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Episode 346: Mark Twitchell Part I - Favorite Duck of the Month

2019-01-05 | 🔗

On the first of a two part series, we cover the life of Canadian killer Mark Twitchell, the mega-failure filmmaker who rose to prominence back in 2008 as the so-called "Dexter Killer", and is probably only surpassed by Elliot Rodger as the biggest douche we've ever covered. 


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Hey. What's up everyone, the boys of last podcast on the left here I know you want to tell you about our new special. We filmed it in Chicago. It was an unbelievable experience and you can enjoy it as well. Go to www dot, last podcast live dot com, don't forget to put the ww dot W. We're going to the way way back machine, all the way to two thousand technological blades that we're trying to get in tech support to its still just part of the W W put W the www dot every year there's no way to escape to this is the last time
Before we begin two thousand and nineteen new year, man got to warm up This is a tale from up north, so I just have. I had to do a little bit of a Canadian warm up. Ok, just just slide into have some get into it. Activity and noise really go away. They're all a or a or right he, You got to do there, what you got Do there is what you gotta area, gotta put my runners, to go. Get a two four gotta get my runners on to go and get a to for. You know what you just you transform into a Canadian. A right in front of my ears in my head of hits went flat. I know I see that all right welcome. The last broadcast of the left. Everyone I have been Gisele with Mark is parked
We also have a very canadian Henry's. A browse gave Mary Lou strolled Hand K named her very loose throaty. Let not Stalin come out here, hey hi that's canadian sex noise. Well, I didn't need to hear that happy new year, everyone happy new year. We want to thank everyone who went out and purchased our live. Show it's still available, W W w dot. Last last podcast live dot com check it out thanks for the great response. This is not just a commercial from two thousand seven, but you must type in The w in order for the link to work. That is true, is the tech, but again is still a diy institution that we have going here is indeed alright. So why is Henry Canadian? You may be asking yourself well we're traveling to the great up north. In this episode we're going to be talking about this guy. He is extremely special as a character mark Twichell Mark Twitchell was
psychopathic canadian cosplayer hack failure, who was busted in two thousand, for murdering a man named Johnny Altinger and attempting to order. Another guy named Jill Tetro the owner. I specifically mentioned that mark torture was a cosplayer, because that is at the heart of what Twichell eventually became see. Twichell was actually pretty talented at cause playing, although usually went from the more Ocular characters like Darth, Maul, Wolverine Bumble Bee okay seriously. He did all of the road work of because it was like he made people call him login. It was like his nickname for himself and you can say, because I don't know much about the inner world of because players right, but I am certain that people Cavell bit of I your towards the hack cosplayers, absolutely with the big names, and it's not like, I mean no from Captain Tinto for where wicked pitchfork and he has like devil. You know, like devil wings and like a big toe
well. I know this as a fact of one of my favorite bartenders and friend of over there at car mines pizza in Brooklyn. He he cosplays as Deadshot, a lot of people say: oh, are you dead pool? He says I'm not dead pool, I'm dead, shot, getting pretty cool, Deadshot's pretty cool, but they do make fun of the people who are what they would call basic. US player game, we're not maligning because players in any way whatsoever, because we know a lot of our listeners do it, and we know that the vast majority of you know that it isn't real, never actually going to be a jet. I never going to be a mutant, never gonna be transformer. But it's still fun to pretend. Are you sure about that? We were economic on in San Diego, and I think some people were just dressed, not even auto. I think they were just like now only two days out of the year. I don't get my line for dressing like whatever.
No, it's just because the more obscure the better! Because then, if do you really know your, but I'd have met people that do cry. Knowing the knowledge we're not born with a tail like? I know it's like an emotional thing, but Mark Twitchell couldn't ever really, except that he was never going to be any of those things. C. Twitchell was your classic empty masked psychopath, but he still had the creative urge, but when you got that creative urge, but no empathy or a motion, everything you do is gonna be hack and cliche. So, instead of creating anything that was truly his own mark Twitchell just copy what other people did even beyond cost plank for making star wars, fan films to directly ripping off the Ricky Jr Vase, H, B, o show extra
in a terrible feature called gay players yeah, but he was a filmmaker all right. So he's a filmmaker he's, an artist he's a college player. I don't think we've ever had a serial killer, who these sort of attributes right Ed Gein, was very creative. Do we forget well, I mean honestly if, if the internet was around during Dean's era, hits at sea would be huge, very haunted, but totals only consequential. Rip off was of a show that he became. Test with only in the year leading up to his attempted and successful perspective murders, and this is why Twitchell is famous and why you may know was name and even though we know Twichell was going to murder someone whether he saw this show or not Twichell show was Dexter.
Have you text only other people who said that are the people who had pilots in contention up against texture at Showtime? That's the only people who ever mentioned that you know with that much passion. I do the thing about Dexter that was sort of before the true crime, came. He was on the kind of the beginning of it, but the thing they created to me was always everyone's like he kills, but for a reason he's still a serial killer. We know that's the thing yeah, but those who don't know like Dexter was a completely fine show with two pretty good seasons about a serial killer. Who's. Also a cop who takes out his serial killing urges criminals who fall through the cracks of the criminal justice system. John Lithgow, he had a great run as a villain in the series really scary, yeah 'cause. I was like and for when it kind of got some life back into it. I think I'm not sure what you're what the easy year John left out was on I'm looking it up. Dexter
season four season. One season, four yeah, there's that so suddenly, with this obsession, Mark Twichell, didn't know, need to have real adamantium claws or Jedi. Mind control powers to place himself within a fantasy that he had no part in creating. He could do it by being one of the laziest least creative things. In the world a killer. Oh, I thought you were going to say: Hollywood producer, nobody, he tried, he tried to make a movie and he saw how hard that was. He tried to make two movies and they got so hard that he decided to flip to be coming, thing easier, which was a serial killer, but the thing was when he decided to do that. He didn't have the courage or the wherewithal the copy Dexter completely. I mean this It wasn't going to be hunting down criminals and capturing them and, as he did with everything else in his life, he cut corners and he kind of pretty damn big one on this. Instead of stalking catching and killing criminals like Dick
Mister Twichell preyed on lonely, single men living in his hometown of Edmonton Canada, using a fake online dating profile. So, basically, he creative he's praying on the lonely men of Edmond that he's praying on every man. Basically, yes, it's if John from Garfield It was real, but there was no cats around, but since Mark Twichell was an unoriginal idiot who just thinks he's a brilliant mastermind. He got caught on his first murder, almost immediately just seven days after he did the deed and part of the reason why he got caught was because he wrote a full confession on his laptop detail in the entire murder and the disposal of the body, as well as the attempted murder that came before I'm going to see the part of the re we're doing. This episode is because I think that this is maybe the biggest loser. We've done amended on our entire show, yeah really
There's something about this guy. That reeks of just under note medium talent that that's the word it's common bill. Murray screamed at Chevy Chase called a medium talent, that's how they got into a fist. This is how sky over. This is what he reminds me of, and he wrote a forty two page long script detailing every part of each one of his crimes that is not only Jaquays Phuc, not only it's just that terrible written thing, because it sounds like it's like discovering somebody. Live journal if you're from our generation. Do you remember how like our generation, a lot of people had live journal, yeah and up a part of it was that you did want people to see your innermost thoughts yeah, but not really like you, kind of was like, my thoughts are out there, but you don't really want anybody to see them because cause if they do read them. They are highly embarrassing right. These this document called the SK confessions
questions. Sk confessions, like a serial killers live Journal, it may, as well have had like, like weeaboo pictures in it like little anime things in it being like all good too real. For me, like a like on abortion yeah, you could have been a good tumblr, yeah yeah autumn blur pay. I mean this is live journal through and through 'cause. You gotta, remember all this happened an like two thousand and eight were pretty current with this story fairly current with this story, It was long enough ago where the internet was just starting to become available to regular people, and people still thought it was mildly, private. Yes, alright, just quick question: Duche bags, we've covered a lot of 'em biggest ones We got Twichell Elliot Rodgers, whose worse Elliot Rodgers or Twitchell, quick nerd. True, I'm nerdy question, I'm gonna, say Roger. Yeah. I know there are german Salia, Roger yeah I'd say yes, he is obviously I'm much more, even dangerous piece of simply because he killed more people right where are
the reason why I end up putting mark Twichell and more of the bigger loser categories because he couldn't even do to kill and part right. Ok, alright, it's settled and I think the other thing about twitch all is that, like he did have some time Two hundred he had just a little bit, but the problem was that he was a complete and total I could pass Ryan I'm beginning to think we should trust people who write screenplays the problem Henry. Would you like to read the introduction to SK confessions, yes, and now for the inner voice of mark? I don't remember the exact place in time. It was the and I just excited to become a serial killer, but I remember the sensation that hit me when I committed to the decision it was a rush of pure euphoria.
