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Episode 340: Peter Kürten Part II - Dr Chuckles

2018-11-09 | 🔗

On the conclusion to our series, we cover the worst of Peter Kürten's murder spree from his carnival double murder to the depths of his vampiric tendencies, plus his dubious confession claims and his eventual execution. 

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Hey There- Ben Kissel here for last network. I want to tell you about my show Abe, Lincoln's top hat for more than nine years Marcus, and I have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent That's our intention to unite the country with impassioned debate that which is out to the rational Americans, who fine Your voice is more muffled every day every week use my political science background. My experience running for office, along with my lifelong passion, to stand up for the downtrodden the wrongfully accused. Invisible man and woman to bring you news. Like you haven't heard before, let's face it, traditional news has failed us. We promise to always tell you the truth. The best we see it and I personally guaranteed to not be swayed by hyper partisanship, but be guided by facts to listen, search, Abe, Lincoln's, top hat on any podcast platform or go to lastpodcastnetwork dot com find it under shows hail yourselves. Everyone now back to last page
just on the left, this is the last time pass on the left, yeah, you gonna put you don't you should start doing. I am happy to say this so that the audience knows Is that you're going to change the style? You start guy, Fiete huh. You should do the guy fierri for the headphones and he put it backwards like this yeah, it's hurting my ears. That would be good, doesn't stop bad guy Fiete yeah. Is this the start of the show? This is the start of the show kid. It is something stuff. This is flavor town. What a way to start. It also him and it's a horrible thing to say. Given our subject matter, this is not flavor town. As a matter of fact, whatever is well I'm going to say this
is out of bounds. No that's a proper. The out of bounds can also be used a bad way only the use a good way. All right, I like, I have to say the name of the show. This is the last broadcast on the left. Thank you for tuning in. I have been Kissel with newly hair, styled, Marcus PAR there is for the Halloween Party tonight I got an FBI quite good. Thank you. There we got in recent broski my pubic hairs turn into a pompadour mean. That's just for my home. It's for my family. I will say uh. I will. I feel that all of this episode is miles outside of flavor absolutely okay, we on to part two of the vampire of dust Dorf Dusseldorf. Do so that if you ever been to Dusseldorf Dusseldorf now I never been Peter Kurten now is Gissel Dorf. Is that different? Now I know it's different city.
Yeah Denberg land for this other places. But I came all the cities different things at the same city like Berlin is like fashionable right and it's got all like the discotheque that, like a lot people with their titties out and it's a lot of artists and people like put themselves in hooks and weird Oh yeah, it's supposed to be the coolest place in the world, but his Dusseldorf just like is that where you go to get the beer steins or is it like a chiller places it more like like a San, Diego honestly, all I know is I wish Dorf would have been on Dusel Dorf Dorf on Dusseldorf would have been amazing to a Dorf. Does Peter Kurten Peter. That is another mid 90s. Reference can be very funny. Comedian do he walked out
Hey TIM Conway called himself, and I will say that it's the greatest compliment I've ever received on a set was that one of the camera operators and a disease said. I reminded him of TIM Conway, at least it didn't say: Dorf, that's good. I love it. So when we last left Peter Kurten, he was planning a summer break in order to build back up his tolerance for murder, as the dopamine returns were starting to diminish, as always do man. He was looking for a little bit of a break, but the only thing he found was nothing but trouble distance. So a lot of people go on family vacations during the summer time. Maybe they recoup from their hard job working at Tj Maxx, perhaps perhaps, and he had to re coop. So we can get enough energy to murder again. Yeah, so he gets stuck so he could return. It's like an addict type of thing. You know every time you use a drug, you can
get diminishing returns. Each time you have to use more and more and more, the same thing happens with serial killers. So we can blame Germany's lax vacation laws on this, but they can they always vacation body, so nice to work in Europe. But it's kind of like weed you can take a uh. I believe the term is a tolerance parade where it's like. Well, you go, and essentially you build yourself back up because the exquisite pleasure he experienced a pond last murders. He wanted to get it again and right. Personally again, his need for control his need for every single to be kind of like the way like. I will end research, breakfast burritos right, Nla, define the premium experience and I'll go way out of my way for end for no reason miles and miles and miles and miles on my way to get new, fresh, succulent, breakfast burrito, and so in that way, in that way. I understand Peter Kurten right right got to do.
A lot of research to get what you want. I guess now by the way, this episode Goldstar right the whole time, basically pretty much pretty much. So you know now remember by this point. Two people induce door for a recently dead by Peter Kurten's hand, and one was damn near killed by Peter Kurten, but the thing was police didn't think that the nightmare of the vampire of Dusseldorf was over just because curtain took the summer off. They actually thought that they'd caught the empire himself when they are a man named Johann Strauss Berg was Straussberg. By different sources as an imbecile, an idiot and a Cretan
back in today. A doctor can look at you an legally be like. Ok, let's check your knees, just one node backwards. It's not good check. Your face is not looking bright. Ok, I will put this as you are, and this is a prescription. I'm writing for you to take this a pharmacist. An idiot only made for you to fix this is to purchase. Is one prescription for owned hammer that your loved ones? We will use the end your life, they really let you know what they think say what you want. This is, unfortunately it was he medical description, create new medical cretinism. Ok, now what is medical cretinism. Exactly. It means you're all jacked up, yeah yeah yeah, it's a jacked up its physical and mental abnormality, okay yeah, as we know it, it's are just as capable of great violence as the rest of it. Yes, in Strasbourg was no x Well, he was not the vampire of Dusseldorf. He had still tried to strangle two,
man on the street from behind with a new ok, it is a ds. Crimes on their own are very creepy yeah 'cause, it's women walking alone at night, and they said they felt the same thing. It was a very big man and he come up in like no you're mine your mind. He would whisper in their ears as he snuck up behind him and he just straight scary in a noose around. Can you just do that? Isn't that a red flag, river walking around like the guy with the news he probably is doing too bad. I tell you what I've been staying in Soho and if you put it in like a fucking Filene's bag or you put in a Macy's bag, it's fashion just go there, but he would go behind women and he would just stick a noose on him and just start dragging him into the woods. It was really fuckedup. Very good sounds like a match that mankind in the undertaker. I believe mankind got hung, although I don't think that was a mankind match. No, he was using the undertaker got home. He was using. The The moto I see yeah,
