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Episode 341: The Order of the Solar Temple Part I - The Beginning

2018-11-16 | 🔗
It's a return to cults on this week's episode as we begin our series on one of the most mysterious of the late twentieth century: The Order of the Solar Temple. Join us as we trace the paths of leaders Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret as they wind their way down a path that eventually led to the murder and/or suicide of 74 people.      Now through Thanksgiving, 23andMe Ancestry Service kits are only $49 per kit when you buy 2 or more kits. Order your 23andMe Ancestry Service kit at http://23andme.com/left Go to http://hellofresh.com/last60 and use the code: last60 to get a total of $60 off, that's $20 off your first 3 boxes. Get an extra 25% off when you keep all items in your box at http://stitchfix.com/lastpod
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hey there ben kissel here for last broadcast network i want to tell you but my show a blinking stop at for more than nine years marcus and i have strived to present you with the most accurate and honest political podcast out there in these turbulent time and it's our intention to unite the country with impassioned debate it reaches out to the rational americans who find their voices more muffled every day every i use my political science background my experience running for office along with my lifelong passion passion to stand up for the downtrodden the wrongfully accused invisible man and woman to bring you news like you haven't heard before let's face it traditional news has failed us we promise to always tell you the truth the best we see it and i personally guarantee to not be swayed by hyper partisanship but be guided by facts to listen search abe lincoln's top hat on any podcast platform or go to lastpodcastnetwork dot com
and find it under shows hail yourselves everyone now back to last podcast on the left there's no place to escape to so i started noticing something as we were going through this episode damn bro has the same physical body as l ron the same physically shaped body as who your favorite special guest of last podcast on the left hong kong and reserve route that's right it does so i'm saying how many specific women of this world have viewed the bodies of joe blow joe demand broke and l ron hubbard as the body of god himself haha alright well don't get too full of yourself this is the last podcast on the left i embed kissel with marcus
parks here in new york i then and yes our guest for episode what are we on now i think it's three hundred and forty one so our special guest for episode three hundred and forty one he's been here for three hundred and forty episodes henry sobrowski yeah man i have the body of a god and i could see why that's why people react so startled to me when i'm not 'cause i'm trying to add more of shirtless walking on the street right cousin lai see it all the time and why should they be how to do it not me well you know who else people get startled by the leprechaun because of your god like body owners vehicle the great is that honestly sexy leprechaun we're going to we're gonna i'm gonna say couch this and wait for we next year so how you doing alright so why even mentioned these cult leaders you might ask today's episode this stuff i'm just going to say it's wacky wacky lego is wack we're going to talk about the order of the solar temple and i don't know why
story is it more famous but ladies and gentlemen you're going this story here first thing we're going to get in why the story isn't more famous all right the order of the solar temple a k a they'll do do temp so at all gradually you was a largely mysterious doomsday cult the gained a short lived worldwide notoriety in the mid nineties for the mass suicide and or murder of seventy four of its member in switzerland and qubec wow so now that is far above heaven gate suicide once that was about that's over twice what heaven's gate was she's alright yeah but technically do they count less because they didn't have any penises perhaps but unlike suicide call to do it all in one go the ost spread there's over a period of three
years from nineteen ninety four to nineteen ninety seven killing themselves or murdering other members in five separate incidents and i tell you what they had a little bit extra pizzazz then even jonestown even don't jonestown is one of the most famous mass suicides world whoever we deeply covered in the pictures from it are devastating right but if you saw if you look at the crime scene photos of the order of the solar temple in the way the bodies were found late about in their golden robes covered i mean it just burnt alive it is sucking it just metalist yet well you know you're going to commit suicide it's always important to dress like ric flair really that is that is the key to a virtual but it the interesting don't forget ladies and gentlemen as well i don't know why i'm saying ladies and gentlemen tonight i'm channeling some inner am radio host or something but it was flavor rate at jones tax slavery but really this isn't like jonestown
only a couple of survivors out of the five nights in question that was only out of one of the nights nor there any tape recordings of the event nor was there any real yeah investigation done on any of the killing sites save one 'cause they did it right unfortunately i mean wrong right right right even though the people of quebec and switzerland certainly remember the cult the uh for the solar temple was little more than a blip on the millenarian doomsday cult landscape of the 90s as far as the rest of us went and are reasons behind that first of all they lacked the panache of the more well known cults at the time that's where we will have a debate because you look at the footage of inside the temple it looks like a brian depalma film well it does but nobody but people like us know about it
right right right because the order of the solar temple they were not as hourly dangerous is aum shinrikyo okay they weren't as wacky as heaven's gate and they're in was nowhere near as dramatic as the branch davidians and to that end they weren't all that public either comparatively we actually don't know a lot about the order of the solar temple because it was mysterious by design so was it because were they humble was no no no no no huh how do i put this because you know i've even said my distrust of interest unfortunately just because i'm an extrovert and so i just feel like they're always plotting exactly this truly is that it's it's they were so not humble that they believe that their secret truly were worth keeping it's why it attracted the sort of what say societal high level members people a lot of money people a lot of personal cachet
for the famous of famous families that what you're looking at is an actual real secret society i mean this whole thing was so secretive that summer members there close family members didn't even know they were in the cult intel family members showed up debt interested ok that's true discipline within a cult that's hard yeah i mean look at us with just within the three of us we constantly accidentally tell people what the next episodes be we should be hold those cards close to the vest like biggie biggie smalls says in the commandments of the cry of the crack me and i don't know the name of the song that sounds pretty cool but the thing is that that secretiveness is what makes the order of the solar temple so special they were a real life secret society of the kind that and we normally only see and novels and horror movies well in the end of a cult is among the most horrific ends that any called has ever met all right
however some argue that the order of the solar temple wasn't even really a cult some say that would actually be more accurate to describe them as an essay tarek magical society that got out of hand and there is thing to be said about this claim can i just call it a cult because not an asset eric society that got under his note eric nice also taxotere it he's just a lot for me to say i'm just going to call it a cult yes i'd i would say i lean towards esoteric magical group that got out of hand because what we have here something different than the golden dawn where i think they met up with their extreme nerds because we're gonna see they have a lot of right wing influence deep inside of here and what we know about white wing nerds they are incredibly dangerous yeah so this this is in sweats your this is in switzerland this is in quebec they had some and i'll strela yeah i'll work as well it doesn't sound like is neutral
kill themselves cancel i'm actually this world debate you because they only kill themselves ok alright then i guess that's a neutral well i think they always see actually share a lot more with the early twentieth century european magical societies like the hermetic order of the golden dawn and the full societies than they do with heaven's gate the branch davidians okay a like the gold and on the order of the solar temple made their rituals and doctrines purposefully obtuse and difficult to understand that way when people did understand it or at least pretend to understand it it made them feel extra special and that played in perfectly to the claims that the leaders may that their members were superior to the rest of society i also never underestimate the power of a pay wall they put each layer they put each layer behind a paywall right one has to be you have to pay in to get to the next branch you learn more secrets you pay into gets in the next branch you get a cape which is true they love their fuckin' capes
