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Episode 342: The Order of the Solar Temple Part II - The Rise and Fall of the Order

2018-11-30 | 🔗
On part two of our series on the Order of the Solar Temple, we discuss the rise and fall of the world's premiere yuppie cult while also covering their secret beliefs and rituals, all to try to help explain how it ended with the deaths of 74 people.    There’s no reason not to join! Get yours at http://dollarshaveclub.com/last Get 10% off your first box at http://huntakiller.com/lastpod Learn more about SimpliSafe today at http://simplisafe.com/lastpod   Infinite Perspective Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/  
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There's no the to escape on we've been over before another episode, this hearing we're proud of Marion, that's right. Oh yeah, they're doing a great job. Do they not deserve uniforms, and I am saying this- we brought it up in Jonesville. First of all, we should honestly drawer employees Marian Travis, yes, but they should have some sort of flair. Maybe that's a part of it, and I do believe that if we can kind of set it up. You guys are down the studio which is kind of a recessed. It has it's got a basement, but will do is don't tell Travis America, they don't listen to these episodes. Not sure now- they're, going to in the living room, not know. What's happened right, we put up a fancy sheet in front of the stairs leading down to the basement. Other studios is right up with a bunch of smoke,
things in there right we gotta couple glasses. We give him a couple mugs of coffee with acid at him right. I'll give it to him listening listening. We take him down the step, about one slash two. An hour of. We have like a biscuit time where we sit eat little tea, cookies and stuff. Waiting for the acid take hold the word telling him this spiritual energies are building. We bring them down stairs to the basement. Give them capes different grade locate where we give Travis a gold when we give Mary a silver when we don't tell them what it means yet, but you'll feel more important and then I will show him a cup and say it's. The grail with that Ben does is bonds to us forever and you know we get to do, stop paying him I don't know. If that's true, but alright, you know a cake. You said uniform. I was thinking like Tgi Friday's in layer that time ago, no, no, not pedantic, don't, know pedantic flair based. I want real flair flair that is chosen by the hierarchy of the cosmos right, Neil Degrasse Tyson, I suppose
all right. This is the last podcast on the left, everyone. I am bed Kissel, that's Marcus, Barlow, hello, Marcus! You look thinner than ever Why you keep saying I look thinner, however, I don't know, I don't feel better than ever. Don't tell him that, because that means you think he looks like sick yeah if we had the big seat, no, no I'm just I'm always teetering on looking being finally thin and looking really fucking sick super thin. But you do look a little. And I am a little concerned, tiny bit concerned- but I I respect you and three meals a day. And then, and then we also have and read the browse, the who is he's our guest on the show, and now this is up so three hundred and ninety eight or something I think forty one yeah. I have gas Reich's in bad. We have years before you can today's episode. I want to do a little bit of a reading from Alice
Bailey, so you can die feeling mirrors how we feel here last podcast on the left, the information that we deliver to our beloved audience? Who is now explain everyone who Alice Bailey is our Bailey if you've done your reading is of the original branch offs from met Dambulla Box Ski. She wrote a book about basically about spiritual, initiations uhhuh and I believe it is called initiations interested the thought entered. Upon the subject matter of the following articles on initiation on the paths had open before the perfected man and on the occult hierarchy, certain state, this may be made which seem essential for the judicious study and comprehension the idea is submitted. It is to be recognized.
Is that, throughout this volume, fax, all religion and definite statements made what you're not to acceptable of the media proof by the listener. Do you but the writer aggregates to herself any credit or personal authority for the knowledge implied she emphatically disavows also which claims or representations she cannot do otherwise and present these statements as matters of fact. Nevertheless, she would urge those to find somewhat of merit in these pages that he not estranged by any appearance of dogmatism in the presentation, nor should the inadequacy of the personality of the host actors a detour. To the open, minded consideration of the message to which her name happens, to be a pain
Alright have a long quote there lewotsky. It also reminds me of it: overweight, offensive lineman, who is like funny and everyone kind of love, somebody's kind of a doofus, but then he ends up falling on the football Indian still recovering a fumble for a touchdown to win the bills game. I will say Blavatsky. Definitely look like the parent trap, like Twin, of a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers right, we're onto part two of the order of the solar temple, so last left Joe mom so an Luke Juray. They had just merged their respective followings into a new super cult and had rebranded themselves as the order of the solar temple. Now there's been a lot of debate over the years as to who was really into arch during the nine years that the o was active, but it seems from the test. Need for remembers that the Joe Dimambro was the one who pulled most of the string. Ok
what I heard was. I did read one of testimony from a survivor that was like a hated Georgia. Membro always I always slay me in rubbing his mustache, but sure a low. That's was the real heart of the even with his melodious voice. In his thick hair, he kept comparing gerres thick hair to Dim Ambrose big, sound of her and saying that it made him miss distrust my brother, and I think it would just be cause. He was slipping. You acid and you knew it so Dimambro he's the he's, the least to to get the less attractive one right used. One behind the scenes is absolutely let's try to what I mean. I I think anyone uses it like is your ray. Was the guy in charge? That's a style over substance guy right there yeah, because you're a like he was the face. You know, of course I keep probably was the heart of it, but demonstrable one. He was the q,
your mom Bro was the one who wrote all the songs. In other words, he was the guy really was the guy who was in charge of everything, he's the reason for the season I see because he understood the combination of all of the colts between his group and Jenny Renaissance. He was sick, but he knew how to pick, choose all the little how to build the Colts Brandon away, which is now we're heading towards where I think what we talked about last episode, where he was really building an esoteric study group like he was built in group that he just did realizing overtime, hey a lot of these members of this esoteric group are making me. It clearly horning and because of my mustache, I have created a purposeful. He created a purposeful blockade between him. An making love to win because you wanted to show just how powerful his brain could be to make people sexually get over his face. I see so mom Bro he's the guy who wrote the
song wrecking ball and the other dude is Miley Is that right? Actually it's a very good way of putting it. You ever see a picture of the guy who wrote the song wrecking ball is different than Miley holy Hell interesting. Well, ironically, though, a large part of Dimambro's power came from his claim that he actually had no power heat. Told his followers that he took all of his orders from a council of thirty three ascended masters who lived in the OSD headquarters, underneath Zurich in Switzerland, also known as a section of Agartha yeah, because the osd believed in the hollow earth theory. And a man told his followers that all of his directives came from the terranium world of Agartha, which could only be accessed by descending. Twenty two steps down a secret passageway somewhere in Zurich O'Clock, look fighting the flood
passage way complicated, built all of the streets on as the pattern. I don't know that to be true, it sounds difficult. All I do is I never want to go on a journey to find a section of a Garth, because that just seems like it's. I'm gonna need a little bauble bagans. I don't know how to help with the same eyes what we are having to we're we're Seen here, though, is a direct line like if you start reading about the at the end. This goes for his thought process to member was time spent in the Mork and this time working with the Organe resident renaissance. In these other esoteric groups were seeing what they are trying to build, which is a direct line all the way to Madame Blavatsky and Madame Bolotsky builds upon the line from the egyptian secret schools. So we're talking about here is that once you begin to open up the vaults of this type of esoteric top between the Knights Templar rose ocean esoteric Christianity, you're entering into the gigantic spine of a cult
that is been around it for since serious arrived in twenty six thousand years ago, which we don't know if it's true or not right, but even though the head in terms of the order of the solar Temple were in Zurich demand to injure a expanded their operations across the sea. In the mid 80s saying that the capital p capital L promised land was located in North America, what's the in period on this. On this little build Marcus. Would you say about eighty between eighty four and eighty six. I think they started the move over to North America in eighty five and finally, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six arrived in the promised land that was Qubec honestly, if you're going to pick one spot in the world to make capital p capital promised land beautiful. Qubec is not a bad place to choose yeah. I know it's very cold
don't know the exact reasoning behind it, but I think it was. I think they probably three reasons for this one. It was distant enough to be impressive yeah because you can't say: hey we're for your in Switzerland. You can't see the promised land is in Sweden, no gotta go far right. Now the car off the sea and plus, you know, since it's a beautiful, beautiful part of Canada, that the orders rich members would still enjoy. You can't take come out to the desert, like Manson was taken. All of his followers sure, because they didn't know what was good when you order it, you already know what's good and you can't drop and lifestyle, that's uh, that's why he cared to it and then they they can't fully shake up, They have feel like give them a little bit to bite on yeah and speaking of which they went somewhere where everyone all smoke all spoke French, the robot in nurse your narrow
There are always glad to care it's a strange little bar over there were back so Zurich to Quebec. There can hold that could stand on the lower end of the alphabet. There, I'm telling you know with my cold, we are going to the beautiful beautiful San, Diego. That is the only place I will take Michael it's where it Seventy five rocket and I don't know- I don't know if they want you so Jireh, working as the face convince people to leave Switzerland by using the Jim Jones Technique, telling his followers the world would soon be ending at the only place, left sand and was going to be called back. If this whole things- and if this the whole thing ends with him: poisoning poutine as everyone slams it down their gullet. I'm going to be really upset you I mean if, from every single time I've had poutine. I assume it's poison from the reaction of my asshole, but Gerais was also careful to pacify a large area of Qubec, which meant the followers could relocate with.