I felt lighter less stressed. If you will at the freedom of the prospect there was something about shouldn't, exploring my ducks that greatly appealed to me and I'm such a methodical, planner and thinker the very challenge itself was enticing to behold. This realization was just the last in a series of new discoveries. I made about myself this student. It is Elliot. Rodger meets B, T Ted yeah. This is the perfect douche bag Berita, but just to see how a failed filmmaker became an almost double murder. Let's get into the story of my. Mark Twichell using as our main source Devils Cinema by Steve, let a blend which is a well researched and well written account of the whole story comes recommended, okay, so March, which was born in Edmonton Canada on July Fourth, one. Seventy nine steel in our day will in our and indeed now, as per
they blend account of Edmonton. It sounds like a fairly awful place to live. Fact it's commonly known in Canada as dead men to yes, yes, that's also like the live in a place called well, I think it was like wheels. Door and they called it kills more like we like the verbal punch, see Edmonton is an oil town and, as we know, oil towns are almost always rife with crime due to the fact that there's a lot people with a lot of money and not a whole lot of good ideas on how to spend it. Do you think it's also got something to do with the fact that oil is slippery yeah around time of the murder of Gianni. Altinger Edmonton was actually the most violent city in Canada with thirty murders marking the year two thousand and five. Oh, my thirty nine murders welcome by american standards for them in So for them it's quite a bit peaceful city in America. Well, I mean that's still in the town of seven hundred thousand, so
murders. That's going to get noticed thirty nine murders there, people morning or Sunday cancel their people are bigger. It's like it's technically like in seventy eight and you know we don't have a lot to brag about, but I'm just going to say we will. We have more murders than that we do in Poughkeepsie. Actually in the book the author did say like now. I know that done sound like a whole lot to you, Americans. Well we here in canada- that's a lot good, Lord Another reason why it's called Edmonton is that it's pretty much the furthest north. You can go in Canada or you start hitting the wastelands now. Certainly our town's towns, past Edmonton, but there are places like Grimshaw, paddle, prairie, an grumbler and I'll, tell you what grumbler is famous for being overrun.
Moose burglars you're, like cat burglars, where they're just big fat, guys with molsons jerseys on just stuck in basement with no sounds like the under Baker named all these towns. What is happening really Twitchell? I mean you could be from pretty much anywhere in North America, I mean from the outside. He seemed like just run of the mill suburban nerd, who was super into video games. Comic book, star wars and cosplaying, but on the inside twitch hole was a born psychopath had no trauma in this trial to to speak up and he came from a loving home with his parents, even going so far as to pay to have his freakishly protruding ears pinned back when he was a kid I'll come on. Don't kid should always be treated like a wide array: yeah Can you just spend it years back with you did I don't know how that works so he's in the car? play. Video games comics, so basically the name of his
book is how not to meet a woman yeah that that's because you're on the cons were you go to meet a cool woman back in the day, though, they did know that yeah that it did make you isolate yes, and I don't I'm not make even wanna know no Connors in this house. We love our comic con people here. Well, Twichell grew up to be pretty much just a normal look, an average white guy, not fat, not skinny, maybe a little piggish in the face You know what he's got that I don't like he's got big legs Ok, some about dudes got the wrestling bottom half hear me with the big butt attached to big legs. I don't trust you can't great for cow shipping now, but internally, Twitchell had one of the actual medical tells of a psychopath mark. Twitchell was born without a sense of smell and while not everyone with a poor sense of smell is a psychopath. A twenty of
study found that many psychopaths are afflicted with this condition. Really they think it's because psychopaths tend to have this frontal lobe activity, frontal lobe, the area of the brain, that's associated with impulse control and acting within society's norms, and that's all with a sense of smell is located interesting. Of course, frontal lobe, the sister of LISA Loeb, a fantastic, That is funny 'cause in nineteen. Thank you is really you really are e up with a joke. Yeah do you think he becomes like daredevil or since he doesn't have it
it's a smell. Everything else is heightened. You can feel the future could be but which all had other psychopathic tendencies. Besides just the smell thing, he was a pathological liar. He stole money from his mother and he was arrested twice for shoplifting from grocery stores. Only you know, but Mark Twichell considered himself to be a genius. I think this is weird. This cycle path should starts coming on yeah, definitely a superiority, complex as a very little kid yeah any, but the pathological lying is something because, like I say I was as a boy I, but I told a lot of stories and sometimes it's what leads you to be a storyteller technically up until this point you just getting all the tools that she needs. To be a filmmaker right right now. You also wanted to be a priest, so you had a lot of problems as a those two horni yeah. That was it so he stole from grocery store yeah, it's just looks grocery stores. But what do you shoplift from a grocery store pineapple?
what you never did that no never, grocery store you steal from when I was hot topic, you steal from cool places. You can assure you get a belt thing. When I was with my poorest, I used to get a grocery cart and drive around get a couple of dry goods eat either as you go, and then you leave them back in the court and then sometimes, if you're a big fat kid, your parents are being like no we're not getting another Mars bar mark and you like well mother, will see with my fingers. And it was like you- could see him getting a Mars bar me like another deed, another dollar and he sees opens it up in like smears, chocolate over space and he's eating. A log alright. Alright, I don't know where, where, where you hit the stuff. Your man first perhaps would Twichell had a new idea. He attributed it to what he called him
internal creative genius, which is a term he used. So often he abbreviated it too. I see g with the course. I see G was always just to spend on someone else's idea, the biggest well being without a doubt, star wars, okay and in particular, despite being adult when they came out, because I can get this. If you were a kid, when these movies came out right, Mark Twitchell was obsessed with the prequels are what went out each one in the theaters, all three of them phantom menace attack of the clones revenge of the Sith? Was it revenge of the yeah. I think it was a of the Sars. He wins. At least half a dozen I think the last one set your be being mean
You know. People at comic con are very nice. The only time they will ever get violent. An everyone will kick your ass. If you dress is jar jar Binks, you will get pummeled like a gang beaded, but he viewed jar jar Binks as like up I remodel he loved the prequels? He said he would talk about like he said that he would go and cry in the prequels being like This is the story. George Lucas was meant to tell this story of humankind. That, to me, is marker number one stories that those stories happen because George Lucas got forced to the woman who really came up with a lot of the stuff. That idea is that she didn't help among the prequels and that's what that looks like his biggest care at his biggest love out all the characters in the prequels March, which all who loved and you can Skywalker
the worst character in all of the prequels mannequin mannequin yeah man again and again and again, yeah yeah more you even go on the force dot net, which was like actually it pulled close you're forced net, pretty sweet as STAR Wars Message board. I used to go on all the time. When I was a kid, I loved it absolutely an he post about how awesome he thought it was when Anakin killed all those kids be like. Can you imagine how much strength it took to do that? Could you even imagine and he do it using goofy little screen names like Achilles of Edmonton, grinning, Fisto or Psycho, that's the one that makes me I just it just sends a shiver up my spine, just imagining the manager at hot topic that also calls himself psycho jet yeah, the old sound like three,
Jack Wrestling name like when Stone Cold was talking about how they wanted to give him. The name MR make free yeah. With this jet, I don't know, I can see myself to Achilles of Edmonton? Yes, yeah! I could see myself buying shoes from police killings of an you too. She was so with the star wars. He even got a vanity license plate. The just said dark, Jedi Dark Jedi. He meant for it to say Dark Jedi, but you know what it stands for dork gently. I like that, but the thing that got torture going most was actually making movies. Movies being a term that I use very loosely here. Okay, starting from a young age, Twitchell on a couple of friends, worked on a project that they called the video videos, mostly just parities. Actually one of his ideas I kind of like he did a judge, Dredd parody called Judge