like a like a regular benedict cumberbatch i assume he wears capes or in the third one they show up and now you're a fuck at night it's like an improv school where this time you're paying to get more and more friends and influence that a lot sometimes your tina fey but a lot of times europe clinton mcgregor never heard of him exactly exactly so it's interesting so it seems like they write this stuff super confusing there's any actually truly understand it or is it like david likes book the biggest secret or the greatest secret where it's all such nonsense the people are nice like i get it but you know you can't get it can i respond never of al a test nation hustle all of this if you read the rosicrucian did you read the rosicrucian manual i signed up for
actual rosicrucians deciding to read what exactly was that they believed in and they believe in a lot of stuff yeah it's a lot of stuff and you have the machine it's about the journey it's about it's it's reveling in the mysteries it's never just a raw leaving someplace alright well this journey and the pay wall and all that shed that's how the os who was able to capture membership that was a mixture of the middle class and the wealthy with members ranging from canadian business executives two police officers to local politicians to even a swiss watch magnate i mean this is what as it can be in there is so much chocolate watch this industry and seeing what award steve they famous man of zbc clicked and also like oh he does the bc clatter i know when either we look at that uploads to bicycle
i'm single man people pay money to a bicycle made and so they got a canadian businessman just i would assume surrounded by ducks i would guess in the loon business i don't know why and then you gotta watch maker multiple high level canadian businessmen and watch is in switzerland that's no joke like being a race car driver in in america we're not going to re litigate the clock okay i've heard a lot of comments about our clock conversation we're will do that today if you want to new york city to green point and you met the locking do pizza who is real there's a king of pizza like command of the other ones go to there's the guy from napoli i don't know what he does and you have to go and you have to kiss him palmer john scented ring that like then you understand the true power of the watchmaker until it's alright i get it i get it parmesan ring is amazing by the way well one of the things that attracted
people was that the o s t was run like a business for example a judge that worked on the solar temple case actually wrote in his final report that the o s t was structured like a multinational corporation there was so much money moving in an out of the solar temple that some believe that it was more likely a criminal enterprise engaged in vast amounts of money laundering and that the cult was just a front i kind of i do believe in some of that but the problem is there's no evidence of it because luke shiree in joe dimambro really fucking covered it up yeah they covered up well so this is where do we get the shinrikyo ties in right where i'm not yeah it's also got it's got tastes it's i believe the order of the solar temple like if it was that it was like you scientology was run by dan brown and dio holy diver indeed but it's hard to know just the order of the solar temple was really up to because
urban no definitive books written on the subject as far as sources go we've had to cobbled together the story from a variety of internet and print sources to the biggest source is where a collection of essays called the temple of death and a chat on the solar temple from a book by shelly king called the most evil secret societies in history which is actually a solid read it's nowhere near as trashy as it sounds cool i like how trashy it sounds yeah this is every officer has to go to every single call knock on the front door and say what are you up until just ask then in order to fill it out we've used a wide range of internet sources such as the new york times la times time magazine infosec dot org religious tolerance org watchmen dot org access magazine have you seen the runner of infosec i mean infosec dot org he looks like if jesse eisenberg didn't have the four percent
of charm that he had but the other hand it's also possible but since this story occurred in call and switzerland the entire story has been written just french all that's why it's all the letters are twisted around yeah because i was trying to look at some of the stuff and i was like through the goodwill pull apart noroi l'epoque ce is warm i do want to apologize up front there's a lot of swiss french is also different right right yeah that's all i think so i think it's different i don't know it all blends together but why didn't take french in high school i took spanish in high school we were in canada quite a bit what was it last year last year i think i spoke to a lot of french people poutine toilet that's what i learned that is french
guys with a bunch of gravy on it then you got to go to the bathroom but i would like to reiterate if there's anything out there because i believe there is one book that in my survivor but it is in french yeah so we try to look at if we have any listeners that speak french that would have at any of this primary source material please drop a book report the email because we tried as much recurrence so we cobbled together as much as we can and over these this series we're going to try and put out the most definitive as much as we can off as much as we can have information about order of the solar temple would pay ten thousand dollars to watch henry try to read a book in french just to see the frustration in your face now it's like a sunday cartoon strip you're going to come in living room the books going upside down i'm wearing like a spoken jacket going like aaah international day
but according to the french you mean the international nail perfect yeah since none of us speak french this is the best that we can do but we've def we tried our hardest to make this as accurate as we possibly can we're going to try our best to tell the story of the order of the solar temple also but there's a couple of all well i heard in this story is that i have some different interpretation of the facts and what you could either speak to perhaps in either one of our reading all right very cool hey guys this is marcus parks for twenty three in maine as gather around the table with your family this thanksgiving wouldn't it be nice to discover more about the genetic connections you share well that's where twenty three me comes in twenty three in me is named for the twenty three pairs of chromosomes the make up our dna and it's personal genetic service that helps you trace your ancestry and learn about your dna and what makes you well you the two
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behind the scenes features a member really has should figure it out because he has figured out how to do nothing but still be the leader of stuff for a long time and then to up until he died he actually i'm gonna what this out there joseph dimambro is a successful cult leader actually saw it through to the very end then he got the exact ending that he wanted and he got a age of seventy one so just my question is how did the italian get to switch 'cause he's italian right now he's not telling you my bro yeah he's french i mean maybe you guys name french and have italian last name i'm learning this to kissel do you know that you can have that you didn't really like antonio baba naughty oh and you're from london it happens ok see dimambro seemed seem to be more the brains of the operation as he'd run to fairly successful cults
magical societies before jurate even entered the picture it's for that reason that our story begins with the life of joseph demam i do think that this is very unique and colts from what we've seen i mean we now have done full deep dives into jonestown home shinrikyo where else with the other would gate well we didn't do a deep dive in heaven's gate we also the children of god children we are children of god and i i feel that this is really the first example of joe demand broke understood that it takes a village to run a colt and so he went out there he knew he had to get good people to surround himself with and when i mean good people i actually mean bad people right can i just ask what happened to the two previous calls how did those then you'll ok and dimambro was born on august 19th one thousand nine hundred and twenty four in southern france to a single mother whom he was sitting
have a quote unquote special relationship with as they would orderly stay up far into the night knitting together la angela the need only three o and their money to you soon they can have the voice of the first capital i love to need to give us the heels from your breast my sweet sweet to me is there and just like oh suck on the motors that's got to be a great childhood oh my goodness hairy bressa dimambro reportedly said he picked up quote the rhythm of his mother during this time i've seen a couple of videos in x videos were people really pick up the rhythm of their mother yeah i know what you're up to on there so did they really
the sexual relationship i have no idea if they actually did and i just said he had a special relationship with his mother said ok i will say being over mothered leads to a very confident boy which is where i would say i yell myself i feel there's a lot of joe dimambro in me and that i have the potential to flicking make it where he fucking lost it out all right it's interesting the now you relate to him after we've just been talking about how he might have had sex with his mother now this is the moment where you claim to be part of him but bike guy couldn't suckle so does and really matter it so we're actually not the same because my cheek muscles with two week as a boy to get the milk out of my mother's nipples right the thing is as far as the first thirty two years of dimambro's life goes that's pretty much all we know just the knitting and the rhythm and when you compare that how much we know about the life of say jim jones that's pretty god dam remarkable right now it said over
