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Episode 347: Mark Twitchell Part II - Some Kinda Ketchup Party

2019-01-11 | 🔗
On the conclusion to our series on the so-called "Dexter Killer", we cover Mark Twitchell's actual murder, the delicious sting that got him caught, and the insane excuse called MAPLE that he blamed for the death of Johnny Altinger.   BUY OUR LIVE SPECIAL. IT'S FUN AS HELL AND ONLY $6.66: WWW.LASTPODCASTLIVE.COM    Go to http://article.com/last to get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more.   Get $80 off your first month by going to http://hellofresh.com/last80 and use the code last80.       Get your first refill pack free at http://getquip.com/lastpod  
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Hey. What's up everyone, the boys of last podcast on the left here and now your group want to tell you about our new special. We filmed it in Chicago. It was an unbelievable experience and you can enjoy it as well. Go to W W w dot the last podcast live dot com, don't forget to put the w. W half we're going to the way way back machine all the way to two thousand technological glitz that we're trying to get in tech support, for it is still just part of the W W W W W w dot. There's no place to escape to this is the last time
I want to amend the fact that I think I said last episode that I don't trust men with big legs a bit, but did you I want to clarify that only holds to men. Will you just so you your change what you said you just double down on what you said. Yes, but that's important. I angle flip flop, a the one thing all about me, Kissels I'll, flip flop. I am I'm held firmly to the ground by my white. Well, you know. Sometimes, when it comes to flip flopping, it could also construed as like changing the better. But I guess that's not going to happen. No ma'am big guys with big legs. You can't trust him. Always hold. I don't know it know it doesn't always hold, but women with big legs will be there to comfort you with their laps, yes
could also kill you in a matter of seconds. That's please, alright, please! This is the last podcast on the left. I am Ben Kissel and that's mark spark. I Ben how's, your brain, Marcus friends, doing good how's the book coming books coming great, just finished another chapter awesome without marketing network network. I want to shout out to some fans and give me reduced you Henry our guest, for what does this episode? Three four thousand three hundred and forty six, I think regular guest of episode, three hundred and forty five episodes in his broski would want a stipend to be a guest, there's a big brother people attended the big issue in LOS Angelus about podcasts, guess not getting paid, and I think it's only fair that I could sure sure I want to give a shout out to a couple of fans from stab in ten, which is at Minton's, also known, as apparently really will. Deadman. Ten is much better dead man to know much better than stab Minton. You can't just I will stab in front of any that you could just like stab Ma'Am town is how you could start doing that, but that
requires a lot of edibles. You cannot be honest about fifteen milligrams of edibles do work your way to that title, but I want to give a shout out to some of the death metal that will set my way. Ok band named grime eximia status from stab mint and nice. It's pretty fuckin' killer and also idolatry, which is some black metal from Stab Benton, which is honestly it's pretty groovy. So thank you for that. So not everything is bad in Edmonton. I also got a great big old fashioned go store called the lobby. I love it now, there's a lot of great things in Edmonton course. I think there's a CFL team out there, it's the biggest mall in North America's out there. We know this pretty upset about that, but that has been many emails saying that, yes, indeed it is the biggest mall, but Minneapolis just needs build a casino in the mall or out just outside, connected to the mall, and then they win again yeah all
well. Why are we talking about Canada? You know why we're under part two of this fella, though again second big tea bag other than the Btk Mark Twitchell to so after the attempted a visual Tetro Twichell was understandably a little bit jumpy. But after nothing happened, no, police, no phone, calls no searches. He figured that he was clear to try again: that's not the message that should have been received. No, you got away with one stop now. So only six days after the attempted murder, twitch or created another plenty of fish account this one named gin and waited I'm going to say I seen pictures from this account. I mean Sheena at least didn't have a cross eyes,
well, but Jenn Kinda had a cross site not till like bemoan whoever the real Jenn was. I gotta nothing wrong with the cross sign nothing wrong with no eyes nothing wrong with the way lies when they go to the side there. That's just fine but that's a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome, which is difficult. That's not why I'm not going to blame the victim. There was a girl that had fetal alcohol syndrome in my high school and we sat together in Homec and she was very, very sweet and I love her and she helped Maine. She helped me out. This is just you just be it like so you're, like a baby that news from beer, that's horrible when they will say for Twitchell, so he was he's like he wants to go for someone attainable and he knows who is looking for all right. Dozens of men responded to the gen profile, but the one marked which
shows was another super nice dude named Johnny Alton Jr who's, just a thirty eight year old dude who worked as an oil field pipeline inspector now, unlike she'll, who told nobody where he was going, that night, Johnny told his friend Willie, exactly where he was going for his date, because you know that it was those stupid directions. The whole I go around to the back alley, find the overgrown garage walk through the door and walk through the garage to get to the back. Door right now, the the one problem with telling front wheel. The crucial information is when he shouts that information out in the town hall, no one's going to pay attention because he's old stoned, Drunk Willie, Jogada Gold, three clicks down the street and see the third garbage can and you're gonna find a half open the garage, and it's not that one. It's the third half opened her eyes. Ok Willie, but the truth is, is the
number again from last episode. Twichell had done that weird, like kinda cute girl, lilts in the description of the directions, so it kind of was thrown off and I mean Willie to his credit immediately was like oh that's, kinda, that's kind round about is that nobody could end and Johnny's, just like just desperate for blog news, very much so desperate for connection. That's the saddest thing about this whole story. Again, it really is, I mean it said. Demarco Chiles is another see killer, I mean he's no different, they arrest him he's just another serial killer. That goes after an extremely vulnerable section of the population, because he's fucking week right. So the thing is about Willis Willis like this sounds. Off one of you Give me the exact direction so like. Why don't you email him to me? So I know exactly where you're going? No honestly, how hard is it to tell your friend right he's your friend, you love Johnny, but no woman he has approach to maybe in the last couple years has been immediately like yeah
over tonight and unfortunately, you have to tell your friend like hey, listen, let's maybe set our expectations like a little bit lower like I love you, I think, you're worthy of love, but I think she's going to fucking kill you. Maybe I think she come on baby, it's never too late for a MIKE Myers depression. Two thousand and nineteen coming in, like a torpedo, never gets old. I could also see an alternate universe if it dude shows up to the house and then we'll having sex with you. Why did you wanna look directions as someone who's been around the block of like? Do you need all the directions to the woman that I would like to meet today interesting? Why would write that, sir? What time do you plan to be there? Look at the road, eight, ok cool! I get out of the gym at six hundred and forty So I shouldn't even saying this out loud
had Willie not been worried about his friend that night, much to Willis Credit, there's no telling how many times twitter would have been able to pull off this dumb shit scheme, but even though those directions would be Mark Son doing it was not enough to save Johnny, Alton Jr. So on that night, Twitchell was waiting in the garage for Johnny to show up. Learned his lesson from the stun baton. Now he figured that the best action. Just fucking hit the do dude. Now pipe as soon as you walked in the hockey mask, was going to do any of that shit just hit him in the head and then get to work. Then he learned that that fast, because that this truth is that it's really that hesitation is what allows you to make the mistakes right, which is what he made in the first time. I thought it was really interesting to learn how I stun Baton really worked. I didn't know that. That's how it worked that you, basically it's a long term like actually you just turn into spaghetti. I thought it just looking to go a little bit like because that's what's fun, that's a taser yeah! I
now he's going the old clue route going okay and he was all Eddie keyed up. He had a hot movie date with his old college girlfriend earlier that day spending the afternoon making out in the back road the movie theater during a Shona Corentin, Warren as he and not the best remake just watch. I think it's rack, rack, yeah, right, watch, yeah, rack rack is actually one of my favorite horror. Movies. Don't need to watch record is weak and wrecked. Three is one of the more guns trilogy that, like one of the gonzo third of a troubled yeah I've seen a long time, but it's pretty damn good cool. I also remember the time that I was, but I stopped my high school girlfriend for making out with me during unbreakable, because the movie was too important. Well now, you've got the last comment, but on that night Johnny showed up thirty minutes early we before Twitchell
it's ready, ready, 'cause. You know he had to be ready ready before he could really do what he wanted to do. Ok, this guy, so Johnny walked into the dark garage and he called out hello and all Twichell could to do should say hello back. Can you turn on the lights? I mean he did this improv movie. He obviously has improv training, yes and yes so Mark he told Johnny that he was a film maker and that all Well, they ship three, so around him was just to set to garage, yeah, but it was still set till it was. He had all the wall it's covered in plastic because it was his Dexter, kill room birthday sure he had a fucking chair there with handcuffs there were going to be. He was going to attach it to the chair. He had fucking rope, he had an open set of web Pencil get old toward torture area set up for him to
be able to play his macabre game. Mention of Ed Gein pulled the same shit. They walked into the house and like knocked into the bodies like or there which is uh and said: oh, my goodness, by the way the Ed Geen chapter in the book coming out. Well, when will the book be our February? Two thousand and twenty it looks like February February, two thousand and twenty they had been chapter is going to send chills down your spine because I always forget how much She was created so when Johnny walked in and Mark Twitchell introduced himself as a filmmaker Twichell. By his, admission in SK confessions. He couldn't help himself. He started bragging. This is what Mark Twitchell wrote that he said to Johnny Alton, you might have heard of my stuff, I'm the guy you put together the comedy feature at our local film Festival, that's Maine,
Remember Johnny, Fuckin', hadn't heard of players. I will tell you talk about a truce business, professional, Twichell would've, but LOS Angeles because I receive in resumes and demos from uber drivers, every other right yeah did you have it you gotta, throw it down man you got through that plug yeah dude. I still hustle the show they. I still tell uber drivers and fucking everybody about the show it never ends. Well, I told you guys my little trick if someone talks about or someone asks about it like yeah, you can find it on Itunes and I hit the subscribe button for them. So scary cancel lives. No one subscribes you're too big of a man to just take somebody I hear it I I don't really like that. I would do it for pictures of family, which is this. Is this your family? Where you live? Well, I guess I got us.