and featured Fred. Flintstone is judge. Dredd tell me he was mad tv same time of mad tv and I'm pretty certain that he may have stolen that from mad tv, because it was on tv at the time Singly. That is it's a single gray The idea I've ever heard and also to Fred's up is that the mask he created for Judge Fred is eerily similar to the mask he uses to kill his victim a couple of years. In in you know, speaking of which, like Mark made all of his own costumes. He actually made a Darth maul call. Zoom for the Phantom menace Premier an I can know what b, plus solid, b plus on this copy put a lot of work into his cost. Yeah, it's aunt taught him how to do it. But if you look at all it's a lot of detail, he spent a lot of time. Oh yeah, again. If he had just kept to it, you could have ended up working in the special effects world. You can
working in the costume world, especially now that there was a big bump. Oh yeah, in film production in Canada and fan made film of course those are real popular yeah. The thing with cosplay is every I'm a cartoonist draws your favorite care after a little differently. You gotta upgrade 'cause. I was talking to my friend about who plays dead, shot dead, shot came out with a new comic I've got a bunch of new trinkets he's got options, so it's not easy, but of course the or of the internet always drew marked, which will back especially in the early days, see back in the late nineties. Early two thousands, the internet was a much different place than it was. Then it is today. These days everyone's got the internet back in the year. Two thousand was mostly populated by people like me, Henry Mark Twitchell and his first wife making Cacerola, who is nothing more than just a sweet, naive girl from,
Colorado springs, yeah. The two of them met in one of the internet's many chat rooms and soon began in internet romance emails, turn the calls and eventually Mark Twichell, possibly asked her to marry him over the phone classic psychopath move? Well, that is so romantic. Well each, They didn't ever meet each other and then it's going to marry her and then that poor woman was just like yeah like she's such a sweet lady. If you see the interview, whether she's so nice, and then he just like, shows up like I'm- a MAC, daddy candida who's about to lay that dick down. So deep, your whole life is going to be shattered and then it turned out that Dick didn't go that deep. Oh my goodness yeah. She said. Yes, she boarded a flight to Canada, two months later and married Mark Twichell on January. Fourth, two thousand and one jeep but only been married to this near stranger. For three days, when Mark asked her question, they were
laying in bed one day mark asked without prompting. If she ever thought about killing a person Megan later that she was suddenly very aware that she was in a strange country sitting in a bed with a man. She barely knew so she said sure, but she'd never actually do it, but Mark immediately said that he'd very much thought about killing someone and it thought about finding a homeless person in just killing him, because no one would ever just to see what killing the guy felt. Like that's interesting, you know that's what that's one of those questions. If you're in a relationship, you know it's not really directed towards, you want to tell you it's like if you're in a relationship and and one of the partners is like, if you ever thought about having a threesome, you know and then in reality, you're, like you know, I would never and then they're, like oh yeah yeah me. Neither you know this was in two thousand and one. This was seven years before the murder of Gianni Altinger. This guy Mark Twichell
who's going to murder. Someone, no matter what but Megan she tried. Sticking it out. Eventually, Mark Twitchell moved with her two hundred aka and got a job as an appliance salesman, which is actually very good at? He was very, he was a great salesman. Okay lot of psychopaths are, but Mark still spent most of his time on the internet and for like Megan with sometimes catch him online, pretending to be a woman, because Mark thought it was fun. It was actually one of his hobbies. Yeah chief, it becomes your hobby. That's when it's a bigger Nova That's a red flag if you've been listening to this show. You've heard me talk about Framebridge. They make it super easy and affordable to frame your favorite things from art, prints and posters for the travel photos sitting on your foe, here's how it works. Go to frame, bridge dot, com and upload a photo or
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Frame your photos or send the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays and special events going to framebridge dot com and use the promo code left you'll save an additional fifteen percent off your first order, just go to frame bridge dot promo code left brain dot com. Code, left the two together in Peoria Illinois for years, but the marriage fell apart. One weekend when MARC left make it at home and went to CASA players, Paradise Dragon Con move. I tell you what man and to this day dragon Con is where you go to get for reekie. What's yeah, that is just wall to Wall Spiderman butter up in that bucket. How soon will it sounds like a great time dragon
It's awesome. I went year before being Carolina went like a year before last. I think it was a fucking, great yeah, it's down Atlanta. It's an awesome. Little comic con and it's it's worth cosplayers go to show off, so you like see the best cost playing at dragon cool and what happens at dragon. Con comes back with you and in a bag comes inside but it's roughly I mean it's merch. It's a lot of murder, a lot of merchant market yeah I bought my Kareena, there, no kid market, I don't know what the hell that sentence meant, but thank you for sharing and Mark Twichell, like so many others before and after cheated on his wife, that we and in Atlanta with the dragon. Why are you well. Why is your cock all burn? I got a blowjob from a dragon. Honestly, that's half
story to Dragon come because you know that dragons GOTS bagel tipping, that's why you're doing it and as soon as March would have got back. He told his wife what he done without an ounce of guilt and she divorced him soon. After see, at least at least. She got a clean slate to get the fuck out of there yeah. That's not the only run in that mark which had it a comic con. While searching for various things that, on our political documenting reality dot com. I found a man who only because of the name of Ricky we're talking about an encounter that he had with marks, which led to comic con. Yes, please say, should try a friend me cause. I was carrying around two lightsabers from New year's Edmonton. I saw his license plate saying dark
a I mean, I knew he was gonna, be a bad apple. Like a guy on a Harley, he made a point to grab the same spider man stickers. I was grabbing at the dollar store in City Center mall. I ignored him and went my way because I don't need stock. He followed me home when I hold you wouldn't come inside, so I could get him on video camera. I don't like stock. Then after a while, he just dropped me and disappeared. I kept looking over my shoulder for this filth later I read all we wanted to leave their Spiderman plastic bag. So as to frame someone and that someone being me ricky- Two lightsabers Ricky is a pretty cool cat and Spiderman spider. Man stickers, you say that's what they were fighting over, You know it was on uh what was on Mark Twichell's laptop, what spider stickers seriously? This is Chris,
easy, but Twitchell is four years in America we're not totally wasted when he returned to Edmonton. He had an idea for a movie, but I couldn't find anything about the actual plot, but as soon as Twitchell got back, he started working on a feature. Length fan film, old, star wars, secrets of the rebellion now at lame is it sounds when you look at the footage of it there, so some footage of it in various documentaries about Mark Twichell. You see that they actually it's in pretty good quality costumes in that, and they had a full on green screen studio. He was really hustling on that horrible moving the thing with fan film, This says you're not legally allowed to make any money off of them yeah. Otherwise they come. They they the Thor, hammer down on yeah. So I don't go near yeah yeah. You want to be careful and we're saying
we're not saying there's anything wrong with fan films or cause late or anything like that and to give credit to twitch all I mean he spent two years on this and he spent sixty thousand dollars of his own money on this and even created his own car. To do this whole thing is crackled Express, entertainment, that's x, p, r e s s. What role? What do? you have a black couch in the waiting room. Well, that's where we do a lot of filming as well. We rent that out to accomplish some it's more of an audition place, girls that seem to arrive here from Wichita or even as far as MO going because there may be eighteen and new to the film industry, and I just wanna make sure that they get off on the right foot. So I mean he's, got the guy, who played Boba Fett to do okay, cameo got Jeremy Bulloch in there. Now. Why do you hold on a second? Do you need the guy who did Boba Fett? Aren't you
and he covered the entire time do that this is a good point, is a good point in it that will come back around again and again in very in every remake being like don't need the real original reason because he's in a man you got the job, but I will say in order to even get Boba Fett to do the movie he had to give Boba Fett final. He had actually to actually and he's just Boba Fett still had it when the watch the entire thing and approve the good, the final but still you don't seem like it was all going to workout the canadian broadcast. In company the CBC they came out. They did feature on the shoot. All they also do a feature called favorite duck of the it'll work. To give him a lot of credit, I would watch that feature every month, I'm pretty soon. You marked so he was married for a second time to a woman. He met on plenty of fish comma, although it's pretty much