Not having all stay on a stuffy little compound, meaning everyone. Could still live comfortable, rich lifestyles, ok, nice 'cause. That was the thing about the os. They never had a compound per se. Instead they add what could best be referred to as clubhouses good, framing, very good framing, and these were mostly in Switzerland and Quebec. Although there were small, intentions in the french, caribbean territory of Martinique and Australia. So as far there's like housing goes osd seems to be one of the more comfortable called, so we've covered so far. Well, that's the thing is that the reason behind This is that, as we said in the last episode, unlike most cults, the members of the order of the solar temple were at the very least middle class. If not fantastically wealthy. Obviously we will put one caveat there's probably I mean there, were some people on the lower end of middle class that were involved as well? The end up doing a lot of the grunt work, but a heart of what the original plan
jurate and demand Bro had from the very beginning, was to get the elite dries. Your ray knew from the very beginning when he was doing the that's what he brought to the table. The member brought all of the esoteric like G. Generations of esoteric knowledge within is not a fucking joke We really did believe he was a wizard Gerais understood the packaging. He understood, What we need is cash, fucking, money, so you have to go and talk at them about lifestyle and dietary shift and then flip it, and so in that, in that way, of getting rich people. You got some lower middle class. Did you This analogy, the last one with Tom Cruise Miss Cabbage for Scientology was I thought that was that talked about because it seems like this. Your ray is the cruise right now Dm Demam row is the miscarriage when, by the way that store
is getting crazier and crazier Tom Cruise was in charge of some of the Beaton's real according to you, according to Leah Remini, but he built it into is Jack Reacher stunt choreography. Can you imagine the getting beat up by five foot four Tom cruise yeah man wait till the one day when I finally fucking snap dude, I'm going to be the scariest five foot. Seven little tornado anyone who's ever seen, so you could really fifty five, so that would make it scared. No you fucking piece of shit. All these rich people in the osd. Everyone had their own homes. They all still had all their day jobs outside of the Temple. They all had lives that continued in such a normal way that in some cases, close family members I had no idea that their child sibling, spouse or parent was even a part of the o s t one such example was Edith Wall may a lady. Leisure married to the nineteen Sixty winter Olympics, downhill, skiing, champion Jon Benet
who had made himself fabulously wealthy by founding a ski accessory company that still sells three hundred dollars. Sunglasses to this day, they also use underwater manager shows someone I'll be impressive. It's some kind of uphill skiing champion everybody every function in her body and her mother and her fucking Uncle skis downhill casino. We can fucking go, give me a metal. I can roll downhill fast enough. To watch the slowest ski competition ever. Everyone just has to walk you. You know you have to walk sideways up and look at Jack's got a fun. So Edith youngest son joined the ost in one thousand nine hundred and ninety when they were sixty and twenty one years old respectively, but nobody- and their family had any idea that the two of them were a part of the cult for another four years. They kept this secret for almost half a decade question: can they just have a quick and they can? They still speak to their parents and they talk to their
family, but that's the whole point. They still well, some of them that are really on the inside, don't but for the most part, the people that are out in the world the whole point. But it's a secret society so yeah they do. Ok, I like the way it seems from the descriptions. I've read is that people got really into the community building of Ost? is that when they showed up especially these people like Edith, who had a lot of money to burn she showed up. She was given a little bit of the Jim Jones treatment where she got right to demand bro like you're, a or Dimambro would come forward music match and Slimly to see you. Yeah I'm on pc on your wrist kisses are not everybody. Island french polite
people in there, but they see people dancing with the May pole, dressed in little like and like and they're all dressed normal and we're. Seeing is the very do you are being interviewed. The second you arrive, where would they were understood implicitly? Was the slow build of an esoteric group to a cult? This was at the He showed up just to fucking, have some fun in to learn about crystals and how to join the uh hierophants, and now join the ascended masters a little bit, but in order just to live their lives, but you know what they found. Oh nothing much thank you, I'm so glad you did it. You know my God so Edith shows up money just pouring out of her pocket. The bank teller, trying to rob the place and trying to walk out the back door, and then they were just like there's something Now that we like yeah basically it that's. Basically it yeah and that's the things they eat it
since membership was only exposed when a couple of swiss reporters showed up on the family's doorstep, asking questions because EDS name was found amidst the rubble of the second of the four o s, t massacres and she Her son would die in the third massacre after they sure their family. That they'd never have anything to do with the osd ever again, especially after they did something so silly as to kill themselves in a mass ritual josh- yeah, not really pants. Silly pants are couple of Howie Mendels over there. So silly as I went into a Starbucks in June, I asked for a pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice latte there like that, doesn't come out and talk to him, and I was like. I know that really know that and then he went. You burn yourself with a group of it's right in the shape of the Templar Cross. Absolutely, of course, ever make sure your bodies all collapsing star pattern yet actually organized, but this is why
it really was an esoteric group that was at the beginning. It's really was just about sharing knowledge and be when you, get into real esoteric thought a part of it. It's all bad. It's just a constant initiation. You're constantly bring towards a goal, Learning the real quote, unquote knowledge capital, r capital k real knowledge, but this is uh and third episode we're going to talk a lot about what was it, side or was it murder or what's the difference between the two seems like a lot of these people were just straight up: murder But even though these members live separate lives, they could still be called away by either tomorrow or sure ray at any time, and it was required that they never tell anyone where they were going to need is other son, the one who didn't join
called said: he remembered his mother getting a phone call and suddenly leaving a yachting holiday in space in the house saying she wasn't feeling well and you turn immediately return to Geneva home. These people were so rich, it's safe to say, though, that you want to be called by Jireh right, like it's, never good. When you get the call from Demam Bro late as a mom rose like the or simply come back to Deneva Bic, my tone is dry on a yacht. There's the steak on water. I don't want you get to play with my sword. Well son now believes that his mother was called back by the cult. Just you been called multiple times before and after and every time she left, she was as vague as possible as far as where she was going another exam
well of a high ranking member was Camille PA. Who was an executive for the Swiss Watch company Piaget for some perspective on how rich this guy, was on the low end. Piaget watches go for about eight grand dam on the high they are in. The millions like I'm gonna. Have three million dollar watch is why you gotta have a watch so expensive yeah. What else tells it tells time like super good inspector gadgets watchword even that expensive, but it was like a skateboard too. It was a part of his arm earth so because of his stature, Dimambro told PA that he was the reading. Nation of Joseph of Arimathea and as a consequence, they got all his capes in one. Go, no questions, album, Momento, look! It takes probably that's crazy, but it wasn't just watch makers and skiers that the os T attracted, I hope not. They-
completed the Swiss, try factor by recruiting in the Alley fusion or use them all it's. A difficult. It's a very I did Do you care? If you get it yeah, it would be actually be a yeah, Terry, Hugin and but yeah Gary. I can take the names if you want me to, yeah. You know it's like it's a lot of the pronunciation. Here if you get here yeah. I love this car dealership over import clover, yeah terrace you ghanian, yeah great guy anyway, his grand father had made a killing run in a chocolate factory. So they got a. They got a watch maker. They got a ski, really gonna, chocolate maker. So the the the triangle of stereo types are complete. Yeah you'd only need now. Is there a girl with huge, tips and wooden shoes serving everybody. I don't know what else they drink drink drink a beer and Switzerland are so you're over hail or grog. Definitely well. Terry.
Is there going to column as well? Just call him Terry instead of saying Thierry Short, I mean that is his name, but we can just will just call him terror. Not doing really is going to be holding our feet to the fire up. Well, don't be so sure, that's true, Terry ironically, a dentist, but an extreme, a successful one at that, so he was able to I'm the ranks to become one of the orders most important members sweet. The dentist was also in the chocolate business. His grand father was a chocolate fat was the traffic around customer students hold on. It's called the that is called the Galian dialectic where you control the problem and the solution. It's all been a conspiracy, big tobacco. That's crazy, however, unlike the other three people we just mentioned Terry survived. So quite a bit of our information on the cult comes
him. Specifically, the information comes from his book 54th, which was beautifully translated for us by research assistant, Rachel who informed us that she speaks fluent French after hearing our call for french speakers on episode, what the White Rachel she can do. Everything we'll do that Kids are taught better these days. We are our element, my public school education as an elementary school student, was essentially a jail for children, right right yeah. My spanish teacher just spent all their time talking about her skin disease. Disease EO Thank you very much. So the question here is this: why did for seemingly intelligent people such as these, along with hundreds of others, join a cult like the order of the solar temple when they all lead comfortable, successful lives. That is the question. Well, I think there are two answers here. Henry thinks- and I agree with this- not a lot of these
I find I agree with you. I gave him, but I agree with him when he told me that a lot of these members. They probably just join the order. As like a thought exercise. It was a fun exclusive church that made members feel special with the added bonus. The poor people couldn't join pretty much making it the premier. B cult, it's like the reverse of the subway punch card. I understand it's easy. It's definitely a group, a cold for people that do you a lot of skin care products because they can afford them. This is a part of it is that we talked about with Scientology and the reason why it worked Scientology worked cause. You got nerds to put themselves in costumes playing roles. Nothing makes a bunch of people with money to burn, feel better than Essentia Lee. This is this is larping two it and very intense, very intense ends. We look at when you read
stuff like Alice Bailey and you read all the actual esoteric books that it seems that that are building up these philosophy? It puts you on this incredible mystical journey to the center of the galaxy, and, if you already, not all these millions of dollars. Everything else in the world is fucking, boring to you. It turns impossible to a mission, a possible which I think is really fun. You also does size it out how Scientology worked ICE East works. I just watched the commercial for their new television network down like they are doing. Are they doing better than ever? Yes, sort of in a ok, he figured out his their money around with they realized that they they can evangelize in a new way. They're doing it Casey Anthony Defense Lawyer way where there The at it's around LA for Scientology or be like we think you've heard about us. Are you curious right like that, where they're playing with it they're playing with that idea? Yes, yes, gold
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probably like the watch executive like Camille Pilet PA. That was probably his motivation for joining, but people like Varnet an Eugene. Oh, they had a different incentive according to an article called the pleasure of believing by Febreeze Breeze their reason it's. Article. It's a scholarly article. It is very interest French, so french everything sex, yeah, it's interesting! Well. He said that there and for joining is pretty classic called stuff. Both of them were going through. Extreme emotional turmoil when either Gerais or Imam Bro scooped him up see for our day was in the midst of a deep depression, because our children at all left home. Her husband was always away run in this ski accessories. Good Oh, oh, no, I understand now. I know I know, but yeah it's difficult. You just choose lonely! I mean
Lee. I'm, please, you can't see, but I'm playing the world's smallest fiddle with my fingers and then and then people could say, that's a normal size, spittle, here's a bit of a careful with that Fiddlerman, because your hands are so big you're going to crush it the world's smallest federal. I matches pretty expensive to replace so she's, just a single she's, just she's empty nest inside her husband is out yeah, so she's, just a super wealthy, like stereotype again using the word, yeah she's very much a stereo type, As far as the usual, when I mean he actually I mean of RNA yeah, that's pretty typical layout word rich person syndrome, but huge, and I actually had some. He actually had a pretty shady pass when he kind of came in contact with these guys, his wife.