who is of course, easily track down and he didn't kill anyone who it was only like. He absolutely didn't, kill him when they were attempted murder. So well I mean he would have to be ten feet tall to kill someone with. You need gravity in that situation. Right. Can you kill someone just with uh? news alone- yes, it happened in the movie, clue just covered it. In with the Iceman Cook, said he used to treat method where he grabbed the guy up with that with the rope around his neck and then he'd Holy sum up onto his shoulder and just wait till he stopped picture okay, but due to the nature of of this guy's crimes, police figured. It was worth a shot to ask him about the recent murders and attacks just it's worth a shot. No, I guess would be we. We do have good, please here a day out, mostly it's just because this guy kind of fits the whole bill he's here. Tacking women randomly all of Duesseldorf, is kind of going insane from the last of the streak of attacks, and unfortunately he looks the part yeah okay,
into their surprise. This guy confessed to all of the crimes on the spot. Yeah, I mean sure most of the details that gave about the crime for completely wrong, but the cops justify that saying that styles Berg was an epileptic which he was and as such was prone to bouts of memory. Los wow and styles Berg did get some things right in since styles, Berg couldn't read, cops figured that he could have gotten that information from newspapers, so it was likely he was telling the truth. Finally, though, the piece that solve the puzzle for the cops is it when they spoke with South Berg's mother. She told them that her and had confessed to the Rosa up murder to her. On February, ninth months before he was arrested. Okay You have a lot of evidence pointing to this guy here is you need a conviction? There was no evidence, he just let it be fashion, but the problem is that the same time
we'll get into this? It seems to be a lot of the information he could have gotten from other people and also was he was a weird, cruel man rating is a part of it is that when the news came out about a little girl died, he there is a well. You will only duty right, so this is a really great summer vacation so far for Peter Kurten, except for when he had that John Candy, like sunburn from of course summer rental. When you fall asleep on the beach, I'm sure he got his uh, maybe his maybe maybe is 'cause I think it was still fully covered, you always sure always fully covered. This is the greatest gift that anyone could possibly give this creep. I actually don't think so. Peter Kurten, at the same time, did not want people confessing to crimes that were heads, it's very btks, which is why he's going to go on to continue to do these crimes all summer long when it's a post to be his break, and with that, with a confession, and with what the mother said, styles Berg was charged
under article fifty one of the Vimar government, since he was an individual, diminished responsibility and questionable he, he was sent to an insane asylum to be locked away forever case closed, okay, and so the people of Dusseldorf rested easy for the summer of nineteen, twenty nine from from prompt, it's been a pretty fun summer yeah, but when came the vampire returned and he began a murder spree that would pale in comparison to what the people of Germany had already endured at his hands likes on August four. One thousand nine hundred and twenty nine Peter Kurten was wandering the Duesseldorf zoo thinking about. God knows what I tell you bought. It sits, tear eating some popcorn. Look at that platter puss!
photo should vote was gone sinking was found, okay, buddy, don't they know it is a funny to reach us of monkeys the got the Red Little Box, yeah, that is on Buffy. You told me and no one ever gets at them for pulling off their your the only other trust actually step. Ok, so I will go out of the zoo now just fun for a little while, but it's getting scary, but this trip to the zoo. It marked the beginning of a new phase in curtains Karere. He was no longer, just content to randomly attack strangers on the street. Now curtain wanted to toy with his victims, you where to draw out the process, so. While he was at the zoo, he met a servant girl on her day off named Maria Han. They made plans for a date the next day and Peter took her to a beer garden.
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personalized reports on line now through Thanksgiving 23andme ancestry service kits are only forty nine dollars per kit when you buy two or more kids order. Your three and me ancestry, service kit. At twenty three at me, dot com, slash left, that's the number twenty three Andy e dot com left well after they had dinner, went to the beer garden. Peter Kurten led Maria Han out to a deserted meadow and began the longest cruelest most draw not murder of his career. He strangled her until she passed out. Then, when she woke up he did it again B t K Jesus when she came to once more curtain stabbed her in the throat with the scissors and when the blood gushed forth, he pressed his mouth to the wound and drank her blood intel. He, for
omitted. Oh so this is again with the scissors. I guess you really, even though it was a failed. The first time he used the scissors scissors become a favorite of his yes speak God Becaus, and I think it's no mistake and he's doing it on purpose is that he do. These did appointed specific puncture like he would do in order to get a spa. Of blood and even then Maria was still alive. Is she begged for her life curtain? Stabbed her in the chest then repeatedly stabbed her in the head until she mercifully slipped away curtains The whole process had taken an hour chase. So after Maria was dead Curtain rolled her body into a ditch and through some branches over for cover when he got home that night, his wife was already asleep but the next morning She immediately noticed quite a few blood stains on Kerr
close to here, we have some blood stains right, yeah right now the two got new fight about it to Peter figured. He better actually hide this body, lest it be discovered in his wife would make the connection between the blood stains in the murder of Maria Hock, because she's not blaming me for death and next thing. I know I don't get my tuna fish casserole on Friday and that's not good. So this is the first time she is this the first time that she suspects that he is doing something nefarious. Now I guess cell what this is the first time that there is actually evidence. Okay, he's I come home in in. She seem like there's blood stains on your clothes. What have you been doing and what he'd been out all night long too? It must be a lot of blood right. It's a fair amount of blood yeah. So once again, after work curtain went home, grab a shot, and headed back out to the crime scene, where he picked up Maria's body took it to a follow corn field and buried her in a deep grave relishing the act, the entire time it's kinda like when you go like that down the different block.
