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Episode 348: Josef Mengele Part I - The Rise of Eugenics

2019-01-18 | 🔗

On the first of our three part series on Dr. Josef Mengele aka the Angel of Death, we follow the rise of possibly the cruelest of all Nazis as it runs concurrently with the advancement of the deadly science in early Nazi Germany that eventually led to the Holocaust. 


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Hey there fuckers, it's me holding Mc Neill in its chunky, boy is Jake, yeah may the force we worthy Jake for the love of God and we're here to tell you about the wizard in the browser podcast that uncover the truth behind how your favorite superheroes enemies, ears and video games begin to pop culture juggernaut. Rely on to forget the pain of existence? We're not saying that this is the most informative geek history broadcast ever, but I will promise you that you will learn enough to impress you are one:
we weird cousin, who always wears the narrow to add ban, and if you are that weird cousin, let me just say, I've got to talk goose imply now. Is that Jake acceptably racist hop on the way way back machine? Is we take you to ninety ninety two when mortal combat ruled the arcades and kids were clamouring for the newest issue of spawn or just sit back and relax as to agent comedians, try to understand how the hell Minecraft managed to conquer the minds of our nations chubby as children? No matter what will do our damnedest to make sure every episode is an unforgettable journey through the stories you love or maybe I don't understand yet check out wizard and the browser on the last podcast network, its history, with extra bit I was able to dismiss the master ass on the level of cannibalism started,
so I dont know what is worse honestly school going through the these atrocious crimes of Laos, if Mengele as I've, heard several documents, I don't know, but unfortunately, since then, you're a beginning, and I dont know why this happens in my book. And started playing every single time I saw Mengele. Was this tube? But, Mr Right, as the last struggle, a diabetic dazzled with markers bogs with the guy you always as music, it is around, were to go where, but I'm not a monster I do not want this little or no monsters, though I think I usually com like this. Are today's episode in the next couple of episodes. We're cover dirty is may perhaps the worst
in the world. What are the top five, William top? I thought you were going to talk about Joseph Mengele and it is gonna, hard to to deal with it, some parts, but what we're gonna get you the information You need to know more, not a bad person. Why do penance very glad? You start please do what isolate this is. Like the rock opera, it's wrong opera. I don't want it to be like this. I held my brain copes with brain does It was well hours it whereby I watched quite a few documentaries, and I understand it is difficult to get through you gotta. You gotta find some goby mechanism, because what we're going to talk about is obviously exe, dreamily dark, extremely morbid. In many ways of course break it always extreme. Is that with Joseph Mengele? Ok, aid, the angel of Death- was not
SS officer who oversaw the cruellest and most useless human. Experiments in Auschwitz, the most infamous and brutal of all nazi concentration camps. Mengele was purse. Really responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, not only through being one of the main electors who decided who lived and who would be sent and media to the gas chambers upon the arrival to Auschwitz, but also through the torturing and killing of thought. Since mostly children just to see what would happen? just as high? What would happen it? That is The element here that is the scariest, of course, and right look at yourself. Mengele apart. I think this is way. This is a heavy header but heavy header. It's a serial killer row gotta, to be a serial killer with a government that is entirely filled with serial killers. So it's that it
the men Gala is the extension of the long horrible arm of the Nazis and what it would do to a bunch of innocent people right. Of course, It said when, obviously the kind of like what's gonna happen, they are gonna die. The outward like to tell him that so that maybe you don't have to do all this crap were part of the point was that they would die because part of the point not even part of the point alone at times the biggest point was to kill them to see what the experiments had done to their organs, and that was why they were so excited to be work. In this environment, because they for the first time in human history or completely unfettered from any sort of morality whatsoever. Perfect storm and I don't know why the surprised me so much but Mengele was doing all this starting at the horrifying Lee young age of thirty. Two working to get who is backstory little bit here, right variants as to how it does seem very bizarre that you would just snap your brain at the age of thirty two and decided
is that the road to go down as a doctor. It's not a it- is a slow progression, but at the same time like it, it makes sense and doesn't make sense all at the same time, but will get into yet you'll see castle. You'll learn how someone can from being a normal homo, dressed bavarian youth. I too being. The angel of death about, I understand, makes sense, but also doesn't make sense. You know what else does it make sense, but also make sense, Schnitzel Isaac and much sniffles winds? They don't think of me as international. You naughty was hazels arsenal based food. Until I was about twenty five it I'm, I always use pounding down. Only that you don't say german beer, it literally nothing wrong with all its absolutely delicious. Eight is the german version of fucking chicken farmers round conduit to put all these doubting. This will. I have now finally really go to set a thing that you certain just call it a chicken color, but what does it is only made a chicken?
it which I sincerely anymore but think time. I've noticed I just realized, issued its goals, the most german thing of all time. It's a cap that is by torture. Its entire life, and then they beat it out of the deep Brian were Mengele was what you would call the perfect nazi. He took orders with out question he believe wholeheartedly in the mission of Adolf Hitler. He was a viewer that anti semite and all of its tasks were done with a ghoulish, almost unbelievable delight. Romance a thing that sets a part even from the worst of the worse ride he was working with at Auschwitz is the fact that they said he did everything with a smile on his face. If we have to do a. U. No one. You like have to name the celebrity by their smile. Mengele smile versus at dean. Who's got the more like something's wrong, upstairs smile at gain was kind of justice.
Farm boy, you got two curious for his own good. He was sick as well. He was very, very sick arrival. Mengele was not sick. He was sick, the entire fucking, the entire country- we got sick? That's why I sort of view it almost seems like we are under a fucking illness into Germany, went insane you fucking thirteen, years, and this is what came out of it. Also Mengele smile was part of the reason why he was even recognised by some of his workers when he had floods, Argentina, so interesting. You brought up his smile costs or Mengele had a very distinctive smile because he had a huge gap between his front teeth. Ok, however, to be the perfect not He is to be somewhat dull because Joe If Mengele was a flavourless shell, devoid of humanity, with all the personality of a reptile right, but think considering what he did his past would be a nightmare comparable to the worst serial killers. But surprisingly the
story of Mengele prior to Auschwitz is not much different than any other ss officer she's. In fact this day We're still not sure what Joseph Mengele exact motivations were. I think it was more Europe. It's real honestly man. I know people who literally died of cancer fifteen years ago, but they still haven't inflatable Arap lasts a lifetime. My dad's dream was the canoe. Even failures can look, Michael's is one of the most one of the world Sport has a history of marketed, but the fact that Mengele is not It's different from any other ss officer is precisely why this is a fascinating story, because the story, of Mengele run side by side with thousands of other doctors who collectively lost their minds over a period of a few decades. This is not story of how Germany came under the spell of Hitler. This is
story of help. Thousands of doctors took advantage of that spell to commit acts of cruelty beyond what No one thought possible it just so have that Mengele was the worst of them honestly in the middle. In the middle of this, I finally did I its efforts. I went to the Doktor Nicholls for years, and so I went to the doktor and the whole time, I'm just being like doctors, you can't trustful. Oh, my god, raising repulsion at flu vaccine has got to appoint being like is the market based, and that much happen a man I was at my therapist this past week, you're out Thursday I'll do whatever, and he just call me fat about and he told me I had to go to the doktor and that this is not the time to be talking about that kind of stuff. You know, you're diet is very directly related to mental. I don't know that's what he said. These organs might be all Macedonia to my, but they're fine doing either. All in there. That's interesting, you say spell Joe MAC he's a very funny. Immediate, but yet ox about Hitler. Convince you. Never.