At least five to six subscribers. That way, so you're welcome well after Johnny said that, of course, I haven't gotten her today, players, he asked where's, Jen and Mark said she'd be back any second so Johnny said I'll come back later and so Johnny left in Twichell. Try coming up with another plan, before Twitter could formulate anything. Johnny immediately came right back like couple of minutes later. Why because he's he's right lonely yeah. So it's just a matter this date. I've been in situations like this before, where you're uncomfortable you're, wanting it you're really in what's going on. You don't know how to act. Your socially awkward due to sure so he just kinda keeps coming back. She he act. He adds GM over sold him on her commitment to him and also the up.
Thing too, is that she, as Jenny, is like throwing nerd references in there like talk star wars, which is just as a lonely. Thirty eight right, and then you show and she's, not there, and it's all super awkward. So when Johnny came back the second time twitch all he started improvising again. He picked up his phone and he pretended like he was talking to Jenn she was. She was just stuck in traffic and she was going to be hour late, okay hour late is actually. This is let right here. Let me let me actually take this. What what where you at Johnny's here to see you This is not me covering my mouth. It's not! I bet you should have set the date for later know. You're excited to sit on Johnny
Okay, then he told Johnny that he was more than welcome to hang around, but Johnny at this point was kind of done with this shed, so he said now, that's alright just going to go home and on his way he called up his other friend Dale, and he told him whole story he's like this is really weird. I don't know what the hell happened here, I'm just going to go home, okay, but then, when Johnny got back home He wrote a message to the gen profile asking what was up what the hell's going on here. Twenty minutes later, he got a response. Jen said the traffic cleared up. She was home, who's up to Johnny, whether or not he wanted to come and so Johnny who said want to waste a Friday night. Oh no, figured why not let's go try again, you're out you're out, don't go back in so we got back in his car and he drove to the garage, but when he walked back under the door,
Who else did you see again but Mark Twichell, Johnny gave him a nod of acknowledgement and said, as his last pain free words in this world. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. What? If, what and that is when Twitchell the pipe down on his head oh my god people. A long way for love, yeah, it's very difficult when you throw down those weird expectations, and then he sent a follow up message to Jan thinking like well now Oh I'm really going to set the story straight and then you just you know you just tighten the net no, it's just two thousand and eleven since two thousand and eight. Two thousand eight yeah like the idea of cat fishing. Wasn't quite so in the main street. No, not at all, and I mean that this sort of thing I mean this is not the sort of thing that people thought could actually happen, because what I think of what a lot of
all thought is these are the sorts of things that women have to watch out for right now, like women say you know, I always telling women like don't go off with strange men and you know what you're doing online dating, but no one ever told men about cats, I think that wasn't really something that was going on at that point. It's people having people hadn't caught on yet so he thought yeah. This is weird, but it seemed like he never once thought
I thought he was in danger at all who's it going a fantasy of what the internet was supposed to bring to you yeah right. This is a former view of the internet. Being this like place of hope this place of connection yeah, but you you owe no yeah yeah and don't know if you get a chance, read the article from the internet utopian who apologizes for his point of view yeah. I apologize it's completely. He said I was wrong, we're not ready and Johnny was actually one of those old school internet Utopian s like he was thirty, eight in two thousand and a he'd been on the internet since the early 90s like for him, this was you know a dream come true. This was the promise. This is how it was supposed to work yeah. This is how it was supposed to be, but since humans, r as in are always going to be the ones behind the internet. It's just going to be an extension to humanity right. This episode is brought to by article article makes beautiful well made modern furniture, their peace
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life in a man's throat at ends, him fuqing separating him piece by piece, yes home after after he killed him, twitch all hoisted the body to the table that he'd used in house of cards and dismembered this poor man with a game processing kit that will bought at a hunting, store, separated the arms the legs and the head from the torso before shoving it all and garbage bags. This guy is, as we know, a psychopath yeah an if you want a cycle You want examples of a psychopathic behavior list, description that he wrote and SK confessions about his behavior. During the dismemberment Remembering a human body was a relatively an exciting event, but I have my ways of making it more VON I sing to myself. As I work talk to myself reflected the new tools? I would get to make the next one easier. Now, once in awhile, I would take a break check. My email answer a few phone calls
check the status of my Ebay page and have a bag of chips catch chips. This is a part of what I really kind of This one examine right 'cause. This is a goofy motherfucker he's got a big, stupid, waggle and asked you can't trust an he makes terribleness. The open to this point. He really is just your classic Joe. The loser, dream that he can't seem to attain his cheating on his wife. Do most crooked shitan, but also, but he seems kind of goofy. This is a part where it's that that is, what's in everything about the psychopathic personality right is the shallowness right that that is The key is that it goes straight from he's talking flippantly about movies that he's making and plugging his shit and then the next moment he is literally guarding a human being. The description that he does in ask
play confessions about how surprised he was that guts are like images and then when he pulls them all out like he thought it would be kind of like the Gore you see in movies, but he was like. I believe it's like a bunch of bangers and it's the it's the way that he looks at with no emotion, it is very, very scary, and you start to realize: oh, this guy was of ticking time bomb this whole fucking time and, of course you know it's interesting you think about the message behind in artists, intentions, Miley, Cyrus, Bangerz, it's actually about little hot dogs and that's something that not a lot of people focus on. So I think that's good. So what is what is this called when you think you're the star of your own movie, like this is a yeah, but you know there's narcissism. I remember there's someone you said something mean to me on Twitter and then I was like that was mean, and then they said, I hope, the FED? I want to apologize to all of my fans and they had like twelve followers. Yes, that mind set like there's a little bit. Think of people like that,
straight up. Nurses is no narcissism in psych about path, behavior, go hand in hand; okay, not all psychopath. Not all narcissus are psychopaths, but most psychopaths are narcissus. It is it's interesting because the internet seems to have allowed like many people do exist in these little bubbles because it is anonymous and because no one ever has to have the kind of the words come in their mouth like checked by someone physically in real life that some I think a lot of people can say whatever they want on the internet, because they're not worried about someone who they're saying it to knocking him in the face has no reality. Yeah, there's, no, count ability. So these guys are both an example of the these burgeoning personalities that the internet within create works like now, I'm I think we're going to see, I think for a while we, that may be the internet would squash the idea of the heavy hitter any of the fucking like icon serial killer, but I think we're just going get. For more of it after the dismemberment twitchell
down the plastic walls, cleaned up the room with the Monia loaded, the dismembered corpse into the trunk of Johnny's own. Red Mazda and with great difficulty, because he couldn't drive, Stick pulled Red Mazda into the garage. What I've We even do it every kitchen drive, stick out, so I'm just an old person saying that I learn. I learn how to drive a do manual going to Yellow GEO Metro. That was the most fun thing to drive. All time would love to see you in a yellow human. I was longer than internet thing where your feet sticking out of the window, though it was a little bit largest car I could afford. Yes, it was a little bit like the tall guy from the senses. I was longer than the car. It was yellow GEO, Metro, convertible and in the tape, cassette player and already
tape with stuck, and so it was all just like it was automatic for the people. So it was just nothing but already be dropping all day. You hammered listening to man on the moon, just careening off occur because that's how you know you're in the middle of the road is when you hit the curb you know to adjust if I drove across the entire state of Wisconsin having a little fun well. This is an even bigger example of mark virtual, psychopathic behavior, and it tells you that he wasn't lying about the casual nature that he dismembered Johnny Altinger after he did all that shit. He talked to his wife immediately. He was so detached the entire situation that he was able to formulate a lie on the spot and pulling an excuse from the Dane all may from house of cards telling his wife that he just been at the gym, What did she was? She was even wrong about the gym