When you want to go to the grocery store to get the nice cup of coffee from the new hipster coffee shop and you're like. Why don't I do this all the time interesting? Well, it's totally different this involves a homicide. Your shirt analogy involves coffee, and this is a murder, because, if my analogies did involve me talking openly about that several murders of women that I would have had to have done to know the distinct pleasures are doing this, then I would be incriminating myself Whatney Benjamin discovery. It's good point. Keep talking about coffee, but curtain wasn't done yet, but a few weeks later he said he returned to Maria's grave and Doug. The body with the intention of nailing it to a tree and a mocks crucifixion, but the body was too heavy, so he just re buried it. But the thing was he could
not let his work go unnoticed. If nobody found the desecrated body than in his mind, the job was only half finished and there was ultimately no point. It's like it in Peter's mind it's like it never happened. Ok, yeah, it's very interesting yeah! So in November he sent letters that gave the exact location of the body to several newspapers making sure to tell them that the perpetrator of this crime was indeed the vampire of Dusseldorf In that letter he gave them. The exact location Maria HANS Body, this is the one I wish I could have found the actual. Copy of the letter. I kind it. I couldn't find it, I don't know if it's be cause, they don't
of the same obsession with serial killers. Except now we know that if you look at the time nowadays, we blow it up to like a media frenzy or in the 70s, and she during these super killer. Heyday of the United States of America, I'm not remember, we were saying uh episode, yeah big love, true crime, but I wonder, but that was after the facts of the crime. I wonder if, at the time the newspapers did want to blow it up as much. I know they were trying to keep a lid on it much information as they could be. Actually, it seems like in german at the time they were better at it than we ever were yeah. Well, there was a little world war. Two, and it was quite maybe it got exploded everything sort of got destroyed, so maybe that was what about actual. You make a very good point. There. Dot is quite a few records of do you know of Germany were destroyed in that time it also been you know, boy by the Nazis, who were doing their best to erase the past Germany as much as they possibly could, but that's not to say that Peter Kurten was
still killing, in the mean time, between the murder in August and him sending the letter in November. In fact, as I said earlier, ' re Han murder kicked off what was to be the most vicious and prolific spree of Peter Curtains life later on in the same week that he killed Maria Han Peter Kurten approached twenty six year old Gertrude Shelter as she was on her way to meet up with a few friends for an afternoon lark. I am not maligning whatsoever. It's always interesting. When you remember Gertrudes were young once when we had the name. Gertrude is just such an older name would be twenty six year old girl shoot. You never even think about that. When I was a kid Gertrude was the name of the old witch that my Grand Father said lived in the abandoned house far into the ranch. Meanwhile, you know back in the day when Gertrude had that snap,
out there in a few years later, when she was hanging in mine all that stuff back and they've Gertrude was hot yeah. I feel you that's how it always is right. Now it's coming back around everybody is being Mildred in Burr, full and stuff like that, and now we're going to have eighty year old, nickel That's analysis: yes, yeah you just if we just, I just can't wait until nursing homes are filled with Stephanie's and Ashley. So that's fine. I will name my kid Herbert Herb. I like that name is my grandfathers name I heard on- is a real good name, Herb Herb Hearst castle him. I was a good farmhand lines going to be skeletons, you're, going to hear kids skeletons, yeah, multiple things, it's going to be good for them, going through life being named skeletons, they better start working hard in order to get over what is already been done to them that is the premise of a boy named Sue well, curtain still chasing or else he'd originally felt at the beginning of his career. He decided to his hand, murder at two
talk in the afternoon she's, so he walked up to shelter and introduced himself as bomb got mister butt head I'm got hello very nice to meet you. My name is her bomb, go Bama got and that's how you doing you have to you have to practice it like that in the mirror. In order to be good at you know, I lost you, minimize your burger, my name is there might not, so it is because he added you. We don't act and he had a practice. His own accent yeah sure, well, what he did. He told her that she was beautiful. He pretty watched, it started doing the whole. Like Dick catcalling thing, he told her. She was beautiful that she kept walking. Then he started getting more and more lewd as she continued on her way before he. Finally, just straight out said we should go somewhere and have set and when she said that she would rather die Kurt screamed, then you shall die sure not good. He then pulled out his dagger and stabbed her in the back so hard that the blade broke. Thankfully, though, Gertrude
also survived, he was a building up on his own, like just like, while she was walking down the street just to see what the what it would take to finally push them. Yeah, yes and again, I am not at all maligning virtue, But if someone proposes something that you don't want to do say, I would rather have a piece full domino's, like he takes him over to the domino's domino's little Caesars, where you can go and you can just go into the hot boxes. You can grab him, but even though curtain succeed in murder. There was still something about stabbing and running away. The gave curtain thrill, so he did the same thing three more times in one night on August 21st. What are the people doing? Yeah people see this happening. No, no, no well yeah, but we'll get to it in here in just a second quake and purposeful action. You know, I really can't when you're not looking for it, you have no good. No clue of massacres is about to happen. Like can,
really blind side. You they that shock. Someone just grab me with something about that about how you can get away with quite a bit with very confident motions. Well, the first two that were stabbed at night where women, one of whom got the very least, a request for accompany meant before getting a stab in the back, but the other. Silent Stab in the ribs. The third was a drunken man lying in a ditch curtain, stab him in the back as he was trying to crawl out. Then curtain hid nearby and watched as the old Timey EMT Please save the man's life, I'm kinda scared, robbies, beach, gravies birds, we gotta push his legs pushes legs would get to bad blood from his abdomen. Up to his brain got very good. I will begin to open up his car, so his brain would have enough Fridays off of its own demand that blood come out of his brain better go now, I shall stabber in their eyes. I have to standardize the release the pressure from the inside of the Scott Lynn. Well, it's almost like you don't want the
yeah man, that's crazy, and yet, despite these sprees the police no, where near to catching Peter Curtain, but that one dude who admitted to all that stuff before he still locked away right, he's locked away in the insane asylum Kerr, choking the women with the nuisance, but was that we got that they got it might not only not the confession. Technically, they got him on the confession they got technically. He is guilty for the reader, rolling or crime, and all that shed and all of the piecing together of everything happened after Peter Peter Kurten was arrested and he decided to confess, and so they thought they go the vampire Dusseldorf and then when the Maria on happened, the letter came and they're. Like oh You know so they're. Looking again, yeah, ok yeah, give you an idea of how badly people were scared,
hundred thousand leads and suspicious persons were reported to the do filled our police to be fair. The Germans are very good at snitching can be used for very nefarious negative reasons. In this case. Positive, though yeah in a time to every cook, broken clocks, always right, twice yeah, but this Peter Carton at us now controlling Dusseldorf, because again think about that the it's because that's what it is. It's a very common that trope of horror movie, think you got the You got the bad guy and he snaps awake, and it's like the idea of like everyone went like we got the vampire of Dusseldorf beer steins all around or look at this given to the child he likes to be here. It helps him play with the other children. Ritorna sausages put it in the pants of the little girl. She takes it to her mothers there's nothing wrong with it. Nothing so sexy about it. Well, maybe that's why they created pockets. A clock is right four times a day, if you think about the minute hand and the second hand, thank you
the minute hand in the hour hand, and the second hand it could be right six times more powerful. No, I'm like I don't literally about to start crying. Did you think about the hour is correct? It's two hundred pm and then it snowed a few minutes say no. No, no could actually be right. Six times are incorrect. You are thinking about o'clock completely wrong. Time is the formation of the minute minute hour and second, so I can only individually individually. They can also be correct. Well know that would mean it would be correct. Twenty four times in a day is why, if you're Only counting the minute hand. No, I'm not just counting the minute hand. I want to read,
higher from the podcast. Well wait a couple of years, and then you can get whatever clock you want. I mean I don't know what kind of maybe wanna get get o'clock. That's right more than two times a day, do solar. They were so desperate that they followed up on damn near every one of those eight hundred thousand leads. Oh I'm pretty sure they didn't follow up on every single one of 'em. Yet there was still much more tragedy to come for three days after his stabbing spree curtain would commit his only double murder on the night of Aug 23rd Peter Kurten traveled to the
diesel Dorf, fair in search of a victim while wandering the grounds curtain spotted fourteen year old, Louise Linsen and her friend five year old Gertrude Hamacher, and when the two girls left the fair through an alley alleyway Peter followed. He caught up to him, used his charm and innocently, asked Lewis if you would mind, running to the store and buy him a pack of cigarettes different times but you're in adult male, you can go to the store yourself. My father uses any for cigarettes all the time. My father used to send me for stuff all the time slightly. Different story said. If I had a friend sir, is because this is a stranger in an alley way and we were at home. I would one of a string dress me too, because I thought it was fun to go, buy cigarettes, sure. Well what Peter Kurten told her is like you go. Do that I'm going to sit here and I'm going to watch Gertrude. You don't have to take her with you I'll, take care prevent Louise. She did as she was told, because it was an adult she left the five all alone with curtain as soon
is Lewis, was gone curtain carried Gertrude out into some nearby bushes and repeated what he done with. Incline, strangling the little girl and sawing her throat open with his pocket knife he then returned to the alleyway and waited for the weeks when she got back. He dragged her to the same location and cut her throat so deeply that he came close to updating are now. This is where there's some things are: there's a weird discretion. There's there's a weird uhm. I don't know what the term discrepancy about whether or not this is true or not, but according to him and some people, it said that he then bit the wound and chewed on it. Like that's what they said, they said they did find two marks on her, but they weren't sure, if true or not, but it was either way it's disgusting.