It just had a second trimester miscarriage, that's very, very dramatic right right now it was Lucas your Ray who brought Vinay into the fall. The key actually saw her at one of his like new age, bookstore appearances. She was pretty much. I would say that born. It was like the best example of the type of person who is brought in by the new age. Bookstore talks, okay in his her surviving son touch. He said that as far as he knew his mother was just like attending lectures on eating right and living an ecologically spiritual life. He was just doing the type or should the like, rich bored housewives, do with their spare time right. Well, at the time now, it's good to do to learn about two? I maybe how to eat right or do ecological spiritual life living? I don't know If they're telling you to give you all the money, if they want all your money- and they say- hey we're going to Zurich to talk to aliens on the bottom of the staircase that are all pretending to be Knights, Templar yeah, that's when you know you're doing
hum said anytime. You hear this sentence and now it's time to pass the collection plate the time for you to stand up and get the hell out of there yeah, but Terry On the other hand, he was brought in from the esoteric side by Joe Dimambro because Terry had been introduced to Dimambro by his wife's, lucid dreaming coach. I had never heard of it more wealthy fuqing sentence in my life was working, lucid dreaming about what is that they were not wealthy. They were. They were like upper middle class apart if it happens that wife had this miscarriage and essentially was duped one of the always tease people came in and was good scooped her up. This is a part of it where it's like. Yes, there's a lot of rich dumb people stop happening here, but there's also people that were just swept in by seeing the rich dumb people be involved. I think that's a part of it is that they saw these just
Bush members of society also belonging to the o s t, and so they felt it was okay for them to join. When Terry was introduced to the group, it was dot but dumb by this, these they were in pain. I you're a miscarriage. This woman Evelyn Shock, which which means call Evelyn Charter was. She went and she told him like we can heal your depression by exam by going through like having her fantasies. We lived out in your dreams, I music, but actually now that we're doing really well with a lucid dreaming, you're going to be able to meet my guy yeah Like I Joe ok, you know people follow rich people all the time. We're dealing with it right now in a national level. Do not smarter than you. No. I don't understand why this happens. Like you talk to a rich and they're like oh, you must be super smart, like how'd, you get so rich back, I'm the great grandson, the dude, who invented the little plastic thing that goes on top of the pen e patented you're, just a moron. He forgot no yeah, it's like Kanye West being allowed
Design, shoes easy. You can Polo easy apart with your hands, Terry so the first time he met Jou Dimambro. He noted that Joe dressed much young an slimmer than a paunchy middle aged man should have wearing a black jacket and open shirts and pad Kerry, a look and sand on a look at you see my J and it is very late. Yeah yeah, I stand wearing my evil much it on video, the I mean, that's the the French and you get you get like acts charisma points for just being French got this country he's just the assistant. At the Bunny Ranch like that, it's not a good look. It was just the miscarriage that was bothering Terry apparently,
Entire life had been marred by tragedy in failure. So when he asked Dimambro for answers, why Joe told him that all this happened is terry- was paying for the sins of a past life. Oan Terry look into it. Which is pain to pretty much anything at this point said yeah I do. That makes a lot of sense so that everything I say, makes things look out, tiny my jacket, the should they fifty or sixty or seventy year old man be wearing a jacket to Jesus thanks to my aunt's upstairs, and they gave me this jacket, the Knights Templar arts. Professional man. It's never good when it past life, your like rods, I've been seeing who was known as the public, flasher and masturbator. That's not good will eventually Bro would convinced Terry that he was the incarnation of ROM, who is a priest of the old,
estimate, King Melchizedek, of course, yeah make that up. Yeah because it's so specific that nothing works, because it's specific, why would you make that up? It's ok make it yeah, it would be yeah. I mean people. Do you tell something was pickpocket? If you told me was talking Merlin, that's stupid, that's not ever yeah. It's really anybody could be Merlin yeah, but you tell me I'm Merlins Cozen girl in right right, that's yeah absolutely but of course, that discovery only came after several extremely expensive seminaries, where Terry and uh This of other members were taught the techniques needed to discover one's own reincarnate. Did pass within money, Terry said that he and his wife Natalie had abandoned their
old social life, completely cutting off old friends and even their parents, because all their time was devoted to Dimambro. Doing things like quote unquote. Daily: spiritual gymnastics at dawn. What the hell is that? What is that? I think it's like jumping jacks, but you just think about him. I see but Dimambro. This is where it's the where the new started tightening for a lot of people, because what he did was it you full on surface level, did you could do with the o s? T that's where it started, but the the little parties think holistic talks all the mission to mom row. You got to me when things series for you and slowly, but surely he told you, you cannot have family and friends and truly live the esoteric. So they would you cut you off, but it's he's correct in a way where it's true. This is why, people join monastic societies, 'cause ideas that you can own.
We focus on the thing. So in a way he was telling the truth, which is like. If we going to be a wizard, you have to be doing this four, four slash you got to be: you got to be the walk, the walk and talking later, in order to do it, but I see, but it seems manipulative, but those are the people at the very, very top. Ok, like people like Edith. Wharton aid like she was more like mid level. Okay, so she was keeping everything a secret, but the people at the very, very top people like you, know, Terry, you Eugene, oh Are you Jen all yeah they got cut off completely. Once they were in completely benefit of being at the top, then Do you a master of the fucking universe, bend you just hang out with this sweaty to w hang out with some sweaty dude you're hanging out with the the linneage of Jesus, Christ's apostles you're hanging out with one of the ancient Pharaoh. The that's. What Dimambro was yes in this car go plane. He looked like Danny,
but still sans the pudding, but it but you're not, you're, trying to ascend this life castle, to do inside transformation and you're trying to join the legions of the Knights Templar. Alright, You know what I'm not I'm, not sure about all that good old Ben Kissel. I don't know about that. You're being mean to me. I don't know. All I know is if I ever kid and they join a cult, one phone call, it's all going to take. That's all it'll. Take me to it's a it's, not good! I honestly, I would love to see you walking to the so order solar temple with all the tiny little Knights Templars all hanging from my son and then you get there and you're like that's, not my son. Oh shoot. I've just been for days. Believe Will Liam Neeson, I could do all I could do take in scene. One
Terry and his wife, Natalie were in completely dimambro introduced, introduce them to Luke Juray, ok, whom Terry He still describes with a sense of awe and wonder despite everything, that's happened, which is actually extremely common among former coach, Amber is the best example being when former scientologist talk about L Ron, Hubbard Lake Ray still, they still talk about about the still say, Lr Age, and they still talk about him. Like he's a god right, it's got the body of a god that I know well. Here is an exert from Terry's book talking about literature Ray immediately the lower this doctor seduced us. He had a long and well well drawn body thin waist broad shoulders. They carry high a beautiful head moving and romantic Agase darken profound that carried a sudden sadness in instant, crazy hair, a lock of which swept over his forehead
Just you know what man think about him on the can. All of these are biologically he's handsome guy Jerry was a handsome guy yeah. I saw a picture he stopped at. I mean come on my these are triple h in the annals of true crime in the paranormal, where every single other fucking character that we read about is described as handsome yeah actually handsome. I don't find Peter Kurten to be handsome. No, I don't find anyone of the TED Bundy I under I did I okay and talk about this in the live show. He looks like George W Bush. He doesn't really does alright, so ok, so there and do it yeah there are into him by the time Terry was finally done with the order of the solar temple in the early 90s. He was gay. Damn near his entire income to Dimambro injure a keeping only one hundred and fifty dollars. A month for himself and
family? But this is like this is happening during the 80s, where we know what attractive guys looked like like. No no lead singer from striker or. You know like Raza, bastion, specialty, Barossa, Magnavox, Dreamboat, yeah, of course, that handsome guy- I don't think this dude, this dude, doesn't hold but he's talking about leaves he's talking about the power of crystals. He's he's looking at you and I yeah he's got Brooks hand in the other those hands right and he's just like as your locked in his eyes, but his tongue is licking or not, so that's basically in a way you feel it in a way you're like getting all that vibe or like oh you're, getting like sort of cooked, but you like it yeah spiritual, cuckold. Okay, all right at a hundred fifty bucks a month in France, was easy for them, because kids, a literally drank wine as food, not from what You said so far about the solar temples believes it kind of sound,
like their main focus was reincarnation, but reincarnation was really just the hook to make people feel and seem more important. Ok, their actual beliefs, where I mix of new age, mumbo jumbo Rosicrucian Fiddle Faddle Catholic Hocus Pocus, there's a lot of fighting words, Lotto and esoteric Christianity. When you start reading, though into it esoteric, Christianity and all and all that's really fun stuff, yeah, So it's really thick. If you read any of like mid amble about ski. If you read any of that they're trying to read Alice Bailey, this stuff is very, very intense. Here's a little example of a quote from her another from coal from her book that you have to fight right initiation leads to the stream bat once entered sweeps a man on
word until it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the world, to the feet of his father in Heaven to the feet of the threefold logos, she should lead to the cave within who circumscribe wingwalls. The pairs of opposites are known and the secret of good evil is revealed. It leads to the cross into the other. Sacrifice which must transpire before perfect liberation is a and the initiate stands free of all earth's factors held by not in the three worlds got to feed and I'm thinking but hole is the second part and then she's up to the cross made. That's like the sternum area with the logos is an interesting idea. I think it's very interesting. Okay, hold it will do gnostic Christians, christian bullshit, one day that I can't wait.
