that also being another channel altogether i've got of one side of the globe cooks and the other side we're just men watching bucks make love to their wives but just layered over a big yoga ball painted like the plan man the spice channel has really gone downhill who's in charge over here spice channel pornographic network for people who don't know that tonight is a wonderful chance thank you uncle ben no problem everyone's having fun at easter at your house and concern
globe it's interesting that some flat earthers have adopted a version of pepe the frog as their mascot they call him hey which stands for flat earth people everywhere okay and this is not surprising at all because it's rare that flat earth is the only conspiracy these people subscribe to for a lot of 'em the road to flat earth is paved with dozens of other conspiracy theories ok again the writer of the new yorker article alan burdick said he over heard people talking about the gate sandy hook and other supposed false mass shootings more than a few times at the flat earth conference he attended last year wait a second let me get my closet i need to put my surprise to add on again if you need the rest of the show i can't continue but i get it i mean
we understand the conspiratorial view on some level because i like the idea of looking deeper into things into society i understand that if you like obviously we're now seeing the damage that conspiracy theorists like pizza gate and the the idea that sandy hook was a false flag shooting well all of that what we see the damage that does but a part of its like it's just so strange to go to this like very very bottom level right even believe that i'm standing on something that anyone can understand right right maybe they're correct but i don't know i don't know i mean i was reading the the bill cooper book that you guys interview to the guy on site on the patriot on like i've been reading his book it's great heller's writer hill great yet pillars writer it's awesome but he quoted bill cooper course bill cooper the father the father of modern conspiracy he courts the bill cooper said that really made me think about these flat earthers that bill cooper semi would say on almost every episode he would say list
to everyone read everything and believe nothing other than what improve with your own research which i do believe is correct when you research is my eyeball don't see a curvature and that's like that's what's hard it's hard i understand but you also is very interesting thing later on it with were bill cooper said i'm not trying to discuss i'm not trying to discover what is right or what's wrong trying to investigate what is dry us insane yeah what you think now is a very preaching thing because what we're saying is that it feels like they the culture of united states is kind is very kind of for rain right now things are really really chaotic and stuff like this really throws a uno my old cars into the middle of that nothing like
that no wild card i will say but you know the one issue with that is science you do have to trust the scientist the b k that came before you and that's kind of how you build up what we have today yeah so there is a little bit of a flaw in the logic there's a definitely and there's definitely a flaw in the logic and in serbia is something that henry said to me when we were talking about this a couple days ago that flat earth many times is so logical it's stupid straight to the heart of logic 'cause it straight up just to stream in like i don't believe it this they did see the cgi they did this really extend cg i imagine all of what are glow our solar system looks like rain and it shows the sun wildly spending and it shows the track of the earth wildly spending then it cuts to a side view of the sun traveling through space with all of the planets cycling around it looks like a big drill with all these different kinds of threads going around it and it's cool as shit but for me when i watched that i'm like wow that's grant spaceship earth
sliding through the galaxy tulsa but to them they're like no no it's been it yeah it's been it 'cause they don't feel like they're spending yeah they don't feel like they're spinning and will definitely get get into that as far as how flat earth like i would say it's a sad if it's a comfort to a lot of i'll get into the reasons behind that later but these people i mean henry talking about you know the fraying of the american consciousness these people are already prime for the idea that the earth is flat because is one i interviewed at that convention said if they're lying it's about me anything else of course they would lie to us about this i see this is the end of the road with conspiracy theory there is no cost to go from here is there any conspiracy theorist or any flat archer is there any flat earth it's like rational when it comes to pizza gate and sandy hook
still taking place on earth you know like the cover though there's a guy one of the head of the modern movement is like that but he says it like i'm a reasonable man asking reasonable question ok so he believes in evolution believes in global warming although i think he calls it climate climate change but every once in a while you can like kind of like trip him up like in here i'm say global warming but you know key is of irrational human beings a little bit of both alright well what this certainty creates within these flat earthers is something not unlike religion because i have never ever seen people more calm and if they are right about something outside of a suicide bomber really and there is nothing you can say to convince these people otherwise do not try arguing with any of them and there's nothing sadder than insecure suicide bomber because that's all please do it now i i also feel like with it
walking around la and seeing people like the newest in fashion la is essentially just like soft clothes street ninja people dress like with big long sleeves and they're look like very comfortable downey bear ninja that takes a lot of complex but it does well for an example is far as the religious aspect goes at one flat earth conference that guy who has the diamond shaped fourth dimension pac man theory he shared what he called a flat earth addiction test during his speech okay he has things like half people said that you are pushy or excessive about flat earth great he thought that if everyone knew about flat earth the world would be a different place great all these great have you noticed we spend less and less time with your family and friends and more and more time talking to flat earthers love it love it here love your enerji so this guy sounds like
colt well this guy was reading these questions allowed and the reporter he's looking around the room seems like everyone's like nodding along with each question then at the end this guy nesbitt who i think was trying to make a joke revealed that the questions were actually taken the checklist used to see if someone was in a cult oh my god that's incredible and so but where that is a sign of pride yeah it's kind of like another similar phenomenon that's happening in this country where they take the the cult mentality of it 'cause it's a contra variance contrarians contrarian society right that everybody else is wrong the i am the personal holds the secret knowledge and it is correct to me so it has to be correct ostensibly to all soci
so what you're saying is you know obviously we've had a couple of laps at their expense but in reality there laughing at us yes yes yeah they absolutely oh yeah they absolutely aren't don't think they have much of a choice ok but what's fascinating about this is that although flat earth below it has all the hallmarks of a cult this is a cult that nobody benefits aside from a handful of you two personalities right there's nobody at the top the people who do make money probably more surprised than we are and there sure as ain't any sex involved in no it's found love in this community is that what you're saying i bet you had to work one time a guy found his perfect match or gal found her perfect match i think it's uh sort of similar to like maybe me and my last relationship where at some point it reveals just how truly deeply i wasn't a ufos and it became like a presence within the relationship were like that kind of happens time i imagine the descent into that level of doubt
for all reality like does i think it little pieces for a while it's just like yeah you know we kind of used to losing a lot to video games quite a bit and then jab started over a lot and they got a lot of protractors and i had to go we have all the apples i bought a bunch of oranges because the kids need more vitamin c the doctor said he made me get rid of him unless i caught him into slices the only thing that can have right the interesting it's a real character trait for these people all encompassing oh it's more than a character trait it's their entire personality ok but really the only benefit the people get from this is that it makes them feel special right but they do have an answer for people refer to them as a cult one of the top names in the flat earth world darrell marble had this to say
is it not make that up no you can't make it up about my dish about my last name i have just about my last name by chance today well i should be there a flat i have said that before i am i'm going for allen is darrell manila folder this is what darrell marble had to say about people who call them a cult they say we are a cult put the globe is the biggest cult of all fuqing shape all right now they say the cult that the rest of us belong to is scientism and they believe that the world would be a much better place without it lord i just and this is very religious the cut but when you said standing because we used to do full on seminars we would go to anti site seminars all the dinosaurs were planted all that kind of stuff my god is there not the same kind of folks say arm do they planes yeah they just they do body we have a whole neighborhood