over again the dimambro was a jeweler and a maker by trade but no never says when he practiced those trades or where he lived or what he was really doing first first three decades on earth we infer that he lived in southern france from nineteen twenty seven to nineteen fifty six but what he was doing during during world war two is anyone's guess okay what we do know is that in nineteen fifty six dimambro joined the ancient and mystic of the russi cross and thus began a life immersed in esoteric knowledge of the rosy cross it's don't search it on port hub that sounds really discussed it sounds awful yeah sounds like a prolapsed you know what yeah i understand yeah correct up the ancient mystic order of the rosy cross aka a mark was a rosicrucian
order founded in the 1910s by each spencer lewis and it still around still around i mean i just joined it yeah like these guys they could best you described is low impact occultism it's very entry level stuff this stuff is so out in the open i can head up to the mork center on a hundred thirty fifth street right now and just get a belly full information hold on so it's been an assload so there are low impact the nordic track of course is that what's going on here they are very their belief system is broad it's about leading a more spiritual and psychically connected life to nature and our our place in the universe the russian christian order it said to be apart of mystery schools that have been around for thousands upon thousands of years and it's basically since which is i mean we need to do an entire episode
rosicrucians like an entire series because we there's so much to pack to unpack out of the rosicrucians but straight up it's like it goes their lessons go from how to balance your checkbook to how to astral project yourself play it's all across the map yeah ok i mean to give it really broad review i mean their main focus is quotes this study of the elusive mysteries of life and the universe offering spiritual wisdom mastery of life expanded awareness and a sense of connectedness and all this information is supposedly glean from what they call the secret schools good lord guys you know what the irony of all of this is i'm going to join i am at i'm going to it it sounds pretty cool i mean really i mean a mark they're not a cult even though it certainly sounds like one i mean nobody's making a ton of money off of this and right seems like it's more just like a fairly innocent for
colonel organization that's been around since the 1700s that once boasted star trek creator gene roddenberry is a member there i mean honestly henry you know astral projection that's pretty cool but i want to know how to balance my checkbook but i like these guys i think it only cost something like one hundred and five dollars a month to join i'm looking at the application right now they have to choose you so that that is a little bit difficult but i mean secrets are real that's a part of what it's been around since the beginning of time this idea of coded information that is hiding essentially parables and ship that is told from generation to generation that hide within those parables real information about the world i mean people you could even say that about us is that if you get through all the jerk off jokes on our show right you learn something sure it's almost if the journey through the jokes makes you earn the information absolutely see more they're essentially
gigantic mishmash of half a dozen myth allergies and religions all cobbled together to form one overarching philosophy but for the most part just what it is philosophy there's no no money involved there's no really any one person at the top and noble is having sex because of their association with a mark i mean there's got to be at least one woman in belgium that if you said hey i'm i'm actually part mark she would like zoo day long and if you see a jump right on yeah because she knows that you have the powers of the ancient interest a more calm a mark yeah mark and since no none of that was happening since there was no money flowing in and out there was no real power structure and there was no sex a mark wasn't given joseph dimambro what he really want you say this but i actually
and gave him exactly what he wanted it is a perfectly vague superstructure of beliefs that would you can then do is take that information and package it so like rosicrucian order when you when you join a mork would you get is these lessons that you're supposed to room rate over for an hour and a half each week and then you essentially take a test and you go through all of the shift and you work your way up the levels very similar to scientology but i think what he realizes that it's be cause of the vacuum of leadership as that when you could go in there create a whole esoteric society and be like holy because your problem be in this room filled with a bunch of impressionable people both like women with no bra pause on and men with their with handlebar mustaches sure know what belgium is like i don't know what it's like in southern france when you sit there just but you like i can own all these pitches if i fucking figure out how to make myself the top of the pyramid and how do i do that so i just tell
well i think joseph dimambro like yes he was looking for information he did glean a lot of information from mork but as far activities when that wasn't what he wanted he find something more he wanted something a little more dangerous okay and so in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine when dimambro was well into his 40s he'd been with a more for about thirteen years he'd left and it seems like the lesson that he took with him was this the esoteric world is a mashup culture you can mix and match whatever you want using the myths religions and histories of the past and just so long as you sell it you can get people to follow you huh but the had no interest in a philosophical society he wanted something more powerful and i think we can infer this from his criminal record at the time he was
arrested for impersonating a psychologist in france in the early seventies so we know he had no problem in appealing people thank you for coming to my office isn't it how interesting that i could make a therapist office just by putting up a sign yeah great to be here yeah you did you just woman i've ever seen my prescription for you is to cut off your feet that is too tall for you sir i mean ma'am third psychiatrist tell me that this week i guess i'll just do that and demand i was also arrested for writing bad checks around the same time so we know he had no problem with fraud okay dimambro was primed and ready again his new career and he did that in nineteen seventy three when founded the center for the preparation of the new age there's a part of this that it's not that i am it's not that i appreciate the work that showed up
bro put in but i will say there is an entrepreneurship to starting a cult that i respect in a way where you look at it where like on some level there's the book that we have been reading on this the order of the solar temple the temple of death has a really good breakdown of well you know when we look at actually the knights templar what's really the difference between a successful cultana religion right this is sexual cult manages to fit in core glee into societies needs and the thing that it wants essentially and there's enough infrastructure around it that then the status quo allows it to exist eventually it just becomes legit like you become you can have billboards you can do the and a member was trying to mix and match it but the thing is is that showing all the the check fraud also up on one level you could say all he was just trying they could tell you made it right but then the other level is he's a classless scum bag that will do anything for money i do like that idea of as a of cult leaders is on
doors because in some ways they are and i would love to see them on shark tank and naturally mister wonderful he would he would by ten percent of the company five hundred thousand dollars that's probably what they're about worth you know can't appreciate if you could you know you got to do the math on shark tank in order to prove it and you have more slap right just be like and then all you have to do is snip the tip and they're all like that's interesting do you have proprietary rights to that typically cutting the top of the phoenix offer mister wonderful always takes a royalty also you know it's ridiculous while still in france mambro began attracting followers by convincing him that he was the real incarnation of everyone from osiris to moses and those chosen for his group well they just happen to be the reincarnations of famous people too don't you want to feel special marcus just for a fucking sick
don't you just want to have a mysterious tiny fat bodied man with a moustache tell you that your special because i've been looking at you marcus see what we've been doing the show together for years i'm sorry console i'm do unfortunately your last report your last reincarnation cycle you were a box to check it if you're literally as a box of so you doing great but marcus can i tell you ok i think your descendant of ripley tease and the inventor of the zap wow it is amazing that's incredible congratulations everyone who's always that'll be related like cleopatra or like king tut maybe you're just the town fiddler or the person that called like the magic magic tickler and like you were crucified for doing that just you know for those information for those bits of information you guys both owe me five hundred dollars
