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Episode 336: The West Memphis Three Part II - The Confession of Jessie Misskelley

2018-10-12 | 🔗
On part two of our series on the West Memphis Three, we cover the secret mission entrusted to a waitress that officially moved the cops towards the boys, the false confession that put them away, and the bogus piece of evidence that sealed their fate.      Order your 23andMe Health & Ancestry Service kit at http://23andme.com/left   Apostle now streaming on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80158148   Start your 4 week trial at http://stamps.com with promo code: LEFT
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and find it under shows pale yourselves, everyone now back to last part. Yes, on the left. There's no way to escape to this is the last time on the left. Cannibalism started no, don't mind my cave. Are you the sheriff of Western Memphis orchids. What yeah now my name is the galactic I play We'll steel drum for producers of mirth I've come to Garth escape those through boys from that jail. Shadow amongst us. Go awry welcoming online creatures of the night go no. Just like that two hours. Sister of mercy spoke in March on the golf community
not save them wherever these vampires to come, get them out of air was Peter Steel. That's what I want to do this. The last bought gas. The love diabetic, Israel with Mark is barks how's. Your brain market rains all right: ok, Henrietta, brows, gay, come off of his birthday party, how you doing body a no eight, not your birthday party, coming off your back or party, I'm sorry, buddy ha. I tell you what I'm top shape I tell you what I definitely could be openly bleeding right now what I did fall down. Very good highlighted a bit of a fall down. Last night. I had a lot of universities but Tiki drinks they make they make your knees loose, is about the per hour. So I don't know what it is that whatever make
blue or vibrancy. Yellow rye makes me not be able to walk. Think it's the liquor around. Well, we have a very sobering episode. We ask of. You is a criminal justice system. We are. It is for every sober, we're out. You part two of the West Memphis three, let's jump right it. So when we last left the three, the West Memphis Police Department were edging closer and closer towards blaming Jason Baldwin. Indeed me and Eccles for the murders of Christopher Buyers, Stevie Branch and Michael more. But at that point the police he's had nothing more than a suspicious accusations of their local, which Hunter and a positive polygraph test from a hack, well Marcus. I mean what else do you need the God? I've got a hunch and there's a witch hunt that so then this is. This is perfect justice, I'm not a judge, and I look at them. Squiggly line the swindler. They get the more boy
is, I know you have their blood, nor has various or all that changed. When a woman named Vicki Hutchison came onto the scene, Vicki Dino, Vicki, Hutcherson shows, and it's the truth is that if, if my waitress doesn't have a full role of math teeth, not diner right woman. I is not knock at enjoy that experience without somebody who's whose teeth look like the skyline. I think it's Gotham city, apocalyptic guy fealty of This is how you pronounced the native town and that irey enmity, I you're, not even I rehashing maybe we're not rehashing all moving on moving on. I will say the meth people who do met they make the best pancakes because they also have to eat them result. So Vicki was a thirty two year old, local waitress, who got called into the west. Myth is police department on suspicion of fraud the day after the murders, and she just happened to bring.
Long. Her eight year old son era, in which the cop did notices that he did say, specifically seemed inappropriate out the time to bring son to a police interview. I'm not a baby sit around here. I don't know, I can't find a sitter, you gotta do it. I understand she's a struggling waitress, see Aaron was a friend of the three murdered boys and he told his mother that he'd seen a black man and a maroon car pick the three boys up after school on the day they disappeared. This was definitely Why is the key were last seen hours after that, but in this Aaron dipped his first toe and being a pivot. Ro in the police investigation concerning the child murders at Robin Hood Hills, you weigh castle, there will be a trial nay, when the night we'll have to prove your love, but light line
it will be lower hinges like going to think like you are actually going to jail, but the budget line will have to be your alibi. I won't have you like that you will have to have been seen with above, like lime out and bar somewhere to keep you from being guilty, and I get a little kid to help us and even like. I did see to me with the big green drink outside the body. He was here about how it's not fair, that he's tall elsewhere, because you got hit by a big. It's true, I believe- and I don't like that, all the time none the less. It is interesting. Racial profiling ingrained in this trial that such a young age, but a fascinating. Now it was streamline common during the say: tonic panic of the late eighties and early nineties for the authorities to believe the outlandish claims of children when it came to arresting and convicting so called devil worshippers many and seriously Salem, which trail the same thing. How many people have kids
It just seems like them out of the mouths of babes comes a lot of bad conviction of these children are not to be trusted here, but I do get what we want to believe the kids when they say something bad happened. Yes, the kids also have wonderful imagination, and when it starts casting bill Clinton in the role of head wizard of this state called spider. Man was there and also to turns into an Elsa gate, videos scrip, but you're in the middle of it like a rehearsal for it. You may be one or like a look into the claim, as they should be. The cornerstone of your case will three years before the child murders, Robin Hood Hills, a child care workers employed at Ms Martens, Pre school in Manhattan, Beach, California, were charged with three hundred twenty one counts of abuse against children.
These were the accusation that the adult were engaged in what was known as satanic ritual abuse. By now, even though murders were dead Currently a part of a satanic panic accusations. Satanic ritual abuse were at the forefront of the hysteria and resulted dozens of arrests, convictions and ruined lives based on the bizarre testimonies of children in all bizarrely into a subtle version of the government's constant war against the psychic. Weakening of the people of the United States nay. The world which I do believe is true. Heart of cook, of dropping the seeds into the the fear of ritual behaviour. The idea of the fear of thee say ten, a group can judge of Satan was delightfully. Is it all we did was have a good time. We enjoyed San Francisco. We like women, that consented to be nude, Vernon I thought we were able to consent years old. At this time. I must say they should
either for them should be eating. Plots are behind this. No, I dont believe, as it should be easier to be stripped club rules for sageness event, but I'm saying for for these to the idea that the poor asking people unjust these fanciful Terrell and built up fear of satanic groups in a port it ain't in a weird, subtle way. What it does is denounce the idea of unbelief and anything outside of this universe, and it plays, to the controlling hands of the government. How many things did you have to ask? Why are you today? I were embryos that obsolete and into chair very good for the day our industry, our dabbling in creating daggers. This was a prime time for your business decorative knives, we're doing well with people who were being prosecuted here. They were not satanist, they were not any sort of. They were engaged in any sort of ritualistic behaviour whatsoever. They were, regular folk, but they still got swept up in this. Some of them
murder claims made just endemic Martin Preschool trial, included a series of underground tunnels built underneath the school to transport, children, kids being flushed down toilets over and over again before being cleaned up and presented to the parents and visits from punchy, Brewster and Mr Tee to keep the kids quite unhappy. That's great casting you want to make a bunch of kids happy. You bring Mr D and their because woozy saying I can't believe. I'm glad you're ready before. I pity the fool that is not by Mr Aparicio. Absolutely he was very hallucinogenic. Visuals since its fear, it does remind you sort of of the high strangeness availing abductions, which is why, but within than adults context, it makes a lot but more sense of it being like wildly outlandish when the trial that did does sound like alive now, while we can all yuck it up about this shit from decades away, just like with the West Memphis three, this shit was too
can with deadly seriousness at the time? And we cannot stress that enough? How do you even flush a child down a toilet than on makes loyal toilet oil? What are those that produce toilet team restaurants, words of fun and at the porter, pretty cool itself been tasked? It don't be like yet, if wash them an unfinished em, I mean what is horrible data? Be a plumber, yeah, I mean it's that same type, temperature, with like pizza, gay, where all the kids are saying that they were all molested in the basement of comic pizza, and there was no basement in combat pizza and they'll, come out and say some like well, they ended up. You know they. Actually, The the basement out, like they completely remove the basement when they found out the people, are going to become looking for, which would also be the
same thing. Mc Martin preschool remove the gigantic toilet before the authorities got there, of course, and if anyone out there knows where this gigantic toilet, if I really could use it, you and wonders fun. Poop emerged, costume. Fine. You feel that, with this is the map little party we gotta, get redo. It electrical appear news slots prove your party is sort of surrounding my humiliation, run it I've only. I should that movement, the they use the same tactic. To say that Real, to also denounce what people say about alien abduction or say anything anything else where they say. A part of that is the outcome of this nature. Of the claims right is that you can believe in it cause. The kids were so traumatized by the memory that a kind of destroyed their idea of reality, which then will now we ve just destroy the ideal whatever is in normal truth, like bottom level, facts
now anything can be shoved, and so it goes one eighty because it so extreme. There is no way they made it exactly and that sort of thinking that it so extreme there's no way they made it up. That actually follows in the West Memphis three gay. Ok, you know I'm a couple more examples of satanic ritual abuse, because I think it's important really drive home. How widespread this stuff was in Bakersfield California, investigators convinced two kids, that their parents have molest them and sacrificed babies in their basement. Based on those testimonies, the parents got two hundred and forty years in prison and served twelve of those years before being exonerated after their children recanted. But now that taken a body may be, they do Do you realize it was after the kids were adults and they started thinking back because they ve been told so long by people that they were told to trust, they were told to trust the police officers. They ve been
so long that this was true and then finally, they recanted there like. Actually we don't remember any of that and there's no evidence here to support any of this stuff in that wasn't even the longest and served in that case, a local carpenter swept up, and all that bullshit served twenty year of a forty year sentence for supposedly molesting children and making them drink blood again with No evidence whatsoever to back up the clients created was Pomegranate Jews, told by the newspaper that it's a superfluous the earth that thirty people were sent to present based on satanic ritual abuse claims and those claims we're extracted from children by investigators who told the kids that if they could just all the cops what they wanted to hear this would all be over and they can all go.
