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Episode 34: Heaven's Gate

2015-02-16 | 🔗

The boys explore the Heaven's Gate incident and the man behind it all, Marshall Applewhite.

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There's no place to escape to this is the last time market before to a lot of kill the girl just kill the guy, we'll just wait. You should be on the bathroom any minute. Now it's simple: we kill the girl killed the girl, no man which one breakfast, which is what a brunch branch brunch little girl you gotta, leave this shirt down. That is a big all right. It is a big. You would be a big ghost. I breath
getting bigger bigger. I don't know if it's possible alright, are we ready, alright welcome? Last podcast, with Markus Persson, Ben Kissel with this is always large, breasted and busted head reason: Bro! No, no! No! No! No, not Boston, Pido, nada, hate, free people from Boston! I'm sorry, Elizabeth for Boston! You suck you, there find people, the stereo type, somebody say something horrible from the advantage of someone who's from Boston. That's part of this guild, oh no, that's my dill doe. No, this is, the murderer, is still that's my ddd on the table and now there's an argument about whose Dill DOE isn't this is the murder that's my Deldo Henry is literally taking that focused build over. There gave me that Dill DOE for Christmas, but it's gossip gave him the delta is like you know what the fuck,
Fine! You just going to every group build those every room. He goes into his steal, a dill doe every room, every time, you're like a little kitty. Oh that's my Dylan! That's not on your children center in that's, not your deldo! Anybody with Jill those those are I've. Tasted him! I know you have. I watched you, tasted dill DOE like two days ago. It's really strange, tried and tested on stage. Did you also put a dildo in your mouth? I was on mushrooms, I put Adele their mouth. That was a real man. Johnny wanted just. That is very rare if you want to be here, if you want to be a better actor, take mushrooms and do a show on them, and you forget that you're performing you just forget that that would be the case almost like you're, not performing. I mean it's like you're, not if you're watching it if you're watching it everyone's like this, isn't a performance but in the inside it's all sorts of connections are being nice. I had the On Friday there was a fellow sitting there front row. He was drinking a white wine spritzer. I go in start, ripping him a little bit. He did it on purpose,
in honor of me from from a roundtable of gentleman about you, gotta, be shittin like dead serious. That is awesome. Yeah- and he came up to my brothers after the show they were there and he's like I got it for Ben 'cause. He loves wine spritzers. It was amazing. That's amazing, smoking, wild, so cool speaking of things that are really cool. Today, we're going to be talking about Heaven's gate, going back to nineteen ninety seven, the glory days, the anniversary was not too long ago of the mass suicide in the Heavens gate cult, and I think we covered them briefly during our cult episode along time ago, skimmed over it. But since then I've been deeper today I just ended up one: rainy Sunday couple weeks ago I was sitting there. I had. I had smoked a bowl and discovered, a link to all of the initiation tapes that someone would put up of Marshall Applewhite, basically at the very beginning of Heaven's gate when it started, it started
like once you've gotten to it serious phase like the early 90s. He made this directive video, like sort of introduction to Heaven's gate, and we get a little back story on Marshall. Al we're going to serve yeah. Oh yeah, we'll start with the beginning, but he, but it's just there's just something about this video. That's like you know like, when you work at a fast food restaurant, and you have to watch a video of how you clean the right in there always rapping for some reason, yeah, it's a wrestling video out. That's where Pat is that when these here like this is weird he's like why I I'm miserable I'm a forty year old woman making six dollars an hour. I don't need to see white people rapping about the safety of hot always, definitely not, and they go through the the legal procedures of like you can keep the meat for one more, if you chop it up and put in the chili, which is what Wendy's does that's all day old meat in the Wendy's chili. That's just the fact that it's illegal to serve it as a hamburger, but they found out you can serve it as a chili, so that's Wendy's, for you
I hate people unhealthy and fattening on the border border land, food poisoning. I called that recycling bin, oh yeah, there's a baked potatoes there just look like giant, roach eggs. This approach, death, they're, like they would make a book called potatoes. I think the cockroaches are making bigger, thicker more fibrous ness over by the refrigerators for windows. We take him up with split him up with will fit them. We bring them with cold cream. We really without the Arabian Wendy's owner that outdoor grievous, perfect yeah, so you're researching Mister Applewhite. I was just I just got really into the video and I end up sitting in watching it for an hour and a half and then got like really wrapped up into it. There's a lot stuff in there. So what was the who is his main motivation for starting a cult other than you know, he's obviously a messianic on the portions of John Lennon scale