And blue eyes and blonde hair is the way to be when he is dark eyes and dark hair, and that just shows you the power of this. What was going on there? some say that Mengele was driven by pure academic ambition that he used the human being sent to Auschwitz to advance its own career using resources, I e living human beings that nobody in history had ever had access to other say That Mengele was just playing being a scientist that he was a pure psychopath who just enjoy playing God, cattle, getting his quote. Him quote research and collecting rare specimens, whether it be an inch in gaol, stone or whole family of dwarves just because he could kind of like the way my
Jackson curated his ranch land around. I guess so low in us. In a way Michael Jackson just got monkeys and then the elephant MA am tigers. Did he get the elephant ever did by Erics bone? He did, and also I mean I'm not gonna, not say he didn't have a couple of dwarves around only just so that he could dressed up as children so that they he could. They could talk to the children. We like it so bad kid. What you get to wit, oh my goodness, union wrapper words, that's good things are going wrong. Direction there, but what ever Mengele really was. I do think that one of the observations I read during our research is true in any other time, Mengele. Would have been nothing more than a slightly sadistic german professor wouldn't have been a serial killer. She I mean I it's interesting because
think there's a combination to all of us, especially when we are discussing an ongoing conversation, we're going to have a right go through his crimes and and would they do the deep dive behind his rise in shit like that? But a part of it is I don't even know anymore, like once you get into his life in Auschwitz, which which I think you put correctly it's like, came on line as and when he got to Auschwitz. He became the thing that technically fate was bringing him towards the b. This monster, but I mean, even as a sadistic german professor with this shit that he did, I would not want to be his tea sure I have no idea we would be interested to know if you went down like the curtain Peter Curtain around or something at some point. I don't think so and a killing people a little bit later in life as well a little bit, but I really don't think that Mengele would have done what I don't think he would have just kidnapped children off the street and tried to sewn together to see what would happen. I'm just gonna say this right now, I'm not gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. What that's like, not
Germany, and particularly out of its activated, something in Mengele, an hundreds of there s S officers, but in slight contrast, Mangle was the only one who didn't really seem bothered by the whole operation? I mean we're gonna get into it fully on the second episode, but there isn't going Be any myth busting here out of its really does deserve its reputation as the worst place in human history. Oh no off of just thinking about the bunker that mangle are worked out of which will talk about an area of like where we are there, their places in this world where more evil energy is centred. Besides I mean where the unit, seven thirty one were started: deceased Pizza Tallahassee, something about this time period. Pierre were really, I guess, clean curious and all the wrong ways. It is interesting. It's like when you go to. If you ever been to a paper, Milltown, yeah, smuggling,
it smell like one or two eggs and you go there and then you look at everyone in the face and you're like smell, that I, like you just want to recognising the held up, no smells and you're like it definitely smells. There was an article of real what book we were going to. I want to see what we're doing more twitch all, because they said that one of the other canadian towns around it was a paper mill and what they said that they see it melick. Farts smells like money. That's a sound like the weird is poor producer in L, a money, you seemed wipe and come up with a light out. Another meeting is like money, put a particle odyssey, but deep within not your ignorant point castle there there is a bit of truth and that which is the idea of people getting used to something. As one point, that's what I'm saying
Henry would consider be inhuman while you're, like a mark TWAIN thing about Mengele that really set him apart. Is that a key, literally whistled his way through our sugar that was what they said about him, is that he would constantly be whistling either Bognor, of course, or porcine. That's why how you people came to dread hearing whistling because they knew that when Mengele was come to God in his Avian Auschwitz was at the same time baffling and completely unknowable. In fact, I would like to quote one of the jewish doctors who was forced to work in the cap. Key said The professor would like to understand what is not understandable. We are who were there and who have always ask ourselves the question and will ask it until the end of our lives. We will know or understand it, because it cannot be understood. I've been talking about it with Natalie the last
couple days, obviously going through all of this material awe and a part of it is that I feel the more I read about the Nazis. Did it's true, the less I understand the more at this sort of awe very intense its intersection just go like why why why again like this? Why get the GSM and you can see I mean. Obviously there are. I know that there are historical reasons why a narrow the rise at led up to it, but it just more of being like while they all just really let themselves throw this. This is driven hate filled ten. We're tantrum that they were all a port of in one go. Well, you It's interesting work when I was in Uruguay, with my grandmother, I was able to record about seven hours were the conversations and we did talk about this stuff, and there is now. Explanation other than it was. It was simply the culture and they just did gonna be the ones who are going to be tormented. They wanted to be. You know they knew that they had to be in order to say state that safe they had to go along and and
these things and then also you dont have technology, so they didn't know they knew She was going on tat. They knew about, although the ghettos and stuff like that they knew, people were being killed. The new jewish business we're being destroyed, but there was a lot of Wilfer it will. Full ignorance! Yes, when it comes to this stuff. Now, although mingoes wife prior to Auschwitz, contains no keys to unlocking the mystery of Mengele his individual journey. What out as detailed as many of our overviews is still poured into understanding how Germany got to arguments, but before we begin acknowledge our sources. We got mangle the whole story by Gerald partner. The nazi doctors by IRAN we're J lifting witches dense, but fucking fascinating. It's about the psychology! These guys are you got out of its by me close
no use Lee, I'm not sure exactly how to pronounce that. I think I feel that you pronounce. He was megaliths assistant and wrote a memoir after being released ok, so he got away like they're like oh, you are just the assistant like. I know what is going on ass if he had known all right whatsoever: yeah, there's a lot of people that work shows in specifically because they were doctors to get pull down the line up in order to help he write a path Oliver ass. He worked on dissections or, and we also have to cite the british documentary series Science and the swastika. I will see you know it's really relieving in all of this research is that, unfortunately, I watch quite a bit his stuff with Wendy and Wendy really does not react well, Hitler Speeches Tyler's, we and I mean it would literally going Well-
to make these ignored noises up, and I am glad it wasn't tail just lying Wagoner tail in live animals so without further ado let's get into the story of yours Mengele and, by extension, the story of out of its itself. Joseph Mengele was born. On March sixteenth nineteen eleven, the first Three sons born took coral and Wall Berger, I am errors, are horrible. Understood we ever had was at the Boston Airport at the wall. Burgers. We got it for free, you, gotta figure, so bad it was bad bad by yes, his mother's name was wall, burka wages that how they pronounce it won't work yeah. All I got well whereby family were strict Catholics and mingle. Even when you came a nazi in this somewhat set some apart as well. He still
sit himself as Catholic rather than writing the stock Nazi answer of believers, and God Caddy so brave half an hour. I didn't the Nazis. My understanding is that in particularly care for the Catholics, the Catholics also somewhat that the Catholics lit a lot of shit slide ogier because they also helped to punch. You Nazis get out a Germany they get into South America, which will talk about a two way. I with Joseph Mengele by things into thing, because we retire, but before the shown, its true every one document areas. They saw so the same things like Joseph Mengele handsome dash charming funding with the lady sexy sharp as attack, had to be the envy of men everywhere. I'm, not gonna use of Mengele and, unlike he looks like Ricky Ricardo I was dragged him back daddy. I watched a documentary, the woman. She was a survivor, but she described in dressed, perfect, beautiful shoes, stoic phase out like this is the This means a monster. You see that law-
I mean you hearing on your damning blocked until looked like, like oak faced, Hunchback Maastricht, on the basis of unanimity like Yankee, whenever you meet yours have mingling used like you about sums Blaine into one just thinks he's funny, and you could explain what the fuck am bongos and Jake right yeah. I want Rick richer chase. Is this true? as is his tract of as I want my circle. That's it you got it you gotta look, we're was yet. I think Henry makes. A very good point is that they do expect them to look the way on the outside that they are on the inside and when they did when that doesn't match up when those two things don't match up at all. It's jarring and people remember it like. You definitely remember that sort of thing right in the middle a family lived in the bavarian town of Goons Burg, where they eventually found it. A farm equipment company that was so successful that the mingle us essentially ran the town. I did a bit of a Google street. Walk of Goons Burke,
I went through like idle looked up like a bit. They sat town Centre and I literally walk the streets, and it's very these small, very cute looks a little Hummel town and Ginsburg. It's got a thriving downtown shopping area, and it has one. The top five legged land theme parks in Germany. Now things have changed, but again it is this cube. Will place the everybody you know. Idyllic looks like a fuckin postcard that you go visit your OPA here I mean go skiing and weakens, but it's like it's got the type of racism that it will give you all they came in town words like you know, maybe they take a case in the forest, but instead of maybe it being the K K K, it's the kick a k, but they believe they are descended from the wizards of white people that are from down deep inside the centres of mountains and shit raw scary yeah? Ultimately, it of course they also had play mobile, which is a toy popular in Germany that I played with as a child, and out of my friends would play with me because there they are very