And that is a sentence you here again and again raises a book that I also be using as a reference as we go through. This episode called true stories of false confessions, which was edited by Rob Morton and Stephen a driven, and it's a very interesting them at it does a breakdown of the many different ways. False confessions come down and it's a lot more probable prevalent than we think absolutely. On a more humor aside, it would be interesting to walk into a police station Billy. Why did this handier arriving children make stories they would be, would be amazed with safer. Many sniffed, the one, that's what exactly what they were doing, because they were talking of these kids and they need things out of him. They would ask them leading questions, and then the kids found that every time. They told they said something awful they'd get a reward. Get a pizza handy, they that go out to Turkey, cheeses. They get a reward.
Every single time like what are they just started same weirder writer shit like when you talk poops outside the metric puppets lonely. He learns interesting so in other words the West Memphis three. The only ones who got swept up in all this nonsense. They were just the only ones whose case included a trip to death row while lucky marking strange strange, it is kind of like in a strange way strange way so about a week after the murders. The detective, who would immediately taken to the called angle based on the accusations of which Hunter Jerry driver Skies name, is names Don Bray. He brought Vicki Hutchison back in for questioning. He asked her if she never about or seen anything around town that might be considered a cult behaviour. She said she had seated herself, but she heard some kids in her trailer park might be dab. Latin knew them. Kids do no good. They went out in that field and also
Jack landlords have no reason to be carved in almost no, they don't, and I also I also heard those goods complaining. Chick fully- is closed on Sunday night. They said they wanted a chicken sandwich on a Sunday. If there was one satanist branch of chick fillet, there was, I would go to it so often, It's amazing bird and since the reward money for breaks in that case was growing by the day. Vicki, with the foe approval of a member of the police Department said she would cordon quote play detective, to see what else she could find out concerning those dab links. I tell you what I'll get to the bottom of all this with mass wish, you'd, be hand and MAC comfortable, waitress shoe sir. You can do a lot and wager issue whether they are very nurse youth. Yes, those big once now how Vicki came to be focused on Jesse,
Kelly is a matter of speculation, but the most widely accepted theory is that detective DAWN Bray had shown Vicki Hutcheson Jerry drivers list of satanic teenagers ass each one at ease, thou, wait him followed spider. He I followed to the Michael's, where he bought all of the cross while I don't know why it is that no no, turn I would just add, shape frames took, but I know you could tear them upside down and states it upside down. Four August near did dabbling up with great detective work, and, if you ll, remember Jesse Kelly had earned a spot on that satanic teenager list for his Spock Heron stuff, that's right and Jesse missed. Molly was the only person on that list that Vicki New, because Jesse Woodson times, babysitter kids, so Vicki started talking Jesse and he app- and she asked him if he knew Damien.
Jesse said yeah will because, even though really know each other that well knew each other not to say hi to they were really what you called friends that it now has a small town yeah me that that's totally normal Jesse openly said that he was afraid of gaming, did he not Damien with super creepy? There was a guy, it's it's This being where did me they're all certain I've come being pushed together. Guy also just point out the fact that Jesse used to baby suit her children yacht like what are you doing, you're out at the bar and your friends like, whereas the kids like oh Jesse's, taken care of it. It's a toss up, How well are they doing? We don't really know, did Albert Macaroni when we get home or they might be really is about the best part about being, I think, looked after by a simpler person as up the first two
where's our great. Oh, it's really just when it starts again. It's lose control where the macaroni game become serious about back our game, like that's, gotta, be difficult, babysitter very funding, so Vicki goes back to detect a brave and Jerry driver should how much he found out says you know. Jesse knows the dude not friends, but he knows so. These two assholes sent a waitress on a seat, under cover mission to fair it out info shit on a person that day thought one hundred percent was a vicious triple child murderer. Think about how hot This must have been Vicki yet
he's a little under the weather. She's got some she's got somewhere on the sightings, but she's ready to go here. I mean she's cheese that that the hottest spot in town she's, the waiters she's, the goat- you if you need to connect at that that fuckin get their primo food driver fearless man of God, d, write down into the heart of a call you Dr Mistake, you know sorting ass, you do that you have to cut off the head the snake to get that tail wriggling. Did you get it up in your hands? You suck on ethical glimpse sloppiness, but it's your dead snake now and these men are there now drawn together and which is a deadly serious yap, sardine they're, gonna, bust openness, satanic, in the middle of their home town by actin like in the movies. Perhaps it is totally crazy. Yet really it's so here was their plan. Vicki would get joy. C D bring Damien to her trailer under
the auspices of romantic interests when a light not Yankee can anyone. I got my on the grass what caused this nothin like pretend in the out in the bar and yet piggies Aquareine, and make more little alright romances in the air, a course like Jesse. Didn't know the real reason why Vicki one or two me Damien any honestly, I we need like odds low weird this woman and her thirty's wants to gonna fuck this eighteen year old, please I'm out our out I'll. Do it so well, stay mean was in her clutches Vicky's plans that she would seduce him verbally without getting physical and eventually she would gain his trust and be brought into the local. Satanic, which covers this, was seriously their master.
You know, I heard the sexiest groovy as thing in the world. Damien know what is put in a penis, in a vagina, really the trailer park version of Ie Jim carry classic once bitten. You get a chance check that out this Holloway racism. I like the idea, though they she does Felix he could seduce him just by talking, but like there is nothing easier than introducing an eighteen year old boy, gas. That is a pretty simple task. You know this for sure. Can indeed year old boy, I do we really want Europe. All you have to do is just be like high with this, of course, but this is a good idea. I just like the fact that it was all completely serious and she truly thought that you just going to get right in there. What it wouldn't. Let you see, Damien was really in a satanic alt. Let's they do, It really was a killer. They'll just put this woman. Just do it were my
we have done in dumber, but we're gonna carry another carry reference. What is one and the very like having to face, began to take that chance driver even provided Vicki with set dressing? He gave her a list of books on the occult, but could be found at the local library, and he suggested that chief scattered around her trailer so as to make herself seem a little spooky here and I'm going to say this is actually not a bad at last by gas listeners, and you know who you are and if you're just trying to get that person whose just this Googe spook ear than you into the fold you try to close that deal. You get column since the occult annually on a table, goose girl, show ya, get commerce is being called a field day. Guide to demons is a very good. You can get a couple, a loose,
He's a man met the magic just a couple of days. If you want to do yeah, if you just after them around the house through Gonna, think you're in alcohol, like you, strategic and strategic putt places this like you'd really here, and then you accidentally it's up to you like. Where do I wouldn't I put my one glasses and you put the books on time but where the wine glass, it would be an you like, better move. These tomes the cold. I'm really. I am not so the day in question Jesse ran into Jason in Damien and the trailer park and told him all about this older woman named Vicki that wanted a piece of Damien. So the boys followed Jesse Vicky's, trailer, witten side and Jesse State outside just kind of Milon around I dont like me. I don't want to make fun of Jesse at all, but it's just
could see him out there just kick and rock and are not allowed to openly the say ten colt being brought down, and there must be out here with me. The keys, if he's very sweet, very sweet, may judge jury. Jesse didn't even know, but this whole say tat called thing going on, because all Vicki had told him. I guess I won't get a piece of this Damien kid. He seems kind of hot Georgia like art because he consider Vicky his friend right or because he watched her kids. You trusted her. Yes, that is a mistake that this man will make again, and so the boys went inside and Jesse said. After about fifteen minutes, Damien mom showed up in our car, picked up the boys and drove off and as far as ass. He knew that was the extent of Damien and Vicky's relationship, but Vicki. She, had a whole different story to tell who she said the Damien, was immediately impressed by her spooky atmosphere, so he invited her to a
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that means to frolic Most ancient form of a mixer gets also what you'd call it and legally you can go to in his bought without one of those, no less like very thin. Anklets. With the little bells on them. So you do that those are fun. So, according to what Vicki Tall detect break. On May nineteenth two weeks after the kids went missing, Damien picked Vicki up in a red; Ford Escort and Jesse just happened to be in the back seat. Along for the ride like a vampire We need a hatch back ever learn off, it's no right off the bat. Anyone who had done their homework about Damien and I'm talkin about the police here anyone we're done. Homework about Damien knew that this was a lie because not only did Eccles family, not own, a Red Fort Escort, but Damien COS drive to the point where it was one of it like one of these things,