Yes, he said oh yeah. Well, he said is that he licks the blood from the throat of the young girl and laid down next to the corpses just taken. The atmosphere, Jesus, he then folded up his knife and walked away leaving behind one of the most gruesome crime scenes. Dusseldorf had ever seen. Ok, how many people in Germany at this time we're just walking around covered in blood when this guy be covered absolutely head to toe in blood. I don't know how it could be because if you, if you do it real quick fully and you're not trying to get it all over you and, if you've done it about and you understand with the way the blood I mean. This is tearable. All of this is terrible, but if you understand the mechanics of how the shoots out when you've done it and done it a bunch of times, and you know how to avoid it and then maybe Please come to the time were like you know, there were butchers walking around blood was a little
more common to be seen. I don't know I don't know and then all that and need to do it, and you also just do it with blinding confidence like your person, just walk, bring down the street I'll. Tell you what in New York, if I saw somebody walking down the Fucking ST covered in blood, I'd keep walking. I woulda new fashion trend or something really? I would just keep walking mostly just because in order for me to deal with that man my day is now over. Oh yeah. So, like do yeah, and I think the other thing is that these weren't, like Beserker, holes in the way that say like Richard Chase. Did it Beserker kill like these, where he was very controlled, the entire I'm in fact they said when he almost decapitated this girl, they said it was very unlike him, because the way that it was cut it seemed like he had done it angrily like,
for somehow this girl had made him mad and it didn't have the same cleanness, the all the other ones had what seems like he just kind of goes in these little like Ray which is in the middle of doing it, which is the reason why the multiple stab wounds have all of these denotes powerful, powerful rage yeah. Obviously, now, as far as the investigation went, this point. There really wasn't even a consensus that they were looking for just one guy, as it happens in There cases like this with no real pattern. People had a hard time accepting that one man could be capable of all this. Exact, same thing. That happened with Richard Ramirez. In fact, most people thought they were looking for four murderers the one person who thought otherwise, though, is our old friend who ate
his way out of the police force from episode, one inspector Ernst, Gnut rare Kosova, northern pictures Crab Pharmacy cave is moving so much grieving over my knees, my wife could find me penises. It doesn't have to be too busy serving me three I mean yes solve the Peter Curtain CASE, eat away just bring in a new picture of creed everyday. I would just like to to active Gil Correo in the richer Merece case inspector did not It was the one who notice that the same footprints were found at each and every crime scene. But, unlike the here's case, in which the Avia aerobic footprints were a key part of the investigation. The curtain footprints didn't really do much, advance the case, we're not we're for shelter,
the killer has feet no well that limits it down as it was. Three more people would die, while at least another eighteen would be attacked before Peter Kurten was finally captured. An here's where things you're, going to get pretty relentless in this episode here it is. This is the point already having fun and light, and just you know it's kind of feel. Like you, member, when we went on the know, you couldn't make it in ITALY, we went into we went on a boat ride. That was just wonderful. It's like we had champagne and berries, but then you went to just see a bunch of corpses. Yeah, but we're doing here, although we did all of this episode so far, it's been a lovely boat ride outside of it, but we were on the boat yeah. Now we're going to be looking at some corpse. Well, I enjoyed our time just in Naples around the wonderful people, they're very nice all alive. I like that about the good, no problem good. Thank God thank
let's see I'm going to, let you walk around Naples being like there could be. A lot people. I love Naples 'cause. Every time you sit down, they give you olives and yep very nice. The first in this spree was Sophie Rukel. Who is right? Your bike, when curtain dashed out from a side street grabbed her off her bike and hit her in the head with a chisel knocking her out but not killing her. The next was Maria reduce curtain attacked her at midnight, but she managed get away in scream for help sending curtain running away with people in pursuit curtain got but amazingly to answer your question Ben. This was the only the time he was ever chased, while he kinda liked it yeah it's let this ship 'cause there's something about it's not just getting the retaining the body 'cause. We talk about process, killer versus product color and all this stuff, it's more like he liked just creating the
yeah? He liked this idea that she could be fuckin' anywhere and he was and he was running out and he didn't even care if he fucking killed you he just wanted to know. I could have killed how the hell did this guy get away. The pictures do not make him look some of the most athletic dudes inspectors, four hundred pounds defective product- is going to be slowly walking behind, but some kids got to be able to catch him. Actually, to answer your question Ben first, he actually took great care of himself he well he exercised. He he made sure that he had that he had the strength to take care of this and to address him. I just want to scare people one time he chased after a couple with a pistol just shoot it in the air and in that moment he ejaculated oh my god. I only always he knows how to do. He knows how to do it for himself and that's really important one positive thing: we can learn from. This is being like make sure you take care.