because he says oh yeah, I'm just leaving the gym and she's like the gym closes at nine. I checked my watch hurriedly. It showed nine hundred and fifty seven What are you talking about babe? It closes at ten that big gym by your place, know my old gym babe. I thought you can that membership a month ago, I procrastinated, and I did. A few weeks ago, but I still have a couple of weeks this month that are paid for so I figured I'd. Take advantage to detect an hour to crosstown anyway. This is the conversation he's happy, oh my god. After all this, I'm just going to say if you're a person in a relationship and in your whole brain starts to look like a like a risk board of all the flags are going up just like pay attention. Yeah pay close attention, but this woman, you Know- and he did this- is after he'd already told her yeah. I think I'm a social they, I don't have any empathy for anybody like in there couples, therapy they're trying to make it work, but you know it's get it's getting to the
But if you are so brand new kit, they literally have a brand new kid. I think their job was eight months old. Oh my goodness, it's very very Gary, remember this big little Eyes are seeds for big lots. That's right! So you've demean people with big thighs big legs and now little lies lies lies, lies lies I have. I have little eyes, you might be honest, something then about big lights. Nobody nights about me is that you never know really what I'm thinking, because my eyebrows cover it little furrows and like little flicking burning horse holes in my face, then after the conversation. Twichell just went home and he couldn't wait to tell someone. Day after canadian Thanksgiving. Send a message to his Dexter. Buddy Renee, hero quote: I said something keeping me busy, but I'm really concerned about telling anyone, because of the implications so,
to say. I crossed the line on Friday and I liked it. Meanwhile, she was just he went fanservice she's talking to Dexter mean like when season four coming out like at this point. She just happen. I mean he confesses to murder and she's, like oh Oh oh, did he post that in a text message and those who spoke message that was a facebook. This woman Renee HE after she had followed his Dexter personality on Facebook for awhile, she messaged him and then We started talking honestly as each other again, you know, and she would you know, like a lot of people are just like yeah,
I have dark fantasies, sometimes like a ton of people do, and she thought that she was talking to somebody who also had like kind of a darker mind, just someone getting spanked yeah, just talking about like that. She was talking about like, like maybe like a rope like tight little rope like her wrists to the bed and stuff, like that. Like light Smm she's, not talking about actual murder, someone else who has a dark mind Lars VON Trier, yeah and he's made some phenomenal films house that Jack built is fantastic. It is disturbing. It's got. Some got some moments. Yeah yeah. I loved it I really to house the very end: sequences Fuckin', sweet. It's amazing! You know the thing was that It wasn't the only one that Mark Social confessed, the murders too. Ok, according to SK confessions, Twichell also sat down with his info. Daughter and told her the whole story. Writing quote the cool.
Thing about a seventh month old, is that you can openly tell them anything and they can't rat you out Mama set up. It's like shut the FA cup. I mean like just shut the fuc up your pieces, you're a piece of shirt, dad yeah yeah. You think some funk you're going to shoot. Yeah! I'm glad. Did you see my bumblebee costume? I won the howler. I wonder how search becoming canadian? Oh, my god, honestly, I know the seven seven month old doesn't understand anything but there's something so immoral, extreme about saying that to a child I mean it's just so disgusting yeah. I mean it's just to not have that block in your brain. That says like whoa. This is a kid yeah. I don't even like saying fuckin' front infants, now. I know that another can't understand it, but it makes still makes me feel weird if I never take my clothes off in front of a child or anything like that, even though I know that they won't remember what my body looks like no but Johnny his presence
It was missed almost immediately 'cause, neither one his friends or heard from him since Friday, night and Dale got even more worried when Johnny didn't show up to land rendezvous on Sunday, but which I planned on all that, because this was all a part of his dumb game. On October 12th Twitchell broke into the old apartment and log on to his facebook account onto Johnny Altinger's Facebook account mark Zuckerberg is also complicit in all this. Yes from their twitchell posted this status. John Altinger is taking off to the Caribbean for a few months, see all when I get back. Oh yeah, that do checks, holes and oil pipes is just going to go into the Caribbean or a few months. Is it caribbean or caribbean? I think it's all up to the motion of your ocean, but, however, you want to do it. I am hard for it. Then
which change Johnny's relationship status from single to in a relation after you change the relationship status. He then posted another status, saying quote John, is taking off to caribbean for a few months. See you all when I get back wondering why anyone would leave sun and surf to come home to snow and stress fucka, deep oh, like that, no John, according to be like that very afraid, to take a plane tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to know kid. This is working class dude in Edmonton, yeah, he's yeah, he's a computer guy and not touching it with eight really significant important. Yeah. It is very straight laced, you know, and he plans everything out like he's very much a planner like all of this is so
far out of his realm of normal behavior twitchell, just thought like everyone to be like whoa, okay, okay, yeah I mean. Can you imagine I honestly don't someone you know like we, the person that you wouldn't expect all mmhm? What did you show up and read it if Travis walked into the office and was like hey guys, I'm going on a helical trip tomorrow all over the world. With my friend John, like he's, like he's going to take me out of here, he said he's going to pay for everything so see you later and be like. Okay, Travis bug cool, enjoy your fucking three month vacation? I could see Travis actually doing that. That's actually true yeah, but someone more I'm trying to think. I just don't think I've heard straightlaced friends not really turns out you any moment could leave me for multiple months, everyone
really unreliable? Well after we did the whole facebook thing. He then sent out a form email to all of Johnny's, friends and Johnny said it saying that he met a wonderful, rich woman. Who'd swept him off his feet and as such, that two were going to Costa Rica for a vacation because his cock, all you guys like a month or so I'll call you. When I get back, don't worry about it, see you later. I thought he was going to the Caribbean, get Costa Rica, oh, that isn't it their their bouts. Isn't yeah they're, clearly, not a pilot. I don't know you could go from Puerto Rico to Costa Rica. Look good now, Costa Rica's in South America yeah near, I don't think super bad conversation to Google and then I have to we have to google this pizza Rico. Where is it poster Rica? Caribbean? Let me look at it. It's just a picture
person you're an idiot yeah, coconut, is a picture of a coconut the is it is in the Caribbean. Ok, alright, very good answer. So now everyone that's listening, could stop shout at your car. We got meanwhile soul still had Johnny's body to get rid of, and his first attempt went about as well as you'd expect seat, which all had bought a barrel off the internet for the expressed purpose of using to burn a body, but doesn't he realize that's all paper trail? That's all any paper trail I mean he's a fucking moron he's not really planned for the for any of he's, not really planned for any of the true
Repar Kushans of his actions. He just thought that the whole world, that's the narcissistic, slash psychopathic personality. He thought the whole world was just going to open to him and his cd of opportunity, and everybody would always make sure that he would be safe because he special yeah. I see yeah and he's also cause playing. You know, like he's cosplaying is Dexter, he's living half in a movie, so he's not thinking about all of Repar Kushans of the paper trails and all that chat and you'll even more examples of that later. Okay, but Twitchell figured that it might be a little suspicious to burn Johnny's body at the scene of the crime. So he put, the garbage bags contain. Johnny's dismembered body in the barrel loaded the bear Oh you into his Pontiac Grand AM drove over to his parents house and tried to burn the already in his parents, backyard you're in Canada. It's fifty percent uninhabitable. It's would
go to those little woods. Go to the woods. Follow a beef don't you see where the Beaver lives, because beavers also don't tell your secrets. Of course you know if he'd done a moments, research he'd know you can't just dump a coffee cup gasoline in a barrel on a body and expected to get hot enough to burn the entire body and that's exactly what he did and the way you scribe to is very like looks like a child. It's like and I went, and I got the gasoline and I put it on his body, and what do you know it is burned some his clothes and it's like. I don't have time for this, and I have time to be God and and might have tried it longer than he did, but after pouring coffee CUP after Coffee cup of gasoline on the body to hearing sirens freaked out douse the with a garden hose, but the truck actually going elsewhere. They weren't coming to him because there was a billow of black smoke coming off of the corpse that he was burned, but the whole thing