Also easy to parse yeah. It makes all the sense in the world. I tell you. This is how we will and last podcast on the left at some point we're just going to be like. Alright, we are punishing the listener, like we're. Just doing we're just gonna. Do a twenty hour series on ESO Terraces, a man just came like if this doesn't kill you you weren't listening to this podcast. The beliefs of the order of the solar temple had one important twist. The Knights Templar were uh, live and well living among them gears prepare there so comfort, transition cleavage if it's always fucking love, tights temp. Sir. Your poutine has arrived here. Knights Templar suits in the man with the monster, Luke Juray claim be the reincarnation of Saint Bernard De Clairvaux, who, while not
He himself is by some to be the most important figure in Templar ISM, as he was large. Responsible for the Templars acceptance into the catholic church. We you this guy be happy to come back as Gerais l like you know, you may not have well difference. Is that Saint Bernard Clairvaux was given the fuqing full on yay gay from the fucking search to kill, whoever he wants with the power of Jesus Christ? I think that he would actually be upset with the demotion exactly yeah. The whole thing answer things that juror Ray you that incarnation of Saint Bernard De Clairvaux, that was in a dish, integer, I also being the third reincarnation of Jesus Christ, How do you do that? But I think that makes sure. I think that what he's implying is that Saint Bernard is the second reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Yeah, I see yeah, you get it. I don't get it. But yes, I see so using
authority is laid out the goals of the order of the solar temple as thus their mission those two one, a stab lish, the correct notions of authority. And power in the world which, of course, jure into right, to affirm the Wanna of the spiritual over the temporal. You don't need your money, teaching you how to use your brain and your soul, you don't need all this money would love. The money, would love it. Three give back to man, the consciousness of his dignity. How do you get that without money for help you man, through its transition to boo, boo, boo, boo, five, separating the assumption of the earth and its three planes body, soul and spirit. Ok, six work twords, the union the churches and to work towards the convergence of Christianity and Islam or world peace. Perhaps ok, Ann seven prepare for the return,
Christ in solar glory. But what is the solar glory? I'm not not sold on that. I just need to get the solar glory is a partially uh. Oh there's two leanings need there. Is the Christ Spiritual return will company was all absorb all sins. We will credit, you will usher in the your Aquarius that will be dancing with no brawls. Inside of it's either that or literally means the sun will explode and we all go to Heaven, okay, Most of that sounds pretty. Ok as far as cults go that seven point doctrine was the version that sure They gave the squares when he was making his pitch during lecture. It not surprisingly leaves out quite a bit of the actual beliefs of the order of the solar temple which it's this isn't all different from how Scientology does it. You know you can't just brings the new one people right off the bat can't do it, how you gonna take all their money along the way. Yeah. You got a massage him, so, by the time they get to the point where they're at the top, they have to believe it because of some cost. We're
I'm not stupid idiot. I didn't make a massive mistake. Ten years ago, left my entire family behind no way, but the main thing that Dre left out was the orders belief in transit, and this is very important to the order of the solar Temple belief system: okay, starting in nineteen, eighty six, just a couple of years after the founding of the order, the tone of your and demand rose. Teachings took a more apocalyptic tone. It was done on purpose to make it the danger and the stakes being risen to the members of their list. What do we do? it, makes you super fuckin', Horni yeah, I guess so because you know you know the in's comment. This uses are going dim. Ambrose, getting better look are better looking and better. Looking each week you go because I mean he's got that sword he's waving it around he's got that nice, Cape I guess so they always go with this route. Here first members were told to prepare for the end of the world, but the cool thing to look forward
what is that the members of the o s t were the only one special enough to be survivors, so they have the whole planet to themselves or, at the very least, call back. That's great. I could live in a pop ecliptic war zone in Qubec how weather report. Nice Quebec would say nice that they're trying to say both jury dimambro said they learned about all this during their revelations and these red, nations surrounded four sacred objects: the Holy GRAIL, the uh, digital menorah, the original, ok and not the like one that you light Hanukkah. Ok, that's gotta! Think, like eight candles go, don't even you don't know. We don't know who do not know this, but now it's got it 'cause. It's eight crazy nights right. That is an Adam Sandler movie. That is not perhaps yes, yes, I do believe yeah, yeah great movie, like it's animated, yeah direct, he's cute. It's really funny. I think this ones got sick.
It's like the one that was in the first temp. I thought I had nine, don't know anyway the original menorahs one album. I also had the ark of the covenant. An the sword, Excalibur lucky all the nerd clip such nerds golden hair clips are being rubbed here. You got this algorithm, it's really nice and the world end and late one thousand nine hundred and ninety three early, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four or thereabouts. Ok, but as the he's marched on array Mom bro slowly began to move away from the idea of the o s t inheriting the earth by the late eighties. The buzz word around the cult was transit. Okay. He could you could you could you? Could
boost, boost, boost in transit and os team member would leave their physical bodies and travel on a death voyage by a path of fire to a planet orbiting the star, Sirius Select Afucking, it's like independence day yeah I did is this: his old. This is old, thought So this serious stuff has been around for uh I mean Madame Blavatsky pauperized to popularized it, but it's around for quite a bit? These guys are just take an old stuff and re. It's getting a little dangerous here. That's all! I'm talk about transit yeah, this Esso Tarek, so it's all a mashup culture. It's like a girl talk, album sold. That means it's interesting, yeah Andrew you know, girl talk right. What's going on, it's a it's, a guy that matches up a whole bunch of pop songs to make new songs, and I called up there will talk. 'cause he's in Egypt is a dj. Oh
DJ yeah yeah, it's just naturally got it. We thank beat boxing not dj. Well, the order of the solar Temple considered transit to be a purifying ordeal through which members return to the Grand White Lodge of serious, but the thing was, even though they talked a big game to most member. Transit was not a concrete thing. I mean no lot of them, thought the transit was a metaphor. Change of consciousness or at the very most like walking through a magic mirror or like taking a trip on a spaceship- it's just I mean all. It is just as likely yeah sure, but these people, already rich, except for some that they are already doing fine,
understand what what is a bit you, but what is finding money? It's about twenty money, it's finding meaning in life like they want some sort of meeting it's something to do another yacht. Nobody. It really is about meaning, and so it it's in it's the mixture. When you get everybody in the room. That's that's one thing with like when we we support when we approach cults and like what we've learned is that even these people can be super vulnerable. You have the whole group of people that are all but they're all bolstering each other up and and and it seems for a while They'Re- not it's not that it's not that they're taking it seriously is that they've grown to trust a mom rowing charade. Well, this idea been like well they're not going to hurt us. They look at how it look at how we involved. They are when it cuts a Dimambro being like. I don't know tv need the mirror to trim my mustache. I do it with my. I feel it with my tongue. I just got it aware, like omitted ways to find meaning in life that don't involve you committed suicide and then go into another plate with John Candy
to find meaning in life? He just want a belted and then he was really really into it. But these guys were not that's. What we're saying is that the vast majority of 'em were not interested, in committing suicide like when they heard about transit there. Like. Oh, it's a metaphor: it's a change of consciousness, but I think for a lot of people like the the solar temple, it was a social club. You know some. So some people join country clubs and go golf in these new Words joy. But in esoteric secret society and performed rituals in basement so and they played upon the free nature of an esoteric group feature of a mystery school is that everything is parable for actual concrete information. So when they hear transit they're expecting like in a way, it's a symbolic thing. All of its This is all supposed to be symbolic, but they didn't know they had their back park at me like we're, going to fucking, kill all these people. Yeah I mean. That's the thing: everyone thinks that they're, like everyone, always projects,
more intelligence than their leaders actually have under their leaders, and it's like, I guess, keep it, keep it back that's always been called later. I guess yeah. No one thought in the 80s that the whole like path of fire part, was eventually going to be real. No one thought that the for a great time to tv, was starting to get good. Magnum PI was out there. Solving crimes. Columbia was mad at TJ, Hooker, TJ, Hooker, TJ, Hooker, TJ sex worker. Please I now It comes to this story too, though. What I think those is a gradual understanding, the unconscious subconscious knowledge and demand. Britt knew that he was going to leave the mall down. The fact that the ones that were the true adepts, the fifteen immortals that would end up being in the top thanks. That would help kill everybody else. They knew what this day the thing was from the very beginning, but I also very ego themselves on yeah they're, all ego any acts of their own right, yeah, and they were definitely hence
throughout the 80s that things were a little more serious with transit. That people thought his demand borough. He was telling everyone you got to be on twenty four hour alert for transit to serious all the time. I'm not calling up Trans might happen tomorrow, so always be around the phone. Always let us know where you are at all Times, so you can be ready to go, not good, and then you had your saying shut like this quote. People racial is not. We are human beings, think TI's death gum, wrappers Anthony, essential stage of life. Oh this is getting bad. I don't like where it's headed, but most osd members didn't have September of nineteen. Ninety four marked on their calendars is there time to die? I mean, as we said, most of these just enjoy the community aspect, the exclusivity and, of course, like the fun ritual of the whole thing right. Unfortunately, though, we don't know a hell of a whole lot about their rituals or their day to day operations. 'cause, as we stressed in the
First episode: this was a secret society and they were damn good at keeping just enough secrets to keep them. Loves mysterious, ok, but there were a couple of diff, actors, including our man, Terry and affecting actually had a ritual all of its own. When a person left the order of the solar Temple the order would either boil their belongings set them on fire or just put em in garbage bags. Honestly, it's very cleansing. If you have an x or somebody like that, you don't want to it's really good to get rid of all their stuff and it's sort of symbolic fire. It helps, but it's not the one of the opening scenes in the movie dirty work, which is a totally underrated, comedy hugely underrated copy with norm. Macdonald's girlfriend is throwing all his shit out, including his popcorn machine. This is much more nefarious than that yeah. No, they were just trying to get rid of him actually they're the ones that got out that had their ship fuqing set on fire, we're really lucky, but why would they even? What is that smell when you're boiling all these guys
what he shoes and nasty as close, it's just a part. It's just part of life men's part of the circle of life. You've seen line you know someone try to you know somebody had a little a little spoon of that soup you know what happens to taste it you know see. Garbage bags were an important order, accoutrement as they represented the pollution of the earth and garbage bags are also used to represent is anyone who left the group was. Naturally, a traitor and trash add trash bags. So there are plenty with it there real funny with. In fact, they used garbage bags on regular members as well in one particularly goofy. Ritual Gerais would force people to wear plastic bags over their heads as a symbol of their alienation from nature check, please yeah. That is a good place to do it, but you could see it in. Structure of their shell as the original
and the way I am I imagine in my head- is that you kind of have these sermons by the way, chalets laser little swiss cabins, nice oh very naive, and today's dad moment brought to you by Marcus Parks by the way nice that he did. Some people don't know, but no I had to look up. I thought I knew is Sally was a structure of some kind, but you're in my head with Allie was. I was mocked when I was maybe a softball. We were driving my friend Charlie, I said oh there's a cheese shall at and he's it's chalet, and they don't believe that dumb for long time so hard t and if you ever eat at their they have it Boston market. In Canada, that's called swish chalet, which is kinda fuckedup. Now. Do you think because it's literally rotisserie chicken place- and now you know it's like they made a real swiss chalet in the order of the solar temple, which is fucked, but the you could see that they did like a sermon up top.