explanation of how how and why planes work 'cause you understand pilots and air traffic controllers are also receiving the lies yes so they are also being lied to about what they're actually doing and they don't they don't know which is why planes there's only in north and south sea to the gigantic pangea the map that is the actual world and so they just fly in bip around these little fucking little service me circulars and tell them they're going straight yeah and speaking of it's funny that you bring up planes with darrell marble because dell marble is famous in the flat earth world for being the level guy 'cause he flew up in an airplane and he brought a level with them and it didn't change he was level the whole time and so yeah but look at that but look at it i don't all right they didn't do the reading about a thing called the theory of relativity but even if they did it they would say it's a desire
nist conspiracy of it or very difficult if we're at this level if we're already at this level of death on five in terms of it like we're not gonna have much of an more of a conversation about the nature of the planet earth i just of course course they got design ism at some point yeah could i just ask this question what's the problem if the world is flat why would someone lie and say it's round what's the difference well z just say what's the big benefit what's that will get into it well absolutely get into it some people say there is a reason behind it some people like the guy we're about to talk to talk about samuel rowbotham he says there is no reason no this is the first this is like the big inning guy right samuel rowbotham samuel rowbotham so let's let's get into some of the personalities of flat earth beginning way back in eighteen thirty eight with samuel rowbotham one of history
greatest misconceptions that people believe that the earth was flat up until relatively recently when columbus lv ocean blue in one thousand four hundred and ninety two yeah of course that's not true i mean humans have now the earth was round as far back as the sixth century bc and it's been a generally accepted fact for the last two years very few people seriously thought that the earth was flat if they even thought about the shape of the earth at all right yeah and the first person in modern times to argue about the shape of the earth was a man named samuel rowbotham rowbotham would travel to various universities in england and lecture on his theory for the meager sum of six pence per talk not bad of course going up against other academics didn't always go his plan he couldn't explain why the hall of the ship disappeared before the mast and one lecture you just ran away
ran away he just like like a squid like he was shot come like they'll never see me in my cloud and her and away no it's it was hard because the bedford level experiment now is still the thing they whip out saying this was the first thing that shows that the earth is flat but there's a lot of science stuff in there that they're disregarding their stuff but like erza lick sorta like a air with this is me even saying and i'm not even sure the map but i know a lot of stuff in between what we see is with me eyeballs and how reality is because my brain is making it all up anyway all are you how are you how are it gets you people thought yeah that is just degrading my everyday life i see tim hughes all sorts of what he thought to be scientific experiments to prove that the earth was indeed flat but like all these guys
the experiments only held up so long as the observer either didn't think about it too hard or was just happy something science it was explained in a way that made them feel smart ok i get it yeah of course like it makes you feel good like i understand that that's it total sense now i'm smart and the guy there in their ivory towers there the stupid one they're the dumb one yeah there's not even an elevator invented yet they're walking all up those stairs trying to go to bed i just fall asleep right here on the ground looking everywhere in my bed when i got to juggle wine that's the best part about science that led me to discover the powers of wine and how the garden can be your home these days arthur's use all sorts of techniques to prove their theories like one of they just like shina flash on a coin in front of a globe and say like look at that i i don't i don't do not know because that is most of the time the extent of their proof what when
look at that what what does it show shined a flashlight on the queen itself hello moon i think it's due to some but the moon or the sun but the thing is about many flatter there is that for a lot of the only thing that matters is what they can concretely see ok 'cause they never seen the earth from the outside with their own eyes nope but they have seen chicago skyline from fifty miles away on a clear day which by their calculations should be impossible if the earth was round because if the earth was round elevation would keep dropping and dropping and dropping and we wouldn't be able to see it from fifty miles away therefore the earth is flat so what about the scale of the globe
and all that's there for the earth is flat alright because it's what you know grill globe cochran slow and watch your wife being made love to by a planet oh my goodness i can't deal with all that i mean 'cause you're asking the wrong questions because if there's any question that you have it comes down to the scale all of the globe itself doesn't matter because you can't see the globe you've never seen the globe they've never seen the globe in fact this is what one youtube voted in burdick's article wrote it simply comes down to it have you been there have you been to settle have you been did you science is really an excuse for people to be stupid you know i have never
ever had a grasshopper why actually i mean grasshopper one of those barbecue flavor series of things that exist but i have not seen that i trust exists no there was a one videos watch work i was just saying hi doesn't exist yeah i was well what do you mean like in my mind so i ask myself i he probably said this out loud my family is now heard me scream at the videos quite a bit while watching him inside the house but a part of it it's like look at that when you watch the plane took off from that one way right is a look at that but like it's really high coming off that wow look at that how high it is we want to get close that'll look high height not really honestly i'm going to start saying that when people ask me how tall i am really how it's not real and that they're going to my flat earther and i gain a friend well there are good that since the earth looks flat the burden of proof
is on everyone else to prove that it's round ok problem is no matter what you say flat earthers have a conspiratorial answer for everything is there anything you say no nothing nothing no no no no no no no i eat fat from drinking beer that's water the government gave to me by putting it into they put water retention pills in the water itself which got filtered into the beer they put water in the beer have a water in the beer show my photos from space and say look the earth is clearly glow we've got thousands of pictures of the earth from space but according to them every single photo taken by space by anyone weather nasa the russians or the iss it's a fraud it's
more than photo manipulation well because they don't under it's not the i hate using the term don't understand is that they refuse to acknowledge that when we when you take pictures at an object that's moving at a high speed from another not stable they would think it's also moving to high speed again i'm not a scientist but a part of it is that when it's you have to pass the pictures together to get the entire globe you get say as of at a time right also moving it's a whole thing yeah it takes time and they got put it all together to make the picture look right in order for you to all of it like it's a plane and they take that because they do have people that artistic directors at nasa they take that take they are lying about everything that they are they caught the it's worked the moon landing being fake came in where it's like you have all these guys engineering what we see just like they are but they're not they're just injuring their engineer
bring it so we can see it you know what now just for the sake of artists i hope that that's true where is all the money going nasa meanwhile just cut to a graphic designer wearing gold shoes and gold pants look like it's all coming to maine unfortunately can't move due to the stiff nature of the metal but i do enjoy how expensive they are but speak in a nasa and nasa stands for what henry never a straight answer from these fuckin' lion scientists the entire space program is fake as now some say that the whole thing was just a cold war illusion because faking space exploration is much cheaper than actually going to space but others say that nasa is really a gigantic money laundering operation controlled by who else but the freemasons and people of the jewish persuade oh i got there it finally
how many pages 'cause i haven't looked at the websites how many pages until you get to the scientist agenda exactly give him credit and say it's an eight paragraph deep i think you got it you already in a little bit and then you go over like once you get there like i knew it you could see which is also makes no sense because they wear flat disks on their head to me a jewish person with the yamakaze the ultimate symbol of the flat earth it's like a thing on their head now it's that surrounded thing it surrounded disk and it if anything it points towards them being arounders is that what they call people who leave the earth is round rounders globe heads clovers globe cooks glow cards ball cards i love it