mambro exerted complete control of his followers early on to creating that he was the only one with the knowledge and the foresight to pair his fall there's in marriage and these people could only have children if and when dimambro allowed it this is sort of can i actually say so but this is when the center of the for the preparation of the new age was kind of already clicking along until then he was throwing a lot of rosicrucian should at them and then hit them with i also can see your life's calls yeah right my mind's eye we'll deciding when people have relationships and then deciding when they can have kids that's what really interests of stuff here yeah extreme so now the reasoning behind this was that since everyone was a reincarnation of someone famous and powerful selective breeding naturally produced the strongest offspring that could usher end the said new age how many women were
marilyn monroe that's what i want to know can you be multiples or do you only get one i think the demam bro was allowed to be multiples but most everyone else could just be one luke charade to we'll see later and he started pulling the reincarnation bit in canada and he would switch it up okay would do it he would very often do that i had the vision last night to death to you are in a previous life marrying marilyn monroe and the only way for me to prove it is that i have to test it with my penises and then the next morning he'd wake up and she be like i'm so glad that we had that conversation last night about me being the monroe and around i'm gonna be bride of the cosmos and news is like yeah about that it seems that mind's eye has made the pacific blue pair you have to leave your kids out there you know what yeah i don't scary people always say i want to come back as maryland come back as ruth bader
that's what i said well what interstate is absolutely true in the snow and jury in he would do that with everyone he wouldn't just do with him and he would do with the guy we like hey guess but last night found out your moses now you're a leader and then the next day he would wake up yeah dude it's you you're oh yeah come on let's go and then the next day he would wake up and be like you know what dude i was wrong you're not moses guess web in your moses school i love most so it's i mean honestly they sound like a mix between billy alright the greatest pitch man of all time and then just what are you trying to get layed like a pic it's like billy mays in a pick up artist yeah you gotta start somewhere before you become a deity and that's how you start man this is the bush leagues of being a god ok
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sure with say king arthur then you got something special ok yeah yeah you do and imam bro said that he was the only one who knew the path to successful breeding use the breed master ok i like the term the breed massachusetts i kind of want to just get out what it says like official breed master license like y'all should fall like back around yeah sounds like the horrible horror movie where you it's like one of those movies where you just do the cover back in the day jess's and then you put the vhs in and in this case it would just be a bunch of horse insemination and you're like why am i watching this it was a cool cover but this is disgusting so while marlboro is had not the center he started picking up black keys that would follow him until the end one of those was respected swiss orchestra conductor me gal doc nyc not to bach nick would eventually go on try
out in the late 90s for his involvement in the solar temple and there's a lot of regulation as to how much he was really involved but we do know that he had extensive knowledge of the occult and at the very least wrote many of the materials that would eventually be used by the order of the solar temple ok so together dimambro and tobacco took some of the mom followers and moved to geneva switzerland in nineteen seventy eight very nice is there they re branded the center for the preparation of the new age into the foundation of the golden way this is important because this is scientology did too it's about shifting shifting okay since i am name steps to central europe even confusing the people that already involved picking up new bit basically by
changing the name like member new pepsi yeah some reason you get a blow up every time you change the name because right goal it all with the hell is that in search of these lectures but also demand bro very smartly held out for these type of faith famous people like scientology did with it he understood like i need respected members of society to be involved in this to bring people into the fold so if you was a cult leader now he would get in to grams norbit french in the news doug the pug might be able to be a member of the cult of i don't think doug the pug can be flipped no i don't think so either he honest as the as the sun burns b as honest i we have a story about geneva switzerland my grandfather had a lot of money in the banks there did it we're not going weird i wonder why you had to hide all that money no it's fine but it wasn't it wasn't really that was famously neutral in a certain war whatever man
feels weird had a strap a bunch of money to his body order to cross a bunch of country lines to go put in an unnamed source but it was before atm so it was a little bit more difficult back then so now even though things were going fair to midland when it came to dim ambrose egyptian based cosmic children hodgepodge he was missing a hook something romantic to really capture the european imagination and the hook that he eventually found was the knights templar i just messages flags and yellow ball awards is needed and what we need in and out there and we got them yeah it's cool man super metal that would come in and say funky over the ridge they got funding to bleed and jesus on a cross yeah everyone scared of i'd be opening up my beer cans with a guillotine now that it really does sound fun the night stem
or among the most storied organizations in history popping up in everything from indiana jones the last crusade to the assassin's creed video game series but since there period of relevance occured almost one thousand years ago and said they were a secret society of sorts and since it's just a damn good story the historical on the knights templar is heavily debated it is heavily heavily debated we are literally just scratching the surface of a topic that has books and books and books and ducks and all the and movies also all piled on top of it dan brown is literally drive in a yacht with wheels be cause of the knights templar they are the knights templar is uh i want to cover them very very badly well fully and we
well as a part of eventually we will do a secret school series if i'm allowed my say for what i think that you get your be quiet and i want to see you get yourself i think you get your yell quite a bit but of course you make great decisions now when you're debating this you're not allowed to wear pants right is that the rule where it's like the debate is begun remove your pants and then sit and then i don't know assume whitie tighties well concerning the debate you know as we discovered with the order of the solar temple the fact that the knights templar so heavily debated isn't that surprising i mean we can barely figure out what happened with uh secret society that existed only a couple of decades ago so you can only imagine how difficult it to come to a consensus about a secret society that existed seven hundred years in the past a true secret society is a beautiful thing because what they've learned over periods of time so what we've seen with the free masons
free masons have a new netflix series where they're trying to be super transparent about everything which makes me just trust them even more it's like the new pope that should i hate when you're now oh now now nice right but a part of it is when you create the wall of secrecy the wall becomes a mirror and then you can put whatever you want on to it and that's exactly what they want but the knights templar is debated because of the workings of it because i'm going to see it became way more like mcdonald's then the illuminati interesting okay so what we're going to give here is the occam's razor version of the story to as succinctly as we can get so the knights templar were a catholic miller every order that was established in the year one thousand one hundred and nineteen between the first and second crusades back when christians decided to take back the holy land through trees long campaign of warfare torture and murder but the thing was
taking back the holy land was meaningless if no one could actually go there so the knights templar were created to escort rich people on holy pilgrimages from europe to jerusalem now yada yada yada is a lottery on a lot of water yada yada yada and those two paragraphs all right so know that but the knights templar were either a group of rapists and murderers that were kicked out in england at the because no one would go right it was either that it because they have an offer to dole gin says the people that would go to jerusalem to fight the crusade to they think maybe they went in they gave all these guys a clean slate spiritually to go or it was truly a blood don't know yet i don't know i could have also been like that these were truly pure beings that they were these were pure with altruistic christian faiths that