But then they had their downstairs cathedral, where the real happens yes happened, so you would be up there for a while and then be like, but now it's time for an exercise let's all go downstairs, so any would do these little lessons. Have you learned anything from the Rosicrucians? They would do that hi it's. They seem to steal a lot from their pattern where they have like a theme and then you're also talking. You were slowly bringing different groups in do one club will come in. One level of initiation will go when the next level will go in there all coming out, seeing like we saw credible things now you know that you want to get to the next of initiation, because you want to see what they fucking saw You just see this from the outside world. You just see a bunch of idiots with garbage bags on their heads like chance. It's like acting school sure. Now we've ever seen of the lawns outside of the theater department. It's awful it's! We did terrible things for years. I said hot 10s of thousands, with dollars rolling around pretending.
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What are you talking about? Are you mocking my recliner that I have at home, which I do sit in nude on the regular basis? Ah, don't sit in it all right, Okay, these guys they were also required to wash lettuce seven times before, serving it every time. Okay, o s, T changed CD, what is going on and they can only walk on grass with bare feet, but as far as the rituals went, defectors said at the o leaders, regularly most hallucinogens in their rituals, which are usually done a full moon while wearing movie quality medieval ropes. You know that it kind of worked that it started with them. It's real and then they have once a month. These specific rituals were like this should serious because they would go out there they're all taken the fuckings comment and staring at sure who they could not look in the eye. Keep it would become
the Christ during these moments and these rituals in os clubhouses across which, along in Quebec, were highly theatrical they had slides, they had lasers and they had seemingly impossible visions, it was said that all of the holy relics, the grail, Excalibur, the menorah and the Ark would to realize that the command of demam or your- and there was a b team as well this small less impressive ceremonies, were run by what they called regional commanders. Which I'm sure sounds much it's one of those things probably sounds better in French, like old man come on television, as these guys were head where the heads of the separate lodges and were also members of the elder brothers of the Rave Z cross
the cross yeah, we want to get hello order This came from Dimambro, who quote unquote, received his orders from the Zurich masters, which the order order called the synergy of the temple of Sinner key one of the two that setting the seat. Of going down there and you're Trippin balls on acid. Maybe you know you're on acid? Maybe you don't? You can answer that if you look at actual pictures of their ritual room, it looked like a jello film. It was red star, creds in Chrome, and these giant. Mirrors. You said these little congregational chairs. You got fuckin' Dimambro, doing like wigging out moves like doing the classic like like whoa my touch interface, on my touch, your face like that kind of shit and he's like Behooves really great in the holy GRAIL. Just appears behind him in the mirrors engine.
It's got a whole lot of people go on. Let's see if this actually sounds kind of fun yeah. Why don't they just leave it at that? Then? Why don't these cultures stop billing and there that was a no go back to be the normal person and come back next month. Well! Well, charging a cover, not think what we don't realize is that there are actually hundreds of these organizations these Eric organizations that have existed throughout the centuries. There are plenty of around that are doing this type of hitter, not having a fucking great time with it, and then just go back to working at chase banking approaching Henry whenever he talks about aliens. It's just that this one happen. To get a little hot near the end? But there was no ritual more important to these guys so, or at least none that we know of then the Templar ritual conducted by bro himself. The whole thing was kicked off by a guided meditation first, which was
followed by Alice, Bailey's great invocation which Henry will not read from the point of light the scene, the mind of God live stream for since is the minds of may let light? from the point of love within the heart of God. Love stream, for, since is the hearts of me. Mick Christ return to earth from this sent there they will have. God is no, let purpose guides the little wheels of Maine Zip where I switched it matters near and serve from dissent, they are which we will call the race of man. Let's see, plan of love and light workout maybe it seems the door we even do Williams Lake Light and live in fair where the stores they plan.
If Christ did return, he would his mind will be blown by garbage bags alone being like what is that? Does that plastic waiting wrestling? Everyone should steal. I cannot concentrate any invocation when you are rustling, like the most beautiful thing. I've ever seen in the world that the same from a film called american beauty. Oh yeah, well! Think of it. This way I mean you just had a copy coffee cup filled with a nice copper and bunch of asset bunch assets, you're sitting there you're starting to get going with the whole engines you're starting to peak a little bit right. Dimambro's reading the ship, the lights are coming down. Lasers others, are starting to shoot out one bucking walls. Unfortunately, we don't really know the actual ritual, well S. They just sit there in the trip there, nuts off we're, not sure exactly how they went through it. You know, and what all the steps where I mean we got bits and pieces like. We know that
Sometimes Dimambro would like let people hold his sword that he that was a genuine Templar artifacts given to him in a previous life that usually bunch of room full of people on acid. Give him a weapon see what happens the man. It is it's the nerds dream to talk about a nerd. You dream they're all scared of him with the sword, you that they're going answer your questions there. They could be like take it and all cool. Instead of being like I'm going to go which normally what happens when you're on a date- and you show somebody your swords- yes, but even though this all sounds goofy as cult stuff always does. We do know that the visions did Number of rituals were fantastically realistic, although it probably comes as no surprise, but they are all a complete and total fabrication? They were all the work of a special Efx guy named Tony Dutoit, health, Dimambro, pull the wool over everyone's eyes for the greater good,
tomorrow you want there you wanna couple period at three hundred pm. I got your copper Tony always does my friend I make a fake, copper, nickel, real car, but all of my push it to my fucking truck broke, so he's got a tech. Guy he's got a tech guy and he had a fantastic tech. I I couldn't find a hoe Information on Tony do twas background. Like I don't know if this guy, if it's Rome was in like stage production or if you work on movies or what, but this guy who seems to be relatively small part of the osts operation, he's eventually going to be the pivot? To this whole fucking story? Ok, but the visions weren't even close to the end of the river bullshit coming from Dimambro Injury you're a would walk around the room, curing nonexistent cancers, touching people and saying you had cancer. I just wow like Oprah yeah, you got it now, you don't. I don't have it you
see no kidding open app here, you are you didn't know you had cancer, and now you don't have it. I don't even have it yet. You never knew I you know, I don't have it. I love this. No one member said that, when your looked at her, it felt as if his third I had penetrated her body another said that he shared knowledge with her. Just by touching her, or head with a single finger magic fuckin' french touch it. I don't to have this in America. Our fingers are too big and yeah. I don't want to be like a total skeptic here, but maybe it was the fucking asset. Maybe it's the acid, not how my rose disgusting finger acid always helps just as Charles Manson I mean acid, is I mean it doesn't help if you want to have a productive life or like a family? It helps if you want to convince people that your God? Yes, it is yeah man, which is the goal and, honestly that's why
look in the mirror and realize you are your own god, because that's what we've always done an asset yeah exactly. It's also worth mentioning that it's estimated that two birds of the order of the solar temple where women you and, of course it wasn't long, before. Sex became a central part of the Os Sts rituals. It's pretty easy figure out which one which members of the osd were fucking yeah, I mean you can tell I Look at my my leather jacket with the men. Are they jacket? The fee was not simply select to detox, would, to do so. Excuse me, I have some kind of chicken wings stuck in my master cool guys all around as you race telling people in the late 80s that his quote unquote. Spiritual strength was running low order to summon the strength that he needed to conduct rituals. He absolutely needed to have sex with a female member of his choosing
immediately before that rich was done. Isn't that such it's just an interesting cure, yeah some people get on an exercise bike like I once you believe it I have to have sex with. You have to have sex with these things. To make this diagnosis Templar told me, are you scared these guys even managed to work a little sexiness into the rituals themselves? One member testified to a ritual which two women undressed as Wagner, played in the background when they got down to their undies, a light bulb, fell from a spotlight severed the head of a rose and smashed to the floor and the glass broke, the Dimambro pulled out his special Little Templar sword and yelled by surprise he's visited me, I trace a protective circle around this Holy Assembly and with that the special effects stopped in Dimambro. Look to be response again. You just look at this thing. I made happen and I made it stop
Why, honestly, though, that's oh, oh old man, honestly It's a great idea. I want this for my 40th birthday, I'm going to do that for the fund set up. I know it's all bad. It all ends bad, but the lead up like if I I would just keep going at this level- will do it it will be Marcus and Henry, and I in our underwear and then we'll just have hold income and chop arose in half, and I mean it won't look the same, but there you go, king man, I cooking chop, the head off, the fucking rose dude. No, I go check out. His show wizard of the professor but Dimambro, injure rate didn't limit their intrusion of the sex life of the congregation to their own pants. The mom Bro had continued his practice. A parent up couples sometimes breaking up marriages in the process, but now the other people that he deemed quite
quote Cosmic Lee Compatible and you are a very big woman. I like to see your big. You are very tall, very good, tiny man before Keramika Lithium child, so Dimambro is like Ashley Madison yeah breaking up relationships for love that doesn't really exist. It's just like you guys are good together. So you're, not. Good together. You just say the two of you aren't cosmically compatible. They could be in a happy relationship, but you say it's a way to control the congregation. It's a way to control everyone. By saying I mean it's controlling the most intimate part of their life for marriage is like you guys get you guys well split up, and then you get with him and you get with her and like for an exam Terry eugenol. He was one such person whose marriage was ripped apart by Joe Dimambro out the fudge I used to my quota of F words how the held as a man. Do you let a
other man short and dumpy looking like soup poured into a bag. How do you let him break up your relationship? Secondly, powerful you, you still short of the dumping. We understand that type of links the shorten the dumpy have to do to take over this fucking planet of ours, which, unfortunately there's a lot of us that are in very key is on the planet earth It is, I mean you've already bought in so far, you already wearing capes you already taken at. Said you already hanging out a lot. Well, it's just wish LA. You know, work history check in there for you and you are view so, but at a certain point to say no with him means it's all been wrong. Yeah. However, as with the how many years of marinating would it take for someone to be like yeah you're right, I don't like this woman that I love when this happened. A Terry I'd been about a decade about ten years. Chinese, okay, but you know never underestimate the power of humiliation. Are the power of Paas?