oh yeah yeah, I know those pierre its eddies like that yet Larsson for a round table of gentlemen, were he will not drive, he refuses to drive walks. The highlight early does is the the journey men like Allah. We use the Michael Myers of our friends, but regardless Vickie, the two boys took her to a secluded feel. In the middle of the night where they found ten other teenagers. She said that she didn't recognize any of em and she couldn't give the names to break either because they all use nicknames like spider. Snake, Lucifer, That's an actually army. That is my real name. My name is Lucifer. You may know me by my nickname is m. Mr spoon that goes with those little collectible spoke. You go anywhere. You gulf liner, you were the spoons are anyway, let's cut the tick off this baby,
will soon be the attendees whose faces an arms were painted black. They all started dancing, naked in the field, and they were in Vicky's words touching each other yikes touching he too, oh touching, each other. They wish this happened. This will be incredible at the right course. This whole display offended Vicky's, delicate sensibilities, so she said that Damien took her home While Jesse stayed behind to enjoy the orgy to come. I will, it is obviously not. I don't want to go into details on that's disturbed about, but I will say that this is not malign waitresses whatsoever, actually love about them, but a early learning writer you early thirties, waitress in a small town in third Gretel. Papers, and so I can deal with all their top off paper. Of course this didn't happen, but that didn't stop Vickie
this is serious. She testified about this in open court during a murder trial and ordered the story right cause where'd you. Obviously our job is to joke around about it. We're sitting here. Try we mean, and it's very silly were playing up. It's a vow. Silly scenario, but book was soon as it goes official vehicle you're just laughing yourself to the Fucking Electric chair, and this is what this is, what they almost did its works, but our countryside doing to its that whole entertaining ourselves. The death thing we're just so wacky that you think it's funny but to sleep, but if it's being set in a court of auditors did not refer type put it right, It becomes like a precedent. Now it's every comes a port of legal history. I mean that this. This is when you think about Damien Eccles Behaviour, although these, Lorries are so that shit, crazy gathered. He could not Imagine anyone taking them seriously, so he just right
acted in a way that he thought was appropriate, which was a total disrespect. You're total disrespect for the process because they're talking about covered at all this nonsense, I mean heat and even have ten France every one of these stories in the full, true stories of false confessions, all says the same thing. It starts up with this wall of I am innocent. The courts are fair. There is no way that anything I can say can even incriminate. Now, because I didn't do it that all of this will come out, Lego I'll be solved, but it's you stole requiring those twelve people in the room to agree with your side of the truth like there's gonna, be a lot a righteous indignation when we get and all that, but the Why were saying this? Never happened is not, but just because it sounds ridiculous because it does were saying never happen because veggie Vicki Huh Jason has said multiple times since on key. That she lied about the whole affair, beginning to aunt according to her
and everybody else. The extent of her relationship with Damien was in fact the fifteen minute Is it before Damien MOM came and picked him up, so amazing? What p will do for small town cop approval not just little donkey approval, but a little bit of cash as well. This is my could I ask that that I've- maybe an egg, sport listener could maybe in for me to- or maybe we could talk about this? What good is it offering? the a reward for tips for information, because shit like this came. This really comes into play here, we're thirty five thousand dollars will change these people's lives and day of its obvious, uck, odd and it good drives you I need to, but to say something to the police. Even if it's me again It requires faith in the system because the jet, like the Justice Department, you investigative bodies, they are so rely on a set of checks and balances. However, those sets of checks and balances must be made. Pain with
in the system and with recent law enforcement body are smaller and smaller micro, chasms of checks and balances, is local law enforcement as a series of checks and balances that are supposed to go through pariah state law enforcement. Does the FBI? Does everybody supposed to check in double check their work in the case the West Memphis three fuckin. Nobody double check their work. It out. It's never great when the detectives bringing the witness back into a room where Howie Mandela's there's a series of brief cases. They call it but they say choose a box, and that will be your reward for falsehood, accusing these people of murder, but I can switch the box. What you can do. I could do a last minute switch right. It's a fervent just have an open switch efforts were ok. I switched over to those which were here is where Detective Durham, the polygraph examiner from the last episode comes into play again, I remember Durham do
test on Damien Eccles about a week after the murders and said now that kid's lion he knows more than he San so heated up. The graph test on Vicki concerning her claims, and he found buyers ratings that she was one hundred percent, tell em truth. He also found her to be extremely stressed because it turns out it was the polygraph exam he was wondering I want to be in Scientology. This is ridiculous. Everyone is so bias, it's it's so aggravating will. It will be proved again and again over the course of the next couple, episodes that Durham didn't What the hell he was doing and here's Y see given polygraph test is much more than just a term interpreting the readings given its also about asking the right kind of questions, and because of the line of questioning he took about the night of the S bought it's possible. He could have interpreted what really happened that night as what he wanted to hear
and then later on, Vicki told the story as she actually remembered it. So tell me, I'm let me ask you are too first, what is your name in fact, Vicki Hutchinson? He is I think, so you saw the nature of the event the has bought a you are speaking of his people, nude touching each other painted in black riding on the grass Please would you in fact be interested in doing something I got with this polygraph up. Me, you sell amateur awhile. I know she wants me range date. Indeed why this is the real story according to Vicki, on the day of the suppose, it s bought she'd, broken up with her boyfriend bought a couple of fifth while Turkey to drown. You sorrows you you're gonna, do it do so far? I like her. She said she was already a bottle and by the time she was picked up by some one to go to
some sort of party? I don't know. I think it was the guys in the pig car. It's like you want to go with me this. I suppose that that Jersey, double Norman bladder about about episode, you have kids and the carpet bag. This piracy is car. I've ever seen so she's on one hundred proof what to her wild turkey of of what she had already got a fit the wild turkey inside of it would take down under the giant and pretty much all. She remembered that this party, it was in a field. It was weird, people were pay black, or so she thought and people were undressing each other, or so she thought she didn't know where it was. Who was there who took her there or how she got home? the only thing she remembered was that she woke up alone in the front yard of hurting Taylor the next morning with an empty bottle, a wild turkey sit next door. That's
leave that that's exactly how your night ends in that's kind of fallen. Actually, when you wake up you're like wow, I really did it's like it's like the flip naughty cited. The Teddy Bear picnic You shouldn't have negative of it. It's like a fairy godmother connect and if you just drink just enough, while Turkey, though, why. Teddy bears of sure would force will come and take you and strip you The fields and listen to their sweet. Teddy Bear saw dubiously teddy, bear dances, range Children work. Well, the thing is about this stories? How relates, is it later on? She just failed the details with Damien and Jesse. I say that wasn't her only contribution to the case, perhaps more important. One is the contribution that isn't mentioned in any of the documentaries. At all actually kind of go under the rate our little about, but I think it's perhaps the key
Understanding how the rest of the department, fine, came around his Vicky's other contributions was her son error. By the time they got back around him. Almost three weeks had gone by without a single break. In the case, the cops were starting to get even more desperate, the entire town is going through trauma, yeah the entire like. No, yes, all the sites of three sweet little boys would seem to be castrated in front like it's a brutal cry, they have no leads. They have no clue where to do with the weird to turn. Their de medical reports have not come in. They don't know you don't even know how they fucking died, and so they are grass. Struck the ep. The only thing they had at this point were rumours and hearsay about Damien echoes should they had two weeks before hot gas, and they had heard Jack shit about Jason Baldwin at this point, but Jane and Damien hung out constantly. So there you go and
being facetious here. No at all. That was the reasoning. That was the extent their evidence against Jason, Baldwin, no Evan No evidence is just there like well those doing out together right there. You go course of Damien. Was there a course Jason's gonna be there are always together? Look at that. Naturally, by association is a very intense claim and its use by the police quite a bit always get what they want in a part of it is that when it works its great but the the it can be manipulated case, like this hours, allusion hold, but Jason Baldwin's life is ruined by its by association. A lot of people being charged with murder is even if they can pull the trigger because they were in a car or something like that non there's, a great I'm killer on networks. As a couple of stories like that and Damien the story when he's in solitary about a man who was herb and when he was on death row, which that happened, one of the dude pull the trigger. The other guy was with him. They were executed. On the same day the guy was executed was like real.