are doing their duty twords god by bringing the faithful to the holy land i mean they sound like it's exactly it's it's exactly what the pennsylvania poker king did he just brought people to pull it probably just got hammered in a great time it might have already ordered or it could be that the knights templar were just a bunch of psychopath that wanted an excuse to put a sword through someones throat not have any consequences honestly that's that's pretty cool you will by the power of jesus christ himself you're allowed you nee you are by jesus to fuckin' yeah you just out there to do with booking square helmet i mean like the name of like leave you and then just hooking slashing open dudes sucking god so he's like oh oh go go go go go and then the guy next to him is like short way i've asked him to convert first adult will do it and the other side but even though the night stempler we're definitely among the most feared combatants of the crusades only
percent of them actually saw any combat the other ninety percent were administration their racket was to hold on to the valuables pilgrims while they were off on their little jones and while gone the templars would charge interests essentially in venting modern banking as we know it and also that's the problem with our public school system the bureaucracy give more money to the teachers cut the fat of the top that's right this is not this is knights templar's time and of course these guys add all the necessary secret rites and rituals we forgot you did knights templar was inducted they would swear to honorable motives that had nothing to do with wealth or fame and if they were accepted the grand sure we kiss them on the lips neck and belly not time sir kissel yeah of the pure yent
revere reviews oh polly horrible about him but the thing was as time and by the templars got soft by the time the thirteen hundreds rolled around the arab world have been lossed the crusades were over and the templar were little more than businessmen and bankers but what i heard was was that they didn't get it wasn't so much soft as it was they got organized and they started providing a true competition towards the catholic church in the christian church and they basically what they did was it basically we're creating a little empire and then they were creating their own little blep churches and little bit russians you doing all this shit and it's just so happened that king phillip of france owed
a bunch of money a whole bunch of money i would go against the catholic church back in the day me and they were pretty brutal and you know i i would say yeah they did the are two statements are not me chile exclusive because yes they did become extremely organized and they essentially became the establishment but no longer the large group of psychopaths with swords that they were two hundred years ago and nobody back then was going to fuck with the knights templar and by the 1300s king phillip decided they was not going to be any problem with wiping these fuckers out and that is what we call here on the show moment of uh that's great that's congratulations rare it's nice records and it's nice but today yet king phillip autumn alot of money he also a war with edward the first of england going on that was getting mighty expensive so in order to
seize the knights templar assets and wipe out his own debt all in one fell swoop king phillip declared the knights templar heretics and accused them of the from using severed heads in their rituals to having gigantic gay templar orgies what good morning stinky stinky templari origins come from the flaps pulled all that metal down just to stab it in there i mean like yes i happened to see so kiss all the periods your butt hole is empty of golds out that's why i shot a cleavage but it they can they are allowed to do that now yeah they are allowed but i think it's brave and if they want to do that they absolutely and i can tell you after our steaks in okc my butt hole is not empty of any love edward the first should that just be edwards well there were and we're okay yeah if the only edward they just called king edward but then there was like two three four
there's a lot of edwards apple think it starts at the second just be edward anyway because it will not it does that tells you that there's a succession of edward i see your mick misunderstanding one day will be dementia the king phillip to bolster these heretic claims he found a few disgruntled nights and allowed them to testify against all the others and so one hundred and thirty eight players were rounded up and tortured until they confess to at least one charge then on may twelve one thousand three hundred and ten king fellow ordered his men to load fifty far templars into horse carts for transport outside of paris there the kingsman unhitched horses and burn them in a live right there in the carts
lee putting an end to the knights templar okay now to come back remember this this is the story that has been used to fuel order of the solar temples and the i'm the ideal of the d retribution for the night and the con except that they then existed in secret for years and years and years passed on passed on by secret members of the knights templar and that weird fake fact would be used by cults and various esoteric groups from the generation of this allows them to claim victimhood right say we've been persecuted in the past growing yep i heard a lot about the romans throwing christians to the lions it's like everywhere and it did happen it was just long time ago yeah it kind of came out on top and and honestly the chris it's kind they spent that whole cachet with was it the crusade yeah 'cause it kind of flipped it and reversed it and became a bloodthirsty psychopaths announced
interesting for a little while for erica few one hundred years what's a few one hundred years amongst friends now of course it's just the martyrdom of the knights templar that makes them attractive to esoteric groups there's also the fact that you know to put it in the most human way possible the knights templar looks super cool in a way that frankly appeals to nerd ok yeah fuckin' does do this metal shape it's going right there you got the armor and shoot nothing makes a fat man look better than arma because it covers it all up yeah i mean of course batman look great dressed like toasters and other appliances yeah it's
it's the ascetic it is the night money python in the search for the holy grail the one that guards the bridge the gets all of his limbs chopped off that's pretty much the knights templar static but you make it white instead of black okay i see no dude and you also have a directed by guy ritchie thing is that they get that guy it's supposed to be a bad yes with spoken beard hang out of this chain mail and he's got a huge broad sword covered in the blood of heretics and okay all right just ask what the hell happened to guy ritchie didn't did but didn't just ruin the guy i think you've got a new movie coming out actually supposed to be like a running arthur was not brutally bad well so because the appeal to nerds and because of the whole victimhood martyrdom thing a research it's in neo templar societies founded by intellectuals and occultist came the early 1800s and by the 1950s hundred these organizations existed throughout the world with many of them claiming
they were being initiated as knights templars from the spirit world by ascended masters of the temple honestly i do get it that is much more exciting than being steve that is it's that's an exciting life to live i get it an burgeoning cult leader joseph dimambro looked at this super interesting mythology that had an attractive built in iconography that was rude in a familiar religion ie christianity and he said yeah i was initiated too ok well yeah you just claim that you're a and then all the sudden you are that's the magic of suggestion or for lying it's also law oh you said you had a one way or the other way because i consider myself a bit of an entrepreneur now dimambro wasn't the only person knocking around europe in the 70s that was obsessed with the knights templar another man much
younger than dimambro was about to enter the scene that man was the second half order of the solar temples leadership luke jure now look sure ray had would demand bro didn't have which was he had the looks he had the gumption he sounded like member in home alone when they're all in the hotel watching the french television watch to french television shows he looks like those french act yeah which is like a little unity ship on kodi i know i couldn't understand french but it is very romantic very sexy five hundred o'clock stop very calming it a he's a low key type of guy but that was exactly what the need it now since your ray was a good two years younger than demam row we got a little bit more information concerning his early life but again compared to guys like jim jones there really isn't much luke your ray we
born in nineteen forty seven in the belgian congo in africa and what is now known as the democratic republic of the congo okay now we don't what is parents were doing there but soon after juries birth the family returned to their home country of belgium i could i think it's safe to say they were like community organizing building i would assume they were doing there is no fair well not in in that point of in that point in the belgian congo they were trying reform so they were like there was like an economic growth in like starting in the mid forties up until the sixties and then a revolution came and it became the democratic of congo that we know and fear today i see the only thing we really know about juries personality growing up comes from his younger brother who said that gerais was a gifted competitive child who is an accomplished alpinist by the