Yeah, absolutely well. That explains why the Germans didn't they lose. They lost in the in the old Olympics. There Jesse Owens yeah, then Jesse Owens destroy them, yeah, absolutely yeah, okay, so yeah Peter Kurten was in prison, so the Germans couldn't use 'em Peter Chrome was dead. Thank God. We crushed him. What do you think it would be used? exterior color, what a cool. That's: a cool like cartoon, convicted serial killer Olympic, hey guys You know. We've been thrown a bunch of scary facts that you today, but one I, the scary, stuff, mall, sixty six percent men lose their hair by age, thirty, five at spooky, the skin thing about. Hair loss is when you start to notice it it's already too late and it's so much easier to keep the hair. You have them to try to turn back time to get back to Harry lost, to have used to notice thing here in photographs, are you worried,
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for him, dot com, slash left, that's f, o r h, I M S, dot com, slash left for him. Dot com, slash left well. After that attempt curtain decided that if he was going to attack, it was going to have to be swift brutal an over in a second that's when Peter started, leaving the house with the ham in his pocket. What I would say is this is where, if you are one of the true sickos, like I said, really wants to see what it's like to have. These words come out of the mouth of a serial killer, read the satus to death and listen to Peter Kurten the way he describes each step of the way he would go about these many attacks he was very organized and you can see in the way he describes it. The pleasure he has in the control he took and how and how, in his description of his crimes, how you can see he is when he's
don't over this memory again and again and again until he has as soon as you have said, Jack again and again and again so each one is this little fun little story in his mind, but his first victim using the hammer was IDA. Reuter he'd met her at a railway station and had convinced her to go for a walk in the woods, but, as night fell, she told him that she wanted to go back to town. Peter agreed, but as they were walking back Peter pulled out his hammer and hit her in the right temple fracturing her skull. He then dragged her unconscious body down to the meadow where he raped her and ended her life by caving in her skull completely. He did much same to Elizabeth Dory. A curtain followed her for a mile before he dragged her behind a bush and killed her with five swings from his square headed
If you saw the pictures of the aftermath to not the actual crime scenes, but they have the pictures of the skull of the status and it they are just chatter. It's very very intense the amount of energy had people with, so we got a crowbar, a hammer, a scissors. The tiny knife, a tiny knife and then his hands in his crate and strangling, and did he use an axe, the broadside of hatchet, you used to have this chapa yeah, so it doesn't have a tool. So that explains why they think it might be multiple people to write multiple people. Multiple ages, multiple sex is like they're, just they have no idea, whether there's one guy doing this or if the entire t of Duesseldorf is just lost its fucking mind she's. However, not all who were attacked by curtains hammer die. Frau Mirror, was walking home at eight o'clock on October. Twenty that's when curtain sidled up to her and said quote on to flight
quite a lot of things have happened here already. He then took out the hammer and gave her a thwack but Frau Mirror had a tough constitution and left the little two weeks later shaken, but otherwise healthy okay, but with the next victim of one frau founders the hammer handle broke and the head went flying never to be found again. Another horrible episode of Dick Clark Serial Killers, Google MAPS and bloopers yeah. Absolutely so that's a big key piece of as there yeah, but they never found it in Peter Kurten actually tried going back, let because he didn't want he wanted to face me miss! Is there yeah, he misses Hambre, Frau wanders didn't die okay, but after she left, he went back to the area any search through the bushes because he was hit her so hard hit, hit other people so hard that the handle of the hammer snapped and the head flew off back behind him and he just he never again, and then you can do that, though,
scratch. It is brought to my scratching stick because if not my back would be achieved absolutely that that weapon it will not cut forged in fire. It's a great show forged in fire. That's right! Fortunate! It's ok! It's weird! it's uh. It's really new, really just like cut open milk, gallons and stuff with swords in a lot of pigs, and they have to make their own sort of making your own sword yeah. The people are really it's. An interesting kind of nerd culture, yeah yeah, forge nerds, is very weird subculture. It's clear. I crossed the line. That is that That is my line. I will not, like swords they may yeah. I really want to collect swords, though I wanna be like he has. A large did not want to. I love Holden swords and just
swinging a sword, yeah of course man. It's great! That's why I have the one whip the web is fun around the office. I could do that alone. Do you think this is a good conversation to have and we're talking about the World Sporting Germany's worst serial killers? I'm just saying it's I can sit. There is fun to be had if you're innocent about it yeah, if you're innocent about it you're just like playing, make believe you're poking Eldoran. What's his name from buck mule near not meal near what city, Mudarabah, Alderan, filler, Aragall, Duran Duran as Princess Leia from star wars? I remember because everyone's Lord of the rings yes yeah, Dega, Boswell, Yoda's friends and for the hammerhead he's looking for a head to head of the hammer, though he never found it, never found it yeah and he left the hammer behind and the hammer x had ended and and with that Peter's murder spree almost at an end, but for his very last murder.
Return to the scissors, his last murder victim was five year old, Gertrude Alberman, good God One day as our parents were having a distracted conversation in the park curtain, who'd been star. I think, the child for weeks snatched up the little girl and walked her a mile away where he choked her and stabbed her over fifty times now, was he was he a pedophile as well that he desecrate the body that kind of swimming did do that, but in my quite I wonder, because I don't think it had anything to do specifically with children in terms of sexuality. I think it was about twisting innocent yeah. I think it was the same thing why he did it with all the various women, which is also why he had a He never murdered sex workers 'cause. He thought that they were below him said he hated women that do well. You would never do that because he stabbed a one woman from a lot of straw. Wanders was yes use it to use a sex worker in in he said that he found her repulsive yeah. So in this perverted discuss
eating brain. He wouldn't kill anyone. He thought was below him. Yes, well, it was so. What did he think about the kids? He did. He think that they were above him or something it wasn't necessary like above or below, wasn't necessarily a superiority thing. He just knew that if he killed a sex worker, no one is going to give a shit he wanted was to make people feel terrible. He wanted to. He wanted to crack open the fabric. He wanted to cut the fabric of society, he looked at them and the way he described them each time when he would see them in his confession. Afterwards, he called them beautiful creatures. Yeah. It's look at this creature of beauty. It is this, spoiled thing and you try not to like, because I was this thing he would only kill women that he found to be beautiful and little kids, that he thought represented beauty, but he needs, and he did, he did create the bodies, but he did it in a way I mean because we're not going into the detail the way that he did. It show But if you want you to see that I could have sexually assaulted these these kids, but I didn't yes yeah. He often he is big thing was to masturbate.