very bland, really are the most bland toys about that. Speaking of the mingle Us Farm equipment company. To this day you can actually buy new, tractors and plows with the name. Mingle plaster, on the side. Although the family rebranded themselves as mingle and sons in the eighty Sancho, the problem will be regulated. Does that make better you're all do sought is Joseph mangled. The other two sons were technically not part of the problem. They just a lot of like a level of love area rather than mangle in two thirds of our son. I all going there. My name is called mangle on per se, I'm crazy for sure ass in a crisis on all of the interactive meekly words they have raised for slashing these prices. But I tell you what I'm crazy for that,
leave sets of real energy. Inside of me, powers of Kentucky Mountain, bearing, I think, we'll get one more time- will tell way. Mengele sons has no internet presence whatsoever, there's no mengele dot com, so are they still in business? The John Dear part of Germany. I only know that they still make Mengele tractors and trailers, because I found a used farming equipment site selling a two thousand and nine Mengele silo bull. Eight thousand for twenty, eight thousand I'll, just gonna, say rebranding about what was known as like that was the highest quality farm equipment around Mengele. What you're right may here just call it Johnson anything ever as we said earlier? Yes, if mingle in childhood was completely normal although being the eldest son of the family, who ran the whole goddamn town probably had an effect on it
It's a superiority. Young who area the weirdest thing about his childhood was just that is nickname, was Beppo elbow Beppo, Beppo Beppo you got out of the stooges mine. Not there were acts, dance, but none that would point towards mass murder. You just took over Beppo. How do you have to do in elementary school to get nickname? Beppo use of the outcome of a whole story didn't go into why he was called Beppo, adjusted the distracted in numerous Beppo you just like tidy ass innocent Arthur. I mean on asleep if you would be much more excited by the name Beppo if he was a young man trying to get onto the Notre Dame Football team with the rapporteur that everybody just now he could work, are not get on the team that when it's the only one of the orchestra raiders of the worst occur, I am against humanity of all time. Beppo takes a different color ride. Absolutely here. If I remember correctly, Beppo I think was Superman's monkey freely. Interesting, ok
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Kinds of accidents the yolks of mingled ahead, because that's what we always look for when we are talking about these psychopaths, we look for childhood. Incidents mostly had injuries right. What he had. He almost drowned in rainwater barrel on one occasion, any almost died a blood poisoning on another rainwater barrel. Yet We are you fire burning it out. A rainwater brag, kids play you fired first, nor rainwater barrel. Next thing you know you dead, they live the the lives of the fun quiet, lives of law people on top, so although these are dramatic events. Bramley like childhood blood poisoning sepsis is one of the worst things. Kids can go through like a definite results and Peter SD for some. They dont really seem bad enough to completely flip the switch on compassion so completely so as to explain Yossi mingles later action, Mengele always had interest in medicine and biology, but its first choice here was not doktor, hoping to fill a profession. That
No presence and Guns Burg, Mengele array, really wanted to be a dentist, it's so scary, scare like child, grows up in nineteen twenty and just like want to work with teeth like a year is able to seize the talons come out to scrape assemblies my work, especially the old school german t dirt in the gray, but anglers ambition, eventually one out, as it was said that he was highly competitive with his two younger brothers. In fact he wants. The friend that he would one I read the name use if Mengele and the encyclopedia, while he could happen known as the man who fixed Britain's teeth like who figure it out. You couldn't cap your teeth with go about instead. Obviously so here, cited instead to studied general medicine, emphasising,
on anthropology and human Genetics, which was a decision. That would have an effect on hundreds of thousands of lives and nineteen thirty Mengele travel too Munich to begin his studies of Munich University. It just so happens that Munich was exactly where aid Hitler was consolidating power for his eventual take over of the german government. I do believe that mingle, His father was an early supporter of Adolf Hitler and day had connection because their pictures of them hang out. Up until then, and it seems to be that the Munich connection was a little bit on per step Mengele wanted to go the center of the action right and once. He got there because the entire town had Hitler Fever Hitler. Or am. I was a populist and grew. It took a little time. Whatcha Mengele said that when he first got there are nineteen thirty use like I'm just want to study. I don't want to get out of this political stuff, amen,
This is u from the future. You're gonna love it really. You do a lot of explaining to do so nineteen thirty, the beer hall push and which Hitler and least Nazis attempted to overthrow the german government. I was eight years in the past Hitler and already done his time in prison and become a global figure in the time since, with both his highly publicize treason, trial and the publication of his manifesto mind cup. However, Mengele did not immediately join the Nazi party. Is he wouldn't become an official party member until nineteen thirty six, his father, The other hand, like Henry alluded to recognize that there was quite a bit money to be made following this Hitler. Fellow, so he officially join Nazi Party in nineteen, thirty one Carl Mengele even hosted a Hitler rally. Giving a platform for a speech on farm and held at the Mengele
factory. It's like I always like the. I stated that they were carcasses within a neighbouring town ears. Seems to be a young Heinrich Castle like a little wondering where Hitler's attention would be on their new beer Stein helmets that they were created. Your isn't I'd. Really. I've come up. We're not Mr Hitler. Please come for you please sponsor us. We ve come up with new way of combining a light beer vis, a citrus fruit, yes, most impossible. Drink Germans are called me people in many ways. But you give me a good fat. Drunk german you're gonna have a good time pressure. So did Mengele because they were in farming equipment. Did they get a country? with the government and all because Carl Mengele was so cosy with Hitler from the beginning mangle,
sons essentially became the official farm equipment of the third Reich and what this tells Is that mingle, as Anti Semitism didn't just suddenly appear with the Nazi Party and by extension, Anti Semitism, was not something that Hitler and the Nazis create in Germany- and this is a big part of the whole How did it happen? Type, a conversations because I think a lot of people think that, before like nineteen Thirty three, there weren't a whole lot anti Semites in Germany and all of a sudden Hitler put this big spell on everyone. Now these people were primed in ready the belief that the jewish people less than and deserving of spite already existed within Europe? In fact, when the knots these invaded Poland. There were plenty of poles that welcome them based completely on there. Anti semitic, belief, sailor also plenty of poles that were very, very surprised, I see them coming down the street, because again they were walking backwards.
In your policy did not enjoy them common in there because they were true Save a recipe for ice. Up to now will obviously normalize direct gathered there like oh and I we can express it. It was a slippery slope not at all this analogy were about to give, but I do want to say it: they put bread and they put she's in the crust of pizza. No I'm on instagram- and I see are doing garlic not forward. Tell her the cross kid ordered, which cheese and if I've got, went back it up and I'm complicit. I worked pizza and I put strategies in the grass. I won't do it How did this is a modern equivalent to your family? about how you are a part of the industry that normalized this, that the family was a part of it and now you're, seeing the horrible fruits that come to bear, and you after wonder. Why did I put
so much she's inside those crossed by sixteen year old self. To tell my manager pizza, this is more immoral and wrong. I saw another pizza that was half Akel zone needs exactly the same Demille metaphor, the more I think about it. The more make sets it is somewhat appropriate. It is about the slow walk. You know it's about our walk and it's about how people were primed and ready for this shit. And it was just that Hitler came and the Nazis came in at normalized it and made it ok to be completely open about all Russia. Obviously people have also written books about near she. It there's a. Information passed what we're going into here, we're just trying to get back to their current time, beard with Mengele and see what the fuck like. How did all this shit happens? There's play
information out there. Oh yeah in many of the Nazis and Mengele, especially eventually came to justify that Anti Semitism with pseudoscience, specifically using the study of what is known as eugenics, conceptualize, by Charles Darwin, half cousin in eight, seen. Eighty three eugenics is prey. Much the selective breeding of the human race in order to produce the so called highest quality offspring is that its train people like animals, the street and like breeding stop ends breeding stock where that person be Nazi, slav, jewish somewhere in between this philosophy still prevalent today, Alonzo Balls Dad LA what's his name love our ball. I think he literally just talks about breeding the kids like stock. We hear tell yet hawks like if you read the interviews with him and watch music Jesus and also for Thomas, he's pushing these pills, called new genetics
Nor do I see little recalled eugenics, weird sublet got courageous, didn't know he just that. He is not looking into the history books. They reflect on his new supplement, big her rage, though, Surprisingly, though, Germany was not the first place that eugenics took hold we here in the United States were actually the first country to put eugenics into practice. You, So where do we share the view and starting, Nineteen o seven, we sterilised thousands of criminals, mental patients an alcoholics or in the name of eugenics. I mean that get eliminates a couple of us really alcoholism, drug dealer. Glad I'm gonna worry about it anymore. The whole thing began in Indiana, with twenty nine other states following suit with sterilization programmes of their own over the following thorough,