time he was a teenager what is an albany not climber say mountain climber you french is i'm just i'm just being with the brother said in his early that brother take openness i'm going to call him an alpinist way to say someone trusted someone who's trying to escape their families that's really yeah the elves and their help in this yeah it does sound like we can't you ever see that it live show the puppetry of the no i watched him in college yeah it was quite a yeah it seems like that could also be called an lp i my name is alpena stock that i am the creator of puppetry the ps i absolutely of course it doesn't make a lot of sense then when gerais reached his late teens we began consorting with a group called the walloon communist youths do they walk backwards what is the will lose
that is just it's fine it's okay try to get you over well i don't know i mean it sounds it like when we say well loon like it's different than like say if your body has a leaking french here like what you'd come in if you or your yeah okay y llama call me in why do on this day you've come monday they do sound like a cult that invented the dock face selfie pictures these guys presume we've made up of made up of a bunch of teenage belton comedy after that jurate took those communist beliefs with him into the belgian army where he served as a paratrooper there he told one friend that you would quote help use them to clean out the army although i had no idea what that means all right i don't know hello because it didn't seem like it work no i don't think they they take to it i don't think they take to a new seventeen year old communists being like which we don't share the same bar of soap and they're like get outta here
following that jireh attended the free university of brussels and became a licensed physician which would become one of res main selling points because if you can't trust a doctor then who can you trust in the book we were reading in in the temple of death your rate in a interview with this reporter actively says that the doctors of previous society which i have no clue if it's real or not we're at the shamans in the priests of their society so why shouldn't a doctor moved closer to being a priest and that a doctor should have the same level of importance to his flock as a priest does so he both controlling their body and body and their spirit soon after soon after beginning his practice became disillusioned with the medical profession and set up traveling the world in search of himself where he picked up acupuncture and homeo pathy now for those of you who don't know homeo
is the practice of treating a disease by giving the patient small doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would create the symptoms of the disease for example just earlier this year a boy in canada made headlines when he was treated for aggressive behavioral problems with the homeo pathic mixture that contained rabid dog saliva why how you get that because if he's aggressive then you treat him with something in the natural world that makes you aggressive i ii rabbit it supposed to a natural inoculation yes some it's supposed to get it supposed to get the body work in its own red or it's on white blood cells well i mean he could have turned kujo what are they doing in canada it's nice to be in the paper though yeah it's a big deal in canada well essex example would be treating allergies with minuscule amounts of red onions because red onions make your eyes water in the same way that allergies do not young yeah i love red you know all the all i did
well i don't know but i i'm not saying it's but we just does it work or not i have no real opinion on it i feel like if whatever works for you works for you but i guess you should probably vaccinate your kids though yeah i mean that's probably a big thing with you i would think so polio is coming back this is a problem that's bad thing yeah now i do know in switzerland it is a legally recognized in canada it's legally recognised yeah yeah yeah i just feel ended up they wear the same colour done i'm on the top and the bottom nothing wrong with a little tuxedo come on the point is though is that homeo pathic remedies eventually became luke juray's bread and butter by one thousand nine hundred and seventy six you're a had set up his own homeo pathic clinic in belgium and since the two are closely related djerassi getting in the new age belief as well usually if you're in a homeo pathy you're probably in the crystals too i took the days that you are getting
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i'm starting to amass a bit of a following with this homeopathic clinic he meeting with other people in europe who are also in the new age game and one of those people was joseph demand ooh so he had his own little magnolia bakery going on which we don't yeah matt magnolia bakery magnolia bakeries here in new york city i think it's the magnolia farms just the form yeah yeah you're talking about joe one chip by lows of the silo is not magnolia bigger we had to explain you in waco is well but you are not going to be getting cupcakes remember you looking traveling you don't need all that we definitely drove how far out of our way because i wanted to get a shirt for jackie i remember kisses be like yo gooses phone if you go over there i can get so if a cookie no that's not what it is cancel your to me told me to go through the dummy booking and i was just like no there's not there's not a bakery it's not gonna be anything we're just trying to get a shirt and we were
even without fucking two lines around the block yes fish i just i don't like that your impression of me is like the fat guy from city blues remember that guy good lord well injure a they didn't join forces immediately rather hombro introduced gerais to another guy who is obsessed with the templars that man was julian are e oh man this fucking guy now regas is a hard guy to pin down some say that he was a former member of the nazi secret police known as the gestapo others say that he was justin and arbiter for the nazis but still did four years in prison for collaborating either way the guys a fucking nazi he was a straight up for real nazi like no no the new not see not alt right nazi he was an action all a uniform right right okay and white supremacists of all stripes have the knights templar for centuries like moths to the flu
uh i see for example but because these guys are rough there crusaders right they take the white man in to the holy land and kill the brown and a little understated fact about white supremacists and the all right they're nerve you are never going there that's where there were athletes i love nerds let's not malign nerd okay i love nerds the problem is aggressive evil nerds yeah the evil nerds which we were he covered with the right will exist yeah i need to be stamped out number one by not them and number two by physical force all right he's guys her standards breivik who is one of yes will have to cover him in the future yeah i mean anders brevik heap you know who if your member killed seventy seven people in norway in just one day in twenty eleven claims to actually be in the knights templar icy he said that he was part of a secret knights templar underground cell that had members all over europe and the
behind the massacre was to draw attention to his far right anti muslim manifesto that was largely a plagiarize zation of the unabomber manifesto he just switched out some words right now honors brevik probably lying about the vast underground network business but at the very least graphic loved cost playing homemade military uniform that featured a knights templar metal as its centerpiece and knights templar iconography plays heavily into the imagery of quite a few modern far right groups i love cos play i think it's a verbal when you cause plays daredevil or as kill shot or something i like sexy cosplay too i like that quite a big military cosplay is a special kind of intense i want to say the word i don't know any what's another word for a military cosplay those people are like they can be scary yeah they really can be but the right wing group always ruin all the it's like the ruin i'll sutra try they take all the symbol
i mean they they perverted for their own domscheit ends i hate this shit because it's templari rules but i hate that they've been used to do oh yeah and it's been using it as well the whole day use both saying have you heard about that yeah yeah it's all knights templars yeah i see yeah now oregon never did anything close to what anders brevik did his game was a fairly six paul templer based cult called the renewed order of the temple we we know very little about their beliefs outside of their obsession with the knights templar and they're raping of rosicrucian themes what we do know does your rate and regus got along like gangbusters and your find the renewed order of the temple in the early 80s at the same time your got friendlier with demam bro a
join the foundation of the golden way as well that was the monroes called that use running through this became the traveling will berries have should have ok so how many culture we dealing with right now right now got to run right now it's just too re you guys and demam bro okay we got lucia raised coal to that he's dragon along his members with well it's not a call blue kerry doesn't have a call yet he just has a follow up like he has a small male attic that's only a pager patients right right now lou jury has good customers okay but it's not quite a call just yet i see but besides his affiliation with these groups luke juray was becoming a star in the new age world in his own ride his homeopathic clinic was getting more popular and as a concept jury was gaining his own followers and when jury i realized that he really had something special here he took his message on the road giving lectures at noon