The body is like I mean you know like b t k with is that, with the a tear up murders, yes old, very much very much the same thing say Henry makes a very good point worry or where he like to show that I could have but Albert FISH Albert FISH. There you go alright well after the murder curtain said that he almost set the girls body on fire, just like he had with Rosa Ohlinger, but he decided this time to try something different. Instead, curtain carried the body a half mile away to an abandoned factory, there, curtain covered the body in a burial mound of garbage that he just found strewn around the grounds he then mark with a cross. In two days later he sent a letter. To a newspaper named hi height. That said, this murder at pop in daily in the place marks who was across a corpse lights, buried, and he said the same letter
police and after he knew the police had received the letter curtain staked out a hiding spot and giddily watched as the police uncovered the body again, Again, okay, I sign he didn't, even if he didn't speak to the police, this time he just sat and laughed and giggled and from hiding spot and just watched, all of them, of course, like watch. All them fall apart over having to dig through garbage to find a little girl's body right right, it's the giggling that's the giggling yeah, and I owe you giggled the whole time I I did also I've for did forget that I did forget that detail when he us strangling the girl at the fair to death yeah. He just giggling the entire time, just giggling. When I in you know in heat, you learn that he learned that from the dog catcher remember the dog catcher Do the same you get online is an online used to laugh and laugh when he was torturing killing dogs out of all the forms of laughter,
Giggling- is the most nefarious yeah. It's the scariest one, a good chuckle, chuckle, chuckle yeah, there's no there's no horror movie called doctor chuckles. However, yeah, but doctor giggles. Now that's a great doctor. Giggles is a fantastic 90s, horror, movies, classic absolute classic, ok There's nothing. I like more than getting practically everything I want on demand. I imagine you're the same way too. You can list. I've been Henry and I discussed the vampire of Dusseldorf at the gym at the park at work wherever and whenever you want. So why are you still slept into the post office to mail, your letters and packages when you can get postage on demand with stamps dot, com with stem com, you can access all the killer services of the post office right from your desk. Four seven when it's convenient for you by imprint official US postage for any letter. Any package using your own computer,
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series of assaults that lasted until his eventual capture an may of that year, and it was all due to the courage of one young woman named Maria Bootlick, Marie I had arrived in Dusseldorf on May 14th by train she'd been to Dusseldorf before, but was still a little unfamiliar. So when a man approached her and offered to take her to a women's hostel that Maria had before she agreed, but when the man started leading her and what she knew to be the wrong direction, she got suspicious and told she could find her own way. Thank you very much. Started, arguing Another man walked by and stepped in, that man was Peter Kurt any with no no yeah, but he he opened with the very classic. Is this man bothering you yeah because he came in and the like? Some men are pigs. They do terrible things anyone who's like. I will take you where you need to go, and he I mean he's all dressed up. I will see three times I was mugged. It will
of the times I was mugged by a guy in a suit and the rest of the country is now getting mugged. Bag anus is very, very good. In order to compare good, I love that you always bring it back to your mugging experience. You had been mugged. His strange amount of time beat up in the street 'cause, I'm I'm I'm noticeable incassable, that's what it is right Oh my god. So this chick, I guess out of frying pan into the fryer here, yeah, not after curtain, quote, Unquote saved Maria. He somehow, convince her to come back to an apartment. He'd granted at seventy one met traffic, but when she refused to sleep with him, they left, but when they left curtain led her to a secluded spot and dropping burger woods and raped her, but he didn't kill her instead, he live. Go only because he'd been seen with her earlier by the man who had first met her at the train station.
I think his obadia here's a guy who knew him yeah. I need they said hello and he said back and forth, and it's interesting that he thought that the crime of sexual salt was less than the murder, like the fact that like well, I still rape this woman, and my buddy saw me, but this guy is he really is he is, he may be the worst yeah hey it's a he is definitely is among the worst he's, not yeah he's a true villain yeah, it's just a guy words, it's very difficult to find, because it's like when we go over. Some of these Sarah colors we've done so often now right, it's like you, go through and there's probably our 30th serial killer summer or thirty right now, fucking book about him now, since they were living in the world of uh of them apart, it's like Panzram, you don't take back in the day we sort of like found that weird sort of like he had hero side and all these kind of other things we can feel with Kurt, and I have not anyway there should. I look at him and just being like issue to just kill him when he was a baby yeah. Oh my god. Well they perverted kind of way. With that
ringing in his yeah? Now? Maria did not report this to the police immediately, but she did detail the attack in a letter to a friend saying that she'd most likely been in the present of a murderer. When the friend read the letter, she immediately made the connection to the vampire of Dusseldorf in convinced Maria to report the crime now I had counted on Maria Abboud, like not remembering where his apartment was because she was you know some. I'm familiar with the city, but this ended up being a fatal underestimation after reporting the crime she was able to take two plainclothes officers and inspector guy, not straight seventy one, met Mona Strossen right in your need to cut some form of Kerr to to cut me. How much is forest would go off? I'm going to need several loaves of ice cream and I'm going to need several beer steins of Paulina. In order for me to get my sinking cap greased onto my tiny german scout, whatever it takes buddy now, unfortunately Kurt
wasn't there when they arrived, but while cannot was l, who are in the boarding house searching for clues and Marie I was waiting in the hallway on the second floor. Peter Kuerten walked up the stairs who he walked right, past Maria looked at her, and she said that he had this look of stone to confusion on space like he couldn't believe that she actually she couldn't believe that he was actually about to face in contact. Oh yeah, he just thought he was invincible. You thought that he had always been totally in control yeah, so he entered his room and after just a moment he left again with at over. His eyebrows walked right past two plainclothes officers and vanish that's one thing we're missing these days, not being in the 30s, is being able to pull up the trench, coat labels and pull down your hat and be able to disappear. Who could that ever be well after he left?