spooked him enough where he figured burning a dead body in a barrel in his parents, backyard. Probably wasn't the best idea, yeah. No, no! You fucking idiot or we're going old school no die, that's yeah! That's a good idea, oh yeah like an old was he thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. You can go up there and he could just take care of this body and fund his parents house yeah. So he loaded the now gas covered body parts into his car and went home, but somehow this whole episode I put him in the mood for love. So he called up his college girlfriend Tracy to see if she was down for him to come over. All of this was him playing into his fantasy, though of being a Dexter like sexy bad boy. That's what he feel. All of those are specifically: he is orchestrating in his life to be like yeah 'cause, that's what he says in his convention was like yeah. I mean like
Well, what else can you say, but about a man who happens to be a serial killer? Who is cheating on his wife with his college girlfriend? He thought it was the coolest thing in the world Jesus yeah, but he almost didn't make in a scene that is so canadian. It's almost beyond belief that night and he blew right past a cop car now what's important to remember for this story but, as we said in the first episode, Twichell add a vanity license plate that said, Dark Jedi So as soon as the cop pulled over mark. The first thing the cop said was quote all This was a very strong with you tonight. Now was it. What is this dork Jedi yeah it would've, gotten nerd world. Are we living in here, so Mark gave me an excuse that he was speeding because hey guy I'm a filmmaker, I gotta get to the airport 'cause. I gotta
celebrity coming in and he's already mad that I'm not there. Of course, go don't say on. Is that true there, a you'll right all right right, you got to pick up again relate to get Bill Murray or did is appears in a golf no it's not. It's not Bill Murray, it's his brother who it is uh the other morning, Brian Brian Doyle. Yes, we have a c class Murray yeah. It kinda, because a cop find him We have what he should have, but after coming to the car to hand over the ticket cop had to get in just one more crack as soon as he back to the car? He said quote he tell me, are you Darth I don't like. Don't change the rack directions are still going to lock you up but they're being funny and then at some point you realize they're just making funny, but in this case it is worth it
to watch mark Twichell 'cause. You know him white knuckled like in the car's gaming or tell me: are you better hurry up? Because you know there are a billion might fizzle, We don't make it differences, Lee's house. Until I kill this cop who Darth raider everyone knows, I'm fucking, Darth Maul, hey, listen, you're threatening please officer speaking out loud, but in Canada. It's 'cause we're. Yeah and if this cop wasn't so focused on being funny and it maybe you would have done a couple of sniffs sniffs right? He would notice that MARC to tools, car still reeked of gasoline. Well, that's what happens in Canada when their law enforcement training is just watching police academy movies in the body wasn't in the car I mean he dropped off the body before you went over at Tracy's place, okay, but the car
Are we still full of evidence that would have directly implicated him in the in a murder? drop the body back off at the garage at the garage yeah, but still like. If the cop wasn't so focused on the Fucking star, wars license plate right, my dick autumn, a little bit earlier. Well, that's actually a good use of a vanity plate. Yeah. Honestly, it's actually a pretty good comment on if you want to get away with murder, you'd get yourself a jack as vanity plate, and all everyone is roasting. You for that, but Mark made it to Tracy's just fine and as a result, we have one of the worst in sex scenes in history. What follows now is Mark twitch actual love scene that he wrote for himself in SK confessions. Cleverly replacing the name Tracy with I'm going to go with Stacy.
Lacey Lacey, that's a sexier version with Stacy. If Stacy was supposed to be like a good girl, then I would say yes: yes, he uses state Oak, but Lacey here we go. She let me inside dressed in her pajamas, and no sooner had I dropped my bag on the floor. Then we were making out intensely. We move move to her bedroom and shut the door to keep her dogs out weakest, passion, Lee and juicy anticipation of what was coming next She lay on her bed and opened the pajamas to reveal a sexy set of white lingerie style underwear. The bottoms were thong, which always gets me. Insanely turned on her large, deep green eyes, stared seductively into mine- and I couldn't resist her. Even if I tried not that I would want to try being with took on the pace of quickly catching up to how we used to be
Lacey and I explored each other for a good two hours of trying several positions. All of making both of us crazy it's free to suck on various parts of her body and go down on her for as long as she could take it before, need me inside her again the way she felt the way she tasted also familiar and so amazing to have again she came to orgasm for times before. I let myself get to the same place and we were done. There was so describing the contentment we experienced. Ok, honestly, I've. When you read Bigfoot Erotica, it is more erotic than that this will say: nothing shows up. And it's more truly confident in describing how good his sex is totally. I also can't stop hearing like
if you did have she's super yappy dogs or I'm trying to fuck your mother God. Oh this whole time, while twitch is trying to get rid of Johnny's body an having disgusting sex with his college girlfriend, the police were refusing the file, an actual missing persons report flat out refused. They said as far They are concerned. This is just a guy going through a midlife crisis and they consider themselves lucky if they was going to Costa Rica for a nice vacation. This is a this is a canadian police theme. I mean you could say they're looking at the cup, half full or you could
they're not doing their jobs, but this is what happened with picked in the the whole crew. I tell you what you came here file in a missing person's account, but I you know what I got to say: you're being an eight or eight non is lifestyle in your hate non? Is freedom you're jealous? Do you get out of here? I give you a ticket for being a troll, you big goon. It was the. It was the exact same thing with things like you know they, probably just I no, you know which somewhere else, you should probably forget about it. Oh my god, yeah it wasn't. Until Johnny's friends broke into his apartment and found is passport still sitting there that the cops. Finally, our off their and start asking around about Johnny Alton, Jr? Okay, but the thing was they didn't even really start with the garage, even though they knew that was the last place that he'd been
they just sent some guides over there to look through the windows and they're like crap. Not here I tell you what I was going to go. Look in the window button, there's drapes yup can't do it this. I mean as far as police work goes through these this sounds. Right up there with some of the worst it's three lazy got a missing persons report. You got a passport, obviously proven that you didn't forget, leave the country and you have to write, is to his last place of where he was alive. Words lazy about but I filled out a whole report. What I saw I looked through the window there. I counted ninety seven holes in lace. I count Ford four to five vertical slats from what I could see from the little scripture when I can see through the window from my car? Oh, I see yeah they just drove around park, mods at the airport. Even though Johnny didn't have his passport. They focus on parking lot well. I guess he said they just didn't want to get out
their car there, so we drove around for awhile we didn't, but if they don't you Believe me. We looked hard. I opened up my window at least two times and I said Johnny Johnny. I mean families, look for a missing dog more than this yeah and if they would have garage a couple a days sooner. They would just in Johnny's Red Mazda parked inside his thing was, like I said, Mazda. It was a stick I have standard, so he called up his goofy friend Josh. And gave me a song and dance about how some guy. He just come up to on the street, told him some rich lady, was taking him on a nice vacation and hey. How would you like to buy my car for forty dollars yeah, that's totally reasonable, completely plausible. That happens every day absolutely yeah You know how I like, I call you hey castle. You know I never owned a Mazda before yeah
but I have a Mazda. Would you want to buy it for me from forty dollars or fifty? I just gave it to me on the street. You really well at that. You did this happen on a regular basis. Yeah I'll. Take the money. Yeah 'cause, he was trying to get somebody to take care of the car, and that was the only thing he could figure out a Ya Redmond suddenly showed up in his possession. There's nothing more. Ask you late in the not knowing how to drive a stick. If you have to learn how to drive a stick, drive a stick, comma, it's better to just confess, to murdering a person, don't know how to drive a stick in the friend who, by the way That friend was the same one whose parents gave Twitchell thirty thousand dollars for day players, not the brightest family. This guy totally bought the story and store the car the driveway at his parents, house is Joss by any chance have braces. I just think you might. This was his Pa Joshua. Was there