double humiliation, because people will go to such great lengths to never admit they were ever wrong. Learn to never be humiliated, and you know just example like Terry and nine. Eighty nine, his wife Natalie. She started a little fed up with the life in the order. She was done with it right, so she suggested to Terry. Let's get the fuck outta here, let's take the kids, let's go yeah, you had fun, you did acid in a good time. Everything is fine, but you know, but they were also, and they were living on one hundred and fifty dollars a month. So she's like, let's go stop giving them all of your fucking money. So in Terry Tao, the mom robot. This Dimambro said dude. This is perfect. You know why 'cause! I just found your cosmic wife like yesterday. Why do you know what you can do? How get rid badly get rid of her. Take Mary L, oh my goodness, and by the end of the day, Natalie
He had been excommunicated in thrown out of the order and by that the night that fucking night. Mario had taken her place in bed next to Terry all, while the kids were still living in the next room over geez. Ok! Well, I guess that's from the book of how to Fuch up your kids yeah and I just use the F word again wow. Not a fudge of your kids. You mean that is a must, not the children of God that ever again do you have his double cover with stuff. That looks like chocolate, the cosmic marriages. Weren't the only thing that dimambro brought with them from the old days of the foundation of the golden way. That was his called before the order of the solar temple. He also brought along the concept of cosmic children. These learn were said to be the ones who are going to usher in a new age. I gotta go to the bathroom daddy into the bathroom, daddy,
we're not working yet. Should I tell you what you're sitting at the cosmic anymore, so this is done who's, your daddy. I need to pay for cosmic college every month when I got fired. It was no coincidence that the cosmic children belong to either Dimambro or Jray, even though they were said to be a product of a product of Thyaga. Me, which was a marriage between the gods, So these child, he said, was uh. What's at the immaculate conception, yeah is why demand rose said that his first child Ellie was supposedly conceived under the direction of the masters of Zurich in Israel during the vernal Equinox. Push in and out FEMA and empty your bowl.
HI young squire in the and the second child was born of a woman who could possibly be described as very, very own scarlet lady. She sounds fucking spicy. Her her name was Dominique at Okay- and she was only nineteen years old when she fell in with Joe mom Bro, who is in it I think five or three I think it's in his 60s yeah napon, seeing Dominique for the first time, Dimambro immediately told her that she was the reincarnation of the egyptian queen hot chip suit. He just took her as his mistress. It is such a lame pick up line. Of course, nineteen year old girls be like. Oh that's, wonderful, wow! I don't know what they sound like. I was just yeah. I'm just watching my program,
Yes, is certainly ticket going, my own yeah, so a few years later Dominique had become pregnant, and she- Dimambro declared that the child had been immaculate. We conceived as the arch child the avatar, the new Christ. They had even acted out the immaculate conception exception in one of the ritual rooms with A laser beam, oh my god, everyone, but the beam shining onto the permanency. Of course he was alright Larry David of one of the ascended masters, just video of the guy on the lasers, just like alright, and really just zap that clip here. Larry David needs to get you get on your hands and knees, and just blow on the that's good for offense wow, that is
theatrical stuff of extremely so yeah and they said that the seed was shot in by the ascended masters, but it was uh so somehow going to be Joe Dimambro. Mother reborn, meanwhile, just cut to an air airline pilot with. It's. A laser is eyes, as he crashes into the woods, should have turned on future. Come I'm going to crash this plane, these children were born. They were never allowed to play with children outside the order. Less their Ener Gb Quote mingled so they're getting crazy they're. Getting crazy and five of these kids would eventually be born, but only for would survive. The year nineteen, ninety four. So it was with these beliefs and rituals that the order of the solar temple reached its apex in nineteen. Eighty, nine with four hundred and forty two members ninety weren't Switzerland, one hundred and eight, Seven in France. Eighty six were in Quebec:
three were in Martinique. Ten were Spain? We only had sixteen here in the states and then just like one really sad loser in Montana, just just the middle of nowhere. I'll wait are not Templari, We will issue to them and show them the corn, in which I grow with the power of the ancients. But you know what it's this is. These are the salad days yeah. This is when this is when all this was fuckin' cooking man. Ok, Salmon right now: dude yeah, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine was like this ride. Ain't ever going to end now that, with the election of George Hw Bush, we're keeping it going boys and this height, injure a bag. Some of his most impressive recruits between
one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine Gerais managed to nab a number of high ranking employees at a Hydro electric utility called Hydro Qubec through a series of motivational speeches, seizure a have been brought in to speak by Hydro, Quebec's project manager, John Pierre Vinay, who is already a high ranking member of the order and these speeches I mean they actually pretty standard like corporate fair, you know, speech is like the meaning of life and self, really, asian in management, oh god, I'm gonna shoot myself in the head, no dude man. Then he brought he brought his spiritual energies hi. This is like how to use how to use expense reports to get come on your jeans seriously. I kind of shape it's like he's, trying to flip it, and these exactly yeah and these executives they would listen to the speech is an then you know Vinay would walk up to his like hey. You know, if you want to hear more, you come on out the chalet and then by the
I'm Gerais was done with his run, a motivational speeches at Hydro, Quebec, he'd, recruited, fifteen exec. Ribs and managers into this yuppie cult. Oh my god, I mean it played right into their phone. Lifestyle. It was just. It was a really cool exclusive club right and, of course, all of these people contributed heavily when it came to their finances. One time magazine, art, estimated that during jury and a rose relatively short reign as leaders of the solar temple like ten years or so they amassed a nest. Egg of cash and assets gain from followers that was worth ninety three, million dollars. Now we should just grab the cash and have just disappeared. South America like. I know I don't understand, that's a part of it will be endlessly debating a sports like they could have just laughed and they could have just been a part of the Esoteric Hall of fame.