I mean the same thing as the time before he met her months- and I think he you know, ask for her hand in marriage. They got married and then a couple months after that she was pregnant. Oh, my goodness Oct in plenty of fish. Indeed, just squirty squirt had plenty of fish in his balls, like I guess so. She's got one big goldfish in her gun. Yep she's got a big group. Paper in there likes me I'll. Tell you what plenty of fish dot com does not look good anymore. I went on the website, because I was hungry in their. I I had a I had to search plenty, a shrimp dot com next, twenty ninety You don't want to see that twenty nine page that have shrimp yeah I'll go there but yeah it ain't about shrimp. If you know what I'm talking about God, man it just for tiny dicks, what's this whole day, music page. They just kept rolling for mark on
Halloween, two thousand and seven. He won best costume with a transformers bumblebee suit at Edmonton's biggest Halloween Party, the howler, you don't want me, bumblebee has a new movie coming out into the. What is the spider? Verse is supposed to be the best Spiderman film. This dip ship would have loved the future yeah. He would have he just booked up so bad. He doesn't get to enjoy any of the nerd ship that he likes. None of it yeah now we just gets to be just mercilessly beat up in jail for life and he didn't when the howler Halloween Costume contest. He want another contest. The next day at a nightclub at the west Edmonton, mall whoa nightclub at the mall full stop. I mean before you judge it's the biggest mall in North America, all right away goal of America in the West end. I looked it up. The W Edmonton Mall actually beats it. Does it have a fricking dicks last
his work. Does it have a hooters? Does mall of America have a nightclub? Oh You can dance anywhere. Well, anything could turn into a nightclub if you're there at night and you're drinking. But despite all of this one year, exactly after that night at the W Edmonton mall Mark Twichell would be under arrest for first degree murder. So what happened? Well, there's a couple of factors at work here in the fall of two thousand and seven everything, just kind of stalled in marked whittles life. Shooting on secrets of the rebellion had ended that summer, but the whole thing have been done on a green screen. So he needed a huge team, a special effects, people to finish it for him because he had no idea how to do 3d rendering tough today yeah. Now it's very difficult, I don't know how to do it and whoever volunteered is the only catch they were going to have to do. All of this work
legally for free yeah. Now you got a. I was a young struggling filmmaker guy, because I know we have people like that who will listen to the show and we make we like. I try to make a movie back. In the day, we've tried to make projects before yeah, but when you all on your own time, it's really really difficult and a part of it is that Mark Twitchell just thought he was such a genius and the people were attracted to him. So much is that it wasn't just that he was out of money. It was the way that he sold secrets of the rebellion to the people that he attracted like the PS that, when he became like kind of his little go boys for free that he kind of wore out their welcome with them. We then kind of push this movie onto a guy. That's like your idea how difficult it is to find somebody just to edit A7, and it's all my god- never mind an hour and a half of digital rendering, where it was all digital rendering, if you see the skills he didn't have,
no, they were all just standing on green screens. Forty percent of the movie was supposed to be digital rhetoric and that's a lot to expect it all to be done for free and he kind of acted as if it was a foregone conclusion that all of these people were going to jump to my aid, because I'm a genius because I've already continue to slide because up to and when he got c b c. Com, look at his bullshit and do a little bit on him. He was like you see, I'm going some place now and in the next movie it with this. All of this is going to do is build up for my next movie, where I'm gonna get some real Hollywood actors and he's spinning this light, hoping it's going to turn to a truth, and it doesn't ride right and for the artists out there. We worked for free for five years doing the pods. So if you do have I have a vision and you want to work for free you something you got to do it yeah, but this is you have to work for free. You have to bust out that vision for free, because that's going to be nobody there to help you in that and really like March. What Mark TWAIN toll like he didn't even know how to be a filmmaker
because the guy who played Han solo in the movie, who was like an actual working actor that mark hired. He was like guys no fucking clue what he's doing yeah. They said he got all that he was really into the gadgets in the costumes which, which I totally understand he was he built, really ornate costumes and he got he spent all of his fucking money on these killer cameras right. He had no clue what the fuck he was doing otherwise and then acted as if he did, which is common you gotta fake it till you make it, but at some point it catches up to you. I'm just saying we didn't get to see a second film jar jar Binks in the ears of truth, because that would have been great and it lobbying the White House to lift the ban on the communists in the fifty I think it's a good way to position him into a new time period, absolutely hey. Their guys. What's your new year's resolutions for Maine, I want to work on slowing down and being mindful so COM
So I don't feel overwhelmed by my busy schedule or what I got going on in my head be yelling, but I have going on in my take it from me goals or so much easier to work towards when you have taken the time to take care of yourself cover yourself in some Cbd cream smoke a bunch of weed eat. All I ate a loaf of pig headed me the other day. Restaurant just for me hashtag for me. That's why I'm so excited to partner with call the number one app to help you meditate. Sleep and relax practices like meditation and prioritizing sleep Can leave you feeling more rested, so you can have the energy to go out and score all your enemies if you had to calm dot com left you'll get twenty five percent of a comp premium subscription which includes hundreds of hours of programs, including guided meditation,
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Today, at com, dot com. Slash left give yourself the gift of com this new years seriously. It might change your life now. It is idiotic. Blame a television show for inspiring a murder, because we all know that people like Mark Twichell are eventually going to kill someone, no matter what media they consume. Yeah they'll find a way or reason yeah. They always always find a reason, but in two thousand and seven, just as everything was stolen with the STAR Wars project, and just as the glow from the night of the bumblebee had faded Mark Twichell was introduced by a friend to Dexter and Twichell. Eight that shit up watch the whole season in four days, get it and then there was a bright spot. So, even though the STAR Wars project had stalled, twitch all still had another project day players
boo de player. I mean it's pretty much just extras and that's about extras in the film industry, but with Canadians right right. We actually have a short clip of the God, awful trailer that was uploaded by an co starred mark Twichell about ten years ago. Going to play this in its entirety on our adult swim stream on Tuesday all right, we're excited to be back every Tuesday, eight pm eastern standard time, adults, room, dot, com, Slash dream knows log for the plug. Look at it all right, so the email I don't know I was going to ask you the same question, but I know what they mean is up to at all weird she. Well. She told me that you were up to I don't remember, I don't know why she would know Adam. Remember the last time I saw him he was. It was definitely not
last night was here last night: no, not at your apartment. Well I mean you know what yes, oh yeah, you know well, Okay, Amy is my girl. You broke up with her jacket. So that doesn't give you the right guys. Can you keep it down back, there were trying to keep the audio clean for the take. I don't want to do this sixteen times. Sorry, sorry, breakout also Whenever you go to LA go down to a bar, not a nice once so normal LA bar and you'll hear extras talking, because it's a full profession. And they are really upset. I heard three white dudes talking, because now they do inclusion, writers, I'm so would there have to be more diverse people in the background it is as extras. They are not happy the the Conversation between professional extras who are out of work is one of the most fascinating
you could ever ease drop on Bg. Artists do. They know or about union rules than any other, so good things I've ever met in my fate of the face of like they know the hours breaks down. They know that which you get for the bumps depending on. If you bring certain closed, you get a bump like that. That's a big thing, too, is that if you have very specific, like clothing choices like if you have a cops uniform, which is, I don't know how they get there, Half the time they walk in with a full on cops, looking costume on being like they get a bump for it looks like What else do you do and he's like yeah? Sometimes you could just pretend to be that the crime people doing that they know what they know The lunch is served the best time to go, get in line, but yeah. That was the whole premise of the movie is that there was any was just like There was a scene that was scored, unquote crazy.