Happy? I tell the story. No! Ok, the guy who's. Security was like whistling and stop the guy who was not innocent but guilt by association. When it comes to murder gave Damien all of his office goods at very fine item on goods, of course, but he could eat it was many in constantly- and it was one of those things that Damien really stuck with him as well the horrors of death row. Yeah, we'll Damien wasn't doing himself any favours either he seemed acts lake. And be enjoying his new found notoriety where you ve been going Town doing is goth kid bullshit not taken any of this seriously and using all of it to both his spooky boy, reputation right and the guy get. It that's when merely Manson? Let us believe that he cut out his ribs or we could suckers on deck the thirty years it you'll reared a thing you an edge on people and conversation. If they know you went to that full extent. So I could fully accord
it myself, and so on that that tells you a lot about the person. Absolutely even it's like I am. I am. I also the character from the wonder years. I don't know, I don't know where the conversation that we get the most Detention during this time was the infamous softball confession Damien withstand in a group of kids at a soft ballgame game. Just a local afternoon, softball game Damien all of us that he was the one you killed, the boys do again for a turn himself. There already picked out the final victims right, oh yeah body, but this is Europe, this egg, a power. It's what you deal with, how it's coming from a powerless position. Well, we know this is a mistake and it is a young boy. Here is a young kid. You gotta ask yourself like what's more likely scenario here, that this guy
who's. Not only admitting do a triple homicide, but was openly talking about his neck, set a murders at a goddamn, soft ballgame right or that it was just some dumb kid talk and shit crime. Crime, crime unripe. Eighty Abuja some times with zero killers, but he really dont the mostly what they do. Is they could that's why you did he's outside of the character of a true like someone. It would do this form of They believe they lust killing. Something like this, where they would stay close to the crimes. That's what we ve learned quite a bit. What's your colors, talking to the police that are involved here like doing up mostly, they want to appear as model citizens, because serial killers and people do this type of. Crime. A lot of times have like these inner games where they like to feel did they hiding out as like us
deep and wolves. Claw arrive in sheep's clothing with it with among the innocent people, and you may get through a lot of you see that all the time when someone goes up the first forty eight shows this on a regular basis, great doc. You series where someone I'll just be like. I have some information that clears my name. I didn't know you were so they had Avis cleared, but this will just show you how born is West Memphis, Arkansas, we're at a soft ballgame years old. This was the entertainment this. What children do? I tell you? What board groups of boys do? Weird shit? I got died, the illegal cable. Ox and my baseball team came over my house one time and I was like boys ready to see some pornography and our desire for a parent- and I went, I flip the switch and we put on the spice channel and we sat in silence for four minutes. Yet that's what we want is to think did not understand, and then we shut it on your secret. That bit should have stayed within the baseball cuban prisoners
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They must give your welcome lust killers. They don't talk about their crimes this casually because they want do it again and also a lot of times less killers are deeply ashamed of their crimes and they dont confessed to their murders into if they ever do confess. Until where a way down the line right and basically, when they're already in prison and at the end of the line or acts against the wall. I'm crazy Anthony's took that tour job and widely they're, just like there's no more room to walk or like Ed Camper. When I would add camper like calls up, confesses and and all that sort- and you know a lot of them, never can pass our allotted, who never turn themselves and because they want to keep doing it and when they do talk about it, they're not actually talkin to their peers about their casually talking to a bunch of they're going to a bunch of children about this shit like I. Indeed, if you dont, they don't about it with a sneer and a hook it see later Damien technically
nailed it on the head when he gave his shithead answers to the cops about. Why use people? Why a person would do this crime right white? Someone would do the lust killer. Version of this crime, which is they really enjoyed what they were doing and its an essential nature of this year. Color, and this type of murderer is that they take their actions. Very seriously, so it's their message to the wall, all the lot of the times. It's a! U take thing. That is a TAT, weird annual ritual, that they are part of it. It's not just kind of flip atley thrown out in that if this is a lust killing oak organ again, that on part three, but with Damien and Softball confession the nature of the crimes created. Can a paradox in the minds of people who believe Damien did it. They thought and thank still that person a commit. These kinds of crimes will, of course, be evil enough to brag about. It therefore
stay me in bragged about it. He must be the killer, because only the killer would be evil enough to break about it, makes all the sense in the world. I don't it's just that circular logic, because when you say why what why would he brag about this stuff- and we need tell nicely Cosy- is evil? so he's the rib lurk acting like rise, like your hosting you thinking, he goes it doesnt work like that. You're was of a man in a suit yeah. That is if it's, the people that are dead, sold us these phone american psycho great example of evil? Will the conclusion about the softball confession was shared by the West Memphis police Department? After three weeks of turning up nothing Gary get, All the lead investigator was finally desperate enough to hear what the
nuts in town had to say about all this Satan business. Now I will say at this point I understand his ease. Other wonders mounted the softball game. It's loaded born, look at Grendel's, chronicles and soft go out and rising really like those John Stockton shorts, especially back in the day I so I understand them going to Damien and be like YO. What was that all about gap? Publish this not there, of course in them Meantime Detective Bray had been pressing, Aaron Hutchison for information, just like all of all the other detective, done years before and the satanic Ritual abuse case, stressing the eight year old, pressing the Asia, that's what they did in all these cases ride talk to these kids and the present press. I'm impressed him until. Finally, they told him what they wanted to hear and finally, Aaron had told Detective Bray what he wanted to hear just shut him up and send him away just get a chuckled talk of Argyle child being kept in a fucking interrogation room. There get bored
I don't really understand what they're saying they're just going like. Oh yeah, ok, because you're you're, you're, getting positive feedback from a police officer gather telling a story and that's all there and that's all they think an Indian he's a man came indian, it's a good, see a bigger than a car passive, but he's acting super interested and not like your parents that are mostly highly board on your existence. Will errand said that, prior to the murder he deceased boys had seen a group of men doing weird shit in Robin Hood: Hills on the regular. The men would sit in a circle. Chant have sex with each other, and sing songs about the devil. Just sounds like a wonderful city. Council meeting in San Francisco sounds kind of fun. I would say that's a little bit more than weird was actually happening, but that's interesting devil make me
Do not make me hard, nor, like all get hard you staring at illegal circle, they were having one. They were doing, something they called the human sent appear. There was always they could about those innocent but of a site out thinking about those actors. The other day, I haven't seen him around very much, but I feel bad for the uncertain. They feel notion oak. I hope not well after the TED Bit about the devil, sing and Gary Ghetto and a couple of detectives drove out Aaron's place to hear more and when they got there I found that there was a suppose it piece of evidence to go along with that testimony. She baking had an airing. She added little mail order, plastic skull piece of shit at a snake slithering out of the eye? Socket you don't gotta despair man, that's ray. I guess it's very. It's very kick ass, but it's you know it's one of those.
We see buys when the remote on your stomach it, but you can't turn the channel cause. You don't want to reach for the remote yeah right. We're like I just started to go via its. Let me have the obvious spooky now a mass of a comic book yeah. Some shit like that and Vicki had said that Damien had drawn This earring and our trailer and her son said that he is in one of the devil: singers wearing one, exactly like so gaucho, completely exhausted and looking for any one to blame, decided that the man they were after was Damien, and since Vicki wasn't getting anywhere further with her pretend detective work, the cop decided the only bridge they had to Damien was his backseat body at the S bought Jesse Kelly. No care whore, poor boy, I feel so bad For this came all you want, and they all you wanted to do was DR his truck. That's all he wanted. He loved
Trot. All we want to do is make people happy. That's all! That's all Jesse Miss Kelly wanting to do every Timmy guess they all he wanted to do. I think of nothing but trouble. My life is not what this river paired forever. What followed the map and over? He is really such if they're all victims, but my God is missed. Mr Miss is this is devastating story, so to ensure that Jesse was exactly where the cops warn him to be. They told Vicki to ask Jesse to stay over on her couch for the night, because Prowler had said, sadly been seen in the neighborhood thirty two years old. He is seventeen me her sold it. It's weird itches with your high just he was there. He was the man that would come around here I mean in the night just spent on that couch doing a favor for a woman. He thought was his friend would be the last night. He would spin outside a prison for an their nineteen year Skye Davidson.
Hard to even rational lies in your head yeah, it's hard to put its hard to think about. Yes, they re that today, you're on a couch to debt tonight, you're on a couch or tonight, you're sleeping in your bed tomorrow, you're in prison for the next nineteen years, and you don't fuck and see. Common at all, nobody goes by such a whiplash speed. You did it have before you know it at nine a m the next morning, Jesse's dad knocked on Vicky's trailer door and told Jesse. The cops had some questions since his dad, It was all right, Jesse didn't really Thank you had anything worry about our yet, let's do it Jesse's dad didn't really big Jesse had anything to worry about, because the cops didn't tell him. They were about to real his son about his direct involvement in its triple murder, cash edition of that on the way to the station cops just happened handedly mentioned that the reward was up to thirty five k and then it might end up in
yes he's hands. If you played his cards right in Jesse's dad Hell yeah. You know, Sir tell em hell I'll, buy new Trupp good at this is to think to again playing towards terrible future. Yet all this shit, it's just like fun, blinking mental games and drove him yeah we'll go talk to the cup Will we get a little money at the arriving words like? No man is a deadly for consumers. Did they are. They are building your case, their put their pull inefficient yeah to these two like Jesse and his dad. I mean this is like you know, a little low griff they can play, like all, maybe Walpole one over on marble go go at gone, trot, where's, like no real cut, no the concept of
how serious this is and how many, how the consequences, how, but that the dice can roll up snake eyes real fucking, easy, even skid. I mean this is a great Nicholas catering. It's a New York reference, but always asked for IRAN. Coolby only always asked for our everyone knows wrong. Kubi he's the best so Jesse I mean an ear. One more thing you know about Jesse before he goes into this get into this confession, pure member. He wanted nothing more than a police people and he especially wanted a. Please is abusive father because his dad used to beat the shit out of from the time he that little little kid, and when people are abused, the person they want to please the most is their abuser, sofas and if they finally do it, if you finally get to the point, we're just make them proud enough. That fell. Stop that run. Give you the love that you want
the idea that it is our home syndrome absolutely, and it happens all the time. If you look at two, while a film analogy would be Beverly built it sexually abused and abusing than she ends up in relationships like that, that cycle happens over and over again to Jesse, he went to the police station ready to talk now before we get in the car? I should of Jesse Miss Kelly. Let's talk a little bit about false confessions, which is just about the hardest phenomenon in all of true crime, for people to understand, and that encourage the motivation of serial killers. It is very difficult for people to wrap their heads around the fact that you can commit. You can confess to a thing that you did not do but there's ways to get around it positively, its partially. The way our justice system works, were they hold a confession your above any other sort of scientific would like they're they're trying to get it. It's a roaring, polygraph experts, the the system,