sixty years. Greece, eventually, California, would lead the way sterilizing more people than every other state combined why not to see I can I dont want mmm alive again I said the word malign have a drink, they are weak people, I will go in London. Kelly Orient definitely propagates is the use of type ants, so I feel that it could be it. That is the point of it. It continues to this day, good area, how I'm sure I'm trying to go more athletes, your I'm trying to wear softer pants, so my sperm can get bigger thicker over there you work it out right now, oh yeah, oh, who right man, I wear breathes every day and I wear lengths thick pants. My sperm, ok, it's great, I just got em tested, they are swimming. You got over. It has today Yo Yo Yo taken yesterday. That's all that's news. They ran up to the spring
This should not be the end of the beginning: regional training camps, disabled common on the front of big merit. The watch people throw in one's doubt bet not this eugenics thing. It was not just a far right wing belief, although it was first embrace totally in eighteen. Ninety four by something called the immigration restriction League which sought to prevent the dial. Sure of american racial stock, but everyone from the Rockefellers too I d, be due both to the founder of the in W C p held eugenic police to some degree how either J Age Kellogg the breakfast
guy there was obsessed with masturbation. He was fully behind eugenic. We talk about me from college was Raillery four zero guy obsessive bath masturbating when you were known as those guys obsessed with masturbation, oh yeah, due to a colleague at age colleague as a hell of a history, real harness all those I get YE cornflakes, so you won't masturbate, so monsieur won't masturbate YAP Nano is. Are you what they seem to pare? Really well like a red wine and a stake, but in Nazi, culture, eugenics had an extra kick, always man, the so called science was paired with the Nazis, occult beliefs, particularly those put forth by Madame Helene Oblonsky, who is probably second only to Alister Crowley when it comes dimensions on this show. This is important. It is important to remember. Is it
you're silly should lead to the worst crimes run. Human guy, like Google, will go to write a mark, as you do the deed damning. To give a refresher, like Madam Boulevard, Ski wrote in her eighteen, eighty eight, book the secret doctrine about the seven route, races of mankind among them with per borri ends. Villa Muriel ends, you remember, we get a whole soda Miller. I would ask your whole episode mega goofy bullshit and the lanterns like from Atlantis. Planty ants you'll enjoy being the goose, but we didn't. You doesn't go into the space use, internet or other evil that leap frog from Lebowski displace Jews were they deserve and leave them out of the conversations or nazi purposes, that's right. That's men, umbrella, Bootblue
are you saying that were knows words together, not Henry noise and entering oh. I mean it's away and paraphrasing eyes, I can't go through the whole, like going through the tetrahedron stone, the different time portals and how they ve been here since the beginning version. I can't get into that speech because this is in a bus. The rays of hope, though, leading to boulevard ski. Were the Arians? you can go, listen or Nazi, occult Series for a full breakdown and just how goofy all the Nazi beliefs really work. That's what it is here. Arians, all this Nazi, it was paired with Atlanta and all kinds of other stupid, goofy bull shit
we're getting excessive with the call in Atlanta Stupid because ACT that is really nice. It is like a MRS nerd culture taken to the extra it's what we are talking about on the we talked about in the occult episode, the Nazi occult episodes that these are white people nerds, that's what they were nerds about it, don't you ever! If you ruin the war. For me, it would be really pissed off when I really don't know why I mean, did they they, if you, if it has a white person in it it's mineral now, anyway, with rooms yeah I know, but those beliefs had very real consequences and it was doctors, the actual scientists who truly applied the book. These are the Nazis to horrific purpose. They were the ones who brought it into the real world whether they believed in all the Atlantis Bullshit or not right. In fact, as Robert J Liftin wrote in the Nazi doctors again highly recommended, it was partly this romanticism. That attracted you Genesis tonight
National socialism see according Hitler in mind comp. This was a marathon, not a sprint. The doctors who are to participate and the Nazi eugenics programmes. We're gonna be the creator years of the nazi rates, and this project was estimated to take up two six hundred years to fully realise. So this is an almost mythical effort. Need could see the way they sold it right, because how exciting would it to be to be a part of a six hundred year programme? Would slowly along its tentacles to take over the entire world, and not only are you were engineering the people that are going to be those tentacles happy we're all gonna take over opening, but they look just like you You're, just like you, I or the perfect example them. You have become God. Billing them in your image- and this is a part of what I think is interesting- and I think it's a question.
Will bring up again, obviously in a second episode, but I think that them applying science to it in a way right in the beginning, it was them prepping to win the whole thing right. That it was prepping like this before will war too, but they knew that they were going to be making some move at some point right until it's almost like they were building the case, then to show that and they one didn't look look. We were right. This is all our science to show we were wrote. This is the validation behind all of it because for some reason deepen our german brain. We need all of fucking the facts, the MAC Job, to show that weaken duties, fucking horrible things in the name of science, they need the documents. Can you imagine if they came back and saw that Hitler youth of today, looking like target, employs dangers? Now you hot it, though peace. Is she all right people wanted to Hitler? You would be the first against them
Wall, but about these actors. On the other hand, one thing I read again and again was that many these scientists were not really nazis in the sense that say, like Heinrich Himmler was a nazi like thing: He was like a capital and a z, I not yellow. Full on tool society, Nazi right, it was just but the Nazis allowed these guys to believe in do reprehensible shit. So therefore they but came Israel, also a lot of times didn't have a choice and then we have a choice and then was either one it's either. Well, we they make a bunch of money and get really popular and become a part of the top of the social hierarchy within Germany Number one. You also get the total access, you're treated like a rock star. It is to you that, or I get beaten to death by a group of Nazis industry. What watches? Oh, I choose. The path of peace
just the thing was that it was the scientists who made the Nazis legitimate. In fact, Hitler's said that the medical fashion was more important to the nazi regime than any other goofy. Occult belief was one thing, but if you had a doctor deliver bring it folded into science right than it held more weight, and we need, as goes to a lot of people on the right now, don't believe in science. At all I mean these guys. We're like inhalers like science is essential to all this does not happen because you know Hitler got all of his stupid Belize formula, Mallette at Madame Helena, but blubber Nevsky on rag. Asean called what was called s store or something like that. Ass, like he was coming from all these a goofy fuckin places, but Hitler nudes like if we want people to really believe this shit. We have to deliver in science and they delivered it. I mean in the propaganda films just I came out over and over again, pamphlets leaflets all kinds of shit and they packaged Oliver. And what was seemingly a rational way
If you could almost see an inner insecurity of the valid d d Liddy of their own ideas were. Hitler knew also in the only way, report, because that's what he would he was saying right is it. He believe. All this gives it validity We're gonna show the whole world how powerful the area races, but He also knows that the idea is gonna, be so unpopular these with a geared up. I think getting it's almost like people will give in to the power of our race, but eventually really we like no, not only do I have to eradicate everybody else in order for this idea to work is that I have two even create with in the corn coat area rates a more pure rarefied strain of the area race using science, and that basically, he's like we have to reboot entire world in my vision in order effort for even work because of their, we would splinter apart so essential
whose people have minds and urban understand that dear eventually, people will resist this. This concept dimension. People are gonna, be upset about what's happening. Is it in order to gain total control? He has to rebuild the whole world from the dna, and these doctors, they were all in when it came to Nazi. I ideology semi, particularly when it came to the SS For those of you who don't know the S s for the most ardent of Hitler's Nazis, they were there RO believers who enforced his racial policies in Germany and the occupied countries. In addition, being the fiercest of his soldiers on the battlefield and worst of all, the once who ran the concentration camps. These people are frickin terrify wolf when you watch the what image they are so scary, and one of the most surprising things that I learned during our research on the series was that the largest group of professionals with
in the ss was by far doctors. No oh no. This is more anti doktor talk, let's get out of here, I'm already scared of the Doktor Manette. I was scared rightward yesterday and I went to a really nice place in Burbank. They might I wonder if your doctor, I wonder if your doktor treats jaded at all. No, not yours daily, nice car outside he see. Did you do you know J level we fail in those jail in those doktor also. Has to be vintage, so it's his doktor and his barber and treats everything I haven't during today's episode is brought you buy Square Space Square space has little from webs It's an online stores to marketing tools and analytics square spaces. The all in one platform to build an online presence and run your business? The only thing I can do is make you a beautiful woman. There newest