well, the early 70s Marshall Applewhite. What was his original name? Oh Marshall, Applewhite, isn't his real, not his real name? Why would you change it to that? It's literally like what is it Marshall Applewhite, it's like like bankers Mcginn key or not because I could buy name- is John Renda RIM. I know that his uh, I'm pretty, I think Marshall Applewhite is his real name 'cause. His middle name is her phone
her with two fs Herff. Her firm should be making potato chips. That start with culture cry say: come on her face in here. I'll get all her fees. Fine he's running a cult now got out of the chip game years ago and wanted mustard chips. Surprised you didn't hear about that. It was a pretty big story himself, his balls off so Marshall. Had everyone is yelling in his restaurant marshalls got the gift of gab and he has a message to send he in the late 70s he had a heart attack and was sent into. He was in his hospital and basically from there he came out of it. He was a music teacher and I believe, Texas, and he was a person of afflicted personality traits, he would say he was gay angle- was gave them the whole thing. He was gay, but he was married and then his marriage fell apart and then, after
like a series of events. He had a heart attack and then He checked himself into a into a psych hospital. Okay, the nurse there were named Bonnie nettles and here created a sort of unique bond where Bonnie who also, I guess, was pretty uh Abel herself sure who's, all name, full name, Bonnie, Lou, Truesdale Metal, flew Truesdale middle name. I mean, I know that the bill, what was your other causes? Aids, Jim bad at all, yeah yeah mad at my gym and he's not because he's just a friend, yeah yeah, what's in their taxes, got some good old fashion. Like Lord of the rings names John in the cell yeah, it is my favorite actor. Teddy Sue is another one one one out and that's your mom right. No, no, my mom's Billie, Jean Billie, Jean, so many in it. It's got named Billie Jean. I like Bonnie, nettles and Marshall. They created this unique and where so
begin discussing things. She was like. Oh you're, you're, a special one like me, and he said well. What do you mean he's like? Well, we're just a part of a higher plane of consciousness and he's like yeah she up to him who's, trying to find a up to her. Like literally date, it was like Marshall was going through. This thing was like I feel different than other people, you're gay. I think, but there's something about me that special different gay, and so it's like bodies like you're, not gay, you're, just an alien and he's just like. Oh of course I am in touch with me wanting to throw so many young nine inch. Cocks, that's got to be an alien thing. What kind of alien am? I know? You're a Jesus? Alien? Oh, that's fun, it's better than it was like the 80s or the 70s were late. So there was literally safer to pretend to be an alien than to be to be gay in his, especially in his life or whatever he was dealing with and him and Bonnie. He got out of the hospital and they started like a small sort of like informal discussion group. So, basically, you know
I'm talking about like ufos as connected to like new age philosophy. Like this idea of like. Can we didn't trend send this life. Ok like what to pass. This looks like what does it mean to like join the next step of evolution, Juno and it started it's sort of like positive message thing and mixing various new age, concepts and stuff with Christianity did this have any dabbling with Scientology at all? Yes, well, I mean not Scientology in a like, particularly, but it had a lot of Sci FI elements. Okay, like they called it, love the Sci FI yeah. They call the the the ones that actually killed themselves. They have little patches that said away team yeah the I'd, wait, having gates away team, wow, interesting, very small, interesting fact, Lieutenant Uhura, brother with a in the dead, which is
really crazy and she she kind of all falls into 'cause. There's lots of people who think STAR Trek is real. Alright, because you know, people are sad and I watch diapers for real life is really hard so far for total recall to be real with the three titted women running all around servicing yeah. I want to Quatto to be real. I just looking for somebody. I can believe it inside of me. If I saw quad, oh I'd be like this guys got it. We will match that was thrilled. He would be if he saw me a six foot. Seven man, I'm a mansion to this guy. I take me alright, buddy. I got more than more than enough for you family weeks hospital, wait, stop it there! So they're talking about science he's now officially an alien. Well, they started and they started like a little informal sort of like chat session and started. Getting bigger and bigger they deal was. Was that it's? You have to eliminate things from your life that make you human in order. To move on to the next plane. That