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it's not right but also people who speak hebrew maybe someone who wants to learn more than one language well this apparently this guys you teach at which we're actually going to hear from this guy later uh he's one of those is like that since he reported you'd see even who speaks hebrew there's your answer like you don't wanna read sir he's one of those douche bag the talks really fast and things that make some smart but rachel's boyfriend rachel which is my research assistant thank you very much rachel you were invaluable on this episode about her boyfriend actually speaks hebrew and he watched some of this guy's videos and so he said skype is not a speak he of course is to speak hebrew it's like he was writing all the shyt backwards and none of it made any sense and actually nasa is uh word it's in a s s eat h but it means to carry okay hold on second so this guy talks about nasa meaning just to deceive you know who speaks hebrew and then why
it just ended with this guy you know because i rarely he does is that was neat this is all very confusing stuff yeah i know it's it's interesting yeah i've been trying to yeah we're trying to lay it out as as simply as we possibly can okay the astronauts those are freemasons too and they're totally in on it they know that it's not that nothing's real but most nasa employees don't know that nothing is real because they've all been compartmentalized and anyway there are satan is lucifer ariens can i just ask a question what about the challenger when they old enter you want to take that one the challenger explosion was fake in order to make you feel sympathy for astronauts yeah that's how deep it go oh where did they go why did they just come back then they are alive and well and they're i'll show you the youtube video where it shows several people that look there ugly like the members the challenger team that are now slightly older
oh my god i see that yeah they're hiding in plain sight oh ok they have a hard time dealing with reality it seems like well that kind of goes with a lot of conspiracy theory oh yes very much so and by the way nasa they do actually have a job it's not just fakery and smoke and mirrors that job isn't what you think it is ok their real job is to guard the arctic circle the this sheet that surrounds the entire flat earth that's what an artica is and their job is to print it prevent anyone from climate over and falling into the unknown or just climbing over a peak in over the ice wall see and nothing and reporting back the truth to the rest of us we are very very expensive lifeguards right so we gotta border we gotta border ice wall around the globe that's what an article is and then pretty sure the simpsons covered this when homer went to the real world is that what they think was happening and also if that is the case why wouldn't we be exploring that there has to have to be someone be like give me
the oracle i'm jumping over maybe they are and we just don't know about it it's a grand leman you think do you think donald trump just go do you think donald trump june just goes and parties in new york all the time no these are the kind of things that he does is the son of the president would think so but maybe let's go actor samuel robot after he performed all experiments far too boring complicated to go into here he released a pamphlet called zetetic astronomy under the pseudonym parallax it's pretty cool he went full on somehow he'd jumped into one thousand nine hundred and ninety four i pulled the name right out of hackers awesome he followed that in eighteen sixty four with a book that has come to be the foundation of modern flat earth theory it is called zetetic astronomy earth not a glow not a globe written by
like the guy who sounds like an anti diarrhea medicine so i'm going to open this i'm going to open my mind i'll have to give a little bit of read to that and search assistant rachel found some wonderful amazon reviews for zetetic astronomy earth not a globe great book tells true there's not a chaotic spinning globe planet but it indeed unordered stable level play screaming added to indicate all caps here's the next one wow this book will make you think about the shape of our earth and also gives menia truth where modern quote unquote scientists choose to twist in line
fit their quote unquote agenda great big low and just one more timeless truth thank you wake up public to the fact that mickey mouse is not your god he's just another rent in a rant is a rent by any name nasaan it's not see force has hoodwinked everyone even though it's also run by the jews they are also path flyers and as well as traders right ok first of all the biggest issue i have out of all of that is mickey mouse is a mouse not a rat which is in the name which is crazy she doesn't even believe mickey mouse is a mouse he looks like a mouse riser at by any other name even if you call my mouth good lord but mickey mouse is viewed as our god is a very interesting that is such an old school holdover of like the idea of
petak percy and it's like we've already allow that to happen it's called the phone you're handing your but you have in your hand right in the device you're listening to this on the thing you use at work it's already happened the corporate talk of cease already taken its place is done but they still say it's mickey mouse being pressed interesting okay and so and now she was saying the were behind it we have kind of dueling narratives we have dealing there today and not to spread the the space for said nasa is full of and yet it's also jewish at the same time there's nothing i hate slash love more than it did you pretended to be it not to you or not he pretended to be a jew whoever's got the good science that runs this country interested so if i really did want to go have a good debate i could say we all agree the earth is flat but is it not or the folks who are jewish and then perhaps that could get something going in the room a guy i mean that's what fighters conferences are all about okay what happens is that they have a feeling that they believe in that sort of like who is it with a james bond villain
his head turns around he's got multiple faces who there that he man i think it was a guy i think you're thinking about now you're not thinking a man at arms i think it's gonna just like his biggest names is just phase or or something something like that but instead it's just a mechanical yamaka flip a switch the switch that's got a swatch that on the other side of it oh my goodness according to reviews this book is pretty math heavy but couched in all that math is the foundation of flat earth theory ok the bible so one of the question exposed by rowbotham and his repeated ad nauseam today is this why is water flat where water is why i asked the question bruce lee said be water said into any water is no consistency water is whatever you put it in water zack snyder is flat no water is actually around like you look at you if you look at do on a leaf in that water drowned 'cause
yeah i think a little round yeah bubbled bubbles or if it comes off so if it's going to leave that water was me that a wave i thought it was going to waive that thought it was like a neopolitan cake or sub when the bunch layers like a feel go like a like a baklava my really just started selling baklava and had one pretty good i rowbotham answers this by quoting psalms as thus oh give thanks to the lord of lords that by wisdom made the heavens and that stretched out the earth above the water there's like no answer why does that make it flat then there's this one from isaiah he said so throned above the circle of the earth and its people are like grasshoppers he stretches out the heavens like a canopy and spreads them out like a tent to live in our spot is it possible that the people that wrote bible didn't know the earth was round i think it's possible that the bible is just a collection of poetry meant to
spire and not necessarily literal facts yeah but i don't know honestly i don't i don't know why well i got a bumper sticker that says otherwise my friend i have one that says coexist but in all the symbols i believe a pre i think it comes with the previous doesn't it yeah and finally there's this one for matthew again the devil two come to a very highmountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor because see the devil wouldn't be able to do that if the earth was round oh ok all right so this is the so these are the bible verses that he at this is definitive proof in the my as of this man whose mind of this these are only three of the dozens that flat earthers have sense plucked out to show up like look the bible says that the earth is flat you can take this
from the bible and implies the earth is flat out there for the earth is flat a bottom was also the first to suggest the antarctica ice wall theory so if you want an idea of how the round earth gets turned into flat earth just imagine cutting a hole in the middle of antarctica down at the bottom and then you peel whole map off of the globe the whole map of the earth right you put that flat on a table and you get flat earth but what yes there it's like an orange peel the when they actually do that then we got all the little ridges in there and stuff all the big no no no no no no no no they sold more conceptual former potential you're doing the thing you're taking that literal it's flat but in it it's more like hello man it's like if you rap a blanket around a dead the shape of a sphere and then you
pull the blanket back out to be in flat right yeah okay but then you look at that and you think well how do they do transcontinental flights how do they do see travel the simple answer is they don't do we at least not the way that we see it you never been on man in the sky man the it's set up the pacific ocean just the northern ocean so you can just kind of occur i want to go from like eleta beijing is fly up north and then the curve around then you come back down ok but pilots don't know that because the people who run the gps there in on it too and all the sea captains of your liars ok she can't believe a sale or whatever he says what about like a plane crash and then everyone dies like what happened to leonard skynyrd and everyone died but really the core of the band dead yeah how does that happen then why they die still crash but then i thought they weren't