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One last point to say: ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain again that square space, dot com, slash last pod offer code, Ella S, P, p, o D, years before the rise, the S S came to pass. The Nazis were get inspired by all the Eugene. Its programmes going on in America and they d I did that it was time for them to implement their own version. Man they just like try to take our first amendment. Yet indeed our constitution jazz stage in back the Nazi often cited a study based on the California Sterilization Programme to justify their own policies, the Rockefellers even helped, bond german eugenics programmes, including why that employed none other than Joseph Mengele, well and to their Rockefellers one day we will do there
a feller again I've keep promoting as promoted on side stories about how last podcast gonna go out and on me workers and I fuckin twenty five hour long Illuminati break down. I say you want to see Rockefellers grave, it's in sleepy hollow where, of course, the tale of the headless horseman is very famous beautiful, graveyard old school. Was tombstones, but outside Rockefeller ICE he has its huge. It's not it's up. It's a too with massive and scream it at it. And then this group of kids walk by with their parents and their parents. Look at me, like I had two heads and about he's a criminal embroideries. Listen, I gotta go with you with a fog. It Michael Myers on past Cabal, shorts with due tall boys, neither as criminal crimes regards you read it now, but the federal banking system and not the
These didn't go from zero to Holocaust. That does not arise with regard to the fast and various French, although the timeframe in which they went from admiring the american eugenics programmes to gassing millions was still alarmingly fast, all the knot, he's needed to do it. The way they wanted to do it was to have the right p those in power in all the right places thrive when the Nazis took control of the government in nineteen thirty three, they set their sights on universities. There first order a business when it came to that was to ban all jewish people from teaching or working at schools, universities and state run hospitals to give you an idea, the impact of this at Berlin University alone that action opened up for it two percent of the staff positions, while so suddenly all
he's non jewish physicians and soldiers who are out of work, they suddenly had jobs, and it was all due to knots policies, while all these guys had to do was sell their souls to get those jobs. It's like fucked up that it still about job creation that operation and the the use debt in a way that it like this. I mean the Nazis, its pointed they have like total control. At this point, like ninety three nineteen, thirty three Hitler was chancellor. They have completed total control over everything, but small pockets of resistance here, and there are people who are doing what they could do, because it's not like the entire town of the entire country of Germany suddenly became Nazis. I mean that's, that's the old adage that the first country that the Nazis occupied with Germany there were a lot of people in Germany that we're not okay with what with Eleanor Hulu and now for some reason, I just as a cathartic act active
the need to play wolf and standing over the other. I am. I bought a p s for literally ship to my house to get Wolf in STAR wars, because I'm not letting makes me thirsty than once a nazi theirs. That's right simply call of duty, modern warfare, it's about the Ets but the Iraq war, and I'm like this- is not justified. Now ass. You like that just five more sir, now dude I'm gonna be fucking again you're right, I'm gonna be a plan. Some fuckin, wolf and establish one best gives ever coming all three of you all through more fuckin great but on the other hand, there are quite a few of these doctors who already had a belief and anti semitic eugenics when they stepped into the jobs vacated by the jewish men and women who are pushed out. One of those, of course, was Yossi Mengele. He was an ardent believer in the lives unworthy of living belief that was gaining power. She, his is a that term, is big, huge
Lee Nazi thought. The law lives unworthy of living and another term that haunts me, which is the term you slim eater soon useful eaters. I'd like it here that before it is good that that is a very real nazi term, its bone shilling, oh god, this belief pushed by Doktor Ernst Rudy whose lectures Mengele regularly attended was the doctors should be in charge of destroying what they called life devoid of value star. Ring with sterilization among the those who were offered up for this programme where Schizophrenia Ex epileptics the Editorially blind and deaf, the physically deformed manic depressive, an alcoholics meaning all three of us here, Alvis Gettin sterilised. Would you more than I have gone now? You have you guys, get sterilised, alcoholism, get Sarah less romantic depressive. This would leave yet beer
we medical science. I've collect. I counted my during my look. I'm a moderate drinker live about an hour drinker my size, my region, you know, and also because they are regularly going to lectures where people like Ernst Rude and are doing this Speeches were their showing footage. Of cancer cells being destroyed by anti bodies, and basically, there are like what the antibodies they would have little like, not swastikas on them. And the cancer cells would be labelled. Jews do think so like they had already being was like so deep inside. And so it starts with the slow roll out of being like we're. Gonna do these people that are very sick and hard Quarterboat hard on society that the error, the de deform they ve, the people born handicapped, and we're gonna get rid of them first, in order to cleanse the bloodline right and they actually had full schools dedicated to this stuff, they had these isolated schools that they would send all.
Of the doctors and nurses and everybody they would cinema to these isolated places, and they would teach Eugene there and the chilling thing about that. Is there release a journal every single year about what they talked about, what they were doing and hell, nineteen, thirty seven and then starting in nineteen. Thirty seven. They didn't tell anybody what they talked about all they did was say we had a conference here if they would say anything because that was when they were really start, reduce the horrible shit, and, of course, they also made a lot of money of super beats, informer, evidently, elderly notice. Henry beats are the world's greatest food super food superficial way as soon as other. They don't for comment that Goober food, and now it was a very short Jump from the sterilization of these types of people to their full on murder. What Robert jails
Ten calls the not suffocation of medicine, see the goalposts of the hippocratic oath. I e do no harm all doctors. Take it right goalposts moved by the Nazis. It was no longer a concept of one on one healing between a doctor impatient. It was now an oath that applied to the bigger picture, the greater good with one doktor describing it is cutting out the festering appendix of the world. So Dick do therapists. Take that oath to the hippocratic oath. Thanks. I think psychotic psychologist do the ones that give you medicine, NATO. I go into psychology, oh yeah. He takes the eight hundred I'm trying to help you. You fat already called me that he say been Kizil. You are a fat fat boy said Ben. I dont know how to say this. You're fat overweight he used the word overweight or get he desired. Overrides criticized puppet. Got you never know what he's doing. Doktor fell. Tough love! That's all I want Secondly, that is what he's trying to dip got well, I dig it up to tell him
Violet the hippocratic oath I am still gotta, be rather get opening session. Man get an email for me. I promise you that in the middle of all this shit, Joseph Mengele, was rising in the ranks. He had become a full nazi, nineteen thirty, seven, that same year he joined the Third Reich Institute for hereditary biology and racial purity. At the University of Frankfurt link. It speaks a lot that in changing temperament, that's when he's crushing it yeah right its there's something about how, like somebody, the dear time, periods for specific people. Mengele saw the gap for himself like he saw the spot being like I've written perfectly right there and it's like that's, not a good place to big space me. It's like. I see myself, nineteen twenty June,
as period in America, havin fun today, I fancy had on So I like the Dada period of France, where people are like do and weird its comedy would like Dick Mass songs of that. I cannot imagine third right that literally called Third Reich University. The third Reich Institute hereditary biology and racial purity. That was Mengele would meet the man who would change the course of both his life and the lives of thousands of others that was where Mengele met. Professor otmar fry have on very sure, faster otmar for I have on virtue, was a huge supporter of Hitler praising him as being quote the first statesmen too nice hereditary biological and race hygiene and his way of contributing to the cause which, through the research of twins, the thought was that by sea, being the phenomenon of twins. One could unlock the secrets of birth and hereditary function and the
creation of the master race would therefore be easier and more fruitful. No, Let me also wasn't it so obsessed with twins, because you had a built in control group it seems that it's almost out of weird, like weird site typical laziness, where, with great about two especially agenda twins for them is that they have the same set of stuff and it's supposed to be vaguely identical. So you couldn't experiment and one and have a control. One to compare or two at all tat. Yes, that was part of it yeah, but a lot of it was then trying to unlock the secretive twins like they were arriving on any of them yet and had in quite a few of them it is impossible for one twin to be stronger, muscular and the other twin to be Danny to veto. It's an inaccurate Phil. That's for sure, but if you want to see a great twins movie risky business said a good one as a great benefits
My report and I want to put the problem for all of the references of this- show like all the books and then just risky business, are pretty much essential. Viewing criticise is now not be understated how important the research, a professor otmar fry have unfair sure was when it came to fluency Mengele. In fact, it could be said that mingle, once he was an Auschwitz was professor otmar, for I have unfair shores proxy. It isn't it restatement, to say that the place for these two met was the absolute epicenter of now. See scientific thinking, this was the orchard where the bitter fruit of the Cuban expire, It's done in concentration camps was grown. This is what it all so for his mental to them, their acting like they're, fucking, Steve Jobs and Fuckin was near and garage, and it was this incredible place of inspiration. Did they get final fully get all of this?