age bookstores around europe preaching the virtues of man bro pathy and ecology so part of this central tenants were that disease was caused by bad things going into the body and that he also felt that spiritually pollution was created by bad things going into our souls on planet earth so it started with a really light message about eating healthy take care of yourself and all this shit but he immediately's would shift right into this age of aquarius stuff saying that the age of aquarius was coming and the only way for us to make the spiritual jump to the age of aquarius was that we needed to cleanse our souls and we needed to cleanse our bodies and because if not we're going to be he didn't clarify what would happen is what he did say it would be best
prepare yourself for the jump he is already planting these seeds i'm gonna say also i'm just going to go on a limb here 60s and 70s the worst pop song age of aquarius oh i love that song i love this is the dawning of the age of my previous it's always like hot hippie chicks dancing and guys with long mustaches kind of chivia next to him yeah i mean like inner was saying i mean this is all pretty innocent stuff in the early days and of course you know it's uh mostly positive message and it's delivered by a handsome charismatic guy and so gerais gained even more followers more like fans ok i would say but in nineteen eighty three origas died lee the renewed order the temple leaderless so gerais who figured he'd built up enough capital both in
inside and outside of the order to make a serious run for the throne tried taking leadership for himself but his run failed and the origas family force them out one guy that was member of the renewed order of the temple in one of the docs i watch i believe it was the odd that witness was the documentary series what he said was that they actually did a whole ceremony it's like a game we had the pomp and circumstance do puree into here then we did dick the switching we ended the sit there and then the family was like no no it's like here try little ceremony going is literally people going like stop it stop it leader yet i do not understand we've already blew the trumpets and it's like no we can't blow the trumpet
fill out all these trumpet fire inform interested so he was real close really close yeah and a lot of member supported him being the leader and that's when number of got an idea see tomorrow he's doing all right a cult leader but he was terrible at recruiting yeah 'cause there's a little trouble remembering this little man yeah and he was great at picking up weirdos who are already into this yet right but he was bad at getting the regular folks through the door you want to expand the base so when tomorrow saw that this good looking eloquent charisma belgian named luc jouret was looking for a new home tomorrow ask him if he'd like to be second in command a sudden knew he was cooking up and your ray agreed light that'll make an announcement until it may finally we are us i have subsided to take my talents to south fronts
that's an mba joe all i got was that i had was that it joke a broad james jones was only that only happened nine years ago yeah so that is we were at bobby bonilla who has been retired for about twenty years and but now you're always up to two thousand and seven c we're becoming a level fledged straight so look you're a took him i think the renewed order of the temple membership and his homeo pathic followers an merge them with demand foundation of a golden way and that is how the order of the solar temple was born awesome and with this merger came an emphasis sure the definitely nudged the whole situation from a magical society over in the cult territory okay just remember this what with the way this started was a bunch of loosely affiliated nerds yelling at calluses run conference rooms
started with a bunch of guys talking about the holy grail in the knights templar and talking bout rosicrucianism and eating beets in a room like which i can't imagine what that smell buying specially in france yikes so now they all kind of sat and figure out like what are we going to do because the they took because immediate raise structure and demand bro understand how we can flex this is hard to spot zagger a sort of became the face with that is that safe to say that is one hundred percent the case yeah gerais was the face and mom bro is the guy behind the scenes i see in around time your gerais introduced level
into the mix which is essential for any money making call of course no there were three structures that a member had to ascend through to make it to the inner circle the first was the monta club so this was made up of people that your rate picked up at his lectures did you read the testimony will it's like going to one of the amount of clubs aridia original meetings i had a big data big what they called a straight up they called it a pool party or they went out and had these bonfire nights for the soulstice and it was a big poll all these nerds the field and they said the poll was supposed to stand for the poles of the earth and they sat and they had eggs the little we ate eggs and they went around the pole with the streamers and there she said watching it and that some of them think a lot of them got tired some of them stayed up to watch the sun come up which was this supposed to be the main crux
of the meeting i mean i know man it sounds like a perfect meeting for edith massey from pink flamingos a give me more the introductory offer that a prospective member could subscribe to was an observer membership would let them participate without commitment for three six months and if they decided to join the price was one hundred and forty two swiss francs order how many how many is dollars under swiss francs to dollars but they want to see him back but then we have to do it this is 70s money yeah well this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty four money one thousand nine hundred and eighty four night lots of new direct it's a direct conversion cool so one hundred and forty two dollars
really it's quarterly so you're paying about a grand a year i would say a grainy year that's introductory though that's expensive that i mean i bet it's a middle class expense and let you get a cape honestly that's pretty much worth your money right there i got three hundred dollars for move on and that's all like i got this time i got the hat i got the new polo i got the lanyard but now i find out the when i signed up for the v i p think i get a new v i p inspector polo and then i get the platinum lanyard mad uh it just it's cool yeah it's very cool congratz is the new shirt is it is it more breathe breathable it's worse it's terrible shirt no once people were part of the amount a club they would then be in charge of spreading the word by booking more spa
at more new age bookstores for sure ray i see and they would do one hell of a job as your rate would go on to speak at over two hundred functions in these lectures seem like they would be you know when you first checked the advertisements is they got this is typical new age feel good time because like this is what one of the advertisement said quote looks you're a filthy shown speaking on love an pieology ooh interesting she's kind of romantic but little bit sounds cool it's very interesting 'cause that's what he would do i mean there's just really before it got sent yes i mean obviously we it was always a grift but the thing started as like he doing the inspirational speeches and they were trying to figure out really just in the end before they wanted to murder everybody they really just wanted to control everybody so it's like when you see a sign that says comedy live comedy night and then you go in and someone it's a prop yeah this is a little bit a lot well i mean even
it wasn't that dark in the early days but i definitely had an edge to it because when you win man are you heard jury preaching about a college g and healthy living and all that but the tone was to get a little more apocalyptic he said definitively that the end of the world was coming and that we'd all be killed by either a collapsing environment or super volcanoes or both so he's a he's a fire and brim stone nutritionist in a way which is a rock and roll nutritionist ok rock that diet buddy trusted but the audience members could have all of that if they followed luke juray of course the person bought that line horsh it and joined the amanti club they were then eligible for the arcadia club but only those who were deemed worthy were asked to join this level you could apply for this you had to be asked
honestly this is the u c b this michael ian black and what's the other one you don't know michael you but no no this is it's amy gets there it's all them it's matt besser nobody outside of new york city knows what the fuck ucb is or they'd never know used to be as in an improv classes are right there get about it they know what improv classes i seen that in several cities and i think you recognize your improv teachers a little bit and luke jarecke yeah absolutely not people bought the first line they be asked to join the next line ok now once people reached the level of the arcadia club they were given more advanced knowledge that gerais said would enable them to move towards a higher consciousness and of course the