Body is just a vehicle for a spiritual entity yeah there. Group that they found in one thousand. Seventy five was called human individual metamorphosis, it sounds like a very boring title for what it is. We had a hammer, make it a remake it you you just make it something that sounds really official right yeah. The idea is, like you know, you change your name like they were known as Dell. When t they were also known as BO and peep yeah. Why? I think I would go with d kinda harkens back to the original sort of like Jesus and the apostles as your rename that you're someone new it takes you away from the worst Kmart or middle name. It was a it was, and, and allusion to the book of revelations in which, like the two messengers died for for three one slash two days and they were resurrected anew. I see yeah looney town, but yeah they're crazy, like crazy, Bullship, squeeze squeeze down it's move out, pilot, organizing and it's file it down really make sense of the situation
it's weird, though every time he takes a pee, pee or poop he's gotta question all of his beliefs. Right there is a radically shouldn't, be definitely just pointing at it. Boner overtime Boehner he quit like. That was what was bad, and so it's like what sort of from there so and as they went, they got more and more severe yeah. I know it. And it got to a point of like being x, less like like shaving your head and and heavy so we just shut down his sexuality, will include being gay in nineteen. Ninety three: he have things a Bonnie Nettles died of cancer in eighty five and that's what he said. It was like what that was, what I love about? Colts and stuff like this is like as you're reading. It started off very simple, like it's here is like him and Bonnie. Had this like a
real otherworldly relationship and that they were helping. People transcend human kind of like what was just about like more about changing your thought patterns within it, as life goes on, they have to validate their beliefs and that it's off the fucking rails, yeah yeah, it's just like when you get this season, seven and all of a sudden, you gotta talk on shark, and there never was like this was a show about a radio station with something like that's what it's like when she died. He was like well. What she did was that she the lever vessel to go up to the yep. She chose cancer and chemotherapy shows yeah example years old shows none of it. She just died right. Cancer she's a person but she also just like didn't know, treatment. Died how she did it ok, very badly, but So as it when it began unfolding into it. Sort of just sort of personal, like like purse,.
Evolution and then it started incorporating the ancient astronauts. Like idea of like engineer aliens, aliens yeah, I like everything, I love ancient aliens God. I love that show so much, but just want to be on it. Yeah yeah yeah, oh man, I'm with you guys yeah, it's like not saying anything about it. You gotta think look in humans. Do this the case early and they can't so what's the logical version alien alien. This is not not not like a leverage or a pulley system. No, no there's part of that. We never thousands of years and twenty five generations of slaves right now to make anything happen, and then they turned to the actual expert in the expert. Just goes no, no,
no, not moving nearly nine hope. So would you be if you're a slave that built the pyramids and you fucking find out that humans have officially forgot you when they blame it on aliens they're, giving all the credit to fucking things that don't exist? I was squashed by giant rock smallest corner of their main steady. So this was so. This was alright now, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three so we're like fifteen years twenty years of evolution of this idea answer this. This was a long time coming. This was like his life story and it's like as yeah. He began incorporating the ancient aliens idea. The idea was that he believed that they were, or was it in the sixties, I'm in the original, like sort of and new age ideas about. Extraterrestrials of this thing called walk ins, which is like ends in examples. I think of a quantum leap: okay words, like you, have a personality and in a walk in sort of alien intelligence that habits you for a period of time. What they believe is that
aliens created the seed humankind in order to create vessels to inhabit, and that, like once, once you reach a certain like level of evolutionary understanding or whatever of consciousness, that they would and they would walk into human life and then help us go to the next step, which is leaving our vehicles behind and joining the space station. Where there so that will will do our many experiments to help expand the universe makes all the sense in the world right exactly what I just abcd. Well, I mean just to hammer home how much they believed in this. In nineteen. Ninety six, the entire group purchased Alien abduction insurance- oh my god, to cover up to fifty members. Late insurance comes at a cost of ten grams left shoes and ten grand on alien abduction insurance. You watching other people are going to buy this dumb shyt