Addicts sex. That was super loud. That's what a part of it! That's weird, that day players got really weird with that. They said that they players started featuring a lot of sexual content, which is at the time it's strange right because it right this point he's hovering in sort of like a Tommy. We saw, oh right, kind of worlds, work as Tommy. We so try to follow up the room with a comedy because I didn't mean breaks the people that that poor laughing at the room? Writing all ya. It was always a comedy, so he made an office comedy that was hot garbage, but he did the he's kind of doing the same Bing, but like Tommy Wiseau, who liked seeing his ass move in sex. Just like seeing his weird Ripley back, oh yeah, I don't like kind of shit like force, fuck, a woman. He put a lot of dark sexuality and today players that turned a lot of people off their like. Why? Why isn't like this? Why is there all this like? We are choking shit in this, and it's also,
not just entertaining to watch two canadian improv comedians with just cameras on him like that, doesn't work, I need to script right right, yeah, but as bad as that is Twichell still took the movie in front of a bunch investors named Venture Alberta, Adventure, brother, just group that was like canadian shark tank they're, like a group of masters, who heard proposals each year from Aspiring Albertans Twichell gave one hell of a sales pitch these guys yet fake numbers to these guys can be one small investment. One point: five million dollars first round, so I will take ok, I'm going to turn that into a tin picture. Five year run it's going to Q. Thirty three point: nine million dollars! That's a lot of the money. That's will the promise that I, what I know from shark tank is that when you go through the the maths of work your company is going to be. You have to really
figure out what what it is for. Real yeah 'cause, if not I'll, tell you what them sharks they put oh yeah, they will you give yourself. A5 million dollar evaluation. You've only sold one hundred thousand in a full year, because you're selling socks for cats. They're going to yeah yeah, but Twichell. He had a surplus leave and he waited to the very end of his presentation to reveal it. He had two words these guys, Alec Baldwin K go wrong: Take our movie Kevin Smith, Justin Timberlake, Jeff Goldbloom, oh my god, all of them or signed on to make cameos in day player the cast that makes zero sense. That's amazing! Now most people have into Robert a past, but one guy, John Pinsent
actually signed on to buy a share in the movie and promised an investment of thirty five thousand dollars. Honestly, that's thirty five thousand dollars, free gas money that he just got by lying. That's called showbiz showbiz. Ok, Twitter also convinced his buddies parents to give him another thirty thousand dollars. While his wife's brother gave over all the money he made working in the oil filled, which was another thirty thousand dollars covered in pen ink like in your member and Ernest goes to jail and he's got that teach you easy on, but I will I will see. The wife's brother gave him his money in the most canadian in the way of part of Nick most canadian way possible, he's like alright I'll give you this money but you're going to write in a document that is written down that this money is to be held in trust so that it,
yeah, but you lose for the movie. I and Mark is like absolutely there's no way for me to spend the money. If it's put in trust, I I wanted in trusting. I wanted in a big new until they signed a piece of paper and it's just like you fucking Rube, but even though ninety that is a good chunk of money. It's not anywhere near good enough to deliver on Mark Twichell promises, curricular, Baldwin, Justin, Timberlake, yeah and since he was spending all his time on tape players, he got fired from his day job. The real day player. Yeah, that's what was his day job salesman yeah, but this is when should started. This is when it starts getting dark, yeah right, because we're going to see is that the bottom has fallen under on on this this moment of his filmmaking career at any point as a as again as creators, I know the
pulled out from underneath me several times. Hey, you know what that has to happen. Is you have to just rebuild? You just go back to doing it because you're a filmmaker and you and you just kind of figure out what the it is that you're doing. If you can this guy this guy, we went to a worse place, yeah absolutely yeah, the after he lost his job. He did what any good! psychopath who do kept a secret from his wife and yes cap, leaving the house every day for about eight hours, pretending to go to work so much more difficult than just finding a job getting it now. Yeah. Yes, then came the facebook, see back yeah yeah, see back in two thousand and eight facebook statuses were all done in the third person like Marcus is going to the bank. Marcus just had a tasty burrito right so on and so forth it was psychotic Yes, yes, I'm also really unhealthy markets. Really unhealthy eat some vegetables, I'm going to the bank market
What are you doing at the bank you pacing back, but starting around August, Mark Twichell started. Posting shit like this mark has way too much in common with Dexter. Then he started his own facebook profile as Dexter Morgan, the douche Here we are trying to play the game Duche bag. Who is the first contestant and he actually got a group of other Dexter fans to start responding to his Dexter, Morgan, Facebook, statuses, yeah it became like a a big fantasy thing. Right, people would act like Dexter. Morgan was real and then he would message them back as Dexter Morgan. All of this is the ship that you see. People do like when you wonder like what people are going on their laptops and Starbucks at three right on a Tuesday like what are the what it, what are their jobs? They're doing this right. Absolutely, ok! So, but this is, I can see this
this is a social media extension of cosplay yeah. You know it's more, obviously, psychological A very much makes sense, but he actually he said messaging. Some of these people personally as himself the one he misses. The most was a woman named Renee. He told her this in one message quote you're not the I want to relate to Dexter. It sometimes scares me how much I can relate, but this role play wasn't enough: Twichell needed to take it to the next level and so on August 27th, two thousand hey, Mark Twitchell, sent out a casting call for a new project born from his internal creative genius. Called house of cards hey guys. Today's episode is brought to you by article article is a furniture company that makes beautifully designed well made scandinavian inspired modern furniture and need a new lounge in chair for your apartment. Go to article
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com slash last. That's all it takes go to article dot, com, slash last and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. That's article, dot com, slash last to get fifty dollars your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more, not surprisingly, house cards, it's about a cop. Turn serial killer. Just like Dexter lives in a house of cards, it's very hard to live in a house. Yeah stand so one one mistake. The whole thing goes down yeah. He called it a psychological thriller who who, who who but marks little twist, was that this killer wasn't killing criminals, Hughes, Loring, cheating, husbands, off the internet, kill and now Oh so the plot is pretty much Mary guy shows up for a data garage, but he's immediately knocked out by a stun gun when he wakes up he's taped to a chair and there's this
easy Sacco Guy standing in front of them doing that, like that weird head tilt thing that new metal Gar guitarist used to always do to try to look crazy. Remember that yeah they yeah yeah. I had were saying when they look like birds. I remember so. We this is hostile yeah, exactly yeah, it's hot yeah, it's pretty much and he's also to drip another thing off he's where, bring a hockey mask with the mouth and the again cut out painted black with gold stripes. So you don't understand the black with gold stripes choice. He did that with the judge. It started with Judge Fred Yes, I did it turned into this. You know what that is. That's the colors of bumblebee yeah. I got a little bumblebee in it. Well, here's an example of the dialogue from the movie. This is actual dialogue from the movie written,
hi MARC twitch, alright, just before we do this I'll take the part of the person who was being tortured drone Roger! You have nothing to worry about. Yet, if you play by the rules, then you will live. If you don't, going to cut you up into tiny pieces and they'll never find the body I'm going to ask series of questions and how you answer those questions, Roger it's going, to decide your fate, Roger Are you? What are you supposed to jigsaw? Ochre? Okay, Roger settle down, but still I'm going to check your answers, while you're sitting here and uh find out. You lied to me on any particular point
your nut sack off will show it to you. Do you read me mister? I hear you man, it fully aligned I'm going to cut your not sack off and show it to you? Do you read me? I like it it's a killer? I ask some questions: he gets a t, M M fall and it kills the guy okay. Now the original draft of the script had to kill decapitating, the guy with a samurai sword, but Twichell's wife who couldn't stand violence. She wouldn't let him do it really not going to do it. Mark not going to do it, not gonna you're, not doing mark what kind of nastiness is there you're going to have his head chopped off by a samurai sword? Yes, my dear
can't. You see. That is the only way for the film the end, because, if not, who is this purchase of these three hundred dollars? Samurai sword full right, so this seems to be it's a pretty one, dimensional film here we got, we got jigsaw yeah. It will be it's extremely well, but that's the thing, though, is that there's twist, what's the two, it will see that they have okay, first of all, they compromised don't get the captivity just get stabbed, but still with the stent samurai sword. Okay got to spend the money. That is, held in trust. The other films yes on that samurai is the twist at the guy. Actually has steel balls and drop him off whoa, actually pretty cool, alright. So after the killer, dismembers the body and loads, the parts in his car, here's what happens, I'm going to read stage directions and then I'm going to need you to play the part ok, sure I would have to look at the script yeah, I'm going to need you to play the part of the life, the wife Interior Home Library day. A right.