freedom, they get decision, they get to talk about these ideas it before they had to, hide from the world, because people didn't understand them, and now they finally can openly discuss what they ve been talking about, and private rights for many years right so was the lead. This point was you like a really good student yeah, I mean where they said he was pretty good like he was an extraordinary about. He had yet good grades the he was about. I think at this time, like twenty six, twenty seven somewhere around there, she was just highly ambitious. Yankee knew what he had to do: the old ass, soon ass, he saw you saw the the track of where you put yourself to be on top right. The Nazi party, like you wanted to be famous. This whole thing is all is about. He spoken Cardy B right. It wasn't just fame that he wanted. He wanted notoriety. He wanted because, because currently bees not gonna, be in the cycle encyclopedia, but he has If Mengele is soon this being so soon
soon, we could have a congresswoman Corti, be going up a law that video that she did joy is very bashing. Yes, she stepped screaming at a camera. I know it's literally like going back to animal house, it's like if the whole movie was from the side of needle Meyer and you and your against the boys in the animal house pretty much YAP and Mengele the whole time he was there. He was taken in every bit of it, one historian said that Mengele at this time, but came the incarnations, of nazi fascism in its extreme, but that stuff Ass was almost never reached as mingle. His own personal taste came into question in nineteen, thirty nine? That was the gear that key met married, his wife Irene. So by this time, marriage had become quite the strings, process in Germany, particularly amongst members of the S s
the two years since Mengele had joined the Nazi Party he'd not only become a full ss member, but he had made it to the elite. The vault it S. Ass, though the often s ass. They were the armed leg of the act ass, the ones they had the guns and also they loved sweet breakfast sounds like it. I dont quite see the attraction here, love of Irene and Norway Irene would like Joseph guys. Let's talk New year's resolutions. I mean no matter what your resolutions are this year, there's one worth and to keeping your home and family safe. That's why we recommend simply safe home security, simply savers, when you for seven home security with no contracts are gadgets, they believe the safest place on earth should be your own home, so you feel protected every time you shut your door and leave for work or shut your eyes at night. More than three million people already feel this way every day, thanks D simply safe and there
the only ones, the folks at pc magnates, simply safe. Both editor choice and readers, choice for twenty eighteen. Twenty nineteen feels like a good here to ask Yourself- is my home as safe as it could be, and if you're thinking well. Maybe there's a year to change that get simply safe, just go to sleep, saved our com. Slash left to get started that simply safe doc Slash left to protect your home and family today, simply safe dot com, slash left, of course, when save joined the S s that came with racial purity tests which Mengele passed, but his wife was a different story, when they married Mengele, was required to admit, Irene, family history, to the central Office for race and resettlement, to ensure that there was no trace of jewish blood in her family, the titles of these bureaucratic institute,
genes. Are both children Gath, her so horrible office of race and resettlement in getting a letter on the central Office for race and resettlement? They do use this This is what they used in order to sound officials would Scientology does is when making ideology to area it's it's. What any court does is the put a fucking fancy name on it in order for it to sound budget, because the part of this came from the number of laws heed. This should have been cut who had been certain didn't baked in and they that opened. It was spoken in tents like you to go the reach one in it. At all. We're gonna see this when we go to Auschwitz to the the way they do The organizational port of Auschwitz and all the number crunching in all the fucking like essentially excel sheets right and earth, or thowt hundreds of thousands of millions of people dying with the way the organizer they put it in this way that we look
We see it's completely legitimate right. It's a graph because its I've got a butcher like numbers and shoot on. It looks official yachts them colonization of at all as the organization of it all there. There is a reason why they went from just shoot and people and thrown him in it. Age to the fore, medical lies or court, unquote, medical eyes process, the way they just fight, it is medical, lies in the concentration camps and then you have to go in view of the present your papers and literally a person like. Ok, let's look at your grandfather, ok, his favorite condiment, five main aids. So yes, he's area an offence on your great appalling, your mother's side. His favorite instrument was clarinets. I thought I could go any. They look at some of these pictures. Cargo short that's the arrogant race. Congratulations: welcome to this house, a man is, you can eat. I read the hedge
Irene ran into was that there were no papers attached to her great grandfather, who is an american diplomats named Harry Lines, Dumbledore, and since there is no proof that he was her great, grandfather. She just she just like add my great grandfather. He was an american diplomats. That's all we know about em right. The Nazis assumes he's, probably jewish right near line about this right. So if we, since we don't know it was like, if you didn't know they couldn't leave that someone wouldn't know who their great grandfather was ratified as like, we can't believe you wouldn't know that so you're, probably Haydn some promise, or probably hiding the fact that these jewish, but after a bureaucratic on top of bureaucratic yeah, it is it is that shit. It's their pay, its papers papers papers, all your fuckin bullshit, crazy, deadly bureaucracy. That with this is this is life or death bureaucracy, but after showing photographs of her and her ancestors plus having friends testify to her, quoting quote v.
Ray nordic ways. What does the Nazis finally approved? I want old, Grannis Mental yeah, there's no way. I'm not nordic. I came in Skis shoes, my favorite flowers, the cabbage buttons since they were not able to prove that she had pure area blood by their standards. The mangle family was left out of this sipping book. They were there weren't any Second book, no worries that, like a yacht honestly, what does this happen book was? There was a get man that was get for Nazis yeah was the hell is the serpent book. The serpent book was essentially a catalogue of all the court and quote racially clean SS families. So there's just pictures of those just like this person is in the sub Heinrich cameras, and this happened book you wanted in the second Yolanda. Well, if you want to get in, if you're, not in a sip and book, you don't get the ship and book March. This is all about fucking murder,
There is so much know you even bigger my dear rail against merge, because we have. The detective court of eleven live, generalised, taping of our life showed Chicago's. Only six alors six is excessive, w W last biogas, let me, but that is incredible: yeah they had sip and bookmarks to sip and book mergers that every time a pure child was born, Heinrich him would send you some swords and some silver spoons, yet it and put you'd get them from him or Himmler get them from the guy you're. The guy, the architect of the Holocaust that you got here, Sir, that's so they're all part of the club or on the part of the club. Now by at the same time that Mengele was trying to prove his wife's Rachel purity. The mass murder had already begun in the very first person who had been killed in Nazi Germany as a part of these programmes, was an infant bore, to an ss couple. This choice
had been born at home without arms or legs. So when the child was born there, ass S. Father immediately took the baby, dropped it off at the leaps, a clinic and told them that under no circumstances with the family take it back to just forgot about it. Just like just take it. I don't care because I screamed she's funny. Malta, baby out, she screamed get this autumn. Here in an OZ, been took her to the hospital and he said were not taken this down. You need to take this like it's a fought like he bought a fucking Ceta headphones that didn't work while Hitler did not give the original order to kill the child. He told the doktor in charge of the programme. Whatever happens it, the baby, I'm gonna be brought from the courts, so do whatever you want. So we'd get Just gave permission in sub and that's how it began. It all began with that one baby so over the net Few years a programme began in which, somewhere between eighty and a hundred thousand
disabled. Persons and mental patients were murdered by the Nazis in all began with oral poisons and legal injections, but is the victim became more numerous. The killing needed be streamlined, and this was how the nazi gas chambers came into being with the mental patients in the disabled people. If you want to really creep yourself out, watch some of the project, and videos at the time, selling the suit the german people, and it shows pictures of me like because the way they put it at this point with this kind of sympathetic angle of look these people they they will never live a whole lives and would show people of various level of handicap, and it's like we ought. We want a jerk people to be happy and healthy, and it shows just like smiling blonde girls, zig hireling, throwing medicine balls back and forth are like and like a nine year old boy. Drinking beer is like, like good
the S S, child and they're. All these doing like calisthenics in a field like go. That's what you why all these able bodied dude that, although technically look like Captain America, so the gas chambers they didn't or originate in the concentration camps. That was just where they were perfected. Originally the gas chambers built in six isolated mental hospitals around Germany. The patients will be hold on mass using carbon monoxide than a letter would be sent to the family with a false cause of death. There look at just make mega what are you want just tell em bear they died from appendix appendicitis, but the thing is that a lot of people were noticing, like he doubted, pinned decide us he had an appendectomies when he was ten there's no way he could appendicitis, but a lot of people are like. Ok, so Dad now arrived, so whatever families they so the families didn't know no
notwithstanding. Their children today did not the other would decide of. They died. I'm sorry. This is my question, and this is gonna. Come up now switch to, and I feel it gets the contradictory nature of the fascist and I know I don't know how this is. Obviously I'm fuckin anthropologist or restoring so I'll fuck. You know, I think it's it's interesting. The fact that, He went to all of these pains to validate their views bright. They went to all of these pains and say that science is the real and why and later on. We have all these breakdowns of. Why we're doing this? It's all completely backed up, but then they do shit, yes, where they lie to the people about the cause of death we're just end. They seem thing when they covered up for after outwits when they do all tat will go into the detail in the second episode, but it's it's like. Why aren't you just proud of it? you are doing, you are doing their duty to Germany. Why don't you just say the full facts of what went down and
of lying about it in hiding your secretly ashamed of what you're doing and you dont want them. No you're doing all of these distancing things. You know what, bees. I mean how it kind of makes me think of something that you said Durham, I think the appear curtain episode, suck like the mind of a psychopath, and this is like a psychopathic society talkin about Peter Curtain He was dealing with his wife and talking about like when he confessed tour like his thought, was you're not gonna, be in bomber about this right That's what it is is that it's not that they think they're wrong. It's like these people are gonna, be for their good, where they're going too far because their fuckin psychopaths, because they don't think about it, it's gonna be upset about it, so we'd better, keep it a secret, Fried also kind of fun. Cleanse is the the guilt of the apparent meanwhile, because then they can say: oh no, it was it was natural causes or some day had a predator