that their taught is G tc, which call who stands for get the confession, and that's what this positive disposed to get it. So the book true story- pulse confessions is a fawn breakdown of how many of the different ways it happen. It happens. It has these nine little chapter heads of the of these. The ways they do it, which is brainwashing you confess that of desperation to stop the interrogation inquiry, in style questioning which happens again, child abuse straight up just forcing a child into can best, which happens a coffee then it is to mentally fragile, which is what we are seeing in the case of Jesse, Miss Gully inference, which means you take statements. They about other crimes or other things that are do not have anything to do with a crime that you are investigating and use. You basically pull him over total fabrication
were they just make it up and pin it on you? There's opportunism were people who confessed to get money like you, poor, Jesse, MC caully that Miss Kelly Pretence, police worse than just forcing you do it and then I think called unrequited innocence, which is a very interesting topic which is cases in which defendants were convicted of crimes based on confessions or incriminating statements that, in all probability, were false, but who have been denied relief. These are people that are kept in jail for forever online gaming, Eccles right and, of course, MRS Keller was wanting to do what they wanted him to do so in the radically he would go, oh yeah. So, for starters, let's remind everyone that invest Two gaiters know that people confessed to crimes in committee all the time, you that's why when there is a high profile case. Certain details are kept from the public that way, if someone confesses the cops have something cross reference with to see if that person is full of shit or not right, so drilled that into your head, competent and ethical investigative bodies use
very strict procedures to ensure they have the right person right otherwise you have. The situation is resolved Brendan dancing fascinating that when making a murderer in central park, five doc, if you watch that you also see a very similar situation happening now, according to the innocents project, whose sole mission to exonerate the wrongly convicted out of the three hundred and fifty people been exonerated in America using dna evidence. Eighty seven of them had confessed to their crimes. In fact, these confessions can be so convincing even to the people who make them that the people who confess can form a very real memories of committing a crime that they had nothing to do with. One example is ADA Joanne Taylor, Taylor, confer I too am was convicted of the nineteen eighty five smothering death of sixty eight year old woman named Helen Wilson problem was Joe S
not only didn't commit the crime. She wasn't even there and neither were the other five people. Five people who confessed to and went down for the crime. Six people in one case confess to having a part in this crime and yet none of them were even there. We know this because, through dna testing, it was found twenty three years after the murder, that the perpetrator was a juvenile delinquency, Bruce Alex Smith, whose grandmother shared an apartment building with the victim and yet even though it was proved that none of these people committed the crime, and it was proved that none of them were there and only one of them even knew the victim in passing all six of the wrongfully convicted still Vividly remember doing it arraignment if it is the the power of the human mind to visualize. You can like when we talk about ritual, and we talk
We were doing K S magic than talk by this kind of a part of it is this. It is creating an absolute bed. Rock truth. In your mind, that was not there before the human mind is very capable of it. We are very imaginative and then we can adapt immediately to what we now considered to be our new reality at upon a part of what these Goliath these crimes with false confessions especial, but I was reading, but in this book is it there is pressure on inside Anderson. Sure on outside is that these people a lot of times it coming from a crime that very emotionally charged, especially when it comes to children or a an extravagant murder, something very, very intense, something that is causing the community to also start their court of public opinion or you already guilty on the outside, because we see there's this one guy named Kevin Fox, whose whole week end up. He admits
added to that be confessed. It a horrible murder of his three year old girl and part of it, came from the entire your community, that they were disrespected family. They turn their backs on them with soon as he was accused, everybody flipped out, saying he raped his little girl and he murder he drowned or in a pool and was very, very intense folding under all of the lines of pressure. Right. All of a sudden. He sitting with this and it's a part of it- is that cause he's innocent he's like well in some deep deep back part of his brain, like Bishop will wash out right. Absolutely, and this stuff happens to regular folk. Two thousand fifteen study published journal. Called psychological science found that, after conducting just three interviews with test subjects, Sir Seventy per cent of them had form memories of a past crime? They did not commit well. That is what lot of police officers, do they paint the picture. It's also
like a mad lips, were they just gonna be able to have the script all worked out? You just gotta fill in a couple of the blanks Europe and, of course those in my address just say: yes, where you going we'll see here with Miss Kelly, the way that they manipulated him so obvious and transparent is just unfortunate. There's! No it. There was no one in there to help this poor boy. I will say I missed about jangle. Thank you to the police department. I will confess that both angles does serve the Krispies chicken that you could find on this sweet. Sweet peas planet of OZ is just not just to tell us that you can see. I am sorry, Mr Miss Kelly. Your one eye witnesses flatter action and to have him leave so here is through his chicken is meant, as it is so How does this happen and, more importantly in, why do people do it? It just so happens that we have a textbook case with a confession:
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and disturbing tail of a man in pursuit of rescuing his sister from a religious cult. Apostle is a chilling occult fable, that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from beginning to end starring d, Stevens and Michael Sheen Apostle, ah streaming only on Netflix, so the first person to get hold of Jesse was the same guy who been stirred up shit at every turn for weeks, Detective Durham, said, Durham Hook, Jesse up to the polygraph and asked among others, questions. Do you know who killed the boys? Have you ever done? Drugs? Were you? There did you kill the boy of course, Jesse said european signal. Twitching, imagine being asked these questions and of course, Jesse said all he knew was what he had heard any said. No, all the other questions, but, according to the detectives notes, Durham came, and said quote easily
and his ass off. So once again dirt got exactly the response. He was lookin for just like he'd gotten in every. Test he done in this case. G t see baby now. This may be because Durham had no fucking clue what he was doing. Ah, Yon, Jesse's polygraph, unlike Damien, the records were kept so Jesse's lawyers were later able to get a second opinion. They kicked the records What this guy named homes who work for the FBI, the Mounties, the Texas Rangers and a dumb polygraph work during the Watergate investigations. In other words, this dude knew what the fuck he was doing in a business of bullshit detection. He was grey at being the best about it. I don't you want to read the lions rights and use. The only question Jesse lied about was the one ass can if he'd ever done drugs, he said he had and which we all
is a bald faced lie. You gotta have a little gasoline system every now and again, I M not really just relax. Here's some inhale it now. You know what it is that he it's it's very funny because you go, you need to have video initiate of course, because you nobody activated drugs. Jesse went like you have to live here, that tone of voice garlic since Durham had said that Jesse was lying about everything. The investigators have ammunition. Sedate told Jesse that the polygraph machine could read is my own and that his brain would tell the cops if he was told a lie. Oh my god, oh and according to the readings, Durham told Jesse that his brain had told Durham. That Jesse was lying about everything per minute. Here me, my brains snitching get up while so, instead of being outraged are saying, check your bullshit again or immediately, asking for a lawyer, Jesse Trust
did the police officer to the point where he couldn't understand His own brain was told the machine that he was lying when he knew that he was told the truth. He plain himself. This is such wait indicator, though, of his mental capacity yeah, and they knew what they were doing. There's a part of what they talk about in this book actual was pretty illuminating about talking with somebody with your mentally handicapped. It somewhat talking someone with either a mental handicap or on is just little slow, but is that appear to be is one of the tools that they use within an a target. The the jury would not know by looking at him that he has a mental handicap. He does not The physical features of somebody who is a debt has down syndrome or something whose like medically mentally handicapped, these guys can sort of use that today
advance like the bee donor to the degree of his learning disability, and it's pretty distinct. He can't be, does not understand a lot about real, lady he has the temperament of of adult a ten to twelve year old yeah. They survive third, greater third greater and you can tell that the cops new could all produce listener the child. Like way they used to explain the polygraph, and even then, after that that childlike explanation, Jesse still didn't understand it. No because he's telling the truth, but the less after about two hours, polygraph examination Jesse wish fooled into another room, and this was where led investigator. Gary ghetto was waiting around me get redress this then I would have liked the european border, their early venom roll out. Really. Ok. Now you gotta remember by this point. The cops were a day away from the one month. Anniversary of the murders and they had nothing. It's like Annie. It's like that fish.
Song only a day o now. I can't even imagine the pressure that song gets hold this point, and suddenly he had a kid in front of him that he thought new, a hell of a lot about the murders, because his polygraph examiner had just said so. But at this point there is still time to go back. And this is where my sympathy forgetful comes to a screech and fuckin halt under pressure is not an excuse for wrongfully convicting three kids know see ghetto. He could have conducted himself luck honest officer of the law, which there are plenty we're not caught bashing here and he could have pretty quickly, figured out that just He wasn't there. Man and he could soon after told Durham to throw away, is fuckin, de Graf, because he obviously didn't nobody was doing, but he didn't. He went into that room damn near decide. They either Jesse was there man or he knew who
that man or men working hand in the men he wanted were Damien, Eccles and Jason Baldwin than us. The nice thing about walls. Is you can constantly Bangor head on her head right autumn? There classic move, put him in Another row of noise, you move em into an even smaller room. The pressure increases and Jesse did halves, starting knowledge of all this, like I said Jesse like everybody else in town in our body else, in the country heat heard rumours. In fact, when it Jesse's friends, it told him that he heard that it was probably Damien and Jason done it also when they asked what do you know about these murders, but he was like ours, Jamie and and Jason done. That's right, yeah, their evil called members now, but that was all he knew and he told the cops that that was all he knew. So the cops gave him more. They kept given him details
they tell us that the kids were tied up and then, when they asked Jesse, if the kids were tied up pizza yeah those tot up wearing when they ask what Jesse said rope and then they get pissed off no goddamn, it wouldn't rope, it was shoelaces and they go through the whole thing again in the Jesse would say: yeah they was tied up with shoelaces. Then the threats began, and that was when Jesse started getting scared. His ghetto drew a little picture for the circle with a bunch acts as on the outside and three little on the inside get your pointed at the dots said these right here. That's? U Damien and Jason these x here These are the police, so you gotta make a decision either your inside with Damien Jason, your outside with us and if you're outside with us, you can go home and if you want to go home, all you gotta do is tell us what happened. And if you haven't now watched West of Memphis watch that documentary they really break down this strategy is mirroring. Mimicking is a very common thing that please will you
they suggested everything. Yes, They put it. They plant the little things in your mind, and this is a point I will say this too. I'm almost and even comfortable with doing the podcast without a lawyer, this need to have like a lawyer on a rope not sleigh out. I pay em right, we'll pay, the Lord, you would be totally donors, that's called a retainer from actually knew them and use them like Europe like you're, colombian coffee maker and you have a goat or what was worse than anything. I want Valdez you're you're to Europe through your one Valdez with you thought you could. Actually you just shoot, em an email I get all Pisa, Jerky or freedom, equality and thereby making and reciprocity. My client I want it, but that's it with but Delaware. Yes, I ever speak to a police officer, we're gonna, fuckin, Lloyd,