but I promise you Harold you'll, never make it you'll, never be an insurance salesman with five hundred orders. I got everything here. I just gotta find that one area, no, I got black is like so excited? Oh man, my clients keep killing themselves goddamnit delighted, people more yeah we gotta live sell people in fake shit. More often, I can totally see the alien idea, though 'cause you know, scientists are making little life in that petri dish. Now, there's no! It's reasonable that something came down here let us off and then just his watch, the live theater. It's honestly. It is kind of reasonable, but I don't want to actually say it out loud right, yeah. I know it kind of thing. Like I am into it, I wish it was real so hard I mean if I would have left the meeting of him. I would've been like well, he does have one point though creepy talk, but I think aliens probably did make us who aliens could have made us so he's not wrong about that.
Hairstyles wrong here sure is strange. I'm not shaven yeah! I I I I don't. I don't want to look like that. I mean really the then you know that theory that aliens might have made. It really makes a lot more sense than God made us yeah I I mean 'cause aliens could maybe exist yeah, like maybe I hope they do. I really aliens definitely exists, but it's just wonder if they have been here,
the soul that on creatures, but then Mitt Romney would be right. I mean I feel like I would be right. I would love it. If Scientologists Mormons were right, I would be the happiest little camper in the world. I just want to join the all. Those people are so stupid and weird and they don't get to do anything fun. You can even drink coffee. You don't need coffee men, your half italian! Well, I guess that's true who take until you get a pumped up, everything's good, so in ninety five: that's when he really went all in with the aliens when the alien that twenty four fully came out and claimed that, like he, was a representation of his father's spirit. His father came to earth created him like sort of like he was birth off of him as a spiritual entity, and when his father died, he went back up to the he went back, to. The space station is like working the controls like making room for him, and that he's basically here saying, could room. I thought there was well as its
Did you look at like as a as a developed to turn into this idea that earth was going to be recycled, but I also love the term recycle. We bring. Everybody dies right right. So it's like that's what you say: it's it's just They got lessons from our government as to how to frame like how to say the words everybody's is going to die, so This message in the nineties is this: when he started to attract like I mean how People were in this group. Total was like forty nine right now, so it never really got total. The total the death toll of surely I mean there were thirty nine who died in nineteen. Thirty nine died in like that master, really calm inside yeah, really how he'll help Bob and then there were two more of that committed suicide later a little bit later. So this was this. This was like. You found a winning argument for the first time. Up to this point. He was just sort of a loan Hale but up clinched the whole thing, because when I went with that, we were saying is, I was watching a documentary and base. They were saying that he was just getting more and more desperate and fuckedup Ann and as a person like wondering
the point of all this is where this is headed to and then this news came out about Hale Bopp, coming like berry like breathing by or whatever whenever and he was like. That's it. At some point he was like Bonnie sent a cement, a message and that's what this message is Hale Bopp and that spaceship the cheese on is right behind it. That's why we can't see it guys and they're all like I'm excellent, that's good! That makes sense and then the suit I think, didn't even happen until even further like into it it's like the suicide thing was like it was just lifestyle thing I don't like. After a while, it was like once they realize, like one hell, Bob was coming, there were like how do we get to it and he's like we gotta kill ourselves like we have. We have to do that in order to move on what they did, he that on the site they say this is our position against suicide. They didn't can what they considered. Suicide was to continue
living on this earth to turn away. Did it wrong yeah, it's yeah think about right offices. Yeah this morning I worked in the writing. Holding wakes up from round table gentleman. It's pouring rain, it's freezing cold outside, oh, what a beautiful rainy Sunday, God you're wrong. The terrible rainy Sunday in suicide is when you die on earth. Yes, he was a suicide as soon as it was to keep on living, but that's a good. So in an effort continued and then him in, like nine of the members, castrated themselves, they went down to Mexico. We want to get a gun and I got that so does not sound like you should take it literally get. Are you tall when it bring me on a shot of his buddy talk, you'll, see what you do. Does our chart and re? I had one earlier filled with eggs and cheese and it was delicious long. Let me get it here.