rice went up exponentially at this level as well what are we at now i don't know i am also we have i no idea its the if the prices were it says ask the manager you know where you're fine yeah okay so but we can assume it was pretty expensive pretty expensive because just like with scientology each level can i'm with the set of prohibitively expensive books the outline the theology but the trick is as it is with scientology that information only raises more questions of course and those shins are only answered if you reach level three on the top level was the international now hood shovel rick organization of the solar temple which i assume sounds a lot smoother and french this isn't going to be detail but i will say you get a you get the cape well yes we
this is where you get your ok you get a cape at every level unit so you could have three capes at this point we get a white cape at the first level you get a red cape at the second level and then the third level back in cape do that so bad out i want from my colt yes i'm on merch my white cape would be just filled like ranch dressing i see that you have you your turned your white cape senior kissell into more of a dalmatian color or the third level came within extraordinary initiation fee this is where only the richest and most powerful would be allow okay and it demanded quote unquote severe discipline ha yeah man you have they're not slap blue curae every single time he says something dumb about how to make
this will make your not gay is yeah it sounds like this is this whole level three sounds like the gym the gym coach in freddy krueger a nightmare on elm street part that's what it sounds like extreme discipline yeah it seems like this is kind of sexual thing well we're going to get now all the sex afterwards we're going to get into the sex in the next episode will or so in need of like a bunch of really rigid rules it's quite strange to me i love it according personal caleb wins dispossessed people are naturally people are inclined to be governed because it's easier to be governed yeah that's what loki said yeah that's what a lot of phone sex usually it's not a bills lochia villain i watched the new avengers in low key is no longer available yet she helped us when the first avengers movie he was a bill and that was the greatest political speech in the history of movies but soon after founding the temple gerais's lecture
started taking a darker tone on one swiss radio show he said quote we all use the reign of fire if we sing is being concealed he then started put not audio cassettes of his lectures including one called fundamental game of life death okay and one of his most unknowingly prophetic remarks duray said this on that tape death is the ultimate stage if personnel growth and this is just the beginning ending of the order i see so yeah man he's already doing death the ultimate trip yeah we're right in like well i mean i'm like cool so look it all should like that but i thought were going to astral project so i like to go into my ex girlfriends house and see her take a shower and should i don't know man right crazy now call gerais was acting as the face dimambro
was behind the scenes building the mythology slowly creating his own little world of deception subjugation sex and eventually murder murder and that's where will pick back up next time with the actual beliefs rituals members and eventual criminal activities of the order of the solar temple right well this is i'm just going to say as i said before wack do you think this is why exactly right which wacky i wouldn't call this wacky know because everyone is just buying into it admits metalish it it we can go metal but it is just funny to me how it's just so easy it is it's it's seems easy too easy to start a call to arms they they had they had a couple of do you have the amazing thing is that we have no idea how many cults exist just in city that we're in right now of course how many culture in new york city right now how many
i got lost i'm in los angeles i almost just joined a cold when i was doing yoga they show up all the time you never know when this ship pops up i love colts towel this is still my favorite of all this is my favorite new two of all the true crime subjects right 'cause you can really get into it you can see yourself i i do believe in this life man you're either a leader or follower right like the marines say which i've always related to lead follow or get out of the way right i mean that's on a t shirt no that will not see t shirt where it says on the backwards if you could read this the bich fell off yeah no it in no way is that a bumper sticker side by side with the confederate flag no no that is just totally alright the or of the solar temple well awesome stuff part one yeah this is going to be three part series yeah we do it three parts were doing three parts buddy alright let's get this going i'm talking all about it and i tell you what i today you know what i'm
fueled by and i'm a do a plug for a listener who sent me this i don't know who sent it to me and the said to while ago but i've been i love my spring heel jack coffee but i just got a man bought coffee it's real good alright very good very good so i'm about to take a big old ship fuel to this because i i don't know i can hear this role like pretty sick yeah well we i mean we were we were on tour you know for a week and that you know that of course i came back with a cold or so large that it my top lip began overlapping my bottom lip a night to remember we want to thank everyone in dc dallas austin ok see it was awesome so great everyone was so incredibly cool and honestly we spent a little time in dallas and in full disclosure we were a bit like i wish we had more time in austin but dallas i love the bars out there we had a great time we got to see the election in texas lot of sad badal fans out there but it was it was fun though positive
well guys positive overall ram over illicit abe lincoln stopping for all that guys just remember if you parkers can turn lubbock blue that is an accomplishment alright well we had yeah we had a blast out and then we're going to be in indy in chicago next week i'm really excited to be so cold my balls fall off currently opposite seventy seven degrees and sunny los angeles of course i'm not for your own slot of reality no it's fine we spent yesterday in twenty five degree weather and stinging i snow it was interesting yeah and that will be what are we doing that the end of the month that you can really november thirtieth in indianapolis and december first and chicago also and next week we have to do thanksgiving so we're not going to be with you yeah yeah but we're taking a break but we're gonna do it
hi story she still gonna come out we'll do a side story sites or it's coming out we are going to be up prepping for these next two episodes the content we have over december i'm so excited for we have a bunch of stuff we've been waiting to get to for many years that we have been tackling because a part of its being like i you know if if we don't do it now what are we going to do with silver fuckin' dead so yes anyway well and also don't forget the yeah yeah a little bit of a little bit of plug here don't forget it's christmas eve christmas is coming up so if you would like some gifts for your loved ones go over to last podcast march com absolutely or last podcast on the left common followed the link to the march place merch page we got some fun detective popcorn plushies for everyone absolutely will be a wonderful little gift don't stop fucking that well i don't know who don't fuck them but part of it is that we are part of that december rollout is
we're going to be filming our live show in december and we're going to be pushing that you guys for those of you that have not been able to make it to the live show here we're going to be selling it live and i hope you guys can take a look at what we're putting together because once we once were done shoot in this life show were throwing it out and write in the new one yeah that we do every time we've done this like five times we've written entire shell 'cause we believe you guys deserve something is spicy absolutely so that'll be that'll be fun to watch with your whole family over christmas and i think would be like six dollars and sixty six cents or something like that totally affordable yeah an next we're trying plot out like a whole tour for next year so we we are going to be into yeah trust me indianapolis in dallas are indianapolis and chicago are not going to be our last live shows two thousand and eighteen we're going to be our two thousand and nineteen
gonna go go all over the world all over the world yes cannot wait we always love seeing you while i'm all right everyone what thank you so much for listening thank you for giving to our page three on sure request someone million dollars for six flags well this is going to be our new idea i mean we need we actually have to put a head on our page on page but we got a new your level a million dollars a month six flags on us flags on a six flags or not if anybody wants again we will take you to six flags and will have a hell of a time and it's on us and it's on us so even if you just do a million dollars for one month again that's ok will still go to system on us i know it's not you get all that any of the rides you want to go on any of the corn dogs any any merc will get lastpass concern i thought you had somebody had i don't care right everyone thank you what's for listening made yourselves hail satan how do you and the distillation and may there may
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