Leans back from staring intensely at his laptop screen and puts his hands his head. Taking it deep scion relief. That he's just finished something solid. He closes. Microsoft. Word and a website showing the inside workings of a female profile on a cheaters dating site is the last thing to shut down well, he closes the laptop and the shell displays superhero stickers on it in a distinctive pattern. He puts it into was carrying case and leans over to close a duffel bag containing gloves a stun gun and a black. Now Phyllis hockey mask with yellow streaks on it. He moves to his living room and kisses his wife goodbye? Ok, I'm the wife, ok off to the gym honey! You bet gotta relieve some tension. From sitting so long well, how's the store, coming along really well sweetie. My huge big titted
yeah. It's true when they say the best way to succeed is to write what you know. Do you get it? I don't get it Jim. Has the WI fi unskilled? Is she going to the gym? Not married. He's got he's writing the script because see the whole thing. The movie was the set. The movie was the script that the guy was writing to see. The movie was a movie with and the movie. Why and what the guy is really he's really going to be the killer. Why would you guys take a stun gun to the gym? What is going on he's a lion to his wife he's lying yeah man he's got last like he's ever going to tell yeah man he's line, yes special to you, as his wife in the spot. Could snap his neck after the link and use your huge. I can't imagine how big your would be if you're a woman and you go up there and you just walk in choking to death. Absolutely. But again, he didn't really did all this, which is then I don't know really how to put. I don't know how
put it my mind. I think I know what sick can technically dark, but it's also the lamest thing in the world. Yeah yeah and the shoot just sounds like the saddest thing ever. Okay, like for the kill room, Twitchell, had found a dis used garage, one of Edmonton's, bad neighborhoods and rented it from a couple who didn't speak English, so they weren't going to ask any questions about what was going on in there. Ok, but he still needed props, specifically the stun baton. So where else would he go for incapacitating weapon? right here in America. Well, you're welcome Canada, so he drove seven hours to the border. To buy one in Montana, but got stopped for some stupid. Fucking reason. Mark Twitchell told the Customs officer the same lie. He told his he said he was going to Montana to shoot a music video, but guess what you need at the border to go work in another country, visa visa. March will then have a visa, so they just said I all
yeah! You gotta go home you're not coming into America, oh my god! Well then, how is he ever going to back Milli, Vanilli, there's a part of this rate we're this. This is it I mean truthfully. This does work it get this because this is where it gets dark yeah, wherever this decline, initiate this kind of empty. For some, He has where he's believing his own lies within his own world. He's created this fake work life where he's ready lying to his wife, twenty four slash, seven and then he has to lie to word to shoot. The movie is to lie to her to go, get all the props. He is to do all this kind of, and then he fell certainly believe that it's real almost where he is spinning off into a world of fantasy, he should have told the patrol agent he's going to the gym, because that would work, that's legal! You can do that anywhere. He do that anywhere. You can drive seven hours from Edmonton to go to the gym in Bozeman. Why not he's just
it's says like having a secret gay relationship about that. There you just ended order in one off of the internet from a guy that was willing to ship to Alberta. If you could just done yes, well, you look at it. It's also not that big of a deal done but yeah yeah. As far as the samurai sword went, though, Mark tried to Not surprisingly, he already had one of those. Ok, of course, then that's kind of cool and he was so attached to it in fact that he wouldn't let anyone else touch it during the shoot between takes. It would actually yell at people if they handled it wrong. According to the Devil Cinema, he would say, quote: Don't put your finger prints on these? The oil on your hands could wreck it like it's. A baby yeah! Absolutely the mother will never love it. If you don't, if you know what a psycho these poor actors, they were just looking for work, hey I mean, can you imagine being in Edmonton after one of
guys flew from Tyr Rauno on his own dime to be in this seven minute, short film. That's that was the killer, and the thing was that he had all of the pitch materials that he just had from Duke Pitching Day play right, so he sent them all of this shit like he basically sent them like look. I have a meeting with these people. Jeff Goldblum's is going to be in our next movie. And I guarantee you a spot in that movie if you can come and be in this movie and so people that are just hungry for an opportunity. I mean, like only this in desperation will lead. You do a lot of stuff, but yeah I end up on a tv show, get sausage suspenders eaten off my body, because I was desperate to make it in the biz. Well, that was a good to a fifty dollars. Paycheck, you could go by sauce yourself, never show them Teddy's for that's what I learned along time absolutely so these are just people who are struggling to get by there really is taking full advantage of their uh their needs.
For attention in acting yeah, the victim was played by an amateur stand up, who is just trying to get an acting used? trying it out for a little bit and he actually got it worst of all 'cause. He had to have duct tape ripped off his mouth over and over again 'cause he's Jews, didn't know anything about practical effects and speaking of duct tape, Mark kept getting upset 'cause, the other guys were using too much. That was what they were saying is that he was very protective over is duct tape. He was kept saying like you're wasting, that's a big part of their budget. Zoom, so that's important, but still they got through the issue.
The whole thing got wrapped in a weekend. The thing was just doing. This felt short problem still what enough Twitchell actually had an ulterior motive for the project see for two actual house of cards. Was it just a project to keep himself busy until the money started, rolling meant for day players? It was practice. The entire time Twitchell had been planning to make house of cards a reality, move it It seemed like the fake reality of house of cards just kind of overstepped, his actual reality right and that it's not almost I don't know if it was like practice- is a great way to put it. But I also wonder if it's more I'm, already doing the motion. This is me giving myself permission to do a thing. I've been fantasizing about for a long time, and then I get to take my rage out on the world. On this. In this way that now I believe I have planned right
I mean honestly it's what Alec Baldwin is currently doing with his impression of Donald Trump with you. Does your recently think he could run and win present? He thinks he can. We got residency in his mind. He is all merging together, is it possible reality? Technically we would call it Alec Baldwin's doing is called empty mugging, it's horrible. Less than a week after wrapping the house of cards, shoot mark. Twichell actually went through with it, but the thing was married: men like the victim in house of cards were going to be miss pretty quick sure, so Twichell decided bucket. All he really cared about was just killing someone, so he chose all men instead, but think. That's a that's a huge plot twist. It's a key component out they've got to be a cheater now known on, because that's all we cared about that's all he wanted to do. All he wanted to do was get the experience of killing a person because of Joey Greco have I'm fine do a cheater, and then you can do this and the poor soul
who happen to be on the other end of mark toward fake plenty of fish. Account was a newcomer Edmonton named Jill Tetro, who is just a genuinely nice dude who's having a hard time meeting new people all, he knew was that he'd gotten a message from a pretty blonde named Sheena who wanted to meet up for a date that night Twichell was the course on the other end, and it shows in the oh, so clever, username spider webs with two. These. So this is. This is catfishing right, yeah, yeah. This is Kathy out there and the way he put it to even the way he chose. The pictures for her was like. I wanted to find a picture of a woman that would be two irresistible not to but not too hot to they wouldn't dare quest. In the reality of the scenario. So this is what Twitter wrote about this experience in S, K, confessions after laying out why he chose loan
single men. Such was the case with the man I will will for two as frank, not of This is not his real name and I won't divulge any other sensitive details about the situation. But Frank was my very first target ever I roped him in with the profile. I was quite proud of featuring photos of a blonde. I would like to Bang myself, oh my goodness- and this is before you could reverse image right yeah. He just found this online. He went on plenty of fish. He just went to a different city. He went to a different city and found a picture of a cute blonde girl in her mid 30s and used her ok, and it took four days of back and forth between Jill and Sheena play by Mark before a date could actually be set. Since Twitchell even been pretending to be a woman since the early 2000s. So he was actually pretty damn good
These guys were none. The wiser is very, very Dustin Hoffman from Tootsie. So, finally, on October, third, a Friday Jill was all set to pick up Sheena for dinner and a movie. Now the reason why Twitchell chosen Friday was because he told his wife that Friday was therapy night, because, not surprisingly, isn't working out between mark and his wife Jess not to malign therapy in anyway, but if you have a therapy night, that's a lot like a full six to ten dollars to good four hour therapy said so: that's a big block of their whole life understand. It will see market found that upon the birth of his daughter, he still felt nothing no motions were coming in at all and he felt himself getting more and more.