Maria DE I mean she just of course I mean she just froze, because when she saw Peter Curtain like it was just terror overcame her and cheap. You know if she froze, but once Peter left she regained her composure any told inspector good, not that the men they were looking for had just came and went, and so they tried run into the night to catch him. The curtain was gone. I can run. I must be rude. I remember all these comfort. Suites are really messing with my stomach control, although they should have done it. They would've gotten that but after this curtain knew that the walls were about to start closing in because he had rented the room using his own name, so he knew it was only a matter of time before the police tracked him down so curtain. Decided that it was time to come clean with his wife at least partly he told her. What had had with Maria, but he did it. You know in the way that piece of shit psychopaths like when they confessed to some
thing, but they don't really make them involved in something fuckedup, and I did this shade part. You know how it is, but I'll probably be in jail for, like fifteen years I mean who gives a function then it comes down to it, I'm going to be working on trial anyway. So let's go to lunch with yeah. I was pretty much smoking have a nice day. Response to this, like Augusta, finally kicked his as to the curb so get the fuck out, I don't want to see anymore, so curtain moved into lodging house in another part of Dusseldorf, now why didn't he just skip town there? Well, that's a question we're going to be asking again and again, because here is where things get real, God dam Murky, Peterson and the story that gets told over and over again that completes the romantic myth that people somehow attach this absolute fuckin' monster is that Peter Kurten confessed to his wife completely on May, 23rd and Peter said, the reason why he confessed to his wife was so she could turn him in and get reward money, which was the last act of a man who hated the world but loved his wife,
I'm and the reward money was his way of taking care of her. In this Shitt biscuits propagate like it's on the Wikipedia, page and it's in all the online articles to you're right. It's like the crux of monster by Cl Sweeney and its total fucking bullshit. Okay, according to a Guster her as told in the sadist. It didn't happen anywhere close to that detectives at already tracked her down at work from based on Maria Bootlick's report, but she have any idea where he was staying. She just said I kicked him out. I don't know where he is, but the next morning when Peter came by her apartment- and she told Him- based on the questions the police were asking stones like you, you had to have done something awful for them to have come and talk to me like this, and he replied quote yeah. I did it. I did at three sink and then he just left
I did everything, but he didn't like it and braggy because because he left he left this whole profuse, like I've wanted to make sure She was always taken care of that would be doing all of them, making sure she gets the money and it's like now. He kind of just dropped it on her lap because then also kind of wondered in a weird hazy thing. I think the reason why didn't laugh, I'm things we he didn't run- was because I think it's uh a bit of being like first of all, we'll see if they actually do get me and second of all I mean, then the whole world will know yeah my story. We met for lunch the next day so wanted to. Let you know what the hell is happening because he's not really he's just telling her he's just giving her a little bit each time it's been gaslit outta, hell she's, but she's in a fake world if you were wondering what it is about him, trying not to ask too many questions, but also because he said that he openly had affairs. So that was a part of the original original convention was saying. I called him a couple times yeah, and so she knew that so she was like, but it was a very
common thing of like we'll queue just too much man. For me, I have to let him go and be with other women, which means he was he was. I mean he had raped her. He had done several things, It was an uncontrollable sexual maniac and couldn't couldn't keep it in his pants, and so she thought that's all it was. But then it got to the point where it's like she's like, but we should go to lunch for closure. Yet at lunch a little crazy here. I don't know how they're hungry number one well, that's the thing is that a gust it was too distraught to eat. She couldn't eat at all, but curtain he ate and He ate her lunch as well yeah. He had double one double line yeah. This did not bother him at all. In fact, his last meal, he had a beautician, it simple for his last meal and then after he finished he asked for seconds and they gave it to him. Yep Okay, soul is a lot. That's very big mall pounded out there, but after lunch as the two of them
walking over the Rhine Bridge Curtain confessed completely. He gleefully told that he was the vampire of Dusseldorf and that he done everything they'd reported in the paper and worse. Besides, then, when he was asked. Why, though, he said I don't know myself. It just came over me like when I started playing his guitar again and learned all the exact log of DMV, but mostly it was because I wanted to provide some kind of background music at parties. Oh, my goodness, between Augusta like now truly reacted in horror, and I don't know what other reaction he expected. What did he expect Peter said according to Augusta, this is how he replied when she reacted in horror, hoping looking very Philly, I ought not to have told you that was the silly thing
That was always the proportion every day it's just like. We just had lunch. Wasn't it nice good? We have a nice lunch together and now you're all bottled about. Oh, my god. In Augusta that all that afternoon, though, and for the rest of the night, he couldn't look. Her I. He was overcome by a depression that she'd never seen him experience, but not a single god. Dam thing was said about a reward. So like I'm, not sure if I really like figure it out here like. Why do you think he put on a show for her after he told her? Why do you think he? Saul cast down and you know dog got when you know double wide and all that like. Why did and also why did he do killer and run away, he was mad. This will again I'm going to walk all the way down of the end of the day, I'm going to go to the end of the branch here right now, I'm going to talk about, I'm not sure in my
mind of all of this is true, because they're still always like a thing of the very end that he could have made up a bunch of yeah, he could think who knows partially. I think that it's got a lot to do with it too, which is due to sheer showmanship and the The mission is, and he showed about his crimes and his want for all of it to be true and showing everybody in the light he got. I think that this man was a plastic person. I think a part of it was I. When he's I'll, try not to have told you that God now you but like I too, that was silly of me to do with that was essentially, which mean like oh now, you're going to be talking, bummer yeah. After all of this, I think he was pouting, because he go to jail the next day that he was going to maybe turn himself in. I think that he didn't want to kill his wife, because I think that she was truly very close to him, and there was because he had deigned to trust her with the real him he can kill
this person, because he already purity became like a trophy slash too important to him. I think everybody was objects. I think everybody was used for his own pleasure. So I think It's doing the show was simply mean like. Can you just get over your bullshit so we can just have a nice night. Can we just have a nice night like the guys of bass, ocal gas lighting, again yeah that'll be that'll that will roll tonight but I will say nothing can bring you back from the night, not being ruin their, but I did ask a question on twitter about about whether or not, but what about us path, feeling love and they say a lot of it's just kind of a shallow thing, and it's about the idea of what, in context to their lives. What does love mean? What is what can they get out of it? They lack empathy physically, they lack that they lack the the understanding of other people of world, but they can love you for the
purpose you serve in their life and in rats case she served the purpose of making them seem normal right, yeah so that he could be like it's not. You know how much does the trick part that you were mentioning before we're in this is like part of the game. Yes, this one wedding ring on my finger. It has an effect yeah. It definitely makes you appear less harmful. As a person and I I feel like I you with you could sit like you could look like you were a harmless person if you're married because it's like, It's something all you with little hope of. I think it was all a show yeah, it's all This is a good reminder. If you're gaining away 'cause, then you can't get it off, which is uh or water retention or getting arthritis. You want be careful well at any rate, then next day. I'll gusta curtain went to the police and told him everything her husband had told her the day before and a trap was set where Augusta would meet Peter near Rokos church the next day and his Peter walked. Where's his wife on his last day of freedom, cops armed with revolvers.