Jesse just started, saying shit like how they had meetings every Wednesday and Robin Hood Hills and how they ate dogs and how a brief cases full of drugs. Where getting it right. I mean that farmers are now also where they get in these rug disease. All these kids are Dumont. Surely door poor? Well, I was deeply deeply poor, yet seniors old, liver with their grandmother. Don't you think it's employ grandma what has seen the co funding rights, fucking, apparently or them preference dogs for this partnership. Remember the dogs gotta come in, somewhere about how our place involves at all the future. More for the rich rules need to be kept in place. All the fucking depend to Graham rocks on that's gonna be some ways it S. Just carry a brief cases. Pull a coke like Nicholas, caging, pull fiction at does make any sense, and I
cyclists cage was an employment orange revolt about like John Travolta Pulp Fiction, Nicholas Cage, John Travolta, confused them. Emma had all the time- and here we know what I think it worth made. Moody's lay solid incredibly literally, and they never switch honestly, that's what it is as wide as yes, its base are no kid. What can I just tell their one story, but the fire Marcus mention that they were super poor and just as the hammer home how poor Mister Eccles was Damien was here for his house was them again in the middle of a part of this is the house when he was a kid when he was a Can you guess this is the house when he was a young kid and they moved around quite a bit, but that was because they were poor, not because they were moving out up now, lateral at best and their house was in the middle of these form fields and at the end of every season they burn down the fields in order to create fertilizer there, how they didn't, warn them or anything like that. They'd is burnt down the fields. Damien talks about how they would just the flames you get like four feet from his house was a wood shack and he was like it was a miracle than ever, but never burnt out you
I mean wins actual like when the crimes happened. Damien was living in aid to bed, room trailer with five other people Only one in a real satanist would be billed would be delighted to be so so these life? Have you have it so like do, the flames, come up the hill and use Lloyd. You could soon meet me. Fucking flame worry us. Maybe that's what you moved to LAS Angelus that you could survive live that appealing eight of the whole time that Jesse say in this shit. The Cobb suggests no genome along shaping this story bore him. Then they showed him. Autopsy pictures now. If you ve seen any of the West Memphis three documentaries. You ve seen the post mortem pictures of these little boys. They are easily the most horrifying pictures, I've ever seen and Amadou that seen some shit go and all way back to rotten dotcom area. I would say that Dahmer crime scene photos for me
are still number one, these are awful just because it's just its again, it's the position of the fucking bodies are worth horrifying to look at and will hinder you mentioned. This is sort of logistical that your starting, I'm at last, you write down your top ten favorite murder. Picturesque learns up kid. I please have, tie you two things that you know these pictures like they'd disturb the hell out of us, and this is our job. We have seen some we ve seen large jobs, jobs, jobs having a job in Jesse, Kelly was just some kid I mean, never seen anything like this in his life in these pictures scared the hell out of them, and they upset him greatly here. Then there was one fine,
manipulation and this one just seems it seems weird and it seems crucial, but it worked get your play. Jesse a short tape, recording only one sentence: long, it was the voice of air and Hutchison. The cops had gone, through the little boys whole testimony and plucked out, one line which is intended to freak Jesse as much as possible. All he heard was the disk bodied voice of a child sang. Nobody knows what happened to me that's like fourteen year out a forgotten that conjuring some years. Your lot. Nobody knows what happened to me. Oh yeah entered into in a concrete and terror. Nation rail, like growled, the acoustics of that way. There should bounces off the walls just disappear. Bodied doesn't tell me the kid. Laws or anything like that. Just like Jesse. Listen to this end again, I remember
you see so a seventeen year old boy, but think about think of him, like a third, Greater Yassum management to Reign was going through and also this tape here we Have some creep, chain know. It sounds like a big heavy doors open in closing their answer. Corral rusty, Doktor Dray, where these things before the verdict study for your great dog, your dairy produce Del eighty years, I'll, look up it's so they their railroad and as yet, and that after they played the tape, that's when they do I did. It was a good time to start taking the interview Oh ok hours after questioning I've ever heard unrepresented. Miner had already begun on real, so the cops told Jesse to stir from the beginning, as by this point, he'd all told him. He was involved in these cops.
Or salivating cause here was a kid who was about to tell them that Damien, Eccles and Jason Baldwin were the kid hers- and this was all about to be over- but even after all, that Cochin Jesse's tape, confessions still had monstrous contradictions. First of all, he said that he Jason and Damien had met up that morning. At nine, a M have an already planned who were they who they were gonna kill, because the little boys pictures had been in the brief case that was shown at the previous Wednesdays Devil meeting and of ours. Of course, they met at nine a m because there's one thing about teenage goths: wake up early In view of motorways pupil, I always think of a seventeen year old quiet, garlic, We that's how I mean it. I tell you what it continues into adult eminently does early to bed early derives, that's how it is when you worship the devil, you need to be right.
You have your oatmeal and a couple of equal. I wasn't go that protein and there are no, it's not like. I built this entire lifestyle, almost solely so I wouldn't have to get up before ten. Thirty. Eight, a m everyday love. Waking up with this, according to Jesse's, first at the story. The boys were all dead by noon, but it was known, the boys were in school all day and they last been seen alive around sundown. So when the cops Jesse about this he said, ah, they must escape school. So when they told him no, they hadn't just our well. It happened around five or so, but that was still who early so the cap push. And finally, he told them that it happened at seven or eight. That's when ghetto said all that clears it up it's under well they're. Just so happy, you just see them copy and paste in what they want to hear. Realtime it so hard, because I can see why they want to react
they are. I can they are desperate. They don't know what to do, but it's just like a big. It's not No, no, no Jesse was slow, but he goddamn shared, knew the difference between noon and night time There were other inconsistency says. Well, I mean Jesse said that Damien had choked one of the boys to death with a big old stick, but none of the boys. Shown any signs of neck trauma in the slightest much less a trauma. Be bad enough to be the cause of death. Jesse still couldn't get the ligatures right either. Even Jesse have been corrected multiple times before the confession was recorded, he's They all said that the boys have been tied up with Brown, wrote, not shoelaces and to the guilty ass. You say that there was evidence of Rome burns that
deemed to be a possibility by the incompetent medical examiners office? Who will cover in detail on part three, but the rope Burne was ruled out by competent professionals. Jesse said the boys were tied out, but he only ever mention their hands. We, unfortunately no, but the boys hands were tied to their feet and that's what makes Jesse's next statement so inconsistent. The guilders refute the false confession. Narrative based on one mission Jesse says the Wild Damien and Jason work. Warden quote beaten the hell out of the other two boys Michael, more ran away and see, chased him down, brought him back and then left before. The three boys were killed because part of that is that he had ever reason for being there, and there was over. That was the multiple killers angle. Was that how do you corral the kids? How do you keep them in that area right in order to kill all of them? They won't they run, and so he now
himself as the goalie yeah, where they can obtain put a patient position Vincent this, because they were trying to work out their own heads how the crime went in out of all the missed out of Allah misstatements. That was the one that screwed himself over the mass media and they were, they were working on multiple killer angles from the beginning of the one thing that they did know is that the the Haug ties that the knots in the shoelaces there were multiple different kinds of not like a. They saw that you know the little boys were tied up with different there. There, it was just say, obviously, tied up by different people and that's partly how they brought Jason Bourne this because they're like well Damien Eccles did, but there are multiple, not so he's gotta have somebody there, so who else would be there? But Jason Baldwin do remember that grown up as a boy, when they tried to get us till it really
interested in knots there. I was. I just remember that during your who, I hope not. I dont use knots now. Never had it not don't care about knots, but they really want to care about them. Well, it's erect knots and calculus my reason for me to ever. Learn: calculus he'd, never win it didn't go in. I don't remember a moment of trigonometry by happily with strategic, and I sat behind a very smart person and I was just tall enough to peek, overlooking the stage may go if you never know the answer we have with that, and I would go let's go through some. The logic on Jesse statements at the boys were tied up as they were found how they held the kids run Why? Because their hands were tied to their feet and if Jason and Damien were beaten, these kids up as bad as Jesse said they were. Why weren't they covered and bruises they worked, plus it isn't rare in a false confession for assessment to create parts of the story themselves in the aforementioned Kay.
Said Joe and tailor the woman who said she remembered everything she said that she had suffocated. The old and with a pillow as an act of compassion. The cops endeavour that She came up with that on her own, but this statement about hasten the boy down is what one juror and Jesse's Kay said. Was the clincher fur guilty volume, Keziah Cassie Jesse never said that he killed any boys. He said his only part was chastened down, Michael more and that's partly because the cops kept saying that if told them what they wanted to hear. He could go home so base.
He was just a tiny from house of a thousand corpses who was just his job to go retrieve the unwarranted away. The up. That's where he put himself into an answer and then celery position where he is not directly guilty of murder. Righty scared. He is somehow worked his way into the story right, but he also sort of in his weight but distance himself enough in his aim, because he knew that he did not kill anybody, but he can say maybe I did hold one dappling, maybe I could have done. Yeah when the cops Jesse that he could go home. If you told the truth, Jesse believed him and he trusts. To them. So much that after the interrogation was over Jesse page they sat in a jail cell figure in his dad would come pick em up ones, got around to it. It is zero republic. If we said no, they did this, same thing with the story brought up with Kevin Fox, they d they showed up, told him. We would put you out on bond rattled. Basically we built this narrative that you are
you killed your daughter by accident and once you sign all this shit you'll go out on bond and he was immediately in jail for a year. They had all the time you watch those you watch the programmes when it comes to interrogations. I know you can get a lawyer had always always getting Gimme Run Coolby man about that. That's what they do. They say. I know you didn't do it. I know you don't want to do it. Then they slowly puts you there and then you're reared now, but by the time Jesse was put in that sell, he'd been at the police station for eleven hours and their ways to test whether Jesse was told the truth. All they had to do was taken out the crimes and having walking through the crime, and they would easily seen how many consistency there were there right, but I didn't do that, because these men were tired and even more than they finally had who they wanted. All the long. Don't mess up a good thing, Damien in Jason, so based on jobs. He's confession at nine o six that night the cops brought forth that
evidence for an arrest warrant. Just as J and then Damien were sad linen at Damien, trailer to watch leprechaun on VHF, I also suggest that he also loved Texas, Chainsaw Massacre two, yet also us. This is when we talk about released relating to him. Leprechaun freedom, regenerated rule of her life. She was great work. Davis is just a phenomenon easily. When we talk about it's getting and guess what they're doing your leprechaun revamp. I thought it there that they were, but without Warwick Fucking Date, you and he might- he might be a little too old for this. I'm just gonna go ever fuck. It now nerve conversation in the middle of our western imo, saying that they greatly but scary, would have been if he got that summons from the police, but it was from the law.