don't know they are high they are high there are high up in the air yeah a okay do you know that type of the plane you do know the time when you mail looks like it's every single time when the it comes on it's like alright everybody we're cruising at thirty five thousand feet it's time for everybody to clap and believe in flight plane will crash so until they were too busy playing music stuff not hear any now but they don't clap in the middle of it right yeah day out yeah it is far as the sun and moon go those are only about three thousand miles up and the and set of ninety three million miles like the sun block we've been told the sun actually is okay and the sun in the moon they just rotate around above us and then just kind of switch we all stay in the same place but the sun moon rotate around above us and concerning clips those are caused by invisible celestial object called the anti moon what the hills that the anti
no one's really sure no sure would stop in the earth you know 'cause obviously they don't believe in gravity outside why doesn't fall well get into that ok i will definitely get into that well this is also one model of the flat earth idea yeah two of the the original models which they felt was more scientific than what will happen late is it fair to say this is your go to model i think that that would this is a go to mall yeah this is the first one and it's one that people like to point back to again and again but the thing is about and then again with like the flat earth theory like it's kind of like religion it is whatever you want to say it is like you can buy even anything you want to believe that even though all this sounds like super simplistic and it's the sort of thing that most people even in the 1860s would scoff at just know over all these beliefs persist to this day form of youtube videos and some of those youtube videos
over ten million views we are doing it wrong so unbelievable but it's got a lot of coverage in recent years which is a part of the why the ten million views i think are there is that ironically it's been covered again and again where people come in and write and have laughed at at them watch i run the plea it also a part of that irony and a part of the laughter right it is what's actually driven the other side of the movement to fight even hard for their legitimacy because again like in many cold snow that we've actually had it spelled in front of us that the flat earther movement is similar to a clone that idea of persecution dow that's what they believe right it seems like it's like i don't know did you guys see that clip of kowhai leonard laughing now it was quite hilarious 'cause you immediately get serious is one of those where you're laughing and then your brain is like you're on tv and then you stop laughing i wonder if people watch that as a lark initially and by the time they sit through the whole thing maybe they're convinced
and you don't know i mean we that's the point of this is that there's no way to tell how many of those ten million views are people watching and ironically people watching it curiously and how many actually fall for it we have no idea and of course there's one guy who is accounted for fifty one thousand views it's just a repeat nonstop on this computer i'm close to it we watch quite a bit of this today but the thing is there yes so long yeah they're very click four hours long and each one ask again you have to explain to me why the moon landing was fake right then you have to explain to me why evolution is not real items like i know but just get to the flat earth part at least yeah we cannot know whether people believe in this should or not it's speculated that samuel rowbotham the father of modern flat earth theory never believed in flat earth at all only did it for the money yeah not i mean whether he did it again i have to put my surprise hat back on i took out for a second yeah there were multiple friends that came out after he died in there like yeah he never believed in that yet oh my god
so he just did a terrible disservice to science for money yahoo yeah yeah yeah of course he did and he also married a sixteen year old girl at the age of forty five and they had king kids it's blowing my mind and then he continued publishing the earth not a glow review until his death in eighteen before honestly you're looking at kid number eleven in your like i better go back to college life you gotta make money if that's what you're making money that you got to do yeah you got to put you got put in seats and also we're looking at an incredible sascha baron cohen movie yeah that should be done thank you to rx bar for supporting last podcast on the left get twenty five percent off first order and are explored a com slash l ast and use the promo code last at check out our x bars a pro
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monthly magazine of science and scents it didn't take long for another huckster to pick up where row left off that man was wilbur glenvale eva cool the by putting the bible up front and flat earth as supporting proof of its veracity he managed to convince the entire town zion il to believe in the flat earth by couching the belief in evangelical christianity i see the lever believe that the world was besieged by what he called the ready of evils evolution historical criticism of the bible and modernist ronneby in other words he was of literalist in all things it's so hard if you view all of life is just that that's gonna be like good put you in such a place like
the villain of the hope you're anti everything anybody ever understands it's a lonely position to have right in the trinity of evils is another thing that bring gets brought up quite a bit i was watching a pastor you are big sermon about the earth being flat and they also say the top three evils three evils come up all the time which is baller theory leads to believing in evolution leads to believing in the big bang they hate the big they hate all of this stuff and the idea that we came from monkeys in the whole thing but what about if the big bang made a flat earth but that's a little like that yeah they don't like that at all so they don't go like back in there but where did it all come from they don't go that far back well let's get a little bit until like the reasoning behind like the religious connection here okay not believe i believe that the earth only the earth was created for humans and that to believe that the
was round or even that the stars or anything but an illusion was ungodly and would earn you a ticket straight to hell the basic idea of this that the earth and only the earth exists and then god made it esp actually for us is extremely common in the flat earth community and actually i think tells us a lot about him yes because if you believe in flat earth and that means that you nowhere near as small as you would be if the entire universe existed if you believe in flat earth your distance is now infinitely larger than it was or in a very literal sense you also if you view god is a direct parent in your life right and this idea that god is right there it's like you know like when you go to i went to a theater school was nice but the
the classes were smaller so you got more direct attention from the teacher right i'm managing that but it's god is that instead of having entire universe bob for god to look after you it's this little circle the he made to fill with each one of us hand crafted lovingly painted like a pay file hummel figurine free oh each stroke of his tiny brush was there and he felt it and we can bask in god's love and were part of and we're the only person he's concerned with and you could see how like oh that would make you feel really important yeah willie willie reminds me of so we're on center stage and that's a big deal i remember doing open mics in a place called oh cheese lounge the basement right by the bathrooms at the comedy club called comics upstairs was quite a good comedy club with which states in it and where i started out and i remember talking to the open microsoft supposed to be eleven years ago that the club upstairs isn't good
yeah those show suck well we're doing down here this is where they should be the real ship this is the real so the one that we had to pay to do but yeah two drink tickets we got one of those that's cool you don't like that fun fact that if you smell a schitt smell coming from a bathroom it's gotta gotta bunch of ship particles in your nose from a stranger it's that but it's also a comedy show awesome now personally i think the martyr resurgence of flat earth theory is just another symptom of the western world's obsession with fame see i think for many just being insignificant on earth is bad enough and if you add the infinite reaches of space that insignificance can become unbearable because we've all been taught that we have to be significant and in modern times being significant means being fame
i gotta say i love just being in love the idea of space it makes you feel like better in my opinion that's why do commit it's also it's famous its fame it's want for it engine especially here in los angeles you could see in the middle of pilot season how flat earth that theory could be really popular because if you're there to not calling your staring at home waiting for them to call no ones doing it and you're just starting to sweat and you start to wonder do i list am i a ghost i can see that how that would be very attractive i also think it's an inherent lack of meaning yeah go part of what we live with every day is the weight that on some full construct of our brain in order for us for in order for us to feel truly comfortable we have to believe we have believe in something or if something we can hang our hat on a part of this idea of being being a special creature of god i mean part but i understand that if you want to believe that whatever but you can believe in that and believe that the earth is round