Just like tethered. A nylon rope to their cocks, had donkey, run, just got tore off yeah they didn't cut up a dicks just their balls. Oh! Is that what it is yeah, that's casual, lose you lose the balls, keep the dick yeah. I just just thought. You just drop the whole thing right off there. Now you can just Unix do that. Oh I see everything you have to do that as a baby or some weird. Have you can't you can do it? You can. Can you you can do it as you. While you grow older, you should look up how people do it now will look it up for a later episode and that will be discussed it as I did for that now. I know. Actually, I know quite a bit about the Kastrati, oh yeah, They were catholic people that were they were,
straighter. Did a very young age doesn't keep us there like a high singing voice and there's only one known recording it has a lifespan and not do it in the eighteen hundreds. So as I love you know, how is it seems like a little recent events. It's very recently to religion is so right, pretty amazing what was the what was the spiritual meaning behind the castration of the men other than their own hatred of their balls? That's really that's what it is. It's a further, your every human they were all day. Is that the theory I don't know if they all were not Marshall was you were just weird and couldn't get laid yeah. It was like that's if you're already joining a cult- and you already have some essential personality flaw, so the if you're already in there, you're you're missing something- and it's like you. Obviously probably I mean like you're, just not
awesome, you're going you're, not you're, not cool, no, not a dj in a night club in New York City. If you're joining a call like that, do we have any break down of the average of the occupations of these people? Oh yeah yeah we have the average age is the most of them were in their forties, but the ages range from twenty six to seventy two, and it was really sad that like so. Basically, I believe, up into middle class people that they I really, I don't know it was all over the map because it was like there was that one there was a black couple that left their kids there's a spoilers like left their kids and then it was like it was just a couple that were fighting all the time. They saw the pamphlet for it, and so they joined up with the colts and they're getting into it, and then the husband finally was like hey. This is really fuckedup, we're not having sex anymore and like we're not any human relationship anymore, and then they, but his wife was like I love it. Yeah women would love it. No sex, no sex in the marriage. When I'm fine with it not oh, no, never, woman, that I've ever touched his never liked it.