But your life or I hear you ve, got an eagle like like Britain. I will say that leprechaun is a great example of being frugal. Bend your body an hour later, the key burst inside and both of the boys were arrested on capital murder charges and when the press ass Gary Ghetto at the press conference the next day, how strong he felt the case, what against these kids. How strong it was on a scale of one to ten get your said. Eleven, it's it's not fucking spinal, it's not easy. Vinyl turn those cases only go to TED, rightly a K. It goes to eleven goes with its one guilty. I know he is where he was so smarmy, but also I get it
they were just trying to bring it home. I don't get it do not debate, of course later on and about Europe will get to this, but I he does say that that was probably a mistaken one was in the heat of the moment I am but how he looks. Oh tired up and when Jason's mother asked the cops what they had on her son warn of the detectives told her this we ve got a story that is very, very believable. It is so close to perfect. Now we have to believe and of course, the very next day, Jesse's confession: Lee the press and the entire town went nuts with stories about that boy. Damien. I wonder who leave that to the prince, but no way up they quoted boys, who said Damien House was haunted made seen goes girl, who said she saw Damien drink blood once and they quoted a pastor whose He had never witnessed anyone, ardor and yet Damien had still rejected both the past.
And Christ himself unbelievable hast or witness to know a whore, no man, but they knew they had to do that. They knew they had to get public opinion on their side up. Well, that's what we're gonna learn that did that's. What's pushes everything all the time in any it will foot a case one way or another. Look at Casey Anthony did the opposite: yeah we're land, it was they, they add a real back for everybody, saying that she was guilty that right away, I mean to to revert. It can imagine I know now, we know that there was a massive injustice, but at the time, in real time of twitter existent just think about the people, what they would be saying about. Damien pursue fucking, just look at the matter now it looked, I mean since it look at you two comments. The you two comments on anything like any interview with Damien Eccles, nine percent of them is burn in Hell. You fuckin baby murder. You got away with
Murder. I mean it is some vitriolic shit. People are just as pissed off about this. Now as they were back then. In fact I mean it got around back then that the genitals of Christopher, fires have been found in a glass door and Amiens trailer and people still bring that shit up today on the internet. I saw people talking about this shit right as evidence of guilt, and that was just a rumour and it was So by the way, a rumour that probably came from the cops. This whole thing is up its cause. Their motions are high, but also because of the nature of the cry of nor so the idea of the dish, strange Evan Jellicoe, stir right that still exists in this country? The people are truly afraid the devil and they don't understand. He will only help you. Get laid up where Antonov. That's necessarily Israel lean anybody later. I will. Of course I mean the key jobs knew that they didn't have the little boys testicles, fuckin jar. In fact, they had no
evidence at all. Go to that pastor. Apparently full hard at what he does, but, although that is when they turned back to eight year old, Aaron Hutcheson for more help, so now the boys were caught suddenly earn said, oh then was the boys. It was in the woods at night now that he said I'd I'd seen him do us all sound, do the whole thing is eight years old, eight years old, new set you up. There was five of them, but I the other two now. I know that that, with these three was these boys, and also they had black shirt with dragons on and also mean and nothing's eeg. Nothing is more evil then pick tutorials of pewter figurine, absolutely and also bebop and rock steady with her tm teenage Mean Digital showed up. I look round the outcome of a note. I mean don't get me wrong. We are not in any
way, shape or form blaming the kid here now he's a victim in all these abso eyes avenue file he's not in fact he was fucked up for years. I thought that's what he's that's what his mother said said. That's what I regretted most about this, because this boy had psychological problems for years it completely fucked him up this wifi. I mean the opposite. It's like saying, suttons bad, but you mean, is very good. Using the eighties father every Father, what do you mean it's over? It's good, ok! This was completely and totally the work of the detectives involved, particularly dawn, but because he had already decided before errand said that he'd witness the murders, this little bored watch the whole thing happens he's draw he's in the driver, s seat and errands just fallen along. Can I just ask how the hell did the kid get there we're talking about in the middle of the woods right behind its midnight? What wised an eight year old there we'll know? That's the hope that he didn't even they didn't they they just didn't any.
Kids, they would all play were Robin Hood. Ills was where all the kids blade and they'd stay there and tell dark, and then they go home. And I guess they kind of yours- did around where they said that ok. Well, I guess the kids got killed, right before Sundown are the kids got killed when it was still like a little bit like outside? But the thing is, though, is the embryo never testified all Aaron Bray was. He was a little indian that drove them towards that drove them towards arrest the little engine it could as a wonderful parable. If your intentions are good God and a lot of people who really have thought he could Adolf That's a train that no one wants to be on speaking painters, where's W Bush. Still at large. Does the man we re. We are really our turn. Those happiest I'd like your member when you were a kid and like you'd mental, an exit and like old hippies, we're getting really angry in line and mix and was really funny does same thing with this
yeah I'll bet, you think he's give it their visa adorable man who likes to pay his feet in his bath tat. My favour conversation is bringing up I've ever bar conversations bringing up W Bush. It gets people and you must be a general rule. We have done so on June. Seventh, ninety ninety three, the West history were appointed, their public defenders, disease boy sure is fucked, didn't have enough money, to pay for their own defence teams Damien he got thou Price and Scott Davidson Paul Robin wildly were assigned Jason and Jesse got Gregg Crow and dance. Dead thing about trial is getting nap really enjoy. Now. To me, still M is easily. The most Anderson lore out all these, particularly because he was the only one who didn't abandoned his client after the first trial was done. That guy is very, he was tried, in truth, a good man
very good man, believes in the law. A first of all stadium went into this he's thinking. Jesse was guilty as hell and as far as was concerned, he was just there to broker a plea deal strange for testimony against the other two. But when stem asked Jesse to repeat the confession, he found that it wasn't the same confession that he'd, red and Jesse, because Jesse kept- and shit wrong. When stadium ass and try again, it would be a deaf hold different story from even the time before, right, furthermore, stadium quickly, realize that Jesse didn't even know what a lawyer was. It is it's never good when the confession starts, with the game of zip, zip, zip, just improv low in your has been like magic, I'm a monkey right any or not zoo, ok, ok! Now your job as Europe on a cute little montalais like bananas, how do I do you also help Murdereth
a little boy I mean Jesse. He knew that lawyers existed, but he didn't know what they actually did. Jesse thought his lawyer was another You thought is another detect, honestly might as well, but it might as well this point. What I'm now stood about, get? Why not it's tough and then it got even deeper. Stick em was visiting Jesse one day and Jesse asked him out of the blue, who sat and was still had no idea what s he was talking about suggests. He handed over a pamphlet that a preacher had given him regarding the dangerous of Satan. So here was stadium, sittin in jail cell with what was supposed to be a confessed, satanic killer and Jesse didn't even who the fuck Satan was mad man yeah a night like this factoid
here, which is really sad. Indeed, we know who Bill Clinton was now in. This is ninety. Ninety three, this is the year after Bill Clinton went from Governor of Arkansas, took president of the United States by everybody in Arkansas, knew who Bill Clinton was and honestly alot of people call them set up. Should I was that that was back when everyone would that back when people are still on the Clinton trained as imposing organs, I'm pretty sure were upset with the democratic wider. Oh yes, some of them definitely were, but but this was long before the cleanse became the buggy men of american politics. You Eddie was too bad me that same time he was, it is run and drugs and money with the CIA allowed them to fly it gets all that shit. It's for other lads edge by nearly the whole of the episode of we absolutely good. So still pretty quickly, realized that may be this kid didn't do it and meanwhile, Damien was still. Poland is goth kid bullshit He told the police that he tell him everything he knew about the murders, but it only tell it to his mother, so the cops set up all this
audio and video equipment, they're ready for a confession they bring in the mother and then when she asked him what he knew. He just Looked at her and said, nothing and honest Are you think about setting up equipment from ninety? Ninety two, ladies and gentlemen, you gotta remember: that's a lot of wires Lot award, logical or six hundred pounds of an evening. I was like two hundred pounds. Was that with a lot of work, are those people saw there's gonna fuck, that's just such a book, and I mean it makes me angry. I like to see a kid doing on this point. I think that's a good friend the mines move like, I think it's I think it's quite humorous, see both Damien and Jason. But there was no way in hell that they could ever be convicted of these crimes, in fact like when they talk to each other. There like this, is so speck on talking to suspect, to write like they're laughing about all this and you can see in Paradise lost their citizens like before
trial and their Jochen with each other, and you can tell like they don't really take it seriously. I mean Jason. He took a pretty seriously but Damien. He just cap put up golf kid front and then see you gotta remember. The context is that they murdered three people sagacity them. Lapping knew just play there that narrative that their soulless and go back to a time and time again, Damien, say Island keys, blown kisses to the grieving families. During the hearings, which is I mean that it was shittiest dumbest thing, but he could adopt. Yes, of course he just does it know, because again there like were innocent. Now we don't nothing is going to happen to us. We were innocent like that that they would have what can they have on us? They don't do anything you like, oh, oh shit, they could say.