natural understanding of how to keep people psychologically in. Amidst all this, for it must be said that there was a resistance. There was quite a few resistance groups all over Germany and the results since group that was in the medical community was the white row. We're bunch of students at the University of Munich and they would distribute leaflets do graffiti. Denouncing these Privacy is in calling for the overthrow of Hitler. Now, though, shit like you know, distributing leaflets and doing graffiti, it doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but these people were taking their lives into their own hands. Snakes like a huge, huge stayed. These were extremely brave people and as a consequence of their actions, they were rooted out and condemned by not see people's court to death and were beheaded by guillotine only one survive. There was a woman's survived. Man
to make it and keep herself alive, imprison until the allies, Cayman, rescuer wow. But all these people went to their deaths with care courage with one shouting right before the blade came down ass, labor, rights, long freedom, Oh ok, brave here out these people were fuckin awesome like the White Rose, I want to get into it and I would love to do series on just like resistance groups in the oppressed communities because like resisted fighters, are among the most bad ass welcome people in his. Great. However, this was years after the programmes, first put in place, this was nineteen for you to these programmes are first put into place and the late thirties, the name given to the euthanasia programme after the war, was Axion tee for named. After the street address of the agency, there was in charge of making sure these. He's got paid they and their pace sales, deregulation and
it's one of the most mind. Boggling thinks about all this. I mean the guys who we're doing all this shit authorizing it carrying it out. They were collecting paychecks in for some reason. I don't know why. But that Monday in detail. That's what makes all this shit real for me. They were collecting paychecks It enables a bill really real. It was built in this. Mighty. You know your steel, Ferndean Carlin, the fucking carrots and sticks of this whole. Thing benefited towards two psychopath. Absolutely it made you want to do it it may you are. You are ready to join the cause and Mengele was in this and remove all this in he was fuckin, kill in it? He always kill and he was he was making the right friends. He was writing the right reports. There was a part of when you go through two key would kind of Hugh developed this kind of car. Said he would a paper on these committees. Also, before DNA was discovered, right, Jack
doing genetic research but they're doing like they're they're fucking butchering a cow rubbed. The way they look in it. She did stuff. Like Mengele, wrote a paper about how you can tell the difference between peoples. By the folds of their ears in comparison to their chin fold. I don't like welts on my folds in my chin. Don't look like my ears cuz they did. I wouldn't. I would look like a fucking I slept like a college rest in order for the import of this ancient they into this ancient science that they're kind of attached to, and then Mengele would also go for an do. These sort of pump criticise other articles. For not say like an open papers, you criticise other articles talking about features of the syrian race for not at first denoting the act that the area and race was superior to the other races. He kind of like built that interest slowly, but surely realising o the political fashionable thing is too,
sure you always paying airlines of the vessel and Everything else that was all their baseline. I think that's important, remembered the baseline of all of their research was always like it's a given that Arians are superior. Why are they superior? Because we said so right because Viet look at us obviously superior. So it's like that that is the baseline of all Don T, research. The address cut to Augusta's gluten, knee deep in chalk, Guernsey, pipe sovereign grab. My typical german police grab. My HIV stuck in October of nineteen. Thirty. Nine Hitler sign a note authorizing euthanasia. Officially, by that time, the german
people's attention was focused elsewhere, as a month before Hitler had invaded Poland officially kicking off world war. Two. This is just five weeks after Joseph mingle as wedding. A Mengele warrant a jump right into the action, but it would be a further two years before he'd see combat and night in forty one. He was sent to Ukraine where he was awarded the arm cross second class within days, part of his job was. He was on the front lines. Writings also join, but he was in the Watson, s ass, so they would have run the often it was it is in the offing, and so when he went they went into the shade. First, like, they were in Russia. There were deep deep in Ukraine and Russia Fightin real hard and his job was to go and save people like gets category was a medic use Venza. What he would do is but a part of what they talked early. On into his army career was that they, like mangle,
always had an eye for who should be left behind and who should live unusually Jesus Christ ordered even then will you be like this goes too far. Go by you are, the weakest link. Leave row The loosely horrified to have that man be the one who is responsible for saving people's lives is very ironic none, but after that he was shipped to Berlin and work actively in Heinrich handlers race in resettlement office. It was here and nineteen forty two that use of Mengele was most likely entrusted with the secret of final solution see even though LA had given the order to enact the final solution in the summer of nineteen forty one the concentrate in camps had been around and induce since the very beginning of Hitler's rise to power in nineteen? Thirty three oversee invite nerdy, chicken farmer and SS leader Heinrich Himmler. The concentrate in camps originally held political prisoners and anyone to turn
to be a security threat to the nazi regime. Himmler could go fuck himself. Two of these. Places the concentration camps. They were extra legal meaning people could be kidnapped and chipped away at any time completely independent of any Digital reveal the men who got, These camps were part of what was called the deaths head unit, or do they do or in the original german toting copped for Banda my area, scary, ye, fucking, skull and crossbones on their fuckin hats. Yegg I mean honestly, what do you think you're fuckin signing up working parties? What do you think you're doing it is incorrect while the Germans I mean, I don't want to This is a proper. They cut a cause played their way into this because all you by this fall on in like they're gonna forms I went forward. I really do think that the uniforms it's it's a big joke. You know, therefore, makes is that, like yeah, you know the uniform sober at the? U
phones are absolutely a part of it. Do you show the uniforms were part of the romanticism? It was all a part of this and tight like that, the romanticism of being in the Aryans. You get this amazing uniform to get all of this shit. It is very, very and ass, you go boss, design and all this stuff, that's all primo grey I mean it's also the fucking telltale sign of a deeply in secure group of people, yes, where they had to prop themselves up as being a bully, now with better that's what it is right. It's it's a bullies, mentality, it's this concept but being like they can earn respect by doing things correctly, and do when things in a way that helps society, so they want to steel, respect by creating fear and use puffed up fuckin losers get to put on these smoking death cap could do shroud yourselves and death, and then you get to feel super import. Because everybody's fucking scare to you, which I also have a back up of milk,
names of other ones. Just like you, so you act like you're the fucking big bad boy, but it's only because you got a bunch of other shit heads trying to back you up and although all SS units wore a skull and crossbones on their caps, the SS death's head units set themselves apart by being the only ones authorized to where the death said? symbol on their lapel. So you saw it right is we're looking at these, like everywhere, at both places that you looked on these guys. If you are looking for, you were looking down, you saw death and nobody war the deaths head. Prouder then doktor juice, if Mengele, but before where he arrived in the concentration camps. Mengele actually saw a fair bit of action. Is he was sent the eastern front as a part of the Ss Viking division fighting the Russians, and it was here that Mengele earned the Iron cross first class ass after rescuing two soldiers from a burning tank under enemy fire, which is addressed mention that set apart for many
the other concentration camp doctors Mengele was the only guy who had actually seem combat, but of course it was also certain Mengele would use to pull rank only adding to his. Most supernatural arrogance, because that another huge part of Mengele is arrogance will he's totally he's totally in controlling those declivity doing I, the image that comes up quite often when I think of Mengele Tom Brady Rain TAT attack me he's never killed. Anyone knew it doesn't mean. I view tomboy eight. I do mingle as the Tom Brady Nazis, because I mean he was not there but not for a while, now Tom you, you always football soldiers. I say it's. The EU supports its sports them use doing good the idea being like he cortical. Look you again shit you have all death tat pain. He told ever you remind you of look its opinion single time. Anybody anything this aid to him, then you know he can get two extra brought on the law
slime whenever it else Goya one he got to its all about your say. It's all about the broad. I must say that gerbil professional analysis I'm eating for two. It is for me and Hitler ups, everybody I dont like Tom Brady or the Patriots, but comparative Mengele is now as far as its a bit extreme advisory group supported the idea. Why do people those like Tom rate disposal got the model. Girlfriend he's always win and he's gotten there had shaped like one of the statues from Easter Island goes another thing that joy, Mengele Mengele had at all as far as that I regard as a piece of shit Nazi goes yeah Mengele did have at all I mean this. Guy was on top of the fucking world Emmi. He right, you was a war hero. He was respected. He was a scientist like he was
one of the Nazi elites re was that he was the S S man. I think it was somebody road that he was the S s, man, that Hitler envisioned and mine cop if he knows that he was there, guy, but he also was always very over was, of course it seems to be the ones that are extra dirty as it like. I brought up, he looks fucking, does your ness. He had brown hair he had dark eyes, see what you do is be local authorities here you know, and then I say to my grandfather you knocked me like. Why do I look this way in any? He was it's like I don't know what kind of neurons in Seville Emily, and I say you ve got a lot of it now be. I was that he was extremely insecure about about his looks because he looked very slavic. Isn't just think as it's a perfect time perfect place. If you take Sebastian Bach from the Haiti is and how people thought he was sex yeah, and then you put him in any time period. Any other gate in your like who, with a bill,
that why are we weird look and must now you could put he's at nineteen? Eighty seven Sebastian Balkan nineteen. Sixty seven he's still gonna do well. He took it he's a bush do can be dropped. The futures of actually bought could be dropped off in the fucking eighteen hundred Sebastian boxes, gonna be poking hole for any kind of big Sebastian Box Look is coming down. I well now not always very specific post MILAN. On behalf of alone is a very specific pulleys. Twenty nineteen, I don't look as music he's funny Mr Grant Ex pictures. While it was income, that the Mengele was rumored to have suffered a concussion in some people think that this combined with combat PTSD, because he was in the eastern front, the eastern front got just go listener. Dec Ireland's battle Stalingrad Series is through Eastern.