Ward with family life, but the biggest reason why his marriage is falling apart was because of a girl named Tracy. Tracy was mark, totals college girlfriend in the relationship had ended badly, but over the last year, while his wife is pregnant, Mark had reconnected with Tracy and the two that sense made out a couple of times. So it's kind of a it's kind of interesting. I I'm, for you very rarely see this anywhere on that Somebody wants to punish the perpetrators of a crime all in a fictitious peace, a movie or maybe with like laws or something I would think that they are guilty right, which is weird about how someone so anti one specific thing that they end up being the thing itself is yeah. That's right! Canadian tug canadian tongue that's what they were doing good now, what you want, but Mark he confessed to his wife Anne also threw in that yeah that
and he also threw in yet no empathy or sympathy toward anyone in the entire world by the way. What was that last part was that last sociopathy part is, I thought I mean she had a newborn. You know she was determined to make it work, so she told him that if he stopped seeing Tracy and went to therapy should get another chance. He said yes to both conditions, but didn't do either can't see Tracy and instead of going to therapy, tootle decided he's going to make Friday night, his weekly murder night, starting on October third, now Jill Tetro fully admits that he should have been suspicious when she know wouldn't give my street address or phone number and instead told him that he should drive down a back alley and park outside no garage and walk through the garage to get to the back door yeah. She is never there. Gina is never having you meet in the back alley. I just promise you that never go
do the ship? What use I here they did. They ever do this. If they don't give you an exact address, so they don't have a phone number do not go. Can I read a little bit of the message that you know send him yeah just so you could see like so to a little bit of this message from Sheena. It's like both really convoluted, but she- does sort of like nail a woman's voice a little bit right, so it starts with so okay Friday if you're coming from the north on Grote get on cow fairy trail when you get to the south side and jump on white mud, then go south and fifty street take a right. 40Th avenue and after a blocker to take the very first right into the alley. It's marked by a yellow, crosswalk sign, so pay attention then go left pull into the only driveway on your left that isn't paved lol seriously, whoever of a driveway that looks like the Amazon whenever it won't swallow your car. I promise there's some garbage of against
it's like an old couch and such, but it might be gone by Friday. Who knows like I said the garage door will be open for you a touch. So don't worry bout, neighbors thinking, you're a burglar. Everyone knows there's nothing valuable in there except my car. Of course, boy see you then Sheena Groot and white mud. Are the garbage pail, kids name in these free constraints, so there and Edmonton in the streets are Groot and white mud quite muddy? How is she battle the suicide capital. This is this is the saddest out of ever heard. I mean you know it meant I kinda get it. I mean. I know what it's like, I'm sure a lot of you out. There know what it's like you know, there's a lot you'll brush off your new in town, in your lonely of course. Of course, I just totally. I mean that was a part of it 'cause. When I was reading a lot about the victim. You kind of I do feel bad in terms of like
being a lonely dude at Corsica part of the reason why I react to it. It's 'cause. I was that guy. There was a period of time, my life, where it's like. If a hot chick I met online, told me to do certain, should I probably would've ended up doing it in a way, because I was kind of special in the new days. The beginning of online, dating right when I met an ex con woman at the very big, meaning of match dot com and they would do the free weekends and she was like I'm outta jail soon. We should fox- and I was like ok. Right. You know like cool. Well, like I don't know what I was doing. I think you met on prisonsmooch dot com, yeah prison hooch and That is also why, if you search Henry Zebrowski at some point, they will be late. A lot of is right around his butt hole. Those are going to be sort of images on there. So that's scary. So after getting the invitation GEO got in his car and it off to the same garage where Mark Twitchell had just wrapped house of cards days earlier. This is
raise a happy. Meanwhile, Twitchell you've been spending all day, preparing, he'd, sound proof, the walls he covered every inch of the garage and plastic sheeting, just like Dexter Dead, and he even had a little dissecting table have been made for the House of cards, shoot hey, honey looks like the neighbor is starting a a podcast. We should we just call the police now we're waiting till were really annoyed. No, no we'll wait till he starts yell and in there and then I'll go over there with a shovel and I'll beat him today. Ok sounds good as deal was on his way mark logged in a fucking Facebook on his Dexter Morgan Profile and entered a status. This is what he wrote. Dexter is patiently waiting for his next victim, a play date buddy
fonts. One of his followers wrote doing as well decks and it could be really really cool. Facebook has not changed. It would have got to go away. Oh my god, we talk about this. On top. At this week, Mark Zuckerberg was considered to be the democratic nominee for the problem. You mentioned Mark Zuckerberg as president, oh, my god, with psycho smoke. These meet smoke. These meets these boots so about seven hundred pm GEO pulled his truck up to the garage crouched under the half open door and walk through the dark to get to the other side, but before he could get their Outjumped Twichell, where in his stupid House of Cards hockey mask and holding his stunned, but and Twichell is not that big of a guy. No, not really. This must have been kind of comical well, he asked for the other guy to be small too. He asked if it's a one fucking thing about dating apps as that they know you're
he got. He got all his hooking measure. Right. Ok, knows how big he is so Twichell press the trick. Or it may really impressive, like ARCA Blue Electricity shoot out of the end, but when he stuck it to yield chest didn't do anything and geles I mean he himself. Jills Jill himself later said was more annoying than painful is like stop it but what neither of them knew was that stun batons, or at least the kind of Torchwood ordered, didn't work that way. It's not just uh. They fall to the ground. It's not a tayser 'cause, there's, no actual pain involved with a stun baton actually does is pump. Eight hundred thousand volts of electricity into the body, but it's not voltage that paralyzes a person sends him to the ground shaking I don't use volts in the electric chair. They use Watts Watts blood c voltage actually pumps itself through the body making the muscles work overtime.