Everything I didn't. I didn't know that he didn't you didn't go full Michael Jackson. In short, in his pajamas now we also get dressed. He will either or show respect for the court. But again he just imagine that if such an injustice could occur- and if you want to hear one of the great ironies of the case- Jason Baldwin had faith in God that he wouldn't go to jail. He had faith in God. In his God in the christian God that this couldn't happen to him again didn't let things like that happen. Well, sometimes God go the Falcons sleep bears were all day means God bullshit. That might be why the cases judge David Burnett had such a hard on for these boys. You really did the Judge Burnett, who oversaw both trials almost every trial after the originals he's what you'd call real put piece of work looks like rising we or
chair. He has the same hairs. Lego can see him snap at on in the morning. You know that's not before the case Judge Burnett said in preparation. He read a book on Satanism quote for information purposes. I'll, tell you what I locked the covers another thing I learned about I'm sorry. To be honest, I had never heard about this before us. It is a pity. As item of clothing, colder pasty early enjoy seemed a really enjoyed. Will issue when reading the constitution, who ply bow wow or how Ral constitution every day all day blogger, Walmsley or you're driving this reading, because normally was that the extent of his preparation, the other In this other thing really fucked over Jesse Judge Burnett, didn't believe that psycho
Interest or psychologists had any business being in a court room. In fact, that was the whole subject of his judicial masters agree that he was working on their use workin on, while the trials were too taking place. It's always nice when the when the judge is also dabbling in Scientology Scientology reference psychologist, because nothing, but doubt that's what I dont, why I don't need any doubt sewed and they are not in this life sentence. Slashed death sentence case right. Yeah I mean this guy. He did everything he could to stymie the defence put boys away and keep him locked up forever. It's like he read a book and how to be a biased judge. Yeah. He went by the book And he kept a go in for a well almost two decades, he's still doesn't it only. He doesn't admit to help poor black up a job here.
No wonder beds and I'll tell you what stymie was also my least favoured little rat, and also because I think it was a mistake to just have a little rascal whose whole personnel but he was having colon cancer man, but you gotta have the SOAP Box Derby, there s a money, there, take me home in time, because I've never shit hole, for example, concerning how much Judge Burnett really fun and hated these boys. He cited judicial economy as far as home. Trials that we're gonna have so he ruled that there was gonna be too trials was one for Jesse and one for Jason in Damien. This was wildly unfair to Jason, because the only evidence they had against him was Jesse's confessed at least the only evidence they had at the time. That's all the evidence by including Jason and Damian Rather the jury, they were gonna, hear all all that goth shit, that the defense was gonna
up concerning day me. They had none of that shit on Jason because he knows bullshit, as the softball confession was, and all the other shit like all the things that Damien told the cops like that should have been heard enjoys enshrined. At all and of course, as as Chevy Chace said in the film dirty work, when he bet against rocky many bad, Mr Tee, to win. Hindsight is twenty two, conservation in the way they edited. Instead, people really took their confessions seriously if Jason had gotten a trial all on his own. It's much likelier that he would have walked free. I mean sought certain, but he would have a hell of a lot better chance right, but money after the arrest investigators were found, what they needed to link Jason to the crime, so the prosecution had been searching for months after the arrest for any sort of hard evidence. The best they come up with was a couple of sticks that gets all have plucked out of the forest,
we're in the General Assembly of where the bodies were discovered in ghettos like where they could have been used in commission of the crime? Maybe just pick up still doubt asleep. Just like we're just break it up. There's another stick does more evident up different. I ever saw this is gonna straight up, half enough to kill a boy with, or you could make table said Zeb getting carpenters involve all that chain Install November, seventeenth. According to John Fogel men, the prosecuting attorney he'd had cordon quote a hunch that there might be something of interest in the small lake behind Jason's trailer. This was so strong, in fact, but the cops called up the law we'll media to document the dive Lo and behold, after only thirty, it's in the murky water, the diver found bagel combat knife and the next stays front page featured a picture of that day,
hold me up for everyone to see Europe in the headline was just not a stick, but also evidence. Do you think that day day did a thing were when he said like, I have a hunch and then did he take a big like Jeannie's turban. Like Johnny Carson on me, like, I think, there's something in the like what I'm sure we'll tell the story of all that went down right now. This begs the question: how the fuck did this diver find a knife at the bottom of the lake After only thirty minutes, I'm gonna say how the F I've or fine words. You're, not gonna, go for outbreak, this no Eric and how the ici double hot unsteady plans unkind, and I do not think that you have been late. What is he is? He then Arthur outward. This is where the fact that he found the knife so fast implies that someone told him where to look which implies they had an informant and if they had an informant than
stands to reason that this inform it would have been given. Eating witness for the prosecution, but no such informant was called to the stand. That's because as the person who had told follow Gamin about the knife had been Jason's mother and the reason why she'd known just about where it could be found was because she's grounded in herself about a year before a year. You know you, for you know how upset Jason was. Yeah. You know how upset that that afternoon was when she was I've. I've taken your daddy of carbon, not not Brody, no light more. Worker Britain, or, should I say, more Bora guarded the not exhibit eighty years ago just toss it in a latent unbelievably cup and the detective to do this on purpose. He knew all this. You know the agony, a diver that yeah really easy day. I mean the prosecution. They actually got pretty lucky with a knife, because the knife had us rated edge in the medical
examined her head said from the very beginning, but the wounds the boy could have only I come from a knife with sir raided edge and medical examiner is just slightly worse than they had doktor from reanimated just slightly more by man. When he talked about Yede, he kept a. Alive. Body or we do not talk about whether about the bad bad. Due to the back of the head and the body and murmured the by the body. Didn't they never explain. Other reckon body can move without array, no science, it science pass what we understand. So it's great science, bad goal. As he did try to eat a woman's post. Obviously, that's a very problematic sea area, but we'll get in a just how a stately wrong, the Aceh, gender decelerated knife was used along with plenty,
other errors and flat out lies as we cover the trials of the West Memphis three and the aftermath of those trials. On the conclusion, do our series yep and You know what happens when you assume you don't have. What do you do make and ass? They have no, no things get off. Factor runs into a fuckin, ditch and you're a fucking skeleton yeah congrats you fuckin pieces errors and lies impulse, saying errors and lies also sounds like a horrible like prank, show errors and lies and eyes and errors yeah I'm all right. Well, that is were beginning to see the railroad job that their investment as Arkansas and also, I would love to think Carolina for all of the amazing work that she contributed to on the research for all the false confession stuff on something very much. Thank you care, Lena and listen to all of her programmes. Movie signs with the man squint sunk, a squealer son squint, a square
Hungary is square Stalingrad, they just delicately, if you. So, if you speak Spanish, it's a show for you. They just did a two part series on Richie Balance and the data music died. Even I can the sharks. I don't understand spanish hearing all about it in the house, was very interesting. I'll. Tell you one thing: what arrangements in some pretty mean things about he's? A Spanish is a spanish, expertly or very very link I've seen the signs what I've got so good. Deepening and season again send your bypasses stories, decide stories, L, P, o t, L, a gmail dot com or building up towards the hollow in season regained speaking of banking gotta get spooky with. Yes, thank you so much for listen and take you so much for giving to our patria. We really appreciate that without you, none of this is possible, and you have allowed us to just have
family here we were just talking about this the other day lucky we will not have such how we are to have such great phantom is just us now, just so nice, it's going to want to deal with the corporate elites fuckin. Why everything you know he's a shit. All they want us to do is stuck there. Dixon me a part of their fucking, weird ass, bohemian grove style parties, but we won't Oh there yet being cause we're not we're not gonna, keeping secrets honestly we're just bad keeping rail that, where did you see her foot passes in India Indiana we're going to be seeing you very soon in Chicago we're coming to you actually go is all sold out in Conakry, yeah, sir cargoes completely sold out, but we're we're coming to a bite your place is coming up in November and the beginning of December, specifically in November, we're gonna be He come in at Texas, seventh, eighth and the seventh and the eighth, or going to be in Dallas on November. Seventh, we're going to be in Austin
member, eight and we're gonna, be in Oklahoma City on November, night. I can't I can't fucking wait come back home, can't wait, do it means are hometown show, but you know about the closest I'm gonna get where do the show in Lubbock we sold out. We can totally do a show and Lubbock. Here I mean it's, I mean there's gonna be yeah. We people are in Lubbock, I'd like to ten thousand somewhere on those hundred ten thousand tat loves a large town that's a large forget that piece of information have let my vision, one school there Why did I graduated for? I am a graduate of Texas Tech University abode. Wait: a signal of English and the School of Mass communication, and you know it's the Harvard of taxes, because their slogan is get your guns and it gets goddamn. It gives a fuck yeah, mother partnership. How do you guys organs
the horses, so you could sit on them in class. Ah around your statement about the culture there earlier might also what's elicited. I guess follow LP on the left for all year. Internet need, or just log off of all of that stuff in just search for us again. Just listen to the show we tell you with the shows. Only I do yeah, listen, just subscribed to the child will come up pop up a new jail. You can't miss Hale yourselves, everyone, Hale sweet Satan. Our knowledge, true luminary, allowing him to destroy your prejudices. Helge eel is wealth can quite pretty he's gettin married for each year. I have you for these episodes. Normally I dont do it as much anymore.
But for these episodes support remember what Satan is involved in the now he's witnesses, who, I think has witnessed, becomes I'm feelin witness new harder than ever went honestly. Evangelical sageness might be my example of living help. You has constantly preaching joint group. That's not really a group held me log installations. Everyone
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