Front is some of the most horrific battlefield conditions of all time. Yet these mother Fucker saw some shit yeah I mean, I hope that they all fuckin died in an oil fire partners. Nazi guys did see some shit yeah. Will the Nazi guys in the russian Genome but Emily, but both of em we're just fuckin brutal teach us oh yeah, but the head injury combat, PTSD, plus the extreme anti Semitism and the indoctrination at the University of Frankfurt all that stuff together was what allowed Mengele to switch off his humanity when the time came, or at least that some people think but Mengele might not have for even gone Auschwitz, if not for his old friend, professor Otmar I have on very sure, see by nineteen forty three. The war was already four years old and concentrate in camps had expanded greatly since the initial invasion of Poland? Also, two years earlier in nineteen forty one public pro
test in Germany had caused the Nazis to officially shut down the euthanasia programmes that have been responsible for gassing tens of thousands of middle patients and disabled people. Unofficially, the Nazis just kept, kill em only now they were doing it with legal injections or just by starving, to death, over a period of weeks or months. They actually increase the cruelty. When the public outcry came, they would starve them death row then we as they were starving them to death. They would study them to see the effects of starving to death in what they would do to them. That is the kind of should always where they managed to twist their crew gee. That's why the normal Josh I mean in a true compact gas rights like we. Can you keep now we have. This is four years almost to the day that we did our Nazis in the occult series. So, if you like attitude, paranormal fog in all things, Mccall Podcast Ruin keep come back to the Nazis every once in a while for couple years, because it's almost like to force to you come back
to seeing these these creatures they their fuckin creatures, they they managed to, then they could twist any cruel thing into deeper cruel thing right by trying to validate it. You gotta go You gotta remember this stuff, so we don't repeat it. There was enough thing and adopt that I saw. They were just use the elements so also there were just lock them outside in the freezing and they will die in the freezing, cold and We're just see how long it takes for hypothermia to eventually kill them. Animated and they said that they were going out. I forget what they told him they were going up to do. It was something that was like supposed to be pleasurable mildly, like it was like a lie where they, like, you were going to give you a little like thing to do. Yeah, but obviously I was just brutal in the most shocking part about all this about what they were doing about the T4 programs. It happened in hospitals under the dirt and full approval of doctors. So we time for the final solution came. The infrastructure was all right.
In place? It's almost like they were kind of secretly planning for the entire time you're, not that secretly. Nor had the right. I mean everyone. If you were, if you are in a way air german. You I mean, I mean Syn. Mental hospital stuff? That was that again, under the radar pretty hard, eventually well did find out, but that was a nineteen forty one and by the time people start protesting the mental patients. The kid of the Jews and already but gone right, it's funny. It was not funny but Germany Life my grandfather used always say it's. It's the sizeable Scots get you and so like it was straight for them to. I don't know, seem strange that they weren't gonna, but they wouldn't hook up on the drift to you now. As a I mean it comes down to its either. I fuck, with this entire system and destroy my entire life, destroy my light on possibly get thrown too unconscious you can't myself or I'd leave some people the label will have to try to get the fuck out
and became ardor and orders that time raising later and later and in the rest of them is kind. Did it? they went along with their where they lived a life completely separate from it. I mean you could be. It a farmer and in still and just kinda sidestepped. That is just not as I boats and even say like well, that's when that happens in the cities that's our know. Rather do you got a whole bunch of people like they ve got their own come bolt area. Rigour guys out there just like I just make beer man down. I said I may be all day. I don't see anything. I just drinks beer, because beer seems to help me Vista sleeping. I make it all in one go because they could say- I'm not really interested in politics ragged his that's. What Hitler was that the Nazis were to a lot of. People in Germany, that was politics MIKE, I you know, I don't and are really mess about. Unfollow politics, rice are and then all of a sudden, its world war, two
I mean, how did your? How did your grandfather's on Beer Stein hat business work at the time it was, sixty four answers on either side, and it turns out, though, that human neck all that. I have just why else would that's why I say nowadays they Hubert Neck needs to grow to support the beer stein. Yes, absolutely that's that that was the major flaw. Will all the guys who been in charge of murdering the more vulnerable members of society. They were just transfer to the camps in the infrastructure just transferred to the camps in the way of keeping records was just transferred for the camps, and this was all decided by fifteen eurocrats discussing the final solution over lunch in the bow, Ireland, suburb Avanti in so because concentration camps were quickly filled with the
use and Romani of Europe among many other, smaller sub groups, such as gaze lesbians and resist fighters from every country the Nazis occupied, including the wrong. This is why representation matter like I just needed in a couple of people in their guarantee. If there's a jewish person to do their bit that never bite we'll talk about without any problem. That's why had to become it had to be cut all or nothing. I beheld movie. The german government forget who was, I want to say it was it? Was it the Himmler or Hitler himself who said like every boy he knows bond decent Jew and they always put the Bonn Decent Jus up and they were like tat because they are argue meetings, it's almost like they're having human thoughts and like human feelings and not treating everybody like they are what they would be called right exactly. And with this, when this concentration camp started filling up, suddenly the Nazis had an abundance of what they disgustingly called human material
and it was most likely Otmar fry- have on their sure who persuaded if Mengele, to accept a position at Auschwitz also they could be complete Lee unfettered and there, obsessive study of twins. This was why The cuban experimentation truly began, and that is where will pick back up next time with an extensive tour of the Mai. That's an madness of Auschwitz and how useless Angola was at the centre of it all around air. It is those heavy hitter trick. Oh it s really having at a trip in many ways, absolutely Mengele really ended up. Take in hell at Auschwitz, even though we had bosses, even people forget it. You wasn't like in charge will know what's going on energy use apart, you is a part of this system, but he. Really, though his energy and taking over the experimentations outfits was fucking very scary.
And in our series. So don't worry, we're gonna be gone through next week is gonna, be pirnie intense right go into burgundy, glaringly Mengele crimes, but guess who were also get enough of that Nazis on the run were not weaker, Yazzi hunting, it's gonna, be a foreign time because wanted wanted sideways into Angola's right from the nazi hunters. It becomes a full in action will there is a rate documentary I mean, gets its brood, it's called after Hitler. Basically, all of Europe had about eight years. To do whatever they want it had to do a they took a massive amounts of revenge. But this is always a good reminder. Be careful what you digest be careful, how dont? Let yourself get sir, oh enamored and wrapped up into one certain thing or ideology, but make sure like like a good like a good indicted dive. Suffice it out. Just make sure you don't.
Let yourself get caught up in the same stuff, It happened this human nature tat is, it could happen at any time. We always have to be careful hurting. Other people's hurting yourself always see carefully in the human mind, very manipulable, you got always watch it and everyone can fall into it and not I mean you know it's funny. We talk about sign how D, just children of God, let us really smart people, doctors, lawyers, you know it happened so every level out there every culture is filled with people who said it would never happened to me all right. Well there it is Joseph Mengele part one. I hope you enjoy it. Very informative, and oh, let's hear what we have to do. We have to we're gonna be announcing some live shows here in the near future, which the exciting. I dont think we're quite ready to do that. Yet again, we are almost there, but we will be in mountains of live shows in the very near future, and we cannot wait to see everybody other road this year. If you want to watch us during our small, hey hiatus as we wrap up this book, which is going to be by
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Just us, as always- and let's see is there anything have any other announced of thanks everyone to come. Work who came out to forbidden play I wish there was. There was no one in the air, but there was so much fun to see everybody and pick up our issue a finger If you get a shot, that's cool article, it's a very good adds fingering number two. We get a cool little story in their sea. I pick it up in and always support fingering their cool, putting people were everyone who is involved in the reboot is superfluous and cool. Yea, vainglorious, fucking, great and the covered age. I dont think that covers why does extreme as they used to be, but the content is still yap so that now, let's get a machine will see what happens with the next year. Bilbil ramp up. Slowly, I believe, is that hiding my fingers. I'm used to get so upset. When I had it so you're mine to every man got up so upset. I you know, I'm going to say right fully
I know it's weird to be. I wonder those answers like. Let me read it after you do like this is supposed to be. For me. I was telling the main editor because he was also there. Yesterday, at the forbidden planet signing it used to be all the it is to be in all the adult, like magazines and torn us actually Ellesmere port of such which is Larry, cellphone Asher changes. Man, I mean honestly Ya'Ll, don't be Nazis Sid. I gotta opportune to be a Nazi today, don't don't somehow say they know no Oh right, everyone Hale yourselves bugging me, leave these regulations. Are you sick or you got it? I'm better.
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