i believe that there aliens in ship because i thought god was like everywhere right i know they put it in the nug josset and i am sure of course declare if you are the very few christians believe the earth is flat very very big no no i did not like a universal now looks like no for church but you know i mean the thing is about this is that if the so do you live in or the world that you believe you live in is finite and you get the added bonus of being even more special because you quote unquote know something that the majority of people on earth don't then you get to feel both more secure and extra smug about your own existence dude that's the that's the full yatzy man yeah you get that whole shift you get book you get secret knowledge that don't you know because it's like when you get to the scientology and all of a sudden there spring and xenu on you is that you're like no but there yeah
yeah it's strange idea flat earth but isn't life strange and it's like this kind of concept that you really believe right the most fact factual and logical way to look at earth as it is a a flat plane suspended in nothing there is nothing but a cartoonish flat pain with a tapestry of stars and the sun and the moon flowing above it like uh but like an old school like picture like from folklore and you believe that that is real or you're one of these new quote science flat earthers that believe it's a disk flying through space and it's just it's very interesting so trippy it's very michel gondry yeah my mind it's like the only be jim carey from the truman show perhaps although i want to say jim carey didn't like it made you're really you're picking up on a lot of this stuff because we're getting into that later as well okay yeah and some of these guys like they openly admit to thinking about this finite existence thing as a comfort you know when to flat earth there's were asked what they thought
people who believe in infinite space they said that those people are quote unquote miserable and they couldn't fathom how people live like that they can't fathom how we live but what about the fighting world of exploration star trek next generation the only star trek matters to me that's pretty cool to think about but are you going to go there maybe if i got a i don't think i'm going to get approved i don't know definitely see for yourself you would be have a hard time in those cabins on the enterprise i imagine they're all riker size and riker was my height right yeah i don't think i'd fit it's also weird that's where it gets into the esoteric shade where it goes into this idea that and we all of a sudden there's a whole alien agenda side of this bullshit which is we're on a flat earth suspended in god's dimension but the devil somehow he is somehow allowed to continue to exist who fell from the heavens which is above our diamond alternate dimension kind of prison
yeah it is that we're in this floating area the devil appears as aliens and all that kind of shift vince is there is space because to want to leave the earth means we are choosing to believe god even though there is no space there also there's no stars in the planets but the devil appears was us aliens in the government works importance with the devil create this fake alien agenda to make us want to go into space because what that does is chooses us to deny the choice of god woo be like the inner workings of a baseball ever show that just like circles around it gets real tight there alright for wilbur glanville lever the guy who really hammered all of the christianity flatter stuff home everything ended in tears all because by twenty seven believe had built his followers out of five million dollars which of course caused i've been resentment after the great depression came
i need to get a new surprise hat because the kind of thing that hold on because i'm part of the price had that you need like a pretty rigid like a construction helmet when i keep it pretty tight on my skull it's really starting to cut yeah skin around my temples pretty sure i need one of those hats that has two holders for beers i need two straws about immediately because my here's my aunt surprised you will believe it tried to get all of his followers back on his side by hosting the annual zion passion play starting in nineteen five but a disgruntled employee took away the venue in nineteen thirty seven by burning i believers church oh because this isn't a childish play where it's like oh will put on a show that will get everybody happy again in the town absolutely and marcus i'm actually thinking unfair how marcus rejected my first draft of a zion passion play that i was going to read for you today because he said of the controversial
picture of some of the characters i believe it i believe i get what you were doing there marcus leaving the show believe it died in nineteen forty two at the age of seventy two despite his claim he would live to the age of one hundred and twenty owing to a steady diet of brazil nuts and buttermilk over she's smart switch it's honestly questioned david bowies peppers and milk buttermilk in almonds peppers and milk buttermilk in brazil brazil nuts what do you want peppers in milk with sprinkled with cocaine yeah sprinkle of cocaine i didn't know that that was an option peppers of milk led to low and led to hear buttermilk led to the design on pension plan
ever be read out loud buttermilks pretty good thick milk oh man yeah the ice cream man in my town he used to drink butter warm butter milk straight from the carton michael one hundred and ten degree weather oh my god the kid on the back the missing kid on the back is like this is worse than being missing being so close to the water bill and this man's weird lips i could speak like georgie and do you think that the i yeah the flat earth would died with believer but just a couple decades later a birdie man named samuel shenton picked it up and ran with it alright so for him everything began with an idea yeah his idea was this if the earth was round and constantly spending then logically it followed that
contraction could be built that fly straight up into the sky and just parks there and it let's the earth do the traveling for it okay i see the look on your face if you if you have a girder fell off a construction site and just poked its way through your head any you but you still were alive you could see how this is a great idea how i don't i don't know but think about it the plane goes up it says there look the earth through the magic for you because then you save more gas there's a lot of stuff in it and it's difficult there are a lot of moving parts in it and the issue well it's difficult for him to understand does seem like it's close like she could get gravity it's a little bit it's so logical getting done yeah yeah yeah when he was told that this was a terrible idea that would never work by people who couldn't definitively tell him why it wouldn't work he reasoned that the
anyway it wouldn't work as if the earth was flat oh 'cause that's the problem is that people just told him had men not going to work like that's just that's not how flight works that's not how things work and he was like well why not and they're like you know i don't know i just know it's not going to work i just know it's not it's like maybe there's something more here will you know what may i'm surprised you didn't think of like getting a big finger and then the finger goes down and it's like it stops it from spinning and then then the earth doesn't spin anymore why can't we just do that i was we have a new way to eat or i take a bunch of spaghetti when i do the lie on my back and i have this machine just tip the plate over here at the bottom my lip so the spaghetti cheese hits my teeth and gravity does all the eaton for me i think that's one of the failed inventions from the dad in honey i shrunk the kids i'm pretty sure that was in there so
you're doing what samuel said was days of research today's today's mostly involve just reading earth not a globe samuel shin even founded the flat earth research society this is about one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven now the thing is about shenton is that he was just a regular dude who painted signs for a living but it's really not that weird because it seems like this guy he's kind of like the pro oh version of the guy at the bank who seems nice and mild mannered until he over hears you talking about reptilians and that's when he comes by and tells you what's really going on and people think that marcus is just saying that but that happened to henry zebrowski it happened to a man by man named dick bunch chase bank manager who told me we heard us all talking about ufos
here you are young boys or talk about ufos were like we're twenty nine but yeah we were talking about ufos he's like well do you know about the do you know about the secret schools that run this world was like yeah i do it was like what do you know about the connection between the alien agenda and the secret schools that run this world and it's like as a matter of fact i do so and we started on an uneasy friendship the lasted about a week until he started texted me yeah and i go to them yeah and of course that we the conversation ended with saying oh my lunch break is over i've got to go back to being a manager at chase bank which is in fact in manhattan my money is safer to chase bank everyone's normal that works there at least they're sane so the year after the flat earth society was launched sputnik first ever satellite was launched as well do you think this would prove