And converting blood sugar into lactic acid. Eventually, your muscles just stopped working, but in the case of GEO in touch all it was not an instantaneous effect because she'll just post the baton away and started to run, but to a shot another trick up its sleeve. He added ten bot gun wooden real is just a movie prop that he rented from a production house- ok but GEO. He didn't know that, so he did what he was told. He got on the ground, but after twitch will put tape over heels eyes, something just kind of switched and brain. He said I am not going out, I'm not No, I don't like that. He started screaming that yeah well on the floor. Good for him yeah for him All right, yeah ripped the to tape off his eyes. He said he would if he was going to die that night, he was going to die. His
there, it is now we got ourselves a real, strong women, killing good turn on the ground, get down in the ground hands. Behind your back, I'm not going out that way and she'll realize who's like whatever is happening. I'm grabbing that gun. He took a hold of the gun All this came from the one that got away and he was like. Oh shit, it's plastic yeah, myself, get plastic gun. Sue starts punching, which, on the face of to a point you back and forth? Meanwhile too, he served to bending the plus the gun back to Twitchell screaming your. I'm gonna break it. Oh my god make it. What douche baggy get his deposit back of course, yeah, naturally and you know, be g O. He said when he felt that plastic gone. He said it was the best feeling he'd ever had in his life is a hero. Yeah they started grappling and she'll. He was actually able
to kind of shimmy his way out of there, because Twichell was grabbing a hold of his jacket. Ogi Ogi is kind of shimmy out of his jacket was able to roll under the still open garage door, yeah! That's how John Candy got control of the wheel in planes, trains and automobiles again after he realized. He got him a grab, ahold the jacket and he slipped out of Jack, writes good mood, slip out, yeah Anas Twichell later recounted in SK confessions quote he made it to the driveway and that's when I knew I was poached. What was that? I mean you're half dog, but what happened but she'll almost didn't make it when he tried to stand up and run after getting out of the garage he found that he couldn't 'cause the stuff. Pawn had finally done its job to twitch all caught up and started dragging go back in, but when Twichell let go for a second to raise the garage door, GEO, strength return and he took off
all as when he's first crawling it out couple people walk past and I was like help me help me get in my truck and the woman of the couple which I found it interesting. Wouldn't let the man come forward to help him because he's like we can't get involved, but the bit was twichell when he saw the couple and he's in a fucking mask and a hoodie with a fake gun in his hands, and he said he freezes and he goes or I quit playing now. This is my best friend and we're having a bit of a romp around time. Come on buddy get up, you try to pretend like they were just friends having like gay garage night. Yes, so ok, yeah and the thing is that, like as soon as a twichell came out we're going to go hey friend the couple fuckin' bolted, but
so not a hero, do about a hero do because they thought that Jill and twitch well were in Cahoots and the whole thing was a ruse to rob them. I might just say this over thinking it over thinking, everything in it, but when they ran so did Twichell, o GL was able to get up dust himself, does himself off and make his way back to his truck. Oh, my goodness, oh yeah man, when he got back to the garage he said that he could still see Twichell's feet under the open door, pacing back and forth, but still we'll manage to get in his vehicle start the Engin an escape ok, but instead of going to the police zeal horribly embarrassed about the whole situation, which is totally understandable, went home and passed out from the adrenaline crash and when he woke up and checked his plenty of fish dot com
account Sheena was gone. That's so sad, it's so good breaking! You want to go you're thinking, you're fighting it, because that's what he said to himself as that when he found her profile he's like yeah. A lot of people said that you know it was maybe dumb what I did, but I said to myself: You gotta give love a chance. You gotta give love a chance in a public setting where these folks around the first trading. Maybe so that pictures? Maybe you do lunch instead of dinner, you know so that you can get out 'cause. You have stuff to do at five. You know go out to lunch, sure, there's absolutely nothing wrong with internet relationships, things starting on the internet. You guys are crossword, but you gotta Skype, yeah. Do what you gotta see the voice attached to a face, and you have to be like no offense here Sheena, but I'm going to need it hold up a newspaper. I just need you to hold up a newspaper, so I can see what date it is right yeah, but that's thing is that when G all checked the account when he first got home, he would have found a message from Mark saying that
who's going to hunt him down if you ever talk to the police, but when torture deleted Sheena deleted, all the mess still yeah even get the photo id ask. Shallow can read, ozone is you'll, never saw it, then that is where we're going to end. This episode will come back with the murder of Gianni Altinger next week when Twichell is actually somehow successful. Mark Twitchell. This is I gotta, say really fascinating story and it's the most one them it's one of the stories that is so current in pop culture. It's really fascinated man it just we talk time and time again about the power of
and what happens because you know we had a good time kind of joking about the lead up to this first thing and this kind of thing going on. But it's it's very interesting to see how easy the decision it was for him right to do this job, to try to commit murder, because they were saying that when he was writing house of cards, he said that he research traits of cycle paths- and it's a weird thing about that. The chicken and the egg of people that end up identifying a cycle, bats or people who are diagnosed as like a bath which, almost like it cycle, Pathak, told look at the symptoms of the disorder and say that to me I want those attributes. Yes, it
you see someone looking at the cycle path tested. You hear them say in check check our. That is not someone to be trusted yeah, because it's weird right, because in a way I I you always kind of trick, because we took a little time in terms of like people play their own games with themselves, where, in in dead down deep you may be. You know we get there something empty with you, but you, you know you just assume your normal, like everybody else, but as soon as something gives you permission to be crazy or something with it is like a feedback loop inside of his own mind where he saw all of the about being a psychopath and he's like yeah. It gives My fucking get out of jail free card, no matter what interesting and if you are an actor out there, and Yes, you see Jeff Goldblum he's not in the movie and if you have to go to Edmonton and that the budget is ninety thousand dollars he's not in the movie, Jeff Goldbloom will say a lot of ship after one of his jazz.
Rosinella. He will respond to emails, especially if you're sending him an email as Sheena. He will it's fun to you, because you Jeff Goldblum, but do not believe you will be in your film until he shows up on set absent day that he is opposed to arrive early is gets the report because then, if the whole thing, but I also bid message to filmmakers out there that Don't let this man's tale disc dissuade. You know trying to make your art you got to keep pushing man, you gotta fight for that inch right. Well, I don't. I hope it suede you for me to serial killer yeah, I think it should. I think it should that's for sure will speaking to movies, we want to think Fangoria. We had a great day chance to be we were on the cover or name was on. The cover was a huge bucket. It would cause. Her name, was on the cover next Tom Savini and show for cool in Joe Bob Briggs was on the cover in the they gave him the picture of course, 'cause Joe Bob, the legends monster, vision and, of course, so check out the new Fangoria, it's a little bit pricey, but the thing is you can't get.
Content online and it's high quality, great quality, it's great quality, so first then Goria and will be doing a signing. Was it the nineteen seventy will be doing a signing January 17th six to eight pm at forbidden planet yeah over in union square. Yes, it will be me and Ben yeah we can make it, but I'll be the two of Us Alice New York. Boys are coming. Yes, yeah. They new Yorkers going there, but honestly, the first issue of the finger of the new. And it was fucking fantastic overthink is schitt yeah you could you could be a cat that death with it I'm saying you should don't do it. You can so make a nice bed for your turtle.
Never seen a twisted document. Turtles left, I'm like. I tell you what this is. One of these stories are going to be doing a lot more of these more specific, true crime stories. I think it two thousand and nineteen, because we love a good story. Yeah. I like telling a good story, and you know we'll give you a blood will give you guts, but part of it is good as Domscheit characters like Mark Twichell, white hope is hearing this jail, and I hope it makes some scale absolutely. I'm sure that he will I the thing that will upset him. The most is us criticizing his art yeah, because it's crap- and I know people who do great fan fiction films- are you to basically because you can't profit off of it, and this guy is a disgrace to the whole community. Now I wonder, if he's listening from Saskatchewan Prison, Siskey chewing remember that video, where they put together all of the fan bits it was all at a bar and it was like terminator and star wars at all so. It was a huge huge like seven minutes. Long like a like a music video yeah. Is that it's cool
I want to quickly think someone sent me a copy of this dvd called Megiddo the Omega Code, two. I don't know who you are, but I can't wait to see this. I don't know what the fuck this is, and I also want to thank. Amanda Rizzi for all the pictures of Plainfield and of Edgens Father's great nice, hey Alien, it's the butt Rippon Jerky that she sent me, which I'm afraid to thank. It sounds great yeah, thanks to everyone who was bought our special so far, six dollars and sixty six cents don't forget to type in those three wonderful letters from two thousand and one Debbie a worldwide app, yet www dot plasma Do cats live dot com check it out and thank you for the great response and that will be there for the whole year so yeah it will be the gift that keeps on giving and you have to give to our petrion,
yeah. If you wanna give somebody you could give to our patriotic as well. Yes, thank you all so much and the last stream is back adult swim. Com, slash streams, every Tuesday, eight hundred pm eastern standard time? It's always a great experience and a great time to hang out with friends, and it's so when they have that evening with you it's better than going out and planning a murder yeah. That's for sure you right yeah. If that's the bar. It is all right. Everyone lpn what is what's what's our twitter, lp and stuff, like that at l, P, L p on the left, dot com, it's all well at LP on the left is for all are both awesome. Alright, everyone hail yourselves hell Satan, hey! Did the ghost
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