Don't look too true too true, edited edited out. They love, Maine Gales, love me it's a beautiful rainy Sunday and then, when towards the end. They they finally built it up so like in the weeks leading up into the mass suicide before was even decided that they were going to kill themselves, but they started who is talking about how they wanted to die, and then they started doing these open. Like talks and Marshall Applewhite was hoping was going to happen. Was that, while doing these like out in the public sort of discourse, is someone will show up with a machine gun and shoot 'em all in the head so that they could all pass on without committing suicide? Because he was too right and everyone was like really afraid of the idea committed suicide. They know in the bottom of their heart that they're wrong, but their ideas of death yeah, because your body fights it every Fuckingg, Roxobel, instant and so but
at that point again. It's just like you have a whole group of people who threw away their whole lives right away. Families, if threw away all human connection, they don't have any money. There's just like when your father is driving down the wrong road and he just going the wrong. Hey dad you're like no, no I'm not going wrong way, but we're going to the baseball game. This is like it's five in the morning and he hears it yet another layer to this entire thing, how these people made money they had they rented out, and big mansion in San Diego seven grand a month how they made money web design. Yeah. This is a nineteen. Ninety, six one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven yeah there what the hell they were web designers. Why did they steal the Green Bay Packers Logo, which is painted black because they were designed? They were programmers, no, not yeah yeah yeah, they were programming, live off Bedford, they live off Montrose. It does seem to make sense, though, with the brain of a programmer. They are sort of alien creatures from Hell. They had problems, so
I can see how they don't relate to anybody normal, because they love numbers are sequences, alien, but they were She's such a mystery to me so towards the end they put together do they go by tape? Okay, where was like each one of them? Did this sort of solo interview? Would you can watch online, which is them just talking now like so excited to finally be the join the away team and do all this is a light hearted for what they're doing, except for one girl who she's crying to the whole video, because you're right get out, let the tears with one guy you'll want them really smart guy hook like in a coup, it was a one one. Member the video that Do they use on the SNL tape of like the that sketch work,
like nine eighty one, a revolution, and it showed all the Nike that kids can't and the guy who did that is a guy named, was like Rio. We had this ridiculous fake name that they gave him like a radio or do or something that and what he did really smart, as he walked up to Marshall, Applewhite and final as he was like, hey you don't Rio D'Angelo Rio D'Angelo, he said hey, you know it's like you know. What we need you know is. We need somebody to not kill themselves So they can tell everybody what's going on in here, and he oh, my god real and he just like here yeah, so I go. I'm Julie, interviews, yeah I'ma, take a lot of pictures in, contemporary book yeah. I don't look at myself. I can't kill myself he's better than killing himself he's going to suffer here on earth,
he's really the one killing himself according to their minds are harder. He's the one that's committing suicide martyr lives in this story. Interesting anything sad did? They have to kill themselves in a specific way? Was there a juicer did somebody who predicted a pick up the rats and jump off a refrigerator or nothing till the still the most insane suicide. I have ever heard it's true yeah yeah, said the broomstick is but what they did was they did a mixture of phenobarbital uh. What else was it God? so they pop pills at this stage in what Elvis did every day. Without him, there was a mixture that was phenobarbital mixed with applesauce or pudding washed down with vodka you need the vodka, is not going to kill you bug, help as you go to sleep, OIC, yeah, just relax. I like how we go to sleep every single night and I scream I wake up at three hundred in the morning screaming about something, but that's just
I mean you're, a natural news. Man, that's all you have your body just wants to be a troubadour from medieval times. I know a man, you know all about him. Do that anymore. I had a dream last night, where a cop gave me a gun and asked me to be. His partner cool? It was great. We were ready to go walking around the streets and he's like you know how to use a forty caliber like, of course, I know it. Easy for caliber bullet should think Mister yeah cause medic, cannot miss it and we went and caught some criminals and I shot at people. It was so much fun that is the most fun I've had in a dream in a long time. That's great! I good dreams all weekend too. I just don't remember any of 'em. So should we sit at? Should we watch the tape or yeah? Let's, let's, let's listen to this day, so we're going to listen. This is his final speech that he gave was just would be. This is this: is the exact opposite? Yeah? Oh, this is immediately video. You know this before this is the beginning when, when Heaven's gate really shifted into being Heaven's gate, as we know it, this was his initiation video that he threw out there, and I think
just be fun to like it's all worth sitting in living room together watching this for the first time and it's easy to see if against you or not, I'm excited, I wanna hear it. I want to see if I'm convinced- oh, I mean I was watching it for an hour and a half and then, by the end, I'm just like this guy's got some fun thing. So say it. Does one more thing, though, but the Nike shoes. Why did they decide on the Nike shoes? Because we got him on sale? That was a little yet yeah. They were brand yeah them. I say all they got on sale, that's why they chose their shoes and also I was reading about to do your last meal. They went to a diner in town and the order to have the time and said they showed up and They all came in all the all dressed exactly alike and they they had a table set used to come in like once a month for this sort of like weird celebration? They all had a chicken pot pie and chocolate cake and they all just sat and laughed and talked and sing songs in this thing and then they all went and killed himself. So there must look like
it takes yeah I or yeah they were all dressed in black, sweat, pants and black teacher. That's how I feel I used to work in call in Clearwater Florida, which is the Scientology capital of the world. I used to work at the borders there and I swear to looking God. It looks like STAR Trek, because this is a big silver building and, like everyone walks around downtown Clearwater in these silver jumpsuits, with these clipboards in there all walking around just like go days. It is then, I'm just like you time I saw was like you're crazy. Put on. They live glasses as soon as you can see, above everyone's crazy, alright, Puma wasn't running a sale, I mean really could have helped a lot of Porsche. I need arch support. I can't just get cheap shoes yeah those lessons in the with the cycle has to say all right. One! I'm sorry! Are you good where you once I zero one zero one, two three!