hi Josh came his bus, not shut it off. It's John yeah Josh, yes, yes, y'all, definitely is a forty year old person that bike rides a scooter to skateboards, but as this is pointed out in the Devil Cinema, if Josh would've, if Joss, would have looked a little closer, he might have noticed all the God dam blood stains on the back. Bumper can switch older even bother to clean it up, good God. Oh somebody must have had some kind of ketchup party body, though wasn't inside, went which will hand it over the car and time since Twichell had dismembered the body even further, which he did Gusting Lee outlined in detail in SK confessions and dump the parts into the sewer just a couple,
blocks from his parents house I'll even go through some of it, but most of it it just kind of long. This is the way to go to innocence the way he describes cutting off the knees where it's like he got the leg and he's like that's the easy part. Billy is cutting off the lower half the leg because you just got to get to the joint. The upper part is really hard, because all the fat that's involved again the way he's breaking it down in the confessions, but just like he is spoken, checked out. Yeah, isn't this This is a relatively residential area right for the most part yeah were you just did the shooter is full like how were you just able to dump a corpse into the sewage in our label? You know yeah and also people pay attention to their own business. A part of his keep sing a neighborhood where people I mean this is stab man found that were people know to not be witnesses, so I know, but I've I see someone jamming a foot into a God dam drain pipe like it's. The do jam in a person
to a wood chipper in Fargo, I'm just going to like just dial the number cops, hey, hey so by the time, the police. Finally caught on that the guy who rented the garage where the victim was last seen just might be, be involved in the crime. It's actually. What so aggravating is it's such an easy investigative case yeah by the time they figured that out, Johnny Altinger's body was long gone thanks hello fresh for supporting this week's last podcast on the left. We've teamed up with hello, fresh and they are offering everyone in our audience a special offer for two thousand and nineteen get eighty if your first month, by going to hellofresh dot com, slash last eighty and use the code last eighty a new year, means new goals, conquer the kitchen in twenty nineteen with Delicious Lee, simple recipes home is enjoyable and easy with hello, fresh each week,
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eighty and he damn near, got away with it too, if not for his own, hubris mean I thought you were going to say: pesky kids. He was perfectly shuffle to the police who police they agreed that it is a real weird that a guy should go missing in a place where all this killer stuff as well, the first terra gation. He does with the police. It's like the police are so bold over that he's the filmmaker that there asking him stuff. Like. Oh, so, how many, memories do I have in there and it's like he's describing Hisle operation he's bragging about day players he's plugging. They players and they're all like oh ok, then he tells them all this bullshit immediately about how like you know, I'm not always in my garage. Sometimes people come in. Out of the garage you like all this. You know the constant lies, my brain
it's going to explode? What alternative universe? Is this made a good artist? I don't know man, I would anybody care what part what this guy is up to artistically well, to remember, threaten threaten the band. They lied all their way to get enough looking article in the rolling stone which we will never receive. No, I know that we're not cool enough. Rolling stone, which no one reads anyway. Now It's not called the rolling stones, give a crap. What is dealership comes. No one reads it well into things that will he another seated doubt by telling the cops that when he got to the garage, wouldn't you know it there's a different padlock on this car. Now, maybe someone else has been in there. I don't know and twitter when he went to the station to do the interview he made sure to talk about his star. Horse fan film as much as he could just begging. Anyone too
Jim is a filmmaker, so he once the once the cops start, investing yeah good early. It's him like he might as well have like brought in a light saber and that and like watch all them go like all wow. So this is the this is this is set worthy but you could see all the knobs on it. This must be legit now. Is there something to the idea? Because this is bill during a time where people thought nerds were really nice shy. Huh most people, as opposed to the power words that we know today yeah. So maybe they thought, because she was such a nerd there's no way he could pull like this off at possible? I think you make a good point. 'cause, like the detective in charge of the case. He watched the tape. That interview with Mark Twitchell and summed up the whole thing with one sentence does not come across as deceptive and this is even with the testimony of the guy said, Johnny had called him after.
The garage the first times I hey, there's some guy here is real weird. I mean I got to see this. I love because player love the costly community. Are you all the wonderful people, but you moral deceptive. Do you tell your point is deception? I know you're, not. That is just waiting for management. That is just saying that anybody show business is deceptive, it's more just a weird speak! It's it's interesting because show business can have an effect on certain people. They do truly that if you're in show business, I think, is a little bit, especially at this time period before a lot of the the veil of been quite lifted. On the the background of the film we will know a little bit more, but and then there are way more like well. He wouldn't want to Jeff ages, karere by murdering somebody like they view it as very important in Twichell, even game, one more look at the garage and they were, of course perfectly polite about it.
Think of the book when they wanted to search the garage one more time they asked quote: Kenya, Medister or or what works for you, we don't want to inconvenience, I mean I don't like aggressive policing. No, but then we so can't have passive aggressive towards making investigate yeah. If you feel like it will do anything. You want me to come down and investigate yeah well, but you gotta tell me to come down there and investigate at first glance You know, because that was all the cops are going to give it at the time the garage is clean. I mean which wasn't a probe any stretch of the imagination, but he'd done a good enough job to fool people who were a half assed job right, but right before the search twitch, all I guess trying to get ahead of the story, told the police officer that he bought a red was from some guy for forty dollars earlier that week without the car.
Even coming into the conversation once so fricking classes the story, no, never try to think that they'd never do this, never seen any Actually, two police officers leave: you did a crime yeah, we are you ready. Is everyone thinks that the cops know everything yeah? They know nothing yeah most of the time they are totally clueless yeah and with that, because the cops had spent most of their time, looking for Johnny's Red Mazda, rather than looking at the actual murder site, the missing part. In this case, turned into a homicide and Mark Twichell's. Life quickly fell apart wow. They only had to be given the case on a silver platter made a homicide poutine. I urge you you want to see kind of acting at its finest is to watch the SEC, police interrogation in its entirety on Youtube,
does exist, it's like an hour and fifteen minutes long when they bring him back in because it first starts with him. Talking about star wars. There's one version of it? How does that he's talking about doing it? Seeing this? How do they broach the subject of star wars in a homicide investigation? He starts it 'cause, I'm being like. Well, let's be cause. I've been so busy with my fan film, and then he describes it and they're like so is Boba Fett the game. And he's just like. No, no, no, no, they don't get games for the last jedi. Oh, my goodness, yeah even told the cops that he had an email address with the name kit Fisto in it. It fist, ok, this does one of the more embarrassing prequel characters. Hey is like an attack of the clones. You know that really embarrassing scene at the end, where they're all fighting in that little pet, it's a horrible, see yeah a he's, the one with that that smiles, really big with the black eyes and all the tentacles coming out of the back of it. You know it's the prequels yeah and he actually will is KIT Visto, like costs play a fan, did send me pictures of mark to chill in his
we'll be costume because they look pictures, it was pretty. Ornate I'm sure, I'm sure. Well, the only thing Twichell had to offer about the murders was that someone had broken into his car not too long ago. Installer it receipt for the garage that was probably the same guy who sold him the Red Mazda for forty dollars and he probably been the one who put the new padlock on the garage and he was probably the guy that Johnny had told Dale that had seen. So why don't you? Look for that guy, and I also heard he had. He had one arm, one easy to the cable guy, the that movie holds up to it's weird. Admittedly, the you know the cops did try to press twitchell, particularly this guy Detective Bill Clark.