once and for all that the earth was in fact round you fucking rubes but but in a response that launched a million denials shouldn't emphatically stated that they there is no other explanation other than fakery and even if the satellite took photos the earth only appeared round because they were probably using a fisheye lens i watched the movie when the russians tried to recreate everybody loves raymond and they are not nearly good enough at cinematography to pull this off well this is the first time we're going to hear this defense too and then it becomes the go to response for any footage of that happens outside of this planet that it is a photo shop and he says he can't believe it and he just immediately attacks yeah and the fish silence yeah fisheye lens is constantly being brought up because it makes things look curved yeah
i mean this isn't a flaming lips video what does happen it's beastie boys all those other ones that really used it and showed that part of those shills yeah the fish i'll ever like shell shot that leads was used a lot of music this episode of last podcast on left is brought to you by simply safe guys if this podcast it's taught you anything it's that death and destruction for you always end you're never say foul words yes he if you're listening to less i'm guessing you have occasionally woken up to creeks and bumps in the night and thought what was that it's it's like that when a little piece of mind goes along way and that's why excited to tell you about simply safe here's why i'm a big fan of simply safe home security simplisafe is ready for anything that gets thrown at it if a storm take
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tv interviews as a curiosity and publishing his opinions in his newsletter see if you get it the plain truth see you get it yeah it's well it's kind of triple because the plane is flat so we have it like that we also have plane flies and then we also have the plain truth yeah like he's like a bill engvall character here's your sign at the plain truth i mean he's just he's just a cornpone full on salt of the earth manage is telling it like it is and why people are so mad honestly the triple pun is pretty hard to pull off i'm going to give him credit for that oh yeah now he was also among the first to proclaim that the moon landing was allstate we can't really go into specifics right now rest assured we're going to do a fake moon landing so that because that is an entire episode all on its own okay i see a big subject marcus why don't we go go back to the moon that's where they keep asking why don't we go i mean
see the moon landing is kind of sad when you think about it because they got up their plans of the flag in there like nothing here yeah then why would we ever go back why don't we go back though as far as with motivations for pushing around earth agenda actually are cui bono if you well shouldn't have this to say to the birmingham post in nineteen sixty six i could only a code to pull the delusion was having been into reduced by certain into the minds of certain men who could not collect those others with poison his object being make it appear that god is a liar and a before the human race was she so a pause just article in the birmingham post right well died less than a day later in one thousand nine hundred and seventy one but before he did he passed the flat earth torch to charles k johnson who once again emphasis
is the bible now he gained some followers but for the most part the whole thing it fizzled by the new millennium but this it would only lay dormant for a few years before daniel shenton no relation to samuel shenton you're not even really how many shootings are there in the uk no this isn't a banana this is uh there was a samuel shenton was he was british daniel shenton is american ok it could see that you know people whose names are so close to the word shitan are looking for something it's a good yeah it's a very powerful man now in two thousand four shenton created the flat earth heidi possibly the most well known of all flat earth organizations among their larger claims is that gravity is merely an illusion cream
and by the momentum of the earth which is constantly accelerating upward at nine point eight meters per second yet it and by the way gravity is another way the flat earthers make fun of us they like to call gravity as in the earth reaches up and grabs things and pulls a torch the sinner and that's god possibly believe in habit yeah okay so does this do people that say gravity they believe in space but what are we going through to enter is that space space do you believe in space well some some of them do i mean problem do they just none of them believe that we've never been there ok that's that they're going to see there's a big gravity is a big go to turn van allen radiation belt is a big old go to term which is why we never went to space it's too dangerous is why the moon landing was fake in order to beat the rush it's right the whole thing the moonlight that's a deep deep other other crispy
see their hours of more research into that just to get to hear all end up it's very interesting to see them to do the thing with a like they say that gravity is what keeps us from flying off the face of the earth due to its spinning nature but what about this balloon it's floating why doesn't gravity pull it down to the earth as well lighter than air with the helium no what about this sack of beans yeah it's on the ground but i lift it up i put it on the shelf why's it not falling down to the ground off the shelf if your precious gravity wouldn't take it off the shelf and put it back on the ground if i keep the thing is a ha it's just because it's on a shelf and it's like how do you do because the shelf is holding it now we have the cleats on the ground but it's just the shell of the ground has been elevated in it or sell for so now i'm hot now i'm holdin five below
okay well i swear these balloons and uh you see him they've really it's interesting the way they flipped it 'cause then they tell us that we are freaking out which is true which is the very dumb we see this uh this relationship quite a bit or so some something nonsensical then you go oh how do your way to be like no that's not true here's the facts so why would you said is not true and then other guys being like i don't see why making such a big deal about it freaking out so it's there's a lot of gaslighting going on yeah seems like mass okay well you shouldn't i mean we kind of mentioned him at the beginning of the episode as one of the more rational ones like he's the one he believes global warming he believes in evolution but these to believe maybe part of the reason why the flat earth society gets comments like this from other flat earthers
not a member of the flat earth society they're controlled opposition group who propagate lights but the true flat earth theories and overall truth movement the organizations that is decidedly anti flat earth is kryptos media who is a former currency paddler out of edmonton canada whose proprietor and sole employee is robbie davidson send in their that's what this country is about yeah well he's in he's canadian well given that this is why robbie davidson said about the flat earth society is idea that the earth is a disk constantly flying upwards of flying pancake in space all that's preposterous i'm sorry for saying did he really say it's a flying pancake in space that's for pod yes but did he did he have to canadian law describe it with the pancake klay legally a pancake is a flapjack in canada
actually really this is for us to americans because it should have been a flying flapjack a david believes that the earth is a stationary plane and that the sun moon and stars are all inside a globe like the truman show this belief in the others were put forth at a flat earth conference organized by davidson sent raleigh north carolina just last year talks included making up to mainstream science lies nasa space lies and exposing scientism it also featured a live performance from the glow busters youtube channel and the finale the flatter video awards it's fun they've got a community it is
slightly more prestigious than a web ex ok i'm not feeling upset about that but i would rather i would rather get i want to get one of these flat earth videos of course and that's kiss it's best kiss and it just me just kissing my own hand with a little wig on it little googly eyes glued to it david lee mister zebrowski that count best kiss goes to you and you and if you're interested the twenty eighteen earth conferences coming up in november in denver colorado and lorado by the way holds more flat earthers than any where else on earth which further proves my position the colorado is still struggling pretty hard to handle legal weed
stoner loves more than space i speak that from the hard drive space that's very petty also makes a great counterpoint however i will set couple of edibles you gotta make all joint let me go in there kind of blowing your mind about the earth being flat and stuff like that and of course then then you start thinking about pizza which is good for business and then that leads right you're so high why do you even care to earth flat you should just be having time once you into the void with your best girls not sure sure sure i will say this the weed in colorado very strong we all experience no oh yeah i forget who gave me the weed beef jerky the sad thing is it was some of the best jerky i ever had he can't eat it every day full of thc and by the way don't worry if you're bummed about missing nasa and other space lies last year there's an encore
in denver this year in fact most of the talks in this year's flattered conference are the exact same talks right and we're the ones that were at last year's letters conference it's the same it's the same line up yeah and the same just the same line up the same talks oh i wonder if they're going to see a dip in go weirdo worship is that the people go into that thing they love repeats it's the flatter society and they're going to go and you get all the hits oh you gotta man screaming nasa you got another i throw an issue at a picture of like they just put out a globe and people just throw their shoes out you know what now that i think about it i like that it's not like when you go see bob dylan and he's like i'm going to play this off my new album from twenty sixteen how much money i have in cars are fast yeah play the hits but even these conferences have their detractors