S. Room hey there March are in over language a couple one thousand years ago, disciples those trying to prepare themselves for entry into the evolutionary level above above human. Miss with the kingdom of God, kingdom of having a drink place, we're going to you like the most I don't think that is on our minds and Doritos, we suspect, is the most urgent thing on the minds of those who will connect with us. Is smoking weed, yeah. This cult. Is it for us? a planet earth about to be recycled or losing Maine your only chance to evacuate, is to leave cool school a car planet earth about to be cycle, so we're taking a boat. Your
only chance to survive or evacuate is to leave without a Marshall. This is getting kind of now, that's pretty matrix, in terms of self aware in terms of anyway he's, intelligent thinking. Maybe you should consider them. I can. I can help. Let's see you said more, what that's disappearing the staff drink? What's all this prophetic stuff, you know, intelligent human beings, do realize that everything has their cycle. That's true. They have their season like they have their beginning. They have their hand, turn turn yeah. I we're not saying that planet earth is coming to an end. No, no, no we're saying, planet earth is about to be refurbished.
Spaded under coming to have another chance to the as an garden. Particular another human civilization The reason this is such an interesting time is not. Because we're on the threshold of the end of this? civilization going to bars is trying to fight me. Something just wanna see the cute cardboard cause of where that binds us, where that finds you, where that finds those who would judge uh. Everyone will judge you how we would speak of them and how they would speak of us. Lazytown. Now you say you keep saying I can see this. It's pretty soothing, I I jam jazz behind it acknowledge my No, but I'm on there. For my day off my father not a human father. My there is a member of
evolutionary level above human, the kingdom of God. He is so proud of his martial, the kingdom of Heaven you just want to say hello. I gave me just before this one gave me birth into that kingdom level above human that kingdom, Heaven that kingdom of God. Now you can well, I can't believe that well it's up to you, but you gotta leave it or not. They really did he just leave about modern ports to me, even though I wish that you could believe it for your sake, he really is for those who do believe it. No. He was in a bunch of musical ability, as I think you hear some music man, it's really good actor for awhile now you say- According to religious literature, I thought there was someone else that was going to come and be our Savior here at these ten days that that was going to be nice return? That's also insane! Well, the
name. Christ might be a little confusing are the name Jesus, because the name Jesus of course, of course, was the name given to the body that that mine. That was indeed from the kingdom of Heaven came and then the morning was here two thousand years ago that metal buildings for the express purpose of teaching humans how they could we saved how they would not a music louder at the end of the year attending the smoke some weed at the end of the night, so the one or the mind that was in Jesus Watt watt Valentine is in me. You will have to do, that for yourself, crazy town, I must admit that I am here again that I
you're saying exactly the same thing that I said then trying to say it in today's language trying to hope that, for your sake, so you can see what we have to offer you for our father offers you life not talking about human life, not going to be here if it is not on your life and as a stepping stone Planet Earth ACE that being that LS one that just as is what will in a in a modernization, I got a civilization involved that you can stations. It becomes more civilized in some ways it's supposed to not that it necessarily does. Sometimes it seems to appear to be more civilized when in fact it
becomes more barbaric kind of interesting, more quick to condemn the rest of the world. More quick to be quick to The relative motion does the link, because it thinks well, I know when I bought it would definitely imagine to share wig ham, the return of the son of my Father out do something. That's even more remarkable say this in the mirror every day, but they just get. My father came with me. This time came in the early 70s water took in human form, an adult human form, helped me you get in an adult human form in the early 70s, and we together help those who came with us that we're also here two thousand years ago, get in the body. That they were wearing so that they could read them
valves of human behavior, human activity, human thinking, so that they could be We're ready to move into the kingdom of Heaven are the evolutionary level that it's going to look yeah, but you have omitted holiday before that happens. He had no tv booking my actually service skittish round people dressed like bands like Tendo still, students of T Indo, even though T returned to, Nikki was back in nineteen eighty five that she died for real, and t is my heavenly father gave me birth into that kingdom. For this civilization began.