Who actually has a nice little catch phrase with that holy mackerel, holy macro, I don't believe that guy no deception me trying to pull above my eyes- and I say I tell you what you can, full me like the rebellion did sneak it into the death star. You can't do that because I got eyes on everything holy macro. Alright, he came right out and said that there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that which hole was involved in Johnny Alton Jersey to a disappearance. Yes, it turns out. He tried to defend Johnny he was in the fight and then he got over Kate taken by a one. Armed man in twitch chills face it what a fantastic acting job it is the face of any single time. You do. This when someone says like castle. Did you take the garbage out and you go? What He asked me to take the garb when was
now explain garbage that anything is trash. I think it's yeah at one person's trash. You know the persons treasure so would I throw out treasure going to take the treasure on, but he brain his face of him going well. Why do you like he's never. He said I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone right now. This is a quote that you said something by God. Yeah. If you want to hear another Duche bag quote when the detective told Twichell that he wasn't going to be able to live with himself. If he didn't come, clean Twichell responded with you'd, be surprised with what I can live with okay. Alright, then, after that stable which a up yep, but even No, they didn't get a full confession. They had enough evidence to impound Mark Twichell's car, ok, still chock full of evidence. Despite mark knowing
the cops were on his trail. 'cause, that's the thing. It's not like this happened over the course of a few hours mark had days to get rid of his bullshit, So? What do we got here is about a three week: investigation from start to end? No, it's about like three or four days. I think okay yeah. It's it yeah a cut. It's a once! You gotta go when it got it went pretty fast. He has a toe on a time to get it by the time. I think, between the time that the cops finally start looking for Johnny and the time things. Finally, are going to ship for twitch about three or four days. But again, once the car became a major center of the investigation, it was over for him yeah like run just mentioning the Mazda just sitting and somebody else garage. Yes, so it don't know when it did not go anywhere, got a cop like no idea that twitch and they didn't even asked which all about like they may have asked like. Have you seen a red monster around here somewhere, but if the cops weren't asking to it's all about the Red Mazda at
All right not a got to it eventually, but he was on the bright into the conversation and that's what made the whole thing come tumbling down. It seems like. Maybe he wanted to get caught so that he could be famous for it. Maybe I mean either that or he was lazy or he was stupid 'cause when they all of the above could be. He felt that he was a genius and that he was unassailable. He thought that the cops were stupid. He thought that everybody around him was stupid. He thought that everybody would be again just assuming the red carpet would roll out for his entire existence. Well, the most damning thing that found in mark which car was his laptop, because at that point, Detective Clark figure that, because The whole horror movie vibe that he was on the lookout for a snuff film. He was
extreme, when Edmonton police looked at the trash folder on Mark's laptop, they found an unfinished thirty. Five page called SK confessions. This drives with he put it. He didn't even empty it from the He thought he finished the whole thing. He then put it into the trash bin, he didn't empty it. They just click on the trash bin. They saw SK confessions, they open it up and not only does it have a complete and total description, everyone of his crimes, but it also explore Sadly states these are the
worries. I will tell the police, if I'm ever caught and as the rundown of the entire bought the Mazda from a guy on the street bit right. It is interesting that he he it seems like he did fulfill his script, you did right, oh, he did it on purpose. All of this, which is also bizarre. They also found a bunch of you sticky note stuck to the dashboard of marks car on which market written reminders I mean most of them were in Consequ told there was one that said this ship Ebay, items codpiece helmet that's how you Semakin part of his money, says I making cost play. I don't right yeah! So yeah was he just shipped off brand new Darth Vader COD piece ok right, but the to do list that was embarrassing and incriminating said quote: kill room clean sweep Tracy senseless. Now we want to do the reminders that he wrote to himself in his reminder feared
did he shared with his wife Why significant strangled him think about this shit? Is that he's doing the same thing too? He loves hiding in plain sight. He thinks that you just thinks he's so much smarter and better than everybody else. He isn't he massive massive idiot yeah and kept the murder weapon to he kept the combat knife it's still had Johnny Altinger's blood on it. It just left it in a backpack in the floorboard, so all this evidence. A deep search was done on the garage and they found blood everywhere when they gave it a close look, including on the bottle of the ammonia that Twitchell had used to clean up the damn place. Go to David, kept. The fuqing piping kept the cafe and not only keep applying to give the pipe on the shelf, and not only did it. Like not a knock. It was the look like a lead pipe, which is why we have in this. In the first place, are you a Palmer right? It was matted with blood and he had taped hockey tape all their the end of it. So he could gripper or
early, which is also soaked in blood, and it looked like you was from Negan from walking dead, just hanging out, it wasn't until the dna came back as a match to Johnny Alton that the police were finally able to move on Mark Twitchell to their credit. They did it in the sweetest cruelest way possible. Best thing. I've ever heard my life set up a comic con. So let's do this see mark figured that, since he hadn't been arrested, yet he might never be especially if they never found the body just will figure that, even if he did get arrested, he could just that he and Johnny got no fight in Johnny ran off so while living in his parents basement because his wife had kicked him out mark started working on his costume for the next howler.
He went ahead with his cosplay now. What is this costume going to entail Ironman Stoppard nice? Then he got some fantastic news. He got email from a potential new investor who'd seen his star wars, fan film and this Mister Marino, how he could help. Yes, some more keep him players- patch can you imagine if it's like you know from a woman and then he actually did follow up and go meet up this person, and it was just a dude. Fuckit, beat him to death with a fight, how sweet that would have been. That would be karma, so he met with Judy's name is like Edmund Manapa All I do is give money. Don't look at my Subaru. I am a millionaire Oman in addition to that, the thirty five thousand dollars check from John Pence, it at venture Alberta, had finally arrived under the
station that would be placed in a trust and only used for filmmaking purposes, and you know that he got that check and he's like this needs to be placed in trust. I can't use this just for my bills, no way, then, the next day after he got the check. Twitch got another email from the new investor, saying the state players thing: our goal. Where do I sign up? Watch me this Friday, goldenrod worse, if you had it kids, to watch this past week's last stream on the left. Again, you can watch it on Adultswim dot, com, slash streams, every Tuesday, eight hundred pm eastern standard time it's or it's off yeah, it is unbelievably bad find it. I think you can find it on Youtube on Youtube, yeah yeah, and so he asked. Where do I sign up? Let's meet this Friday good morning, crank this out this weekend This is the best acting comedy I have ever so much he's. Just there he's got his iron man helmet on he's gotta Tighty whitey's on dancing living room being like everything's coming up.
Yeah yeah yeah Tom cruise little risky business, Happenin dude. He must've thought thirty Casey Anthony his way out of this entire thing. I don't like yeah, I think, he's about to skate he's just got rush blasted yeah. He doesn't care who here so he just wants the whole world to know that he ain't he ain't slowly going Tord. Success is rushing towards me that he's in the fast lane and was more. Save the day of the Meet Halloween marked, which is it's a favorite holiday, of course, yeah it's his favorite 'cause yesterday he gets to wear the costume sure man, so he is psyched that morning he wakes up. He puts on his windbreaker He puts his tickets to the howler in his pocket and he starts his brisk. Happy walk to the coffee shop to meet this new investor perfect. But as soon as he reached the end of the street, a White Van sped off the road and a whole
boost a tactical officer spilled out of the door and order Twichell to the fucking ground. Beef up the whole thing has been a rule, so, but so far laughter. It should be like how about we offer an eighty five that dollars yeah. I would love to watch a bunch of canadian chunky. Please Pornhub white bad, something very funny about that. The whole point of it was to get Twichell out of his dad's house because they didn't want to stand off or anything like that. So they got him. They made us a kid stained. So remember the house by telling him that his career was about to take off. This is passive, aggressive police work. It is passive, aggressive, please work and so Twitchell was fine, under arrest for first degree murder and when police were searching- Twichell's parents house for further evidence, Twichell's father reportedly turned to one.