Right with Alice Bailey at all these people. It would have been fine well. Do you think that there is something because corporate life is human suffering yeah? It is just told us, it is a nightmare. Jordan, Belford, well, Wolf of Wall Street which was again on television Henry. I see your face all the time, double sense. Well with that, but do you think because their lives are so so soulless like. If you work in a corporate office every single day. There's nothing there for you maybe they're more susceptible to a guy like this be like you can get all the profits you want and now here's some spirituality and go along power begets power, though, The thing is you just more power, like I don't know, we've. Necessarily a corporate existence means you are dead in the inside pictures means you are you think a part of it is you. You know what it takes to make. Money as humanly possible, and you you're willing to put your humanity to decide to do that sure
and so when listening in an office right now, thank you for listening and you're, not soulless whatsoever yeah. We have a lot of good lover castle. I know really good cover and don't malign the extremely rich too much. How else are we going to get six flags on us that, later on this, I we need more millionaires. I'm listening to the shop, This episode is brought to you by simply safe if you've been thinking about getting a simply safe home security system, but have been waiting for the holidays and all the tech deals come out. You made a smart move because right now, Now we can get you a great deal on simply safe for the holidays. It's an amazing deal. They rare Do anything like this, but they're doing it for our listeners. Simply save is great action for your home and family. They never. Make you sign a contract. There are no hidden fees, an with simply safe around the clock. Profession Monitoring is just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine. A month, they're always getting great reviews
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given their entire salaries over to Dimond Bro Jireh, while they themselves were living on less than two hundred bucks a month now this was everyone in the cult, because it tends to kind of ruin some of the allure. If everyone in the cult is suddenly poor right, but by drain some of them, while Goslin a fair amount from others, demand you're. A we're living the high life Dimambro owned twelve houses and had a personal bank account that numbered in the high figures, and this was all while he injure a were banging just about every woman in the order of whenever they want it and she's. Naturally, this lettuce and bad feelings- yeah, sometimes yeah- some people get upset. When you have two Freddie Mercury's in the group I watched he me and RAP City and the rest of them just have silly hair and by the time the 90s rolled around things started to fall apart for the
order of the solar temple. One of the first cracks appeared when Dimambro's own children began rebelling against the group, some of these cosmic kids yeah in nineteen. Ninety Ilio Dimambro just happened to stumble upon his father's prop closet. Oh, nothing is sadder when a sketch comedian is revealed, no get you imagine being the kid with this guy going through the teenage years. You hate your parents, no matter what and then you got that guys as a dead yeah. When Eleo opened the door, he found a treasure trove of ritual paraphernalia he found the sword Excalibur. He found the whole, grail me, and this was just usually like This stuff was supposed to have materialized from you know the ethereal plane and Ellie opens the closet. An it's just. A couple of it's just plastic, rubber maid yeah. It's just rubber made just add in storage dad dad. I found the holy GRAIL in your closet and also this big rubber, but
like just a but I hate it. So now I should have told you earlier. I am comedian Elias saw this. He told his many people he could before, leaving the order forever, and he took her on a dozen high ranking members. With this, the mom Bro changed tack see tomorrow for a while. He had a pretty tolerant and open style leadership. People could give criticisms, you'd listen to it, but then, after that incident after people started to leave. He turned a hell of a lot more authoritarian, okay, because this things weren't so much fun, the cult anymore, so people started leaving in droves, although Dimambro a few of the higher ranking members through blackmail. He told watch executive Camille PA that if he left
tomorrow would let it slip that PA had been Luka? Juror hey, although I got no idea. If that's actually true or not right, I mean they were doing a little touch. It'll cast and I get your French there in the shell a and they just The grail, like I mean honestly, a lot of things have sure for sure they also not that big of a secret. Even if someone did say that if you like- okay, I guess in nineteen ninety- maybe there was- I mean at nineteen- the it would things were a lot there. Okay, what does a lot different yeah? I think it was real. That's what it sounds like yeah and see. Integer a he was starting to lose it as well by one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety Gerais was much more interested in the Ritual Preamble Fox sessions, then the rituals themselves durangos through a fat Jim Morrison base. Please tell me he gave like thirty pounds. No, he went through a disheveled face, definitely near the end and his Savior was just getting erratic. Is a lot The members felt that his predictions for the end of the world were getting just.
Two specific for their comfort and they were also a little weird out about how tired of the whole jury. Had on some of the other followers physical grip. I mean they're starting to look around and it's they're starting to be like. Ok, this is going from like a fun sat, society, to a cult so to say the word again, if there have been there aha moment- yes, yes hi, they absolutely absolutely are so. Nice one thousand five hundred and ninety one. The canadian branch of the order of the solar Temple voted Gerais as canadian grandmaster, you no longer king nerve. He sees moose horns taken away, which is so sad and they replaced him with Robert FAT Aldo, who is Quebec's, minister of fine,
answers. These are huge answers, dot being fucking jump, my God, ok, so their way, this is sumption Rikio stuff when they actually have government officials involved. I see how you're there you're running new order. Solar temple there any crippling their followers, but you know I got to see you the way you should be doing it. You should be you really gotta come at it. Quick and you need to use Quicken in order to really understand how to how do. I need a group of people there, Australia wow, but there were still people in Qubec listening to what you're a had to say, even though he'd been demoted injury, suddenly had a new message familiar to cult leaders everywhere arm yourself, however, Gerais's message, has been blown somewhat out of proportion yeah years, but because it makes for a better story sure a lot of people make it.
Seem like Gerais was stockpiling in Arsenal, like Branch davidian style had like machine guns in rpgs grenades and all that she cool stuff yeah, but in reality, you're a just sent like two of his dudes to buy a couple of guns like illegal guns, there's a documentary called witness about order of the solar temple that has one of the men that went to buy these guns. The men he sent it still wonder why go smoke in the documentary is one of my favorite cult survivors of ever seen. 'cause, he it was like, and then would you know what Luke but for me to go and find him a gun, and he said I think, given those things, we compute Puyallup Acute Urbana silencer, and he was so yes, I don't like. Ok all right, and so he acted like it was a fun like little Johnson
so I went and I asked a police officer. How do I buy a gun? He just straight up. Ask the puppy is: ask people how to buy guns. He is happy to be speaking to an undercover police officers like all right you get a gun gallo This is easier than I thought Chris. If Christopher Guest directed this entire, It could be really fun. This is hilarious, 'cause, Christopher Guest Character in waiting for Guffman open, inviting he's going to he's going to try to by an illegal gun. It was about March. The three and this guy's name is Herman to warm. I love them and John Pure Binet from Hydro Quebec. They went out. They tried to a couple of semi automatic silenced weapons. And the first person they found was an informant for the call back police, and I know you- I found the perfect line and a man with a gun I ma'am he had thought It seemed to is like wearing a lot of like, seem to be like
armor, underneath it's close, but it was still funny, was so thick. It's fun to talk with big Dick guy, and then he told me speak right into his lapel recooked. That's how he takes the order. Of course, we always know it's an undercover officer here in New York, if they're really into the Yankees or the release of the age Bullhead twenty two like they dressed in the morning like what do people dress like yeah. I know what they like: the Yankees yeah. You see a guy wearing a drain, Zords Jersey in July on the train. That's an undercover cop, yes or Mario Lemieux two guys I mean they were just scooped up in a sting operation immediately. Wake because of the undercover cop had the easiest day of all time: yeah, okay, yeah and they scooped up Lou jury in this whole thing as well, because he told them to go get the guns. The thing was, I mean Nobody did any jail time. In fact, this whole thing
I was kind of handled in just about the most canadian way possible, although it's not necessarily a bad thing, how they handled it. I mean each of the three guys they just ordered, ordered them to pay like one thousand dollars to the Red Cross. It like out here, oh yeah, one thousand dollars to the Red Cross. That's charity know poutine for two weeks. No fourteen point no might as well kill me and my family there that's up to you to decide. If you want to do that, no poutine or two weeks. It's order that we know what I take it back. You could have the poutine. I didn't mean to make you upset. Thank you. Afterward Vaniki got fired from hydro. Go back while Delorme he got spooked after that, and he just left the group complete just in the nick of time and as we Now speaks candidly and documentaries about his time. The order like it was just a lark of his life, went down well crazy summer. I've ever experienced- and I also I did tour with presents for little while I follow them around put yeah die at a couple of fun: summers:
yeah, not bad. They asked him about like the final days of the colours like you know, I'm not sure if I would have like you know. I killed myself, but you know I might have killed someone else I might. I might have done it now like. I have to think about it. For a second, but you know I might, I might have killed some. Yep. That's when that's when you like, when you're sitting at the bar, you just try to find like an empty spot, stairwell, ok, great, to hear because This incident with all the guns and everything investigators started looking deeper into the order of the solar temple, because they thought that there was a possibility that these guys were involved with a very real terrorist group called Q, thirty seven, who had just threatened to kill Qubec, Public security minister called right, which I do believe Dre wanted to happen. He wanted connections,
other terrorist groups. You members, Google, is Ray claim from all of this world of right wing thought as well like all it kind of was like, but he was a part of these very intense reactionary groups before this. So I think he liked the mystery of all this and it allowed the earthy idea of persecution and what is it called love more than to be hated because then it gives them a reason to exist. You imagine him trying to entertain a gang just be like. I would love you, part of your gang like there's, serious yeah, then wear ropes. Now these guys, I mean this is a full on terrorist group right, but you know the cops they rated one of the orders, club houses and Saint solve yeah, and they instigated all the possible ties to Q. Thirty seven, including the bombing of two Hydro Quebec transmission towers the year before, but they never found any link but hot between Q, thirty, seven and the o s t and that that's it. That's The link between q37 and I see that's a big like wink, wink nudge nudge. When people talk about the cult,
makes him seem like a little bit more dangerous than they really were, but there is, there was no connection whatsoever found. Ok, even though the canadian government completely abandoned any investigation into the os t 'cause, they figure it's ok. This is just a bunch of rich Assholes playing dress up this. We don't really need to get involved in this that initial investigation that only heightened the paranoia that was already festering below the surface in both Demam Bro, and do you think a the tv show could have saved everything doesn't know the meaning we saw idea because then you have to find out who gets producer credit to get the exact an associate producer. It's a lot. Ok, the thing was like. Mom Rhoa a they. Actually, they seem to be like best buds till the end they loved each other like tomorrow. He always had full confidence in, and wind Jurate got kicked out of his grandmaster ship and Canada, like a
I was behind him the whole time he was telling like you guys. Don't need to do this, but you know they were voted Nonetheless, I will well what I heard was that they did have some complications between the two of them, because demam row in many ways felt that he was the mom Rhoa thought that everything we cause long as he was involved, Gerais's involvement in the canadian Ost AN and that caused Ray was doing the his Big Fox circle in Canada and Dimambro. I think Things seem to was the way it was presented in one article I was reading was almost jealous because
sure of like we can't be doing extra well, I heard is that the mom row was behind jury completely when our Canadian is to go out and brought him down. Well, none the less it wasn't too extreme to for to be a big, the band leave on verses, Robbie Robertson blow. It was. It was relatively new if it was awful it with a minor okay yeah. That would make sense yeah. Why would you stand yeah yeah? I was they did so well yeah. It was definitely a marker alike. They these two guys never seem to have any like huge. Are Okay, disagreements, yes, but they were learning but like what do you know when Bert and Ernie or like they're they're sharing a woman play birthday party, because they were not gay, so we know where they're always sticking, because you trade it out where one guys fucking her for a while. The other guy comes in Easter egg, so their penises have touched a bunch mallya. Bert and Ernie always did. That was shared women. Well, after the raid a lot,
The more loyal is team members follow Demam Bro, injure Ray back to Switzerland, where they all settled into a nice stew of paranoia, because they now believe that they, or somehow a persecuted group? This is from one of DEM Ambrose diaries. We don't know when they might close the trap on us a few days a few weeks we're being followed, in spite the pawn in our every move, or cars are equipped with tracing and listening devices all live there. More sophisticated techniques are being you Why dean, the owls, where of silver My las cameras, lasers and infrared- are fire list a hottest on the planet, the most important of the last ten years, if not of this century, and this played into the cult own narrative, perfectly 'cause they've been telling each other for a decade that they were
most special people on earth. They were the chosen people right and now they had a persecution complex to go along with it right and, as we know, a powerful group who can, this themselves, that they're being persecuted can be dream dangerous. No, the o had definitely gotten some bad press in Quebec after the gun incident, which caused membership to drop even further, Just a few years from like ninety three from eighty nine to ninety three, the annual income of the group for membership dues dropped from almost five hundred thousand francs. To eighty nine thousand. Oh and health was failing as well in nineteen. Ninety or Dimambro was seventy years old riddle. With cancer and diabetes and incontinent to the point where he had to constantly where an adult diaper, a lot of people say I'm sick in that, maybe I cannot control my poo poo, my diaper is made of leather. You know
but I still look stylish and young wait man, I'm wanted diaper bad bad he's doing today just have fun with it and it's never an it's possible. The Gerais was dying as well. Although we don't know this for a fact. I think that he was full of chip, but you know well, in his book dairy you Genau Union. All you are you at wrote that near the end Lucia I told him quote: they have cancer, Terry and Fuct So it seems like these guys had two choices. If you believe that jury was dying, one, they could see the secret society fade further and further into obscurity until they both died of their respective Deet diseases and their order died with or put their money where their mouth was and they could make transit a reality.