Now I'm not here to sell you on that are who are crazy. These are, but I'm here to offer you, as these are just doing an opportunity to know the truth, so that if you can connect with it at any level, Then you might survive the free spades card, we recycle it. You feel that is about to occur, something that in the latin king, we made a tape. Just shortly ago, and in that tape we said that there are, types of individuals that survive the info I like all three. That's the end of part, one yeah, of course, all the recipes on you, wow man, totally put up. If we put up the link in the description of the first video just so, people can watch it while we do or whatever and then the other thing is yeah watch all of it
yeah? I just love when I'm gone. If I can kind of blue and just have a good new jam down to it, he loves you a lot. He's, got a really nice voice. He does have a nice voice, a good performance. I think it's uh. Probably a peaceful suicide anyway, if you were just talking over the intercom system the entire time. Well, it happened over the course of three days now. Why did it happen so people could administer it yeah, ok, so that people helped like one wave like so it's like one Those people, okay, because they all were put in like they had black sheets put over their heads, and they did not and they didn't move the bodies at all after they died so bye. The time they were found. I think it was like six days after the first suicide. They all the bodies were in like an intense like
composition, composition, 'cause. It was also a very warm summer or a very warm spring in San Diego. Do small bodies out here: hey did that or spell bodies, but now let's go surfing. Alright, I think I smell somewhere somewhere. I mean thirty, nine and forty one thirty nine bodies, let's go Cody. Let's go surfing those people that kill themselves in the third day. I actually have a lot of respect for them. They see the death all around. They must at that point, be questioning the faith. I mean that's a tough thing to do, but doesn't go on the day. One damn day yeah yeah yeah, because while I go the first day of movies 'cause, I wanna be spoiled for me: yeah exactly yeah right That makes sense yeah, but I've got a similar kind of thing. Yeah. Alright, I feel like we all got really sleepy from that. I am yawning. I like oh you're, tearing up and running, and you want it just won't just beating us. There's nothing on it. Now is whenever being a cult I just want. I just won't be in one well, they don't want you
They do if they only knew how good I'd be for him. I'm going best, I would be a good idea, would be amazing addition to any cult. That's what everybody is always said about Henry and the day that you die. That's what I'll say: yeah Great Hagen, the machine he would've been wonderful. I love them. Yeah, you just making units to be shifted. I love any other information you want to share with the audience, but I feel like we really have a guy. I think we had we. We really wrap that up. That was quite nice. I love this. I I just find it so interesting and like because I Everyone's well, we should just do an episode always totally based on an entire get in all. If you have, if you have a favorite culture, you know anything that you want to share with us. Let us know when or if you're in a holding you want to talk about it that be lovely the task, yeah only one ex member of a cult. No, let me ask Kate, comedy radio g mail, dot com they'll, be amazing, our Marcus Parks, Ben Kissel.
And then they emit, greedy mf, queerer, Squared Boston, Nobel Yeah Boston part. Wasn't your intro and outro over to Hong Kong. It will rain in China.
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