one guy went on a radio show and called it a quote unquote she'll fast run by a deep stake counter intelligence program i mean you really can't imagine how many of these people there are there's dave murphy aka allegedly dave who openly admits his flat earth belief was born of a midlife crisis there's mike cavanaugh who is a former flat earth to bunker until he watched an hour long video about the apollo space program and it completely fucking flipped am ok that dude is one of those where he's like i believed in the lives but now i know the truth and it's very intense i was just listening to what he was uh for our program i was listening to it and the one of the host was like yeah you know my kid will be taking him to search is in a really huge really doesn't know how to get he gets bored during the lectures and kavanaugh was like yeah me too my kitty got way that's why he's got his phone there he can play on the phone and then i'm like these people have
talking can i would be receipt is that for the children first of all you're bored to death yet second of all you can't even tell anyone where you work for the weekend or you'll be ostracized yourself yeah of course and there's other people too there's care endicott who runs organization called fecal and then there's people like this guy harassed an astronaut in starbucks after the astronaut was kind enough to give him free nasa stickers home that's so nice in a week you definitely could just attacked him yeah this is the that guy right after his impromptu qa with the former astronaut an old man well i just got kicked out of starbucks for asking nasa employee questions he's lying he's a blatant liar what uh book that was now outside beautiful america
man that was ridiculous got nasa freaking stickers from the nasa employee guys and then i start asking him questions and he tells me to go outside of starbucks i'm freaking shaking i am shake i can't believe that just happened he's shaken yeah i guess so i don't think he's experienced a lot in life if that was it that shook him so hard but interesting this is sort of where i want to pause it for a second and say like what makes this man so upset yeah what is it about this whole phenomenon makes people so enraged and so passionate and so committed like the idea of they really dislike scientists and they really hate nasa and they seem to be jealous of astronauts but i don't know if it's just 'cause they're raking in the bush and the touch because our astronauts and there's a cool stories knows their plugin always killer and they got nothing to say when they go to a potluck maybe this guy this is the same guy that was like nasa means to deceive and he
this is him that's what that man sound like sounds like every you tube comment yeah tristan day out that's this guy's a you to comic come to life in the astronaut if i'm not mistaken wasn't he in like it's eighties yeah he was very old okay what what makes them like this why do they get so upset i understand the idea of being deceived is very hard to take when you believe that you've been deceived your whole life but where is your where is your horse sickness fight henry why do birds sing why is it you know why is jack black so funny why is the earth flat these are answers you know they will never get that will never get these are questions will ever get answers to put this rage from somewhere and it's not just youtube videos and not just reading old literature from the 1800s like it has to come from some other place yeah he made about hollow moon with they view view believed believe
soon is hollow you lost your job yesterday and if you believe that the moon is a fucking hologram deborah is not coming they're taking the apartment i think it is literally he literally thought was this thought that was a you to post right yeah i thought everyone was going to love it yeah it's like when you when you're when you're a kid maybe in middle school or something and farting is funny yeah and the kids are like that's really funny but then one day you do it no one last anymore and you're like i thought it was going to crash yeah yea i know he did that was removed from you two for harassment i had to search pretty hard to find that clip really yeah and that he was he got quite a few stories but he loved it he adds that he loved all of the attention that he got out of this in this guy yeah it's a the video of him talking about hebrew and all that is one that rachel sent me i think it was about four hundred and thirty four hours long and he is serious about this and very angry about this just like all conspiracy theorists are very very
anger angry if you're a conspiracy theorist at least have fun with it and i mean if the earth is flat and i mean you know it's flat you should be having a great time planner society guy he has a little bit more fun than the rest but this guy the ones that bring like zionists into it and all that like those dudes are fucking angry to say henry from your perspective there more serious than alien enthusiasts because a woman who's just seem to have a little fun you know what's about it with the good terms at the ufo problem which is what i like to call it the alien agenda examining where it is what it is how it is who it is a part of that is a love of sci fi and the love of things beyond this dimension it's monday think to think about for me it's exciting for me ufos and aliens inspiring a way for my you go measuring the cosmos things outside this goal existence and this idea that this this guy something about its mix not having the rage 'cause the part of it's like there's also obviously raid
in the ufo world as well because we believe that the united states knows more about there they won't release their research and all the things that they know about aliens that's where the kind of that kind of weird shit enters into the ufo world but something like this is just very it's very intense i just wonder where it all comes from yeah it can't be mad starbucks body get a frappuccino calm down i guess i want to help you calm down but it might make you happy i think these people like they're just angry and they want some new attach their anger to and for some of these people like flatters flat earth is what they that too and i guess it's the it's the only because the other thing about searcy theory is that it does make them feel a little better about their anger it gives their anger some sort of outlet it gives them something it's what we always say is that can speak theory is placing order into a chaotic universe
that way things make a little more sense like the shity things that happen to you in your life and the things that happened to the people that you love if a conspiracy he's behind all of that then that gives you some where to place your anchor you put your anchor somewhere but if life is just chaos if we are in fact a chaotic spinning globe but then you have no power however and not only do you have no power but nobody has power and that is the most terrifying it's just funny and now we can move on but to me once again very liberating yeah we can only do what you can do give yourself agency give yourself meaning every day one of your actions meaning you can do that without this need you don't even have to you have religion or not you have got or not you could have a flat earth or not 'cause my big thing too is like who cares the flat of who cares if the earth is flat or round what about the people the flat earth what about all the ship that's here that you could be dealing with those really would like it was haunting me partially is because
all the mister rogers documentary and i spontaneously started ugly crying between two people on a plane i was not expecting to see you in my god your heart grew two sizes that flight isn't it edible it hit me right in the fucking gun he said stuff that i needed to hear but there's a part of it was that it being like like when i was listening to what is showing that i'm i'm losing my edge and becoming unbecoming softap but i was like listening to them they fly there's all yell at each other on this podcast for four hours talk about their kids i don't think you could have used this four hours to be your kids to do it this way you should go do that you should go do something else and then come back around there's other ways to spend your life then worrying about whether or not the earth is flat or not but the problem this is that a lot of them say that they're doing this for us they're doing this for everybody else because they can't stand to see all of us lied to going to liberate us although what it is they're trying to liberate us from not many
and can really agree on that okay however we're not going to go negative on all flat earthers here there's actually one guy whom we believe actually deserves our utmost respect that man is mad mike hughes mixing it up i'm at my kids i want to buy his fucking life story i want to play mad mike hughes and if i can move into the hell yeah birth name to little known fact birthday mad mike i love it mad mike hughes the sixty one year old limo driver making about fifteen bucks an hour this man taught himself rocket science use that knowledge to build a functioning rocket out of salvage then last year launched himself in that rocket name one hundred feet in the air going three hundred and fifty miles an hour and he survived i'll