Brown from every direction and as they approached and Peter just smiled, winked and calmly said quote: There is no reason to be afraid. Well, I don't know That's true, but ok, what's the fucking Joker going back into jail, he was so excited for this moment. So excited deal is only thing was he he said, like I didn't think my wife attorney of his that quickly What have? I think he was such a little bit. Yeah dude, you be also got all dressed up yeah he went, he went, he got about two took a shot. He got a shave, you got to shave you put on this night. Does he want to because he knew he'd be photographed eyes, see, appear curtain spent most of his trial just hard as the Dickens. Because he was to have an all the set back to on. So he was a rouse. The entire trial hire trial was visibly around several times the put him in a cage yeah. He was it does fitted Andrei Chikatilo, so he was a big cage in the and also he also re can
he did his confessions, then he recanted and then flip back again, yeah and the court. They didn't help that much because they set up like a display of the skulls of Peter's victims in open court, along with fake body parts with simulated wounds. Next to scissors rope, knives and a couple of hammers, so we love that a Broadway play an associate play for absolutely wonderful, yeah, she's and when it was all said and done, Peter Kurten was found of course, found guilty on all charges. I think it was seventy two charges or sixty eight because after he was arrested, he sat down with Doctor Berg and he was like. Let me tell you all of the crimes they have committed and he went through and listed every single crime when he did every crime, and he also in he said names when he could remember them and that's how the so the police were able to go back and talk to all these people and track him down and ask them it's like hey. Did you did this happen you and a lot of time
they were like yeah, not exactly as he said it like. The woman that I was hit in the head with a chisel, he told them that she was with another guy that he hit them both with a chisel when they found the woman she's like oh yeah psychopath, did rip me off my bike and hit me in the head with something, but I was definitely alone: ok, damn but Peter Kurten. When he went to the guillotine, he at least gave the appear It's of excitement alright, so they gave the death penalty to the guy yeah, of course, very good, very good. On the day of his execute and he turned to doctor Berg and famously said, quote telling me after my head has been chopped off thanks. I still be able to hear, at least for a moment the sound of my own, the blood gushing from the stump of my neck. That would be supply sharks to end all pleasure. This faced down many and for
Currently the answer is yes yeah. They could be seconds or something right yet or something quick story at the end here in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety three, an assassin named Charlotte Corday, was beheaded by the Gia Tien after murdering a prominent member of the french revolution. After the blade of a man named Le Gros quickly lifted the head from the basket and slapped it so the surprise of everyone in the audience Charlotte's head got super pissed off. What did you slap in those to have friends like the late lead, character and Wolfenstein? Put you back together, yeah and then you know the the head of Charlotte Corday slackened again as the oxygen left, the brain, but they said There was a very real, an visible look. Real. Of course, there are very real look of anger and indignation,
and that's what that's. What makes us fuckin' horrifying, yeah yeah! That's what actually makes the guillotine one of the more terrifying ways to be executed, rather and the most humane way, as was touted by french Revolution, Mary Slum an we can only hope that Peter Kurten shared that terror? No, He loved. It seems like this was the ultimate way to kill him in his own mind, yeah. If he did have any terror, he didn't show it because, as his head was positioned underneath the blade he was asked if he had any last words, he just smiled and said no in the Gia Tien came down neatly sliced off curtains head. Finally, putting an end, to the vampire of Dusseldorf. It's a strange ending in that it's good and then it's also like kind of what he wanted. He just kinda like too late yeah all right. Well there it is Peter Kurten. That's you know he's not really talked about that.
She's really not well good. That's that's horrible he's one of those that people don't talk about because of the MIA and we've been talking about this with a a lot of killers. Recently is like he's one of those guys he's like dean, coral. Where he's not talked about because he's so fucking brutal because his crime, are so awful and they can't really be glossed over like you. Can kind of glow over TED Bundys crimes. You can gloss, oh John Wayne Gacy. You don't have to get specific with those you can just kind of say a because you got the with those they're like flashes of like clown killer, TED Bundy he is like good looking good looking guy Jeffrey Dahmer is the cannibal. What do you think about how the media played a role in framing all that stuff for us initially like when Peter Kurt,
was down. Obviously, as you guys mentioned, there's no articles or anything. No. No, there there there are articles, but they would not that one letter, but not that one letter we grew up like my idea of TED Bundy, was already formed before even know what the crimes were, the vampire same with that same with Dahmer. Yes, the vampire of Dusseldorf was a character. It just doesn't what we're talking. Here is that if we want to get into like the sad, blase world that we are now in because of the where we're at in terms of sewer killer expertise, he's like a level so what you have is like you have all these kind of like so what we used to call the heavy hitters like all these guys there super super famous ones. These guys are the step under. For me. It's just like you just get to them now because you've already blew through all these sort of pop cultural icons, your iconic serial killers that have now become iconic because of our
they should know exactly idea, I'm so part of it is the d but vampire DD's, ARPA, he's famous for me, you Peter Curtains, a famous zero color yeah. Well- and there's word about him for so many years, and it's really just to get into the d v D also his crimes, and it's also the fact that you know this happened a hundred years ago, yeah or Germany almost one hundred years ago in Germany right before a whole. The other really important should happen in Germany. Especially in to is that, like a lot
circles and if you're a killer, cortical bloom of America? It happened in the nineteen seventies, which is a great slash, cheaper, easier way to time to make a movie now we're like here. In order movie, you got a rent cars. You got into a whole hundreds of b g and not forgetting old Timey. Close it's a big deal. So that's why it has a really slid into running will be to me, but I'm certain. There will eventually be closing costs alone. Now, really that budget January later Host- and I was looking into it- it can be up to like two hundred two fifty it's a cop to Us- that's a comfortable, but it's definitely expensive yeah. It is yeah if you want the joys of a romper with none of the the the Is it but, but you also love wearing level role run around yeah, get old, get them later. The hot well I'd like to read. I think research assistant Rachel Shoe for her help. As always, if you read as well as another, thank you can
linear, or help last episode as well. Thank you Rachel. Thank you, Carolena. Thank you at this point. In time we have been performing where you live work. So we've been so excited to see you. I'm very excited to see you tonight actually as this, so we're recording this before we leave to go to Texas. So as this episode is coming out, we will be in their city. We will have done Dallas and Austin, and thank you very much for your kindness there. I want to thank the number one fan in Dallas. You gave me one million dollars now. We should agree that that was amazing, nominal debt, and I want to say I want to thank the fan in Austin that gave me a full xl. Skeleton that I can use to fight our government and it was a heck of a trip with his friend was trying to get back in the bag. Yes, awesome! Everyone Thank you so much for listening. We really appreciate you check out our patron if we'd like and if you want to come, see us live out, we got tickets on sale for Indianapolis on November 30th.
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