You got to spend money to make money 'cause. After all, they nothing to lose yeah exactly if they're, both dying. Then, what do they really have to lose? And furthermore, there's the paradox of secret society. You really secret. Society has no point and less people know that it exists right. Well, it can't be cool if not cool if it's not an open secret that you're so id a secret yeah. It's like it's kind of actually a part of like the yuppie mindset is like you, let the Hoi polloi. I know just enough about your secret society where they know it exists, but you also let them know that they'll never be a part of it. And they'll never know all of its secrets. It's like the same principles like skull and bones at Yale, everyone class on a plane first class got the little curtain. Would you know doesn't cover everything, but do you like? What's on those trays or what do they or they're getting cocktails? Oh, they have their own path well, I don't really like when it. Whenever we get fortunate,
to occasionally sit first class. Whatever those fancy people are eating your close to the bathroom that anyone else, you can't get away from the bathroom, so someone goes in there and bucking. Let's, you know that routinely move faster to my system on a plane so actually like being closed, bathroom so as soon as it's ready to be shipped boom, yeah, my goodness, gracious, and by the way all they give people hot towels. I don't even know what it. What do you do with it? You wash your How tall is. Incredibly, it's refreshing, it's not very fresh. It's a warm disease. You don't deserve these. You don't deserve those washers you don't deserve. That is the problem right. Ok, all right back to the order of the solar Temple If you all remember, nineteen four was a busy year for cults. That was the same gear that the branch Davidians died in a storm of fire and bullets in Waco TX, and it seems like this trash
through a bit of a turd? Integer am Ambrose Punch bowl? Could you not say turn around me, I'm wearing adult diaper, and I literally I sympathy ship every single time. I hear somebody talk about it for proof here is an exchange between Dimambro and your that was caught on tape and march of nineteen. Ninety four people have beaten us to the punch. You know well yeah. We call beat us to the punch. In my opinion, we should have gone six before then? But what will do will be even more spectacular, so they were like so basically, Waco was Michael Jackson and OS, He was Farrah Fawcett. Is that what happened because Vera Fossett really was like? I am dying not the cameras to be there, she wanted. She wanted it. So better than Michael was just like by the way
I want to find the headline away from you yeah and that's like Waco, really pissed him off 'cause it stole their thunder or you got scoop, is ridiculous. Yeah, ok and that's it but like when you listen to some of DEM Ambrose other recordings. At the end of his life, I mean the man talks like he's. Taking notes in the Jonestown death tape. Here's an exam all of one of his recordings: bread by Henry. We I reject made by the whole world. First by the people, the people Ok no longer withstand us and our earth. Fortunately, she rejects us. How would we leave. Wise. We also reject this plan. Eight, we wait for the day we can be life for me, he's in tolerate bad intolerant that I can't go on
Would it help if they had a pet monkey? You know give you need a mister mugs. Yeah I mean I I listen to that shit I mean it could be. I mean that whole check could be copy and pasted right in the Jim Jones is laughs at like that. Laugh is intolerable, intolerable tolerable. We need to shed this lot. It's the same thing, because what do we learn again last time the Suicide of the cult leader you're killing the brain, which kills the snake. Well, that's doing here that's, what that's? What happens as soon as he decides he rolled in the the co leader when he's out you're out? but at least in the Jonestown. Obviously, it's horrible what happened, but at least they weren't. Being a nice city with money they were, it was difficult I? I think I mean it's possible that that Gerais was not dyami. I mean there is a ton of different possibilities as far as happen. Here I mean it's possible, I mean we know that Dimambro was definitely die. Add can't we know yet cancer. We know I had diabetes. He was incontinent and
and some people think that the reason why Dimambro just pulled the cord on everything was because he couldn't stand to see anybody else in charge of it. If the cult moved on after Dimambro and then somebody else is going to be in charge and he couldn't stand the thought of anyone else being in charge. Ok now all the c needed. Now that they decided to end. It was a spark to set the fire and they got it in a surprisingly innocuous way. They got it when special effects. Man Tony, do Qual named his child, and That is where will pick back up next time to see how that one small event led to the deaths of seventy four people and the conclusion that the order of the solar Temple all right there. That is next week it's going to get real. Violent, yes, is the this is when it all comes crashing down. We see this group of nerds with their space gods and their swords. I guess
It could turn it leaks. I don't know what you did say: the terminus, who know why there be careful who you follow? Don't trust any of these people You don't need them for me yeah, Trust Maine, for you Henry that's a good message. Do you really, like honestly, do you want? Do you want the responsibility of having a cult. Now I don't like work, other people doing all the leases and all of the all of the build up of the sermons and stuff, and then I do all the Showmans sure it seems like a colossal pain in the gas in a lot of ways. Alright thank you so much for listening
excited to see everyone in Indianapolis and then we'll see what Chicago on Saturday yeah, which will be one that goal time. This comes out, we've already done, Indianapolis. Think again, thank you again for the fan give me one million dollars after the show, all man- I don't know. If this was, I don't think it's like you should be so lucky we're going to do next time, yeah and it by the way, if you do want to claim six flags on us. If you want to give to our page your honor. All we need is the ad commitment minimum couldn't come at me of sixty six point six months fifteen thousand dollars a month. That's it be paid in one lump sum and you'll get in return, six flags so we go or will go to six flags. An will. Pay for the whole trip ourselves out will take nothing or give us ten dollars. You can get the show, add free, yeah, yes, dude, you have five dollars to get bonus content in any of those things would be great but but, more importantly,
eggs. That's it is sixty six point, six months or fifteen grand out a that's it. It's It's so easy, even a billionaire do it ok, but seriously. Thank you all so much for giving too our patriotic. We really appreciate you without you. None of this is possible. I always have a great have a great view series on there so make sure you check that out. Let's see anything else that we have. Is there any like any business that we need to tell people about. We got this. We Chicago coming up. That's going to our last show for the year, so that'll be very exciting. Our stream is check on Tuesdays. Yeah make sure you trained on adult swim back we're having a good AST. I'm excited to be back to industry adultswim dot com, slash streams were taping, are special. It's going to be four sale and are believed to jamboree I'm not sure when we're going to get it done um, but it's going to be out there. All men were very excited for you to see it. We're going to be trash on that show that were
shooting and making all new show for our two thousand, and nineteen tours cannot, which is going to be all over the globe. Absolutely now and if you guys want to buy any Christmas gifts for the last podcast network fan in your life, just go to last podcast on the then click on merch and make sure you get it in time for the holidays. Yes, absolutely and social media. You know it's LP on the left on everything and Ben Kissel. One instagram market sparks everything. Doctor Fantasti Henry loves you Twitter and I am twit Ben Kissel, which I occasionally look at every now and again. I don't try not to do it don't want to. There? You don't want to do it right? There I like to think laundry day that sent me some pipes in the mail for tobacco use and sometimes I can say whatever the cause I want, I can't see you all on today. Send me some they're really really nice there really, not good nice pipes. Really pipe is one thing I got was like literally it's nice for when you're trying to impress a weed smoker, it's a real.
Nice little, it's fancier, but the one hitter they got me. It cools the smoke the extra ripping I really enjoyed I'm taking a big old fucking throat loads of it, and it's great awesome everyone hail yourselves health, nail games. And me and my goes and don't join a cult? Why not
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