next thing i'm going to do is start upon k i firmly believe limo drivers are some of the smartest people in the world i hear a lot of story that's that yes they do so why did we do this why did you do it why mad mike is a flat earther and like most flat earth he only believes what he sees and he i want to see the shape of the god dam earth in his works quote i'm not take anyone else is word for it in this way mad mikes first attempt in twenty fourteen and he made it almost one thousand four hundred feet in the air and even before that he set the guinness world record for the longest ramp jump made by a limo one hundred and three feet do this guy is a superstar superstar there's a part of me that says it man that's a lesson to learn you want to see the puck encourager curvature of the earth you don't got a rocket you go to space with that that's what you want to go do that you get up tomorrow you go bill rocket or you go to learn
i read you can go and learn how to speak spanish like you been saying you want to do for years you can do it you just gotta be mad mike enough about to do i do want to learn how to speak spanish that is on my list oh yeah me too and furthermore on the day of last year's launch as he was strapped in about to begin the countdown the rocket started leaking fluid the pressure started dropping so mad mike he just said bucket he skipped the countdown and press the button anyway i'm going to spank some people said he's not weak mike he's mad like he lived up to that nickname that day and when he safely parachuted his rocket down to earth and was asked by the associated press what he was going to do that night mike said he was just happy to go home to his cats now all he wanted to do was all he wanted to do was see pockets and muffins one more time he's not in there man he is working
with research flat earth who admittedly funded most of mike's last rocket trip okay these guys are working together to go even higher together they plan to build what might calls a rock which is a combination rocket balloon wow it seems to be really work together one man can do it i believe that mad mike will at least try i don't know maybe the rock it just needs a little help from a balloon and if they manage to pull it off mad michael travel sixty eight miles above the earth which should be high enough to see for himself if the earth is round or flat but despite being able to do all of this mike does not believe in science hell yeah man of what how does he think then listen this is what he said ok here's what he says let's try here i know but
aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air about the certain size of rocket nozzles and thrust but that's not science that's just a formula there's no difference between science and science he saw himself rocket science and doesn't believe in it how does he have to see a genius and uh my my brain is broken how can you be so simple so stupid this is why i love that's why you gotta talk to people this is why i wanna limo drivers so while most flat earthers waste their time making youtube videos pretty much just for each other mad mike hughes used his belief to do something truly extraordinary and i think he deserves sincere round applause for doing it look at that usa cearley i am sincerely an obvious man like he is possibly the most
human human to ever exist i love it possibly the most american human ever existed or possibly the most human america it is uniquely american in that he figured something out but he also is kind of dummy bucket fluid over an old ghost town he's cool he's not even dummies ingenious i fully believe whatever he thinks about science is right you don't want does it really is true if you really want to believe the earth is flat great if you want to think that the earth is round who cares that's not fun just do whatever the funk it is that you want i don't really care but don't lump all the other stuff if you just want to believe life the flat earth is fine do all that shit but then please don't when her harass the survivors of sandy hook afterwards yeah did you guys all keep them separate
good to go i don't want starbucks either specially after they give you a free nasa stickers speakers are expensive all right well that was very informative interesting world it's a bigger world then people might imagine there's a lot of flat earth there is out there it's pretty large yeah one of the it's a really strange it's probably the strangest pocket a conspiracy theory that we have today well other than them lumping all the negative ones as henry just mention with sandy hook and then pizza gate this one is it's a relatively harmless as long as you don't actively harm people the problem hello folks my many of the people that live in flat yeah that because the guy that i quoted as saying that they're lying to this they're lying about everything else right he said that he was that he was in iraq war veteran and he came
back from the war just completely disillusioned and then he started watching youtube conspiracy videos hi denny watched another one and another one another he said he spent an entire week and just sit in front of his computer watching can we see videos and since he's already been fucked over and iraq then they all made sense to him and so by the time he to flat earth use like yeah of course this is true why everything else is bucking everything else is a lie everything is a lie so of course the very shape of the earth is a lie right well i guarantee you hans blix will get to the bottom of it and he is going to pass awmswf drive that spreads pretty good two thousand and four joke right now two thousand in the 2000s anyway that you got yeah it's good two thousand and three joke right now like that these people are coming from a lot of pain so apart of me gets it yes there's pain late throughout this whole world part of what i didn't realize just how big this was and how like when we did
full moon and we did hollow earth those those are the sort of like niche conspiracy theories and it shattered pronouncing some sort of like niche a conspiracy theories or flat earth really is like they should brand it into shoes and clothes and stuff and drinks enerji drinks sure like they're missing a lot of branding opportunities because again like i said it's a lifestyle as your entire thing people would be this book i read great spokesperson flat earth has its own music genre i like you this is one of the flat earth websites i visited they have a thing called fe tv and they've even photo shop like an mtv logo to make it look like ffv and it's just uh stream of songs about flat earth member that song we used to play darren alive shows and there ain't no curvature oh of course sure of course i remember that song he said just one two in the text chain really i listen to it on the way over here kinda good
yeah it's it's alright rachel sent me one that was just a guy that isolate the line space may be the final frontier but it's made in a hollywood basement from cali innovation by red hot chili peppers and he just loop that over and over and over again it says sample that he kind of sort of wrapped over i love yeah there's this it's just such a gigantic phenomenon and it's it's very bizarre and it's you know that's it's where we are now we'll do whatever you got to do to survive in this mad mad world just be nice about your beliefs and if you think the earth is flat you should be really happy for whatever reason no because you're the only one that knows it yes exactly to read flat don't read flatlands because it's not like a total looks like a celebration of things we
flat they actually malign a lot of flack things in there don't look for in there to help support your your argument because you will be triggered this call this was called the chest of johnny depp we do not like it but we had to fly but hi who ripped this was a fun little conspiracy yeah haven't done internet conspiracy in a long time but next week begins october oof the witching season begins work about to get very dark and very fuckedup we have an entire months of programming planned for you dirty fuckers that you're going to enjoy and i'm very very excited for it well our audience is very clean very very clean
i want to thank everyone i had a chance to go talk to culver stockton college and kids got a credit by the way for seeing me that they say our education system is blonde who said not anymore but i wanted to get that credit for putting up with you but i want to thank brian probably down to culver stockton college that was really nice and it was a great opportunity and i hope all those kids are very successful i'm sure they will be made i just i just saw it for some reason i watched a clip of regis fillman just want to end every second who knows i don't know i know alright let's see follow us on social media i'm ben kissel ben kissel one instagram marcus parks is max box and everything doctor fantasti henry loves you instagram and lp on the left we should tennis shows coming up come see what our bodies look like in person but there are a lot looser exactly like a much tighter it's getting loose up top always tighten the bottom no dude i've been going to the climbing gym you have
it's running do times it's got to become a now be with you i saw i i will go with you one point because i saw going to climbing with my this is the most la thing i've done i went to an indoor climbing gym not built for the height oh i don't have clamber up that mother fucker yeah i'm more of a borough are yeah that would be fun but no we could check us out we're in austin we're coming to dallas and we're coming to ok city that's going to be a blessed oh yeah i can't wait to go to oklahoma city yes the two hours leaving town i've heard that it's dirty and gritty by the way guys on the way down to oklahoma city i'm sorry i'm in charge of the music i hope you like bad company by bad company off the album bad company that's all we're going to listen too excited alright goodbye everybody alright everyone hail yourselves hail satan again lego stellations hail mean hey once you check it on the earth see what shape it's in
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