Detectives and said quote officer? and ioffer you, some advice have a vasectomy. What He was not happy with having a son no. I thought it was a joke mean to the officers. The officer looked like a horrible or something I don't know. The job was that he greatly regretted having children by understanding. He got a bad egg, while, while his son was under arrest for murder, he figured it was a fun time to crack a joke to one of the detectors: hey Detective, my advice, haversack canadian Canadian six Volkswagen bit. Why is everybody gotta fucking big booty is nonstop. It's that's kinda. What drives us nuts every time we go because they deliver bad news, but in a joke I mean it's not a joke, because the reality is still bad, even though
They had a mountain of evidence. They still didn't have the body in Twitchell wasn't given it up so Detective Clark Did he play on Twichell's love of movies and took him on a videotaped tour of Edmonton to try to get him to break honestly the way they did treat him. They do now switch to which I like is the lay the but tree deep on him. He's been like all your like films, like films? Well, we sure little film of our own look here star in this movie. You love acting right and there's taking him around and each time they were like here show us, the body. If you could that's where the bodies wouldn't that make a great movie and then, when you get out, you can make that movie and it's true. They were loud roasted roasted him a hard. Well, here's a clip from that video tape a mark, being a dead horse here. Are you going to tell us where the body is simple? Question mark can't you answer that I think we
pretty decent with. You can at least give us an answer on that or Gay shun is impeccable, are evidence, evidence is flawless. Evidence speaks for itself as a she's as it sounds like the heart family, from wrestling having Thanksgiving dinner look on his walking his gross will goatee he's got pummeled fucking face off fuckin', tiny little doggie eyes and he's just like trying to like. Not looking like when a dogs in trouble going to try not to look at you? It's like him like looking into the corner, he's like come on. Where is Dubai this goes on for like two one slash two minutes, did you say in your email when you sent the clip to me Henrys that sounds like an interrogation from Toontown. It really does today's
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over one million happy healthy mouth due to quip, starts at just twenty five dollars and if you go to getquipe dot com, last pod right now you can get your refill pack for free. That's your first refill pack for free at g e t q? U I p dot com slash last, but you know, did you know detective Clark. Surprise to children, say God, damn word the entire trip just stared out the window of the entire time, so they took him back to county and waited two more years for twitch all's trial to again. Why did it take so long? It's just you know it takes that long. It takes it takes while the wheels of justice turn slow. My friend, I know that you think of someone like March Mark Twichell, wouldn't very well in jail, but apparently he ran the God Dam play Switchel twitch, all the other They were terrified of them just based on his reputation. He was
a cell block men to the new inmates when they come in, like all watch out, that's you know. That's mark. Try That's s is a plug. For can ball. You can feel free to be done in any day. You want, but hey it's. How true crime reporting goes right forever. They all emphasize. The Dexter Kill the man who made a murder dungeon in order to create a cd of snuff films. He thought he was Hannibal. Lecter use the bomb while you kill a yeah. Forget comic book boy, murder, you're. The only incident in which a prisoner tried to stand up step up to Mark Twitchell was when a guy tried to hit him with a ship bomb. Oh, a ship of a mom is a canadian prison, prank watch. A lot of those lockup shows so locked out. I watch a lot of those prison documentary shows it's brutal. They need
you go to Canada just for some comic relief. Can you imagine they're just all in the showers the persian shower services, like you know it's kind of dower and kind of mean all of a sudden omw. Comes a prisoner's uniform, all download the moose and canadian prison break. I love this show bomb is when inmate fills up Fritos bag with shitton pisc. Ok set sit on the floor in front of another prisoner cell and stops on it. Send it's like a ship rocket okay, but in this case the stepped on the wrong side, so the ship bomb backfired income. The prankster and schitt instead, so Canadian, oh, you know that Twichell took the Moma. Look at him being like the forest,
not on your side and it runs equalised again. I think my god, but, of course, if you're going to do the ship bomb, I'm assuming you have, open end facing inside yeah. Well, yeah a you will the circle. Thank you step on the wrong side, but it's still pops out the other end. Yeah. I don't know if you just take the sheet in your hand, you throw in his book. I think no, that's not! It doesn't seem like that's, not a prank Henry there's, no art to that ship. Bob! It's canadian jail! You gotta be funny about it. Well, to make things even worse for Mark Twichell. Jill Tetro had also come forward after twitch arrest following a press conference in which the cops displayed, the shity golden black hockey mask that Witchel had used during his assault on Gl Tetro. Ok, but since twitch all had
a lot of time to fill when he was in prison waiting for his trial. He started cast his own biopic, which really unfortunately, shared with the author of the Devil Cinema, meaning we know yeah see there were two, choices for Twitchell's lawyer, Jim Carrey, is one choice. If you want, Take one more stab drama: Jim Carrey could be allowed to be a part of this project. The only thing he was a lawyer was in liar liar, which was technically supposed to be funny. Yeah Leah, liar liar, is funny. It is funny Ok, yeah liar liar is funny, but people, but Jim Carey wanted to tell the truth. I don't understand. I have seen it. I know what the premises he lawyers first time for Julie, difficulty, it's about it's just the job of being a lawyer, sometimes require you understand the truth. I understand that, but no one talks about how demonic that kid is who text Jim Carrey AK,
is that that was pretty powerful, Juju. Technically, that was the lesson he needed to learn all the time that sometimes, even if your job is to like the truth, is what you need to do, because that's what makes live a good life. Well, sometimes you tell someone the truth, and next thing you know you're an asshole. The line. Well, Jim Carey wasn't free. He would also accept Hugh Laurie, not only of Hugh Laurie wanted to get out of the whole typecasting holiday was stuck in with house. He also definitely is all that tv money. I know that for a fact, you actors work, we get so sick of making all that money. All we could hope to do is some into and feature in the middle of Edmonton to really shake it up. As far as the prosecution went that could be handled by Casper Van Dien from starship troopers. You know the chiseled face one. I love it almost starship troopers, just re watched again totally holds up love that one of my favorite, wonderful, wonderful. I love it. The other person
prosecution, that's Natalie, Dormer in from game of thrones. Ok, don't know where cool by the judge, big name character right there, Dan Aykroyd, nothing but trouble trouble. I don't know it would be hard to step on it because they never doesn't like his visions to be sullied. Bob Dinero Bobby. Did you get Bobby Lee Joe get Marty in there? That told you have to be on jury. You have Smarty playing the fucking Bayless that be fun don't think the makes a good judge, I think it's bad casting at least now he's going on trial. I could see him a little bit going like gram me guilty. Maybe a little bit it's hard to do it it's hard! It's if you can't see without those things 'cause, it's really the face of him with a big silly wig on, because this is kinda too so simple. Alright little bit going, I got nervous
Jack build me. Actually, men can lactate within with extreme stress, good yeah. It's not going to knock yeah in a way from danger and then also can get breast cancer, so guys get your checkups thanks for bringing the hub no problem, but when it came time to cast himself Mark Twichell just couldn't decide. Oh yeah it's hard, but he was able to narrow it down. To three. Ok, well, we guess this I'm going to go Woody Harrelson! well. What are you Harrelson, Nicolas Cage and another? What would be a great? Let's go with a a young, go with a young, maybe a James, Franco Time interesting, I haven't for me, so I know what it is: it's in Reno, ok, guy, Pearce, no yeah. This is going to be going back to see it, but it yeah Ryan Philippine got
right. I was actually thinking Ryan Phillippe with anyone, James Franco 'cause, I couldn't think of Filipe's name or if he was lucky Matt Damon got to be Matt Damon. Honestly, it's a pretty good lock. If it's Matt Damon, I could've been doing it. It is now who is going to be the fucking fat redhead kid from the sand. Love that kid love that movie as to be expected. Quick tools. Trial was just as bizarre as the murder itself see Twichell at finally given up the location of Johnny Alton, just body on June third, two thousand and ten about a year and a half after he was arrested, but that's only because it was all part of his defense C Twitchell, fully admitted on the stand: to killing Johnny Alton, but in trickles version of the story it wasn't his fault. The fault lies in
Frankenstein creation of Twichell's own devising that had taken on a life of its own and destroyed its creator. The whole thing could be blamed on maple May and Twichell ate it all out on the witness stand himself during his true wait hold on maple syrup apple tree. What what is the maple leaf? What does that mean? It is some canuck portion. That. I don't want to pin on the rest of Canadians soon, because I respect them, and I know that they none of the rest of them would be as hack. It might as well have been called moose. What the hell is this take well, maple was an acronym. It stood for. Multi psychosis, layering entertainment. This guy sounds like freaking Gary Review, see all expectations appearing real fear.
Variance prior expire, extremely inspiring love abuse. Now maple was Twichell's genius pr plan that was going to catapult him to the top 'cause Twitter was planning to apply maple to house of cards, see his plan was to take it beyond just a short film. He was going to turn also cards into a feature, a novel and an online marketing campaign, which was yet and rip off taken from the Blair Witch project red campaign that was done back in the 90s, which was sweet, which is great, I fucking loved it man be original Blair Witch with the campaign. So it's got, it was incredibly. I was so fucking cool the movie. I never saw it I saw the movie kids ever saw that I was like watching him like. Where is it scary, but anyway I you should see it now, because you probably find it here now: okay, she just like the Blair witch. The plan was to create.
Actual urban legend, where nobody knew whether the whole thing was fake or real, 'cause member. That was the whole thing with Blair Witch because they marketed it as like. Maybe it's real, maybe it's not exactly an twichell was do this luring men to his garage. So in the we came out guys go online and say woah. This actually happened to me out free Did you understand that I still ask her which- and there was an audition process- there was uh what a that happens, all the maple system. It works. It's really weird how he just didn't, understand key components of how things get created. Well, this is just his excuse to try to get a murder. Okay, yeah he's just trying to figure out a way to scramble and and not can confess the fact that he, such an entire, your dumb right road, every single thing, he did in a document that he didn't even properly delete, it just seems to me like someone is like I'm starting a podcast and they have two empty p, you're talking about somebody who is truly very insane
That's where at ok. First, which is he planned to just talk to these quote: unquote recruits when they showed up and convince them to play a part in the story. But then he decided to actually scare him, oh god, and, of course it got out of hand. He said the whole thing with Jill who, by that time, Jill had already testified that whole thing is just to go that was a good music group heat Jamais. Demande totally couldn't walk his group. It's just supposed to scare him not actually killed Jill, just totally overreacted. I think he under react. Actually reacted, manages all you know he's acting like a like a baby. This is a spin off from canadian prison. Pranks was supposed to be canadian garage pranks. It was a as far as SK confessions went. That was the novel part of maple that wasn't
confessions. That was the novel. That was a novel. He was writing a novel. Did you know that the thirty eight pages isn't enough for a novel? It's not even enough for a Nobel. I believe it has to be seventy five pages to be Nobel. Then there was the matter of Johnny Altinger's dead body, which Twichell had course led the police to twitch. Explain that away! It's just self defense, he hill ham, but it was Johnny's fault. If I know I think it's always the fault of the person who ends up in a body bag or in this case a garbage bag yeah. He said that he his lesson from she'll, so when Johnny showed up to it He was totally upfront about being a filmmaker and was to be fair and he tried to convince Johnny to play along with his little game. He's like I'm sorry that I try I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I treat with the profile, but you know I got this whole little thing going. Maybe you want to be a part of it. Ok, but according to twitch whole Johnny, who in real life, was the
list kindest guy around suddenly got angry kid dumb and grab the pipe and went berserk and that's when Twitchell said he grabbed the knife and killed. It's like you did yourself yeah about that having Twichell actually said on the witness stand as telling the story. He actually said this quote sickest feeling ever so I want to grab him remember when Jason picks up the guy in the sleeping bag and she gets him killed. Woman yeah history against the tree in JANET over and over. I just want to do that to him. I think it's very interesting that anybody views killing and dismembering somebody as like, hashtag adulting. That's what this feels like. Then. He said he freaked out. Remember the body and dumped it in the sewer. But after during SK confessions and seeing the mountain of evidence against which role it took five hours.
Where is total, which included time off for lunch, I was gonna, say, probably break for lunch or something well, you know if we make our decision now we're not going to get lunch into it today. It's the ham and cheese sandwiches gotta, be it down like those right, because the thing is we don't get in the first. Fifteen minutes to ham starts to cool cheese starts to cool, and I like it to be GUI, so I say give him the chair, so yeah Mark Twichell was found guilty after five hours. Deliberation for the crime of first degree, murder mark Twichell forever a failure receipt the maximum sentence of twenty years to life and is up for parole in twenty thirty three or as the line from the very first episode of Dexter Goes- and this is true- this is a real line from the first episode of Dexter, there's one less amateur, filmmaker, polluting the internet,
Well, you know it would take some massive reform for him to be ready by twenty thirty. Three now he's that I I'd well, he might get I mean, he's a model prisoner. I know that he, has gotten on some dating sites yeah. He has gone some dating to and Jill Tetro. He got back on plenty of fish, like man there's other things out. There but again like a deli or a bar. Now you got back on. He said he got. He said I'm not going to let it really is like it's not plenty of fish's fault. It's mark, Twichell's fault. I gotta say again I give it to the guy for not letting fear run is right. Well, try to fly the officious full for allowing someone to go and create a fake profile with just one picture, with no background check of that. It's actually the person. I know when
never tested, no, no, no, not anymore. So I phone number in don't have to keep like a social security number or something. No, no, the way it normally works going to be verified that use Facebook to verify you, but what, if your facebook account, also affect, so they do that shit there. No one is anybody. No one is, never actually who they say they are even if you meet them and they look like that person, they still they still are lying to you in any way, shape form is takes years to truly understand what kind of flawed person you're dealing with. Yes, oh, my goodness all right. Well there. It is two parts on Mark Twitchell, this story. It's far we got one. We got one attempted murder, but for some reason this story is extremely compelling, yeah and he's a fascinating guy to break down psychologically, because it's going to say this he's cuckoo Bananas yeah, I think that he is yeah cuckoo bananas. I think that he could have used some time in home school or doing they're having a real job, but you know he didn't think he had to go to fill.
School 'cause. You already had it all figured out. What's interesting about This story is that this is a serial killer who got caught on the first murder yeah very very lucky that marks were told, would have killed on. He had two more planned. He was going to kill his old boss, and he was going to kill Tracy's Ex boyfriend and he was probably I'm sure he would have killed his wife at some point is merit. God knows who will happen, but I imagine what happened is eventually. All of these things would really start building up. He was an asshole didn't know how to tell the story. He didn't know how to cover his tracks. Eventually, his wife was going to find some ever, and then she would need to go and then he I he loved his daughter, but also the way he viewed his daughter. He viewed her as an accessory yeah. I don't you would talk about how great it was to take her out because chicks, who
talk to him because he had his daughter. He viewed the daughter as an extension of himself and she didn't see her as an autonomous being. No, I don't think he did love his daughter. You don't tell your daughter about a murder at seven months or seventeen or seven years old and he's crazy, he's gotta get the same psychology as a lot of the other guys that we cover it just so happens that we caught him on the first try and you stupid enough to write everything down brilliant, all right everyone? That is why I want to say: there's no reason to document everything yeah you know. Sometimes you know. What's a good, sometimes men, That is funny. You say that when we do our live shows which, by the way check out our live, show W W W alive. Www last my guess: live dot com, check it on out an thank you all so much for buying that yeah. Thank you so much it'll be at all year. So continue, please God by it. Please This God is still cried cried. Nobody knows where all they were. Ok cancel! Ok, let's
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we're totally ended up things down your throat and we're also going to be doing an event with another, totally independent operation. Next Thursday, me and Ben on January 17th we're going to be at forbidden. Planet in Manhattan appearing with us, some people, from Fangoria for the second issue of uh so we got a little interview in Fangoria this month, so me and Ben are going to be hanging out at forbidden planet. I think sixty eight six to eight hundred and sixty eight will be January. 17Th will be given you RG at John Hancox yeah yeah, really cool really wish. I could be there I'm very sad to miss that. Yes, no I have a little cardboard cut out of you or something and then make it like a bunch of Mellon, so people can feel on it all right. Everyone! Thank you all. So much for listening, hail, yourselves, Hail Satan enjoy this good goofy feeling, because next week it's going to get pretty dark. Yeah
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